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Hydraulic valve system for controlling flow of gas into or out of a variable volume chamber of an in...
Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
Variable cam engine and method for controlling the variable cam engine
User-oriented method and system for database query
Group pruning from cube, rollup, and grouping sets
Triacylglycerol based wax for use in candles
Method for the recovery of sugars
Auto-verifying voting system and voting method
Predistorted modulation system for bandwidth efficient satellite links
Associated information adding apparatus and method associated information detecting apparatus and me...
Hardcopy watermarking
Digital watermarking of binary document using halftoning
Hitch-mountable recreational equipment rack
Camera sensor identifier via etched flaw
Apparatus and method for correlating a suspect note deposited in an automated banking machine with t...
Verbena plant named `Bodcomredeye`
Verbena plant named `Bodcomsal`
Geranium plant named `Fisrolav`
Sweetpotato plant named `L96-117`
Azalea plant named `Roblem`
Hibiscus plant named `Boston`
Miniature rose plant named `POULhi013`
Verbena plant named `Bodcompureye`
Functionalized encapsulated fluorescent nanocrystals
Use of combretastatin A4 and its prodrugs as an immune enhancing therapy
Chicken embryo lethal (CELO) virus
Ingestible and degradable chewing gum including enzymatic hydrolysates of proteins
Liquid egg yolk product comprising lysophospholipoprotein
3-Aminocarbonyl-substituted benzoylcyclohexanediones
Internet facsimile system capable of data communication over the internet
Proxying and unproxying a connection using a forwarding agent
Communication method, communication apparatus, communication system and providing medium
Discrete mapping of parity blocks
Method, apparatus, and system for signal prediction
System for treating saved queries as searchable documents in a document management system
Accelerated degradation evaluation method and apparatus
Ultraviolet treatment for aqueous liquids
Exhaust apparatus for process apparatus and method of removing impurity gas
High pressure discharge lamp and method for sealing a bulb thereof
Reducing oxides on a switching fluid in a fluid-based switch
Fluorescent lamp having reduced mercury consumption
Cubic liquid crystalline compositions and methods for their preparation
Process for the cold molding of particulate materials
Protein-containing hydrogels
Fine particle layer laminated film and optical functional material
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, processes for producing the same, process cartridge, and electrop...
Flexographic printing elements with improved air bleed
Coated abrasive article
Bright precious metals preparation for baking in at high temperatures and uses thereof for producing...
Ink jet recording material and recording method
Broad-band polarizer and method of fabricating broad-band polarizers
Electrode surface treatment process
Photoactivatable silane compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Method for ranking and dispatching electrical generation systems over a computer network
Image forming apparatus with improved capabilities for toner supply
Waste-water purification in cattle-breeding systems
Method of forming an article support
Concentric controlled temperature profile fluid vaporizing device
Guidance seeker system with optically triggered diverter elements
Active system for wide area suppression of engine vortex
Imaging device and method
Precision guided extended range artillery projectile tactical base
Rotatable scarf inlet for an aircraft engine and method of using the same
Forming patterned thin film metal layers
Single port random access memory equipped with a relief module to operate as a dual port shared memo...
Voice and data wireless communication system with improved error recovery
Method of admission control for packetized communication networks
Method and apparatus for dynamic EPD threshold for UBR control
Method for location management in a communication network
Interconnecting packet switches
Data flow synchronization and ordering
Reliable DC power supply
Rate processor sharing method and apparatus for scheduling data transmissions in a CDMA wireless com...
System and methods for measuring quality of communications over packet networks
Seamless data network telecommunication service during mobile wireless call handoff
Personal watercraft
Active deck suspension system
Solar vortex electric power generator
Method for quantifying design parameters for a ship roll stimulation system
Variable buoyancy apparatus for controlling the movement of an object in water
Personal watercraft with rear handle
Sea-floor pressure head assembly
Non-ventilating aft thruster tunnel design
Ballast water treatment for exotic species control
Low-radiation, photocurable and thermosetting resin composition and cured film thereof
Process for preparing solubilization adjuvants from fusel oils and saccharides
Remedies for endothelin-induced diseases
Fruity musk compositions
Game table surface
Apparatus and method for playing a toss game
Systems and methods for lottery game play aggregation
Video game controller with integrated video display
Game system, game providing method, and information recording medium
Methods for abstracting data from various data structures and managing the presentation of the data
World globe with detail display
Medical simulator
Teaching apparatus for mechanics principles
Electronic simulator
Gimbal-mounted virtual reality display system
Electrophotographic photosensitive body with hollow base and filler element, electrophotographic app...
Tongue and groove panel
Alfalfa hybrids having at least 75% hybridity
Soybean cultivar 031766
Soybean cultivar 0332147
Inbred maize line PH51H
Apparatus and method for characterizing the toner concentration in a developer of a printing device
Systems and methods for image reproduction in multiple sessions
Method for efficient calibration of printing devices
Apparatus and method for halftone hybrid screen generation
System and method for high solids image conditioning of liquid ink images utilizing a source of high...
Developer member adapted for depositing developer material on an imaging surface
Dual electrostatic brush cleaner bias switching for multiple pass cleaning of high density toner inp...
Substrate size monitoring system for use in copier/printers
Sheet transporting device and image forming apparatus
Display apparatus having an electric shielding wire and method for manufacturing the same
System and method for disk recording
Optical module and carrier for optical module
Oxidation and wear resistant rhenium metal matrix composites
Aluminium die-casting alloy
Non-Cu-based cast Al alloy and method for heat treatment thereof
Al-Si-Mg-Mn casting alloy and method
Dynamic system configuration for functional design verification
Method, system and program products for generating sequence values that are unique across operating ...
Boosting simulation performance by dynamically customizing segmented object codes based on stimulus ...
Layout design process and system for providing bypass capacitance and compliant density in an integr...
Aggregation of storage elements into stations and placement of same into an integrated circuit or de...
Integrated optical channel
Agents and methods for treatment and diagnosis of ocular disorders
Feram cell with internal oxygen source and method of oxygen release
Piezoelectric element, process for producing the piezoelectric element, and head for ink-jet printer...
Chromia spray powders and a process for making the same
Optical fiber U-turn apparatus and method
Process for preparing thermoplastic resin having superior heat-stability
Polyester and process therefor
Method for recovering catalytic metals using a porous metal filter
Cooling system for vehicle
Power assisted wheeled carriage
Vehicle with low ground clearance
Long track mountain snowmobile and a track therefor
Motorized cycle having independent brake system
Shock-absorbing structure of battery cover
Seat-load measuring device
Multi-function rotary vehicle switch mounted to a fixed stalk
Seatbelt signal light
Human ABC1 promoter and assays based thereon
Method for forming multi-layer coating film
Holographic shrink wrap element and method for manufacture thereof
Defer dataset creation to improve system manageability for a database system
Preparation of tobacco having reduced contents of nicotine and tar
Vacuum cleaner with suction tester
Electronic vacuum cleaner
Conically shaped filter
Vacuum cleaner module
Acoustic foam sound reducer for vacuum power unit
Vacuum cleaner handle
Combined vacuum cleaner handle and releasable attachment
Receiving box
Storage dolly
Foldup wheel chair ramp with guide rails
Packaging pallet
System and method for performing a speculative cache fill
Method and apparatus for time-aligning transmissions from multiple base stations in a CDMA communica...
Subscriber terminal temperature regulation
Holder for radio telephone
Processing apparatus including a reactor for electrochemically etching a microelectronic workpiece
Dry contact assemblies and plating machines with dry contact assemblies for plating microelectronic ...
Sonic immersion process system and methods
Substituted 1 and 2 naphthol mannich bases
Method for treating cells resistant to antineoplastic agents
Binding peptides for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)
Method for aligning and connecting semiconductor components to substrates
Protocol independent performance monitor with selectable FEC encoding and decoding
Test tube for biological analyses of organic liquids using electro-optical equipment
Method of preparing (S)- or (R) -3,3,3-trifluoro-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionic acid
Pharmaceutically active compound and methods of use
Method and system for optically sorting and/or manipulating carbon nanotubes
Low-power surface for an optical sensor
Apparatus and methods for optically detecting defects in voltage contrast test structures
Photonic crystal interferometric switch
Nucleic acid sequences encoding flavonoid 3'-hydroxylase and methods of altering flower color therew...
Enamel composition for dielectric layers, white pigments with improved wettability contained therein...
Method and system for providing a protection path for connection-oriented signals in a telecommunica...
Digital signal modulation system
Image heating apparatus
Fishing and hunting wader
Ammunition reloading apparatus with feed mechanism
Method for selectively dispersing or delivering a control agent
Projectile or war-head
Projectile or war-head
Lightweight composite monopack container
Thermal analysis for detection and identification of explosives and other controlled substances
Methods for casting a motor end shield
Vehicle wheel bearing and wheel-speed-sensor connector-plug bracket
Wheel bearing device and method of manufacturing the same
Vehicle wheel bearing, wheel-speed sensor mechanism assembly, and wheel speed sensor
Flat display device
System for detecting fluids in a microfluidic component
Oversubscribing network resources
Network system in which plurality of image processing apparatuses are connected
Method and system for concurrent handler execution in an SMI and PMI-based dispatch-execution framew...
Methods and apparatus for transferring cache block ownership
Buffer page roll implementation for PCI-X block read transactions
Distributed fine-grained enhancements for distributed table driven I/O mapping
Computer system and a program install method thereof
Wetness indicator having improved colorant retention
Treatment for substrates
Vacuum cleaning folding rail
Dishwashing detergent compositions containing mixtures or crystallinity-disrupted surfactants
Soft conformable hollow bag tampon
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Method of coloring hair
Hair coloring compositions
Dry bleach compositions
High speed embossing and adhesive printing process and apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging with real-time SNR measurement
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging using phase encoding with non-linear gradient fields
Systems and methods for identifying phases of water and fat
Shielded video projection system for MRI
Botulinum toxin therapy for Hashimoto's thyroiditis
Safety glasses
Method and device for the user-controlled authorisation of chip-card functions
Plastic container beaded neck
Automatic stretch film roll changer
Closure with seal member
Injection molding of living tissues
Method and apparatus for providing and utilizing outside air for boiler combustion
Game of rung-go
Chemical removal and suspended solids separation pre-treatment system
Fibers for reinforcing matrix materials
Thermoplastic C2-.alpha.-olefin copolymer blends and films
Lubricant and additive formulation
Thermoplastic vulcanizate and its method of production
Golf ball cores comprising blends of polybutadiene rubbers
Golf ball composition comprising high acid and VLMI ionomers
Method for automatic installation of franking devices and arrangement for the implementation of the ...
System and method for document storage management
Operation ready signal light device
Designation and opportunistic tracking of valuables
Isolated human Ras-like proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human Ras-like proteins, and...
Hollow layered golf ball
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Container for biological products requiring cellular stasis
Soft shell venous reservoir with improved air handling
Substituted 5-aryl-2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2H-benzotriazole UV absorbers, compositions stabilized therew...
In-mold labeling method
Portable motor vehicle cabin air purifier
Multi-colored LED lighted sign
Wheel having an accelerating electricity charging device
Heat dissipating plasma display device
Bus hold circuit with power-down and over-voltage tolerance
Lamp structure of lamp string
Electrodeless lighting system
Method and apparatus for color warping
Apparatus and method for adaptive three dimensional television Y/C separation comb filter bank
Video data receiver and method of displaying said data
System and method for determining the location of a target in a room or small area
Vehicle navigation system using live images
Non-linear method of mapping the lightness and chroma of a display device gamut onto a printing devi...
Colorizing a black-and-white image to facilitate the identification of a pattern in the image
Optical device
Micro-structured optical fibers
On-chip graded index of refraction optical waveguide and damascene method of fabricating the same
Silica-based optical waveguide circuit and fabrication method thereof
Silicon mesa structure integrated in a glass-on-silicon waveguide, and a method of manufacturing it
Conductor connecting apparatus
Device holder accommodating wavelength division multiplexers
Image processing method for sharpening corners of text and line art
Methods and systems for improving display resolution using sub-pixel sampling and visual error compe...
Method and apparatus of image processing while inputting image data
Image processing device and processing method
Lossless region of interest coding
Techniques to implement one-dimensional compression
Variable-length code decoder
System and method for inserting information in DCT coefficient domain
Blades with functional balance asymmetries for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments
Manometry apparatus for measuring esophageal sphincter compliance
Reflective labeling tape
Induced aggregation and agglutination of platelets
Imaging apparatus for displaying concentration ratios
Method and system for controlling a medical device
Stainless steel airport light cannister apparatus and method
Ferritic stainless steel for use in high temperature applications
Free-cutting steel
Hot-working steel article
Far-infrared emission powder with antibacterial activity and bio-wave steel plate coated with resin ...
cold work steel alloy for the manufacture of parts by powder metallurgy
Method for producing non-grain oriented electric sheet steel
Cold rolled steel sheet having excellent corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid
Multi-layered thermoplastic container
Confectionary products, low fat chocolate and chocolate-like products and methods for making them
Method for treating products by high voltage pulses
Microorganism reduction methods and compositions for food
Steam cooking apparatus
Patterned boiled egg and process for producing the same
Low carbohydrate sweetener
Adhesive film
Contrast agent comprising low density microspheres
Accelerated curing of epoxy gelcoats
Process for preparing a multi-layer article having a fluoroplastic layer and an elastomer layer
Sequential synthesis of core-shell nanoparticles using reverse micelles
Method for reducing cold stress whitening
Magnetic composition
Process of making microfilaments
Ionic polymers as anti-infective agents
Non-invasive apparatus for measuring a temperature of a living body and method therefor
Apparatus and method for detecting and displaying form of insertion part of endoscope
System for detecting the shape of an endoscope using source coils and sense coils
Magnetic tracking system
Hook set and rod holder
Hard body weedless fishing lure
Anti-snag fishing jig
Fish handling tool
Apparatus for making chocolate articles on a conveyor web
Stringer usable for small, medium and large fish
Preparation and use of solidified oils
Plastic composites made from incompatible plastics
Method for preparing cheese products and process cheese bases
Water-in-oil type emulsified fat and/or oil composition
Image information read-out apparatus
System protection map
System and method for using a compressed main memory based on degree of compressibility
Methods and apparatus to dynamically reconfigure the instruction pipeline of an indirect very long i...
Creation of memory array bitmaps using logical to physical server
Method and apparatus for a layer structure directory for common hardware interface modules
Cylindrical asymmetrical capacitor devices for space applications
Electronic assembly comprising ceramic/organic hybrid substrate with embedded capacitors and methods...
System and method for scanning near-field optical tomography
Distributed intelligence, wireless, light-directed pick/put system
Host-fabric adapter and method of connecting a host system to a channel-based switched fabric in a d...
Inhibition by 3-deoxyflavonoids of T-lymphocyte activation and therapies related thereto
Kalanchoe plant named `2002-0539`
Imaging apparatus
Collector for alkaline secondary battery, method for making the same, and alkaline secondary battery...
Metal alloy compositions and plating methods related thereto
Micro-perforated polyethylene encasement
Adhesive composition, resin material, rubber article and pneumatic tire
Singulation method used in leadless packaging process
Process for producing an electrode with positive temperature coefficient (PTC) function
Light emitting device
Method and apparatus for calculating energy in a-law or .mu.-law encoded speech signals
Synchronization and channel estimation with extended pilot symbols
Recording/playback apparatus with telephone and its control method, video camera with telephone and ...
Internal unit and submarine apparatus having system-unit coupling bars positioned away from a printe...
Data management method for recorded programs stored on a digital recording device
Soccer goalkeeper glove
Hinge assembly
Torsional assist cam phaser for cam in block engines
Method and apparatus for buttress stabilization
Atomizing apparatus and process
Grid type electrostatic separator/collector and method of using same
Enhanced biocompatible implants and alloys
Failure prediction apparatus for superconductive magnet and magnetic resonance imaging system
High-field open MRI magnet isolation system and method
Phospholipid prodrugs of anti-proliferative drugs
Press shutheight adjustment using bolster hydraulic tie rod assemblies
Computer generated image on a display
Type font
Combination of a distributor roller of a printing machine and a traversing mechanism therefor, inkin...
Marking element for marking timber, especially tree trunks
Method and system for providing implicit edge antialiasing
Apoptosis-inducing factor
Methods and compositions of matter concerning APRIL/G70, BCMA, BLYS/AGP-3 and TACI
Pen-shaped inhaling device for dispersing powdered medicaments through the respiratory tract
Carbon-containing material
Polymeric microspheres
System and method for depth clamping in a hardware graphics pipeline
Method and mold to control optical device polymerization
Hydrophilic biomedical composition
Conductive shape memory metal deployment latch hinge
Primer composition and bonding method
Battery set and method for producing electric power output
Solar electric alternating current generator
Ultrasonic process for autocatalytic deposition of metal on microparticulate
Flame retardant aromatic polycarbonate resin composition and molded articles thereof
Electronic device for generating and displaying an item of information
Display assembly including an electro-optical cell and a photovoltaic cell
Method for refracting and dispensing electro-active spectacles
Power converter, power generating apparatus and plug
Compact fuel gas reformer assemblage
Apparatus and method for the design and manufacture of thin-film electrochemical devices
Porous articles and method for the manufacture thereof
High throughput mechanical property and bulge testing of materials libraries
Fuel cell having insulated coolant manifold
Suspensions for use as fuel for electrochemical fuel cells
Polyorganosilsesquioxane and process for preparing the same
6-O-substituted bicyclic ketolides
Antireflection film, optical element and visual display
Method for producing phthalic anhydride
Fluid distribution surface for solid oxide fuel cells
Process for eliminating N-terminal methionine
Method for synthesis of n-[(s)]-1-carboxybutyl-(s)-alanine esters and use in synthesis of perindopri...
FAIMS apparatus and method using carrier gas of mixed composition
Flow leveling device
Methods and apparatus for a subsea tie back
Apparatus and method for cable installation in ducting
Support pile repair jacket form
Method of lowering a floating body of a floating foundation
Sample-introduction tool, and an ion source and a mass spectrometer using the sample-introduction to...
Radio communication apparatus and semiconductor device
Method and system for automatic anti-tachycardia pacing
Stacked semiconductor package
Small grain size, conformal aluminum interconnects and method for their formation
Device and method for measuring the properties of a magnetic reproducing head
Micromirror actuator
Optical waveguide connecting structure, optical element mounting structure and optical fiber mountin...
Flash fixation apparatus with gas unit and printer using the same
Gas reformer for recovery of hydrogen
Solid catalyst component and catalyst for olefins polymerization
Cache system with limited number of tag memory accesses
Adjustable pressure dual piston impulse clutch
Retrofit cleaning roller assembly
Method for the induction of pathogen resistance in plants
Switch mode energy recovery for electro-luminescent lamp panels
Clip-on earphone device
Device and method for inserting acoustic dampers into earphones
Damper for speaker and method of producing the same
Fine jet control-type sound absorption system
Expandable toy
Novelty with incorporated fan
Bilboquet toy and method of use thereof
Toy figure for use with multiple, different game systems
Toy razor having simulated sound-producing capability
Apparatus for actuating a toy
Electric toy top device with finger supported charger and its associated method of operation
Amusement device including a thematic play set
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and storage medium for storing control process
Systems, processes, and products for storage and retrieval of physical paper documents, electro-opti...
System and method for contact electrostatic printing
Method and designing and manufacturing rubber process tooling using an interface to a CAD/CAM softwa...
Methods and devices for mapping data files
Method, apparatus and program product for specifying an area of a web page for audible reading
Nanocrystalline silicon quantum dots within an oxide layer
Inventory control
Apparatus and method for downloading core file in a network device
Evaluation of rollups with distinct aggregates by using sequence of sorts and partitioning by measur...
High level assembler metamodel
Device and method for sensing an object or a person in the interior of a vehicle and vehicle occupan...
Device for interchanging suction pipettes
Method for the sublimation growth of an SiC single crystal, involving heating under growth pressure
Multiple brush-type motor control apparatus and method
Connecting bars for electrical devices and apparatus for different nominal currents having a cavity
Environmentally robust noise attenuation system
Method and apparatus for configuring the settings of a communication terminal device from a remote l...
Data processing system and device for implementing cohesive, decentralized and dynamic management of...
Security constrained optimal power flow method
Device and method for sensing an object and use of the device and method for adjusting an element
Automated testing of hybrid actuator
Modular RAID controller
Data transfer mechanism for handheld devices over a wireless communication link
Circuit and method for a folded bit line memory cell with vertical transistor and trench capacitor
Method and system for enhanced interactive playback of audio content to telephone callers
Low power implementation for input signals of integrated circuits
Content caching with special handling of multiple identical requests for content
Determining integrity of a packet
Precise phase detector
System and method of providing restrained, streamlined access to a computerized information source
Method and apparatus for determining points of interest on an image of a camera calibration object
Level shift circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Current-mode logic differential signal generation circuit employing squelch
Telescopically collapsing image projector
Body mounted camera support
Developer exit tank for immersion type printing plate processor
Apparatus for positioning and adjusting a light pipe
Quick-release clamp for photographic equipment
Photographic film cartridge and camera including such
Photofinishing processing system and a processing solution supply cartridge for the processing syste...
Electrostatic actuator and method of driving the same
Audio-attached image recording and playback device
Battery recharging system and method for electronic cameras
Radio frequency data communications device
Method for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication channel
Radio frequency personnel alerting security system and method
Methods and apparatus for sensor responsive illumination of liquids
Nanoparticle-based sensors for detecting analytes in fluids
Compositions and methods for enhancing bioassay performance
Magnetic logic element
Transferable device-containing layer for silicon-on-insulator applications
Topical application of immixture of ascorbic acid + ascorbic acid compounds for augmenting the synth...
Purified water supply system
Card game
Enhanced twenty-one card game
Battery powered gaming machine security monitoring system
Method for tiling multiple displays to generate a large area display of moving data
System and method for transforming an ordinary computer monitor screen into a touch screen
Pointing device reporting utilizing scaling
Interface and related methods for reducing source accesses in a development system
Microelectrical mechanical structure (MEMS) optical modulator and optical display system
Systems and methods for incrementally updating an image in flash memory
Rendering digital content in an encrypted rights-protected form
System and method for implementing integrated polling functions in a client management tool
Identification of transactional boundaries
Magnetic memory device employing giant magnetoresistance effect
Laminated printed circuit board fixture assembly and method
Non-fixing type image receiving sheet, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Iontophoretic treatment device
Industrial plant asset management system: apparatus and method
Seven-speed planetary transmission
Family of multi-speed transmissions having interconnected planetary gearsets and input clutches
Power saving device and method for GPS receiver
System, device, and method for wavelength-division multiplex optical transmission
System and method for estimating one or more tones in an input signal
Post detection chromatic dispersion compensation
High availability redundant array of data storage elements that bridges coherency traffic
Platform and method for securing data provided through a user input device
Optical card based system for individualized tracking and record keeping
Head lifting device and disk apparatus incorporating the same
Optical array and collimated light distribution
Optical TDM multiplexer, optical TDM demultiplexer, WDM/TDM converter and TDM/WDM converter
WDM optical network with passive pass-through at each node
Free space optical interconnect system
3R optical signal regeneration
Probe card, e.g., for testing microelectronic components, and methods for making same
Low-electrostatically-charging granular polytetrafluorethylene powder and preparation process of sam...
Metal hydroxide filled rubber compositions and tire components
Drainage construction of a waterproof cover of an electrical connection box
Electronic device and coupler
SEM inspection and analysis of patterned photoresist features
Resin-sealed semiconductor device, and die bonding material and sealing material for use therein
Method and apparatus for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure
Raman amplifier
Diffractive optical element
Stent manufacturing apparatus
Wavelength compensation in a WSXC using off-voltage control
Optical transmission systems including signal varying devices and methods
Polarizing glasses
Tight buffered optical cables with release layers
Fiber optic assemblies and methods of making the same
Secondary coating composition for optical fibers
Fixture for a flexible shuffle circuit
Automated NMR analysis using solvents and sample tube materials to control frequency shifts
Electrophoretic device, electronic sheet including the same, electronic book including the electroni...
Electromagnetic wave absorbent and method for producing magnetic powder for the same
End selection in directed evolution
Display unit and method of fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a waveguide optical semiconductor device
Isolation mounts for use with vacuum chambers and their application in lithographic projection appar...
Semiconductor wafer and semiconductor device comprising gettering layer
Solid-state image pickup device
Leak magnetism detection sensor for magnetic flaw detection system
Magnetic resonance gradient coil with a heat insulator disposed between the electrical conductor and...
Raman amplifier, optical repeater, and raman amplification method
Optical disk and optical disk drive device
Method and system of converting waste plastics into hydrocarbon oil
Process for converting heavy Fischer Tropsch waxy feeds blended with a waste plastic feedstream into...
Process for selective disproportionation of toluene and disproportionation and transalkylation of to...
Process for preparing vanadyl pyrophosphate catalyst
FHIT proteins and nucleic acids and methods based thereon
Patient incontinence monitoring apparatus and method of use thereof
Semiconductor device
Image sensor
Memory cell capacitors having an over/under configuration
Semiconductor device having a capacitor with increased capacitance
SOI MOSFET with asymmetrical source/body and drain/body junctions
Fin-based double poly dynamic threshold CMOS FET with spacer gate and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device and method for driving the same
Semiconductor device and CMOS transistor
High speed detectors having integrated electrical components
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with thermoelectric heat dissipating element
IMPATT diodes
Semiconductor device comprising dual silicon nitride layers with varying nitrogen ratio
Apparatus and method for generating electrical current from the nuclear decay process of a radioacti...
Dielectric resonator equalizer
Endomyocardial monophasic action potential for early detection of myocardium pathology
Ultrasound energy driven intraventricular catheter to treat ischemia
Method and apparatus for code group identification and frame synchronization in DS/CDMA systems
Methods for transdermal drug administration
Osmotic caplet
Method for implementing collaborative training and online learning over a computer network and relat...
Method and system for searching index databases
Retrieval processing method and apparatus and memory medium storing program for same
Method and apparatus for allocating and using range identifiers as input values to content-addressab...
Technique for effectively providing concierge-like services in a directory assistance system
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating net-searching operations performed by way of a mo...
Dynamic adjustment of search window size in response to signal strength
Method for validating an application for use in a mobile communication device
Intelligent, non-intrusive, adaptive wireless discount coupon delivery system over GPRS
Method for automated retune of telecommunications data in a wireless network using ericsson equipmen...
Method and apparatus for controlling data rates to preserve voice quality in a CDMA system
Automatic diagnostic for detection of interference in wireless communication system
Method for self-calibration of a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for fixing the location of a fixed wireless terminal in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for fixing the location of a fixed wireless terminal in a wireless network
Method of avoiding PPP time-outs during IPCP negotiations
Method and system for restricting mobility in a wireless local loop
Exchanging supplemental information fields between a client and a server
Systems and methods for collecting and providing call traffic information to end-users
Laser-based spectrometer for use with pulsed and unstable wavelength laser sources
All fiber low noise supercontinuum source
Differential interferometric scanning near-field confocal microscopy
Method and apparatus for outputting burst read data
Distributed bragg reflector using AIGaN/GaN
Method and system for implementing variable x-ray intensity modulation schemes for imaging systems
Method and system for automated document processing
Energy-saving service offering method and apparatus therefor
Method of obtaining a position fix in a GPS receiver and a GPS receiver for the same
Method and system for performing processing data
Ultrasonic transducers
Apparatus and method for interactive 3D registration of ultrasound and magnetic resonance images bas...
ROI segmentation image processing system
Image registration system and method using cross-entropy optimization
Medical diagnostic ultrasonic imaging method and apparatus for suppressing electronic noise
Fixed-rate block-based image compression with inferred pixel values
Optical fiber drop cable
Device for the diffusion of solutions
Image forming apparatus capable of detecting density of toner image
Modulated input signal filter
Optimization of oil well production with deference to reservoir and financial uncertainty
System and method for nondestructive testing simulation
Information coding and retrieval system and method thereof
Negative resist composition, method for the formation of resist patterns and process for the product...
Inkjet printhead nozzle plate
Electrically conducting hydroprimer for plastics
Analytical method for electron microscopy
Electron microscope, method for operating the same, and computer-readable medium
Image recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Device with Mn2+ activated green emitting SrAl12O19 luminescent material
Measuring density variations
Conebeam computed tomography imaging
Methods and apparatus for reconstructing an image of an object
Fiber optic scintillator with optical gain for a computed tomography system and method of manufactur...
Method of examining a wafer of semiconductor material by means of X-rays
Apparatus and method for image recognition
Method and apparatus for the management of data files
Customer service automation systems and methods
Crossing paths notification service
Streaming media search and continuous playback of multiple media resources located on a network
System and method for providing tourism service using RF IC card, and storage medium for storing tou...
Internet telephony for ecommerce
Geographically diverse closed captioned news text database
Method and system for creating improved search queries
Method and system of displaying telecommunication trace diagnostic information
Method and apparatus for enabling sectored data refreshing of Web-site data during session
Secure cargo transportation system
Attention control for operators of technical equipment
Display device for transportation means
Rearview mirror assembly incorporating supplemental inflatable restraint system status information d...
On-road facility fault information communication apparatus
Alternating time band sequence "ATBS-2W"
Reflection multiplier radio wave marker system and traffic system
Method and device for the presentation of objects in surrounding space
Intelligent light source
Display device with light guide having polarizing material with regions converted into isotropic mat...
Light source detection and categorization system for automatic vehicle exterior light control and me...
Advanced illumination system for use in microlithography
Object recognition system
Environmental location system
Apparatus for activating and/or deactivating a security device
Circuit and method for providing secure communication over data communication interconnects
Method and apparatus for editing and reading edited invisible encodements on media
Method and apparatus for recovering encryption session keys
Microphone attached remote controller
Video duplication control system, video playback device, video recording device, information superim...
Telephone method and apparatus
Process for imparting stain-resist agent
Chuck key clip and method for manufacturing
Power tool with brush shifting and reversing switch assembly
Combination canopy and fan
Stabilizing fabric with weave reinforcement for resin matrices
Universal carrier for automobiles
Stabilized fabric with weave reinforcement for resin matrices
Bottle and cap
Battery pack for cordless device
Optical memory and data pattern generator
Battery pack for cordless device
Battery pack for cordless device
Rational-harmonic apparatus and technique
Polarization desensitizer
Liposome drug delivery
Reduced start time for MEMS gyroscope
Lock system for a horizontal locking box
Automotive lighting device
Angiogenic tissue implant systems and methods
System and method for compensating for channel jitter
System and method for adding internet functionality to a telephone call
Network device control system, network interconnection apparatus and network device
Computer system linked by using information in data objects
Method and apparatus for creating a virtual microscope slide
Interactive real time computer processed golf tournament system
Method for generating filters designed to avoid risks of breach in interconnected computer networks
System and method for secure provisioning of a mobile station from a provisioning server using IWF-b...
Device for opening and closing lid of optical disk player
Wireless internet service method in gateway system
Fractal image compression using reinforcement learning
Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing moving picture and recording medium
Liquid image forming system and method for forming image using the same
Developing apparatus for liquid type printer
Device and method for processing call between private exchange network and mobile communication netw...
Method and system for providing a hardware sort for a large number of items
Power supply control circuit and method for cutting off unnecessary power to system memory in the po...
Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for ...
Exposure method for correcting line width variation in a photomask
Glucagon-like peptide-2 analogs
Glucagon-like peptide-2 and its therapeutic use
Method for detecting glucagon-like peptide-1 antagonists and agonists
Compositions and methods for buccal delivery of pharmaceutical agents
Buccal delivery of glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides
Insulinotropic hormones and uses thereof
Glucagon-like peptide-2 and its therapeutic use
In vivo production and delivery of erythropoietin or insulinotropin for gene therapy
Antagonists of intestinotrophic GLP-2 peptides
In vivo production and delivery of erythropoietin for gene therapy
Method of producing clonal cell strains which express exogenous DNA encoding glucagon-like peptide 1
Cloned glucagon-like peptide 2 receptors
DNA encoding insulinotropic hormone
Intestinotrophic glucagon-like peptide-2 analogs
Method for metallizing surfaces of substrates
Magnetically-responsive microspheres
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Nanosized intermetallic powders
Semi-synthesis of a protected baccatin III compound
Mass production of paclitaxel by changing the temperature of the medium during the plant cell cultur...
Treatment of carcinomas using squalamine in combination with other anti-cancer agents or modalities
Porous paclitaxel matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Methods for treatment of drug-induced peripheral neuropathy
Dolastatin-15 derivatives in combination with taxanes
Methods for obtaining taxanes
Potentiating compounds
Method for the treatment of solid tumors by albumin microparticles incorporating paclitaxel
Anti-inflammatory bioactive glass particulates
Methods of inhibiting osteoclastogenesis
N-substituted-N'-substituted urea derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing the derivat...
Tricyclic compounds and uses thereof
Polynucleotides encoding neutrokine-.alpha.
GLP-1 formulations
Stabilized aqueous peptide solutions
Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides, compositions and methods
Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides, compositions and methods
Inducing insulin gene expression in pancreas cells expressing recombinant PDX-1
Non-peptide antagonists of GLP-1 receptor and methods of use
Mucoadhesive buccal dosage forms
Mucoadhesive carrier for delivery of therapeutical agent
Oral, cutaneous and intravaginal pharmaceutical compositions in the form of foam
Oral vehicle compositions
Submicron emulsions for delivery of peptides
Controlled-release mucoadhesive pharmaceutical composition for the oral administration of furosemide
Transmucosal delivery system
Water-soluble pressure-sensitive mucoadhesive and devices provided therewith for emplacement in a mu...
Solid mucoadhesive therapeutic or hygienic composition for application to the buccal or nasal mucous...
Conference calling
Systems and methods for implementing internet video conferencing using standard phone calls
Method and system for 3-D shared virtual environment display communication virtual conference and pr...
Method and apparatus for overcoming the limitations of camera angle in video conferencing applicatio...
Call me conference call system
Establishing a conference call from a call-log
Control of internet based video conferencing
Base of a conference unit
Video conferencing method and apparatus with improved initialization through command pruning
Mobile for video-conferencing
Green organic light emitting devices
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic electroluminescent element and organic electroluminescence display using the same
Methods of forming passive layers in organic memory cells
Apparatus and method for photovoltaic energy production based on internal charge emission in a solid...
Organic light emitting diode and method for producing the same
Field effect transistor
Light-emitting device and process for production thereof having an emission laser held between elect...
EL display device and electronic device
Flat panel display device for compensating threshold voltage of panel
Current driver circuit and image display device
Drive unit for a luminescence display panel
Client session depth based caching in proxy servers
Verbena plant named `Bodcomwhi`
Safety mailbox
Computer, internet and telecommunications based network
High pressure discharge lamp and luminaire
Camera stabilizer platform and camcorder therefor
Method and system for maintaining personalization of user adjustable features
Metal complexes for hydrogenation of unsaturated compounds
Light emitting diode
Memory circuit with selective address path
Organometal complex and method of depositing a metal silicate thin layer using same
Calibration techniques for imaging devices
Frozen food product
Inbred maize line PH94T
Passenger determination device
Multilayered intrusion detection system and method
Partially fluorinated copolymer based on trifluorostyrene and substituted vinyl compound and ionic c...
Protectedly reading out an enciphered, cryptographic key
Biometric-based authentication in a nonvolatile memory device
Flower coin dispenser
Hydrogen-occluding alloy and process for producing the same
Breathing protector
Evaluation of grouping sets by reduction to group-by clause, with or without a rollup operator, usin...
Teaching and gaming golf feedback system and methods
Method for casting a partially reinforced concrete pile in the ground
Hybrid tea rose named `JACfrepu`
Protein for blocking platelet adhesion
Method and apparatus for adjusting the phase of an optical beam
Detection of phenols using engineered bacteria
Method of forming an FeRAM capacitor having a bottom electrode diffusion barrier
Vertically extensible and retractible lens arm
Method of physical individual authentication and system using the same
Tertiary alcohol compounds having alicyclic structure
Turbo decoder extrinsic normalization
Device for attenuating noise in a tube for transporting gas
System, method, and program product for identifying and describing topics in a collection of electro...
Method and system for processing positioning signals in a geometric mode
Method for implementing error diffusion on plasma display panel
System and method for tracking an object in a video and linking information thereto
Soil sampler liner with areas of reduced wall thickness
Integrated plasticized card in a paper carrier and method of manufacture
Toy element set for constructional toy
Methanotrophic carbon metabolism pathway genes and enzymes
Caulking tube nozzle applicator
Method and apparatus for access to resources not mapped to an autonomous subsystem in a computer bas...
Electrical method to control autonomic nerve stimulation of gastrointestinal tract
Serial unit identification
Service panel with utility controller
Reversible reflective/fluorescent sleeve
Method of novel noncatalytic organic synthesis
Semiconductor devices and methods
Flame retardants for polymers comprising a mixture of two different aryl phosphates, their preparati...
Small hydroelectric power generator
Method for determining hydrographic parameters which describe a sea swell field in situ using a rada...
Method and system for vaporization of a substance
Multilayer ceramic composite and process for forming the composite
Peptide antiangiogenic drugs
Manufacturing method of ceramic green sheet, manufacturing method of multilayer ceramic electronic c...
Substance mixture containing bisphenol A
Portable fuel cell stack
Storage and reproduction apparatus utilizing interrupted operation
Safety throttle
NMR high field magnet coil system with superconducting capability and having an outwardly protruding...
Method for reducing rub-off from toner or printed images using a phase change composition
Cellular architecture and data transfer methods for real time patient monitoring within medical faci...
Maize metallothionein gene and promoter
Electric discharge lamp and electric discharge lamp drive apparatus
Transmission band limiting filter apparatus and transmission apparatus
Prodrugs via acylation with cinnamate
Surface acoustic wave device
Server protocol for dead e-mail identification locator
System and method for common information model object manager proxy interface and management
Bytecode instruction processor with switch instruction handling logic
Method and system for presentation and manipulation of PKCS authenticated-data objects
Piggy-backed key exchange protocol for providing secure low-overhead browser connections from a clie...
Software system and method for graphically building customized recipe flowcharts
Web based application re-coded for OS/2 compatibility
Real-time program audit software
Material separated from Ecklonia cava, method for extracting and purifying the same, and use thereof...
Method of producing an absorbent foam material
Method for treating polymer materials and products produced therefrom
Stabilizing compositions comprising at least two anionic associative polymers, their use for stabili...
Encapsulation of actives in core-shell and gel particles
Mutants of streptococcal toxin C and methods of use
Candida albicans gene, integrin-like protein, antibodies, and methods of use
Compounds having lectinic properties and their biological applications
Methods of inducing regulated pancreatic hormone production in non-pancreatic islet tissues
Dual function microbicides
Dynamic control of overdrive pacing based on degree of randomness within heart rate
Application of symbol sequence analysis and temporal irreversibility to monitoring and controlling b...
Optical disk apparatus, optical disk recording method, and optical disk
High density data write strategy
Optical pickup and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical recording medium having a plurality of interference layers of different refractive index
Directly pivotable grating for agile laser tuners
Light wavelength conversion module
Multi-wavelength semiconductor laser arrays and applications thereof
Semiconductor laser structure and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor laser device and optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus
Photonic integrated circuit
Laser having a temperature controlled solid-state dye gain element
Apparatus and method of directing a laser beam to a thermally managed beam dump in a laser system
Laterally coupled wave guides
Method of forming stone inlays in wood and article of manufacture
Combination for managing the involuntary loss of bladder control
Method for obtaining improved ultrasonic bond strength
Method for energy barrier equalization of magnetic recording media and media obtained thereby
Large composite structures and a method for production of large composite structures incorporating a...
Thermally sprayed, flexible magnet with an induced anisotropy
Organometallic precursor for forming metal pattern and method of forming metal pattern using the sam...
Mat and method of manufacturing a mat
Hot-melt adhesive for non-woven elastic composite bonding
Functional material-composite structural magnetic core
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof, circuit board, and electronic instrument
X-ray generating apparatus
Adhesion promoting surface treatment or surface cleaner for metal substrates
Carbon media for storage of hydrogen
Boehmitic aluminas, and high-temperature stabile and highly porous aluminum oxides in a pure phase w...
Controlling syngas H2:CO ratio by controlling feed hydrocarbon composition
Method of production of pure hydrogen near room temperature from aluminum-based hydride materials
Fine zeolite particle
Process for synthesizing molecular sieves
Synthesis of Li2Mn4O9 using lithium permanganate precursor
Detector agent for halogen compounds and method for detecting halogen compounds
Method for making boron nitride fibers from aminoborazines
Gas treatment device comprising SMSI material and methods for making and using the same
Particles, aqueous dispersion and film of titanium oxide, and preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for out of order memory processing within an in order processor
Apparatus for use in inserting spinal implants
Tissue remodeling
Service and information management system for determining, replicating or correcting failed calls in...
Proxy database for element management system of telephone switching network
Blended agent contact center
Method for automatic input and transmission of pass word in using telephone set
Switch capable of generating voices in response to a pressing action
Decision-basing apparatus, and an associated method, for radio device responsive to origination sour...
Handling of dialled digits in a wireless telecommunications system
Mobile telephone system
Method of inducing ADSL communication device to transmit at downstream signaling rate optimized for ...
Calling apparatus and calling method in a telephone
Toilet training device
Quick-release device for a music support stand
Method and system for mapping packet service categories to asymmetric digital subscriber line latenc...
Input device
Apparatus for producing and sustaining a glow discharge plasma under atmospheric conditions
Preparation and execution of a program in an additional chip card of a terminal
Pulse flow reaction
Pn-juction type compound semiconductor light-emitting device, production method thereof and white li...
Apparatus and method for accessing a magnetoresistive random access memory array
Self light emitting device and method of driving thereof
Method and structure for low-k dielectric constant applications
Tetra-aza macrocycles and metal complexes thereof
Die cut sheet with applied coating carrier
Method and control system for controlling propulsion in a hybrid vehicle
Personal digital assistant including a keyboard which also acts as a cover
Notification by business rule trigger control
Video toroid cavity imager
Secure computing device having boot read only memory verification of program code
Detecting malicious software by analyzing patterns of system calls generated during emulation
Snake coin dispenser
Method for casting molten metal, apparatus for the same, and cast slab
Personal powered air filtration, sterilization, and conditioning system
Search function for data lookup
Uses of improved polymer-supported photosensitizers in the generation of singlet oxygen
Method and system for on-line submission and debug of software code for a portable computer system o...
Method of transcribing text from computer voice mail
Combined waterproofing sheet and protection course membrane
Floribunda rose plant named `WEKscemala`
Dynamic gain equalization system design with adaptive spectrum decomposition methodology
Electronic assistant incorporated in personal objects
Modified contact for programmable devices
Method of managing a scalable interface communication system
Camera trolley apparatus and methods
Efficient synthetic routes for the preparation of rhinovirus protease inhibitors and key intermediat...
Semiconductor design/fabrication system, semiconductor design/fabrication method and semiconductor d...
Embodiments of aperiodic tiling of a single asymmetric diffusive base shape
Data structure and method of storing a digital document
Querying databases using database pools
Method for compensating luminance of a plasma display panel
Method and system for delivery of individualized training to call center agents
Programmable assembly toy
Process and device for producing a high-strength steel strip
Multi-stage receiver
Human kinase and polynucleotides encoding the same
Siding box assembly
Method and apparatus for passing null references between software components through legacy framewor...
Instruction scheduling based on power estimation
System for restructuring selected parts of email messages prior to transmission to plurality of reci...
Medical, bioresorbable implant, process for its production and the use thereof
Method for providing a synchronous communication and transaction between functions on an integrated ...
ULBP DNA and polypeptides
Computerized vehicle alignment system
Electroporation device for in vivo delivery of therapeutic agents
Vacuum regulator for maintaining a substantially constant vacuum in a vacuum system
Brake appliance for gerotor motors
Method of fabricating spherical quantum dots device by combination of gas condensation and epitaxial...
Collagen/polysaccharide bilayer matrix
Bis-phosphonium salt and process for producing the same
Device and method of biostimulating living organisms and/or neutralizing the harmful effects of appl...
Brush bristle, method of making same and brush comprising such brush bristles
Numerically modeling inductive circuit elements
Health mask with channelized breath passageways
Process for producing fiber-reinforced-silicon carbide composites
Polyolefin articles with long-term elevated temperature stability
Optical information medium and its testing method
Toothpaste tube holder
Method of metal layer formation and metal foil-based layered product
Animal feed with low phytic acid, oil, burdened and protein laden grain
Closing device for valve with interior housing for probe allowing probe to be removed without disass...
Delivery apparatus for a self-expanding stent
Proton conductive film and fuel cell using the same
High molecular weight, medium density polyethylene
Resin composition for capstock
Method and apparatus for testing an SDRAM memory used as the main memory in a personal computer
Mechanical lockout for a pneumatic tool
Subvoxel processing: a method for reducing partial volume blurring
Image forming apparatus capable of adjusting an amount of lubricant to be applied onto an image carr...
System for processing signal data representing physiological parameters
Dishwasher pump drive
Molecular farming
Electrodeless lamp system
Administrative security systems and methods
Accessory interface within a multiple channel radio apparatus
Methods for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Deferred acknowledgment communications and alarm management
High gradient-field recording head for perpendicular magnetic recording
Laser assisted track width definition and radial control with magnetic recording
Magnetic head including slider electrically connected to flexure with conductive resin film
Vibration-canceling mechanism and head gimbal assembly with the vibration-canceling mechanism
Slider head having thermally controlled distal end and assembly with a rotating disc
Actuator arm damper with integrated pre-amplifier