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Motorized lamp
Light integrator using an end-supported glass rod for enhanced uniformity and robust support
Lamp device for vehicle
Lightbox lampshade
Vehicle lamp and vehicle illumination and data transmission system incorporating same
Headlamp for vehicle
Vehicle headlamp
Method to stabilize and adjust the optical path length of waveguide devices
Optical structures distributed among multiple optical waveguides
Laser-guided manipulation of non-atomic particles
Connector detacher for detaching a connector from a connecting part by using a sliding block to push...
Generation of a color dropout function for use in electronic color dropout
Saturation correcting apparatus and method
Image data compression and reconstruction apparatus and method and storage medium thereof
Parallel edge filters in video codec
Method of determining the extent of blocking and contouring artifacts in a digital image
Pixel resampling system and method
Meridian point-probing device and curative effect-determining device
Non-alternating beat-to-beat fluctuations in T wave morphology
Method and apparatus for evaluating back flexibility
System and method for monitoring frequency and intensity of movement by a recumbent subject
Device for delivering a radioactive and/or drug dosage alone or in connection with a vascular stent
Implantable prosthesis for measuring six force components
Iontophoretic power supply
Implantable medical device and method using integrated T-wave alternans analyzer
Form system for poured concrete
Channel-reinforced concrete wall panel system
Powder metallurgy manufactured high speed steel
High-strength heat-resistant steel, process for producing the same, and process for producing high-s...
Method of producing steel strip
High-ductility steel sheet excellent in press formability and strain age hardenability, and method f...
Method for manufacturing a steel sheet
System for producing steel
Surface treated steel sheet with less environmental impact for electronic components, excellent in s...
Ferritic stainless steel which can be used for ferromagnetic parts
Quantitative measuring method and apparatus of metal phase using x-ray diffraction method, and metho...
Method of making a multiphase hot-rolled steel strip
Process to weld steel to copper
Ferromagnetic frame with laminated carbon steel
Compounds and uses thereof in treating bone disorders
Personal ornament
Exception handling using an exception pipeline in a pipelined processor
Preparation of ethylene polymers
Method for reducing pattern dimension in photoresist layer
Method for enhancing hematopoiesis
Apparatus for manufacturing optical fiber made of semi-crystalline polymer
Azlactone photoiniferters for radical polymerization
Sensing mode atomic force microscope
Compositions for treating shoes and methods and articles employing same
Electrically switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials including switchable optical coup...
Film having high breathability induced by low cross-directional stretch
Silica reinforced rubber compositions of improved processability and storage stability
Fluoroscopy intervention method with a cone-beam
Method of imaging the blood flow in a vascular tree
Attachment for a rotary milking platform
Suet bird feeder system
Free standing support for positional bottle feeder
Cat litter
Animal papilla disinfectants and method of improving microbial environment
Lighted bait container apparatus
Artificial fishing lure with interconnecting tumblers
Automatically adjustable fishing lure
Manually operated animal training device
Mobile prosthetic apparatus for disabled four-legged animals
Pet carousel
Method of diagnosing and treatment of a pet with food allergies
Cell culture apparatus and methods of use
Test architecture for microcontroller providing for a serial communication interface
Sectored least-recently-used cache replacement
Language analysis using a reading point
Method for memory allocation and management using push/pop apparatus
Method for providing high availability within a data processing system via a reconfigurable hashed s...
Personalized system for providing improved understandability of received speech
Correlating data streams of different protocols
Method and apparatus for initiating partial transactions in a peripheral interface circuit for an I/...
Virtual PCI device apparatus and method
Method, apparatus, and system for maintaining conflict-free memory address space for input/output me...
System and method for implementing advanced RAID using a set of unique matrices as coefficients
Semiconductor memory cell and memory array using a breakdown phenomena in an ultra-thin dielectric
Light emitting devices including tunnel junctions
Determination of material parameters
Fluorescent vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP)
Staphylococcus aureus genes and polypeptides
Esters with musky odor and their use in perfumery
Skin care product delivery system
Anodically formed intrinsically conductive polymer-aluminum oxide composite as a coating on aluminum
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Battery polymeric material, battery separator, battery insulating packing, and lithium battery
Method of fabricating rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery fabricated by sa...
Odorized seals for the detection of gas leak
Anode and anode chamber for copper electroplating
Battery separator, process for producing the same, and alkaline battery
Timing system and device and method for making the same
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries and method of preparing same
Mixed cathode active material for lithium secondary battery
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Antidiabetic agents
Non-Aqueous electrolyte secondary battery comprising composite particles
End-dogging head saw and method
Tumor Therapy
System for treating kidney disease in diabetic and non-diabetic patients
Methods and compositions in breast cancer diagnosis and therapeutics
Long lasting synthetic glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1)
Antiviral composition
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and /or p56lck tyro...
Antisense oligonucleotides for treating or preventing atopic diseases and neoplastic cell proliferat...
Self-calibrating rate-adaptive pacemaker
Implantable heart stimulator with microinstability testing for electrode contact with tissue
Method and apparatus for imparting curves in elongated implantable medical instruments
Data processing system having an on-chip background debug system and method therefor
Multi-scale finite-volume method for use in subsurface flow simulation
Method for increasing efficiency in a multi-processor system and multi-processor system with increas...
Inductive sensor arrangement comprising three sense coils cooperating with said three field coils to...
Self-adapting method for inhibiting corrosion of a component of a marine vessel through the use of a...
Light modulator structure for producing high-contrast operation using zero-order light
Oblique projection optical system and method for setting the same
Method and apparatus for reduction of call setup rate in an ATM network
Circuitry for mixed-rate optical communication networks
Adapters, adapter systems and method for use in connection with powered injectors for agitation of m...
Animal garment
One writer, multiple readers, shared data table concurrent access
Body for valve and method for manufacturing the same
Surface treatment method using electric discharge, and an electrode for the surface treatment method
Stable slurries of catalytically active materials
Color effect materials and production thereof
Device for processing a workpiece
Method for making adipic acid
Saccharide-based resin for the preparation of composite products
Multibeam scanning optical apparatus and color image-forming apparatus
Method and system for monochrome multi-beam printing with edge enhancement
Stepping motor
Device for adjusting conveyors for flat products in rotary presses
Infeed element for drawing in a material web
Multibeam laser light source with variable light source spacing for setting images on printing forms
Printing unit
Method and device for feeding a web
Methods and devices for operating a pressure unit
Angle bar assembly method for deviating a material web
Variable folder
Longitudinal folding device
Device for electrostatic charging of a multilayer paper web
Antialias mask generation
Inhibitors of apoptosis
Microcircuit housing with sloped gasket
Process for preparing acyloxybenzenesulfonates
Espresso brewing device
Data prefetcher with predictor capabilities
High gain wide range accommodating intraocular lens for implant into the capsular bag
Accommodating intraocular lens system and method of making same
Inhibitors of p38 kinase
Concentrating solar energy receiver
Solar cell structural body, solar cell array and sunlight power generation system
Accelerated hydrogen generation through reactive mixing of two or more fluids
System and method for early detection of contaminants in a fuel processing system
Fuel cell assembly
Method of forming a package for mems-based fuel cell
Cold start and temperature control method and apparatus for fuel cell system
Fuel purging of cascaded fuel cell stack
Organic fuel cell methods and apparatus
Gas humidification device for operation, testing, and evaluation of fuel cells
Hydrophilic anode gas diffusion layer
Method and device for recovering water produced by a fuel cell
Solid oxide regenerative fuel cell
Capillary fuel injector with metering valve for an internal combustion engine
In situ thermal processing of coal formation with a selected hydrogen content and/or selected H/C ra...
Oxygen-assisted water gas shift reactor having a supported catalyst, and method for its use
Superior toughness and adhesive strength ceramic coating of titanium aluminum carbon nitride-amorpho...
Luminescence crystal particle, luminescence crystal particle composition, display panel and flat-pan...
Endoluminal device exhibiting improved endothelialization and method of manufacture thereof
Optical sheet and display device having the optical sheet
Sheet for use for projection screen, light diffusion sheet and projection screen
Method of making solid oxide fuel cells and stacks
Mobile radiant energy sterilizer
Titanium boride gate electrode and interconnect
Hybrid multiplexer/demultiplexer
Electromagnetic device
Method and apparatus for enabling a quick repeat feature
Transformer ignition circuit for a transformer coupled plasma source
Method of manufacturing image forming apparatus
Multiple degree of freedom substrate manipulator
Method of precisely determining the location of a fault on an electrical transmission system
Illuminated touch pad
Laminated bus bar for use with a power conversion configuration
(2S)-2-amino-4-(2-amino-(3,4,5,6-tetrahydropyrimidin-4-yl) butanoyl and its use in cyclic and acycli...
Method for synthesis of n-[(s)-1-carboxybutyl]-(s)-alanine esters and use in synthesis of perindopri...
Gene delivery device and gene delivery method
Surface modification of a porous polymer monolith and products therefrom
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization sample holders and methods of using the same
Image forming apparatus with variable speed transferring and fixing devices
Superconducting microstrip filter having current density reduction parts
Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, process cartridge and photoconductor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
5-(9-acridinylamino)-toluidine compounds
Semiconductor thin film and semiconductor device
Printing quality checking apparatus of printing press
Communication terminal with an energy saving capability
Simplified interpolation for an optical navigation system that correlates images of one bit resoluti...
Transmit/receive optical cables
Method of extracting lipids from marine and aquatic animal tissues
Data write circuit in memory system and data write method
Method and apparatus for a combined fuel cell and hydrogen purification system
Method for the hydroformylation of olefins comprising 2 to 8 carbons atoms
Flame retardant resin compositions
Disconnect switch for switching capacitive currents
Oxyhalogenation process using catalyst having porous rare earth halide support
Semiconductor storage device and test system
Measuring wheel base parallelism with a position determination system
Single cam container necking apparatus and method
Cutter assembly
Method and apparatus for controlling color of a printing press based upon colorimetric density diffe...
Enclosed power clamp
Container latching method and apparatus
Mechanism for dumping a refuse container
Pressure liquid filtration with ultrasonic bridging prevention
System for detecting liquid in an inground lift
Apparatus for trimming a flange on a cylindrical opening of a plastic container
Apparatus for scan testing printed circuit boards
Integrated air flow control for a pick and place spindle assembly
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a vehicle lift
Vehicle-straightening bench with movable carriages for mounting pulling assemblies
Laser scanner with parabolic collector
Car wash entry station with security vault
Plate roll loading and positioning apparatus and method
Touch-free loading system for an in-bay, automatic vehicle wash system
Correction for debris and low output photosensors in scroll fed scanner using stored initial calibra...
Method and apparatus for feeding and scanning over-sized media sheets
Circuit board support arrangement, method, and method for using the same
Coherency control module for maintaining cache coherency in a multi-processor-bus system
Memory controller for memory card manages file allocation table
Rebuild bus utilization
System and method for resetting and initializing a fully associative array to a known state at power...
Simultaneous and redundantly threaded processor uncached load address comparator and data value repl...
Imaging system having media stack component measuring system
Endless belt dry toner agitator
Memory efficient occurrence model design for VLSI CAD
Automatic classification method and apparatus
Effectively and efficiently updating content files among duplicate content servers
Hybrid and predictive admission control strategies for a server
MRI apparatus
Circulators and isolators with selectable operating regions
Isolator for greatly attenuating signal transmitted in reverese direction over wide frequency band
Electromagnetic wave absorber and high-frequency circuit package using the same
Steerable transceiver unit for downhole data acquistion in a formation
Loop antenna
Interferometer and its fabrication method
Method and system for measuring depth to saturated soils
Sensor arrangement for detecting properties of a target
Screen-printing apparatus with pneumatic screen frame clamps
Compensation films for liquid crystal displays
Resist composition and patterning method
Cross-linker monomer comprising double bond and photoresist copolymer containing the same
Method for absorbing contaminants
Tamper evident overap of a container
Toughened cyanoacrylate adhesives containing alkene-acrylate copolymers and method for production
Systems and methods for medication monitoring
Outdoor speaker
Database system providing methodology for acceleration of queries involving functional expressions a...
Edge sharpener
Fluid jet cutting machine with a system for a contact free guidance of a spacing sensor
Fiber-optic pressure sensor
Image sensors with improved signal to noise ratio
Radar device and method for coding a radar device
Method and apparatus for chromatography-high field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry
Strain sensing
Apparatus for the remote measurement of physical parameters
System for applying printed information to a package
Method and apparatus for optical sensor system and optical interface circuit
Painting robot with improved wrist conduit
Retractable magnifier with an electric lamp
Interference-efficient method and apparatus to provide CDMA services
Stitchbonded fabric and process for making same
Preparation of modified fluff pulp, fluff pulp products and use thereof
Method of manufacture of tissue products having visually discernable background texture regions bord...
Chlorination system for swimming pools and the like
Porous acrylic fiber and fabric comprising the same, and method of producing the same
Elastic film laminate
Perimeter monitoring system
Security device for a bottle
Apparatus and method for fabricating flat workpieces
Garment having wireless loopset integrated therein for person with hearing device
Device for prediction of human or mammalian labor
Material handling apparatus
Apparatus and method for speaker normalization based on biometrics
System and method for enabling unified access to multiple types of data
Bandage for wound or incision closure
Swimwear with built-in draining mechanism
Process for the beneficiation of sulfide minerals
Method of manufacturing glass panel and glasspanel manufactured by the method
Method for manufacturing patterned glass products
Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Electric glass melting furnace, with pivoting wall elements
Method for treating glass substrates and glass substrates for the producing of display screens
Porous high-alumina fused cast refractory and method of its production
Glass bulb for a cathode ray tube and cathode ray tube
Glass bulb for a color cathode ray tube, and color cathode ray tube
Glass substrate for display and method of selecting it
Glass fiber forming compositions
Method of manufacturing window using ion beam milling of glass substrate(s)
Optical amplifying glass and optical waveguide
Cutting device for separating individual laminated chip assemblies from a strip thereof, method of s...
High frequency wave glass antenna for an automobile
Heat treatable coated article with anti-migration barrier between dielectric and solar control layer...
Process for the preparation of tolterodine
Method of resolving amlodipine racemate
Cyclopropylindole derivatives as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Ferrule for connector of optical fiber and method of welding ferrule and optical fiber
Ultrasonic tool and method for securing a covering to a frame
Image processing method, system and computer program to improve an image sensed by an image sensing ...
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Drive transmission device and optical apparatus using same
Scanning type image display optical system, scanning type image display apparatus, and image display...
Lens apparatus and image-taking apparatus
Image data registering apparatus and method, storage medium, and program product
Information signal reproducing apparatus and method having improved search function utilizing altern...
Method and apparatus for controlling motor
Image forming apparatus
Speech recognition accuracy in a multimodal input system
Information search apparatus and method, and storage medium
Separators for three-phase or two-phase fluid mixtures realized with a centrifugal device designed f...
Surface acoustic wave branching filter
Anterior expandable spinal fusion cage system
Monoclonal antibody recognizing phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-triphosphate
Lateral flow contact test apparatus
Color contrast system for lateral flow immunoassay tests
Process for bonding solder bumps to a substrate
Methods for manufacturing resistors using a sacrificial layer
Copper interconnect by immersion/electroless plating in dual damascene process
Semiconductor device manufacturing method for improving adhesivity of copper metal layer to barrier ...
Method of copper/copper surface bonding using a conducting polymer for application in IC chip bondin...
Electroless plating liquid and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and electro-optical device including the same
Embedding resin and wiring substrate using the same
Liquid metal switch and method of manufacture therefor
Temperature controlled dome-coil system for high power inductively coupled plasma systems
Semiconductor apparatus including insulating layer having a protrusive portion
Leadframe for enhanced downbond registration during automatic wire bond process
Microelectronic connection components utilizing conductive cores and polymeric coatings
Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method of the same
Method and system for measuring circuit design capability
Monitor for obtaining device state by intelligent sampling
DMA mechanism for high-speed packet bus
Electronic equipment, and method for controlling state of physical layer circuit therefor
Method and apparatus for device interface
Memory controller for controlling memory accesses across networks in distributed shared memory proce...
Method of multiplexed address and data bus
Data driven type apparatus and method with router operating at a different transfer rate than system...
Integrated circuit for security and manageability
Method and system for intercepting an application program interface
Circuit and method for adjusting the clock skew in a communications system
Automatic test pattern generation for functional register transfer level circuits using assignment d...
Pharmaceutical combinations for the treatment of stroke and traumatic brain injury
Carboxylic acid derivative and a pharmaceutical composition containing the derivative as active ingr...
Plant nitrogen regulatory P-PII polypeptides
TSA305 gene
NIK-knockout mice
Process for coating a surface of a stent
Stable foam for use in disposable wipe
Use of gellable pharmaceutical compositions in periodontology
Processor with programmable addressing modes
System and method for dynamically adjusting to CPU performance changes
Multi-tasking-real-time operating system for microprocessors with limited memory that constrains con...
Protective film for optical disks and optical disk using the film
Cord winder
Hybrid spindle bearing
Magnetizing apparatus
Planar inverted-F antenna including a matching network having transmission line stubs and capacitor/...
Asynchronous sample rate estimation using reciprocal frequency error minimization
All fiber gain flattening optical filter
Diffractive optical element for providing favorable multi-mode fiber launch and reflection managemen...
Remote UV laser system and methods of use
Closure mechanism and method for spent nuclear fuel canisters
Highly stable opto-mechanic switches
Optical fiber-lens array
Grating interference device with adjustable resolution
Optical signal processing apparatus
Mode multiplexing optical coupling device
P-Si Er fiber profile
Method and apparatus for providing dispersion compensation
Optical fiber base material, its manufacturing method and optical fiber
Apparatus for holding a fiber array
Optical communications terminal station, optical signal transmission method, and optical signal incr...
Polarization mode dispersion compensating apparatus
Granulated detergent composition
Article for use in washing in sheet form
Detergent biodegradable polyacrylates
Encapsulated detergent
Acidic light duty liquid cleaning compositions comprising a sultaine
Idle speed control system
Magnetically responsive limited slip differential
Vehicle control apparatus
Lane detection system and apparatus
System and method for controlling vehicle braking operation
Technique for changing a range gate and radar coverage
Electronic throttle control (ETC) idle area request security
In-vehicle radar system
Method and apparatus for limiting engine operation in a programmable range
System and method for minimizing injury after a loss of control event
Glass workpiece transporting and locating system
Automated weld location system for vehicles
Antiviral compounds and methods for synthesis and therapy
(Dihydro) isoquinoline derivatives as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Eurotinones, and derivatives thereof, processes for preparing them, and their use
Substituted piperazine derivatives, the preparation thereof and their use as medicaments
Isomerization catalyst and processes
Thromboxane ligands without blood clotting side effects
Catalyst for hydrotreating of gas oil and method for hydrotreating of gas oil
Parallel flow gas phase reactor and method for reducing the nitrogen oxide content of a gas
Multicomponent meningococcal vaccine
Computer manipulatable camera and computer, computer product and system for manipulating camera
Memory management system and method for providing physical address based memory access security
Musical instrument teaching device and method therefor
Well production management and storage system controller
Apparatus and a method for adjusting fluid movement in a variable displacement pump
Methods and apparatus for controlling a continuous flow rotary blood pump
Jet pump with recirculating motive fluid
Fuel injection pump with a filter
Device for delivering moist gases
Shaft seal, in particular for an axial piston displacement compressor
High-pressure fuel pump for internal combustion engine with improved partial-load performance
Device for regulating compressors or aspirators
Ball check air vent for transmission pump
Rotary blower with forced external air cooling
Centrifugal pump with switched reluctance motor drive
Gas compressor and method with improved valve assemblies
Delivery valve device for refrigerant fluid compressor
Capacity modulated scroll compressor
Flow meter
Concrete pump with S-tube valve assembly with wear ring-spring-retainer ring construction
Hybrid power transmission system having first and second clutch mechanisms
Portable air circulation device
Photoresist supply apparatus capable of controlling flow length of photoresist and method of supplyi...
Spatial and spectral wavefront analysis and measurement
Electrohydraulic monitoring device for a dual effect hydraulic cylinder
Method for noninvasive continuous determination of physiologic characteristics
Compact fluorescence endoscopy video system
Parallel measurement alarm processor
Method for obtaining a monolayer of desired particles in a liquid sample
High spatial resolution infrared ellipsometer
Apparatus of monitoring and optimizing the development of a photoresist material
Total internal reflection illumination apparatus and microscope using this total internal reflection...
Pretilt angle measuring method and measuring instrument
Fiber polarimeter, the use thereof, as well as polarimetric method
Entangled-photon ellipsometry
System for collecting multiple x-ray image exposures of a sample using a sparse configuration
Device for examining samples
Image processing system
Distortion free image capture system and method
Image recorder
Method, apparatus, and product for accurately determining the intima-media thickness of a blood vess...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium and program
Computer-readable recording medium storing resolution converting program, resolution converting devi...
Apparatus for isolation of particles, preferably cell clusters
Ratchet wrench having a rigid locking structure
Patterning method with micro-contact printing and its printed product
Head driver for liquid jetting apparatus
Process for determination of the activity of a substance using an in vitro functional test
Process for producing biochip
Liquid-jet head and liquid-jet apparatus
Apparatus and methods for infrared calorimetric measurements
Patient movement detection system for a bed including a load cell mounting assembly
Substrate holder and device manufacturing method
Method of finding drive values for an actuation mechanism
Light-beam deflecting device with photonic crystal, optical switch using the same, and light-beam de...
Method and system for assembling keypad
Micro acoustic spectrum analyzer
Haptic interface for laptop computers and other portable devices
Optical switching apparatus with divergence correction
Method of through-etching substrate
High density data storage module
Spatially programmable microelectronics process equipment using segmented gas injection showerhead w...
External cavity laser with continuous tuning of grid generator
Optical backplane for use with a communications equipment chassis and method of operation therefor
Method for calibrating a MEMS device
Multi-phase flow meter for crude oil
Wafer bonding hermetic encapsulation
Generating electric power in response to activity of a biological system
Parallel plate electrostatic actuation of MEMS mirrors
Microfluidic device with multiple microcoil NMR detectors and field gradient focusing
Wideband 2-D electronically scanned array with compact CTS feed and MEMS phase shifters
System for data transfer
Miniature, narrow band, non-collinear acoustic optical tunable filter for telecom applications
Bubble cycling heat exchanger
Cooling system and cooled electronics assembly employing partially liquid filled thermal spreader
Densified heat transfer tube bundle
Heat-dissipating casing of electronic apparatus
Thermoroll for a paper/board machine or finishing machine and a method for manufacturing the thermor...
Temperature adjustment apparatus
Container for transporting temperature sensitive materials
Semiconductor processing temperature control
Method of regulating the temperature of integrated circuit modules, using a heat exchanger with a fa...
Portable information processing apparatus
Computer rack cooling system
WDM add/drop multiplexer module
Active cooling system for CPU and semiconductors also enabling thermal acceleration
Apparatus and method for heat sink
Airflow shroud mounted fan system and method for cooling information handling system components
Cooling device for semiconductor modules
Electronic assembly with solderable heat sink and methods of manufacture
Fastening device
Retaining apparatus
Multiple plasma generator hazardous waste processing system
Tapered multi-layer thermal actuator and method of operating same
Oxy-fueled waste incinerator and method
Manually-opened and latchable with only residual magnetism, two-way two-position fluid control valve...
Tapered thermal actuator
Solvent-free thermosetting resin composition, process for producing the same, and product therefrom
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, toner cartridge, image forming method, process cart...
Method for producing alcoxylated carbonyl compounds by an anodic oxidation method using a cathodic c...
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Fire system implemented with power line communications
System for spatially adjustable excitation of leadless miniature marker
Hearing aid with portion thereof inserted in auditory canal, with auditory canal ventilation
Multiple mode universal power source
Ballast self oscillating inverter with phase controlled voltage feedback
Trunking inter-switch links
Respiratory apparatus with improved flow-flattening detection
Gas supply for sleep apnea
Respiratory assistance device
Administration of CPAP treatment pressure in presence of apnea
Breathing assistance apparatus
Method and apparatus for nullifying the imposed work of breathing
Method of forming rubber-metal composites
Coating compositions
Heat resistant resin composition and adhesive film
Hollow airtight semiconductor device package
High-frequency semiconductor device
Highly heat-resistant plasma etching electrode and dry etching device including the same
Flame retarded epoxy resin composition
Ultraviolet-curable resin composition for optical discs
High-frequency semiconductor device
Method for applying rigid and self-adhesive printed matter to a curved surface of an object
Adhesive with carboxyl benzotriazole for improved adhesion to metal substrates
Method of treating batten disease
Therapeutic and prophylactic treatment of aging and disorders of aging in humans
Arylamines as inhibitors of chemokine binding to US28
Methods for inhibiting the production of TSST-1
Microgels and process for their preparation
Process for the preparation of cyclo(Asp-DPhe-NMeVal-Arg-Gly)
Expanded porphyrins and a method for synthesis thereof
Compounds and methods of uses
Ester or amide derivatives
Sulfone liver X-receptor modulators
Biomedical devices containing internal wetting agents
Gaming device having multiple displays
Semiconductor memory chip and semiconductor memory device using the same
Methods and systems for preventing delivery of unwanted short message service (SMS) messages
Gaming device having multiple displays
Gaming device having multiple displays
Monopole tip for ablation catheter and methods for using same
Polycosanols from ericerus pela wax
Mat of glass and other fibers and method for producing it
Dihydrobenzopyrans, dihydrobenzothiopyrans, and tetrahydroquinolines for the treatment of COX-2 medi...
Apparatus for detecting damage to the transducer head and/or tape guide of an interactive media devi...
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same, and method of forming a patterned thin fil...
Method and apparatus for predicting a head crash in a disc drive
Dual magnetic tunnel junction sensor with a longitudinal bias stack
Tape loading apparatus
Hard disk drive with electrically conductive sheet for electrostatic discharge protection
Flex circuit bracket which establishes a diffusion path for a data storage device housing
Stiffness compensation for a thermally compensated fluid dynamic bearing
Disc fixing apparatus and associated method fixing a disc and motor in balanced rotation
Erasure techniques for magnetic tape media
Scaleable resolution motion image recording and storage system
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with a multilayered main write pole
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Tape cartridge having a plurality of identification openings
Actuator latch of hard disk drive
Process for producing heat sensitive recording material
Integrated circuit and A/D conversion circuit
Co-bonded joint with Z-pins
Integrated modem and line-isolation circuitry and associated method having intrusion detection
Intrusion detection system for secure fiber optics
High density polyethylene melt blends for improved stress crack resistance in pipe
Conformational and topological protein regulation
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Xanthine phosphodiesterase V inhibitors
Assembly of opto-electronic module with improved heat sink
Paper tray moisture control
Tandem style color image forming apparatus
Data processing system for vocalizing web content
World wide web registration information processing system
System and method for continually updating dynamic data
Cofetching in a command cache
Method and apparatus for redirection of data when electronic mail is restricted
System and method for retrieving select web content
Arrangements and methods for latency-sensitive hashing for collaborative web caching
System and method for web or file system asset management and visualization
Ultrasonic dental tool having quick change connector and method of making same
Oriented, cross-linked UHMWPE molding for orthopaedic applications
Biocompatible oral bandage, application and method of manufacture
Joining element for fastening detachable tooth prostheses to tooth crowns or to tooth implants
Arrangement and system for production of dental products and transmission of information
Mass production of shells and models for dental restorations produced by solid free-form fabrication...
Antibiotic calcium phosphate coating
Secondary part for linear motor with a cooling system
Illumination unit having at least one essentially U-shaped gas discharge lamp
Drive controller operator interface and serial protocol
Method of securing a machine element and/or a load connected to the machine element in a fixed posit...
Method and device for transmitting a magnetic resonance signal
Shim tray, and gradient coils system and magnetic resonance apparatus for the acceptable of the shim...
Security system for a motor vehicle
Method of differentiating tires in a vehicle
Disk drive mounting system for absorbing shock and vibration in a machining environment
Optical add drop and dispersion compensation apparatus
Steerable horizontal subterranean drill bit having a one bolt attachment system
Memory cell having a vertical transistor with buried source/drain and dual gates
Exposure apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor devices, semiconductor manufacturing plant...
Technique for voltage level shifting in input circuitry
Synchronous up/down address generator for burst mode read
Control system for an electronic sign (video display system)
Universal optical control and management platform
Measurement system including a programmable hardware element and measurement modules that convey int...
Methods for interfacing components and for writing and reading a serial data stream to and from a co...
Multiprotocol packet framing technique
Image reading apparatus, original reading method and original conveyance apparatus
Packet-based optical communications networks
Skew calibration means and a method of skew calibration
Combined aircrew systems tester (CAST)
Thienothiophene derivatives
Thermal seat and thermal device dispensing and vending system employing RFID-based induction heating...
Method for prohibiting unauthorized access in a non-contacting data carrier system
Method of making radio frequency identification tags
Waste energy recovery system, including method of recovering waste energy from fluids, and pipes hav...
Methods, systems and computer program products for determining a point of loss of data on a communic...
Interrupt disabling apparatus, system, and method
Method and apparatus for isolating frames in a data processing system
Method and apparatus for correcting data
Method and user interface for debugging an electronic system
System and method for managing the distribution of events in a data processing system
Vectors and methods for immunization or therapeutic protocols
Method and apparatus for measuring film thickness and film thickness growth
Ultrasound therapy for selective cell ablation
Preparation of nanocrystallites
Method of producing a laminated packaging material
Method and device for capturing fine particles by trapping in a solid mixture of carbon dioxide snow...
Detection of alzheimer's amyloid by magnetic resonance imaging
Nanoscopic hair care products
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of herpes simplex virus infection
Method of forming particulate materials for thin-film solar cells
Information recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
Method for producing highly-branched glycidol-based polyols
Complex of clay and polyoxyalkylene amine grafted polypropylene and method for producing the same
Rock bit seal with extrusion prevention member
Hybrid connector system and method
Multichannel catheter
Thermoformed panel and method for its production
Extrusion die for making hollow-chamber profiled panels of thermoplastic plastic with interior coext...
IMP TiN barrier metal process
Process for producing a tetrafluoroethylene polymer excellent in strength
Supported group 8-10 transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
Method for producing multilayer metal composite tubes
Porous structure, ink jet recording head, methods of their production, and ink jet recorder
Method for eliminating error in tonometric measurements
Coin holder and dispenser adapted for use with a coin-operated slot machine
Gaming device having a changing multiple selection set bonus scheme
Disc guiding device for directing discs discharged from a disc passageway
Data format for a streaming information appliance
Formatting object for modifying the visual attributes of visual objects to reflect data values
Method and apparatus for providing quality-of-service delivery facilities over a bus
Methods and system for general skinning via hardware accelerators
Automated system recovery via backup and restoration of system state
Browser navigation for devices with a limited input system
Using state information in requests that are transmitted in a distributed network environment
System and method providing continual rate requests
System and method for enhancing a server's ability to withstand a "SYN flood" denial of service atta...
System and method for automating the testing of software processing environment changes
Spectral calibration of fluorescent polynucleotide separation apparatus
Carbon nanotube molecular labels
Scanning micromirror for optical communication systems and method of manufacturing the same
Lasing semiconductor optical amplifier with optical signal power monitor
Wavelength specific coating for mirrored optics and method for reducing reflection of white light
Magnetic head
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Anti-parallel coupled free layer for a GMR sensor for a magnetic head
Multilayer thin film hydrogen getter and internal signal EMI shield for complex three dimensional el...
Apparatus and method for disturb-free programming of passive element memory cells
Motor run timer
Optical waveguide filters
Optical branching circuit and device
Tool path planning process for component by layered manufacture
Methods and apparatus for model predictive control of aircraft gas turbine engines
Method and system for turbomachinery surge detection
Eddy current data union
Fault tolerant apparatus and method for determining a revolution rate of a gear
Method and system for capturing, managing, and disseminating manufacturing knowledge
Automotive gearbox with an integrated brake
Dielectric image guide integrated mixer/detector circuit
Dielectric image guide integrated harmonic pumped mixer
Dielectric image waveguide antenna array
Microwave resonator for operation in the whispering-gallery mode
Radar module and radar system
Meander delay line having delay-time peaks which are a function of frequency
High uniformity microstrip to modified-square-ax interconnect
Fascia board hanger
Apparatus and method for spray-painting
Vehicle object detection system and method
Powder coating systems
Conducted heat vector sensor
Multiple component metering and dispensing system
Lithography process for patterning HgI2 photonic devices
Broad spectrum bio-detection of nerve agents, organophosphates, and other chemical warfare agents
Method for anchoring a material in or to concrete or masonry
System and method for providing cooling air flow to interior of welding gun
Threat identification for mass spectrometer system
Space area network
Locally isolated ruggedized computer system and monitor
Automatic reverse motor controller
Method of manufacturing image display apparatus
Portion of a shoe upper
Performance shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Sport shoe provided with a device to control the flexion of the toe
Portion of a shoe upper
Gas assisted injection moulding
Hook for hook and loop fasteners
Climate configurable sole and shoe
Footwear having compacted portion and design
S-B-S compositions
Textured arch support device and method of manufacture
Expandable shoe and shoe assemblies
Footwear insole
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Tunable semiconductor laser with integrated wideband reflector
Laser that can be tuned quickly over a wide band
Semiconductor laser device
Index guided vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Solid-state laser using ytterbium-YAG composite medium
GaAs/AI(Ga)As distributed bragg reflector on InP
Mount having high mechanical stiffness and tunable external cavity laser assembly including same
Semiconductor laser module and optical transmission system
Optoelectronic device
Optical transmitter module
Modulation system and methods for optical source bank
Device for and method of testing semiconductor laser module
Laser-diode-pumped solid-state laser apparatus and status diagnostic method of the same
Method of controlling a wavelength of a semiconductor laser, optical module, optical transmitter, WD...
High-speed laser array driver
Laser apparatus in which GaN-based compound surface-emitting semiconductor element is excited with G...
Adhesive composition for bonding different members, bonding method using the composition and composi...
Method of removing material from an external surface using core/shell particles
Absorbent article with refastenable sides
Methods of forming contact holes using multiple insulating layers
Electromagnetic wave absorption material and an associated device
Wiring connection structure and transmitter using the same
MOS transistor and method of forming the transistor with a channel region in a layer of composite ma...
Device having reflective and transmissive properties
Combined vapor and particulate filter
Method for positioning garment side panels
Apparatus and method for continuous formation of composites having filler and thermoactive materials...
Device for the inductive heating of a toolholder
Tunable optical filter
Single layer capacitor
Pneumatic tire
Golf ball
Single-stage method of fabricating radial tire with breaker ply extending between bead regions
Method and apparatus for portably recognizing text in an image sequence of scene imagery
Method of improving RRO of wheel rim
Pneumatic tire with specified airtight layer on inner surface
Batch mixer and a mixing rotor for the same
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball with improved shot feel without deterioration in durability and flight performance
Multi-piece golf ball
Pneumatic tire
Bonding elastomeric articles
Method for splicing a conveyor belt
Monitoring a condition of a pneumatic tire
Tire tread
Reinforcing structure
Tire with component comprised of a blend of polybutadiene-rich rubber composition which contains a m...
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Fabric support for metal reinforced inner ply of runflat tire
Tire tread
Crown reinforcement for heavy duty tires
Method for evaluating and controlling a mixing process
Tire tread
Roller die preformer for wide extrusions
Lattice gate for drop gate injection molding
Optical communication system
Vehicle seal
Tank cap
Light source comprising a light-emitting element
Head protecting airbag device
Polyester resin composition for engine peripheral parts
Cap device
Sealing structure of motor vehicle
Sealing strip and vehicle panel assembly
Head protection air bag device
Cup holder
Semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Non-drying sealer composition
Optical waveguide device manufacturing jig, method of manufacturing optical waveguide device by use ...
Viral vector encoding pigment epithelium-derived factor
Compact, lightweight high-performance lift thruster incorporating swirl-augmented oxidizer/fuel inje...
Arrangements for the de-icing, anti-icing and decontamination of aircraft or other vehicles
Gust alleviation/flutter suppression device
Device for training the stance of a golfer
Golf aiming and alignment training mat
Sport swing analysis system
Semiconductor laser and a manufacturing method for the same
Apparatus for determining linearity of tire characteristic
Method for evaluating the degradation of a video image introduced by a digital transmission and/or s...
Image forming apparatus with transferring device
Measuring device with a measuring module and a clock
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Collaborative workload management responsive to a late running work unit
Stealth network
Apparatus and method for selectively accessing disparate instruction buffer stages based on branch t...
Using device certificates to authenticate servers before automatic address assignment
Substrate carrier management system and program
Thin-film solar cell and manufacture method therefor
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Thin film transistor formed on a transparent substrate
Light emitting device
Two layer mirror for LCD-on-silicon products and method of fabrication thereof
Semiconductor triode device having a compound-semiconductor channel layer
Light emitting diode device
Base for a NPN bipolar transistor
Semiconductor light emitting device having gallium nitride based compound semiconductor layer
Multilayered reflective membrane and gallium nitride-based light emitting element
Transverse junction field effect transistor
Memory structure with a ferroelectric capacitor
Semiconductor memory including forming beams connecting the capacitors
Trench cell for a DRAM cell array
Lateral MOSFET structure of an integrated circuit having separated device regions
High holding voltage LVTSCR
Boron-doped titanium nitride layer for high aspect ratio semiconductor devices
Substrate for electronic device, method for manufacturing substrate for electronic device, and elect...
Multi-part dental compositions and kits
Expression analysis of FKBP nucleic acids and polypeptides useful in the diagnosis of prostate cance...
Carbamoyl triazolinone based herbicide
Color safe laundry methods employing zwitterionic formulation components
Light modulation by frustration of total internal reflection
Macroaggregated protein conjugates as oral genetic immunization delivery agents
Triggered active packaging material
Amidobenzamide derivatives which are useful as cytokine inhibitors
Protein formulation
Varnish and its use for producing varnish coatings and color-and/or effect-producing multi-layer coa...
Disposable absorbent article having fecal management layer
Fluid storage material including particles secured with a crosslinkable binder composition and metho...
Design, fabrication, testing, and conditioning of micro-components for use in a light-emitting panel
Gyricon displays containing modified particles
Field addressable rewritable media
Dielectric resonance device with stabilized electric performance
Systems, methods and computer program products for filtering glitches from measured values in a sequ...
Compensation circuit and method for compensating for an offset
Interface unit for an electrophysiology measurement system
Electrocardiogram filter
Data management system for implantable cardiac device
Chemical-mechanical polishing slurry for polishing of copper or silver films
Metal non-oxide coated nano substrates
Method to reduce the rate of diffusion of slow-release materials through polymers and process for ma...
Measuring device and method
System and method for interfacing with a personal telephony recorder
Methods and apparatus for storing and retrieving knowledge
Information storage and retrieval device
System, method and apparatus for conducting a keyterm search
Method, system and program for providing indexed web page contents to a search engine database
Method and apparatus for creating an index for a structured document based on a stylesheet
Method and apparatus for routing messages in a wireless network
Maintaining packet data connectivity in a wireless communications network modulator controlled phase locked loop with a noise shaped dither
Wristwatch-typed pedometer with wireless heartbeat signal receiving device
Voice messaging system
Method for controlling data transmission in a wireless v.24 data transmission system operating betwe...
Controlling messaging in an optical network
Self-service terminal including wireless communication
Method and apparatus for adapting antenna visibility in a wireless communications unit
Automated proximity notification
System and method to anonymously test for proximity of mobile users without revealing individual pha...
Apparatus and method for use in paging mode in wireless communications systems
Method and apparatus for quick paging in a wireless communication system
Fast adaptive power control for a variable multirate communications system
System and method for controlling a wireless device notification alert
Sputtered silicon for microstructures and microcavities
Pixellated devices such as active matrix liquid crystal displays
Optical integrated circuit
Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) circuitry
Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing same
Tuning of a process control based upon layer dependencies
Apparatus for selectively cutting fuse electrodes
DC or AC electric field assisted anneal
Stress isolating die attach structure and method
Packaged RF power transistor having RF bypassing/output matching network
Wafer-level package with a cavity and fabricating method thereof
Isolating temperature sensitive components from heat sources in integrated circuits
Method of mounting a circuit component and joint structure therefor
Fine line circuitization
Methods of filling constrained spaces with insulating materials and/or of forming contact holes and/...
Low capacitance coupling wire bonded semiconductor device
Method of assessing lateral dopant and/or charge carrier profiles
Interconnect test structure with slotted feeder lines to prevent stress-induced voids
Method for testing multiple semiconductor wafers
Film bulk acoustic resonator structure and method of making
Data output circuit for reducing skew of data signal
Register controlled delay locked loop
Magnetic thin film inductors
Plasma display panel and imaging device using the same
Optical compensation film for liquid crystal display
Spectroscopic rotating compensator ellipsometer system with pseudo-achromatic retarder system
System and method for remote quantitative detection of fluid leaks from a natural gas or oil pipelin...
Electrophoretic particles and processes for the production thereof
Folded cavity surface-emitting laser
Synthetic images for a magnetic resonance imaging scanner using linear combination of source images ...
Local coil for magnetic resonance applications
Structural prediction of allosterism
Standing wave barrier
Optical systems for measuring form and geometric dimensions of precision engineered parts
Multiple function calibration for document scanner
Adaptive sonar signal processing method and system
Optical disk having lands and grooves with a reduced track pitch
Method and apparatus for guaranteeing a minimum cell rate (MCR) for asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)...
Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switch and method
Method and apparatus for high throughput multiplexing of data
Method and apparatus for space division multiple access receiver
Computed tomography apparatus also employable for x-ray diagnostic examinations
Multi-leaf collimator and medical system including accelerator
Evanescent wave tunneling optical switch and network
Charging device having curved grid
Paper sensitive spring loaded prefuser paper guide
Method and system for regeneration of misprocessed mailpieces or the like
Lane recognition apparatus for vehicle
Multi-component seismic MWD data processing method
Methods and apparatus for secure programming of an electricity meter
Lazy deregistration protocol for a split socket stack
Apparatus, circuitry and methods for cleaning and/or processing with sound waves
Method and apparatus for measuring properties of a target surface
Multilayer piezoelectric structure with uniform electric field
Set for heat treatment of biological tissues and method using same
Method for making electrical connection to ultrasonic transducer
Design and implementation device for real-time controllers
Light emitting device, electronic equipment, and method of manufacturing thereof
Bi-metallic test switch
Amplitude and rise-time sensitive timing-shaping filters with built-in pulse-tail cancellation for h...
Presentation board digitizer systems
Method and multibeam scanning device for the ablation of flexo printing plates by laser engraving
Reflective display, light guide plate and method of manufacturing light guide plate
Modular interferometric imaging method apparatus and system
Optical pickup unit and optical disk drive for accurate and stable information recording and reprodu...
Electrophoretic display unit, and driving method thereof
Infrared communications link with attachment configuration
Image bearing apparatus that collects image bearing bodies at a common place
System and method for removing sensitive data from diagnostic images
Radiated signal measuring device for radiographic imaging equipment
System for scanning oral environment
Using second exposure to assist a PSM exposure in printing a tight space adjacent to large feature
Methods of performing homologous recombination based modification of nucleic acids in recombination ...
Shallow trench isolation using antireflection layer
Corpuscular beam image detector using gas amplification by pixel type electrodes
Detection of radiation and positron emission tomography
Phosphor panel with a protective layer
Radioactive electron emitting microchannel plate
Apparatus and method for scribing semiconductor wafers using vision recognition
CRT panel glass containing SrO and BaO
Device with an operating parameter whose value can be preselected by means of a control unit
Disc drive magnetic component with self assembled features
Roller truck for CT scanner
X-ray detector array and method for manufacturing same
X-ray inspection method and apparatus used for the same
Image processing method, system and apparatus for noise reduction in an image sequence representing ...
Method and apparatus for creating a phase-shifting mask for a photolithographic process
Image processing apparatus and its method, program, and storage medium
Headlight assembly for a working vehicle
Shallow depth back lit illuminated signage
Projector headlamp
Decorative lamp with illuminated color changeable column
Luminous device capable of automatically generating power
Incandescent lamp for motor vehicle headlights
Methods and apparatus for a multi-mode night-light configured to emulate a traffic signal
Vehicle imaging system with accessory control
Led warning signal light and light bar
Traffic signal with adjustable cycles
Radio frequency identification automotive service systems
Three color digital gobo system
System and method for identifying mobile communication apparatuses proximal with an identification l...
Method and apparatus for gathering vehicle information
Navigation apparatus and computer program product for navigation control
Process for the rapid measurement of enzymatic activity in a solid feed sample
Method and apparatus for removing a liquid from a surface
Edge connectors for printed circuit boards comprising conductive ink
Compositions and methods for increasing cholesterol efflux and raising HDL using ATP binding cassett...
Methods for treating and preventing damage to mucosal tissue