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Network switch with hash table look up
Method for automatically classifying traffic in a pocket communications network
Method and apparatus for finding related collections of linked documents using co-citation analysis
Personal dGPS golf course cartographer, navigator and internet web site with map exchange and tutor
Personal computer-based mail processing system with security arrangement contained in the personal c...
Method and apparatus for generating a multimedia document
Methods and apparatus for multi-layer data hiding
Method for increasing the functionality of a media player/recorder device or an application program
Apparatus and method for interfacing between multimedia network and telecommunications network
Adapter for external connection and electronic apparatus
Method for producing platinum colloid, and platinum colloid produced by the same
Compositions including modafinil for treatment of eating disorders and for appetite stimulation
Method for inhibiting skin lesion formation using histamine as the active ingredient
Apparatus for holding roof shingles
Miniature shopping cart
Sink cart
Garbage bin
Refuse collector
Human lactoferrin
Treatment of dyskinesia
Compositions and methods to stack multiple nucleotide sequences of interest in the genome of a plant
Methods and compositions for regulating cell death and enhancing disease resistance to plant pathoge...
Speaker identifier for multi-party conference
Metal detector for finding wall studs
Method of extracting digital watermark information and method of judging but value of digital waterm...
Electronic watermarking system capable of providing image data with high secrecy
Method of manufacturing flash memory device
Directly compressible starch as enhancer of properties of excipients when used as binder and disinte...
Method for reading electronic tickets
Security document with a security component and method for the production thereof
Wiring harness arrangement designing apparatus and method therefor
Voice guidance intonation in a vehicle navigation system
Vehicle-mounted navigation system, and recording medium having recorded thereon a processing program...
Navigation method and navigation system for means of locomotion
Route selecting method, route selecting system, and recording medium
Indicating directions to destination and intermediate locations in vehicle navigation systems
Prognostics monitor for systems that are subject to failure
System and method for creating a message display
Method and device for perforating material webs
Device for laterally aligning sheets
Method and apparatus for limiting attitude drift during turns
Attitude determination with earth horizon-crossing indicators and relative-attitude propagation
High-G, low energy beacon system
Multistation press
Polypeptide of N-acetylglucosamine-6-O-sulfotransferase and DNA encoding the same
Composition based on calcium of magnesium acetylacetonate and free or chelated .beta.-diketones, pre...
Hydraulic control cold start neutral valve
Method for producing structures on the surface of a semiconductor wafer
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Livestock unloading system
Asynchronous memory interface for a video processor with a 2N sized buffer and N+1 wide bit gray cod...
Method and apparatus for accumulation buffering in the video graphics system
Systems and methods for guiding movable electrode elements within multiple-electrode structures
Method and apparatus for over-the-air programming of telecommunication services
Method and apparatus for an intermediate image transfer member
QPSK modulated backscatter system
Integrated system for providing 3-axis attitude-control, energy-storage, and electrical power
Image heating apparatus of induction heating type
Interface to network protocol software to support hardware acceleration of critical functions
Instrument for delivery of anaesthetic drug
Molded catheter distal end assembly and process for the manufacture thereof
Surgical scanning system and process for use thereof
Polyesters and production process thereof
Person-guided vehicle
Workstation container
Method and apparatus for detecting input directed to a thread in a multi-threaded process
Therapeutic combination
Target side distributor mechanism for connecting multiple functions to a single logical pipe of a co...
Quiet gradient coil
Tumor necrosis factor receptor 5
Method for the preparation of pure citalopram
Time interval analyzer having parallel counters
Spectral knock detection method and system therefor
Computer system for generating projected data and an application supporting a financial transaction
Resonator with preferred oscillation mode
Curable mixtures based on epoxy resins comprising imidazoles
Aromatic modified crude C5 based resins
Process for preparing propylene homopolymers and copolymers
Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin polymer blends comprising components with differing ethylene contents
Ionomer-insulated electrical connectors
Extendable caulking gun
Musical entertainment doll
Motion expressible toy
Interactive talking dolls
Riser tube for use in great sea depth and method for drilling at such depths
Windshield bottom trim
Damage tolerant inflatable
Self stabilizing tow apparatus
Turret-less floating production ship
Nonaqueous liquid detergent compositions containing bleach precursors
Buffer layer of a spin valve structure
Method of establishing a radio link between network subscribers and utilizing assigned position iden...
Gunsight and reticle therefor
Apparatus for attaching a supplemental device to a minimally altered host firearm
Expression of multiple proteins in transgenic plants
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of immune disorders
Method of dynamic retardation of cell cycle kinetics to potentiate cell damage
Macrolides with anti-inflammatory activity
Use of p97 and iron binding proteins as diagnostic and therapeutic agents
Method and apparatus for monitoring the process state of a semiconductor device fabrication process
Pituitary-tumor-transforming-genes, and related products
Single screw extrusion of polymers
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Gravity-flow water filtration device
Interpenetrating polymer network of polytetra fluoroethylene and silicone elastomer for use in elect...
Pressure sensitive adhesive blends comprising (meth)acrylate polymers and articles therefrom
Hot melt pressure sensitive positions adhesive (II)
Composition for treating symptoms of influenza
Super-resolution display
Elixir for removing metals from wastewater
Polymerization of vinyl chloride with hydroxycarboxylic acids, inhibitors and Fe ions
Two-layer enclosure for electrical assemblies
Program linking apparatus for linking and executing one program and another program using a micropro...
Azimuth control of hydraulic vertical fractures in unconsolidated and weakly cemented soils and sedi...
Bottle body
Polyurethane foam, process for producing the same, and foam forming composition
Method for continuous casting and device for carrying out the method
Wireless communications architecture
Suppression, by 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors, of bone resorption
Wound healing compositions
Methods for screening for transdominant effector peptides and RNA molecules
Medication delivery apparatus
Method and apparatus for simultaneous acquisition of high resolution NMR spectra from multiple sampl...
In-memory database system
Amino acid derivatives as HIV aspartyl protease inhibitors
PCI bridge configuration having physically separate parts
Communication apparatus with means for allocating alternate designation information to each function...
Graphics address relocation table (GART) stored entirely in a local memory of an expansion bridge fo...
Head/helmet mounted passive and active infrared imaging system with/without parallax
Exhaust system for 4-cycle engine of small watercraft
Liquid crystal panel having a plurality of ribs for a liquid crystal display device
Frictive fluid treatment and method of application for shoelaces
Ratchet tensioner with mechanism for locking and releasing a plunger
Object oriented information retrieval framework mechanism
Remote viewing process and apparatus
Double-pass optical amplifier
Transparent optical self-healing-ring communication network
Multilayer temperature resistant composite label for a cathode ray tube
Optical waveguide transmitter-receiver module
Three-axis torus shaped gravity switch
System and method for collecting trace data in main storage
Semiconductor plating system workpiece support having workpiece-engaging electrode with submerged co...
Microelectronic workpiece support and apparatus using the support
Method of and device for requesting guide information, method of and device for supplying guide info...
Base station equipment and base station control equipment
Mobile radio equipment forming antenna pattern to project user from radiation
Application program interface for a graphics system
Pyrazinone thrombin inhibitors
System and method for managing a plurality of processor performance states
Calendar-based power management
Self-importing system change routine
Programmable dedicated application card
Client-server transaction data processing system with optimum selection of last agent
System and method for group choice making
Delphinium plant named `Dolce Vita`
Barcode and data storage arrangement on a photographic element
Direct current mini air conditioning system
NH3 plasma descumming and resist stripping in semiconductor applications
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Nitinol horseshoes
Feedback stabilization of a loss optimized switch
Compiler for supporting multiple runtime data representations
Geometric phase analysis for overlay measurement
Dengue nucleic acid vaccines that induce neutralizing antibodies
Storage device, an encrypting/decrypting device and method of accessing a non-volatile memory
Image encrypting method and device, image decrypting method and device, and recording medium
Apparatus and method for establishing a crytographic link between elements of a system
Infant car seat/carrier assembly and method of controlling an infant carrier position
Developer apparatus including a coated developer roller
Coating compositions for development electrodes
Systems and methods for reducing light shock to a photoreceptive member
Method for reducing halo print defects associated with color images
Image processing device, image processing method and recording medium
Bi-cell chevrons detection color registration system for color printing
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of turnip rape
Hydrotreating catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Context-based automated defect classification system using multiple morphological masks
Preassembled aerosol actuator assembly for in-line capping to an aerosol container
Locking mechanism for a spring-actuated device
Vacuum oxidant PEM fuel cell
Alternating tree-based classifiers and methods for learning them
Magnetic annealing oven and method
Semiconductor LED flip-chip having low refractive index underfill
Manual and electric motor operated apparatus for lens barrels
Process for preparing hydrogenated aromatic polymers
Field emission device
Anti-HIV infection agents and method for treating HIV infection
Liquid crystal display
Color liquid crystal display device including super twisted nematic liquid crystal with molecular ma...
Optical fiber cable tracing system
Optical directional coupler
Process for preparing 2,6-dichloropurine
Microfluidic devices and methods
Emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber
Catalyst and methods for polymerizing cycloolefins
Polymers made from the reaction of rosin amidoamine/polyethyleneamine mixtures with a multifunctiona...
Foamable composition exhibiting instant thixotropic gelling
Pesticidal macrolides
Image detector having photoconductive layer, linear electrodes transparent to reading light, and sig...
Coating compositions for electronic components and other metal surfaces, and methods for making and ...
Branched dendrimeric structures
Longitudinal reinforced self-supporting capillary membranes and their use
Stripping composition
Manufacture of paper and paperboard
Methods for completing wells in unconsolidated subterranean zones
Composition and method for hair and scalp treatment
Silicon-aluminum mixed oxide
Antimony catalyst compositions
Shift converter having an improved catalyst composition, and method for its use
Liquid additive for thickener
Semiconductor light emitting device with II-VI group semiconductor contact layer containing alkali m...
Metal Halide lamp having improved shunting characteristics
Fluorescent lamp having uniquely configured container containing amalgam for regulating mercury vapo...
Solar cell sensors, process for their manufacture and their use
UV light reactor
Method for making tissue sheets on a modified conventional crescent-former tissue machine
System and method for dynamically restoring communications within a network
Apparatus for and method of controlling internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device
Multi-mode control system for variable camshaft timing devices
Device for varying valve timing of gas exchange valves of internal combustion engines, particularly ...
Control device for controlling an internal combustion engine with a variably controlled valve stroke
Method for the load-controlling operation of electromagnetically activated intake valves of an inter...
Method for the control of electromagnetic actuators for the actuation of intake and exhaust valves i...
Offset printing unit
Method for admission control in interference-limited cellular radio network
Amino acid stabilized medicinal aerosol formulations
Two-stage quench tower for use with oxygenate conversion process
Cyanate esters having flame resistant properties
Process for producing hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin and hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin obtained b...
Antifuse for use with low k dielectric foam insulators
Thermoelectric reformer fuel cell process and system
Dehydrated gel composition from hydrated isolated acetylated gellan gum
Process for producing a Si/C/N ceramic body
Method and system for locating mobile station in mobile telecommunication system
Deodorants, foods and beverages, and oral compositions as well as toiletry products
Method for treating organohalogen compound-containing soil or ash
Directed pollutant oxidation using simultaneous catalytic metal chelation and organic pollutant comp...
Foundation forming tool
Foundation construction using recycled tire walls
Blocks and connector for mechanically-stabilized earth retaining wall having soil-reinforcing sheets
Tubular anchor
Multi-purpose anchor bolt assembly
Substituted pyridine compounds and methods of use
Antibody-induced apoptosis
Transform domain inverse motion compensation having fractional pel accuracy
System for resolution enhancement, such as in a multi-pass ink-jet printer
Image registration method, image registration apparatus and recording medium
Method and system for providing two-dimensional color convergence correction
Full color active matrix organic electroluminescent display panel having an integrated shadow mask
Flat panel display with reduced electron scattering effects
Servo-articulated modules and robotic assemblies incorporating them
Synthesis of epothilones
Linear folding device and method
Method and apparatus for adjusting cylinders in a printing machine
Dual input servo coupled control sticks
System and method for adjusting the orbit of an orbiting space object using an electrodynamic tether...
Propulsion device and method of generating shock waves
Lightning protection for wind turbine blade
Auxiliary airfoil for aircraft main wings
Method for maintaining the position of geostationary satellites
Constellation of elliptical orbit satellites with line of apsides lying in or near the equatorial pl...
Overload protector for mechanical press
Method and device for measuring working force of mechanical press
Surface mount aluminum capacitor having anode foil anodized in an aqueous phosphate solution
Apparatus for processing audio and video DVD data
Simultaneous registration of multiple image fragments
Image processing system for compressing image data including binary image data and continuous tone i...
Method and apparatus for generic scalable shape coding by deriving shape information for chrominance...
Display driving device and liquid crystal module using the same
Multi-gray level display apparatus and method of displaying an image at many gray levels
Method and apparatus for reducing input impedance of a preamplifier
Nuclear magnetic resonance device
Method for generating ferromagnetic shim calibration file
Method for measuring a degree of association for dimensionally referenced data
Device for controlling and monitoring a vehicle
Sultams: catalyst systems for asymmetric reduction of a C=N intermediate biological compositions and...
Topical and oral delivery of arginine to cause beneficial effects
Pharmaceutical composition
Methods for treating vascular dementia
Bicyclic pyrimidine compounds and therapeutic use thereof
Amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Lightweight radiation protective garments
Efficient system for multi-level shape interactions
Hepatocyte lineage cells derived from pluripotent stem cells
Citronellyl and/or dihydrocitronellyl lactates, their preparation and their use
Electromagnetic actuator
Universal booster amplifier for a coriolis flowmeter
Apparatus for connecting a coriolis flowmeter flow tube to a flowmeter case
Correction of coriolis flowmeter measurements due to multiphase flows
Type identification and parameter selection for drive control in a coriolis flowmeter
Multiphase flow measurement system
Lateral mode stabilizer for Coriolis flowmeter
Coriolis flowmeter having a reduced flag dimension
Electric motor with brake
Leg binding attachment system
Automatic unloading and stacking apparatus
Material feeding, aligning cutting and edge finishing system
Clamping device and method for an automatic sewing system
Method and apparatus for attaching sleeves to shirt bodies
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Scroll machine with ported orbiting scroll member
Diagnostic system for a compressor
Outdoor condensing unit
Suction inlet screen and funnel for a compressor
Shared library optimization for heterogeneous programs
Method for target-specific development of fixed-point algorithms employing C++ class definitions
Method of, apparatus for, and recording medium storing a program for, parallelizing a program contai...
Program product for modular, parallel, remote software installation with repeatable, externally-invo...
Method and system for self-testing controls
Fractal process scheduler for testing applications in a distributed processing system
Software authorization system and method
Process for producing high-purity Mn materials
Reflective electro-optic fiber-based displays
Multi-purpose machine tool for high volume secondary operations
Tunable fiber optic filter
Method and apparatus for optical signal transmission using multiple sub-signals of non-uniform bandw...
WDM utilizing diffraction gratings with polarization dependent loss compensation
Method and apparatus to compensate for polarization mode dispersion
Programmable optical switch apparatus
Sound-collecting device
ATM switching module which allows system growth with different type of module without cell-loss duri...
Connection block for interfacing a plurality of printed circuit boards
Naphthalene ureas as glucose uptake enhancers
Derivatives of GLP-1 analogs
Method of locking 1.alpha.-OH of vitamin D compounds in axial orientation
Carbocyclic and heterocyclic substituted semicarbazones and thiosemicarbazones and the use thereof
Solid preparation
Thiazolium compounds and treatments of disorders associated with protein aging
Selective hydrogenation catalyst system and process for preparing the same and its use
Process for the preparation of 1-hexene
Selective methylation to para-xylene using fuel syngas
Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer, method for producing the same, and use thereof
Hydrocarbon conversion process using a zeolite bound zeolite catalyst
Composition of an anti-scale-forming agent
System and method for restructuring of logic circuitry
Advertisement at TV-transmission
Method and apparatus for displaying textual or graphic data on the screen of television receivers
Electronic billboard replacement switching system
Apparatus and method for generating on-screen-display messages using on-bit pixels
Television picture signal processing in which video and graphic signals are compressed using differe...
System and method for anti-aliasing of text overlays on electronic images
System for enhancing the television presentation of an object at a sporting event
Heat stable monoazo magenta pigment compositions
Plasma fuel processing for NOx control lean burn engines
Lustrous interference pigments with black absorption color
Paints containing low sheen opacifying pigments obtained by flux calcination of kaolin clay
Method, apparatus and composition for removing pollutants from the atmosphere
2-(2-Amino-3-methoxyphenyl)-4-oxo-4H-[1]benzopyran for treating proliferative disorders
System and method for automated testing of software systems utilizing statistical models
System for controlling the use of licensed software
System and method for controlling data access
Method and apparatus for remote interaction with and configuration of a WAN-based knowledge base
Electronic mail system
Method and system for tracking the purchase of a product and services over the internet
Method and apparatus for displaying sign language images corresponding to input information
Resilience in a multi-computer system
Memorial for a grave site
Method for advanced communication-based vehicle control
Software and method for digital content vending and transport
Animal shock collar with low impedance transformer
Apparatuses and methods for extravasation detection
Apparatus and method for signal processing
Technique for providing information upon a notable condition in a vehicle
Arrangement for dispensing luggage pushcarts in mass transportation facilities
Method of and system for producing 3-D carved signs using automatic tool path generation and compute...
Intervention bed for a medical imaging device
Precision illumination methods and systems
Apparatus for access to interstitial fluid, blood, or blood plasma components
Public key cryptography method
Heating assembly, image-forming apparatus, and process for producing silicone rubber sponge and roll...
Locking electrical receptacle
Over the door single hook
Tumbler assembly
Stackable pallet bracket
Iron guard
Estate bootwiper with diagonal design
Steam generating canister
Endocardial pacing lead with detachable tip electrode assembly
Methods for responsively treating neurological disorders
Apparatus and method for collecting data useful for determining the parameters of an alert window fo...
Articulated magnetic guidance systems and devices and methods for using same for magnetically-assist...
Intravascular imaging guidewire
Apparatus, program product and method of processing diagnostic data transferred from a host computer...
System and method for communicating documents via a distributed computer system
Method and apparatus for repeated contact software end-user
System and method for providing customized electronic newspapers and target advertisements
Encryption processing system
Method for detecting and diagnosing epithelial cancer
Protective strap for suitcase
Positive active material and non-aqueous secondary cell made by using the same
Lithium-ion battery electrode composition
Method of hardening and polishing concrete floors, walls, and the like
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Peptide antagonists of zonulin and methods for use of the same
Potassium channel inhibitors
Method for producing laterally organized structures on supporting surfaces
Separator for energy storage cells
Electroplating chemistry on-line monitoring and control system
Preparation of recyclable fiber composites
Metal surface-treating method
Method and apparatus for charging batteries at reduced overcharge levels
Flame-retardant additive for li-ion batteries
Lithium secondary battery with a lithium manganese oxide positive electrode
Positive electrode activator for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Lithium ion secondary battery
Polymer electrolytes
Method and apparatus for controlling the speed and spacing of a motor vehicle
Information reproducing system capable of manually reading an optically readable code and repeatedly...
Forsythia plant named `Courdijau`
Magnolia tree named `Southern Charm`
Phalaenopsis plant named `Artemisa`
Pulmonaria plant named `Trevi Fountain`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amor`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Aurora`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S27`
Chitosan derivatives combined with polypropylene glycol and method for preparing the same
Long wearing makeup compositions
Use of sunscreen combinations comprising, as essential constituent, 2,2'-p-phenylenebis (3,1-benzoxa...
Refillable cosmetic powder dispenser
Method of manufacturing cosmetic container
Chemical method for removal and analysis of boron impurities in tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS)
Use of compressed CO2 in chemical reactions
Method for analyzing polynucleotides
Photopolymerizable vinyl ether based monomeric formulations and polymerizable compositions which may...
Combinations of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors and fibric acid derivatives for cardio...
Implantable cardiac rhythm management device for assessing status of CHF patients
Mesh network with method and apparatus for interleaved binary exchange
Post data-acquisition method for generating water/fat separated MR images having adjustable relaxati...
Process for producing washed citrus oil flavors
Navigating method and device for an autonomous vehicle
Polyunsaturated fatty acids in plants
Radiolabeled farnesyl-protein transferase inhibitors
Modeling interactions with atomic parameters including anisotropic dipole polarizability
Method and apparatus for determining logging tool displacements
Arrangements for detecting the presence or location of an object in a vehicle and for controlling de...
Methods and apparatus for trimming engine control systems
Optical transmission device
Method for making V-shaped highly birefringent optical fibers
Preceding vehicle following control system
Vehicle braked with motor torque and method of controlling the same
Rules-based occupant classification system for airbag deployment
Diagnostic apparatus and method for motor driven power-assisted steering system
Electric power steering control system and method for controlling the electric power steering contro...
Routing program method for positioning unit pins in a hierarchically designed VLSI chip
Massively parallel instruction predecoding
Detecting full conditions in a queue
Pipeline operation method and pipeline operation device to interlock the translation of instructions...
Network processor, memory organization and methods
Staging system for automated cheese processing equipment
Process for the uniform coloration of cheese
Substituted arylsulfides, arylsulfoxides and arylsulfones as beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Cottage cheese having porous curd
Method for producing an easily digestible protein concentrate, a protein-rich food item and its use
Pet food composition for controlling postprandial glycemic response
Customizable fixture for patient positioning
Repositioning and reorientation of master/slave relationship in minimally invasive telesurgery
User interface system for mammographic imager
Packaging with incorporated temporary tattoo
Benzoheterocyclic distamycin derivatives, process for preparing them, and their use as antitumor age...
Channels and services display
Thermoplastic elastomeric copolymers and hair and skin care compositions containing the same
Low compression, resilient golf balls including elemental catalyst and method for making same
Compositions and systems for forming crosslinked biomaterials and associated methods of preparation ...
Photoinitiators having chain transfer groups polymerized to obtain macrophotoinitiators useful to gi...
Antisense modulation of phosphorylase kinase Alpha 2 expression
22406, a novel human pyridoxal-phosphate dependent enzyme family member and uses therefor
Anatomically correct prosthesis and method and apparatus for manufacturing prosthesis
Probabilistic data clustering
Method and system for detecting vehicle collision using global positioning system
Two wire communication system
Process for producing a homogeneous polyethylene material in the presence of a catalyst
Fibers made of cycloolefin copolymers
Etchant/primer composition, etchant/primer/adhesive monomer composition, kits and methods using the ...
Thermoformed polypropylene mineral-filled microwaveable containers having food contact compatible ol...
Synthetic, statistic thymic peptide combination and its use as a preparation with immunological and/...
Customized oligonucleotide microchips that convert multiple genetic information to simple patterns, ...
Fungal sulphur source and method of using the same
Bioprocess for the high-yield production of food flavor-acceptable jasmonic acid and methyl jasmonat...
Zeolite in packaging film
Chemically synthesized and assembled electronics devices
Process for the thermomechanical treatment of steel
Ferritic stainless steel plate
Case hardened steel blades for sports equipment and method of manufacture
Steel rib partitioning rack
Device and process for producing a steel strip
Home cleaning robot
Prefabricated concrete panel for building floors in civil or industrial structures
Estimate of efficiency using acceleration-heart rate ratio
Dehydration condition judging apparatus by measuring bioelectric impedance
Apparatus and method for resolution calibration of radiographic images
Method and apparatus for a self learning automatic control of photo capture and scanning
Method of retrieving moving pictures using joint points based on pose information
Apparatus and method of increasing scanner resolution
Video image stabilization and registration
Gauging using sub-model poses
Patterned layer of a polymer material having a cholesteric order
Complex rare-earths doped optical waveguide
Variable optical attenuator
Optical connector assembly using partial large diameter alignment features
Packaging system for two-dimensional optoelectronic arrays
Optical fiber management tool
Transmission of menus to a receiver
Apparatus and method for unequal error protection in multiple-description coding using overcomplete ...
Using separate caches for variable and generated fixed-length instructions
Data stream output apparatus
Program production and transmission apparatus
Method and system for displaying received messages of portable television (TV) phone
Vehicle lighting apparatus
Illumination and guidance system for traffic areas
Lamp apparatus for liquid crystal display device
Tolerance and size adaptive spacer for spacing a battery cell
Artificial tree
Golf putting indication device
Assembly for a disc cartridge
Cellular radio routing system
Safety device for use with an industrial robot
Receiving device and receiving means, transfer device, and workstation and method for their operatio...
Robot device
Automatic rear combination lamp removal system
Security and access management system for web-enabled and non-web-enabled applications and content o...
Method and apparatus for delivery of a bytecode embedded within a transport stream
Method for the manufacture of a frangible nonsintered powder-based projectile for use in gun ammunit...
Composite tube for gun barrel
Firearm security arrangement
Magazine safety
Chimeric genes and methods for increasing the lysine and threonine content of the seeds of plants
Dye intermediate and method
28-kDa immunoreactive protein gene of Ehrlichia canis and uses thereof
Interferon-.alpha./.beta. binding protein, its preparation and use
Microbial swollenin protein, DNA sequences encoding such swollenins and method of producing such swo...
Benzotriazole UV absorbers having enhanced durability
Photocurable coatings for polyester articles
Extrusion coating compositions and method
Removable conformal liners for centrifuge containers
Treatment of a .alpha.-galactosidase a deficiency
Erasable ink composition
Single accelerator/two-treatment vault system
Method and apparatus for enhancing the scrambling of a TV signal via erroneous clamp signals
Process for scrambling and process for descrambling digital video data and devices implementing the ...
Cable television setback decoder automatic control
Block cipher using key data merged with an intermediate block generated from a previous block
Multilayer golf ball and composition
Polypropylene fibers and items made therefrom
Wound dressing
Methods of fixturing a flexible substrate and a processing carrier and methods of processing a flexi...
Soil activator
Decorative sheet
Apparatus for receiving signals
Antigens and immunoassays for diagnosing Chagas' disease
Nucleoside with anti-hepatitis B virus activity
Bovine cells expressing adenovirus essential functions for propagation of recombinant adenoviral vec...
Cytokine-free culture of dendritic cells
Process for the in vitro culture of different stages of tissue parasites
Aryl phenyl substituted cyclic ketoenols
Power device
Fuel cell stacks for ultra-high efficiency power systems
Catalytic partial oxidation -- particulate catalysts
Method and apparatus for treating wastes by gasification
Fuel reformer and fuel reforming method
Hydrogels containing absorbable polyoxaamides
Fabrication of vascularized tissue
Composites for tissue regeneration and methods of manufacture thereof
External adapter for a portable cellular phone
Data-domain sampled network
Modular hearing device receiver suspension
Sound muffling material and method of making thereof
Acoustic absorber for absorbing noises in buildings
Low cost muffler
Methods and apparatus for low back pressure muffling of internal combustion engines
Replaceable muffler structure with an adjustable length
Processing sonic waveform measurements from array borehole logging tools
Method for electromagnetically restructuring water for organismic consumption
DNA encoding the human serine protease T
Dressing and preparation delivery system
Desensitizing bleaching gel
One-part bleach-fix liquid concentrates
Fluorescent whitening agents
Skin cleansing bar comprising a fatty alcohol with low mush
Selecting tag nucleic acids
Method for producing pig iron
Zinc alloys yielding anticorrosive coatings on ferrous materials
Pharmaceutical with predetermined activity profile
Tetrahydropyran derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
FPGA input output buffer with registered tristate enable
Function unit allocation in processor design
Method and apparatus for loading an operating system kernel from a shared disk memory
Method and apparatus for determining a longest prefix match in a content addressable memory device
Method and apparatus for training a person to learn a cognitive/functional task
Acoustic coupling compensation for a speakerphone of a system
On-board camouflage lighting system using directional light sources
Hockey game and apparatus
Pivotal doorway furnishing
Image forming apparatus which can clean auxiliary member erasing image traces
Cleaning blade
Developing cartridge having toner agitator agitating toners in toner container and transferring tone...
Cascaded inert gas purging of distributed or remote electronic devices through interconnected electr...
Vitronectin receptor antagonists
Vitronectin receptor antagonists
Bone sialoprotein-based compositions for enhancing connective tissue repair
Human NIM1 kinase
Diagnosis of feline immunodeficiency virus infection using ENV/GAG polypeptide markers
Sustained release microspheres
Real-time embedded magnetic resonance fluoroscopy
Diagnostic imaging contrast agent with improved in serum relaxivity
Detectably labeled porphyrin compound for identifying the sentinel lymph node
Glass core guidewire compatible with magnetic resonance
System for handling streaming information using a plurality of reader modules by enumerating output ...
Dynamic injection of execution logic into main dynamic link library function of the original kernel ...
Polymer-stabilized metal colloid solutions, method for producing said solutions and use of the same ...
Mechanically strainable composite laminated structure
Compounds and methods for use thereof in the treatment of cancer or viral infections
Detergent composition having a plasma-induced, water soluble coating and process for making same
Multi-layer detergent tablet
Synthetic bar compositions providing source of divalent cations available at critical point to enhan...
Apertured webs having permanent hydrophilicity and absorbent articles using such webs
Dehydrated potato flakes
Cyclic regimens utilizing indoline derivatives
Lisinopril compositions having large-particle DCPD
Modified polypeptide
Coated membrane with an aperture for controlled atmosphere package
Coating composition for metal substrates
Chelated feed additive and method of preparation
Alumina-magnesia-graphite refractory
Method of fabricating high efficiency light-emitting diode with a transparent substrate
Computer-based RDS/MBS receiver system for use with radio broadcast signal
Device and method for automatically disconnecting a call in a mobile radio communication terminal
Reducing interference in a mobile communications system
Short message queuing mechanism
Method, exchange, telecommunication system and mobile station for temporary selective national roami...
System and method for billing in a radio telecommunications network
Portable radio telephone data terminal using cdpd
MRAM memory with drive logic arrangement
Device case with air purifying function
Cyclodextrin stabilized pharmaceutical compositions of bupropion hydrochloride
High Tg potting compound
Transparent microspheres
Sputtering targets and method for the preparation thereof
Method of polishing a memory or rigid disk with an ammonia-and/or halide-containing composition
Sulfonation, sulfation, and sulfamation
Formation of three dimensional burls in a filled acrylic solid surface material
Genes encoding picric acid degradation
Terephthalic acid producing proteobacteria
Process for removing water from organoborane compounds
Bus patcher
Secure wireless electronic-commerce system with wireless network domain
System for generating site-specific user aliases in a computer network
Arrangement of data within cache lines so that tags are first data received
Method and apparatus for identifying runt data frames received by a network switch
System for maintaining strongly sequentially ordered packet flow in a ring network system with busy ...
Method and apparatus of storing policies for policy-based management of quality of service treatment...
Method and system for electroseismic monitoring of microseismicity
Wash water recirculation unit and system for kitchen ventilators and related ventilation equipment
Talking doll having extendible appendages
Method for determining reachable methods in object-oriented applications that use class libraries
Systems, methods and computer program products for debugging java server page files using compiled j...
Apparatus and method for inserting repeaters into a complex integrated circuit
Data processor storage systems with dynamic resynchronization of mirrored logical data volumes subse...
Single symbol correction double symbol detection code employing a modular H-matrix
Non-volatile fault indicator
Debug circuit and microcomputer incorporating debug circuit
Electronic camera
Battery accommodating device
Method and apparatus for indicating a field of view for a document camera
Camera with a film perforation wheel
Foldable mask for camera viewfinder and method of using same to alter field frame
Photographic and video image system
Film unit with a lens
Method and apparatus for optical switching devices utilizing a bi-morphic piezoelectric apparatus
Lateral polysilicon beam process
Method for switching protocols transparently in multi-user applications
Electrical flash card unit and method of use
Exhaust and control for watercraft engine
Display device for both hardcopy and digital images
Method for producing custom fitted medical devices
Method and system for implementing control signals on a low pin count bus
Low cost data streaming mechanism
Integrated real-time performance monitoring facility
Reclosable bag formed on form, fill and seal machine
Bearing assembly spacer adjustment system and method for adjusting a spacer
Ball bearing device for a swing arm
Cage for a rolling bearing
Cage with improved grease retention
Rotary stage bearing arrangement
System for adjusting play in a linear guide
Linear motion guide unit with lubricating plate assembly
Configuring a wireless computer network to allow automatic access by a guest client device
Portable electric generator with thermal electric co-generator
Polyethylene-laminated fiber ammunition container
Adhesive for ring seal in center fire ammunition
Automated loader assist for mortars
Weapon aiming
Sonic rarefaction wave recoilless gun system
Connection of tubular sections of combustible propellant charge cases
Video cataloger system with extensibility
Externally heated deformable fuser roller
System for sequential triggering of cameras and picture taking equipment equipped with such a system
Variable coupler fiberoptic sensor and sensing apparatus using the sensor
Enclosure for microwave radio transceiver with integral refractive antenna
Rifled weapon barrel engraver and scanner
Plant expression constructs
Hook and loop anchor sheet module with overlapped edges and sufficient mass to resist buckling
Neural network assisted multi-spectral segmentation system
Housekeeping cart
Trash can receptacle
Ice scraper
Steam ironing and cleaning apparatus
Method and apparatus for sending a weather condition alert
Method and apparatus for switching an optical beam using a phase array disposed in a higher doped we...
Disc player for playing discs with optically stored data
Fast attenuator
Method and apparatus for free-space optical communication without electro-optical conversion
Measurement of brightness, flow velocity and temperature of radiant media
Developability sensor with diffuse and specular optics array
Beam delivery and imaging for optical probing of a device operating under electrical test
Processing orders for high bandwidth connections
Temporary medical electrical lead having electrode mounting pad with biodegradable adhesive
Method for converting sparingly water-soluble medical substance to amorphous state
Use of hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid derivatives in intraocular surgery
Agents for intravitreal administration to treat or prevent disorders of the eye
Heterocyclic-hydroxyimino-fluorene nuclei compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting p...
Human heparanase polypeptide and cDNA
Tumor delivery vehicles
Process and module for heating liquid
Coffee foaming sweetener
Connector to PDA external keyboard
System for creating non-algorithmic random numbers and publishing the numbers on the internet
Driving control apparatus of motorized scooter
Spacecraft methods and systems for autonomous correction of star tracker charge-transfer-efficiency ...
Dynamic optimizing object code translator for architecture emulation and dynamic optimizing object c...
Service navigation systems and methods
Neural network for cell image analysis for identification of abnormal cells
Application of energy and substances in the treatment of uro-genital disorders
Adaptive brain stimulation method and system
Apparatus and method for locating vessels in a living body
Method for optimizing visual display of enhanced digital images
Turbine generator stator assembly having a compact inflatable device for applying localized pressure...
Absorbent product comprising at least one thermoplastic component to bond layers
Locking nail for the repair of femur shaft fractures
Viral amplification of recombinant messenger RNA in transgenic plants
Methods for plating semiconductor workpieces using a workpiece-engaging electrode assembly with seal...
Interactive educational toy
Search and display apparatus
Music action game machine, performance operation instructing system for music action game and storag...
Runflat display
Learning system with learner-constructed response based testing methodology
Cardiology patient simulator
Portable simulation game apparatus
Adhesive funny jumping toy
Animated display
Remotely controlled toy motorized snake
Self-stabilizing walking apparatus that is capable of being reprogrammed or puppeteered
Operating/controlling device for computer game
Light-emitting display device, target game apparatus using light-emitting display device, display sw...
Method of manufacturing multi-layer game ball
Balance trainer
Gaming device having a primary game scheme involving a symbol generator and secondary award triggeri...
Card game using specified card for side bet pool and method of playing
Method and system for validating and distributing network presence information for peers of interest
Slush molding process
Clipping system and method for a graphics processing framework embodied on a single semiconductor pl...
Decongestant/expectorant compositions
State copying method for software update
Method and apparatus for remotely booting a client computer from a network by emulating remote boot ...
Local authentication of a client at a network device
System and method for pushing information from a host system to a mobile data communication device
System and method for pushing calendar event messages from a host system to a mobile data communicat...
Method and apparatus for transporting behavior in an event-based distributed system
Distributed computer database system and method for performing object search
Cache storage optimization in a data storage library of a redundant copy synchronization token track...
Storage device, method of processing stored data, and image forming apparatus
Method and system for increasing concurrency during staging and destaging in a log structured array
Method, system and program for maintaining data consistency among updates across groups of storage a...
System for communicating information among a group of participants
Method and apparatus for retrieving and analyzing data stored at network sites
Targeted network video download interface
Method and apparatus of secure server control of local media via a trigger through a network for ins...
Method and apparatus and business system for online distribution of serial works
Information service using single-object servers
Holographic shrink wrap element and method for manufacture thereof
Heterocyclic derivatives which inhibit factor Xa
Chrysanthemum plant named `AURORA PURPLE`
Method of software protection using a random code generator
Supporting multi-dimensional space-time computing through object versioning
Opcode numbering for meta-data encoding
Image correction method to compensate for point of view image distortion
Modifying insect cell gylcosylation pathways with baculovirus expression vectors
Poker-type game of chance
Use of substituted N, N-bis-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer ...
Combinations of ileal bile acid transport inhibitors and cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibito...
Use of substituted N, N-disubstituted reverse aminoalcohol compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl este...
use of substituted N,N-disubstituted mercapto amino compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester trans...
Combinations of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors and HMG coA reductase inhibitors for c...
Substituted N-phenyl-N-heteroaralkyl aminoalcohol compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfe...
Association unit, association apparatus and method for the same
Sports computer with GPS receiver and performance tracking capabilities
System and method for controlling the attitude of a space craft
Bone conduction speaker and microphone
Motion display technique
Portable remote mail detection system
Remote locking release device and method
Workflow-scheduling optimization driven by target completion time
Method and apparatus providing an integral computer and telephone system
Personal mobile communication system with call bridging
Wireless warning system
Radio telephone
Back monitoring apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle security system
Electric golf car with low-speed regenerative braking
Device and method for influencing the propulsion of a vehicle
Apparatus for controlling run of a car, and car using the apparatus
Lane following vehicle control and process
Passive speaker system
Replaceable flow-through capacitors for removing charged species from liquids
Diene copolymer substituted by alkoxy silane, and organic and inorganic hybrid composition comprisin...
Method for growing barium titanate thin film
Water repellent coating composition, method for preparing the same, and coating films and coated art...
Poly(1,4-ethylene-2-piperazone) composition, method for production of a poly(1,4-ethylene-2-piperazo...
Laser addressable thermal transfer imaging element with an interlayer
Electronic timepiece and method for controlling the same
Electronic filing system having displayed retrieval image change
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent display with three kinds of layer-stacked devices
Light emitting device
Method of making semiconductor device
Oxynitride laminate "blocking layer" for thin film semiconductor devices
Current-driven light-emitting display apparatus and method of producing the same
Cleaning agent for a semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having an improved structure for preventing cracks, and improved small-sized se...
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Polishing fluid, polishing method, semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
Refractomer and method for qualitative and quantitative measurements
Paper product
High reliability industrial controller using tandem independent programmable gate-arrays
Process for fabricating RuSixOy-containing adhesion layers
Aluminum-based alloy and procedure for its heat treatment
Article based on a metal alloy of nickel, chromium and metalloid elements including microcrystalline...
Aluminum alloy plate for automobile and manufacturing method thereof
Superelastic guiding member
Free-machining, martensitic, precipitation-hardenable stainless steel
Method and system for high precision altitude measurement over hostile terrain
Apparatus for recovering a specific ingredient in sea water
Swimming assistance apparatus
Method and device for linking surface to the seabed for a submarine pipeline installed at great dept...
Apparatus for guiding the legs of a lift boat
System for controlled lowering of a tube or cable
Slam latch and hatch assembly including a slam latch
Anti-tumor composition
System and method for effectuating distributed consensus among members of a processor set in a multi...
GPS-based positioning system for mobile GPS terminals
Semiconductor memory device with latch-up suppression
Integrated circuit memory devices having non-volatile memory transistors and methods of fabricating ...
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and materials for purifying hydride gases, inert gases, and non-reactive gases
Packaging system with improved flow of articles
Mobile robot, automated production system, and mobile robot system
Managing system for reproducing information composed of information recording medium, managing mediu...
Modified computer motherboard security and identification system
Data copyright management system
Broadcast reception device and contract management device using common master key in conditional acc...
Method for determining temporary mobile identifiers and managing use thereof
Intermediate transfer belt providing high transfer efficiency of toner images to a transfuse member
Potential controlling method and potential controller of image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic development system with custom color printing
Office machine including a blower having a blower noise reducing device
Vicilin-like seed storage protein gene promoter and methods of using the same
Nucleic acid molecules from wheat, transgenic plant cells and plants and the thereof for the product...
Polynucleotides and kits for detection of an age-related mutation
Method for the manufacture of a finished product from a lignocellulosic material
Veronica plant named `Darwin's Blue`
Backpack having removable, re-positionable carrying straps
Post anchor
Hanger label
Motion vector estimation based on statistical features of an image frame
System and method for redirecting data messages
Arrangement for data exchange in a wireless communication system
Coupling of optical signals to misaligned waveguides on different wafers
Code generator for multiple rake finger and method of use
Automated system and method for delivery of messages and processing of message responses
Polyalkoxy copolymers as lipase inhibitors and their compositions
Multimedia information retrieval system and method including format conversion system and method
Information recording medium and information reproducing apparatus
Direct memory access execution engine with indirect addressing of circular queues in addition to dir...
Method of operating a cathode-ray tube electron gun
Telecommunications enclosure box employing mounting brackets for supporting components providing com...
Authoring system for computed-based information delivery system
Missile for combating stationary and/or moving targets
Automatic start control and clutch of toy engine powered by high pressure gas
Offline apparatus for detecting attitude of artificial satellite in wide-band and method thereof
Conformal-dome optical system with rotationally symmetric stationary optical baffles
Medical aerosol formulations
Method for transferring one or more active ingredients between different phase carriers
Color stable iron fortified compositions
Dual-tagged proteins and their uses
Intercalates formed with polypropylene/maleic anhydride-modified polypropylene intercalants
Process for forming 312 phase materials and process for sintering the same
Process of making .alpha.-alumina powder
Method for enrichment of heavy component of oxygen isotopes
Single-crystal rod and process for its production
Clathrate compounds and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-point autofocus system
Fiber optic cables with at least one water blocking zone
Micro composite fiber optic/electrical cables
Semiconductor device and semiconductor assembly apparatus for semiconductor device
Method of preparing silacycloalkanes
Extruded honeycomb dehydrogenation catalyst and method
Non-aqueous battery of a thin configuration
Developer, development method, development device and its elements, and image-forming device
Method for decomposing halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbon compounds having adsorption process and app...
Polyolefin composition with molecular weight maximum occurring in that part of the composition that ...
Masking material
Processes for improved surface properties incorporating compressive heating of reactive gases
Method and apparatus for restoring port status in a cable television tap
Image processing device and method, and transmission medium, transmission method and image format
Monitoring system for web breaks in a paper machine
System and method for face detection using candidate image region selection
Human 5-HT3 receptor
22109, a novel human thioredoxin family member and uses thereof
Human ATPase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Devices and methods for monitoring an analyte
Magnetic random access memory having voltage control circuitry for maintaining sense lines at consta...
Epitaxial growth of nitride compound semiconductor
Method for designing an ASIC and ASIC designing apparatus
Cell-layout method in integrated circuit devices
Full-chip extraction of interconnect parasitic data
LSI design system through model creation for functional block and LSI design method therefor
Semiconductor device including macros and its testing method
Method for producing aromatic compounds having alkyl group with at least three carbon atoms
Apparatus, method, and computer program for increasing scanner data throughput
Method for controlling a structure comprising a source of field emitting electrons
N-hydroxy-2-(alkyl, aryl, or heteroaryl sulfanyl, sulfinyl or sulfonyl)-3-substituted alkyl, aryl or...
C7 acyloxy and hydrido taxane derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
2-oxo-imidazolidine-4-carboxylic acid hydroxamide compounds that inhibit matrix metalloproteinases
Object authentification method using printed binary code and computer registry
Methods for computer-assisted isolation of proteins
Aminoindan derivatives
Fractionation process for the unsaponifiable material derived from black-liquor soaps
Resin for use in an antifouling coating and antifouling coating
Photosensitive printing plate having mat particles formed on the photosensitive layer and method of ...
Ethylene derivatives and pesticides containing said derivatives
Gamma radiation polymerized emulsion-based (meth)acrylate pressure sensitive adhesives and methods o...
Composites consisting of polyurethane and a thermoplastic material containing an inorganic polar add...
Laminate film with organic particulate for a magnetic recording medium
Universal shopping center for international operation
Process of making finely divided opaque particles
Digital differential analyzer
Aligning images of a projection system
Graffiti and/or environmental protective article having removable sheets, substrates protected there...
Non-malignant disease treatment with Ras antagonists
Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for inhibiting protein kinases
Treatment and prevention of reactive oxygen metabolite-mediated cellular damage
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding protease proteins, and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for augmenting osteointegration of prosthetic implant devices
Micro-alignment pick-up head
Robot control device having operation route simulation function
Reduction of unwanted side-effects during use of absorbent articles by means of PH-control
Process for the preparation of dihydrocoumarin by hydrogenating coumarin
Suppository base
Gambogic acid, analogs and derivatives as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis
Bicyclic lactones, perfumery uses thereof, processes for preparing same and intermediates therefor
Integrated gallium arsenide communications systems
Pendeoepitaxial gallium nitride semiconductor layers on silicon carbide substrates
Semiconductor processing methods, semiconductor circuitry, and gate stacks
Method for quantifying the texture homogeneity of a polycrystalline material
Methods for growth of relatively large step-free SiC crystal surfaces
Method for forming a copper film on a substrate
Snap fit magnetic shields for laser gyroscopes
Almost full-scan BIST method and system having higher fault coverage and shorter test application ti...
Phenyldiboronic acid reagents and complexes
Amorphous compound
Formulations for detecting asthma
Method for reducing residual monomers in liquid systems by adding an oxidation-reduction initiator s...
Surfactantless latex compositions and methods of making polymer blends using these compositions
Systems for guiding a medical instrument through a body
Optimization of curved waveguide design to reduce transmission losses
Omnidirectional multilayer device for enhanced optical waveguiding
Non-blocking micro-optic switch matrix for use in fiber optic systems
Wood-encased pencil for writing, sketching, drawing, and cosmetic purposes
Method for producing (meth)acrylic acid and (meth)acrylic acid esters
Rheology modifier for use in aqueous compositions
Ink jet paper coatings containing polyvinyl alcohol-alkylated polyamine blends
Method of making multilayer sheets for firestops or mounting mats
Intercalates and exfoliates formed with hydroxyl-functional; polyhydroxyl-functional; and aromatic c...
Toluene disproportionation process
Method of preparing alkenyl-substituted aromatic hydrocarbon
Hydrogenation catalysts
Catalytic reduction of ketones and aldehydes using organometallic ruthenium complexes
Method of removing and recovering boron trifluoride with metal fluoride and process for polyolefin p...
Polymer blend compatibilization using isobutylene-based block copolymers
Power supply apparatus comprising a voltage detection circuit and method for using same