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Method for selective erasing/apodization of the index of refraction of an optical waveguide and an o...
Communication system
Method for improving the accuracy of data obtained in a laser imaging apparatus
Method for improving the accuracy of machines
Compact speed measurement system with onsite digital image capture, processing, and portable display
Antibodies specific for growth differentiation factor-7
P2U2 receptor antibodies
Invaplex from gram negative bacteria, method of purification and methods of use
Recovery of isoflavones from soy molasses
Process for preparing purine nucleosides
Treatment of skin conditions
Sodium magnetic reasonance imaging used in diagnosing tumors and assessing response to treatment
Anamorphic optical system
External frequency conversion of surface-emitting diode lasers
Underwater microscope system
Method for gene therapy using nucleic acid loaded polymeric microparticles
Heterocyclic analgesic compounds and methods of use thereof
Mutations of the C-terminal portion of TGF-.beta. superfamily proteins
Imaging agents for diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
Plasminogen activator inhibitor antagonists
Diagnostic/therapeutic agents
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Editing apparatus, editing method, and non-volatile memory
State transition protocol for high availability units
Read lock miss control and queue management
Device and method to modulate blood pressure by electrical waveforms
Modified ciliary neurotrophic factor, method of making and methods of use thereof
Gastric band
Concurrent multi-band low noise amplifier architecture
Service portal for links separated from Web content
Method and apparatus for providing location-based information via a computer network
Method, system, and apparatus for providing services in a privacy enabled mobile and Ubicom environm...
Wireless networked peripheral devices
System and method of accessing and recording messages at coordinate way points
On demand multicast messaging system
ATM switch and control method thereof
Vaccines containing ribavirin and methods of use thereof
Reduction and optimization of information processing systems
Hydroxamic and carboxylic acid derivatives
Speaker structure
Loudspeaker having cooling system
Method and tool for producing a formation velocity image data set
Hearing protection device
Air turbine for combustion engine
Exhaust structure for a jet propulsion watercraft
Device including a built-in electroacoustic transducer for optimum speech reproduction
High fly write detection method
Bi-stable inertial latch for hard disk drives
MRAM memory array having merged word lines
Differential GMR head system and method using self-pinned layer
MR structures for high areal density reader by using side shields
Tunnel valve sensor and flux guide with improved flux transfer therebetween
Magnetoresistive element, method for manufacturing the same, and method for forming a compound magne...
CPP magnetoresistive sensors with in-stack longitudinal biasing and overlapping magnetic shield
Disk sensor power system for sampling output signal of disk sensor at predetermined moments related ...
Catheter coupling
Syringe drench adapter for livestock
Cap and luer connector for a fluid transfer device
Catheter snapped valve
Gastrostomy tube set
Ureter drainage device
Thermal print paper and process
UV curable CF ink
Image receptor surface and method of making the same
Erasable recording material capable of inputting additional information written thereon and informat...
Thermographic recording material with improved image tone
Thermal recording material
Heat-sensitive recording material
Atmospheric leach process for the recovery of nickel and cobalt from limonite and saprolite ores
Food product cartridge
Checkerboard cookie package game
Self-standing package and method for making the same
Process for producing meat products
Encapsulating liquid with hydrocolloid membrane stable from about -20 to 90 degrees C without bursti...
Moldable compositions
Communications medium for controlling the attributes of a physical, chemical, or thermodynamic proce...
Stackable articles toy for children
Remote controllable toy device and method of using
Wireless control low profile miniature toy car
Polyomino piece for games
Lower body exercise device and method
Dog bone toy with variable sound emitters
Insect robot
Method and circuit for folded analog-to-digital converter (ADC) using frequency detectors and time d...
Mobile trash pulverizer
Medical image management system and method
System for archiving electronic documents using messaging groupware
Virtual workplace intercommunication tool
System and method for establishing a point-to-multipoint DSL network
Common namespace for internet and local filesystem objects
Automatic and secure system for remote access to electronic mail and the internet
Home network appliance and method
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized copying and distributing of electronic messages tra...
Method and apparatus for Voice-over IP services triggered by off-hook event
Method and system for exchanging and storing telephone messages
Electronic mail replies with speech recognition
Center server and computer apparatus
Method and apparatus for implementing extended breakpoint notification
Distribution of messages using an address book of a user
Interface device and method for transferring data over serial ATA
Ethernet interface device for reporting status via common industrial protocols
Form processing device, and form processing method and program
Management subsystem and method for discovering management device functions
Residential broadband communications device, and method of operating same
Storage device, information processing system having storage device, format method for storage devic...
Secure flash memory device and method of operation
Perceptual coding of audio signals using cascaded filterbanks for performing irrelevancy reduction a...
Self-propelled operating machine
Boat positioning and anchoring system
Process carried out by a gateway in a home network to receive video-on-demand and other requested pr...
Method for the recognition and operation of virtual private networks (VPNs) over a wireless point to...
Communication system and method
Anonymous call rejection
Establishing bi-directional communication sessions across a communications network
Robust, reliable compression and packetization scheme for transmitting video
Data collection and system management for patient-worn medical devices
Portable terminal apparatus
Systems and methods for delivering time sensitive messages over a distributed network
E-mail communication system
Systems and methods for electronic conferencing over a distributed network
Personal e-mail system and method
Image processing device, image processing method, image processing program, and computer readable re...
Associative memory device returning search results of a plurality of memory groups successively upon...
Disk array device with selectable method for generating redundant data
Method and memory adapter for handling data of a mobile device using a non-volatile memory
Method and/or apparatus for implementing enhanced device identification
Content distributing system and data-communication controlling device
Network system and output device used in this system
Music search engine
Automated toll-free telecommunications information service and apparatus
Mobile entertainment and communication device
System and method for planning energy supply and interface to an energy management system for use in...
System and method for interconnecting portable information devices through a network based telecommu...
Facility for retrieving data from a network adapter having a shared address resolution table
Player having cassette playing unit and memory card playing unit
Method and system for managing secure client-server transactions
Systems and methods for automatically managing workflow based on optimization of job step scheduling
Electronic mail distribution via a network of computer controlled display terminals with interactive...
Determining a destination e-mail address for sending scanned documents
Method and system for distributing a public informaion release authorization (PIRA) form over an int...
Internet facsimile and E-mail reception method
Apparatus for converting e-mail data into audio data and method therefor
System and method for delivery of information
Clock control circuit, data transfer control device, and electronic instrument
Method and apparatus for defining failover events in a network device
Backup method and storage control device using the same
Deployment and execution of a program on an embedded device
Layout for a semiconductor memory device having redundant elements
Method and apparatus for decomposing semiconductor device patterns into phase and chrome regions for...
Device driver installing program and device driver installing apparatus
Data multiplex broadcasting method, data multiplex broadcasting system, receiving device, and record...
Intrusion detection system and method having dynamically loaded signatures
Method for saving system configuration information to shorten computer system initialization time by...
System and method for intrusion detection using a time domain radar array
Intrusion detection fence with trip wires and common actuator
Methods and compositions for designing vaccines
Frozen ice cream dessert and process for making
Method for production of tetanus toxin using media substantially free of animal products
Method of making a snack food
Antimicrobial, high load bearing conveyor lubricant
Method for preparing process cheese containing increased levels of whey protein
Mobile lift system and method of use
Optical reticle substrate inspection apparatus and beam scanning method of the same
Sports specific training method and apparatus
Combinatorial synthesis and analysis of organometallic compounds and catalysts
Power tester
Pneumatic assisted exercise bench
System and method for providing demographically targeted information
Direct feedback controller for user interaction
Two-way magnetorheological fluid valve assembly and devices utilizing same
Progressive resistance system
Personal communication device
Computer controlled hydraulic resistance device for a prosthesis and other apparatus
Two electrode heart rate monitor measuring power spectrum for use with exercise equipment
Adjustable, body circumfusion barbell with off-centerline moment and rotating grip
Stationary exercise bicycle
Weight selection methods and apparatus
Storable exercise apparatus for professional and home use
Aquatic exercise device
Method and apparatus for exercising internal and external oblique muscles
2-aminobenzoxazole derivatives and combinatorial libraries thereof
Derivatives of C2-substituted indan-1-ol systems for the prophylaxis or treatment of obesity
Polysubstituted indan-1-ol compounds, and methods for their preparation and use
Use of peroxisome proliferator activated receptor (PPAR)-.gamma. ligands as a treatment for pituitar...
Aminoazetidine,-pyrrolidine and -piperidine derivatives
Organic electroluminescent devices with high luminance
Electronic device
Organic light emitting diode display with surface plasmon outcoupling
Drive circuit for active matrix light emitting device
Polyisocyanate curing agent for laminate adhesive laminate adhesive comprising the same and its use
Polyisocyanate curing agent for laminate adhesive and process for production thereof
Composition for production of cover packing and process for production of cover packing using the sa...
Adhesive composition for lignocellulose-type hot-pressed forms, and hot-pressed form production proc...
Information certificate format converter apparatus and method
Method and system for the secured distribution of multimedia titles
System and method for adjusting the traffic carried by a network
Japanese holly plant named `Drops of Gold`
Single-piece helical connector for adjustable or fixed length jewelry using cord-type construction
Technique for improving throughput of a gateway interface
Arrangement for the relative angle-of-rotation adjustment of a camshaft of an internal-combustion en...
Individual cylinder controller for three-cylinder engine
Device for hydraulically adjusting the angle of rotation of a shaft relative to a driving wheel
Process and device for electronically controlling actuators of a combustion engine with variable gas...
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Water dispersible starch based physical form modification of agricultural agents
Modified starch
Alditol acetal composition and its use in plastic and gelled materials
Process for production of high purity tocopherols
Rubber-acrylic adhesive formulation
Multi-merchant gift registry
Method and system for detecting digital camera failure
Apparatus and method for the convenient transfer of data between a computer network and a non-connec...
Method and system for recognizing security documents
Herpes simplex virus amplicon vector targeting system and method of using same
Therapeutic uses for mesenchymal stromal cells
Use of CYP52A2A promoter to increase gene expression in yeast
Distributed mapping scheme for mass storage system
Redline extensible markup language (XML) schema
Data warehouse portal
System and method for predicting web user flow by determining association strength of hypermedia lin...
Database processing method, apparatus for carrying out the same and medium storing processing progra...
Full match (FM) search algorithm implementation for a network processor
Process and apparatus for the removal of dust in a reaction zone
Incineration of waste organic aerosols
Gas discharge lamp
Image display performing color reproduction using color filters
Luminous bacteria and methods for the isolation, identification and quantitation of toxicants
Cosmetic or dermatological gels based on microemulsions
Ultra-stable composition comprising moringa oil and its derivatives and uses thereof
Solid colorant for keratin fibers
Method and composition for forming water impermeable barrier
Latex particles based on a vinyl acetate ethylene copolymerizate processes for the production thereo...
Control agents for living-type free radical polymerization and methods of polymerizing
Anionic cellulose ethers having temperature-dependent associative properties
Impregnated separator for electrochemical cell and method of making same
Method and apparatus for manufacturing sensitized printing plate
Controlled impedance transmission lines in a redistribution layer
Phase change inks containing dimeric azo pyridone colorants
Method of installing a floor covering underlayment composite over a subfloor
Carrier for development of electrostatic latent image, electrostatic latent image developer and imag...
Toner production process
High performance thermoplastic compositions with improved melt flow properties
AC palc display device with floating electrode
Baseball bat with simulated spiral hand grip
Multiple row fine pitch leadless leadframe package with use of half-etch process
Manufacturing method of plastically formed product
Method of constructing an integrated circuit comprising an embedded macro
Apparatus for and method of preparing pattern data of electronic part
ZnO compound semiconductor light emitting element
Printing oligonucleotide arrays
Method for detecting transcription templates
Methods and compositions for multiplex amplification of nucleic acids
Adjustable current mode differential amplifier for multiple bias point sensing of MRAM having equi-p...
Method and apparatus for efficient data browsing
Nucleic acid encoding monocyte chemotactic protein 4
Possibility of execution evaluating apparatus and method therefor
Neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Furanone derivatives
Manipulation device with buoyancy breath monitor
Microdermabrasion handpiece with supply and return lumens
System and method for tissue treatment
Extracts derived from Pueraria mirifica, Butea superba and/or Mucuna collettii and extraction thereo...
Preparation of thin lead samples for alpha particle emission test
Endotracheal intubation control assembly
Apparatus for an improved gasketed aerosol mounting cup
Lock detecting apparatus and method for multimedia digital broadcasting receiver
Method and apparatus for control of content based rich media streaming
Method and apparatus for unifield control and data event exchange in a software system
Methods and systems for encoding real time multimedia data
Adaptive speaker compensation system for a multimedia computer system
Multimedia instruction set for wide data paths
Performance assessment of data classifiers
Ensuring video buffer verifer integrity in MPEG-like encoding
Expandable grayscale morphological erosion operator
Re-configurable fibre wireless network
Apparatus for uniforming microwave and heating system using the same
Data controlling device
Universal container for chemical transportation
Gaming device having a symbol covering feature
Software implementation of a handheld video game hardware platform
Video game with readily distinguishable characters displaying the character's line of sight
Electronically augmented multiplayer sporting game with virtual ball passed by infrared apparatus
Tamper-evident label with multiple pressure-sensitive adhesives of different sensitivity
Inorganic sheet carrying symbols for making pigments
Multi-layer extended text resealable label
Protective notepad holder
Mailing form for non-impact printing
System for facilitating the navigation of data
System for effectively collecting and disseminating data
System and method for automatic, real-time delivery of personalized informational and transactional ...
Holder, in particular for an electronic device or an exhibition object
Unified method and system for scheduling and discarding packets in computer networks
System and method for automotive systems relative positional translations
Water vapor barrier structural article
Automatic background detection of scanned documents
Image forming apparatus and sheet feeder
Insulated journals for a donor roll
Collaborative work support system
Semiconductor light emitting device including a fluorescent material
Driving method for solid-state image pickup device
Sense amplifier control circuit of semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuits and method for designing the same
Drive unit and liquid crystal device
Material on an aluminum basis for anti-friction bearings
Nickel-base single-crystal superalloys, method of manufacturing same and gas turbine high temperatur...
Sacrificial anode for cathodic protection and alloy therefor
Solder material, device using the same and manufacturing process thereof
Network interface for industrial controller providing application programmer interface
Apparatus and method for glide height calibration of disk surfaces by use of dual-zone laser texture
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Laser shock peening method and apparatus
Fabric with decorative pattern
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electroluminescence display device
Active matrix organic electroluminescence display device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Indolizine compounds and method for the synthesis thereof
Nonvolatile memory
Single transistor ferroelectric memory cell, device and method for the formation of the same incorpo...
Process for producing a strontium ruthenium oxide protective layer on a top electrode
In-situ measurement method and apparatus in adverse environment
Quinazoline derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for making machine readable images
Hot-stamping device
Preshaped form
Remote physiological monitoring system with configurable settings
On-line educational system for document sharing
System for processing a workpiece
Systems and methods for processing workpieces
Method for high deposition rate solder electroplating on a microelectronic workpiece
Apparatus for providing electrical and fluid communication to a rotating microelectronic workpiece d...
Non-invasive method of determining skin thickness and characterizing layers of skin tissue in vivo
Polymer, in vivo degradable material, and use
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for managing skin conditions
Method for synthesizing DNA
Peptides for the treatment, prophylaxis, diagnosis and monitoring of autoimmune diseases
Method and system for generating a user's telecommunications bill
Optical fiber having tapered end and optical connector with reciprocal opening
Bi-level microelectronic device package with an integral window
Image processing apparatus utilizing light distribution characteristics of an electronic flash
Single layer multi-state ultra-fast cholesteric liquid crystal device and the fabrication methods th...
Snow brush with scraper, ice chisel and squeegee
Combined tire sidewall protectant dispenser and applicator
Ice chisel
Electric iron
Extended island merchandiser base
Housekeeping cart
Longitudinal plate assembly having an adjustable length
Liquid crystal display device wherein liquid crystal inlet shielded by means of shield pattern and s...
Shaping a plasma with a magnetic field to control etch rate uniformity
Method and system for supplying well log data to a customer
Electrostatic actuator and method of driving the same
Apparatus for orthogonal movement of a CCD sensor and a method of light sampling therewith
Optical system driving control device and camera using the same
Camera having light measuring device operable based on focus detecting device
Optical apparatus including lens
Real image mode finder optical system
Camera with which battery is used
Table layout for a small footprint device
Visual attention model
Universal protocol for enabling a device to discover and utilize the services of another device
Arthropod protein disulfide isomerases
Polymers of substituted cyclopentenes
Platinum-rhenium-tin catalyst for hydrogenation in aqueous solution
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenyl...
Oxygen sensor and manufacturing method of sensor element
Absorbent product having a non-woven fabric cover with a three-dimensional profile region
Transparent article having protective silicon nitride film
Organophotoreceptor having an improved ground stripe
Document security processes
Golf ball novelty item
Downhill zip line thrill ride system
Arithmetic processing device, object-to-object communication method and robot
System for previewing video trailers
Swing attachment
Episodic delivery of content
Entertainment apparatus, storage medium and object display method
Apparatus for inflating and sealing air-filled packing cushions
Multi-layered child resistant blister
Carton and carton blank
Blow molded plastic container with inclined mouth and method and apparatus for obtaining same
Tissue equivalent approach to a tissue-engineered cardiovascular valve
Multi-formed collagenous biomaterial medical device
Expression of immunoglobulin-cytokine fusion proteins in malignant B cells
Rapid methods and kits for detection and semi-quantitation of anti-adenovirus antibody
Expression of exogenous polynucleotide sequences in a vertebrate, mammal, fish, bird or human
Methods for enhancing the production of viral vaccines in cell culture
Chimeric lyssavirus nucleic acids and polypeptides
Method and device for multi-sensory learning
Prosthetic eye with polarized dilating pupil and cooperating polarized eyeglass lens
Composition for removing dissolved oxygen from a fluid
Electrical insulating oil with reduced gassing tendency
Multilayer container
Method for testing the degradation of polymeric materials
Genes expressed in C3A liver cell cultures treated with steroids
Hospital bed
Electret transducer
Method for producing a multi-layer chip card
Peer-to-peer automated anonymous asynchronous file sharing
Remote controlled computer system and management method having an identification number
Electronic note taking from network web pages
Method and apparatus for processing frames using static and dynamic classifiers
Higher order construction algorithm method for rapid prototyping
Corrosion resistant steel
Coating composition for forming insulating films, non-oriented electrical steel sheet with the coati...
Hybrid steel cord for tires
Kit for converting a pair of steel posts with inwardly turned nubs into a combination pesticide dust...
Method of torch-cutting steel
Method for producing titanium-bearing microalloyed high-strength low-alloy steel
Concrete and steel bench
Saccharide sensing molecules having enhanced fluorescent properties
Floating body
Air cushion vessel
Apparatus for providing resistance to cargo spills and terrorism at sea
Vessel maneuvering device
Rope or cable securing device
Towrope retriever for watercraft
Elastomeric launch assembly and method of launch
Construction toy device and method of using the same
Flying disk toy with rope
Convertible toy chair and vanity combination
Method of manufacturing a cathode ray tube
Puppet system
Pneumatic toy with stackable play pieces
Interconnectable model construction elements
Entangled fibrous web of eccentric bicomponent fibers and method of using
Fortified confectionery delivery systems and methods of preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for continuous heat sterilization of liquid
Composition of multipurpose high functional alkaline solution composition, preparation thereof, and ...
Use of non-alkalized cocoa solids in a drink
Apparatus for venting chemical vessels
Method for the production of olefin/carbon monoxide copolymers
Composition and method for regulating the adhesion of cells and biomolecules to hydrophobic surfaces
Olefin-polyamide thermoplastic alloy and process for making the same
Late transition metal diimine catalyst
Olefin polymers formed by use of constrained geometry addition polymerization catalysts
Method of melt processing amine containing polyethylenes
Method for mulching an agricultural soil bed using a biodegradable protein material, and a mulched a...
System and method for disabling schematics
Antisense IAP nucleic acids and uses thereof
Tunable optical filter
Bistable molecular mechanical devices with a middle rotating segment activated by an electric field ...
Human EP3 prostaglandin receptor
Pneumatic transfer terminal and method of operation
Process for producing alkylated hydroxyl-containing aromatic compounds
Each of a plurality of descriptors having a completion indicator and being stored in a cache memory ...
Peptide antagonists of zonulin and methods for use of the same
Voltammetric measurement of halide ion concentration
Apparatus and method for wireless gas monitoring
Apparatus and process for extracting and recovering metals from aqueous solutions
Niobium powder, sintered body using the powder, and capacitor using the same
Holding device for a book or binder
Guanylhydrazones useful for treating diseases associated with T cell activation
Method of producing paper, paperboard and cardboard
Crystalline Efavirenz
Dipeptide compounds and their use as antiviral agents
Small-sized sensor
Method and system for scheduling optimal compression ratio of an internal combustion engine
Computerized systems and methods for managing project issues and risks
Information technology project assessment method, system and program product
Tricyclic compounds as MRP1-inhibitors
Methods for identifying compounds for treating pain
Delivery systems and methods for noscapine and noscapine derivatives, useful as anticancer agents
Methods and compositions for the manufacture of C-3' and C-4' anthracycline antibiotics
Process for forming an aqueous polymeric dispersion
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method for manufacturing same
Toner compositions comprising polyester resin and polypyrrole
Zwitterionic polyamines and process for their production
Method for providing a service implementation for both EJB and non-EJB environments
Recording method, reproducing method and recording and reproducing apparatus for magneto-optical rec...
Flight crew rest and attendant rest environmental control system
Receiving device, recording and reproducing device and receiving/recording-reproducing system for di...
Graphics processor for stereoscopically displaying a graphical image
Interactive wagering system with controllable graphic displays
Technique for autostereoscopic image, film and television acquisition and display by multi-aperture ...
Optical modulator with reduced deterioration of optical waveform in high frequency band
Electronic filter assembly
Moisture actuated imaging device
Pneumatic power cutting tool
Game device
Automatic generation of balancing logic for data conversion
Method of steering a vehicle
Wastewater treatment process
Single electron memory device comprising quantum dots between gate electrode and single electron sto...
Magnetic resonance apparatus with damping of inner mechanical vibrations
NMR resonators optimized for high Q factor
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for inputting information including coordinate data
Preparation of triethyl phosphate
Portable programming system and control method therefor
Modification of receiver surface to reject stamp cancellation information
Wall and sub-floor water drain barrier panel for basement water-control systems
Perimeter weighted foundation for wind turbines and the like
Systems and methods for constructing subsea production wells
Method of drilling, analyzing and stabilizing a terrestrial or other planetary subsurface formation
System and apparatus for excavating contaminated pilings
Sulfur storage system
Portable barrier
"Air cushion effect" soft oral care brush
Biological classification system
Sterilizing method by far-infrared radiation
Wood impregnation
Compositions for mitigating coke formation in thermal cracking furnaces
Combined process of low degree solvent deasphalting and delayed coking
Method of making flexible graphite sheet having increased isotropy
Inhalation actuated device for use with metered dose inhalers (MDIs)
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction informat...
Gravity driven steerable vehicle
Chair for a drum
Total body exercise methods and apparatus
Force measuring device and method
Method for refreshing, deodorizing and finishing garments
Phosphatidylserine-containing muscle development diet supplement and anti-catabolic dietary nutrient...
Thermosetting compositions containing carboxylic acid functional polymers prepared by atom transfer ...
Surgical prep solution applicator system and methods
Method of preparing photoresponsive devices, and devices made thereby
Photovoltaic strip assembly
Semiconductor device and semiconductor display device
Crystalline semiconductor thin film, method of fabricating the same, semiconductor device, and metho...
Solar module with border sealing
Semiconductor device having driver circuit and pixel section provided over same substrate
Anisotropic conductive film
Method for producing polyetherpolyols in the presence of a multi-metal cyanide complex catalyst
Multi-layer interconnection board
Multilayer-wiring substrate and method for fabricating same
Ultrasound portable tubular transducer
Granule of parahydroxybenzoic acid or parahydroxybenzoic ester and process for producing the same
Tamper-resistant outlet cover
Endovascular thin film devices and methods for treating and preventing stroke
Diagnosing crashes in distributed computing systems
Interchangeable handle grip assembly, conversion kit, and tools incorporating same
Process for calibrating a sensor for measuring an angle of inclination of a motor vehicle wheel
Temporary halting of thread execution until monitoring of armed events to memory location identified...
Method and system for assigning priority among network segments
Method and apparatus for efficient storage and retrieval of objects in and from an object storage de...
Communication bus controller including designation of primary and secondary status according to slot...
Dynamic routing of data across multiple data paths from a source controller to a destination control...
Methods and apparatus for improving the quality of displayed images through the use of display devic...
Fault diagnosis method for an input shaft speed sensor of an automatic transmission
Temporal resolution method and systems for ultrasound imaging
D and L etherlipid stereoisomers and liposomes
Combination ultraviolet curing and infrared drying system
Air gap for controlling sample absorption and hematocrit dependence
Vehicle idling stop control apparatus
Network conference recording system and method including post-conference processing
Flexible system and method for communicating between a broad range of networks and devices
System and method for visually tracking occluded objects in real time
Color image quantization using a hierarchical color perception model
Image synthesis by illuminating a virtual deviation-mapped surface
Multi-spindle end effector
Gaming system and method
Active trocar
Method for limiting the force action of a robot part
Method of performing an animal related action on an animal and a device for performing said method
Apparatus and method of recognizing position and direction of mobile robot
Wafer transfer apparatus and device and method for cleaning robot arm in wafer transfer apparatus
Methods of determining whether a network interface card entry within the system registry pertains to...
Inhibitors of NF-.kappa.B Activation
Sodium ion-driven chloride /bi-carbonate exchanger
Communication apparatus and method for a CDMA communication system
Handbag with removable purse
Monofilament yarn and process for producing the same
Energy activated electrographic printing process
Visual properties for a wash process using a lipophilic fluid based composition containing a coloran...
Monitoring emissions
Modified polymers
Polymers containing zwitterionic monomers
Anaerobic compositions with enhanced toughness and crack resistance
Process for the production of (meth)acrylic polymers
Optical materials having good ultraviolet absorbability and method for producing them
Non-reciprocal circuit element, communication device, and method of manufacturing non-reciprocal cir...
Humidifying module
Water treatment process
Process of making fiber having functional mineral powder
Surface acoustic wave filter and communication device using the filter
Motor vehicle arrangement
Suspension layout using steering gear frame
Suspension for personal mobility vehicle
System for deactivating an airbag firing device
Motorcycle transmission
Independently rotating wheels with planetary drive
Methods and apparatus for implementing a device side advanced serial protocol
SCSI data rate speed determination
Sharing arbiter
Device initialize command for a synchronous memory
Method and apparatus for improving write performance in a cluster-based file system
Inanimate entity line-of-bearing location method via linking material-specific non-uniform static el...
Apparatus for making holograms including images of particular sizes
Low noise exhalation port for a respiratory mask
Bicycle front fork assembly
Fluid dynamic bearing secondary capillary seal reservoir
Data transfer and synchronization system
Configurable branch prediction for a processor performing speculative execution
Process for control of crystallization of inorganics from aqueous solutions
Vehicle-mounted system
Communication terminal device with communication controller
Method and system for vehicle trajectory estimation
Process for the production of a diene in three successive stages from a tertiary alkyl ether
Process for atomizing FCC feed oil
Process for alkylating aromatics
Cyclone for separating fine solid particles from a gas stream
Process for oxygenation of components for refinery blending of transportation fuels
Method for instructing a student using an automatically generated student profile
Double screen laptop
Neurocognitive assessment apparatus and method
Damped tensor ring
Pumping apparatus for a vehicle brake system
Compressor surge control apparatus
Vacuum pump
Vacuum pump
Pumping and metering device
Rotociprocating pump
Dual pump apparatus comprising dual drive shafts and auxiliary pump
Method and apparatus for disposing of bodily fluids from a container
Image processing method and device
Automated method for image analysis of residual protein
Method for reducing shadows and/or noise in a digital image
Method for processing saturated intervals in video sequences
Magnetic resonance angiography using floating table projection imaging
Machine readable storage media for detecting distribution of macromolecules between nucleus and cyto...
System for automated determination of retroreflectivity of road signs and other reflective objects
Layout for measurement of overlay error
Switching arrangement for a reversible ratchet type wrench
System, method and article of manufacture for a beam splitting acousto-optical modulator
Needle-card adjusting device for planarizing needle sets on a needle card
Acoustic transducer damping method
Multi-wavelength Raman laser
Transmitting and receiving system for digital communication on electric power-lines
Three-dimensional shape measuring apparatus
Solid slug longitudinal piezoelectric latching relay
Drive feedthrough nulling system
Circuit configuration for DC-biased capacitors
RF MEMS switch loop phase bit radiator circuit
Antenna arrangement
Light source for a digital image projection system
Low impedance implantable extension for a neurological electrical stimulator
Continuous wave cushioned support
Energy saving refrigeration system using composition control with mixed refrigerants
Hierarchical control method for a motor vehicle HVAC system
Refrigeration system
Moving object with fuel cells incorporated therein and method of controlling the same
Method of modulation gain calibration and system thereof
Method and apparatus for recovering a payload signal from a signal that has been modulated by freque...
High IF frequencies with a lower frequency logic based FSK modulation selecting a harmonic alias and...
Open-channeled spiral-wound membrane module
Plug flow anaerobic digester
Magnetic sludge suitable for use in wastewater treatment, method for preparing the same and method f...
Reusable polysilsesquioxane adsorbents for pollutants
Apparatus and method of purifying water with ozone
Wavelength selector and converter and a photonic switching matrix incorporating it
LCD backlight inverter
Voltage converter
Hybrid drive device
Load driving system and method thereof
Catalyst warm-up assessment method for a motor vehicle catalytic converter
High power factor electronic ballast with lossless switching
Monolithic class D amplifier
Short-circuit protection and over-current modulation to maximize audio amplifier output power
Multiple channel class D audio amplifier
Class D amplifier with reduced clock requirement and related methods
Class-D amplifier input structure
Audio amplifier system using a class D amplifier
High efficiency power amplifying apparatus
Adhesive, adhesive member, interconnecting substrate for semiconductor mounting having adhesive memb...
Method, system, and program for embedding a user interface object in another user interface object
Covered endoprosthesis and delivery system
Method of making porous biodegradable polymers
Methods of inhibiting proliferative diseases by inhibiting TGF-.beta.-mediated angiogenesis
Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of ehrlichia infection
Methods for using 22045, a human cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase
Oral delivery of peptides using enzyme-cleavable membrane translocators
Process of preparing 3S-3-amino-3-aryl proprionic acid and derivatives thereof
Pneumatic hand tool exhaust muffler having inner and outer tubes
Bumper/muffler assembly
Transverse partition for exhaust volume
Gas compression apparatus and method with noise attenuation
Electrical machine drive system and method
Integrated borehole system for reservoir detection and monitoring
Clone clutch mechanism
Method and system for identifying data locations associated with real world observations
Internet based supplier process reliability system
Method and apparatus for an automated injection molding configuring and manufacturing system
Computer network based coin-operated machine monitoring system
Cellular weather station and computer system using the public cellular data telephone system and int...
Electronic mail distribution network implementation for safeguarding sender's address book covering ...
E-mail addressing and document management
Apparatus and method for private online message center
Network communication device, communication device, data reception processing method and data transm...
Remote updating of printer settings on a client device in a networked environment
Browser, method, and computer program product for managing documents
Automated electrostatic discharge device testing system
Hadamard transformation method and device
Digital image coding device and method
Information sharing method, information sharing device, and information sharing computer product
Storage controlling device and control method for a storage controlling device
System and method for providing provisioning and upgrade services for a wireless device
Method and device for selecting a transcoding method among a set of transcoding methods
Card type network interface, network conference terminal device and network conference system
Apparatus for guiding a resection of a proximal tibia
Electrode apparatus for stimulating penile tissue
Direct sugar dispensing system in automatic hot beverage vending machines
Curtain coating apparatus and curtain coating process
Apparatus and method for sensing an angle of relative rotation of rotors
Pro-apoptotic fragments of the dengue virus envelope glycoproteins
Chemically modified hyaluronic acid or salts thereof, and a process for producing thereof
Method for integrated supply chain and financial management
Optical amplifier, optical transmission equipment, optical transmission system, and method thereof
Using fibers as delay elements in optical true-time delay devices based on the white cell
Optoelectronic IC module
Passive thermal stabilization for an optical mux/demux
Two-optical signal generator for generating two opticle signals having adjustable optical frequency ...
Font access, registration, display and printing method and a method for processing electronic docume...
Microwave corrosion detection systems and methods
Ratiometric background correction for fluorescence polarization assays
Image forming apparatus having intermediate transfer bodies, brush roller devices and transfer roll ...
Omni-directional munitions handling vehicle
System and method for scoring supersonic aerial projectiles
Method and device for processing tires
Low observable ammunition casing
Adjustable vertical pressure regulator
Gun-shaped controller and game device
Direct drive bearing mechanism
Dynamic bearing device and motor having the same
Intermediate bearing
Bearing apparatus and producing method thereof
Rolling bearing unit for supporting vehicle wheel
Spindle motor
Display device for motor vehicle
Apparatus producing a vacuum in several cavities of a microtitration filter plate, and corresponding...
Sealing structure of gas sensor
Registration scheme for network
Lens barrier device
Photosensitive material processing apparatus and photosensitive material processing method using the...
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method of synthesizing an image for any light source position and apparatus therefor
Electric power control device for camera
Methods for stripping paint with DMSO containing compositions
Apparatus, method and system for accelerated graphics port bus bridges
Bridge device for connecting multiple devices to one slot
Request based caching of data store data
Behavioral memory enabled fetch prediction mechanism within a data processing system
Method and apparatus for document management utilizing a messaging system
Method and system for recovery of the state of a failed CPU/cache/memory node in a distributed share...
Apparatus and method for splicing threadlines by knot-induced thread twist entanglement
Processes of preparing partially oriented and draw textured poly(trimethylene terephthalate) yarns
Multilobal polymer filaments and articles produced therefrom
Photopolymerizable recording element and process for preparing flexographic printing forms
Method of determination of gene function
Method for preparing a catalyst for reduction of nitrogen oxides
Multi-layered golf ball and composition
Manufacture of 3-methyl-tetrahydrofuran from 2-methyl-gamma-butyrolactone
Use of high-k dielectric materials in modified ONO structure for semiconductor devices
Gas-discharge display panel and process for manufacturing the display panel
Biofunctional polymers prepared in supercritical fluid
Coupler for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Absorbent article with macro-particulate storage member
Compositions of polyolefins and hyperbranched polymers with improved tensile properties
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Display screen, in particular a color display screen, coating of the same and means for producing th...
Functional MRI agents for cancer imaging
Method and apparatus for high resolution ex-situ NMR spectroscopy
Diagnostic device including a method and apparatus for bio-potential noise cancellation utilizing th...
Polypeptide hormone-phosphatonin
Micellar systems
Protective eyewear kit
Guided insert hat fasteners for eye glasses
Virtual imaging system
Dry toner and image forming method using same
Electrophotographic image forming method and apparatus
Rotary electric machine having conductors insulated by insulation sleeve inserted into core slot
Execution of instructions using op code lengths longer than standard op code lengths to encode data
Methods for treating neuropsychiatric disorders
Agents with antidepressant action, containing pramipexol and second antidepressant
Colonic motor dysfunction remedies comprising aminothiazole derivatives as active ingredients
Succinate salt of O-desmethyl-venlafaxine
Time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer and method of TOF mass spectrometric analysis
Method and apparatus for display of interlaced images on non-interlaced display
Digital micromirror stage lighting system
Method and apparatus for customized rendering of commercials
Method of and system for adding information and recording medium
Modular skate park system
Guided instructional cardiovascular exercise with accompaniment
Top plate for cooking device having electromagnetic-induction heating unit
Method and apparatus for heating a gas-solvent solution
Block copolymers based on poly(ortho esters) containing amine groups
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising heterogeneous (meth)acrylic copolymer particles
Process for the preparation of an extract with carotenoids, UV absorption, antibacterial and pH indi...
Siloxane-containing oil compositions with good spreading properties
Compositions and methods for treating papillomavirus-infected cells
Personal cleansing compositions containing cleansing and skin active phases separated by one or more...
Multiphase soaps
Method of making non-caustic solid cleaning compositions
Thermoplastic compositions of fluoropolymers
Blow-molded container and closure, and method and apparatus for making same
Carton with article dispenser
Takeout and transfer apparatus for a wheel blow molding machine
Air-filled packing cushion delivery system
Apparatus and process for dispensing dunnage
Method of designing and manufacturing a plastic blow-molded container
Meso-and nanotubes
Stem cell growth factor-like polypeptide
Method for crosslinking porous biodegradable polymers
Reverse fabrication of porous materials
Thermocatalytic process for CO2-free production of hydrogen and carbon from hydrocarbons
Fuel cell system having flow-diverting element
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell power plant
Methods and systems for humidifying fuel for use in fuel processors and fuel cell systems
Fuel supply device for fuel cell
Process for the preparation of hydrogen and carbon monoxide
Pile array assembly system for reduced soil liquefaction
Composition for controlling wellbore fluid and gas invasion and method for using same
Ground penetrating radar
Inclinometer with bragg grating
Ground analyzing system and recording medium recording analysis program used therefor
Geothermal heat collector to collect heat for a load by accessing deep earth temperatures without dr...
Fly ash/mixed plastic aggregate and products made therefrom
Absorbent articles with nits and free-flowing particles
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to M. catarrhalis for diagnostics and therapeutics
Human tumor-associated gene
Box holder device
Information-carrying moulded part
Subcutaneous injection set tubing with solvent bonding
Vinyl acetate/ethylene emulsion stabilized with a phosphate surfactant
Organic thiol metal-free stabilizers and plasticizers for halogen-containing polymers
Method of toughening thermoplastic polymers and thermoplastic compositions produced thereby
Compatible blend of polycarbonate with vinyl (co)polymer
High-voltage direct current cable insulation
Method for making optical devices from homopolymers
Technique for emulsifying highly saturated hydroisomerized fluids
Digital audio watermarking using content-adaptive, multiple echo hopping
Data processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Watermarking in the time-frequency domain
Audio steganography
Method and arrangement for managing a service in a mobile communications system
Apparatus for wiredrawing vegetables or dicing them into three dimensional shapes
Electric espresso maker
Self-foaming soluble beverage powder
Device and method for lumbar interbody fusion
Recording medium, production process and heat-treatment process of the recording medium, and recordi...
Additive transfer film suitable for cook-in end use
Multicomponent optical body
Method for making a dental mill blank assembly
Laminate for case-ready packaging including a gas-impermeable film capable of delaminating into a ga...
Culture dish package and method of making
Method and materials for preventing warping in optical films
Timing mechanism for controlling the charging of a battery in an electronic artillery fuse
Method for controlling timing in reduced programmable logic devices
Multiple pattern illumination system
Bulb-holder for use in a decorative lamp
Instructional device for improving golf skills
Backlight including external electrode fluorescent lamp and method for driving the same
Optical surface-mount lens cell
Pedometer with an illumination lamp
Method of image sampling and apparatus thereof
VISS signal detecting method for detecting VISS signal of video tape
Optical communication network with receiver reserved channel
Optical waveguide crossing and method of making same
Optical fiber management system and method and fiber bender thereof
Fiber optic cable bend radius protection system
Controllably variable optical attenuator
Apparatus and method for dynamically routing documents using dynamic control documents and data stre...
Morphological postprocessing for object tracking and segmentation
Controller for a multiple array color sensor
Color optical inspection system
Velocity measuring system
Pre-data-collection applications test processing system
Software-based record management system with access to time-line ordered clinical data acquired by a...
See-through electrode-pad package and method for using a storage system that includes the package
Rapid prototyping process and apparatus therefor
High-hardness martensitic stainless steel excellent in corrosion resistance
Ferritic stainless steel sheet having good workability
Aluminum-killed medium-carbon steel sheet for containers and process for its preparation
Medium carbon steel sheet and strip having enhanced uniform elongation and method for production the...
Composite material made of two steel cover sheets resistance-welded together and an intermediate lay...
Surface treated tin-plated steel sheet and surface treatment solution
Rust preventive carbon steel sheet for fuel tank having good welding gastightness and anticorrosion ...
On-line and off-line deposition of liquid samples for matrix assisted laser desorption ionization-ti...
Pressure-actuated bi-stable optical switching
Doppler correction and path loss compensation for airborne cellular system
Method of and system for estimating a time of arrival of a radio signal
Method and apparatus for providing localized information to a communication device in a wide area co...
Method for an execution unit interface protocol and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for managing memory
Method and apparatus for managing circuit tests
Medical uses of a selective estrogen receptor modulator in combination with sex steroid precursors
Multi-faceted combined cut gemstones
Compositions and methods for enhancing drug delivery across and into epithelial tissues
Foldable frame for a boat cover
Subsea well production facility
Decentralized network system
Holding apparatus for information input devices
Generalized, differentially encoded, indexed raster vector data and schema for maps on a personal di...
Keyboard device for personal digital assistants
Mobile communication system for learning foreign vocabulary
Writing instrument cap
Supported single-site catalysts useful for olefin polymerization
Color composition, ink for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording method
Method and apparatus for matching system and device fonts
Stent mounting device to coat a stent
Lithographic printing plate precursor with a graft polymerized hydrophilic layer
Methods and apparatus for in situ formation of hydrogels
Air filtration arrangements having fluted media constructions and methods
Powder-free nitrile-coated gloves with an intermediate rubber-nitrile layer between the glove and th...
Soft hand, low luster, high body carpet filaments
Polymeric compositions and processes for providing weatherable film and sheet
Method and apparatus for fabricating orthognathic surgical splints
Computed tomography scan protocol
Method and system for recording probe position during breast ultrasound scan
Fishing gear
Automatic two-speed transmission for a fishing reel
Fishing pole holder
Strategy for maintaining pregnancy
Method and system for gating a sensor using a gated power signal
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Low permeability, high strength timing fabric for utilization within airbag inflation modules
System and method for employing a global bit for page sharing in a linear-addressed cache
Method and apparatus for store forwarding using a response buffer data path in a write-allocate-conf...
Method and apparatus for maintaining and configuring systems
Combined waveform and data entry apparatus and method for facilitating fast behavorial verification ...
System and method for imbedding hyperlinked language grammar notation in a "literate" programming en...
Method for producing regular porous cellulose pearls, corresponding cellulose pearls and use thereof
Floor plan-based power bus analysis and design tool for integrated circuits
Mellin-transform information extractor for vibration sources
Compositions and methods for the treatment of sepsis
Work-up of distillation residues from the synthesis of toluene diisocyanate
Caller information providing apparatus and transmitting method in mobile communication network
Location blocking service for wireless networks
Network mixed topology data switching with interconnect to provide storing and retrieving of data us...
Fuel cell system having a heat exchanger
Device for applying a product and method for manufacturing device
Pop-out toothbrush and enclosure therefore
Apparatus and method for custom cosmetic dispensing
Dry cleaning solvents containing DPTB and other surfactants
Polyacetal resin composition and process for its production
Conveyor lubricant, passivation of a thermoplastic container to stress cracking and thermoplastic st...
System and method for executing hybridized code on a dynamically configurable hardware environment
Glass to metal seal
Lithium polymer secondary cell
Spinel-type lithium-manganese oxide containing heteroelements preparation process and use thereof
Method of manufacturing a lithium battery
Nickel-hydrogen storage battery and method of producing the same
Thin lithium secondary cell
Semiconductive member, semiconductive belt, semiconductive roll, and image formation apparatus
Porous gas sensors and method of preparation thereof
C7 heterosubstituted acetate taxanes
Method and system for molecular charge storage field effect transistor
Lithiated oxide materials and methods of manufacture
Method of producing an electrode
Solid electrolyte, electrochemical device, lithium ion secondary battery, and electric double-layer ...
Battery and process for preparing the same
Non-aqueous electrolyte cell with a solvent including a S-O bond
Dielectric compositions and methods to form the same
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Nitrogen heterocycle inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Heterocyclecarbonyl amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Calanolide and related antiviral compounds, compositions, and uses thereof
Inhibitor of cell proliferation and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for testing hearing and fitting hearing aids
Mobile phone accessory, particularly for the hands-free function, and an arrangement
Magnetically shielded assembly
Method and apparatus for enhancing an image using data optimization and segmentation
Defibrillation shock strength determination technology
Oxidation dyeing process and oxidation dye composition for keratin fibers which comprises a cationic...
Honeycomb core material for sandwich structure and method for manufacturing the same
Bactericidal cleaning wipe
Air freshener device
Apparatus and method for applying a product to hair or scalp
Compositions for dyeing keratin fibers containing para-aminophenols, dyeing process, novel para-amin...
Method and composition for desensitizing the explosive performance of commercially available fertili...
Low residue aqueous hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions
Blooming type compositions containing biphenyl solvents
Proteins and peptides derived from protein ESM-1 and their uses in the treatment and diagnosis of di...
Pharmaceutical superdisintegrant
Transdermal delivery system
Granular compositions
Reactive dyes, their preparation and use
Shear gel compositions
Photoinitiators and their applications
Off-axis levelling in lithographic projection apparatus
Floor jack
Ground safe
Door for security safes and gun cabinets
Door for security safes and gun cabinets
Mail box door assembly including a door and a door frame
Soap pump