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Cooling system
Magnetic levitation and propulsion system
Vehicle provided with internal combustion engine and fuel reforming/supplying functions
Clutch system with at least one multiple-plate clutch arrangement
Electrical box for ceiling fans
Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge apparatus, valve protection method of the same liquid discha...
Method of dynamic transporting of object with flow of carrying medium
Implantable device for utilization of the hydraulic energy of the heart
Ionically conductive polymer electrolytes
Ventilating battery cover
Hearing aid with time-varying performance
Switching power converter
Method for testing a frequency converter
System and apparatus for reducing offset voltages in folding amplifiers
Methods and apparatus for dynamic threshold setting for an optically amplified receiver
Two comparator voltage mode PWM
E2 displacement assay for identifying inhibitors of HPV
Photosensitive optically variable ink heterogeneous compositions for ink jet printing
Machine for production of granular silicon
Chemical amplification type positive resist composition
Energy transfer assay method and reagent
Fluorous tagging compounds and methods of increasing the fluorous nature of compounds
Cartridge system for a probing head for an electrical test probe
Method and system for programming a memory device
Device for creating a neural interface and method for making same
Multi-layer multi-dimensional transducer and method of manufacture
Vacuum generating method and device
Self drilling sensor well for sensing the atmosphere in an enclosure
Food processor
Method and system for preventing overfilling of a track system
Moving blade for a turbomachine and turbomachine
Electrical switchgear comprising a ventilation device and ventilation device comprising two ventilat...
System for flue gas purification and method for introducing a purifying agent
Method of making a conductive filler
Trench capacitor with an insulation collar and method for producing a trench capacitor
Solid-state radiation detector and medical examination and/or treatment device
Method for magnetic resonance imaging with automatic adaptation of the measuring field
Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance imaging using partial parallel acquisition (PPA)
Isolation transformer arrangement
Process for controlling antennas
Adaptive resolution system and method for providing efficient low bit rate transmission of image dat...
Fire detection system and method for configuring
Self-retaining downhole-hammer drill bit
Integrated high frequency circuit for affecting the amplitude of signals
System for receiving multiple independent RF signals having different polarizations and scan angles
Cooling power supplies
Measurement test instrument and associated voltage management system for accessory device
Validation of network communication tunnels
Interactive tooltip
Graphically represented dynamic time strip for displaying user-accessible time-dependent data object...
System and method for facilitating user input by automatically providing dynamically generated compl...
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Electro-optic device and electronic device
Electrically addressable optical devices using a system of composite layered flakes suspended in a f...
Optical waveguide device and light source and optical apparatus using the same
Dielectric ceramic, method for making the same, and monolithic ceramic capacitor
Fiber laser apparatus as well as optical multi/demultiplexer and image display apparatus therefor
Target for a stationary anode in an x-ray tube
Development device, charging method used in the development device and image forming device having t...
Congestive heart failure monitor
Organic electroluminescence device and photoelectron device using said electroluminescence device
Dopant in an electroluminescent device
Organic electroluminescence element and production method thereof
Selective electroless attachment of contacts to electrochemically-active molecules
Light-emitting devices
Device package with hermetically sealed cap
Display device and method of driving the same
System and method for preventing sharing of music, video, video games and software
Foot warm bath equipment
Diffusion bar aerobic treatment plant
Control valve and water purification method
Filter module
Method for separating alkali metal ions from alkoxylates
Fluid filter
Method for removing heavy metals and radionuclides from an aqueous solution
Manually controlled skimming of industrial oil contaminants
Method and device for removing gas from gas containing blood
Filtering apparatus and method for washing its filtering elements
Method and apparatus for treating oil-water emulsions
Method for purifying matter contaminated with halogenated organic compounds
Condensate demineralization
Test device for filter systems, method for testing filter systems, and computer program therefor
Control of water treatment system with low level boron detection
Process for removal of impurities from mother liquor in the synthesis of carboxylic acid using press...
Mixture for the treatment of waste materials
Magnetic fluid filter adapter
Coupling of a sewer treatment station to a treatment plant for the flocculation and flotation of wat...
Composition and method for treating paint booth water systems
Multiphase fluid conveyance system
Process for the microbiological decontamination of water by means of photosensitive agents
Water treatment device and water treatment method using the same
In situ neutralization of subsurface acidic pore water
Diffuser/emulsifier for aquaculture applications
Method of making and using nanoscale metal
Caustic solution treatment process
Integrated automatic blood collection and processing unit
Stationary cloth media filtration
Thin film supporting substrate for used in filter for hydrogen production filter and method for manu...
Moisture shedding system
Fish protective water extraction method and apparatus
Moisture permeable membrane and method of making
Extra-corporeal Dual Stage Blood Processing Method and Apparatus
Mobile bar code driven information access terminal for remotely accessing package delivery instructi...
Dim-out method for organic EL panel
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
Power supply apparatus for supplying electric power to substrate carrier container
Flow indicator
Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer
Thermal insulation testing method and apparatus
Reconfigurable parallel look up table system
Plasma display panel, method of driving the same, and circuit for driving the same
Light emitting device
Mixtures of growth hormone drug-oligomer conjugates comprising polyalkylene glycol, uses thereof, an...
Method of producing a DNA library using positional amplification based on the use of adaptors and ni...
Metal complexes of iminohydroxamic acids
Magnetic memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Preparation method of peg-maleimide derivatives
Preparation of n-protected-3-pyrrolidine-lactam substituted phosphonium salts
Temporary sign system
Method and system for managing graphics objects in a graphics display system
Stable tooth whitening gels containing high percentages of hydrogen peroxide
Light pipe, planar light source unit and reflective liquid-crystal display device
Method for producing bisphenols
Soft ionization device with characterization systems and methods of manufacture
Method for increasing insulation level in an encapsulation
Method and apparatus for generating timing information
Multiple tank level indication system and method
Gas analyzer module
Toner replenishing method with improved storage and separation units
System and method for expression mapping
Modular removable digital image apparatus
High strength alloys and methods for making same
Methods utilizing scanning probe microscope tips and products therefor or produced thereby
Binder-enriched silicalite adhesion layer and apparatus for fabricating the same
Multi-layers coating for protecting metallic substrates
Nanoscale chemical synthesis
Unsaturated 1-amino-alkylcyclohexane NMDA, 5HT3, and neuronal nicotinic receptor antagonists
Coin hopper with a shutter
Gaming machine coin handling system with dedicated local microcontroller
CMOS device on ultrathin SOI with a deposited raised source/drain, and a method of manufacture
High-voltage transistor with multi-layer conduction region
Stable PD-SOI devices and methods
Semiconductor device formed on silicon-on-insulator substrate
Semiconductor device with two types of FET's having different gate lengths and its manufacture metho...
Diffraction grating coupled infrared photodetector
Bonding pads over input circuits
Semiconductor device with reduced parasitic capacitance between impurity diffusion regions
Light shield cum gap fill scheme for microdisplay backplane fabrication
Contacting scheme for large and small area semiconductor light emitting flip chip devices
Semiconductor device for electro-optic applications, method for manufacturing said device and corres...
Charge transfer apparatus
Bipolar transistor and method manufacture thereof
Hetero-bipolar transistor with a sub-collector layer having a first portion and plural second portio...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for modifying switching field characteristics of magnetic tunnel junctions
Integrated circuit ferroelectric memory devices including plate lines directly on ferroelectric capa...
Semiconductor memory device
Dopant interface formation
Injection lasers fabricated from semiconducting polymers
Multi-spiral element, resonator, filter, duplexer, and high-frequency circuit device
Apparatus for determining the actual status of a piezoelectric sensor in a medical implant
Cutting device
System, method and program product for interactive natural dialog
Rules analyzer system and method for evaluating and ranking exact and probabilistic search rules in ...
Similarity search engine for use with relational databases
Ferrule-less optical fiber apparatus for optical backplane connector systems
Fiber array alignment
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively performing color displacement detectio...
Mobile communicating system, and a mobile terminal, an information center and a storage medium used ...
Oilfield analysis systems and methods
Method for validating system configuration in a mass customized environment
Light emitting device comprising a partition layer having an overhang shape
Uneven pattern sensing device
RF power amplifier with low intermodulation distortion and reduced memory effect
Vehicle locating device
Radiating method and radiating apparatus of wave motion for giving reducing properties
Image recording method and image recording apparatus
Recording method and recording apparatus with inclined plural beam orientation
Printing a code on a product
Hologram screen
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Sensing methods and devices for a batteryless, oscillatorless, binary time cell usable as an horolog...
Iterative projection with initialization using a network user identifier
Method and system for low dose image simulation for imaging systems
Method and system to automatically activate software options upon initialization of a device
Detection signal correction method and device as well as solid-state detector for use therewith
Hybrid microelectronic array structure having electrically isolated supported islands, and its fabri...
Radiation-detection devices
Three dimensional imaging
Lithographic projection apparatus, device manufacturing method and device manufactured thereby
Electron multipliers and radiation detectors
MRI apparatus and method for imaging
X-ray CT scanner capable of performing improved log conversion
X-ray CT apparatus and processing method therefor
Total-reflection x-ray fluorescence apparatus and method using a doubly-curved optic
Optimization of OPC design factors utilizing an advanced algorithm on a low voltage CD-SEM system
Object finder for photographic images
System and method for providing channel information of roadside unit
Data link clearance monitoring and pilot alert sub-system (compass)
Synthetic airborne hazard display
Airborne microwave/infrared wind shear and clear air turbulence detector
Integrated vehicle communications display
Navigation apparatus for mobile vehicle and navigation communication system
Wireless data input to RFID reader
Method and apparatus for detecting position of object present in a surrounding detection zone of aut...
Impact sensor post collision notification system
Personalized accessibility identification receiver/transmitter and method for providing assistance
Automated biological reaction apparatus
Analgesic combination of muscarinic agonists
Aryl fused substituted 4-oxy-pyridines
Decontaminating systems containing reactive nanoparticles and biocides
Prolonged delivery of peptides
Systemic gene therapy by intestinal cell transformation
Conferencing phone
Information delivery server, counting system, information delivery system, information delivery meth...
Method for timed booting of logical partitions in a computer system in accordance with a preset sche...
Latch structure for interlocked pipelined CMOS (IPCMOS) circuits
Method for monitoring the condition of a battery in a high temperature high current environment
Method and system for fault isolation methodology for I/O unrecoverable, uncorrectable error
Method and system for generating a design-specific test case from a generalized set of bus transacti...
Network-based software recovery for computing devices
Variable detail automatic invocation of transistor level timing for application specific integrated ...
Device verification using printed patterns and optical sensing
Treatment process which makes possible the chemical destruction of securities or paper documents
Network control apparatus having bandwidth control method selection associated to users utilizing st...
Method for employing a page prefetch cache for database applications
Method to control alternative application operation based on results of an ordered application execu...
Unwind system with flying-splice roll changing
Semiconductor memory card access apparatus, a computer-readable recording medium, an initialization ...
Different caching treatment of memory contents based on memory region
Open format storage subsystem apparatus and method
Circuit and method for supporting misaligned accesses in the presence of speculative load instructio...
User interface for entertainment system setup
CPU power management based on utilization with lowest performance mode at the mid-utilization range
Multiprotocol computer bus interface adapter and method
Systems and methods for utilizing a point-of-sale system
Electron beam patterning with a heated electron source
Microdischarge photodetectors
Error recovery for nonvolatile memory
Semiconductor component with backside contacts and method of fabrication
Method and apparatus for modeling a neural synapse function by utilizing a single conventional MOSFE...
Method and apparatus for estimating yaw rate in a wheeled vehicle and stability system
Network-based service to provide on-demand video summaries of television programs
Stabilizer mixtures
Method and apparatus for performing timing synchronization
Social dilemma software for evaluating online interactive societies
Method an congestion control system to allocate bandwidth of a link to dataflows
I2O ISM implementation for a san based storage subsystem
Destructive read architecture for dynamic random access memories
Data processing system with register store/load utilizing data packing/unpacking
Multiple logical interfaces to a shared coprocessor resource
Duplicating processors and method for controlling anomalous dual state thereof
Method, apparatus and system for allocating and accessing memory-mapped facilities within a data pro...
System and method for maximizing usage of computer resources in scheduling of application tasks
Job scheduling based upon availability of real and/or virtual resources
Data processing method and apparatus and recording medium, for implementing a schedule managing mech...
Patient monitor and method with non-invasive cardiac output monitoring
Oxidized cellulose-containing fibrous materials and products made therefrom
Thermoplastic molding materials based on special graft rubber components
Device for and method of one-way cryptographic hashing
Server-assisted regeneration of a strong secret from a weak secret
Communication system having a transmitter and a receiver that engage in reduced size encrypted data ...
Processing channel resets while performing a ciphering configuration change in a wireless communicat...
VAMP-associated protein A-interacting proteins and use thereof
Method and apparatus for drilling to measurement data from commonly displayed heterogeneous measurem...
Data accelerator and methods for increasing data throughput
Communication device
Bipolar junction transistor structure with improved current gain characteristics
Resonator with seed layer
Circuit for regulating current to multiple batteries in a battery charger
Sliding window turbo decoder
Service lock release for a wireless communication device
Systems and methods for wideband differential probing of variably spaced probe points
Brain response monitoring apparatus and method
Adapter method and apparatus for interfacing a tester with a device under test
Balancing workloads in an electronics assembly factory
Circuit board coupon tester
Method for reducing position uncertainty of a portable inertial navigation device
Double pass polarization independent mixer and method using single nonlinear mixer media and off-axi...
Illumination optics and method
Magnetoresistive level generator and method
Control loop circuit and method therefor
Method and system for providing a desired atmosphere within an enclosure
Protective suspension system for portable computer
Vacuum cleaner having a secondary dirt and dust collection inlet
Application member, applicator, system, and method
Dispenser head having two nozzles
Composition for dyeing human keratin fibres, comprising a particular monocationic monoazo dye
Use of particular aminosilicones as a pretreatment of processes for coloring keratin fibers with dir...
Use of particular aminosilicones as post-treatment of processes for coloring keratin fibers with dir...
Bactericidal cleaning wipe comprising a cationic biocide
Dispensing head for dispensing a product
Cosmetic compositions containing di-block, tri-block, multi-block and radial block copolymers
Container with cap
Bottle with cap
Container without cap
Air freshener device
Air freshener device
Air freshener device
Fully compatible water-soluble fertilizer and use
High performance interprocess communication
Magnetic information recording medium having regions magnetized in different directions, a method fo...
Reduced profile interlocking plastic display
Thyristor having a first emitter with relatively lightly doped portion to the base
Compounds and methods for the inhibition of the expression of VCAM-1
Molding material and production process
Self-refreshening litter box
Automatic coffee maker with grinding device
Oral devices
Preparation of higher .alpha., .beta.-unsaturated alcohols
Thermoplastic olefin composition, process of making the composition, articles formed from the compos...
Fuel cell with framed electrodes
Line current differential protective relaying method and relay for in-zone tapped transformers
Light emitting device, light emitting device array, and printer having light emitting device array
Solid catalyst component and catalyst for olefin polymerization, process for producing olefin polyme...
Editing apparatus and editing method
Controller for a compacting vehicle wetting system
Method and device for inserting a rotor, in particular a motor vehicle wheel, which is rotatably mou...
Fuser member having high temperature plastic layer
Method of determining depth of compressions during cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Computer algebra system and method
Image transistor with laminar flow water cooling system
Application of a pseudo-randomly shuffled hadamard function in a wireless CDMA system
Transfer foil for applying a decorative layer arrangement to a substrate
2-amino-2-alkyl-3 hexenoic and hexynoic acid derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Pyrimidinone fused bicyclic metalloproteinase inhibitors
Drug discovery using multiple membrane mimetic affinities
Transreflectors, transreflector systems and displays and methods of making transreflectors
Mixed metallocene catalyst systems containing a poor comonomer incorporator and a good comonomer inc...
Continuous process for making an aqueous hydrocarbon fuel emulsions
Resin composite, method for producing the same and articles consisting of the same
Procedure for removing a water-insoluble finish from aramide fibers
Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition and molded articles
Polymeric foam sheet using ambient gas blowing agent via controlled expansion
Photoreactor with self-contained photocatalyst recapture
Method and compositions for processing poultry feathers
Process for the preparation of carbonyl compounds with a carbonyl group attached to the aromatic rin...
Container with a coating of barrier effect material, and method and apparatus for manufacturing the ...
Electronically conducting fuel cell component with directly bonded layers and method for making the ...
Binder resin containing polyhydroxyalkanoate, toner containing the binder resin, and image-forming m...
Methods and compositions using coiled binding partners
Mill classifier
Method for producing a well-exfoliated and dispersed polymer silicate nanocomposite by ultrasonicati...
Memory device having a semiconducting polymer film
Laminated phase retarder having a cholesteric liquid crystal layer, polarizing member and liquid cry...
Sol-gel coating
Transfer bias applying method for an image forming apparatus and device for the same
Polyacrylate joint sealants
Image forming apparatus with improved transfer efficiency
Acrylic emulsion coating for films, paper and rubber
Electrophotographic apparatus using photosensitive member employing charge injection method and deve...
Method of bonding a window to a substrate using a silane functional adhesive composition
Liquid image formation apparatus and liquid developing device
Polyimine/polyisocyanate coating composition
Linear stimulation of the heart for improved hemodynamic benefit
Lightweight radiation protective articles and methods for making them
Methods and systems for determining a presence of macro and micro defects on a specimen
Aromatic thioether liver X-receptor modulators
Antimicrobial treatment for swimwear
Conveyor system for an automatic accumulation system
Fibrous materials treated with a polyvinylamine polymer
Process of making a nonwoven web
Dispenser for absorbent paper products
Heated mechanical arm
Pressure activated reaction vessel and package
Mounting system for a wet wipes dispenser
Method for making an absorbent article with printed elastomers
Soft tissue
Water-dispersible, cationic polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Low noack volatility poly .alpha.-olefins
Method for preparing sealable films with siloxane additives
Crystal formation inhibition in lubricating compositions
Thermoplastic compositions for halogenated elastomers
On-line determination of wax crystallization temperature of waxy solvent stream
Porous biaxially oriented high density polyethylene film with hydrophilic properties
Method for improving oil recovery by delivering vibrational energy in a well fracture
Flexible centrifuge bag and methods of use
HBV capsid-binding peptide immunogens
Microparticle enhanced light scattering agglutination assay
Pharmaceutical compositions for hepatitis C viral protease inhibitors
Method of amplifying an RNA target sequence using an RNA polymerase functioning preferably on RNA te...
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive...
Method for manufacturing a magnetic recording medium
Recording tape cartridge
Magnetoresistive sensor and manufacturing method therefor
Ultra-violet treatment of a tunnel barrier layer through an overlayer a tunnel junction device
Magneto-resistive effect element, magnetic sensor using magneto-resistive effect, magnetic head usin...
Methods and compositions for optimizing interfacial properties of magnetoresistive sensors
Method and apparatus for measuring half frequency whirl in a spindle motor
Automated tape cartridge autoloader/library system
Data library that reads a memory while transporting the recording medium
Optical rotational position information detecting apparatus
Disc drive microactuator with lateral position sensor
Data cartridge load/unload mechanism for disk drive
Magnetoresistive element, memory element having the magnetoresistive element, and memory using the m...
Magnetic head of a magnetoresistance type having an underlying layer having a laminated structure of...
Information recording and reproducing method and information recording and reproducing device
Method and apparatus of converting a series of data words into a modulated signal
Fluorescent latent image transfer film, fluorescent latent image transfer method using the same, and...
Secreted salivary zsig63 polypeptide
Cotton transcription factors and their uses
Combinations of genes for producing seed plants exhibiting modulated reproductive development
Soybean cultivar SG0911RR
Soybean cultivar SG5010NRR
Soybean cultivar S010346
Soybean cultivar S010356
Soybean cultivar S010351
Soybean cultivar 0332132
Soybean cultivar S010336
Soybean cultivar 19704230
Soybean cultivar 19602310
Soybean cultivar 19705120
Soybean cultivar 924001
Soybean variety 91M40
Suppression of specific classes of soybean seed protein genes
Inbred corn line G4901
Wheat variety 25R47
Synchronous servo control for a tunable laser
Light-emitting semiconductor device producing red wavelength optical radiation
Integrated high power semiconductor laser
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser device and laser module
Light emitting device and transistor
Laser oscillating apparatus, exposure apparatus using the same and device fabrication method
Semiconductor laser device and method for effectively reducing facet reflectivity
Multi-beam scanning apparatus
Flexible optical circuit for use in an erbium-doped fiber amplifier and method for fabricating the f...
Computer system for use with laser drilling system
Surface emitting semiconductor laser device
Process for the recovery of copper from aqueous solutions containing iodinated organic compounds
Method for eliminating nickel ions and lead ions from ferrous salt solutions
Spherical particles of rare earth activated barium fluoride halide phosphor precursor
Method, apparatus and use of chelating agents for the purification of calcium sulphate
Rare earth metal compounds for use in high critical temperature thin film super-conductors, ferroele...
Method of making silica
Process for oxidation of ammonia
Dispersions and solutions of fluorinated single-wall carbon nanotubes
Process for producing single wall nanotubes using unsupported metal catalysts and single wall nanotu...
Method for preparing barium fluorohalide-based crystal
Process for producing titanium oxide
Process for the production of aluminum hydroxide of improved whiteness
Process for the preparation of nanocrystalline zeolite beta
Air compressor
Amorphous alloy powder core and nano-crystal alloy powder core having good high frequency properties...
Nano-carbon and composite material or mixed material containing nano-carbon and metal fine particle ...
Nanostructured Li4Ti5O12 powders and method of making the same
Process for synchronizing the transmission of programs and the incorporation of transmission content...
Oligonucleotide and nucleotide amine analogs, methods of synthesis and use
Steering system for watercraft
Trailer for transporting a vessel
Hollow gliding board with inertial mass
Biodegradable surfactant for invert emulsion drilling fluid
Apparatus for quick fixation of a device to a tripod head
Strobe charge apparatus
Distance measuring apparatus
Exposure system for obtaining a sensitometric control patch with exposure gradient
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting
Methods and devices for forwarding identification data
Folding electronic apparatus and flexible substrate thereof
Trunk design optimization for public switched telephone network
Battery pack locking apparatus for a mobile telephone
Routing optimizations for telecommunications network system and method
System and method for creating a controlling device
Constraint based routing
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
System for customer contact information management and methods for using same
System and method for monitoring and routing incoming calls
Method for operating a global, virtual call center
Apparatus and method of replacing telephony cards without down time
Amplifier arrangement
Mechanism for preventing clipping of pulse metering signals in telephone line card channels
Biasing arrangement for optimizing DC feed characteristics for subscriber line interface circuit
Roaming and hand-off support for prepaid billing for wireless data networks
Planar optical devices and methods for their manufacture
Crack inhibited composite dielectric layer
Welding apparatus
System for monitoring and for signaling by radio the pressure in pneumatic tires on motor vehicles
Portable motion detector and alarm system and method
Digitally synthesized phased antenna for multibeam global positioning
Communication device
Apparatus and method for providing a ground reference potential
Information transfer method radio terminal and radio gateway device using datalink layer signaling o...
Radio transmission timing calibrator
CDMA base station transmission device and method
Receiving apparatus and synchronization capturing method
Signalling method in a radio communication system, and transmitters, receivers and repeaters for imp...
Private multiplexing cellular network
Switching from dedicated to common channels when radio resources are controlled by drift radio netwo...
Communique system for combined cellular and wireline communication networks
Radio communication terminal and control method therefor
Calibration of received signal strength indication within a radio frequency integrated circuit
Small group sampling of data for use in query processing
Late bound subscription based event dispatching system and method
Challenge response messaging solution
Automatic discovery and configuration of external network devices
Transmitting and receiving messages through a customizable communication channel and programming mod...
Peer-to-peer instant messaging
Organizational locality in prefix-based structured peer-to-peer overlays
Universal graphics adapter
Method and system for providing a peripheral service to a host computing device
Heap allocation
Dynamic substitution of USB data for on-the-fly encryption/decryption
In-context security advisor in a computing environment
Method for managing network filter based policies
Persistent stateful component-based applications via automatic recovery
Method and system for categorizing failures of a program module
Transaction-safe FAT file system improvements
Error/exception helper
Automatic image capture for generating content
Empathetic human-machine interfaces
System and related interfaces supporting the processing of media content
Digital still camera system and method
Specifying a point of origin of a sound for audio effects using displayed visual information from a ...
Three-dimensional sound creation assisted by visual information
Automatic setting of optimal search window dimensions for motion estimation
Stochastic adjustment of differently-illuminated images
System of detecting road white line, method for detecting road white line and storage medium storing...
System and method for providing an image deghosting circuit in an electroptic display device
Apparatus and method for storing and reading digital images
Video recording device for recording video signal including character information
Face image photographic apparatus and face image photographic method
Electrostatic actuator and camera module using electrostatic actuator
Method and system for limiting repetitive presentations based on content filtering
Signal processing circuit for a digital signal receiving system
Method for clock recovery in MPEG systems
Fast, accurate and low power supply voltage booster using A/D converter
Double or single hung window unit having plastic frame members with windload resistance
Apparatus and method for extrusion of material
High expansion packer
Method of preparing thin-walled articles
Extrusion coating compositions and method
Moisture crosslinkable thermoplastics in the manufacture of vehicle weather strips
Flame-retardant molded component
Electroconductive polyamide resin composition and molded product for motor component prepared theref...
Liquid container and method of manufacturing liquid container
Swing with a position adjusting member for adjusting a backrest relative to a seat frame
Method and apparatus for practicing putting stroke
Friction device for footwear
Isolating trench and manufacturing process
Structure for determining edges of regions in a semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor device having an interconnect that electrically connects a conductive material and a d...
High performance silicon contact for flip chip and a system using same
Method of packaging a device with a lead frame, and an apparatus formed therefrom
Packaging substrate with electrostatic discharge protection
Module device of stacked semiconductor packages and method for fabricating the same
Interconnection substrate having metal columns covered by a resin film, and manufacturing method the...
Module component
Hermetically sealed microstructure package
Semiconductor topography with a fill material arranged within a plurality of valleys associated with...
Semiconductor devices, and semiconductor processing methods
Non-uniform minority carrier lifetime distributions in high performance silicon power devices
Display panel having light-emission element within an opening formed of insulating layers
Electro-optic device and electronic apparatus
High performance capacitor structure
Semiconductor laser array
Hybrid confinement layers of buried heterostructure semiconductor laser
Method for making quantitative analysis of nickel
Method for detecting defects
Method and apparatus for generating multi-layer routes
Authorization service in a service-oriented gaming network environment
Computer network physical-layer analysis method and system
Routing in a packet switched network
DSL auto baud
Auto-setup of a video safety curtain system
Information-inputting device inputting contact point of object on recording surface as information
Method and system for determining location and value of dispersion compensating modules in an optica...
Pager-based gas valve controller
Fixed wireless back haul for mobile communications using stratospheric platforms
Systems and methods for intelligent inter-system handoff
Method of diagnosing a vehicle engine cooling system
System and method for processing weather information
Method and system for improved audio data retrieval from an optical media
System and method for transferring ownership of data in a distributed shared memory system
Auxiliary storage slot scavenger
Method for recording and storage of system information in multi-board solid-state storage systems
Baby bottle accessory
Propeller shaft assembly for toy watercraft
Magnetic steering assembly for a toy vehicle
Non-linear control of a balancing vehicle
Industrial truck
Electro-mechanical powertrain with a fuel cell transmission
Operating-and braking-assistance device for wheelchairs
Hybrid electric vehicle torque distribution
Automotive equipment mounting structure
Force distributing top mount battery retention system
Hood airbag assembly
Externally-developed air bag device
Lateral inclination angle detector for passenger-protecting device for use in automotive vehicle
Exhaust system having a tail pipe arrangement and method of making same
Driver control input device having opposing movable posts for steering
Torque arm assembly for a vehicle
Vehicle with offset extendible axles and independent four-wheel steering control
Torque detector and electric power steering controller provided with torque detector
Controlling method of seat belt retractor
Rear wheel suspension device for saddle ride vehicle
Combined differential gear device
Power supplying apparatus and method for vehicle drive device to be controlled using control unit
Movement condition computing device, method, and program, and recording medium recording said progra...
Diesel engine exhaust purifying device
Oil supply structure for an engine cylinder head
Variable valve mechanism
Control strategy for regenerating a particulate filter in an exhaust system of an engine having a va...
Fluid control valve actuating system
Internal EGR quantity estimation, cylinder intake air quantity calculation, valve timing control, an...
Variable valve timing device
Camshaft control device and control valve with leakage compensation
Techniques for deploying analytic models in a parallel
Method and apparatus for characterizing and retrieving query results
Merge delete statement for database operations
System and method for using a compressed trie to estimate like predicates
Method and apparatus for deriving logical relations from linguistic relations with multiple relevanc...
Scalable storage system supporting multi-level query resolution
Method and apparatus for recording content containing watermark
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Business card stock with peel off labels, and method
Method for designing sets of color matrices that tile together
Head of line blocking
Enhanced MPEG information distribution apparatus and method
Content data judging apparatus
Establishing and interacting with on-line media collections using identifiers in media signals
Method and system for note taking using processing sensor
Image recording apparatus
Specifying security for an element by assigning a scaled value representative of the relative securi...
Technique for producing, through watermarking, highly tamper-resistant executable code and resulting...
Internet phone system and directory search engine using same
Internet telephony with interactive information
Telecommunications network with parallel session function
System and method for providing automated directory assistance via the internet and corresponding ca...
Directory assistance for IP telephone subscribers
System and method for extending the range of xDSL services
Voice-over internet protocol
Automatic programming of customer premises equipment for vertical services integration
Automated system for messaging based on chains of relationships
Method and apparatus for saving enhanced information contained in content sent to a wireless communi...
Method and apparatus for establishing point-to-point communications over a computer network
Method and system for internationalizing domain names
Apparatus and method for virtual edge placement of web sites
User interface with dynamic menu option organization
Thermoplastic film
Picture display device of the index type
Apparatus for active biological sample preparation
Porous silica substrates for polymer synthesis and assays
Nucleic acid affinity columns
Computer software system, method, and product for scanned image alignment
Apparatus for monitoring gas concentrations
Fiberscope training apparatus
Wall pedestal for displaying animal heads and other wildlife objects
Imaging prevention method and system
Refreshable Braille display unit
Night vision goggle training apparatus
Navigating e-learning course materials
Oxidation sensor for an electrical circuit and a method of manufacture therefor
Apparatus and method for color space conversion in video images
Packet transmission in mobile telecommunications systems
Method for overload control in a telecommunications network and apparatus therefor
Enhanced caller identification
Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) with multi-frequency lasers and optical couplers
Computer implemented method and apparatus for fulfilling a request for information content with a us...
Precision two dimensional optical fiber array
High speed weighted fair queuing system for ATM switches
Dual polling media access control protocol for packet data in fixed wireless communication systems
Parallelization of optical switch fabrics
Reverse-link power control overshoot considering mobile station transmission limitations
Per stream rate control using APP decoding
Thermoplastic molding materials based on special graft rubber components
Perpetual calendar
Multiple-nip calender and calendering arrangement
Contamination-free photoreceptor drying apparatus
Moving air jet image conditioner for liquid ink
Replaceable breakaway link for coating head assembly
Toner for developing electrostatic image, developer for electrostatic image, and process for forming...
Systems and methods for thermal isolation of a silicon structure
Illumination detection method for LED printbars
Semiconductor light emission element, semiconductor composite element and process for producing semi...
Image display medium and image formation apparatus
System for processing tabbed pages in the document
Image forming apparatus and developing device
Driving apparatus and image formation apparatus using the driving apparatus
Usability evaluation support apparatus
Stepper motor automated self-test routine
System and method for improving answer relevance in meta-search engines
Drive system for multiple axis robot arm
Gripper or clamping device
Suction control unit in a plate suction and lifting device
Adaptable servo-control system for force/position actuation
Digital camera
Digital camera
Materials and methods for the purification of inert, nonreactive, and reactive gases
Method and system for automated immunochemistry analysis
Ferroelectric transistor with enhanced data retention
Quick start barbecue
Seal and valve systems and methods for use in expanders and compressors of energy conversion systems
Optical communication part and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing magnetic metal powder, and magnetic metal powder
Thin film transistor, display device and their production
Semiconductor light emitting element and its manufacturing method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Coding depth file and method of postal address processing using a coding depth file
Method of forming an FeRAM having a multi-layer hard mask and patterning thereof
Convergent/divergent segmented exhaust nozzle
Method for manufacturing an ear device and ear device
Sound barrier system
Noise attenuation panel
Soft molding compound
Internet-based film festival digital entry and back office services suite model
Scrambling method of the data files
Object type relationship graphical user interface
Method, system, and program for implementing a database trigger
Providing a snapshot of a subset of a file system
Disc layout and optimization process
Information providing server
Table-level unicode handling in a database engine
Automatic determination of OLAP cube dimensions
Apparatus and method for mobile device synchronization
Method and system for managing multiple database storage units
Data processing method for digital camera
Method and system for intelligent global event notification and control within a distributed computi...
Method and system for server synchronization with a computing device via a companion device
System for finding data related to an example datum on two electronic devices
Method, apparatus and system for acquiring a global promotion facility utilizing a data-less transac...
Method and system for checking for power errors in ASIC designs
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Method and apparatus for rehabilitation of neuromotor disorders
Wireless controller for a video game player
Wrist support for bowlers
Game system, program and image generating method
Game material set and play method with money-match bonus level qualifier
Method of playing a wagering game
Billiard table
Magic game system
Game processing apparatus, game processing methods and recording media
Slot machine with an additional payout indicator
Method and apparatus for use of a guide wire capturing surgical instrument
Method for compact disc presentation of video movies
Semiconductor display device
Barrel assembly with removable barrel insert for pneumatic paintball gun
Pellet dispenser and method
Spin-stabilized projectile having a multi-part guide band and method of making the projectile
Apparatus and method for harvesting atmospheric moisture
Techniques for controlling distribution of information from a secure domain
Differential for a motor vehicle
Downhole mud motor
Turret support system and bearing unit
Diverted flow thrust bearing
Fluid bearing device
Four-point contact ball bearing
Free-wheel hub assembly
Axial bearing
Rolling apparatus
Motor device including a thrust bearing having a thrust plate
Motor having a fluid dynamic bearing with a radial capillary seal and re-circulation
Limb extremity positioning device and measurement method
Mobile station supported private system roaming
System for providing multimedia value-added services
Cleaning sheet
Container for wet wipes
Shrink sleeved bottle
Substantially serpentine shaped tampon
Filters and filter materials for the removal of microorganisms and processes for using the same
Water treatment compositions
Hard surface cleaning compositions
Domestic fabric article refreshment in integrated cleaning and treatment processes
Absorbent article having a lotioned topsheet
Nucleic acid encoding PRO229 polypeptides
DNA encoding mutated collagen X
Implantable system with drug-eluting cells for on-demand local drug delivery
Adenovirus gene expression system
Methods for hermetically sealing microchip reservoir devices
Bacterial host strains
Piperidine derivatives as reuptake inhibitors
Spiroindene and spiroindane compounds
Mechanisms for web-object event/state-driven communication between networked devices
Method and system for screening electronic messages
Method and apparatus for controlling dead e-mail address scanning discovery, status retries, and oth...
Method and apparatus for managing shared memory in a run-time environment
Method and apparatus for selectable event dispatching
Apparatus and methods for communicating between resource domains
Method and system for assigning resources in a communications system
Method and system for improved processing of CPU intensive communications protocols by disabling per...
Method and apparatus for preserving the contents of synchronous DRAM through system reset
Method and apparatus for bag-to-set, buffering remembered set
Personal website for electronic commerce on a smart java card with multiple security check points
Object-based security system
System and method for graphically detecting differences between test executive sequence files
Method for discovering problem resolutions in a free form computer helpdesk data set
Apparatus and method for data buffering
Interface markup language and method for making application code
Prepaid card cashing purchasing and token purchasing device
Portable voting booth
System and method for classifying vehicles
Method and system for verifying a photofinishing order
Apparatus for settling accounts and method of settling accounts
Method and apparatus to determine mean time to service
Virtual home data repository and directory
Web-based method and system for indicating expert availability
Method and system for aggregation of reward points for payment of auctioned items
Method of using a network of computers to facilitate and control the publishing of presentations to ...
Electronic payroll system & method
Method and apparatus for stock and index option price improvement, participation, and internalizatio...
Enhanced online sales risk management system
Router instruction processor for a digital document delivery system
Data protection system, data preparation device, and data working device
Method and system to provide objects, especially documents, multimedia objects, software application...
Authored data providing method, system and computer-readable recording medium for performing said me...
MicroTrac internet billing solutions
Account/asset activation device and method
Method, apparatus and computer program product for processing cashless payments
System and method for dynamically optimizing a banner advertisement to counter competing advertiseme...
2-pyridylmethylamine derivatives useful as fungicides
Furniture handle
Method and apparatus for associating PVC identifiers with domain names of home gateways
Dicing process for GAAS/INP and other semiconductor materials
Percolator unit with mobile infusion chamber and detachable without using tools
Fiber-forming apparatus
Wet on wet process for producing films
Molded filter element that contains thermally bonded staple fibers and electrically-charged microfib...
Method for making multilayer optical films
Display lighting system with uplight
Color-varying decorative lamp
Illuminating apparatus
LED lighting assembly
Solid-state automotive lamp
Thermally conductive lamp reflector
Recessed light fixture
Illuminated HVAC duct/advertising card holder for vehicles
Projection-type headlamp also having infrared light emitting function
Flame lamp with light pipe
LED light collection and uniform transmission system
Detachable connector for a lamp on a pendent lamp
Selectively insulated dome switch configuration
Apparatus for marking the operation of an induction coil by illumination
Light emitting diode module device
Compact fluorescent sun-tanning lamp
Motor-vehicle driving assistance device which is optimized by synergy with an adaptive lighting syst...
Haptic-sense-generation input device that is reduced in size by a gear mechanism
Optical devices using reflecting polarizing materials
Image-forming optical system
Lensed tapered optical waveguide
Corner assemblies for concrete form panels
Steel wire and method of manufacturing the same
Method of oxygen cutting a piece of steel, and apparatus for implementing said method
Surface on a stainless steel matrix
Rubber composition for adhering to steel cords
Buckling restrained braces and damping steel structures
High-toughness and high-strength ferritic steel and method of producing the same
Threaded joint for steel pipes and process for the surface treatment thereof
Compounds, composition, and methods for photodynamic therapy
Tasty, convenient, nutritionally balanced food compositions
Food products containing whole chia seed or a gluten-free agglutinant derived therefrom and methods ...
High protein foodstuff
Esterase enzymes, DNA encoding esterase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorporating same
Modified oat and corn grit products and method
Isoalloxazine derivatives to neutralize biological contaminants
Method for preparing a fatty substance ester and use thereof in pharmaceutics, cosmetics or food ind...
Electron source for food treating apparatus and method
Microwave heating device
Technique for suggesting favorites in navigation
Toaster pastry
Mycotoxin adsorbents
Balsamic sauce for alimentary use, with a basis of balsamic vinegar of Modena
Turn table and optical disk using the turn table
Spinal implant surface configuration
Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Polyurethane (polymer hybrid) dispersion with reduced hydrophilicity, method for producing the same ...
High-frequency welding of non-polar thermoplastic rubbers
Dimensionally stable polyester yarn for high tenacity treated cords
Zwitterionic groups containing compounds from michael-type reactions useful as monomers and macromer...
Composition having refractive index sensitively changeable by radiation and method for forming refra...
Antisense modulation of PPP3R1 expression
Antisense modulation of hematopoietic cell protein tyrosine kinase expression
Compound comprising crosslinked polyrotaxane
Polymer electrolyte composition and uses thereof
Thermally polymerized copolymers made from styrene and dicyclopentadiene monomers
Integration of low .epsilon. thin films and Ta into Cu dual damascene
Golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Thermosetting resin compositions containing maleimide and/or vinyl compounds
Water-based ink and preparing method thereof
Process for reducing the amount of fluorinated surfactant in aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions
System for accessing a remote processor on a network
Runtime symbol table for computer programs
Surgical navigation systems and processes for unicompartmental knee arthroplasty
Methods and apparatus to assist and facilitate vessel analysis
Method and apparatus for evaluating image
Bio-electric sensor and switch system for medical imaging
Birdhouse with an entrance having an adjustable size
Article for grooming pets
Animal grooming tool
Modular bird activity center
Bleached expanded pigskin and products
Elephant incursion prevention apparatus
Insulated probe
Animal restraint system for vehicles
Leash with frictionally resistant slidably mounted grip
Push to turn locking preset knob for fishing reel
Animal excrement pickup device
System for attracting fish
Multicomponent per food or animal food
Method and apparatus for separation of milk, colostrum, and whey
Cheese fractionating process
Fats and oils composition for reducing lipids in blood
Edible fat blends
Mice models of human prostate cancer
Inbred mouse strain selected for autoimmune arthritis
Modulation of PDE11A activity
Magnetic device
Differential floating gate circuit and method for programming
Programming of nonvolatile memory cells
Acoustical imaging interferometer for detection of buried underwater objects
Transverse flowing liquid Kerr cell for high average power laser Q-switching and for direct modulati...
Systems and methods using phonon mediated intersubband laser
Semiconductor laser device
Nitride semiconductor layer structure and a nitride semiconductor laser incorporating a portion of s...
Device and a method for the generation of coherent x-ray radiation
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser using photonic crystals
Vertical resonator laser diode containing coplanar electrical connecting contacts
Semiconductor laser
Resonant cavity enhanced VCSEL/waveguide grating coupler
Method, program and apparatus for efficiently removing stray-flux effects by selected-ordinate image...
Amplitude and phase control in distributed optical structures
Hollow core photonic bandgap optical fiber
Method and apparatus for opening and launching a web browser in response to an audible signal
Microfluidic design automation method and system
Bi-directional wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing devices
Method of grain production for heterozygous waxy sugary-2 maize
Method and apparatus for nanomagnetic manipulation and sensing
Time-and-temperature sensitive material tracking
Method and device for determining access to a subsurface target
Electrically sensing and stimulating system for placement of a nerve stimulator or sensor
Catalyst systems for polycondensation reactions
Pharmaceutical composition comprising Aralia extracts
Degradable polymers
Composition and method for smoke detoxification
Recombinant multivalent malarial vaccine against Plasmodium falciparum
Compositions comprising saccharomyces cerevisiae and lactic acid bacteria
Compositions, methods and apparatuses for preserving platelets
Assays for detection of Bacillus anthracis
IgM antibodies to the 70 kDa heat shock protein as a marker for cytomegalovirus infection
Production of replicative hepatitis C virus
Glycoprotein having inhibitory activity against helicobacter pylori colonization
Pest control agent/PF 1022-221
Compositions and methods for the treatment or prevention of inflammation
Compositions including reduced malto-oligosaccharide preserving agents, and methods for preserving a...
Fenofibrate-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes and their pharmaceutical composition
L-ascorbic acid-2-o-maleic acid-a-tocopherol diester 1-propanol adduct and process for producing the...
Neutralization of phosphate esters, compositions based upon and methods using same
Hydroxy and amine functionalized resins
Hydrangea plant named `Little Lamb`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Twoagain`
Spiraea plant named `Wilma`
Sanvitalia plant named `QuHa 4015/1`
Cherry tree named `Royal Kay`
Shrub rose plant named BAIhero
Chrysanthemum plant named `Lyra`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Cecaesar`
Bougainvillea plant named `Vera Lynn`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Hector`
Miniature rose variety `POULra018`
Rose plant named `POULpm004`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supalav`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supacher`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supalife`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiecandiro`
Climbing rose plant named `POULyc009`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yotobago`
Euphorbia milii plant named `Eros`
Verbena plant named `Comiverd`
Euphorbia milii plant named `Kronos`
Traction control system including setpoint slip adjustment
Powder for capacitor, sintered body thereof and capacitor using the sintered body
Detergent composition comprising polymeric suds enhancers which have improved mildness and skin feel
Method of preparing brominated hydroxy aromatic compounds
Photothermographic material
Plating bath analysis
Elimination of dendrite formation during metal/chalcogenide glass deposition
Shut-down procedure for fuel cell fuel processing system
Bipolar plates and end plates for fuel cells and methods for making the same
Long-lived conjugated polymer electrochemical devices incorporating ionic liquids
Alkaline cell having a cathode incorporating enhanced graphite
Ether derivatives useful as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Flame-resistant polycarbonate moulding compounds
Intercalates and exfoliates thereof having an improved level of extractable material
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Phospholipid-analogous compounds
Quick mounting clip system for hanging decorations and Christmas lights
Woven orthopedic implants
Catheter and method for manufacturing the same
Hyperthermia method and apparatus
Metallotetrapyrrolic photosensitizing agents for use in photodynamic therapy
Method for treating endocrine disorders