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Mounting structure for rolling bearing
Settable plunging unit
Armature shaft retainer
Curable composition and method of use thereof
Gas discharge display device, plasma addressed liquid crystal display device, and method for produci...
Camera having control device for flash photography and its control method
Camera with a focus retaining mechanism
Flash control system
Clock skew reduction using active shields
Soft output viterbi algorithm (SOVA) with error filters
Method and apparatus for moving accesses to logical entities from one storage element to another sto...
Apparatus and method for implementing IPSEC transforms within an integrated circuit
Method and system for monitoring errors on field replaceable units
Programmable wake up of memory transfer controllers in a memory transfer engine
Processes for producing very low IV polyester resin
Partially ester-exchanged SIPM and process therewith
Process for preparing 2,5-diformylfuran from carbohydrates
Catalytic equilibration to increase the relative mole fraction of CF3CHCI, CF3CHCI2 or CF3CF2H in a ...
Column-row addressable electric microswitch arrays and sensor matrices employing them
Bearing system with flexible bearing bracket
Two-component on-site foam system and its use for foaming openings for the purpose of fire protectio...
Silica-filled elastomeric compounds
Continuous process for the synthesis of nano-scale precious metal particles
Penetration flux
System for transmitting asymmetric data in a radiocommunications system
Radio communication system
Base station transmit power control in a CDMA cellular telephone system
Waterproof housing for a radio communication apparatus
Antenna for an implantable medical device
Non-toxic cleaning composition
Disposable absorbent article having hydrophobic topsheet and improved liquid handling performance
Method for analyzing hair and predicting achievable hair dyeing ending colors
External magnetic field measuring method, static magnetic field correcting method, external magnetic...
Method for expression of heterologous proteins in yeast
Quinolines and uses thereof
Vitamin D analogues
Substituted phenyl derivatives, their preparation and use
System and method for calculating a navigation route based on adjacent cartographic map databases
Card game system and method of playing a card game
Tracking mirror
Shampoo compositions comprising and emulsified silicone an a microemulsified silicone
Nonaqueous hair styling composition and method of use
High opacity white thermal transfer ribbons containing glass particles
Bleaching in conjunction with a lipophilic fluid cleaning regimen
Production and use of novel alkoxylated monoesters
Crosslinked polyester copolymers
Oral care compositions
Tamper evident closure
Trenching machine
Catalytic humidifier and heater, primarily for humidification of the oxidant stream for a fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Vinyl chloride resin composition
Sealable film
Toner, process for producing a toner, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Coating material and photovoltaic element
Glass panel for cathode ray tube
Blending objects with different effect parameters
Apparatus and method for on screen display
Growth factor antagonist materials and methods
Sterilization monitors and method of use
Ammunition drum and firearm
Memory-to-memory copy and compare/exchange instructions to support non-blocking synchronization sche...
Post-type rope light
Copolycarbonate compositions, and related articles and processes
Ventilation structure of microwave oven and lamp fitting structure therefor
LED personal warning light
Traffic signal light of enhanced visibility
Demodulator for an HDTV receiver
Method of monitoring the quality of distributed digital images by detecting false contours
Method for modification of non-image data in an image processing chain
Inverse dispersion compensating fiber
Modular multiplexing/demultiplexing units in optical transmission systems
Fiber optic cable management apparatus and method
Optical loop-back attenuator
Variable attenuator for optical fiber applications
Variable optical attenuation collimator with controllable light blocking mechanisms
Image processing apparatus interpolating thin line included in input image data
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image forming apparatus
Image sensing device, image processing apparatus and method, and memory medium
Method and system for defining and verifying a part
Vector fixed-lag algorithm for decoding input symbols
System and method for in-stream data compression
Normal cardiac rhythm template generation system and method
Method of correcting for phase error induced by a down sampling routine
Handheld apparatus and method for transdermal drug delivery and analyte extraction
Building element
Method of making a thin film optical quality aspheric surface generation using x-rays
Rust-preventing lubricated steel materials and coating compositions therefor
Seal for intermediate sheet steel of a valve housing for an automatic transmission
Linear shape steel excellent in joint fatigue characteristics and production method therefor
Composite steel structural plastic sandwich plate systems
Personal watercraft
Temporary support for offshore drilling platform
Steering arrangement for mobile x-ray apparatus
Cold planer
Electric power steering apparatus and method for producing the same
Method and device for controlling and adjusting a clutch in an automotive automatic stepped power sh...
Multiply transformed koji mold and a method of manufacturing a flavor enhancer using the same
Method for producing L-amino acids by fermentation
Diabetic nutrition and weight loss drink compositions
Dimetalhydroxy malates
Method and apparatus for controlling the drying of previously baked goods
Metallocene catalysts for olefin or styrene polymerization and polymerization method using the metal...
Photosensitive image-recording material
Absorbent article with improved, wet-formed absorbent
Sensor platform, apparatus incorporating platform, and process using the platform
Configurable debug system with wire list walking
User interface for text to speech conversion
Process for the preparation of rice bran oil low in phosphorous content
Apparatus and method for treatment of fluent food products
Preparation of crumb products for chocolate production
Process for the manufacture of an evaporated milk substitute
Gene switches
RuvB orthologues and uses thereof
Method and system for selecting and distinguishing an event sequence using an effective address in a...
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit, integrated circuit design method and hardware description generation method to g...
Resorbable, synthetic, medical coating material, method for its manufacture and its use in medicine
Method and apparatus for orbit determination
Beam propagation method for step-index waveguides
Wide-spectrum information search engine
Method and apparatus for producing and accessing composite data using a device having a distributed ...
Optimization method for element placement
System and method for interactive advertising
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a basic field magnet with damping of mechanical oscillations
Method and system for initiating an outbound communication from a service provider responsive to a u...
Detection of the speech activity of a source
Method for cancelling echoes in a communication system, a communication device, and a radio base sta...
Method and apparatus for setting a step size for an adaptive filter coefficient of an echo canceller
Network interface
Chrysanthemum plant named `Castor`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Summit`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Evans`
Lithium battery with boron-containing electrode
Cathode electroactive material, production method therefor and secondary cell
Method for electrochemical conditioning polymeric electrodes
Nanostructured ceramic platform for micromachined devices and device arrays
Lithium anodes for electrochemical cells
Method for making lithographic printing plate
Heterocyclic dihydropyrimidine compounds
Branched primary alcohol compositions and derivatives thereof
Amorphous electrode compositions
Alkaline storage battery, hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode and method for producing the same
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution secondary battery
Lithium metal dispersion in secondary battery anodes
Decision management system with automated strategy optimization
System and method for projecting market penetration
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets
Remote maintenance method, industrial device, and semiconductor device
Gas fired outdoor cooking apparatus
Transparent film dressing and a method for applying and making the same
Method for automated analysis of apical four-chamber images of the heart
Pacemaker having adaptive arrhythmia detection windows
Modulation of the brain to affect psychiatric disorders
Wall lamp
Luminaire bracket
Dishwasher cage
Base portion of a vacuum cleaner
Steam iron
Accelerating a distributed component architecture over a network using a modified RPC communication
Tandem wing aircraft and method for manufacturing and operating such aircraft
System and method for encrypting information within a communications network
Balancing system with adjustable eccentric rings for a disc drive assembly
Apparatus and method for detecting twist in articles
Methods, systems and computer program products for coordination of operations for interrelated tasks
X-ray scatter reducing grid and fabrication method thereof
System and method for automatic detection of loop start and ground start trunks
System for utilizing geologic time volumes
Biological filter attachment for aquarium hang-on filters
Aluminum alloy for sliding bearing and its production method
Aminocarboxylic acid breaker compositions for fracturing fluids
Method of purifying organic phosphoric ester
Scriptured outdoor furniture
Terpolymers obtained by polymer-analogous reaction
All fiber polarization mode dispersion compensator
Reagents and methods for identifying and modulating expression of genes regulated by p21
Polymeric hydrogels
Method for producing 2,3,4,5-tetrachlorobenzotrifluoride
Data transfer memory having the function of transferring data on a system bus
Developing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Navigation method for a means of transport
Vehicle behavior control apparatus
Method and apparatus for monitoring physiologic parameters of a living subject
High-intensity discharge lamp ballast with live relamping feature
Method and apparatus for direct buffering of a stream of variable-length data
Method and apparatus for detecting a spread code from a perch channel
Thiazolidine-2,4-dione hydrochloride salt, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and treatment method ...
Self-phase synchronized walking and turning quadruped apparatus
Eye assembly for toy, stationery or ornament
Electronic amusement device with long duration timer
Networked workstation intrusion detection system
Intrusion detector
Door gasket resistance based intrusion alarm system
Programmable vehicle monitoring and security system having multiple access verification devices
Intrusion detection systems employing active detectors
Electronic intrusion detection system for monitored environments
Multifrequency monitoring and/or alarm device and process
Group of nucleic acid molecules salmonella detection, nucleic acids, kit and use
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Architecture for denied permissions in Java
Method and system for viewing scalable documents
Method and system for implementing user-defined codeset conversions in a computer system
System for vibration in a centrifuge
Method for processing ceramics using electromagnetic energy
Human deficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) peptide encoded by the VIF gene
Methods for regulating bud-hypha transitions and cAMP levels by the adenylate cyclase-associated pro...
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Reconstitution of purified membrane proteins into preformed liposomes
Photovoltaic cell interconnection
Sample introduction interface for analytical processing of a sample placed on a substrate
Polymers incorporating covalently attached organoimido polyoxometalates
Method and device for obtaining a flow of photons between resonances in an electromagnetic resonator...
Pattern formation method and apparatus
Insoluble drug delivery
Processes for cleaning and drying microelectronic structures using liquid or supercritical carbon di...
Dielectric films with low dielectric constants
Addition polymerization in a homogeneous reaction mixture
Inbred maize line PH4V6
Inbred maize line NP2276
Method and system using acoustic ejection for selective fluid deposition on a nonuniform sample surf...
Relative address allocation apparatus and method for data storage card
Closed virtual network system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ceres`
Application terminal
Method and system for locating enclosing owners of embedded objects
Vehicle computer
Image display apparatus and control method thereof
Device for determining amount of focus adjustment
Adsorptive separation process for recovery of para-xylene
Thin film inorganic light emitting diode
Magnetic memory with reduced write current
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with a hydrogen barrier layer
Method for fabricating capacitor in semiconductor device
Balance board
Data processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Display system for vehicle
Oven apparatus for efficiently cooking food
Biochemical assay device using frustrated total internal reflection modulator with an imaging optica...
Method and apparatus for loading an aircraft
Lane-keep control system for vehicle
Finite-state automaton modeling biologic neuron
Non-motorized object hanger
Method and apparatus for lithiating alloys
Information encryption system and method
Heat resistant Al die cast material
Miniature acoustical guidance and monitoring system for tube or catheter placement
Dose counter for medicament inhaler
Method and apparatus for storing data as objects, constructing customized data retrieval and data pr...
Process and arrangement for transforming an input variable
Process for preparing lithium manganate in spinel structure
Colored magnetic particles for magnetophoretic display and method for manufacturing same
Providing game information via characters in a game environment
System and method for integrating text messaging to an outboard call system
Method and system for protecting buildings from subsurface gases
Chrysanthemum plant named `Hayes`
Robotic seed-handling apparatus and methods
Safe distance algorithm for adaptive cruise control
Membrane for chemical and biosensors
Method and system for avoiding plasma etch damage
Method and apparatus for creating a glossary of terms
Method and system for correcting non-symmetric distortion in an image
Chrysanthemum plant named `Jason`
Windows frame, dialog box, keyboard, device access and user environment real time ASC file signal tr...
Apparatus and method for awakening bus circuitry from a low power state
Method for automatic parallelization of software
Method for guaranteeing a minimum data strobe valid window and a minimum data valid window for DDR m...
Holder for portable electronic equipment
Supporting B+tree indexes on primary B+tree structures with large primary keys
Monovinylidene aromatic polymers based on highly linear high molecular weight polybutadiene rubbers ...
Plasma display panel driving method and apparatus
Controller for use with operated object
HIV peptides, antigens, vaccine compositions, immunoassay kit and a method of detecting antibodies i...
Route entry guiding device and method in a navigation system using a portable terminal
Method and apparatus for utilizing non-cylindrical support sections to lift and level existing build...
Multiple print engine with error handling capability
Curable resin composition
Method, system and program product comprising breakpoint handling mechanism for debugging and/or mon...
Nucleic acid sequences encoding .beta.-ketoacyl-ACP synthase and uses thereof
Process for making lyocell fibers from pulp having low average degree of polymerization values
Localized molecular and ionic transport to and from tissues
Method for graphical visualization of measured magnetic field on MRI volume
Data migration method, protocol converter and switching apparatus using it
Process for making a lube base stock from a lower molecular weight feedstock
Wrist support device
Junction box
Variable area wing aircraft and method
Data transfer verification based on unique ID codes
Colloid for scintigraphy
Permanent magnet including multiple ferromagnetic phases and method of producing the magnet
Process for the production of molded particles for microbial cell-immobilization
Storage phosphor screen with thick outermost layer and a method for using the same
Polymeric labels
Method and apparatus for completely hiding refresh operations in a DRAM device using multiple clock ...
Methods for eradication of nanobacteria
Broadband communication system for mobile users in a satellite-based network
Methods and compositions for enhanced delivery of bioactive molecules
Intumescent fire retardant composition and method of manufacture thereof
Organic pigment with high transparency and hydrophobicity
Image forming device having paper dust removing units
Amine organoborane complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Antimicrobial polymer
Fresnel lens sheet and transmission-type projection screen
Molded or extruded articles comprising polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer compositions having short anne...
Impact resistant rigid PVC compositions using hydrocarbon rubbers and chlorinated polyethylene as im...
Pressure driven hermetically sealed pump for fuel cell system
Guidewire apparatus for temporary distal embolic protection
Fluid supply device for fuel cell
Process for the oligomerization of .alpha.-olefins having low unsaturation
BCA data replay
Biochemical markers of brain function
Developing device comprising a regulation member having at least one bent part
Method and apparatus for producing modules compatible with a target system platform from simulation ...
Method for programming timer to execute timing operations
Method and apparatus for cardiac imaging with minimized cardiac motion artifact
Automatic layout selection for information monitoring system
Apparatus and method for converting a field frequency of a picture signal
Light control system for electronic endoscopes
Simplified block linear equalizer with block space time transmit diversity
Cocaine receptor binding ligands
Recombinant proteins of a pakistani strain of hepatitis E and their use in diagnostic methods and va...
Hierarchical fault descriptors in computer systems
Microactuator-mounted magnetic head device with control conductive pattern
Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling the flying behavior and height of a read/write head...
Magnetic head with thin gap layers
Magnetic device, magnetic head and magnetic adjustment method
Magnetic sensing element permitting decrease in effective element size while maintaining large optic...
Method and apparatus for managing data access and storage of data located on multiple storage device...
Device and method for detecting synchronization patterns in CD-ROM media
Process for the preparation of a decorated substrate
Pigment preparation and its use especially in printing inks
Melt-extrusion multiparticulates
Controlled release by extrusion of solid amorphous dispersions of drugs
Biodegradable plastic container having a moisture permeability
Easy handling ultraclear thermoplastic film
Process for preparing a foam component
Method of producing polyethylene resins for use in blow molding
Method for producing a grid structure
Manufacturing method for an electron-emitting source of triode structure
Detection of nucleic acid sequences by invader-directed cleavage
Systems and devices for photoelectrophoretic transport and hybridization of oligonucleotides
Oligonucleotide probes for detecting Enterobacteriaceae and quinolone-resistant Enterobacteriaceae
Dynamic multimedia streaming using time-stamped remote instructions
Methods for providing estimates of the current time in a computer system including a local time sour...
Configuring computer components
Preparing and disseminating digitized geospatial data for areas having irregular boundaries
Method for inhibiting corrosion using phosphorous acid
Deflection yoke having horizontal deflection coils and a balance coil and method for constructing th...
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing by crimping
Lens barrel
Compensation technique and method for transconductance amplifier
Voltage current sensor with high matching directivity
Method for concentrating 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Light emission diode package
Memory system capable of switching between a reference voltage for normal operation and a reference ...
Nonovolatile ferroelectric memory device and driving method thereof
Tracking viewing behavior of advertisements on a home entertainment system
Point of sale adapter for electronic transaction device
Method and system for dual-network address utilization
Object nets
Control method for electrochromic glazing
Distributed searching system and searching apparatus for use in the distributed searching system
Cold-rolled steel sheet or hot-rolled steel sheet excellent in painting bake hardenability and anti ...
Laryngeal mask adapter
Aerosol generator having heater in multilayered composite and method of use thereof
Incremental refresh of materialized views for many-to-many relationships
Analytic algorithm for enhanced back-propagation neural network processing
Method of treating disease with radioisotopes conjugated to bioactive substances
Circuit configuration for position lights
Tetherball-type game apparatus
Voice site personality setting
Power supply for electrically heated subsea pipeline
Yucca plant named `Monca`
Denture adhesive compositions with antimicrobial agents
Methods of and apparatus for feeding sheets of material
Microsystems integrated testing and characterization system and method
Substrate preparation process
System for accessing and testing evaluation modules via a global computer network
Electronic image transmission service system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Medusa`
Map kinase phosphatases and polynucleotides encoding them
Standby SBC backplane
Modular prosthesis having a stem component with a counterbored cavity defined therein and associated...
Run-time modules for dynamically adjusting computer operation
Deterministic random LBIST
Telephone terminal device
Automatic replenishment for a treatment compartment of a photofinishing apparatus
Automated banking machine system and method
Spatial information search system
Heel grounder
Method for driving plasma display panel
Toy box capable of emitting pre-recorded messages
Display form having magnetically attachable parts
Multi-mount speaker assembly
Methods for the preparation of nanosized material particles
Surface applied passives
Accurate targeting from imprecise locations
Furnace pacing for multistrand mill
Multithreaded batch processing system
Unique bar code for indicating a link between a product and a remote location on a web network
Liquid drainage system with cover
Process for coating a surface
Radiation image read-out method and apparatus
Service table
Electrochemical treatment of tissues, especially tumors
Method and apparatus for direct connection between two integrated circuits via a connector
Method and system for measuring current
Use of copolymers of vinyl ester, (meth)acrylic ester and optionally ethylene comonomers in building...
Process and device for transmitting confidential connection establishment and service information be...
Sea-land-sky craft
Multi-variable-height fusion device
DVD navigation system with multiple threads
Aggregating and manipulating dictionary metadata in a database system
Osmotically stabilized microbubble preparations
Cellulosic pulp having low degree of polymerization values
Glucosamine and egg for reducing inflammation
MR-based real-time radiation therapy oncology simulator
Managing resources in a bus bridge
Stop and go adaptive cruise control system
Synthesis of lithiated transition metal titanates for lithium cells
Method for screening for agents against cancer using an immunosuppression animal model
Device to permit offpump beating heart coronary bypass surgery
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of data processing system
Method and apparatus for providing baggage identification tags
Axi-symmetric mixed compression inlet with variable geometry centerbody
Mitigation of false co-channel uplink reception in a processing satellite communication system using...
Spinal intervertebral implant and method of making
Poultry producibility improver and poultry producibility improvement method
Product quality information management system
Method for fixing a mineral filler on cellulosic fibers and method for making a sheet of paper
Linear drive
Reciprocating tool having a piston retaining system
Scanning system with adjustable optical characteristics
Method and apparatus for using formant models in resonance control for speech systems
Method and apparatus for controlling cutting tool edge cut taper
Extended male slipper servo pad arrangement for positioning swashplate and method assembling same
Use of copolymers on the basis of unsaturated acids or their derivatives as foam-protecting agent
Method of and apparatus for generating and searching a database
Maize nucleic acid encoding a GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase
Electroluminescent device and oxide phosphor for use therein
Circuit for the controlled return of a pointer driven by a stepping motor in the event of failure of...
Confectionery compositions
Substituted aryl compounds as novel cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitors, compositions and methods ...
FMRI compatible electrode and electrode placement techniques
Heating control system for a roller grill
Process for preparing bisallylboranes and nonaromatic boronic acids
Developing apparatus having magnetic seal
DNA array sequence selection
Electronic equipment with an autonomous function
Perfluoroalkyl-substituted amines, acids, amino acids and thioether acids
Remote baggage screening system, software and method
Laminate polarizer and liquid crystal display
Lens sheet, projection screen using the same, and method of molding the lens sheet
Bonded permanent magnets
Hybrid solar cells with thermal deposited semiconductive oxide layer
Cryptographically protected paging subsystem
Silane coating composition
On-vehicle electronic controller
Self-synchronized synchronous rectifier
Laser irradiation stage, laser irradiation optical system, laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradi...
Method for preparing oxirane-containing organosilicon compositions
System for and method of designing and manufacturing a semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for automated protein design
Image forming apparatus including controller to start driving movable body after image carrier
Network device interface for digitally interfacing data channels to a controller via a network
Performance improvement of critical code execution
Automatic computer input device association
Method and system for processing electrocardiograms
Methodology for electrically induced selective breakdown of nanotubes
Arabidopsis gene encoding a protein involved in the regulation of SAR gene expression in plants
Method of identifying agents that inhibit APP processing activity
Collective data mining from distributed, vertically partitioned feature space
Self-replicating RNA molecule from hepatitis C virus
Surge protection and reset circuit
Method and system for reporting failures of a program module in a corporate environment
Selection method of a handoff system in a CDMA mobile communication system
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors containing 1-benzyl-pyridinium salts
Pulmonary delivery for bioconjugation
Inhibition of histone deacetylase as a treatment for cardiac hypertrophy
Spinal grooved director with built in balloon
Systems and methods for filter based spectrographic analysis
Composition for implantation into the human and animal body
Method and apparatus for creating intrauterine adhesions
Method, apparatus and computer program product for managing line-of-sight communications
Indole derivatives process for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and th...
Process for the preparation of granular and porous sucralfate dry gel
A/D converter
Cheese brining apparatus
Dental implant abutment
Dental implant fixture
Dental implant abutment
Alveolar bone measurement system
Dental implant abutment
Turbine installation
Optical needle guide for ultrasound guided needle biopsy
Segmented thermal barrier coating and method of manufacturing the same
Process for sorting distribution sequences
Device and method for contactless transmission of power or data
Pumping source having a plurality of regulated pump lasers for broadband optical amplification of WD...
Portable computer stand
Strata movement indicators
Distance measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for preventing excessive heat generation in a alternator of a generator set
Cumulative status of arithmetic operations
Data transfer method for matching upper protocal layer to high speed serial bus
Occupant sensor
Lithographic projection apparatus, a method for determining a position of a substrate alignment mark...
Photosensitive material processing apparatus and pleated cartridge filter
Method and device for processing a color reversal photographic film
Photographic processor for silver halide photographic material and remote control system for the pro...
Photographic processing system
Camera for forming simultaneous images covering different areas of the same subject
Camera with frame counter
Multiple-interface selection system for computer peripherals
Computerized system for automatically monitoring processing of objects
System for multi-standard RFID tags
Radio frequency powered switch
Caddy for art supplies
Combined toy boat and container for writing instruments
Surfactant composition and method of making the same
Electronic drawing device
Method, apparatus, and kit for marking a surface with colored bubbles
Surfactant composition and method of making the same
Biological applications of quantum dots
Water-soluble fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals
Biological applications of quantum dots
Microcomputer controlled demand/scheduled water softener having automatic resin bed sensing
Apparatus and method for filtering particulate matter from dielectric fluids
Device for actuating vehicle assemblies
Drive force distribution apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Controller for vehicle steering apparatus and method for detecting abnormality in the controller
Stacking block game
Method and device for secure transmission of data signals over a bus system
Toys with timer-activated controllable operation time
Novelty article having an elongated member rollable upon itself and releasable from itself with a dr...
Stuffed toy for holding greeting card or gift items
Multifibrous toy and method of manufacture thereof
Systems and methods for automated navigation between dynamic data with dissimilar structures
Method and system for providing business intelligence information over a computer network via extens...
Digital watermark decoding method
Hidden digital watermarks in images
System and method for on-line digital watermark detection
Embedding and detecting a watermark in images
Applying digital watermarks using dot gain correction
Systems and methods for managing storage location descriptors
Internet telephone apparatus and internet telephone gateway system
System and method for accessing voice mail from a remote server
System of and method for configuring an automatic appliance
System and method for realizing home agent client function for call center system
Preparing and disseminating digitized geospatial data over communications networks
Interspecific tree named: `Splash`
Variety of Verbena plant named `Sumverb 02`
Poinsettia plant named `NPCW02042`
Kalanchoe plant named `Krystle`
Kalanchoe plant named `Mary`
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Porcine totipotent cells and method for long-term culture
Message-blanket package and delivery system thereof
Adustable footprint tripod
Waist pouch
Lanthanide-based catalyst composition for the manufacture of polydienes
Process for the oligomerization of olefins in Fischer-Tropsch condensate using chromium catalyst and...
Processes for the preparation of olefins, unsaturated carboxylic acids and unsaturated nitriles from...
Method of and apparatus for upgrading and gasifying heavy hydrocarbon feeds
Process for upgrading Fischer-Tropsch products using dewaxing and hydrofinishing
Method of fabrication of low dielectric constant porous metal silicate films
High-solids SiO2 dispersions, process for producing them, and their use
Dielectric barrier discharge apparatus and module for perfluorocompound abatement
Biofilm reduction in crossflow filtration systems
Campylobacter glycosyltransferases for biosynthesis of gangliosides and ganglioside mimics
Electric-field actuated chromogenic materials based on molecules with a rotating middle segment for ...
Process of preparing maleic anhydride modified polyolefins by the oxidation adducts of borane and ma...
Cleaning attachment for converting a broom to a mop
Pigment yellow 74 and printing ink composition
Emulsion ink for stencil printing
Transdermal therapeutic systems having improved stability and their production
Imaging element comprising a thermally activated crosslinking agent
Modified alkyd compositions comprising diol latex compositions and processes of making the same
Rubber composition
Methods for expanding antigen-specific T cells
Method of planarizing a semiconductor die
Low drop-out voltage regulator
Method for producing semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting device pro...
Layout for thermally selected cross-point MRAM cell
Random access memory device and method for driving a plate line segment therein
Human tracking device, human tracking method and recording medium recording program thereof
Vehicle driving information storage apparatus and vehicle driving information storage method
Method of obtaining a developed two-dimensional image of the wall of a borehole
Method of processing signals and apparatus for signal processing
Method and arrangement for objective assessment of video quality
Remote mosaic imaging system having high-resolution, wide field-of-view and low bandwidth
System and method for trainable nonlinear prediction of transform coefficients in data compression
Method and apparatus for peeling a coating film of a coated resin product
Furniture with molded frame
Printing cartridge with capacitive sensor identification
Paving material for footways and method of producing the same
Direct methanol feed fuel cell and system
Self-assessing target with automatic feedback
Catheter having insertion control mechanism and anti-bunching mechanism
Mouthpiece entrainment airflow control for aerosol generators
Ballistic resistant flight deck door assembly having ventilation feature
Door system for creating and maintaining a secured area
Jam resistant and intruder-proof flight deck door
Method, apparatus and article to display flight information
Method and system for buffer management
Fast seek between multiple selections in a multimedia player
Method and apparatus for provisioning telecommunications equipment
Electromechanical optical modulator providing stray light control
Selective establishment of telecommunications connections over packet and circuit switched networks
Application-level switching server for internet protocol (IP) based networks
Push-out technique for shared memory buffer management in a network node
Dynamic algorithm for determining a shortest path tree between network nodes
Apparatus for launching an object in a fluid environment
Personal watercraft
Semi-submersible floating production facility
Bow mounted system and method for jet-propelling a submarine or torpedo through water
Watercraft with collapsible privacy compartment
Greeting card carrier for data scanable card and method of using the same
Health and immunization record booklet
Printable form with removable label and method for producing same
Game ball system incorporating means for position sensing
Match number game
Numerical total keno game
Braille computer monitor
Device and method for solving circles
Yang-yin emblem
Apparatus for demonstrating painting and/or mural-coating techniques
Vocabulary teaching system
Laminate structures, methods for production thereof and uses therefor
Method for improving pharmacokinetics
Methods for production of proteins
Use of silver-copper-palladium brazing alloys
Control method for copper density in a solder dipping bath
Machine part
Shared galois field multiplier
Method, computer program product, and system for deriving web transaction performance metrics
Method and apparatus for escrowing properties used for accessing executable modules
Efficient hybrid public key signature scheme
Method for associating a pass phase with a secured public/private key pair
Data processing system and method for fetching instruction blocks in response to a detected block se...
Ceramic composite electrolytic device
Telephone line extension
Echo canceler
Hook switch status glitch filter
Personal digital assistant/telephone combination device
Method of establishing and/or maintaining a wake mode for an electrical installation
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Activity center for a vehicle
Rhipsalidopsis plant named `Cebemma`
Method for shared use of medium-exchangeable storage device for purposes of backup and file system, ...
Using distributed information about lock conversion requests to efficiently manage lock state transi...
Selecting attribute based content for server applications
Dynamic memory arbitration in an MPEG-2 decoding System
Radio resource allocation methods and apparatus
Radio communication system for push information delivery
High accuracy receiver forward and reflected path test injection circuit
Method and apparatus for tracking the magnitude of channel induced distortion to a transmitted signa...
Time and frequency interleaving system for transmitting digital data between fixed or mobile station...
Intermittent receiving system
Point-to-multipoint digital radio frequency transport
Enhanced visibility heat alert safety device for hot surfaces
Mixing and frothing device and method
Multidirectional single surface optically shaped film
Method of preparing optically imaged high performance photomasks
Header assembly having integrated cooling device
Method and apparatus for authenticating a signature
Triple base bipolar phototransistor
Accessing information from a collection of data
Scent adsorbing liquid formulation
Light emitting element, plasma display panel, and CRT display device capable of considerably suppres...
Electronic recording and communication of information
Systems and methods for backing up data files
Methods, apparatus, and product for distributed garbage collection
System for allocating resources among agent processes
Simple network management protocol (SNMP) sun-agent interface
Technique for accurate distance and velocity calculations using the global positioning system (GPS)
Cleaning member, charging device, transfer device and image forming apparatus
Image forming method using a toner for developing a static image
Production of vitreous fibres using high halogen mineral waste as an ingredient
Woven plastic container for plants and method of making
Process for blending fluids of widely differing viscosities
Smart padding system utilizing an energy absorbent medium and articles made therefrom
Apparatus and method for recovery and recycle of optical fiber coolant gas
Liner compositions
Computer controlled event ticket auctioning system
Method and system for ensuring the security of the remote supply of services of financial institutio...
Method and system for conducting an online transaction that allows the seller and bidder to negotiat...
Percutaneous tissue track closure assembly and method
Long chain hindered amines and compositions stabilized therewith
Lens made of synthetic resin and process for producing the same
Surface generation method from boundaries of stereo images
Case hardened steel with high tempering temperature, method for obtaining same and parts formed with...
Steel sheet used for color CRT mask frame and a manufacturing method for the steel sheet
Method of manufacturing corrosion resistant steel materials
Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
Granulated sugar product
Food casing having a release preparation on the inside
Process for producing burgundy-colored flavored olives and product made thereby
All natural accelerated aging of distilled spirits
Method and system for processing food
Sweet jellied paste, method of manufacturing the same, and cake using the same
Bone cement mixing apparatus having improved gearing arrangement for driving a mixing blade
Catalyst component comprising magnesium, titanium, a halogen and an electron donor, its preparation ...
Methods for providing safe local anesthesia
Adhesive composition for use in packaging applications
Low temperature initiators for fluoroolefin polymerization
Organometallic salts for inkjet receptor media
Unsaturated oxime derivatives and the use thereof as latent acids
System for creating expression in universal language, and recorded medium on which translation rules...
Dual function assay device
Large area laser
Method and apparatus for processing a medical image containing clinical and non-clinical regions
Method and apparatus for diagnosing neurological impairment
Antenna arrangement for RFID smart tags
Processes for the recovery of copper from aqueous solutions containing nitrate ions
Image recording material
Treatment of HIV-associated dysmorphia/dysmetabolic syndrome (HADDS) with or without lipodystrophy
Grout sealer applicator brush
Compounds useful in pain management
Acyclic nucleoside derivatives
Airfoil anti-icing assembly and method
Cryptographic key generation system
Self-contained, multi-axis recordable and storage apparatus
Enabling smart logging for webtone networks and services
Use of remote poll to facilitate determining network topology
Efficient frame quality indicator for a wireless signal decoder
Variable length decoder for decoding digitally encoded video signals
Dual-side waveguide-based wavelength demultiplexer
Pet carrier
Method for testing a heating system
Process for the preparation of precipitated silica, new precipitated silicas containing aluminum and...
Method and apparatus for correcting static magnetic field using a pair of magnetic fields which are ...
Shim device for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Inhibitors of the inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase SHIP2 molecule
Molded emblem with encapsulated embossed 3-D graphics
Wire and cable installation tool
Vertical stab tendon bottom connector and method for securing and releasing the same
Modular wall block with mechanical course connector
Confectionery compositions
Method of detecting life of image bearing member, image forming apparatus and cartridge
Inhibition of TNF.alpha.-initiated neutrophil response
Lathing method and apparatus, round bar, lathing stock, and lathed product
Method for obtaining pure n-vinyl pyrrolidone
Buffer circuit
Method for monitoring exposure time of workers in workplace
Image display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Power tap device, fuel cell stack, and method of dividing a fuel cell stack
Process for producing catalyst for .alpha.-olefin polymerization, and process for producing .alpha.-...
Semiconductor device and the test system for the same
System and method for unwrapping phase difference images
Historical results based method for automatically improving computer system performance
Website usage monitoring
Method and apparatus for a servlet server class
Audio CD play controller for controlling a CD-rom drive independent of system bios of a computer sys...
Unified cache port consolidation
Printed circuit board wiring structure checkup system
Microprocessor conditional deterministic reset vector method
Portable CD player and burner
Method and apparatus for using illumination from a display for computer vision based user interfaces...
Liquid crystal display including polarizing plate having polarizing directions neither parallel nor ...
Performance data generating apparatus and method and storage medium
Transfer robot and inspection method for thin substrate
Wet cleaning facility having bubble-detecting device
Scalable, automated metrology system and method of making the system
Semiconductor processing apparatus with integrated weighing device
Wafer monitoring system
Pointing device and scanner, robot, mobile communication device and electronic dictionary using the ...
Device for detecting position/orientation of object
Control of light emission from flash lamp externally attached to digital camera
CDMA receiver operable in a time division fashion and method for controlling the same
Conductive fiber, manufacturing method therefor, apparatus, and application
Method for confirming presence of mycotoxicosis
Preparation of low-odor-storage-stable monomer-containing polyisocyanurates based on isophorone diis...
Method for determining the dissolution rate of a solid water treatment product
Control system of tilt angle tester for seatbelt retractor and method therefor
Surface acoustic wave device and communication apparatus
IC chip mounting structure and display device
Semiconductor device having radiation structure
System and method for programming oscillators
Optoelectronic gas sensor based on optodes
Modular trailing arm suspension
Passenger restraining protective system
Automotive grille
Instrument panel module including power/signal transmission system for vehicle
Hybrid electromagnetic/friction actuation system
Power transmission apparatus for four-wheel drive vehicle
Data bit-to-clock alignment circuit with first bit capture capability
Methods of using phenylmethylbenzoquinone and hydroquinone compounds for treatment of myocarditis, d...
Peripheral nervous system specific sodium channels
Human pellino polypeptides
Method for designing an integrated circuit containing multiple integrated circuit designs
Method and apparatus for characterizing information about design attributes
Integrated circuit routing
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Ivory`
Decorative design for an automobile hood
Conveying pipeline mounted inside a boom
Apparatus and method for detection and measurement of environmental parameters
High-speed zero phase restart of a multiphase clock
Reducing appearance differences between coded and noncoded units of text
Multi-step post detergent treatment method
Data processing system for managing chemical product usage
HTM direct drive and positive positioning cross slide and pin housing system
Interactive tutorial
Method of obfuscating computer instruction streams
Register file backup queue
Fan assembly with lubricant-containing bearings
Apparatus for storing and discharging gas
Passively pumped liquid feed fuel cell system
Heat sink apparatus, blower for use therein and electronic equipment using the same apparatus
Brushless electric motor
Variable geometry ejector for a bleed air system using integral ejector exit pressure feedback
Sulfated dicarboxylic acids for lubrication, emulsification, and corrosion inhibition
Device and method for controlling brightness of image signal
Image processing apparatus
Anionic polymers composed of dicarboxylic acids and uses thereof
Method and system for in-line monitoring process performance using measurable equipment signals
Ratchet tie down device with integral security lock
Scatterometry based measurements of a moving substrate
Inverted darkfield contrast microscope and method
Passive damping method and circuit for data storage device actuator
Shear mode multilayered collocated micro-actuator for dual-stage servo controllers in disk drives
Atomic resolution storage systems with enhanced magnetic field protection
Monocentric autostereoscopic optical apparatus using resonant fiber-optic image generation
Mobile radiography system and process
Method of forming a small gap and its application to the fabrication of a lateral FED
Pulsed arc molecular beam deposition apparatus and methodology
Method for fabricating LC device using latent masking and delayed LOCOS techniques
Prioritizing the application of resolution enhancement techniques
Method of manufacturing an emitter
Apparatus and method for simultaneously germicidally cleansing both air and water
Hybrid synchronous motor equipped with toroidal winding
Tubular acoustic pressure wave generator
Method of detecting and resolving memory effect
Optical channel monitoring device
Electric toothbrush with revolvable brush head
Estimating operating parameters of vapor compression cycle equipment
Method for HPRF-radar measurement
Method and apparatus employing wireless in-band signaling for downlink transmission of commands and ...
Method of utilizing a fiber for simultaneously measuring distributed strain and temperature
Digital subchannel transceiver for transmitting data
Ultrasonic vibration detection using frequency matching
Switch and storage system for sending an access request from a host to a storage subsystem
Method of measuring dialysis or clearance of hemodialysis systems
Odor reduction system for waste holding tanks
Sewer cleaning tool
Device for transporting particles of magnetic material
Fluid treatment elements adapted for cross flow treatment
Water conservation device, kit and method of using
Method for anion-exchange adsorption and anion-exchangers
Method and system for communicating information among interactive applications
EJB adaption of MQ integration in componetbroker
Method of dynamically allocating a memory
Method and apparatus for reducing encoding needs and ports to shared resources in a processor
Compositions and methods related to canine IgG and canine IL-13 receptors
Somatostatin antagonists
Active/passive distributed absorber for vibration and sound radiation control
Non-linearly tapering transmission line speakers
Method for seismic exploration of a remote site
Apparatus and method for actuating arms
Environmentally protected microphone for an active noise control system
Device for sensing and blocking froth in a home machine for manufacturing soybean milk, watery bean ...
Winding head of a textile machine
Osteophilic implants
Recombinant laminin 5
Absorbable .epsilon.-caprolactone copolymers
Method for protection of a matrix converter against overvoltages, and an active overvoltage device
Method and control device for controlling a gas turbine set, in particular in gas and steam power st...
Circuit arrangement for providing a back-up circuit for transmission devices in ring architectures t...
Method and device for automatic configuration of a subscriber's installation with a network interfac...
Bi-directional dispersion compensator
Hammer device
Rock drilling rig
Stump grinding wheel and cutting assemblies therefor
Rotatable cutting bit and retainer sleeve therefor
Scanning exposure apparatus, scanning exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Method of associating forwarding references with data packets by means of a TRIE memory, and packet ...
System and method of automatically calibrating the gain for a distributed wireless communication sys...
Apparatus for wire-or bus expansion between two instrument chassis
Passive RFID transponder/reader system and method for hidden obstacle detection and avoidance
Micropower peak strain detection system for remote interrogation
Method, system and apparatus for initiating and maintaining synchronization of a pulse position modu...
Conductive electrical element and antenna with ink additive technology
Methods for treating hot flashes and gynaecomastia
Nanofabrication for InAs/AlSb heterostructures
Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides, compositions and methods
Caddy for art supplies
Container for liquids
Coloring device
Marker holder
Desk top organizer
Fluid dispensing NIB, and delivery system
Ruler with drawing curves
Methods for manufacture of self-aligned integrally gated nanofilament field emitter cell and array
Optically-active nanoparticles for use in therapeutic and diagnostic methods
In-line rheometer device and method
Snap with supports
Plastic tandem extrusion sizer mold
Retaining terminal structure of connector
Foam-type vascular prosthesis with well-defined anclio-permissive open porosity
Production method of a polytetrafluoroethylene sheet or film
Method and an apparatus for manufacturing an electrical insulator
Inkjet printhead having overlapping actuator and drive circuitry
Detachable balloon catheter for endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux
Method and apparatus for signal transmission and detection using a contact device
Ophthalmological apparatus
Non-contact tonometer having non-linear pressure ramp
Replaceable prism system for applanation tonometer
Non-contact type tonometer
Intraocular pressure monitoring/measuring apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for treatment of glaucoma
Gaming machine
Rotor for an AC generator
Methods for cleaning microelectronic structures with cyclical phase modulation
Method for removing inorganic matter from solid surfaces
Treatment of contact lenses with supercritical fluid
Methods for removing particles from microelectronic structures
Pharmaceutically active composition extracted from Ferula hermonis and process of its extraction
System and method for automatic transmission of personalized OLAP report output
System and method of adapting automatic output of service related OLAP reports to disparate output d...
System and method for voice service bureau
System and method for asynchronous control of report generation using a network interface
Mass label linked hybridisation probes
Prognostic classification of breast cancer through determination of nucleic acid sequence expression
Multistage electromagnetic separator for purifying cells, chemicals and protein structures
Method, apparatus and computer program product to allow automatic product composition
System and method to determine thermophysical properties of a multi-component gas at arbitrary tempe...
Method of calculating engine torque
Modular monitoring and protection system with open communication backbone
Method for inspecting and recording machine component condition data
Forward-reverse rotation device for a continuously variable transmission
Multi-speed planetary transmissions with clutched input and three planetary gearsets
Automatic transmission
Family of six-speed planetary transmissions having three planetary gearsets and five torque-transmit...
Hydrodynamic, mechanical multi-speed compound transmission
Control device for automatic transmission
Planetary transmissions with three gear sets and a stationary fixed interconnection
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets
Multi-speed planetary transmissions with a stationary interconnection
Method for determining optimal ABS slip and deceleration thresholds
Tire parameter estimation device and road surface judgment device
Torque estimator for engine RPM and torque control
Method and apparatus for underground connection of pipe
Decorative, diamond-cut jewelry surface
Camshaft control device and control valve with leakage compensation
Variable valve timing device
Method of determining valve events to optimize engine operating parameters
Valve timing control apparatus and method of internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for performing efficient reseeks in an optical storage device
Boarding pass processing unit, boarding gate reader, person collation unit, boarding system, boardin...
Extensible file format
Method and system for distributing image-based content on the internet
Virtual video on demand using multiple encrypted video segments
Visual content browsing using rasterized representations
Method and apparatus for digital watermarking
Safety garment having safety harness
Human neurogenin 3-encoding nucleotide sequences
Method for producing fermentation-based products from high oil corn
Plasmid maintenance system for antigen delivery
Modified starch metabolism enzymes and encoding genes for improvement and optimization of plant phen...
Heterocyclyl-substituted benzoylcyclohexandiones, their preparation, and their use as herbicides
Animated musical alligator
Apparatus providing information with music sound effect
Music data providing apparatus, music data receiving apparatus, music data reproducing apparatus, an...
Bi-directional serial bus system for constructing electronic musical instrument
Retrieval of relevant information categories
Method and apparatus for a web application server to provide an administration system using a dual s...
Remote film scanning and image transfer system, protocol and method
Method of storage management in document databases
Method and system for communicating between independent software modules
Method and apparatus for facilitating speculative stores in a multiprocessor system
Replicated control block handles for fault-tolerant computer systems
Method and system for generating a set of search terms
Conditional reply processing method, conditional reply giving agent system device, and program stora...
Managing object life cycles using object-level cursor
Method and apparatus for mapping objects to multiple tables of a database
Method and system for assignment of fixed subscriber units in wireless local loop systems
Double glass system
Composition for increasing the reactivity of sulfur scavenging oxides
Inhibitors of matrix metallaproteinases
Photostable cationic organic sunscreen compounds with antioxidant properties and compositions obtain...
Cleansing compositions comprising highly branched polyalphaolefins
Application of film forming technology to fragrance control release systems; and resultant fragrance...
Colorless phenol-formaldehyde resins that cure colorless
Parallel gas chromatograph with microdetector array
Agents that stimulate therapeutic angiogenesis and techniques and devices that enable their delivery
Low ionic strength method and composition for reducing bacterial attachment to biomaterials
Method of treatment using humanized anti-CD11a antibodies
Low and high voltage electrical heating devices
Process for producing polymer particle