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Base of optoelectronic device
Diffusion barrier layer for semiconductor wafer fabrication
Silicon controlled rectifier structure with guard ring controlled circuit
Memory device structure and method of fabricating the same
Memory semiconductor device with reduced sense amplifier area
Heterojunction bipolar transistor with zero conduction band discontinuity
Semiconductor device structures which utilize metal sulfides
Sequential mesa avalanche photodiode capable of realizing high sensitization and method of manufactu...
Light emitting diodes including modifications for light extraction
Semiconductor light emitting element and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor light emission device and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting device, display device and electronic instrument
Fused passive organic light emitting displays
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for configuring a piece of equipment with the use of an associated machine resolvable code
Multiwavelength light source device employing annular optical delay circuit
Optical isolators and methods of manufacture
Controller and control method for liquid-crystal display panel, and liquid-crystal display device
Sleepy alarm system activated by heart pulse meter
Fusion welding apparatus for optical fiber
Multiple chips bonded to packaging structure with low noise and multiple selectable functions
Structure and methods for process integration in vertical DRAM cell fabrication
Method for fabricating a MOSFET and reducing line width of gate structure
Methods and compositions for regulating cell cycle progression
IC socket with resistant mechanism
Method of manufacturing a surface acoustic wave element
Lead material for electronic part, lead and semiconductor device using the same
Method and system for reducing non-linear cross talk in low dispersion optical fiber
Local convergence cabinet
Ca-Al-Si oxide glasses and optical components containing the same
Optical fiber ribbons having a preferential separation sequence
Optical device for dispersion compensation
Coil-embedded dust core and method for manufacturing the same
Circuit tape having adhesive film, semiconductor device, and a method for manufacturing the same
Resin film and applications thereof
Compositions of hydrofluorocarbons and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene
Fabric color care method
Raman amplification optical fiber, optical fiber coil, raman amplifier, and optical communication sy...
Optical module
Reactive dye compounds
Optical polycarbonate and applications thereof
Process for producing vinyl compound polymer
Fiber-treating agent, glass fiber and rubber product both made with the fiber treating agent
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition
Flame-retardant resin composition
Method for producing a semiconductor component comprising a t-shaped contact electrode
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Imagable articles and compositions therefor
Resist compositions and patterning process
Photoresist compositions comprising polycyclic polymers with acid labile pendant groups
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method and apparatus using the photoreceptor
Photosensitive transfer material and color filter
Magnetic recording medium
Integrated dive flag/float and GPS navigation system for scuba divers
Sequential gaming
Game machine
Baccarat side wager game
Three-dimensional image system
High efficiency slot fed microstrip antenna having an improved stub
Laser scanning wafer inspection using nonlinear optical phenomena
Integrated process for the production of vinyl acetate
Liquid coating of film-forming resin and particles chemically modified to lower surface tension
Coating composition, based on organically modified inorganic condensates
Optically functional element and production method and application therefor
Magnetic separation apparatus and methods
Method of making a smoking composition
Stabilized pharmaceutical compositions comprising acid donors
Hid lamp operating circuit
Developing device having a developer carrier including main and auxiliary magnetic poles and image f...
Method to provide hierarchical reset capabilities for a configurable system on a chip
Preparation of carbonyl compounds from alcohols
Transfer control for an image forming apparatus
Slip-modified, electrically conductive polyoxymethylene
Inhalation device
DNA fragmentation factor involved in apoptosis
Magnetic bulletin board
Plant phosphomevalonate kinases
Inks having high molecular weight polysaccharides
Oxygen flow control process for hatchery hatchers
Transaction scheduling for a bus system
Method and apparatus for transmission and reception of an analog magnetic resonance signal
Event driven video tracking system
Optical disk apparatus and method of installing its spindle motor
Method of identifying an extreme interaction pitch region, methods of designing mask patterns and ma...
Root solver and associated method for solving finite field polynomial equations
Method for producing or updating radiotherapy plan
Method and apparatus for radiotherapy treatment planning
Method and apparatus for controlling the drying process in a drying section of a paper machine or th...
Frequency modulated laser with high modulation bandwidth
Accelerometer using field emitter technology
Erasable digital video disk with reference clock track
Method of testing the thin oxide of a semiconductor memory cell that uses breakdown voltage
Programmable conductor random access memory and method for sensing same
Composition toy
Decorative structure having dispersed chemical illumination sources
Edulcorating soluble composition containing alimentary fibers, its preparation and use for alimentar...
Aspartame derivative crystal and process for producing the same
Method and apparatus for treating tubers with a powdered organic compound
Patch bag and process of making same
Ready to bake dough with shaped, coextruded filling and method of making same
Food product comprising a solid mass base on chocolate or the like in contact with a humid mass
Sterilizing composition and method for sterilizing using the same
Protein and starch surface sizings for oil and grease resistant paper
Folding cutting board
Reversing advanced glycosylation cross-links using heterocyclic-substituted thiazolium compounds
Automatic animal feeding device
Multiple film sheet for containers with peel-off lids
Grilling surface
Barbecue and smoker apparatus
Power interrupt system for a refrigerated appliance
Tunable sound absorbing and air filtering attenuating device
Method of drilling in response to looking ahead of the bit
Sound-insulating sandwich element
Vibration dampening laminate
Engine muffler
Carbon fiber layer for acoustic diaphragm
Butterfly damper
Display enclosure having thin speaker
System for supplying secondary air in the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
Hyaluronic acid gel, method of its production and medical material containing it
Cross-linked collagenic peptide for preventing post-surgical adhesions
Breathing assistance apparatus
Curcumin analogues and uses thereof
Combinatorial dihydrobenzopyran library
CAI resistance proteins and uses thereof
Cyclosporin derivatives and method for the production of said derivatives
Resveratrol analogs for prevention of disease
Compositions and method for treating infection in cattle and swine
Sulfonamide and carboxamide derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
2-methylpropionic acid derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same
Compositions and methods to prevent toxicity induced by nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs
Dihydroartemisinin and dihydroartemisitene dimers as anti-cancer and anti-infective agents
Bioactive compound
Process for preparing single enantiomers of 5,5,5,5',5',5'-hexafluoroleucine and protected analogs
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Method for producing pure melamine
Method for purification of aromatic polyethers
Parallel reactor with internal sensing and method of using same
Control system for controlling the starting up of a distributed system
Device for amplitude adjustment and rectification made with MOS technology
Capacitor module and semiconductor device using the same
Method and circuit for switching source modulation frequency
Switching power supply control circuit and switching power supply using same
Method of switching synchronization of parallel-connected converter system
Switching-mode power converter with complementary synchronous rectification
Softing switching DC-to-DC converter with an active power sink circuit
Caching system and method for a network storage system
Mechanical face seal
Use of HPPD inhibitors as selection agents in plant transformation
Integrated hearing aid performance measurement and initialization system
Energy recycling air handling system
Method and device for modifying the compression rate to optimize operating conditions of reciprocati...
System for recovering energy in hydraulic circuit
Plasma display and method of driving the same
Heat dissipating assembly with air guide device
Liquid cooling system for notebook computer
Air mix damper device and vehicle air conditioner
Cylinder-type heat exchanger
Heat exchanger, in particular for swimming pools
Heat exchanger for refrigerator
Double heat exchanger for vehicle air conditioner
Cooling device with waterproof structure
Bubble cycling heat exchanger
High performance cooling device with vapor chamber
Heat sink assembly structure
Thermally exposed, centrally insulated geothermal heat exchange unit
Dual zone vehicle air distribution apparatus
Front construction of motor vehicle body and heat exchanger support frame used therefor
Sealing element for a regenerative heat exchanger
Gas supply apparatus and gas supply method
Cooling device for cooling an engraving system
Cap assembly and optical fiber cooling process
Optical crossbar switch
Device and method for switching optical signals
Sensing device
Laser with reduced parasitic etalon effects
MEMS structure with raised electrodes
Differentially-driven MEMS spatial light modulator
Micro-optical switch and method for manufacturing the same
Tunable optical device using a scanning MEMS mirror
Stagger tuned meanderline loaded antenna
Micro-electro-mechanical switch, and methods of making and using it
Systems and methods for overcoming stiction
Micromechanical rotation system with coupled actuators
Systems for testing and packaging integrated circuits
Protective fullerene (C60) packaging system for microelectromechanical systems applications
Microspectrometer gas analyzer
Beam shaping and projection imaging with solid state UV gaussian beam to form vias
Tunable grating-based channel filter parking device
Optical recording apparatus, optical recording/reproducing method
Electronic diving watch with analog display
Multi-sensor system for controlling an implantable heart stimulator
Ion generating apparatus
Myocardial performance assessment
Active damping of two-stage actuator system in a disc drive
Anti-PSCA antibodies
Method of preparing an oligonucleotide array
Ratchet wrench
Hard macro having an antenna rule violation free input/output ports
Tetrazolinone derivatives
Infrared detection system and method with histogram based manual level and gain control with local g...
Method of forming an image of cilium and cilia
Method and device for skin cancer screening
Automatic bitonal image optimization
Digital watermarking in a perceptually uniform domain
Measuring method and apparatus using attenuation in total internal reflection
Analytical method and apparatus for blood using near infrared spectroscopy
Method of using scatterometry measurements to control stepper process parameters
Method of examining and diagnosing skin health
Fluorescent imaging device
Reciprocating compressor having an exhaust valve controlled by an electromagnet
Integrated pump with serial-connected pump units arranged in parallel
Motor and its blade unit
Piston supporting structure for linear compressor
Fluid cooled diaphragms for diaphragm compressors
Variable displacement vane pump with variable target regulator
Device for forming, transporting and diffusing small calibrated amounts of liquid
Switching system for a reciprocating piston pump
Methods of making a guitar pick holder comprising a flexible magnetic material
Computer-based patient recording system
Virus scanning on thin client devices using programmable assembly language
Methods for treating diabetes via administration of controlled release metformin
Read on arrival scheme for a disc drive
Frame-accurate transport of media data across a data network
System and method for providing a plurality of programming services in a television system
Execution management method of program on reception side of message in distributed processing system
Method of detecting ivermectin sensitivity in a canine subject by identifying a mutation in a mdr1-e...
Antifungal and antibacterial agents
System and method for trajectory optimization using adaptive navigation performance estimation
Vehicle data bus system with positioning means
Navigation system for moving body
Portable wireless communication device and methods of configuring same when connected to a vehicle
Digital receiving system for dense environment of aircraft
Ground surveillance system
Method and system for operating a combination unified memory and graphics controller
Portable metal detection and classification system
Electromagnetic analysis of concrete tensioning wires
Electronic protection against an exchange of exhaust-gas sensors in an internal combustion engine ha...
Process for coating detergent granules in a fluidized bed
Delivery system having encapsulated porous carrier loaded with additives, particularly detergent add...
Oil compositions for improved fuel economy
Methods and apparatus for open-loop enhanced control of power supply transients
Hose direct canister lid
Combined surfing shorts and wet suit undergarment
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Lanai`
Method and device of controlling external system parameters using ATA side band
Viewer customization of displayed programming based on transmitted URLs
Encapsulation compositions and process for preparing the same
Antiperspirant compositions comprising microemulsions
Topical cosmetic composition
Systems and methods for analyzing mixtures using fluorescense
Zinc finger protein derivatives and methods therefor
Thrombomodulin analogs for pharmaceutical use
Method for chemical analysis of biological material
Invoking ACPI source language code from interrupt handler
Methods, systems and computer program products for rule based delegation of administration powers
Real time processing and streaming of spliced encoded MPEG video and associated audio
Vending machine for vending age-restricted products using an authorization card and associated metho...
Memory arbiter with intelligent page gathering logic
Apparatus and method for managing memory defects
Assistance controlling apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Rear axle having electromagnetic clutches and geared differential
Wheel bearing unit, comprising roller bearing and constant-velocity joint
Method and apparatus for controlling an electric assist motor using a modified blending filter
Yaw control for a personal transporter
Carrier vehicle
Motorcycle rear suspension swingarm assembly
Device for controlling distance
Device and method for testing the activation behavior of restraining means in a motor vehicle
Antibodies to placental protein 13
Methods and apparatus for characterizing board test coverage
Method and apparatus for separating and measuring solids from multi-phase well fluids
Gas carry-under monitoring and control system
Optical system having a diffractive optical element, and optical apparatus
Scanning optical device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, its controlling method, and storage medium
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and recording medium
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
Communication control apparatus and method
Method and device for managing printing product resources available in a printer
Sensor calibration apparatus, sensor calibration method, program, storage medium, information proces...
Sheet feeding apparatus, image scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the imag...
Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Toner supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method of inserting and extracting a digital signature
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and storage medium storing computer readable program ...
Sensor device
Image fixing apparatus
Individual mirror control system
Electrochromic device having a self-cleaning hydrophilic coating
Amine reaction compounds comprising one or more active ingredient
Nonwovens forming or conveying fabrics with enhanced surface roughness and texture
Cleaning sheets comprising additive and perfume
Drying section and method for drying a paper web
Fabric for use in the manufacture of tissue products having visually discernable background texture ...
Wire filter cage
Apparatus and method for screening people and articles to detect and/or decontaminate with respect t...
Strap assemblies and methods of use thereof
Supplying notifications related to supply and consumption of user context data
Appliance control methods and apparatus
Antimicrobial additives
Recumbent stepper with independently movable upper and lower body lever arrangements
Women's undergarment with sanitary pad pockets
Lamp color control for dimmed high intensity discharge lamps
Correction of spacing violations between wide class objects of dummy geometries
Robot apparatus and load sensor
Method and apparatus for detecting conception in animals
Test element analysis system
Multiple color image forming apparatus and method
Harmonic activity locator
Method for maximizing light throughput in an optical switch
Elliptical dome for high frequency transducer
Information processing device and speaker unit applicable thereto
Cancellation circuit that suppresses electromagnetic interference in a high speed circuit using a fu...
Isolated drive circuitry used in switch-mode power converters
Autobias driving a high frequency power system
CPU power sequence for large multiprocessor systems
System and method for using a using vendor-long descriptor in ACPI for the chipset registers
Dual cache module support for array controller
System and method for hiding peripheral devices from a host processor in a computer system
Status display being visible in a closed position and displaying a track number during play mode com...
System for estimating the remaining life of a print cartridge
General purpose image enhancement algorithm which augments the visual perception of detail in digita...
System and method for image enhancement
Method and system for fail-safe control of a frequency synthesizer
Memory device capable of calibration and calibration methods therefor
Apparatus and method for generating a write current for a magnetic memory cell
Method and article for concentrating fields at sense layers
Selection of memory cells in data storage devices
Memory device capable of calibration and calibration methods therefor
Method and article for concentrating fields at sense layers
Data processing system having a card type interface with assigned addressing
Reversible DCT for lossless--lossy compression
Ask modulation apparatus and method
Objective lens optical system, optical head and optical information reproduction apparatus
Semiconductor memory device
Tape running apparatus, motor board, and capstan motor
Electrolysis solution for electrolytic capacitors
Tape guide device
High zoom ratio lens
Liquid crystal display panel avoiding display unevenness and manufacturing method
Auto white balancing apparatus and method
Liquid crystal display device having a gray-scale voltage selector circuit
Feedforward amplifier and feedforward amplification method
Magnetic detection device adapted to control magnetization of free magnetic layer by using antiferro...
Remote change of state for laboratory equipment
Method for producing bridged polymer membrane and fuel cell
Supported cobalt catalysts for nitrile hydrogenations
Production of polymer fibres having nanoscale morphologies
Fuel cell system with humidity determination
Staged venting of fuel cell system during rapid shutdown
Method of heating and humidifying at least one of a fuel stream and an oxidant stream for a fuel cel...
Air enhancement system
Compact fuel processor
Apparatus for controlling vehicle drive system including engine with turbocharger, and lock-up clutc...
Apparatus for controlling vehicle drive system including engine with turbocharger, and lock-up clutc...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using exposed metal heat sources
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Carbon technology
Density-based fuel indicator system for fuel cells
Drying agent
Plasma etch method for forming plasma etched silicon layer
Apparatus for the synthesis of layers, coatings or films
Surface proteins from gram-positive bacteria having highly conserved motifs and antibodies that reco...
Method of purification of polymeric medical device materials using continuous soxhlet extraction
Multifocal phakic intraocular lens
Modified penetrating keratoplasty method
Tungsten-carbide articles made by metal injection molding and method
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Ruimx19`
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `Scholtec`
Nectarine tree named `August Bright`
Blueberry plant denominated `Liberty`
Catalyst system for controlled polymerization
Voltage control circuit for a bicycle dynamo
Rotary electric motor having controller and power supply integrated therein
Exercise apparatus with elliptical stepping motion
Reel having protective coating
Skull-shaped air filter housing
Automatic mechetronic wheel light device
Light-generating bicycle pedal
Lighting apparatus for bicycles
Article attachment system
Aerodynamic frame for a bicycle
Off-axis reducible support structure
Pneumatically operated inlet water valve
Hitch-mounted cycle rack
Articulating adjustable resistance suspension seat
Optical signal transmitting apparatus, optical data bus system and signal processing apparatus
Pumpably verifiable fluid fiber compositions
Fuel electrode of solid oxide fuel cell and process for the production of the same
Ceramic discharge chamber for a discharge lamp
Method for preparing fluorosulfonyl imide monomer
Process for producing a fluorine atom-containing sulfonyl fluoride compound
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Fuel cells and fuel cell plates
Method of gasifying carbonaceous materials
Method for screening analogs of G-CSF
Organic light emitting full color display panel
Method and device for determining adequacy of space for television sets
Adhesive means for connecting a web end on a material roll and corresponding method
Apparatus for handling sleeves on press cylinders
Rotary signature transport device
Device and method for controlling fluid delivery
Gear stage assembly with preload torque
Type font
Multi-input, multi-output motion control for lithography system
Methods for determining tyrosine-DNA phosphodiesterase activity
Portable computer system incorporating a rear projection display
Impedance mismatch apparatus and system for isolation of an MR imaging system
Birdcage coils for simultaneous acquisition of spatial harmonics
Methods and systems for indicating cellular telephone battery-charging information
Incoming notification pattern setting circuit and method of portable telephone
Interface device for control of a cellular phone through voice commands
Method and apparatus for performing directional re-scan of an adaptive antenna
Camp cook kit strainer
Method and apparatus for reduction of gas bubble formation due to gas diffusion through liquids cont...
Hinge assembly
Method for informing oviposition of crustacean and device thereof
Uncooled focal plane array sensor
Modeling 3D objects with opacity hulls
Wideband conical spiral antenna
Optical switch with internal monitoring
Single telephone number access to multiple communications services
Method for estimating channel bit error ratio, and receiver
Portable fish finder
Polarization beam splitter
Patient position detection apparatus for a bed
Dog chew toy
Golf ball sleeve lip balm container
Cosmetic casing
Toothpick magazine
Industrial model of a mold for fingernails
Disposable haircut razor blade
Styling comb
Hair dryer
Ornamental light
Lighting fixture
Shop light fixture
LED linkable strip light
Recessed fluorescent luminaire
Light pole
Apparatus for improved sensor accuracy
Purine inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinase 2 & IKBA
Method for restenosis following coronary vessel intervention
Microneedle array module and method of fabricating the same
Medical stent with a valve and related methods of manufacturing
Apparatus and method for reducing mitral regurgitation
Vascular implant
Fixing device, in particular for fixing to vascular wall tissue
Melt-processible, wear resistant polyethylene
Alkaline cells having positive nickel hydroxide electrodes with fluoride salt additives
Method of making a silver halide photographic material having enhanced light absorption and low fog
Electric cell
Process for fabricating continuously coated electrodes on a porous current collector and cell design...
Electrochemical cell having a controlled electrode surface
Positive electrode material for lithium secondary battery
Optical device for filtering and sensing
Hay saver insert
Bale feeder for horses
LKB1 gene knockout mice
Spinning reel for fishing
Cultivation of dha-rich prey organisms for aquatic species
Replaceable liner and teat cup shell for a teat cup assembly and method
Methods for growth stimulation
Covered dual concentric dome mold
Tolling assembly with hydrodynamic planer board, strike indicator, night lighting, and novel fishing...
Dispensing fish lure
Fishing rod light
Vibrating fishing lure with frictionally fixed conductor pins
Hunting harpoon and associated methods
Fish lure making system
Data replication security
Thermosetting resin compositions containing maleimide and/or vinyl compounds
Biaxially-oriented ink receptive medium
Method for selectively coating ceramic surfaces
Lead protective coating composition, process and structure thereof
Image formation on heat-developable light-sensitive material and image forming apparatus
Dispersion resins containing itaconic acid for improving wet abrasion resistance
Polymide gas separation membranes
Endoluminal prosthesis with support wire
Marine power steering system
Retractable ladder assembly
Method and apparatus for underwater tree cutting and retrieval
Self-supporting boat cover
Fold out seat assembly
Method and arrangement for shipping reels; tweendeck and tweendeck arrangement in cargo space of shi...
Hull attachment for placement of drag reducing bubbles
Friction reducing ship and method for reducing frictional resistance
Ship constructions for achieving stability at high speed through the use of multiple, low wave-makin...
Sailboat with gimbaled mast and keel
Container for providing easy access to beverage cans
Punch-to-fix structure of steel-head shoes
Multiple layer composite material consisting of cement-bound concrete and polymer-bound concrete and...
Ultrasonic transducer apparatus
Cardiac implant cable having a coaxial lead
Low-noise optical probes for reducing light piping
Erection support ring
Systems and methods for applying ultrasonic energy
Sequential unique marking
Method and apparatus for indexing and retrieving images from an image database based on a color quer...
Image input device with dust detector
Image encoding apparatus and quantization characteristics determining apparatus
Video compression system and method using time
Image coding method, image coding/decoding method, image coder, or image recording/reproducing appar...
Method, apparatus and computer program product for image data compression and decompression capable ...
Dispersion compensation in optical fiber transmission lines
Compact optical wavelength add/drop multiplexer
Return loss reduction
Optical variable attenuator
High density fiber optic splitter/connector tray system
Optical waveguide and method of manufacture
Dispersion manipulating fiber
Light fibers and methods for producing the same
Method for bonding aligned optical parts and apparatus thereof
Wavelength-multiplexing bidirectional optical transmission module
Optical thumbtack
Optical switch expanding method, optical switch, and optical crossconnecting apparatus
Computation of multi-sensor time delays
Lens systems for projection televisions
Television signal receiver
Input switching circuit for a television tuner immune to interference due to FM broadcasting signal
Video processing apparatus for performing address generation and control, and method therefor
Television receiver image processing using display of different image quality adjusted images
Image display system
Methods and apparatus for providing video still frame and video capture features from interlaced vid...
Image processing apparatus and method and signal switching output device
Multi-format video processing
System and method for recording management data for management of solid-state electronic image sensi...
Photographing system with improved time setting
Method and device for holding optical member, optical device, exposure apparatus, and device manufac...
High pressure discharge lamps, lighting systems, head lamps for automobiles and light emitting vesse...
Illuminable wand-type applicator
Illuminated carrier employing fiber optics
Intense brightness optical system
LED warning signal light and row of LED's
Lamp structure
Illuminated foot peg
Spotlight with locking swivel-joint handle
Backlight module with heat dissipation structure
Cross-shaped beam laser ray device and lens
Method and apparatus for recovering the definitions of dropped database objects
Database system with methods providing high-concurrency access in B-Tree structures
Data storage system having mata bit maps for indicating whether data blocks are invalid in snapshot ...
Firmware controlled backup in disk drives
System and method for updating a cache
System and method for website development
Sticky drive letters for computer media
Method for synchronizing multiple software caches in a memory
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Cell delivery system comprising a fibrous matrix and cells
Treatment of substrates for immobilizing biomolecules
Rubber-based soundproofing material
Shingles with multiple blend drops and method of depositing granules onto a moving substrate
Compound of intumescent powder and thermoplastic material
Thermally stabilized polyvinyl chloride compositions
Apparatus for gasification of spent liquor
Modified redox couple fuel cell cathodes and fuel cells employing same
Water control for a fuel cell system
Sertoli cells as biochambers
Continuous strip bag feeder and loader with pivotable integrated printer assembly
Cosmetic material
Polyester dispersants
Coating composition
Pharmaceutical compositions using semi-solid delivery vehicle
Dynamic band-allocating subscriber-line-terminating apparatus
Eye glass perspiration guard
Mammalian osteoregulins
Absorbent article with thermal cell actuator
Topsheet pattern for absorbent article
Hygenic absorbent article package
Health instrument
High coefficient of thermal expansion spacer structure materials
Unfinished rutile titanium dioxide slurry for paints and paper coatings
Polyolefin materials having enhanced surface durability and methods of making the same by exposure t...
Process for the in-situ preparation of single-site transition metal catalysts and polymerization pro...
High modulus filler for low k materials
Granule containing enzyme, corn starch and sugar layered on an inert particle
Ink jet printing method
Method of manufacturing LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Method for protection of stone with fluorinated urethane
Highly repellent carpet protectants
Oxidation of a cyclohexanone derivative using a brevibacterium cyclohexanone monooxygenase
Fluorinated polymers, photoresists and processes for microlithography
Transparent paramagnetic polymer
Conductor composition
Low temperature alkali metal electrolysis
System and method for implementing polling agents in a client management tool
Storing of instructions relating to a stalled thread
Automatic statistical test sequence generator and methods thereof
System and method for hardware assisted spinlock
Behavioral memory mechanism for a data processing system
2.5-D graph for multi-layer routing
Concurrent logical and physical construction of voltage islands for mixed supply voltage designs
Method and system for synchronously transferring data between clock domains sourced by the same cloc...
Distance detecting device and a method for distance detection
Photographic film container, film assembly and loading method
Electronic shutter for camera and method for controlling the same
Camera and distance measuring apparatus used in the same
Lens-fitted photo film unit with stop changing device
Image-based 3D digitizer
Lens barrel
Lens supporting device
Electrode structure of a plasma display panel
Washer having oil-bearing holes
Roller bearing having streaked grinding trail on roller end face
Magnetic encoder and wheel bearing assembly using the same
Runner for a drawer
Damping device
Method of producing a sintered oil retaining bearing
System and method for improving the security of storage of firearms and other objects, and for aidin...
PINS chemical identification software
Projectile or war-head
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Automatic choke system
Firearm safety device
Optical WDM network having mixed wavelength routing and fiber routing cross-connect switches
Optical head having optimum tilt angles
Optical etalons and methods of making and using them
Coordinate inputting/detecting apparatus, method and computer program product designed to precisely ...
Optical displacement-measuring apparatus
Backlight for a color LCD
Method and system of using a scanning electron microscope in semiconductor wafer inspection with Z-s...
Method and apparatus for forming curved image sensor module
Ruthenium complexes and process for preparing alcoholic compounds using these
Light emitting device
Organic electroluminescent element material and organic electroluminescent element
Method and apparatus for compressing and transmitting ultra high speed data
Rules-based, automatic generation of journal entries
Photochemical system and method for removal for formaldehyde from industrial process emissions
Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Monolithic semiconducting ceramic electronic component
Process for producing a semiconductor device
Ferroelectric transistor with enhanced data retention
Light absorbing pattern film coated article production method and light absorbing pattern film coate...
Hybrid compound, resist, and patterning process
Corrosion-resistant heat exchanger
Agglomerate abrasive grain and a method of making the same
Apparatus for preparing an eyeglass lens having multiple conveyor systems
Apparatus for preparing an eyeglass lens having a movable lamp mount
Microfluidic channels with integrated ultrasonic transducers for temperature measurement and method
Method for manufacturing electrooptical device and apparatus for manufacturing the same, electroopti...
Organic electroluminescence element
Image display device
Display, method for driving the same, and portable terminal
Display apparatus and driving method therefor
Organic electroluminescent element, panel and apparatus using the same
Aminostyrylanthracene compound, synthetic intermediate thereof, and process for the production there...
Bis(aminostyryl) naphthalene compound, synthesis intermediate thereof, and process for production th...
Providing an organic vertical cavity laser array device with etched region in dielectric stack
High absorption donor substrate coatable with organic layer(s) transferrable in response to incident...
Aromatic polycarbonate resin, electrophotographic photoconductor, process cartridge, and electrophot...
Device and method for determining the concentration of a substrate
Sample presentation unit
Bulk vessel feeder
Address conversion device for nonvolatile memory
Chip mounting substrate, first level assembly, and second level assembly
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Chemical mechanical polishing in forming semiconductor device
Composition for removing trace impurities from inert, non-reactive and reactive liquids
Particle deposition system and method
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge and developing unit for the image forming apparatus wi...
Bow adjustment in an optical scanning system by adjusting the curvature of a cylindrical mirror
Image formation method and apparatus
Methods of patterning resists and structures including the patterned resists
Multilayered imaging member having a copolyester-polycarbonate adhesive layer
Pleated laser ablated filter
Portable device for generating a current in a vessel
System and method for providing and scoring an interactive puzzle
Method and system for analyzing student performance in an electronic course
Process for the automatic creation and monitoring of a progress plan for a training course by a comp...
Method and apparatus for surgical training
Floor covering installation simulation system and method
Training methods for aircraft simulator pilot
Method and system for identifying and displaying information that is new or has been updated in a pl...
Article support apparatus with movable display panel
Method, system, and computer program product for managing controlled residential or non-residential ...
Obstetrics measure and calculator
Partnering game and method of playing same
Dealer and player hand combination side wager
Kissing shield game and method of use thereof
Game system and method of playing
Psychologically optimized mystery party game
Method of playing a dice game
Video game controller holster
Process for the catalytic cleavage of lactones
Dequalinium analogs
Treatment agent for hydrophilicity and method for preparing thereof
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Two part chemical concentrate
Method and system for monitoring and analyzing a paper manufacturing process
Fixing device for an image forming apparatus
System and method for testing enhanced 911 signalling over a digital loop carrier trunk
Timing circuitry for muxing/demuxing of optical communication signals
Mobile-to-mobile DTMF signaling in tandem free operation
Multiple input/output switch
Method for enhanced power control by adaptively adjusting an amount of change in a target signal-to-...
Learning-based admission control adjustment in data networks
Method, system, and program for optimizing the processing of queries involving set operators
Compositions for rapid and non-irritating transdermal delivery of pharmaceutically active agents and...
Personal defense device
Thin film magnetic memory device realizing both high-speed data reading operation and stable operati...
Discharge lamp and method of producing the same
Catalyst for production of ethylene oxide, method for production thereof, and method for production ...
Paving compositions and methods for their use
Dispersions of silyl-terminated polymers with a high solids content, their production and their use
Infrared absorbing compounds and their use in imageable elements
Toner for electrostatically charge image development
Composite elements containing polyisocyanate-polyaddition products
Epoxy curing agent emulsification for TTR application
Multi-color image-forming material and multi-color image-forming process
Sheet-form, curable pressure-sensitive adhesive
On-press coating and on-press processing of a lithographic material
On-press exposure and on-press processing of a lithographic material
Pigment layer for polymer-dispersed liquid crystal displays
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Method for providing track position and identification information for data storage devices
Fluorescent lamp containing a mercury zinc amalgam and a method of manufacture
Thermoplastic resins in contact with metals or metal salts stabilized by blends of dithiocarbamates ...
Circular fluorescent lamp unit and lighting apparatus
Multifunctional shoe flashing device
Semiconductor diode with suppression of auger generation processes
Text selection and recording by feedback and adaptation for development of personalized text-to-spee...
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and storage media
I/O generation responsive to a workload heuristics algorithm
Method for receiving and shipping items
Method and apparatus for high density format screening for bioactive molecules
Method of increasing conversion of a fatty acid to its corresponding dicarboxylic acid
Coiled-coil mediated heterodimerization functional interaction trap
Tumor suppressor encoding nucleic acid, PTX1, and methods of use thereof
Mammalian gene, BCL-W, belongs to the BCL-2 family of apoptosis-controlling genes
Computer system interface surface with coded marks
Printing method, recording medium containing a program for applying the printing method, printer, pr...
Information processing apparatus and method for storing and managing objects together with additiona...
Valve system for engine
Method and system for identifying valve clearances and position of valve opening cams
Method for managing thermal load on an engine
Multi-slice double inversion-recovery black-blood imaging with simultaneous slice re-inversion
Active vibration compensation for MRI gradient coil support to reduce acoustic noise in MRI scanners
Synthetic images for a magnetic resonance imaging scanner using linear combination of source images ...
Method for determining the B1 field strength in MR measurements
Method and apparatus for determining the fat content
MRI apparatus and ASL imaging technique
Circular pole piece, laminate block manufacturing method, and MRI system
Method to excite planar slices in a magnetic resonance tomography device, accounting for nonlinear g...
System and method for single-sided magnetic resonance imaging
Eddy current correction method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Moving table MRI with frequency-encoding in the z-direction
Parallel magnetic resonance imaging techniques using radiofrequency coil arrays
Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for calibrating coil sensitivities
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method incorporating multi-mode gradient coil unit
Magnetic resonance method for forming a fast dynamic imaging
Method for processing magnetic resonance imaging image information and magnetic resonance imaging sy...
MRT user interface allowing accurate slice planning based on a distortion-conrrected MRT overview im...
Security screening method and apparatus
Axially-sealed NMR sample tube assemblies
Visualizing the surface of a liquid
Sound and vision system
Organic electroluminescent device and display apparatus
Method and apparatus for multi-vehicle communication
Display device
Hot spot with tailored range for extra frequency to minimize interference
Fuzzy channel allocation controller having service quality insuring
Alternative wireless telephone roaming using prepaid services
Wireless communication apparatus
Co-located frequency-agile system and method
Method and apparatus for providing a camera accessory with compression
System, method, and computer program product for high speed backplane messaging
Bitstream-based feature extraction method for a front-end speech recognizer
Automatic feature changeover between a wired telephone and a wireless portable telephone
System and method for unified messaging with message replication and synchronization
Color photothermographic elements comprising phenolic thermal solvents
Method for treating symptoms of diabetes
High osmolyte cleaning and disinfection method and solution for contact lenses
Wireless module for notebook
Method and apparatus for providing linear position (LPOS) estimations
Method and device utilizing plasma source for real-time gas sampling
Shadow rendering system and method
Simulating gestures of a pointing device using a stylus and providing feedback thereto
Switchable power amplifier
Method and apparatus for charging a high voltage battery of an automotive vehicle having a high volt...
Gradually lighting/dimming wireless transmission indicator lamp
Low pressure gas discharge lamp ballast with on-off indicator
Reconfigurable signal distribution system
Transmission meter, a method of measuring transmittance and a disinfection apparatus
Semiconductor fabrication apparatus
Method for preventing photoresist poisoning
Vehicle tracking system
Functionalized elastomers
Method and apparatus for making a tread-belt assembly
Tire tread
Tire bead with locked end wire and its method of manufacture
Heating of calender roll surfaces
Multi-piece solid golf ball and method of making the same
Pneumatic tire
Golf clubhead and method of manufacturing the same
Three-piece solid golf ball
Rubber crawler
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Thread-wound golf ball
Printing blanket
Speed change gear for automatic transmission
Threaded text discussion system
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using a repeating precomputed schedule
System and method for face detection through geometric distribution of a non-intensity image propert...
System and method for performing sparse transformed template matching using 3D rasterization
Methods and systems for synchronizing skin properties
Antialiasing method using barycentric coordinates applied to lines
Economical on-the-fly rounding for digit-recurrence algorithms
Low-noise spectroscopic ellipsometer
Scanning laser ophthalmoscope optimized for selective retinal microphotocoagulation
Reduced size inkjet printhead heater chip having integral voltage regulator and regulating capacitor...
Phased array ultrasonic inspection method for industrial applications
Computed tomography device with a multi-line detector system
Method for transmitting voice information in ATM cells
Call signature in a packet-based network
Confocal imaging system having a divided retroreflector
Electromagnetic stator insulation flaw detector
Method for generating a quasi-isotropic magnetic alternating field
Determining the orientation of subject data in a two-dimensional data set
Device and method for measuring weak current signals using a floating amplifier
Stall protection for brush motors with rotation sensing brush device
Machine elements consisting of a glass/plastic compound
Healing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same
A/D converter having signaling and requesting capability
Alicyclic imidazoles as H3 agents
Antiseptic compress
Premixed calcium phosphate cement pastes
Amino acid phenoxy ethers
Variable-power transceiving device
Automatic gain control system
Dynamic object behavior for object-oriented-computing environments
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Apparatus and method for transforming mathematical expression, and storage medium
3-(heteroaryl) alanine derivatives-inhibitors of leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Isolated amyloid inhibitor protein (APIP) and compositions thereof
Image forming apparatus including a cleaning unit
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Unidirectional ratchet wrench
Semiconductor device with test mode
Camera having shared optics for optical viewfinding and for electronic capture and display
System for testing of intelligent electronic devices with digital communications
Distal protection mechanically attached filter cartridge
Hydrolyzable and polymerizable silanes
Spacer for optical fiber cable and optical fiber cable using the spacer
Disposable absorbent article employing an absorbent composite and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for logging system test data in a POS system
Method and device for piercing a sealed capsule on a coffee machine
Industrial robot
Antistatic polymers, blends, and articles
Developing device for an image forming apparatus
Method for producing arylpoly(oxalkyl)-benzyldimethyl-ammonium derivatives
Compositions and methods for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Backlight illuminator
Spectrometer attachments and phosphorescence decay measurement
Hydrolyzable and polymerizable silanes based on methylene dithiepane
Process for removing a dithiocarbonyl group at the end of a polymer chain
Metal plate coated with lubricating resin and drilling processing method of printed wiring board use...
User interface/entertainment device that simulates personal interaction and charges external databas...
Mobile terminal short housing
Method of searching multimedia data
Method, apparatus and system for completing a call when a called party has not answered the call
Wireless telecommunications system using multislot channel allocation for multimedia broadcast/multi...
Method for determining burstiness or a burstiness curve of a traffic source
Computer assisted learning system
Linear drive unit
Automatic discovery of switch devices in a network
Appliance sensor and man machine interface bus
Method of purifying lantibiotics
Fixing device and image forming device provided with the same
Vault controller secure depositor for managing secure communication
Headset communication device
Agglomerated hexagonal boron nitride powders, method of making, and uses thereof
Liquid composition and ink set, and image-forming process and apparatus using the same
Synthesis of clasto-lactacystin .beta.-lactone and analogs thereof
Interleaved phase encoding acquisition for MRI with controllable artifact suppression and flexible i...
Specific antibodies for use in preparation of pharmaceutical compositions useful in the prevention o...
System and method for imaging contamination on a surface
Crystallographic structure of the androgen receptor ligand binding domain
System and method for monitoring the internet access of a computer
Subscriber television system user interface with a virtual reality media space
Amorphous polymeric polyaxial initiators and compliant crystalline copolymers therefrom
Tracking systems
Battery test module
Low noise relay
Writing instrument
Substituted benzoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Biosensors having improved sample application and measuring properties and uses thereof
Colon cancer antigen panel
Use-dependent indicator system for absorbent articles
Crystallizable polylactone copolymers prepared from mono- and di-functional polymerization initiator...
Computer readable storage medium for providing repeated contact with software end-user
Electrode for capacitor and capacitor using the same
Permanent downhole resonant source
Scalable server architecture systems and methods
System and method for recording teacher notes during a learning session
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Container and method for conditioning articles of hunting clothing and related gear
Recordable disk recording controller with batch register controller
Testing linearity of methods of chemical analysis
Prosthetic intervertebral motion disc having dampening
Safety mechanism for a fold and tumble seat assembly
Efficient synthesis of 5-heteroatom-containing -pyrazoles
Camera with detachable printer
Machine independent debugger
High ratio, high efficiency general radiography grid system
Method and system for intelligent collision detection and warning
Flow cytometry reagent and system
Geranium plant named `Balshobrili`
Method and apparatus for insertion of rock bolts
Automatic network connection
Prop input device and method for mapping an object from a two-dimensional camera image to a three-di...
Controlled thrust steering system for watercraft
Virtual reality simulator
Rule based compatibility module
Heat-moisture exchanger with aerosol by-pass
Endoscopic sheath assemblies having longitudinal expansion inhibiting mechanisms
Electronic rights management and authorization system
Polymer-modified electrode for energy storage devices and electrochemical supercapacitor based on sa...
Size-changeable coin bank
Computer based knowledge system
Efficient direct call database management for mobile devices with limited non-volatile memory
Tracking of a target vehicle using adaptive cruise control
Proton-transfer-reaction/ion-mobility-spectrometer and method of using the same
Secure logging of vehicle data
Print engine/controller and printhead interface chip incorporating the engine/controller
Personalized alarm clock
Chromogenic glazing
Semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method therefor, and LED lamp and LED display
Process for the telomerization of a conjugated diene, catalyst and bidentate ligand useful therein
Circuit for removing in-band FSK signals without muting of receiver
In-floor, adjustable, multiple-configuration track assembly for sliding panels with built-in weep sy...
System and method to accomplish high-accuracy mixing
Synthesis of molecular sieves having the CHA framework type
System and method for improving performance of a data backup operation
Independent storage architecture
Strawberry plant named `Plahuelfre`
Method and device for translating telecommunication network IP addresses by a leaky-controlled memor...
Remote analysis of process control plant data
System for providing IC bonding diagram via network
Multimedia message content adaptation
Adaptable radio link for wireless communication networks
Load distribution in an internet telephony system using facility redirection of calls
Encryption key exchange protocol
System, device and method for combining streaming video with e-mail
Apparatus and method of providing internet protocol (IP) level connectivity between internet access ...
Third-party authorization for home-based printing
Battery, based power supply device and associated maintenance system
Methods and systems for correlating telecommunication antenna infrastructure placement information t...
Multi-source program module updater
Method and system for optimizing systems with enhanced debugging information
Processor resource access control with response faking
Memory access controller with response faking
Stack utilization management system and method for a two-stack arrangement
Shared memory interface with conventional access and synchronization support
Method for determination of spatial target probability using a model of multisensory processing by t...
Method of creating incentives for establishing hotspot locations
Navigation apparatus and storage medium therefor
Geolocation techniques for an airborne cellular system
Handheld object selector
Method and apparatus for embedding global positioning system (GPS) data in mobile telephone call dat...
Method and apparatus for jewelry design
Method and system for personal area network (PAN) degrees of mobility-based configuration
Identifying client patterns using online location-based derivative analysis
System and method for recording and preparing statistics concerning live performances
Method for packet authentication in the presence of network address translations and protocol conver...
Financial modeling and forecasting system
System and method for selecting a service with dynamically changing information
Performance evaluation method for plasma processing apparatus for continuously maintaining a desired...
Method and apparatus for discovery of operational boundaries for shmoo tests
Methods of operating vacuum processing equipment and methods of processing wafers
Apparatus for cutting liquid crystal display panels and cutting method using the same
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device and an apparatus embodying the method
Electronic component and fabrication method thereof
Integrated circuit interconnect
Integrated circuit structure having low dielectric constant material and having silicon oxynitride c...
Multi-purpose planarizing/back-grind/pre-underfill arrangements for bumped wafers and dies
Three-dimensional stacked semiconductor package with pillars in pillar cavities
Spring structure with stress-balancing layer
High permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects