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Semiconductor laser module
Image processing for laser shock processing
Reassembled process cartridge and method of manufacture
Fender protective structure
Cross-linked polysaccharide drug carrier
Sulfonamides for treatment of endothelin-mediated disorders
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Polysaccharides containing .alpha.-1,4-glucan chains and method for producing same
Audible notification of called message (ANCM) service implementation method on wireless intelligent ...
Patient encounter electronic medical record system, method, and computer product
Polycosanols from Ericerus pela wax
Manufacture of oral dosage forms delivering both immediate-release and sustained-release drugs
Methods for spectral analysis and their applications: spectral replacement
Exhaust system for motorcycle
Aerogels, piezoelectric devices, and uses therefor
Trapped water bottom multiple and peg-leg multiple suppression for ocean bottom seismic data
Method for the determination of local wave heights and acoustic sensor in marine seismic signals
Silencing apparatus, notably for a turbo engine
Exhaust muffler for a fuel-operated heating device
Sound barrier layer for insulated heat shield
Crosslinked laminated wrap film and dispenser box therefor
Process for the fermentative preparation of D-pantothenic acid and/or its salts
Use of drug miglitol (Glyset) for treatment of obesity to prevent weight gain for losing weight and ...
Methods of using metaxalone in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions
Food merchandiser and temperature control system
Hot food vending machines
Hand-held food package
Physically interactive electronic toys
Radio controlled two wheeled vehicle
Flying toy and method of making same
Bubble generating assembly
Animal scent lure and delivery system
Method of controlling behaviors of pet robots
A/D converter and solid-state camera
Self propelled scaffolding
Communication device for enabling facsimile transmission using e-mail and control method therefor
Active e-mail filter with challenge-response
Automatic internet retrieval apparatus
Software-based process/issue management system
Preventing e-mail propagation of malicious computer code
Automatic link generation for linking to relevant data records circumstantial to document processes
Program execution device operating based on compressed code
Information-processing apparatus equipped with nonvolatile memory device and firmware-updating metho...
Information providing system, information provding de and method, information processing device and ...
Self-service multiple-director remote production and programme broadcasting server device and televi...
Information processing device
Device for controlling capture device and storage device via LAN, and capture device, storage device...
Pseudo-live music audio and sound
Apparatus and method for forming densified, carbon-carbon composites
Pressure transmitters for use in the production of composite components
Method for producing polymer matrix composites having low volume percentage of reinforcement fiber a...
Method of prescoring foam board
Modular fiber reinforced polymer composite deck system
Method for producing ends of metal of composite pipe lengths
Intrusion alarm and detection system
Optical chassis intrusion detection with power on or off
System and method for intrusion detection using a time domain radar array
Intrusion detection system
Dynamic system defense for information warfare
Domain mapping method and system
Apparatus for savings system configuration information to shorten computer system initialization tim...
Ungulates expressing exogenous IGF-I in their milk
Tube feeding device for a work station of a cheese-producing textile machine
Dairy starter culture delivery system and use hereof
Livestock cooling system
Method and apparatus for cleaning the teats of a dairy animal's udder
Method and apparatus for monitoring milking facility pulsation
Informative nucleic acid arrays and methods for making same
Pyridine carboxamide or sulfonamide derivatives and combinatorial libraries thereof
Method for calibrating, characterizing and driving a color flat panel display
Red organic electroluminescent devices
Liquid crystal-templated conducting organic polymers
Polymer organic light emitting device with improved color control
Organic light emitting diode light source
Flexible electronic viewing device
Wake-up circuit for an electronic apparatus
Regulating rates of requests by a spider engine to web sites by creating instances of a timing modul...
Hypertext markup language cache system and method
Apparatus for electropolishing a stent
Anchor having threads opposing unthreading
Products and methods for brachytherapy
Cryosurgical catheter
Method for bulk separation of single-walled tubular fullerenes based on chirality
Enzymatic deposition and alteration of metals
Article of manufacture bearing a universal alignment target
Force scanning probe microscope
Ionization contact potential difference gyroscope
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Method and system for testing a test piece
Match grinding of spool to control valve body of oil activated fuel injector
Programmable device for distributing electrical control signals to technical equipment
Heat exchanger bundle extractor
Shaped charge engine
Multi-ply paperboard prepared from recycled materials and methods of manufacturing same
Structures and processes for packaging perishable and other products
Systems and methods for an extension for a nineteen-inch communications switch component rack
5 V tolerant hot carrier injection (HCI) protection circuit
Providing command files with access to data stores that are inaccessible to command line operations
Method and apparatus for transmitting analog and digital information signals
Programmable matrix switch
Electrostatic actuator and method of driving the same
Implantable orthopedic support apparatus
System and method for joint resurface repair
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-heteroarylalkenyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
System and method for configuration of HVAC network
Fabric antenna for tags
System and process to ensure performance of mandated safety and maintenance inspections
Combined biometric reader/RFID circuit
Determination and control of vehicle sideslip using GPS
Model-based method of estimating crankcase oil temperature in an internal combustion engine
Method for standing a stick between medals in a premium arcade game
Article of jewelry
Necklace mount
Robust interpolation method for improved automative engine control during transient engine operation
Control system and control method of engine
Valve condition control system for an internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Engine valve actuation system
Device for adjusting the angle of rotation of a camshaft of an internal combustion engine relative t...
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Engine control system with cam sensor
Phytosterol and phytostanol compositions
Gene encoding phosphoglucoisomerase
Business card as electronic mail token
Halftone watermarking and related applications
Carrier case and a method of reading information of a data carrier
Decoding steganographic messages embedded in media signals
Mine detector and inspection apparatus
Signal processing in a vehicle weight classification system
Modulation of memory, learning and/or anxiety states
Transfer of molecules into the cytosol of cells
P2X7 receptor-deficient mice and uses thereof
Sunflower anti-pathogene proteins and genes and their uses
Colorall fingering
System and method for creating, revising and providing a music lesson over a communications network
Storage system
Dynamic software system intrusion detection
Unified database and text retrieval system
Exhaust gas treating agent, process for producing the same, and method of treating exhaust gas
Methods and apparatus for performing signal processing functions in an electronic imager
Method for the manufacture of mercury dispenser devices to be used in fluorescent lamps
Superior stain resistant decorative floor covering and its method of manufacture
Device for introducing small amounts of mercury into fluorescent lamps
Method for enhancing the effectiveness of cancer therapies
Gas discharge lamp comprising an oxide emitter electrode
Retrofit hurricane-earthquake clip
Cylinder mount with three degrees of freedom
Smart card system with command queuing
Aerosol UV dye cleaner
Method and apparatus for parameter estimation, parameter estimation control and learning control
Cleaning wipe
Polymer for binding amine containing ligands and uses thereof
Intralevel decoupling capacitor, method of manufacture and testing circuit of the same
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Cam`
Composition and method for treatment of otitis media
Method for generating morphemes
System and method for detecting errors in a system where clients arbitrate amongst themselves for a ...
Pedicure sandal
Liquid crystal display device and method of making semiconductor chips for liquid crystal display de...
Compensation for fuel volatility for internal combustion engine start and run
Method and device for a detachable navigation system
Compositions and methods for capturing, isolating, detecting, analyzing and quantifying macromolecul...
Work module support vessel
Decorative cover for retrofit door reinforcement plate
Nucleic acid marker ladder for estimating mass
Fluorescent CRF receptor-binding peptides
Method for dynamically selecting allocation of random access channels in a communication system
Rapamycin dialdehydes
Process of producing self-supported catalysts
Scan chain connectivity
Self-adjusting pliers for single-handed manipulation
Late binding dynamic software configuration information
Jettisonable protective element
Quantum key distribution method and apparatus
Bearing materials
Solenoid valve
Soluble human flk-2 protein
Hydraulic shovel
Antenna apparatus
Methods and devices for use in performing pulmonary procedures
Hybrid leaf spring with reinforced bond lines
Development method and image formation apparatus
Compositions and uses of dictyostatin compounds
Package and method for controlled metered dose dispensing of a fluid product
4'-substituted leucomycins
Alcohol alkoxylates used as low-foam, or foam inhibiting surfactants
Substrate treating device and method, and exposure device and method
Method and device for communication
Optical scanning device
Retrieval of cursive Chinese handwritten annotations based on radical model
Fixed address analysis of sequence tags
Projectile launcher
Lithium battery
Contact arrangement for a vacuum interrupter
Method for operating high-pressure discharge lamp, lighting apparatus, and high-pressure discharge l...
Method and system of harmonic regulation
Diaphragm pump
Target system for use with position determination system
Dimensioning of magnet arrangement comprising an additional current carrying coil system
Developing device of monocomponent development system
Method and apparatus for dynamic coalescing
Method and apparatus for monitoring the cardiovascular condition, particularly the degree of arterio...
Boolean text search combined with extended regular expression search
Method and apparatus for modulating HID ballast operating frequency using DC bus ripple voltage
Method for optimizing the performance of the code division multiple access system and the air field ...
Hair growth promoter
Stable, aqueous cationic hydrogel
Garment, in particular undergarment, for persons in military and civil defense services
Statistically rigid and dynamically compliant material testing system
Bio-based microbattery and methods for fabrication of same
Artificial band gap
Leakage water cut-off agent and method of preventing water leakage
Reflective color filter
Method of making lead-free solder and solder paste with improved wetting and shelf life
Inkjet printing method and printing apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display with protrusion patterns
Connecting element for connecting at least two wooden construction parts and a joint plate
Support with multi-stage clamping mechanism
Creating a PC board (PCB) layout for a circuit in which the components of the circuit are placed in ...
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Particle size reduction using supercritical materials
Molding materials
Methods and apparatus for improved thermal printing
Solid polymer electrolytes using polyether poly (N-substituted urethane)
Collaborator discovery method and system
1,2-dihydropyrazol-3-ones which controls inflammatory cytokines
Tartar control denture adhesive compositions
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Damascene structure using a sacrificial conductive layer
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Are`
System and method for lossy compression of voice recognition models
Label holder with dust cover
Shoe thing
Structure jacking system and method
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Methods for preventing antipsychotic-induced weight gain
Coagulation or lysis assays by measuring impedance
Spark plug
Method for producing ethylene homo-and copolymers by intensively mixing a reactive reaction componen...
Upgrade of a program
Organic anion transporter genes and proteins
Method of producing antibodies by immunization with conjugates of molecules coupled to charge-modifi...
Treatment of renal colic with GABA analogs
Synthetic jet fuel and process for its production (law724)
Syringe label cradle
System for and method of removing or preventing electrostatic charges from an organic photoconductor...
Radial sonobuoy launcher
Method and computer program for embedding and extracting an embedded message from a digital image
Front-loading syringe adapter for front-loading medical injector
Tag and release device
Scroll compressor having an anti-rotational arrangement including an axial bearing
Method for reactivating a catalyst for cyclizing hydrolysis of an aminonitrile into a lactam and use...
Devices and methods for harvesting limbal stem cells
Phosphite additives in polyolefins
Multi purpose personal hygienic device
Implantable sheet material
Rapid protein identification using antibody mixtures
Holographic films
Compounds specific to adenosine A1 receptors and uses thereof
Optical film, polarizer and display device
Oxyhalogenation process using catalyst having porous rare earth halide support
Electronic timers using supercapacitors
Elastic store circuit with static phase offset
Method for improving torque accuracy of a discrete energy tool
Method and system for measuring caster trail
Exponentiation circuit for graphics adapter
Combined physiological monitoring system
System for managing RDBM fragmentations
Host derived proteins binding HCV: medical, diagnostic and purification use
Low noise backlight system for use in display device and method for driving the same
Intelligent device upgrade engine
Communications system and method for multi-carrier orthogonal coding
Salicylic acid salts of salmeterol
Mixed-size packed beds
Break-apart tubing connectors for use in dialysis blood tubing sets
Medical valve with fluid escape space
Bleed back control assembly and method
Loop structures for supporting multiple electrode elements
Connector for a replaceable biopsy needle
Needleless connector
Heat-sensitive recording material
Reversible two-color heat-sensitive recording material and recording method
Print media transparency
Image recording medium
Method of using reversible thermosensitive recording medium and the reversible thermosensitive recor...
Package for storing a pressurized container containing a drug
Actuating device for meters and metering aerosol dispensing device with an actuating device for mete...
IC card
Multimedia call handling
Method and apparatus for embedding digital information in digital multimedia data
Navigation with multimedia
Multimedia structure and method for browsing multimedia with defined priority of multimedia segments...
Adaptive computer system
Implied message sequence charts
Method and apparatus for providing channel error protection for a source coded bit stream
Hit-or-jump method and system for embedded testing
Automatic height adjustment in an altimeter
On/offshore anchoring spike
Trolling device
Integrated entry air cushion marine vessel and marine platform
Personal postal product
Label system and method for delivering a mailpiece with return receipt
Integrated waterproof card or label and method thereof
Easily removable label for reusable containers
Self-adhesive label
Method of treating hair loss using diphenylmethane derivatives
Canola oil with reduced linolenic acid
Composition amount determining method and device for functional mixture
Training-style video game device, character training control method and readable storage medium stor...
Structure for preventing the embezzlement and the see-through of the prepayment card
Video game system
Playing an interactive real-time card selection game over a network
Pervasive dock and router with communication protocol converter
Integrated household management system and method
Web server providing html pages embedded with non-HTML views
Interactive to-do list item notification system including GPS interface
Paper-based control of computer systems
System and method for providing a relational database backend
Universal, inherently-tensile connection and construction system, apparatus, method and product-by-p...
Vehicle-based headway distance training system
Virtual training
Educational tool related to creatures, wild and domestic
Dual-structure helmet and method of manufacturing the same
Dynamic selection of data format conversion paths
Image processing method and device for half-tone representation
Method for determination of humidity in an xerographic printer
Sheet post-treatment device and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Display of detected event for information handling system
Digital recording/reproducing system
Secure distribution of video on-demand
System for transfer of secure mission data
Simplified secure shared key establishment and data delivery protocols for electronic commerce
Planar-constructed spatial micro-stage
Method of calibrating a wafer edge gripping end effector
Automated problem identification system
Ink bottle
Method of forming dual damascene structure
Electronic device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having electric fuse element
Type-1 ribosome-inactivating protein
Liquid-resistant paperboard tube, and method and apparatus for making same
Copper base alloy casting, and methods for producing casting and forging employing copper base alloy...
High-temperature alloy
Non-hardenable aluminum alloy as a semi-finished product for structures
Pill dispensing system
Amorphous silicon carbide thin film coating
Contact capping local interconnect
Anisotropic conductive film, production method thereof, and display apparatus using anisotropic film
Monolithic semiconducting ceramic electronic component
Methods of making mechanisms in which relative locations of elements are maintained during manufactu...
Wireless communication system in which a call from a private branch exchange is selectively delivere...
Real-time event processing system with service authoring environment
(R)-Chiral halogenated substituted heteroaryl benzyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting ch...
Substituted N-phenyl-N-heteroaralkyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester ...
Substituted N,N-bis-benzyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer p...
Substituted N,N-disubstituted diamino compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer pro...
Substituted N, N-disubstituted mercapto amino compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester tran...
Substituted N,N-bis-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer p...
Lottery game card and method for conducting a lottery game
Methods and apparatus for obtaining a trace of a digital signal within a field programmable gate arr...
Distance measuring apparatus
Mixture that can be added to decorative aqueous-phase paint products
Method and apparatus for increasing scavenging garbage collection effectiveness
Method and system for expanding volume capacity
Method for producing polymers having a preselected activity
Vehicle seat
Apparatus for processing a workpiece
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Method and apparatus for augmentation of the femoral neck
Absorbent article having reinforced elastic absorbent core
Method and compiler for rearranging array data into sub-arrays of consecutively-addressed elements f...
Golf club head having a low and deep weight distribution
Closed loop medicament pump
Bis (arylsulfonylaminocarbonylaminobenzoate) compounds and thermosensitive recording materials conta...
Disaccharides with anti-arthrosic properties
Anti-irritating rosacea treatment
15-fluoro prostaglandins as ocular hypotensives
Assay for growth differentiation factor 9
Systems and methods for transmitting and receiving text data via a communication device
Production of optically active 2-substituted tetrahydropyran-4-ones
Catalyst for asymmetric epoxidation of enones and process for producing optically active epoxide emp...
Electrical-supply-free MOS integrated circuit
Silicon wafer with embedded optoelectronic material for monolithic OEIC
Temperature-stabilized optical amplifier and method for temperature-stabilizing an optical amplifier
Spatial light modulators for full cross-connections in optical networks
Optical disk apparatus and PLL circuit
Information extraction from a database
Electric motor muffler
Game system, imaging method in the game system, and computer readable storage medium having game pro...
Magnetic tape cartridge for housing a reel
Coherent data apparatus for an on-chip split transaction system bus
Intermediate transfer member belt/roller configuration for single-pass color electrophotographic pri...
Weapon safeguarding system and process
Method of constructing a gun cartridge
Weapon with rotating barrel
Remote aiming system with video display
Ammunition transfer system
Smooth bore barrel system with self spinning ammunition
Non-lethal electromagnetic active body
Methods and system for determining message routing based on elements of a directory number
Flexibly coupled dual shell bearing housing
Assembly forming a roller bearing equipped with an information sensor device
Dual-seal drill bit pressure communication system
Low maintenance easily changeable bearing
Linear guide mechanism
Lubricant retention design for disk drive fluid dynamic bearing spindle motor
Iodine/resin disinfectant and a procedure for the preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for improving the definition of black and white text and graphics on a color ma...
Exhaust gas temperature determination and oxygen sensor heater control
Test administration system using the internet
System and method for analyzing wireless communication records and for determining optimal wireless ...
Real-time facial recognition and verification system
System for providing document change information for a community of users
Method for providing scaleable restart and backout of software upgrades for clustered computing
System and method for selectively enabling transmit/receive modes of a radio transceiver
Vehicle interference prevention device
Base station for extended services
System and method for monitoring the wheels of a motor vehicle
GPS receiver with improved immunity to burst transmissions
Dispenser with comb or brush with optional sponge for cream, lotion, gel or liquid
Treatment of electric arc furnace dust to resist acid and alkaline leaching of heavy metals
Method for producing puzzolanic binders for the cement industry from steel slags using a reduction m...
Container for wet wipes
Sprayer cartridge
Method for the selection and use of a system of feminine hygiene products
Skin cleansing bar with high levels of liquid emollient
Disposable absorbent article having capacity to store low-viscosity fecal material
Head support for interventional MR
Technology for fabrication of a micromagnet on a tip of a MFM/MRFM probe
Method for measuring the magnetic resonance (NMR) by steady state signals (SSFP)
Method and apparatus for reducing electroporation-mediated muscle reaction and pain response
Inhaling device for dispensing powdered medicaments contained in a capsule through the respiratory t...
Method of treating hyperproliferative diseases using active vitamin D analogues
Golf club with stress-specific striking face and method of producing the coating
Lineal log peeler and debarker for use in log home construction
Toner for developing static image and an image forming method
Solid electrolytic capacitor and its manufacturing method
Contoured variably tensionable soft membrane ride surface for ride attraction
Entertainment apparatus having compatibility and computer system
Information processor
Multimedia entertainment unit for use in a vehicle
Structure for an infant's rocket
Production of thin steel strip
Carton and carton blank
Web of material having layers and a method of forming one or more carton blanks from the material
Radon suppression
Abuse-tolerant metallic pattern arrays for microwave packaging materials
One hand opening child resistant blister pack container
Packaging material and method
Radio frequency resonant tags with conducting patterns connected via a dielectric film
Patterned substrates and methods for nerve regeneration
Functionalized polymers
TGF-.alpha. polypeptides, functional fragments and methods of use therefor
Benzamidoxime derivatives, intermediates and processes for their preparation, and their use as fungi...
Host/vector system for expression of membrane proteins
Expression of recombinant fusion proteins in attenuated bacteria
Isolated nucleic acid molecules coding for tumor rejection antigen precursors of members of the MAGE...
Phosphorescent thermoplastic composition
Poultry shrink bags with antiblock additives
Digital DLL apparatus for correcting duty cycle and method thereof
Method and system for blending gasoline and butane at the point of distribution
Dyeable polyolefin fibers and fabrics
Procatalysts, catalyst systems, and use in olefin polymerization
Surge anoxic mix sequencing batch reactor systems
Modular service payroll system
Security analyst estimates performance viewing system and method
Internet-based automated system and a method for software copyright protection and sales
System and method for preventing unauthorized data copying using communication network
Secure system for printing authenticating digital signatures
System and method for global internet digital identification
Resorbable extracellular matrix for reconstruction of cartilage tissue
Method of producing Actinium-225 and daughters
Solution striping system
Photostable, silylated benzotriazole UV absorbers and compositions stabilized therewith
Sterile drape for use with laser tracking system
Polishing pad having an advantageous micro-texture and methods relating thereto
Transvaginal suture spacer devices and methods of use
Melt extrusion spinning polyamide fibers with sulfonated reagent and thermoplastic carrier
Composite materials containing an impact-resistant film
Tetherless neuromuscular disrupter gun with liquid-based capacitor projectile
High intensity discharge (HID) lamp with integral ballast and underwater lighting systems incorporat...
Light fixture
Side emitting LED and lens
Fibre optic lighted artificial tree
Quick-connect fastener for electrical fixtures
Lightweight, energy-efficient, detachable computer light
Image coding apparatus and an image decoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for efficient video scaling
Memory controller and interface
Uninterruptable ADS-B system for aircraft tracking
Optical waveguide module-mounted device
Semiconductor optical component utilizing leaky structures to match the mode of rib waveguides to th...
Dry core indoor/outdoor fiber optic cable
Image retrieval using distance measure
Method and apparatus for image retrieval
Handy type image scanner
Integrated information processing system for geospatial media
Therapy-selection methods for implantable heart monitors
Peak time detecting apparatus and method
Apparatus for measuring bio-magnetic fields
Computerized system for lost foam casting process using rapid tooling set-up
Surface cleansing of continuous-strip steel for hot-dip metal coating and apparatus for decreasing s...
Process for manufacturing carbon-steel strip by twin-roll continuous casting, product produced and a...
Integral blow-molded, steel reinforced automotive seating structure
High-strength, high-toughness stainless steel excellent in resistance to delayed fracture
Process for thermal treatment of steel strip
MR fluids containing magnetic stainless steel
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Human osteoclast-derived cathepsin
Jewelry including shape memory alloy elements
Toy having detachable central processing unit
DC power conditioning system
Writing instrument
Method and apparatus for using an assist processor to prefetch instructions for a primary processor
System and method for servoing robots based upon workpieces with fiducial marks using machine vision
Polymerization catalysts
Computer system having shared address space among multiple virtual address spaces
Shoulder prosthesis system
Mixed-metal-neutralized-copolymer-resins for metal coating powder applications
Fibrous films and articles from microlayer substrates
Glass fiber mats, laminates reinforced with the same and methods for making the same
Laminates of elastomeric and non-elastomeric polyolefin blend materials
Methods and compositions for controlled polypeptide synthesis
Surgical manipulator
System for determining the position in a scan image corresponding to the position of an imaging prob...
Surgical operation navigation apparatus and method
Method and an apparatus for milking loose going dairy animals
Bird feeding accessory with a collet
Thistle seed small bird feeder displaying numerous finches at one time
Animal exercise apparatus and a method for resistance training an animal utilizing the apparatus
Audible indication of disconnection between a convective device and an air hose in a convective warm...
Spool for spinning reel
Incandescent lamp comprising a glass bulb of tubular shape in which a filament is axially arranged
Creation of mini dump files from full dump files
Information processing apparatus and method for making document
Multi-wavelength semiconductor light source and process for producing the same
Simulation method of breakdown
Optimizing control method and optimizing control system for power plant
Use of substituted vinyl-tetrahydronaphthalenes and vinyl-benzotetrahydropyrans as light protection ...
Method and system for fingerprint template matching
Esters comprising a secondary carbamoyl function and their use as odorant alcohol precursors
Apparatus and method for parallel MR data acquisition and parallel image reconstruction from multipl...
System and method for monitoring the state of a plurality of machines connected via a computer netwo...
Supercritical fluid fractionation process for phytosterol ester enrichment vegetable oils
Device for dispensing mascara
Packaging and applicator device
Ultraviolet absorbent, photostabilizer, ultraviolet ray-absorbing composition, photostabilized compo...
Cosmetic compositions containing crosslinkable polymers
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Can`
Anthurium plant named `Pippi`
Anthurium plant named `Misty Rose`
Ilex plant named `HL10-90`
Peach tree named `Burpeachseventeen`
Peach tree named `Snow Peak`
Mint plant named `McKenzie`
Multi-threaded break-point
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Method of forming crystalline semiconductor thin film on base substrate, lamination formed with crys...
Method for recovering metal values from metal-containing materials using high temperature pressure l...
Method for producing tin-silver alloy plating film, the tin-silver alloy plating film and lead frame...
Cell and method of producing the same
Electrochemical cell having multiplate electrodes with differing discharge rate regions
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Methods of manufacturing negative material and secondary battery
Lithium-ion batteries
Copper powders methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Neurokinin receptor antagonists and methods of use thereof for inhibiting HIV infection
Compositions and methods for the treatment of viral disorders
Ring-expanded nucleosides and nucleotides
2H-phthalazin-1-one derivatives and drug containing its derivatives as active ingredient
Substituted 5-oxo-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-4H-1-benzopyrans and benzothiopyrans and the use thereof as pot...
Irradiated, oxidized olefin polymer dispersing agents
Child safety seat
Combined portable night light and recharging cradle
Methods and compositions for the manufacture of highly potent anthracycline-based antitumor agents
Physiologically acceptable aqueous solutions and methods for their use
Sulfonamide derivatives, their production and use
Methods and compositions for inhibiting the proliferation of prostate cancer cells
Agitator assembly
Handle for an upright extractor
Snow brush with scraper, ice chisel and squeegee
Roofing apparatus
Tubular jack handle
Cinerary urn
Storage management system having common volume manager
Method and apparatus for improving the durability of a sensor
Method and apparatus for restricting a video output of a computing system based on copy protection i...
System for calculating floor plan information and automatically notching, cutting and transferring i...
Coupled error code protection for multi-mode vocoders
System and method of performing profile matching with a structured document
Dual access instruction and compound memory access instruction with compatible address fields
System and method for common code generation
Automatic flood prevention system
Composite wood panels having tongue and groove edges
Polyolefin wood fiber composite
System for withdrawing body fluid
Apparatus and method for specifying maximum interactive performance in a logical partition of a comp...
Folding keyboard for a personal digital assistant
Fluid squirt gun
System and method for automatically controlling or configuring a device, such as an RFID reader
Voice authentication system having cognitive recall mechanism for password verification
Method, composition and system for the controlled release of chlorine dioxide gas
Oligomer mixtures derived from cyclopentene; method for the production and use thereof
Catalytic support with an oxide base from a metal belonging to the SVI group of the periodic table, ...
Oligomerization using a solid, unsupported metallocene catalyst system
Process enhancing adsorbent capacity for acetylenic compounds
Ni catalysts and methods for alkane dehydrogenation
Method for selecting medical and biochemical diagnostic tests using neural network-related applicati...
Protein and DNA thereof
Imidazolidine derivatives, their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical preparations comprising t...
Power tool
Worldwide early warning network and method of use
Steel composition
White wax and method of manufacture
14-karat gold alloy compositions having enhanced yellow color, reversible hardness, and fine grain s...
On-line educational system for grading of assignments and posting grade information in an on-line gr...
Method and system for installing software on a computer system
Diagnostic system and method for a cooling system
Apparatus, methods and computer program products for generating mass flow calibration factors using ...
System for setting frame and protocol for transmission in a UART device
Housing for an electrical device
Method for producing alcohol/ketone mixtures
Engraftable human neural stem cells
Fourier transform mass spectrometry of complex biological samples
Connection system between cryo-cooling systems and cooled NMR probe heads
Close-in shielding system for magnetic medical treatment instruments
Stand-up MRI apparatus
Magnetic resonance installation having a trap for suppressing currents on a cable shield
Circuit for selectively enabling and disabling coils of a multi-coil array
Local signal-supplying device for NMR spectrometer
Gradient coil apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Z test and conditional merger of colliding pixels during batch building
Active-matrix-type liquid crystal display device, data signal line driving circuit, and liquid cryst...
Client print server link for output peripheral device
Shutdown for an ink jet printer
Error diffusion method and apparatus
Red-deficiency compensating phosphor light emitting device
Method of dealing with problems affecting a medical apparatus and a medical apparatus suitable for c...
Adjustable clamping device in a mechanical press
False drum with a variable area vacuum-surface
Device for conveying printed products through a printing-related machine
Actuator-gripper control
Method for reducing rub-off from a toner image using a colored phase change composition
Automatically closing surface element at the periphery of cylinders
Ink control model for controlling the ink feed in a machine which processes printing substrates
Method of controlling an ink layer on a printing form of a printing machine
Method of tempering or controlling the temperature of a printing press
Cylinder having plate securing device including fastening elements for fastening plate legs when cyl...
Stack changing device
Thermal transfer sheet for the laser-induced coating of a printing form cylinder
Database system and a method of data retrieval from the system
Three-dimensional relative positioning and tracking using LDRI
Lactam and thiolactam derivatives as anesthetic and conscious sedation agents
Organohybrid-based damping material, method for producing the same, and damping improver for damping...
Substituted fluoroaromatics, process for preparing them and their use
Method for preparing a supported catalyst system and its use in a polymerization process
Method and cache-coherence system allowing purging of mid-level cache entries without purging lower-...
Ring-opened azlactone initiators for nitroxide-mediated polymerization
Method and control device for avoiding collisions between cooperating robots
Portable washbasin for babies
Hardware viewport system and method for use in a graphics pipeline
Crystalline polymeric compositions for ophthalmic devices
IOL insertion apparatus and method for making and using same
Extracellular matrix-binding proteins from staphylococcus aureus
Semiconductor device and semiconductor display device
Sputtering target, transparent conductive oxide, and process for producing the sputtering target
Deuterated semi-conducting organic compounds used for opto-electronic devices
Photovoltaic cell and process for producing the same
Fluorochemical adhesive material and laminate made with the same
Semiconductor comprising a TFT provided on a substrate having an insulating surface and method of fa...
Aqueous ionomeric gels and products and methods related thereto
Reduced size fuel cell for portable applications
Nanostructured catalyst particle/catalyst carrier particle system
Wiring connection structure of laminated capacitor and decoupling capacitor, and wiring board
Method for making paper, assembly for implementing the method and paper product produced by the meth...
Low noise amplifier circuit with phase matched switch topology
Compounds specific to adenosine A1 receptors and uses thereof
Intraoral adhesive preparation
Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel
Transmissive electrophoretic display with stacked color cells
Flat panel display and a method of fabrication
Switching display device having a large aperture
Monitoring the contents of a container by ultrasonic means
Methods of manufacturing electronically addressable displays
Mobile radiotelephone method and system and terminal used in such a system
Means and apparatus for control of remote electrical devices
Method and system for optimum bus resource allocation
Method for keyword proximity searching in a document database
Mycobacterial proteins, microorganisms producing them and their use for vaccines and for the detecti...
Polypeptide fingerprinting methods and bioinformatics database system
Methods, compositions and articles for reducing or preventing the effects of inflammation
Electrotransport delivery system comprising internal sensors
Systems and methods for rapidly identifying useful chemicals in liquid samples
Methods to set a hollow device into and to retrieve said hollow device from a flow pipe
Pressurized bladder canister for installation of cured in place pipe
Connection for geogrid to concrete block earth retaining walls
Compliant buoyancy can guide
Leaching or drainage gallery with increased surface area
Flood control system
Illuminating apparatus and method for illuminating a curved surface
Glass bulb for a cathode ray tube and cathode ray tube
Disk drive apparatus and motor
Ferroelectric memory and a test method thereof
Method for recording stream of information data into a digital storage medium
Submarine optical cable resistant to longitudinal water propagation
Corrective device for output of acceleration sensor and method of correcting output thereof
Systems and methods for vascular filter retrieval
Nucleic acid-based detection
Directional receiver coupling arrangement with frequency selectivity and gain control for DSL
Integrated biomass gasification and fuel cell system
Liquid crystal display device
Method for fabricating a lithium battery with self-adhesive polymer electrolyte
Drilling machine having a rotary head guide
Automatic transmission fluid tester
Removable ink cassette for a printing press
Pressure relief valve with field-replaceable high corrosion-resistant components
Testing device for printed circuit boards
Automated input/output job distribution through the use of mobile input/output bins
Delayed unloading of a dynamically loadable file
Online control of a multiprocessor computer system
Method for automatically converting block size and formatting backend fiber channel discs in an auto...
Method and apparatus for measuring and optimizing spatial segmentation of electronic storage workloa...
Method and apparatus for emulating an instruction set extension in a digital computer system
Switching power supply
System and method for employing temperature measurements to control the operation of an implantable ...
Learning method and apparatus for a causal network
Programming mode selection with JTAG circuits
Integrated scheme for semiconductor device verification
Method and apparatus for software management of on-chip cache
Intra-aortic balloon pump having improved automated electrocardiogram based intra-aortic balloon def...
Modular airplane-shaped bedroom furniture
Geometric track and track/vehicle analyzers and methods for controlling railroad systems
Obstacle detection system
Optical waveguides and methods for making the same
Multi-layer golf ball with a thin, castable outer layer
Process for polymerization of cycloolefins and polymerizable cycloolefins
Preparation of copolymers
Polymers containing oxygen and sulfur alicyclic units and photoresist compositions comprising same
Apparatus and method for analog signal processing for a microcontroller
Check system for wiring structure of printed circuit board
Devices and methods for detecting analytes using electrosensor having capture reagent
Front portion of a pair of jaws for a folding electrician's tool
Knife blade
Combination barbecue tool
Composite material having sliding property
Knife blade
Method for stabilizing nitrilase activity and preserving microbial cells with carbamate salts
Method and system for a heterogeneous computer network system with unobtrusive cross-platform user a...
Welding parameters setting method for a resistance welder controll apparatus
Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, a...
Robot compatible crystal worksite suite
Automatic fluid scanner
Methods and apparatuses for maintaining a trajectory in sterotaxi for tracking a target inside a bod...
Remote control method and system for robot controller
Method of calibrating robot
Solar night splitter and event timer
Roaming service system for GSM service subscriber in CDMA service area, and method for registering l...
Bag closure system
Clear softening formulations including alkoxylated additives
Polyester resin composition and fiber
Garment antenna
Crossed-loop radiation synthesizer systems
Method of rapidly carrying out a hydrogenation of a hydrogen storage material
Process for enhancing the kinetics of hydrogenation/dehydrogenation of MAIH4 and MBH4 metal hydrides...
Method for gas phase reactant catalytic reactions
Bismuth-containing laser markable compositions and methods of making and using same
High K dielectric material and method of making a high K dielectric material
Lithium metal oxide electrodes for lithium cells and batteries
Synthesis of silicoaluminophosphates
Electrochromic mirror assembly
Navigation system for a vehicle
Electrically powered retractable door mirror
Isoxazolecarboxamide derivatives
Crystalline material
Materials and methods for the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, and ather...
Coating composition having improved early hardness and water resistance
Process for producing catalyst for .alpha. -olefin polymerization and process for producing .alpha. ...
Shear thinning ethylene/.alpha.-olefin interpolymers and their preparation
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Photosensitive resin composition and liquid crystal display color filter
Method of forming a liquid crystal polymer layer without support substrate
Communication system, information processing apparatus, output apparatus, control method, and memory...
Means for and method of detecting the state of ink remain in a cartridge having containing portions ...
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling configuration of video camera
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Binocular and optical axis adjusting method for binocular
Process cartridge, image forming apparatus and separating mechanism for separating developing member...
Dry out mechanism for humidifier
Grease containment assembly
Apparatus for removing grit and grease from water
Transparent coat layer forming apparatus and color image forming apparatus using the same
Surveillance method and apparatus
Implantable putty material
Dopa and dopamine modification of metal oxide semiconductors, method for attaching biological molecu...
Method of producing metal particles by spray pyrolysis using a co-solvent and apparatus therefor
Process for selectively isolating avian immunoglobulins
Low intensity light therapy for the manipulation of fibroblast, and fibroblast-derived mammalian cel...
Antibody conjugate formulations for selectively inhibiting VEGF
Monoclonal antibody recognizing C-terminus of hBNP
Method for identification of cellular protein antigens and presence of antibodies to specific cellul...
Profiling of protease specificity using combinatorial fluorogenic substrate libraries
Fluorescent nanocrystal-embedded microspheres for fluorescence analysis
Semiconductor device having cobalt alloy film with boron
Light source
EL display device and electronic apparatus
Optical polarizing device and laser polarization device
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Control device for electric power steering apparatus
Steer-by-wire drive control system with operating element home position updating function
Vehicle chassis control with coordinated brake and steering control on split coefficient surface
Traction control device and a method for controlling the slip of a wheel
Control system and method using an electronic control unit for wheel-specific braking torque control
Method and device for determining the absolute angle of rotation of an object that is rotating about...
Data processing apparatus and data transfer control method
Page open hint in transactions
Method and apparatus for bit vector array
Diagnostic and managing distributed processor system
Cyclic redundancy check for partitioned frames
HTML/XML tree synchronization
Timing resynthesis in a multi-clock emulation system
Ocular analyte sensor
Method for producing medicaments from plant extracts, in a solid form of administration
Noxious-insect repellent
Melanotropin analogs for potential radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment of melanoma
Method of embolization using polyvinyl alcohol microspheres
Biocompatible albumin lamina and method
Skin-enhancing glove and method of manufacture
Particulate blends and compacted products formed therefrom, and the preparation thereof
Coating a medical appliance with a bubble jet printing head
Radioactively coated devices
Biopolymer nanoparticles
Method and apparatus for remote peripheral software installation
Viewer interaction feedback method and system for use with an interactive telecommunication system
Broadcast transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and broadcast transmitting method, receiving ...
Template set for generating a hypertext for displaying a program guide and subscriber terminal with ...
Automated detection/resumption of interrupted television programs
Visual improvement of video stream transitions
Systems, devices and methods for reviewing selected signal segments
Preseed layer for a magnetic recording disk
Combined business card with bar code, laser punched holes and radio frequency IC
Motor with stationary shaft and high speed capillary seal
Motion detector for eye ablative laser delivery systems
Narrow linewidth, low frequency chirping and broad wavelength tunable ring resonator coupled lasers
Optical fiber, method of making optical fiber preform, and method of making optical fiber
Fiber optic power control systems and methods
Method for producing base material for optical fiber having deformed first clad, base material for o...
Optical fibre monitoring system
Power splitter for optical networks
Sealing member for preventing escape of micro particles
Operations and provisioning systems for service level management in an extended-area data communicat...
Laundry detergent compositions comprising polyamines and mid-chain branched surfactants
Particulate compositions having a plasma-induced, graft polymerized, water-soluble coating and proce...
Detergent tablet
Pro-fragrance linear acetals and ketals
Detergent composition comprising a quaternary ammonium salt of a carboxyl containing polymer
Process for preparing granular detergent compositions
Methods, compositions, and articles for odor control
Digital processing system including a DMA controller operating in the virtual address domain and a m...
Vehicular adaptive cruise control apparatus and method with preceding vehicle following control func...
Vehicle driving control device and method
Moisture sensor and windshield fog detector
Tracking and driving speed regulating device for motor vehicles
Condensation control for internal combustion engines using EGR
Hierarchical traffic control system which includes vehicle roles and permissions
Bowing coefficient representation of curvature of geographic features
Locating system and method
Glucagon antagonists
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1097 daltons
3',5-difluoro-2',3'-didehydropyrimidine nucleosides and methods of treatment therewith
Process for the preparation of fluoxetine hydrochloride
Process scheme for sequentially treating diesel and vacuum gas oil
Process for the desulfurization of a light FCC naphtha
Process for the coproduction of benzene from refinery sources and ethylene by steam cracking
Synthesis of macroporous structures
Stripping process with horizontal baffles
Process for producing light olefins
Nucleic acid respiratory syncytial virus vaccines
Method and apparatus for generating random code
Fast lane prefetching
String instrument headstock
Dual volume-ratio scroll machine
Pump device having a device for restricting movement of a movable member movable to pressurize worki...
Method and device for discharging viscous fluids
Motor-driven air pump with inflating and deflating modes
Hydro elastic pump which pumps using non-rotary bladeless and valveless operations
Reed valve restriction plate with anti-sticking means
Screw compressor
Electronic gaming device having random reel mapping
Method of playing a better game using special payoff tables
Apparatus and method for a secure ticket actuated gaming system
Gaming system including portable game devices
Dye fixatives
Engraved cylinder and method of use
Optical fiber probe and methods for measuring optical properties
Methods and apparatus for obtaining enhanced spectroscopic information from living tissue
Calibrator configured for use with noninvasive analyte-concentration monitor and employing tradition...
System for noninvasive hematocrit monitoring
Apparatus for measuring number of cells
Methods and apparatus for surface analysis
Detector configurations for optical metrology
Sensor utilizing attenuated total reflection
Method and device for reduction in noise in images from shiny parts
Interleaver with thermal and chromatic dispersion compensation
Deriving geometrical data of a structure from an image
Medical image filing system
Dual mode real-time screening and rapid full-area, selective-spectral, remote imaging and analysis d...
Subtraction technique for computerized detection of small lung nodules in computer tomography images
Medical image processing system
Method of unsupervised cell nuclei segmentation
Apparatus for locating features of an object using varied illumination
Pointing device and an onboard pointing system
Spacecraft protected by a coating including pyroelectric/ferroelectric particles, and the coating ma...
Reaction wheel system with vernier control rotor
Split detent tactile cueing vehicle control system
Method of manufacturing a sandwich panel, made of composite material, and a panel thereby obtained
Spacecraft methods and structures with enhanced attitude control that facilitates gyroscope substitu...
Supported catalyst containing pseudo-boehmite and .gamma.-Al2O3, production of same and its use for ...
Phase shifting design and layout for static random access memory
Storage adapter for ratchet wrench
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Head suspension assembly with a precise positioning micro-cap actuator composed of a piezoelectric m...
In-plane suspension-level bending microactuator for precise head positioning
Head gimbal assembly with piezoelectric microactuator
Electrical discharge catheter system for extracting emboli in endovascular interventions
Method for integrating image sensors with optical components
Method and apparatus for selecting at least one desired channel utilizing a bank of vibrating microm...
Method and apparatus for mechanically masking a workpiece
Method and apparatus for sensing a power level of a communications beam in a fiber optic switch
Method and system for note taking
Low voltage micro-mirror array light beam switch
Vehicle air conditioning circuit using a refrigerant fluid in the supercritical state
Heat pump system
Vehicle air conditioner with flow area adjustment of fluid in heating heat exchanger
Cooling device in a projector
Permafrost support system and method for vacuum-insulated pipe
Rack mountable computer component fan cooling arrangement and method
Extruded heatsink and EMC enclosure
Controlling the injection in a fuel system selectively operable with gasoline or fuel gas
Start-up method for an internal combustion engine
Proton-conducting membrane, method for producing the same, and fuel cell using the same
Phosphorus atom-containing fluorinated cation exchange membrane and proton conduction type fuel cell...
Control method and apparatus of screw fastening apparatus
System and method for monitoring and controlling energy distribution
System and method for operating a network adapter when an associated network computing system is in ...
Generating positional reality using RTK integrated with scanning lasers
Compact modular in-the-ear hearing aid
Programmable module
Directional ITE hearing aid using dual-input microphone
System for detecting mobile receivers, using digital telebroadcasts transmissions of a ground transm...
Nucleic acids encoding mammalian interleukin-1.zeta., related reagents and methods
Modified proteinase inhibitors
Chimeric plant promoters comprising sugar-regulatory sequences
Genetic engineering of plant chloroplasts
Corn cDNAs encoding corn Mlo proteins
Isolated nucleic acids encoding methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase enzymes
System and method for improving the accuracy of DNA sequencing and error probability estimation thro...
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Application appliance enabling operating system and applications to run from a CDROM by determining ...
Method and system for using virtual labels in a software configuration management system
Apparatus for producing USP or WFI purified water
Integral, thru-bore, direct coupled high pressure liquid chromatography guard column
Cartridge filter with integrated threading having anti-rotation feature
Pervaporation device and irrigation mat
Method and apparatus for purifying polluted substances containing halogenated organic compound
Process for the removal of suspended and other material from waste water
Screening apparatus
Determination of patency of the airway
Automatically regulating oxygen flow to a patient
Breathing assistance apparatus
Ventilator operable in a compensated volume support mode
Process for controlling a respirator
Method of affixing a heat sink to a substrate and package thereof
System and method for automatically diagnosing a computer problem
Objects with self-reflecting object relevance functions
System and method for using container documents as multi-user domain clients
Aggregating constraints and/or preferences using an inference engine and enhanced scripting language
Arrangement for executing program code with reduced memory requirements
Automatic software production system
Method and apparatus for determining the relationships and useful lifetime of objects in a program
Method, system, and program for parameter expansion, generation, and execution of scripts in a netwo...
Method for testing keyboard complied with language code
Laser scanner and a copying machine using the same
Group III nitride compound semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser and method of production of the same
Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor laser
Curved waveguide ring laser
Semiconductor laser diode and optical communication system
Formation method of two-dimensional code