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Message recording and transfer system and docking station
Date cycling storage calendar
Electronic device having cooling unit
Game-type flavoring agent
Surface acoustic wave element, frequency filter, frequency oscillator, electronic circuit, and elect...
Methods, compositions, and kits for enhancing female sexual desire and responsiveness
Carbon char for metals-removal
Moldings based on pyrogenic silicon dioxide
Methods and apparatus for broadcasting regional information over a satellite communication system
Interactive artificial intelligence
Tunable raman laser and amplifier
High-voltage interrupter device having combined vacuum and gas interruption
Multichannel magnetic head, method of manufacturing a multichannel magnetic head, and a card reader ...
CVT chain-belt having wear pads extending from wear links wherein pads are positioned at or between ...
Large area organic electronic devices having conducting polymer buffer layers and methods of making ...
Impregnated glass fiber strands and products including the same
Method of depositing low k films using an oxidizing plasma
Resilient flexible tracking baby bottle feeder
Universal non-progressive reward for live casino games
Gaming system incorporating non deterministic jackpot
Heating device for the vaporization of active substances
Neural sensors
Preparing polyester block copolymer with excess unreacted lactones to be removed
Room temperature rapid-curable silicone composition
Denture adhesive
Managing the size and accessibility of a name service
Method and apparatus for interfacing asymmetric digital subscriber lines to a codec
Method for creating a toll-free number audit tape
Methods and apparatus for lattice-structured multiple description vector quantization coding
Paging arrangement for wireless communications
Method and apparatus for texture analysis and replicability determination
Method and apparatus for integrating isochronous and asynchronous communication in a network
Methods and circuits for precise edge placement of test signals
Auger fed mixer apparatus and method of using
Apparatus and associated method for communicating multimedia information upon a communication link
System for capability based multimedia streaming over a network
Method for querying a database in which a query statement is issued to a database management system ...
Child-proof aerosol dispenser
Mixtures of oxygen and helium for the treatment of respiratory insufficiency
Routable high-density interfaces for integrated circuit devices
Acoustic therapy apparatus comprising a source of therapeutic acoustic waves and an ultrasound locat...
Surge locating system of power transmission line and method thereof
Boom dispensing point control system
Friend or foe detection system and method and expert system military action advisory system and meth...
Method and apparatus for leak detection and non-destructive testing
Apparatus and method for controlling the positioning of optical fiber blocks and a planar lightwave ...
Fiber type optical component
Multi-fiber ribbon form factor-compliant, integrated multi-channel optical amplifier
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for preparing the same
Polymer film capacitor
Quarter wave plate comprising two optically anisotropic layers
Planar acoustic converting apparatus
PTC chip thermistor
Coated article with DLC inclusive layer(s) having increased hydrogen content at surface area
Method and system for processing rail inspection test data
Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of conductive films with the use of inductive and capac...
Portable digital lidar system
Reduction of line noise appearance in large area image sensors
Hydration and topography tissue measurements for laser sculpting
Method for optically marking an elongated indication path and devices using same
Edge grip aligner with buffering capabilities
HCV peptide antigens and methods for the determination of HCV
On-chip automatic tuning technique
Filter element for a liquid-state process stream
Storage battery
Vapor/liquid separator for an absorption chiller
Stripping column installation for separating materials with high boiling point difference
Method for manufacturing a hollow fiber membrane oxygenator
Method and apparatus for removing foreign matter from heat exchanger tubesheets
Cleaning of filters
Hollow fiber membrane type oxygenator and method for manufacturing same
Apparatus for exchanging ions, molecules, gas, liquid and/or heat between fluids
Universal motion control
Diagnostic method for vehicle evaporative emissions
Surge arrester
Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory element and magnetic head using the same
Electrochromic windows and method of making the same
Processing low dielectric constant materials for high speed electronics
Process for the preparation of a deoxyuridine derivative
Use of an amphoteric polymer to treat a hard surface
Antibacterial liquid dish cleaning compositions
Antimicrobial composition
Self-feeding apparatus with hover mode
Amphibious aircraft
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Method and apparatus for selling digital contents, processing program thereof and recording medium f...
Electronic gift certificate system
Automatic stock trading system
Computer facilitated product selling system
Cardable fiber blend
Taste masked pharmaceutical liquid formulations
Cardable fiber blend and a moldable fiber batt and the process for making a moldable fiber batt
Method for utilizing gas reserves with low methane concentrations for fueling gas turbines
Cardable fiber blend and a moldable fiber batt and the process for making a moldable fiber batt
Compositions for imparting desired properties to materials
Display device
Image forming apparatus, and use situation reporting system for reporting use situations of develope...
Verbena plant named `Lan Bright Pink`
Lens barrel drive mechanism
Mesoporous films having reduced dielectric constants
Network management apparatus and method employing "object tips" for the display of detailed data
Method and system for adding function to a web page
Methods and apparatus for improving locality of reference through memory management
Virtual tape storage system and method
System and method for recovery of multiple shared database data sets using multiple change accumulat...
Spanwise tailoring of divergent trailing edge wings
Flight control system for a hybrid aircraft in the lift axis
Interference-aided navigation system for rotating vehicles
Pintle injector rocket with expansion-deflection nozzle
Ejection seat rocket motors
Launchable paper kite
Method and system for gathering information resident on global computer networks
Process for the preparation of UV filter substances
Absorbent article having leakage preventing sidewalls on latitudinal sides of the liquid receiving s...
Absorbent article having pre-formed compliant gaskets
Method and a device for cleaning teats of an animal
Microdermabrasion and suction massage apparatus and method
Self-powered compression devices and methods for promoting circulation and therapeutic compression
Scope mount for firearms having projectiles traveling at subsonic speed and associated methods
Adsorbent for nitrogen oxides and its treatment method
Method for producing hydrogenated silicon oxycarbide films having low dielectric constant
Process for the preparation of 2,6-xylenol
Curable halogenated compositions
Silicon nitride porous body and its production process
Device and method for providing EMI/RFI shielding
Method for preparing thermoplastic resin
Pressure sensitive adhesives
Method for manufacturing aluminum oxide film for use in a semiconductor device
Segmented write line architecture
Iron-cobalt alloy, process for manufacturing a strip made of iron-cobalt alloy, and strip obtained
System and method for interleaved execution of multiple independent threads
Bioactive and osteoporotic bone cement
Electron-emitting device, and electron beam-generating apparatus and image-forming apparatus employi...
In situ microencapsulated adhesive
Crosslinked branched polyesters
Hot melt adhesive composition
Multi-layer thermally imageable element
Expansion of color gamut for silver halide media
Antibodies specific for fullerenes
Method for synthesis of hydroxyapatite, and hydroxyapatite complex and method for preparing the same
Organic polymer/inorganic fine particle-dispersed aqueous solution having excellent stability and us...
Carbon nanotubes as linewidth standards for SEM & AFM
Method for producing and using storage-stable, latent-reactive layers or powders of surface-deactiva...
Flooring adhesives based on styrene-butadiene copolymers
Method of improving retention and drainage in a papermaking process using a diallyl-N,N-disubstitute...
High pressure discharge lamp with long life
Materials and methods for the separation of oxygen from air
Filter and collection device for separating materials and use thereof
Apparatus and process for removing metallic particles from effluent liquid waste
Weathering test apparatus having a long-arc type air-cooled vertical metal halide lamp
Wildcards in radix- search tree structures
Method and apparatus for parallel execution of SQL-from within user defined functions
Method and apparatus for pointer relocation optimization for virtual memory mapping and transaction ...
Cache management via statistically adjusted slot aging
Method of managing and using multiple virtual private networks in a router with a single routing tab...
System and method for implementing a universal service broker interchange mechanism
System and method for enhancing online support services using natural language interface for searchi...
Device for prophylaxis and treatment of diseases of lumbar, coxofemoral and pelvic organs of a human...
Music bell striking snowflakes in a crystal ball
Cell-based gene therapy
Macrolide antiinfective agents
Neurotrophic factors
Method for rapidly obtaining crystals with desirable morphologies
Vaccine composition and method of using the same
Sensing system for vehicle passive restrants
Method and apparatus for a structured, synchronized conversation using electronic messages over a co...
Files and methods employing common information in both header and steganographic embedding
Color adaptive watermarking
Method of inserting manipulation-proof digital fingerprints into electronic documents
Network of self-service terminals
Method for preparation of boratabenzene derivatives
Variable valve actuating mechanism having a rotary hydraulic lash adjuster
Phase change mechanism
Valve timing adjusting device
Combination PCV baffle and retainer for solenoid valves in a hydraulic manifold assembly for variabl...
Captive volume accumulator for a lost motion system
Signalling method in an incremental redundancy communication system whereby data blocks can be combi...
Polyphenolic surfactant compositions as universal bitumen/water emulsifiers
Three-layered road structure
Chemically stabilized organic emulsions
Enhancing load bearing characteristics of compacted soil
Liquid amine composition for emulsifiers for bitumen
Cold application, fly ash aqueous colloidal dispersion driveway sealers
Method and agents for solidification of boric acid and/or borates solutions
Inhaler apparatus with modified surfaces for enhanced release of dry powders
Correlation function measuring method and apparatus
Game device for displaying game input operations on the display
Lottery system
Traveling support information processing system
Brake control system
Brake control system
Brake control system
Vehicle electrical system arc detection apparatus and method
Multi-functional on-vehicle camera system and image display method for the same
Obstacle recognition system for automotive vehicle
Brake transmission shift interlock and park lock system
Device for the embrittlement of a motor vehicle pedal pivot pin
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1690 daltons
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
.beta.3-adrenoreceptor agonists, agonist compositions and methods of making and using the same
Compounds and compositions as protease inhibitors
Apoptosis inducers
Density gradient solutions of metal ion chelate complexes
Selector contact stabilization process and apparatus for wastewater treatment
Analgesic compositions comprising anti-epileptic compounds and methods of using same
Data transmission method and a radio system
Dual mode electronic dimmer
Fault diagnosis in CPAP and NIPPV devices
Digital signal demodulator calibration system and method for optical hydrophones
Electrical stimulation apparatus and method
Imaging apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for monitoring adsorbent activity in situ
Method for producing multilayer circuit board
Potassium channel openers
Cold cathode and methods for producing the same
Tailoring nanocrystalline diamond film properties
Highly pure aqueous hydrogen peroxide solutions, method for producing same and their use
Fuel gas generation system and generation method thereof
Process for efficient microwave hydrogen production
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation with a selected vitrinite reflectance
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with a selected oxygen content
Antimicrobial composition containing an oxidoreductase and an enhancer of the N-hydroxyanilide-type
Computer vision-based technique for objective assessment of material properties in non-rigid objects
Method, system and computer readable medium for computerized processing of contralateral and tempora...
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for displaying pictorial images to individuals who have impaired color and/or s...
Optical resonance analysis system
Optical measurement arrangement having an ellipsometer
System to determine suitability of sion arc surface for DUV resist patterning
Measuring chip for quantitative analysis of substances
Color measurement instrument capable of obtaining simultaneous polarized and nonpolarized data
Computer joystick
Portable flow cytometry
Method of detecting amyloid-containing lesions by autofluorescence
Methods and apparatus for quantifying dermal hydration
Oximeter sensor with digital memory
Transillumination of body members for protection during body invasive procedures
System and method for absolute oxygen saturation
Device for signal processing for measurement of physiological analytes
Method for non-invasive optical measurements of blood parameters
System and method for measuring absolute oxygen saturation
Three ply absorbent paper product and method of making
Assay for the detection of selectable marker expression in plants
Delayed progression to aids by a missense allele of the CCR2 gene
Monoclonal antibody for human IL-18 receptor
Secreted frizzled related protein, sFRP, fragments and methods of use thereof
Moraxella catarrhalis BASB034 polypeptides and uses thereof
Biodegradable terephthalate polyester-poly (phosphate) polymers, compositions, articles, and methods...
Hair care compositions containing polymeric N-vinyl acetamide and methods of treating hair
Para-xylene production process integrating pressure swing adsorption and crystallization
Process for dehydrogenating organic compounds in the presence of a supported bimetallic catalyst wit...
Process for the preparation of p-xylene
Hydrocarbon base oil for lubricants with very high viscosity index
Method of desulfurization and dearomatization of petroleum liquids by oxidation and solvent extracti...
Recovery of tertiary butyl alcohol
Conversion of methane to C4+ aliphatic products in high yields using an integrated recycle reactor s...
Method of establishing synthesis paths
Apparatus for cleaning surfaces substantially free of contaminants
Process for producing an article with a microstructure
Multiple source deposition plasma apparatus
Nano-sized dispersible powders and method of making
Modified textiles and other materials and methods for their preparation
Method and apparatus for scrip distribution and management
Video gaming system and method
Method of conducting a multiple hand card game
Electronic multi-hand stud poker games
Casino poker game table that implements play of a casino table poker game
Method of playing blackjack with hit insurance
Method and system for authorization of account-based transactions
Combined magnetic data and burnish head for magnetic recording
Glass container for medicinal purposes
High-efficiency processes for destruction of contaminants
Apparatus for treating water or wastewater
Shoe storage device
Rail wheel stop mechanism for road/rail vehicle
Ceiling embedded-type air conditioner
Brushless DC ring motor cooling system
Vacuum pump
Piston pump having housing with a pump housing and a pump assembly drive housing formed therein
Tube pump and ink jet recording apparatus incorporating the same
Fan motor pressure housing, comprising a motor housing and a motor shroud with an air cooling passag...
Motor-driven compressors
Locomotive air compressor with outboard support bearing
Radially compressible guitar pick
Automotive computer system and method whereby responsive to detecting engine cranking main processor...
Mechanism for booting a computer through a network
Method and apparatus for increasing computer performance through asynchronous memory block initializ...
Multiprocessor system snoop scheduling mechanism for limited bandwidth snoopers that uses dynamic ha...
Exceptions and interrupts with dynamic priority and vector routing
Precision approach radar system having computer generated pilot instructions
Method and apparatus for cross-node sharing of cached dynamic SQL in a multiple relational database ...
Vehicle trajectory control system and method
Apparatus and method for determining a road-wheel vibration of automotive vehicle, and apparatus and...
Torque reversal reduction strategy for a hybrid vehicle
Energy enhanced process for treating a conductive surface and products formed thereby
Luminescent gel coats and moldable resins
Pre-charge control system of automatic transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Pharmaceutical composition
Cross platform program installation on drives using drive object
Method and apparatus for dynamically deoptimizing compiled activations
Attribute dictionary in a business logic services environment
Business components framework
Traceback buffer management for VLSI Viterbi decoders
System and method for reliable data transmission over fading internet communication channels
Forward error correction techniques
Humanized anti-tag-72 monoclonal antibodies using human subgroup 4 kappa light chains
Percyquinnin, a process for its production and its use as a pharmaceutical
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Biotelemetry locator
Friend or foe detection system and method and expert system military action advisory system and meth...
Panel cutting apparatus with universal die holder
Wearable vital sign monitoring system
Pipe leak locator with pressure gauge
Electrostatic discharge locating apparatus and method
Hermetically sealed hearing aid converter and hearing aids with this converter
Antibody directed against HIV-1 P25 antigen
Arylsulfonyl hydroxamic acid derivatives
Methods of treating viral infections using antiviral liponucleotides
Homogenous water-free formulations containing glycerophospholipids and polar or lipophilic substance...
Contact pin design for a modular jack
System platform for a communication system
Method and apparatus for accessing a database through a network
System and method for detecting and managing fraud
Speech recognition front end controller to voice mail systems
Structure of a bracket component for the press button of a mobile phone
Method and system for transmitting short messages to a portable IR transceiver
Method for telephony call blending
Apparatus and method for installing nuclear reactors
Hoisting device, with compensator built into hoisting cable system
Signaling self-contained add-on accessory for an analog metering device such as a speedometer and se...
Apparatus and method for controlling vehicular velocity of host vehicle to follow preceding vehicle ...
Radar apparatus
Method and system for engine braking in an internal combustion engine with exhaust pressure regulati...
Method for regenerating a diesel particulate filter
Method for the longitudinal control of a vehicle in which information of a navigation system is dete...
Airport ground navigation system
Device for copying map-information from car navigation system
Deductive database architecture for geographic data
Quick selection of destinations in an automobile navigation system
Navigation system
Detergent tablet
Overbased detergent additives
Granular detergent component and process for its preparation
Process for preparing a granular detergent composition
Enhanced alkylbenzene surfactant mixture
Bleaching detergent compositions
Laundry detergent compositions containing a polymer for fabric appearance improvement
Digital signal processor based torpedo counter-measure
Synchronous timing for interpolated timing recovery
Thermostat assembly for a heater
High anisotropy alloy for thin film disk
Multi-use cleaning device
Programmable image transform processor for digital image processing
Support apparatus for resistive coils and insulators in electric heaters
Providing a link to programs in a program guide
Apparatus and method for rescheduling program conflicts in a virtual channel scheduling gap
Apparatus and method for creating and documenting procedures
Renewable surface treatment of silicone medical devices with reactive hydrophilic polymers
Treating metal surfaces to enhance bio-compatibility and/or physical characteristics
Method and apparatus for polymer application to intracorporeal device
Wound care compositions
Nucleic acid coating compositions and methods
Antibiotic calcium phosphate coating
Fast disintegrating tablets
Stabilized lipid composition, process of preparation and nutritional product containing it
Modulating transcription of genes in vascular cells
Masking agent in powder form for pharmaceutical tastes
Preparation of pharmaceutical compositions
Triglyceride reducing agent
Biodegradable poly(alkylene oxide)-poly(p-dioxanone) block copolymer soluble in organic solvents, an...
Customized article of footwear and method of conducting retail and internet business
Multichannel cochlear implant with neural response telemetry
Iontophoretic treatment system
Method for monitoring heart failure via respiratory patterns
Maize PH8W4
Recombinant plant expression vector comprising isolated cDNA nucleotide sequence encoding farnesyl p...
Potato plant producing essentially amylose-free starch
Design verification method for programmable logic design
Switch adapter testing
Assertion component in environment services patterns
System and method for communicating with an integrated circuit
Computer system initialization with boot program stored in sequential access memory, controlled by a...
Roll sensor system for a vehicle
Steering control apparatus
Method and system for determining an inertially-adjusted vehicle reference speed
Sensor system for vehicle
Package with high heat dissipation
Method and apparatus for forming image
Tunneling magnetoresistive effect device and direction sensor system using said device
Seedlayer for plating metal in deep submicron structures
System and method for providing mechanical planarization of a sequential build up substrate for an i...
Thin film attachment to laminate using a dendritic interconnection
Electronic component device and method of manufacturing the same
Low-voltage punch-through bi-directional transient-voltage suppression devices having surface breakd...
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Proteases from gram positive organisms
Method for quantitating leukocyte count in whole blood sample
Method of evaluating a risk of a subject of developing vascular complications
Nucleotide and protein sequence of mammastatin and methods of use
Hepatitis C assay
RF active compositions for use in adhesion, bonding and coating
Liquid charging method and apparatus
Measuring toner level in a closed container
Optical fiber polishing system with depth reference
Method and apparatus for determination of properties of food or feed
Method and apparatus for supporting a circuit component
Projection screen and projection method
Malleable implant containing solid element that resorbs or fractures to provide access channels
Polymer-inorganic particle composites
Method of inducing new bone growth in porous bone sites
Electronic commerce terminal for wirelessly communicating to a plurality of communication devices
Fine coal recovering process
Purifying apparatus for contaminated water and ground water and method thereof
Transfer member, process for producing transfer member, and image forming apparatus having transfer ...
Image forming apparatus featuring a slide friction sheet for dispersing contamination from a charged...
Image forming apparatus comprising member to be charged and a charge member
Image forming apparatus with overheat preventive device
Image processing method and apparatus, and storage medium therefor
Projection optical system with diffractive optical element
Printing control apparatus, printing control method, printing control system, and storage medium in ...
Combination ultrasonic weld horn/vacuum
Guarantee seal for food products and a machine for its automatic application to the product
Connection structure and method for connecting printed circuit and metal terminal, and reinforcing s...
Groove shape for single butt welding and inspection method of weld zone thereof
Method of producing cellulose polymers
Metabolic engineering of polyhydroxyalkanoate monomer synthases
Process for purification and drying of polymer hydrogels
Dielectric composite materials and method for preparing
Semiconductor component and system for fabricating contacts on semiconductor components
Board-level conformal EMI shield having an electrically-conductive polymer coating over a thermally-...
Glittering pigment and glittering coated film
Benzene tricarboxylic acid derivatives as insulin receptor activators
Process for making amlodipine maleate
Vehicle mirror assembly
Rearview mirror alignment device
Interior rearview mirror
Electrode design for electrochromic devices
Individual mirror control system
Digital electrochromic mirror system
Method and apparatus for direct electrothermal-physical conversion of ceramic into nanopowder
Low gloss textured powder coating
Acyl phosphonate inhibitors of .beta.-lactamases
Formed activated carbon and process for producing the same
Silicon wafer
Method for the production of a durably hydrophilic, non-leaching coating for hydrophobic substances
Bittern-containing common salt grains and process for preparing the same
Radio transmission device and transmission directivity adjusting method
System and method for dynamic assembly of packages in retail environments
High-energy disposable medical stimulation electrode
Balanced multi-band antenna system
System to automatically locally control a device according to preferences of a user entering a local...
Bicycle electrical connector cord
Portable removable carrying case organizer
Wireless communication apparatus and power consumption reducing method thereof
System and method for network using redundancy scheme
Gyroless control system for zero-momentum three-axis stabilized spacecraft
Dual coverage grid method
Self-propelled infrared emission aerial target
Method for reducing fuel consumption in aircraft
Aircraft kite
Kite assembly
Device suspended to a carrier for rescuing people or equipment
LCD device having an improved backlight unit
Electronic payment system on internet and method the same
Method and apparatus for single camera 3D vision guided robotics
Operational control method, program, and recording media for robot device, and robot device
Legged mobile robot and control method thereof, leg structure of legged mobile robot, and mobile leg...
Modular sensor platform
Method for positioning a welding bolt and bolt welding head
Apparatus and method for processing electronic components
Differential cyclic redundancy check
Method and computer program product for reducing the buffer requirements of processing components
Computerized searching tool with spell checking
Method and apparatus for automatic format conversion on removable digital media
Contextual models and methods for inferring attention and location
Method and system for generating a dynamic timeline
Video-based rendering with user-controlled movement
Transmitting revisions with digital signatures
Treating allergic and inflammatory conditions
Highly linear electro-optic delay generator for all-optical pulse-position modulation
Hi-rail vehicle-based rail inspection system
Normalization method for acquiring interferometer phase shift from frequency division multiplexed fi...
Virtual reality keyboard system and method
Surface/traveling wave suppressor for antenna arrays of notch radiators
Fiber grating environmental sensing system
Film processing solution cartridge and method for developing and digitizing film
Occupant detection system
Process for making a reduced-calorie fruit and/or vegetable spread
Blends of cycloolefin and core/shell polymers
Sharpening stand for a cutlery device
Multi-purpose pliers
Modification of virus tropism and host range by viral genome shuffling
Computer-aided techniques for analyzing biological sequences
Music performance information converting method with modification of timbre for emulation
Detection of antibodies to glycosphingolipids using solid-phase reactants coated with carbonyl group...
Electrochemilumiscence method for detecting analytes
Steady state method for measuring the thickness and the capacitance of ultra thin dielectric in the ...
Analytical test element with a narrowed capillary channel
Insecticide and insect repellant compositions
Compositions for use in rehydration and nutrition during athletic exercise and methods of making sam...
Efficient nuclear transfer using fetal fibroblasts and multiple cloning procedures
Polymer and photoresist compositions
Ester compounds, polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Photosensitive polymer and resist composition containing the same
Sterilizable transfer or storage device for medicaments, drugs and vaccines
Liquid crystal cell
Externally concealable, modular high-rise emergency evacuation apparatus with pre-qualified egress
Method and apparatus for coordinated N-way synchronization between multiple database copies
Defibrillator with wireless communications
Force plate actometer
Printing machine and method using a bias transfer roller including at least one temperature-maintain...
Apparatus for measuring angular velocity variation rate of rotary axle
Implantable nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
Systems and methods of pH tissue monitoring
Vibration actuator and mobile communication terminal
Switching power supply capable of ac to dc conversion
Transducer/flexure/conductor structure for electromagnetic read/write system
Method and apparatus for downloading firmware to a non-volatile memory
Automatic capture and reporting of computer configuration data
System for data replication using redundant pairs of storage controllers, fibre channel fabrics and ...
Computer fan speed system to reduce audible perceptibility of fan speed changes
Apparatus and method for implementing fault resilient booting in a multi-processor system by using a...
Minimizing signal stub length for high speed busses
Method and system for recommending an available network protocol
Electronic variable delay line filters using two in-line varactor-controlled four-input couplers all...
Cam lever assembly for manhole center
Hold down toggle clamp
Automatic spray arch impact reset mechanism
Memory interface unit with programmable strobes to select different memory devices
Encapsulated dead blow hammer with improved skeleton
Gas turbine with articulated heat recovery heat exchanger
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Explanation generation system for a diagnosis support tool employing an inference system
Method and system for providing link detection to a PC Card for power management
Safety interlock between a vacuum interrupter and a disconnect switch
Sulfur removal process
Solid state white light emitter and display using same
Separator of proton exchange fuel cell and its manufacturing method
Coupled noise estimation and avoidance of noise-failure using global routing information
Method and apparatus for providing power to a utility network
Devices and methods for preventing distal embolization using flow reversal by occlusion of the brach...
Reinforced tissue implants and methods of manufacture and use
Method for controlling technical processes
Connection processing method for radiation images
Optical information recording method and apparatus
Method for detecting defect of optical fiber
Fluorine-containing adhesive and adhesive film and laminated article made by using same
Water-absorbent agents containing polycarboxylic amine chelating agents
Method of making a composite structure
Three-prong shell
Landfill leachate collection apparatus
Boat lift
Bolt centralizer
Remediation agent for contaminated soil and method for the remediation of soil
Antithrombotic materials and methods
Superoxygenating blood substitutes based on hemoglobin and dihydropyidine compositions
Microencapsulation of drugs by solvent exchange
Iontophoresis device
Therapeutic methods employing disulfide derivatives of dithiocarbamates and compositions useful ther...
Protective glove and method for making same
Protective glove liner
Fuel cell and multi-element stack therefor
Electrochromic device with a yellow filter
Rear projection screen with uniformity of luminance
Thin polarizing plate and liquid crystal display using the same
Masonry lawn edging block assembly
Radio frequency data communications device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Temperature controlled chamber
Very low dielectric constant plasma-enhanced CVD films
Integrated optical devices and methods of making such devices
Fuel cell with a degassing device
Fuel cell sealant design
Thick film conductor composition for use in biosensors
Solid state potentiometric gaseous oxide sensor
Thermoelectric power generation utilizing convective heat flow
Fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for the operation of a cell stack assembly during subfreezing temperatures
Non-volatile memory and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and semiconductor display device
Photoconductive switching element, device using it, and apparatus, recording apparatus, and recordin...
Solar cells incorporating light harvesting arrays
Charge transport components
Intraocular lens with a translational zone
Apparatus and method for measuring vision defects of a human eye
Methods of implanting an intraocular lens
Hydrogel from polysiloxane-containing urethane prepolymer, tris (trimethylsiloxy) silylpropyl methac...
Methods and compositions to prevent formation of adhesions in biological tissues
Telescopic intraocular lens
Tessellation system, method and computer program product with interior and surrounding meshes
Integrated tessellator in a graphics processing unit
Carboxylated polymer composition
Magazine for espresso coffee capsules
Three degree-of-freedom telescoping geometry scanner
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meikarouz`
Scabiosa caucasica plant named `Ultra Violet`
Petunia plant named `Kakegawa S36`
Raspberry variety named `Tadmor`
Raspberry variety named `Motueka`
Pear tree named `P448-2`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Kimali`
Polymeric stabilizers having low polydispersity
Carrier for developer for electrophotography
Layered clay intercalates and exfoliates having a low quartz content
Method for preparing a supported catalyst system and its use in a polymerization process
Monitoring fitness activity across diverse exercise machines utilizing a universally accessible serv...
Record measurement method and system using radio frequency identification
Synthesis of 2-hydroxymethylglutamic acid and congeners thereof
Process for preparing ethanebis(methylphosphinic) acid
Cystic fibrosis medicaments
Mass spectrometry from surfaces
Precision casting and dead-mold casting in plastic/carbon aerogels
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric thin film device, ink jet recording head, and ink jet printer
Process for making uranium carbide
Apparatus for decomposing PCB
Composition for the treatment and prevention of endothelial dysfunction
Interleukin-1 inhibitors, compositions, and methods of treatment
Nucleic acids encoding NTR3, a member of the TNF-receptor supergene family
System and method for improving the sharpness of a video image
Graphics processor with deferred shading
Micro-mechanical flat-panel display
Method for synthesizing epothilones and epothilone analogs
Preparation of epothilone intermediates
Method for fastening a flexible plate
Device for transporting a sheet
Device for internal mass balancing in self-reciprocating rolls
Shielded switchgear cabinet housing
Circuit for the sensorless commutation of a DC motor
Device for controlling a transport of printing products by a print-related machine
Original-affixing device
Method and device for contact-free retention of sheets
Sheet braking device with replaceable support element
Method and device for detecting faults during transport of a web
Working vehicle and vehicle speed control method thereof, variable power engine and power setting me...
Internally cooled tool pack
System and method for performing wavelet and inverse wavelet transformations of digital data using s...
Liquid jet recording apparatus using a fine particle dispersion recording composition
Fast green/magenta dithering of color images
Magnetic apparatus for MRI
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Open MRI system with a vertical static field and an imaging volume closer to the lower than to the u...
Magnetic resonance apparatus with a part thereof made of foamed metal for damping mechanical oscilla...
Method and apparatus for reconstructing zoom MR images
Methods for making poly-.beta.-1.fwdarw.4-N-acetylglucosamine
Quantum dash device
Production and use of welding filler metal
Method for preparing aromatic diphenyl thioethers
Hydraulic steering system, for an articulated vehicle with wheel steering
Balance bar having a reduced axial thermal stress resulting from high temperature manufacturing meth...
Information processing method and apparatus using a storage medium storing all necessary software an...
Power semiconductor module
System and method for simulated device training
Silver braze alloy
Hospital drug distribution system
Corrosion resisting screw with cutting insert
Substituted 1-naphthoylguanidines, process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagn...
Compounds having MIF antagonist activity
Substituted naphthyl benzofuran derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-...
Vitamin D derivatives with carbo- or heterocyclic substituents at C-25, a process for their producti...
Electrodeionization module
Methods and kits for detecting protein kinases
Episode identification
Automatic mode detection and conversion system for printers and tag interrogators
Apparatus for interfacing a wireless local network and a wired voice telecommunications system
Hammer head assembly for power hammer
Folding keyboard for a personal digital assistant
Currency acceptor
Method and apparatus for debugging ternary and high speed busses
Apparatus and method for electronic exclusion and confinement of animals relative to a selected area
Method and apparatus to edit digital video data
Integrated thermo-optical silica switch
System and method for collecting and analyzing information about content requested in a network (wor...
System and method for automatically detecting problematic calls
Apparatus for estimating jitter in RTP encapsulated voice packets received over a data network
Toothbrush stand
Handgrip-actuated interface for intelligent lifting device
Trash can cart
Refuse container lid
Washing machine
Field master connector cleaning system
Lipstick chilling pouch
Method for velocity component vector mapping
Cradle for electronic devices
Power output control of a car kit by a coupled wireless device
Dynamically-switched supplemental information support system for a copier system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmitting medium
Image-based digital evidence system and associated method
Usage dependent ticket to protect copy-protected material
Electroactive material for secondary batteries and methods of preparation
Electrochemical cell comprising a liquid organic electrolyte with a conductive additive
Active material for negative electrode used in lithium-ion battery and method of manufacturing same
Lithium secondary battery and transportation method thereof
Cleavable, water-soluble surfactants
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Storage cell battery incorporating a safety device
Electrolyte content w/o emulsions for treating irritated/sensitive skins
Lithium ion battery capable of being discharged to zero volts
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery
Method of manufacturing lithium secondary battery
Toner and manufacturing method thereof
Methods for treating subjects infected with a herpes virus
Circumneural electrode assembly
Communication system, interrogators and communication methods
Targeting of sebaceous follicles as a Treatment of sebaceous gland disorders
Molecular chemotherapy enhancement of radiotherapy
Grating optical fiber, and optical fiber base material suitable for grating
System and method for fast interconnect delay estimation through iterative refinement
Media server system and process having device independent near-online storage support
Process device diagnostics using process variable sensor signal
Independent restoration of control plane and data plane functions
Diagnostic system and method for a highly scalable computing system
Infiniband memory windows management directly in hardware
Fluorescent illuminated sign assembly
Transgenic plants expressing puroindolines and methods for producing such plants
Protein complex from ion-exchange chromatography of casein for treatment of bacterial infections
Spinning-reel spool
Fishing reel
Method and apparatus for coordinating an event to desired points in one or more physiological cycles
Diagnostic image capture
Hybrid reconstruction for high pitch multi-slice helical cardiac imaging
Preparation of bromine-containing hydroxy-functional copolymers
Latent cross-linking aqueous dispersions comprising a polyurethane
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
Process for the preparation of hydroxybenzoic benzyl esters
Barrier membranes including a barrier layer employing aliphatic thermoplastic urethanes
Semicrystalline propylene polymer compositions with good suitability for producing biaxially oriente...
Preparation of polyolefins with low extractables contents
Electronic apparatus and manufacturing method for an electronic apparatus
Memory-embedded LSI
Method and system for dynamic allocation and management of subscriber identity module memory in a te...
Formed polypropylene resin container for microwave cooking
Safe, efficient, low t-butanol forming organic peroxide for polypropylene modification
Symmetric substituted benzaldehyde alditol derivatives and compositions and articles containing same
Interface device between PC and keyboard enabling switching of data
Gas pump control system having access to the internet for the purposes of transacting e-mail, e-comm...
Delivery of goods and services resultant from an electronic commerce transaction by way of a pack an...
System and method of processing credit card, e-commerce, and e-business transactions without the mer...
Utilization of osteocalcin promoter to deliver therapeutic genes to tumors
Balloon anchor wire
Gemstone retention by use of controllable setting force
Naphthalene compounds, intermediates, formulations, and methods
Apparatus for switching and manipulating particles and method of use thereof
Non-heat treated steel for soft nitriding
Hydrogen peroxide pickling scheme for silicon-containing electrical steel grades
Detectable stainless steel needles for meat packing
Drill steel for drilling mine roofs and associated method of drilling bores
Molten steel supplying apparatus for continuous casting and continuous casting method therewith
Phosphate-treated galvanized steel sheet excellent in corrosion resistance and paintability
Machine structure steel superior in chip disposability and mechanical properties and its method of m...
Method and arrangement for utilizing a psuedo-alloy composite for rapid prototyping and low-volume p...
System and method for analyzing eyetracker data
Method and system for compressing data and a geographic database formed therewith and methods for us...
Image format conversion such as photometric, rotation, cropping, padding, scaling, dithering, bit pa...
Non-linear adaptive image filter for filtering noise such as blocking artifacts
Image compression controller and image pickup system using the same
Variable optical attenuator
Filament organizer
Stacked GBIC guide rail assembly
Method and apparatus for switching an optical beam using an optical rib waveguide
Method for fabricating alloy-coated optical fiber
Optical fiber and optical transmission line
Method and system for broadcasting and receiving audio information and associated audio indexes
Methodology for color correction with noise regulation
MPEG decoding device
Descriptor for spatial distribution of motion activity in compressed video
Apparatus and method for providing multimedia conferencing services with selective information servi...
Image processing method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for auto channel searching of video display apparatus
Combination instrument for displaying measured values and/or other information, in particular for us...
Method and apparatus for generating a flash or series of flashes from a multiparameter light
Electric lamp
Surface mounting method for high power light emitting diode
LED display
LED signal light
Multi-user internet access and security system
Range-based cache control system and method
Communication control apparatus and method, communication system, and program storage medium
System and method for translating file-level operations in a non-door-based operating system to door...
Method and apparatus for providing personalized supplemental programming
Polyester blends and heat shrinkable films made therefrom
Blowing agent composition and polymeric foam containing a normally-liquid hydroflurocarbon and carbo...
Wavelength selective photocatalytic dielectric elements on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) refractors...
Media employing substantially spherical magneto-plumbite ferrite particles
Thermally stable polymers, method of preparation, and articles made therefrom
Organoclays as processing aids for plasticized thermoplastics
Process of making a fiber
Cytoprotective compounds
Chemical cleaning of biological material
Biological material containing bone marrow stem cells partially or completely differentiated into co...
Bioremediation of nitrate contaminated groundwater
Bipolar membrane
In-situ blending of polyesters with poly(ether imide)
Rubber modified with ethylene/.alpha.-olefin(/diene) rubber(s)
Speckle suppressed laser projection system using RF injection
Polycarbonate-polyester compositions with enhanced flow
Method of making ibuprofen and narcotic analgesic compositions
Flame-resistant polycarbonate ABS moulding material
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer by means of a uniaxial eccentric screw pump
Vehicle assembly line-side heat activation of a "Ready-To-Install" window fixing adhesive for attach...
SVC signaling system and method
Multifunctional illumination system for furniture, and a bedstead of tubular construction employing ...
Polynucleotide molecules encoding neospora proteins
Lipid-modified muc-1 derivatives
Methods and compositions for modulating cell proliferation and cell death
2'-O-aminoethyloxyethyl-modified oligonucleotides
Infectious papillomavirus pseudoviral particles
Enzymes responsible for the metabolism of zeatin
Material testing machine with dual test space and integral axisymmetric triaxial measurement system
Soil and topography surveying
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with a selected vitrinite reflectan...
Compact fuel gas reformer assemblage with burner wall temperature control
Apparatus for mixing fuel and an oxidant
Method for low temperature catalytic production of hydrogen
Production of carbon monoxide
Method of using fish plasma components for tissue culture
Method of and apparatus for cultivating a cell or tissue
Pericardial anti-adhesion patch
Beverage carton with strap type carrying handle
Sealable valve bag and method for making a sealable valve bag
Aqueous compositions containing lipophilically-modified copolymer thickeners
Products for topical applications comprising oil bodies
Anti-sebum skin care cosmetic compositions containing branched esters
Products for topical applications comprising oil bodies
Topical moisture regulating compositions
Rear projection screens and light filters with conformable coatings and methods of making the same
Deputization in a distributed computing system
Modified release multiple-units compositions of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug substances (NSAID...
Electronic card for transdermal drug delivery and analyte extraction
Fused bicyclic or tricyclic amino acids
Training apparatus for physical therapy, therapeutic riding in particular
Controllers with selectable force feedback
Entertainment stand
Vehicle entertainment system having multiple download channels
Infant play pool
Method and apparatus for magnetic levitation
Rapid immunoassay to detect infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis
5-aralkysufonyl-3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Rapid NMR multi-frequency T1 and T2 acquisition for earth formations evaluation with MWD or wireline...
Heat stable colloidal iron oxides coated with reduced carbohydrates and carbohdrate derivatives
Subtilisin 309 variants having decreased adsorption and increased hydrolysis
Process of forming a perforated web
Method for preparing dehydrated food products
Tampon with enhanced leakage protection
Device for batch production of folded sheets
Secure token-based document server
Transmission diversity method
Home location register management system and database management method in mobile radio communicatio...
System terminal for a wireless local loop
System, method and article of manufacture to provide output according to trip information
Antenna switch assembly, and associated method, for a radio communication station
Planarizing solutions, planarizing machines and methods for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planar...
Recording material for the ink jet printing method
Process for the preparation of tertiary amines from primary amines and nitriles
Impression material
Prefabricated components for dental appliances
Eliminating adhesion difference due to glass orientation in laminated safety glass
Coated natural leather having low deformation
Carotenoid biosynthesis enzymes
Polyether ester elastomer comprising polytrimethylene ether ester soft segment and trimethylene este...
Aqueous graft copolymer pigment dispersants
Dynamic event recognition
Circuit and method for controlling power and performance based on operating environment
Shaped microperforated polymeric film sound absorbers and methods of manufacturing the same
Aerodynamic flying ring
Photographing apparatus with shake detection function
Photographic camera system
Camera with electronic flash device
Autofocus sensor
Zoom interlocking mechanism for camera
Ultrasonic cleaning in batch photoprocessing equipment
Vibration control of piezoelectric microactuator
Electrostatically actuated micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device
Method for determining if a publication has not been read
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and the fabrication method of the same
Rotating shaft device and machine tool
Bearing apparatus
Compound bearing apparatus
Double seal bearing
Retainer for roller bearing
Oil-impregnant sintered bearing and manufacturing method thereof, and motor
Shell with a shell body and a process for the preparation of radially protruding guiding means on a ...
Chain-extended poly(bis-azidomethyloxetane), and combustible cartridge cases and ammunition comprisi...
Electric circuit for an electrically dischargeable primer
Artificial olfactory system
Tactical weapon
High-power firearm cartridge
Inertial breechblock gun system
Optical information medium
Planar coil and planar transformer, and process of fabricating a high-aspect conductive device
Solid-state laser cooling
Semiconductor laser with multiple lasing wavelengths
Real-time evaluation of stress fields and properties in line features formed on substrates
Apparatus and method for measuring pattern alignment error
Thermal printer and ink ribbon used therewith
Method for microproduction of tea plants from leaf explants
Positive photosensitive lithographic printing plate responsive to near infrared rays; method of prod...
Shoe incorporating improved shock absorption and stabilizing elements
System and method for error correction in an electronic communication
Method and apparatus for selective control of nerve fibers
Breathable diaper outer cover with foam dampness inhibitor
Delivery device for bone cement
In-situ cleaning processes for semiconductor electroplating electrodes
Semiconductor wafer processing apparatus
Preshaped form
Method and apparatus for detecting modified color burst signals to prevent the copying of a video pr...
Syndiotactic polystyrene alloy compositions
Substituted pyridines as selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Structure of a pin platform for integrated circuit
Pollution credit method using electronic networks
Planarizers for spin etch planarization of electronic components
Ferroelectric capacitor with dielectric lining, semiconductor memory device employing same, and fabr...
Device for validating authenticity features on documents of value and security documents
Plasma light emitting device and display using same having an ultraviolet light leakage preventing m...
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, heat treatment apparatus, and heat treatment method
Space classification for resolution enhancement techniques
Client/server behavioral modeling and testcase development using VHDL for improved logic verificatio...
Method for transistor-level calculation of the precharge time of domino logic circuits with unlocked...
Fe-Ni alloy with excellent magnetic properties for semi-tension mask, semi-tension mask of the alloy...
Copper-based alloy, method for production of the alloy, and products using the alloy
FE-CR soft magnetic material and a method of manufacturing thereof
Non-plated aluminum based bearing alloy with performance-enhanced interlayer
Aluminum base bearing alloy and a bearing element comprising a running layer formed by the alloy
Semiconductor memory device having test mode
Thermo-mechanical analyzer
Network assisted pseudolite acquisition for enhanced GPS navigation
Liquid crystal display device having electric field in areas with a control window formed thereon
Primary radiator, phase shifter, and beam scanning antenna
Capacitively coupled ferroelectric random access memory cell and a method for manufacturing the same
High molecular weight primary aliphatic alcohols obtained from natural products and uses thereof
Double roller robot wheel gripper bracket
Device for avoiding interference
Compact distributing frame with automated interconnection capability
Robot obstacle detection system
Apparatus and method for enhancing check security
Method for combining transfer functions with predetermined key creation
Communication apparatus and a communication system
Video/audio scrambling with single conversion tuners
Photoreceptor belt tracking apparatus employing an actuated edge guide system and low lateral force ...
Plant species ssamchoo and breeding method thereof
Flexible reflective insulating structures
Aerodynamic wind riding antenna ornament
Flame retardant compositions
Game for training of managers
Modular educational and/or recreational apparatus to vary learning levels
Iterative video teaching aid with recordable commentary and indexing
Method for adaptive training of short term memory and auditory/visual discrimination within a comput...
Method and apparatus for generating and modifying multiple instances of an element of a web site
Multiple link data object conveying method for conveying data objects to wireless stations
System and method for clustering data objects in a collection
Device for securing objects
Textured surface
Hologram print system and holographic stereogram
Composite label web and method of using same
Specimen label
Use of bar code to specify media type in an imaging device
Lenticular label manufacture
Multilayer volume hologram, and label for multilayer volume hologram fabrication
Method of and apparatus for taking radiation images
Home video game system with hard disk drive and internet access capability
Progressive gaming device
Gaming device having risk evaluation bonus round
Game machine system including game machine for playing a self-contained game or, used as a terminal,...
Numbers drawing machine
Progressive bingo
Method, apparatus and gaming set for use in a progressive game
Diaminopyrazole derivatives and dyes containing said compounds
Modified cellulose ethers
Producing method of alcohols such as cyclohexanedimethanol
Process for production of 5-arylpentanols
Methods for making 2-(.omega.-alkoxycarbonylalkanoyl)-4-butanolide, ester of .omega.-hydroxy-(.omega...
Method for making a marking in a glass body
Method for machining workpieces and machine tool
Method and apparatus for retrieving an unmanned underwater vehicle
Submarine cable branching unit with double-coil relays
Pressure compensation/control for fail-safe gate valve
Windshield washer apparatus for marine craft
Mounting structure for a fuel supply apparatus
Marine anchors
Secondary alarm filtering
Time-efficient real-time correlator
Method and system to increase the performance of high-speed backplanes
MEMS optical switch with a notched latching apparatus for improved mirror positioning and method of ...
Emergency call monitor
Trainable adaptive focused replicator network for analyzing data
Method and arrangement for transmitting multimedia-related information in a packet-switched cellular...