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Medical materials and process for producing the same
Antisense antiviral agent and method for treating ssRNA viral infection
DNA encoding fused di-alpha globins and use thereof
Charged lipid compositions and methods for their use
Low molecular weight sulphated polysaccharide to obtain a medicine with antithrombotic activity
Pharmaceutically active compounds and methods of use thereof
Antimicrobial thiadiazinone derivatives and their application for treatment of bacterial infections
Growth hormone secretagogues
Indane acetic acid derivatives and their use as pharmaceutical agents, intermediates, and method of ...
Methods for administration of paclitaxel
Polyisoprene articles and process for making the same
Antibodies that bind human Zven1
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Steerable diagnostic catheters
System and method for preventing recurrence of atrial tachyarrhythmia
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Lighting fixture
Frame for a vehicle tail-lamp
Lighting fixture support
Mask sheet for facial pack
Liquid and lotion applicator
Safety razor
Sanding mitt
Surface ornamentation for a helmet
Pet carrier
Awning for pet entrance
Farrier's trimming and finishing aid
Steam cleaner
Vacuum cleaner base
Bumper for a material handling vehicle
Cover for a material handling vehicle
Top cover for a material handling vehicle
Base leg for a material handling vehicle
Control handle for a material handling vehicle
Portions of roadside mail boxes
Security safe interior
Modular cooling system and thermal bus for high power electronics cabinets
Precision electroplated solder bumps and method for manufacturing thereof
Test apparatus for testing semiconductor dice including substrate with penetration limiting contacts...
Bistable microelectromechanical system based structures, systems and methods
Truck assembly with internally housed effect modules
Apparatus and method for converting of pixels from YUV format to RGB format using color look-up tabl...
Recording method and recording apparatus for thermoreversible recording medium
Diffractive light modulator with dynamically rotatable diffraction plane
Blazed grating light valve
Ground fault circuit interrupter with functionality for reset
Rapidly tunable external cavity laser
Light source device and optical pickup
Near-IR human detector
Remote medical image analysis
Optical fiber management system and method
Digital baseband receiver in a multi-carrier power amplifier
Combined information exchange systems and methods
Printed products
Controlled access to audio signals based on objectionable audio content detected via sound recogniti...
Method and system for automatically and optimally selecting a TN3270 server in an internet protocol ...
Method and system for storing device test information on a semiconductor device using on-device logi...
Method of treating sewage
Cartridge storage device
System information display method and apparatus
Fluid pressure cylinder
Electronic document delivery system employing distributed document object model (DOM) based transcod...
Object connectivity through loosely coupled publish and subscribe events
Method of enhancing endosperm development in a plant
Exhaust system for enhanced reduction of nitrogen oxides and particulates from diesel engines
Hydrocarbon conversion using molecular sieve SSZ-63
Traction fluid with alkane bridged dimer
Compositions comprising heptamantane and processes for their separation
Coproduction process for para-xylene and ortho-xylene comprising two separation steps
Ergonomic office chair with an extending foot
Pressure regulating valve for a refrigerating plant
Mixture of THP and a moderator to tan leather
Method for the isolation of stem cells by immuno-labeling with HLA/MHC gene product marker
Combinatorial protecting group strategy for multifunctional molecules
Vented sleeve for power cords
Peptide having an affinity for gp120
High retention sanitizer systems
Branched adamantyl and noradamantyl aryl-and aralkylpiperazines with serotonin 5-HT1A activity
Anti-viral multi-quinone compounds and regiospecific synthesis thereof
Hearing aid with a capacitor having a large capacitance
Methods for quantification and de novo polypeptide sequencing by mass spectrometry
Unilateral magnet having a remote uniform field region for nuclear magnetic resonance
Optimal location of a digital sync pattern
Phosphors having improved luminance and long lifespan
Forming machine with a rotating wedged disc
Multi-crew modules for space flight
Aircraft with active control of the warping of its wings
Apparatus and method for fin actuation in a portable missile
Flight control actuation system
Method and system of thermal protection
Cylinder covering and method of attaching a cylinder covering in a printing press
Multi-motor drive and method for driving a printing press
Method and device for assembling printed products
Precollect method and device
Device and method for driving a printing machine with multiple uncoupled motors
Rubber blanket with register cut-outs, and method of aligning a rubber blanket
System for making folded boxes from blanks
Device containing a functional unit that stores function data representative of its properties and a...
Printing unit
Devices and method for bundling a stack of sheet-type objects
Printers comprising a drive assembly and a coupling
Rollers or cylinders with a metallic foam core
Luminous panel
Method and apparatus for determining the identity of a digital printer from its output
Landing stage
Method and system for building up land in a water-covered or water-surrounded area
Method and device for lining a sewer pipe
Wall components and method
Safety boom
Gas-gas-water treatment system for groundwater and soil remediation
Chuck for exposure apparatus
Polymerization process
Methods and reagents to regulate apoptosis
Compositions comprising phenyl-glycine derivatives
System and method of adjusting ray origins when shading vertices with rays
Method and apparatus for loop and branch instructions in a programmable graphics pipeline
System and method for real-time compression of pixel colors
Surgical cassette and consumables for combined ophthalmic surgical procedure
Binocular lens systems
Radio frequency data communications device
NCO prepolymers prepared from isophorone diisocyanate and having a low monomer content
Anode for molten carbonate fuel cell coated with porous ceramic films
Fabric with reinforcing parts
Surgical fixation and retraction system
Arylsulfanyl and heteroarylsulfanyl derivatives for treating pain
1,3-dipolar cycloadditions to polypyrrolic macrocycles
Apparatus and method for ion production enhancement
Method and apparatus to produce gas phase analyte ions
Method for controlling cutting machine
Method and arrangement for replacing a board-mounted electric circuit component
Card edge connector with latch
Electrical connector having improved retention structure
Surface-treating fluoropolymer powders using atmospheric plasma
Method of preparing dye solution, and methods of producing silver halide emulsion and silver halide ...
Low profile electrical assembly
Production of ascorbic acid
Benzodiazepine derivatives
Opening and closing control device of opening and closing member for a vehicle
Polymer control through co-catalyst
Coded write masking
Static magnetic field generating apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Module and method of manufacture
Two-element and multi-element planar array antennas
Film registration mechanism in an internal drum scanner
Method and system of determining chamber seasoning condition by optical emission
Determination of the angular position of a laser beam
Electrophotographic toner
Intelligent sensor platform
Singing voice synthesizing method and apparatus, program, recording medium and robot apparatus
Method for manufacturing base for electrode plate, method for manufacturing positive electrode plate...
Short-arc discharge lamp
Signaling data link for a GSM-CDMA air interface
Pocketbook light
Method of producing latent elastic, cross-direction-oriented films
Current sensing methods and apparatus in an appliance
Subscription system for monitoring user well being
Deformable antenna assembly for mounting in gaps and crevices
Method and apparatus for extracting measurement information and setting specifications using three d...
Software-based acceleration color correction filtering system
Anti-fungal powder having enhanced excipient properties
Wash-durable, down-proofed metallized fabric
Water-activated polymers and adhesive image transfer technique
Polyester type conjugate fiber package
Subcoat for poly (p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole) fibers
Fabric softener compositions
Flexible flat cable connecting method and a horn construction of an ultrasonic welding machine
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a flexible curtain
Piston and method of manufacture
Information storing medium, unit, process cartridge, developing cartridge, and electrophotographic i...
Sheet size detection apparatus and image forming apparatus
Methods of automatic subscription between a mobile station and a base station in a telecommunication...
Speech information processing method and apparatus and storage medium using a segment pitch pattern ...
Collectively designating and installing font types and unicode based languages
Optical system having a diffractive optical element, and optical apparatus
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Photographic optical system
Apparatus and method for a radiation image through a grid
Plastic optical fiber with a lens, light-emitting/receiving apparatus with the plastic optical fiber...
Sheet processing apparatus with discharge sheet cover and control based on open/close state of cover
Image forming apparatus
Power unit and image forming apparatus provided with same mounted thereto
Incorporation of selective binding substances in a solid phase assay device
Isolated human metalloprotease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, an...
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido arylhydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Pyrexia-associated genes and pyrexia-associated proteins of plants
Plant starch composition
Molecular pathogenicide mediated plant disease resistance
Disc device with self-hold solenoid in eject/lock mechanism
Geometrically segmented program guide
Inline control module for communications headset adapter
User interface for computer display
Single use lancet
Method and system for determining optimum optical proximity corrections within a photolithography sy...
Skin treatment composition and methods of use
Method for enhancing suds volume and suds duration using liquid detergent compositions comprising po...
Methods and apparatus for improved efficiency in pipeline simulation and emulation
Completion monitoring in a processor having multiple execution units with various latencies
Picking instrument for picking a string
Vehicle air conditioner with variable displacement compressor
Nitrided surface layer on a swash plate boss
Flame arrestor system for fuel pump discharge
Compressor suction reed valve
Pump with selectable suction ports
Turbomolecular pump
Fan control system
Linear inductive plasma pump for process reactors
Master/slave pump assembly employing diaphragm pump
Fuel pump with a terminal plate connector and means for securing the plate in place
Transducer calibration system: apparatus and method
Feedback-controlled LED switching
Method and apparatus for measuring blood sugar
Liquid herbicidal compositions and use thereof in a granular herbicide
Quick disconnect offset head ratchet wrench
Device for the take-up and/or release of liquid samples
Wireless communication system using surface acoustic wave (SAW) second harmonic techniques
Radar system using two-dimensional scanner
Inkjet printing and method
Communication navigation system and method, communication center apparatus, communication navigation...
Method and apparatus for controlling system parameters
Alignment device
Vibration noise mitigation in an interferometric system
Integrated circuit-integrated flexible shear-stress sensor skin and method of fabricating the same
Selective cooling of an integrated circuit for minimizing power loss
Amplifier and method for processing signals
Active alignment as an integral part of optical package design
Method and system for delivery of a brochure
Method and system for composition and delivery of electronic mail with coded marks
Shaped electrodes for micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) devices to improve actuator performance...
Micromirror systems with electrodes configured for sequential mirror attraction
MEMS-actuated color light modulator and methods
Optical signal processor
Method and apparatus for multiplexing in a wireless communication infrastructure
Method and apparatus for multiplexing in a wireless communication infrastructure
Optical waveguide switch
Dynamic spectral shaping for fiber-optic application
Waste heat recovery device of internal combustion engine
Vehicle air conditioning device
Self-fixturing side piece for brazed heat exchangers
Stacked-type, multi-flow heat exchangers
Heat transfer plate and plate pack for use in a plate heat exchanger
Heating or air-conditioning system
Blowhole cover structure
Cool air-supplying device for a computer system
Method and apparatus for securing a fan within a device
Heat sink assembly with fan-driven fluid circulation
Heat sink and electronic device with heat sink
Exhaust gas purifying system
Exhaust gas purification device
System and method for cooling air
Pressure equalization system and method
Hydrogen cooled hydride storage unit incorporating porous encapsulant material to prevent alloy entr...
Method of creating ultra-fine particles of materials using a high-pressure mill
Tapered thermal actuator
Hydrodynamic sealing system for centrifugal systems
Hydrogen purification membranes, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Process for oxygen bleaching and enzyme treating lignocellulosic pulp with liquid treatment and reco...
Power supply system and device driven by power supply system
Low sodium cleavage product
Vibratory motors and methods of making and using same
Audio amplification device with volume control
Methods and reagents for inactivating ribonucleases
Process for preparing functionalized polyalkyleneimines, compositions containing them and uses there...
Methods for tissue specific synthesis of protein in eggs of transgenic hens
Seed specific 7S.alpha. promoter for expressing genes in plants
Corn plants comprising event PV-ZMGT32(nk603)
Soybean cultivar SG1911NRR
Soybean cultivar 0332123
Soybean cultivar 0332119
Wheat variety 25R78
Wheat variety 26R58
Disk controller configured to perform out of order execution of write operations
Respiratory mask having gas washout vent and gas washout vent assembly for respiratory mask
Medical ventilator triggering and cycling method and mechanism
Method for fuze-timing an ammunition unit, and fuze-timable ammunition unit
Wooden bracelet
Piezoelectric type electric acoustic converter
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Self-policing, rate limiting online forums
Transgenic non-human mammals expressing the human complement inhibitor (DAF/CD55)
Process for producing foods having good keeping qualities and food keeping agents
On-demand neutralization of acid-preserved food
Method of rolling oil-containing agricultural or grain products
Pecan processing method and system
Furfuryl propyl disulfide as a flavoring agent and methods for preparing and using same
Process for preparing a meat substitute
Chemical leavener system comprising acidulant precursors
Chewy candy analogue, method of making, and composite ice confections containing same
Concentrate of triterpenes
Process of treating dates
Packaging envelope
Protective film product capable of radiating far infrared ray with wavelength of 4 .mu.m.about.14 .m...
Multi-layer, white cavitated bioriented polyethylene film with a high water vapor transmission rate
Nucleotide sequences for detection of bacillus anthracis
Nonoriented stiff packaging film with superior tear properties
Method of and a device for automatically milking a dairy animal
Feed metering device
Creamer compositions and methods of making and using the same
Retaining assembly for heat sink
Device for fixing a dental implant
Components for improved impression making
Providing clients with services that retrieve data from data sources that do not necessarily support...
Apparatus and method for automatically obtaining a valid IP configuration in a local area network
Method of and apparatus for rapid retrieval of data in a content distribution network
Interleaving synchronous data and asynchronous data in a single data storage file
Method, system, and computer product for collecting and distributing clinical data for data mining
Generating event-condition-action rules from process models
Distributed storage resource management in a storage area network
Upgrading a device over a network by downloading results of command execution from script file
Method and system for using file systems for content management
Local allocation buffers for parallel garbage collection
Information transmission apparatus
Remote document updating system using XML and DOM
Keypad assembly
Method and device for cooling the inflow area of the shaft of a steam turbine
High transmit power diagnostic ultrasound imaging
High-voltage electric rotary machine and a method for cooling the conductors of said machine
Ultrasonic transducer
Method for adapting jerk profiles through jerk limitation for minimizing excitations of oscillations...
Method and apparatus for continuously, directly monitoring the RF-tightness of a shielded cubicle of...
Magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method therefor for actively regulating heating in the ap...
Frequency synthesizer with sigma-delta modulation
Low-voltage circuit-breaker with a housing having a front panel and a back panel
System for automatically monitoring persons in a domestic environment
Rod antenna with installation thread
Apparatus for performing bit sensitive parallel bus peer addressing
Method for controlling a network node and a telecommunications network together and a network node
Failsafe data output system and automation system having the same
Method and device for designing the control of an overall process
Telecommunications chassis and module
Input buffer for multiple differential I/O standards
Programmable high speed I/O interface
Image reproduction apparatus, control method thereof, printing information generation method, and st...
Zoom lens
Network probing using overlapping probe packets
System and process for high-availability, direct, flexible and scalable switching of data packets in...
Method and apparatus to allow connection establishment over diverse link types
Apparatus and method for intelligent routing of data between a remote device and a host system
Method for establishing secure communication link between computers of virtual private network
Diagnostic access to processors in a complex electrical system
Data storage
Retaining ring for holding semiconductor wafers in a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Process for charged particle beam micro-machining of copper
Electrode-less dielectrophorises for polarizable particles
Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions associated with defective NFkappa B(NF-.kappa.B) activ...
Method for selective inactivation of viral replication
Antithrombin protein and DNA sequences from black fly
Catalyst for enantioselective reduction of ketones
Method and apparatus to produce ions and nanodrops from Taylor cones of volatile liquids at reduced ...
Fine stencil structure correction device
Substrate enhancement for improved signal characteristics on a discontinuous transmission line
Prophylactic and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
Polyalkylene oxide-modified single chain polypeptides
Method and system for transporting data content on a storage area network
Techniques for invoking system commands from within a mark-up language document
System and method for optimizing a graphics intensive software program for the user's graphics hardw...
System and process for optimal texture map reconstruction from multiple views
Modular and extensible printer device driver and text based method for characterizing printer device...
Hough transform supporting methods and arrangements
Twin P-well CMOS imager
Electro-optical device having storage capacitor laminated between data line and pixel electrode
Light guide plate and display device
Liquid crystal display element and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device with dielectric frame
Laser alignment system with plural lasers for impingement on a single target
Optical element
Device for coupling drive circuitry to electroabsorption modulator
Optical device, optical system, method of production of same, and mold for production of same
Internet enabled appliance command structure
Washing method for charging member
Ceramic electronic component and production method therefor
Interleaved wordline architecture
Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory having the same
Ultrabroad-band variable-wavelength wavelength-multiplexed pulse waveform shaping device
Synchronization device of locking ring type
Planetary gear unit
Compositions and methods for modulating expression within smooth muscle cells
Lightweight ballistic resistant rigid structural panel
Missile detection and neutralization system
Powder coating additive, powder coating composition containing said additive, and method for coating...
Backlit LCD monitor
Power supply and control equipment for a resistance welding machine
Signal processing for object detection system
Column for a charged particle beam device
Deflection yoke for cathode ray tube
Method intended for loss-free compression of signals of wide dynamic range with a view to their tran...
Footwear outsole
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Ankle brace
Devices and methods for orthotic customization
Metal hydride composite materials
Urea and nitrogen based compounds as feeding stimulants/aggregants and masking agents of unpalatable...
Methods for addressing electro-optic materials
Stabilization of implantable bioprosthetic tissue
Process for fabricating thin film transistors
Multi component controlled delivery system for soap bars
Genetic modification of endostatin
Substituted benzoylcyclohexanediones for use as herbicides
Carbinols for the treatment of neuropathic dysfunction
System and method for secure trading mechanism combining wireless communication and wired communicat...
Pilot beacon trigger enhancement with hysterisis
Method and apparatus for implementing measurement based dynamic frequency hopping in wireless commun...
Automated cellular telephone clock setting
Exactly one cache framework
Audio extension for wireless communication devices
Information processing system, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium...
Digital camera device with methodology for efficient color conversion
Child wristwatch type communications device
Locating and mapping wireless network devices via wireless gateways
Wireless access system
Method for forming a data transfer connection, terminal equipment and a data transfer system
Efficient service registration for legacy applications in a bluetooth environment
Synthetic fatty acid desaturase gene for expression in plants
LEC1 trancriptional activator nucleic acids and methods of use thereof
Method of impairing movement of a CLA + memeory T-cell within or to the skin of a mammal by administ...
Method for identifying inhibitors of IPC synthase
Canine and feline proteins, nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Bevel locking system for a sliding compound miter saw
Optical pulse transmission lines
1,1-disubstituted cyclic inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and TNF-.alpha.
Liquid soy nutritional products
Soluble tetrahedral compounds for use in electroluminescent devices
Light-emitting device and material therefor
Electroluminescent polymer having good carrier transport balance and electroluminescent device using...
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Metal coordination compound and electroluminescence device
Electroluminescent device containing organometallic compound with tridentate ligand
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Forming an oled device with a performance-inhancing layer
Electroluminescent elements with light-emitting layer containing first and second compounds
Photosensitive polymeric memory elements
Organic light emitting diode including ditches in a substrate
Display device and electronic device
Sport fence
Time-variable magnetic fields generator for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Noise reduction for spectroscopic signal processing
Method and system for accelerated imaging using parallel MRI
Methods and systems for fabricating magnetic resonance gradient coils
Dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
Oil from water separator
Products, in particular, milk products, comprising selected fractions of fat globules, method for ob...
Process for the obtaining of HMG-COA reductase inhibitors of high purity
Filtering screens for vibratory separation equipment
System and method for extracting energy from agricultural waste
Anaerobic treatment of wastes containing insoluble components
Wastewater treatment method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for treating waste water
Method for treating solid waste with an organic fraction
Blood collection systems and methods using a porous membrane element
Zirconium-modified materials for selective adsorption and removal of aqueous arsenic
Process for treating liquid manure
Installation for measuring concentration in dense granular material of a flow and water treatment sy...
Ozone generator and germicidal device using an ultraviolet lamp
Method for treating waste by application of energy waves
System and method for water purification
High solids module
Structured multi-purpose packings and their use
Continuous blood filtration and method of use
Vortex-enhanced filtration devices
Generation of ion exchanger media
Stainless steel tubing/frit with sintered inorganic particle, the chromatography comprising it, and ...
Filter or filter-element for modified electro-dialysis (med) purposes
Use of a material based on organic and/or inorganic fibres and chitosan for fixing metal ions
Method for treatment against corrosion and depositions in domestic supply water stallations and appa...
Solid free-flowing phosphonate composition and method of use
Method for removing scale causing chemicals in hot water systems
Water treatment process and apparatus
Composition, amphoteric polymeric flocculant and use of both
Apparatus and a method for controlling the alkalinity and ph of an industrial process
Method and apparatus for underwater decomposition of organic content of electrically conductive aque...
Method of deionising and clarifying the aqueous medium used in an electrical discharge machine and t...
Water flushing system providing treated discharge
Methods and systems for groundwater remediation
Method for starting up a system for treating waste by hydrothermal oxidation
Method for cleaning a filter element in a filtering chamber and filter carrying out the method
Registration of fluid circuit components in a blood treatment device
Storage-encryption-retrieval device and method with resulting business processes
Method and apparatus for concurrent monitoring of divergent wireless telecommunication systems
Method and system for identifying a user
Method for efficient computation of point doubling operation of elliptic curve point scalar multipli...
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Crawler vehicle with oscillating track carriages
Control system for hybrid vehicle
360 degree air intake screen
Drive belt cooling system for small vehicle
Snowmobile with pivotable rear snow flap
Progressive suspension device for the rear wheel of a motorcycle
Vehicle occupant weight classification system
Engine mount for small vehicle
Skid steer vehicle with axle housing having a double gear reduction
Electric power steering system
Weight sensor assembly for determining seat occupant weight
Bonnet structure for automobiles with improved safety characteristics
Transfer case for four-wheel drive vehicle
Vehicle driveline
Effortless entry system and method
System and method for detecting and locating underground objects
Combined receiver and transponder module
Adhesive backed displays
TV phone apparatus
System and method of conserving bandwidth in the transmission of message packets
System and method of increasing the message throughput in a radio network
Radio frequency local area network
Mobile communication system
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Radio transmitter
Radio information terminal, radio communication system, and communicating method and program for use...
Method for reconfiguring a cellular radio network connection
Method and apparatus relating to radio communication
Radio communication system
Method and system for automated inference creation of physico-chemical interaction knowledge from da...
Use of multiple recombination sites with unique specificity in recombinational cloning
Genes identified as required for proliferation of E. coli
Nutritional supplements
Integrated microarray devices
Identification of essential genes in prokaryotes
RNA sequence-specific mediators of RNA interference
Microdevice containing photorecognizable coding patterns and methods of using and producing the same...
Detection of biological pathway components
Microdevices having a preferential axis of magnetization and uses thereof
Methods for detecting interaction between a test moiety and a plurality of target moieties
Analysis of gene expression profiles using sequential hybridization
Methods for the identification of reporter and target molecules using comprehensive gene expression ...
Methods for identifying marker genes for cancer
System and method for detecting buffer overflow attacks
Chrysanthemum plant named `Chavingtrois`
System for a mobile radio system having a base station and an antenna device
Method, apparatus and system for erasing and writing a magnetic random access memory
Method of manufacturing photomask and method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit devic...
Method for manufacturing memory device
Method for producing a fatty acid
Automotive radar system
Method, system, and program for converting application program code to executable code using neural ...
Amine-based fuel cell/battery with high specific energy density
Dusting implement
Nasal support device for domestic mammals and method
Verbena plant named `Kieverstar SC`
Liposome drug delivery of polycyclic, aromatic, antioxidant or anti-inflammatory compounds
Two-dimensional optical element array and two-dimensional waveguide apparatus
Expressed ligand--vascular intercellular signalling molecule
Partial imaging of a substrate with superimposed layers
Method of promoting stem cell proliferation or survival by contacting a cell with a stem cell factor...
Re-running general purpose event control methods in a computer system
Supporting bitmap indexes on primary B+tree like structures
Shoe lace fastener
Plasma display panel, fabricating apparatus and method thereof
Magneto-optical recording medium having multiple magnetic layers
Isolated human zinc metalloprotease, nucleic acid molecules encoding said enzymes, and uses thereof
Lenses capable of post-fabrication power modification
Methods for producing a polyol and a polymer dispersed polyol
Cryogenically cooled phased array RF receiver coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Laser supporting attachment for vehicle alignment system
Silicone/adhesive complex whereof the interface has a release force capable of being modulated by el...
Method and apparatus for suspending a plurality of signs
Composition, formulations & method for prevention & treatment of diseases and conditions associated ...
Color safe laundry methods employing cationic formulation components
Method for the dihydroxylation of olefins using transition metal catalysts
Air managing systems and methods for gas depolarized power supplies utilizing a diaphragm
Catalysts for polymerization of .alpha.-olefins, process for producing .alpha.-olefin polymers, nove...
Processor with pointer tracking to eliminate redundant memory fetches
Scanning optical apparatus with reduced wave aberration
Lamp having a high-reflectance film for improving directivity of light and heat treatment apparatus ...
3-Substituted oxindole .beta. 3 agonists
System, method and computer program product for translating SNMP (ASN.1) protocol decodes
Data transformation architecture
Extended message block for network device drivers
Method and device for a context-based memory management system
Capability addressing with tight object bounds
Method and system for the digital certificate generation and distribution
System, method and computer program product for rule based network security policies
Synchronization of hardware and software debuggers
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Shape based noise tolerance characterization and analysis of LSI
System and method for placing substrate contacts in a datapath stack in an integrated circuit design
Java hardware accelerator using thread manager
Assembly of a magnifying lens and holder for phones, cell phones, pagers, GPS and personal data assi...
Avoiding interference to a GPS receiver from wireless transmissions by time multiplexing GPS recepti...
Apparatus for improved integrity of wide area differential satellite navigation systems
Silicon crystallization method
Polycrystalline silicon thin film used in a thin film transistor and a device using the same
CMOS transistor and CMOS-based device
Active matrix substrate for a liquid crystal display and method of forming the same
Display system and method of producing the same
Robust Group III light emitting diode for high reliability in standard packaging applications
Field effect transistor and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device having high electron mobility comprising a SiGe/Si/SiGe substrate
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and production process therefor
CMOS imager and method of formation
Stress inducing spacers
Vertical field effect transistor
Semiconductor device using an insulating layer having a seed layer
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid jet apparatus
Integrated circuit package design with non-orthogonal die cut out
Liquid crystal display device
Method of manufacturing organic EL device and ink composition for organic EL device
Apparatus and methods for split-feed coupled-ring resonator-pair elliptic-function filters
Apparatus and method for filtering maximum-length-code signals in a spread spectrum communication sy...
Method for whitening colored noise in a communication system
Interactive heuristic search and visualization for solving combinatorial optimization problems
Method and apparatus for optimizing memory use in network caching
Method and apparatus for network resource access request redirection
Test generator for database management systems providing tight joins
Hybrid category mapping for on-line query tool
Identifier vocabulary data access method and system
Computer-implemented reflectance system and method for non-destructive low dose ion implantation mon...
Film thickness measuring method and step measuring method
Strongly-refractive one-dimensional photonic crystal prisms
Automatic contrast enhancement
Semiconductor memory module
Magnetic switching of charge separation lifetimes in artificial photosynthetic reaction centers
Synchronous semiconductor memory
Method of extracting spectral parameters of channels from non-channelized light
Encoded audio-video streams remultiplexing equipment
Method and system for embedding information into contents
Methods and apparatus for fluorescence and reflectance imaging and spectroscopy and for contemporane...
Objective pain signal acquisition system and processed signal
Method and apparatus for providing film stress measurements based on substrate displacement
Method and apparatus for online identification of safe operation and advance detection of unsafe ope...
Multislice X-ray CT apparatus
Computed tomography scanner and method for controlling the computed tomography scanner
Radiation applying apparatus
Prefiltering for segmented image compression
X-ray inspection system and method of operating
Multi-core waveguide
Device and method for margin marking of radiography specimens
Spectral volume microprobe arrays
Method and apparatus for inserting checks into a bank statement mail piece
Apparatus for electrically controlling device, and a method of operating it
Method and apparatus to generate driving guides
Methods and apparatus for predicting pore and fracture pressures of a subsurface formation
Method and apparatus for dynamically customizing and extending functions of a server program to enab...
Apparatus and method for reducing programming cycles for multistate memory system
State-based allocation and replacement for improved hit ratio in directory caches
3D modeling system
Endocardial mapping catheter
Transparent coordinate input device and liquid crystal display device incorporating the same
Method and system for automated maintenance and training instruction generation and validation
Transflective liquid crystal display device
Apparatus and method of forming a spacer for a liquid crystal panel
Inspecting apparatus for foreign matter
Solid type electrochromic glare-proof mirror
Optical element containing an interference fringe filter
Optical sheet lamination
Bending wave loudspeaker
Displaying three-dimensional medical images
Method and apparatus for image encoding and decoding using a shape and position map
Signal processing apparatus and method
System and method for providing speaker identification in a conference call
Multimedia play television
Interchangeable table top
Tool carrying and storage case
Double win game
Alpha cubes game
Apparatus and method of playing cribbage as a casino game and as a slot machine
Number drawing apparatus and game machine therewith
Prepaid account lottery system and method
Interactive keno gaming system and method
Game machine
Modeled games and pay table generation and evalution therefor
Force feedback mechanism for gamepad device
Die capable of being opened, manufacturing method thereof, and mold
System and method for enabling single sign-on for networked applications
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Marin`
Data miner
Automated buffer insertion incorporating congestion relief for use in connection with physical desig...
Debugger probe for object oriented programming
System and method for tracing program instructions before and after a trace triggering event within ...
Method of automatically selecting program and data updates based upon versions
Ambient calculus-based modal logics for mobile ambients
Method for eliminating or reducing hang conditions in computer systems
Methods of factoring operating system functions, methods of converting operating systems, and relate...
Gallery user interface controls
Discharge bulb with shroud glass having metal oxide in specific range
Radio circuit and control method of radio circuit
Light emitting element, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device having light emit...
Magnetic memory cell sensing with first and second currents
Ferroelectric memory device and method of forming the same
Laser-cuttable multi-layer sheet material
Thermal processing chamber and a method of thermally processing products
Method and system for providing a probe array chip design database
Vehicle safety flag assembly with ignition override switch and method of operating the same
System, computer software program product, and method for producing a contextual electronic message ...
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery comprising composite particles
Method and system for emulating a secret code between two hardware modules
Multipurpose bucket
Pouch for the blower unit of a powered air purifying respirator
Automatic profiler
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoanchorage`
Methods for micronization of hydrophobic drugs
Wavelength router
DSP-15 dual-specificity phosphatase
Electrodeionization apparatus and method
Aminoalcohol derivatives
System for notifying operating system of additional event for restoring suspend mode after a hardwar...
Registration method and search method for structured documents
Ball and socket 3D cushioning system
Flat plasma display panel with independent trigger and controlled sustaining electrodes
Tracking, safety and navigation system for firefighters
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human synthase proteins, and uses thereof
Light for use in activating light-activated materials, the light having a plurality of chips mounted...
Polymeric materials for making contact lenses
Gastrointestinal electrical stimulation
Aminooxy functionalized oligomers, oligomer arrays and methods of using them
Method for adjusting a blood analyte measurement
Tumor necrosis factor-gamma
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus with vacuum cast or vacuum die cast body coil
Voice operated communications interface
Lafora's disease gene
Apparatus for raising a sow in a farrowing crate
Variable polarization plane rotator and optical device using same
Recombinant listeria
Flexible I/O routing resources
Lubricating composition based on siloxane, not releasing hydrogen, preparation method and use thereo...
Apparatus and method for detecting radiation that uses a stimulate phosphor
Sulfonamide and sulfamide substituted imidazoquinolines and methods for the treatment of periodontal...
Methods and products for treating pseudomonas infection
Fuel cell and method for preparation thereof
Active matrix liquid crystal device and smectic liquid crystal mixture
Whole body stereotactic localization and immobilization system
Method to increase cerebral blood flow in amyloid angiopathy
N-substituted 3-hydroxy-4-pyridinones and pharmaceuticals containing thereof
Biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymers having improved crystallization properties
Process for manufacturing diiodoperfluoroalkanes
Memory device having redundant cells
Apparatus for use with a 3D image wheel aligner for facilitating adjustment of an adaptive cruise co...
Method and automated system for creating volumetric data sets
Multi-beam scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using it
Conditionally immortalized cell lines derived from transgenic animals
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Field effect transistor formed on SOI substrate
Multispectral imaging system
Slewing detector system and method for the introduction of hysteresis into a hard handoff decision
Apoptosis inducing adamantyl derivatives and their usage as anti-cancer agents, especially for cervi...
Indole, azaindole and related heterocyclic amidopiperazine derivatives
Ribavirin-pegylated interferon alfa induction HCV combination therapy
Immunoassay reagent and immunoassay method
Agent and method for dynamically scheduling publication in an automated document delivery system
Subscription and notification with database technology
Method and apparatus for communicating among a network of servers
Production line spindle control circuit employing a sinusoidal driver with back EMF control
Disk drive comprising a pattern dependent overshoot circuit for controlling write current overshoot
Caching advertising information in a mobile terminal to enhance remote synchronization and wireless ...
Method for recursively determining repeatable runout cancellation values in a magnetic disk drive
Disk drive using dual slope integrator to extract velocity of an actuator arm from a back EMF voltag...
Device for transferring a cartridge
Disk drive including a filter element disposed along a disk surface for filtering disk rotation indu...
Spindle motor
Writer design eliminating transition curvature for very narrow writer widths
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Thin film magnetic head
Write head having first pole piece with frequency dependent variable effective throat height
Flux concentrating stitched write head
Head suspension assembly and magnetic disk apparatus comprising the head suspension assembly
Magnetic head assembly having damping part integral with gimbal
Disk drive with head supporting device
Actuator stop
Merged-pole magnetic head having inverted write elements
Spin valve sensor having ultra-thin freelayers including nickel-iron, ruthenium, and a cobalt-iron n...
CPP type magnetic sensor or magnetic sensor using tunnel effect, and manufacturing method therefor
Ferromagnetic tunnel magnetoresistive devices and magnetic head
Method and apparatus for recording magnetized mark utilizing magnetic field generated by adjacent ma...
Method for aligning actuator assembly to a base in a miniature optical disk drive
Disk cartridge and drive device having a cleaning liner
Guidance system for a cryocatheter
Thermal dye-transfer receiving element with microvoided substrate and method of making the same
Catabolite repression control (Crc) gene and Pseudomonas virulence
Sports bag for treadmill, jogging stroller, exercise equipment and the like
Torso exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise machine for performing rowing-type and other exercises
Control console automatically planning a personal exercise program in accordance with the physical c...
5-HT receptor ligands and uses thereof
Hybrid disc and method and apparatus for discriminating same
Semiconductor laser device
Multi-dimensional optical disk
Semiconductor laser device capable of suppressing leakage current in a light emitting end surface an...
High yield DFB laser with effective reject selection
Semiconductor laser element having a diverging region
Q-switched CO2 laser for material processing
Laser oscillator
Etalon enhanced saturable reflector for mode-locked lasers
Electric oxygen iodine laser
Method of characterizing a tuneable laser
Surface-emitting photonic crystal distributed feedback laser systems and methods
Multi-wavelength laser source based on two optical laser beat signal and method
Nonlinear transmission line integrated circuit
Power control circuit for laser diode having wavelength compensation
Stocker, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, semiconductor manufacturing factory, and e...
Module for optical communications
Laser diode driving circuit
Hydrogen produced from heterocyclic compounds
Carbon nanotube-containing structures, methods of making, and processes using same
Device and method for producing molten salts and use thereof
Working fluid compositions for use in semi-closed brayton cycle gas turbine power systems
Process and system for purifying gases
Organoboron route and process for preparation of boron nitride
Solid state thermal method for the synthesis of lithium hexafluoro phosphate (LiPF)6 as battery elec...
Method for producing a catalyst support and compositions thereof
Process for manufacturing and using a more stable formulation of sodium chlorite
Method and arrangement for generating ultrapure steam
Particulate titanium oxide and production process therefor
Fluorinated phosphonic acids
Process and device for production of electricity in a fuel cell by oxidation of hydrocarbons followe...
Air compressor
Vitronectin receptor antagonists
Methods of inhibiting or enhancing the TGF.beta.-SMAD signaling pathway
Methods and apparatuses for displaying interactive content through a device
Lead free tin based solder composition
Low cost high speed titanium and its alloy production
Apparatus for hydrogen separation/purification using rapidly cycled thermal swing sorption
Magnetostriction control alloy sheet, a part of a braun tube, and a manufacturing method for a magne...
Construction materials products and soil stabilization using vegetable oil and method of producing t...
Artifical barrier reef
Vapor collection and treatment of off-gas from an in-situ thermal desorption soil remediation
Method and apparatus for installing a duct around a longitunal member present at the stretch of inst...
Constant tension steel catenary riser system
Screw form anchor device
Silt fence flat pack and production method
Compost berm
Radio remote control self-shutter release camera
Camera having distance measuring apparatus
Zoom flash and flash photography system
Battery saving flash charger control
Universal security camera
Camera enclosure wall mount
Tripod particularly for optical and photographic use
Film core article and method for making same
Image sensing apparatus
Digital single lens reflex camera
System for adjusting a photo-exposure time
Very-large-scale automatic categorizer for web content
Electron gun for color cathode ray tube
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of a CPU in a radio set by adaptively adjusting ...
Optical recording medium, optical recording and/or reproducing method, and optical recording and/or ...
Noise resistant small signal sensing circuit for a memory device
Semiconductor device having fuse circuit on cell region and method of fabricating the same
Image processing apparatus
Microwave oven to cook food with steam generated through a microwave heating operation
Method for defining an experimental space and method and system for conducting combinatorial high th...
Vehicle traveling control system
Apparatus and methods for a computer aided decision-making system
Polymer electrolyte containing a vinylidene fluoride copolymer and a nonaqueous electrolytic solutio...
Arrangement for encryption/decryption of data and data carrier incorporating same
Packing machine
Dispensing head and fluid product dispensing device comprising same
Reactor for preferential oxidation and method of use
Apparatus and method for automated game ball inspection
Pliable pad for collecting and absorbing liquids
Impatiens plant named `Balfusinred`
Bioadhesive composition
Inertial navigation system for mobile objects with constraints
Silica mesoporous aerogels having three-dimensional nanoarchitecture with colloidal gold-protein sup...
Lock device for accessory-grip
System and method for smart scripting call centers and configuration thereof
Automatic capture and comparison of computer configuration data
Method and apparatus for solving simultaneous linear equations
Simultaneously reading different regions of a chemical array
Compositions and methods using platinum compounds for nucleic acid labeling
Article for preventing pests from entering a building structure
Parameter variation tolerant method for circuit design optimization
EGFH2 genes and gene products
Magnetic resonance method for characterizing fluid samples withdrawn from subsurface earth formation...
Pole face for permanent magnet MRI with laminated structure
Gene related to migraine in man
Wheel securing device
Method and apparatus for discovering and activating software components
Heat plate, heating element, belt type fixing device and image forming apparatus
Modulators of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Enhanced subscriber IP alerting
Data packet structure for digital information distribution
System and method for generating web sites in an arbitrary object framework
Process for the preparation of latices using block copolymers as surfactants
Paper coating composition with environmentally acceptable fluidized polymer suspension
Phosphor screen and cathodoluminescent device having the same
Substrate having colored layers and method for producing the same
Maximum ratio transmission
Substituted aryl compounds as novel cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitors, compositions and methods ...
Secondary power source having a lithium titanate
Silico-acrylic compositions: method for their preparation and use
Amine organoborane complex initiated polymerizable compositions containing siloxane polymerizable co...
Coffee bean container for automatic coffee maker
System and method for adaptively configuring a shopping display in response to a recognized customer...
Liquid-crystal display apparatus
Genes and vectors for conferring herbicide resistance in plants
Cable with recyclable covering
External I/O and communications interface for a revenue meter
Fault classification in a plasma process chamber
Organic electroluminescent array exposure head, method of fabricating the same, and image forming ap...
Architecture for programmable on-chip termination
Hands free automotive service system
Image formation device and agent supplying device including absorber conveying by negative pressure
Method and apparatus for forming a laminated sheet material by spattering
Methods for Alzheimer's Disease treatment and cognitive enhancement
Pre-filled drug-delivery device and method of manufacture and assembly of same
Human bad polypeptides, encoding nucleic acids and methods of use
Experimental management apparatus and experimental management program for electroplating
Optimal compositions and methods thereof for treating HCV infections
Adaptive model-based control systems and methods for controlling a gas turbine
Color filter
Process for lactonization to produce highly pure simvastatin
Residual solvent extraction method and microparticles produced thereby
Compositions and methods for amelioration of human female sexual dysfunction
Evaporative humidifier with water distribution system
Process for producing porous polymer materials
Trifluoromethylepinephrine compounds and methods of making and using thereof
Mimetic peptides for an epitope of apolipoprotein B-100, concatemers of the peptides, and modified p...
Current sample-and-hold-circuit, a/d converter and a method for operating a current sample-and-hold ...
Azo orange pigment composition
Securement of head rest support into automobile seat frame
Plastic label holder with integral sign holder
Tungsten-containing articles and methods for forming the same
Insulation plug for underwater pelletizer die face recess
Preparation of microporous films from immiscible blends via melt processing and stretching
Process for fashioning superposed extrudate
Process for producing an electrical cable, particularly for high voltage direct current transmission...
Carbon ink, electron-emitting element, method for manufacturing an electron-emitting element and ima...
Molecular recognition type chemical CCD
Protein and peptide sensors using electrical detection methods
Electronic detection of biological molecules using thin layers
Ultra-sensitive detection systems using alterable peptide tags
Method for identifying polymorphisms
Device and method for multiple analyte detection
Antisense modulation of PLML expression
Passenger seat with seat electronics unit and beam therefor
Collapsible infant swing
Swing control device for a swing chair
Device for influencing the operating status of an electronic appliance
Aircraft tail configuration for sonic boom reduction
Artificial satellite with an orbit having a long staying time in a zenith direction, an orbit contro...
Active drag modulation system and method
Lift adjusting device for aircraft
Device for indicating incorrect closure of locking means located between two fan cowlings of an airc...
Power assembly for ornicopter
VSTOL vehicle
Device for controlling the pitch of the blades of a convertible aircraft rotor
Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
VTOL parafoil aircraft
Brake systems for aircraft wing flaps and other control surfaces
Airplane landing gear
Apparatus and method for mounting a cascade support ring to a thrust reverser
Parafoil mid-air retrieval
Convertible dual taxilane
Under floor remote seat cluster and integrated housing system for aircraft passenger entertainment s...
Drogue for in-flight refueling
Integrated parachute harness system
Vehicle accessory module
Method and apparatus for location of objects, and application to real time display of the position o...
Golf ball pick up device
Studded footwear
Fuel cell
Field emission display device
Field emission display device
Optical waveguides and grating structures fabricated using polymeric dielectric compositions
Apparatus enabling particle detection utilizing wide view lens
On chip resistor calibration structure and method
Phase-shifted distributed feedback type semiconductor laser diode capable of improving wavelength ch...
Ferroelectric capacitor with electrode formed in separate oxidizing conditions
Capacitor in semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Process for manufacturing a dual charge storage location memory cell
Zero Threshold Voltage pFET and method of making same
Bonded substrate for an integrated circuit containing a planar intrinsic gettering zone
Inverted staggered thin film transistor with etch stop layer and method of making same
Bump pad design for flip chip bumping
Method for shallow trench isolation and shallow trench isolation structure
PBGA electrical noise isolation of signal traces
Localized backside chip cooling with integrated smart valves
Structure and method for eliminating time dependent dielectric breakdown failure of low-k material
Damascene structure fabricated using a layer of silicon-based photoresist material
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method, a circuit board and an electronic device
Die package
LED array architecture for high resolution printbars
Semiconductor laser and method of production thereof
Association of process context with configuration document for manufacturing process
Method and apparatus for outputting a result of a game via a container
Systems and methods for managing interaction with a presentation of a tree structure in a graphical ...
Method for monitoring production and quality
Range prediction in fleet management of electric and fuel-cell vehicles
Interactive advisory system
3D prestack time migration method
Open format for file storage system indexing, searching and data retrieval
Method and apparatus for queue issue pointer
Storage and retrieval of location based information in a distributed network of data storage devices
Implementing for buffering devices in circuit layout to ensure same arriving time for clock signal f...
Stack utilization management system and method for a single-stack arrangement
Method and apparatus to permit automated server determination for foreign system login
System and method for providing a fault-resilient boot
Cartridge containing disk and device for recording or reproducing signal on or from the disk