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Overvoltage protection device using pin diodes
Sliding-type portable wireless terminal
Video decoder with down conversion function and method for decoding video signal
Apparatus and method for interfacing between modem and memory in mobile station
Amplitude modulation detector
Circuits and methods for generating high frequency extended test pattern data from low frequency tes...
Optical bench
Track discriminating apparatus and method for optical recording medium
Developer of electrophotographic image forming system
Disc discriminating method and information reproducing apparatus using thereof
Personal digital assistant for generating conversation utterances to a remote listener in response t...
Register control apparatus for W-CDMA WLL separation type terminal
Method and apparatus for providing distributed scene programming of a home automation and control sy...
Device and method for providing a tunable semiconductor laser
Speech synthesizing system and method for modifying prosody based on match to database
Apparatus and method for measuring noise power in a CDMA mobile communication system
System and method for arbitration of a plurality of processing modules
High-speed cell searching apparatus and method for communication system
Method and apparatus for arbitrary resolution interval timeouts
Operational status identification system for a modem or other communication system
Anti-microbial silicone rubber composition and method for making same
Combination therapy using pentafluorobenzenesulfonamides and antineoplastic agents
Liquid soy nutritional products
Light emitting layers for LED devices based on high Tg polymer matrix compositions
Pulsed laser deposition of transparent conducting thin films on flexible substrates
Organic EL device and method for its manufacture
Energy efficient grey scale driver for electroluminescent displays
Light source device
Electroluminescent (EL) devices
Organic electroluminescent device
Light-emitting material comprising orthometalated iridium complex, light-emitting device, high effic...
Luminescence device, display apparatus and metal coordination compound
Phosphor thin film preparation method, and EL panel
Organic EL device and preparation method
Organic electro-luminescence device
Red fluorescent material and organic electroluminescent device containing same
Poly (5-aminoquinoxalines) and use thereof
Dye-sensitized photoelectric conversion device
Forming organic light emitting device displays
Organic light emitting diode device with organic hole transporting material and phosphorescent mater...
Semiconductor device equipped with semiconductor circuits composed of semiconductor elements and pro...
Design and synthesis of advanced NLO materials for electro-optic applicators
Light emitting device
Data processing method and system
Nuclear magnetic resonance diagnosing device and diagnosing system
Systems and methods for gradient compensation in magnetic resonance imaging
Systems and methods for estimating properties of a sample
Method for determining a compensation setting for an eddy current field
Synthetic images for a magnetic resonance imaging scanner using linear combination of source images ...
Two-dimensional magnetic resonance tomographic microscopy
Method and system for providing mobility to enhanced call service features at remote locations
Integrated fluoroscopic surgical navigation and imaging workstation with command protocol
Motion control system and method which includes improved pulse placement for smoother operation
Apparatus for distributing and playing audio information
Vehicle part control system including electronic sensors
Method for associating real-time information with a geographical location
Non-GPS navigation
Method and apparatus for device and carrier independent location systems for mobile devices
Spectral method for calibrating a multi-axis accelerometer device
Geolocation subsystem
Remote monitoring
Distribution of location information in IP networks by intelligent endpoints
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location with an optical reader having a programmable me...
Simple liveness protocol using programmable network interface cards
DMA windowing in an LPAR environment using device arbitration level to allow multiple IOAs per termi...
Limiting concurrent modification and execution of instructions to a particular type to avoid unexpec...
Method for providing security to a computer on a computer network
Enhanced position control of web pages
Transform rule generator for web-based markup languages
Distributed network address translation for a network telephony system
Method of compressing digital images
Image forming apparatus and self-diagnosis system
Satellite communications system using multiple earth stations
Internet-enabled central irrigation control
System and method for providing personalized weather reports and the like
Fluid flow monitoring system
Service system for air conditioner and server system for monitoring center
Methods and apparatus for generating, updating and distributing speech recognition models
Site home navigation control
System for automating event scheduling and subscription using an HTTP based event publish server
Computationally efficient, platform-independent data transfer protocol
Network fault analysis tool
Proton conductor, production method thereof, and electrochemical device using the same
Negative electrode active material and nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Process of producing manganese dioxide for a lithium primary battery
Fabrication method of LiCoO2 nano powder by surface modification of precursor
Tetrahalosilane blends for treating silica
Integrated process for selective oxidation of organic compounds
Hydrofluoric acid generating composition and method of treating surfaces
Method for the continuous production of silicon oxide powder
Process for preparing nitrogen trifluoride
Amorphous hard carbon film, mechanical parts and method for producing amorphous hard carbon film
Oxygen ion conducting materials
Method of generating hydrogen by reaction of borohydrides and hydrates
Integrated flameless distributed combustion/steam reforming membrane reactor for hydrogen production...
Method of making aluminum-containing zeolite with IFR structure
Molecular sieves and processes for their manufacture
Multiple ball joint gimbal
Laser frequency modulation tactical training system
Method and kit for batik art
Method of treating reverse osmosis membrane element, and reverse osmosis membrane module
Ionic enhanced dialysis/diafiltration system
Measuring apparatus and a measuring method for the determination of parameters of medical fluids
Water purification method
System for removal of arsenic from water
Water purifying system
Separation of halogenated compounds
Method for separating a machining suspension into fractions
Apparatus and method for increasing oxygen levels in a liquid
Water purification using organic salts
Method for the purification of blood by means of hemodialysis and/or hemofiltration and apparatus fo...
Method and apparatus for control of aquatic vertebrate and invertebrate invasive species
Process for producing ozone-containing sterilizing water and an apparatus used therefor
Self-cleaning fuel oil strainer
Rainwater-treating apparatus in combined sewer system and backwashing method therefor
Continuous processing method and continuous processing apparatus for liquid-form substance, and liqu...
Sustained totipotent culture of selected monocot genera
Methods and apparatus for separation of biological fluids
Integrated monolithic microfabricated dispensing nozzle and liquid chromatography-electrospray syste...
Selective apparatus and method for removing an undesirable cut from drilling fluid
System and device for processing supercritical and subcritical fluid
Bulk separation of semiconducting and metallic single wall nanotubes
Microstructured separating device and microfluidic process for separating liquid components from a p...
Microfiltration device and method for washing and concentrating solid particles
Scouring method
Method for determining the binding behavior of ligands which specifically bind to target molecules
Process for the continuous recovery of free tartaric acid from raw materials containing potassium hy...
Powered sterile solution device
Variable flow rate injector
Method for removing acid from an aprotic liquid
Method for removing trifluoroethanol from liquids
Catalyst fines handling and disposal process
Method of treating heavy-metal-containing wastewater with sulfidizing agent and treatment apparatus
Method for selective recovery and dewatering sewage sludge by using sludge-coal-oil co-agglomeration
Method and device for removing waste water samples
Method for treating aqueous systems with locally generated chlorine dioxide
Process and plant for the recovery of phosphorus and coagulants from sludge
Biocidal compounds for treating water
Universal filter base and engines using same
Foreign matter removing mechanism, fluid flow processing equipment, and foreign matter removing meth...
Protein separation column
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocarmella`
Apricot tree `Goldenblush`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunny Yobianca`
Lysimachia plant named `Jumbo`
Heuchera plant named `Shenandoah Mountain`
Heuchera plant named `Midnight Burgundy`
Mandevilla plant named `Monproud`
Tiarella plant named `Running Tiger`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mega Time Pure White`
Calibrachoa plant named `KLEC02064`
Bracteantha plant named `Redbramag`
Bracteantha plant named `Redbrared`
Hypericum plant named `Bonaire`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizpin`
Polemonium plant named `Polbress`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizorg`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Steps`
Coleus plant named `Kakegawa CE1`
Coleus plant named `Kakegawa CE2`
Kalanchoe plant named `KJ 2002-0500`
Petunia plant named `Wespecarose`
Spiro compounds and their use
Process for converting waste plastic into lubricating oils
Selective hydrogenation catalyst for selectively hydrogenating of unsaturated olefin, process for pr...
Flow control in a three-phase monolithic catalyst reactor
Method of converting aromatic compound
Isomerization catalyst with a specific pore size distribution
Synthetic diesel fuel and process for its production
Hydrogen powered toy rocket utilizing hydrogen from the electrolysis of water
Amusement device with sparking means
Gear-driving device
Current controller for an embedded electronic module
Steering alignment system for a toy car
Miniature musical system with individually controlled musical instruments
Means of providing additional modular armor protected buoyancy to tracked and wheeled vehicles
Steering device
Hydrofoil apparatus
Foldable frame for a boat cover
Altitude adjustment method and apparatus
Power steering system for a marine vessel
Removable and adjustable surf fin system
Process and apparatus for submerged biodepuration of effluents disposed of in the sea
Polymer composite compositions
Powdered/microfibrillated cellulose
Bioerodible poly (orthoesters) from dioxolane-based diketene acetals
Methods and compositions for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy
Use of L-carnitine and its alkanoyl derivatives as osmotic agents in solutions for medical use
Antimicrobial lees
Human cyclin-dependent kinase-like proteins and methods of using the same
Hypoxia responsive transcription enhancer element from yeast
IniB, iniA and iniC genes of mycobacteria and methods of use
Cell line preparing and producing ovine adenovirus vectors
Methods for storing neural cells
Flowable preparations of the water-in-oil emulsion type having an increased water content
Textiles having a wash-durable silver-ion based antimicrobial topical treatment
Cosmetic cleansing composition
Therapeutic use of cis-element decoys in vivo
Film-winding device for camera
Roll-form image recording material magazine
Substrate treating apparatus
Key and lock device
Denial cryptography based on graph theory
Encrypting/decrypting system with programmable logic device/unit and method thereof
Method for key escrow in a communication system and apparatus therefor
Method for embedding digital information in a three dimensional image from a scannerless range imagi...
Apparatus and method for implementing spoofing-and replay-attack-resistant virtual zones on storage ...
Method for robust watermarking of content
System and method for providing trusted services via trusted server agents
Method and system for verifying control accesses between a device on a non-proprietary bus and a dev...
Method and system for securely transferring context updates towards a mobile node in a wireless netw...
Lawn mower rear drive
Method and system for hydrogen powered internal combustion engine
Two motor electric axle
Cooling system for a transmission mechanism
Speed controller for a motor vehicle
Motorcycle cruise control system with brake release
Parking assisting device
Differential locking control system
Hand wheel actuator with steering-feel enhancement
Hydraulically supported steering system
Electrical steering for vehicle, with triple redundancy
Wheeled type working vehicle
Spring powered wheelbarrow
Skateboard brake
Modular butt-jointed yoke for motorcycles
Service control for work machine
Emergency vehicle warning system
Drive power distribution control method and device for four-wheel drive vehicle
Hair dryer
Dual-fin snow helmet
Dual-fin helmet
Protective helmet
Pet travel bag
Blower vacuum device
Vacuum cleaner
Upright vacuum cleaner
Carpet cleaning dry powder spreader
Scrubber head and support attachment
Pail with cover
Ice chisel
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Door for security safes and gun cabinets
Method and system in an overload situation in a telephone exchange system
Method and system for displaying customer information
Apparatus and method for analyzing an automated response system
Method for a communication network that allows inter-node user mobility
Multiple services per trigger within a telecommunications network
Methods and apparatus for notifying subscriber's of forwarded calls
Method and system for forwarding calls
Method for allocating network resources
Method for implementing service logic via database table transversals
Real-time quality analyzer for voice and audio signals
Method and system using SS7 signaling control connection part (SCCP) in a distributed network having...
Methods and apparatus for securely collecting customer service agent data in a multi-tenant environm...
Arrangement for predicting call-center status in a network call-routing system
Cross-connect module and mount
Enhanced terminal block for readily connecting customers to any of a plurality of telecommunications...
Auto-dial business card system
Digital access arrangement circuitry and method having current ramping control of the hookswitch
Hinge device and portable electronic device
Cellular mobile telephone apparatus
Systems and methods for performing authorized intercept in a satellite-based communications system
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, and image processing method capable of eliminati...
Method of detecting motion in an interlaced video sequence utilizing region by region motion informa...
Digital filter
Television tuner that changes the rendering of a digital television broadcast according to informati...
Signal processing apparatus
Surrounding light judging method and video compensation control apparatus using the same
Television tuner that generates no interfering signal
Remotely controlling video display devices
Cathode ray tube and method of displaying picture
Adding fields of a video frame
Method for switching a first digital audio-visual program video component(s) on a second digital aud...
Method and system for estimating motion vector at high speed for low bit-rate coding
Three-dimensional information processing apparatus and method
Adaptive spatial filter
Image display system and image display method
Monitor system of vehicle outside and the method thereof
Generation of decision feedback equalizer data using trellis decoder traceback output in an ATSC HDT...
Beauty and hair accessories organizer
Stand for a walking stick and crutches
GP41 antigen
Method, assay, and kit for quantifying HIV protease inhibitors
Diagnostic testing device and method of use thereof
Composition of an extrudable PVC substrate, for manufacturing full width printable billboards
Directional microphone assembly
Electromagnetic actuator and shutter device for camera
Processor controlled strobe
Lens control apparatus
Three-dimensional image capturing device and its laser emitting device
Movable-lens position control apparatus
Device for determining focused state of taking lens
Method and system for processing a photographic film
Automatic pan and tilt compensation system for a camera support structure
Skier alert system
Method for passive "360-degree coverage" tactical fighter target tracking incorporating adaptive pil...
System and method for detecting an intruder using impulse radio technology
Electronically reconfigurable microwave lens and shutter using cascaded frequency selective surfaces...
Radio network emulator for a packet core network
Subscriber station, network control means and method for carrying out inter-frequency measurements i...
Method for transmitting radio signals and receiver for receiving radio signals
Method and system for packet timing adjustment based on approximated packet transmission time in a m...
Link adaptation in wireless networks for throughput maximization under retransmissions
Method for mitigating effects of interference in impulse radio communication
Telecommunication device including a clock generation unit
Method for simultaneously measuring the propagating characteristics of a plurality of radioelectric ...
Radio station with circularly polarised antennas
High-speed point-to-point modem-less microwave radio frequency link using direct frequency modulatio...
Apparatus, and associated method, for allocating channel capacity in a wireless communication system
Multi-mode communication apparatus and method including multiple transmitter sections
Portable phone with camera
Information processing terminal and method
Tuneable filter
Optimization of the network structure of radio communication system
Mapping tool graphical user interface
Physical design characterization system
Masterless building block binding to partitions
Method and apparatus for interfacing a javascript interpreter with library of host objects implement...
Metafile optimization
Detection of memory-related errors in computer programs
Automatic computer program customization based on a user information store
Virtual machine with reinitialization
Machine cut task identification for efficient partition and distribution
Reader-writer lock for multiprocessor systems
Apparatus and method for providing and processing prioritized messages in an ordered message cluster...
Workflow distribution process granting to operators with assigned activities access to needed comput...
Method and system for caching across multiple contexts
Performance enhancements for threaded servers
Threading and communication architecture for a graphical user interface
Control object and user interface for controlling networked devices
Techniques for implementing security on a small footprint device using a context barrier
Apparatus and method for communicating between computer systems using active datastreams
Process and system for blocking unnecessary callbacks to empty paint methods of graphical user inter...
Computer-based system and method for automatic configuration of an external device
Modular cabinets and replaceable laminate panels for a gaming device
Game system and game program
Game machine, game route selection method, and information storage medium
Device to convert a golf club into a training system
Method for displaying single monitor applications on multiple monitors driven by a personal computer
Marine wet exhaust system
Acoustic isolator for well logging system
Pressure regulating earplug
Acoustic reproduction device with improved directional characteristics
Butterfly damper
Sound-absorbing article effective over a broad frequency range
Sound absorption system for automotive vehicles
Acoustically effective foil stack for a vehicle heat shield
Method for conducting seismic surveys utilizing an aircraft deployed seismic source
Heat-resisting steel, method for thermally treating heat-resisting steel, and components made of hea...
Thermal synthesis apparatus and process
Metal hydride battery material with high storage capacity
Magnetic thin film, magnetic thin film forming method, and recording head
Conformable holographic labels
Security device
Method and apparatus for interactive real time music composition
Antioxidative compositions
Process for preparing a hand-held snack item, and a product thereof
Blends of starch and aliphatic-aromatic based polyester resins
Method for maintaining temperature of a beverage by self-heating a hot beverage serving urn
Process for treating vegetables and fruit before cooking
Anaerobic tea steeper and method of use
Methods, devices, and systems for securing or removing leading edge portions of moving food products
Low acidity fermented dairy products flavored with warm flavors
Method of manufacturing a cheese or milk product by molding
Low calorie fat materials that eliminate laxative side effect
Process for production of surimi from fish infected with parasites and utilization of such surimi
Polymerization of mono and disaccharides with monocarboxylic acids and lactones
Salt-stable modified starch
Method to form a finely divided distribution of lubricant droplets on a conveyor
Processes of using at least one absorbent pouch
Process for producing microbial transglutaminase
Method for selecting transformed plant cells using ethionine and cystathionine gamma synthase as the...
Wipes for cleaning foods, toys and food/child contact surfaces
Automatic temperature conversion system for convection cooking appliance
Continuous product conveyor having a brick baking hearth
Process and device for measuring the state of degradation of oils or fats
Method and system for performing a purchase transaction using a remote control and a television
Reprogramming vehicle computers via CD player
Entertainment apparatus
Water flow responsive barrier for gutters and storm drains with rotary actuator
Method and system for laying pipe through the use of a plow
Marine buoyancy modules and units
Grout injecting/structure anchoring system
Magnetic shoring device
Retaining wall block system and connector
Polyurethane-forming composition with adjustable mix viscosity, geotextile composites prepared there...
Malleable surface material
Wastewater treatment and dispersal system
Treatment of mineral materials
Apparatus and method for positioning and fixing beams with ground dowels
Apparatus for the manufacture of rock bolts
Petroleum production utilizing a salt cavern
Protocol extensions for telecommunications network systems and method
Transmitting information given constrained resources
System and method for cardinality estimation based on query execution feedback
Database aggregation query result estimator
Timestamping in databases
Addresses as objects for email messages
Method and apparatus for generating statistics on query expressions for optimization
System and method for identifying and storing changes made to a table
System and method for representing content in a file system
Bookmarking and placemarking a displayed document in a computer system
Method and system for client-side caching
Method and system for registering data formats for objects
Client proximity detection method and system
Systems and methods for peer-to-peer collaboration to enhance multimedia streaming
System and method for backing up and restoring data
Method and apparatus for displaying computer program errors as hypertext
Unicode transitional code point database
Undockable sub-windows
System and method for implementing an image ancillary to a cursor
Runtime hosting interfaces
Optimizing compiler transforms for a high level shader language
System and method for progressively installing a software application
Propagating commit times
File manager for storing several versions of a file
Method and system for establishing, maintaining, and using a persistent fracture log
Database clean-up system
Work-stealing queues for parallel garbage collection
Synchronous replication of transactions in a distributed system
Method, system and program products for serializing replicated transactions of a distributed computi...
System and method for coupling remote data stores and mobile devices via an internet based server
Monitoring and control engine for multi-tiered service-level management of distributed web-applicati...
Routing client requests to back-end servers
Arrangement and method relating to routing in a network
File system management embedded in a storage device
Directory structure-based reading of configuration ROM
Apparatus and method for securing resources shared by multiple operating systems
Virtual private network with multiple tunnels associated with one group name
System and method for a dynamically integrated search engine
Word recognition consistency check and error correction system and method
Placement of configurable input/output buffer structures during design of integrated circuits
Methods, systems and computer program products for chaining integration objects to provide web acces...
Method, system and storage medium for providing an executable program to a coordinate measurement sy...
Online card activation system and method
Cash card system
Computerized recording and notification of the delivery and pickup of retail goods
Intelligent rolled coin dispenser
Authentication watermarks for printed objects and related applications
Matrix methods and systems for supply chain management
Dynamic workforce scheduler
Urban parking system
Secure purchases over a computer network
System and method for automated process of deal structuring
Automated valuation system and method
Method and system for optimizing refill amount for automatic refill of a shared virtual postage mete...
Method and system for evaluating and enhancing medical ethical information flow in health care organ...
Enabling multiple client access to a process-based system or program from a single java virtual mach...
Providing end-to-end user authentication for host access using digital certificates
System for manufacturing interstitial radiation therapy seed strands
Method for calibrating and programming of a robot application
Aldose reductase inhibitor and process for preparation thereof
Truncated CRAF1 inhibits CD40 signaling
Expressed sequence tags and encoded human proteins
Protein L and hybrid proteins thereof
Hybrid protein for inhibiting the degranulation of mastocytes and the use thereof
Ku80 homologue and uses thereof
Diagnostic drugs for autoimmune diseases
Process for the isolation and/or purification of a proteinaceous material
Polynucleotides for mammalian secreted protein, Z1055G2P
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding stress, resistance and tolerance proteins
Nucleotide sequences which code for the cysD, cysN, cysK, cysE and cysH genes
Drug-carrier complexes and methods of use thereof
Nucleotide sequence encoding the enzyme I-SCEI and the uses thereof
Modulation of storage organs
Compositions and methods for fumonisin detoxification
Diacylglycerol acyl transferase proteins
Transgenic plants containing altered levels of steroid compounds
Celery named ADS-1
Methods for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation
Inbred corn line N16028
Sulfonylurea-tolerant sunflower line M7
Techniques for facilitating information acquisition and storage
Method and system for performing information extraction and quality control for a knowledgebase
Methods for the construction and maintenance of a knowledge representation system
Method and system for performing information extraction and quality control for a knowledgebase
Method for the prediction of molecular interaction networks
Efficient method for the joint analysis of molecular expression data and biological networks
Probabilistic boolean networks
Transgenic cells and animals for the study of the polarization of the immune response
RNA sequence-specific mediators of RNA interference
Process for oxidation of steroids and genetically engineered cells used therein
Applications of parallel genomic analysis
Compositions and methods for detecting protein modification and enzymatic activity
Multiple-property composite beads and preparation and use thereof
Methods for identifying pathway-specific reporters and target genes, and uses thereof
Computer systems and methods for identifying genes and determining pathways associated with traits
Automated system for combining bright field and fluorescent microscopy
Methods and products related to drug screening using gene expression patterns
Identification of essential genes in microorganisms
Methods, systems and software for biological analysis
Alzheimer's disease linked genes
Process for oxidation of steroids and genetically engineered cells used therein
Methods for preparing an electrosensor having a capture reagent
Compositions and methods for inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection by down-regulating hu...
Method for epigenetic feature selection
System, method and computer product for predicting biological pathways
Methods, platforms and kits useful for identifying, isolating and utilizing nucleotide sequences whi...
Regulatable, catalytically active nucleic acids
Systems and methods for predicting specific genetic loci that affect phenotypic traits
System, method and computer product for predicting protein- protein interactions
Metal halide lamp with trace T1I filling for improved dimming properties
Sapphire monocrystal, semiconductor laser diode using the same for substrate, and method for manufac...
Thermally-assisted magnetic memory structures
Transmission electronic control unit
Lithium secondary cell, separator, cell pack, and charging method
Cancer-cell proliferation-suppressing material produced by cancer cells restricted by entrapment
Inorganic metal oxide/organic polymer nanocomposites and method thereof
Petunia plant named `Wespequeen`
Masking materials and method of use
Fast cyclic redundancy check (CRC) generation
Methods systems and computer program products for processing an event based on policy rules using ha...
Skate mounted receptacle device
Manufacturing method for a plasma display panel with superior luminescence
Methods and compositions involving polar monomers and multivalent cations
Process for reclaiming residual ethylene in the preparation of vinyl ethylene copolymers
G.alpha.q protein variants and their use in the analysis and discovery of agonists and antagonists o...
Use of perfluoroalkyl-containing metal complexes as contrast media in MR-imaging for visualization o...
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Self synchronous scrambler apparatus and method for use in dense wavelength division multiplexing
Motorcycle pack support assembly, extension kit and method
Optical switch
Automatic horse training system
Cellulose-producing bacteria
Process for the hydroformylation of ethylenically unsaturated compounds in the presence of an acid a...
Device to record age of food
Bleach boosting components, compositions and laundry methods
Process for the preparation of mixtures of methylenedianiline and its higher homologous products
Sulfonium salt and use thereof
Fuel cell anode configuration for CO tolerance
MEKK1 molecules and uses thereof
Method of fabricating fluid flow field plates
Polymerization of olefins using a ziegler-natta catalyst system having an external electron donor
Network test instrument
Image forming apparatus with interchangeable developing devices
Systems and methods for improving quality of images generated by a medical imaging device
Sensing voltage for fluorescent lamp protection
Method and apparatus for determining optimum data rate on the reverse supplemental channel in wirele...
System and method for producing web-based process advisor applications
Knowledge management system and method
Method, system, and product for improving performance of network connections
System and method of managing network buffers
Interrupt processing and memory management method in an operation processing device and a device usi...
System, method, and computer program product for reducing overhead associated with software lock mon...
Apparatus and method of cascading backup logical volume mirrors
Methods, systems, and computer program products for memory pool management using variable size sub-p...
Electrochemically directed self-assembly of monolayers on metal
Antibodies to senescent cell-derived inhibiters of DNA synthesis
Nanocomposite articles and process for making
Powder clearcoat dispersions (powder slurry clearcoats), method for producing them and the use there...
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with inproved velocity
MEMS devices with voltage driven flexible elements
Cathode ray tube having an internal neutral density filter
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Methods for testing and programming nanoscale electronic devices
Cancer treatment compositions comprising therapeutic conjugates that bind to aminophospholipids
System and method for multiple pass cooperative processing
Reduced-size GPS antennas for anti-jam adaptive processing
Enhanced photo-EMF sensor with high bandwidth and large field of view
Light-receiving device with quantum-wave interference layers
Voltage-switchable and-tunable and environment-insensitive multi-color superlattice infrared photode...
SOI substrate, element substrate, semiconductor device, electro-optical apparatus and electronic equ...
Semiconductor substrates and structures
Method for manufacturing gallium nitride compound semiconductor
Quaternary-ternary semiconductor devices
Gated isolation structure for imagers
CMOS image sensors
Image sensor having micro-lens array separated with trench structures and method of making
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Scaled EEPROM cell by metal-insulator-metal (MIM) coupling
Vertical compound semiconductor field effect transistor structure
Thin film electron emitter, display device using the same and applied machine
Split gate flash memory device and method of fabricating the same
Arrangement in a power mosfet
Semiconductor device and process for its manufacture to increase threshold voltage stability
Image sensor having integrated thin film infrared filter
Surface mount package for linear array sensors
Encapsulant with fluxing properties and method of use in flip-chip surface mount reflow soldering
Tapered waveguide photodetector apparatus and methods
Process to make lightweight objects
Method for tuning a bandpass analog-to-digital converter and associated architecture
Startup protocol for high throughput communications system
Loss of signal detection circuit for light receiver
Liposome composition and method for administration of a radiosensitizer
Sight pin for archery bow
Web browser with multilevel functions
Method and apparatus for serving data
Method and apparatus for classifying and querying temporal and spatial information in video
Database system facilitating parametric searching
Method and apparatus for retrieving text using document signatures
Method for coordinating actions among a group of servers
Method of recovering memory module, memory module and volatile memory
Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging method to monitor progression and treatment of neurodegener...
Semiconductor memory device capable of executing refresh operation according to refresh space
Method and device for the online analysis of solvent mixtures
Non-imaging optical corner turner
Method for determination of realistic UV protection factors or broad spectrum indices
Spectral drift and correction technique for hyperspectral imaging systems
High absorption erbium doped amplifying optical fiber
Histogram-based image filtering in computed tomography
Computed tomography method and computed tomography apparatus
X-ray CT scanner
Multi-leaf collimator and medical system including accelerator
Massive training artificial neural network (MTANN) for detecting abnormalities in medical images
Automatic detection of colorimetry of unknown CMYK images
HVAC system display
Micro-optic delay element for use in a time division multiplexed system
Closed loop control of nip width in a fuser system
Pin and bushing
Printer output sets compiler to stacker system
System and method for routing special number calls in a telecommunication network
4 point derating scheme for propagation delay and setup/hold time computation
Document-centric system with auto-completion
Double-face display device
Flexible capacitive touch sensor
Thermal transfer film, process for producing the same and method for image formation using said ther...
Image forming apparatus and a cleaning mechanism therefor
Coherent detecting receiver using a time delay interferometer and adaptive beam combiner
High-resolution spatial light modulator for 3-dimensional holographic display
Projection screen having elongated structures
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of electronic device enclosures
Hybrid scintillator/photo sensor & direct conversion detector
Method and apparatus for brightness equalization of images taken with point source illumination
Determining toner usage
Image forming apparatus employing work function relationships
Automated ultrasonic inspection planning
Adding a shortcut to a web site
Dynamic controls for use in computing applications
Computer user interface architecture that saves a user's non-linear navigation history and intellige...
Parking and/or maneuvering assistance device
Vehicle tracker including battery monitoring feature and related methods
Security system
Back light device with diffusing sheet for a liquid crystal display apparatus
Illumination apparatus with light shielding near an exit plane of an optical pipe and projection exp...
Optical lens system for projecting light in a lambertion pattern from a high power led light source
Method and apparatus for automatically steering a vehicle in an agricultural field using a plurality...
Synthetic pressure altitude determining system and method with wind correction
Vehicle sensing based pre-crash threat assessment system
Navigation system for vehicle
Reliable obstacle detecting driving support apparatus
Parking indication sign for vehicles for disabled persons
Vehicle speed verification device
Advanced warning ice detection system for aircraft
Received information processing apparatus
Roller bearing having high performance bearing seal and cartridge
Microfluidics devices and methods for performing cell based assays
Method and reagent for the treatment of diseases or conditions related to levels of vascular endothe...
DC-DC converter with resonant gate drive
Media and methods for enhanced medical imaging
Method, compositions and kits for increasing the oral bioavailability of pharmaceutical agents
Method for corroborating a gaming jackpot payment
Multiple bandwidth phase lock filters for multimode radios
Radio wave receiving converter and antenna device
Bandpass filter for a radio-frequency signal and tuning method therefor
RAU optimization in standby state
Method and apparatus for identifying bulk goods, preferably roll-like bulk goods
Method and apparatus of a mobile communication system which reduces power consumption by observing o...
Radio employing a self calibrating transmitter with reuse of receiver circuitry
Low-noise frequency converter with strong rejection of image frequency
Communication method for use by a mobile station in a mobile communication system of CDMA
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating selection of power levels at which to communicate...
Data transmission in a TDMA system
Mobile terminal equipped with adapter for image display and method for handling changes in connectio...
Wireless centrex feature activation/deactivation
Dual frequency anti-jamming antenna
Wideband planar antenna
Process for improving glucose metabolism, satiety, and nutrient absorption in companion animals
Chewing gum SBR
Aqueous liquid package
Coated ice confection
Processes for extracting carotenoids and for preparing feed materials
Process for the production of Masa flour and dough
Method for preparing cooked rice
Production method of Chinese fried meat dumplings
Crystals of aspartame derivative
Development of vital wheat gluten in non-aqueous media
Soy protein concentrate having high isoflavone content and process for its manufacture
Suspensions of water soluble polymers in surfactant free non-aqueous solvents
Food cooking oven with sterilization control arrangement
Electric grill with food divider
Support for exhaustion recovery in a data processing system with memory mirroring
System and method for cross-platform update propagation
System and method for efficient and trackable asynchronous file replication
Instantaneous data updating using snapshot volumes
Image management system and image management method
Methods and apparatus for optimizing garbage collection using separate heaps of memory for storing l...
Mobile browsing booster system
Maintenance of free resource information in a distributed system
Wirelessly retrieving and locally caching child and sibling items in a browsing session
System and method for replicating monitored registry keys
Storage system, disk control cluster, and its increase method
Computer-based document management system
System and method for performing automatic rejuvenation at the optimal time based on work load histo...
Method and apparatus for data recovery optimization in a logically partitioned computer system
Persistent stateful component-based applications via automatic recovery
System and method for detecting process and network failures in a distributed system
Method, apparatus and computer program product for contention testing
Method and apparatus for performing error checking
Click ahead browser function
Voltage island chip implementation
System and method for a software recovery mechanism
Method and system for optimizing code using an optimizing coprocessor
Method for computing the degree of parallelism in a multi-user environment
System and method for dynamically optimizing executing activations
Cornerboard assembly
Super-luminescent folded cavity light emitting diode
Thermal-assisted nanotip magnetic memory storage device
Multiple panel oven having individual controls for combined conductive and radiant heating panels
Control system for operating a vehicle within a limited engine speed range
Validation of probabilistic troubleshooters and diagnostic system
Lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Method for generating quantiles from data streams
Graphic data processing apparatus using displayed graphics for application program selection
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Mesoporous films having reduced dielectric constants
Inheritable thread-local storage
Hypericum plant named `Curacao`
Electric power unit with a battery and a memory for recording the date of first use of the battery
Encryption via user-editable multi-page file
Domestic fabric article refreshment in integrated cleaning and treatment processes
Plasma display panel having an improved plane electrode structure
Chipless RF tags
Golf club grip
Nucleic acid detections sensor
Terminal crimped state testing method
Fluorinated polymeric paper sizes and soil-release agents
Card proteins involved in cell death regulation
Enhancement of NMR and MRI in the presence of hyperpolarized noble gases
Re-use of static checksum information in header compression/decompression applications
Alkyl or aryl substituted dihydronaphthalene derivatives having retinoid and/or retinoid antagonist-...
Bicycle wheel holder
Optimized production of hardware from source programs involving multiplications
System and method for identifying and exploiting quality information associated with a web convertin...
Heat treatment of titanium-alloy article having martensitic structure
Non-combustible magnesium alloy
High-strength Ni-base superalloy and gas turbine blades
Die rich
Method of conducting a wagering game
Modified poker card game
Gaming device having an accumulated award selection bonus scheme
Board game apparatus and method of use
Virtual image and real image superimposed display device, image display control method, and image di...
Multi-player game system
Dynamic tournament gaming method and system
Out-of-liquid sensor, and liquid supply device using same
Method for preparing fluorinated ketones
Water based polymer composition comprising a biopolymer and a polymer resin
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Fiber-reinforced ceramic composites
Compact disc storage unit
Chimeric natriuretic peptides
Resin sheets containing dispersed particles and liquid crystal displays
Dispersant-viscosity improvers for lubricating oil compositions
Distributed resource (DR) stabilization control for microgrid applications
Electric motor vehicle
Polymer electrolyte type fuel cell
Facilitating device upkeep
Autoilluminating lamp system
System and method for whole-system program analysis
Control device for controlling power level between frequency assignment in radio frequency receiving...
Prodrugs of GABA analogs, compositions and uses thereof
Functional fragments of HIV-1 Vpr protein and methods of using the same
Reagent for detecting and monitoring viral infections
Treatment of vulvovaginitis with spirostanol enriched extract from Tribulus terrestris
Method and circuit for eliminating glitches in a disk drive read head
WUS (unsafe) detection (kick back sensing)
Disc drive servo track writer gas leak detector and method
Method and apparatus for self servowriting of tracks of a disk drive using a servo control loop havi...
Head position control method for a disk device and the disk device
Use of momentum transfer actuators for motion control of flexible mechanical structures
Repeated runout position error compensation in a disc drive servo system
Positioning control apparatus
Data storing device including a cylindrical or hollow cylindrical data storing medium
Storage device apparatus having multiple interfaces
Data cartridge library system with particular cartridge holder configuration
Holding member for information storage disk and information storage disk drive device
Magnetic head with lower coil traces connected to integrally formed vertical interconnects and upper...
Asymmetric servo reader placement in bi-directional tape head
Head drum device with carbon-containing synthetic resin upper drum and larger diameter intermediate ...
Current perpendicular to the planes (CPP) sensor with free layer stabilized by current field
Magnetic recording and reading device having 50 mb/s transfer rate
Magnetoresistance effect device exchange coupling film including a disordered antiferromagnetic laye...
Magnetoresistive head in which an interlayer coupling field applied to a free magnetic layer is redu...
Server system and vibration-free extractable hard disc drive assembly thereof
Reversible thermal recording material and method of recording image on reversible thermal recording ...
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, label, and image forming and erasing method using the s...
Heat-sensitive recording material
Acylated piperidine derivatives as melanocortin-4 receptor agonists
Optical disc recording method and apparatus
Optical pickup, optical information recording/reproducing apparatus using the same, and phase variab...
Optical information processor and optical element
Optical disc having land pre-pits and variable groove depths
Semiconductor laser device and optical fiber amplifier
Passive mode lock fiber laser
Mode-coupled laser
Optical amplifiers and lasers
Resonant fabry-perot semiconductor saturable absorbers and two photon absorption power limiters
Energy monitor for F2 molecular fluorine laser and method of energy stabilization
Arf excimer laser device, scanning type exposure device and ultraviolet laser device
Method of manufacturing an external cavity semiconductor laser, external cavity semiconductor laser,...
Pump laser diode with improved wavelength stability
External cavity laser
System and method for measuring physical, chemical and biological stimuli using vertical cavity surf...
Arrangement for monitoring the emission wavelength of a laser source
Method of temporarily adjusting the index of refraction of ring resonator with precision laser micro...
Laminated optical waveguide array, beam collecting device and laser emission device
Material surface processing with a laser that has a scan modulated effective power to achieve multip...
Process for qualifying accuracy of a numerically controlled machining system
Method and device for incineration and vitrification of waste, in particular radioactive waste
Zirconium phosphate and method of making the same
Epitaxial wafer
Hydrogen enrichment scheme for autothermal reforming
Bioactive implants and method for the production thereof
Thin zeolite membrane, its preparation and its use in separation
Thin film battery and electrolyte therefor
Process for generating heat to reduce the emission of oxides of sulphur and reduce adsorbent consump...
Process for producing abrasive particles and abrasive particles produced by the process
Vapor-phase contaminant removal by injection of fine sorbent slurries
Method for production of iron ioxide pigments
Potassium hydrogen peroxymonosulfate solutions
Tubular reactor with gas injector for gas phase catalytic reactions
Autoclave control mechanisms for pressure oxidation of molybdenite
12CaO .cndot. 7Al2O3 compound clathrating active oxygen species and method for preparing the same
Segmented electrode capillary discharge, non-thermal plasma apparatus and process for promoting chem...
Process for removing hydrogen sulfide from gas streams which include or are supplemented with sulfur...
Combustion catalyst and process for removing organic compounds
Active hedgehog protein conjugate
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Axon regeneration with PKC inhibitors
In situ polymerizable hydrogels
Methods for administration of recombinant gene delivery vehicles for treatment of hemophilia and oth...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Aqueous sustained-release formulations of proteins
Vest with piezoelectric transducer for practicing music
System and method for locating program boundaries and commercial boundaries using audio categories
Escrow management structure
Annulus for electrically heated pipe-in-pipe subsea pipeline
Construction for environmental protection in respect of water source and earth
Method and apparatus for lifting and stabilizing subsided slabs, flatwork and foundations of buildin...
Piling apparatus and method of installation
Environment resistant retaining wall block and methods of use thereof
Low shear treatment for the removal of free hydrocarbons, including bitumen, from cuttings
Fluent material confinement system
Modular ditch liners
Piering device with adjustable helical plate
Image search method in electronic still camera with GPS reception function
Camera having a zoom lens
Error calibration for digital image sensors and apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for controlling the processing of signals containing defective pixels in accord...
Image pickup element and apparatus for focusing
Solid-state imaging device into which optical low pass filter is integrated
Controlled print size for image data
Film scanning and filing
Image projection apparatus and method
Device for making 3-D images
Method and system for displaying three-dimensional images
Noise reduction
Multi controller
Video signal processing device
Dietary supplements containing natural ingredients
Dietary food supplement containing natural cyclooxygenase inhibitors and methods for inhibiting pain...
Beneficial control of energy balance in periparturient cattle
Termite resistant and fungal resistant oriented strand board and methods for manufacturing
Monoclonal antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus and uses thereof
Isolation and purification of Clostridium botulinum toxins
3-phosphoadenosine-5-phosphosulfate (PAPS) synthetase proteins and methods for treating osteoarthrit...
AIDS DNA vaccine that prevents SIVmac239 virus infection in monkeys
Stabilized bioactive peptides and methods of identification, synthesis and use
Synthetic compounds and compositions with enhanced cell binding
Therapeutic agent for a cancer and method of screening the same, and health-care auxillary food
Polynucleotide vaccine formula in particular against bovine respiratory pathology
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising P1-(2'-deoxycytidine 5'-)P4-(uridine 5'-) tetraphosphate
Bioprecursors of a retinoic derivative and pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic compositions
Pharmaceutical composition
Treating endometriosis or infertility, or improving fertility
Extrudable thermoplastic compositions
Ball launching device
Action figure
Flexible apparatus cover providing electrical shock upon contact
Sailing rig with freestanding rotating aerofoil sectioned mast
Cellular spar apparatus and method
Swing arm chain support method
Rotatable pipeline end termination
Seabed oil storage and tanker offtake system
Method of reducing corrosion in gas turbine engines
Under pressure handling device
Four-bar linkage wafer clamping mechanism
Robotic arm and hand
Work loading method for automatic palletizer, work loading method, work loading apparatus and attach...
Image forming system
Component provisioning or issuance in a maintenance, repair or overhaul environment
Method and apparatus for a common-cause failure module for probabilistic risk assessment tools
Method for accelerated provision of funds for medical insurance using a smart card
Method for reducing fraud in government benefit programs using a smart card
Apparatus for generating sales probability
Method and system for exchange and aggregation of reward points via a global computer network
Controlling access to content based on certificates and access predicates
Arrangement and method for storing data relating to the usage of a terminal device
Information processing apparatus and method and recording medium
System and method using information-based indicia for securing and authenticating transactions
Clinical trial data management system and method
Menuing method and system
Method and apparatus for fast V.90 modem startup
Apparatus and method of establishing facsimile transmission across a packet based network
Method of forwarding data from a network element and an arrangement for uitilizing data from a netwo...
Intelligent switching system for voice and data
Call back method
Generation of communication system control scripts
Methods and apparatus for controlling call handling in a communications network
Method, system, and computer-readable media for performing speech recognition of indicator tones
Adaptive energy detector gain control in physical layer transceiver for home telephone wire network
Programmable constant current "off hook" circuit
In-the-ear headset
Electronic accessory capable of securely attaching to a mobile phone with two pairs of hooks
Memory device for a cellular telephone
Method of subscriber initiated porting of a wireless number for a mobile station
Apparatus and method for controlling source of sound emitted from a mobile terminal
Foldable portable telephone
Artistic black/white board
System and method for teaching project management skills
Method and a device for measuring reading ability and/or visual acuity
Computer program, method, and system for monitoring nutrition content of consumables and for facilit...
Infant motor skill developmental aid apparatus
Training device for breast examination
Mobile MRI system and method of promoting use of MRI system
Multi-frequency engine intake resonator
Automated seismic geophone deployment
Seismic sensing apparatus and method with high-g shock isolation
Monopole-driven underwater sound source
Electrically conductive damper device for speaker
Air-diffusion panel for a motor vehicle
Multilayer panel with an improved noise damping
Multi-channel headphones
Shape memory foam member and method of producing the same
Acoustically insulated bezel
Branch instructions with decoupled condition and address
Optical layer multicasting using multiple sub-carrier headers with header detection, deletion, and i...
Import/export and repartitioning of partitioned objects
Electroluminescent multilayer optical information storage medium with integrated readout and composi...
Structural shape for use in frame construction
Optical devices with engineered nonlinear nanocomposite materials
Semiconductor memory having a defective memory cell relieving circuit
Ergonomic stylus storable in the pen slot of a personal digital assistant
Method and system for simplifying the use of data mining in domain-specific analytic applications by...
Noise maker configured as a sports article
Modeless event-driven data transformation
Method for associating data bearing objects with user interface objects
Attaching components to a printed circuit card
Keyed anesthetic vaporizer filling system
Aerosol propelled scent generating self-cooling beverage container with phase locked propellant mixt...
Map information providing system and map information searching method
Apparatus and method for mediating message transmission across a network
Rain collection system
Oat extracts: refining, compositions and methods of use
Method and apparatus for monitoring integrated circuit fabrication
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Optical element like corner cube retroreflector and reflective display device including such an opti...
Advertising management system for digital video streams
Methods and system for time management in a shared memory parallel processor computing environment
Codeword for use in digital optical media and a method of generation thereof
Data gather/scatter machine
Method for rebooting only a specific logical partition in a data processing system as per a request ...
Audio signal processing for speech communication
Foam cushion and method of making and using the same
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Scanning braille presentation
Meter register
Apparatus for directing ultrasonic energy
Induction furnace
Inhibitors of HIV membrane fusion
System and method for scanning individuals for illicit objects
Interdigitated capacitor structure for an integrated circuit
Application code conversion architecture
Non-oxidizing polymeric medical implant
Continuous path moulding machine
Polymer substrates for radiation-induced graft polymerization and filter stock
Therapeutic use of the SMR1 protein and active derivatives thereof
Calcilytic compounds
Hand-held device for applying a film, for example, of adhesive, covering or colored material from a ...
Non-contact surface conductivity measurement probe
Chromium compounds and olefin polymerization processes utilizing them
Ethylene vinyl alcohol-dimethyl acetamide composition and a method of coating a stent