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Vent structure for slotted outlet with uniform velocity profile
Fuel reforming apparatus
Power supply system, fuel pack constituting the system, and device driven by power generator and pow...
Actively-cooled water recovery in fuel cell power plants
Electrostatic image developer
Driving circuit of display capable of preventing charge accumulation
Distributed system and methodology of electrical power regulation, conditioning and distribution on ...
Fuse read sequence for auto refresh power reduction
Method and apparatus for estimating velocity of a terminal in a wireless communication system
Automatic meter reading system using locally communicating utility meters
Matched-filter frequency-shift-keyed receiver using degenerate digital signal processing techniques
Method and apparatus for frequency shift-keying demodulation and applications thereof
Method for rapid carrier-frequency offset acquisition using a periodic training sequence
Data bus for constraint means in a vehicle
Detection of signals transmitted by frequency-shift keying modulation techniques
Frequency-encoded parallel OCT and associated systems and methods
Adaptive decoding method and apparatus for frequency shift key signals
Method and apparatus for adding inductance to printed circuits
Apparatus and method for transmitting frames via a switch in a storage area network
Aquatic pesticide application system
Systems and methods to facilitate the delivery of drugs
Medical pacifier and method for use thereof
Positive expiratory pressure device with bypass
Controller of compression-ignition engine
Voltage conversion system and method and recording medium
Switched power supply converter for broad range of input voltages
Method and apparatus for accurate digital-to-analog conversion
D/A converter circuit, and portable terminal device and audio device using the D/A converter circuit
Start-up circuit for power converters with controller power supply connected at output side
Pulse-width modulation circuit and power amplifier circuit
Baseball bat
Impact-resistant epoxide resin compositions
Extensible computing system
Method and apparatus for digital image segmentation
Progressive roulette
Ultraviolet filter coating
Methods for diagnosing and treating autoimmune disease
Compositions and methods for visual ribonuclease detection assays
Method for identifying substances which positively influence inflammatory conditions of chronic infl...
Friction heat, cryogenic quench solid state polymerization
Method and device for manufacturing a hot rolled steel strip
System, method and apparatus for the rapid detection and analysis of airborne biological agents
Diphenyl derivatives
Soluble zalpha11 cytokine receptors
Hollow microspheres with controlled fragility for medical use
2-[1H]-quinolone and 2-[1H]-quinoxalone inhibitors of factor Xa
Distributed radio system with multiple transceivers for simulcasting and selective processing of rec...
Push content filtering
Method and system for predicting and managing undesirable electronic mail
Flexural plate wave systems
Methods and apparatus of suppressing tube waves within a bore hole and seismic surveying systems inc...
Method and apparatus for generating seismic waves
Co-processed compositions useful as culinary thickeners
Cooking appliance and method of use
Food products comprising pea or lentil flours and the process of making the same
Food cooking system with ultrasonic rotational basket
Protein supplemented cooked dough product
Edible spread containing a natural fat phase
Method for preparing a livestock feed supplement block
Potato flakes
Method of flavoring protein denatured vital wheat gluten fiber products and improved flavored produc...
Composition for an infant formula having a low threonine content
Solution polymerization process
Cook time control system for convection cooking appliance
Programmable oven with broiler temperature interlock
Seafood preservation process
Method and device of making dough mixed with cooking oil, fruit and vegetable filling
Agglomerated milk in coffee and tea
Air bladder device having pattern changing mechanism
Motion detecting safety device
Natural dental ring for cats feline teething and teeth cleaning apparatus
Toy vehicle having removable scooter wheels, and methods
Skipping toy with disco ball
Handheld toy spinning apparatus and associated method of play
Animated doll
Acrobatic doll and doll accessories capable of activation by air
Eye construction for a toy doll
Fire crackler stick
Toy vehicle ramp
Apparatus and method for accessing HTML files using an SQL query
Computer software framework and method for synchronizing data across multiple databases
Systems and methods for backing up data files
Data collection device and system
Intelligent management module application programming interface with utility objects
System, method, and computer program product for enabling on-device servers, offline forms, and dyna...
Apparatus and method for an enhanced integer divide in an IA64 architecture
Tamper resistant software-control flow encoding
User specific automatic data redirection system
Interleaving based coverage models for concurrent and distributed software
Storing objects in a spreadsheet
Method for rotating a dynamic HTML table
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for the controlling and sequencing of graphical use...
Inhibition of HIV-1 replication by antisense RNA expression
Crosstalk inhibitors and their uses
Neurturin receptor
Method and test kit for measuring immunoglobulins reactive with amylase as indication of crohn's dis...
Antibodies to cryptosporidium
Methods for eliminating the formation of biofilm
Prostate cancer cell lines
Nervous necrosis virus protein
Terminally-branched polymeric linkers containing extension moieties and polymeric conjugates contain...
Cosmetic or dermatological use of 7-hydroxylated steroids in combination with elastin derived peptid...
Feed for livestock
Intraocular tension lowering compositions for topical administration
Process for microencapsulation of water soluble substances
Iodine complex of alkyl polyglycosides
Foods containing a cocoa polyphenol additive
Robotic manipulation system utilizing fluidic patterning
Method for selective inactivation of viral replication
Use of functional derivatives of the intercellular adhesion molecule ICAM-1 in diagnosis of viral in...
Tertiary amine compounds for use in immunoassays
End-capped polyfluorenes, films and devices based thereon
Radial pulsed arc discharge gun for synthesizing nanopowders
Ion trap mass spectrometer
Device for specific particle manipulation and deposition
Molecular scale latch and associated clocking scheme to provide gain, memory and I/O isolation
Interferometry system and method employing an angular difference in propagation between orthogonally...
Method and apparatus for estimating GPS time
GPS Receiver
Fast acquisition of GPS signal
GPS antenna unit for two-wheeled motor vehicle
Post-etch photoresist strip with O2 and NH3 for organosilicate glass low-K dielectric etch applicati...
Microwave dielectric ceramic composition
Superconducting wire
Ink compositions containing sodium tetraphenylboride
Polyacetal block copolymer
Aqueous polyamide resin dispersion and process for producing the same
Production of polyetherols using aluminum phosphonate catalysts
Polypropylene-based resin composition, process for producing the same and injection molded article
Multiblock interpolymers and processes for the preparation thereof
Stabilized fluorine-containing polymer and method for stabilizing fluorine containing polymer
Gear motor with inverter suitable for reducing size and cost
Semiconductor circuit components for supplying power to a load
Four-wave mixing suppression in Raman amplifiers
Defect inspection method and defect inspection apparatus
Alignment of active optical components with waveguides
Micro-electro-mechanical mirror devices having a high linear mirror fill factor
Dielectric optical fiber cable having reduced preferential bending
Optimized defects in band-gap waveguides
Below grade closure for local convergence point
Humanized immunoglobulin reacting specifically with Fas ligand or active fragments thereof and regio...
Protective sheet for solar battery module, method of fabricating the same and solar battery module
Organic light emitting device with constant luminance
Semiconductor display device
Semiconductor display device and method of manufacturing therefor
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal optical processing systems
Combined heat filter and condenser lens, a projection type apparatus using such, and a method for fa...
Plated material, method of producing same, and electrical/electronic part using same
Optical module
Seat belt retractor
Packaging and applicator device including an element forming an intermediate reservoir
Alkaline storage battery
Histone deacetylases, and uses related thereto
Die singulation using deep silicon etching
Vertical MOS transistor
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds and benamide compounds and drugs containing the same
Polyamide nanocomposites with oxygen scavenging capability
Magnetic resonance apparatus with a movable gradient coil unit
Coordinate measuring stage and coordinate measuring instrument
Optical attenuator and optical attenuator module
Tunable active sound absorbers
Radially varying and azimuthally asymmetric optical waveguide fiber
Optical fiber, dispersion compensator using the same, and optical transmission system
Fixing device capable of preventing excessive increase in temperature
Fixing material for gaseous hydrocarbon and use thereof, and method for solidifying hydrocarbon
Thermally stable blends of highly paraffinic distillate fuel component and conventional distillate f...
Kinesin motor modulators derived from the marine sponge Adocia
Ferrocenyl diphosphines and their use
Process for producing propylene and hexene from C4 olefin streams
Binderless ex situ selectivated zeolite catalyst
Method for oxidizing mixtures
Cerium based abrasive material, method of quality examination thereof, and method of production ther...
Oxynitride phosphor activated by a rare earth element, and sialon type phosphor
Conductive coating composition
Protective box for explosive line launcher
Mobile range finder
Heat processing of particulate material with a quenching gas which swirls around the processing zone
Device for steering a vehicle with controlled course holding
Apparatus and method for measuring buried ferromagnetic objects with a high accuracy of position and...
System and method for estimating lateral position
Driver assistance system for a vehicle
Apparatus for determining the distance of a vehicle from a roadway side marking
Vehicle with optical scanning device for a lateral road area
Vehicle mounted optical assembly
Method and equipment for motorway control
Precipitation sensor
Lane-keeping control with steering torque as a control input to a vehicle steering system
Antiparallel magnetoresistive memory cells
Method for forming dual workfunction high-performance support MOSFETs in EDRAM arrays
Structure of SRAM having asymmetric silicide layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Multilayer electrode for a ferroelectric capacitor
Circuits and methods using vertical, complementary transistors
Thick buffer region design to improve IGBT self-clamped inductive switching (SCIS) energy density an...
Bi-directional semiconductor component
High-voltage transistor with multi-layer conduction region
LCD and method of improving the brilliance of the same
Complementary MOS semiconductor device
CMOS devices hardened against total dose radiation effects
Device structure and method for reducing silicide encroachment
Device with recessed thin and thick spacers for improved salicide resistance on polysilicon gates
Mask ROM structure having a coding layer between gates and word lines
Methods for producing packaged integrated circuit devices & packaged integrated circuit devices prod...
Semiconductor optical component and a method of fabricating it
Bipolar transistor-based electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection structure with a heat sink
Method of filtering and apparatus therefore
Subdimensional single-carrier modulation
Methods and devices for simplifying the minimization of interblock interference in finite response f...
Methods and devices for minimizing interblock interference in discrete multi-tone devices
System for determining the condition of a patient's heart
High-speed hardware implementation of MDRR algorithm over a large number of queues
System and method for speech verification using out-of-vocabulary models
Topological methods to organize semantic network data flows for conversational applications
Search engine for selecting targeted messages
Techniques for improved searching of electronically stored information
Flexible and high-performance packet classification algorithm
Method and apparatus for delivering a web page to a client device based on printed publications and ...
Holographic demultiplexor
Image processing method and apparatus including image improving circuit
Halogenated optical polymer composition
DDR and QDR converter and interface card, motherboard and memory module interface using the same
Method for steganographic decoding
Systems and methods for checking image/document quality
Method for decompressing JPEG files using a variable block size inverse discrete cosine transform
Low pressure air duct seal assembly
Methods and apparatus for metering energy consumption
Systems and methods for distributed fault diagnosis using precompiled finite state automata
Method and apparatus for handset detection
System for automatically generating queries
Symmetric multi-processing system with attached processing units being able to access a shared memor...
Memory device having a systematic arrangement of logical data locations and having plural data porta...
Clock generator circuitry
IC with two state machines connected to serial scan path
Method and system for dynamic interception of function calls to dynamic link libraries into a window...
Flexible printed antenna and apparatus utilizing the same
Method and apparatus for eye tracking
Coordinate reading device
Device cabinet with dynamically controlled appearance
Film conveying apparatus
Electrophoretic device method for making electrophoretic device, and electronic apparatus
System translates target address of crosshairs displayed on screen to corresponding mouse address of...
Playback apparatus and playback method
System and method of real-time multiple field-of-view imaging
Prostate boundary segmentation from 2D and 3D ultrasound images
Method of automatically determining tone-scale parameters for a digital image
Classification of objects through model ensembles
Method for generating increasing shift-invariant filters
Optical fiber wiring apparatus and optical fiber wiring method
Image forming apparatus with control to divert sheet to usable path
Method of guiding a medical device and system regarding same
Device for the ultrasonic therapy of a female breast with parallel sound direction
Stereolithographic patterning by variable dose light delivery
Phosphine oxide photoinitiator systems and curable compositions with low color
Method for manipulating microscopic particles and analyzing
Non-destructive root cause analysis on blocked contact or via
Apparatus and method for examining documents
Ball grid array x-ray orientation mark
System and method for process monitoring of polysilicon etch
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Computed tomography method involving a helical relative motion
Method and system for reconstructing computed tomography images using redundant data
X-ray tube cooling system
Adjustable x-ray beam collimator for an x-ray tube
Method and apparatus for alignment of anti-scatter grids for computed tomography detector arrays
Analysis and presentation of internal features of logs
Frameless radiosurgery treatment system and method
Method and system for managing data
Determining a workbasket identification for an item in a data store
Method and apparatus for providing virtual facility communication service
Methods for implementing a talkgroup call in a multicast IP network
Method for controlling a drug dispensing system
Method and apparatus for establishing and facilitating a voice call connection from a client compute...
System and method for connecting security systems to a wireless device
Method and apparatus for establishing a voice call to a PSTN extension for a networked client comput...
System and method for creating and printing a creative expression
System and method for matching a creative expression with an order for goods
System, method and computer program product for enhancing commercial value of electrical power produ...
Controlling access to a network server using an authentication ticket
System and method for simultaneous display of multiple information sources
System and method to implement an integrated search center supporting a full-text search and query o...
Light source device, adjusting device therefore and production method therefore, and illuminating de...
Structures for lighting fixtures
Flat display device
Elliptical headlamp including a secondary optical system
Vehicle lamp
Bulb shield
Speed limit indicator and method for displaying speed and the relevant speed limit
Vehicle mounted warning assembly
System for providing pathway indications through unit areas
Emergency vehicle detection system
Control method of received power in optical communication, optical transmission apparatus, optical r...
Method and system for exchanging routing data between end users
Point registering device
Apparatus and method for ensuring retention of situational awareness by employing an active network ...
Apparatus and method for testing snow removal equipment
Phase modulator and phase modulating method
Spread spectrum modulation system and method for embedding digital information into digital or analo...
Method and apparatus for integrated ciphering and hashing
Method and system for escrowed backup of hotelled world wide web sites
Quantum encryption device
Method and apparatus for encryption and decryption
Redundantly embedding auxiliary data in source signals
Personal mobility registration system for registration of a user's identity in a telecommunications ...
Reversing switch
Methods of assembling components of an electric motor
Methods of assembling field subassemblies
Variable-timing valve actuating mechanism
Electric mixer with beater eject mechanism
Electric knife drive mechanism
Electrical contacts for a switch
Non-contact scribing process for organic maskants on metals or alloys thereof
Method of making a field subassembly
Peeler attachment for electric knife
Calcification indicator
Auto-off coffee brewing system
Carafe-operated coffee brewing system
Power biscuit jointer cutter
Method of laser welding
Pulse-generating laser
Composition containing novel compound corniculatonin having antifungi properties and a process for p...
Touch tone replacement for internet telephony
Communication connector with capacitor label
Stackable non-stick coverslip
Robot and method for bending orthodontic archwires and other medical devices
Power transfer apparatus for concurrently transmitting data and power over data wires
Method and apparatus for detecting breakdown in ultra thin dielectric layers
Self-calibrating inertial measurement system method and apparatus
System and method for providing access to mobile devices based on positional data
System and method for request, delivery and use of multimedia files for audiovisual entertainment in...
Counted time period certifying system
Communication navigation system, communication navigation method, terminal unit, and route guidance ...
Server that obtains information from multiple sources, filters using client identities, and dispatch...
IP web based messaging system for localized management of wireless messaging
Internet enabled computer system management
Network architecture with event logging
Cost-effective access to network resources
Automated service provisioning in combination of vertical services and digital subscriber line domai...
Dial-out with dynamic IP address assignment
Facility for forwarding data from a network adapter to a router partition without internet protocol ...
Dynamic data tunnelling
System and method for coupling multiple home networks
Telecommunications system, service control point and method for establishing at least one new dialin...
Cryptographic method using construction of elliptic curve cryptosystem
Color image processing method and apparatus thereof
Image compression method for video decoding based on motion compensation
WDM switch using OADM and control method thereof
Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information, recording and/or reproduci...
Power control method and apparatus for fusing roller of eletrophotographic image forming apparatus
Liquid electrophotographic image forming apparatus using non-volatile ink carrier
Squeezing device of a wet printer and a developing unit employing the same
Method for allocating physical channel of mobile communication system and communication method using...
Speech enhancement method
System and method of cross-selling products and increasing fuel sales at a fuel service station
Method and system for facilitating opportunistic transactions using auto-probes
Memory device and method for reading data stored in a portion of a memory device unreadable by a fil...
Generic attribute database system
Auto-configuring of peripheral on host/peripheral computing platform with peer networking-to-host/pe...
Portable computer and automatic setting method of master/slave devices for the same
Apparatus including directory server, for detecting operations of devices, and method used by the ap...
Method of verifying defect management area information of disc and test apparatus for performing the...
Optical disk changer
Disk clamping device for a disk drive having a hub insertable into a central hole of a disk
Insulinotropic hormone
Insulinotropic hormone
Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptide analogs, compositions, and methods of use
Insulinotropic hormone GLP-1 (7-36) and uses thereof
Micro-lens array and method of making micro-lens array
Photomask, the manufacturing method, a patterning method, and a semiconductor device manufacturing m...
Hollow fullerene-like nanoparticles as solid lubricants in composite metal matrices
Magnetic tunnel junction using nanoparticle monolayers and applications therefor
Optical devices
Insulator coated magnetic nanoparticulate composites with reduced core loss and method of manufactur...
Light-emitting device with organic layer doped with photoluminescent material
Methods of enhancing functioning of the upper gastrointestinal tract
Close-up photographing lens
Two-step conversion of protected taxane ester to paclitaxel
Methods and useful intermediates for paclitaxel synthesis from C-7, C-10 di-cbz 10-deacetylbaccatin ...
Method for treating neoplasia using combination chemotherapy
Process for extraction and purification of paclitaxel from natural sources
Anti-angiogenic compositions and methods of use
Three-step conversion of protected taxane ester to paclitaxel
Compounds with antitumor activity
Method of administering liposomal encapsulated taxane
Method for cancer therapy
Method, compositions and kits for increasing the oral bioavailability of pharmaceutical agents
7-hexanoyltaxol and methods for preparing the same
Compositions and methods for administration of pharmacologically active compounds
Imidazolyl-cyclic acetals
DNA molecule encoding TNF binding ligands and vectors and host cells containing the DNA molecule
Tumor necrosis factor antagonists and their use in endometriosis
Human tumor necrosis factor receptor TR10
Inhibition of TNF activity
Method and compositions for treatment of cancers
Receptor that binds trail
Use of certain drugs for treating nerve root injury
Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides, compositions and methods
Buccal delivery of glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides
Method of using exendin and GLP-1 to affect the central nervous system
Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides, compositions and methods
Glucagon-like peptide-1 analogs
Use of GLP-1 or analogs to abolish catabolic changes after surgery
Receptor for the glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1)
Materials and methods relating to the regulation of polypeptide production in cells
Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides compositions and methods
Derivatives of GLP-1 analogs
Use of GLP-1 or analogs in treatment of myocardial infarction
Video conference station
Hybrid server architecture for mixing and non-mixing client conferencing
Apparatus and method for optimal conference call renegotiation in telephony over LAN systems
Method and apparatus for joining a party to a multipoint conference using digital techniques
Conferencing system having an embedded web server, and method of use thereof
Call optimization in meet-me conference calls
Conference circuit for encoded digital audio
Audio conference platform system and method for broadcasting a real-time audio conference over the i...
Method and apparatus for distributed arbitration of a right to speak among a plurality of devices pa...
Method and apparatus for reconstruction of low frame rate video conferencing data
Method for configuring a shared tree for routing traffic in a multicast conference
Recursive identification of individuals for casual collaborative conferencing
Audio conference platform with dynamic speech detection threshold
Conference speakerphone
Method and apparatus for efficiently utilizing conference bridge capacity
Conference terminal control device
Efficient buffer allocation for current and predicted active speakers in voice conferencing systems
System and method for routing message traffic using a cluster of routers sharing a single logical IP...
Signal acquiring apparatus, database, database system, signal presenting system, and signal acquirin...
Security system and method with realtime imagery
Ion beam generator
Camera bracket
Antenna/coupler assembly for coaxial cable
Semiconductor light-emitting element having first and second epitaxial layer group II-VI semiconduct...
Method and system for providing redundancy for signaling link modules in a telecommunication system
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
Process for producing oxide thin films
Security label laminate
Signal processing apparatus and signal receiving apparatus
Customer-engaging food merchandising module
Adaptive cruise control system and strategy
Module having application-specific program stored therein
Methods and apparatus for analyzing computer-based tasks to build task models
Controllable car with runway for charging car and displaying state of charge
Indirect public-key encryption
Floral rosary
Steel for separators of solid-oxide type fuel cells
All-in-one intake valve
System and method for constructing and viewing an electronic document
Method and apparatus for market research using education courses and related information
Establishing communications between a calling server and a called server according to services subsc...
Flex J-Lay tower
Echinacea plant named `Art's pride`
In-situ gel formation of pectin
Dispersion compensation
Image-receiving sheet for electrophotography
Photo-stimulable image plate restoration apparatus
Method for selection of events based on proximity
Derivatives of benzylidene cyclohexanone, benzylidene cyclopentanone, and benzylidene acetone, and t...
Mechanism for cross channel multi-server multi-protocol multi-data model thin clients
Sound-attenuating muffler having reduced back pressure
Apparatus and method of recovering reactive power of plasma display panel
HIV integrase inhibitors
Combination laser cutter and cleaner
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Error detection and correction method in a computer system and main memory controller of the same
Digital circuits using universal logic gates
Bioconjugates and delivery of bioactive agents
Intra-serum and intra-gel for modeling human skin tissue
Apparatus and method for preventing stack overflow from synchronous completion of asynchronous funct...
Actual and perceived response time, user interface, and security via usage patterns
Sprayer device for a motor vehicle body paint spray booth
Process for the parameterization of scanners for one-dimensional or two-dimensional printed codes
Optimal alternating power and ground shield assignment algorithm
Synthesis method for polymers by controlled radical polymerisation using halogenated xanthates
Adipose-derived stem cells and lattices
Mixtures of fructose and lactose as a low-calorie bulk sweetener with reduced glycemic index
Storage phosphor cassette
Nasal douche
Segmented electrode hall thruster with reduced plume
Rotating force transmitting apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Thromboaspiration valve-filter device and methods
Toothbrush holder
Medical adhesive composition and adhesive tape or sheet using the composition
Preparation of a trans-calanolide ketone intermediate and chiral separation of calanolide alcohols t...
Process for producing norbornene derivative having organosilyl group
Device for generating electric energy in a motor vehicle by means of a fuel cell and method for oper...
Method for transformation of polyolefine wastes into hydrocarbons and a plant for performing the met...
Torque control screwdriver
System and method for MRI tagging using spatial modulation of magnetization
Image forming apparatus having a developing device with a magnet brush
Method and system to analyze, transfer and generate language expressions using compiled instructions...
Operating device for gas discharge lamps with detection of filament breakage
Method of controlling initial power ramp-up in a CDMA system by using short codes
Preparation of N-methylparoxetine and related intermediate compounds
Load balancing circuit for a dual polarity power supply with single polarity voltage regulation
Accelerometer-assisted servo writing for disk drives
Driving circuit for piezoelectric actuators, in particular for a read/write transducer for hard disk...
Feed forward control of voice coil motor induced microactuator disturbance
System and method of redundant cabling in a media storage system
Disk drive shock absorption mechanism
Balance ring
Magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Glass composition, sealing glass for magnetic head and magnetic head using the same
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Electrodeposited high-magnetic-moment material at writer gap pole
Magnetically soft, high saturation magnetization laminates of iron-cobalt-nitrogen and iron-nickel
Thin film magnetic head for magnetic tape drive
Electrostatic discharge device in a disk drive providing a conductive path between a slider and the ...
Non-symmetric helical scanner architecture for high track density
Hinged load beam with torsional spring
Magnetoresistive head having longitudinal biasing by providing undirectional magnetic anisotropy
Current-in-plane magnetoresistive sensor with longitudinal biasing layer having a nonmagnetic oxide ...
Countdown audio generation apparatus and countdown audio generation system
Information record medium, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Serial data storage system with automatically adjusted data protection to implement worm media with ...
Fundamental-transverse-mode index-guided semiconductor laser device having upper optical waveguide l...
Semiconductor laser device and its manufacturing method, and optical communication system and optica...
AlGaInP-based high-output red semiconductor laser device
Encapsulated illumination unit
Semiconductor laser
Multi-wavelength surface emitting laser and method for manufacturing the same
Solid-state laser compensated for pumping-light astigmatism
Ball indenter utilizing FEA solutions for property evaluation
Laser amplifier system
Tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Generation of high-power, high brightness optical beams by optical cutting and beam-shaping of diode...
Coupled cavity high power semiconductor laser
Digital photographic reproduction apparatus
Three-cavity stabilized laser system
Optical devices and methods of fabrication thereof
High power gas discharge laser with helium purged line narrowing unit
Optical transmission device
VCSEL monitoring using refracted ray coupling
Satellite location determination system
Process for making porous graphite and articles produced therefrom
Templated, layered manganese phosphate
Recovery of common salt and marine chemicals from brine
Using molecular sieve SSZ-63 for reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream
Process for the production of sulfur
Crystalline aluminosilicate zeolitic composition: UZM-4M
Catalysts for water gas shift reaction, method for removing carbon monoxide in hydrogen gas and elec...
Method for controlling organisms and material therefor, method for selective adsorption of proteins ...
Method of the preparation of macroporous foam comprising zeolite or zeotype material
Magnesium compound, olefin polymerization catalyst, and method for producing olefin polymer
Process for photo-induced selective oxidation of organic chemicals to alcohols, ketones and aldehyde...
Process for producing poly (meth) acrylates having reduced metal content
Carousel frame with selective display
Data recording and reproducing apparatus, and method for recording and reproducing data without time...
Stable blood coagulation inhibitor-free factor vii preparation and method for preparing same
Multilayer pigments based on coated metal platelets
Jigs for assembly of flexible support structures
Extrusion die for hollow member, mandrel for said extrusion die and male die for said extrusion die
Apparatus for the manufacture of fiber-reinforced plastic compositions
Dough portion control machine for flour and similar materials
Process and apparatus for making multicomponent meltblown web fibers and webs
Medical device with extruded member having helical orientation
Method and apparatus for applying coatings of molten thermoplastic material over closed pore elastom...
Multi-layer food product, system and process
Structural body formed by friction stir welding
Proton conductor, production method thereof, and electrochemical device using the same
Polypropylene resin composition
Ink-jet recording head inkjet recording apparatus
Method for producing DNA chip
Method for separating and collecting nucleic acids
Methods for determining the likelihood of endometriosis in a female subject
Detection of nucleic acid hybridization by fluorescence polarization
Methods and compositions for regulating imidazoline receptors
Water-thin emulsions with low emulsifier levels
Binding protein
Polyamide nucleic acid derivatives and agents and processes for preparing them
Methods and substances for preventing and treating autoimmune disease
Methods and means for producing barley yellow dwarf virus resistant cereal plants
Cell cycle nucleic acids, polypeptides and uses thereof
Legume-like storage protein promoter isolated from flax and methods of expressing proteins in plant ...
Arthropod defensins of Scolopendra canidens, Vaejovis carolinianus, and Argiope spp.
Soybean cultivar 0322579
Soybean cultivar S010350
Soybean cultivar 0332129
Hybrid maize plant & seed 38A24
Hybrid maize plant and seed 31R88
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38J54
Inbred maize line PH7AB
Game controller, entertainment system, game execution method and method of downloading game software...
Ride apparatus
Methods and apparatus for controlling devices in a networked lighting system
Audio reception control arrangement and method for a vehicle
Gliding vehicle guidance
Energy-absorbing connecting strut for use as a gearbox suspension strut for rotary wing aircraft
Method of manufacturing a composite material wing and a composite material wing
Method of operating a satellite for end-of-life maneuvers
Aircraft escape cabin
Parachute pack for powered parachute
Payload deployment system with an internal cargo unit
Flight control surface actuation system
Athletic swing trainer
Golf putting instruction device
Golf putter
Golf club head
Balanced putter for practice and play
Athletic shoe or sneaker with stabilization device
Stud and shoe provided with the studs
Highly-neutralized ethylene copolymers
Ceramic composite
Lithographic method using ultra-fine probe needle
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
ONO interpoly dielectric for flash memory cells and method for fabricating the same using a single w...
Light-receiving element, light-receiving element array and light-receiving module and method for hig...
Films deposited at glancing incidence for multilevel metallization
Semiconductor device having improved trench structure
Low noise inductor using electrically floating high resistive and grounded low resistive patterned s...
Packaging substrate with electrostatic discharge protection
Semiconductor die package including drain clip
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device having no cracks in one or more layers underlying a metal line layer and method...
Multi-chip module
Reworkable and thermally conductive adhesive and use thereof
Array of thermally conductive elements in an oled display
Liquid crystal display having aligned pixel electrodes and fabricating method thereof
Method of processing a semiconductor device
Integrated circuit memory device and method
Optical waveguide with spot size changing core structure and method for manufacturing the same
Noise filter for backside helium signal
Integrated circuit devices with steganographic authentication, and steganographic authentication met...
System and method for transacting a validated application session in a networked computing environme...
Method for distributing a set of objects in computer application
Serial communication port arbitration between a hotsync manager and a wireless connection manager
Coated substrates for resisting dizziness, enhancing displayed color, eliminating static electricity...
Camera crane
Network address manager
Catalyst fines handling and disposal process
Process of fabricating semiconductor light emitting device
Semiconductor device that includes a plurality of capacitors having different capacities
Method for loosely coupling object oriented and non-object oriented applications in a messaging-base...
Creation of web pages through synchronization
Computer method and apparatus for determining site type of a web site
Haunting aid
Functional fluorine-containing polymers and ionomers derived therefrom
System and method for creating and navigating a linear hypermedia resource program
Zirconium-based alloy elements used in nuclear reactor cores
Delivery of opioids through an inhalation route
Device and method to locate, detect, and remove precipitated aerosol particles
XML: finding authoritative pages for mining communities based on page structure criteria
Method and system for adapting a network application based on classifying types of communication lin...
Genome walking by selective amplification of nick-translate DNA library and amplification from compl...
Harbor fence
Recording medium in which image data conforming to image output devices are stored
Intelligent network
In situ method and apparatus for biodegradation of alkyl ethers and tertiary butyl alcohol
Hibiscus plant named `Whit XX`
Membrane actuator
Environmentally mitigated navigation system
Flow-through capacitor and method
Apparatus and method for improved devirtualization of method calls
Cooling device with multiple compliant elements
Spinal-column buttress plate assembly and method for attachment
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for copying information to a storage medium
Integrated car dubbing system
Electroporation device
Method and apparatus for processing compressed VLIW subinstruction opcodes
Polyether polyurethane
Anti-glare and anti-reflection film, polarizing plate, and image display device
Method and apparatus for learning specific body motion
Business management system and method for a deregulated electric power market with sharing of supply...
Acoustic blanket system
Slag cement
Method for spray forming metal deposits
Chemical substance total management system, storage medium storing chemical substance management pro...
Unregulated voltage converter with independent switching
Methods of processing substrates based upon substrate orientation
System and method for personalizing electronic mail messages
Methods and compositions for the production of stably transformed, fertile monocot plants and cells ...
Virtual private network (VPN)-aware customer premises equipment (CPE) edge router
Graft copolymer and thermoplastic resin composition containing the same
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Automated teller machine
Substrates carrying polymers of linked sandwich coordination compounds and methods of use thereof
Osteoclast proton pump subunit
Computer execution by opportunistic adaptation
Method and apparatus for encrypting and recording received content information on a recording medium...
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymers
System and method for generating consolidated gas turbine control tables
Digital logic optimization using selection operators
Transactional supply chain system and method
Epitope-captured antibody display
Optical switching and sorting of biological samples and microparticles transported in a micro-fluidi...
Body probe for MRI and MRI device
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and recording medium
EPH receptor ligands, and uses related thereto
Rotational angle detector which prevents controlled system from being improperly controlled
Method and apparatus for reducing the calcium and phosphorous ratio and increasing crude protein in ...
Thermoelectric conversion material and thermoelectric conversion device
Collagen-binding proteins from streptococcus pyogenes
Method and apparatus for providing extended functionality for a bus
Bean scripting framework
Sealing member for toner cartridge
Lockable elastic joint for anthropomorphous robot serving industrial machines, particularly for shee...
Methods and apparatus for updating electronic system programs and program blocks during substantiall...
Keyboard housing for a keypad of a push-button keyboard
Real-time media content synchronization and transmission in packet network apparatus and method
Multimedia call distribution system
Information recording medium having logical structured recording area
Methods and apparatus for processing ranked fuzzy cartesian queries
Flexible and hierarchical user interfaces defined using a data definition language
Method of obtaining optimum use of a shared transmission medium for multimedia traffic
Micro-scheduling method and operating system kernel
Mobile terminal housing
Pharmacovigilance database
Calcium hypochlorite of reduced reactivity
Power feed aline-a-drill attachment
Magnetoresistive memory for a complex programmable logic device
Process for the preparation of 2-alkylthio benzoic acid derivatives
Cultures of human CNS Neural stem cells
Registry emulation
Process for the preparation of chondroitin sulfates from K4 polysaccharide and obtained products
Gas discharge lamp comprising a phosphor layer
Cylindrical miniature-LED light-emitting device
Memory architecture for TCCT-based memory cells
Soft sealing material
Uniform microwave heating of food in a container
Amine organoborane complex initiated polymerizable compositions containing siloxane polymerizable co...
Wedge type parallel jaw gripper for automated data storage library
Pharmaceutical dipeptide compositions and methods of use thereof: immunostimulants
Organic PTC thermistor and making method
Liquid crystal display apparatus having light pipe with reflective polarizer
Digital data storage assembly with particular hub adaptor
Polarizing element
Multiple model systems and methods for testing electrochemical systems
Portable device using a smart card to receive and decrypt digital data
Bio-reactor and cell culture surface with microgeometric surfaces
Adaptive balloon with improved flexibility
Photoelectric conversion method, light receiving circuit, and optical communication system
Process and device for evaluating a CMOS logical cell
Organic electroluminescent devices with enhanced light extraction
Selective coupling of terminal olefins with ethylene to manufacture linear .alpha.-olefins
Reverse path upstream signaling for status monitoring
Alternator testing method and system using timed application of load
Sealant cutter
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Image-forming apparatus with reduced deviation of continuous recording paper
Color-coded ECG
Detecting isotopes and determining isotope ratios using raman spectroscopy
Monitoring and control of a handling device
Processes for preparing calcium salt forms of statins
Integrated circuit card with situation dependent identity authentication
Nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of RNA-dependent RNA viral polymerase of hepatitis C virus
Vehicle headlamp optical axis control system
Bluetooth miniport driver model
Method and apparatus for efficient use of communication resources in a CDMA communication system
Process for preparing 5-(4-fluorophenyl)-1-[2-((2R,4R)-4-hydroxy-6-oxo-tetrahydro-pyran-2-yl)eth yl]...
Crystals of an oxyiminoalkanoic acid derivative and their use as antidiabetics
Methods of indirectly stimulating the vagus nerve with an electrical field
Process for preparing heterocyclic indene analogs
Implants formed with demineralized bone
Nanoparticle-based all-optical sensors
Method of production of ceramics
Substituted amides, sulfonamides and ureas useful for inhibiting kinase activity
System and method of obtaining measuring characteristic correction factors for respiratory flow meas...
FXR modulators
Calibration of A/D converters by reusing capacitors used for sampling
Injection molded and welted footwear and construction method thereof
Cleat for footwear
Multi-function cleaner blade assembly
Cordless telephone and method for controlling transmission power of handset unit thereof
Method and system for handling a data stream from optical media utilizing automatic link sector dete...
Drinking water treatment system including hydrogen sulfide scrubber using triazine compound and asso...
Transparent electroconductive film and process for producing same
Detergent dispenser
Process for the purification and concentration of radiodide isotopes
Process for manufacture of molecular sieves
Pivotable and flexible razor assembly and cartridge
Tie rod apparatus and method for assembling a vacuum booster
Ultra-flat box for insert
Processes for forming dental materials
Use of gossypol and related terpenes for control of urban and agricultural pests
Client security for networked applications
Method and system for enhancing quorum based access control to a database
Instruction pair detection and pseudo ports for cache array
Method for mounting the base of an electric lamp
Integrated magnetoresistive semiconductor memory configuration
Arrangement of electrochemical cells and circuit board
Metal oxide particles coated with silicon dioxide
Binary encoded sequence tags
Method for producing an electric double layer capacitor
Disk control apparatus dividing a recording area into recorded and unrecorded areas
Prognostic classification of endometrial cancer
Protective drainage wraps
Ethylene copolymer composition
Screen for risk for gastric adenocarcinoma
Compounds for deactivating phospholamban function on Ca-ATPase (phospholamban inhibitors)
Universal license plate holder
Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
Compositions and methods for administering to humans, peptides capable of down regulating an antigen...
Method of joining ceramic matrix composites and metals
Toothbrush system with a three-dimensional brushing action and fluid irrigation
Method of producing multilayer printed wiring board
Process for the preparation of N,N'-carbonyldiazoles and azolide salts
Embedded DRAM system having wide data bandwidth and data transfer data protocol
Vertical interconnection structure and methods
Operating system independent method and apparatus for graphical remote access having improved latenc...
Data cartridge-to-caddy referencing system for a data cartridge handling mechanism within an autocha...
Method and apparatus for rate-based scheduling using a relative error approach
Performance adder for tracking occurrence of events within a circuit
Updating references to a migrated object in a partition-based distributed file system
Logical volume-level migration in a partition-based distributed file system
System and method for efficiently updating a fully associative array
Focusing apparatus for image recording system
System for improving accuracy of servo pattern timing reference in a disc drive
Closed loop active EMI filter for reducing common or differential noise based on an error value
Optical disk apparatus and method of controlling movement of objective lens
IV fluid warming system with detection of presence and orientation of an IV fluid heat exchanger
External mounting type microchip dual band antenna assembly
Multiband artificial magnetic conductor
Multi-resonant, high-impedance electromagnetic surfaces
Method for automatically assigning addresses to the participating units of a bus system
Utilization of polymerizable liquid crystal substances for the production of optical components
Folding electrician's tool
Knife handle
Method of teaching traveling path to robot and robot having function of learning traveling path
Card memory apparatus
Waterproof-finished fabric and waterproof clothing
Compositions and methods for controlling downhole sulfide deposits
Methods for removing stains from fabrics using tetrapotassium EDTA
Vibrating alert device
Methods and apparatus for attaching an electronic price label to an electronic theft prevention tag
Personal alarm system
Method for manufacturing anti-glare rearview mirror for vehicles
Tire inflation assistance monitoring system
Damped flexible protective sleeving
Image storage method, image rendering method, image storage apparatus, image processing apparatus, i...
Memory control apparatus and method
Scanning optical device with single lens scanning optical element
Information processing apparatus and method of processing information
Data communication apparatus for receiving and recording data and having means for adding a predeter...
Printer control based on head alignment
Center server, information processing apparatus and method, and print system
Image communication apparatus and communication control method thereof
Image communication apparatus and method of controlling same
Light scanner, multibeam scanner, and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus, unit detachably attachable to image forming apparatus and developer remaini...
Process cartridge, image forming apparatus and intermediate transfer belt
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Image communication system using electronic mail and control method therefor
Methods, apparatus, and compositions for controlling organisms in ballast water
Method for production of stroma-free hemoglobin
Electronic device having a semiconductor chip on a semiconductor chip connection plate and a method ...
Circuit boards containing vias and methods for producing same
EL display device and electronic device
Probe card and method of testing wafer having a plurality of semiconductor devices
Semiconductor-device inspecting apparatus and a method for manufacturing the same
RF package with multi-layer substrate having coplanar feed through and connection interface
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the capacitor
Solder terminal and fabricating method thereof
Non-leaded semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
Pump unit
Communications system with symmetrical interfaces and associated methods
Dynamic bandwidth allocation within a communications channel
System and method for combining multiple physical layer transport links
Digital phase shifter
Dropout resistant phase-locked loop
Service provision in a telecommunications network
Efficient reading of a remote first in first out buffer
Data exchange system and method for processors
System and method for replaying workload data in a data storage environment
Antigenized antibody vaccine for foot-and-mouth disease
Composition for increasing preservative capability and promoting the growth of living organism and a...
Iron oxide and silicon dioxide-titanium dioxide mixed oxide
Tattoo removal
Stable salts of O-acetylsalicylic acid with basic amino acids
Binaural headset
Insect trap
Traveling container with safety alert system
Apparatus for projecting a line of light from a diode-laser array
Semi-conductor wafer cassettes modular stocker
Motion detector for eye ablative laser delivery systems
Method and apparatus for the multiplexed acquisition of a bare die from a wafer
Auto correction algorithm for piece-wise linear circuits
Streptococcus pneumoniale 37-kDa surface adhesion A protein
Image forming apparatus with a substitute recording medium for an unavailable recording medium and m...
Clarinet weather shield cover
Touch down of blood pump impellers
Methods and apparatus to control pressure in a supercritical fluid reactor
Turbine efficiency tailoring
Fuel injection system for internal combustion engines exhibiting improved start behavior
Capacity control valve
Rotary work exchanger and method
Rotodynamic multi-phase flow booster pump
Internally pressurized diaphragm positive displacement pump
Air compressor workbench
Pumping device for discharging large amounts of liquid
Fan with improved self-cooling capability
Single piston dual chamber fuel pump
Pump unit
Cathode ray tube having a replaceable getter attachment assembly
Sheet material dispenser with perforation sensor and method
Microchip reservoir devices and facilitated corrosion of electrodes
Apparatus for analyzing multi-layer thin film stacks on semiconductors
Measuring surface roughness to calculate filler dispersion in a polymer sample
Liquid herbicide composition
Emergency kit having an air compressor in combination with an impact wrench and a tire jack for chan...
Releasable socket ratchet wrench
Methods of diagnosing of colorectal cancer, compositions, and methods of screening for colorectal ca...
Activation layer controlled variable impedance transmission line
Thin film bulk acoustic resonator filters with a piezoelectric layer of lead scandium tantalum oxide
Electronic locator system and method
Image forming device component retention system
Monochromatic R,G,B laser display system and method
Height scanning interferometry method and apparatus including phase gap analysis
Calibration of a transponders for a tire pressure monitoring system
Image taking apparatus
Portable scanning apparatus having high storage capacity
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Dynamic DC source and load energy recycling power system
Systems for controlling storage device emitters
Adaptive vibro-acoustic attentuator for launch vehicles
Method for making optical switch array
Microelectromechanical system device packaging method
Method for making a diode device
Method for protecting the diaphragm and extending the life of SiC and/or Si MEMS microvalves
High pressure, high speed actuator
Power amplifier configuration
Antenna structures based upon a generalized hausdorff design approach
Folding directional antenna
Ultra wideband antenna having frequency selectivity
Method to inspect patterns with high resolution photoemission
Reflector assemblies for optical cross-connect switches and switches fabricated therefrom
Adaptive bipolar operation of MEM device
Liquid air conditioner of ground energy type
Heat exchange support surface
Thermal energy heat exchanger
Suspended gas distribution manifold for plasma chamber
Cooling fin assembly
Heat storage device
Heat exchange system and method of use
Enhanced crossflow heat transfer
Heat exchanger and method for manufacturing the same
Heat exchanger tube support bar
HVAC system with modular inserts
Air conditioning system for vehicle
Heat dissipation system
Cooling apparatus
Method and apparatus for combined air and liquid cooling of stacked electronics components
Structure for removable cooler
Server apparatus
Methods and apparatus for thermally processing wafers
Detection and air evacuation system
Reflecting light polarizer made of coated non-linear surfaces
Self-regulated cooling system for switching power supplies using parasitic effects of switching
Variable speed refrigeration system
Evaporative control system
Method and apparatus for vaporizing fuel
Float dependent wave energy device
Substrate bending stiffness measurement method and system
Power saving electronic gun trigger
Refrigerator using EPS insulating material
Liquid discharging head and liquid discharging device
Lighting circuit, lighting system method and apparatus, socket assembly, lamp insulator assembly and...
Protected coating for energy efficient lamp
High and low pressure integrated type turbine rotor
Compartmentalized facultative lagoon and method of creating and maintaining such a lagoon
Method of enhancing lysosomal .alpha.-galactosidase A
Mutants of MAW motifs of RecA protein homologs, methods of making them, and their uses
Method and system for estimating manufacturing costs
Method and apparatus for measuring displacement or motion error
Grating matrix recording system
Scanning sync-signal detecting circuit for laser scanner
Multibeam scanning apparatus
Optoelectronic module
Image-rotating, 4-mirror, ring optical parametric oscillator
Diffraction element and optical pickup device
Screw tight tube vice frame
Dual coil electromagnet using rectilinear cross-section core elements with enlarged heads in a tatto...
Percutaneous entry system and method
1-sulfonyl-4-aminoalkoxy indole derivatives and uses thereof
Modulation of allergic response
Methods of modulating hair growth
Fixing element for bone fragments
Hydroxyapatite based drug delivery implant for cancer treatment
System for frequency adjustment of piezoelectric resonators by dual-track ion etching
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Method for protection of stone with substantially amorphous fluoropolymers
Vehicle interior mirror system including a housing containing electrical components/accessories
Electron gun
Tapered, folded monopole antenna
Automated cable handling and transport apparatus and vehicle
Real-time incident and response information messaging INA system for the automatic notification that...
Synthetic-aperture communications receivers
Method and system for vehicle emissions testing through on-board diagnostics unit inspection
Fault detection system having audio analysis and method of using the same
Remote sensing based pre-crash threat assessment system
Method and system for vehicle proximity searching