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Disorder detecting device
Apparatus and method for providing optimal adaptive forward error correction in data communications
Light diffusion sheet
Branch line monitoring system and branch line monitoring method
Hologram screen
Optical fiber for optical amplifier and fiber optic amplifier
Spindle motor and hard disc drive incorporating the same
Optical fiber transmission line, optical cable, and optical transmission system
Metal line, method for fabricating the metal line, thin film transistor employing the metal line and...
Temperature-compensated optical waveguide device
High performance, flexible optical fiber furcation
Low bend loss optical fiber and components made therefrom
Color filter array having a blue filter layer
Method of forming a data-storing capacitive element made in an insulating film on a semiconductor su...
Contact spring for miniature thermostat
Optical device structure and fabrication method thereof
Optical switch and method of controlling the same
Method of making a shaped gate electrode structure, and device comprising same
Deuterium reservoirs and ingress paths
Method of making multiple work function gates by implanting metals with metallic alloying additives
Method of depositing a low dielectric with organo silane
Display and method of driving display
Semiconductor device composed of a group III-V nitride semiconductor
Semiconductor device with via-contact plugs
Semiconductor device having MIM structure capacitor
Semiconductor device having counter and channel impurity regions
Semiconductor photo-detector, semiconductor photodetection device, and production methods thereof
Polythiophenes and electronic devices generated therefrom
Resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication device
Laminated filter, duplexer, and mobile communication apparatus using the same
Filter, duplexer, and communications device
Parallel plate microwave devices having tapered current interrupting slots
1-100 GHz microstrip filter
Dual mode band-pass filter
Digital signal receiver for measurement while drilling system having noise cancellation
Device and method for transforming a digital signal
Method and system for processing orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signals
Adaptive filter divergence control in echo cancelers by means of amplitude distribution evaluation w...
System for extracting a clock signal and a digital data signal from a modulated carrier signal in re...
Normalized parametric adaptive matched filter receiver
Adjustable electrotransport drug delivery using a fixed output controller
Method for lowering blood glucose
Conjugate having a cleavable linkage for use in a liposome
Method and apparatus to restrict free hyperlinking by internet content distributors to web sites of ...
Server acceleration using network processor
Centralized look up engine architecture and interface
Method and apparatus for communicating with an entity automatically identified in an electronic comm...
Subscriber information service center (SISC)
Apparatus for controlling a short message service of a digital mobile station and method therefor
Method of processing data used in wireless applications using unstructured supplementary service dat...
Method and a cellular telecommunication apparatus for displaying the local time
Graphics and variable presence architectures in wireless communication networks, mobile handsets and...
Method preventing depletion of non-autologous hematopoietic cells and animal model systems for use t...
Treatment and diagnosis of cancer
7,8-dihydro-xanthenone-8-carboxylic acid derivative and novel microbe producing the same
Methods and compositions for diagnosing carcinomas
Compounds and their uses
Biological fertilizer compositions comprising cattle manure
Flea ecdysone nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
High bone mass gene of 11q13.3
Methods of using viral replicase polynucleotides and polypeptides
Endoscope apparatus
Synthesizing semiconductor process flow models
Method for parcel tracking on the internet with e-mail notification
Looking data in a database system
Efficient method for rule-based distribution and management of content in a distributed hierarchy of...
Device and method for navigation
Devices, methods, and systems for shrinking tissues
Multipath mitigation filter
Virtual pet device and control program recording medium therefor
Method and apparatus for obtaining an image by radiography with an anti-scatter grid
Method and apparatus for imaging and localizing radiation
Multi-pixel methods and apparatus for analysis of defect information from test structures on semicon...
Method and apparatus for storing image frame with user-selected compression
System and method for non-invasive electrocardiographic imaging
User interface and method for home automation system
Personal virtual assistant
Computer interface method and apparatus with portable network organization system and targeted adver...
Programmable light beam shape altering device using programmable micromirrors
Components and methods for manufacturing hollow integrators and angle converters
Method of preventing cell phone use while vehicle is in motion
Apparatus and method for tracking and communicating with a mobile radio unit
Navigation device, digital map display system, digital map displaying method in navigation device, a...
System and method for kinematic consistency processing
Bevel locking system for a sliding compound miter saw
Battery pack for cordless device
Reciprocating saw with an angular blade drive and rotatable blade holder
Saw blade clamping arrangement for a power tool
Saw blade clamping arrangement for a power tool
Bevel locking system for a sliding compound miter saw
Bevel locking system for a sliding compound miter saw
Device for the harvesting of cultivated turfs
Electrolyte gels for maintaining hydration and rehydrating
C-pyrazole a2a receptor agonists
Graphically distinguishing a path between two points on a network
Method and system for registering data
Back-up rings for high pressure seals, packing assembly, and pumps incorporating same
Communication device using three-step communication buffers
Memory module with improved data bus performance
Dynamic initialization of processor module via motherboard interface
Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the le...
Use of GLP-1 analogs and derivatives administered peripherally in regulation of obesity
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of functional dyspepsia and/or irritable bowel syndrome...
Use of gut-trophic growth factors to improve oxidative status
Method for producing metallic microparticles
Production and use of luminescent microparticles and nanoparticles
Methods of enhancing functioning of the large intestine
Use of GLP for the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, and prognosis of bone-related and nutrition-rel...
Combination therapy for cancer
Aqueous-prodrug compound comprising moiety of paclitaxel or derivatives thereof, method of preparing...
Antineoplastic conjugates of transferin, albumin and polyethylene glycol
Method for preparing and using polyoxyethylated castor oil in pharmaceutical compositions
Method and compositions for administering taxanes orally to human patients
Method and dosage form for treating tumors by the administration of tegafur, uracil, folinic acid, p...
Injectable composition
Urea derivatives useful as synthetic intermediates
Antisense oligodeoxynucleotides regulating expression of TNF .alpha.
Seeding crystals for the preparation of peptides or proteins
Inhibition of beta cell degeneration
Method and use
Peptide compounds analogues of the glucagon-like peptide-1 (7-37)
Bioadhesive emulsion preparations for enhanced drug delivery
Mucoadhesive emulsions containing cyclodextrin
Heterofunctional mucoadhesive pharmaceutical dosage composition
Mucoadhesive pharmaceutical composition for the controlled release of active principles
Transmucosal delivery system
Mucoadhesive compositions for administration of biologically active agents to animal tissue
Polymeric bioadhesive emulsions and suspensions and methods of treatment
Preparation capable of releasing drug at target site in intestine
Separation kernel with memory allocation, remote procedure call and exception handling mechanisms
User authorization system containing a user image
System and method using locks for providing safe movement of data using third party copy techniques
Data representation schema translation through shared examples
Apparatus and method for deploying an object under water
Color cathode ray tube apparatus
Method of directional radio communication
III-V compound films using chemical deposition
Thermally-assisted magnetic writing using an oxide layer and current-induced heating
Printed sheet products
Method and system for managing messages
Fuel cell with monolithic flow field-bipolar plate assembly and method for making and cooling a fuel...
Document or message security arrangements using a numerical hash function
Method for forming anisotrophic metal particles
Expiratory limit for a breathing circuit
Constraint based material trimming controller
Two-fiber optical shared protection ring with a bi-directional 4.times.4 optical switch fabric
Methods of assaying receptor activity and constructs useful in such methods
Hybrid aerogel rigid ceramic fiber insulation and method of producing same
Mandevilla plant named `Pink Velvet`
Acoustical insulation laminate with polyolefin layer and process for making
Ion implantation and wet bench systems utilizing exhaust gas recirculation
Magnetic bearing apparatus
Wall straightening device and method of installation
Array compositions and methods of making same
Resin composition
Interactive television program guide with selectable non-program options
Universal supports for oligonucleotide synthesis
Magnetic resonance apparatus with an electrical conductor arrangement for electrical supply to a con...
Amine derivatives for the treatment of apoptosis
Water overflow device and water return device
Method and device for treating fuel
Wind-actuated novelty device
Chewing gum compositions comprising diglycerol
Radio communication apparatus using adaptive antenna
High modulus and high damping plastic composite disc substrate for improved servo control by injecti...
Non-foaming anti-infective periodontic compositions
Bicyclic hydroxamates as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and/or TNF-.alpha. converting enzym...
Process and intermediate compounds for preparation of pesticidal fluoroolefin compounds
Process for the production of potassium hydroxy citric acid, and compositions containing the potassi...
Semi-physical modeling of HEMT high frequency small signal equivalent circuit models
Retainer for a pneumatic tool
Method and apparatus for fitting a smooth boundary to segmentation masks
Vacuum electrical interrupter with pull-to-close mechanism
Two architectures for integrated realization of sensing and processing in a single device
Information processing apparatus
Pseudolite-augmented GPS for locating wireless telephones
Aryl substituted pyridines and their use
Surface acoustic wave device
Method and apparatus for electrodynamic intrusion detection
Method and apparatus for training a neural network model for use in computer network intrusion detec...
Integrated modem and line-isolation circuitry and associated method utilizing a DC termination pin t...
Program verifying system, program verifying method, and storage medium for storing software of progr...
Data processing device equipped with a thread switching circuit
Copper deposition using copper formate complexes
Low dielectric constant shallow trench isolation
Video conference system enclosure
Base of a conference unit
Method and apparatus for managing parties to a multipoint conference using digital techniques
Method and apparatus for adaptive position determination video conferencing and other applications
Integrated waste containment and processing system
Click based trading with intuitive grid display of market depth
Method and apparatus for zeroing a transfer buffer memory as a background task
Method for driving sheet piles
Current generator for low power voltage
Use of inhibitors for the treatment of disorders related to RTK hyperfunction, especially cancer
Semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric thin film device, ink jet recording head, and ink jet printer
Extended wrap label and method of making same
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Data processor, communication system and recording medium
Chrome steel alloy
Method and apparatus for non-abrasive cushioning seal of assisted breathing devices
Volatile inhaler and method
Benzoylpyridine derivative or its salt, fungicide containing it as an active ingredient, its product...
Practical method and apparatus for analyte detection with colloidal particles
Dracaena plant named `Tarzan`
Adhesively applied external nasal strips and dilators containing medications and fragrances
Fault tolerant field updating with alternation of memory areas
Specification to ABAP code converter
Distributed, object oriented global trade finance system with imbedded imaging and work flow and ref...
Liquid crystal display device
Indian green mussel (Perna viridis) as a source of anti-HIV activity
Nuclear decommissioning insurance financial product and method
Light transport ship
Fusion protein and its use in an immunoassay for the simultaneous detection of autoantibodies relate...
Storage cell for surface mounting
Expandable styrene resin beads and foams produced therefrom
Nucleic acid sequences coding for thanatin and transformed plants containing them
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Molded plastics tubular couplings
Protocol-level malware scanner
Treatment of menorrhagia, hypermenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and menstrual migraines by the administration...
Erythrocytic cells and method for preserving cells
Indium phosphide heterojunction bipolar transistor layer structure and method of making the same
Exhaust gas purifying system for internal combustion engine
Chewable toothbrush
Determining the depth of reinforcing bars in a concrete structure using electromagnetic signals
Knife and blade sharpener
Lime soap dispersant, and detergent composition and cleaning composition comprising the same
Coffee roaster having multiple roasting stages
Process for making chemically bonded composite hydroxide ceramics
Sequentially ordered biodegradable lactide (glycolide or lactide/glycolide).epsilon.-caprolactone mu...
Polymer gel contact masks and methods and molds for making same
Electronic apparatus
Pulse tool
Method and apparatus for monitoring solid precursor delivery
Non-Transgenic nonhuman model for Alzheimer's Disease using a AD7c-NTP nucleic acid
Exposure apparatus and method, device manufacturing method, and discharge lamp
Tri-functional dual earphone device
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the breast
Pharmaceutical compositions of calcitonin drug-oligomer conjugates and methods of treating diseases ...
Fused-ring compounds and use thereof as drugs
Video-teleconferencing system with eye-gaze correction
Method and device for testing disk drive head while directing gas across the head
Method and apparatus for reducing low frequency repeatable runout in hard disk drive
Ultra-short yoke and ultra-low stack height writer and method of fabrication
Slider with high pitch-stiffness air bearing design
Disk drive for selectively satisfying a read request from a host computer for a first valid data blo...
Circuit to sample and compare the BEMF on an actuator into a constant velocity control
Dual shield vertical magneto-optical read head
Control dial and optical disk apparatus having the control dial
Device and method for controlling tape travelling speed and medium for recording its control program
Apparatus and method for writing information to a designated information storage medium with an allo...
Locking and ejection mechanism for disk drive
Cartridge housing a recording medium and drive device for recording medium
Firearm ammunition magazine base pad
Thoracic vent kit
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium and image processing method using the same
Photocationic initiator combinations
Resin tube for automotive piping and method of fabricating the same
Linear fixture assembly
Apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for a co-extruded light pipe
Independent X/Y flow adjustable extrusion die
High temperature polyester film extrusion
Method for manufacturing an ink jet head
Sets of generalized target-binding e-tag probes
Protein-deamidating enzyme, gene encoding the same, production process therefor, and use thereof
Optimization of ligand affinity for RNA targets using mass spectrometry
Ribozyme therapy for the treatment of proliferative skin and eye diseases
Method for optical modulation at periodic optical structure band edges
Open air optical channel
Optical interconnect for mezzanine circuit boards
Laser and fiber coupling control
Digital optical transmitter
Toner cartridge
Hardening equipment and hardening method
Apparatus for estimating clutch temperature
Optical memory device and method for fabricating optical memory device, and method and apparatus for...
Ablation and high-resolution mapping catheter system for pulmonary vein foci elimination
Developing device and image forming device
Lead locking device and method
Fixing belt and fuser
Inflatable packer with prestressed bladder
Chewing gum including encapsulated acid mixtures
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Drawable and/or traceable binder
Method and apparatus for adhesive fastening of friction clutch liners on a support plate
Automatic adjustment of host protected area by BIOS
Systems and methods for storing items with containers
Method and apparatus for facilitating use of hypertext links on the world wide web
Method and apparatus for improving a golfer's putting stroke
Golf putter head
Golf outsole
Method of forming a bi-directional synchronization controller
Field emission cathode
Method of growing isomeric carbon emitters onto triode structure of field emission display
Co-deposited films with nano-columnar structures and formation process
Low pressure coated article with polymeric basecoat having the appearance of stainless steel
Metal-oxide-silicon device including nanometer scaled oxide structure to enhance light-emitting effi...
High molecular weight major outer membrane protein of moraxella
High molecular weight major outer membrane protein of moraxella
Transferrin receptor genes of Moraxella
High molecular weight major outer membrane protein of moraxella
Retrovirus like particles made non infectious by a plurality of mutations
Production of virus and purfication of viral envelope proteins for vaccine use
Integrated fuse with regions of different doping within the fuse neck
Under bump metallization structure
Method for bonding heat sinks to overmolds and device formed thereby
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Scatterometry of grating structures to monitor wafer stress
Wafer transfer control apparatus and method for transferring wafer
Information recording device and information reproducting device
Queuing system, method and computer program product for network data transfer
Method for treatment of pollutants using iron-impregnated, carbon-coated, silica sand
Medium and large pixel multiple strand array structure plasma display
Vending machine system
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric thin film device, ink jet recording head, and ink jet printer
Method of verifying the authenticity of a security document and document for use in such a method
Composite material for anode of lithium secondary battery, and lithium secondary battery
Active brazing solder for brazing alumina-ceramic parts
Device and method for detecting and controlling liquid supply to an apparatus discharging liquids
Molded aerosol can cap
Magnetron controller with transformer controlling the inrush current
Self-aligning optical micro-mechanical device package
Bioactive surface modifiers for polymers and articles made therefrom
Micromachined pyro-optical structure
Method and system for managing subscriptions using a publisher tree
Apparatus and method for fixation of osteoporotic bone
Convolutional interleaving with interleave depth larger than codeword size
Displaying substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same
Sequences for detection of HIV-1
Method of configuring vehicle assembly line
Transfer conduit system, apparatus, and method
Heat sink made from longer and shorter graphite sheets
Differentially expressed genes associated with HER-2/neu overexpression
Stabilized teriparatide solutions
Method and apparatus for using an assist processor and value speculation to facilitate prefetching f...
Transition metal compound, polymerization catalysts for olefin, olefin polymers and process for thei...
Polymerization-inhibiting composition, polymerization inhibitor and method for inhibiting polymeriza...
Digital video broadcast system
Interbody spinal stabilization cage and spinal stabilization method
Simultaneous dual isotope imaging of cardiac perfusion and cardiac inflammation
Reduction of carbonyl compounds by a silane in the presence of a zinc catalyst
Magnetic resonance imaging devices with a contrast medium for improved imaging
Optical writing and reading apparatus
Dual elevation weapon station and method of use
Charging cradle for bar code reader
Interrupt handlers used in different modes of operations
Fish gelatin compositions containing a hydrocolloid setting system
Fluidic system with a safety function
Bar code scanner stand
System and method for identifying facts and legal discussion in court case law documents
Programmable coolant nozzle system
Synthesis of fluorocarbon compounds
Calibration device for calibrating oven temperatures
Quantum circuit device and method for quantum operation
Polysaccharide separation method
Electroluminescent laminate with patterned phosphor structure and thick film dielectric with improve...
Inverter parallel operation system
Methods of making and using immunoglobulin (Ig) compositions
Surface finishing compression molding with multi-layer extrusion
Process for preparing alkylphosphonite esters
Disc-like information recording medium, stamper, stamper configuring apparatus, disc master and hub ...
Semiconductor device with SI-GE layer-containing low resistance, tunable contact
Apparatus for preparing a coffee extract with a fine-bubble froth layer using a rough impact surface
Method for selecting a parts kit detail
Negative resist composition, process for forming resist patterns, and process for manufacturing elec...
System and method for locating a disturbance in a power system based upon disturbance power and ener...
Method and device for controlling peak currents in a medical device
Active matrix organic electroluminescent device simplifying a fabricating process and a fabricating ...
Cathodic protection system for air compressor tanks
Pistol handle pulse tool
Method for prediction of binding targets and the design of ligands
Toner unit drive element for improved insertion
Heating device for heating semiconductor wafers in thermal processing chambers
Triggering handdowns and handoffs of mobile stations between bordering cells of cellular wireless co...
Benzoyl piperidine compounds
Pharmaceutically active compounds
Two-phase distribution apparatus and process
Movable knee implant and methods therefor
Direct DNA sequencing with a transcription protein and a nanometer scale electrometer
Methods for forming tunable molecular gradients on substrates
Disposable absorbent wound dressing with skin health treatment additives
Compounds for the modulation of PPAR.gamma. activity
Logarithmic a/d converter, method of logarithmic a/d conversion logarithmic d/a converter, method of...
Composition and method for modulating immune responsiveness
Flowthrough device for the ultrasonic destruction of microorganisms in fluids
Method and apparatus for unloading gradients
Gas particle partitioner
Top surface of an exercise device
Portion of a top surface of an exercise device
Exercise system comprising rocking chair and footstool
Run specific training apparatus
Antigravity full range of motion four limb dry swim exercise machine
Elastic grip exerciser
Exercise apparatus with sliding pulley
Method and apparatus for cooling an electronic component
Directory band shell extension
Impression cap
Muscle stimulating device and method for diagnosing and treating a breathing disorder
Biosensors comprising a covalently attached monomolecular biological conjugate layer and a transduci...
Methods of treating periodontal disease
Therapeutic formulation for administering tolterodine with controlled release
System and method for rapidly customizing design, manufacture and/or selection of biomedical devices
Insertable block tile for interconnecting to a device embedded in an integrated circuit
Fast failover database tier in a multi-tier transaction processing system
Method for dialing in a smart phone
Method and apparatus for on-board calibration in pulse-echo acoustic ranging system
Method and telecommunications system for transmitting data from a first to a second private branch e...
Method and apparatus for generating a volume dataset representing a subject
Method and apparatus for signal segmentation
Method for the operation of a magnetic resonance apparatus
Medical examination and/or treatment system
Device and method for storing telephone entries
Method and system for forward error correction based on parallel streams
Apparatus and method for programmable control of laser diode modulation and operating point
Filter arrangement for shaping a pulse propagated over pots wiring, and a method of manufacturing th...
Parallel greater than analysis method and apparatus
Updating data objects for dynamic application caching
Virtual copy method for data spanning storage boundaries
Method and apparatus for calibrating a multi-level current mode driver
Photographic mode selectable camera
Sealed package of film for producing framed photographs
Lens barrel and camera
Direction and collimation controllable flash
Camera and control method for focusing device
Use of oxyhydroxide compounds for reducing carbon monoxide in the mainstream smoke of a cigarette
Method and system for playing a casino game
Video pachinko on a video platform as a gaming device
Bonus game
Gaming device and method for enhancing the issuance or transfer of an award
Method and apparatus for applying an adaptive layout process to a layout template
Method and system for retrieving security information for secured transmission of network communicat...
Self-modifying data flow execution architecture
Charging roller including a conductive cover layer being formed of a seamless tube, process cartridg...
Device for self-verifying temperature measurement and control
Sample adapter
Methods for electrosurgical treatment of spinal tissue
System for determining dry cleaning timing, method for determining dry cleaning timing, dry cleaning...
Power plant operation control system and a power plant maintaining and managing method
GPS near-far resistant receiver
Methods and apparatus for fast divergent beam tomography
Graphics system having a super-sampled sample buffer with hot spot correction
Method and apparatus for converting text files into hierarchical charts as a learning aid
Low voltage seismic sound source
Boron-carbide solid state neutron detector and method of using the same
Shoe and sole unit therefor
Skate boot
Sandal system
Protective coatings having branched trimethylsilylated alkylsilsesquioxane emulsions
Smart porous film or material
Wristwatch equipped with device for elimination of static electricity
MN gene and protein
Combined tag and data ECC for enhanced soft error recovery from cache tag errors
Atomic session-start operation combining clear-text and encrypted sessions to provide id visibility ...
Method and system for presentation and manipulation of PKCS signed-data objects
Computer system testing by simulating a power supply enable if power supply good indicator is negati...
Waveguide electroacoustical transducing
Adhesives, adhesive films and electric devices
Pharmaceutically active compounds and methods of use
Crosslinked DNA condesate compositions and gene delivery methods
Metal housing with auxiliary parts glued to housing base
System and method to reduce speech delay and improve voice quality using half speech blocks
System, method and apparatus for the wireless monitoring and management of computer systems
Internet system for connecting client-travelers with geographically-associated data
Centrifugal communication and collaboration method
System for conveying an attribute of a device not explicitly recognized by a PS/2 communication prot...
Method and apparatus for exclusively pairing wireless devices
Protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks
Apparatus for secure storage of vehicle odometer values and method therefor
Disc player mounted on vehicle
Method for determining transportation vehicle customer satisfaction
Method for playing an auxiliary game within a primary game with a prize rewarding system
Methods for a customized casino game
Game apparatus, game displaying method, game score evaluating method, and recording media recorded w...
Home video game system with hard disk drive and internet access capability
Electronic game pack system
Golf training game
Vacuum crane game with beaded targets
System and method for room decoration and inheritance
Mix and match: a new approach to secure multiparty computation
Method and apparatus of data exchange using runtime code generator and translator
Spin top toy
Christmas deer toy capable of moving head, neck, and tail
Laser bat
Self-generating wrist ball
Three-dimensional imaging decorating sheet and the method for manufacturing the same
Electric power steering apparatus
Children's ride-on vehicle with electronic speed control
Method for adaptive distance and/or driving speed adjustment in a motor vehicle
Automotive system to prevent car jacking
Vehicle control system for controlling a vehicle function including a vehicle tracking unit and rela...
Adjusting element for a rotary piston
Arithmetic teaching device
Interactive system for personal life patterns
Methods and apparatus for demonstrating laws of physical chemistry
Method for indicating defective part in educational material and apparatus for indicating defective ...
Tutorial system for learning training contents, learning programme logic
hKIS compositions and methods of use
Classification of information sources using graphic structures
Search query refinement using related search phrases
Color matching system and method
System and method for interpreting document contents
Triacylglycerol based candle wax
Information distribution and processing system
Continuous language-based prediction and troubleshooting tool
Website for financial information
Spatio-temporal channel for image watermarks or data
Methods for identifying equipment used in counterfeiting
Watermarks carrying content dependent signal metrics for detecting and characterizing signal alterat...
Image processor
Encoding information within text printed on a page using differing gray or color levels
Techniques for facilitating information acquisition and storage
Digital rights management system operating on computing device and having black box tied to computin...
Hot-in-place asphalt recycling machine and process
Internet television device capable of selecting hot spots by the use operation buttons
Event model using fixed-format text strings to express event actions
Interaction protocol for managing cross company processes among network-distributed applications
VPN device clustering using a network flow switch and a different mac address for each VPN device in...
Safety guard for seat belt buckle release
Whipped cream
Fish based food product and process for making
Granules based on starch and lactose
Methods of detecting chitinous material in a non-chitinous biological material
Momordica cochinchinensis (Spreng.) .beta.-carotene and method
Substance for lowering high cholesterol level in serum and methods for preparing and using the same
Miniature rose plant named `WEKsactrumi`
Heuchera plant named `Silver Light`
Plum tree named `Suplumthirtythree`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescaplum`
Shrub rose plant named `Radcon`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `RUIY5991`
Human protein tyrosine phosphatase polynucleotides, polypeptides, and antibodies
High oleic/high stearic sunflower oils
Herbicidal compositions
Protein transport enhancer for transgenic plants
Folypolyglutamyl synthetase gene transfer to enhance antifolate
Tone signal processing apparatus with intermittent clock supply
Data compression method and system using globally optimal scalar quantization
Data structure for allowing play of a video program in multiple aspect ratios
Content-driven speech- or audio-browser
Audio/Visual server
System and method for financial instrument modeling and using Monte Carlo simulation
System and method for filtering of web-based content stored on a proxy cache server
Point of sale and display adapter for electronic transaction device
Methods and apparatus for managing cached CRC values in a storage controller
Data reading and protection
System and method for providing secure internetwork services via an assured pipeline
Light weight security for parallel access to multiple mirror sites
Loop optimization with mapping code on an architecture
Multi OS configuration system having an interrupt process program executes independently of operatio...
Information processing apparatus and method therefor of binding common data between processes based ...
Athyrium niponicum var. pictum plant named `Burgundy Lace`
Raised island abrasive, method of use and lapping apparatus
Mercury removal method and system
Apparatus and methods for removing mercury from fluid streams
Determination of multi-valent metal contamination and system for removal of multi-valent metal conta...
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and system for a wireless subscriber to initiate a calling party number trace
Real time call data analysis and display
Portable telephone
Method and system for performing speech recognition for an internet appliance using a remotely locat...
Internet backbone bandwidth enhancement by initiating an additional data stream when individual band...
System and method for reporting detected errors in a computer system
Water-based dual security ink
Aphron-containing aqueous well drilling and servicing fluids
Process for the preparation of linear olefins and use thereof to prepare linear alcohols
(1S,6R)-2,2,6-Trimethylcyclohexyl methyl ketone and/or (1R,6S)-2,2,6-trimethylcyclohexyl methyl keto...
Production of olefin dimers and oligomers
Process for chlorine recovery
Process for synthesizing metal oxides and metal oxides having a perovskite or perovskite-like crysta...
Processes for producing anatase titanium oxide and titanium oxide coating material
Ultrastable hexagonal, cubic and wormhole aluminosilicate mesostructures
Carbon black coated with an aluminous layer and process for obtaining same
Negative electrode material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for producing th...
Method and composition for the gradual permanent coloring of hair
Artificial hair and method for production thereof
High di(alkyl fatty ester) amines and quaternary ammonium compounds derived therefrom
Pollucite-based ceramic with low CTE
Process for preparing protective-colloid-stabilized polymers by continuous emulsion polymerization
Soft capsules comprising polymers of vinyl esters and polyethers, the use and production thereof
Preparation of clay-dispersed polymer nanocomposite
Radio frequency data communications device
Radiation solid-state detectors, and radiation image record-reading method and device using the same
N-alkyl ammonium acetonitrile salts, methods therefor and compositions therewith
Shielded flat cable
Coating compositions for paper
Polypropylene film and multilayered laminate
Insecticial 3-(2,6-disubstituted phenyl)-5-[4- or 5-arylthien-2- or -3-yl]-1,2,4-triazoles
Display panel and display device to which the display panel is applied
Method for treating fibrotic diseases or other indications utilizing thiazole, oxazole and imidazole...
Therapeutic uses of arglabin in combination with other chemotherapy agents
Mollusc repellent
Time release calcium sulfate matrix for bone augmentation
Silicone elastomers compositions
Polymer compositions containing bioactive agents and methods for their use
Electric camera with image printing system
CMOS reference circuit using field effect transistors in lieu of resistors and diodes
System and method for determining the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising media
Xylene isomerization
Transferring semiconductor crystal from a substrate to a resin
Chemical amplification for the synthesis of patterned arrays
Method of writing to a memory array using clear enable and column clear signals
Data storage device
P53-specific T cell receptor for adoptive immunotherapy
Entertainment unit, recording medium and method for setting its parameters
Adaptable pre-designed photographic storyboard
Cremation urn
Military service headstone medallion
Safe view mailbox
Sport coin dispenser
Body coin dispenser
Camera with user identification
Vehicular monitoring systems using image processing
System and method for limiting services at a plurality of levels and controlling image orientation v...
Image failure detection unit in redundant duplex transmission
Cable modems and systems and methods for identification of a noise signal source on a cable network
Warning device for food storage appliances
Intelligent ultra high speed distributed sensing system and method for sensing roadway markers for i...
Handheld option pack interface
Interactive program guide for designating information on an interactive program guide display
Single action audio prompt interface utlizing binary state time domain multiple selection protocol
Method for recycling pet components and device for carrying out said method
Foamable copolymer resin and a method for preparing the same
Assembly adhesive based on an aqueous (co)polymer dispersion
Compact, flexible, rapid-pulsed, molecular gas laser
Photocatalyst apparatus, method of manufacture thereof and photocatalyst reactor
Air quality management apparatus for an electrostatographic printer
Fixing device, web differential gear and image formation apparatus
Cell voltage measuring device for fuel cell
Fast aging scheme for search engine databases using a linear feedback shift register
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for deleting electronic mail documents
Failure path grouping method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium
Staging objects in workflow management systems
Lifetime-sensitive mechanism and method for hoisting invariant computations out of loops in a comput...
Using link-layer address to obtain device drivers
Interactive audio conferencing system
Method and apparatus for retrieving data from a broadcast signal
Expression of recombinant human acetylcholinesterase in transgenic plants
Inbred maize line PH9AH
Resistance circuit stabilization and pulse duration control systems for electroporation instruments
Method and apparatus for scanning a specimen
System and method for a distributed search for a lost asset
Determining protein function and interaction from genome analysis
Methods of analyzing polymers using a spatial network of fluorophores and fluorescence resonance ene...
Fibers and webs capable of high speed solid state deformation
Light reflecting particles
Process for making detergent compositions with additives
Non-aqueous liquid detergents with water-soluble low-density particles
Detergent tablet
Compatbilizer and modifier for polymeric compositions comprising polyolefins
Device and method for the integrated presentation of a secondary service as a part of a primary serv...
Reverse thrust system with integral conduits and nozzles for the reduction of muzzle jump and/or rec...
Butterfly coin dispenser
Metal frame for electronic hardware and flat panel displays
Nasal administration of agents for the treatment of gastroparesis
Inhaler with a dose counter
Method, system, program, and computer readable medium for indexing object oriented objects in an obj...
Quick-disconnect fastener assembly for installing stowage bins and the like
Power-driven ornithopter
Motor control system
Wireless remote control of systems for countering hostile activity aboard an airplane
Device for operating a controlled member on a rotary-wing aircraft, particularly a helicopter
System, a vehicle and a method concerning the behavior of a vehicle
Process to determine impact location
Method and system for accessing interactive multimedia information or services by touching highlight...
Interface device between a semiconductor storage medium for multimedia and a standard video terminal
Program insertion in real time IP multicast
Surveillance arrangement and controller
Multimedia multiply-adder
Method for continuing data transfer to network cache from server without transferring said data to u...
Multimedia coordination system
Control means for a horizontal boring tool
Organic acid-Fe-OOH (ferroxane) particles and ferroxane-derived ceramics and ceramic membranes
System and method for controlling access to resources in a distributed environment
Content distribution system for network environments
Software performance and management system
Method for processing receiving message of monitor terminal in communication operating system
Apparatus for deploying a load to an underwater target position with enhanced accuracy and a method ...
Priority system and method for processing standardized tests
Down-link transmission scheduling in CDMA data networks
Wireless communications system having a space-time architecture employing multi-element antennas at ...
Method and apparatus for spatial-shift wavelength multiplexing in communication systems
Apparatus and method for providing conference call service
Method for finding shortest network routing paths subject to system constraints
Wind and wave energy plant
Pre-feeder for a main sail
Ballast exchange system for marine vessels
Hydraulic activated spreader arm aperture generation system
Towing assembly for personal watercrafts
Remotely operated outrigger
Folding boat
Puzzle cover
Folding trailer for off-ground storage on a towing vehicle
Motion-controlled video entertainment system
Feto-maternal calendar calculator
Method for securing personal database information in cellular and personal communication systems
System and method for providing a role table GUI via company group
Method of teaching financial management
Infant/toddler puppet and medical instrument
Method of using cigarettes
Methods and compositions for peptide synthesis
Method to simplify and speed up design rule/electrical rule checks
Method and system for power node current waveform modeling
Triangular assignment of pins used for diagonal interconnections between diagonal chips in a multi-c...
Polishing composition for metal CMP
Multimode modem with automatic negotiation of operational mode
Method and system for call answering
Method and apparatus for calculating the number of very high speed digital subscriber line nodes
Message automated information system and importance navigator
Common channeling signaling network maintenance and testing
Method and apparatus for quick modem reconnect
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S52`
Parallel logging method for transaction processing system
Method and system for incremental stack scanning
Vacuum cleaner handle portion
Dip stick oil wiper
Water skimmer
Waste basket
Recycling bin
Hydraulic fluid cleaning cart
Term addressable memory of an accelerator system and method
Vehicle-mounted radar apparatus providing improved accuracy of detection of lateral position of prec...
Method for secure determination of an object location, preferably a vehicle moving along a known cou...
Apparatus, and associated method, for performing reverse-link traffic measurements in a radio commun...
Transcoder-codec circuit arrangement and method that supports voice-switched hands-free radio operat...
Particle detector
Acetyl amino acid racemase from amycolatopsis orientalis for racemizing carbamoyl amino acids
Method of manufacturing tapered optical waveguide
Solid state imaging device and driving method thereof
Optoelectronic device with wavelength filtering by cavity coupling
AC-type plasma display panel having energy recovery unit in sustain driver
Methods for partitioning end nodes in a network fabric
Method and system for managing message transactions between a sender and recipient within a virtual ...
Methods and apparatus for managing heterogeneous storage devices
Method for isolating an I2C bus fault using self bus switching device
Expandable vinyl chloride resin composition
Polymer compositions having improved constancy of properties
Radiopaque marker for a catheter and method of making
Irradiated multilayer film having seal layer containing hyperbranched polymer
Miniature rose plant named `POULhi018`
Remote Coriolis flowmeter sizing and ordering system
Method and apparatus for forming a concrete foundation wall
Heating process of steel strips in vertical furnaces
Method of manufacturing a high Mn non-magnetic steel sheet for cryogenic temperature use
Spot welded stainless steel aircraft firewall conduit
Meat processing scheme
Surface decontamination of cooked sausage and processed meat and poultry products
Process for producing ready-to-eat shaped rice foods having visible rice grains
Fried pet treats
Microbiologically stable cooking system
Connecting system for surface coverings
Optical deflection element
Reliable diode laser stack
Semiconductor laser, semiconductor optical amplifier, and production method thereof
Liquid chromatography apparatus having two stationary phases
Electroless process for treating metallic surfaces and products formed thereby
Imaging member with amorphous hydrocarbon resin
Electrolyte tank and manufacturing method thereof
Personal belongings case
Builder's square
Forming-machine for sheet metal parts by stretching using a tool or form
Method of treating conditions associated with intestinal ischemia/reperfusion
Control system for alleviating a gust load on an aircraft wing
Surfing logic pipelines
Machine for automated generation of movement of chimes
Device and method for SPR detection in a mode-s transponder
Device and method for monitoring a laser-marking device
Stem cells bearing an FGF receptor on the cell surface
Phosphonate nucleotide compound
Portable toilet advertising system
Reel type pipeline laying ship and method
Pipe lay system with tension compensator
Method and apparatus for stabilizing a support system utilized for lifting and leveling existing bui...
Mouthpiece for an inhalation device
Wood baseball bat
Determination of gas solubility, entrained gas content, and true liquid density in manufacturing pro...
Semiconductor encapsulant resin having an additive with a gradient concentration
Recharger for use with a portable electronic device and which includes a connector terminus for comm...
Regioisomerically pure oxochlorins and methods of synthesis
Low dose super deep source/drain implant
Method of manufacturing a contact of a semiconductor device using cluster apparatus having at least ...
Method for producing thiosalicylic acid
Laminated semiconductor substrate and optical semiconductor element
Straight-handle pulse tool
Anti-ozonants covalently attached to silica gel for use in glossy print media
Offset calibration of current sharing signal for power supply units in redundant operation
Light attenuating filter in calibration for transparency scanner
Method for reduction of off-track errors in data storage tape systems
Methods and apparatus for reducing the opportunity for accidental removal or insertion of components
Multistage undocking assembly and system and method incorporating same
Image forming apparatus
On-vehicle emergency report apparatus, emergency communication apparatus and emergency report system
Method and device for detecting abrasions of electrodes in staionary welding gun
Multiple arm robot arrangement
Apparatus for processing a substrate
Robot spot welding apparatus for nuclear fuel skeleton and spot welding method using the same
Torch cale accommodating structure of arc welding robot
System and method of producing wafer
Industrial robot comprising a portable operating unit which a movable key device for identification ...
Real-time processor debug system
Apparatus for driving a fluorescent lamp
Method and apparatus for processing a received transmission based on processing delays requirement
Sorting system
Thermal image identification system
Rearview mirror and bezel assembly
Glycol proportioning panel
Image forming device
Fibre optic grating sensor
Phthalocyanine crystal, production process therefor, and electrophotographic photosensitive member, ...
Electron beam monitoring sensor and electron beam monitoring method
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Image input system
Image processing apparatus and method, image distribution system and storage medium
Hydrate desalination or water purification
Method for minimizing the new water use in the water circulation system of a treatment plant
Methods of screening and diagnosing esophageal cancer by determining guanylin cyclase C expression
Stabilized aqueous steroid immunoassay standards
Altered antibodies and their preparation
Convex-lens lighted tool driver
Apparatus and method to treat materials for pest control and storage
Microneedles for minimally invasive drug delivery
Dual voltage conical ECM electrode
Light duty liquid cleaning composition with suspended solid particles
Polyacrylates with improved biodegradability
Detergents comprising cellulases
Use of water soluble polymers as dispersion agent of aqueous calcium carbonate suspension, resulting...
Antisense modulation of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein expression
Practice appliance
Methods of operating an electrostatically actuated pump
Method of compressing gaseous hydrocarbon-containing medium
Vapor jet pump with ejector stage in foreline
Piston type compressor
Valves and pumps for microfluidic systems and method for making microfluidic systems
Valve for hermetic compressor
Wave energy converter system of improved efficiency and survivability
Beam shifting surface plasmon resonance system and method
Near-field optical probe, near-field optical microscope and optical recording/reproducing device wit...
Adapter for a ratchet wrench for engaging with socket or other tools of the like
Spotting pin, spotting device and method for spotting biomolecules
Active noise controller and controlling method
Tunable polarizers
Tunable mode-converters using few mode fibers
Method and apparatus providing reduced polarization-dependent loss
Phase angle controlled stationary elements for wavefront engineering of electromagnetic radiation
Heatsink plate
Heat dissipation assembly
Temperature maintaining apparatus and temperature control apparatus and method therefor
VME circuit host card with triple mezzanine configuration
Computer system employing redundant cooling fans
Energy efficient desiccant dryer regeneration system
Manufacture of hydrogen chloride from salt and sulfuric acid
Low cost detection technique
Pressure regulating valve for use in continuous positive airway pressure devices
Thin wall package for use within a reusable cartridge
Apparatus and method for rotating on-screen display fonts
Video and graphics system with video scaling
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Method for metal coating a flywheel rim
Substituted piperidines as melanocortin receptor agonists
Structure and method for shadow mask electrode
Electrochromic device and corresponding uses
Device and method for calibrating and improving the accuracy of barometric altimeters with GPS-deriv...
System and method for wirelessly linking a GPS device and a portable electronic device
GPS receiver capable of receiving C/A and P codes on multiple channels
Magnetic field generator
Method for collective production of microlenses at the tip of an optical fiber assembly such as a fi...
Optical cable for holding optical fiber ribbons having a plurality of one groove spacers
Chromatic dispersion compensation device
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Optical fiber and optical transmission line using the same, and optical transmission system
Arrayed waveguide grating optical multiplexer/demultiplexer and method for manufacturing the same
Arrayed waveguide grating and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for harvesting and implanting bone plugs
Spinal fusion implant having deployable bone engaging projections
Insulated gate semiconductor device with low on voltage and manufacturing method thereof
Transistor having compensation zones enabling a low on-resistance and a high reverse voltage
Superjunction device with improved avalanche capability and breakdown voltage
High-voltage transistor with multi-layer conduction region
High voltage MOS transistor with up-retro well
Semiconductor substrate and its production method, semiconductor device comprising the same and its ...
Surface modified organic thin film transistors
Planar coupling of spherical ferrites
Filter, duplexer, and communication device
Method for forming a dielectric laminated device
Connecting structure and frequency adjusting method therein
Dielectric laminated device and manufacturing method thereof
Multiple access method, devices for performing this method and communications systems using these me...
Methods and apparatus for implementing an interpolation finite impulse response (FIR) filter for use...
Method and apparatus for tracking an optical communications system
Rate controlling membranes for controlled drug delivery devices
Apparatus and methods for alternating laser treatment of pharmaceutical dispensers
Sustained delivery of an active agent using an implantable system
Conversion of liquid filled gelatin capsules into controlled release systems by multiple coatings
Device for transdermal electrotransport delivery of fentanyl and sufentanil
Receiving circuit, mobile terminal with receiving circuit, and method of receiving data
Database interpolation method for optical measurement of diffractive microstructures
Enterprise, stream-based, information management system
Facility for managing a service connection between a client process having a single threaded library...
Method and apparatus for performing emergency shutdown of a malfunctioning computer system saving al...
System and method for analysis of imagery data
Method and apparatus for forming an image on display medium
Apparatus for examining documents
X-ray image enhancement
Method and apparatus for resolving conflicts in a substrate processing system
Synchrotron-based EUV lithography illuminator simulator
Iterative method for region-of-interest reconstruction
Method, apparatus and data processor program product capable of enabling administration of a levels-...
System and method for retrieving information while commanding operation of an appliance
Identity-based context aware computing systems and methods
Communications architecture for intelligent electronic devices
Informing network users of television programming viewed by other network users
Display of occluded display elements on a computer display
Optical bit rate converter
Pseudorandom noise sequence generator
Platelet factor-4 receptor assay
Battery pack for cordless device
Chuck, bit, assembly thereof and methods of mounting
Blade ejection mechanism for a saw blade clamping arrangement of a power tool
Battery cooling system
Hydrogen peroxide based propulsion system
Apparatus and method for accurate pipeline surveying
Reagents and methods for identifying and modulating expression of genes regulated by retinoids
Appliance incorporating sound cancellation system
Built-in self test circuit employing a linear feedback shift register
Coupling apparatus, development cartridge and electrophotographic printer having the same
Distributed system for interactive collaboration
Antagonists of intestinotrophic GLP-2 peptides
In vivo production and delivery of insulinotropin for gene therapy
Glucagon-like peptide-1 crystals
Electrochemical deposition of carbon nanoparticles from organic solutions
Single step process for the synthesis of nanoparticles of ceramic oxide powders
Method and apparatus to produce ions and nanodrops from Taylor cones at reduced pressure
Process for the preparation of paclitaxel
7-hexanolytaxol and methods for preparing the same
Process for isolation and purification of paclitaxel from natural sources
Halogenated paclitaxel derivatives
Apo-2 ligand
Antibody delivery system for biological response modifiers
Death domain containing receptors
Human glucose-dependent insulin-secreting cell line
Method for treating non-insulin dependent diabetes using thiazolidinediones with glucagon-like pepti...
In Vivo production and delivery of insulinotropin for gene therapy
Use of GLP-1 or analogs in treatment of myocardial infarction
Inotropic and diuretic effects of exendin and GLP-1
Bioadhesive emulsion preparations for enhanced drug delivery
Pharmaceutical composition containing bismuth-polyacrylic acid compounds
Ophthalmic solutions viscosified with tamarind seed polysaccharide
Oral transmucosal delivery of drugs or any other ingredients via the inner buccal cavity
Mucoadhesive granules of carbomer suitable for oral administration of drugs
Bioadhesive complexes of polycarbophil and azole antifungal or antiprotozoal drugs
Capsule system
Method for forming an aqueous flocculated suspension
Threshold assembly with pre-fitted draining jamb boots and pre-fitted mull boots
Multiphoton excitation microscope for biochip fluorescence assay
Synchronization of a communications system
Airship and berthing port
Method of isolating adult mammalian CNS-derived progenitor stem cells using density gradient centrif...
Lead seal assembly
Respirator with hinged visor
Natural fibers treated with acidic odor control/binder systems
Copolymers containing fluoro and silyl groups and their use in marine antifoulant composition
Electric contact member and production method thereof
Method and apparatus for providing bimodal voltage references for differential signaling
Preprocessing method applied to textures of arbitrarily shaped objects
Real-time aggregation of data within an enterprise planning environment
On-chip local area network
Suppressing tumor formation using cells expressing JE/monocyte chemoattractant protein-1
Non-volatile random access memory cells associated with thin film constructions
System and method for real-time library generation of grating profiles
Self-shining aerosol-type shoe polish composition
Optical add-drop multiplexing apparatus
Portable biosensor apparatus with controlled flow
Detection of AIOx ears for process control in FeRAM processing
Canna hybrida plant named `MNImar`
Method, system, and software for calculating a multi factor temperature index
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for process design
Handoff between external and internal positioning systems
Polymer compositions with an improved constancy of characteristics
Human ion channel protein and polynucleotides encoding the same
Safety roof structure including safety stanchions
Olefin polymerization with pyridine moiety-containing singe-site catalysts
Ultrasonic-welding apparatus, optical sensor and rotation sensor for the ultrasonic-welding apparatu...