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System and method for real time determination of unsteady aerodynamic loads
Fuel for use in fuel cell
Use of austenitic stainless steels in applications requiring anti-coking properties
Production of low sulfur/low aromatics distillates
Pyrolysis gasoline stabilization
Distribution device for producing a polyphase mixture, and associated reactor
Process for the selective desulfurization of a mid range gasoline cut
Extraction of phenol from wastewater
Fluorene derivatives and their polymers
Auto-focus apparatus based on pixel resolution and control method for the same
Imaging processing apparatus for generating a wide dynamic range image
Motion information coding and decoding method
Picture signal processing method and apparatus
Color component signal interface circuit
Cartridge film scanning system
Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus th...
Digital phase lock loop
Method and apparatus for passive acoustic source localization for video camera steering applications
Photogrammetric image correlation and measurement system and method
Luminance correction of colorless low saturation regions using correction constants calculated from ...
Digital imaging device with image authentication capability
Dual band hyperspectral framing reconnaissance camera
Fundus camera
Systems and methods for estimating lens temperature
Automatic focusing device and method of controlling the same
IR receiver using IR transmitting diode
Method and apparatus for preventing bacteria and algae growth in water
Formulation comprising thymol useful in the treatment of drug resistant bacterial infections
Extraction of non-polar isothiocyanates from plants
Method for extracting, fractionating and purifying polyphenolic compounds originating from fresh pla...
Method of preventing veisalgia
Antibodies that bind human prostate specific G-protein receptor HPRAJ70
Process and materials for the rapid detection of streptococcus pneumoniae employing purified antigen...
Method of production of purified hepatitis a virus particles and vaccine preparation
Storage of materials
Composition for deodorization and decontamination of dental product
Molecular conjugates for use in treatment of cancer
Preparation of fagopyritols and uses therefor
Method for fighting against arthropods destructive of crops and compositions therefor
Cyclic tetrapeptide derivatives and pharmaceutical uses thereof
Synthetic peptides and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them for diagnosis and treatment of an...
Antibodies to receptor protein tyrosine kinases
PSCA: prostate stem cell antigen and uses thereof
Boat hoist drive unit
Floating watercraft lift apparatus and method
Wireless ballast water monitoring and reporting system and marine voyage data recorder system
Buoy board
Trim tabs and surface drive propeller bite control
Leg-mounted propulsion device for swimmers and divers
Auxiliary wheel set for boats
Micro robot
Micro robot
Process for programming an automation application
Robot controller
Automated loan repayment
Method for settling accounts among a plurality of participants
Method and system for licensing a copy of a copyright protected work
Printer service denial
System and method for processing returned mail
Method and apparatus for serving files to browsing clients
System and method allowing advertisers to manage search listings in a pay for placement search syste...
Method and system for remote content management of a designated portion of a web page
System for categorizing and displaying reply messages in computer facilitated discussions
Commitments in signatures
Health care billing monitor system for detecting health care provider fraud
Cardless method for reducing fraud in government healthcare programs
Method for planning key component purchases to optimize revenue
Methods, systems, and computer program products for facilitating user choices among complex alternat...
System and method for matching an offer with a quote
Seismic wave measuring devices
Discharge apparatus for reciprocating compressor
System and method for integrating audio and visual messaging
Headset noise exposure dosimeter
Network and method for providing a call screening telecommunications service with automatic speech r...
Method and system for logging debugging information for communication connections
Method and apparatus for tracking call processing failure data in a radiotelephone system
Method for preventing overload condition in a circuit switched arrangement
Exchange control method
Telecommunications network system and method
Managing caller profiles across multiple call hold centers
Method for registering and searching dialing information in a communication apparatus
Central office interface techniques for digital subscriber lines
Base band echo cancellation using laguerre echo estimation
Systems and methods for managing digital subscriber line (DSL) telecommunications connections
Method and system for allowing multiple nodes in a small environment to play audio signals independe...
Data transmission system and method
Method and system for distributing geographical addresses across the surface of the earth
Radio communication system and gateway exchange method therefore
System and method to notify subscribers of call terminating treatment
System for processing service data in telecommunications system
Use of small electronic circuit cards with different interfaces in an electronic system
Method of controlling pitch on a gyroplane and a gyroplane
Baby bottle holder
Water turbine
Toy bubblemaking solution
Element of erection set, and erection set provided therewith
Toy with moving character
Weapon firing toy figure responsive to wrist controller
Steering device for toy and running toy
Smoke generator with combined spacer and wetting wire and toy smoke-ring gun using same
System supporting animation of graphical display elements through animation object instances
Interpolation using redial basis functions with application to inverse kinematics
System and method for optimizing a graphics intensive software program for the user's graphics hardw...
Efficient graphics pipeline with a pixel cache and data pre-fetching
Theme aware management using fusion
System and process for optimal texture map reconstruction from multiple views
Computer user interface architecture that saves a user's non-linear navigation history and intellige...
Panoramic video
System and method for optically communicating information between a display and a camera
Microelectrical mechanical structure (MEMS) optical modulator and optical display system
Bi-level and full-color video combination for video communication
Unified message system for accessing voice mail via email
Robust and stealthy video watermarking
Implicit page breaks for digitally represented handwriting
System and method to facilitate pattern recognition by deformable matching
System and method for progressively transform coding digital data
System and method for providing instructional feedback to a user
Methods and systems for a portable, interactive display device for use with a computer
Remote controlled system with computer-based remote control facilitator
Extending digital rights management and authentication to audio speakers
Dynamic pronunciation support for Japanese and Chinese speech recognition training
Hand held internet browser with folding keyboard
Method and apparatus for facsimile that notifies an e-mail transmission using facsimile protocol
Human factor time translation of business information to consumers over the internet
Method for serving IP users by graphically-based interaction to agents of a call center
Petroleum reservoir simulation and characterization system and method
Method of managing a well file record at a well site
Virtual structure data repository and directory
System and method for collecting, enhancing and distributing invoices electronically via the interne...
System for providing database functions for multiple internet sources
Method and apparatus for performing a binary search on an expanded tree
Internet collaboration system and method
Territorial determination of remote computer location in a wide area network for conditional deliver...
Method and apparatus for a web application server to automatically solicit a new password when an ex...
System and method for data protection with multidimensional parity
Method for semi-continuous currency processing using separator cards
Mirror for checking dyed hair color
Strong and weak vowel method of teaching reading
Post mortem reconstitution of circulation
Method and apparatus for integrated multimedia call control
Using device certificates for automated authentication of communicating devices
Rack mounted digital video
Method for reducing fraud in healthcare programs using a smart card
Method and apparatus for data storage, and recording medium therefor
Method of upscaling permeability for unstructured grids
Closure member for optical unit spacer bracket
Apparatus and method for force mounting semiconductor packages to printed circuit boards
Rejuvenating SAPO molecular sieve with anhydrous liquid or vapor
System and method for indicating the status of a communications link and traffic activity on non-pro...
System and method for data synchronization for a computer architecture for broadband networks
Semiconductor memory device and various systems mounting them
System for changing attribute of image by electronic watermark
Microwave oven and method for controlling the same
PDA with integrated navigation functions and expense reporting
Systems and methods for switching internet contexts without process shutdown
Predicting the health of a computer system by determining a set of modifications involved in a propo...
Method for producing natural motions
Halogenated aromatic compound, polymer thereof, and proton-conductive membrane comprising same
Multi-protocol memory lookup system and method
Efficient timer management system
Casting alloy
Powdered medicine multi-dose administering device
Aerosol dispenser assembly and method of reducing the particle size of a dispensed product
Managing parallel execution of work granules according to their affinity
Method of evaluating, expanding, and collapsing connectivity regions within dynamic systems
Speech synthesis for tasks with word and prosody dictionaries
Cable array robot for material handling
Peach tree named `Burpeachtwenty`
Method and system for emission suppression in detection of data cartridge labels
Use of hyaluronic acid polymers for mucosal delivery of vaccine antigens and adjuvants
System and methodology and adaptive, linear model predictive control based on rigorous, nonlinear pr...
Method and arrangement for detecting changes of a magnetic response in magnetic particles
Sample discriminating method
Nanoporous interpenetrating organic-inorganic networks
Lock-free implementation of concurrent shared object with dynamic node allocation and distinguishing...
Camera exterior part and camera with lens barrier
Shrub rose plant named `WEKmorfis`
Antiviral compounds
Hybrid space frame for motor vehicle
Anionically polymerized, impact-resistant polystyrene with capsule particle morphology
Dynamic video copy protection system
Radio interface layer in a cell phone with a set of APIs having a hardware-independent proxy layer a...
Test programs for enterprise web applications
Music spatialisation system and method
Crystals, molecular complexes, and methods of developing lead compounds for inhibitors of bacterial ...
Power control device for processor
Air conditioner system for flexible material-based devices
Display device
Automatic shut-off light system when user sleeps
Methods and system for model matching
Air filter for an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for preparing polynucleotides on a solid support
Alkynyl containing hydroxamic acid compounds as matrix metalloproteinase and TACE inhibitors
Low acid organometallic catalyst for the production of flexible, semi-flexible and rigid polyurethan...
Hybrid recording unit including portable video recorder and auxillary device
Method of mapping a plug in a mapping catheter
Method and apparatus for performing authentication and key exchange protocols with multiple sink dev...
Method and system for grouping of systems in heterogeneous computer network
Copolymers of amino acids and methods of their production
Polymorphisms in known genes associated with osteoporosis, methods of detection and uses thereof
Portions of post mountable mail boxes
On-line and off-line deposition of liquid samples for matrix assisted laser desorption ionization-ti...
Writing instrument
Profiling program execution into registers of a computer
Recording and reproducing device having a stabilizing board and vertically-oscillating slider
Metallocene compositions
Graphic closure indicator for cockpit traffic display
System and methods for inserting a vertebral spacer
System and method for providing television services
Method, system and program product for utilizing a configuration database to configure a hardware di...
Programming system and thread synchronization mechanisms for the development of selectively sequenti...
Peptides of IL-2 and derivatives thereof and their use as therapeutic agents
Semipermeable membranes
Depth-resolved fluorescence instrument
Diagnostic for metastatic prostate cancer
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for maintaining high uniformity of magnetic field in...
Method and apparatus for determining signal path
Bicyclic aromatic compounds
Method and apparatus for target vehicle identification in automatic cruise control and collision avo...
Micro extraction technique
FOHY03 polypeptides
Fiber-reinforced ceramic composite
Negative electrode material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for producing t...
Method and system for accessing operating system resources
Method for controlling noisome decomposition byproducts from human efflux retained in personal hygie...
Expandable connecting hub assembly
Baby mattress with integral life cradle
Apparatus for internetworked hybrid wireless integrated network sensors (WINS)
Adaptive pet containment system and method
Virtual human interface for conducting surveys
Method for marking a sheet of paper and sheet with a watermark
Data gathering device for a rack enclosure
Position detection device for a linear drive
Diaphragm pump
Modular control apparatus for a power impact tool
Automatic transfer of data from an input device to a software application
Methods and apparatus for managing objects in a client-server computing system environment
Accelerating a distributed component architecture over a network using a direct marshaling
Hollow fiber separation module and methods for manufacturing same
Machine tool, tool, and tool holder
Methods for inhibition of membrane fusion-associated events, including HIV transmission
Tricyclic compounds useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Synthesis of (R) and (S)-aminocarnitine, (R) and (S)-4-phosphonium-3-amino-butanoate, (R) and (S) 3,...
Adjustable wall display
Electrically conductive concrete and controlled low strength materials having carbon fibers
CaO-catalyzed preparation of isophoronenitrile
Image forming apparatus including an electric field having an oscillation component between an image...
Robot apparatus and control method thereof
Synchronous CDMA telemetry system for use in a wellbore
Easy access towel compartment
Golf glove
Connector element for end sections of pieces of clothing to be connected
Sewage disposal agent, sewage purifier, washing machine with purifier, and sewage purifying method
Foreign objects trap for an automatic washer
Bag for carrying articles
Prosthesis dressing aid
Neck-supported fluid reservoir, hydration systems and pack assemblies including the same
Releasable saddlebag system for motorcycles
Tripod handle arrangement
Medical device transportation unit
System for repairing a brassiere
Sanitary absorbent article
Lubricants for elastic fiber
Modified regenerated cellulose fiber and fiber product thereof
Hybrid vehicle
Cab-over-engine vehicle with a non-tippable cab
Active hydraulically actuated on-demand wheel end assembly
Hood hinge and body structure
Brake pedal push-prevention structure of a vehicle
Steer-by wire handwheel actuator
Method for controlling an electric power assist steering system with low hysteresis and torque rippl...
Two-way roller clutch with torque limiting feature
Vehicle body structure
Control apparatus of hybrid vehicle
Seat foam humidity compensation for vehicle seat occupant weight detection system
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized access to a vehicle
Prisoner escape seat belt detection and alert system
Distance measuring apparatus
Method for the avoidance of rollover phenomena in semitrailers
Shift control device for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle safety arrangement
Sound recording and reproduction system for model train using integrated digital command control
Frequency prescaler apparatus, method, and system
Current transformer
Apparatus and method for converting binary numbers to character codes
Dual redundant active/active brake-by-wire architecture
Very small swing high performance asynchronous CMOS static memory (multi-port register file) with po...
Implementation of multicast in an ATM switch
Approximate state control mechanism
Method and apparatus for scheduling asynchronous transmissions
Methods of screening for FabK antagonists and agonists
Preparation of a recombinant protein in a prokaryotic host cell
Human endothelin receptor
Method and apparatus for a segregated interface for parameter configuration in a multi-path failover...
Optical coordinate input/detection device with optical-unit positioning error correcting function
On-board automotive vehicle control system for tracking vehicle operational data and maintenance and...
Navigation apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling an internal combustion engine
Action recommendation system for a mobile vehicle
System for conserving metadata about data snapshots
Coding system and decoding system
Anchor structure for accessories of a musical instrument stand
Electrohydraulic setting device
Double-acting reciprocating downhole pump
Temperature sensitive fluid type fan coupling apparatus
Flow regulator for water pump
Multifan-equipped apparatus for cooling objects mounted at local interior regions and provided with ...
Medical fluid pump
Multiple piston engine with vibration reducing properties
Liner for fluid pump motor
Vacuum pump with vibration absorber
Dual reciprocating bellows pump, with a pair of interlocking shafts passing through a common pump he...
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of compressor
Collapsible handle device for inflator
Gravity as a source of renewable energy
Method and apparatus for variable frequency controlled compressor and fan
Blood processing system
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Plum blossom-shaped ratchet wrench structure
Precursor for use in preparing layers on substrates
Substrate and method of forming substrate for fluid ejection device
Broadband triple resonant transducer
Longitudinally coupled multi-mode piezoelectric bulk wave filter device, longitudinally coupled mult...
Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch
Optical switch package
Thermal ink jet printhead with heaters formed from low atomic number elements
Fluid-dispensing chip
Bulk silicon mirrors with hinges underneath
Method for forming suspended microstructures
Method of fabricating a microstructure
Method and structure for microfluidic flow guiding
Method for thin film deposition matching rate of expansion of shadow mask to rate of expansion of su...
Process to form narrow write track for magnetic recording
Method of packaging and assembling micro-fluidic device
Ion implantation methods and transistor cell layout for fin type transistors
Systems and methods for measuring pressure
Precision multi-dimensional capacitive transducer
Printer for printing on porous sheets of media fed from a stack of such sheets
Processes for the preparation of benzotriazole UV absorbers
Heat reflecting material and heating device using the material
Gas discharge lamp drive circuitry
Circuits with dynamic biasing
Vibratory electric toothbrush
Compressed gas system
Supplying power to at least one cooling system component
Reduced energy refrigerator defrost method and apparatus
Thermostat with one button programming feature
Cooling system
Skull pot for melting or refining glass or glass ceramics
Torsion generator
Controlled flow applicator
Injection molding machine and controller
Switching power converter controller with watchdog timer
DC to DC switching power converter with partial-swing switching and method
Discharge-lamp lighting circuit
Circuits and circuit elements for high efficiency power conversion
Flash strobe power supply system and method
Method for manufacturing a bonded optical disc
Methods of using FET labeled oligonucleotides that include a 3'-5' exonuclease resistant quencher do...
Method for quantitatively analyzing tumor cells in a body fluid and test kits suited therefor
Hybridization assay using self-quenching fluorescence probe
Method for screening for drug candidates for modulating transcription factor activity
Transition metal complexes as linkers
Preparation of deoxynucleosides
Article of footwear
Footwear outsole
Portion of a footwear sole
Footwear upper
Laser processing apparatus for plasma-induced ablation
Optoelectronic sensor including a transparent optode material
High frequency battery charger and method of operating same
Microprocessor controlled fault detector with circuit overload condition detection
Position indicator for submerged valves
User selected display of two-dimensional window in three dimensions on a computer screen
Method and apparatus of detecting internal motor faults in an induction machine
Push content filtering for broadcast communication
Gradient coil for MRT and method for making same
Centrifuge for extracting interstitial fluid
IRAK-4: compositions and methods of use
DNA polymerase having ability to reduce innate selective discrimination against fluorescent dye-labe...
Life supporting apparatus
Regulation of human pyroglutamyl peptidase-like enzyme
Olefin polymerization catalysts derived from Group-15 cationic compounds and processes using them
Rotary attenuator and method of making it
System and method for spectral generation in radar
Methods and apparatus for chromatic dispersion compensation
Telecommunications gateway
Apparatus and method for context-based highlighting of an electronic document
Wear resistant coating for brush seal applications
Method of processing a printing plate material with a single-fluid ink
Pressure sensitive adhesive formulation including enhanced polyisobutylene modifier
Elastomer reclaiming composition and method
Compounds having fungicidal activity and processes to make and use same
Temporary dental cements having reduced tooth sensitivity
Shared resource manager for multiprocessor computer system
Establishment of voltage of a terminal at a voltage level in response to validating the indication o...
Method and apparatus for enhancing correction power of reverse order error correction codes
Method employed by a user equipment for transferring data
Method for designing application specific integrated circuit structure
2-dimensional placement with reliability constraints for VLSI design
Method of generating the padring layout design using automation
Methods for storing data in non-volatile memories
Methods and compositions for detecting differences between nucleic acids
Polypeptides from Chlamydia pneumoniae and their use in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of d...
Scanning method and apparatus for photographic media
Method of measuring digital video quality
Camera control system with electronic zoom processing
Method and device for adjusting white balance based on primary color signals modulated with fourth c...
Digital camera, digital camera control apparatus, digital camera system, digital camera control meth...
Offset correction to the output of a charge coupled device
One-chip color camera that can suppress generation of pseudo color signal while maintaining high res...
Image capturing device for capturing a shape of a measurement subject
Solid state image pickup device and its read method
Image sensing apparatus and method of controlling operation thereof
Image signal recording system and optical device
Electronic camera
Method for generating and transmitting/receiving input codes in universal input device and apparatus...
Image processing device
Liquid crystal display
Data broadcast program producing apparatus, a computer program for producing data broadcast programs...
Construction materials
Exfoliating method, transferring method of thin film device, and thin film device, thin film integra...
Neutrophil inhibitors
Process for producing modified polymer rubber
Method and apparatus for forming a projection screen or a projection volume
System and method specifically intended for the construction of fuel distribution forecourts
Method for improving power plant thermal efficiency
Method for improving power plant thermal efficiency
Multi-chambered pump-valve device
Cleaning method for recycling a printing substrate by laser ablation
Loom and room conditioning system
Shipping protector for bottles or the like
Container for recyclable materials
Continuous ink jet catcher having delimiting edge and ink accumulation border
Process and device for controlling the breathing gas supply
Inhaler holster
Drainable ferrule valve design
Reconstituting retroviral vector (recon vector) for targeted gene expression
Methods for using dendritic cells to activate gamma/delta-T cell receptor-positive T cells
Complete nutrient medium for use as a cosmetic and cosmetic use thereof
Method and device for collecting and stabilizing a biological sample
Modulators of body weight, corresponding nucleic acids and proteins, and diagnostic and therapeutic ...
Stabilization of ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid derivatives and/or extracts containing ascorbic acid f...
Mechanism to improve fault isolation and diagnosis in computers
System and method for reporting platform errors in partitioned systems
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Systems and methods for driving a display device
Method of manufacturing organic EL element, organic EL element, and organic EL display device
Electroluminescent element
Telephone answering device, and method for telephone answering by acquiring procedure files stating ...
Calling name information caching
Apparatus and method in intelligent type for filtering a disturbance of incoming phone call
Traffic distribution generator
Battery recycle system
Input of symbols
Victorian design barzebo
Safety post
Light transmitting panel
Rechargeable lamp system
Surface configuration of an interior light assembly with a rear view mirror for a vehicle
Combination lamp for an automobile
Combination lamp for an automobile
Automotive tail light lens
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Light device
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Floor lamp body
Partition for use in vehicles
Environmental radioactivity monitor
Anti-theft device for motor vehicle equipment
Accurate power sensing circuit for power amplifiers
Tire pressure monitoring system and method
Method for displaying a window
Curable adhesive compositions
Optical switch with a geometry based on perpendicularly-oriented planar lightwave circuit switches
Integrated circuit provided with a substrate and memory transponder
Method and system for sensing and analyzing a wavefront of an optically transmissive system
Assembly for increasing the depth discrimination of an optical imaging system
Color separation and color synthesis optical system and reflection type projection display apparatus
Optical correlator using spatial light modulator illumination
Plasma display panel
Intake manifold leakage detection system of internal combustion engine
Write head collision detection using MR read element in disc drives
Developing device and image forming apparatus having a gear holder
Method and apparatus for adapting enforcement of network quality of service policies based on feedba...
Method and apparatus for anticipating and planning communication-center resources based on evaluatio...
Apparatus, and association method, for identifying data with an address
Pressure vessel
Method to improve properties of poly(trimethylene terephthalate) film
Aqueous dispersions for color imaging
Production of cyclic terpenoids
Adsorbent catalyst
Arthropodicidal carboxanilides
Process to produce polyesters which incorporate isosorbide
Simultaneous reaction and separation process for the manufacture of dianhydro sugar alcohols
Genes encoding sulfate assimilation proteins
Support with reduced optical brightener migration
Production of 5-Methyl-N-aryl-2-pyrrolidone and 5-methyl-N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone by reductive aminatio...
Optical scanning apparatus of light sources with different wavelengths
Method of producing barrier ribs for plasma display panel substrates
Method for copper CMP using polymeric complexing agents
Method of preparing a catalyst containing gold and titanium
Process for converting synthesis gas into higher hydrocarbons
Fischer-Tropsch catalysts using multiple precursors
Antenna system
User-moderated electronic conversation process
Method and system for E-mail sender chain history by adding a sender-chain filed to the E-mail heade...
Method and system for capturing and storing system changes for application to multiple users and sys...
Generation of correctly ordered test code for testing software components
Dermal penetration enhancers and drug delivery systems involving same
Pigment products
Photocurable thermosetting luminescent resins
Use of fluorescent whitening agents
Thermosetting resin composition and flexible circuit overcoating material comprising the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data readout method for the same
Fuel control for fuel-processor steam generation in low temperature fuel cell power plant
Verifiable voting
Nematode PGM-like sequences
Protein involved in abscisic acid signalling
Process for hard panning of chewable cores and cores produced by the process
Combination grill and food smoker
Universal cap for dispensing materials by retrofit upon existing bottled beverage containers
Closable opening device for sealed packages of pourable food products
Compact countertop freezer and soft-serve method
Container for storing and dispensing food items and beverages
Automated loading devices and associated methods used to straddle load elongated product onto a rece...
Environmentally safe and low corrosive de-icers and a method of manufacturing same
Compositions formed from hydroxyaluminoxane and their use as catalyst components
Systems, devices and methods for applying solution to filaments
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, toner cartridge containing the toner and image form...
Spatial phase locking with shaped electron beam lithography
Method for forming an optimized neural network module intended to simulate the flow mode of a multip...
Finger SQUID qubit device
Surface acoustic wave device and manufacturing method therefor
Field-enhanced MIS/MIM electron emitters
Deceleration of hadron beams in synchrotrons designed for acceleration
Sensors and probes for mapping electromagnetic fields
Determination of permeability of layer material within interconnect
System and method for interacting with a user's virtual physiological model via a mobile terminal
Compositions and methods relating to reduction of symptoms of autism
Methods and compositions for promoting the maturation of monocytes
Macrophages, process for preparing the same and their use as active substances of pharmaceutical com...
Topical administration of pharmacologically active bases in the treatment of warts
Device and method for isolating a surgical site
Temperature monitoring of congestive heart failure patients as an indicator of worsening condition
Cardiac/respiratory arrest detector
Method and apparatus for venous drainage and retrograde coronary perfusion
Intervertebral diagnostic and manipulation device
Percutaneous vertebral fusion system
Suturing system and method
Multi-mode vascular catheter system
Retrievable stent and method of use thereof
Crimpable intraluminal endoprosthesis having helical elements
Shaped woven tubular soft-tissue prostheses and method of manufacturing the same
Flared coronary artery bypass grafts
Artificial heart valve, implantation instrument and method therefor
Aqueous coating substance, method for its production and its use
Polytrimethylene ether esters
Method for producing flat articles from renewable raw materials
Highly durable waterborne radiation cured coating
Modular peptide-based reagent
Arrangement of a sound hole and construction of a sound board in an acoustic guitar
Acoustic guitar under the saddle piezo pickup
Particle separation mechanism
Solid-state image-sensing device
Method and system for analyzing multi-dimensional data
Method for a terminal using services offered by a master station and a terminal
Method and system for providing an on-line service and computer readable storage medium
Compositions of alkanolamine salts of alkyl phosphate esters
Antibiotic-natural polysaccharide polymer adducts
Color image processing apparatus capable of reproducing colors with high-fidelity visually
Monopole or dipole broadband antenna
System and method for removing blockages in a waste converting apparatus
Reactor module with capillary membranes
Organic thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device having t...
Integrated circuit inductors
Pyrolytic oil-productivity index method for predicting reservoir rock and oil characteristics
Method of manufacturing a field electron emission cathode having at least one cathode electrode
Particle beam biaxial orientation of a substrate for epitaxial crystal growth
Protective thin film for FPDS, method for producing said thin film and FPDS using said thin film
Wafer and production thereof
Oxazinocarbazoles for the treatment of CNS diseases
Impact modified compositions of polyimide and polyamide resins
Additives for improving the cold flow properties and the storage stability of crude oil
Route guidance apparatus and method
Bicycle crank
Bicycle crank
Bicycle auxiliary handle joint
Pedal crank
High performance composite tubular structures
Vertical bubble dispensing device
Rim for a bicycle wheel with tubeless tire
Telescopic support
Attenuator apparatus
Wheelchair apparatus
Machine that ties and unties a four-in-hand necktie knot
Process of producing a colored area of desired depth in an anodized layer of metal article
Motor controller
Methods of using adeno-associated virus rep protein
Repair of nerve damage
Cleaning sheet, conveying member using the same, and substrate processing equipment cleaning method ...
Digital PLL pulse generating apparatus
Optical path switching apparatus
Planar lightwave circuit type variable optical attenuator
Developing method and a developing device for image forming apparatus
Exhaust aftertreatment system and method for an internal combustion engine
Heating regeneration type organic rotor member and method for producing the same
Bentonite nodules
Method for controlling a yarn processing system and a yarn processing system
Paint can no-drip clip apparatus
Modular case for holding articles
Injection molding machine
Method of forming a structure having multiple cell layers
Abrasive article comprising a structured diamond-like carbon coating and method of using same to mec...
Disposable undergarment
Method for treating fertilizer process solutions
Methods and materials for generating SH3 domains with tailored binding properties
Manufacture of trialkylaluminum compounds and .alpha.-alcohols
Blade for a developing device
Element of a shoe quarter
Devices for testing for the presence and/or concentration of an analyte in a body fluid
Kit and method for detecting food allergies
Method and system for performing asynchronous preformatting in a database system
Data storage system and method for uninterrupted read-only access to a consistent dataset by one hos...
Method, mechanism and computer program product for processing sparse hierarchical ACL data in a rela...
Private collaborative planning in a many-to-many hub
Method and apparatus of testing a POTS circuit and DSL circuit through a splitter
Method for determining the amplitude and phase angle of a measuring signal corresponding to a curren...
System and method for interconnecting components
Programming device
Vacuum cleaner with accessories
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine
Method for the continuous control of a position of a control valve
Apparatus for fuel vapor pressure management
Rail vehicle for passenger transportation, especially for local traffic
Spray targeting to an arcuate sector with non-angled orifices in fuel injection metering disc and me...
Method of laser machining materials with minimal thermal loading
Method of manufacturing an article with a protective coating system including an improved anchoring ...
Method of sorting mail for carriers using separators
Method for producing a trench structure in a polymer substrate
Verification of electron treatment fields
Method and network element for relaying event messages
Steerable horizontal subterranean drill bit
Method for forming aluminum oxide material used in optical data storage
Electronic system operating under irradiation, process for designing such a system and application t...
Field programmable logic arrays with vertical transistors
Bidirectional signal transmission circuit and bus system
Input/output circuit of semiconductor integrated circuit
Noise reduction techniques for programmable input/output circuits
Vacuum arc plasma thrusters with inductive energy storage driver
Structure having flush circuitry features and method of making
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp with a double-tube construction
Organic electroluminescent display device
Direct-view-type display apparatus
Organic thin-film EL device
Light-emitting device
Organic electroluminescence device
Color conversion filter substrate, color conversion type multicolor organic EL display having the co...
Organic electroluminescent devices having a metal sub-layer within a hole-transporting region
Light emitting materials based on indole skeleton
Diphenyl anthracene derivatives and organic electroluminescent device employing the same
Nano optical sensors via molecular self-assembly
Method for displaying an interactive game having a pre-determined outcome
Direct fuel injector cleaner injection device
Light-transmittable linear photocatalytic filter material, filter to which the material is applied, ...
Methods for reducing the amount of contaminants in water
Diffusion cell with quick release clamp
Method of monitoring membrane separation processes
Apparatus and method for cleaning membrane filtration modules
Hemodialyzing unit for adjusting dialytic fluid to low flow rate
Strainer assembly
Biomass concentrator reactor
Process for the treatment of fly ash, using hydrochloric acid
Process of extracting from haw-pit by dry distillation and its device
Water treatment apparatus
Self-adjusting fluid surface skimmer and fluid treatment system using same
Pond system and related pump
Chromatographic and electrophoretic separation of chemicals using electrically conductive polymers
Animal waste treatment system with reusable recovered water and solids
Methods and systems for removing floating solid waste from the surface of a watercourse
Apparatus and method for filtering fluids
Filter cleaning and decontaminating system
Supported biofilm apparatus and process
Extra-corporeal Blood Processing Method and Apparatus Based on Donor Characteristics
Retention and removal of debris and pollutants from surface water runoff
Filter bag
Bowl-cartridge filter having interlock mechanism and methods
Separation device comprising a tubular electrocoalescer
Liquid transfer system for dialysis chemicals
Bundle of hollow fibres for a device for extracorporeal treatment of blood and plasma, and process f...
Quick-drain valve member for use with filter apparatus
Cartridge filters and housing connections therefor
Water treatment devices and cartridges therefor
Semipermeable composite membrane and process for producing the same
Nonwoven fibrous media and methods of making the same especially useful for the separation of blood ...
Formation of composite materials with expandable matter
Apparatus and method for biological treatment of environmental contaminants and waste
Device for biological fluid treatment
Method for preparing resin particles, resin particles and apparatus for preparing resin particles
Lavandula plant named `Lavang 21`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescaice`
Begonia plant named `Belaro`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunny Yocamille`
Calibrachoa plant named `KLEC02072`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Shining`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsasea`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Foxy Yonatasha`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiefudich`
Drowsiness detection system
Child monitoring system
Signaling output stage for generating digital voltage signals on a bus system
Open-ended scan analysis with auto-identification of multi-platform gas analyzers
Vehicular power-transmission control system
System and method for distributing information for storage media
Valve control for adjusting the stroke of valves of motor vehicle engines
Deactivation roller hydraulic valve lifter
Hydraulic manifold assembly for variable activation and deactivation of valves in an internal combus...
Intake manifold pressure control for variable displacement engines
Valve timing control device
Variable valve operating system of engine enabling variation of working angle and phase
Valve driving device for engine
Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Null-line based radial interpolation of gridded data
Method and system for navigating a large amount of data
Method and system for the automated collection and display of database information via a communicati...
Dependent object processing for triggers
Rule based database security system and method
Metadata system for managing data mining environments
Process for the recovery of organic acids
Electron donors, electron acceptors and adhesion promoters containing disulfide
Tackified acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Unsaturated compounds containing silane, electron donor and electron acceptor functionality
Sucralose composition and process for its preparation
Additives for mineral binders, based on a product of internal dehydration of a hydrogenated sugar, m...
Hybrid yarns which include plant bast fiber and thermoplastic fiber, reinforcement fabrics made with...
Oxidation of starch
Envelope quality control apparatus
Method for preparing latex by emulsion (co) polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers, wi...
Usage dependent ticket to protect copy-protected material
Light management film with colorant receiving layer
Method of forming a gate electrode in a semiconductor device
Determination of a segmentation of a digital signal for inserting watermarking signals and the assoc...
Enhancing performance by pre-fetching and caching data directly in a communication processor's regis...
Digital-watermark superposing apparatus and digital-watermarker detecting apparatus
Piecewise nonlinear mapper for digitals
Cloning, expression, sequencing, and functional enhancement of monoclonal ScFv antibody against Vene...
ABCG8 vectors, host cells, and method of making
Device for thermo-dependent chain reaction amplification of target nucleic acid sequences, measured ...
Digital modular adaptive antenna and method
Concept identification system and method for use in reducing and/or representing text content of an ...
Speech encoder using voice activity detection in coding noise
Physical coding sublayer for a multi-pair gigabit transceiver
Compositions for removing metal ions from aqueous process solutions and methods of use thereof
Method for high vacuum sterilization of closures
Use of infrared spectroscopy for on-line process control and endpoint detection
Synthesis of 4-[(Z)-4-bromophenyl)(ethoxyimino) methyl]-1'-[(2,4-dimethyl-1-oxido-3-pyridinyl)carbon...
Method and structure for a slug assisted pusher-mode piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal optical...
Scintillator crystals and their applications and manufacturing process
Method of collecting and disposing wine expectorant from spit buckets and apparatus therefor
Apparatus and method for simulating arcing
Porous carpeting for vehicles and methods of producing same
Oligo(ethylene glycoll)-terminated 1,2-dithiolanes and their conjugates useful for preparing self-as...
Liquid conductor switch device
Method for performing object-based connectivity analysis in 3-D seismic data volumes
Seamless tubular film and methods and devices for producing a seamless tubular film materials
Direct hair colorants
Cleansing bar containing discrete elements
Hair treatment and styling method
Invertible emulsions stabitised by amphiphilic polymers and application to bore fluids
Basecoat composition with improved repair properties
Electrophoresis gels and cross-linking agents for their preparation
Electric lamp
Ink jet recording element
Metal non-oxide coated porous substrates
Thin film metal non-oxide coated substrates
Screening system
Latent catalysts for molding compounds
Detection of hard mask remaining on a surface of an insulating layer
Lacquers and paints and coating material systems
Toner for electrostatic image development and image forming method and apparatus using the toner
Cured polymers dissolving compositions
Metal deformation compositions and uses thereof
High strength non hazardous air pollutant rubber cement composition
Liquid composition, ink set, method of forming colored portion in recording medium and ink-jet recor...
Process for producing sulfonated solid particles
Phthalic acid imides as synergists for improving the properties of aqueous pigment preparations
Imageable element for single fluid ink
Toner, image forming method and apparatus using the toner, and container containing the toner
Aqueous coating composition and floor polishing composition
Use of reactive phenolic resins in the preparation of highly viscous self-adhesive compositions
Image forming apparatus
Liquid crystal display device having stairs type driving signal
Liquid crystal display device
Methods of genetic analysis using nucleic acid arrays
Dynamic column block selection
Method for cleaning eggs by conveying thereof upon multiple conveyors through washers which are vert...
Process for treating a body of water
Compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses mediated by antigen-presenting cells
Composite material paneling and method of making the same
Recycled rubber products
Methods for producing L-aspartic acid
Method of manufacturing an electroluminescence display device
Flame retardant polyolefin resin pre-expanded particles and in-mold foamed articles prepared therefr...
Rubber powders which contain large amounts of fillers, a process for preparing them and the use ther...
Monovinylaromatic polymer with improved stress crack resistance
Secure entry system with radio reprogramming
Tissue web product having both fugitive wet strength and a fiber flexibilizing compound
Tracheal intubination
Aerosol dispensing nozzle
Latch for electronic card faceplates
Delay compensation circuit
Method and apparatus for controlling the extinction ratio of transmitters
Bidirectional wave division multiplex systems
Apparatus and method for use in allocating a channel resource in wireless multiple access communicat...
Communications system and associated deskewing and word framing methods
Electro-optical modulators
Broadband optical switching arrangements with very low crosstalk
IMSI conversion method
Optical transmission system
Telecommunications call processing using externally-assigned subscriber characteristics
Cosmetic skin care compositions
Method of preparing hydrolyzed jojoba protein
Compositions and devices using a spinosyn compound for control of insects
Water-resistant corrugated cardboard and pallet that utilizes it
Electrostatic latent image developing toner and production method thereof
Sphingolipid ceramide N-deacylase, methods for producing sphingolipids and sphingolipid derivatives,...
Hard surface antimicrobial cleaner with residual antimicrobial effect comprising an organosilane
Method for production of porous material
Production process of cyclohexenyl ketones
Method, system and device for performing quantitative analysis using an FTMS
Insertable electronic article surveillance label
Automated diagnostic system and method including disease timeline
Utility power meter database
Image printing and filing system
Developing device, rotary developing units, image formation apparatus and a computer system with a t...
Sheet processing apparatus and sheet transporting device
Toner for optical fixing, manufacturing method therefor and image formation apparatus using it
Apparatus and method for non-interactive electrophotographic development and carrier bead compositio...
Method of forming images
Image forming apparatus with developing units for controlling fixing conditions of toner
Developer collection vessel and image formation apparatus
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing machine
Intermediate transfer member and image forming apparatus having the same
Encoded sheet material
Phase change inks
Method of mounting a component in an edge-plated hole formed in a printed circuit board
Light emitting element drive device and electronic device having light emitting element
Stabilized power supply unit having a current limiting function
Helical antenna and communication apparatus
Driving device for display device
Image forming method and device
Clock synchronous circuit
Method and system for providing cluster replicated checkpoint services
Electrochemical sensor with increased reproducibility
Laminate circuit structure and method of fabricating
Solid polymer electrolyte and preparation methods
Attachment of optical elements
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Micro-bubble analyzing apparatus for high-purity glass tube using laser light scattering
Method for preparing dielectric composite materials
Method of fabricating a multi-color light emissive display
Catalysts made from a new aluminum trihydroxide phase and method of making
Preparing method of oxide superconductor, raw material for oxide superconductor, and preparing metho...
Polyol-based method for forming thin film aerogels on semiconductor substrates
Mold with compensating base
Intermediate release nicotinic acid compositions for treating hyperlipidemia
Reagents test strip with alignment notch
Method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium
Persistent state database for operating system services
File manager system providing faster and more efficient interactive user access to files in computer...
Sweep forming assembly and method
Method for processing the surface of a workpiece
Anti-trauma surgical plate used to fix mandibular stumps
3-cyanoquinolines as inhibitors of EGF-R and HER2 kinases
Ethanol solvate of (-)-cis-2-(2-chlorophenyl)-5, 7-dihydroxy-8 [4R-(3S-hydroxy-1-M ethyl) piperidiny...
2-substituted thiazolidinones as .beta.-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Water line decontamination system
Light emitting device and vehicle display device
Miniaturized parallel optical transmitter and receiver module
Endoscope fitted with a window covering a light guide and an image transmitter
Polymers for control of orientation and stability of liquid crystals
Optically active compound and liquid crystal composition containing the compound
Photo mask for fabricating semiconductor device having dual damascene structure
Devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics including waveguides
Microwave door with viewing window
Multi-channel optical recording using VCSEL arrays
Method and system for automatic analysis of particles
Off-angle display systems and associated methods of manufacture and use
Optical transmission system
Method and device for optical amplification
Dual stage communication processor
Method and apparatus for applying a constant load to a roller
Allocating access across a shared communications medium to user classes
Synthesis of oligonucleotides on solid support
Electronic pad
Sensor array for unauthorized user prevention device
Safety device for firearms with a firing pin lock
Barrel chambering method and apparatus
Device for loading bullets into firearm magazines
Shotgun shell carrier
Extended chamber muzzle brake
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Compressed gas-powered gun simulating the recoil of a conventional firearm
Rolling element for a continuously variable transmission (CVT), a CVT using the rolling element and ...
Flux leakage barrier in fluid bearing for disk drive
Structure of a protection hood mechanism for linear sliding rails
Dynamic pressure bearing devices and method for manufacturing the same
Roller bearing
Single row deep groove radial ball bearing
Center bearing tuned absorber
Bearing arrangement
Bicycle hub assembly
Method and apparatus for automatically dynamically adjusting prestressed bearings of shaft
Method and apparatus for fan redundancy
System and method of reducing bearing voltage
Lubricant applying system for a rolling bearing
Slider for a liner guide
Instrumented antifriction bearing device with temporary angular pre-indexing of the encoder relative...
Hub and break rotor assembly for a vehicle wheel
Wheel hub unit
Retaining piece structure
Engine system diagnosing apparatus and method
Resilient bar code and scanner
Method and apparatus for managing communication information collectively in communication terminal d...
Method of setting up data communication with a communication means and furthermore program modules a...
Method of providing enhanced security in a remotely managed computer system
Ligand and complex for catalytically bleaching a substrate
Storage wrap material
Fibers comprising starch and polymers
Microstructures for treating and conditioning skin
Permanent coloring of hair using carbonate salts and bicarbonate salts and using percarbamic acid pr...
Portable apparatus and method for treating a workpiece
Smooth, micropeak-containing through air dried tissue
Stannous oral compositions
Methods for preparing soft and elastic biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer compositions and...
Fused pyrazolone compounds which inhibit the release of inflammatory cytokines
Fabric care systems for providing anti-wrinkle benefits to fabric
Container for wet wipes
Portion of a sanitary napkin
MRI magnet vibration induced field instability simulator
Spherical magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
RF coil for very high field magnetic resonance imaging
Multiple channel, cardiac array for sensitivity encoding in magnetic resonance imaging
Non-coupling magnetic sheilding coil
Site specific binding system, imaging compositions and methods
Method of diagnosing colorectal adenomas and cancer using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Polypeptide hormone phosphatonin
Compositions and methods for increasing packaging and yield of recombinant adenoviruses using multip...
Compounds and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Clostridial toxin therapy for Hashimoto's thyroiditis
Methods of diagnosing and treating Crohn's disease using Pseudomonas antigens
Cleaning device and method for cleaning, using liquid and/or supercritical gases
Azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-dioxino[2,3-f]-quinoline as 5-HT1A antagonists
Container having corner support
Substrate processing pallet and related substrate processing method and machine
Sense amplifier structure for multilevel non-volatile memory devices and corresponding reading metho...
Suppression of non-biological motion
Myocardial grafts and cellular compositions useful for same
Anti-endotoxic antimicrobial cationic peptides and methods of use therfor
Transition metal initiators for controlled poly (beta-peptide) synthesis from beta-lactam monomers
Method of selecting wood for chemical pulping
Composite tile for flooring
Resilient flooring structure with encapsulated fabric
Virtual connection switching method and ATM switch
Tray column
Flame and shrinkage resistant fabric blends and method for making same
Method for the treatment of fly ash
Plasticized polypropylene thermoplastics
Spray dried phenolic resole molding powder with crystalline phenolic compounds
Method of making a thin film keypad
Rubber modified monovinylidene aromatic polymer blends with improved transparency
Tablet of compacted particulated cleaning composition
Recyclable vehicle interior articles and methods of making same
Process for producing a deformed image without significant image degradation
Metallic board
Stabilized polyester fibers and films
Deformable color photographic silver halide material
Ornamental light with tassel attached to the light
Lighting system and lamp with optimal position placement for television, news and motion picture stu...
Energy saving type of light emitting diode lamp