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Single receiving side contactless electronic module continuous manufacturing process
MOS antifuse with low post-program resistance
Dynamic threshold voltage metal insulator field effect transistor
High mobility crystalline planes in double-gate CMOS technology
Transistor and method for fabricating the same
Non-volatile memory device having select transistor structure and SONOS cell structure and method fo...
Split-gate flash memory structure and method of manufacture
Applications of space-charge-limited conduction induced current increase in nitride-oxide dielectric...
Non-volatile memory
Electric hand power tool with switching key
Self healing polymers in sports equipment
Method for purification of vinyl polymers
Golf ball compositions comprising metallized lipid-based nanotubules
Artificial turf airport marking safety system
Golf ball with dual cover
Flexible golf putter
Putter head
Golf putting and chipping practice green
Biased, hinged cover for a golf club
Composite preform structural panel having electrically conductive stitching
Integral node tubular spaceframe
Window attachment system
Armrest assembly for aircraft
Lighter than air foldable airship
Aircraft antiterrorist security system
Method of boarding passengers on regional aircraft and transferring passengers between a regional ai...
Active drag and thrust modulation system and method
Automatic control of air vehicle during catapult launch
Supersonic external-compression diffuser and method for designing same
Pulsejet augmentor powered VTOL aircraft
Automatic control device for a helicopter and automatic control system comprising such a device
Lightweight remotely controlled aircraft
Method and system for flying an aircraft
Breathable air pressurized safety helmet
Big dipper
Outer assembling mechanism of backpack for carrying detachable skate
Inner tightening mechanism for footwear and footware incorporating such tightening mechanism
Footwear product for therapeutically treating the skin
Shoe with integrated internal ankle brace
Foot protection kit and method of making same
Shoe with interchangeable strap system
Garment secured by lock and garment closure system and method
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear sole
Pair of sandals
Biallelic markers derived from genomic regions carrying genes involved in arachidonic acid metabolis...
Lage-1 tumor associated nucleic acids
Capillary array-based sample screening
Liquid absorbent
Propylene homopolymer and propylene copolymer
Extrusion-free wet cleaning process for copper-dual damascene structures
Long-fiber reinforced polyolefin plastic structure and shaped bodies formed therefrom
Method for manufacturing packaging materials with a polyolefin foam layer
Method and device for producing a large-volume container
Solvent inkjet ink receptive films
Method and apparatus for making plastic film, and plastic film
Coextrusion nozzle arrangement
Method and system for dual co-extrusion
Light fixture
Fastening device
Pharmaceutically active compounds
Cell status messaging in a radio communications system
Changing user identities without closing applications
Counterfeit detection viewer apparatus for paper currency
Optimizing image compositing
Multiparticulate modified release composition
Image forming apparatus for fixing a toner image on a sheet or recording medium by use of a belt mem...
Radiation-transmissive films on glass articles
Low-distortion differential circuit
Method and system for fault-tolerant static timing analysis
Back-loading catheter
Method for purifying a thermoplastic norbornene resin, a substrate using such a resin, and a magneti...
Optical film, polarizer and display device
Method and apparatus for evaluating data and implementing training based on the evaluation of the da...
Degraded toner discharging and new toner replenishing mechanism operable when fog is detected
Enhanced lubricity fuel oil compositions comprising salts of fatty acids with short chain oil-solubl...
Methods, compositions and modes of delivery for the treatment of emphysema using 13-cis-retinoic aci...
Filters for preventing or reducing tobacco smoke-associated injury in the aerodigestive tract of a s...
Support for a sign adapted to be secured to a shelf with a narrow edge
Plasma picture screen with mixed particle phosphor
Composition comprising extensin and, optionally, pectic polysaccharides
Method and system for detecting estrus in swine
Developer regulating member and developing apparatus including the same
Method and apparatus for multi-path data storage and retrieval
Clipper oil stand
Process and apparatus for the electronic recording of an image
pCAR and its uses
Reduction of malodor from laundry
Apparatus and method for reducing subcutaneous fat deposits by electroporation
System and method for protecting and clearing the lens of an optical surveillance device operating i...
Surface treatment of fluorinated contact lens materials
Structured molded parts for sound absorption
Network interface with fail-over mechanism
Sat back channel security solution
Mechanism for embedding network based control systems in a local network interface device
Audio quality based culling in a peer-to-peer distribution model
SPR sensor and SPR sensor array
Impatiens plant named `Balpixotse`
Mechanical anchor
Microphone assembly for a portable telephone with a foldable flap element
Integrated remote control unit for operating a television and a video game unit
Programmable electronic timer based on linear or non-linear programmable functions
Methods of forming quantum dots of Group IV semiconductor materials
Fuzzy content network management and access
Laryngeal mask airway device with airway tube having flattened outer circumference and elliptical in...
Cobalt-based hard facing alloy
Mesh basket
System and method for linking an indicium with address information of a mailpiece in a closed system...
Coin deposit and retrieval tray
System and method for CMOS integration
Method and device for inputting speed limiting values for a speed limiter of a vehicle
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39W54
Drechsleranol derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use
On-vehicle display device
Three dimensional pattern decorated article
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Multi-layer Pt electrode for DRAM and FRAM with high K dielectric materials
Methods and apparatus for measuring current as in sensing a memory cell
Hydrocarbon hydrogenation catalyst and process
Radio communication system and method
Deflection yoke for compensating mis-convergence
Centralized system and method for optimally routing and tracking articles
Plum Tree named `HoneySweet`
Piling solution
Device and method for trenchless replacement of underground pipe
Tunnel waterproofing method
Natural cue surface bypass collector
Securing device for a drainage channel
Process and related apparatus for repairing aquatic propeller scars and blowouts
Connection systems for reinforcement mesh
Submerged water activity platform
Method and apparatus for transferring material in a wellbore
Method and accessories for pipe replacement
Reinforcing system for stackable retaining wall units
Seismic base isolation by electro-osmosis during an earthquake event
Rolling ball game
System for converting a version of SNMP entered by user into another version used by device and prov...
Information type identification method and apparatus, e.g. for music file name content identificatio...
Flasher liquid container vessel
Enhanced services network interface device
Echo canceller
Drive circuit
Method and system for data communication
Full duplex speaker-phone providing increased loop stability
Methods and systems for distributing signaling messages among multiple processors for stateful and/o...
Method and system for assignment of numbers as addresses for stations on a switched network
Method for public conversation indication in a telephony exchange
Intelligent routing to automate handling of operator-requested calls
Smart transfer for answer positions
Premised based 3-way call detection device
Local routing system and method
Initialization and monitoring system and method for DLC device
Method for updating a database using a telephone
Automatic user preference selection for message playback based on caller line identification data
Using concurrently operating routines in telephony applications
Deposited thin films and their use in detection, attachment and bio-medical applications
Expandable push-in arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant with tapered configuration during inserti...
Radiolucent spinal fusion cage
Process to accomplish autothermal or steam reforming via a reciprocating compression device
Direct synthesis of catalyzed hydride compounds
Method for preparing ITO nanometer powders
Ammonium dodecamolybdomolybdate and method of making
Methods of making manganese sulfide
Method for producing high-purity hydrochloric acid
Method for the preparation of sodium percarbonate granules having enhanced stability
High temperature decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
Seed crystal for production of silicon single crystal and method for production of silicon single cr...
Nanostructured carbide cermet powders by high energy ball milling
N-type droping of nanocrystalline diamond films with nitrogen and electrodes made therefrom
Single-crystal ferrite fine powder
Fluoroalkylphosphate salt electrolytes
Cathode targets of silicon and transition metal
Photocatalytic material and photocatalytic article
Operation of heads column
Nanocrystalline inorganic based zeolite and method for making same
Method for cleaning pressurized containers containing moisture sensitive chemicals
Strengthening layer for use in composites to be formed by means of vacuum technique
Superhard material article of manufacture
VCSEL with antiguide current confinement layer
Charge-trapping memory arrays resistant to damage from contact hole information
Disposable article with containment structure
Dental viscous material dispenser with capule lock
Disposable training pant designed specifically for late stage toilet training
Stackable construction panel system
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices
Highly water absorbent sheet
Method of manufacturing a multi-wavelength semiconductor image sensor
Optical transmission circuit using a semiconductor laser
Device and method for measuring angle of slant surface of an optical component
Light coupling between a light source and an optical waveguide
Use of tunable laser for optical performance monitoring in WDM system
Optical component driving device in laser apparatus
Laser beam optics in a robot link
Semiconductor laser device
Method for modulating an optically pumped, tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL)
Focusing device
Solid-state laser apparatus excited by laser light from semiconductor laser unit having increased re...
Gas discharge laser with improved beam path
Narrow band excimer laser with a prism-grating as line-narrowing optical element
Laser with a resonant optical reflector
Group III nitride compound semiconductor laser and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor laser light source with photocurrent feedback control for single mode operation
Semiconductor laser element
Technique for measuring intersubband electroluminescence in a quantum cascade laser
Distributed feedback type semiconductor laser device
Temperature control of laser action in scattering media
Gas laser
Thermo reversible recording medium, member having information memorizing part, thermo reversible rec...
Optical information recording medium with substrate and multiple information
Dynamic speed control method for storage device
Device connecting card
Magneto-resistive device including soft synthetic ferrimagnet reference layer
Tunneling magneto-resistive read head with two-piece free layer
Spin valve structures with specular reflection layers
Method of protecting read sensors from electrostatic discharge damage during the manufacture of magn...
Magnetic head and magnetic disk drive
Flexible disk drive having a support plate coupled to a pedestal on the main plate by a plurality of...
Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider
Method for manufacturing a substantially circular substrate by utilizing scribing
Magnetic recording head with high saturation magnetization write pole having alternating interface-d...
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic storage apparatus
Recording head, recording head manufacturing method, combined head and magnetic recording/reproducti...
Apparatus and method to improve read/write speed of disk drive system
Video recorder housing whose pivoting gate permits backbone of videocassette fitted inside be seen f...
Disk drive employing seek time vcm ir voltage calibration for velocity control of an actuator arm
Guided servo writing for data storage media
Magnetic disc drive
Closed loop charge mode drive for piezo actuators using a DC restore amplifier
LBA tracking for system data management
Web-based client/server communication channel with automated client-side channel endpoint feature de...
4-substituted-1-(arylmethylidene)thiosemicarbazide, 4-substituted-1-(arylcarbonyl)thiosemicarbazide ...
Isolation of nucleic acid
Method for measuring anti-protease resistance of HIV-2 in a patient
Blood test container
Low extracorporeal volume treatment system
System for continuous wave rejection
Image display device
Method and device for estimating open circuit voltage of battery
High speed heat and pressure belt fuser
Multiple tuning circuit and probe having multiple tuning circuit for NMR spectrometer
Programmable random bit source
Method and system for controlling power distribution in a hybrid fuel cell vehicle
Crosslinked, predominantly polypropylene-based compositions
Polarizing element, optical element, polarized light supply unit and liquid-crystal display device
Nucleic acid module coding for .alpha.glucosidase, plants that synthesize modified starch, methods f...
Oxygen scavenging polymer compositions containing ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers
Process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus having an intermediate transfer belt
Use of .DELTA.5-androstene-3.beta.-OL7,17-dione in the treatment of arthritis
Dispenser apparatus for squeezable and collapsible tubes
Lightweight collapsible sign
Phosphor composition for low-pressure gas discharge lamps
Polysaccharide sponges for cell culture and transplantation
Method and apparatus for detecting mastitis by using visible light rays and/or near infrared light
Methods and apparatus for providing mobility of a node that does not support mobility
Method and compositions for treating diseases mediated by transglutaminase activity
c-myc coding region determinant-binding protein (CRD-BP) and its nucleic acid sequence
Method and apparatus for endoscopic measurement of myoelectrical activity from the stomach and other...
Ethylene-styrene copolymers and phenol-triazole type complexes, catalysts, and processes for polymer...
Apparatus for retaining a brake drum to a fastening bracket
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: galactose-.beta.1,3-N-acetylgalactosamine-.alpha.-R / (GlcNAc to GalNAc) .b...
Automatic power control (APC) method and device of plasma display panel (PDP) and PDP device having ...
Database systems, methods and computer program products including primary key and super key indexes ...
Helmholtz resonator
Transfer of basic knowledge to agents
Composition and method for treating the effects of diseases and maladies
Unique digital signature
Camera, lens apparatus, and camera system
Thermal convection accelerometer with closed-loop heater control
Composition and method for lowering cholesterol
Compact floribunda rosa plant named `POULac015`
Sports signalling device for hearing impaired persons
Database querying system and method
Flow control valve for manual resuscitator devices
Corrosion resistant Mg based alloy containing Al, Si, Mn and RE metals
Combined electric washing machine and clothes drier
System and method for searching for duplicate data
System and method for upgrading mobile handset
Toy vehicle with dynamic transformation capability
Remote diagnosis server
Steering apparatus controller for electric power steering apparatus
Soybean cultivar 0332143
Portable communication device with camera interface for image transmission and reception
Customizable decal and kit for making the same
Antithrombin H-helix mutants
MOCVD selective deposition of c-axis oriented Pb5Ge3O11 thin films on high-k gate oxides
Method for growing GaN compound semiconductor crystal and semiconductor substrate
Synthesis of functionalized and unfunctionalized olefins via cross and ring-closing metathesis
Text communication method and text communication system
Palatable arginine compounds and uses thereof for cardiovascular health
Floribunda rose plant named `WEKpaltlez`
Promoters for gene expression in caryopses of plants
RNA-binding protein
Immunoassay for LSD and 2-oxo-3-hydroxy-LSD
Methods, systems, and kits for intravascular nucleic acid delivery
Solid preparations for oral administration of drugs relating to genes
Plant protein kinases
Nucleic acid encoding GAI gene of Arabidopsis thaliana
Methods and computer program for multimedia interaction
System and method for video conference service
Video conferencing apparatus and method therefor
Method and apparatus for controlling a video camera in a video conferencing system
Method and apparatus for dispersion compensated reflected time-of-flight tomography
System and method for tomographic imaging of dynamic properties of a scattering medium
Transmissive or reflective liquid crystal display and novel process for its manufacture
Electric circuit
System for individual and remote control of spaced lighting fixtures
Planar display panel controller
Light-emitting tube array display device
Display device and electronic equipment employing piezoelectric speaker
Electric motor
Techniques for positioning therapy delivery elements within a spinal cord or a brain
Implantable medical device employing sonomicrometer output signals for detection and measurement of ...
Devices and methods for promoting transcutaneous movement of substances
Image data compression employing embedded compression and decompression codes
System and method for generating an image dataset
Bias control of electrostatic transducers
Multi-layer capacitor and method for producing the same
Illumination arrangement
Electrophoretic display with sub relief structure for high contrast ratio and improved shear and/or ...
Method and apparatus for instruction execution in a data processing system
Method and apparatus for comparing two binary numbers with a power-of-two threshold
Discorotron charging device
Backprojection method and X-ray CT apparatus
Computer-aided diagnosis system for thoracic computer tomography images
Packet network monitoring device
Method for displaying an environmentally modulated expiration date
Display material for electric paper and applications thereof
Method for generating trapping contours in a print page
Resolution enhancement of compressed image data
Interferometer system and litographic step-and-scan apparatus provided with such a system
Magnetic device for a magnetic trip unit
Active filter for reduction of common mode current
Method of decreasing instantaneous current without affecting timing
System and method for event-driven data transformation
Method of managing knowledge information, method of generating knowledge information, method of usin...
Techniques for providing off-host storage for a database application
Metasearch technique that ranks documents obtained from multiple collections
System and method for building and maintaining a database
Method and system for improving response time of a query for a partitioned database object
Method for enhancing dictation and command discrimination
System and method for associating notes with a portable information device on a network telephony ca...
Sling case for a racquet
Method and apparatus for display of ventricular electrograms
Clustered OFDM with channel estimation
Fabrication of organic light emitting diode using selective printing of conducting polymer layers
Organic thin-film semiconductor element and manufacturing method for the same
Heterojunction P-I-N diode and method of making the same
Stacked capacitor and method of forming the same as well as semiconductor device using the same and ...
Amorphous silicon sensor with micro-spring interconnects for achieving high uniformity in integrated...
Module for optical communications for converting light and differential signals
Integration system via metal oxide conversion
SOI MOSFET having body contact for preventing floating body effect and method of fabricating the sam...
ESD protection device for high performance IC
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same including a dual layer raised source and d...
Variable capacitor using MOS gated diode with multiple segments to limit DC current
Method for enhancing electrode surface area in DRAM cell capacitors
High pressure reoxidation/anneal of high dielectric constant
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting element
High voltage semiconductor component
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for fabricating the device
Reflective ohmic contacts for silicon carbide including a layer consisting essentially of nickel, me...
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and radiation detector
Substrate of semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof as well as semiconductor device and...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for fabricating the same
Optically active chiral diphosphine ligands
Mixed conducting membrane for carbon dioxide separation and partial oxidation reactions
Optical fiber and optical communication system using this optical fiber
Broadband optical fiber
Apparatus and method for reducing the variance of grating spacing in an optical fiber
Optical communication link
Jitter measuring device and method
Character reading circuit
Display apparatus and driving method of same
Composition and method for inducing apoptosis in prostate cancer cells
Method for forming programmable logic arrays using vertical gate transistors
Method of fabrication of semiconductor structures by ion implantation
Piezoelectric ceramic
Manipulatable delivery catheter for occlusive devices (II)
Combustion apparatus for NOx reduction
Optical connector having a light emitting element and a convergent lens
Method of producing ferrule and ferrule
Heating system and process for influencing air flows in a heating system
Portable pen for shipping livestock by container ship, rail and truck
Waveguides having axially varying structure
Method and apparatus for handling optical components
Light waveguide and an optical fiber isolator
Current control device
Funnel for cathode ray tube
Three-terminal avalanche photodiode
Clay/organic chemical compositions useful as additives to polymer, plastic and resin matrices to pro...
Near infrared electromagnetic radiation absorbing composition and method of use
Bicyclic cyclohexylamines and their use as NMDA receptor antagonists
Substituted pyridines useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Amide derivatives
Fabric softening composition comprising a malodor controlling agent
Low-boron glass fibers and glass compositions for making the same
Glass attachment over micro-lens arrays
Radiographic imaging assembly for mammography
Laser diode control circuit and laser diode control method
Optical transmission line, method of making optical transmission line, and optical transmission syst...
Magnetic field generating device for MRI
Diamond substrate having piezoelectric thin film, and method for manufacturing it
Ion implantation apparatus capable of increasing beam current
Method for stabilizing fluorine-containing polymer
Bifunctional phenylene ether oligomer, its derivatives, its use and process for the production there...
Modified polycyclic polymers
Golf balls incorporating nanocomposite materials
Method for recycling the resin mold
Method of processing light sensitive planographic printing plate precursor
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process, novel tetrahydrofuran compounds and their prep...
Low abosorbing resists for 157 nm lithography
Positive photoresist composition for far ultraviolet exposure
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Active material of positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for p...
Thin coating film comprising fluorine-containing polymer and method of forming same
Carpet, stainproofing agent for carpet and method for treating the carpet
Process for producing laminated film, and reflection reducing film
Membrane or matrix for controlling the permeation rate of drugs
Drinkable ibuprofen pharmaceutical suspension
Method for treating cancer using camptothecin derivatives and 5-fluorouracil
Asparagine containing elastin peptide analogs
Compositions for inhalation
Liquid foaming shaving compositions
Retrovirus vectors derived from avian sarcoma leukosis viruses permitting transfer of genes into mam...
Full-length infectious cDNA clones of tick borne flavivirus
Identification and molecular characterization of proteins, expressed in the Ixodes ricinus salivary ...
Process for the isolation of polyhydroxy cyclic carboxylic acids
Helicobacter pylori antigens in blood
Method of eliminating inhibitory/instability regions of mRNA
Process for welding duplex steel
System and method for testing time-varying signals
Method and apparatus for compiler assisted power management
System and method for facilitating welding system diagnostics
Portable navigation device with instant on configuration on navigational display
Video signal processing method and apparatus for internet appliances or embedded systems
System using lookup service proxy object having code and request rate for managing rate at which cli...
Accurately determining an object's lifetime
Method to refresh view of a collection of objects
Sample cache for supersample filtering
Batch processing of primitives for use with a texture accumulation buffer
Parallel read with source-clear operation
Base station transceiver in CDMA mobile communication system
Lighting method and apparatus for high-pressure discharge lamp, and high-pressure discharge lamp app...
Sheet wrapping avoidable fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method for measuring the magnetic resonance (NMR) by driven equilibrium
Method and means for creating prosody in speech regeneration for laryngectomees
Covulcanization of polymers
Liquid-crystal display device
Protective cover system including a corrosion inhibitor
Tear resistant gelatinous elastomer compositions and articles for use as fishing bait
Sliding-type electric component having carbon fiber contact
Toothpaste dispenser
Method and apparatus for lengthening the data-retention time of a DRAM device in standby mode
Personalized animation by selective reflection
Phosphorus compound
Fracturing using gel with ester delayed breaking
Chromatographic packing materials and methods of making and using such packing materials
Radio-frequency antenna for a magnetic resonance system
Slow diffusion and flow of molecules measured by pulsed field gradient NMR using longitudinal magnet...
Method for diagnosing a network
Advanced processes for coring and grouting masonry
Nucleic acid amplification
Method and system for reducing a foam in a glass melting furnace
Plasma display panel with shaped dielectric patterns
System and method for processing high speed data
Refrigeration method and system
Lilac plant named `Baildust`
High resolution photographic system
Microdevice and method for detecting a characteristic of a fluid
RF receiver switches
Method and apparatus for supplying data and power to panel-supported components
Aqueous anti-apoptotic compositions
Chrysanthemum plant named `Chaseize`
Swing measurement method, golf swing analysis method, and computer program product
Sports practice net
Method and circuits for associating a norm to each component of an input pattern presented to a neur...
Inhalation device
Handle for use with disposable cleaning head
Method and apparatus for virtual memory mapping and transaction management in an object-oriented dat...
Method to detect watermark resistant to resizing and translation
Display device for fuel cell vehicle and fuel cell vehicle
Flexible wall booster wheel for toy vehicle trackset
Probabilistic map for a building
Overall control algorithm for interactive vehicle control system
Invisible ink composition and method to ensure document confidentiality
Memory having access devices using phase change material such as chalcogenide
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with internal potential generating circuit allowing external...
Circuit configuration for filtering a radio-frequency signal
Inter-domain data transfer
Process for forming polymer structures containing an oxygen sensor
Clematis viticella plant named `EVIpo024`
Method for controlling the transmitter part of a radio transceiver and a corresponding radio transce...
Method and apparatus for transmitting information by radio
Full-duplex transceiver with distributed duplexing function
Method of receiving spread-spectrum signal and radio communication terminal device
Integrated QPSK/FSK demodulator
Radio communication system
Communication system
Method and apparatus for changing assignment of receiver fingers
Slow hopping data transmitter
Thin film magnetic memory device having communication function, and distribution management system a...
Mobile computer system, method for operating a mobile computer system and use of a mobile computer s...
Weatherproof and watertight digital electronic camera, including a solid or fluid-filled digital cam...
Antenna system and method for manufacturing the same
Interactive messaging system
Pharmaceutical composition of escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin adjuvant and methods of use
Application of catalytic nanoparticles to high temperature water systems to reduce stress corrosion ...
Optical fiber block having holding sub-block
Apparatus and method for producing a small spot of optical energy
Multiple wavelength surface-emitting laser device and method for its manufacture
Method of staining target interphase chromosomal DNA
Method for searching composite path for virtual container signals in CLOS switching network
Method and apparatus which includes a start of message indicator (SMI) in a 3GPP Down link dedicated...
Computer system and method for setting up information on an operating system thereof
Configurable serial bus to couple baseband and application processors
Apparatus for controlling optional functions of electronic equipment and method therefor
Bit line sense amplifier driving control circuits and methods for synchronous drams that selectively...
Simplified method for extracting model parameter sets and method for statistically simulating integr...
Address buffer and semiconductor memory device using the same
Method and apparatus for measuring CPU task occupancy rate in a real-time system
Internal voltage converter scheme for controlling the power-up slope of internal supply voltage
Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information, recording and/or reproduci...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Multiple effect pyrotechnic shell
Hot standby protocol for wireless devices
Radiation-hard circuit
Methods for treating circadian rhythm phase disturbances
Bonding for a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and MEMS based devices
Noise source for starting MEMS gyroscope
Blood glucose meter
Method of transmitting medical information over a network
Method and apparatus for modular inversion for information security and recording medium with a prog...
Aircraft maintenance program manager
Aerially deployable marking device
Object detection system and method of estimating object size
Battery holder and laser unit incorporating same
Light emitting diode lamp and method for producing the same
Connector between lamp rod and lamp base
Assist handle with integrated light unit
Tail lamp structure for motorcycle
Simple do-it myself lamb assembling structure
Vehicle lamp
CCFL illuminated device and method of use
Adjustable progressive joint-brake system
Configurable track or monopoint light
Do-it-yourself lamp structure
Lampshade with reducible package volume
Lighting device with light-condensing device
Reflector with complex parabolid surface for elongated light source
LED lamp
Dynamic, live surface and model elements for visualization and modeling
Paradigm for inter-networked storage
System and method of operating a wireless base station with quantized use of transmitter power
Method and apparatus for dynamic IP address allocation for wireless cells
Convergent wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for repeater priority resolution in a wireless communication system
Single telephone number access to multiple communication services
System and method for customized telephone greeting annoucements
High performance self balancing low cost network switching architecture based on distributed hierarc...
System and method for providing wireless telephony over a packet-switched network
Realtime power control in OFDM systems
Wireless communications methods and apparatus employing paging attribute descriptors
Planetary transmissions with clutched input and two brakes
Bidirectional catheter having mapping assembly
High temperature superconducting synchronous rotor coil having multi-piece rotor core
Image heating apparatus and heat generating rotary member for use in the same
Fiber tail assembly with optical signal tap
Flexible, modular, compact fiber optic switch
Integral PWR with diverse emergency cooling and method of operating same
Diagnosis of faults in a complex system
High resolution torque measurement on a rotating shaft
Identifying molecules of a sample
MRI-resistant implantable device
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with differing sized anode and cathode...
Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
Installable logging modules in network servers
Arbitrating and servicing polychronous data requests in direct memory access
Adaptively changing weights for fair scheduling in broadcast environments
Memory efficient 3-D wavelet transform for video coding without boundary effects
Contrast enhancement for transmissive display systems
Methods and apparatus for implementing transmissive display devices
Scripted text discussion system
Type font
Type font
Type font
Type font
Gaming device having improved award offer bonus scheme
Gaming device having a primary game outcome employed in a bonus game
Gaming machine having multi-ended pointer for quasi-deterministic play ("pick-a-prize")
Racing game
Automated banking machine including transaction area illuminating system
High efficiency low pass filter
Asymmetric patterned magnetic memory
Kini-3 motor protein and methods for its use
Methods of chemical vapor deposition and powder formation
Method for producing chemical energy
Compact motion mechanism for an animated doll
Radio controlled surfboard with robotic rider controlled by two-string roto-wing
Doll with externally actuated functions
Low viscosity structured lipid pan release compositions and methods
Emulsified food composition
Process for the preparation of herbal wines from Himalayan berries
Low-moisture, reduced fat, lipid-based fillings
Method of forming a butter/margarine blend
Aqueous compositions useful for stabilizing and texturizing dairy products and process for preparing...
Food product and method of preparation
Frozen food product
Solvent and method for extraction of triglyceride rich oil
Packaged food articles with enriched headspace
Soluble particles with encapsulated aroma and method of preparation thereof
High quality dried bouillon and methods for preparation thereof
Feed supplement and methods of making thereof
Health food products
Food package insert and decoder game
Sulfonyl aryl or heteroaryl hydroxamic acid compounds
Smart antenna arrays
Non-flickering illumination based communication
Moving table MRI with frequency-encoding in the z-direction
Periodicity enhancement in decoding wideband signals
Ester synthesis
Transparent polyester film with enhanced water vapor barrier, its production and use
Continuous adiabatic process for nitrating chlorobenzene
Fluid coupler
Gene markers useful for detecting skin damage in response to ultraviolet radiation
Carburized silicon gate insulators for integrated circuits
Carbonaceous complex structure and manufacturing method therefor
Floating bathtub or swimming pool cleaning device
Graft copolymers, their preparation and their use
Recording medium cartridge
Wind instrument
Treatment of cancers by inhalation of stable platinum-containing formulations
Toothpaste holder and dispenser
Nameplate mounting structure of camera
Method and device for pressing a packing against a cylinder
Apparatus and method for storing sleeves for rotary printing machines
Ester based phosphobetaine compounds
Gradient coil system for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Method for determining the position of a local antenna in an MR system
Magnetic resonance magnet system and imaging apparatus with extendable patient support arms
Externally mounted DPCS (differential pressure control system) with position sensor control to reduc...
High chroma effect materials
Universal microplate analyzer
Tamper evident label with transponder employing multiple propagation points
Non-choking animal shoulder collar with separation controlled hook and loop closure
Method and apparatus for generating routes for groups of related node configurations
Compressor control module
Optical waveguide apparatus and method of producing the same
Electrode and core arrangements for polarization-independent waveguides
Noise detector, noise detection method, signal processor and signal processing method
Laser thermal tuning
Image display device and image display method
Liquid applicator head
Tire sidewall protectant dispenser and applicator head
Deck mop with scrubber
Portion of vacuum cleaner housing
Dryer control panel
Dryer shelf frame
Dryer door
Wallpaper stripper boiler
High pressure cleaner
Shoe dryer
Domed cat litter box
Candle snuffer
Button logo cap
Mouthguard tether with connectors
Baseball glove with movable pad and wristband
Lipstick case
Package for a tooth whitening system
X-ray diagnosis apparatus and control method thereof
Miniature motor
Oligonucleotide analogues
Lipopeptides as antibacterial agents
Purine inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinase 2 & ikappabalpha
Heterocyclic compounds and medical use thereof
Malonic acid derivatives, processes for their preparation their use and pharmaceutical compositions ...
Capacitor device and method
Nonaqueous electrolyte and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Lithium battery having evenly coated negative electrode and method of manufacture thereof
Thermally protective salt material for thermal spraying of electrode materials
Alkali metal hydrogen phosphates as precursors for phosphate-containing electrochemical active mater...
Fuel cell support and electrical interconnector
Thin film magnetic head and method of fabricating the head
Corrosion-resistant coated metal and method for making the same
Electroplating process for avoiding defects in metal features of integrated circuit devices
Method of making a microfabricated elastomeric valve
Fuel processor reactor with integrated pre-reforming zone
Double emulsion based drilling fluids
Fuel cell hose with barrier properties
Gel laundry detergent and/or pre-treater composition
Process of making gel detergent compositions
Gemini surfactants
Method of making a silver halide photographic material having enhanced light absorption and low fog ...
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Dual axis RAID systems for enhanced bandwidth and reliability
Double Impatiens plant named `Balpixdobur`
Impatiens plant named `Balfusglo`
Rose plant named `POULen011`
Clematis viticella variety denomination `EVIpo023`
Clematis plant named `EVIpo025`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balolerose`
Clematis plant named `EVIpo017`
Glory of the sun plant named `Gabriela`
Rose plant named `POULcs007`
Photinia plant named `Cassini`
Peach tree--named `White River` cultivar
Rose plant named `POULen008`
Cherry tree named `Glenoia`
Method for restarting an apparatus if the integrity of data in a memory is lost during micro-outage ...
Method of producing 4,4'-biphenol
Line-scan imaging in 3-D
Spread spectrum localizers
Non-spherical whispering-gallery-mode microcavity
Electric pumping of rare-earth-doped silicon for optical emission
Methods and apparatuses for reducing leakage power consumption in a processor
Apparatus and method for analyzing anisotropic particle scattering in three-dimensional geometries
WDM optical network with passive pass-through at each node
Optical cavity resonating over a continuous range of frequencies
Optical device for generating pulsed light
Micromechanical optical switch
Mechanism for restoring, porting, replicating and checkpointing computer systems using state extract...
Multiple traps after faulty access to a resource
Bus bridge resource access controller
Data processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for translating with decoding function
Methods and apparatus for ManArray PE-PE switch control
Relocation table for use in memory management
Controlling accesses to isolated memory using a memory controller for isolated execution
Selective memory controller access path for directory caching
Method and apparatus for determining a match address in an intra-row configurable cam device
System and method for sharing memory among multiple storage device controllers
Method and system to perform a thread switching operation within a multithreaded processor based on ...
Rapid high throughput spectrometer and method
Human antibodies
Retractable two-pet leash
Hummingbird feeder
Feed dispenser
Household soybean milk maker
Fishing line leader holder system
Solvent-free pigmented formulation
Capacitor with plasma deposited dielectric
Flowable compositions and use in filling vias and plated through-holes
Low-shrink polypropylene tape fibers comprising high amounts of nucleating agents
Finishing process for cellulosic textiles and the products made therefrom
Presealed system
Device for judging symmetry, brightness, and efficiency of light return in precious stones
Plasma torch used for heating molten steel
Cathodic protection of steel within a covering material
Stainless steel parts with suppressed release of sulfide gas and method of producing
Maraging type spring steel
Martenstic stainless steel having high mechanical strength and corrosion
Steel spring with dwell for chairs
Opener for jars and cans and the like
Device for monitoring fertility in women by observing physical changes in body fluids
Multifunctional handle for a medical robotic system
System and method for intraluminal imaging
Blood and interstitial fluid sampling device
Percutaneous biological fluid constituent sampling and measurement devices and methods
Methods and systems for automatically determining minute ventilation
Color-based neurofeedback
Electrode sensor package and application to the skin of a newborn or infant
Method and apparatus for optimizing the continuous positive airway pressure for treating obstructive...
Blood-pressure measuring apparatus having augmentation-index determining function
Ultrasonic scatterer, ultrasonic imaging method and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for concurrently displaying respective images representing real-time data and n...
Sensing device with processor
Architecture for processing fingerprint images
Image indexing and retrieval method using the rosette pattern for the improvement of retrieval effic...
SAR and FLIR image registration method
Image resizing using short asymmetric FIR filters
Noise cleaning and interpolating sparsely populated color digital image
Representing digital images in a plurality of image processing states
Context-based adaptive variable length coding for adaptive block transforms
Method for processing a stream of pictures
Picture quality measurement using blockiness
Method and apparatus for recognizing handwritten chinese characters
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Digital signal analysis, with hierarchical segmentation
Image processing method and apparatus
Tunable add/drop filter
System for managing slack in fiber optic cables connected to a circuit board
Optical threshold devices and methods
Electro-optic interconnect circuit board
Photonic integrated circuits
Waveguide comprising a connection of a photonic-crystal line-defect-waveguide to a total reflection ...
Optical fiber coupling system
Control of guided light in a waveguide
Flash control device and flash control system
Video recording apparatus and monitoring apparatus
Microphone array apparatus
Methods and apparatus for efficient scheduling and multiplexing
Variable bitrate video coding method and corresponding video coder
Encoding apparatus and method, and multiplexing apparatus and method
Dynamic scalable full-parallax three-dimensional electronic display
Scanned display with switched feeds and distortion correction
Printing method and apparatus
Structure for fastening flat braun tube to cabinet
Signal receiving apparatus, remote controller, signal receiving system, and apparatus to be controll...
Method and apparatus for digital broadcast channel selection by frequency searching in a step-wise f...
Television tuner capable of receiving FM broadcast
Video processing system and video processing method
Bulb-type lamp and manufacturing method for the bulb-type lamp
Multiple reflector indirect light source lamp
LED lamp assembly
Back light device
Method of aligning a laser beam of a SAT
Heat transfer labelling system
Book retention device
Air filtration and control system including headgear
Broad range PCR amplification techniques
Espresso maker
Implementing a counter offer for an on line credit card application
Method for investing working capital
Web-enabled method and system for assisting a consumer to reach a purchasing decision regarding a pr...
Production management method in a plurality of production lines
System and method for controlling weighing operations at a scale of a self-checkout terminal
Electronic payment system using multifunctional prepaid cards and method of selling prepaid cards
High flow compositions of compatibilized poly(arylene ether) polyamide blends
Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition for attaching roofing membranes
Methods of producing stable novel black polyurethane articles with polymeric colorants
Polymer blend and associated methods of preparation and use
Polyurethane material for two and three piece golf balls
Methods for producing aqueous ink-jet recording media using hot-melt extrudable compositions and med...
Magneto-resistive CrO2 polymer composite blend
Rubber composition for solid golf ball, method for producing the rubber composition, and solid golf ...
Method and apparatus for accurate, micro-contact printing
Cleaning agent for PVC surfaces
Method of making slotted tubular dunnage
Method and machine for placement of multiple labels
Plastic container with multi-faceted dome
Package of brick packs
Fully automatic and energy-efficient deionizer
Chlorins possessing fused ring systems useful as photoselective compounds for photodynamic therapy
Ionic molecular conjugates of N-acylated derivatives of poly(2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose) and polypept...
Cell growth, induction and lysis in an antibody-coated microplate for use in an ELISA
Preservation solution
Methods for production of a recombinant adeno-associated virus
Rapid tissue processor
System and method of minimally-invasive exovascular aneurysm treatment
Fabric care composition having reduced fabric abrasion
Continuous process for making detergent composition
Detergent compositions
Polymer products comprising soft and elastic biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer compositio...
Absorbent article having a stable skin care composition
Anti-microbial compositions
Methods for particulate removal from fabrics
Fabric care composition
Process of making integral three-dimensional articles, and mold for making such articles
Beverage dispensing machine
Fabric treatment device
Pantiliner package
Cooling system for a metallurgical furnace
Enhanced television recorder and player
Read-only memory based circuitry for sharing an interrupt between disk drive interfaces
Adaptive read pre-fetch
Method and apparatus for a scheduling driver to implement a protocol utilizing time estimates for us...
Method for building a peripheral information database
Method and apparatus for correlating a satellite signal with a reference code
Spindle motor
Retaining piece structure
Longitudinal plunging unit
Low spring rate multi-convoluted collapsible spacer
Rotation support apparatus for compressor pulley
Wiper housing and method for producing a wiper housing
Bearing arrangement for machine tool spindles
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Copper-based sintered alloy bearing for motor fuel pump
Railroad car center plate assembly conductive liner
Ball groove profile of ball screw
Expanding soft point bullet
Method for avoiding false failures attributable to dummy interconnects during defect analysis of an ...
Keyboard sled with rotating screen automobile video camera system
Capacitive sensors in vehicular environments
Image heating apparatus having rotary metal member in contact with heater, such rotary member and pr...
Compounds for fluorescence labeling
Methods for removing dimethoxytrityl groups from oligonucleotides
Polypeptides, their production and use
Optical fiber collimator and optical fiber collimator array
Overhead console active night vision system for an interior cabin of a vehicle
Method of objectively evaluating a surface mark
Adaptive tolerance reference inspection system
System and method for assembling a bundle of conductors into a connector
Reduced form factor projection system
Solid marking composition as writing means, a writing instrument, an optically variable marking laye...
Coated sunglass lens
Cube-shaped profile element and profile strip therefor
Helmet for artificial respiration without the aid of masks
Organic electroluminescent device having an adhesion-promoting layer for use with a magnesium cathod...
Thermometer holding frothing pitcher
Fluid energy pulse test system--transient, ramp, steady state tests
Method of and apparatus for locking a powered movable furniture item
Use of (Z)-2-cyano-3-hydroxy-but-2-enoic acid-(4'-trifluoromethylphenyl)-amide for treating multiple...
Conformationally restricted polyamine analogs as disease therapies
Use of ER.beta.-selective ligands for regulating fertility and compounds useful therefor
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Indole derivatives
Reactor for processing a semiconductor wafer
Operating system for structured information processing
Migration of computer personalization information
Apparatus, method, and storage medium for file management
Method for allowing verification of alterations to the cataloging structure on a computer storage de...
Navigation among conditional questions and answers in computer and network based questionnaires
Information terminal and broadcasting information service system
Pai gow poker-type card game of chance with bonuses on partial hands
Method for operating a load-dependent power-generating system in a vehicle
Vehicle-mounted radio wave radar
Load-bearing body panel assembly for a motor vehicle
Adjustable chassis of an electric cart
Method and arrangement for obtaining and conveying information about occupancy of a vehicle
Motorized game cart
Torque cam mechanism and power transmission system for four-wheel drive vehicle
Working vehicle with transverse system
Semi-independent swing arm suspension system for a low floor vehicle
Wheel-end and center axle disconnects for an electric or HEV
Compact vehicle
Seatbelt force sensor assembly with guide member
Lines and cables in motorcycle frame tubing
Swing arm
Automobile inertia kinetic energy regeneration system
Mounting arrangement for a radiator assembly of a work machine
Graphitized carbon fiber powder and thermally conductive composition
Metal oxide containing multiple dopants and method of preparing same
Multilayer thermal barrier coatings
Flip-chip type semiconductor device
Polymer arrays from the combinatorial synthesis of novel materials
Method of measuring chromated conversion coating amount using infrared absorbance
Fluorine-containing copolymer, composition for forming a film, anti-reflection film, and image displ...
Superconducting colloids, superconducting thin layers produced therefrom, and processes for producin...
ZnO-based regenerable sulfur sorbents for fluid-bed/transport reactor applications
Direction in low-temperature paste development
Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor
Dendritic cell transmembrane serine protease
Edge profiling for executable program code having branches through stub code segments
Priority coloring for VLSI designs
Testing regularly structured logic circuits in integrated circuit devices
Method for managing power consumption of multiple computer servers
Method for controlling computer, computer, and storage medium
Inoculation filter
Herbal pharmaceutical compositions for prophylaxis and/or treatment of cardiovascular diseases and t...
Fast cycle RAM having improved data write operation
Microstrip coupler
Vehicle power converted with shunt resistor having plate-shape resistive member
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Wiring with insulation pattern
Magnetic memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Heater energization control circuit, heater energization control method, and image forming apparatus
Method and system for sample aliquot storage
Method of separating and collecting components from a fluid
Printing apparatus for printing characters on a tape in a size determined by tape use
Battery pack for a camera
Portable cleaning apparatus
Cervical traction unit
Processes for the preparation of peripheral opioid antagonist compounds and intermediates thereto
Compounds that inhibit factor Xa activity
Perfluoroalkyl compounds and their methods of use and manufacture
Biphenyl compounds and their use as oestrogenic agents
Compounds and related methods for inhibition of .gamma.-aminobutyric acid aminotransferase
Room temperature stable epoxy prepregs
Objective lens unit and method of assembling objective lens unit
Latent hardener, manufacturing method for latent hardener, and adhesive
Cover-lay film and printed circuit board having the same
Radiation curable resin layer
Beamformer for multi-beam broadcast antenna
Temperature measurement of an electronic device
Ear wax guard for an in-the-ear hearing aid and a means for use at insertion and removal hereof
Fuel cell, fuel cell separator, and method of manufacture thereof
Physical layer and data link interface with ethernet pre-negotiation
Water heater
Slag composition
Balloon car and aerial trolley system
Shifting device for a transmission
High efficiency water valve for washing appliance
Controls for air conditioner
High density combined cycle power plant process
Clasp having a flange to couple a heat exchanger to a device in a cooling system
Vehicle air conditioning system with seat air conditioning unit
Furnace heat exchanger
WDM add/drop multiplexer module
Heat transfer member and method for manufacturing same
Cooling system
Polygonal heat exchange chamber including a tapered portion lined with water tube panels and method ...
Removable fan module and electronic device incorporating same
Heat exchanger
Cooling apparatus for electronic equipment
Folded fin heat sink assembly
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method