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Arrangement and method for finding out the number of sources of partial discharges
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Process for producing oxirane compound
Measuring the velocity of small moving objects such as cells
Computer integrated manufacturing control and information system
Implantable device with digital waveform telemetry
Binary data memory design with data stored in low-power sense
Air compressor enclosure for a reciprocating air compressor
Method and apparatus for thermal testing of brake performance
Preview brake controlling apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Mobile navigation system
Method and system for detecting and correcting off route navigation for server based route guidance ...
Vehicle tracker with user registration reminder and related methods
Integrated sub-network for a vehicle
Electronic equipment enclosure
Daylily plant named `Apricot Sparkles`
Plum tree named `Yummybeaut`
Nectarine tree named `Late Pearl`
Daylily plant named `When My Sweetheart Returns`
High performance non-blocking parallel storage manager for parallel software executing on coordinate...
Asynchronous concurrent dual-stream FIFO
Mitigation of false co-channel uplink reception in a processing satellite communication system using...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices with titanium aluminum nitride work function
Toner for the development of electrostatic image and process for the preparation thereof
Battery separator element containing efficiency improving additives
Dental resin cements having improved handling properties
Rubber composition and vulcanized rubber composition
Bacterial strains for the production of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Method of preparing l-arabinose from sugar beet pulp
Apparatus and method for displaying a menu with an interactive retail terminal
Digital image generation device for transmitting digital images in platform-independent form via the...
Vacuum insulated coffee server
Process for removal of contaminants from a gas stream
Rubber composition containing two silicas
Method of making trimethylene carbonate
Combination pretreatment/adsorption for treating a liquid stream contaminated with an iodine-contain...
Gas-liquid reaction process including ejector and monolith catalyst
Cosmetic compositions containing an amphoteric polymer and a fixing/conditioner polymer, and their u...
Agent and method for permanent waving
Curling iron shield
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
Adhesive compositions
High performance synthetic nonwovens using polymers having dual crosslinkable functionality
Method for manufacture of particles for powder coating
Method of transferring ultra-thin substrates and application of the method to the manufacture of a m...
Methods using a novel neurotrophic factor, NT-4
Automotive wash and wax composition and method of use thereof
Method of preparing rubber substrate
Dishwashing compositions comprising modified alkybenzene sulfonates
Saturated linear polyfluorohydrocarbons, processes for their production, and their use in cleaning c...
Thermoplastic compositions comprising starch and other components from natural origin
Process for producing highly water resistant tackifier resin
Ras suppressor SUR-8 and related compositions and methods
Planar lightwave circuit module
Optical device
Fiber optic splice organizer with splicing tray and associated method
Imaging apparatus
Plasma cell
Wood preservatives
Camera-type image input apparatus
Reduction of surface tension
Gallium nitride-based III-V group compound semiconductor
Humanized and chimeric monoclonal antibodies that recognize epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R)...
Using ink temperature gain to identify causes of web breaks in a printing system
Hydrogen generation via methane cracking for integrated heat and electricity production using a fuel...
Integrated multi-channel fiber channel analyzer
Aerosol dispenser
Mobile user collaborator discovery method and apparatus
Segment aggregation and interleaving of data types in a geographic database and methods for use ther...
Pallet for feeding an automobile body on the assembly-line system
Electrically-driven cart
Fork lift truck
Twin cremation urn
Method for production of high titer virus and high efficiency retroviral mediated transduction of ma...
Solid electrolyte secondary battery
Vacuum interrupter for vacuum breaker
Optical system for multi-part differential particle discrimination and an apparatus using the same
Daylily plant named `Romantic Returns`
Hybrid winter oilseed rape and methods for producing same
Inbred maize seed and plant RPK7250
Nozzles for ink jet devices and laser ablating or precision injection molding methods for microfabri...
Tribo-addressed and tribo-supperessed electric paper
Method of selecting clusters of items using a fuzzy histogram analysis
Hexagonal and octagonal regions from summed-area tables
Image developer that provides fluidized toner
Sensor and associated method
Retrieval system, retrieval method and computer readable recording medium that records retrieval pro...
Method for obtaining and using a combination of a purine nucleotide and nitrogen monoxide donor for ...
Method of making an implantable medical electrical lead
Data recording device and camera with data imaging device
Plum tree named `YUMMYROSA`
Recalling logical volumes to cache from physical media volumes for redundant storage in automated da...
Allocating storage for aligned data
Dynamic RAM disk
Flat-panel display drive using sub-sampled YCBCR color signals
Pitch determination using speech classification and prior pitch estimation
Cordless modem system having multiple base and remote stations which are interusable and secure
Multi-linguistic wireless spread spectrum narration service system
Method and apparatus for testing SRAM memory cells
Voltage modulator circuit to control light emission for non-invasive timing measurements
Image recording apparatus
Gloss sensor having dirt buildup compensation apparatus and method
Long wavelength optical amplifier
Nanometer scale data storage device and associated positioning system
Compact vehicular loudspeaker with dual-standard mounting system
Interrogation of an object for dimensional and topographical information
Display device and electronic apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for subject monitoring
Method and apparatus for asset tracking of network attached devices
System and method for time window access frequency based caching for memory controllers
Computer security monitoring apparatus and system
Delayed-setting concrete
HMTF81 human 7-transmembrane receptor
Method of specifying the amount of bandwidth to reserve for use in network communications
Rake receiver for CDMA wireless communications
Directed reflectors and systems utilizing same
Reducing aluminum compound precipitation during subterranean formation acidizing
Container liners and methods of lining containers
Partial web in tray corners
Electrical cable apparatus and method for making
Multi layer golf ball
Complex skin, slush molding thermoplastic elastomer composition for use in the skin, and an article ...
Rheology-modified thermoplastic elastomer compositions and articles fabricated therefrom
Ethylene copolymer compositions
Human glutathione-S-transferase
Splice variants for human 5-HT4 serotonin receptor and their applications, in particular for screeni...
Compounds and compositions useful for modulation of processes mediated by RXR
TRF 1 binding protein, methods of use thereof
Methods and compositions for the identification and assessment of prostate cancer therapies and the ...
Cold process, oven stable fruit paste and method of making such paste
Cellulose fiber-based compositions and their method of manufacture
Hybrid hull construction for marine vessels
Ballast boat chair for wake enhancement
Towrope retriever for watercraft
Vertical motion compensation for a crane's load
Puppet assembly
Animated toy doll
Miniature puppet theater and book combination and case for storing and transporting the same
Olefin polymerization catalysts and processes for making and using same
Regio-regular copolymer and methods of forming same
Elastic substantially linear ethylene polymers
Photosensitive paste, a plasma display and a method for the production thereof
Rheology modification of elastomers
Method of sorting birds in ovo
Use of alkoxylated sugar esters in liquid aqueous softening compositions
Hindered amine compound, resin composition, polyurethane fiber and production method and use thereof
Organosilyl radical generators and their applications
Apparatus and method for grinding webs made of fiber material
Black-dyeing inks and their use
Amine oxides as asphalt emulsifiers
Method for recovery of catalyst components
Production of high surface energy, high surface area vapor grown carbon fiber
Cell surface molecule-induced macrophage activation
Osteosynthetic fastening device
Rapid X-ray diffraction screening method of polymorph libraries created in multi-well plates
Method and system for compensating for instrumentation overhead in trace data by detecting minimum e...
Heterocyclic compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .bet...
Optical data storage medium
Actuation system and method for a load-bearing paraglider
Diffractive optical element and photographic optical system having the same
Generating grouping queries using tensor representations
Disc drive voice coil motor with shroud feature
Balanced disk drive apparatus
Antiinfective free intramammary veterinary composition
Printer with improved label dispensing
Bandpass phase tracker that automatically samples at prescribed carrier phases when digitizing VSB I...
Fiber-based field emission display
Process for the preparation of aqueous emulsions of advantageously masked (poly)isocyanate oils and/...
Ink for ink jet recording
Environmentally preferred fluids and fluid blends
Light emitting diode cluster module capable for use as an aircraft forward position light source
Device for separating sheets piled up so as to form a stack, in a feeder of a sheet-processing machi...
Delivery of a sheet-processing printing machine
Method for the proper alignment of sheets
Display apparatus
Process for producing blue microcapsules
4-dedimethylaminotetracycline derivatives
Yarn blend for friction applications
Process for preparing purified dyestuffs
Cable network with light waveguide cable for installation in pipelines of existing supply line syste...
Antifoaming device and method for extracorporeal blood processing
Polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Methods, apparatus and system for removal of lenses from mammalian eyes
Deformable intraocular lens insertion system
Anatomically compatible posterior chamber phakic refractive lenses
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets for dicing
Process for ring nitrating aromatic compounds in a tubular reactor having static mixing elements sep...
Polymerization of olefins
Semiconductor memory device including plural blocks with selecting and sensing or reading operations...
Non-condensable purge technique using refrigerant temperature offset
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods of use and facilities for incorporating the same
Gaming machines with board game theme
System and method for securely deleting plaintext data
Apparatus and method for controlling valve timing of an engine
System for the rotation of a camshaft relative to a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine with at least two cam shafts arranged adjacent to each other in the cylin...
Method for reading and writing lines containing words formed from letters
Writing board with reference lines which are invisible from a distance and fabrication process
Pseudo-zoom camera and image processing system using the pseudo-zoom camera
System and method for expanding a log structure in a disk array
Method for recovering aroma concentrate from a caffeine- or theobromine-comprising food base materia...
Process for coating N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester onto...
Amino acid-trehalose composition
Method of DNA transfer
Method for combining multi-modal queries for search of multimedia data using time overlap or co-occu...
Generalized term frequency scores in information retrieval systems
Tiered and content based database searching
Mock translation method, system, and program to test software translatability
Method of preparation of paclitaxel (taxol) using 3-(alk-2-ynyloxy) carbonyl-5-oxazolidine carboxyli...
Plasma display panel
Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method
Adaptive threshold of handoff in mobile telecommunication systems
Power transistors for radio frequencies
Method for removing contaminants from a semiconductor wafer
Polynucleotides and their use for detecting resistance to streptogramin A or to streptogramin B and ...
Lipolytic enzymes
Single multiple aperture ("SMART") lens system
Method and apparatus for classification of data by aggregating emerging patterns
Running toy
Multi-element fuel cell system
Cosmetic effervescent cleansing compositions
Elastin peptide analogs and methods of using same
Detergent compositions for the removal of complex organic or greasy soils
Theraputic topical solution for skin and associated methods of use
Apparatus for rapid measurement of aerosol bulk chemical composition
System and method for importing and exporting test executive values from or to a database
Method for determining spraying parameters for a paint spraying unit
Prerecorded musical arrangement teaching assembly and method
Pump and drain apparatus for a marine propulsion system
Keyboard for a handheld computer
Aglaonema plant named `000-D1`
Actuation system for highly underactuated gripping mechanism
Microcomputer with multiple memories for storing data
Method for cleaning photovoltaic module and cleaning apparatus
Power-generating roof tile with photovoltaic module
Semiconductor memory with improved auto precharge
Apparatus and method for call-waiting event interception
Free-space optical switch
Magnetically shielded conductor
Silicon-based PT/PZT/PT sandwich structure and method for manufacturing the same
Device having a crystalline thin film of complex compound
Anti-waveguide routing structure
Vehicle steering system control
Electric power steering system
Lower fender extension brace
Torque-based shift scheduling during traction control for an automotive vehicle
Hybrid amplifier
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having improved non-linear echo path detection
Desired voice detection in echo suppression
Line interface battery feed arrangements with PTC resistors
Ear mike phone
Method and system which uses sound wave based communication to generate a secure wireless link betwe...
Damping apparatus for bicycle forks
Beverage holder with adjustable mounting system
Bicycle cable locking system
Hand pump with and attaching device for attachment to a bicycle frame
Health maintenance system
Portable traction device
Pest controlling
Nectarine tree named `Burnectfour`
Acetylene derivatives as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Voice IP approval system using voice-enabled web based application server
Hatchback lid for motor a vehicle
Methods for improving the performance of VLSI layouts designed by a timing driven physical design to...
Application of carbon fiber mesh for space and airborne platform applications
Electric power steering system
Dielectric, radiation-curable coating compositions
Methods and formulations of cremophor-free taxanes
Methods and compositions for the treatment and prevention of Parkinson's disease
Implantable or insertable therapeutic agent delivery device
Treating or preventing the early stages of degeneration of articular cartilage or subchondral bone i...
Sustained release microparticle and method for preparing the same
Proanthocyanidin-containing composition
Exhaust flow guide for jet noise reduction
Indexing databases for efficient relational querying
Display device with module having front and back cover
Piezoelectric actuator with an outer electrode that is adapted for thermal expansion
Method and apparatus for enhancing an applause
NMR cell system for supercritical fluid measurements and high-pressure cell for NMR
Automatic defect source classification
SPR sensor plate and immune reaction measuring instrument using the same
Method and apparatus for compensating polarizing fields in magnetic resonance imaging
Intelligent system for generating and executing a sheet metal bending plan
Induction heating furnace and bottom tapping mechanism thereof
Optical microcavity resonator system
Method and apparatus for managing the sale of aging products
System and method for on-line purchasing of goods and services
Activity information accounting method and system
Method of preparing platinum alloy electrode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cell using anhydrous ...
Ferromagnetic powder
Personal ornament and silver alloy for personal ornament
Liquid makeup cosmetic
Degradable polymer fibers; preparation product; and, methods of use
Location indicator and method
Multi-well microfiltration apparatus and method for avoiding cross-contamination
Intermittent data recorder, intermittent data recording controller, intermittent data recording meth...
Process for preparing ether-capped poly(oxyalkylated) alcohol surfactants
Test head assembly
Capacitive device and method of manufacture
Dynamic control of cellular radio communication system resources
Apparatus and method for recovering a clock signal for use in a portable data carrier
Communication device and a method for simultaneous transmission of speech and data
Apparatus and methods for controlling a cellular communications network having airborne transceivers
System and method for generating a database of pulse characteristics for each pulse of an acquired s...
Electric dust collecting unit
Apparatus for electrical stimulation of the body
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Compression regenerative machine for fuel cell
Metallocene compounds and their use for olefin polymerization
Methods of coating an implantable device having depots formed in a surface thereof
Method and apparatus for extracting data from files
Method for executing trusted-path commands
Extending synchronous busses by arbitrary lengths using native bus protocol
Trace fifo management
Subgrid detailed routing
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable ...
Ob receptor
Horizontally movable portal closure system
Executing isolated mode instructions in a secure system running in privilege rings
Automated razor sharpening device
Optical switch
Compositions for treating animal diseases and syndromes
Piston rod-less linear drive and a housing therefor
Collapsible structural element
Client-server software for controlling data collection device from host computer
Textual data classification method and apparatus
Lens, lens device, camera module and electrical equipment
Imaging lens and image reading apparatus using it
Optical system and original reading apparatus
Positioning method of optical element, positioning member of optical element and optical unit, and m...
Method and apparatus for servo-based spectral array alignment in optical systems
Optical fiber having low non-linearity for WDM transmission
Guiding mechanism for moving parts in zoom lens
Event planner with visual seating chart organizer
Cooling arrangement for an inclined-axis variable displacement unit
Gelled aqueous composition comprising a block copolymer containing at least one water-soluble block ...
Active-matrix-type image display and a driving method thereof
Coordinate inputting/detecting system and a calibration method therefor
Liquid crystal panel having tilted liquid crystal molecules and liquid crystal display using the liq...
Image recording/reproducing apparatus having an improved recording signal generating unit
Image processing device and image processing method
Image data encoding apparatus
Data search method with each data item displayed in a filter at a position associated with an attrib...
Synchronously stimulated continuous ink jet head
Stimulable phosphor sheet and process for producing the same
Aquarium photo display device and method
Oral composition
Cogranulates comprising alkali metal phyllosilicates and disintegrants
Image forming apparatus with cleaning member
Nucleotide sequence of the Haemophilus influenzae Rd genome, fragments thereof, and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Reflection type liquid-crystal display unit
Electric gripper
Recovering data from a failed cache using recovery logs of caches that updated the data
Rotary impact tool having a twin hammer mechanism
Method and apparatus for detection of missing pulses from a pulse train
Residuum rare earth magnet
Extending the capabilities of an XSL style sheet to include components for content transformation
Spatial and temporal alignment of a scan dump for debug of scan-based designs
Dynamic prioritization of financial data by predetermined rules with audio output delivered accordin...
Preparation and use of bifunctional molecules having DNA sequence binding specificity
Gas discharge lamp with a capactive excitation structure
Automatic color code (SAT) assignment method used in frequency planning for wireless networks
Circuit configuration and method for accelerating aging in an MRAM
Autopilot for aircraft having automatic descent function in the event of cabin depressurization
Apparatus and method for sensing a vehicle rollover condition
Method and software for supporting improved awareness of and collaboration among users involved in a...
Adaptive and intelligent modem
Moon-phase dial mechanism
Citral acetal
Process for producing 4-thiazolylmethyl derivative
Methods of treating anosmia and repopulating olfactory nerves with retinoids
Signal tampon
Automatic music generating method and device
Cleaning system with electronic display
Protecting smart cards from power analysis with detachable power supplies
Controlling the molecular weight of graft copolymers using polymerizable chain transfer agents
Method of selecting devices for use in fluid pipeline network
Apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Object drop feature for a gaming machine
Method of estimating the performance of a croupier at a roulette table
Game machine
Gaming device having improved award offer bonus scheme
Apparatus and method of checking radio altitude reasonableness
Process for the preparation of a diene elastomer by anionic polymerization
Robotic bridge maintenance system
Tracking apparatus and method for use with combinatorial synthesis processes
Hair ring or hair strip with doll mask
Entertainment center wings
Method and device for braking vehicles
xDSL web ordering tool
Large thermal protection system panel
Gear pump
System and method for storing ordered sections having different file formats
Road map display device and redoce media for use in the same
Inertial rate sensor tuning fork
Combination toy building block and container for holding liquids and the like
Process for preparing 3-hydroxymethyl-4-(aryl or heterocyclic)-cyclopentanones
System for efficient routing and translation of data
Method and system for group content collaboration
Modular application collaboration including filtering at the source and proxy execution of compensat...
Method and apparatus for managing internal caches and external caches in a data processing system
Very large scale immobilized polymer synthesis
Recording medium library device and control method thereof
Data recording and reproduction apparatus, method and system for sending out data
Waterproof camera
Camera for both silver-salt photography and electronic image pickup
Detecting apparatus
Protection of biometric data via key-dependent sampling
Method and apparatus for tracking the motion of fluid and determining a velocity spectrum thereof fr...
Method of quantitative determination of cardiac muscle contraction by electrocardiogram-synchronized...
Method and apparatus to detect acute cardiac syndromes in specified groups of patients using ECG
Method for integrated desulfurizing of pig iron melt and steel melt
Heat treatment method of steel
Process for regeneration of electrolytes from pickle liquor, in particular of NA2S04 from pickle liq...
Method and apparatus for concomitant structural and biochemical characterization of tissue
Drive mechanism for a fishing reel
Guardrail terminal
Nutritional formula for phenylketonuria patients
Method of manufacturing a ruminant feedstuff with reduced ruminal protein degradability
Method for preparing a cheese product
Synthesizing combinatorial libraries of materials
Antibodies to human tumor necrosis factor receptor TR10
N-substituted arylsulfonylamino hydroxamic acids useful as inhibitors of c-proteinase and for treati...
Composition based on cerium oxide or on cerium and zirconium oxides, in the extruded form, process f...
Apparatus for finishing inside diameter of work
Steering system for a vehicle
Process for the preparation of 2-alkythiobenzonitrile derivatives
Display unit and method of displaying an image
Liquid tooth cleaning gel
Vehicle rear seat monitor
Methods of treating cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemia, dyslipoproteinemia, and hypertension with...
Semiconductive jacket for cable and cable jacketed therewith
Fluid thickeners comprising neutralized crosslinked polymers of acrylamidoalkylsulonic acids and N-v...
Method and system for selecting product colors
Synthetic peptides that enhance atherogenic lipoprotein uptake and lower plasma cholesterol
Self-cleaning slurry arm on a CMP tool
Information system
Arrangement based on poly-(3,4-dioxythiophene) derivatives which are electrochromically switched wit...
Liquid fuel-housing tank for fuel cell and fuel cell
Anti-angiogenic compositions and methods of use
Method and apparatus using shaped field of repositionable magnet to guide implant
Rehabilitation of landfill gas recovery wells
Softwall mining method and device
Drainage system with unitary void-maintaining geosynthetic structure and method for constructing sys...
Ground treatment
Magnetoresistive effect head
Medium and method for recording optical information
Evaporation apparatus, organic material evaporation source, and method of manufacturing thin organic...
Radio transceiver and a method of preventing transmission spurious response
Automated creation of a diagnostic tool for the servicing of equipment from free form text dispatche...
Data processing method and apparatus, reticle mask, exposing method and apparatus, and recording med...
Liquid crystal projection device having a liquid crystal display element that includes an electrolum...
Air ratchet tool handle
Apparatus for measuring forces produced by unbalance of a rotary member
Method for operating a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus, and magnetic resonance tomography ap...
Secure communication with mobile hosts
Method for symbol manipulation in an electronic data processing system
Gemstone arrangement
Method and device for estimating the reliability of a decoded symbol sequence
Bulk calling using voice over IP telephony
System and method for providing information technology IT expert referral over a network
Process for the purifying of iopamidol
Network of digital broadcast stations
Absorbent article comprising a liquid handling member having high suction and high permeability
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Heterocyclic compounds useful as inhibitors of tyrosine kinases
Acylphenylurea derivatives, a process for their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
Oxazole PPAR antagonist
Use of a RAR-.gamma.-specific agonist ligand for increasing the rate of apoptosis
4-Arylamino, 4-aryloxy, and 4-arylthio diarylamines and derivatives thereof as selective MEK inhibit...
Substituted 2-(S)-hydroxy-3-(piperidin-4-yl-methylamino)-propyl ethers and substituted 2-aryl-2-(R)-...
Method of locking 1.alpha.-OH of vitamin D compounds in axial orientation
Purchase and delivery of digital content using multiple devices and data networks
Long baseline RTK using a secondary base receiver a non-continuous data link and a wireless internet...
Remote electronic invoice entry and validation system and method therefor
Communication apparatus and method that link a network address with designated image information
Hydroalkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons
System for managing personal and group networked information
Two-dimensional gels for separation, identification and characterization of biomolecules
Reconfigurable data cache controller
Synthesis of coenzyme Q10 ubiquinone
Gas discharge lamp with ellipsoidal discharge chamber
Color scannerless range imaging system using an electromechanical grating
EEPROM memory cell embedded on core CMOS for analog applications
Antenna system and apparatus for radio-frequency wireless keyboard
Process for producing chemicals from oxygenate
Encapsulants for solid state devices
Using delayed electrical pulses with magneto-resistive devices
Capacitor for semiconductor memory device
Passenger entertainment system providing live video/audio programming derived from satellite broadca...
System for time-shifting events in a multi-channel convergence system
Pill dispensing reminder system for indicating when to take a specific pill
Rational selection of putative peptides from identified nucleotide, or peptide sequences, of unknown...
Aircraft control system for reaching a waypoint at a required time of arrival
Device and process for measuring distance and speed
Video encoder for digital video displays
Class of methods for improving perceived efficiency of end-user interactive access of a large databa...
Complete integrated self-checkout system and method
Method for the implementation of a fault diagnostic system and in-vehicle fault diagnostic system
Decorative toppers
Laminated glass
Naphthopyrans annelated in C5-C6, their preparation and compositions and (co)polymer matrices contai...
Polyamide resin composition and process for producing the same
Modified oxymethylene polymers
Elastomer composition
Polyoxymethylene copolymer and composition thereof
Dynamic tuning of multi-path interference filter
Silica foam compositions
Lithium bisoxalatoborate, the production thereof and its use as a conducting salt
Nonaqueous secondary battery, method for making negative electrode component therefor, and apparatus...
Polyamide-containing ligating agents bonded to inorganic and organic polymeric supports and methods ...
Magnesium ammonium phosphate hexahydrate and monohydrate slurries
Resin composition, molded article therefrom, and utilization thereof
Halide compound mass spectrometry method and mass spectrometry apparatus
Surface modified carbonaceous materials
System and method for diagnosing and repairing errors in complementary logic
Method and system for improving yield of semiconductor integrated circuits
Apparatus and method for source synchronous link testing of an integrated circuit
Method of analyzing crosstalk in a digital logic integrated circuit
Process and system for Java virtual method invocation
Programmatic synthesis of processor element arrays
Method, system, and program for generating batch files
Use of a pentopyranosyl nucleoside for producing an electronic component, and conjugates of said pen...
Mold capable of degrading dioxin, degradation of dioxin with the use of the same, method for produci...
Acquired resistance genes in plants
Inbred maize seed and plant RPK7346
Aqueous, gel laundry detergent composition
Bleaching compositions
Cancer treatments and pharmaceutical compositions therefor
System and method for interfacing multiple electronic devices
System and method for application of medicament into the nasal passage
Dynamic business process automation system using XML documents
Neuron circuit and related techniques
Computer implemented education system
Primary transfer for simplex mode forward-link high-speed packet data services in CDMA systems
Apparatus and method for sharing a signaling channel
Non malleable encryption apparatus and method
Luminescent external dialer for mobile phone
Dynamic path gain compensation for radios in wireless communication systems
Method for automatically monitoring continuity and integrity of communication trunks
Histogram-based approximation of set-valued query-answers
Methods and apparatus for customizing configurable photocubes
Informational item forming and bonding machine and method
Method of reproducing colored images on a heat transferable decorative, at least partially metallize...
Composite hanger and label incorporating the same
Multilayered volume hologram structure, and label for making multilayered volume hologram structure
Printed document having a value, with luminescent authenticity feature
Retaining wall structure for soil stabilization including double layer of geogrid web material to pr...
Radar device for detecting response signal
Chrysanthemum plant named `Light Mood`
Method and apparatus for controlling the movement of a plurality of agents
Antimicrobial phosphonium and sulfonium polyhalide compositions
IGF-I variants
Medullary plug including an external shield and an internal valve
Footwear article using a criss-crossing lacing pattern
Antiperspirant or deodorant compositions
Cosmetic compositions having improved wear and beauty
Tissue engineered blood vessels and methods and apparatus for their manufacture
Delivery of bioactive compounds to an organism
Copolyesters with minimized hydrolytic instability and crystalline absorbable copolymers thereof
Thin-film magnetic head including a non-magnetic layer for reducing noise in a reproducing head, and...
Delivery of a skin health benefit agent to a treated substrate for transfer to skin
X-ray optical device and multilayer mirror for small angle scattering system
Haloalkoxy imidazonaphthyridines
Cabergoline and pramipexole: new uses and combinations
Method for manufacturing a three-dimensional model by variable deposition and apparatus used therein
Leadframe with elevated small mount pads
Multi-rate digital signal processor for signals from pick-offs on a vibrating conduit
Initialization algorithm for drive control in a coriolis flowmeter
Control circuit device, particularly for a gradient system of a magnetic resonance apparatus
Magnet structure having a passively controllable homogeneous field
Radar detector
Synthetic resin composition
Memory cell having a vertical transistor with buried source/drain and dual gates
Modulated liquid lens without spherical aberration having means for absorbing the solar energy conde...
Image forming apparatus
Polymer electrolyte membrane and method of fabrication
Oral composition
Herbal compositions for treating immunological disorders
Pharmaceutical compositions for prolonged peptide release and preparation method
Electrical stimulation of tissue for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes
Pistol air tool having a flat tilt valve
Bending beam torque wrench
Process for synthesizing pharmaceutically active disulfide salts
Welding-type power supply with boot loader
Navigation apparatus
Magneto-resistive device including soft reference layer having embedded conductors
Recognition system
Carpet having syndiotactic polypropylene backing and technique for making same
Particle transfection: rapid and efficient transfer of polynucleotide molecules into cells
Pressure-balanced gas turbine underwater launcher
Biosensor arrays and methods
Nectarine tree named `Sweet Surprise`
Camel-back digital organizer and communication protocol for a cellular phone device
Virtual join index for relational databases
Sole for footwear
Method of fabricating a micro-electromechanical systems device
Transversal surface acoustic wave filter
Compositions and methods for extracting a nucleic acid
Method of managing feature data
Method of installing components in a downhole apparatus, and apparatus obtained thereby
Pipeline padding machine and method
Thin-film magnetic head having abrasion-resistant face opposing recording medium
Absorbent article which maintains or improves skin health
Prodrugs for antimicrobial amidines
Method of treating cytotoxic damage
Variable power thermal printer
Limited backflow reflux valve and method
Indoor automatic aquaculture system
Integrated having a self-aligned Cu diffusion barrier
Device for monitoring welds
Process for exchanging the bearings of a traversing fiber guiding rod and textile machine accommodat...
DSP-9 dual-specificity phosphatase
Use of sericin as antioxidants and tyrosinase inhibitors
Rear projection screen including a lenticular lens with clear and diffusing layers on light receivin...
Supported catalyst and the process for preparing the same
Methods of ophthalmic administration
Distal protection device
High density polyester composition
Modular, miniaturized switchgear
Coaxial tilt pin fixture for testing high frequency circuit boards
Bioresorbable compositions of carboxypolysaccharide polyether intermacromolecular complexes and meth...
Flexible duct for a microturbine
Method and apparatus for automotive and other testing
Distributed device management system
Dynamic conversion of object-oriented programs to tag-based procedural code
High-pressure discharge lamp
Resistive memory element sensing using averaging
Recognition engine with time referenced neurons
Sub-sea membrane separation system with temperature control
Method of plasmid DNA production and purification
Microelectricalmechanical device immobilization and sealing
Analytic sensor apparatus and method
Citrus tree named `Dity`
Modular system and architecture for device control
Aggregate join index for relational databases
Bearing with low wear and low power loss characteristics
Rotary fluid bearing coatings and coining and processes for manufacturing the same
Hydrodynamic type bearing unit
Sealing system for a spherical bearing
Thrust washer
Virtual ball joint
Athletic training shoe inserts and method of fabrication
Backlight device and liquid crystal display device
Lubricant filter mounting structure
Tetrahydrofuran-adducted group II .beta.-diketonate complexes as source reagents for chemical vapor ...
Calibrated tunable fiber fabry-perot filters for optical wavelength scanners and optical spectrum an...
Treatment of HIV
In situ water and soil remediation method and system
Magnetoresistive sensor capable of providing strong exchange coupling magnetic field, and thin-film ...
Antibodies to a lymphocyte surface receptor that binds CAML and methods of use thereof
Switch integral in a semiconductor element
System and method for automatically and iteratively mining related terms in a document through relat...
Distributed vehicle information processing and vehicle control system
Method and apparatus for locating facilities through an automotive computing system
Apparatus and method for generating processor usable data from natural language input data
Substrate peptides and assays for detecting and measuring proteolytic activity of serotype A neuroto...
Method and apparatus for deposition of diamond-like carbon and silicon-doped diamond-like carbon coa...
Use of creatine and/or creatine derivatives for treating typical disorders in women
Policy engine which supports application specific plug-ins for enforcing policies in a feedback-base...
Processless thermal printing plate with cover layer containing compounds with cationic groups
Table saw blade heel adjuster
Liquid crystal display and timepiece
Coil restraint device
Cleaner for inside of water tank
Thin film circuit substrate and manufacturing method therefor
Decorative display apparatus
Phase control network for active phased array antennas
Machine for harvesting fruit and berries and the like from fruit trees and bushes planted in a row, ...
Image forming apparatus having a member for barring an electrification particle form leaking
Composition and process for remediation of waste streams
Amorphous paroxetine composition
Fresnel lens sheet for rear projection screen
Integrated method for producing epoxides from olefins
Low profile catheter valve
Automatic web-based detection and display of product installation help information
Glass reinforced polycarbonate-polyester composition
Universal power connector for joining flexible cables to rigid devices in any of many configurations
Touch-free loading system for an in-bay, automatic vehicle wash system
Crosslinked N-substituted chitosan derivatives
Cardiac pacemaker lead with swaged distal electrode
FIR filter utilizing programmable shifter
Device and method for detachably connecting an impeller to a pinion shaft in a high speed fluid comp...
System and method for handling purchasing transactions over a computer network
Classes of service in an MPOA network
Cold-cathode cathodoluminescent lamp
Method for preparing ZnSe thin films by ion-assisted continuous wave CO2 laser deposition
Integrated memory having memory cells with a magnetoresistive storage property and method of operati...
SBTN ferroelectric thin film and method for producing same
Nucleic acid probes having highly hydrophilic non-nucleosidic tags with multiple labels, and uses th...
Human resource knowledge modeling and delivery system
Plum tree named `YUMMYGIANT`
Method and apparatus for listening for incoming calls on multiple port/socket combinations
Method for selecting beam orientations in intensity modulated radiation therapy
Method and apparatus for electrical stimulation adjunct (add-on) treatment of urinary incontinence a...
System for promoting correct finger placement in a fingerprint reader
Apparatus and method for storing compressed data to a storage device
Waste toner detection systems and methods for determining the volume of waste toner in a printer car...
Stub airfoil exhaust nozzle
Distributed computer database system and method employing hypertext linkage analysis
Computerized system and method for bullet ballistic analysis
Rotary magazine for firearm with hold-open lever
Armor system for flexible cables and conduits
Hand-held casting device for molding a hollow pointed, grooved, and twice throughbored bullet
Variable burn-rate propellant
Shoe carousel device
Display electrode arrangement for a reflection type liquid crystal display device
Dust shroud for abrading machine
Three-axis motion sensor
Disc drive having charge feedback drive microactuator
Surface treatment of ethylene based polymer pellets to improve blocking resistance
Ternary compositions of ammonia, pentafluoroethane and difluoromethane
Nitrile/fluoroalcohol-containing photoresists and associated processes for microlithography
Surfactant free aqueous emulsions
Polyurethane based thermoreactive hot-melt adhesives
Polyamide chain extension process and related polyamide product
Laser marking compositions and method
Ink jet recording element
Micronized particles
Emulsion aggregation toner particles coated with negatively chargeable and positively chargeable add...
Process for producing dimethyltetralin
Indirect back surface contact to semiconductor devices
Aryl phosphate derivatives of d4T having anti-HIV activity
Methods and compositions for grouting heat exchange pipe
Reusable pesticide bait station
Process for making foam laminates
System and method of soil distribution, such as a soil blend, capable of being blown into place
Process for obtaining a hair conditioning agent
Polyester tray package with lidding film having glycol-modified copolyester sealant layer
Fibers for reinforcing matrix materials
Metallized multi-layer film
Methods and apparatus for the formation of heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes
Microtubule-associated protein
Lymphotropic agents and vectors
Systems and methods for measuring nitrate levels
2-heterocyclically substituted dihydropyrimidines
Determination of heteroatom content in Fischer-Tropsch wax
Image reading apparatus
Firearm cartridge having a plurality of ignition primer chambers and associated methods for reducing...
Tunnel junction read head with flux guide coupled to and magnetically extending a recessed free laye...
Photoresist composition, preparation method thereof and method for forming a pattern during semicond...
Antisense modulation of BH3 interacting domain death agonist expression
Antisense modulation of syntaxin 4 interacting protein expression
Noninvasive transdermal systems for detecting an analyte obtained from or underneath skin and method...
Dynamic addressing mapping to eliminate memory resource contention in a symmetric multiprocessor sys...
Process for the production of alkali metal- and ammonium peroxodisulfate
Photopolymerizable composition containing a sensitizing dye and a titanocene compound
Digital thermal printing process
Marine carrier
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same and method of driving the same
Three axis flap control system
Hog farming process and barn
Heat/cold amorphized barrier layer for integrated circuit interconnects
Method for implementing large multiplexers with FPGA lookup tables
Cylinder drive
Printing unit for a rotary printing machine with cross slide
Piezoelectric rotating point-of-purchase display
Laser range measuring device for a fuse
Preparation of powder agglomerates
Image forming apparatus having protective layer on the surface of image bearing member to avoid adhe...
Heat sealable films
Delamination resistant multi-layer composite dielectric layer employing low dielectric constant diel...
Uninterruptible switching regulator
Method of making a metal membrane foil made of a palladium alloy for hydrogen separation
Variable fuel cell power system for generating electrical power
Fuel cell system
Methodology and apparatus for supply of reactant fluids to and purging of product and inert fluids f...
Methods and structures for metal interconnections in integrated circuits
Imidazoles and related compounds as .alpha.1A agonists
Transport and/or storage of acrylic acid
Fuel cell assembly method with selective catalyst loading
Industrial automation system and method for efficiently transferring time-sensitive and quality-sens...
Image forming apparatus having paper dust removing means
NC machining support method and device
Engineering services coordinating system and method therefor
Mobile firefighting systems with breathable hypoxic fire extinguishing compositions for human occupi...
Comprehensive interface between bios and device drivers to signal events
Air compressor system and an air/oil cast separator tank for the same
Drive shaft lock
Superconducting dot/anti-dot flux qubit based on time-reversal symmetry breaking effects
Apparatus and method for interconnecting 3-link nodes and parallel processing apparatus using the sa...
Hard disk drives employing high speed distribution bus
Toys incorporating geneva gear assemblies
Valve timing and lift control system
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for adjusting an internal combustion engine with variable valve timing
Intake air control system of engine
Electronic sourcing system
Adaptive handoff algorithms for mobiles operating in CDMA systems
Use of sulfide-containing liquors for removing mercury from flue gases
Process for malodorous gas treatment
Bipolar electrochemical battery of stacked wafer cells
Discharge lamp DC ballast employing only passive components
Device for quantitative detection of copper in silicon by transient ionic drift and method using sam...
Service transaction monitoring system, method, and device
Photoplotting process and apparatus for high-energy plotting of a computer-stored raster image on a ...
Manganese oxide helices, rings, strands, and films, and methods for their preparation
Cyclosilane compound, and solution composition and process for forming a silicon film
Interface monitoring placement system
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor-integrated color filter
Electro-desorption compressor
Compact fluid storage system
Campylobacter glycosyltransferases for biosynthesis of gangliosides and ganglioside mimics
Microfabricated double-throw relay with multimorph actuator and electrostatic latch mechanism
Method and apparatus for determining molecular weight of labile molecules
Toner, external additive therefor and image forming method using the toner
Heat sensitive composition, original plate using the same for lithographic printing plate, and proce...
Laminated composites
Asphalt modifier of styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer and styrene-butadiene latex
Rosin-fatty acid vinylic polymers as grind resins and grind vehicles comprising same
Stable N-oxyl radial assisted mini emulsion polymerization
Integrated circuit tester
Multilayer integrated optical device and a method of fabrication thereof
Integrated CMOS pigtailed receiver using CMOS-compatible optical bench
Antiglare and antireflection film, polarizer, and image display device
Reflection-type color liquid crystal display device having absorbing member containing fluorescent m...
AMEL device with improved optical properties
Ophthalmic lens made of organic glass, comprising an anti-shock primer coat
Semiconductor device designing method and apparatus, and memory medium that is stored with macro inf...
Automatic placement and routing of semiconductor integrated circuits
Channel router with buffer insertion
Magnetic random access memory
Method for fabricating a patterned metal-oxide-containing layer
Mutation analysis using mass spectrometry
Method and apparatus for forming a layer on a substrate
Isolated nucleic acids comprising Listeria dal and dat genes
Human bad polypeptides, encoding nucleic acids and methods of use
Autognomic decision making system and method
Spring roller-type pectorals exerciser
Organic electrolyte and lithium secondary battery
Apparatus and method for measuring alignment of metered dose inhaler valves
Integrated circuit chip carrier assembly
Supply cartridge for a printing apparatus
TC runtime control using underdeveloped solid, and edge enhancement
System and method for extending the life of a charge receptor in a xerographic printer
Pre-fuser transport assembly for handling a variety of sheets, and a reproduction machine having sam...
Selective removal of contaminants from a surface using articles having magnets
Cyclopentane and cyclopentene compounds and use for detecting influenza virus
Antirrhinum plant named `Yapear`
Drug document production system
Software agent system for acquiring information from server arranged on network
Method of using electronic tickets containing privileges for improved security
Method for allowing multiple processing threads and tasks to execute on one or more processor units ...
Method and apparatus for ensuring data integrity
Method and system for configuring a radio interface in a communication system
Method and system for data transmission with a macrodiversity reception
Digital matched filtering for signal estimation in a digital receiver
Method for configuring and assigning channels for a wireless network
Surface tension effect dryer with porous vessel walls
Computer readable medium with definition of interface recorded thereon, verification method for feas...
Optical arrangement
Optical communication system
Optical fiber amplifier, a method of amplifying optical signals, optical communications system
Optical information medium, stamper for manufacturing transparent substrate therefor and recording m...
Light sources based on semiconductor current filaments
Method and apparatus for self-testing and maintaining alignment of an optical beam in an optical swi...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having power reduction mechanism
Speaker having a hemispherical vibrator
Liquid crystal display device
Driver and method of operating a micro-electromechanical system device
Capacitive element drive device
Method for providing an amusement by deforming facial images
User interface for system management applications
Methods and apparatus for routing requests in a network
Method for formatting and routing data between an external network and an internal network
Reordering of burst data transfers across a host bridge
Glitch protection and detection for strobed data
Substituted thiadiazolesulfonamides
Incremental filtering in a persistent query system
Decoupling two or more channels on RF coil systems
Gradient coil system
MRI magnet with enhanced patient entry and positioning
High field open magnetic resonance magnet with reduced vibration
Method of treating hyperproliferative diseases using active vitamin D analogues
Pharmaceutical composition and method for treating hypogonadism
Tissue specific prodrug
D-mannitol and its preparation
GDNF receptor
Reduced lipid flowable preparations
Elastomer free, high efficacy antiperspirant stick
Skin care agents containing combinations of active agents consisting of vitamin a derivatives and UB...
White elastomer seal materials and a process for manufacture thereof
Process for preparing resorcinol derivatives
Radiation indicator device
Expanded graphite knitting yarn and a gland packing
Method and apparatus for high speed plastic container unscrambling
Reinforced sterilizable containers
Method and apparatus for connecting underwater conduits
Optimization of initialization of parallel compare predicates in a computer system
Nucleic acid biosensor diagnostics
Multilayer composite PSA constructions
Oral dosage dispenser
Microplate with transparent base
Viral vector complexes having adapters of predefined valence
Spin-tunnel magneto-resistance type magnetic sensor
Process for producing an industrial member having throughholes of high aspect ratio
DNA encoding type II IL-1 receptors
Apparatus and method for automatically detecting defects on silicon dies on silicon wafers
Method for detecting sky in images
Method for determining an aging condition for an optical waveguide grating and temperature sensor
Coupling lens and semiconductor laser module
Chemically specific imaging of tissue
Excitatory amino acid receptor modulators
Information transmitting apparatus and method, information receiving apparatus and method, and infor...
Thermal color printer
Overhead arrow support device
Application of variable bias voltage on a cylindrical grid enclosing a target
Implantable medical device with external recharging coil electrical connection
Method and apparatus for inhibiting or minimizing calcification of aortic valves
Process for production of monoalkyl ethers
Composition comprising silicone polymer containing non-silicone backbone and at least one thickening...
Article made of plastics material, a method of manufacture, and a molding composition
Cosmetic composition comprising farnesol, farnesyl acetate and panthenyl triacetate
Alkoxylation catalyst and method for producing the same, and method for producing alkylene oxide add...
Water-in-oil emulsion containing fibers and the use thereof as a cosmetic composition
Fiber-containing base composition for use with mascara
2- and 2.5-substituted phenylketoenols
Security rule processing for connectionless protocols
Electrolytic capacitor, circuit board containing electrolytic capacitor, and method for producing th...
2-D projectile trajectory corrector
Panel tester and grader
Methods and apparatus for backing-up and restoring files using multiple trails
Dog kennel
Automatic synchronization of state colors across a web-based system
Structure for electrically connecting a first body of semiconductor material overlaid by a second bo...
Inclined non-uniform planar spaced constellation of satellites
Parachute toy
Device for controlling a system for monitoring the environment of an aircraft, in particular of a tr...
Method for seamless engraving of patterns
Lifting/pull-sucker drive mechanism for a sheet-processing machine
Environmental control system blower assembly
Method for the automatic removal of image errors
Shadow display device
Polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Method and an arrangement in a radio system
Compositions and methods for treating infections using cationic peptides alone or in combination wit...
Composite firewall structure
Color image forming apparatus and method
Ophthalmic lens insertion instrument and package
Accommodating multifocal intraocular lens
Process for converting nitrobenzene to a free aminophenol
Stamped bipolar plate for PEM fuel cell stack
Apparatus and methods for hydrogen separation/purification utilizing rapidly cycled thermal swing so...
Lithium secondary battery
Flame-retardant resin composition, and insulated wire, shielded wire and insulating tube comprising ...
Systems and methods for directing automated services for messaging and scheduling
Signal processing circuit and information recording apparatus
Compressor system including a separator tank with a separator element positioned therein
Power tool and convertible remote battery pack therefor
Air hoist including brake feature
Spectroscopic measurement method using NMR
Onboard vehicle navigation system
Laser doppler vibrometer for remote assessment of structural components
Speed ratio control device for vehicle
Arrangement and method for a driving unit in a vehicle
Navigation system for land vehicles that learns and incorporates preferred navigation routes
Columnar race game
Convertible game table
Microcontroller system having security circuitry to selectively lock portions of a program memory ad...
Modification of receiver surface to reject stamp cancellation information
Data processor
Fail-over of multiple memory blocks in multiple memory modules in computer system
Semiconductor device testing apparatus and signal output apparatus for outputting a differential sig...
Triacylglycerol based candle wax
Endogenous ketogulonigenium plasmid
System and method for performing money transfer transaction using TCP/IP
System and methods for querying digital image archives using recorded parameters
Hardware copy assist for data communication switch
Watermark detection
Broadcast encoding system and method
Method and apparatus for digital watermarking of images
Connected audio and other media objects
Method and apparatus for improved electomagnetic measurement of metallic material
Stable non-aqueous liquid laundry detergents comprising low density particles
Ecdysone receptors and methods for their use
AAV-mediated delivery of DNA to cells of the nervous system
Maize Gos-2 promoters
2-pyridylmethylamine derivatives useful as fungicides
Maize NPR1 polynucleotides and methods of use
Rack for suspending multiple compost bags
Sanitary wraps disposal unit
Pedal for trash can assembly
Wheeled cart
Hand-propelled golf bag cart
Biocompatible carrier containing actinomycin D and a method of forming the same