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High pressure mercury lamp provided with a sealing body made of a functional gradient material
Compositions and methods for treating mammals with modified alginates and modified pectins
Reflector for a high pressure discharge lamp device
Vibratory system utilizing shock wave vibratory force
Process for the production of acetic acid
Catalytic composition for carbonylation including iridium and pyridine polymers
Apparatus for and method of retrieving images
User interface providing automatic generation and ergonomic presentation of keyword search criteria
Use of object signature property as a search parameter during synchronization of objects on a comput...
Information search and retrieval system
Targeted advertisement using television delivery systems
Egress port scheduling using memory efficient request storage
Optimizing bandwidth consumption for document distribution over a multicast enabled wide area networ...
Reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for audio broadcast of enhanced musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) dat...
Pay per record system and method
Laboratory system, method of controlling operation thereof, playback apparatus and method, film imag...
Chrysanthemum plant named `AMOR CORAL`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Cheops`
Delphinium plant named `Darwin's Pink Indulgence`
Dogwood tree named `Eternal Dogwood`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Cedar Falls`
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Dynamic memory clock control system and method
System and method for integrated load distribution and resource management on internet environment
Robust watermarking for digital objects
System and method for visual representation of pages in a production printing workflow
Process for producing high-bulk tissue webs using nonwoven substrates
Products and methods that simulate changes in tooth color
System and method for digital film development using visible light
Isotropic liquid detergent comprising ethylenically unsaturated acid monomer-C1 to C24 chain transfe...
Powder laundry detergent having enhanced soils suspending properties
Process for producing a powder containing crystalline particles of maltitol
System and method for consistency constraint management in database middleware
Method and device for directory services for telecommunication
Method and apparatus for efficient handling of product return transactions
Online tracking of delivery status information over a computer network
Valve timing control device
Device for varying the control times of gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine
Valve timing adjusting device
Phase control mechanism
Backup copying of data to a tape unit with a cache memory
Computer readable program product storing program for ball-playing type game, said program, and ball...
Control of refined pulp quality by adjusting high temperature pre-heat residence time
Bleaching cellulose pulp having cleanliness which varies significantly over time using at least two ...
Low-resident, high-temperature, high-speed chip refining
Agents having high nitrogen content and high cationic charge based on dicyanimide dicyandiamide or g...
Plasma picture screen with terbium(III)-activated phosphor
Protected aminosugars
69voice authentication system and method for regulating border crossing
Drive device
Method of controlling specular gloss characteristics
Device and method for the endovascular treatment of aneurysms
Adjustable arm cradle
System for indicating the position of a surgical probe within a head on an image of the head
On-demand thermal transfer printer/laminator for sub-surface printed labels
Sample separation apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughput purification
4-halogenated steroids, their preparation process and intermediates, their use as medicaments and th...
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging of arteries using a magnetic resonance contrast ...
Gamma-herpes virus DNA and methods of use
Nucleic acids encoding artificial antibody polypeptides
Circuit for detecting the shutoff of an optical output
Thromboxane ligands without blood clotting side effects
Palmitoleic acid and its use in foods
Butterlike compositions and methods of manufacturing same
Dual-bearing reel unit
Spinning reel rotation transmission device
Device for handling livestock using vibration and noise as a stimulation on external portions of the...
Nanosecond gate spectroscopic diagnostic device
Apparatus and method for rapid connectivity processing of images
Amorphous polymeric polyaxial initiators and compliant crystalline copolymers therefrom
Fluidized bed polymerization apparatus having temperature distribution monitoring
Process for preparing olefin polymer and catalyst for polymerization of olefin
Curable sealant composition
Electrochemical sensor using intercalative, redox-active moieties
Ladle for enhanced steel vacuum decarburization
Molding powder for continuous casting of steel and method for continuous casting of steel
Method of joining strips in a steel strip continuous processing line
Grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet with excellent coating properties and process for its man...
Framework-free building system and method of construction
Precast concrete structure having light weight encapsulated cores
Method of manufacturing mask using independent pattern data files
Authentication system for identification documents
Infeed log scanning for lumber optimization
System and method for controlling remote devices from a client computer using digital images
Vehicle headlamp system
Local delivery of fibrinolysis enhancing agents
Method for inactivating bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis using cellulose acetate phthala...
Data source hand-off in a broadcast-based data dissemination environment
Synthesis of 2-deoxy-2-fluoro-arabinose derivatives
Nucleic acid ligand diagnostic biochip
Self-contained positioning method and system thereof for water and land vehicles
Credit based flow control scheme over virtual interface architecture for system area networks
Liquid crystal display device having wiring layer made of nitride of Nb or nitride alloy containing ...
Protective boot and sole structure
Securing local loops for providing high bandwidth connections
Semiautonomous flight director
System for accessing database tables mapped into memory for high performance data retrieval
Securing method for computer bus devices
Pharmaceutical composition and method of using the same
Portable wearable strobe light
Process for the manufacture of a tire without bead wire
Method for inferring target paths from related cue paths
Breath-actuated aerosol dispensers
Media dispenser
Apparatus for smoothing contour irregularities of skin surface
Systems for electrosurgical dermatological treatment
Systems and methods for electrosurgical-assisted lipectomy
Wear resistant topical compositions having improved feel
Magnetic random access memory
Semiconductor device and semiconductor light emitting device
Procedures and apparatus for turning-on and turning-off elements within a field emission display dev...
Metalloprotease peptide substrates and methods
Pipette-loaded bioassay assembly for detecting molecular or cellular events
Methods for drug target screening
High-efficiency processes for destruction of contaminants
Data transmission apparatus and data transmission method
Scripting method and apparatus for testing devices
Brake control device for a vehicle
Apparatus and method for determining condition of road surface
Form line following guidance system
Fail-safe system in integrated control of vehicle
Vehicle collision damage reduction system
Solid machine dishwashing detergent with phosphate and crystalline lamellar silicates
Bellows-shaped article
Nitrosated and nitrosylated phosphodiesterase inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Beam forming and switching architecture
Stability in thyristor-based memory device
Anode system and method for offshore cathodic protection
Balancing jacket for divers
Plastic sewage pipe
Custom display and storage system
Dynamic management of embedded coded images in a digital storage device
Method of and apparatus for forming an image
Gray-scale conversion based on SIMD processor
Method and apparatus for routing data information conveyed in a facsimile message
Method and apparatus for creating animation having motion changing with passage of time as desired a...
Liquid crystal display device
Process for preparing a silica suspension in a silicone matrix crosslinkable by polycondensation to ...
Lubricant for wire used for forming the stator windings of an electrical refrigerating compressor
Two speed right angle drill
External signal attenuator for a single-ended transmission line
Optical assembly mounting
Monocular mounting for four-tube panoramic night vision goggle having multi-function adjustment cont...
Light amplification optical fiber and light amplifier using the same
Lens driving apparatus for disk player
Lens driving apparatus, apparatus and method of manufacturing the lens driving apparatus
Method and apparatus for interleaving in a communication system
Sportswear, in particular, for a cyclist
Isolation and preservation of fetal and neonatal hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells of the bloo...
Method for transmitting data apparatus for recording data medium for recording data and apparatus fo...
Satellite system and method of deploying same
Cleaning unit, and image forming method and image forming apparatus using said cleaning unit
Method for implementing a bist scheme into integrated circuits for testing RTL controller-data paths...
All purpose liquid cleaning compositions comprising solubilizers
Organophilic clay additives and oil well drilling fluids with less temperature dependent rheological...
Fully compatible surfactant-impregnated water-soluble fertilizer; concentrate; and use
Instant cold pack
Toner and method for image formation
Nanoemulsion based on alkoxylated alkenyl succinates or alkoxylated alkenyl succinates of glucose an...
Cosmetic composition in the form of a molded powder cake containing hollow microcapsules and their p...
Cationic coupling agents, their use for oxidation dyeing of keratinous fibers, dyeing compositions a...
2-aminopyridine derivatives and combinatorial libraries thereof
Portable carrier
Thermal head and ink transfer printer using same
Chair-supported bag
Method and system for distributing health information
Delay based active noise cancellation for magnetic resonance imaging
Analysis of cerebral white matter for prognosis and diagnosis of neurological disorders
Dynamic double sampling charge integrator
Method and apparatus to enforce clocked circuit functionality at reduced frequency without limiting ...
Apparatus and method for generating virtual addresses for different memory models
System and method for recovering physical memory locations in a computer system
Multi-ply composite container with regions of weakened strength and method for manufacturing same
Method for designing object-oriented table driven state machines
Apparatus for the polymerization of olefin monomers
Method of forming a watertight plank section by interlocking green tongue planks with green groove p...
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor with diffusible or non-leachable redox mediator
Optical disc reproducing apparatus and method
Intrabody hifu applicator
Biodegradable polymer composition
Polynucleotides encoding human estrone sulfatases
Process for producing 3-hydroxypropionitrile
Excess current interrupting structure
Processes for large scale production of tetrapyrroles
Apo-3 polypeptide
Inhibitors of proteasomal activity and production for stimulating bone growth
Method for screening agonist or antagonist of the maxadilan receptor participating in vasodilating a...
Methods for measuring cellular proliferation and destruction rates in vitro and in vivo
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus having a gradient coil system with a structural design where...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method, instrument and system for performing verification measurements and corrections of magnetic f...
Container independent data binding system
Carbamic acid derivatives
Method of producing a liquid composition comprising ginseng, cordyceps, and ganoderma lucidum
Composite saw filter with a saw filter and a withdrawal weighted or electrode reversed saw resonator
Electronic device using evaporative micro-cooling and associated methods
Browser-based database-access engine apparatus and method
Electrode contact structure for a liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Clear plasto-elastomeric material and products made therefrom
Method and apparatus for profile score threshold setting and updating
Terminally sterilized osteogenic devices and preparation thereof
Skin preparations for external use
Topical compositions
Method of treating hair or skin
Method of magnetic resonance focused surgical and therapeutic ultrasound
Fixing device employing an induction heating method
Method and system for monitoring a boot process of a data processing system providing boot data and ...
Shrub rose plant named `Radsun`
Protective test strip platform
Method for creating an individual movement and load profile and a portable ergospirometer
Exercise methods and apparatus
Continuously variable transmission device
Light alloy bicycle rim
Web page synchronization system and method
Blending communications in a call center
Automated directory look-up over multiple switching systems
Call waiting service in a telecommunications network
Computer-implemented call forwarding options and methods therefor in a unified messaging system
Internet telephony callback system and method of operation
Method system and article for audibly identifying a called party
Photomultiplier tube with an improved dynode aperture mesh design
Process for manufacturing compositions containing ciprofloxacin and hydrocortisone
Gripping element toothbrush utensil and instructional kit
Sport club swing trainer arrangement
Method for creation of a center for athletic performance enhancement
Internet browser facility and method for the visually impaired
Pedestal mounted taxidermy mannequin and mold for the manufacturing thereof
Internal-combustion engine instructional kit
Wheel calculator
Cleaning mat with a plurality of disposable sheets
Breakaway cable connector
Board game and method of playing
Alphabetic chess puzzles and games
Puzzle type game
Method and game set for playing a chess-like board game
Devices and methods for generating and managing a database
Retention system for fuel-cell stack manifolds
Multi-winners feedforward neural network
RuSixOy-containing adhesion layers
Integrated memory having memory cells and reference cells, and corresponding operating method
Method for controlling the coating weight for strip-phosphating
Safety switch for lamp including a light source capsule
Conductive linoleum floor covering
Chalcone and its analogs as agents for the inhibition of angiogensis and related disease states
Integrin-targeting vectors having transfection activity
Retrieval of style sheets from directories based upon partial characteristic matching
Database evaluation system supporting intuitive decision in complex multi-attributive domains using ...
Internet system for exchanging and organizing vessel transport information
Method and device for automatically turning and displaying music sheets
Enzymatic oxidation process for desulfurization of fossil fuels
Ketolide antibacterials
Compositions and methods for the targeted removal of a nucleotide sequence from the genome of a plan...
Methods and compositions for treatment of restenosis
Chrysanthemum plant named `Aurora Pink`
`Earlibrite` strawberry plant
Floribunda rose plant named `INTERtrodan`
Cynodon dactylon plant named `Plateau`
Diascia plant named `Codiaw`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomankato`
Methods of enhancing puffing and expansion of food products
Non-hydroscopic sweetener composition and method for preparation of same
Method of improving sweetness delivery of sucralose
Syneresis suppression in prepared mustards
Starch phosphate ester for use as an expansion aid
System for management of cutting machines
Location reporting pager
Easy response system
Voice-and-fax-over IP dialing plan
Artificial heart with energy recovery
Interactive printer reward scheme
Management of service-oriented resources across heterogeneous media servers using homogenous service...
Method for encoding auxiliary data within a source signal
Information processing apparatus, method for processing information, and record medium on which a pr...
Secure and stateful electronic business transaction system
Regenerative available to promise
Self-tuning histogram and database modeling
Method and apparatus for operating on data with a conceptual data manipulation language
System for searching through descriptive data in a network having a hierarchical data structure desc...
System and method for creating and titling reports using an integrated title bar and navigator
Method and system for searching through descriptive data in the AV/C protocol
Utility vehicle
Vehicle drive clutch control
Vehicle hydraulic system
Electric power steering apparatus having an elastic torque transmission body
Passive starting of a torque-ripple-free electric power steering system
Impact sensor assembly for an automotive vehicle and a method of forming the same
Toy device
Toy building set comprising a tubular, elongated, flexible toy building element, and such a toy buil...
Apparatus for satisfying the non-nutritive, oral-motor sucking needs of infants
Casing for a model vehicle rudder machine
Water circulation pump for an aquarium
Cube puzzle
Thematic character pillow with recreational sleep enhancing accessories
Electronic or board game involving the capture of fictional characters and a method for playing same
Computer interface apparatus for linking games to personal computers
Rotating ring game
Vehicle mounted input unit
Doppler-based traffic radar system
System and method for controlling air bag deployment systems
Electrified monorail communication system
System and method for classifying and tracking aircraft vehicles on the grounds of an airport
Use of polymers as antimisting additives in water-based cooling lubricants
Fiber reinforced suspension member
Water-soluble polymer conjugates of artelinic acid
Communication in high rise buildings
Compounds for the management of aging-related and diabetic vascular complications, process for their...
Device providing picture visibility from all sides
Rotation molded particulate collection bottle
Method and device for automatically providing a printing plate to a plate cylinder
Method for dampening a planographic printing form and dampening unit of a planographic printing mach...
Integrated knife assembly
Medicaments based on polymers composed of methacrylamide-modified gelatin
Purging leukemia cells from hematopoietic stem cells
Synergistic fungicide and/or bactericide composition
Pilot stage or pressure control pilot valve having a single armature/flapper
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Beverage dispenser having selectable temperature
Measuring pattern for measuring width of wire in semiconductor device
Skin-protective composition
Apparatus for trunking in stacked communication devices
Apparatus for picking up sound waves
Digital broadcast receiving and reproducing apparatus
Missile components made of fiber-reinforced ceramics
Method and system for pericardial enhancement
Electrically mediated angiogenesis
Apparatus for fitting grips to shafts
Wheeled computer case
Method for isolating olefins from polyolefin plants
Combination referential and differential amplifier for medical signal monitoring
Serial bus communications system
System for intelligent control of a vehicle suspension based on soft computing
Weak bit testing
Probabilistic computing methods and apparatus
Tunable high Tc superconductive microwave devices
Active bandage suitable for applying pulsed radio-frequencies or microwaves to the skin for medical ...
Plastisols with cross-linking agents
Micro-serrated color toner particles and method of making same
Compounds, processes and intermediates for synthesis of mixed backbone oligomeric compounds
Polymerization catalyst
Powered caulk gun
Method and system for reducing MR head instability
Hammer mechanism for firearms
Recombinant hepatitis C virus RNA replicase
G protein
Determining existence of preeclampsia in pregnancies by measuring levels of glycerophosphatidyl comp...
Chemiluminescent 1,2-dioxetanes
Bacterial transglycosylases: assays for monitoring the activity using Lipid II substrates analogs an...
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Floral organ-specific gene and its promoter sequence
Dicing blade and method of producing an electronic component
Polycyclic dyes
Polycarbonate blends and method of making same
Polymer blends of trimethylene terphthalate and an elastomeric polyester
Low-odor polyethylene blends
Foam comprising a blend of low density polyethylene and high melt tension polypropylene
Multilayer films and labels
Polyester compositions
Phosphine coke inhibitors for EDC-VCM furnaces
Looping detection apparatus
Method and installation for separating all categories of polymer materials
Plastic container having a carbon-treated internal surface for non-carbonated food products
Polyethylene terephthalate multi-layer preform used for plastic blow molding
Xerographic photoreceptor co-binder compositions
Channel frequency allocation for multiple-satellite communication network
Hydroxyazepanes as inhibitors of glycosidase and HIV protease
System and method for executing commands associated with specific virtual desktop
Stacked piezoelectric device and method of fabrication thereof
Apparatus and method for sensing switching positions of a MEMS optical switch
Method and system for delivery of individualized training to call center agents
Lubrication system for small watercraft
Lateral electric-field liquid crystal display device suitable for improvement of aperture ratio
Light source, optical window, and detector configuration for measurement of a medium
Optical compensatory sheet comprising transparent support, orientation layer and optically anisotrop...
Fiber optic adapter with attenuator and method
System and method for histogram-based image contrast enhancement
Data bus cable having SCSI and IIC bus functionality and process for using the same
Duplexing module for printer
Method and apparatus for determining when a quantity of toner in a region decreases to or below a pr...
Parallel processing utilizing highly correlated data values
Radio frequency control for communications systems
Radio communication device and radio communication method
Call screening method of a facsimile system having a stationary main unit connected to a telephone n...
IC card radio modem and communication system using the same for communicating with a plurality of di...
ALC circuit receiver with sensitivity switching for controlling
Spread spectrum receiver using a pseudo-random noise code for ranging applications in a way that red...
Apparatus for identifying memory requests originating on remote I/O devices as noncacheable
Thrombin inhibitors
Conference bridge processing of speech in a packet network environment
Systems and methods for improving power spectral estimation of speech signals
Geographic database including data for providing instructions about tollways
Method of optimizing traffic content
Incident analysis and solution system
Hydrophilic, swellable coatings for biosensors
Utilizing altered vibration responses of workpieces, such as gas turbine engine blades
Merging single precision floating point operands
Superscalar processor and method for incrementally issuing store instructions
Delivery of nucleic acid into aquatic animals
Direct memory access control system for a digital scanner
Aerosol dispenser
Remote control arrhythmia analyzer and defibrillator
Process for making a MIM capacitor
Self referencing 1T/1C ferroelectric random access memory
Integrated memory having memory cells with magnetoresistive storage effect
Semiconductor devices
Antibiotic/benzoyl peroxide dispenser
Fibrin polymer structure
Method of reducing side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients
Lighting system with a high-pressure discharge lamp
Optical integrated circuit device
Mesa geometry semiconductor light emitter having chalcogenide dielectric coating
Shaping optic for diode light sheets
Protective display lens for electronic device
Diffuser master
Light-weight head-mounted display
Speech interface for an automated endoscopic system
Curable inkjet printable ink compositions
Power transmission belt having rubber coated fabric layer
Noncontact IC card and fabrication method thereof
Cementitious dry cast mixture
Propylenic copolymer and thermoplastic resin composition
Induction plasma processing chamber
Foams containing functionalized metal oxide nanoparticles and methods of making same
Stabilized gas-supersaturated suspensions and methods for their delivery
Apparatus for and method of producing monodisperse submicron polymer powders from solution
Method of fabricating lateral nanopores, directed pore growth and pore interconnects and filter devi...
Ink jet printing method
Methods of treating inflammatory disease with anti-IL-8 antibody fragment-polymer conjugates
Production of fiber webs by the airlaid process
Quaternary compounds, compositions containing them, and uses thereof
Two-stage bioleaching of sulphidic material containing arsenic
Pyroprocess for processing spent nuclear fuel
Mn-Zn ferrite and production process thereof
Using zeolite SSZ-58 for reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gas and exhaust gas purifying method
Using zeolite SSZ-59 for reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream
Reformulated reduced pollution diesel fuel
Hydrocarbonaceous composition containing odor suppressant
Controlling congestion in an ATM mode
Extendable and retractable lead
Mixtures of carboxylic acids, their derivatives and hydroxyl-containing polymers and their use for i...
Apparatus and methods for performing collision resolution for digital control channels
Cosmetic composition
Marking particles
Industrial waste crushing bit
Method and system for dynamically reassigning unused logical volumes from a storage subsystem to an ...
Pharmaceutical dosage form for oral administration of hydrophilic drugs, particularly low molecular ...
Polyurethane elastomers, method of producing them and their use
Flowmeter with first and second measuring tubes having correcting device for the measuring tubes, an...
System and method for generating recovery code
Eddy current detection type thin film electrical resistance meter
Method and apparatus for simplifying the configuration of several models of customer premise equipme...
Data transmission method, data receiving method, data transmission system and program recording medi...
Aircraft passenger cabin window with visually enlarged appearance
Thin film multilayer capacitor and mounting method therefor
Anti-SIDS pediatric headrest
Method for providing a chemically machined current collector
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, image forming method, image forming apparatus, and processing car...
Lithium battery comprising a positive electrode material of lithium-manganese complex oxide containi...
System and method for high performance execution of locked memory instructions in a system with dist...
Method for correcting the vigilance disorders associated with myopathies
Medical article with coated surfaces exhibiting low friction and protein adsorption
Use of microparticles combined with submicron oil-in-water emulsions
Ink follower in conjunction with ink in a writing instrument and writing instrument containing the s...
Reducing sugar-containing fat emulsion and a method for its sterilization
Package for dispensing individual sheets
Heterocyclylmethyl-substituted pyrazole derivatives
Command and control infrastructure for a computer system using the computer's power rail
Concrete admixture
Release agent composition
Detergent compositions comprising photobleaching delivery systems
Spin valve sensor with exchange tabs
Method of nerve regeneration using biopolymer rods with oriented fibrils
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme proteins, and uses thereof
Microgels and process for their preparation
Method and apparatus for controlling break points and reducing rip currents in wave pools
Oral drug delivery compositions and methods
Continuous casting machine
Legged mobile robot and method of controlling operation of the same
Actuator with piezoelectric controlled piston
Switch assembly and method of forming the same
Universal pipe joint
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for altering the charge distribution upon living membranes with functional stab...
Mis-synchronization detection system
Detection of presence of multiprotocol encapsulation in a data packet
Method and apparatus for improved aircraft environmental control system utilizing parallel heat exch...
L-amino acid oxidase from Rhodococcus species
Suspended moving channels and channel actuators for microfluidic applications and method for making
Encryption device for information in binary code
High performance P-type thermoelectric materials and methods of preparation
Heat resistant nickel base alloy
Fuel filter and production process
Aluminum alloys with optimum combinations of formability, corrosion resistance, and hot workability,...
System and method for personalized multimedia messaging
Double convex aircraft window
Emergency vision apparatus
System for control of active system for vibration and noise reduction
Aerosol dispenser
Dual-purpose medical device for upper airway treatment and methods for using same
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell having a coolant circulation circuit
Orthogonal functional basis method for function approximation
Digital video compressor with border processor
Signal processing circuit
Surface defect inspection system and method
Automatic circular saw tooth inspection system and method
Constrained motion estimation and compensation for packet loss resiliency in standard based codec
Digital comb filter for decoding composite video signals
Circuit and method for generating chrominance lock
Ferroelectric memory and method of reading out data therefrom
Method of fabricating a micro-technical structure, and micro-technical component
Vertical geometry ingan LED
Ultrasonic object consolidation system and method
Thermoplastic materials containing nanocomposites and an additional elastomer
Squeezable containers for flowable products having improved barrier and mechanical properties
Method for vacuum pressure forming reinforced plastic articles
Polysulfone nanocomposite optical plastic article and method of making same
Fiber-reactive disazo compounds
Composite I-beam having improved properties
Dispensing device
Wireless handset using a slot antenna
Probiotic, lactic acid-producing bacteria and uses thereof
Cable lock with security insert
Noise reduction mechanism of fan device and molding method of porous damping material therefor
Toner and developer for electrophotography
Method for preparing scenting compositions and scented products, and resulting products
Apparatus and method for verifying process integrity
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Preloading data in a cache memory according to user-specified preload criteria
Suction bell for breast pump
Dual substrate laminate-configured optical channel for multi-fiber ribbon form factor-compliant inte...
Bound document imager
Cyclic ester or amide derivatives
Transmission of FCP response in the same loop tenancy as the FCP data with minimization of inter-seq...
Method and composition for treatment of ischemic neuronal reperfusion injury
Optical isolator
Technique to automatically notify an operating system level application of a system management event
Transmitting and receiving devices and methods for transmitting data to and receiving data from a co...
Low-jitter high-power thyristor array pulse driver and generator
Cable with twisting filler and shared sheath
Exhaust gas recirculation valve device
Magnetoresistance effect type head with free magnetic layer overhang between magnetic wall control l...
Non-woven keratin cell scaffold
Molecular cloning of a 7TM receptor (AxOR34) and screening methods thereof
Core formulation
Non-line piezoelectric material and method for determining a distribution of characteristic moduli
Etching method
Support assembly having a supporting structure and a deformation element for oblique introduction of...
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Step-in snowboard binding
System for facilitating remote access to parallel file system in a network using priviliged kernel m...
Methods of culturing and assaying a virus in a specimen and compositions and cell lines for doing th...
Metal carbide catalysts and process for producing synthesis gas
Semiconductor arithmetic circuit
Generation and delivery device for ozone gas
Intelligent exploration through multiple hierarchies using entity relevance
Apparatus and process of improving atomic layer deposition chamber performance
NAND type nonvolatile ferroelectric memory cell
Stabilization of GMR devices
Multi quantum well grinsch detector
Fixing structure for safety fuse of Christmas lamp
High clearance vehicle
Electrochromic device having a self-cleaning hydrophilic coating
Neo seal socket sealing ring
Valve assembly with multiple mode actuators
Self-cleaning filter
Liquid de-icer production apparatus and method
Compact countertop frozen food and beverage system for domestic use
Gas phase process for the epoxidation of non-allylic olefins
Scarecrow gene, promoter and uses thereof
Modulators of expression and function of LRP in Alzheimer's disease
Process for controlling the microstructural bias of multi-phase composites
Synergistic body positioning and dynamic support system
Multi-layered polymer based moisture barrier structure for medical grade products
Microdialysis-probe integrated with a si-chip
Copolymers, and their use as additives for improving the cold-flow properties of middle distillates
Two-piece vehicle hardtop having an integral structural headliner
Multi-layer flat plate antenna with low-cost material and high-conductivity additive processing
Bicycle water bottle clip assembly
Automatic tool changing apparatus
Polysaccharide-peptide derivatives
Apparatus and method for designing a circuit using minimum slice construction and replication
Intercrossedly-stacked dual-chip semiconductor package
Diagnosing intrapulmonary infection and analyzing nasal sample
Electrical connector with an electrical component holder
Small peptides and methods for treatment of asthma and inflammation
System for providing cell bus management in a switch platform including a write port cell count in e...
C-proteinase inhibitors
Laser radiation device employing a fiber laser capable of emitting a laser beam including two or mor...
Fixture assembly for spas, tubs and pools and a method of installation
Magnetoresistive sensor, a thin film magnetic head, a magnetic head device, and a magnetic disk driv...
Method of identifying gene transcription patterns
Apoptosis inducing adamantyl derivatives and their usage as anti-cancer agents, especially for cervi...
System and method for processing color objects in integrated dual color spaces
Piezoelectric ceramic material
High-precision integrated semiconductor peizoresistive detector devices and methods using the same
EGR system for an internal combustion engine
Active-matrix liquid crystal display device and method for compensating for defective display lines
Footwear part of a boot or equipment involving a footwear component
Initialization and calibration of a recording system track following servo
Computer input device sterilization method and apparatus
Universal power supply
Solvent-free film-forming compositions for clear coats
Classification method and apparatus based on boosting and pruning of multiple classifiers
Aerosol medication delivery inhaler
Cellular rubber profile, particularly sealing profile for the sealing of two components which cooper...
Agricultural mulch films with triggered degradation
Surface devulcanization of cured rubber crumb
Starch-containing lubricant systems for oil field applications
Reduction of induced charge in SOI devices during focused ion beam processing
Process flow for sacrificial collar with poly mask
Method and composition for treatment of irritable bowel disease
Binder and/or electrolyte material
Optical disk device
Quinacridone pigment
Rotisserie grill
Process for recycling of thermoset materials
Method for imaging tissue
Wireless communication system, radio frequency communications system, wireless communications method...
Dental cloth
Compositions and articles produced therefrom
Proxy on demand
Phosphors for down converting ultraviolet light of LEDs to blue-green light
Cooled NMR probe head comprising a device for centering the sample
Rotating body coil apparatus for interventional magnetic resonance imaging
MRI system with modular gradient system
Magnetic resonance imaging phase correction from pixel positions method and apparatus
MR apparatus
Open architecture magnetic reasonance superconducting platform magnet conical imaging
Treatment of C. difficile toxin B associated conditions
Automated help system for reference information
Use of .beta.-catenin in the expansion of stem and progenitor cells
Noncatalyzed synthesis of 4-hydroxyquinolines and/or tautomers thereof
Aspect-oriented programming
Education system and method for home schoolers and the like
Method for creating a process capability database
Congenic animal models of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Multicyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido aryl hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor...
Azolidines as .beta.3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Arylthiazolidinedione derivatives
6-phenylpyridyl-2-amine derivatives
Method and apparatus for managing services within a cluster computer system
Method for rapidly detecting and enumerating microorganisms in mammalian cell preparations using ATP...
Reagents for preparing a sample containing biomolecular analytes for capillary electrophoretic separ...
Co-continuous interconnecting channel morphology polymer having controlled gas transmission rate thr...
Methods and compositions for the promotion of hair growth
Emulsion containing ascorbic acid and its uses in the cosmetics and dermatological fields
Perfume compositions
Fabric cleaning composition containing zeolite
Fabric cleaning composition containing zeolite
Method of adjusting conductivity after processing of photographs
Method of determining a sound localization filter and a sound localization control system incorporat...
Hand held terminal with an odor sensor
Synthetic hay bale and method of using same
Swing-door gate valve
Method and device for the transmission of control and/or sensor signals
Method and apparatus for evaluating expressions including time-scoped operands
System and method for reducing coupling in an object-oriented programming environment
Controlled atmosphere equipment
Smartcard for use with a receiver of encrypted broadcast signals, and receiver
Paradrogue assembly
Radiation curable fluorinated vinyl ethers derived from hexafluoropene
Premises telephonic interface system for communicating using a hand-held wireless device
Multi-layer RF printed circuit architecture with low-inductance interconnection and low thermal resi...
Method of magnetic resonance investigation
Methods of making HIV-protease inhibitors and intermediates for making HIV-protease inhibitors
Modified condensation polymers having azetidinium groups and containing polysiloxane moieties
Hearing aid having digital damping
Alignment jig assembly
Bonding alignment mark for bonds over active circuits
Immuno-modulator exhibiting antimicrobial and anti-mycrobacterial activities, method for producing t...
Luggage cart handle
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Fuchsine`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiewilidiv`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dreamy Yolinda`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Fall Concerto`
Phalaenopsis plant named (Ken Peterson.times.Mama Cass) `Pine Ridge #6`
Lavandula plant named `Walvera`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Royal New Yoorleans`
Enhancing a video of an event at a remote location using data acquired at the event
Silicone rosinate esters
Anionic waterborne polyurethane dispersions containing polyfluorooxetanes
Cosmetic compositions
Antireflection film
Fragrance sampler insert
Dry cleaning system with low HLB surfactant
Lithium batteries with new manganese oxide materials as lithium intercalation hosts
Purification of von-Willebrand factor by cation exchanger chromatography
Integrated process for synthesizing alcohols, ethers, and olefins from alkanes
Traveling-path estimation apparatus for vehicle
Rosetta stone method for detecting protein function and protein-protein interactions from genome seq...
System and method using impulse radio technology to track and monitor people needing health care
Constant bit rate transport in a contention based medium access control
Methods and uses of connective tissue growth factor for differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
O- or S-substituted tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives having retinoid and/or retinoid antagonist-lik...
Photoacoustic material analysis
Encapsulation method for maintaining biodecontamination activity
Building a database of CCG values of web pages from extracted attributes
Audience measurement system incorporating a mobile handset
Latent reactive blood compatible agents
Skew detection system
Systems and methods for reprogramming an embedded device with program code using relocatable program...
Method of estimating gel content of propylene block copolymer
System and method for data storage management
Putty composition containing a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor
Surface modification of medical implants
Absorbent articles with controllable fill patterns
Information recording system and information recording method
Portable spittoon
Methods and materials relating to novel von Willebrand/Thrombospondin-like polypeptides and polynucl...
Transducin beta-1 subunit
In vitro cell culture device including cartilage and methods of using the same
Color reproducing device
Process for coating a material surface
Method and apparatus for receiving digital broadcasts
Recombinant alphavirus-based vectors with reduced inhibition of cellular macromolecular synthesis
Compositions and methods of their use in the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of tuberculosis
DAX-1 protein, methods for production and use thereof
Compounds for immunotherapy of prostate cancer and methods for their use
Compositions and methods for prevention and treatment of protozoal disease
Automatic real time monitoring of true color in waste liquids
Production of hydrogen and carbon monoxide
POx cold start vapor system
Process for the removal of sulfate ions from an electrolyte
Implantable drug delivery system
Liquid crystalline polymers
Telechelic alkadiene polymers with crosslinkable end groups and methods for making the same
Sensor function-equipped portable device
High-frequency loudspeaker module for cinema screen
Acoustic sensor assembly
Air intake silencer
Streamlined, readily towable marine seismic energy source for creating intense swept-frequency and p...
Motorcycle exhaust system
Process and apparatus for generating carbon monoxide and extracting oil from oil shale
Separation of tars, oils and inorganic constituents from oil bearing sands or shales
Method for adjusting power in a communication system with multicarrier telephony transport
Wastewater dispersal system
Sulfonated [8,9] benzophenoxazine dyes and the use of their labelled conjugates
Concentric electrode DC arc system and their use in processing waste materials
Gas regulation system for blast furnace
Production method of ultra fine grain steel
Treatments using venlafaxine
Azepine derivatives having effects on serotonin related systems
Solubility enhancement of drugs in transdermal drug delivery systems and methods of use
System and method for automatically distributing communications to selected locations
Method and apparatus for redirection of server external hyper-link references
Method and apparatus for lifting objects
Cellular specialized mobile radio service
Use of derivatives of methylene-bis-oxazolidine and compositions obtained thereby
Lower alkyl ester recycling in polyol fatty acid polyester synthesis
1,3-diheterocyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Laundry detergent and/or fabric care composition comprising a modified antimicrobial protein
Apparatus for brewing a fluid extract using an inclined filter pouch containing flavor extractable p...
Method for making paper structures having a decorative pattern
Adhesive urine collector with optimal aperture
Easy access carton
Isomer enriched CLA compositions
Composition for the treatment of migraine
Isolated antioxidant peptides form casein and methods for preparing, isolating, and identifying anti...
Method to promote growth of a plant
Tray for preparing sushi and process for preparing sushi using said tray
Process for producing a novel soy functional food ingredient
Non-mechanical contact trigger for an article
Acousto-optic variable-wavelength TE/TM mode converter, and a variable-wavelength optical filter usi...
Structure for an optical switch on a silicon substrate
System and method of distribution of digitized materials and control of scoring for open-ended asses...
Methods and apparatus for the inactivation of viruses
Portable visual display device with a collapsible presentation screen
Method for producing a blow molded plastic outdoor boot shell
Using indexes to retrieve stored information
Electric pressure washer
Set of pads for a restraint belt
Headband with yoke
Safety helmet
Back support and detachable apron
Systems and methods for virtual population mutual relationship management using electronic computer ...
Reconfiguration manager for controlling upgrades of electronic devices
Night convoy maneuver adapter
Method and apparatus for efficient memory use in digital audio applications
Tissue fixation device and method
Halogenated 2-amino-5,6 heptenoic acid derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Structure of manual operation button
Bulk acoustic wave filter
Implantable device for monitoring changes in analyte concentration
Apparatus and method for detecting and identifying organisms, especially pathogens, using the aura s...
Passive identification friend or foe (IFF) system
Iodinated hydrocarbon pesticide
Robot, robot system, and robot control method
Electroluminescent display intelligent controller
Chromium-based catalyst composition for producing conjugated diene polymers
Composite fiber construction
Recording sheet package, correction information sheet for the same, and thermal printer for use ther...
Wood replacement system and method
Mooring system for a tender for production platforms
Reciprocating barge coupling device
Tether retraction device
Energy conserving moored buoyant ocean profiler
Convertible protective cover/floating towable auxiliary unit for a personal watercraft
System for providing location based service to a wireless telephone set in a telephone system
Optical transmission link incorporating highpass optical filtering
Technique for effectively rendering power amplification and control in wireless communications
Display techniques for object visibility in a three-dimensional virtual world
Dual hubbed tree architecture for a communication network
Method and apparatus for modulating an optical signal using polarization
Game machine apparatus
Long chain hindered amines and compositions stabilized therewith
Method and apparatus for biomathematical pattern recognition
Obtaining table objects using table dispensers
Water-containing aerosol hair spray with a reduced content of volatile organic compounds
Non-aqueous aerosol suspension comprising troglitazone, a fluid propellant, and an amino acid stabil...
Aluminum alloy brazing sheet for a heat exchanger
Bean bag baton
Test system for use with a communications network, and apparatus and method for testing digital data...
Device in a system operating with can-protocol and in a control and/or supervision system
Chimeric gene encoding drosomycin, vector containing it and production of disease-resistant transgen...
Method and means for modulating plant cell cycle proteins and their use in plant cell growth control
Sterol metabolism enzymes
Nod factor binding protein from legume roots
Shared, dynamically customizable user documentation
Report program language source code translation to object-oriented language source code which emulat...
Timing closure and noise avoidance in detailed routing
Captured synchronous DRAM fails in a working environment
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of data processing system
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of manufacturing nonaqueous electrolyte secondar...
Tactile play structure
System for discovering implicit relationships in data and a method of using the same
Resolution of dynamic memory allocation/deallocation and pointers
Film cartridge with IC memory and apparatus that uses it and method of using it
Reduction of data dependent power supply noise when sensing the state of a memory cell
Uniform magnetic environment for cells in an MRAM array
Process for isomerizing aromatic C8 cuts in the presence of a catalyst based on mordenite containing...
Integrated circuit package having offset segmentation of package power and/or ground planes and meth...
Waterproof type lens-equipped film unit and method of assembling the same
Method for transparent marking of digital images for storage, retrieval and processing within a comp...
Fast-setting, fibrous, portland cement-based building material
Exothermic bandage
Adjusting and measuring the timing of a data strobe signal with a first delay line and through addit...
Antisense modulation of protein phosphatase 2 catalytic subunit alpha expression
Process for increasing cobalt catalyst hydrogenation activity via aqueous low temperature oxidation
Preprocessing a reference data stream for patch generation and compression
System and method for exposing popular nodes within a browse tree
Cullet sorting using density variations
Noise padding and normalization in dynamic time warping
Systems and methods for controlling access to data maintained in a repository
Delayed delivery of query results or other data from a federated server to a federated client until ...
Method and apparatus for configuration in multi processing engine computer systems
Vinyl chloride fiber and process of producing the same
Indicating plate for watches
Aminophosphonium compounds
Method for production of a spiral-shaped heating element
Cyclosporiine particles
Method and device in telecommunication system
Dispenser containing a product and dispensing method
Tea tree oil emulsion formulations
Mammalian blood loss-induced gene, kd312
Environment for creating and managing network management software objects
Method and instrument for measuring vacuum ultraviolet light beam, method of producing device and op...
Method of producing a taxane-type diterpene
Latex binder for coating composition
Information and medication compliance organizer
High Cr steel pipe for line pipe
Integrated system for detecting and repairing semiconductor defects and a method for controlling the...
Process for the continuous preparation of tetracyclododecens
Method for improving the yield of heavy hydrocarbons in a thermal cracking process
Dehydrogenation catalysts
Crystalline phosphorus-containing molecular sieves
Treated horticultural substrates
Polymorph-enriched ETS-4
Artificial reef module for coral reef remediation
Method and apparatus for policy-based management of quality of service treatments of network data tr...
Device and method for creating spherical particles of uniform size
System for preventing playback of unauthorized digital video recordings
Method and apparatus for heating a variable pitch propeller mechanism
Laminated free layer structure for a spin valve sensor
Circuit interrupter operating mechanism
Method for optimizing a recognition dictionary to distinguish between patterns that are difficult to...
Postage meter with removable print head and having means to control access to the print head
Virtual postage meter with secure digital signature device
Method and system for preventing illegal use of digital contents, processing program thereof, and re...
System and method for aggregating multiple buyers utilizing conditional purchase offers (CPOS)
Reusable cover for a wind instrument
Method and apparatus for analyzing CT images to determine the presence of pulmonary tissue pathology
Insoluble insulin compositions
Method and apparatus for MR-based volumetric frameless 3-D interactive localization, virtual simulat...
Exercise device and method of use
Oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen substituted cyclohexene and cyclohexane derivatives having retinoid-like...
Apparatus and method for minimizing liquid infiltration into subterranean openings
Method and device for purifying nucleic acids
Porous irrigated tip electrode catheter
Expression of DNA or proteins in C. elegans
Food emulsion containing an emulsifier from sorbitan
Method of forming a reconstituted composition containing protein and carbohydrate at elevated total ...
Coated fishing components
Dual-bearing reel handle attachment structure
Navigation apparatus and surgical operation image acquisition/display apparatus using the same
Procatalysts, catalyst systems, and use in olefin polymerization
Peelable rub-on temporary masking coatings
Method and apparatus for selecting test point nodes of a group of components having both accessible ...
Method and apparatus for locating a device using a database containing hybrid location data
Differentiation of error conditions in digital voice communication systems
Method and apparatus for remote multiple access to subscriber identity module
Radio communication device with a multi-mode user interface
Method and apparatus for classifying a baseband signal
Multi-user detection using a finite-impulse-response matrix filter
-Zn coated steel material, ZN coated steel sheet and painted steel sheet excellent in corrosion resi...
Steel for shaft
Martensitic-hardenable heat-treated steel with improved resistance to heat and ductility
Stainless steel for brake disc excellent in resistance to temper softening
Method of operating a machine for filling bottles, cans or the like beverage containers with a bever...
Concrete safe room
Cardioelectric apparatus
Nerve proximity and status detection system and method
Method and apparatus for assessing susceptibility to stroke
MR method for generating enhanced nuclear magnetization
Method of analyzing a layout structure of an image using character recognition, and displaying or mo...
Method of composing three-dimensional multi-viewpoints data
Biometric authentication technology for wireless transceiver activation
Apparatus and method of building an electronic database for resolution synthesis
System and method for displaying an image indicating a positional relation between partially overlap...
Controllable fiber optic attenuators employing tapered and/or etched fiber sections
Attenuator for fiber optic cables
Holders for wires, such as fiber optic wires
Device for fastening optical fibres
Apparatus and method for splitting optical fibers
High density fibre optic connector interface
Moving picture processing method and moving picture processing apparatus
Procedure for automatic analysis of images and image sequences based on two-dimensional shape primit...
Document image processing device and method thereof
Method for testing the reliability of a testing apparatus, specially an empty bottle inspecting devi...
Resolution improvement for multiple images
Illuminance sensing head structure
Vehicle door step equipped with warning indicator devices
Plastic "trofer" and fluorescent lighting system
Vehicle auxiliary lamps installation kit
Semiconductor light source using a heat sink with a plurality of panels
Fiber optic ceiling supported surgical task light system with optical commutator and manual zoom len...
System and method for automatically distributing copies of a replicated database in a computer syste...
Program development system, method for developing programs and storage medium storing programs for d...
Flexible interface signal for use in an optical disk system and systems and methods using the same
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising troponin subunits, fragments and homologs thereof and methods...
Cell culture systems and methods for organ assist devices
Video display apparatus and video display method
Treating medical conditions by polymerizing macromers to form polymeric materials
Seismic adapter apparatus and method
Brass material, brass tube and their production method
Aluminum alloy plate excelling in filiform corrosion resistance and method of fabricating same
Utilizing a program counter with one or more data counters for executing instructions
Micro-fabricated shielded conductors
Metal felt laminate structures
Dual sided liquid crystal display device and mobile telecommunication terminal using the same
Magnetically actuated indicator device for a fishing rod, fishing rig incorporating the device, and ...
Simple and fast way for generating a harmonic signal
Document dispensing system
Apparatus and accompanying methods for network distribution and interstitial rendering of informatio...
Modular electronic control unit mounting device for a mobile vehicle
Round-trip orbital operation of a spacecraft
Pyrones as inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2
Method for the production of metallic flake pigments
Pathogen-inducible promoter
Carbonate, carbamate, thiocarbonate dithiocarbonate and thiocarbomate derivatives useful as fungicid...
Therapeutic agent for a cancer and method of screening the same, and health-care auxiliary food
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACepirt`
Stereo camera
Releasable and securable mobile
Amusement park having an elevated racetrack and associated methods
Gaming device with a bonus scheme having repeated selection of value sets with option to save values
Table with light diffusing central column
Washer toss game and method of playing the same
Construction for automatically milking animals
Duplex transfer apparatus and processes
Overcurrent protection device
Methods of treating and preventing congestive heart failure with hydralazine compounds and isosorbid...
Exercise system
Method and apparatus for hierarchical drawing sheet management
Lifting platform with energy recovery
System and method for effectuating selective triggerless local number portability in a telecommunica...
Technique for monitoring and attempting to connect destination telephone and providing information a...
Mounting structure of key pressing device
Method and apparatus for echo estimation and suppression
Method for concentrating subscribers in a local exchange
Drive wheel traction control during vehicle stability enhancement events
Vehicle speed estimating apparatus and method and vehicular control apparatus and method
Occupant position detection system
Motor vehicle steering angle detector and power steering system employing the same