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Image forming apparatus and warm-up method
Film with metal foil
Electronic credit system and communication apparatus
Multi-level encryption system for wireless network
Information transmission method, information duplication prohibiting method, information duplication...
Secure proxy signing device and method of use
Electrophotographic image forming method, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and electropho...
Luminance enhancement with overshoot reduction control based on chrominance information
Optical storage medium, optical storage method, optical reading method, optical reading apparatus, o...
System and apparatus for notetaking with digital video and ink
Modulator base for electrostatic voltmeter modulator assembly
Toner and developer compositions with charge enhancing additives
Inbred corn plant 7180 and seeds thereof
Retention barrier system
Bitumen emulsions, method for obtaining them and compositions containing same
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yonatalie`
Radio frequency tracking system
Turkey beard display device
Game system and program
Method and apparatus for encouraging physiological self-regulation through modulation of an operator...
Information processing system and true/false determining method used therefor
Method for customizing queries
Adjusting a click time threshold for a graphical user interface
Video encoder and decoder
Marked golf ball and method for marking a golf ball
Gaming apparatus having variable speed indicators of progress
Process for the production of a condensation products of a carboxylic acid
Method for preparing 5-(1-methylethyl)-6-(phenylmethyl)pyrimidine-2,4(1h,3h)-dione
Ethylenimine polymer, aqueous solution of ethylenimine polymer, production process for the same and ...
Method of measuring consumer reaction while participating in a consumer activity
Method of diffusing an acaricidal composition comprising permethrin and tetramethrin, and the use of...
Method for microlithographic writing with improved precision
Workpiece mounting for a working machine
Laser markable micro-pore aluminum tags and method of their fabrication
Pouch label
Printed matter displaying various colors according to view angle
Rewritable erasable labels
Two-part token and method of using same for business purposes
Self-service postage stamp assemblage
Marine mooring line vermin shield
Method of reducing resource assignment overhead in wireless communication systems
Extendible feet and baseplate for telephone and other electronic devices
Method for creating and modifying similar and dissimilar databases for use in dialing plan configura...
Dynamic traffic management in an intelligent network of a telephone system
Vehicle brake safety system apparatus and methods
Heated liner for wearing under an upper torso garment
Method and apparatus for controlling bandwidth in a switched broadband multipoint/multimedia network
Aircraft towbar apparatus
Fairing arrangement for an aircraft
Airborne safe landing power control system and method
Method and sensor for capturing rate and position and stabilization of a satellite using at least on...
Structured cache for persistent objects
Fluorinated copolymer surfactants and use thereof in aerosol compositions
Breath actuated nebulizer with valve assembly having a relief piston
Proteinase K variants having decreased adsorption and increased hydrolysis
Flexible, cut resistant, and abrasion resistant sheet material and method for making same
Composite coating LiPO3
Web-cleaning apparatus for electrostatic printer/copier
Electrostatic separation enhanced by media addition
23413, a novel human ubiquitin protease
Methods of treating sexual dysfunction in an individual suffering from a retinal disease, class 1 co...
Four-wheel drive toy
Radical-assisted sequential CVD
Limiting magnetoresistive electrical interaction to a preferred portion of a magnetic region in magn...
Flat semiconductor device and power converter employing the same
Over-current protection circuit
Method and apparatus for controlled contraction of collagen tissue
Recombinant alphavirus-based vectors with reduced inhibition of cellular macromolecular synthesis
Non-A, non-B, non-C, non-D, non-E hepatitis reagents and methods for their use
Thymidine kinase mutants
Adjuvant formulation comprising a submicron oil droplet emulsion
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Electrochemiluminescence helicase assay
Signal enhancement of bispecific antibody-polymer probe for immunoassay use
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer with low residual monomer
Crosslinkable polymeric compositions and use thereof
Polymerization inhibitor for vinyl-containing materials
Water-based surface-treating agent for metallic material
Field emission type cold-cathode electron gun with focusing electrode
Automated system for two dimensional electrophoresis
Solar battery module
Inorganic dispersion stabilizer and process for producing resinous particles using the same
Low VOC cationic curable lithographic printing inks
Sesquiterpene synthases from grand fir (Abies grandis), and methods of use
Detergent cosmetic compositions for hair care and utilisation thereof
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one silicone copolymer and at least one cationic polymer, ...
Hair and/or body care product for human beings and animals
Systems and methods for performing an eye examination
Process for production of zeolites from raw materials containing alkali alumino hydro-silicates
Method for preparing a highly active, unsupported high surface-area MoS2 catalyst
Methods of manufacturing micro-particulated hydrate slurries
Process for regeneration of acids from spent acids
Process for making carbides through mechanochemical processing
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Composition
Thermoplastic elastomers having improved processing and physical property balance
Arc tube with residual-compressive-stress layer for discharge lamp unit and method of manufacturing ...
Luminous gas discharge display having dielectric sealing layer
Three-axis gravity switch having a hemispherical chamber
Carbonylation of lower alkyl alcohols and their derivatives using metals supported on carbonized pol...
Hydrothermally stable high pore volume aluminum oxide/swellable clay composites and methods of their...
Meaning-based information organization and retrieval
System and method for selective incremental deferred constraint processing after bulk loading data
System and method for developing a selectably-expandable concept-based search
Interactive workstation for creating customized, watch and do physical exercise programs
Incremental sequence completion system and method
Regulation of T cell-mediated immunity by tryptophan
Macrolide antiinfective agents
Herbicidal compositions of glyphosate trimesium
Stable concentrated pesticidal suspension
Method for enhanced protein stabilization and for production of cell lines useful for production of ...
Design principle for construction of expression constructs for gene therapy
Bracteantha plant named `Redbrabro`
Bracteantha plant named `Redbragol`
Rose plant named `POULshrimp`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yobillings`
Aglaonema plant named `Silver Ribbons`
Personalized greeting card with electronic storage media and method of personalizing same
Information provision system, current-position-measurement system, and method therefor
Identification data insertion and detection system for digital data
Method and system for network data replication
Process for identifying audio content
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction informat...
Method and apparatus for using a 3D graphics pipeline and 3D imaging for cost effective watermarking
Providing an internet third party data channel
Bridging apparatus for interconnecting a wireless PAN and a wireless LAN
Advertising kiosk and telephone booth
Bimetallic olefin polymerization catalysts
Database management system and method for dequeuing rows published to a database table
System and method for sequential processing for content-based retrieval of composite objects
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Valve timing adjusting device
Variable valve timing system
Method for checking cam lobe angles
Valve timing control device
Method for correcting errors in parallel A/D conversion, corrector and parallel A/D converter
System of modular rocks with waterfall
System and method for implementing a security policy
Data exchange system and method
Methods and apparatus for parimutuel historical gaming
Method of operating a vehicle redistribution system based upon predicted ride demands
Testing method for components with reception capabilities
Vehicle navigation apparatus providing proper guidance for off-road net conditions
Air-fuel ratio control device for internal combustion engine and method thereof
System and method for registering long receivers
Apparatus and process for detecting leaks in an electrographic cleaning system
Method of regulating inking when printing with a printing machine
Device for ensuring correct tooth engagement during coupling of two gearwheels
Image-forming machine having charger cleaning activation after an arcing fault and related method
Device for image inspection
Input display system
Image forming method and image forming apparatus using the method
Communication terminal and computer system
Display apparatus
Soy beverage and related method of manufacture
Sparse-carrier devices and method of fabrication
Display device and method for producing the same
Tuning of optical dispersion by using a tunable fiber bragg grating
All fiber DWDM multiplexer and demultiplexer
Fiber optic dense wavelength division multiplexer for separating and combining optical channels util...
Method for determining a level of treatment with ozone of a liquid to be treated
Portable audio database device with icon-based graphical user-interface
Mobile anti-flood protection device
Computer-implemented method and apparatus for integrating vehicle manufacturing operations
Establishment at a remote location of an internet/intranet user interface to a copier/printer
Automatic focused ion beam imaging system and method
Digital information processing system with copy protection subsystem
Active steering of an appendage on a spacecraft using piezoelectric actuators
Magnetic tunnel device, method of manufacture thereof, and magnetic head
Timing closure methodology
Method of promoting soil release from fabrics
Aqueous dispersion and process for producing the same
Image-receptive coating
N-substituted (.alpha.-imidazolyl-toluyl)pyrrole compounds for treatment of circulatory disorders
Optically pure (-) amlodipine compositions
Pharmaceutical agent containing Rho kinase inhibitor
Treatment of gastroparesis in certain patient groups
Substituted pyrazole derivatives for the treatment of cardiocirculatory diseases
Helper adenovirus vectors
Method of forming a therapeutic coating onto a surface of an implantable prosthesis
Base for cradle for glucose testing instrument
Folding structure for folding chairs
Method of manufacture of a thermal actuated ink jet printer
Safety mechanism for bezel of luggage with retractable handle
Battery cathode including a mixture of manganese dioxide with carbon particles of expanded and non-e...
Lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Lithium polymer battery
Polyimide-based lithium ion battery
Lithium battery and manufacturing method thereof
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery separator
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary batteries
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
Lithium secondary battery with a negative electrode of heat-treated natural graphite
Method and makeup kit containing goniochromatic and monochromatic pigments
Polymerizable compositions in non-flowable forms
Liquid multipurpose-cleaning compositions with effective foam control
Cosmetic container with interchangeable attachments
Twin sheet flanges for spools and reels
Genes in the control of hematopoiesis
Common structure extraction apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating a database of road sign images and positions
Calibration and alignment of X-ray reflectometric systems
High-power semiconductor laser device having current confinement structure and index-guided structur...
Method for erasing data from a single electron resistor memory
pMos analog EEPROM cell
Access device and system for managing television and data communications through a cable television ...
Method and apparatus for reissuing paired MMX instructions singly during exception handling
Inbred corn line TDC1
Microprocessor with non-aligned circular addressing
Method for cell modeling and timing verification of chip designs with voltage drop
Synchronous detection of wide bi-phase coded servo information for disk drive
Polyester resin and molded article
Secreted proteins
Isolated human casein kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human casein kinase proteins,...
Soybean cultivar 9469069618964
System for applying a liquid, such as a deicing liquid, upon a pavement surface
Ground piercing metal detector method for detecting the location of a buried metal object
Method for detecting the metal type of a buried metal target
Spectral reflectance scale method and apparatus
Retinal pigmented epithelium derived neurotrophic factor and methods of use
Method for purification of aloesin
High skin friction cosmetic creams with retinoids
Antioxidants in clusters of structured water
Surfactant system for increasing dental tissue antibacterial agent uptake
Care booster composition for supplementing the performance of laundry compositions
Pleated cosmetic effervescent cleansing pillow
Roller cooling and lubricating device for cold rolling mills such as thin strip and foil rolling mil...
Endless belt, method for manufacturing the endless belt, conveying device, tubular film, method for ...
Distributed data cache with memory allocation model
Piezoelectric speaker, method for producing the same, and speaker system including the same
Wafer level method of capping multiple MEMS elements
Method of forming titanium film by chemical vapor deposition
Skate light assembly
Method and device for recognizing at least one keyword in spoken speech using a computer
Optical fiber useful for wavelength multiplexing transmission system
Method and apparatus for AM compatible digital broadcasting
Mobile station migration from D-AMPS packet system to edge/GPRS packet system in an integrated wirel...
Assessment of digital signals, especially radio data signals
Steerable-beam multiple-feed dielectric resonator antenna
2,3-Diaryl-pyrazolo[1,5-b]pyridazines derivatives, their preparation and their use as cyclooxygenase...
Method for maintaining a version history of objects in a repository
System and method for providing job assurance
Voice processing system
Combined shaping and peak-to-average reduction for single carrier modulation systems
Motion detection using field-difference measurements
Model tracking object-oriented system for collaborative data editing with non-compatible computer pe...
Method and apparatus for identifying and discarding junk electronic mail
Method for translating distilled filed for handling of large data files and programs by computing de...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoandrea`
Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of a nucleation layer in a tungsten metallization process
Semiconductor device having a low dielectric layer as an interlayer insulating layer
Apparatus and method for dry cleaning of substrates using clusters
Dual damascene processing for semiconductor chip interconnects
Method for forming a gate for semiconductor devices
Filters employing porous strongly acidic polymers
Method for manufacturing a hard disk read/write unit, with micrometric actuation
Treatment of inflammation using a 2F1 polypeptide or an antibody thereto
System technique for detecting soft errors in statically coupled CMOS logic
System and method for temporally controlling instruction execution
System and method using a hardware embedded run-time optimizer
Physiologically active peptides
Garden bean named 208996
SF3 promoter and methods of use
Chemical inducible promoters used to obtain transgenic plants with a silent marker
Removable mounting bracket for expanded plastic foam articles
Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices
Method and system for filtering force constant table for accurate torque modeling
Current isolating epitaxial buffer layers for high voltage photodiode array
Temperature sensitive polymers and water-dispersible products containing the polymers
Method for deposition of diamond like carbon
pressure infiltration for production of composites
Suspension aerosol formulations containing formoterol fumarate and a fluoroalkane propellant
Inhalation device
Polynucleotides encoding human excitatory amino acid transporter 4 (EAAT4)
Site specific protein modification
Method of forming low-leakage on-chip capacitor
Atropisomers of asymmetric xanthene fluorescent dyes and methods of DNA sequencing and fragment anal...
Method and apparatus for magnetic shielding of an integrated circuit
System and method for generating a flat mask design for projecting a circuit pattern to a spherical ...
Functional level configuration of input-output test circuitry
Method for fabricating integrated circuits
Immersion sensor for monitoring aluminum electrolytic cells
Synthesis and use of .alpha.-ketoamide derivatives and arrays
Method and apparatus for deriving separate images from multiple chromogens in a branched image analy...
Computer-assisted diagnosis method using correspondence checking and change detection of salient fea...
Fractal antennas and fractal resonators
Production of replicative hepatitis C virus
Method for serological typing using type-specific antigens
Determination of analytes by means of two markers
Compositions and methods comprising morphine gluconate
Neuroprotective effects of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascade inhibitors
Use of 4-androstene-3alpha,17 beta-diol to increase testosterone levels in humans
Composition and method for contraception and treatment of tumors of the mammary glands
Liquid crystal flat panel display with enhanced backlight brightness and specially selected light so...
Multiprocessor system with fiber optic bus interconnect for interprocessor communications
Method of using a specimen sensing end effector to align a robot arm with a specimen stored on or in...
Vibration inhibiting mechanism for scanner
Methods for inhibiting tumor metastasis, and peptides useful therfor
Bi-or multifunctional molecules based on a dendroaspin scaffold
Method for synchronizing strobe and data signals from a RAM
Antisense modulation of WRN expression
Curable composition, coating composition, paint, antifouling paint, cured product thereof and method...
Cosmetic compositions for reducing shiny appearance of oily skin
Products and methods for the remineralization and prevention of demineralization of teeth
Method of preparing a lignocellulosic material for the manufacture of a finished product
One step process for making breathable, clay filled polymer compositions having controlled stability...
High density magnetic recording compositions and processes thereof
Electrostrictive and piezoelectric thin film assemblies and method of fabrication therefor
Hydrothermal gel process for preparation of silicalite particles and process for preparation of comp...
Redispersible polymer powders
Aqueous formulations comprising at least two different polymers as aqueous dispersions
Production of seals and coating and the bonding of tiles or floor coverings
Aqueous emulsion and process for producing the same
Hydrophobic composite Pd-membrane catalyst useful for non-hazardous direct oxidation of hydrogen by ...
Paper coating slips based on low-crosslink binders
Heatsealable multi-layer polymer films
Oily material composition
Method of converting ammonia
Method of improving the efficiency of a silicon purification process
Recovery of elemental phosphorus from phosphorus sludge
Methods for reducing cyanide consumption in precious metal recovery by reducing the content of inter...
Depleted UF6 processing plant and method for processing depleted UF6
Method of producing an active mineral liquid from granite
High concentration chlorine dioxide gel composition
Process for solving assignment problems in integrated circuit designs with unimodal object penalty f...
High performance network interface
Method of and system for extending internet telephony over virtual private network direct access lin...
Multiuse safety restraint for pets and method of construction
Starch compositions and methods for use in papermaking
Dextrose in powder form and a process for the preparation thereof
Thermally-inhibited non-pregelatinized granular starches and flours and process for their preparatio...
System for routing electronic mails
Device for thermal energy injection
Apparatus and method for changing flexible printing plates
Device for fastening flexible printing plates
Method and apparatus for ink supply to ink trays of printing presses
Galvanic bath, method for producing structured hard chromium layers and use thereof
Apparatus for the densitometry measurement of printed products
Paddle-wheel deliverer
Synchronization of performance data in distributed computer environments
System and method for locating resources in a distributed network
Methods, systems and computer program products for maintaining a common checkpoint cache for multipl...
Method and apparatus for selective caching and cleaning of history pages for web browsers
Immunogenic conjugates comprising a Group B meningococcal porin and an H influenzae polysaccharide
Drop-in test structure and methodology for characterizing an integrated circuit process flow and top...
Compositions containing a high percent saturation concentration of antibacterial agent
Mild, rinse-off antimicrobial liquid cleansing compositions
Transportation underwater tunnel system
Fly back booster
Electronic module including a cooling substrate having a fluid cooling circuit therein and related m...
Support and positioning structure for gas cyclinders
Thermal printer with a movable platen guided by a pin
Control device for a hybrid vehicle
Electrode for battery, method of manufacturing the same and battery
Lithium-ion battery
Lithium based phosphates, method of preparation, and uses thereof
Time release formulation of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial supplements
Electrochemiluminescent reaction utilizing amine-derived reductant
Process for direct electrowinning of copper
Method for improving metals recovery using high temperature leaching
Steroid receptor modulator compounds and methods
Laundry/dishwasher detergent portion
Method for making a metal containing small pore molecular sieve catalyst
Gastrokinetic monocyclic benzamides of 3- or 4-substituted 4-(aminomethyl)-piperidine derivatives
Spray-drying process for the preparation of microparticles
Portable computer with enhanced performance management
Hydrogenated block copolymers and optical media discs produced therefrom
Antisense modulation of PARP expression
Antisense modulation of CHK2 expression
Adhesive tape backing
Piston pump
Noncleavable Fas ligand
Method for measuring amount of active oxygen produced by leukocytes and oxidative stress
Multipartite high-affinity nucleic acid probes
Secreted renilla luciferase
Process for differential diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia and device therefor
Chaperones capable of binding to prion proteins and distinguishing the isoforms PrPc and PrPsc
Colon cancer marker
Method of drying saponified ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers
Method of using personal device with internal biometric in conducting transactions over a network
Ethylene interpolymer blend compositions
Ultraviolet stability of aramid and aramid-blend fabrics by pigment dyeing or printing
Method for removing essential oils and antioxidants from extract products of lamiaceae species using...
Golf ball
Golf ball composition comprising high acid and VLMI ionomers
Acrylonitrile/Styrene/Acrylic/polymeric compositions and methods for making same
Preparing sterile articles from polymers containing a stabilizer based on a poly (oxyalkylene)
Seal for casting in a concrete wall of a fluid distribution system container
Combination of erythrulose and a reducing sugar with self-tanning properties
Methods and devices for dispensing a product with a varying concentration
Human melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor polypeptide and DNA
Automated system for coating human body
Method for producing hot-rolled strips and plates
Method and computer system for integrating a compression system with an operating system
Data converter and terminal contained in network
Multilayer piezoelectric transformer
Method and apparatus for continuous gas liquid reactions
Liquid crystal display device having multiple insulating films with different etch characteristics
Heeling apparatus and method
Apparatus and quality enhancement algorithm for mixed excitation linear predictive (MELP) and other ...
Thermally stable etalon wavelength interleaver-multiplexer
Light source apparatus, optical amplifier and optical communication system
Method and system for high speed measuring of microscopic targets
Method to correct energy determination in pixellated scinillation detectors
Photometer with non-dispersive infraded absorption spectroscopy (NDIR) for measuring several constit...
Apparatus for determining the position of a movable mechanical element and method of marking a mecha...
Method and apparatus for wavefront sensing
Error correcting device and optical disk reader comprising same
Fagopyrum cymosum (Trev.) Meisn composition, method to prepare and analyze the same and uses thereof
Hydrangea plant named `Vaughn's Lillie`
Method of forming insulated metal interconnections in integrated circuits
Method of screening TGF-.beta. inhibitory substances
Micromachined optomechanical switching cell with parallel plate actuator and on-chip power monitorin...
Security method for transmissions in telecommunication networks
Movable supports for pipelines
Traffic control method and network control system
System for graphically generating logic for a cause and effects matrix
Multi-pane window portable defogging device
Low cost structural fabrication that resists catastrophic failure under rapid thermal loading
Crashworthy seat
Airplane wheel unit
Auxiliary power unit for an aircraft
Aerosol spray texturing devices
Non-linear dynamic predictive device
Synchronization of related audio and video streams
System and method for converting H.261 compressed moving picture data to MPEG-1 compressed moving pi...
Moving picture transforming system
Multiple preliminary stage circuit for television tuner
Apparatus and concept for minimizing parasitic chemical vapor deposition during atomic layer deposit...
Increased damping of magnetization in magnetic materials
Method and apparatus for testing ASL plug and play code in an ACPI operating system
Plasma display panel
Peptido-mimetic compounds containing RGD sequence useful as integrin inhibitors
Processing for sonic waveforms
Multifunction keyboard
Thiazole derivatives, method for their production and use
Genes for the biosynthesis of epothilones
Myxococcus host cells for the production of epothilones
12,13-modified epothilone derivatives
Epothilone analogs
Method for treating an inflammatory disease
Method of measuring negative ion density of plasma and plasma processing method and apparatus for ca...
Method and equipment for ventilating underground workings
Meta-application architecture for integrating photo-service websites
Forward bending motion control harness
Plane switching liquid crystal displaying apparatus for improved luminance
Rapid attack fire hose and rescue hook
Thermal stencil sheet for use with a printing system
Sterilization of diffusion-restricted area by revaporizing the condensed vapor
Method and apparatus for efficiently generating test input for a logic simulator
Method, apparatus, and system for selection of a port for data exchange
Lenses capable of post-fabrication power modification
Methods for therapy of neurodegenerative disease of the brain
Use of a polarized field to modify the efficacy of a bioactive agent
CoNbTi as high resistivity SAL material for high-density MR
Lordotic interbody spinal fusion implants
Circumferential-weld reinforcing device
Spongy rubber body
Two component thermosettable compositions useful for producing structural reinforcing adhesives
Hardened particle comprising a reaction product of metal baghouse dust
Glass composition, and information recording medium substrate, information recording medium, and inf...
Room temperature curable silicone sealant
Method for improving heat efficiency using silane coatings and coated articles produced thereby
Soft nitrile zinc oxide free medical gloves
Increasing dot size on porous media printed with pigmented inks
Process to continuously prepare an aqueous mixture of .epsilon.-caprolactam and .epsilon.-caprolacta...
Method for increasing solid state polymerization rate
Polymeric pigment dispersants having multiple pigment anchoring groups
Catalysts for olefin polymerizations
Coating system for the preparation of aqueous coating compositions
Highly durable oil/water repellents for textiles
Plant branched-chain amino acid biosynthetic enzymes
Piezoelectric laminate body
Centripetal demister
Reflector, method of fabricating the same, reflective display device comprising reflector, and metho...
Disinfectant spraying apparatus
System and method for automatically processing and calibrating data from a current measuring device
Fully associative translation lookaside buffer (TLB) including a least recently used (LRU) stack and...
Verbena plant named `Kieverdros`
Stringed instrument finger positioning guide and method for teaching students to read music
Method of applying a ceramic layer to an under-layer having relatively low melting temperature
Microactuator suspension with multiple "I" shaped microbeams
Fluid delivery system for a microfluidic device using alternating pressure waveforms
Smart circuit device of smoke exhauster for cooking
Method and apparatus for multi-class, multi-label information categorization
Formation of alloy material using alternating depositions of alloy doping element and bulk material
Aggrecan degrading metallo proteases
Universal access multimedia data network
Artificial heart data communication system
Sintered titanium-graphite composite and method of making
Semiconductor device having quantum dots
Semiconductor integrated circuit and fabrication process therefor
Family of MAP2 protein kinases
Regulation of cytokine production in a hematopoietic cell
Milk protein mixture for promoting growth of animal cells or treating wounds and method of making an...
CDC37 cell-cycle regulatory protein, and uses related thereto
Mitogen ERK kinase kinase (MEKK) assay
Method for treating intestinal diseases
Network switching device with concurrent key lookups
Liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Digital thermal printing process using reactive ink
Selective inhibition of glutaminase by bis-thiadiazoles
Less-invasive devices and methods for treatment of cardiac valves
Analgesic compositions comprising anti-epileptic compounds and methods of using same
Polymerization catalyst system comprising heterocyclic fused cyclopentadienide ligands
Prefabricated pier system
Liquid pavement marking compositions
Compact continuous charging apparatus
Installable schema for low-overhead databases
Piezoelectric device, manufacturing method therefor, and method for manufacturing piezoelectric osci...
Air cleaner
Antislip apparatus for footwear
Hygienic beverage can attachment
Verbena plant named `Kieverpucpi`
Process for depositing a film on a nanometer structure
Biosensor and method of producing the same
Retrofocus lens system and projection display apparatus
Case of secondary battery
Method and apparatus for solids processing
Aqueous thermally bleachable composition useful in a photothermographic element
Conductivity fuel cell collector plate and method of fabrication
Molded article laminated with fabric and method for reprocessing the same
Apparatus for growing thin films
Semiconductor luminescent element and method of manufacturing the same
Protective plate for a plasma display and a method for producing the same
Power shovel
Gain selection for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Filler material for magnet resonant system self-shielded gradient coil assemblies
Glass-like polysaccharide useful as absorbent for liquids
I/O signaling circuit
Dual loop Coriolis effect mass flowmeter
Explosion proof terminal block housing that may be opened
Coriolis flowmeter having a casing enclosed in a veneer
Straight tube Coriolis flowmeter
Fabrication of integrated circuits with borderless vias
Method and apparatus for media data transmission
Leash assembly
Multilayer inductor and method of manufacturing the same
Method and device for manufacturing a metal cord for reinforcing elastomeric products, particularly ...
Method and apparatus for achieving controlled RF switching ratios to maintain thermal uniformity in ...
Transiently immortalized cells for use in gene therapy
Anilinopeptide derivatives
Dilating and support apparatus with disease inhibitors and methods for use
Polymerization catalysts
High boron formulations for fluids continuously variable transmissions
GMR design with nano oxide layer in the second anti-parallel pinned layer
Foam composition comprising oil, thermoplastic elastomer and expandable particles
Cache system
Image control device and method, and image display device
Sports shoe with integral tongue and lacing system
Remote telecommunications system for automatic number identification screening
Retaining device for a telescopic music stand
Ionic reservoir through application of an electrical potential
High quality-factor tunable resonator
Anti-forgery method and apparatus
Printable triple-layer mailer assembly
Gas turbine generator plant with equipment support
Water trampoline
Fast start-up in discrete multi-tone (DMT) based communications system
Fair queuing system with adaptive bandwidth redistribution
Power buss inhibit through data input/output lines
Home/commercial security monitoring system
Case including peripheral sealing portions for enclosing a secondary battery
Artificial neuron on the base of .beta.-driven threshold element
Interconnect bump for flat panel displays
IP-flow classification in a wireless point to multi-point (PTMP) transmission system
Polynucleotides encoding human glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor receptor polypeptides
Method for localized administration of fibrinolytic metalloproteinases
Biodegradable pH/thermosensitive hydrogels for sustained delivery of biologically active agents
Methods and compositions for determining HER-2/neu expression
Pharmaceutical compositions of fibrinolytic agent
Biodegradable sustained-release alginate gels
Flat lighting device having an aperture lamp
Operator cab for power shovel
Press monitoring and control system
Moisture insensitive electroluminescent phosphor
Preparation of chemically reactive polysaccharides
System and method for source code processing
Human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell antigen
Process for the sulfonation of an aromatic compound
Method for controlling a heating system and heating system
Storage structure for dynamic management of translated code blocks in dynamic object code translatio...
I/O device layout during integrated circuit design
Antagonists of the magnesium binding defect as therapeutic agents and methods for treatment of abnor...
Sulohydroxamic acids and sulohyroxamates and their use as MEK inhibitors
Glycosidase inhibitors and methods of synthesizing same
Isoxazoline fibrinogen receptor antagonists
Piperidine and pyrrolidine derivatives comprising a nitric oxide donor for treating stress
Heterocyclic substituted pyrazolones
Compounds and compositions as protease inhibitors
Process for selectively producing light olefins
Method for increasing light olefin yield by conversion of a heavy hydrocarbon fraction of a product ...
Protecting catalytic activity of a SAPO molecular sieve
Method for converting oxygenates to olefins
Ultrafine polymetallic particles, preparation and use for hydrogenating olefins and for coupling hal...
Methods for optimizing fischer-tropsch synthesis
High performance environmentally friendly, low temperature, drilling fluids
Method and apparatus for on-chip monitoring of integrated circuits with a distributed system
Closed-caption broadcasting and receiving method and apparatus thereof suitable for syllable charact...
Television receiver for receiving a plurality of formats of video signals having different resolutio...
Method and apparatus for compressing a sequence of information-bearing frames having at least two me...
Chromakeying system
Concurrent discrete time oscillators (DTO) for video and closed caption encoding
Method and apparatus for providing an improved user interface in a settop box
Multi-zoned catalytic trap and methods of making and using the same
Preparation and use of non-chrome catalysts for Cu/Cr catalyst applications
Corrugated metal substrate and coated product for ozone conversion
Method and apparatus for deionizing condensate
Simple object access protocol
Method of marking previously dictated text for deferred correction in a speech recognition proofread...
User interface for speech recognition system grammars
Laser focusing aperture and method
Servo-pneumatic modular weld gun
Method and apparatus for accelerating detection of serial bus device speed signals
Method of reducing somnolence in patients treated with tizanidine
Method and apparatus for caching content in a data processing system with fragment granularity
Method for promoting ovulation, parturition, and lactation in mammals
Evacuation slide with toe end center support member
Method and system for constructing and manipulating a physical integrated circuit layout of a multip...
Conveyor belt impact cradle with adjustable wing members
Motorcycle wheel lift
DNA molecules encoding single strand gap response proteins involved in activation of a DNA repair/ce...
Device and method for testing a device through resolution of data into atomic operations
Chrysanthemum plant named `Golden Yomarilyn`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Golden Allison`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Maria`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Oslo`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Courtney`
Codiaeum plant named `GRU CO9901`
Petunia plant named `Wespelila`
System for determining information about a golf club and/or a golf ball
Visible mirror film glitter
Cosmetic compositions
Carbon nanotube probes in atomic force microscope to detect partially open/closed contacts
Spring canola (Brassica napus) variety "S010"
Method and device for controlling the slippage of a vehicle wheel
Apparatus for strengthening muscles
Orthotic/electrotherapy for treating contractures due to immobility
Pulse width modulator for communication system including fiber optic communications
Z gradient shielding coil for canceling eddy currents
Ruthenium catalysts and method for making same
Security system enclosure
Wide area network operation's center that sends and receives data from vending machines
Full-length serine protein kinase in brain and pancreas
Transgenic mice expressing human APP and TGF-.beta. demonstrate cerebrovascular amyloid deposits
Non-invasive method of determining skin thickness and characterizing layers of skin tissue in vivo
Gas sensor
Method of concentrating polynucleotides using MIPC
Long term xenogeneic myeloid and lymphoid cell production in chimeric immunocompromised mice
Leukotriene B4 receptor transgenic mice
Method for producing a protein hydrolysate with low bitterness
Method for making cheese products
Edible thermoplastic and nutritious pet chew
Incorporation of soy proteins in cheese
Navigation apparatus and surgical operation image acquisition/display apparatus using the same
Three-dimensional reconstruction of intrabody organs
Image display method and apparatus
Surgical operating apparatus
Laser surgery device and method
Microwave hemorrhagic stroke detector
Software system build method and apparatus that supports multiple users in a software development en...
Dual port interactive media system
Human cerabal cortex neural prosthetic for tinnitus
System and method for limiting the effects of actuator saturation to certain body axes of a spacecra...
Automatic design of VLIW instruction formats
Constrained geometry ligands and complexes derived therefrom
Fluoride-releasing amalgam dental restorative material
System and method transmitting data
Heating element for a microwavable package
Compositions for use in rehydration and nutrition during athletic exercise and methods of making sam...
Method for the preparation of a laminate and a laminate obtainable thereby
Essentially amorphous, non-chlorinated polymeric barrier films and method of using such films
Hard candy with a relatively-high moisture and hardness, and process of the same
Viscous clutch for a correction tape reel assembly
Network infrastructure for custom microarray synthesis and analysis
Laundry treatment for fabrics
Body fat meter
Holter-type apparatus for recording physiological signals indicative of cardiac activity
System and method of classifying tachyarrhythmia episodes as associated or disassociated
Solid state beta-sensitive surgical probe
Method of determining model-specific factors for pattern recognition, in particular for speech patte...
Handheld apparatus for recognition of writing, for remote communication, and for user defined input ...
Image reading system
Systems, processes and products for storage and retrieval of physical paper documents, electro-optic...
Method of memory utilization in a predictive video decoder
Method and apparatus for re-sizing and zooming images by operating directly on their digital transfo...
Method and apparatus for video compression using sequential frame cellular automata transforms
Configuration for detecting mail items
Optical fiber attenuator
Adjustable attenuation adapter for fiber optic connector
Dispersion compensation module
System for removable attachment of two objects
Optical fiber with a pure silica core having a bragg grating formed in its core and a process for pr...
Method, a system, and a line for optical fiber transmission
System for displaying a plurality of pictures and apparatuses incorporating the same
Combination camera
Wearable hypermedium system
Device for correcting a tremble of a focused image and a camera which is provided with the same
Data processing system and method
Automatic field sampling for CD measurement
Optical device
Integrating waveguide for use in lithographic projection apparatus
Anti-collision warning lights and method of use
Image reading apparatus and light guide member used therefor
Weather resistant flag having a flagstaff
Artificial snow tile system
Patient portable device for photodynamic therapy
Redundant recording disk device and data processing method using plural logical disks with mirrored ...
Connective tissue softening
Hypoxia-regulated genes
Electromagnetic radiation shield for attenuating electromagnetic radiation from an active electronic...
Methods of modifying lignin in plants by transformation with a 4-coumarate coenzyme a ligase nucleic...
Halogen exchange reactions in preparing catalysts and their precursors
Pressure and temperature transducer
Device for anchoring a pipeline
DNA mobility modifier
Method and apparatus for installing a software upgrade within a memory resource associated with a co...
Hetergeneous method for determining module placement in FPGAs
Method and apparatus for target application program supervision
Method and system for allocation of a persistence indicator for an object in an object-oriented envi...
Method and apparatus for reducing false sharing in a distributed computing environment
Continuous casting nozzle
NOx removing pavement structure
Image heating apparatus and heater used in this apparatus
Non-refined steel being reduced in anisotropy of material and excellent in strength, toughness and m...
Method for reducing crop losses during ingot rolling
Method and apparatus for avoiding IP-address collision when connecting an incoming voice phone call ...
Method and system for determining heating point and heating line in bending of steel plate
Data communication method, transmitter, and cellular radio communication system
Synthesis of vicinal difluoro aromatics and intermediates thereof
High emissive coatings on x-ray tube components
Use of minor borehole obstructions as seismic sources
Ring wing toy
Low voltage, high displacement microactuated disk drive suspension
Micro inertial measurement unit
System and method for modifying software residing on a client computer that has access to a network
Deposition reactor having vaporizing, mixing and cleaning capabilities
Camera with a display device and operation keys
Metallized sheeting, composites, and methods for their formation
Receptor for a Bacillus thuringiensis toxin
Apparatus and method for generating 64 bit addresses using a 32 bit adder
System for corporate travel planning and management
System, method and article of manufacture for providing a progressive-type prize awarding scheme in ...
Battery having a network communication interface
Method of searching multiples internet resident databases using search fields in a generic form
Method of determining a vehicle steering wheel angle
Method and system to provide telephony tones and announcements in a packetized network environment
Multi-angle bone screw assembly using shape-memory technology
Expression of flavin-containing monoxygenases in plants
System for loading and unloading polystyrene pellets into and from a trailer
Speaker mounting assembly for a vehicle panel
Process for preparing carbetapentane tannate
Camera having mechanism for changing frame size
System and method of forming a tungsten plug
NL2 TIE ligand homologue polypeptide
Medicament compositions based on anticholinergically-effective compounds and beta-mimetics
Hybrid robot motion task level control system
Freeze-resistant fluid compositions
Gels derived from extending grafted centipede polymers and polypropylene
Hollow fibers and manufacturing method of hollow fibers
Voice control module for controlling a game controller
Golfer's watch
Entertainment system and external storage device therefor
Label structure
Game apparatus, game display control method, and computer-readable storage medium
Video game system and method with enhanced three-dimensional character and background control due to...
Method of scoring a video wagering game
Merchandiser system and method for controlling the drying of previously baked goods
Azo dye, ink-jet recording ink containing the same, and ink-jet recording method
Pentamer peptide amide, ALGPG-NH2, that inhibits viral infectivity and methods of use thereof
Developing method, device, and image forming apparatus with magnet brush
Electro-sensitive working medium and method of using the medium
Granular alkali metal phyllosilicate compound
Polymerizable compositions containing alkoxyamine compounds derived from nitroso- or nitrone compoun...
Process for the branching of saturated and/or unsaturated fatty acids and/or alkyl esters thereof
Neuro-fuzzy-integrated data processing system
System to facilitate reading a document
Method for marking with a liquid material using a ballistic aerosol marking apparatus
Nasal dilator and method of making the same
Object-oriented adaptive prefilter for low bit-rate video systems
Estrogen agonist/antagonist metabolites
Anti-estrogenic steroids, and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Formulations and methods for reducing skin irritation
Skin care composition
Metallic substrates for high temperature superconductors
Rotating tubular projectile
Method and apparatus for flexibly linking to remotely located content on a network server through us...
Devices having a semiconductor/conducting polymer interface
Object detection apparatus, motion control apparatus and pattern recognition apparatus
Adaptive and generalized status monitor
System and method for synchronizing multiple calendars over wide area network
Method and apparatus for providing multimedia buffering capabilities based on assignment weights
Interstitial advertising display system and method
Fluorescence-reddening membrane and red-emitting device using same
Circuit and method for asynchronously accessing a ferroelectric memory device
Short-tolerant resistive cross point array
Gallium nitride type semiconductor laser device
Method and apparatus for transferring a differential voltage to a ground referenced voltage using a ...
Distance-measuring apparatus
Electron gun for color cathode ray tube
Well stimulation and formation purging composition
Substituted diaryl or diheteroaryl methanes, ethers and amines having retinoid agonist, antagonist o...
Antisense modulation of serum amyloid A4 expression
Multi-master unique identifier allocation
Computer implemented scheduling system and process using abstract local search technique
Trim panel assembly for a motor vehicle
Circuit for detecting the metal type of a metal target object
Process for the preparation of base-free carbazolide anions
Method for storing position data in particular for use in a navigation and/or road information servi...
Invisible setting method for jewelry
Method and system for referral management
Method of operating a system-on-a-chip including entering a standby state in a non-volatile memory w...
Semiconductor current-switching device having operational enhancer and method therefor
Method for transporting and installing an expandable steel tubular
Subsea pig launching and receiving system and method of use and installation
Portable seawall system
Watercraft beaching device
Spa weir system
Rotatable label system
Operator cab for power shovel
Vehicle guideway adaptor for a personal rapid transit system
Traffic/transportation system
Switches for automated guideway transit systems
Methods and devices to create highlight effects in multimedia data
Two-phase flow separator
Electronic-mail system for transmitting and receiving image data utilizing management of compatabili...
Method and system for a distributed network computing system for providing application services
Method of and system for extracting predetermined elements from input document based upon model whic...
Moving object detection apparatus and method
Device and method for combining images
System and method for recycling stale memory content in compressed memory systems
System and method for automatic identification of bottlenecks in a network
Method and system for data bus latency reduction using transfer size prediction for split bus design...
Transaction-scoped replication for distributed object systems
Dynamic construction of complex execution environments
A-myb null mutant transgenic mice
Method for preparing silicon with high purity ester function
Vehicle driving arrangement
Fast quench reactor and method
Lens barrel
Arrayed waveguide grating type optical multiplexer/demultiplexer and a method of manufacturing the s...
Optical signal processing apparatus and optical signal processing method
Apparatus for limiting noise in the zeros of RZ optical signals
Chip for separating light into different wavelengths
Semiconductor processing techniques
Detecting address faults in an ECC-protected memory
Simplified bandage used for torso
Aircraft wing and method for reducing airframe-generated noise
Frequency multiplier and wireless device incorporating same
Document retrieval assisting method, system and service using closely displayed areas for titles and...
Rocking and spray system
Wheel rack improvement of a trolley suitcase
Methods and apparatus for coordinating shared multiple raid controller access to common storage devi...
Preparation of oxirane compounds
Absorbent article with improved fluid acquisition system
Methods and apparatus for dynamically isolating fault conditions in a fault tolerant multi-processin...
MRI magnet with enhanced patient entry and positioning
Particulate flavor compositions and process to prepare same
Methods and compositions for inhibiting neoplastic cell growth
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Method for making a memory card adapter insertable into a motherboard memory card socket comprising ...
File access control in a multi-protocol file server
Geographic location receiver based computer system security
Antisense-oligonucleotides for transforming growth factor-.beta. (TGF-.beta.)
Calibration of fluorescence resonance energy transfer in microscopy
Computer method and system for same document lookup with different keywords from a single view
RV light lens
Multi-part jewelry setting
Combined flower-shaped gemstone jewelry arrangement and setting
Identification of novel antimicrobial agents using membrane potential indicator dyes
Using bare stranded copper wire for grounding to conduit or steel channel
Process for producing liquid pig iron or semifinished steel products from iron-containing materials
Device and method for casting metal strips, especially steel, in double roller continuous casting ma...
Constrained layer damped steel baffle
Anti-spotting and anti-filming hard surface cleaning formulations and methods
Disk player of simplified heat-dissipating structure
Biodegradable polymer encapsulated pharmaceutical compositions and method for preparing the same
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses ...
Process for the preparation of amine oxides
Method of and device for generating a key
Enterprise wide software management system for integrating a plurality of heterogenous software syst...
Client-server based subscriber characterization system
Multi-mutant diphtheria toxin vaccines
Assigning cellular channels to locked and unlocked cells
Robotic toy with posable joints
Silicon nanoparticle microcrystal nonlinear optical devices
Microelectromechanical elevating structures
Liquid crystal display device having spontaneous polarization and evaluation method therefor
Display system for an article of clothing
Process of its application against lepidopteran insects using Albizzia lebbeck plant extract and Bac...
Method and apparatus for performing internet network address translation
Acoustic insulating vehicle component
Method for treating pharmaceutical compositions
Stress protein-peptide complexes as prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against intracellular path...
Anti-bacterial methods and materials
Proteoglycan-reduced soft tissue xenografts
Hyaluronate synthase gene and uses thereof
Enzyme-catalyzed modifications of macromolecules in organic solvents
Nucleic acids encoding vascular endothelial cell growth factor-E (VEGF-E)
Combination of thermal transfer film and thermally sensitive color developing paper and recording me...
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus that maintains a substantially constant charge amou...
Method for operating an occupant safety device and control unit
Method for remote controlled combat of near-surface and/or surface targets
Method and system for run-time logic verification of operations in digital systems in response to a ...
Processor configured to predecode relative control transfer instructions and replace displacements t...
Method and composition for antiviral therapy
Plant gene specifying acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase and transformed plants containing same
Benzamide derivatives and their use as cytokine inhibitors
Delphinium plant named `Darwin's Blue Indulgence`
Kayaking simulation device for creating a recirculating hydraulic hole effect within a receiving poo...
Use of substituted N, N-disubstituted fused-heterocyclo amino compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl e...
Enclosure for wireless communication device
Power supply system for electric vehicle
Nutritional assessment by measuring mitochondrial complex activity
Front bicycle derailleur with annular chain guide
Swing practicing apparatus
Bearing assembly of hub of bicycle
Decision network based event pricing system in a component based, object oriented convergent custome...
Method of delivering a telephone number associated with a telephone subscription, and telephone sets...
System and method for subscriber-controlled call back on busy in a cellular network
Mobile communication apparatus notifying user of reproduction waiting information effectively
Telephone apparatus with hold-securing device
System for assuring proper acoustic connection of a device under test to a test fixture
Power closure sensor system and method
Method for detecting cornering for a vehicle with an automatic transmission
Anti-lock brake control system to reduce thermal load
Method for controlling a continuously variable transmission
System and method for phases noise attenuation
Synchronous dustproof cover structure for sound membrane
Stethoscope with optical fiber light
Preparing method for audio disc wherein a specific TOC is first written in a LIA
Air bridge/dielectric fill inductors
Process and device for producing photonic crystal, and optical element
Integrated circuit devices containing isolated dielectric material
Semiconductor device having a hydrogen barrier layer
Photocatalyst coated products and a method for producing a photocatalyst layer
Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Nanoporous dielectric films with graded density and process for making such films
Detection of biologically active molecules by use of pre-activated cell-based biosensors in liquid-b...
Apparatus for separating and/or combining optical signals, and methods of making and operating it
Solids comprising tantalum, strontium and silicon
Titanium alloy having enhanced notch toughness
Process for producing a paramagnetic, corrosion-resistant material and like materials with high yiel...
Throw-away tip with abrasion sensor
Motor with aligned magnetic centers
Method of fabricating thin-film photovoltaic module
Idling engine speed control apparatus
Roofing tile having photovoltaic module to generate power
Control method and numerical control for motion control of industrial machine tools
Device comprising two parallel linkage mechanisms
Transport and transfer device
Protective helmet
Method for simulating the danger posed by hand grenades or mines to participants in a military exerc...
Infant simulator
Money storage device, system and method of operating a bank account and bank account
Indicated position detection by multiple resolution image analysis
Activity-support instructional systems
Portable computer with differentiated time-out feature
Integrated external hydraulic trimming and steering system for an extended sterndrive transom assemb...
Alkaline earth/transition metal lean NOx catalyst
Method for determining state-of-health using an intelligent system
Computing system for information management
Metered dose dispensing aerosol valve
Inhaler device
Hand cart
Constraint generating device for logic synthesis and its constraint generating method
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for manufacturing negative electrode of the same
Decorative soap with embedded dissolvable image layer and further comprising toy or figurine
Computer for a quantum computer
Satellite positioning-based guidance system that utilizes simulated inertial navigation system
Inbred corn plant WQDS7 and seeds thereof
Reading device with a movable binding which alternately allows access to one or two sets of pages
Backside heating chamber for emissivity independent thermal processes
Method of manufacture of a capacitor with a dielectric on the basis of strontium-bismuth-tantalum
Hybrid resistive cross point memory cell arrays and methods of making the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Method for allowing a user access to an electronic device having improved security
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Chemical compounds
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Amplitude change time activated phase locked controller in a selective call receiver
Antisense modulation of casein kinase 2-alpha prime expression
System and method for extracting index key data fields
Methods, systems and computer program products for logical access of data sources utilizing standard...
System and method for maintaining a knowledge base and evidence set
Method and apparatus for data retrieval
Memory block allocation system and method