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Modular insertion device for process illumination and viewing
Memory member, unit, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having two developer storage units, process cartridge having two developer s...
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge mountable therein in which a gap exists between a main...
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for link adaptation in a mobile communication system
Wireless irrigation control device and related method
Remotely controlled irrigation timer with fault detection
Methods and systems for determining a critical dimension an a presence of defects on a specimen
Controlling a listening horizon of a speech recognition system for use in handsfree conversational d...
Latent effects decision analysis
Ultra-high speed database replication with multiple audit logs
Controlling a number of instances of an application running in a computing environment
Method and apparatus of recording data in the optical recording medium
Frame error rate estimation in a receiver
Word checking tool for controlling the language content in documents using dictionaries with modifya...
Crystallization process for producing highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide
Process for the manufacture of concentrated solutions
Manganese oxide based electrode for alkaline electrochemical system and method of its production
Method and system for recovering zirconium values from a hard rock ore containing uranium
Method for treating a gas
Carbon monoxide oxidation catalyst, and method for production of hydrogen-containing gas
Process for the preparation of ammonia
Electrically conducting fine carbon composite powder, catalyst for polymer electrolyte fuel battery ...
Process for the production of modified carbon black
Method of producing high purity germanium tetrafluoride
Method of producing surgical grade calcium sulphate
Method and device for converting hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur
Method of producing fine particles of metal oxide
High pressure production of perovskites and resulting products
Synthesis gas production
Process for the production of a gas that contains hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide
Pitch-based carbon foam heat sink with phase change material
Golf ball with temperature indicator
Treating an aquifer or soil formations
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) based delivery system
Bee venom polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Core formulation
Controlled release of metal cation-stabilized interferon
Hydrocapsules and method of preparation thereof
Electrooptical displays constructed with polymer-coated elements positioned between substrates
22438, 23553, 25278, and 26212 novel human sulfatases
Cancer cell-inhibiting culture medium produced by culturing restricted entrapped cancer cells
Liquid epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Substituted phenyl uracils
Glycosylation-resistant cyanovirins and related conjugates, compositions, nucleic acids, vectors, ho...
Methods and compositions for treating addiction disorders
Tricyclic dihydropyrazolone and tricyclic dihydroisoxazolone potassium channel openers
Substituted benzimidazole dosage forms and method of using same
Wireless output input device player
Handling of forward-to numbers across regional and political boundaries
Measuring wireless network performance via a world wide network
Method for selecting a preferable wireless communication service provider in a multi-service provide...
Scheme for registration and authentication in wireless communication system using wireless LAN
Wireless handoff management method and device
Monitoring of call information in a wireless location system
Location determination using RF fingerprinting
Method of wireless communication in restricted wireless zones
Two threshold uplink rate control to enable uplink scheduling
Portable wireless apparatus
Wireless communication system with base station beam sweeping
System and method for rapid text entry in telephone
Systems and methods for providing unified multimedia communication services
Method and system for determination of delivery status of email sent to multiple recipients through ...
Method and apparatus for conveying a private message to selected members
COBOL/natural copybook to Java conversion Wizard
Method and apparatus for starting an engine using a starter/alternator and an accessory drive
Safety system for vehicle power sliding door
Vehicle light apparatus
Rotary electric apparatus for vehicle
Battery power source device
Automotive dynamo controller
Multiple RPM indicating tachometer for motor vehicles
Master control panel for loading dock equipment
Method and vehicle system for remote-controlling vehicle audio system
Road traffic monitoring system
Motor vehicle multimedia system having animated display
Structured lighting detection of vehicle occupant type and position
On-vehicle electronic control device
Wideband CDMA mobile equipment for transmitting multichannel sounds
Diagnostic test device for motor vehicle with programmable control devices
Ultrasound transducer temperature compensation methods, apparatus and programs
Paintball marker with body rearview electronic display
Method of playing a wagering game
Gaming device having skill/perceived skill bonus round
Method of playing a card game
Gaming device having a multiple screen bonus round
Gaming device having a pick reduction game
Networked multiple bingo game system
Method, apparatus and system for perpetual bonus game
Video game system, video game apparatus, and method of controlling the video game apparatus
Game apparatus for use with a billiard table
Lighted shuttlecock
Display processing system, and portable terminal and conversion adaptor used therefor
Wireless peripheral interface with universal serial bus port
Folding portable telephone apparatus
Method and system for using tamperproof hardware to provide copy protection and online security
Representing object metadata in a relational database system
Implantation for the formation of CuX layer in an organic memory device
Digital driving method and apparatus for active matrix OLED
Display device
Remotely programmable control device for use in electroluminescent display and lighting applications
Luminescence device and metal coordination compound therefor
Electro luminescent element
Heterocyclic compound and light-emitting device using same
Light emitting device
OLED device with a performance-enhancing layer
Contact between element to be driven and thin film transistor for supplying power to element to be d...
Organic electroluminescent device having negative electrode containing a selective combination of el...
Organic electroluminescent display having power line parallel to gate line and fabricating method th...
System, method and computer program product for monitoring and controlling network connections from ...
Petunia plant named `Sunbelkos`
Lobelia plant named `White Candles`
Azalea plant named `Christine Magic`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Brilliant Yellow`
Kalanchoe plant named `2002-0517`
Kalanchoe plant named `2002-0518`
Aster plant named `Dukaster`
Bergenia plant named `Apple Blossom`
Climbing rose plant named `POULyc006`
Blueberry plant denominated `Draper`
Convolvulus plant named `Moroccan Beauty`
Betula plant named `Summer Cascade`
Rose planet named `POULyc003`
Geranium plant named `Fip 202`
Begonia plant named `Bonfire`
Blueberry plant called `Savory`
Grapevine plant named `Sugratwentysix`
Ground cover rose plant `POULtw001`
Impatiens plant named `Balfusnset`
Petunia plant named `Balrufimvein`
Clematis plant named `EVIrida`
System software architecture for a passenger entertainment system, method and article of manufacture
Polypeptide having water channel activity and DNA sequence
Method for prognosing cancer and the proteins involved
Polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences of Canine Cathepsin S
RIP60 nucleic acid and polypeptide sequences and uses therefor
.beta.-cap73 control of normal and abnormal cell migration
Animal models and methods for analysis of lipid metabolism and screening of pharmaceutical and pesti...
Transgenic animal and methods
Methods for cloning mammals using telophase oocytes
Soybean cultivar 0332145
Non-dehiscent sesame variety S26
Soybean cultivar 1000144
Homologous recombination in plants
Soybean cultivar S010360
Stress tolerant plants
Soybean cultivar 922013
Leafy cotyledon1 genes and their uses
Hybrid maize plant & seed 34B97
Inbred maize line PH5FW
Inbred maize line PH75K
Plant selectable marker and plant transformation method
Adjustable mount for a model airplane engine
Talking stick horse
Master and slave toy vehicle pair
Toy assembly and a method of using the same
Elevated game call with attachment feature
Magnetically coupled dangling apparatus
Editing method for producing a doll having a realistic face
Robot performing dance along music
Powertrain module for zero turn radius vehicle
Motorized directionally steerable trailer tongue jack
Multiwheeled modular rigid frame vehicle
Tire pressure adjusting device
Electromechanical park pawl for electric vehicle transmissions
Arrangement structure of the engine auxiliary equipment in vehicles such as a motorcycle
Riderless stabilization of a balancing transporter
Structure for cooling power drive unit for automobile
Suspended drive axle and agricultural tractor with same
Control unit for power steering apparatus and steering-wheel-angle correcting system
Steering damper
Electric power steering device
Torque transfer clutch with ball screw actuator
Selectively actuated transfer case
Vacuum pump aspirator for work vehicle pre-cleaner
Control apparatus for transmission-equipped hybrid vehicle, and control method for the same
Integrated torque converter and starter-generator
Collision detecting apparatus for vehicle
Passive position-sensing and communications for vehicles on a pathway
Method and apparatus for compensating misalignments of a sensor system used in a vehicle dynamic con...
Apparatus and method for adjusting a steering wheel
Synthetic peptide composition as immunogens for prevention of urinary tract infection
Hydraulic actuator for a gas exchange valve
Control apparatus of variable valve timing mechanism and method thereof
Internal combustion engine with at least two camshafts arranged next to one another and in each case...
Monitoring the functioning of a cylinder cut-off in internal combustion engines having multiple cyli...
Internal combustion engine operating on spark-ignitable fuel
Variable valve timing apparatus
Variable valve timing control apparatus
Method to reduce rotational oscillation of a vane style phaser with a center mounted spool valve
Combination interactive book and lockable storage device
Pattern testing board and system
Night vision goggles training system
Human surgical trainer and methods for training
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikin with replaceable lung bag and installation tool
Electrical connector with power module
Method for presenting media on an electronic device
Method and apparatus for digital signal processing, method and apparatus for generating control data...
Aligning learning capabilities with teaching capabilities
Information retrieval method with natural language interface
Selectivity estimation for processing SQL queries containing having clauses
Concurrent evaluation of multiple filters with runtime substitution of expression parameters
Method and system for indexing and searching contents of extensible mark-up language (XML) documents
Method and apparatus for evaluating queries against received event information
Prefix search method and data structure using compressed search tables
System and method to implement a persistent and dismissible search center frame
Method of and system for splitting and/or merging content to facilitate content processing
Execution of multiple models using data segmentation
Method and devices for indexing and seeking digital images taking into account the definition of reg...
Method and apparatus for implementing a reliable open file system
Network management system, computer system, copy server, file server, network copy file management m...
Oxidation of starch
Process for separating unsaponifiable valuable substances from sulphate soap based materials
Kiosk for automatic teller machines
Systems and methods for managing security at plural physical locations
Voter ballots and authentication system
Method and apparatus for linking converted applet files
Method for identifying advertising forms for insertion into publications
Method for generating pollution credits while processing reactive metals
Method for resolving meeting conflicts within an electronic calendar application
System and method for providing recommendation of goods or services based on recorded purchasing his...
System and method for monitoring irregular sales activity
Experience/sympathy information providing system
Obtaining consent for electronic delivery of compliance information
Automated teller machine, software and distribution method
Encrypted start signal for game with data substitution in original data and means for limiting execu...
Method for authenticating the result of an instruction in a token
Combined system of automatic selling of products and services
Zinc borate, and production method and use thereof
Intelligent network signaling using an open system protocol
Telecommunications network with a distributive network management system
Data recording/reproduction apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for drying washed objects
Method and apparatus for generating a ticket including an image of a person
Method for limited recording of an information signal, system for controlled recording of an informa...
System and method for prioritizing packetized data from a distributed control environment for transm...
Watermark holograms
Apparatus and methods for improving detection of watermarks in content that has undergone a lossy tr...
Method and apparatus to detect watermark that are resistant to arbitrary deformations
Additional information superposing method, information signal copy control method, information signa...
Method and apparatus for disc drive data security using a defect list
Method and system for embedding information in document
Ultra-wideband communication through a wired network
Low power and high linearity receivers with reactively biased front ends
Caller ID lookup
Virtual call distribution system
Reservation system and method
Megatel communication information system
Wireless hot-lining with automatically assigned variable hot-line number
Method and system for providing regional information
Internet based distributed control system
Method of geometric information sharing and parametric consistency maintenance in a collaborative de...
Method for producing customized cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations on demand
Determination of satisfaction and desire in virtual creatures
Method for allocating commissions over the internet using defined exclusive sales areas
Method and apparatus for remotely debugging applications via a user terminal
Intelligent knowledge base content categorizer (IKBCC)
Method and apparatus for secure data file uploading
Session based security profile for internet access of an enterprise server
Behavioral-synthesis electronic design automation tool business-to-business application service prov...
Simple object access protocol
Product simulating probe and method
Recovery of oil from spent bleached earth
Method of making cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and dermatological compositions and compositions made acc...
Process for preparing vacuum tumbled food products
Process for the preparation of milk powder
Dough baking device and method
Cold brew tea
Enzyme treatment
Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate
Reconfigurable microwave package for cooking and crisping food products
Encapsulated cells producing viral particles
Host cells expressing recombinant human erythropoietin
Vectors, cells and processes for pyrimidine deoxyribonucleosides production
Isolation of carboxylic acids from fermentation broth
Immortalized human microglia cell line
Enhancing lignin biosynthesis in transgenic plants
System and method for providing integrated management of electronic information
Method and system for creating a database table index using multiple processors
Apparatus and method for similarity searches using hyper-rectangle based multidimensional data segme...
Online content provider system and method
Implementing descending indexes with a descend function
TLB operation based on task-ID
Container filling machine
Method for the deposition of materials from mesomorphous films
In-line focus monitor structure and method using top-down SEM
Water soluble films
Aqueous polyolefin resin dispersion
Aqueous polymer dispersion
Battery-boosted, rapid startup of frozen fuel cell
Flame retardant thermoplastic polyurethane containing melamine cyanurate
Kit For Microcontact Printing
Titanium composite material
Flexible emissive coatings for elastomer substrates
Crosslinked pressure sensitive adhesive compositions, and adhesive articles based thereon, useful in...
Directly imageable planographic printing plate precursor and a method of producing planographic plat...
Method of preparing diene latex having a large particle size by addition of a pretreated seed latex ...
Core-shell polymer particles
Method of fabricating trench power MOSFET
Phase detector for all-digital phase locked and delay locked loops
Circuit for reducing test time and semiconductor memory device including the circuit
LSI design method having dummy pattern generation process and LCR extraction process and computer pr...
Automated wiring pattern layout method
Method and apparatus for placement of components onto programmable logic devices
LED reflector for improved light extraction
Pipeline nonvolatile memory device with multi-bit parallel read and write suitable for cache memory.
Process for allele discrimination utilizing primer extension
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Plasmids from Corynebacterium glutamicum and use thereof
Human membrane proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Recycle methods for water based powder injection molding compounds
Injection molding method, and molded product obtained from the method
Toner for liquid developer, liquid developer, image forming device, and image forming method
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Reclaiming RDX and TNT from composition B and composition B containing military shells
System and method for sensing white paper
Polyester compositions containing silicon carbide
Door weather strip
UV radiation treatment apparatus
Tunable field of view liquid microlens
Distributed call admission and load balancing method and apparatus for packet networks
Multicast routing with service-level guarantees between ingress egress-points in a packet network
Method and apparatus for TDM/TDMA communications
System and method for incremental redundancy transmission in a communication system
Space-time processing for wireless systems with multiple transmit and receive antennas
Method and apparatus for block noncoherent decoding
High-capacity digital image watermarking based on waveform modulation of image components
Thermally tunable fiber devices with microcapillary heaters
Health check algorithm for protection circuit in optical network
Method and system for load scheduling multidimensional tasks among multiple processors
Folder index pocket structure
Magnetic printing media for inkjet and laserjet
Water-based ink composition for writing utensil
Souffle facial and body scrub
Water for extraction of coffee ingredient
Nontoxic edible bubble blowing liquid composition
Deodorizing and absorbing material
Plastic optical fiber, optical fiber cable, optical fiber cable with plug, method for producing meth...
Process for producing hydroxylated fatty acid and delta-lactone
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Use of crosslinked nitrogenous compounds which are soluble or dispersible in water in detergents and...
Game apparatus, game machine manipulation device, game system and interactive communication method f...
Simulated tennis ball trajectory & delivery system
Ground-anchored base for a portable basketball goal assembly
Mechanism for independently moving segments of a three-dimensional object and applications thereof
Stand for video driving game
Two in one dice game
Original universal board
Method of and apparatus for playing a casino card game
No-bust blackjack-type game
Disc golf target
Gaming device having a bonus round with multiple random award generation and multiple return/risk sc...
Game machine and method of performing game executed therein
Game for a gaming device where a player competes with a computer
Method of determining zodiac signs
Refreshable braille reader
5-in-1 connector
Fiber cement composite material using biocide treated durable cellulose fibers
Article and apparatus for particulate size separation
Finishing device having a sheet guiding and buffering mechanism
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
Method of determining a resistive current
Glass substrate printed wiring board printhead for electric paper
Image processing device
Fast scan image registration method and apparatus for high addressable video systems
Fast preview of CCITT-compressed documents
Driving force transmission apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Casing patching tool
Method of controlling ink jet recording apparatus
Workstation for integrating automated chemical analyzers
Composite construction
Motion detection apparatus and method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having memory blocks pre-programmed before erased
Expandable gastroretentive therapeutical system with prolonged stomach retention time
Weight member for a golf club head
Method and apparatus for cleaning surfaces
Multichip mounted structure, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic apparatus
Film formation apparatus and film formation method and cleaning method
Method of fabricating an EL display device, and apparatus for forming a thin film
Semiconductor display device
Color signal correction circuit, color signal correction apparatus, color signal correction method, ...
Method for darkening pixel
Tensioning unrolled donor substrate to facilitate transfer of organic material
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge, and electrophotographic photorece...
Method of repairing a light-emitting device, and method of manufacturing a light-emitting device
Antireflection material and polarizing film using the same
BEOL decoupling capacitor
Plasma display panel and method for production thereof
Coating and material for forming vitreous coating film, method of coating with the same, and coater
Method for measuring substance and testing piece
Ferroelectric semiconductor memory device and a fabrication process thereof
Polishing method
Method of plasma etching platinum
Ni catalysts and methods for alkane dehydrogenation
Coating solution for forming transparent and conductive tin oxide film and method for preparing tran...
Adhesive material for programmable device
Telomerase promoter driving expression of therapeutic gene sequences
Magnetic recording medium
System and method for efficiently generating cluster groupings in a multi-dimensional concept space
Semiconductor plating system workpiece support having workpiece engaging electrode with pre-conditio...
Veterinary compositions for the treatment of parasitic diseases
Method of reclaiming crosslinked rubber, and molded article of reclaimed rubber
Networked polymer/clay alloy
Peptide antagonists of vascular endothelial growth factor
N-alkylated peptides having antiangiogenic activity
Process for the preparation of sulphonamide-substituted imidazotriazinones
Method and composition for rejuvenating cells, tissues organs, hair and nails
Anthraquinone compound
Hydroxyphenstatin and the prodrugs thereof
Cyclopropylindole derivatives as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Inhibitors of farnesyl protein transferase
Compositions and methods for identifying agents which modulate PTEN function and PI-3 kinase pathway...
Drive circuit, display device using the drive circuit and electronic apparatus using the display dev...
Electrochemical cell bubble detection
Optical fiber-based device with tunable birefringence
Apparatus and system for monitoring temperature of high voltage conductors
WDM utilizing grating-based channel separators
Phase-change optical recording medium and recording method and apparatus for the same
Rapid quantitative measurement of soluble fibrin in opaque body fluids
Method for producing optically active mandelic acid derivatives
Fabrication method of optically coupled device
Optical compensatory sheet comprising cellulose acetate support and optically anisotropic layer, an ...
Magnetic recording device
Media recognition control method for optical types
Techniques for indexing into a row of a database table
Apparatus having a rewritable display portion
Semiconductor wafer tilt monitoring on semiconductor fabrication equipment plate
Method of enhancing plant resistance to geminiviruses by transformation with a SNF-1 polynucleotide
Migration of downlink traffic in GPRS
Method and multi-carrier transceiver with stored application profiles for supporting multiple applic...
Built-in gun lock for a pump-action shotgun
Accessory rail mount adapter for rifles and carbines
Ballistics fire control solution process and apparatus for a spin or fin stabilized projectile
Projectile of sintered metal powder
Ball screw
Sealing device for a rolling contact bearing
Antiwear lubrication coating for bearing surfaces for hydrodynamic fluid bearings
Extra-roll slide bearing system for a paper/board machine or a finishing machine
Rolling bearing with seal plate
Roller bearing with a retainer having voids for containing grease
Ball joint with spherical rollers
Low-voltage power switch with a bearing arrangement for a switch shaft
Method and apparatus for driving a plasma display panel
Strobe controller system with flash unit interoperability
Camera and transport apparatus
Distance-measuring apparatus and method for camera
Viewing apparatus having a photographing system
Shutter device
Dual X-ray film developing apparatus
Electronic image pickup apparatus
Lens barrel
Method of analyzing and filtering timing runs using common timing characteristics
Voltage island design planning
Spacing violation checker
Method and system for root filesystem replication
Reconfigurable multi-chip modules
System and method for implementing memory testing in a SRAM unit
Method and apparatus for achieving correct order among bus memory transactions in a physically distr...
Software test system and method
Process for refinishing substrates
Treated poly(trimethylene terephthalate) carpets
Metallurgically bonded layered article having a curved surface
Process for forming a photosensitive element having a layer of particulate material
Process and apparatus for making multi-layered, multi-component filaments
Continuous method for formation of three dimensional burls in a solid surface material
Process for making a flexographic printing plate and a photosensitive element for use in the process
Processing of polyhydroxyalkanoates using a nucleant and a plasticizer
Flame-retardant polyamide compositions
Polymers fluorinated by polymerization in mini-emulsion
Anionic abrasive particles treated with positively charged polyelectrolytes for CMP
Adhesive composition
Pesticidal matrices
Ink jet recording element
Article and method of preparing pigments using multiple deposition sources
Molten-salt type catalyst
Overmolded transponder
Substrate for liquid crystal display elements
Mobile telecommunication system and channel handoff system between the mobile telecommunication syst...
Neighborhood cordless service call handoff
Mobile object search system and mobile object search method for mobile service
Apparatus for and method of forming multiple simultaneous electronically scanned beams using direct ...
Wideband antenna with tapered surfaces
MAC layer protocol for a satellite based packet switched services
Power control method and a radio system
Radio communication apparatus and method
Method for using effectively the broadcast capacity in a cell
Electrode structure, process for fabricating electrode structure and semiconductor light-emitting de...
Radio communication equipment and communication method
Radio reception apparatus and received power amplification method
System and method for call admission control
Shelf display divider for absorbent articles
Tea brewing machine
Cosmetic container
Fluidic cartridge fittings
Coupler for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Polypodal chelants for metallopharmaceuticals
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
Prefillable intradermal delivery device
Clip on visor
Low color, low sodium benzoxazinone UV absorbers and process for making same
Bottle dome
Separation of joined sheets
Method for assembling a dual inner flexible insulated pouch
Mammalian muscle construct and method for producing same
Process for conversion of LPG and CH4 to syngas and higher valued products
Direct dimethyl ether fuel cells
Vaporizer temperature control in fuel cell power plant
Combustor temperature control of fuel cell power plant
Dynamic soft permanent virtual circuit bulk connection tracing
Therapeutic carbohydrate blends for treating and aiding premenstrual syndrome
Golf balls with silicone-urea copolymers
Process of adjusting WVTR of polyolefin film
Slush-molding method for the manufacture of imitation leathers, in particular for the upholstery of ...
Biocidal packaging system
Method and apparatus for monitoring granule coloration on an asphalt coated sheet
Coating powders for smooth, low gloss finishes, and powder coatings formed therefrom
Puncture resistant, high shrink films, blends, and process
Water-based acrylic emulsion dispersants utilized as grind resins for pigments and method of prepari...
Method of fabricating semiconductor devices on a semiconductor wafer using a carrier plate during gr...
Method for preparing light-absorbing polymeric compositions
Electronic device with concealed firearm system
System and method for pushing information from a host system to a mobile data communication device
Method, system, and program for transferring data between storage devices
Access method with process interactive service
Transactional file system for realizing atomic update of plural files by transactions
Spinlock for shared memory
Declarative language for specifying a security policy
Fishing lamp
Three-in-one handheld lighting device
Perimeter lighting apparatus
Illuminated image night light
Connector for decorative lamp racks
Decorative table lamp
Landscaping fixtures with colored lights
Lighting feature including removable ellipsoidal shaped reflectors
Photographic and video image system
Video camera with flat screen viewfinder
Transferring data from one device to another
TV mute finger ring
Method and apparatus for multi-rate encoding of video sequences
Method for examining doubtful zones on the surface of an unwinding strip by image segmentation
Dynamic variable optical attenuator and variable optical tap
Alignment of optical fiber elements
Method and apparatus for aligning a waveguide with a radiation source
Signal transmitting cable
Cable termination arrangement
Optical fiber cable apparatus having encased ribbon stack
Polarization-insensitive planar lightwave circuits and method for fabricating the same
Optical modulator and photonic semiconductor device
Integrated traditional and digital photographic processing system with exchanged feedback control
Method of determining vanishing point location from an image
Method and apparatus for text detection
Feature extracting device for pattern recognition
Method and apparatus for assessing the quality of spectral images
Form recognition using reference areas
Compressed bit-stream segment identification and descriptor
Data sheet identification device
Image reading apparatus
Portable image analysis system
Multi-mode processing for ultrasonic imaging
Method for compensating for effects of object motion in an image
Piezocomposite ultrasound array and integrated circuit assembly with improved thermal expansion and ...
Ultrasonic transducer array and method of manufacturing the same
Steerable stylet
Method and apparatus for characterizing gastrointestinal sounds
Composite backerboard for bullnose support
Device for continuously casting metal, particularly steel
Casting steel strip
Maraging steel excellent in fatigue characteristics and method for producing the same
Aluminum-killed medium-carbon steel sheet for containers
Small craft
Shaft mounted personal wind power device
Swivel/quick release device for tow rope
Olefin thermoplastic elastomer, process for producing the same and use thereof
Fuel cell bipolar separator plate and current collector assembly and method of manufacture
End-modified styrene-diene block copolymer prepared using polyfunctional coupling agent
Copolymers prepared by using both anionic polymerization techniques and coordination catalysts
Method for attaching a flexible printing plate to a plate cylinder
Coated endovascular stent
Resealable packaging the container of which includes a tearable welding layer, and its manufacture
Burnish resistant printing sheets
Hydrogenated block copolymers having elasticity and articles made therefrom
Photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Method for producing scratch-resistant coatings
Curing agents for cationically curable compositions
Process for preparing a pressure-sensitive self-adhesive composition wherein tackifiers in dispersed...
Polymeric additives and polymeric articles comprising said additive
Magnetic navigation system for diagnosis, biopsy and drug delivery vehicles
Method for fishing with weedless easy-fall bait
Lure with tassel tail
Device and method for separating milk from dairy animals
Controlled collapse teatcup liner
Livestock watering method and apparatus
Seed stick locking hanger
Double-release bar for a cow stanchion apparatus
Complementation trap
8-(C-.beta.-D-glucopyranosyl)-7, 3', 4'-trihydroxyflavone, process of isolation thereof, pharmaceuti...
Process for producing a neuronal host cell in vitro comprising regulatory sequences of the .beta.2-s...
Method and apparatus for switching optical signals with a photon band gap device
Information technology system for the definition, optimization and control of processes
Real world/virtual world correlation system using 3D graphics pipeline
System for transfer control of telephone line
Call waiting caller identifier
Analog dialed digit unlock method and system
Digital dialed digit unlock method and system
Customer interaction system
Point card
Method and apparatus for sensing current
Line current protection circuit and method for linear and nonlinear hold circuit
Distribution of current draw in a line powered DAA
Method of reference to echo time alignment for facilitation of echo cancellation
Arrangement and method for testing fiber optic telecommunications circuits over dense wavelength div...
Enhanced 911 system for providing witness identification in a wireless communication system
Universal service activation platform
Distributed intelligent network triggering system
Method for testing the quality of mobile radio networks
Portable telephone and data communication control method for portable telephone
CRC error detection system and method
Method and apparatus for determining the state of charge of a lithium-ion battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Electroplating chemistry for the CU filling of submicron features of VLSI/ULSI interconnect
Fuel cell cathode with redox couple
Negative electrode for rechargeable battery
Gemini surfactants
Isoindole derivatives
Method of manufacturing a battery
Alkali/transition metal halo--and hydroxy-phosphates and related electrode active materials
Lithium polymer battery and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for assuring that a telephone wager is placed within the wagering jurisdiction
System for printing information on a mailing medium
System and method for validating and operating an access card
Duplicate laser marking discrete consumable articles
System and method of tracking surgical sponges
Electronic balance with a remote error reporting via the internet and a display for informing a user...
Interface and method of designing an interface
Apparatus and method for facilitating service management of communications services in a communicati...
Automatic currency processing system having ticket redemption module
Design evaluation system
Method and system for estimating meteorological quantities
Enhancement of cardiac chronotropy
Intratracheal administration of lysozyme
Leptin-related peptides
Detection and treatment of duplex polynucleotide damage
5-HT1f agonist
Dipeptide derivatives
Catheter providing intraluminal access
Polymer welding using ferromagnetic particles
Hand-held electric hair dryer
Replaceable flosser head
Football glove
Pet food dish
Pet collar key
Treat dispensing toy
Overhead vacuum console
Dirt cup for vacuum cleaner
Dirt cup for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Motorized floor mop
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Plywood adjustable rolling painter's platform
Foldup wheel chair ramp
Cremation urn
Star and crescent design
Method for manufacturing light-selective prism
Interposer for electrically coupling a semiconductive device to an electrical apparatus
Open window security lock
Deployable identification device
Modular system for monitoring the presence of a person using a variety of sensing devices
Inline sagnac fiber optic sensor with modulation adjustment
Image processing apparatus, method, and computer program product
Electroabsorption modulator with tunable chirp
Multi-port memory cell
Spent fuel housing square pipe, basket and spent fuel housing container
Speaker device
Apparatus for detecting markings on opposite end faces of a wood block
Consistency determining method and system
Method and system for optimally selecting a Telnet 3270 server in a TCP/IP network
Fault-tolerant data transfer
SOx tolerant NOx trap catalysts and methods of making and using the same
Adaptive overlay element placement in video
Supercharger having pressure aided oil drain
Seat of vehicle
Organopolysiloxane compositions hardening into translucent elastomers at room temperature in the pre...
Recording sheet for ink jet printer
Nuclear quadrupole resonance method and apparatus
Rotary lead-through assembly for supplying an operating fluid to a rotor of a machine for processing...
Delivery for a machine for processing flat printing materials with adjustable pile underlay inserter...
Drive system for a printing group
Drive for a folder
Signal device for positioning a vehicle
Thin film transistor circuit and semiconductor display device using the same
Centrifugal casting of titanium alloys with improved surface quality, structural integrity and mecha...
Wet friction material and its manufacturing method
Tape composition and process for internally constrained sintering of low temperature co-fired cerami...
Molecular melt and methods for making and using the molecular melt
Method of making electret fibers
Method for fabricating a multi-layered dielectric layer including insulating layer having Si-CH3 bon...
Isoxazolo pyrimidinones and the use thereof
Urea condensate-sewer sludge products
Rheology modification of polymers prepared using metallocenes
Organometallic compounds and their use as precursors for forming films and powders of metal or metal...
Integrated circuits using optical waveguide interconnects formed through a semiconductor wafer and m...
System for anesthetizing laboratory animals
Alternative polyolefin composite veil/compatibilizing mat material
Method of making a coupled rangefinder/parallax 4.times.5 camera
Step-cycle for exercise, recreation, and transport having telescopically movable pedals
Vehicle air bag structure
Shock-absorbing bicycle saddle
System for mounting an object on a moving vehicle
Method and apparatus for informing a bicycle rider of an upcoming shifting operation
Tire condition monitoring apparatus
Combined bicycle and scooter
Combination of spokes and rims for bicycles
Lubricant applying system for a rolling bearing
Mobile phone holder
Method for the preparation of metallocene catalysts
Bicycle having a crank mechanism for adjusting position of a handle relative to a head tube
Generator having axially aligned stator poles and/or rotor poles
Dieffenbachia plant named `Nicolette`
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 1`
Gladiolus hybrid plant `Palampur Delight`
Spray rose plant named `JACrewhi`
Miniature rose plant named `POULty004`
Miniature rose plant `POULra017`
Heuchera plant named `Frosted Violet`
Scaevola plant named `Wesscaeaqua`
Strawberry plant named `Cal Giant 5`
Interspecific tree named: Marcia's Flavor
Climbing rose plant named `WEKamarsodo`
Memory range access flags for performance optimization
Sequencer system and method for sequencing graphics processing
Graphics processing system having a virtual texturing array
Two-sided stencil testing system and method
Computer system with source-synchronous digital link
Method and apparatus for performing logic emulation
Method for polymerizing lenses
Toner supply roller
Process for preparing 2-haloalkylnicotinic acids
Receptor protein and method for diagnosing inflammatory diseases by using the same
Substituted tetrahydroisoquinolines as C5a receptor modulators
Method and apparatus for deploying a communications cable below the surface of a body of water
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Planarizing method of semiconductor wafer and apparatus thereof
Multilayered article, vessel and resin composition based on polyethylene
Use of propargyl glycine amino propargyl diol compounds for treatment of renal failure
Field effect transistor and application device thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit, D-A converter device, and A-D converter device
Electrooptical device
Bandwidth optimizer dynamically operating in connections relating to radiocommunications, particular...
Full-duplex optical communication system
Charging roller having elastic member
Image transferring and sheet separating device and image forming apparatus including the same
Internal Lewis acid single site catalyst family for polymerization of polar monomers
Field correction of overlay error
Knife insert
Error diffusion with partial dots method and system
Method and system for serving data files compressed in accordance with tunable parameters
System, method, and computer program product for on-line replacement of a host bus adapter
Reordering requests for access to subdivided resource
Retractable display module
Portable computer with removable bottom component housing
Memory device array having a pair of magnetic bits sharing a common conductor line
Loop prevention in networks
Customer service routing system and method
Method and apparatus for pattern recognition using a recognition dictionary partitioned into subcate...
Apparatus and method for interfacing a high speed scan-path with slow-speed test equipment
Embedded block coding with optimized truncation
Camera control settings with persistence based on elapsed time since power-off
Image-forming device and method with adjustable toner chamber cavity
Apparatus and method for calibration of scan position for a peripheral device with document feeder
Dynamic component activation method using a relational database as the repository for registration i...
Computer method and apparatus for division and square root operations using signed digit
NMR magnet coil system with separate superconducting short-circuited regions for drift compensation ...
Coil system with current regulation based on emitted heat
2-level series-gated current mode logic with inductive components for high-speed circuits
Feed-through filter having improved shielding and mounting functions
High-frequency device
Methods and apparatus for passive shimming of magnets
Remote transmission apparatus operating by inductive coupling
Drillstring radar
Light diffusing plate and display apparatus
Magnetoresistance effect memory device and method for producing the same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Copolymers and photoresist compositions comprising same
Photosensitive polymer and photoresist composition thereof
Catalytically accelerated gas phase reactions
Assay method and kit therefor
Method for estimation of propagation paths for seismic signals
Knife handle
Workpiece conveying apparatus
Virtual uncompressed cache size control in compressed memory systems
Electroluminescent devices
Apparatus for wirelessly-coupling a bluetooth-wireless cellular mobile handset to a docking station ...
Multi-use packing structure and method of forming same
Method and apparatus for a keycard holder with two distinct pockets
Traction device and associated lifting mechanisms
Static devices and methods to shrink tissues for incontinence
Dry cleaning method and apparatus
Process for printing textile fabrics
Laminated multiaxial press fabric
Water softening method and apparatus for use therewith
Heat-absorbing gel material
Personal identification badge that resets on the removal of the badge from the wearer
Cleaning sheets, implements, and articles useful for removing allergens from surfaces and methods of...
Reduced visibility surface
Surface protective film for adhesive resin and process for producing the same
Distribution system
Luminous composite fabric and garment
Apparatus and method for laser etching wear patterns into denim pants
Sonotrode for ultrasound welding of plastics
Card adapter
Polishing/cleaning method as well as method of making a wiring section using a polishing apparatus
Method for treating colored liquid and apparatus for treating colored liquid
Drive circuit to be used in active matrix type light-emitting element array
Image forming apparatus
Exposure apparatus
Black generation for color management system
Viewfinder optical system and optical apparatus
Method and device for controlling the synchronization between two serial communication buses of a ne...
Image processing apparatus and method
Geometric transcoding of a digital signal
Image processing apparatus
Shake correcting device, image pickup apparatus, shake correcting method, program for implementing t...
Image vibration prevention apparatus
Image forming apparatus having charging rotatable member
Speech information processing method and apparatus and storage medium
Charged-particle beam exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Gas/liquid separating devices
Device and method of use for aldehyde removal
Bone screw comprising a device for electrostimulation
Wireless microphone apparatus and transmitter device for a wireless microphone
Electrification moderating film, electron beam system, image forming system, member with the electri...
EL display device and electronic device
Liquid crystal display device and its testing method
Portable data carrier
Semiconductor photodiode with back contacts
Semiconductor chip using both polysilicon and metal gate devices
Semiconductor device including stacked dies mounted on a leadframe
Semiconductor device with warp preventing board joined thereto
Method and structure for applying thick solder layer onto die attach pad
Semiconductor device and package with high heat radiation effect
Stacked multi-chip package, process for fabrication of chip structuring package, and process for wir...
Group-III nitride compound semiconductor device
Capacitor for signal propagation across ground plane boundaries in superconductor integrated circuit...
Semiconductor device and its fabrication method
Four wheel drive motorized carrier
Industrial truck steered by a tiller
Straddle-type four wheeled all terrain vehicle
Method and apparatus for operating a vehicle safety arm
Device for locking a steering column of a vehicle
Steer-by-wire steering device capable of enhancing steering performance and reliability
Steer-by-wire system and method for actuating road wheels of a vehicle
Parking assistance device and method used therefor
Electric power steering apparatus
High-efficiency tubular electrical steering servo
Drive system for an all-wheel driven motor vehicle
Stabilizing system for a reclinable wheelchair
Drawbar adapter for pull-through swivel hitch
Dashboard designed to be mounted in an interior of a vehicle, as well as to a vehicle body equipped ...
Hybrid-vehicle drive unit
Vehicle including a three-phase generator
System and method for extending virtual synchrony to wide area networks
Symmetric multiprocessor systems with an independent super-coherent cache directory
Locked content addressable memory for efficient access
Calibrating return time for resynchronizing data demodulated from a master slave bus
Algorithmically programmable memory tester with test sites operating in a slave mode
Asynchronous testing of reset operation in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of testing it
System and method for communicating with an integrated circuit
13-methyl erythromycin derivatives
Resilient contact structures for interconnecting electronic devices
Cochlear implant
Switched capacitor defibrillation circuit
Methods for treating priapism
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising dibenzoylmethane/triazine/diphenylacrylate compound...
Personal care product
Methods for treating tension headache
Tuberculosis vaccine
Method and system for converting graphic databases into coded workpiece processing programs
Real time thread dispatcher for multiprocessor applications
Control system with an embedded microcomputer
Set of speakers
Communications headset adapter
Modular surface mount manifold
System and method for simulating the noise characteristics of phase locked loops in transient analys...
Subtilase enzymes
Detergent composition
Composition for textile printing
Vessel for blood sampling
Subtilase enzymes having an improved wash performance on egg stains
Process for making detergent compositions with additives
Solid detergents with active enzymes and bleach
Low-Molecular (meth)acrylicacid(salt)-based polymer and its production process and uses
Electronic locking device and method of operating same
Remote radio operating system, and remote operating apparatus, mobile relay station and radio mobile...
Receiving station for wireless telephone system with diversity transmission and method
Route-adaptive on-demand radio communication system for a driver, communication method using the sam...
Mobile network for remote service areas using mobile stations
Path discovery method for return link communications between a mobile platform and a base station
Apparatus, method, and system of transferring correction information
Control system for construction machines
Monitoring device for a working vehicle
On-vehicle navigation system
Speech recognition system for car navigation and microphone
Method and apparatus for providing virtual processing effects for wide-angle video images
Apparatus and method for streaming MPEG-1 data
System and method for hardware based reassembly of a fragmented packet
Multimodal user interface
Apparatus and method for defragmentation in disk storage system
Network-based disk redundancy storage system and method
ARQ for point to point links
Arrangement for reversibly converting extensible markup language documents to hypertext markup langu...
Industrial controller with clock-synchronous running level model
Sulfur trioxide delivery system
Process for the gasification of heavy oil
Process for minimizing afterburn in a FCC regenerator
Cracking catalyst composition
Geminally disubstituted olefin-carbon monoxide-ethylene polymer useful as a polyvinyl chloride plast...
Method and device for address translation for compressed instructions
Plectrum for use with a stringed musical instrument
Pump with a flow-regulating valve device and an injector device
Asymetrically contoured elastomeric disk
Grounded jet pump assembly for fuel system
Method and arrangement for concreting vertical shafts
Method for determining a centrifugal pump operating state without using traditional measurement sens...
Control valve for a wobbleplate compressor
Multi-stage vacuum pump
Dual-stage, plunger-type piston compressor with minimal vibration
Dry compressing vacuum pump having a gas ballast device
Reciprocating piston compressor having improved noise attenuation
Dynamo electric machines and stators for use in same
Membrane pump comprising an inlet opening that is controlled by the membrane
Method and apparatus for providing a personal wide area progressive for gaming apparatus
Recombinant expression of S-layer proteins
Label panel
Use of aortic pulse pressure and flow in bedside hemodynamic management
Polarimetric scatterometer for critical dimension measurements of periodic structures
Apparatus and method to measure film motion in a film gate
Ticket issuing system
Stabilization and use of propargyl bromide
Stepless ratchet wrench structure
Confocal microscope
Dynamic interphase-loading apparatus and method of using the same
Optical filter and optical device provided with this optical filter
Method for driving an electronic metering system and a metering system for carrying out the method
Rooftop package unit diagnostician
Mountable syntactic foam sensor housing
Apparatus and method for monitoring a structure using a counter-propagating signal method for locati...
Dual slope fiber optic array interrogator
Optical signal processing device
Tunable fiber Bragg gratings
Vibration detection device and vibration correcting optical device
Chemical mechanical polishing thickness control in magnetic head fabrication
Compact sensor using microcavity structures
Conductive etch stop for etching a sacrificial layer
Accelerometer protected by caps applied at the wafer scale
Film deposition to enhance sealing yield of microcap wafer-level package with vias
Method of forming semiconductor structures with reduced step heights
Wafer-level transfer of membranes in semiconductor processing
Micro electro-mechanical system with one or more moving parts method and apparatus
Systems and methods for millimeter and sub-millimeter wave imaging
Capacitive type microelectromechanical RF switch
Latching micro magnetic relay packages and methods of packaging
Bistable micromirror with contactless stops
Design-based reticle defect prioritization
Method and apparatus for MEMS optical sensing using micromirrors
Wavelength selective optical switch with aligned input and output substrates
Lining device for a plate heat exchanger
Computer system having a chassis-level capillary pump loop transferring heat to a frame-level therma...
Foldable floor heating panel
Heat exchanger having bracket mounted on side plate of core unit
Heating dissipating device for electronic elements
Heat exchanger assembly
Electronic device containing thermal interface material
Thermal cooling system for densely packed storage devices
Water-resistant electronic enclosure having a heat sink
Microelectronic package with tubular housing
High-performance heat sink for printed circuit boards
Radiator mechanism and electronic apparatus having same
Heat dissipation device for electronic component
Electronic device having a heat dissipation member
Heat sink clip
Retaining device for heat sink
Method for suppling combustion air to a combustion chamber, including arrangements in said combustio...
Condensing unit performance simulator and method
Systems and methods for temperature control