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Method and apparatus for reducing peak to average power ratio in digital broadcasting systems
Reliable exchange of modem handshaking information over a cellular radio carrier
Spread spectrum radio transmission digital mobile communication
Spread-spectrum receiver
Personal data network
CDMA cellular radio transmission system
Method of combining cell streams in a radio communications system
SDH-communication-network/already existing communication network monitoring and integrating apparatu...
Custom localized information in a networked server for display to an end user
Internet computer system with methods for dynamic filtering of hypertext tags and content
Method and system for electronic article submission
System and method for digitally capturing a product image
Computer system linked by using information in data objects
Network node for switching quality detector to incoming signal specified by request message from adj...
Optimum bandwidth utilization in a shared cable system data channel
Information processing system with power saving audio state
Software carrier whose play can be controlled by the software publisher
Video game/videographics program editing apparatus with program halt and data transfer features
Entertainment system for motor vehicles
Sporting implement protection and sound-producing device
Amusement center for rear facing infant child seats
Structure of a gift box with amazing effects
Stacked-carrier discrete multiple tone communication technology and combinations with code nulling, ...
Distributed network for multi-lateration with circularly polarized antenna for hemispherical coverag...
Single station communications localization system
System and method for monitoring environmental conditions inside a granulated pile
Method and apparatus for locating and tracking documents and other objects
High frequency heating apparatus having a mechanism for preventing leakage of radio waves
Apparatus for the therapeutic use of .sup.213 Bi
System and method for accessing information from a remote device and providing the information to a ...
Document copying deterrent method
Apparent network interface for and between embedded and host processors
System, method, and medium for retrieving, organizing, and utilizing networked data
Systems, software, and methods for routing events among publishers and subscribers on a computer net...
Percussion music teaching method
Process and apparatus for the production of BI-212 and a use thereof
Radio flash update
Computer control of railroad train brake system operation
Towed vehicle braking system
Merged operations and maintenance center and method for operation
Method of and apparatus for controlling plasma potential and eliminating unipolar arcs in plasma cha...
Method for optimizing resource allocation based on subscriber transmission history
Method and apparatus for operating a database
Medical database for litigation
Generating an internet application for accessing a hierarchical database
Data display software with actions and links integrated with information
Index with entries that store the key of a row and all non-key values of the row
Sorber having a cooling mechanism
Flat panel monitor
Protection domains to provide security in a computer system
Process of executing a method on a stack-based processor
Method for implementing a non-volatile caching product for networks and CD-ROMS
Method and system for executing one of several forms of a multi-purpose program
Wide field calibration of a multi-sensor array
Method and system aiding medical diagnosis and treatment
Internet access for cellular networks
Internet telephone service with mediation
Virtual theater
Home appliances provided with control systems which may be actuated from a remote location
Shopping cart mounted portable data collection device with tethered dataform reader
Method and apparatus for customer loyalty and marketing analysis
Audio signal synthesis system based on probabilistic estimation of time-varying spectra
Released key velocity estimator, method used therein and information storage medium storing program ...
Voice thermoscan
Object oriented audio coding
Method and apparatus for real-time correlation of a performance to a musical score
Universal semi-automatic hand-portable page-changer
Musical massager
Application programming interface enabling application programs to control allocation of physical me...
Configurable logic array including IOB to longlines interconnect means for providing selectable acce...
Self-diagnostic system for conditioned maintenance of machines operating under intermittent load
Hermetically sealed microelectronic device and method of forming same
Oxidative coupling of olefins and aromatics using a rhodium catalyst and a copper(II) redox agent
2-alkyl-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Pressure-modulated ion activity
Impact resistant polyurethane and method of manufacture thereof
Varnish compositions, methods of making and components made therefrom
Vehicle direction correcting apparatus
Vehicle navigation system
Method and apparatus for estimating sideslip angle of automotive vehicle
Traction controller
Shift control for automatic transmission with manual shift mode
Obstruction detecting apparatus
Route planning system for agricultural work vehicles
Display tester for game machine
Puck for indoor hockey
Competitive video game system and method of displaying images in competitive video game system
Computer software delivery system
Image processor, a game machine using the image processor, a method of image processing and a medium
Video game machine, machine readable storage medium storing a computer program, and event selection ...
Gaming device and method offering primary and secondary games
Automatically measuring software complexity
System for delaying propagation of wake-up signal to processor through the sleep control means until...
Method and apparatus for producing a message authentication code in a cipher block chaining operatio...
Method and system for automatic configuration of network links to attached devices
Distributed control network system
Cross-platform digital signal processing designs using Java and C
Method and apparatus for managing power consumption in data processing systems
Method and apparatus for benchmarking byte code sequences
Java compatible object oriented component data structure
Java development environment using optimizing ahead-of-time compiler
Content display monitor
Method and apparatus for improving playback of interactive multimedia works
Monitoring the functionality of radios in a wireless telecommunications system
TV FM receiver for multimedia applications
Tuning bandwidth minimization for low voltage dual band receiver
Method for improving the tuning of a radio receiver and a radio receiver
Telephone apparatus
Radio paging receiver and method for receiving non-standard radio paging signal
Selective call radio for selectively decoding prioritized messages and method therefor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, process for fabricating the same, and apparatus for fabrica...
Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited (PECVD) silicon nitride barrier layer for high density plas...
Water-dispersible acrylic based graft copolymers, a method for making them and water-based paints th...
Conjugates useful in the treatment of prostate cancer
Interlevel dielectrics with reduced dielectric constant
Method and apparatus for etching a semiconductor wafer with features having vertical sidewalls
Method for enhancing sheet resistance uniformity of chemical vapor deposited (CVD) tungsten silicide...
Method for providing read/write access while copying data between shared storage devices
Integrated communications architecture on a mobile device
Method and apparatus for communication media commands and media data using the HTTP protocol
Method for renaming identifiers of a computer program
Method of creating and using notes decision capsules
Method of run-time tracking of object references in Java programs
Multiple native instruction set master/slave processor arrangement and method thereof
Data system processing and method for creating application extension
Platform independent technique for transferring software programs over a network
Handheld scanner and accompanying remote access agent
Polygon representation in an integrated circuit layout
High performance object cache
Process of forming an EEPROM device having a split gate
Complexes having tris (pyrazolyl) borate ligands for forming films
Monitoring of refractive index of optical sensor for determination of surface structure changes
Mutant cell lines unresponsive to interleukin 1
Method of making resist patterns
Security documents
Mineral-enhanced bakery products
Method and system for manipulating page-breaks in an electronic document
Method and apparatus for automatically updating data files in a slide presentation program
Method and apparatus for toner level monitoring and motion sensing
MRAM device including analog sense amplifiers
Molecular wire crossbar memory
Printer having processor with instruction cache and compressed program store
Use of shutter to control the illumination period in a ferroelectric liquid crystal-based spatial li...
Method of designing FPGAs for dynamically reconfigurable computing
Intelligent communication device
Graphical user interface stream processor
System and method for executing verifiable programs with facility for using non-verifiable programs ...
Method and apparatus for assisting garbage collection process within a java virtual machine
Method and apparatus for providing increased content from a resource constrained device
Generic IDE interface support for scripting
Method and system for securely transferring a data set in a data communications system
Crosspoint switched multimedia system
Automatic configuration system for mapping node addresses within a bus structure to their physical l...
Synthetic sponge and surgical spear comprising synthetic sponge
Composition and method for treating plants with exogenous chemicals
Process improvements for titanium-tungsten etching in the presence of electroplated C4's
Stabilization of slurry used in chemical mechanical polishing of semiconductor wafers by adjustment ...
High dielectric constant material containing tantalum, process for forming high dielectric constant ...
Copper (1) precursors for chemical deposit in gas phase of metallic copper
Mixture of esters and use thereof
Accuracy of an inertial measurement unit
System and method for distributing information for storage media
Vehicle-autonomous detection of traffic backup
Brake device for vehicle
Apparatus and method for preventing an automatic operation sequence in a work vehicle
Method and system for adjusting settings of vehicle functions
Steering angle middle point detecting device and power steering apparatus
Canopy for a parachute game
Game apparatus for television and method of displaying game images
Method and device for playing a game in which a player is charged for performing game playing action...
Method and apparatus for generating card playing strategies
Game animal dragging system
Method of displaying video images projected from a video display of a pinball machine
Vending machine
Method of accessing a target entity over a communications network
Apparatus and methods for coordinating telephone and data communications
Nomadic translator or router
Remote monitoring system
Shopping cart mounted portable data collection device with tethered dataform reader
Software installation
System and method for reducing the occurrence of window use overflow
Automatic selection of a special mode of operation in multi-channel test equipment
System and method for cross-platform application level power management
Permit for controlling access to services in protected memory systems
Optimized storage system and method for a processor that executes instructions out of order
Stack caching method with overflow/underflow control using pointers
Code implants for compilers
Java native interface code generator
Embedded HTML documents downloaded and displayed simultaneously with primary HTML document
Network computer system with remote user data encipher methodology
Apparatus, method and system for providing network security for executable code in computer and comm...
System and method for providing trace information data reduction
Data processing system and method for simulating compound objects
Method and apparatus for space-efficient inter-process communication
Method and apparatus for synthesizing and optimizing control logic based on SRCMOS logic array macro...
Floating point addition pipeline configured to perform floating point-to-integer and integer-to-floa...
Client-server system with effectively used server functions
Electronic flight data strips and method for air traffic control
Radio communication device for restricting specific function and method for restricting the function
Local radio base station apparatus
Combination cellular telephone radio receiver and recorder mechanism for vehicles
Subscriber unit for a subscriber radio communication system
Communication channel assigning system
Methods and systems of performing system channel planning for wireless local loop communication
Method and apparatus for isolating portions of multi-tasking computer software
Method and apparatus for a database management system content menu
Methods, complexes and system for forming metal-containing films
Process and device for detecting dust-associated substances
Method for generating directly covalent bonding between interstrand nucleotides
Conversion coatings of tin with cobalt and bismuth for aluminum sliding surfaces
Surface modification to achieve improved electrical conductivity
Biomimetic calcium phosphate implant coatings and methods for making the same
Method and application unit for eliminating human urine odor
Efficient message distribution to subsets of large computer networks using multicast for near nodes ...
System and method for floating-point computation for numbers in delimited floating point representat...
Method and system for cost computation of spelling suggestions and automatic replacement
Interface between a base module and a detachable faceplate in an in-dash automotive accessory
Method and apparatus for administrative control over data transmission using dynamic filtering in a ...
System and method for generation and interfacing of bitstreams representing MPEG-coded audiovisual o...
System, method and article of manufacture for creating a live application or applet development envi...
Remote telephone data access and display
System and method for conducting electronic commerce in a computer network using a cashier desk paym...
Object management system for digital libraries
Method and apparatus for automatic generation of text and computer-executable code
Multiple network protocol encoder/decoder and data processor
Point-to-point computer network communication utility utilizing dynamically assigned network protoco...
System and method for reducing phase error in clocks produced by a delay locked loop
Haptic authoring
Phosphor of green luminescence
Method for continuous magnetic separation of components from a mixture
Two-chamber fluid control valve and water softener incorporating same
Luminal diagnostics employing spectral analysis
Method and system for dehairing animals
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method for measuring in-situ pressure across a wafer
Gas-flushing base for metallurgical vessels
Reducing memory fragmentation by coalescing and redistributing previously distributed page strips
Ink delivery system adapter
Regulator assembly for modulating fluid pressure within an ink-jet printer
High efficiency orifice plate structure and printhead using the same
Apparatus and method for compressing Huffman encoded data
Computer subsystem enclosure in a tower orientation
Polar controller for defining and generating spiral-like shapes
Production of a video stream with synchronized annotations over a computer network
Computer system with evolving printer
Mobile communication system with cross compiler and cross linker
Instruction folding for a stack-based machine
Method and apparatus for providing security certificate management for Java Applets
Web calendar architecture and uses thereof
Java I/O toolkit for applications and applets
Enterprise network management directory containing network addresses of users and devices providing ...
Method and apparatus for an adapter card providing conditional access in a communication system
Method and apparatus for adaptive prioritization of multiple information types in highly congested c...
System and method for updating a remote database in a network
Method of high pressure cleaning
Susceptor for barrel reactor
Gas tube with heating apparatus
Polish pressure modulation in CMP to preferentially polish raised features
Method for automotive dose control of liquid treatment chemicals
Wafer cleaning apparatus and structure for holding and transferring wafer used in wafer cleaning app...
Apparatus for injecting constant quantitative chemicals and a method thereof
Coordinating color produced by two devices--using a hue-controlled machine color space, or surface s...
User interface for a portable data management device with limited size and processing capability
Variable digital delay line
Circuit for calibrating delay lines and method
Multiple frequency switching power supply and methods to operate a switching power supply
Non-kogating, low turn on energy thin film structure for very low drop volume thermal ink jet pens
Method and apparatus for invoking a stored procedure or a user defined interpreted language function...
Method for integrating a virtual machine with input method editors
Object-oriented processor architecture and operating method
Electric arc welder and controller therefor
Database access using active server pages
Network configuration of programmable circuits
Internet-based system for enabling information-related transactions over the internet using Java-ena...
Flexible display of management data in a programmable event driven processing system
Electronic circuit with an operating characteristic correcting function
Supervisory control system for networked multimedia workstations that provides simultaneous observat...
Method for clustering software applications
Chemical aid for use of scrap plastics in rubber formulations
Electrolytic capacitor having a conducting polymer layer without containing an organic acid-type dop...
Transverse relaxation-optimized spectroscopy (=TROSY)
Perfluorinated ion-exchange microcomposite catalysts modified with Lewis acid
Method to prepare processable polyimides with reactive endgroups using 1,3-bis (3-aminophenoxy) benz...
Polypropylene resin compositions
Fluid sealing between faying surfaces utilizing a solid sealant
System and method for iterative copying of read/write memory
Multi-server location-independent authentication certificate management system
Bi-level branch target prediction scheme with fetch address prediction
Computing system having multiple nodes coupled in series in a closed loop
Determining thresholds and wrap-around conditions in a first-in-first-out memory supporting a variet...
System and method for accessing devices in a computer system
Thread synchronization in a computer controlled by an object-based program
Method and apparatus for dynamic derivatives desktops
System, method, and program for applying query rewrite technology to object building
Method for revoking computer backup files using cryptographic techniques
Remote control
System and method for electronic transactions
System for determining the position of an object
Method and apparatus for automatically connecting devices to a local network
Electronic device selectably operable as a sequential logic circuit or a combinatorial logic circuit...
Code image data output apparatus and method
System and method for dynamically generating restoration routes within a communications network
Sleeves, their preparation, and use
Process and compositions promoting biological effectiveness of exogenous chemical substances in plan...
Methods of forming a film on a substrate using complexes having tris(pyrazolyl) methanate ligands
HDP-CVD method for spacer formation
Process for selective metal deposition in holes of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing interconnect
Fabrication of a planar MOSFET with raised source/drain by chemical mechanical polishing and nitride...
Drive control system for a motor vehicle
Vehicle running control apparatus and vehicle running control method
Process for controlling the shifting process of an automatic vehicle gear, and control device
Automatic power takeoff control system
Road curvature estimating apparatus
Vehicle travel-route guidance apparatus with internal intersection discount feature
System for controlling road speed of a vehicle driven by an internal combustion engine
Pre-paid phone card system with promotional link
Game system operable with backup data on different kinds of game machines
Manipulating device having three degree freedom
Poker game
Portable game animal hanger
Portable modular cart and game table
Method of playing a casino-type card game
Automated method for electronic software distribution
Method for accessing and retrieving information from a source maintained by a network server
System, method and article of manufacture for advanced mobile bargain shopping
Analyte concentration information collection and communication system
System and process for allowing wireless messaging
Pots/packet bridge
Method and system for deterministic hashes to identify remote methods
Application programming interface enabling application programs to group code and data to control al...
System and method for organizing devices in a network into a tree using suitability values
Continuous media file server system and method for scheduling network resources to play multiple fil...
Controlled usage software
Object-based anti-aliasing
System and method for using a second resource to store a data element from a first resource in a fir...
Method of delivering information over a communication network
Methods and apparatus relating to the formulation and trading of risk management contracts
Semiconductor memory device with spare memory cell
Computerized method and system for user-interactive, multimedia cataloguing, navigation and previewi...
Method and apparatus for reproducing operation guidance information, and method and apparatus for re...
Semiconductor device and process of producing the same
Field emission displays with reduced light leakage
Cytotoxicity testing method
Combinatorial synthesis on soluble polyvalent supports having a discrete architecture
Thermal waterless lithographic printing plates
Liquid developer for electrophotographic printing apparatus
Coated article
Multi-user, multiple tier distributed application architecture with single-user access control of mi...
Method, system, apparatus and article of manufacture for providing identity-based caching services t...
System and method for managing electronic mail messages using a client-based database
Method and system for remotely browsing objects
Method and apparatus for enabling address lines to access the high memory area
Implicit DST-based filter operating in the DCT domain
Systems and methods for matching, selecting, narrowcasting, and/or classifying based on rights manag...
System and method for using a second resource to store a data element from a first resource in a fir...
Polymeric materials
Mammalian artificial chromosomes and methods of using same
Apparatus and method for reproducing recorded signals by using recording medium
Method of selective independent powering of portion of computer system through remote interface from...
Information recording medium and information reproduction system
Fiber resin composite member composition and manufacturing method thereof
Carotenoid composition
Method for producing chlorine dioxide using acidified expanded amorphous aluminum silicate impregnat...
Non-Toxic immunogens derived from a retroviral regulatory protein, antibodies, preparation method th...
Method for reducing oral malodor
Reactor for chemical reactions in triphasic systems having superimposed thermal exchange sections
Pressurized reaction block
High resolution alphanumeric character generation
Method for controlling an electronic mail preview pane to avoid system disruption
Scaled forward and inverse discrete cosine transform and video compression/decompression systems emp...
Method of reducing formatting time for rewritable compact disks by formatting less than the entire l...
Magnetic memory structure with improved half-select margin
Heat sink attachment
Method and system for access validation in a computer system
Certificate management system and method for a communication security system
Method for authenticating a channel in large-scale distributed systems
Method of producing lightguide plate for surface light source, lightguide plate for surface light so...
Method for automatically identifying, matching, and near-matching buyers and sellers in electronic m...
Computer system and its cooling control method
Information reproduction apparatus for optically reading a code pattern from a recording medium and ...
Disposable dosimeter for sun radiation
Sewage treatment apparatus
Method for making radioactive metal articles having small dimensions
Chemical vapor deposition and powder formation using thermal spray with near supercritical and super...
Electrically conductive compositions of carbon particles and methods for their production
Method of preparing small particle size phosphors
Methods for wastewater treatment
Apparatus and method for air-cooling an electronic assembly
Methods and apparatus for controlling motion of recording media
Method and device utilizing erasure information as a reliability indicator in an information medium
Automated system and method for annotation using callouts
Method of integrating a blend or chamfer surface replacing an edge of a geometrical body into a soli...
Tracking changes to a computer software application when creating context-sensitive help functions
Non-volatile memory with embedded programmable controller
Reorder buffer employed in a microprocessor to store instruction results having a plurality of entri...
Hydrocracking catalyst and hydrocracking method for hydrocarbon oils
Uniform electroplating of wafers
Miniature reaction chamber and devices incorporating same
In-situ pre-metallization clean and metallization of semiconductor wafers
Titanium-based intermetallic alloys
Resolution of sludge/emulsion formed by acidizing wells
System for continuous magnetic separation of components from a mixture
Low profile architecture for internet appliance printing
Ink jet print head with flow control contour
System and method for customizing controls on a toolbar
Printer subsystem motion-control sensor apparatus
Semiconductor package lid with internal heat pipe
Leadless monitoring of physiological conditions
Method and computer-based system for rewriting a nonvolatile rewritable memory
System and method of selecting level of detail in texture mapping
Tri-state bus contention circuit preventing false switching caused by poor synchronization
Multimedia computer system
Method and apparatus for testing web sites
Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging having reduced chemical shift error
Display device with silicon-containing adhesion layer
Low cost DRAM metallization
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Chemical refining method and reuse system for semiconductor device manufacturing
C-2 hydroxyl protected-n-acyl (2R,3S)-3-phenylisoserine substituted phenyl activated esters and meth...
Method for evaluation of the ratio of amounts of biomolecules or their sub-populations in a mixture
Determining the actual class of an object at run time
Graphical test progress monitor
Method and system for reliable remote object reference management
Stack-based access control using code and executor identifiers
Method and apparatus for firmware authentication
Controlling access to services between modular applications
Apparatus and method for generating a stride used to derive a prefetch address
System and method for processing data in an electronic spreadsheet in accordance with a data type
Computer security system and method with on demand publishing of certificate revocation lists
Reliability verification device for detecting portion of design that may cause malfunction of semico...
Method for managing multicast addresses for transmitting and receiving multimedia conferencing infor...
Oil-based ink for preparing printing plate by ink jet process and method for preparing printing plat...
Tocopherol esters and their cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses
Agent and method for treating disorders associated with cytidine deaminase or deoxycytidine deaminas...
Multimeric antithrombotic agents
Catalyst composition for the polymerization of olefins
Method for chemical vapor deposition of a material on a substrate
Methods for enhancing the metal removal rate during the chemical-mechanical polishing process of a s...
Radius of curvature detecting apparatus and the method thereof
Cruising control apparatus
Controller for a continuously variable transmission
Utility vehicle with work-performing attachment
Vehicle for automatically adjusting window and sunroof positions after it being left unattended by i...
Method of determining quantities describing vehicle driving behavior
System and method for monitoring a performance characteristic using temperature and lubrication leve...
Dynamically changing system for fulfilling concealed value gift certificate obligations
Electronic football wagering game
Gaming machine having secondary display for providing video content
Double draw royal video poker
Pick one poker
Sports forecasting game
Foldable toy and game
Mediate server and real time delivery method between different networks
System with wake up server and wake up monitor for facilitating dial up connection between two appli...
Method and system for pushing and pulling data using wideband and narrowband transport systems
Method for remotely controlling computer resources via the internet with a web browser
System for tracking information copied from a web page and sent via electronic mail
Server to client cache protocol for improved web performance
Apparatus system and method for speech compression and decompression
Multi-stack memory architecture
System for data transfer in a ring topology comprising selectors to selectively bypass external devi...
Processor bridge with dissimilar data registers which is operable to disregard data differences for ...
Apparatus and method for limit-based arbitration scheme
Burst transfer management system utilizing pointers to ensure that there is enough space in a buffer...
Interconnection subsystem for interconnecting a predetermined number of nodes to form an elongated b...
Interconnection subsystem for interconnecting a predetermined number of nodes to form a Moebius stri...
Japanese text input method using a limited roman character set
Method and apparatus for compressed chaotic music synthesis
Syndrome calculation circuit
Method and apparatus for supporting diverse interaction paths within a multimedia communication cent...
Software production method, processing apparatus and recording medium
Network navigation method for printed articles by using embedded codes for article-associated links
Multi-part photographic color developing composition and methods of manufacture and use
Method for forming a shallow trench isolation structure
Polishing composition including an inhibitor of tungsten etching
Self-aligned dual thickness cobalt silicide layer formation process
In situ plasma clean for tungsten etching back
Human growth hormone variants comprising amino acid substitutions
Method of quantitatively detecting nucleic acids
Client intermediation of server applications
Sharing and organizing world wide web references using distinctive characters
Network management event storage and manipulation using relational database technology in a data war...
Test generator for database management systems
Inferring semantic relations
Apparatus and method for degrading the quality of unauthorized copies of color images and video sequ...
Handwriting recognition system simultaneously considering shape and context information
Method and device for the predictive reading of a memory
Polygon rendering method and system with dedicated setup engine
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for monitoring its internal signal
Information recording apparatus and information recording method
Instructions signature and primary input and primary output extraction within an IEEE 1149.1 complia...
Squarate dyes and their use in fluorescent sequencing method
Controlled dissolution crosslinked protein crystals
Chemicals and processes for making fluorinated poly(para-xylylenes)
Salicylic acid diphosphates for use as flame retardant materials
Oil-based ink for printing plate by ink jet process and method for preparing printing plate by ink j...
Chemical signal-impermeable mask
Hollow waveguide for ultraviolet light and making the same
System and method for synchronizing access to shared variables in a virtual machine in a digital com...
Apparatus and method for increasing the performance of interpreted programs running on a server
Technique for detecting memory part failures and single, double, and triple bit errors
Method for automatically programming a redundancy map for a redundant circuit
System and method for providing synchronous clock signals in a computer
Self-powered network access point
Computer system with a shared address bus and pipelined write operations
Method and system for maintaining client server security associations in a distributed computing sys...
Method and apparatus for creating communities of trust in a secure communication system
Fault tolerant computer system
Error control method for multiparty multimedia communications
Using an authentication server to obtain dial-out information on a network
Chemically embossed metallocene polyethylene foam
Selective and non-invasive visualization or treatment of vasculature
Papermaking felt having hydrophobic layer
Method for depositing silicon nitride using low temperatures
Method for eliminating CMP induced microscratches
Methods of forming contacts for integrated circuits using chemical vapor deposition and physical vap...
Process for producing a semiconductor device having hemispherical grains (HSG)
Vehicle control apparatus
Wheel braking regulating system for motor vehicles
Interfacing vehicle data bus to intelligent transportation system (ITS) data bus via a gateway modul...
Method of providing a textual description of a remote vehicle location
Vehicle control system for automated durability road (ADR) facility
Vehicle control system
Traction control system for vehicles
Information processing system and true/false determining method used therefor
Projectile for tossing game and associated method of play
Three-dimensional image processing apparatus with enhanced automatic and user point of view control
Video game system and method with enhanced three-dimensional character and background control due to...
Image capture apparatus and method
Auxiliary game with random prize generation
Video crane game
Firewall security apparatus for high-speed circuit switched networks
Mechanism for facilitating secure storage and retrieval of information on a smart card by an interne...
Email system converts email data to a different format according to processing mode information set ...
Determining and verifying user data
Presenting information relating to a program by recognizing text in closed captioning data
System for interative, multivariate negotiations over a network
Text-to-speech apparatus and method for processing multiple languages
Updating a local memory based on information provided by a host computer
Method and apparatus for reclaiming memory
Processor bridge with dissimilar data registers which is operable to disregard data differences for ...
System for querying a peripheral device to determine its processing capabilities and then offloading...
Interrupt sharing system assigning each interrupt request signal to a select one of system interrupt...
Secure decentralized object exporter
Directory-based, shared-memory, scaleable multiprocessor computer system having deadlock-free transa...
Secure computer with bus monitoring system and methods
Methods of scaling and displaying a server-provided image
Power reduction in a multiprocessor digital signal processor based on processor load
Multimedia public communication services distribution method and apparatus with distribution of conf...
Visual display for music generated via electric apparatus
Method and system for customizing marketing services on networks communicating with hypertext taggin...
Computer network address mapping
Reducing the hardware cost of a bank of multipliers by combining shared terms
Dynamically configurable acoustic model for speech recognition system
Low-complexity error-resilient coder using a block-based standard
Computer with high airflow and low acoustic noise
Heat sink conduction between disk drive carrier and information storage enclosure
Apparatus and method of reading a program into a processor
Fair cryptosystems and methods of use
Pictorially adorned drinking container having integral audio playback
Low power consuming operating device for digital signal processing using a probability distribution ...
Method and apparatus for custom operations
Synchronization of databases with date range
Rapid computation of local eye vectors in a fixed point lighting unit
Method and apparatus for a digital linear tape lockout system
Optical time domain reflectometer for measurements in optical networks with currently applied traffi...
Method and apparatus for measuring quality of a video transmission
Method and system for displaying hypertext documents with visual effects
Method and apparatus for extending secure communication operations via a shared list
Embedded cache manager
Microprocessor modified to perform inverse discrete cosine transform operations on a one-dimensional...
Automatic external data synchronization method
Parametric tuning of an intergrated circuit after fabrication
Sensing system and method
Single track encoder for providing absolute position information
Channel bar user interface for an entertainment system
Redundant status indicators for fault tolerance
Integrated method and system for controlling information access and distribution
Method for reducing delivery latency of an image or other secondary information associated with a fi...
Method and apparatus for executing self-snooped unresolvable system bus operations
System and method for distributing voice and data information over wireless and wireline networks
Declaration programming language extension for procedural programming languages
Trace based method for the analysis, benchmarking and tuning of object oriented databases and applic...
Data transmission device for a motor vehicle, comprising a pulse generator and a monitoring unit, as...
Method and apparatus for using non-digitized cities for route calculation
Itinerary monitoring system for storing a plurality of itinerary data points
Method for performing gear-change operations in an automated mechanical transmission, in particular ...
Apparatus and method for controlling yaw rate of automotive vehicle
Method for a vehicular gateway to transport information, including a method for programming the gate...
Method and device for determining vehicular mass
Method and apparatus for interactively monitoring a physiological condition and for interactively pr...
Apparatus for monitoring an athletic activity
Method of preparing a packaged fish attractant block
Dynamic real time exercise video apparatus and method
Apparatus for circular court ball game
Method of playing a bowling game
Game device
Programming development environment for intranet and internet applications employing unique project ...
Forward error correction system for packet based real time media
Integrated information communication system using internet protocol
Intranet network system
System and method for accessing an internet service provider
Method and apparatus for providing a guaranteed minimum level of performance for content delivery ov...
Computer system and method for securely formatting and mapping data for internet web sites
Transaction locks for high availability
Apparatus and method for handling multiple mergeable misses in a non-blocking cache
Unconfigured device that automatically configures itself as the primary device if no other unconfigu...
Method of web crawling utilizing address mapping
Method and apparatus for file system disaster recovery
Pipeline processor and computing system including an apparatus for tracking pipeline resources
Methods and apparatus for tuning a match between entities having attributes
Method and apparatus for remotely probing and stimulating a programmable logic device
Method and apparatus for providing remote access to security features on a computer network
Method and apparatus for use in determining validity of a certificate in a communication system empl...
System and method for correcting spelling errors in search queries
Creating optimized physical implementations from high-level descriptions of electronic design using ...
Method for transferring DMA data in a multimedia intergrated circuit including preloading DMA instru...
Software registering/managing system and method thereof
Method of detecting a call set-up burst, and a receiver
Radio frequency communication system with subscribers arranged to authenticate a received message
Reserved channel allocating method in mobile radio communication system
Remote office administrative and maintenance system for cell sites in a wireless telecommunication n...
Radio frequency level control circuit with reduced supply voltage
Data radio communication apparatus and system
System and method for jump-evaluated trace designation
Apparatus and method for remotely executing commands using distributed computing environment remote ...
System for simultaneously accessing one or more stack elements by multiple functional units using re...
Apparatus and method for detection and recovery from structural stalls in a multi-level non-blocking...
Multi-level non-blocking cache system with inhibiting thrashing
Bridge interfacing two processing sets operating in a lockstep mode and having a posted write buffer...
System for logging and enabling ordered retrieval of management events
Automatic characterization of a television signal
System and method for providing assurance to a host that a piece of software possesses a particular ...
Method and apparatus for database search with spoken output, for user with limited language skills
System, method and computer program product for page sharing between fault-isolated cells in a distr...
Method for reprogramming flash ROM in a personal computer implementing an EISA bus system
System for establishing multimedia communication interconnection between local unmanned automatic co...
System and apparatus for selectively publishing electronic-mail
Speed, spin rate, and curve measuring device
Positioning system for CDMA/PCS communications system
Architecture for multi-sector base stations
System and method for cellular control of automobile electrical systems
Optimization of FER settings during soft handoff
Method for determining cell boundary during base station deployment
System and method of handling emergency calls in a radio telecommunications network in the presence ...
Wheel diameter calibration system for vehicle slip/slide control
Vehicle drive force controller
Control for a motor vehicle with an automotive transmission and a smart gear change unit
Vehicle combination
On-vehicle control system
Automotive suspension control system utilizing variable damping force shock absorber
Touchtone electronic steering wheel
Input device for transmitting an input signal to a computer game port
Electronic entertainment and communication system
Shooting video game machine
Command input method and recording medium
Progressive jackpot gaming system with secret bonus pool
Apparatus for recording and utilizing basketball game data
Electronic entertainment and communication system
Mandatory message display and reporting system
Destination website access and information gathering system
IP packet switching in a Telco switch
Address updating of wireless mobile terminal hosts affiliated with a wired network
System, method and article of manufacture of a proactive threhold manager in a hybrid communication ...
Method and apparatus for determining a thermal setpoint in a HVAC system
Automatic generation of database queries
Method and system for protecting shared code and data in a multitasking operating system
System and method for managing the execution of system management
Navigating multimedia content using a graphical user interface with multiple display regions
Method, apparatus, system and computer program product for initializing a data structure at its firs...
Hybrid queue and backoff computer resource lock featuring different spin speeds corresponding to mul...
Remote control housing
Apparatus and method for minimizing the delay times in a semiconductor device
Valence correct molecular structures using cellular encoding
System and method for controlling an image transfer device
Compensation for thermal degradation of the optical performance in a digital imaging system
Automatic image rotation in digital cameras
Image processing system with alterable local convolution kernel
Application certification for an international cryptography framework
Apparatus and method for establishing a crytographic link between elements of a system
Remote control
Accurate, rapid, reliable position sensing using multiple sensing technologies
Systematic approach for regularity extraction
Information reproducing device having error informing means
Toy storage and play scenario box
Advanced instrument controller statement of government interest
Method and apparatus for centralizing processing of key and certificate life cycle management
Memory under test programming and reading device
System and method for preventing a first node from being emulated by another node
Method of evaluating fault coverage
Method and apparatus for distributed transmission of real-time multimedia information
Vehicle wheel alignment data by rotating vision sensor
Traffic information providing system
System for controlling engine fueling according to vehicle location
Integrated controlling system
Air/fuel ratio manipulation code for optimizing dynamic emissions
Method and device for controlling traction in motor vehicles
Method and device for controlling the clutch of a vehicle
Computer game enhancement
System and method for diagnosing executive dysfunctions using virtual reality and computer simulatio...
Handle for striking device
Combination football and skating game with enclosed ramp field and different scoring zones
Image synthesis method, games machine and information storage medium with sequence checking
Telephonic-interface game control system
UV curable ink containing aluminum trihydroxide
Object oriented distributed programming system for computer controlled networks with selective captu...
Data and media communication through a lossy channel using signal conversion
Territorial determination of remote computer location in a wide area network for conditional deliver...
Triggered remote dial-up for internet access
Internet web interface including programmable logic controller for controlling output devices based ...
Remote editor system
Computer architecture and method for collecting, analyzing and/or transforming internet and/or elect...
Programmable motion-sensitive sound effects device
Anti-theft mechanism for mobile computers
Optimal-resilience, proactive, public-key cryptographic system and method
Digital signal processing circuitry having integrated timing information
Computerized reward system for encouraging participation in a health management program
Programmable telecommunications security module for key encryption adaptable for tokenless use
Web browser allowing navigation between hypertext objects using remote control
Planar speaker for multimedia laptop PCs
Dynamic device power management
Method and system for displaying multimedia data using pointing selection of related information
Administration and utilization of secret fresh random numbers in a networked environment
Practical S box design
High speed bus system and method for using voltage and timing oscillating references for signal dete...
Multimedia data transferring method
Method and apparatus for effecting secure document format conversion
Payment and transactions in electronic commerce system
System for resources under control of docking station when stand alone and resources under control o...
Network management gateway
Translating packet addresses based upon a user identifier
Modem to support multiple site call conferenced data communications
Error detection and correction system for a stream of encoded data
Decoding operands for multimedia applications instruction coded with less number of bits than combin...
Facility-based financing system
Method for determining the load capacity of an AC network
Control for vehicle navigational system
Method and apparatus for estimating applied wheel torque in a motor vehicle
Method and device for controlling the drive train of a motor vehicle
Integrated transmission and multiple speed axle shifting apparatus
Gritting systems and methods
Method and apparatus for providing sound in a spatial environment
Virtual image generation method and its apparatus
Electronic entertainment and communication system
Casino table sensor alarms and method of using
Hand held control key device including multiple switch arrangements
Cover scent and wild game lure
Online gaming architecture
System and method for the delivery of digital video and data over a communication channel
Real-time receipt, decompression and play of compressed streaming video/hypervideo; with thumbnail d...
Methods and apparatus for using attribute transition probability models for pre-fetching resources
Methods and apparatus for disseminating product information via the internet using universal product...
Media editor for non-linear editing system
Telephony communication via varied redundant networks
Display orientation features for hand-held content display device
Toy car structure
Apparatus and method using volatile lock and lock-down registers and for protecting memory blocks
Automatically selecting and downloading device drivers from a server system to a client system that ...
Method and apparatus for recording compressed audio data on recording medium and method for transfer...
Memory repair
Automatic synthesis of semantic information from multimedia documents
Device and method for managing storage media
Reducing latency while downloading data over a network
System for controlling a power saving mode in a computer system
Multimedia computer equipment for automatic transmission of multimedia entertainment programs
Peach tree named `Corinthian Rose`
Monitoring and reporting hard disk drives identification using radio frequency
Enhanced cryptographic system and method with key escrow feature
Flash ROM sharing between processor and microcontroller during booting and handling warm-booting eve...
Analysis of the effect of program execution of calling components with data variable checkpointing a...
Method and apparatus for addressing an electronic document for transmission over a network
Method and apparatus for adjusting television display control using a browser
Method and system for configuring plug and play devices for a computer operating system
Robust digital watermarking
Method and system for continued vehicle control in an adaptive speed control system at vehicle speed...
Apparatus and method for performing automatic control over velocity of automotive vehicle
Automatic cruise control
Method and system for an in-vehicle computing architecture
Passenger detection system
Advanced law enforcement and response technology
Control system for vehicular illumination
Interactive toy products
Virtual reality game
Photoelectric control unit of a video car-racing game machine
Dual-award bonus game for a gaming machine
Gaming machine with variable probability of obtaining bonus game payouts
Method and apparatus for configuring a slot-type wagering game
Video gaming device having multiple stacking features
Method and system for using a communication network to supply targeted streaming advertising in inte...
Method and system for providing a presentation on a network
High performance user interface and method of structuring same
Method and apparatus for configuration of an internet appliance
Internet based service control system allows telecommunications subscriber modifies telecommunicatio...
Internet advertising with controlled and timed display of ad content from browser
Process and apparatus for conducting auctions over electronic networks
Peach tree named `Corinthian Mauve`
Interactive toy
Method and apparatus for restricting outbound access to remote equipment
Techniques for defining, using and manipulating rights management data structures
System for providing an integrated circuit with a unique identification
Multimedia computer with integrated circuit memory
Security system for event based middleware
Mobile radio terminal with SMS function for transmitting short message and method for controlling th...
Method of routing calls to portable numbers in a radio telecommunications network
Broadcast channel seizure with allocated single traffic channel per occupied cell in a cellular syst...
Method of handling over a call between two relay stations of a cell of a digital cellular mobile rad...
Short code dialling
Testing and burn-in of IC chips using radio frequency transmission
Partial discharge site location system for determining the position of faults in a high voltage cabl...
Secure electronic transactions using a trusted intermediary
User interface for controlling audio functions in a web browser
Data processing system and method for specification of one of a plurality of password requirements f...
Code printing apparatus for printing an optically readable code image at set positions on a print me...
Method of influencing the inflection angle of railway vehicle wagons, and railway vehicle for carryi...
Control unit for a motor vehicle
Dual-loop multiband reception antenna for terrestrial digital audio broadcasts
Machine and method for detecting traffic offenses with dynamic aiming systems
Radio warning system for hazard avoidance
Method and system for providing an optical signal at the rear of a vehicle to warn the driver of a f...
Lighting device in the door of a vehicle
Warming cover for wild game call
Vampire count hide and go seek game
Method of playing blackjack with a side wager
Spinner device for a put and take game
Playfield assembly for a pinball-machine
Hanging scent wick container
Watering attachment for cage for baby fowl
Satellite receiver/router, system, and method of use
Printing system
Fitnesstriage system and method
Proposal based architecture system
Methods and apparatus for interfacing a computer or small network to a wide area network such as the...
Internet access to a facility management system
System and method for training and managing Internet guides
Authentication for secure devices with limited cryptography
Japanese text input method using a keyboard with only base kana characters
Shared memory system
PCI-PCI bridge and PCI-bus audio accelerator integrated circuit
Key-based protection method for light-readable discs
Transcoding data in a proxy computer prior to transmitting the audio data to a client
Method and apparatus for rejecting image signals in a receiver
Autostereoscopic image presentation system using a screen assembly
Electronic cryptographic packing
Method and apparatus for reducing the processing time required in motion vector detection
Light guide for use in a color wheel display synchronization apparatus and method
Pipelined central processor incorporating indicator busy sensing and responsive pipeline timing modi...
Method and apparatus for providing physical security for a user account and providing access to the ...
Caller ID circuit powered through hookswitch devices
Information recording on a multitrack record carrier
Multiprocessor system for enabling shared access to a memory
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit containing a frequency detector for improved frequency acquisition
Interactive language editing in a network based video on demand system
Packet inspection device, mobile computer and packet transfer method in mobile computing with improv...
Transmitting high bandwidth network content on a low bandwidth communications channel during off pea...
Method and apparatus for optimizing transistor cell layout with integrated transistor folding
Multimedia search and indexing system and method of operation using audio cues with signal threshold...
Method and apparatus for embedding authentication information within digital data
Method for automatically regenerating information at a client system in the event of power or commun...
Data processor
Method and apparatus for improving the quality of a video image
Obstacle detection system
Method and arrangement for representing data in vehicle navigation systems
Navigation system for a vehicle
Route guiding device for vehicle
Road friction coefficient detecting apparatus and method thereof
Device for determining a steering angle of a motor vehicle
Guidance system for automated vehicles, and guidance strip for use therewith
Control lever device
Interactive electronic sword game
Value wheel game method and apparatus
Competitive video game apparatus, method of playing video game, and computer-readable recording medi...
Problem solving skills development system using tactile recognition
Big game gurney
Washer tossing game
Packet network
Distributed automated testing system
Probabilistic web link viability marker and web page ratings
Virtual point of sale processing using gateway-initiated messages
Integration of telephone return link using fiber and cable media
Bandwidth-preserving method of charging for pay-per-access information on a network
Method and apparatus for enabling a facsimile machine to be an e-mail client
Toy that provides an indication when an end user consumes a consumable substance
Technique for producing privately authenticatable cryptographic signatures and for authenticating su...
Method and apparatus for processing administration of a secured community
Music apparatus with various musical tone effects
Method of powering up or powering down a server to a maintenance state
Interactive graphics display system for a fuel dispenser
Dynamically disabling and enabling of devices in consumer system with multiple communication protoco...
Hot plug port adapter with separate PCI local bus and auxiliary bus
Apparatus for creating an animation program and method for creating the same
Methods and apparatus for transferring mirrored disk sets during system fail-over
Defragmentation of stored data without pointer indirection
One-cold encoding method for low power operation in a complex programmable logic device
Multimedia plug-in using dynamic objects
Vehicle navigation system providing for determination of a point on the border of a map stored in me...
Intelligent public transit system using dual-mode vehicles
Method and apparatus for protecting an engine from overheating
System for determining passability of vehicle
Active brake control having yaw rate estimation
Method for controlling a vehicle drive unit having a continuously variable transmission
Control apparatus of automatic transmission for vehicle and control method of automatic transmission...
Illuminated ping pong
Golf game
Enhancements in the sense of surprise in a RPG
Video lottery game
Electronic game method and apparatus with hierarchy of simulated wheels
Image display game system, image display method for same, and storage medium storing image display p...
Game call reliably adjustable for different sounds
Data and real-time media communication over a lossy network
Method and system for secure cable modem registration
Method and apparatus for forming subject (context) map and presenting Internet data according to the...
Search engine for remote access to database management systems
Method and system of assigning rates based on class service and discount level
System and method of operation for providing user's security on-demand over insecure networks
Call rerouter method and apparatus
Shrub rose plant named `AC De Montarville`
Fabric-covered spring toy and method for producing
Tracking memory modules within a computer system
Method and apparatus for extracting digital data from a video stream and using the digital data to c...
Multimedia linked scent delivery system
Computer and a method for displaying the time of using system
Method and apparatus for determining and initiating interaction directionality within a multimedia c...
Method and apparatus for cryptographically camouflaged cryptographic key storage, certification and ...
Design principles of the shade cipher
Method and apparatus for creating specialized multimedia threads in a multimedia communication cente...
Mobile computer and method of packet encryption and authentication in mobile computing based on secu...
Encryption system for mixed-trust environments
System for computer recovery using removable high capacity media
Apparatus and methods for home networking
Method and apparatus for identifying a computer through BIOS scanning
Priority encoder circuit
Computer communications device
Navigation system map panning directional indicator
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling vehicular velocity
Algorithm for verification of correct ABS controller installation
Speed change control apparatus of automatic transmission
Apparatus and method for restricting pivoting of industrial vehicles axles
On-vehicle electronic control unit
Apparatus and method for improving dynamic response of an active roll control vehicle suspension sys...
Method for displaying and controlling plural characters operated by a player on a video game apparat...
Method for a game of skill tournament
Video game displaying everyone's score on each unit
Method and apparatus for directing a game with user-selected elements
Player activated matching jackpot device
Game machine
Tossing game
Information management, retrieval and display system and associated method
Collaborative environment for syncronizing audio from remote devices
Storage of sitemaps at server sites for holding information regarding content
Method and apparatus for processing attached e-mail data and storage medium for processing program f...
Method for instantiating a class having different versions
Method and apparatus for forming page map to present internet data meaningful to management and busi...
System and method for interactive live online voting with tallies for updating voting results
Printer control pictorial tool for use in setting up printing conditions of photo-printer
Global hard error distribution using the SCI interconnect
Shrub rose plant named `AC Marie-Victorin`
Throwing toy having looped filaments and catching device therefor
Electronic transaction systems and methods therefor
Remote control
Method and apparatus for general systematic application of proximity correction
Method and apparatus for facilitating query reformulation
Silicone terpolymers with high refractive indices
Password protection for computer docking station
Tamper-proof devices for unique identification
Remotely operated rail car status monitor and control system
Luminal mapping
Multiband mobile unit communication apparatus
Image transmission apparatus including main and sub facsimile units designed to establish radio comm...
Mobile radio communications system with improved handover facility
Method for acquisition of cell relations in a cellular radiocommunication system
Radio communication apparatus and control method therefor
Street identification for a map zoom of a navigation system
Method and apparatus of monitoring a navigation system using deviation signals from navigation senso...
Method and device for determining the inertial position of a vehicle
Motor vehicle drive system controller and automatic drive controller
Vehicle speed control system and method
Deceleration based antiskid brake contoller with adaptive deceleration threshold
Roll control device of vehicles with tracing of turning course
Multi-passenger vehicle catering and entertainment system
Electronic amusement device and method for operating same
Two-player video game with method of displaying logos and instructions in a manner readable by both ...
Toy brick game
Domino board game and method
Combination dice and roulette-type gambling game and method for playing the same
Game device
Real time supply PF plug-and-play installation resources
Cache-based compaction technique for internet browsing using similar objects in client cache as refe...