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Mannich base prodrugs of 3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Float collar
Turning of a propulsion unit
Manufacturing process for surfboards and bodyboards and articles of manufacture
Cockpit vent for a power boat
Detector constructed from fabric
Venting plunger for caulk cartridges
Ethylene copolymerization process
Resin compositions and use of the same
Electrostrictive poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) networks
Preparation method of 2,2'-bi-1H-imidazole using glyoxal and an ammonium salt
Method for registering a patient data set obtained by an imaging process in navigation-supported sur...
Head cursor control interface for an automated endoscope system for optimal positioning
Methods and apparatus for a quick-change spool system
Sealing structure for fishing reel
External tank filter, in particular for an aquarium
Foaming ingredient and powders containing it
Vegetable oil having elevated stearic acid content
DNA which encodes trehalase and uses thereof
Initializing, maintaining, updating and recovering secure operation within an integrated system empl...
Data processing system and method having time-span support for input device driver
Similarity transformation method for data processing and visualization
Method for correcting combustion effluent data when used for input-loss performance monitoring of a ...
Three dimensional reconstruction metrology
Reactive anthraquinone colorant compounds and polymeric materials reacted therewith
Fresh, cryopreserved, or minimally cardiac valvular xenografts
Method of regulating a flow of data in a communication system and apparatus therefor
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Telephone line interface circuit without hookswitch relay
Method and apparatus for echo suppression
Radio frequency automated meter reading device
Non-aqueous electrolyte rechargeable batteries
High-energy, rechargeable electrochemical cells
Thin alkali metal film member and method of producing the same
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery with an organic magnesium electrolyte compound
Silica reinforced rubber composition prepared with pre-treated silica article of manufacture, includ...
Positive electrode active material for secondary battery and secondary battery
7-[(4'-trifluoromethyl-biphenyl-2-carbonyl)amino]-quinoline-3-carboxylic acid amides, and methods of...
Magnetically shielded assembly
Method and system for making production plan
Method for targeted advertising on the web based on accumulated self-learning data, clustering users...
Message passing over secure connections using a network server
Instrument carrier
Ectoparasite removal comb
Ectoparasite removal comb
Portion of vacuum cleaner housing
Vacuum cleaner head
Upright vacuum cleaner
Giant magneto-resistive effect element, magneto-resistive effect type head, thin-film magnetic memor...
Method for the control of aero gas turbine engines
Subscriber unit for generating a stream cipher
System and method for project designing and developing a procurement and accounts payable system
System, method and recordable medium for printing services over a network
Fire retardant wood composite materials
Video signal processing system
High performance engine oil
Ground-following lawn mower cutter deck suspension system
Sweet-stable acidified beverages
MR apparatus and gradient saturation method for suppressing MR signals from peripheral regions situa...
Method of shimming a magnetic field
Image processing device and method and memory medium
Photographic print producing system
Method for applying tonal correction to a binary halftone image
Pigments treated with organo-phosphoric acids and their salts
Air velocity measurement instrument
Toning station intermediate bearing cap and tension assembly
Arrangement of bearings pertaining to a cylinder of a rotary printing press
Arrangement for adjusting the interval between the rotational axes of cylinders
Method and apparatus for ink feed control
Gas discharge tube cover
Method and system for implementing smart antennas and diversity techniques
Removable imbibition composition of photochromic compound and epoxy and polyol kinetic enhancing add...
Method for producing a flame resistant cellulosic sheet material
Multilayer high .kappa. dielectric films
Adhesion between dielectric materials
.DELTA.9 tetrahydrocannabinol (.DELTA.9 THC) solution metered dose inhalers and methods of use
Three-dimensional weave architecture
Exercise apparatus with video effects synchronized to exercise parameters
Emergency warning system for vehicles
Periphery monitoring device for motor vehicle and recording medium containing program for determinin...
System and a method for the control of variable-ratio transmissions
Species modification in macrocyclic polyester oligomers, and compositions prepared thereby
Double Impatiens plant named `Balolepep`
Bottom-dispensing liquid soap dispenser
Intraocular pressure monitoring/measuring apparatus and method
Deformable intraocular lens injecting apparatus with transverse hinged lens cartridge
Intraocular lens containing releasable medication
Ocular therapeutic agent delivery devices and methods for making and using such devices
Reactive polymers
Intraocular lenses made from polymeric compositions
Process of cleaning the inner surface of a water-containing vessel
Sound recording film
Systems including replaceable fuel cell apparatus and methods of using replaceable fuel cell apparat...
Fuel cell
Method for the synthesis and evaluation of porphyrins, calix (4) pyrroles and allied macrocycles
Low dielectric constant materials with polymeric networks
Thin film transistor and display device having the same
Method for production of formic acid
3-(imidazolyl)-2-alkoxypropanoic acids
Seafloor-surface linking device comprising a stabilizing element
Riser support for floating offshore structure
Ice composite body and process for the construction thereof
Method for optically recording information on an optically re-writable information medium
Sensor and method for range measurements using a TDI device
Magnetic disk apparatus
Joint demodulation using a viterbi equalizer having an adaptive total number of states
Spacer grid with double deflected vanes for nuclear fuel assemblies
Biosensor arrays and methods
Fuel cell system
Method for producing highly productive supported ionic catalyst for gas phase polymerization
High-availability architecture using high-speed pipes
Interface circuit device for performing data sampling at optimum strobe timing by using stored data ...
Method for the inversion of CPMG measurements enhanced by often repeated short wait time measurement...
Efficient translation lookaside buffer miss processing in computer systems with a large range of pag...
Redundant controller data storage system having an on-line controller removal system and method
Memory data verify operation
Method of resolving min-time violations in an integrated circuit
Method of performing operating settings in heart rate measurement arrangement, and heart rate measur...
Fluoroscopic registration system and method
System and method for collecting, processing, and distributing information to promote safe driving
Providing a configuration file to a communication device
Method and system for monitoring computer networks and equipment
Cellulose ester film, optical film, polarizing plate, optical compensation film and liquid crystal d...
Fins and profiles for plastic bags
Insulating material containing cycloolefin polymer
Method for determining alkaline phosphatase
Active optical system for beam-steering a laser beam
Autonomous floor-cleaning robot
Bipedal robot with storage battery
Apparatus walking with two legs, walking control apparatus, and walking control method thereof
Two leg walking humanoid robot
Robot system
High fidelity electrical probe
Lamp string with an open-circuit-proof structure
Device for selectively blocking remote purchase requests
Inductor-capacitor resonant circuits and improved methods of using same
Truck trailer impact warning system
Short range communication system
Apparatus and method for inputting reflected light image of a target object
Color key preservation during sample rate conversion
Method for returning merchandise
Creation of structured data from plain text
Crystalline aluminosilicate zeolitic composition: UZM-9
Apparatus and method for trackless movement and full penetration arc welding
Electrochromic device having a seal including an epoxy resin cured with a cycloaliphatic amine
Ether compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
Ultrasound assisted process for increasing the crystallinity of slow crystallizable polymers
Polyamines and polymers made therewith
Data memory and method for writing information in a data memory
Method of removing free halogen from a halogenated polymer insulating layer of a semiconductor devic...
Image reading apparatus and an image forming apparatus having the image reading apparatus
Push-type scheduling for semiconductor fabrication
Synchronous position control apparatus and method
Data processing apparatus and display processing method
Distributed processing system and its control method
System having devices connected via communication lines
Apparatus and method for deaerating liquid crystal
Method and apparatus for preventing scale deposits and removing contaminants from fluid columns
System and method for a digital mass flow controller
Cosmetic composition and method
Immunoassay method for measuring a cyclosporine and its metabolites
Attachment of biomolecules to hydrophobic surfaces
Semiconductor inspection apparatus
Micro electro-mechanical system method
Inductor for integrated circuits
Lithography device for semiconductor circuit pattern generation
Performance evaluation method for plasma processing apparatus
Clutch adjustment method and apparatus thereof
Anti-turnover mechanism of electrical wheelchair
Method and apparatus for controlling deployment of a side airbag
Automotive frame assembly
Method and system for reducing latency in message passing systems
Bus emulation apparatus
Data selecting memory device and selected data transfer device
Method and system for providing memory-based device emulation
Method for triggering an asynchronous event by creating a lowest common denominator clock
Method and circuitry for switching from a synchronous mode of operation to an asynchronous mode of o...
Collimator for radiotherapy apparatus
Cardiac pacing lead and delivery system
Method and apparatus for noninvasively monitoring hemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation
Apparatus and method for expanding a stimulation lead body in situ
Dietary supplements and methods for treating pain and inflammation
Antiperspirant or deodorant compositions
Ascorbic acid analogs for metalloradiopharmaceuticals
Antimicrobial activity of gemfibrozil
Targeted magnetic resonance imaging agents for the detection of physiological processes
Biocompatible coating for a prosthesis and a method of forming the same
Execution program generation method, execution program generation apparatus, execution program execu...
Method for installing software components at a user-terminal, related devices and related software m...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Magnet`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Coral Fiction`
Systems and methods for forming composite lesions to treat dysfunction in sphincters and adjoining t...
Bicycle rear suspension
Method for treating a sphincter
Asynchronous timing for interpolated timing recovery
Use of correlation histograms for improved glyph decoding
Detergent injection methods for carbon dioxide cleaning apparatus
Detergent compositions
System for remote monitoring of a vehicle and method of determining vehicle mileage, jurisdiction cr...
System and method for an advance notification system for monitoring and reporting proximity of a veh...
Navigation method and a navigation system for determining a route for a means of transport moving fr...
Navigation device with means for displaying advertisements
In-vehicle navigation apparatus
Method and system for displaying automatically scaled map according to degree of precision of estima...
Nanocapsules and method of production thereof
System and method for providing editing controls based on features of a raster image
Method for producing polyisobutenes
Insulating and functionalizing fine metal-containing particles with conformal ultra-thin films
Production of attenuated respiratory syncytial virus vaccines involving modification of M2 ORF2
Projection display apparatus and method of display
System for using rate of exception event generation during execution of translated instructions to c...
Utilizing a scoreboard with multi-bit registers to indicate a progression status of an instruction t...
Main support assembly
Hydraulic amplifier pump for use in ultrahigh pressure liquid chromatography
Turbomachine with a vaneless rotating diffuser and nozzle
Scroll compressors
Fuel drawing device for motor vehicle tank
Discharge valve of a hermetic compressor using stopper and weight driven disc valve
Apparatus for treating fluids
Spherical bearing for electrical machines with permanent magnetic rotors
Method for manufacturing paper and paperboard using fracture toughness measurement
Method for measuring the degree of edema and apparatus using the same
Combination of normal and oblique incidence polarimetry for the characterization of gratings
Method to correct for sensitivity variation of media sensors
Apparatus for determining the volume of single red blood cells
Optical inspection equipment for semiconductor wafers with precleaning
Spectral ellipsometer without chromatic aberrations
Image processing device and method, and distribution medium
User interface for imaging system
Method of automatic registration of images
Image processing method and apparatus, and recording medium therefor
Method and apparatus for enhancing the edge contrast of an interpolated digital image
Impact resistant surface insulation tile for a space vehicle and associated protection method
Apparatus and method for altering the tension of a clampband
1-cycloalkylpyrazolyl-benzoyl derivatives
Method and apparatus for providing communication between a defect source identifier and a tool data ...
Ratchet wrench and lighting circuit
Use of light scattering particles in design, manufacture, and quality control of small volume instru...
Method for seismic monitoring of an underground zone by simultaneous use of sererval vibroseismic so...
System and method for determining tissue contact of an implantable medical device within a body
Method and apparatus for monitoring heart rate
System and method of automatically adjusting auto capture safety margin
Optical switch based on light spatial modulators
Grin lenses, devices and methods of manufacture
Method and system for note taking using sensor with identifier
Optical switching apparatus and optical switching method
Micro electromechanical system and method for transmissively switching optical signals
Heating apparatus and housing for a heating apparatus
Structure and method for controlling the thermal emissivity of a radiating object
Computer server hot plug fan tray assembly and method of fan removal
Scalable coolant conditioning unit with integral plate heat exchanger/expansion tank and method of u...
Compact thermosiphon with enhanced condenser for electronics cooling
Spring spacer assemblies for maintaining electrical components in contact with thermal transfer surf...
Split fin heat sink
Integrated ozone generator process
Method for generating hydrogen for fuel cells
Solar energy converter and solar energy conversion system
Textile heater with continuous temperature sensing and hot spot detection
Mini-optical light shelf daylighting system
Laser light generating apparatus and optical apparatus using the same
Method and system for positioning implanted hearing aid actuators
Hearing aid operative to cancel sounds propagating through the hearing aid case
System and method for fibrechannel fail-over through port spoofing
Method and apparatus for reading from and writing to storage using acknowledged phases of sets of da...
Process for manufacturing an adsorbent for reducing the concentration of fibrinogen and/or fibrin, a...
Reinforcement for a moulded filtering screen support frame
Apparatus for separating biological materials
Device and method for the treatment of contaminated media
Method of removing catalyst particles from wax
Self-contained breathing apparatus
Synchronous rectification
Multifuel fuel cell system and a method for its operation
Power factor corrected SMPS with light and heavy load control modes
Combined transformer-inductor device for application to DC-to-DC converter with synchronous rectifie...
Anisotropically electroconductive film
Optical recording medium
FPC adhesive of epoxy resin, onium hexafluoroantimonate, nitrile rubber and filler
Optical device-related adhesive and optical device
Rigid substrate lamination adhesive
Portable device for capturing image and sound data including compact memory and board arrangement
Optical information-recording medium and optical information-recording method
Lithography method for preventing lithographic exposure of peripheral region of semiconductor wafer
Methods and compositions for high throughput identification of protein/nucleic acid binding pairs
Apparatus for quantitative analysis of a nucleic acid amplification reaction
Vertical metal-semiconductor microresonator photodetecting device and production method thereof
Monolithically integrated optically-pumped edge-emitting semiconductor laser
Optical modulator system
Excimer laser and method of operating an excimer laser
Energy stabilized gas discharge laser
Calcium gallium sulphide (CaGa2S4) as a high gain erbium host
Basic hydrogen peroxide recycling system for chemical oxygen-iodine lasers
Current control biasing to protect electrode seals
High affinity TGF.beta. nucleic acid ligands and inhibitors
Chimeric oligonucleotides for modulating gene expression
Processes for the preparation of (R)-.alpha.-(2,3-dimethoxyphenyl)-1-[2-(4-fluorophenyl)ethyl]-4-pip...
Compounds capable of cleaving double-stranded DNA and method of utilization of the same
ABCA-1 elevating compounds
Method and system for processing records in a communications network
Compliant tibial tray assembly
Quinolinones and uses thereof
Process to inhibit binding of the integrin .alpha.4.beta.1 , to VCAM-1 fibronectin and cyclic peptid...
Method and apparatus for deployment, mounting and coupling of downhole geophones
Cross-fired multiple horn loudspeaker system
Sealing and acoustic insulation panel, in particular for automobile doors
Acoustically effective rear parcel shelf
Edible oil and production process thereof
Hollow foamed polyolefinic resin container
Methods of modifying feeding behavior, compounds useful in such methods, and DNA encoding a hypothal...
Method for purifying marine mammal oil enriched in omega 3 fatty acids and compositions comprising s...
Articulated magnet assembly and kit
Methods and devices for fastening bulging or herniated intervertebral discs
Apparatus and method for low flux photocatalytic pollution control
Drosophila melanogaster p70S6 kinase
Optical reticle substrate inspection apparatus and beam scanning method of the same
System for retrieving a gas phase sample from a gas stream containing entrained liquid, and sample c...
Silver halide emulsion, silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material and image-forming ...
Adaptive exercise apparatus
Resistive exercise device
Portable leg exercising apparatus
Electronic exercise enhancer
Wheelchair aerobic exercise trainer
Scandium containing aluminum alloy firearm
Compact abdominal exercise apparatus
Hamstring exercise machine
Exercise apparatus
Foot exercise device
Magnetizable device
Sol-gel coating
Methods of forming switchable circuit devices
Carbon nanotube-containing catalysts, methods of making, and reactions catalyzed over nanotube catal...
Flame-resistant and heat-resistant polycarbonate compositions
Method and apparatus for player selection of an electronic game payout
Gaming device with rotating display and indicator therefore
Jackpot system
Method for crediting a player of an electronic gaming device
Game service interfaces for player tracking touch screen display
Apparatus and method for facilitating team play of slot machines
System method and user interface for active reading of electronic content
System and method for displaying media interactively on a video display device
Drag and drop creation and editing of a page incorporating scripts
Management of non-persistent data in a persistent database
Multimedia recorder with enhanced EPG-related functions
Method and system for providing resource access in a mobile environment
Secure server using public key registration and methods of operation
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomariah`
Content aggregation method and apparatus for on-line purchasing system
Multiple cache communication and uncacheable objects
Method and system for creating vertical search engines
Efficient streaming of synchronized web content from multiple sources
Flat display screen with an addressing memory
Network interface unit with subscriber line daughter boards
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Organoboron derivatives and process for coupling organic compounds
Magnetic element utilizing spin transfer and an MRAM device using the magnetic element
FeRAM sidewall diffusion barrier etch
Monoclonal antibodies to type I interferon receptor
Method of producing secure images using inks comprising modified pigment particles
Processes for preparing sterol esters
Electrostatically clean solar array
Three-speed transfer case
Cover device for covering an exercise fitness ball and the like
Method of and system for managing test case versions
Shopping cart corral
Methods of preventing UVB-induced skin damage
Track and field measuring apparatus and method
System and method for connecting analog telephones and facsimile machines to the internet
Submerged intake filter assembly
Nemesia plant named `Innkapink`
Buforin I as a specific inhibitor and therapeutic agent for botulinum toxin B and tetanus neurotoxin...
Optical switch using micromirrors and method of testing the same
Light detecting optical device
Non-hazardous pest control
System and method for communication of digital images generated from photographic film
Phlox plant named `Fancy Feelings`
Virus resistant and hardware independent method of flashing system bios
Call gate expansion for 64 bit addressing
Multilayer product, its use for the production of light, acoustic-insulated, self-supporting article...
Apparatus and method for a sorting mode in a direct memory access controller of a digital signal pro...
Shoe and method for showing indicia
Plasma display panel and plasma display device
Method of printing film and articles
Map displaying method and apparatus, and navigation system having the map displaying apparatus
Flow inducer fish guide and method of using same
Isolated human UDP-glycosyltransferase proteins
Strut mount
Metallocene capable of being used for the process for the preparation of a syndiotactic polyolefin
Method for reducing stored patterns for IC test by embedding built-in-self-test circuitry for chip l...
Method for detecting and excising nonpalpable lesions
Use of nicergoline in the treatment of spasticity
Method and apparatus for coordinating cooperating resources and its application
Thin film, method and apparatus for forming the same, and electronic component incorporating the sam...
Metal structural component for an aircraft, with resistance to crack propagation
IC card equipped with elliptic curve encryption processing facility
Portable ventilating system
Method of cleaning a cylindrical water strainer utilizing reverse flow and ultrasonic energy
System and method for providing and displaying debugging information of a graphical program on a fir...
Process for preparing optically pure (S)-3-hydroxy-.gamma.-butyrolactone
Method to make a solid polymeric phosphate and resinous compositions containing it
Compensating electro-optical device including thin film transistors
Antenna switching in multiple radio terminal
Method for inhibiting pathogenesis associated with particle-inhalation
Porous carbon electrode material, method for manufacturing the same, and carbon fiber paper
Amine organoborane complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Conjugates of soluble peptidic compounds with membrane-binding agents
Process for hydrolyzing optically active amides
Ether monomers and polymers having multi-ring structures, and photosensitive polymers and resist com...
Sealing material for solid polymer fuel cell separator
Electrochemical cells comprising laminar flow induced dynamic conducting interfaces, electronic devi...
Olefin polymerization catalysts based on convex, polcyclic ligands
Method and apparatus for displaying triggered waveform on an error performance analyzer
Paint defect automated seek and repair assembly and method
Video signal authentication system
Method and apparatus for calculating the electrical characteristics of materials of thin film transi...
Viral particles which are released after the infection with the human cytomegalovirus, and the use o...
Query planning using a maxdiff histogram
Multi-mode satellite and terrestrial communication device
Benzopyrancarboxylic acid derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and lipid disorders
Radio frequency filter, radio frequency circuit, antenna duplexer and radio terminal
System and method for intrusion detection using a time domain radar array
DNA probes, method and kit for identifying antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria
Methods and composition for the diagnosis and treatment of body weight disorders, including obesity
Compounds useful as modulators of melanocortin receptors and pharmaceutical compositions comprising ...
Method, computer program product, and system for making standard stream data accessible that would o...
Retrocyclins: antiviral and antimicrobial peptides
Peptides for treatment of HIV infection
Antiviral 2,4-pyrimidinedione derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Method of preparing rigid polyurethane foam and composition of rigid polyurethane foam
System and method for automated multimedia content indexing and retrieval
Bios corruption detection system and method
Method and system of alerting internet service providers that a hacker may be using their system to ...
Osteospermum plant named `Seitope`
System and method for virtual setup and configuration for a build-to-order computer
Storage access keys
System and method for authenticating and registering personal background data
Display device with feedback brightness sensing
VDSL data network, service and management architecture
Step motor with interpole pair stabilizing rest position
Method and apparatus for signal degradation measurement
Condensation of olefins in fischer tropsch tail gas
Light-emitting element
Three terminal magnetic random access memory
Hi-speed parallel configuration of programmable logic
Human antibodies derived from immunized xenomice
Dry chemical analysis element cartridge
Sampling kit form
Digital camera and method for communicating digital image and at least one address image stored in t...
Combination fluid collection container and drive-up service point in a traffic lane
Stand with infrared emission
Exercise and massage hoop
Method for converting directory data, and program and device therefor
Non-heat treated crankshaft
Method for reactivating activated carbon and activating carbon
Using existing videogames for physical training and rehabilitation
Enclosed excavator for low moisture contaminated sediment removal
Gaura lindheimeri plant named `Benso`
Articulated arm transport system
Synthetic immunogenic but non-amyloidogenic peptides homologous to amyloid .beta. for induction of a...
Optical component having selected bandwidth
Analytical method and apparatus
Exposure apparatus
Easily assembled optical fiber sensor and musical instrument using the same
Parallax correcting apparatus of a viewfinder
Verbena plant named `Balazrasp`
Method and system for soft modem protection
Source coding and transmission with time diversity
Method of fabricating thin film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) and FBAR structure embodying the meth...
Method and apparatus for performing sequential executions of elements in cooperation with a transfor...
Footwear capable of being used interchangeably as a jumpshoe or roller skate
Plasma display panel and method for driving the panel
Light emitting golf ball
System and method for reducing interference generated by a CDMA communications device
Method and apparatus for routing cable in existing pipelines
Method for treating cartilage related diseases
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Caulking warmer
Method for processing pTHF polymerization catalysts
Method for generating analyses of categorical data
4,7-dichlororhodamine dye labeled polynucleotides
Exhibited muscular power estimating apparatus
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Multi-position articulating mounting apparatus for an electronic device
Multiphase single pass interpreter
Snap-on sidewall assembly
Pay broadcasting system with enhanced security against illegal access to a down loaded program in a ...
Apparatus and method for positioning a patient to obtain images of the vasculature
Filter for filtering water for a pump for an aquarium or a pond
Welding method, filler metal composition and article made therefrom
Glass-like polysaccharide useful as absorbent for liquids
Oligonucleotide primers for phosphotidyl inositol in bacillus cereus
Display module including a plate for heat dissipation and shielding
Removable insert assemblies and methods for making
Pharmaceutical complex
Compliant fibrous thermal interface
Agent for dressing phosphate ore
Process cartridge, load producing member and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Amine organoborane complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Espresso machine with an infusion piston displaceable in an infusion cylinder
Oral compositions providing optimal surface conditioning
Methods and compositions for treating and preventing mucositis
Degradable crosslinkers, and degradable crosslinked hydrogels comprising them
Loop cutter
Preparation of diacetals of glyoxal
Feedback system and method for optimizing the reception of multidimensional digital frame structure ...
Process for identifying a specific light signal used in a linear optical sensor of goniometer from a...
Belt stretcher and color image formation apparatus incorporating the same
Firewall system and method via feedback from broad-scope monitoring for intrusion detection
Modular, portable data processing terminal for use in a communication network
Methods for detection of gamma-secretase activity and identification of inhibitors thereof
Method and apparatus for critical and false path verification
System and method of automatic cycling control for HID lamps
Method for preventing forward telecommunication distortion in soft handoff
PPAR-.gamma. agonists as agents for the treatment of type II diabetes
Method for detection of drug-induced mutations in the reverse transcriptase gene
Method for removing and reducing hepatitis C virus
Non-stochastic generation of genetic vaccines and enzymes
System for electrochemical quantitative analysis of analytes within a solid phase
Microarrays and their manufacture
Synthetic procedures for peptide nucleic acids
Multi-user server application architecture with single-user object tier
Data warehousing infrastructure for web based reporting tool
Hierarchical fault management in computer systems
Drive bracket assembly for computer enclosure
Skip detector for compact disc jukebox
Optical disc player for compensating for eccentricity error with eccentricity detected and compensat...
Video recording system using magnetic disk drive
Apparatus and method for storing track layout information for performing quick write operations
Hard disk onto which table information depending on model is written, and hard disk drive adopting s...
Multilumen catheters and methods for their use
Printed matter
Metallic luster tone thermochromic laminate member
Thermal transfer recording material and thermal transfer recording method
Polymer beads
Extrusion molding apparatus for a thin tube
Composition for the production of shaped bodies and method for the production of shaped bodies made ...
Microcelluar extrusion/blow molding process and article made thereby
Railway car
Apparatus for dispensing of food from one portion container
Mixtures of thermoplastic fluoropolymers
Compositions containing polycarbonate
Ink-jet recording head, manufacturing method of the same and ink-jet recording apparatus
DNA chip, PNA chip, and their preparation methods
Method for mapping a nucleic acid
Flowering locus T (FT) and genetically modified plants having delayed flower development
Fatty acid elongase 3-ketoacyl CoA synthase polypeptides
Maize NPR1 promoter and methods of use in plant gene expression
Invertase inhibitors and methods of use
Production of collagen in the milk of transgenic mammals
Method and apparatus for efficiently reassembling fragments received at an intermediate station in a...
Efficient method router that supports multiple simultaneous object versions
System, method, and article of manufacture for propagating transaction processing facility based dat...
Multimedia-instruction acceleration device for increasing efficiency and method for the same
Locking device for a PDA and a charging base for the PDA
Ethylene copolymerization process
Pixel structure of a sunlight readable display
Weather resistant fence covering
Method and apparatus for cosocket telephony
Phase difference detection method, phase difference detection apparatus, range finding apparatus and...
System and method for efficient processing of denormal results as hardware exceptions
Architecture for an IP centric distributed network
Magnetoelectronics information device having a compound magnetic free layer
Programmable memory based control for generating optimal timing to access serial flash devices
Contact scheme for intracavity-contacted vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
Dispensing lottery tickets
Apparatus and method for generating command and/or response frame for control of digital equipment
Stereo pulse oximeter
Method and apparatus for implementing a workgroup server array
Field emission arrays and method of fabricating emitter tips and corresponding resistors thereof wit...
Method of making fluid diffusion layers and electrodes having reduced surface roughness
Formation and applications of AlCuFe quasicrystalline thin films
Method of vaccination of newly hatched poultry
Pharmaceutical aerosol composition containing HFA 227 and HFA 134a
Security rule database searching in a network security environment
System and method for providing interactive haptic collision detection
Method and apparatus for displaying data stored in linked nodes
Method of training an automatic speech recognizer
Method and apparatus to facilitate generating simulation modules for testing system designs
Poinsettia plant named `Fisolymp`
Mounting system for helmets
Controlled release formulation for treating COPD
Structure and method for fabricating semiconductor structures and polarization modulator devices uti...
Microfabricated electrochemical device separators
Method and system for interfacing a plurality of applications conforming to a standard
Motor mounting structure for cameras
Angelonia plant named `Balangdepi`
Drug dispensing system
Electrochromic dimmer system
Spinal disc space distractor
Method for adding redundant vias on VLSI chips
Method and apparatus for selecting disabling music on hold in a telecommunication system
Method for producing and screening mass-coded combinatorial libraries for drug discovery and target ...
Method of manufacturing rubber plates or sheets
Plasma display device and a method of driving the same
Electronic device for processing image-data, for simulating the behaviour of a deformable object
Enterprise network analyzer agent system and method
Stationery holder
Determination of anisotropic moduli of earth formations
Disposal of radiation waste in glacial ice
Method of and apparatus for tracking appended data on storage medium
System and method of generating an optimal three-step defibrillation waveform for use in an implanta...
Operating method of vacuum processing system and vacuum processing system
Software requirements metrics and evaluation process
Drop weight dive belt
Mixtures of calcitonin drug-oligomer conjugates comprising polyalkylene glycol, uses thereof, and me...
Photopolymerizable composition and photosensitive thermal recording material
Cell matrix plaques of initial bone formation
Piperidine-piperazine ligands for neurotransmitter receptors
Support stand for self-service vehicle washing pump console
Methods for identifying potential therapeutic agents for treatment of osteoporosis using mitogenic i...
Antenna mounting apparatuses and methods
Enhanced-impact LLDPE with a shear modifiable network structure
Method of making a copolymer useful as viscosity index improving additive for hydraulic fluid
Methods and apparatus for installation alignment of equipment
Anaesthetic bone cement
Achieving application-specific document content by transcoding using Java Server Pages
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communi...
Mounting arrangement for light emitting diodes
Low permeability, high strength timing fabric for utilization within airbag inflation modules
Metabolic therapy directed at electron transport
Skin cleaner
Death domain containing receptors
Composition comprising carbohydrate and peptide material and its use as an energy supplement after o...
Connector and guidewire connectable thereto
Making CGI variables and cookie information available to an OLTP system
Method for the iontophoretic non-invasive determination of the in vivo concentration level of an ino...
Collision detecting apparatus for vehicle
TiO2 compounds obtained from a high silica content ore
Dispersible aluminium hydrate, method for preparing same and use for preparing catalysts
Connector termination adapter
Request based automation of software installation, customization and activation
Electronic circuit unit that is suitable for miniaturization and suitable for simple output adjustme...
Aerial cargo container with deceleration and orientation assembly
Recording of scrambled digital data
Magnetic resonance imaging receiver/transmitter coils
Method and apparatus for the delivery of samples to a chemical sensor array
System and method for optimizing insertions for timer queue operations
Display device suited for a blind person
Mobile terminal with integrated host application software
Learning data prototypes for information extraction
Drilling device for frameless glasses
Program trace method and apparatus, and storage medium
Hydraulic dual circuit steering system
Herbicidal compositions
Hydrolyzable and polymerizable silanes based on methylene dithiepane
Method of mobilizing stem cells with chemokine .beta.-8
Efficiently distributing information used for lock management among distributed resource objects usi...
Process for preparing enantiomerically pure (S)-3-hydroxy-gamma-butyrolactone
Field emission display device with minimal color cross-talk between two adjacent phosphor elements
Vehicle license plate cover
High-speed read-write circuitry for semi-conductor memory devices
Cellular telephone system with free space millimeter wave trunk line
Method of treatment
Semiconductor device having a carbon fiber reinforced resin as a heat radiation plate having a conca...
Microwave oven having heaters for cooking food
Granular compacts, their production and use
Developing roller for electrophotography, developing apparatus, apparatus unit and image forming app...
Cloning, sequencing and expression of a gene encoding an eukaryotic amino acid racemase, and diagnos...
Master having redundant degrees of freedom
Coffee machine with integrated steam delivery device
Peelable foam coating composition
Free-form fabrication using multi-photon excitation
Process for producing epoxy resin composition for photosemiconductor element encapsulation
Computer-implemented neural network color matching formulation system
Process for the oligomerization of .alpha.-olefins having low unsaturation, the resulting polymers, ...
Membrane electrode assembly, and solid polymer fuel cell using the assembly
Dead-time compensation with narrow pulse elimination in solid- state switch devices
Copy protection through symbol substitution and induced errors
Porous tissue scaffolds for the repair and regeneration of dermal tissue
Apparatus and method for cooling power transformers
Method for simulating an electrical circuit, computer program product, software application, and dat...
Method for forming fluorinated ionomers
Method of forming an electronic device
Production of catalysts for olefin conversion
Trellis interleaver and feedback precoder
Diagnostic director
Radiation curable coating composition
Printing system that positions web at accurate waiting position
Method for road grade/vehicle pitch estimation
Processing pipeline in a base services pattern environment
Computer including installable and removable cards, optical interconnection between cards, and metho...
Tea polyphenol esters and analogs thereof for cancer prevention and treatment
Method and apparatus for intercepting an evading target alerted at seeker turn-on
System for identifying patterns in biological data using a distributed network
Modulation of A.beta. levels by .beta.-secretase BACE2
Method and system for reducing the computation tree to include only model behaviors defined succinct...
Method and appparatus for controlling temperature
Lamp monitoring and control unit and method
Integration of a computer-based message priority system with mobile electronic devices
Method and system for using SIM card in CDMA service area
.beta.2-adrenergic receptor agonists
3,4-dihydroquinolin-2(1H)-one compounds as NR2B receptor antagonists
Process for producing erythromycin derivative
Processing and manufacturing methods enabled using non-stoichiometric nanomaterials
Process for the preparation of imidazole derivatives
A/D converter
Variable sunscreen for a vehicle
Pneumatic pressure molded impact countermeasure
Vehicle seat assembly having movable panels mounted thereon
Self-powered wireless switch
Collapsible vehicle seat assemblies
Vehicle seat assembly
Vehicle seat assembly with energy managing member
Vehicle armrests with removable beverage container holders
Collapsible storage apparatus for vehicle cargo compartments
Collapsible storage apparatus for vehicle cargo compartments
Collapsible storage apparatus for vehicle cargo compartments
Vehicle cockpit assemblies having integrated dash insulators, instrument panels and floor coverings,...
Airbag door and method for making same
Method and apparatus for synchronizing an email client on a portable computer system with an email c...
Load balancing among media gateways
Electrostatically-addressable electrophoretic display
Detection lamp equipped with light-emitting diode
Fuel cell with polymer electrolyte membrane
Pharmaceutical composition and the process for its preparation
Fluorinated curable compositions
Poinsettia plant named `Fiswhite Silver`
Method and apparatus for data-linking a mobile knowledge worker to home communication-center infrast...
Torsion management outsoles and shoes including such outsoles
Plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for sharing standard template library objects among processes
Support for concrete reinforcing members
Methods and apparatuses for designing integrated circuits using automatic reallocation techniques
Additives based on hydroxyalkyl guar derivatives for use in mortars and mortars including them
Protein domains in the hepatic glycogen-targetting subunit of protein phosphatase 1 and methods of m...
Instrument panel and center stack assembly
System and method for characterizing voiced excitations of speech and acoustic signals, removing aco...
Temper evident ear tag system
Calibrator for radar target simulator
Method and apparatus for writing and reading optical recording medium
Synergistic body positioning and dynamic support system
Polycarbamates and method for the production thereof
Quasi-three-dimensional method and apparatus to detect and localize interaction of user-object and v...
Zoom lens, and image pickup apparatus and image projection apparatus using the same
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor and process of producing the same
Magneto-optical cleaning disk
Nitride semiconductor laser and method of fabricating the same
Catalyst component comprising magnesium, titanium, a halogen and an electron donor, its preparation ...
Low power CD-ROM player with CD-ROM subsystem for portable computer capable of playing audio CDs wit...
Method of executing conflicting triggers in an active database
System and method for detecting data hazards within an instruction group of a compiled computer prog...
Residual toner management in an electrophotographic device
Off-line diagnostics for an electronic throttle
Scanning microscope
Gold recovery process
Precious metals recovery from refractory carbonate ores
Board-conveying robot
Transfer chamber for vacuum processing system
Subterranean well completion incorporating downhole-parkable robot therein
Load lock vacuum conductance limiting aperture
Method and device for extrusion-moulding of a hollow bodies made of thermoplastic material
Remote controller of biped robot
Robot capable of detecting an edge
Switching device for controlling a lamp from both a wall switch and the lamp's switch
Multi-user communication of voice and data
Method of labelling an object
Optoelectronic distance measuring device
Active infrared presence sensor
Triggerable remote controller
Compounds for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, synthesis, and methods of use
Composition and process for controlled radical polymerization using multifunctional initiator/regula...
Process for synthesizing tackifier resin
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Method for reducing phosphorus in a body of water
Rearward displacement prevention mechanism for vehicle control pedals
Drive-by-wire steering systems having steering wheel return mechanism
Steering damper system
Electric power steering apparatus
Riding tractor for supporting a mower unit
Supporting structure of an operator cab for a work machine
Associative database scanning and information retrieval
Method and apparatus for write-back caching with minimal interrupts
Fuel cell
Instrument reed enhancement device
Declarative markup for scoring multiple time-based assets and events within a scene composition syst...
Portable storage and organizing device
Pair of sunglasses made of light-transmissive material and having a plurality of LEDs operated by a ...
Washing method and clothes detergent composition
Rotational unit
Flow control system and valve for controlling a fluid flow
Vacuum pumps
Impeller shaft assembly system
Method and apparatus of detecting low flow/cavitation in a centrifugal pump
Apparatus and method for controlling a pump system
Bumper for a vehicle
Methods for enhancing plant growth using diacyl ureas
Production managing system of semiconductor device
Ratchet wrench
Method of operating a lithographic apparatus, lithographic apparatus, method of manufacturing a devi...
Substrate thickness determination
Objective scanning microscope
Piezoelectric actuator for digital camera optical system
Multi-layer capacitor and method for manufacturing same
Flexible microsystem and building techniques
Microscopic motion measuring
Controlling micro-electro-mechanical cavities
Programmable optical array
Method and apparatus for an ultra-wideband radio utilizing MEMS filtering
Optical switch control method and apparatus thereof
Trench schottky rectifier
Thermally controlled solar reflector facet with heat recovery
Liquid ejection method and liquid ejection head therefor
Gas separation membrane and method of producing the same
Process for using mill scale in cement clinker production
Method and installation for setting in adsorbed state on a porous support active compounds contained...
Device, method and system for reversibly trapping and isolating carbohydrates
Waste water treatment system with slip stream
Process for the separation of racemic mixtures
Data storage schema independent programming for data retrieval using semantic bridge
System and method for data collection, evaluation, information generation, and presentation
Acoustic diffuser and method of production
Exhaust system support structure
Exhaust gas system with helmholtz resonator
Method for operating a navigation system for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for detecting abnormalities of tire, and program for detecting abnormalities of...
Toy with character and vehicle components
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve timing mechanism
Four cycle engine for marine drive
Method and apparatus for correcting the density and color of an image and storage medium having a pr...
Method of watermarking configuration data in an FPGA by embedding the watermark corresponding to a m...
Method of controlling the reproduction of copyrighted images
Pole transformer load monitoring system using wireless internet network
System and method for establishing secure internet communication between a remote computer and a hos...
Anergy associated genes
Heterocyclic fluoroalkenyl thioethers and the use thereof as pesticides (IV)
Procedure for the chromatographic purification of insulins
Method and apparatus for providing proxy service, route selection, and protocol conversion for servi...
Multi OS configuration method and computer system
Finding available memory space by finding its associated memory transfer controller
Methods of organizing data and processing queries in a database system, and database system and soft...
System and method for opening and activating applications, windows or data sets based on search crit...
Cooling of electronics by electrically conducting fluids
Adsorbent for moisture removal from fluorine-containing fluids
Liquid metal socket system and method
Antenna having reconfigurable length
Purging gas from a photolithography enclosure between a mask protective device and a patterned mask
Fluid absorbing, adhesive hydrocolloid compositions
Calixarene acetamido derivatives, preparation and use thereof for extracting strontium
Hydrophilic coating and substrates coated therewith having enhanced durablity and lubricity
Aqueous polymer dispersions
Aqueous polymer dispersion and its use as a water-vapor barrier
Compositions suitable as additives in the paper industry, preparation; use; and, paper comprising su...
Polymer nanocomposites and the process of preparing the same
Fluoropolymers containing organo-silanes and methods of making the same
Nucleic acid encoding patched-2
Waterbased heatset offset ink compositions
Coated substrate with energy curable cyanate resin
Presensitized plate for preparing lithographic printing plate
Marine paint compositions
Process to produce an aqueous composition
Polarized light sources and methods for making the same
Identification of alleles
Methods of fabricating ferroelectric memory devices having a ferroelectric planarization layer
Electro-optical glazing structures having reflection and transparent modes of operation
Camera assembly having a traveler and pivotable turret driven by an over-center mechanism
Cooling device for fuel cell system and control method thereof
Disposable absorbent articles with reduced occlusion tendency
Adjustable mount for rifle sight
Device and method for inducing sputum
Method, apparatus, and system for previewing search results
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for information retrieval and document classificati...
Catalyst and method of use in the reduction of nitrogen oxides using lower hydrocarbons
Cooling method and apparatus
Timing acquisition algorithm for an adaptive antenna array
Method and apparatus for lightning protection
Single point mooring with suspension turret
Tow cable termination assembly
Tri-sponson boat hull and method of making boat hulls
Internal combustion engine control unit for jet propulsion type watercraft
Molding composition
Methods and treatment of multiple sclerosis
Propylene polymer composition and its foam moldings
Calendar leaf
High brightness transflective LCD and method using tunable mirror
Method for facilitating firearms training via the internet
Electronic keyboard instructor
Stock simulation engine for an options trading game
Integral hand-held induction heating tool
Load and feed apparatus for solid ink
Paper feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Immersion coating system
Smooth surface transfuse belts and process for preparing same
Image sensor with performance enhancing structures
Secure distribution and protection of encryption key information
Security improvement method and security system
Portable information gathering apparatus and information management method
Zoom optical system and camera using the same
Floppy disc drive apparatus
Optical module
Image forming apparatus and process unit identification method of the image forming apparatus
Data transfer method
Photochemotherapeutic method using 5-aminolevulinic acid and other precursors of endogenous porphyri...
Nucleic acid enzyme biosensors for ions
Ferroelectric transistor, use thereof in a memory cell configuration and method of producing the fer...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Electro-optical modulators
Absorbent articles
Apparatus and method for controlling a volume in a digital telephone
Method and apparatus for noise suppression and side-tone generation
Method and apparatus for spectral containment over telephone service lines
Substituted N-fused-phenyl-N-benzyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester t...
Peach tree named `TexKing`
Curable, powder-based coating composition including a color effect-providing pigment
System for facilitating the transfer of management information from a remote mass storage subsystem ...
Method to reduce local oscillator or carrier leakage in frequency converting mixers
Apparatus and method for geostatistical analysis of wireless signal propagation
Panty liner
Layered absorbent structure with a zoned basis weight
Extending ladder and associated manufacturing methods
Methods and apparatus for rendering an optically encoded medium unreadable
Product and method for treating joint disorders in vertebrates
Tenside composition containing gemini tensides and co-amphiphiles and production and use thereof
Emulsification method using propylene glycol hyaluronate
Optical switch, optical-fiber-arraying-member, production method thereof, and arraying method of opt...
Highly negative-slope dispersion compensating fiber and transmission system including same
Optical fiber communication system employing doped optical fiber and Raman amplification
Polarization beam splitter or combiner
Cache sensitive search (CSS) tree indexing system and method
Methods for using an interposer/converter to allow single-sided contact to circuit modules
Floating contactor relay
Fusible link
Detection system for determining orientation information about objects
Head suspension with compliant feature for component location
Sampling offset correction in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Magazine surround
Magazine surround
Weapon aiming
Igniting device for a propellant charge
Paintball container tube loading stand
Fastening cage segment ends for sheet-metal cage for rolling-contact bearings
Tapered roller bearing
High-speed turbo pump
Rotary device with matched expansion ceramic bearings
Rotary position sensor with a self-lubricating bearing
Quick-release connector system for footwear with reliable engagement
System for facilitating the replacement or insertion of devices in a computer system through the use...
Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) data processing system that provides precise notification of remote...
Gradual permanent coloring of hair using dye intermediates in alkaline water which contains quaterna...
Melt processable starch compositions
Antimicrobial deodorant compositions
Hair conditioning composition comprising silicones and frizz control agents
Disposable absorbent articles with improved adhesive for attachment to the skin to facilitate water ...
Method for improving skin condition
Zone of greatest demand controller, apparatus, and method
Multi-parison/dual cavity wheel blowmolds
Process for the recovery of hydrocarbon fractions from hydrocarbonaceous solids
Treatment of damaged tissue using agents that modulate the activity of alpha-smooth muscle actin
Method for making polymer surfaced composites
Elasomeric article
Composition and method for preparing amino acid chelates and complexes free of interfering complex i...
Melt processible thermoplastic polyolefin blends for car bumpers and other articles and a process fo...
Absorbent articles incorporating color change graphics
Recyclable vehicle interior articles and methods of making same
Method of applying a bottom surface protective coating to a wafer, and wafer dicing method
Discharge lamp apparatus having directly coupled lamp and electronic controller
Slim profile indicating instruments
Method for assembling lens elements
Small computing device having a light source
Assembling structure for peripheral accessories of portable computer
Quantization and compression of information in a direct acyclic graph
Jumper cable module
Fiber management module with cable storage
Dispersion control fiber and method of manufacturing large size preform thereof
Optical random number generator and method of optically generating random numbers
Method and computer program for detecting rotation and magnification of images
Method and apparatus for measuring angular rotation of an object
Method and apparatus for dark level integration of image sensor without integrating bad pixels
Image processing apparatus and method
System for and method of evaluating mask patterns
Handheld medical processing device storing patient records, prescriptions and x-rays used by physici...
Beverage can with a protective cover, a blank for a protective cover, as well as a method and device...
Easy open device for beverage cans
Superhigh-strength dual-phase steel sheet of excellent fatigue characteristic in a spot welded joint
Steel sheet hot dip coated with Zn-Al-Mg having high Al content
Natural gemstone, artificial gemstone ornamental object made of glass
Natural gemstone, artificial gemstone; ornamental object made of glass
Viewer for laser-inscribed diamonds
Machine for simultaneously caulking both ends of an object
Peptide nucleic acid synthons
Methods for making polyester bottle resins having reduced frictional properties
Method of drying a material having a cohesive phase
Public key infrastructure delegation
Non-imaging, computer assisted navigation system for hip replacement surgery
Apparatus for detecting estrus in livestock
Target and retrieval device
Method for installing an exercising harness on an animal
Pond skimmer
Differential pressure process for fabricating a flat-panel display face plate with integral spacer s...
Diffusing film comprising transparent resin and scatterers