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Method for computer internet remote management of a telecommunication network element
Method and apparatus for partition resolution in clustered computer systems
Mechanism for handling 16-bit addressing in a processor
System and method for allocating memory by partitioning a memory
System and method of allocating modem resources to software applications
Storage controller providing automatic retention and deletion of synchronous back-up data
Three-dimensional models with markup documents as texture
Method of verifying unreadable indicia for an information-based indicia program
On-line image caching control for efficient image display
System for clustering software applications
Reuse of services between different domains using state machine mapping techniques
Multimedia computer system with story segmentation capability and operating program therefor includi...
Apparatus for and method of inputting music-performance control data
Customizable software-based digital wavetable synthesizer
Hybrid musical instrument equipped with status register for quickly changing sound source and parame...
Wood preservatives
Assays and probes with enzyme labels
17867 a novel human aminopeptidase
Hand truck body
Golf cart
Handle for vacuum cleaner
Electric vacuum cleaner
Soybean cultivar S38-T8
Genetically modified CD34-negative adherently growing stem cells and their use in gene therapy
Prognostic compositions for prostate cancer and methods of use thereof
ARPE-19 as a platform cell line for encapsulated cell-based delivery
Dahlia plant named `Bourgogne`
Geranium plant named `Fiseyewi`
Geranium plant named `Fissalmrose`
Geranium plant named `Fisgenta`
Geranium plant named `Balfanshop`
Shroud for elliptical exerciser
Compositions and methods for production of male-sterile plants
Software controlled meat probe for use in determining meat tenderness
Method for degassification of high internal phase emulsion components
Method for testing reflection LCD projector and display panel pixel area thereof
Methods of treating viral infections with benzimidazoles
Rapid prototyping apparatus with enhanced thermal and/or vibrational stability for production of thr...
Teething gel applicator with cutter, and burstable ampule and method of making the same
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Mobile-dining mealholder with beverage container plate-lid
Toothbrush having an exchangeable bristle plate
Reactor grade copolyesters for shrink film applications
Apparatus for providing a photochemical reaction
Portable color measuring device
Continuous bulk polymerization process
Parathyroid hormone-related peptide analogs
MDK1 polypeptides
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Method and apparatus for formulating microspheres and microcapsules
Hydrophilic ampholytic polymer
Patient infusion system for use with MRI
MR imaging system with interactive image contrast control over a network
MR signal-emitting coatings
Radiation cured island coating system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dark Pink Elgon`
Camera that records print quantity designation on film for each exposure, and has print quantity tot...
Printed wiring board for semiconductor plastic package
Silicon thin-film, integrated solar cell, module, and methods of manufacturing the same
User model-improvement-data-driven selection and update of user-oriented recognition model of a give...
Passive security device for detecting ferromagnetic objects
Consumer audio appliance responsive to watermark data
Method and apparatus for accessing stored digital programs
Multi-functional transparent secure marks
Methods and systems for providing an absent addressing service to customers in a communications netw...
Multimedia speaker
Gambling chip recognition system
Benzyl compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
System, method and apparatus for cancelling noise
Fuel property detecting system
Superconducting ultrabroadband antenna
System for automatically generating database of objects of interest by analysis of images recorded b...
Apparatus and method of creating a firewall data protection
Memory system having flexible architecture and method
Parallel processor with redundancy of processor pairs
Object hashing with incremental changes
System and method for automatically focusing the attention of a virtual robot interacting with users
Computer method and apparatus to force boot block recovery
Elastic absorbent structures
Polysaccharide-based thermoplastic material, process for preparing the same and method of use thereo...
Thermoscattering materials and devices
Thermoplastic compositions for durable goods applications
Biodegradable polymer compositions, methods for making same and articles therefrom
Highly filled polymer composition with improved properties
Metallocene catalyst and catalyst system for producing polypropylene blend of iso and syndio-tactic ...
Collapsible play structures
Coil features for toys and dolls
Lollipop holder
Magnetic impulse reaction driven toys
Sand spike system
Dual electric motor stern drive with forward rudder control
Waterproof case in particular to sea water opening by mere pressure on two opposite points
Lifting device
Sea anchor and method for its deployment
Error handling and representation in a computer-aided design environment
Multi-phase clear fabric softening composition
Communication system for encrypted data and apparatus for selectively recording and reproducing rece...
Multifunction interface facility connecting wideband multiple access subscriber loops with various n...
Juvenile hormone or one of its agonists as a chemical ligand to control gene expression in plants by...
Anti-.gamma.-H2A antibody, fusion proteins thereof and method and kit for determining DNA double-str...
Rapid parallel determination of non-volatile analytes in complex combinatorial samples
Efficient culture of stem cells for the production of hemoglobin
Thyroid stimulating hormone superagonists
Electrochemical detection of nucleic acid hybridization
Nucleic acid amplification with direct sequencing
Molecular torches
Molecule that homologizes genotype and phenotype and utilization thereof
Fluoropolymer powder coatings from modified thermoplastic vinylidene fluoride based resins
Process for preparing and purifying complex esters
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers formed from nylon resins
Preceramic additives as fire retardants for plastics
Personal care article with layer of monomer-grafted polyolefin and unmodified PEO
Polyvinylidene fluoride weather resistant coating compositions including polymethyl methacrylate
Method and apparatus for achieving fast reconnection of permanent virtal channels in a frame relay n...
Stabilizer for food contact and medical grade PVC
Phenol-free phosphite stabilizers
Automated positioning of relative instances along a given dimension
ClpP plastid promoter sequence
Tire pressure sensing system
Mining control system for adjusting the advance of mining tools
Heater assembly for blow molding plastic preforms
Release oil regulating blade, fixing device, and image-forming apparatus
System and method for edge of coverage detection in a wireless communication device
Event sourcing and filtering for transient objects in a hierarchical object model
Shared buffer management mechanism and method using multiple linked lists in a high speed packet swi...
Method for memory error handling
Apparatus for memory resource arbitration based on dedicated time slot allocation
Auto-generation of table neighborhoods
Piezoelectric head loading and unloading device for rigid disc drives
Scanned imaging apparatus with switched feeds
Liquid crystal display device with saw-tooth alignment control layer
Composite shaped articles comprising vulcanized elastomers autogenously bonded to polyamide/polyethe...
Polymerization of poly(glycidyl nitrate) from high purity glycidyl nitrate synthesized from glycerol
Method for manufacturing of black powder and black powder substitute
Alignment fixture
Majority voting 3-stage servo valve system
Unchambered ammunition for use with non-lethal electrical discharge weapons
Firing probe for use in a non-impact firearm
Electronically fired revolver utilizing percussively actuated cartridges
Method and apparatus for measurement-based conformance testing of service level agreements in networ...
Arrangement for supporting a circuit board
Intellectual structure for single-point visual representation of n-dimensional points using broken-l...
System for creating and viewing 3D environments using symbolic descriptors
Friction drive system trolley conveyor
Power steering mechanism with magnetoelastic torsion bar
Circular buffer management
Method and apparatus for chromatic dispersion compensation and dispersion slope compensation in wave...
Solid-state laser system using high-temperature semiconductor diode laser as an optical pump source
Apparatus and method for transmitting data between VLSI chips
Method and device for checking the liquid take up of a test layer of an analysis element
Catalysts for asymmetric addition of organozinc regents to aldehydes and method for preparation
Methods for the treatment of tinnitus and other disorders using R(-)ketoptofen
Tamperproof window seurable informational article
Cryogenic composite tank seals
Ephemeral decryptability
Authentication system for camera print rolls
Print media roll and ink replaceable cartridge
Apparatus for testing semiconductor wafers including base with contact members and terminal contacts
Scintillation detector array for encoding the energy, position, and time coordinates of gamma ray in...
Method for calibrating a radiation detection system
Solution for cleaning metallized microelectronic workpieces and methods of using same
Radio telephone
Communication device having a wideband receiver and operating method therefor
Advanced method for executing handover
Arrangement and a method relating to cellular radio communication systems
Method for transmitting/receiving portions of an audio signal based on a priority of each portion
Activated and conjugated polystyrene substrate
Apparatus and method for controlling power generation for hybrid vehicle
Patient hoist
Pet toy
Memory system for use on a circuit board in which the number of loads are minimized
Compositions and method for treatment of cough
Device interfaces for networking a computer and an embedded device
Garbage collection in object oriented databases using transactional cyclic reference counting
System and method insuring application and operating system operational compatibility
Enhanced two-phase commit protocol
Name space extension for an operating system
Shrub rose plant named `POULbico`
Micro-bolometer cell structure
Methods and compositions for release of CD3430 cells from affinity matrices
Beam path clearing for laser peening
Optical switch for reciprocal traffic
System and method for signing markup language data
Method and apparatus for a bulletin board system
Automotive emergency awareness system
Folding chair with retractable cup holder
Substrate conditioner seal using differential air pressure
Toner bottle/cartridge housing attachment assembly
Developer material cartridge having a robust multiple function seal
Bichromal beads having crystalline materials therein
Method and apparatus for electrostatographic printing utilizing an electrode array and a charge rete...
Image forming sheet, operating apparatus, image forming apparatus without transparent electrode, and...
Inbred corn plant FBLL
Soybean cultivar 922411274
Soybean variety 92B75
Method and compositions for spray molding polyurethane three dimensional objects
Apparatus for and a method of supporting a tubular member
Toughening of ceramic composites by transformation weakening of interphases
Fluorene-containing polymers and compounds useful in the preparation thereof
Organic electroluminescent materials and device made from such materials
Self stop aluminum pad for copper process
Device and method for combined purification and compression of hydrogen containing CO and the use th...
System for stellar inertial attitude determination
Catalyzed compositions and methods for use in vehicle surface anti-icing and other applications
Materials and method of charge dissipation in space vehicles
Blade profile for aircraft rotor and rotor comprising same
Medicinal atomizing inhaler pouch/retainer
Nasal irrigation system
Self-doped microphase separated block copolymer electrolyte
Dynamic synapse for signal processing in neural networks
System and method of constructing a photo album
Ferroelectric transistors using thin film semiconductor gate electrodes
Write circuit for large MRAM arrays
Process for obtaining light olefins by the dehydrogenation of the corresponding paraffins
Expression of heterologous proteins
Polymerization catalyst ligands, catalytic metal complexes and compositions and processes using and ...
Plasma display
Optical film, optical member and optical element
Multimode fiber link dispersion compensator
Optical fiber communication system employing Nd doped fiber amplifier for the 1400 nm window
Process for the preparation of antitumor agents
Compositions of pentafluoropropane and dichlorotrifluoroethane
Thickened liquid dishwashing detergent compositions containing organic diamines
Compositions for extending seal life, and lubricants and functional fluids containing the same
Products comprising an isothiocyanate preservative system and methods of their use
Method of increasing retention in papermaking using colloidal borosilicates
Method of increasing drainage in papermaking using colloidal borosilicates
Article comprising a plastic laser
Peptides which enhance transport across tissues and methods of identifying and using the same
Method for making an embossed plasma display back panel
Aromatic polyamide film and magnetic recording medium using it
Method for preparing porous shells or gels from glass particles
Macromolecule-lipid complexes and methods for making and regulating
Aqueous polymer dispersions
Alkyl allyl amines and low voc hair styling compositions using same
Synergistic biocide composition
Method for reducing mechanical vibration in metal constructions
Carbon nanotubes on a substrate
Catalyst for manufacturing hydrogen or synthesis gas and manufacturing method of hydrogen or synthes...
Doped lithium manganese oxide compounds and methods of preparing same
Low temperature synthesis of Li4Mn5O12 cathodes for lithium batteries
Use a catalyst system comprising nickel palladium or platinum and imidazoline-2-ylidene or imidazoli...
High temperature elastomers from linear poly(silarylene-siloxane-acetylene)
Process for separating ethane and ethylene by solvent absorption and hydrogenation of the solvent ph...
High frequency ferrite-free electrodeless flourescent lamp with axially uniform plasma
Electrode assembly and discharge lamp comprising the same
Design of a calibration phantom for in vivo measurement of stable lead or radioactivity in bone
Process for patterning poly(arylenevinylene) polymer films by irradiation with light
Capsule for use in preparing a dental amalgam
Mechanism for secure tendering in an open electronic network
Method and arrangement for processing cocoa mass; resulting products
Printing ink-decorated packaging material for aseptic packages, and a method of producing the same
Labels for detecting counterfeit products
Multi-ply integrated label form
Label and/or form for special service mailing and a method of assembling a mailpiece requiring speci...
Spinning disk assembly
System and method for reducing vehicle emissions
Variable engine valve control system
Automatic gain control
Camouflage pattern method and apparatus
Container and testing device for sport balls
Apparatus and method for allocating memory space for program use and management purposes
Game board apparatus and method of playing same
Weight distribution monitor
Vehicle location system
Apparatus and method for monitoring travel of a mobile vehicle
Navigation system with unique audio tones for maneuver notification
Wireless communication method permitting efficient use of system resources
Method for processing personal data
Method to provide artificial passive immunity in birds
Use of scatter factor to enhance angiogenesis
Azole compounds, their production and use
System, method and article of manufacture for managing transactions in a high availability system
Method for the treatment of bedsores using electrical impulses
Process switching register replication in a data processing system
Control system for occupant protection apparatus
Safety device for vehicles
Water heater having dual side-by-side heating elements
okApparatus for a voice over IP (voIP) telephony gateway and methods for use therein
Optical modulation apparatus and method of controlling optical modulator
Gas phase polymerization process
Multiphase cleaning composition containing naphthalene sulfonic acid/formaldehyde condensate
Coding apparatus and decoding apparatus
Polymer surface coating made by coalescing a polymer particulate with a coalescing agent
Tire inflation pressure monitor and monitoring method
Weep hole insect barrier
Dye-donor element containing transferable protection overcoat
Thin-client real-time interpretive object tracking system
Method and mechanism for client-side handling of extensions originally written for servers
Structure of a piezoelectric ink-jet printer head
Ultrasonic method and actuator for inducing motion of an object
In-situ generation of p-xylyiene from liquid precursors
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
High capacity thrust bearing
Dynamic pressure bearing
Journal bearing
Hydrodynamic-pressure bearing device and motor provided with the hydrodynamic-pressure bearing devic...
Method and device for correcting the bending of a shaft, an axle or another carrier
Fillet rolling work roller cage
Inventory determination for facilitating commercial transactions
Method and system for minimizing effect of replacing programming languages in telephony systems
Method and apparatus for after-treatment of hev exhaust
Method for treating inflammatory diseases by administering a thrombin inhibitor
Miniature rose plant named `POULmo`
Automatic exposure control device for a camera
Gas diffusion electron, process for producing an electrode an carbonizable composite
Beta-1,3-galactosyltransferase homolog, ZNSSP6
Contactless interconnection system
Device and method for installing pipes at very great depths
System and method for controlling the start up of a patient ventilator
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Automated document processing system using full image scanning
Optical element, holding structure for optical element, and image pickup apparatus
Optimum solution search method and optimum solution search apparatus as well as storage medium in wh...
Light-emitting semiconductor device using gallium nitride group compound
Flash photography system with preliminary and main emission
Decorative lamp assembly having a transparent envelope containing inert gas mixtures
Phenethyl-thiourea compounds and use
11 cby genomic sequence
Method, apparatus and computer program for activating an alternate encryption using an identifier em...
Interactive system for and method of performing financial transactions from a user base
Fragrance and flavor material
Clip-on shoehorn
Clostridium difficile toxin disease therapy
CCK antibodies used to improve feed efficiency
Water-soluble prodrugs of propofol for treatment of migrane
Endoscope optics
Method and apparatus for providing interchassis communication and management
Preparation of allylic copolymers of broad molecular weight distributions
Granular detergent composition containing secondary (2,3) alkyl sulfate surfactant and a bleach/blea...
Spin valve sensor having free layer stabilized by ferromagnetic and sense current fields
Manufacture of fatty acid esters of sorbitan as surfactants
Powder slurry coating composition
Leak detector
Process for manufacture of an attrition resistant catalyst
Plastics compatible detergent composition and method of cleaning plastics comprising reverse polyoxy...
Method and system for threaded resource allocation and reclamation
Reader for use in a radio frequency identification system and method thereof
Method for fabricating MEMS variable capacitor with stabilized electrostatic drive
Reducing no emissions from an engine by on-demand generation of ammonia for selective catalytic redu...
System and method for reduced standby power consumption in a display device
Health care shoe
Single mode dispersion-shifted optical fiber with external refractive index ring
Integrated multi-channel analog test instrument architecture providing flexible triggering
Multicombination vehicle and method for transporting a payload in an underground mine
Antipicornaviral compounds and methods for their use and preparation
Geranium plant named `Fisfire`
YfiI pseudouridine synthase
Enhanced termiticide and method for treating termites
Negative air pressure cover
Collapsible impact absorbing device
Redundant processor controlled system
Linear programming method of networking design for carrying traffic from endnodes to a core network ...
User interface
Soft, flexible disposable wipe with embossing
Fuel cell stack with fastening means including support members and flanges
Method of classifying statistical dependency of a measurable series of statistical values
Semiconductor light emitting device
Metal-halide lamp with ionizable filling and oxygen dispenser to avoid blackening and extend lamp li...
Graphical and schedule-based definition of a call-coverage path
Mice models of human prostate cancer progression
Pulverulent sorbitol and its process of preparation
Carboxylated surfactants
DNA and peptides of a diabetes-specific endogenous retrovirus
Peptides and nucleic acid sequences related to the Epstein Barr virus
Methods and compositions for inhibiting inflammation and angiogenesis comprising a mammalian CD97 .a...
Water-soluble or water-dispersible polyurethanes with terminal acid groups, the production and the u...
Process for the preparation of N-alkypolyhydroxyalkylamines from monoalkylamine and reducing sugar
Process for producing aromatic amines
Biphenyl compounds and their use as oestrogenic agents
Perfluoroalkyl halides and derivatives
Process for the production of optically enriched (R)- or (S)-albuterol
Method for producing hydrazine derivative
Polyamines and coating compositions with enhanced resistance to yellowing
Light modulator comprising a photochromic layer
Cholesteric liquid crystal display that prevents image sticking
Current limiting device and materials for a current limiting device
Polymerizable composition and process for producing optical resin comprising the same
Rheology, modified compositions exhibiting stress-dependent fluidity, modification agents therefor, ...
Process for preparation of hydrophilic or partially hydrophilic inorganic aerogels
Compositions of 1-bromopropane and an organic solvent
Adhesive for application of functional articles to the skin and comfortable removal
Photoinitiators for cationic curing
Rapid preparation of foam materials from high internal phase emulsions
Antipsychotic substituted piperidine derivatives
Asymmetrical imide bleach activators and compositions employing the same
Time frame synchronization of medical monitoring signals
Method and apparatus for providing mini packet switching in IP based cellular access networks
Radiotherapy machine including magnetic resonance imaging system
Online call routing apparatus and method
Tokenless electronic transaction system
Methods for producing neutralizing antitoxin to C. difficile toxin B
Low molecular weight peptide derivatives as inhibitors of the laminin/nidogen interaction
Interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factors-.alpha. modulators, syntheses of said modulators and method...
System and method for detection of a biological condition
Method of producing optimized designs using computer systems and designs produced therefrom
Synthetic genes for enhanced expression
Method and device for combined heat treatment of body tissue
Electronic program-guide system with sideways-surfing capability
Porous tissue scaffoldings for the repair or regeneration of tissue
Method for providing command augmentation to a command lane within a vehicle
Digital signal processor having enhanced utilization of multiply accumulate (MAC) stage and method
Process for the production of propylene terpolymers
Boratabenzene cocatalyst with metallocene catalyst
Apparatus and method for accessing a coin image compilation
Spark plug and method of making the same
Manual device for transferring a film from a supporting strip to a substrate
Method and apparatus for arc plasma deposition with evaporation of reagents
Bioadhesive microspheres and their use as drug delivery and imaging systems
Pleiotrophin-based compositions for enhancing connective tissue repair
Implantable device and method for the electrical treatment of cancer
Method and system for debugging a microprocessor core
Disk cartridge with disk support members having high wear resistance and lubricity
Coin dispenser
Polynucleotides encoding IL-1 Hy2 polypeptides
Translational regulator
Cabinet with convectively heated exterior and interior mirrors
Copy security for portable music players
User authentication using member with either holes or projections
Enhanced short message and method for synchronizing and ensuring security of enhanced short messages...
Personalization of smart cards
Method for generating secure symmetric encryption and decryption
Method and device for executing a decrypting mechanism through calculating a standardized modular ex...
Nonvolatile/battery-backed key in PLD
Internet information displaying apparatus
Sequences of E. coli O157
Human cardiac/brain tolloid-like protein
Soluble LDL receptor, its production and use
Dirofilaria and Brugia ankyrin proteins and uses thereof
Phthalimides and herbicide containing the same as active component
Hygromycin-resistant transgenic plants
Apparatus for measuring a micro surface configuration and a method for manufacturing a probe incorpo...
High-efficiency fuel cell system
Fuel cell power generating system
Methods and kits for decontaminating fuel cells
Method of securing a graft using a graft fixation device
Compositions of chondrocytes, preparation and utilization
Device of bioabsorbable triglycolic acid poly(ester-amide)s, and methods of making the same
Device for connecting a subscriber to a bus line
End-to-end transmission techniques for a processing satellite system
Pass-gate inputs that temporarily hold state on a high input impedance, strobed CMOS differential se...
Image processing device
System for automatically initiating a computer security and/or screen saver mode
Optical switching device
Geophone and method for the study of eleastic wave phenomena
Underwater high energy acoustic communications device
Method and apparatus for acoustic logging
Method for manufacturing acoustic vibration plate
Acoustically non-resonant pipe
High performance muffler
Acoustical cabinet grille frame and method of molding
Method of producing combustible products from heavy fuel residue
Aerobic landfill bioreactor
Nuclear magnetic resonance logging with azimuthal resolution
Device for injecting grout
Diode laser based measurement apparatus
Variable tip width adjustment system
Blackbody furnace
Interconnection technique between a cable conductor and an electrode of an implantable medical devic...
Cable management rack with vertical wire guides
Method of treating eating disorders
Treatment of orthostatic hypotension
Method of treating sleep apnoea
Methods and apparatus for diagnosing and correcting faults in computers by a support agent at a remo...
Light-illuminating rods
Toner for development of electrostatic image and production process thereof
System and method for measuring stress during processing of an optical fiber
Mesoporous films having reduced dielectric constants
Compounds for the suppression of HIV TAT transactivation
RF tag based system and method for drive-through applications
Electric cooking apparatus
Sanitary weighing machine
Use of esters or amides of hydroxylated carboxylic acids as solubilizers
Method for disposing waste
Zeolite in packaging film
Dog chew toy containing edible pet toothpaste for dental care
Toy top structure and system
Clear container with magnifying feature
Sound pressure detecting system
Network based legal services system
Method for imaging test answer sheets having open-ended questions
Monolithic metallic honeycomb body with a varying number of channels and method for manufacturing th...
Light pipe unit, plane light source unit and liquid-crystal display device
Terrain navigation apparatus for a legged animal traversing terrain
Reduced power matched filter using precomputation
Cache memory
Method of creating a transformed rice plant
Spool rack
Basket shopping cart
Tool for a floor care appliance
Vacuum cleaner dirt receptacle
Containment member for vacuum apparatus
Transparent pet bed with a comfort rim
Blender having user operated drink program modifying and copying processor
Method and device for induction sealing
Hideaway integrated docking cradle
System and method for providing remote automatic speech recognition services via a packet network
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Airwing structure
File server system tolerant to software and hardware failures
System and method for providing a musical ringing tone on mobile stations
Using query language for event filtering and aggregation
Operation of a system
Cable tensioning device
Polystyrene beads
Processor including efficient fetch mechanism for L0 and L1 caches
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoelmira`
Apparatus and method for adapting a 35mm SLR still camera to a 35mm motion picture viewfinder
Method of determining skin tissue cholesterol
Biomedical electrode with vital skin penetration
Fabric ribbon with honeycomb type silicon coating
Embossed non-woven fabric
Changing device for a laser machining tool
Lithographic printing plates for use with laser imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for cleaning a metering roll of a printing press
Publication distribution system
Self-teaching robot arm position method to compensate for support structure component alignment offs...
Shrub rose plant named `POULrust`
Reusable fitment for use in an optical fiber
High-resolution seismic acquisition device
Rolling circle
Housing with card-retention capability
Handheld electronic game apparatus having attacking feature
Networked gaming devices that end a bonus and concurrently initiate another bonus
Combination selection and display method and apparatus for a gaming terminal
Gaming machine with sorting feature
Electronic amusement device offering secondary game of chance and method for operating same
Media browser using multimodal analysis
Topcoated adhesive
Process for preparing ether-capped poly(oxyalkylated) alcohol surfactants
Process for the preparation of mercaptomethylphenois
Naphthalene derivative, binaphthalene derivative and biphenyl derivative and cationically curable co...
Organopolysiloxane gels for use in cosmetics
Control and method for positioning a tool of a construction apparatus
Metallic copper catalyst and process for the synthesis of organohalosilanes
Compact high efficiency electrostatic precipitator for droplet aerosol collection
Apparatus and method for controlling the administration of CPAP treatment
Cobalt-base composition and method for diffusion braze repair of superalloy articles
Projectile for a small arms cartridge and method for making same
Method of upgrading a software application in the presence of user modifications
Relevance access of Internet information services
Materials useful as electrolytic solutes
Method of determining data transfer rate of a device by measuring the transfer rate of data between ...
Method and apparatus for managing classfiles on devices without a file system
Audiovisual content distribution system
Efficient array descriptors for variable-sized, dynamically allocated arrays
Vehicle driving control system
Articles used for applying delicate films for security purposes
Power management fault strategy for automotive multimedia system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Magnetoresistive memory having elevated interference immunity
Optical pickup apparatus and objective lens
Preparation of acetylene and synthesis gas
Method for configuring cross-connections of a radio system and a radio system
Power management system with programable configuration circuitry using digital power level signal to...
Method of forward motion compensation in an aerial reconnaissance camera
Method and apparatus for achieving data rate variability in orthogonal spread spectrum communication...
Heated/cooled live-food bird feeder
Surface coated non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminium production cells
Method and apparatus for spacing apart panels in flat panel displays
Encoding multiword information by wordwise interleaving
Arrays of protein-capture agents and methods of use thereof
Process for co-production of dialkyl carbonate and alkanediol
System and method for verifying users' identity in a network using e-mail communication
Data processing system for conducting a modified on-line auction
Drivers' safety restraint
Walk-through security device having personal effects view port and methods of operating and manufact...
Method and apparatus for querying structured documents using a database extender
Cooking oil sponge
Method and apparatus for removing oil from water including monitoring of absorbent saturation
Process for preparing an adsorbent which is loaded with an oil
System and process for reducing contamination in internal disc drive environment
Multi-functional sorbent material
Hazardous material catcher
Fatty acid esters of aromatic alcohols and their use in cosmetic formulations
Treatment of arteriosclerosis
Methimazole derivatives and tautomeric cyclic thiones to treat autoimmune diseases
Laundry detergents and cleaners comprising bleaching-active dendrimer ligands and metal complexes th...
Nutritional supplement for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus for lipodystrophy
Method and apparatus for attaching tags to medical and non-medical devices
Method and system for brain volume analysis
Hook device
RFID tag employing hollowed monopole antenna
Prostate specific secreted protein
Method for the preparation of citalopram
External stimulator for adjunct (add-on) treatment for neurological, neuropsychiatric, and urologica...
Transgenic UCP2 knockout mouse and use thereof
Cooking aid with reduced foaming
Pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers and hemorrhoids
Wettable powder compositions of ionophore antibiotics
Solitary bee nesting block
Automatic analysis in virtual endoscopy
Movable transmit or receive coils for location system
Method and apparatus for planning brachytherapy surgical procedures
Alignment of master and slave in a minimally invasive surgical apparatus
Tape connecting method, member, and tool
Cut cornered square mixed-cut gemstone
Electrochemical denaturation of double-stranded nucleic acid
Steel material for hot work tools
Warm compaction of steel powders
Quenching apparatus and method for hardening steel parts
Deep-drawn parts made of spring sheet steel which are especially used as a lightweight structural me...
Method for selectively hardening a carbon steel screw
High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet having excellent stretch flangeability, and method of producing...
High-strength, high-toughness rolled shape steel and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus of measuring current, voltage, or duty cycle of a power supply to manage power ...
Insulated concrete form
Premanufactured structural building panels
EMG assistant: a method for the automated localization of root/plexus/nerve/branch-damage, using the...
Method of and apparatus for Identifying a portion of a waveform representing a physiological event
Adaptive sampling rate based on power system frequency
Predictive probe stabilization relative to subject movement
Extraction of hemodynamic pulse pressure from fluid and myocardial accelerations
Photon irradiation human pain treatment monitored by thermal imaging
Keyfact-based text retrieval system, keyfact-based text index method, and retrieval method
System and method for computer-based automatic essay scoring
Imaging apparatus alignment system and method
Method and apparatus for automatic aspect format detection in digital video pictures
Tunable optical waveguides
Fiber optic probes for indwelling investigations
Limitation of oscillation caused by Raman amplification due to the use of different fibers
Optical cable for routing in sewers
Composite optical fiber transmission line method
Integrated optical transmitter and receiver module
Scheme for extractions and recognitions of telop characters from video data
Digital broadcast receiving/recording apparatus and method
Stereoscopic image processing apparatus and method
Warning light
Rearview mirror assembly incorporating electrical accessories
Battery powered light
Electrophoretic sample excitation light assembly
Systems and methods for electronic data storage management
Method and apparatus for interactively providing information at multiple sites
Method and data format for exchanging data between a Java system database entry and an LDAP director...
Large-capacity magnetic disk drive having head load pressure adjustment
Stereocomplex polymeric carriers for drug delivery
Isolated human serine protease, nucleic acid molecules encoding human serine protease, and uses ther...
Cucurbituril derivatives, their preparation methods and uses
Navigation system
Transgenic crops accumulating fructose polymers and methods for their production
Parallel resistor array for progressively detecting brake lining wear
Flexible hydraulic structure with right angle tube fitted therethrough
Antibodies to lipocalin homologs
Method for controlling access to electronically provided services and system for implementing such m...
Embedding certifications in executable files for network transmission
Method and arrangement relating to communication in a network
Apparatus and method for accessing an object oriented object using a smart passive reference
Method for swaying a continuous casting mold
Digital image region detection method and apparatus
Computer integrated personal environment system
Dynamic parsing
Compound for inhibiting HIV infectivity
RF identification system for use in toys
System and method for detecting an excessive number of series-connected pass FETs
Method and apparatus for determining certain characteristics of circuit elements
Multi-bit error correction system
Fast trace log
Equipment using solar battery
Camera with print quantity designation for each exposure provides print cost total
External flash control system
Distance measuring apparatus for camera
Blur preventing system of camera
Paired lost item finding system
Mems magnetically actuated switches and associated switching arrays
Multilayer intumescent sheet and pollution control device
Method and apparatus for removing removal part in liquid crystal display device using jet of compres...
Attachment for motorcycle kick starter
Real-time search engine
Transponder system
Method of using dwell times in intermediate orbits to optimize orbital transfers and method and appa...
Centralized, automated installation of software products
Device for triggering and method for operating an occupant protection device of a motor vehicle usin...
Method and composition for delivering zinc to the nasal membrane
Curable compositions composite coatings and process for having improved mar and abrasion resistance
Trisaryl-1,3,5-triazine ultraviolet light absorbers
Decorative sheet and process for producing the same
Antibiotic oxazolidinone derivatives
Aromatic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
N-substituted naphthalene carboxamides as neurokinin-receptor antagonists
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yohartford`
Display balloon kit and method of assembly
Amusement system
Spinner with continuous 3-fold symmetry for multiple utilitarian, educational and ornamental uses
Heterocycle-condensed morphinoid derivatives (II)
Quick-connection link, for a bicycle chain
Hydraulic lift for motor home
Portable wheel assembly
Retaining device adapted to retain tensely spokes between a wheel rim and a hub of a bicycle wheel
Folding bicycle to lie within the bulk of its wheels laid side by side
Bicycle frame
System for managing telecommunication sites
System, a method and an apparatus for performing an electric payment transaction in a telecommunicat...
Method and apparatus for suppressing acoustic background noise in a communication system by equalizt...
Controlling interactive voice response system performance
Telephone services
Power steering apparatus
Monitor for montoring periphery of vehicle
Rendering device
Method of determining the object on a seat for determining the deployment mode of a safety device
Musical cube
Slurries of abrasive inorganic oxide particles and method for adjusting the abrasiveness of the part...
Image forming apparatus including preselected range between charge injection layer and voltage poten...
Dual-socket interposer and method of fabrication therefor
Projection optical system, production method thereof, and projection exposure apparatus using it
Power system having a radioisotope heat source
Cathode ray tube having a light absorbing filter layer formed on a glass panel thereof
Spin-on-glass anti-reflective coatings for photolithography
Portable information equipment
Electroluminescence display apparatus
Electroluminescence display apparatus
Organic light emitting diodes with distributed bragg reflector
Semiconductor device
Organic light emitting devices
Generic integrated implantable potentiostat telemetry unit for electrochemical sensors
Phoenix-1, a structural material based on nuclear isotopic concentrations of silicon
Solder alloy
Cathode targets of silicon and transition metal
Diecasting alloy
6XXX series aluminium alloy
Polysiloxane block copolymers in topical cosmetic and personal care compositions
Adaptive agent using neural network
Image display device
Voltage supplying device, and semiconductor device, electro-optical device and electronic instrument...
High-frequency input/output feedthrough and package for housing high-frequency semiconductor element...
Focused ion beam processing apparatus
Combination weighing apparatus with improved flow of articles
Reverse biasing apparatus for solar battery module
Apparatus and method for handling an integrated circuit
Conveying device
Shrub rose plant named `POULrijk`
Techniques for mastering a body of knowledge by writing questions about the body of knowledge
Method for adaptive training of listening and language comprehension using processed speech within a...
Organizational apparatus
Foam book with bendable memory retaining elements
System for automatically charging the battery of a remote transmitter for use in a vehicle security ...
Body cosmetic pigment composition and its production method
Pile driving transition piece
Fused spherical silica, method for producing same and liquid sealing resin composition
Multi-dimensional data management system
Accessories for use with aerosol containers
Aerosol enhancement device
Sulfonated polyphosphazenes for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells
Shaker instrument
Apparatus for and method of non-linear constraint optimization in storage system configuration
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive altitude preselector units
Inbred corn plant 94INK1A and seeds thereof
Tamper evident and counterfeit resisting informational article and associated method
Semiconductor structure and manufacturing method
High density MRAM cell array
Molecular lanthanide complexes for phosphor applications
Process for converting hydrocarbons by treatment in a distillation zone comprising extracting a hydr...
Radio portable information terminal and radio data transmitting receiving system
Method and system for conducting a multimedia phone cell
Image-forming device
Friction stir welding of containers from the interior
Intermediate compounds for preparing macrocylcic analogs
Automatic invocation of objects during the entering of data in a data processing system user interfa...
Method and system for efficiently retrieving information from multiple databases
Centralized directory services supporting dynamic group membership
Information presentation apparatus and information presentation method
Method and apparatus for real time communication system buffer size and error correction coding sele...
Method of generating finite state data for designing a cascade decomposed logic circuit
Page memory management in non time critical data buffering applications
Optimal handling and manipulation of high-speed streaming media in a computing device
Cache channel at network nodes to pass request and data or pointer to shared buffer
Critical code processing management
Product inventory category management and variety optimization method and system
Machine readable recording medium, reproduction apparatus, and method for setting pre-reproduction p...
Gene delivery and expression in areas inaccessible to direct protein delivery
Vegetable oils containing styrene/butadiene copolymers in combination with additional commercial pol...
Enhancers of net photosynthesis and methods of enhancing net photosynthesis
Methods for increasing stearate content in soybean oil
Method of determining whether an agent modulates glycosyl sulfotransferase-3
Chrysanthemum plant named `Reggie Dark Pink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoseattle`
Nectarine tree named `Burnectone`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Cachi Dark`
Gathering selected information from the world wide web
Device for separating metal parts
Real-time spectrum usage data collection in a wireless communication system
Image processing apparatus and method and storing medium
System and method for electronic transmission, storage, and retrieval of authenticated electronic or...
Adjusting an electronic camera to acquire a watermarked image
Service control and management system
Value transfer system
Method and system for automatically producing loan documents
High green strength reactive hot melt by a prepolymerization in the main reactor
Method of producing erythritol by repeated fed-batch fermentation
Amphoteric starches used in papermaking
Method for forming primary label with removable self-adhesive labels
Self tabbing label and system therefore
Personal luggage identification system and methods for use
Combination shipping label/detachable packing slip/label
Film with a security feature, a process for the production thereof and the use thereof as packaging ...
Game system, and operation guiding system and computer readable storage medium suitable for the same
Utilizing navigation direction data in a mobile antenna signal combiner
Method and system for automatic centerline adjustment of shape point data for a geographic database
Method for navigating a vehicle
Method of navigating of and a navigation system for a moving means
Engine control system for providing incentive to drivers
Method of estimating barometric pressure in an engine control system
Control of MRI system
Sensorial active substance
System for synthesizing a circuit by re-writing signed variables into unsigned variables and sharing...
Method of analyzing a circuit having at least one structural loop within a channel connected compone...
Apparatus and method for providing and authentication system
Predecode buffer including buffer pointer indicating another buffer for predecoding
Means and method for establishing loop-level parallelism
System and method for synchronizing a register stack engine (RSE) and backing memory image with a pr...
Pharmaceutically enhanced low-energy radiosurgery
Photosensitive resin composition for rapid prototyping and a process for the manufacture of 3-dimens...
Actuator arm with tapered trailing edge and recessed head conductor
Preparation of C10-C30-alkenes by partial hydrogenation of alkynes over fixed-bed supported palladiu...
Bridged bis-fluorenyl metallocenes process for the preparation thereof and use thereof in catalysts ...
Method of crystallization with the particle size distribution being controlled
Zero oxygen permeation plastic bottle for beer and other applications
Calcium binding protein
Process for production of polyasparagine and the high nitrogen content polymer formed thereby
Soybean cultivar 962568805347
Wide area remote telemetry
Hybrid riser for deep water
Condiment container for attaching to other objects
Secured cell, rapid fill automated tablet order filling system
Dishwashing detergent compositions containing organic diamines for improved grease cleaning sudsing,...
Analog and digital proofing image combinations cross-reference to related applications
Skin whitening agents
Liquid dispersion polymer compositions, their preparation and their use
Compositions for removing or lightening hair color
Melt cast solid shaped detergent bar compositions with high water content
Composition comprising triclocarban or triclosan
Compositions and methods for inhibiting photoaging of skin
Method of using an aralkylsiloxane
Cosmetic composition in anhydrous form comprising a dispersion of a surface-stabilized polymer parti...
Process for preparing monodisperse crosslinked bead polymers
Method of fabricating a banded prolonged release active agent dosage form
Re-entrant RF cavity resonator for magnetic resonance
Magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and operating method allowing multiple scans in rapid succes...
Hematopoietic cell method for treatment of HIV infection
Toy vehicle with motor-driven and free-wheeling modes of use
Microporous films comprising flocked fibers
Ladder-type piezoelectric filter having a substantially square resonator with the four corners cut
Pizza crust and process and apparatus for making same
Active matrix liquid-crystal display device having improved terminal connections
Footwear attachment
Data collection agent for computer networks
Write combining buffer that supports snoop request
Physical write packets processing when posted write error queue is full, with posted write error que...
Signal transformation for aural classification
Bioactivating substance
Cosmetic preparations
Cosmetic stick
Process for controlling triboelectric charging
Remote piloted vehicle powered by beamed radiation
Control strategy for a hybrid powertrain for an automotive vehicle
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yograceland`
Method for characterization and quality control of porous media
Toner supplying device and developer transporting device
Spherical silicone additive for reduced photo receptor drag and wear
Mandrel for a photoreceptor belt formed of a rigid machinable foam material
Customizable control panel for a functionally upgradable image printing machine
Rotationally desensitized unistroke handwriting recognition
Optical-signal transmission apparatus and method, and signal processing apparatus
Inbred corn plant 83DNQ2 and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar 922411394
Floating dock including clips for utility lines
Biochannel assay for hybridization with biomaterial
Apparatus for providing heat/moisture to respiratory gases
Fuel cell having water permeability adjustment capability
Cortronic neural networks with distributed processing
Height estimating apparatus
Regulatory element for expressing genes in plants
DNA coding for a human vasoconstrictive peptide and use thereof
Zymogenic nucleic acid detection methods, and related molecules and kits
Magnetic element, magnetic memory device, magnetoresistance effect head, and magnetic storage system
Solid state based illumination source for a projection display
Compiler optimization techniques for exploiting a zero overhead loop mechanism
Verification of sensitivity list integrity in a hardware description language file
Method and apparatus for selectively performing a plurality of logic operations and memory functions
Exploring radio base station configurations
Method and apparatus for producing instructions describing the removal of updates to a computer syst...
SNF2 related CBP activator protein (SRCAP)
Lentiviral packaging cells
Backlight system
Wireless optical communications without electronics
Optical waveguide sensors having high refractive index sensitivity
High reliability fiber coupled optical switch
Process for the production of a compound (+) catechin penta acetate useful as a precursor for the pr...
Biodegradable/compostable hot melt adhesives comprising polyester of lactic acid
Method for preparing polybutadiene latex
Bridged disazo compounds
Methods of blocking an ethylene response in plants using cyclopropene derivatives
Highly functional base material
Microelectronic interconnect material with adhesion promotion layer and fabrication method
Method for making a nano-stamp and for forming, with the stamp, nano-size elements on a substrate
Method of delivering and releasing a pheromone
Method of reducing the quantity of residual monomers in aqueous dispersions of polymers
Polymer encapsulation of hydrophobic materials
Method for reducing the formation of foam during the treatment of a dispersion or a liquid with wate...
Method of determining fracture closure pressures in hydraulicfracturing of subterranean formations
Modified starch solutions and their use in personal care
Phosphonic and carboxylic acid derivatives as inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatase-1B (PTP-1B)
Method of preparing metal containing compounds using hydrodynamic cavitation
Ceramic composition having high adsorptive capacity for oxygen at elevated temperature
Method of reducing formation of precipitates in solvent recovery system
Gels formed by the interaction of poly(aldehyde) with various substances
Universal operating DC ceramic metal halide lamp
Precipitation-membrane distillation hybrid system for the treatment of aqueous streams
Apparatus for removing noble metal contamination from liquids
Method and apparatus for telephonically accessing and navigating the internet
Optimizing operational efficiency and reducing costs of major energy system at large facilities
Device for changing the control timing of the gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine, ...
Camshaft adjuster for internal combustion engines
Lightweight material projection system
Reagent and method for detecting an adulterant in an aqueous sample
Dopant profile modeling by rare event enhanced domain-following molecular dynamics
Anti scatter radiation grid for a detector having discreet sensing elements
Apparatus and method for wireless communications
High power single mode semiconductor lasers and optical amplifiers using 2D Bragg gratings
Computer system having remote wake-up function and remote wake-up method thereof
Method of manufacturing fluoropolymers
Polymer compositions
Thiodipropionic acid bisamides as stabilizers for nonblack elastomers
Antisense modulation of lysophospholipase I expression
Aqueous photothermographic imaging elements comprising aqueous silver halide emulsions precipitated ...
High performance curable polymers and processes for the preparation thereof
Hair conditioning compositions which provide superior wet hair feel attributes and which are substan...
Refillable dispenser and cartridge
Head supporting arm having laser beam exposing aperture
Radio terminal operation data write method in private mobile communication system
Motor vehicle occupant safety device
Drum seal for primer feed mechanism
Shock driven projectile device
Laser aiming light for firearms
Methods and reagents for modulating TGF-.beta. superfamily signalling
BTK inhibitors and methods for their identification and use
Cell lines and constructs useful in production of E1-deleted adenoviruses in absence of replication ...
Quantitative determination of nucleic acid amplification products
Ubiquitin-like conjugating protein
Two component polyurethane clear coat for golf balls
Blends of hydroxystyrene polymers for use in chemically amplified positive resist formulations
Blends of fluoroelastomer interpolymers with thermo fluoroplastic interpolymers and the use of such ...
Strengthening method for green form parts made from metal powder
Polyurethane encapsulated fertilizer having improved slow-release properties
Double wall flume containment system with pressurized leak testing
Treatment of acne using lipoic acid
Program conversion apparatus for constant reconstructing VLIW processor
Computer data storage physical backup and logical restore
Slave interface circuit for providing communication between a peripheral component interconnect (PCI...
Adjusting method for group-delay characteristics of piezoelectric resonators
Sol-gel processed metal-zirconia materials
Pack boot with retractable crampons
Noise estimator for seismic exploration
Method and system for representation and use of shape information in geographic databases
Semiconductor laser module and an optical amplifier installing the same
Fast gain control for optical amplifiers
High contrast, ultrafast optically-addressed ultraviolet light modulator based upon optical anisotro...
Aircraft airfoil with close-mounted engine and leading edge high lift system
Method and apparatus for N-Nary logic circuit design tool with precharge circuit evaluation
Cellular telephone
Radio with synchronization apparatus and method therefore
System and method for time of arrival based positioning during handover
Multi-motor drive for motor vehicles
Intercellular adhesion molecule powder formulation
Apparatus and method for identifying and modifying computer operating system components
Partitioning using hardware
Self-importing system change routine
Method and apparatus for differential backup in a computer storage system
Shrub rose plant named `POULor`
Programmable driving circuit
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting element and process for production thereof
Method of improving electromigration in semiconductor device manufacturing processes
Self-aligned common carrier
Method and apparatus for the offshore installation of multi-ton packages such as deck packages and j...
Underwater pile repair jacket form
Snorkel having a secure yet adjustable strap hook
Cogeneration system for a fuel cell
Methods for the preparation of taxanes using oxazolidine intermediates
Apparatus and method for closed-loop intracranical stimulation for optimal control of neurological d...
Method for providing IP telephony with QoS using end-to-end RSVP signaling
Method and apparatus for tracking and viewing changes on the web
Bulk inventory network system (BINS)
Clamp apparatus
Method for detecting dedicated link between an end station and a network device
Process for the preparation of ring-opened epothilone intermediates which are useful for the prepara...
Fragrance and flavor material
Apparatus for computing exponential and trigonometric functions
Extending SSL to a multi-tier environment using delegation of authentication and authority