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Method and device for eliminating oxygen contained in aqueous monomer solutions
Methods of treating water using combinations of chlorine dioxide, chlorine and ammonia
Method of reducing hydrogen sulfide odor emissions from an aqueous medium
Linear actuator palletizing system and method
Materials and methods relating to the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and obesity
Pyridinium crosslinks assay
Monoclonal antibody
Immunoassay apparatus for detecting nicotine or continine
Aromatic sulfonyl alpha-hydroxy hydroxamic acid compounds
Cyclic N-substituted alpha-imino carboxylic acids for selective inhibition of collogenase
Arterial spin labeling using time varying gradients
Functional neuromuscular stimulation system
Multifunctional particulate additive for personal care and cosmetic compositions, and the process of...
Barriers for polymer-coated implantable medical devices and methods for making the same
Method for production of microcapsules
Effects of bactericide (peracetic acid-hydrogen peroxide-water combination) to agricultural chemical...
Cosmetic composition for slimming containing L-arginine, an L-arginine analogue, or one of their der...
Compositions for efficient release of active ingredients
Chrysanthemum plant named `Limit`
Cubicle door
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging system with a patient support surface
Mask plate with lobed aperture
Tool and method for welding to IC frames
Tactical vectoring equipment
Method of reducing disturbs in non-volatile memory
Water-removable coatings for LCD glass
Automatic fuel system cleaner
Compositions comprised of antigenic factors associated with malaria parasites, and process for makin...
Detergent compositions
Handheld computer based system for collection, display and analysis of engine/vehicle data
Remote attachable/remote releasable hook
Antisense modulation of mucin 1, transmembrane expression
Mage-A3 peptides presented by HLA class molecules
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Computer-based list editor
Mechanism for error handling in a computer system
Portable guitar amplifier cabinet
Blood processing systems with fluid flow cassette with a pressure actuated pump chamber and in-line ...
Pump provided with diaphragms and an eccentric rotation shaft
Telescopic dual movement pump
Device and method for detecting the drive state of a turbo pump in a tandetron accelerator of an ion...
Combination magnetic radial and thrust bearing
Display circuit board of a heat dissipation system
Coin transfer device for slot machine coin trays
Lightweight panel construction
Endoscope suitable for autoclave sterilization
Fluorescent endoscope apparatus
Method of and device for localizing a deviant region in a turbid medium
Multimodality instrument for tissue characterization
Apparatus for measuring the volume of individual red blood cells
System for simultaneously measuring thin film layer thickness, reflectivity, roughness, surface prof...
System for cell-based screening
Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens
MRA segmentation using active contour models
Method of automatic determination of the contrast and brightness of a digital radiographic image
Method and apparatus for real-time 3D image rendering on a picture archival and communications syste...
Method and apparatus for analyzing vessels displayed as unfolded structures
Storage-stable aerated gel composition and a process for producing it
System and method for estimating error in a manufacturing process
Control assembly for a ratchet tool
Method of depositing an optical quality silica film by PECVD
Method for the automated generation of nucleic acid ligands
Biosensor and related method
Acousto-optic tunable filter with segmented acousto-optic interaction region
Indiffused optical waveguide structures in a substrate
Method and apparatus for providing control parameters to or within a control system
Determination of dipole shear anisotropy of earth formations
Trimming circuit for a physical quantity sensor
Optical programmable delay system
Optical switch and router
Integrated optical line card protection module
Heat dissipating apparatus for interface cards
Apparatus and method for fluid-based cooling of heat-generating devices
Heat dissipation assembly
Electronic apparatus having a heat dissipation member
Positioning and heat dissipating device of interface card
Combined holder and display assembly for baby bibs
Gas conditioning system
Composite body of silicon carbide and binderless carbon, process for producing such composite body, ...
Method and apparatus for treating waste streams
Renewable filter
Eluter for solid phase extraction system
Apparatus for decomposing halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbon compounds or aromatic compounds
Polishing systems, methods of polishing substrates, and methods of preparing liquids for semiconduct...
Microfludic system (EDI)
Adhesive sheet for semiconductor connecting substrate, adhesive-backed tape for TAB, adhesive-backed...
Automated design rule violation correction when adding dummy geometries to a design layout
Ultrasound drug delivery enhancement and imaging systems and methods
Discordant helix stabilization for prevention of amyloid formation
Antigenic modification of polypeptides
Method and apparatus for attaching a cranial flap
Web-based electronic mail server apparatus and method using full text and label indexing
Regenerative combustion device
Paints and methods of making same
System for processing and packaging milk and other beverages
Network document transmission to receiving display stations with automatic sizing of received docume...
Method for manufacturing an electronic apparatus having a shielding assembly and a printed wire boar...
Device for finding the triggers of paroxysmally occurring illnesses
Method and device for laser drilling laminates
Motor-generator system for a motor vehicle with hybrid traction drive
Linear synchronous motor
Multiplexer circuit and method for detection of the switching state of switching elements
Dynamics compressor for an analog signal to be compressed
Video data transmitting/receiving apparatus and method for transmitting video data in a frame struct...
System and method for controlling a profile's lifetime in a limited memory store device
Load balancing
Technique for detecting leaky points within a network protocol domain
Inexpensive modulated backscatter reflector
Method and apparatus for billing a neighborhood cordless service
Performance optimized smart label printer
Radio frequency identification tag circuit chip having printed interconnection pads
RFID integrated in electronic assets
Radio frequency identification tag arranged for magnetically storing tag state information
Hot plate precipitation measuring system
Tonometer shield
An applanation tonometer disinfecting system
Disposable tonometer cover with fluorescein dye
Applanation tonometer for measuring intraocular pressure
Eye examination apparatus and accessory therefor
Apparatus and method for non-contact, acoustic resonance determination of intraocular pressure
Multilingual user interface for an operating system
Multi-alarm monitoring and protection system
Method for generating a shell mold for a casting
Method of controlling shift action in up-shift mode operation of automatic transmission for vehicles
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms with three planetary gear sets and a stationary member
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and a stationary inter...
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and six torque-transm...
Family of multi-speed power transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets
Family of multi-speed transmissions with interconnected planetary gearsets and a plurality of input ...
Family of multi-speed dual-clutch transmissions having four interconnected planetary gear sets
Family of multi-speed planetary transmission mechanisms having four clutches and two brakes
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having input clutches and three planetary gearsets
Family of six-speed planetary transmissions having three planetary gearsets and three input torque-t...
Multi-speed transmissions with three gear sets and a stationary planetary member
Family of multi-speed power transmissions with three gearsets
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and a stationary membe...
CRT display matrix that emits ultraviolet light
Low-cost haptic mouse implementations
Combined range-finding, sighting and scanning system and method
Adaptive rollover detection apparatus and method
Ethanol content rationality for a flexible fueled vehicle
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Stereo model displaying method and apparatus in video game, game apparatus, and computer-readable re...
Method and system for video conferences
Method and apparatus for preventing locking of engine-operating-characteristic changing device
Polymer-treated abrasive substrate
Additive for paper making
Protein supplemented frozen dessert compositions
Cycloaliphatic epoxy compounds containing styrenic, cinnamyl, or maleimide functionality
Method for reservation-less instant group conferencing
Method and apparatus for limiting access to signals delivered via the internet
Method and system for note taking using a form with coded marks
Watermark detection
Product sorter with transport conveyor
Compounds and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Engineering of metabolic control
Use of IL-12 antagonists in the treatment of conditions promoted by an increase in levels of IFN-y
Polynucleotide encoding a propionibacterium linoleate isomerase and uses thereof
Method and system for designing a probe card
System and method for outputting character sets in best available fonts
Packet classification search device and method
Assembly and floatation method for drilling drivepipe
Pseudoplastic, film forming cosmetic compositions
Process for making a detergent composition by adding co-surfactants
Amphiphilic graft polymers based on graft bases containing n--vinylcarboxylic acid units, process fo...
Aqueous cosmetic composition comprising a sulfonated polyester and a silicone compound
Bodies containing superabsorber polymers, methods of producing such bodies, and the use of such bodi...
Detectable polymers and methods for detecting polymers in Aqueous systems
Laundry detergent compositions with cyclic amine based polymers to provide appearance and integrity ...
Apparatus and methods for electrospinning polymeric fibers and membranes
Photosensitive ink composition
Non-blocking polymeric articles
Optical connecting component
Method and composition for rejuvenating hairs, nails, tissues, cells and organs by ex-vivo or immers...
Light-emitting unit
Visible light modifier and method
Image forming method and image forming apparatus, and electrostatic latent image developing toner us...
Rubber-reinforced styrene transparent resin composition and method of producing the same
Resin composition for powder molding
Fuel cell having metalized gas diffusion layer
Apparatus for loading a cartridge into a cartridge chamber
Generating summary data for a requested time period having a requested start time and end time a plu...
Vibration testing device and vibration response evaluating method
Apo AI/CIII genomic polymorphisms predictive of atherosclerosis
Filter for telecommunications system
Optical connector mechanism
Quality of service routing in information networks over paths having performance-dependent costs
Determination of physical topology of a communication network
Method and apparatus for controlling power for variable-rate vocoded communications
Tiller operated power assist marine steering system
Mechanism for the vertical translation of tubular structures for underwater vessels
Changing room for pontoon boats having a rear entry stern gate
Slimbore subsea completion system and method
UPC identification device
Method and system for controlling a complementary user interface on a display surface
High bulk cellulose fibers crosslinked with tartaric acid and method of making same
Bit-line shielding method for ferroelectric memories
Fermentation method with continuous mass cultivation of ciliates (protozoa) for producing biogenous ...
Apparatus for loading electronic packages of varying sizes
Composite and process for the in-situ preparation of a composite comprising a cationic clay and bind...
Inorganic metal oxide/organic polymer nanocomposites and method thereof
Method for production and use of pathogenic fungal preparation for pest control
Verbena plant named `Balazpico`
Substituted heterocycles
Process for the preparation of N-(3-hydroxy-succinyl)-amino acid derivatives
Process for preparing triarylamine dimer
Intermediates useful in a process for synthesizing COX-2 inhibitors
Wireless network with user clock synchronization
Error detection circuitry and method for detecting an error on a transmission path
Broadcast radio signal seek circuit
Radio communication system, radio communication method, and recording medium for storing a program f...
Method and arrangement for providing fast cell change in a packet-switched cellular radio system
Scintillating fiber radiation detector for medical therapy
Selectively activated electrochemical cell system
Simulated frozen beverage composition and method of manufacture thereof
Espresso machine
Method and apparatus for inspection for under-resolved features in digital images
Antitumor agents
Group a streptococcal vaccines
Controlled-release compositions containing opioid agonist and antagonist
Metalloprotease having aggrecanase activity
Solid-State optical wavelength switches
Dynamic decorrelator for audio signals
Fiber optic with high strength component
Development system providing HTML database control object
Information delivery service
Spindle motor and method for assembling the same
Image conversion method, image processing apparatus, and image display apparatus
Rolling bearing and bearing apparatus
Thrust ring and method for producing a thrust ring, bearing system for bolts of universal joints and...
Electric spindle motor and method having magnetic starting/stopping device
Method of manufacturing plasma-display-panel-substrate, plasma-display-panel-substrate, and plasma d...
Communication path fault restoration system
Dynamic parity inversion for I/O interconnects
Method and apparatus for continuous casting of metals
Applications for substance encapsulating laminate web
Disposable article with enhanced texture
Detergent composition having a plasma-induced, water-soluble coating and process for making same
Structured packing
Data providing structure, data providing method and data providing terminal
Ester wax and toner using the wax
Promotional viewing device
Treatment of osteoarthritis
Arylpiperidine and aryl-1,2,5,6-tetra-hydropyridine urea derivatives
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Method for treating attention deficit disorder
Container body portion
Flexible plastic container
Fabric structure for making bags and the like
Integrated screen protector and holder
System for probing switched virtual circuits in a connection oriented network
Method for improving adhesion of water-based inks to halogen-containing resin articles
Balanced food powder composition
Gloss-controlling toner compositions
Electrolytic cell employing gas diffusion electrode
Electrolytic cell and method for the production of acid water
Integral multi-layered ion-exchange composite membranes
Membrane filtration of polymer containing solutions
Chemical composition for treatment of nitrate and odors from water streams and process wastewater tr...
Thermoformed selectively accessed multi-chambered packaging
Formed energy absorber
Thermoplastic polymer composition containing dye compositions
Card with built-in electronic part and production process thereof
Jet ink composition
Method of producing substantially spherical magneto-plumbite ferrite particles
Method and system for reducing correlated noise in image data
Device and method for detecting subject inclination
Vending machine for dispensing cans & bottles with stop member
Steel picket fence
Compression mounting system for shower doors
Devices and methods for using centripetal acceleration to drive fluid movement in a microfluidics sy...
Methods for use in packaging applications using an adhesive composition
Apparatus and methods for measuring extensional rheological properties of a material
Security server token caching
Method for modifying raw material milk and dairy product prepared by using the modified raw material...
Image processing apparatus
Shock absorbing cushion
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular pathologies
Reduction of carbonyl compounds by a silane in the presence of a zinc catalyst
Methods of using thiazolobenzoheterocycles
Apparatus for supercritical fluid extraction
Silver salt-containing facilitated transport membrane for olefin separation having improved stabilit...
Systems and methods for monitoring distributed applications using diagnostic information
Pipe holder apparatus
Cradle with combined status indicator light and stylus holder
Endorectal probe with planar moveable MRI coil
Remotely adjustable equestrian barrier
Display device
Recursively excited linear prediction speech coder
Method for the operation of a centrifugal pump
Compositions and methods of making embryonic stem cells
LED-illuminated outdoor sign
Agile pseudo-noise coded ranging ladar
Sole in the form of a midsole, inner sole or insertable sole for a shoe and a shoe with said sole
Flame-retartant coating
Optical cable housing an optical unit surrounded by a plurality of gel layers
Organoborane amine complex inatator systems and polymerizable compositions made therewith
Neutral antagonists and use thereof in treating drug abuse
Hydrosilation with platinum free neat copper containing catalyst
Multiple array system for integrating bioarrays
Rechargeable battery having permeable anode current collector
Usage counter for portable jump-starting battery unit
Volume holographic diffusers
Method for utilizing validity constraints in a speech endpoint detector
Closed loop rheometer
Vehicular lighting control system
Common packet channel
Resorbable implant
Pyrroloazepine derivatives
Coating material that can be cured thermally or by actinic radiation, and its use
In situ proximity gap monitor for lithography
Electromagnetic wave energy emitter
Mobility-Modifying Cyanine Dyes
Transmission of multimedia messages between mobile station terminals
Transaction management method and apparatus, and program and recording medium thereof
Methods, system, and article for displaying privilege state data
System and method for providing controlled and secured access to network resources
Zoom lens, camera apparatus and portable information terminal apparatus
Light emitting diode with gradient index layering
Semiconductor memory device with latch circuit and two magneto-resistance elements
Ferroelectric memory device and method of fabricating the same
Apparatus and method for vaporizing solid precursor for CVD or atomic layer deposition
Apparatus for commonly using antenna for call signal and television broadcasting signal in radio com...
Balloon weight
Sealing membrane electrode assemblies for electrochemical fuel cells
Delivery of sedative-hypnotics through an inhalation route
Processing apparatus and method for solving optimization problem
Control device with enhanced control aspects and method for programming same
Device and method for laying a pipeline on a seabed
Article comprising a tunable filter
Optical configuration and method for differential refractive index measurements
Methods of ultrasound treatment using gas or gaseous precursor-filled compositions
Method and apparatus for combining a wireless receiver and a non-wireless receiver
AF auxiliary light projector for AF camera
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yofabienne`
Unidirectional support device
Multiple-component data package
Method for simultaneously preparing pharmacy vial label and drug-specific warning labels
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a subunit of a human calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase
Peptide antiangiogenic drugs
Flashing assembly
Method and apparatus for network-enabled risk assessment
Poly ADP-ribose polymerase gene and its uses
Method of assaying Neutrokine-.alpha. mRNA level
Support structure for open MRI apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating jitter test patterns on a high performance serial bus
Anatomical tongue guards and bite block systems incorporating anatomical tongue guards
Multiple hierarichal/peer domain file server with domain based, cross domain cooperative fault handl...
Electric double-layer capacitor, and process for producing the same
Hub-protecting cap for a helicopter tail rotor
Adjustable animal collar
Housing for a rotary hydraulic unit with a servo piston
Pneumolysin mutants and pneumococcal vaccines made therefrom
Regiospecific synthesis of phosphonous acids
Vertical carousel and vertical lift module position indicator system
Tiled electro-optic interactive display and illumination apparatus
DNA molecules coding for debranching enzymes derived from plants
Circuit board and connection structure of terminal portion of the same
Temporal and spatial correction for perfusion quantification system
Developing device for preventing thickening of the developer at both ends of a sleeve
Method and apparatus for the real time manipulation of a test vector to access the microprocessor st...
Discharge lamp lighting device and system comprising it
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using a repeating precomputed schedule
Method and apparatus for signal to noise power ratio estimation in a multi sub-channel CDMA receiver
Method for producing aqueous biodegradable polyester dispersion
Method for the single-step production of polytetrahydrofuran and tetrahydrofuran copolymers
Golf ball formed from a polyisocyanate copolymer and method of making same
Cracking of neo-C9 and neo-C13 carboxylic acids to either pivalic acid or methyl pivalate
Method and device for removing radioactive deposits
Method of monitoring operation of cellular radio system
Radio communication system and method
Methods of operating microelectronic devices, and methods of providing microelectronic devices
Apparatus, and associated method, for displaying positional data associated with mobile stations of ...
Radio telephone system and method of displaying subscriber data icons
Rare earth borate and making method
Anode material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary b...
System and method for processing residual gas
Catalysts for lean burn engine exhaust abatement
Pant-like absorbent garment having tailored flap and leg elastic
Undergarment protection article and method
Method for calendering an uncreped throughdried tissue sheet
Method for the application of viscous compositions to the surface of a paper web and products made t...
Process for manufacturing a cellulosic paper product exhibiting reduced malodor
Bond pattern
Method for hybrid printing
Pelletizer knife hub transport mechanism
Demulsification of water-in-oil emulsions
Fischer-tropsch catalyst enhancement (JSS-0005)
Economy aircraft sleeper seat
Method and apparatus for inducing controlled vortices to reduce afterbody drag
Landing gear for model airplane
Waterproof counterweighted pit lid
Resin infusion method
Composite grid/frame structures
Large composite core structures formed by vacuum assisted resin transfer molding
Composite ceramic board and process for the productivity thereof
Process and apparatus for the production of high strength polymer composite structures
Process useful for making in-situ silicon carbide in the form of particulate, whiskers and fibres in...
Composition and method for regulation of body weight and associated conditions
Guanidino compounds
Derivatives of C2-substituted indan-1-ol compounds, methods for their preparation and use
Methods of producing nucleic acid ligands
Indole derivatives having an antiviral activity
Acetylenic .alpha.-amino acid-based sulfonamide hydroxamic acid tace inhibitors
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions for oral administration of phloroglucinol and preparation thereof
Alkoxysilyl functional silicone based materials
Treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma by cytotoxic gene therapy
Synergistic insecticide mixtures
Biphasic catalysis in water/carbon dioxide micellar systems
Method for producing powder-shaped cross-linked polymerizates
Application of chiral critical clusters to assymetric synthesis
Multimodal fluoropolymers and methods of making the same
Apparatus for preparing microparticles using in-line solvent extraction
Aerobic reduction reactor
Block-based synthesis of texture in computer rendered images
Method and apparatus for preparing microparticles using in-line solvent extraction
Inbred maize line Ph0R8
Inbred maize line PH581
Inbred maize line PH6WR
Inbred maize line PH5HK
Diascia plant named `Codiblim`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Choop`
Salvia plant named `RFD-S019`
Blackberry plant named `Driscoll Sonoma`
Data processing method and apparatus, recording medium, reproducing method and apparatus using the s...
Method and apparatus to detect a signal received from a channel signal
Secured session sequencing proxy system and method therefor
Reserved request type of searched information distribution server
Network structure method and route determination equipment
Reallocating address spaces of a plurality of servers using a load balancing policy and a multicast ...
Storage media with benchmark representative of data originally stored thereon
Queued locking of a shared resource using multimodal lock types
System and method for executing computer virus definitions containing general purpose programming la...
Method of populating a dynamic HTML table from a set of data objects through a common interface
Method and system for combinatorial auctions with bid composition restrictions
Integrating live chat into an online credit card application
Multi-purpose transaction card system
Resume storage and retrieval system
Methods for determining customer motivations in purchasing decisions
Method, system, and program for ordering search results using an importance weighting
Vibration preventing device and blur correcting device
Apparatus for measuring a contact pressure of a winding compression element in a power transformer
Three-dimensional memory
Rupestris stem pitting associated virus nucleic acids, proteins, and their uses
Containerless sheet flow water ride
Methods of creating a tamper resistant informational article
Inbred maize line PH5W4
Air bag tether system comprising multiple segments cut in alignment with fabric warp of fill
Abraded fluid diffusion layer for an electrochemical fuel cell
Method for verifying context between multiple related XML tags in document object model (DOM)
Delivery of antipsychotics through an inhalation route
System and method for executing a request from a client application
System and method for approximating probabilities using a decision tree
Detergent compositions comprising hybrid zeolite builders containing an occluded nonsilicate
Vertex cache for 3D computer graphics
Earth retaining system such as a sheet pile wall with integral soil anchors
Gaura plant named `Baltinblus`
Method and apparatus for optimization of the performance of an application program in a computer sys...
Application management
Method of treatment of female infertility
Frequency detection, tuning and stabilization system
Apparatus for assay, synthesis and storage, and methods of manufacture, use, and manipulation thereo...
Digital audio tone evaluating system
Mobile wireless apparatus
Filter for modeling system and method for handling and routing of text-based asynchronous communicat...
Travel tracker network system
Apparatus and method for discriminating between voice and data by using a frequency estimate represe...
Flash photography system
Peach tree named `Spring Candy`
Recycle managing system and recycle managing method
Read-modify-write for partial writes in a memory controller
Interactive learning apparatus responsive to striking
System and method of correlating leveling criteria to label leveled reading books
System for teaching mathematics
Grip pressure detector assembly
Real-scene tour simulation system and method of the same
Dance visualization of music
Method and apparatus for transparent cascading of multiple content addressable memory devices
Track tensioning system for a tracked vehicle
Weighted footwear insert
Driving apparatus and driving method of an AC type plasma display panel having auxiliary electrodes
System and method for creating and controlling interactive voice response applications
Combined canister and belted nozzle for upright vacuum cleaner
Steam iron
Iron guard
Litter receptacle
Garbage can lid
Golf cart
Child activity center, entertainment system, and components thereof
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Fault monitoring system
Electronic service request generator for automatic fault management system
Floating wave attenuator
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using a selected production well sp...
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation to pyrolyze a selected percentage of hydrocarbon mate...
Permeability measurement apparatus and method
In situ production of synthesis gas from a hydrocarbon containing formation through a heat source we...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to form a substantially uniform, hi...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce nitrogen containing form...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with a selected atomic oxygen to ca...
Cryptographic method using modified fractional fourier transform kernel
Method and device for inserting a watermarking signal in an image
Low visibility watermark using time decay fluorescence
Vehicle event data recorder including validation of output
Password based protocol for secure communications
Human calcium dependent proteases, polynucleotides encoding the same, and uses thereof
Enhancing solubility of iron amino acid chelates and iron proteinates
Amber polyester compositions for packaging food and beverages
Grilling component
Shielding system for protecting select portions of a food product during processing in a conveyorize...
Patterned microwave susceptor element and microwave container incorporating same
Evaluation of irradiated foods and other items with telemetric dosimeters and associated methods
Therapeutic and diagnostic methods and compositions based on jagged/notch proteins and nucleic acids
Method for building a real-time control system with mode and logical rate
Data processing system and method for storing data in a communication network
Method and system to stress interactions in a test machine
Interrupt handling mechanism in translator from one instruction set to another
Fuel composition
Solvating component and solvent system for mesophase pitch
Process for selective hydrogenation of alkynes and catalyst therefor
Method for converting oxygenates to olefins
Slurry hydrocarbon synthesis with liquid hydroisomerization in the synthesis reactor
Circuit board assembly
Method and apparatus for system time alignment
Stable optical switch with reduced power consumption
Dynamic method and apparatus for controlling device temperature during continuous transmissions
Method and apparatus for characterizing frequency response on an error performance analyzer
Apparatus and method for universal serial bus communications
Coding method and coder for coding packetized serial data with low overhead
Wheel bearing assembly
Reduced latency interleaver utilizing shortened first codeword
Mace code
Approximate string matcher for delimited strings
Method for modifying plant biomass
Persephin and related growth factors
Method for calculating conductor paths in a switched gradient coil system, and magnetic resonance to...
Nail enamel container
Method and apparatus for applying a coating such as a paint or a varnish
Jug with ribbed sides
Composition for dyeing keratin fibers and dyeing method using same
Device for dispensing a fluid product and method of dispensing a fluid product
Unit for applying at least one product
Methods of use and of making a mascara comprising at least one coloring agent and at least one heter...
Process for the preparation of compound fertilizer granules
Tire with a component made of a rubber composition comprised of a rubber having pendant hydroxyl gro...
Hair treatment gels containing itaconic acid monoester/acrylate copolymer
Antisense modulation of EDG1 expression
Solderable flexible adhesive interposer as for an electronic package, and method for making same
Aerostat deployment apparatus
Stereotaxic holders, stereotaxic alignment systems comprising same, and methods for using same
Enhanced time-based proportional control
Aluminum alloy extruded material for automotive structural members
Medical network system
Variable-capacity scroll-type compressor
Hydrogel entrapping therapeutic agent and stent with coating comprising this
Phosphine compound, transition metal complex containing the same phosphine compound as ligand and as...
Portable toothbrush
Method for estimating a direction of arrival
Shaft support structure
Showerhead engine assembly
Liquid crystal display device with a light guide having random v-shaped dots
Porous films and processes for the production thereof
Image forming apparatus and method having a cleaning device with a conductive member having a potent...
System and method for representing compressed information
Remote keyless entry system
Illuminating apparatus for a liquid crystal monitor and a digital camera having a liquid crystal mon...
System for application independent programming of controls
Apparatus for acquiring pseudo noise code and direct sequence code division multiple access receiver...
Compositions and methods for identifying antigens which elicit an immune response
Substituted N'-(Arylcarbonyl)-benzhydrazides, N'(Arylcarbonyl)-benzylidene-hydrazides and analogs as...
System controlling use of a communication channel
Managing recovery of service components and notification of service errors and failures
Seamless importation of data
Method and apparatus for storing policies for policy-based management of network quality of service
System and method for generic automated tuning for performance management
Method and apparatus for providing media-independent self-help modules within a multimedia communica...
Magnetoresistive head and manufacturing method therefor
Magnetoresistive device and/or multi-magnetoresistive device
Bracket for quick installation and removal of system components in a computer system
Controlling a gap length in a near-field area in an exposure apparatus
Disc cartridge
Magnetic recording and reproduction method and apparatus
Decorative sticker sheet
Image-recording composition and image-recording sheet using same
Atmospheric control within a building
Domesticated household pet food including maintenance amounts of ivermectin
Weather strip
Molded article from thermoplastic composite material and method for producing the same
Methods and apparatus for the formation of heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes
Compatible linear and branched ethylenic polymers and foams therefrom
Method for producing ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, saponified product of copolymer prepared by t...
Method of making of compound x-ray lenses and variable focus x-ray lens assembly
Membranous EL system in UV-cured urethane envelope
Method for identifying metastatic sequences
DNA sequencing using multiple fluorescent labels being distinguishable by their decay times
Polynucleotide separation method and apparatus therefor
Semiconductor lasers
VCSEL with monolithically integrated photodetector
Wavelength and bandwidth monitor for excimer or molecular fluorine laser
Apparatus and method for improving electrical conduction structure of a vertical cavity surface emit...
Optical fiber including a diffuser portion and continuous sleeve for the transmission of light
System and method for playing DVD bitstream from non-DVD optical storage medium
Welding material and method without carrier
Key fob for vehicular remote keyless entry systems
Over-center spring control
Multi-positionable and reversible seat assembly
Ceiling tile transmitter and receiver system
Gas flow-through line with sound absorption effect
Exhaust pipe and muffler for motorcycle that does not heat discolor
Suction muffler
Method for controlling the emergency power supply and the emergency power supply system, in particul...
System and method of controlling a vehicle steer-by-wire system applying gain scheduling control
Vehicular door latch operation control device
Robot device and behavior control method for robot device
Vehicular steering device, program, and record medium
Process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus and image-forming method
Fully fluorinated polymer coated development electrodes
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Triple array defibrillation catheter and method of using the same
Implantable medical electrical lead with light-activated adhesive fixation
Multimedia-instruction acceleration device and method thereof
System and method for granting security privilege in a communication system
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of object invocation
Cascaded boiling pool slurry reactors for producing bimodal low to medium density polyethylene polym...
Variance alerting dispenser system and variance detector apparatus and method
Method and system utilizing data fragments for efficiently importing/exporting removable storage vol...
High availability networking with virtual IP address failover
Thallium free--metal halide lamp with magnesium halide filling for improved dimming properties
Stabilized camera and marker buoy for media coverage of aquatic events
Method and apparatus for a DC-DC charge pump voltage converter-regulator circuit
Error bit correcting method for use in time-division multiple access system and bit correcting circu...
Process for removing oxygenates from an olefinic stream
Multiplex laser light source and exposure apparatus
Systems and methods for reducing the effect of noise while reading data in series from memory
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
Scalable high-performance bouncing apparatus
XML-based integrated services framework
Vehicle travel control apparatus
Authoring system and authoring method, and storage medium
Positive active material for secondary battery, process for preparation thereof and non-aqueous seco...
Material for a metal strip
Delivery on nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs through an inhalation route
Dry powder inhaler
Neural network noise anomaly recognition system and method
Power generating machine with a bellows adaptable to sea waves so as to drive a generator
Target scoring system
Telecommunications network management system interface
Retaining wall blocks and retaining walls constructed from such blocks
Lantana plant named `Balucyell`
Noninvasive genetic immunization, expression products therefrom, and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for measuring coating
Variable optical attenuator of optical path conversion
Sensor calibration and blood volume determination
Integrated circuit device having sidewall spacers along conductors
Flexible flashlight extension
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mars`
Heatable mirror, method for producing a heat conductive layer, and the use thereof
Copy protected digital audio compact disc and method and system for producing same
Instrument for bone distraction and compression having ratcheting tips
Method and apparatus for hybrid checkpointing
Media presentation system controlled by voice to text commands
Method and device for the detection of microorganisms by fiber optics
Match and priority encoding logic circuit
Collapsible sports goal
Footwear with storage
Method for processing video pictures for display on a display device and apparatus for carrying out ...
Color chart, chart image data recording medium, profile producing apparatus, profile producing metho...
Fault monitor for restarting failed instances of the fault monitor
Wheel securing structure for a remote-controlled model car
Silencer and power enhancement environmental device
Reaction chamber for processing a substrate wafer, and method for processing a substrate using the c...
Positioning and alignment aids for shape objects having authorable behaviors and appearances
Integrated balun and transformer structures
Resume storage and retrieval system
System, method and article of manufacture for an activity framework design in an e-commerce based en...
Fish ladder for passing dams
Method for production of esterified product and apparatus therefor
Thermoplastic molding materials based on particular graft rubber constituents
Miniature automated teller machine
Individually addressable micro-electromagnetic unit array chips in horizontal configurations
Phosphonate compounds
Exterior mirror plano-auxiliary reflective element assembly
Methods of and computer readable media for automatically setting up page files for labels for compac...
Waveguide systems or structures or parts thereof, containing polycyanate copolymers prepared from po...
Crosslinkable polymer material of low relative permittivity, and films, substrates and electronic un...
Multiple collector wind driven power generating device
Expandable push-in interbody spinal fusion implant
Register economy heuristic for a cycle driven multiple issue instruction scheduler
Disambiguating memory references based upon user-specified programming constraints
Data import system for data analysis system
Transgenic plants expressing photorhabdus toxin
Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood analyte measurement with fluid compartment equilibration
Human FGF-21 nucleic acids
Savoury flavor comprising 2-methylfuran-3-thiol and/or a derivative and methylenedithiol and/or a de...
Mounting scheme for NMR gradient magnet coils
Fault monitoring system and fault reporting method
System for quantitative radiographic imaging
Regulating method for increasing the traction of a vehicle while maintaining constant vehicle stabil...
Molten metal reactor utilizing molten metal flow for feed material and reaction product entrapment
Silicone compound, a powder surface-treated with this compound, and a makeup containing this powder
Method and apparatus for making a drive compatible with a removable cartridge
Cradle device of portable terminal
User interface for making compiler tradeoffs
Magnetic memory
Exchanger for aircraft air conditioning circuit and integrated propulsion assembly for such an excha...
Syringe adapters for use with an injector
Knitted fabric for insect screening
Piezoelectric valve
Apparatus with extended markup language date capture capability
System and method for content-sensitive automatic reply message generation for text-based asynchrono...
Methods for cutting articles containing at least a substantial amount of wood
Unwrought continuous cast copper-nickel-tin spinodal alloy
Electric motor
Non-disruptive search facility
Method for increasing the active loading of compressible composition forms
Phosphor converted light emitting device
Method and apparatus for eliminating free clearances in a press shutheight adjustment mechanism
Personal digital assistant display illumination method and system
Dental care kit
Method for acquiring azimuth information
Inhalation device
Structural insulated sheathing and related sheathing methods
Optical food oil quality sensor
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Method of processing semiconductor wafer and semiconductor wafer supporting member
Absorbent product containing absorbent structure and Bacillus coagulans
Transport system
Domestic machine to make cappuccino
Composition useful to treat periodontal disease
Venlafaxine besylate
Wide viewing angle polarizer and liquid-crystal display device
Message providing apparatus
Monitoring device for the sealing web width
Vulcanized solid rubber
Computer-implemented method for fast generation and testing of probable prime numbers for cryptograp...
Pill/capsule medicine container having combination cap, cotton padding and interconnecting flexible ...
Distal protection device
Gas-insulated switch
Method and apparatus for analyzing inductive effects in a circuit layout
Cascaded organic electroluminescent devices with improved voltage stability
Apparatus for managing resources of a signal processor, a resource managing program transferring met...
Ignition signal pickup interface box
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Waste toner collecting apparatus of electrophotographic image forming device
Method and system for providing targeted advertisements
Centralized aggregation of broadcast television programming and multi-market digital delivery thereo...
Smart module and adapter apparatus
Patient telemetry device and leadset designs for providing antenna diversity
Transgenic mice containing DEZ orphan receptor gene disruptions
Method for selecting a transgenic mouse model of alzheimer's disease
Mch3, a novel apoptotic protease, nucleic acids encoding and methods of use
Method for calculation of cell delay time
Heating device of the light irradiation type
Methods for managing the distribution of client bits to client computers
Receiver for a CDMA mobile radiocommunication system
Protein kinase C epsilon as modulator of anxiety, alcohol consumption and self-administration of dru...
Method and system for nerve stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure
Electrotransport agent delivery method and apparatus
Systems and methods for treating vertebral bodies
Method for solid state genome analysis
Nano-dispersed catalysts particles
Control of leachable mercury in fluorescent lamps by gelatin
Medical electrical lead having bending stiffnesses which increase in the distal direction
(-)-1-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane, compositions thereof, and uses as a dopamine-r...
Selective background calibration for A/D converter
Frozen beverage topping
Implantable mechanical force sensor
Resorbable, macro-porous non-collapsing and flexible membrane barrier for skeletal repair and regene...
Interactive input with limit-value monitoring and on-line help for a palmtop device
Method and apparatus for producing an overall image from a number of partial images
System and method for implementing wait time estimation in automatic call distribution queues
Closed-loop control method for operation of individually driven rotating machine elements
Vehicle communication system with display/control unit
System and user interface for processing task schedule information
Method and configuration for operating a communication network
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Aligning method, aligner, and device manufacturing method
Semiconductor device with data output circuit having slew rate adjustable
Memory array with dual wordline operation
Method and apparatus for automated measurement of properties of perishable consumer products
RFID material tracking method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for monitoring intraocular and blood pressure by non-contact contour measuremen...
Noncontacting portable infrared intra-ocular pressure sensor
Tonometer system for measuring intraocular pressure by applanation and/or indentation
Noncontact tonometer for measuring intraocular pressure
Pneumatic pressure probe
Torque transmission device
Multi-speed wheel hub for automotive vehicles
Continuous torque regulator
Multi-speed transmission family with three planetary gear sets and five rotating torque transmitting...
Dual clutch planetary manual transmission with switched output
Planetary manual power transmission
Multi-speed planetary transmissions with three interconnected gear sets
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and four clutches
Transmission mechanisms with three planetary gear sets
Family of multi-speed planetary transmissions each having two input clutches and three planetary gea...
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having a stationary interconnecting member
Control apparatus for automatic transmission
Gradiometric measurement methodology for determining magnetic fields of large objects
Dual function single laser
Compact phase locked laser array and related techniques
Footwear sole
Sole for footwear
Footwear upper
On road corner dynamic balancing for vehicle wheels
Method and system for playing games on a network
Video game apparatus and information storage medium for video game
Security system for video game system with hard disk drive and internet access capability
Ground Cover rose plant named `Noala`
Detection of auxiliary data in an information signal
Watermarking an information signal
Wavelet based feature modulation watermarks and related applications
Watermark for additional data burst into buffer memory
Method and system for embedded network device installation
Highly transformable bacterial cells and methods for producing the same
Methods for storing neural cells such that they are suitable for transplantation
Addressing system and method for communicating data
Method and apparatus for forming user sessions and presenting internet data according to the user se...
Porous ceramics body for in vivo or in vitro use
Short arc type ultra-high pressure discharge lamp
Low volatility slurry for emission mix powder
Super-high pressure discharge lamp of the short arc type
Methods for pre-conditioning fischer-tropsch light products preceding upgrading
Dry mortar formulations modified with water-redispersible polymer powders
Redox system and process
High solids emulsions of silylated elastomeric polymers
Rubber powders having pulverulent silicatic fillers and prepared from rubbers present in organic sol...
Tunable fabry-perot cavity filter and method for making and using the filter
Sulfonyldiazomethanes, photoacid generators, resist compositions, and patterning process
Multilayer material
Aromatic oligomer and use thereof
Waterborne polymer compositions
Dimeric azo pyridone colorants
Golf ball
Electrodepositable dielectric coating compositions and methods related thereto
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Configuration for generating signal impulses of defined lengths in a module with a bist-function
Test data generating system and method to test high-speed actual operation
Turbo decoder with modified input for increased code word length and data rate
Method for combining logic-based circuit units and memory-based circuit units and circuit arrangemen...
Datasheet browsing and creation with data-driven datasheet tabs within a microcontroller design tool
Light emitting diode
Thin film magnetic memory device for writing data of a plurality of bits in parallel
Method for fabricating a memory device
Method for encrypting and decrypting information using rule-based templates embedded with synthetic ...
Method for making a high solids interactive coating composition and ink jet recording medium
2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives, process for preparing them and their uses
Image forming apparatus and method, and transferring medium cassette
Coupon applicator and methods of applying coupon strips to grocery carts
Lithium-manganese oxide for use in lithium secondary cell cathode and method for producing the lithi...
Auger fed mixer apparatus and method of using
Methods for promoting healing of skin resurfacing wounds
Withania Somnifera composition, method for obtaining same and pharmaceutical, nutritional and person...
Curable slurry for forming ceramic microstructures on a substrate using a mold
Method and mechanism for tracking dependencies for referential integrity constrained tables
Method and apparatus for storing multi-media data
Method for growing layers of group III-nitride semiconductor having electrically passivated threadin...
Method for controlling data flow associated with a communications node
Prepaid calling with warning announcement
Methods and systems for determining the location of mobiles in a UMTS telecommunications system
Automatic speech recognition with psychoacoustically-based feature extraction, using easily-tunable ...
User interface for translating natural language inquiries into database queries and data presentatio...
Apparatus, method and system for subscriber control of timed and regional membership in multiple mem...
Soft book
Security device
Embossed data carrier
Coformulation of an oil-soluble herbicide and a water-soluble herbicide
Post-treatment of a polymeric composition
Starch-based modeling compound
Vapor-dispensing device
Multi-level pool game apparatus and method
Entertaining system
Day and night croquet and bocce
Wheel calculator
Method for calendering tissue paper
Context sensitive web services
System for education about names
Abacus calculator
High-precision cognitive performance test battery suitable for internet and non-internet use
Image processing system
On-line piecewise homeomorphism model prediction, control and calibration system for a dynamically v...
Semiconductor device including a light-receiving element and an optical transfer device
Wiring pattern of semiconductor device
Sensor for optically sensing air borne acoustic waves
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium therefor
Organic electroluminescence element
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Key top and method of manufacture
Alternating current driven type plasma display device
Level shifter and electro-optical apparatus incorporating the same
Vehicle-applied display unit
Semiconductor display device and driving circuit therefor
Textured Bi-based oxide ceramic films
Semiconductor device having a capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor capacitor with diffusion prevention layer
Method of fabricating semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric transistor for storing two data bits
Insert molding method and metal mold
Video-on-demand purchasing and escrowing system
Automated semiconductor processing system
Formal verification method
Slip-on ball glove
Liquid crystal display having an in a pixel electrode along a boundary of differently oriented regio...
Counterfeit detection apparatus
Optical lens device assembly
Light-wave circuit module and method for manufacturing the same
Information processing apparatus using index and tag addresses for cache
Firearm locking system and method for preventing rotation of a cylinder
Bearing spring plate pedestal
Sleeve bearing arrangement
Preloading method for preload-adjustable rolling bearing and manufacture of the same
Sealed bearing
Cage for roller bearing
Seal apparatus for a water pump, rotation-support apparatus for a water pump, and a water pump
Bearing device for driving wheel
Shoe and replaceable heel
Plasma display panel and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for detecting strobe errors
Method for textile treatment for spandex containing fabrics
Uniform stretchable fabric with flat surface appearance
Alkyl cobalt (III) dioximates and process for forming the same
Exposing carboxyl polymer-polyepoxide powder to amine for powder coating
Segmented induction electric machine with interdigiated disk-type rotor and stator construction
Magnetorheological fluids and related method of preparation
Structured catalysts for selective reduction of nitrogen oxides by ammonia using a compound that can...
Catalyst for removing carbon monoxide in hydrogen rich gas and production method therefor
Method for improving the mechanical strength, particularly the strength "at the young ages" of cemen...
Selective radio paging receiver with display function
Communication system for wireless communication of content to users
System and method for the transfer of digital data to a mobile device
Radio transmission control method and radio transmission device
Method and apparatus for folding a web
Topical composition comprising an aldehyde or ketone-based cosmetic bonding agent
Disposable article having a biosensor
Absorbent articles providing improved fit when wet
Magnetic resonance imaging agents for the delivery of therapeutic agents
Combining unfold with parallel magnetic resonance imaging
Nek1-related protein kinase
Encapsulated cells containing an amplified expression vector as a drug delivery device
Amorphous benzothiophenes, methods of preparation and methods of use
Backpack entertainment system with detachable pockets for speakers
Geosynthetic material irrigation system
Quick release pharmaceutical compositions of drug substances
Carton and a cushion member for placement into a carton
Method and device for thermally connecting the contact surfaces of two substrates
Modular drainage unit
Methods for increasing vascularization and promoting wound healing
Method and membrane for mucosa regeneration
Performance recovery process for PEM fuel cells
Process for mixing and reacting two or more fluids
Wood deck plank with protective cladding
SS7 signalling transport over ATM
Method and apparatus for configuring network devices with subnetworks in an ATM environment and retr...
Multilayer thermoplastic structure
Toilet bowl cleaner
Solid polymer dispersions and method for their preparation
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers formed from nylon resins
Nonwoven buffing or polishing material having increased strength and dimensional stability
Assembly for generating milk foam and for heating milk
Methods for genotyping by hybridization analysis
Universal masterbatch
Process for preparing high barrier nanocomposites
System and method for selectively enabling and disabling plug-ins features in a logical volume manag...
Lamp cap, assembly of lamp burner and lamp cap, and method of fastening a lamp
Back lighting apparatus of liquid crystal display using optical fiber
Illumination apparatus with polarizing elements for beam shaping
Vehicle indicator unit having wowing and graduation lighting function
Methods and apparatuses to determine the state of elements
Decoding apparatus and method
Capacitor charging device for a flash
Fiber optic cables with strength members
Optical waveguide illuminator
Optical fiber having a low-shrink buffer layer and methods of manufacturing the same
Butterfly package pallet
Optical device, system and method for detecting a condition in an optical device
Variable optical attenuator
Exposure method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
Image scaling method and apparatus using continuous domain filtering and interpolation method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Method for sliding window image processing of associative operators
Bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus
Dry-cast hollowcore concrete sandwich panels
Method of joining steel products, method of processing junction surfaces of steel products, and rein...
Method for estimating and controlling flow pattern of molten steel in continuous casting and apparat...
Warm compaction of steel powders
Ferritic heat-resisting steel
Method for rehabilitative and/or protective corrosion-inhibition of reinforcing steel embedded in a ...
Grain-oriented silicon steel sheet excellent in adhesiveness to tension-creating insulating coating ...
Adjustable mounting for jewelry
Method and system for laser marking a gemstone