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Method for making electrode
Rechargeable lithium battery with Li-Al-Mn negative electrode and electrolyte containing trialkyl ph...
Method for producing lithium secondary battery
Solar rechargeable battery
Dynamic, scaleable attribute filtering in a multi-protocol compatible network access environment
Topical composition comprising a functionally alkylating cosmetic bonding agent
Method for preparation of metal oxide doped cerium oxide
Rotary lipstick case structure
Airtight magnetic applicator system
Integrated translational service station for inkjet printheads
Remote intelligent peripheral routing method and apparatus
System and method for providing anonymous remailing and filtering of electronic mail
Method for switching a mobile telephone for a transmitted/received voice signal in a speakerphone mo...
Wireless centrex call hold
Fixed cellular communications system
Method and system for transferring information to a post processing subsystem outside the wireless n...
Assembly structure of housing for portable communication device
Cleaning processes using hydrofluorocarbon and/or hydrochlorofluorocarbon compounds
Human ankyrin family protein
Cyclic compounds and their use as precursors of fragrant alcohols
Association of finger pores and macrofeatures for identification of individuals
Method and apparatus for improving the interrogation range of an RF-Tag
Device and method for monitoring body fluid and electrolyte disorders
Catalysts for producing methylamines and method for manufacturing the same
Fluid energy pulse test system
Method and apparatus for operating a neural network with missing and/or incomplete data
Measurement, data acquisition, and signal processing
Methods of making new chenille yarns for high speed weaving applications and improved product wear p...
Symbolic variable reduction
System for writing incremental packet data to create bootable optical medium by writing boot catalog...
Speculative renaming of data-processor registers
Cluster buster
Distributed shared memory system with variable granularity
Method for producing cloned cows
Phytosterol compositions
Pourable water and oil containing emulsions comprising gas bubbles
Cold beverage creamer
Method and apparatus for application of surface treatment to food products
Process for preparation of protein-hydrolysate from milk protein
Agent for gene therapy of dilated cardiomyopathy
Breast bracket
Endoscope shape detecting apparatus wherein form detecting processing is controlled according to con...
Methods and apparatus for using multimedia data stored in a relational database in web applications
Optical film with co-continuous phases
Modification of polymers with basic N-groups and ion exchange groups in the lateral chain
High molecular weight zwitterionic polymers
Peelable seal and method of making and using same
Macrocellular polyolefin foam having a high service temperature for acoustical applications
Elongated femoral component
Method and system for resolution of transaction collisions to achieve global coherence in a distribu...
Tooling tracking system for sheet fed and web fed presses using radio frequency identification
Induction system and safe armature
High-voltage electric field generating system and fryer therewith
Use of prenylated flavones
Non-toxic, microbicidal cleaning agent containing bioactive glass particles
Method and apparatus for detecting bacteria
Thermoplastic food casing
Shaving razor handle with covered core having an exposed area for marking
Toy vehicle with pivotally mounted side wheels
Bicycle mounted noise-making device
Apparatus and method for creating and destroying a solid exterior/liquid interior toy
Movable mechanical doll
Hand held light display
Integral resilient badge and sucker
Child's learning chair
Pneumatic radial tire reinforced with fibrillated sea-island short polymer fibers
Fitting bracket for use on boat and other structure
Cover fastening system
Apparatuses and methods for at-sea cargo handling and rescue
Block assembly for protecting embankment
Motion dampened moored floating platform using pontoons with bridge assemblies
Crystalline teriparatide
Container made of stainless steel for forming self-baking electrodes for use in low electric reducti...
Method for joining a cast part and a case-hardened steel part and component manufactured according t...
Curable coating compositions for stainless steel
High fatigue strength steel sheet excellent in burring workability and method for producing the same
Method for continuous casting of highly ductile ferritic stainless steel strips between rolls, and r...
Copolymers for rapid prototyping
Bending sensor for an implantable lead and a heart stimulator with a lead having such a sensor
Artifact detection in encephalogram data using an event model
Process for sampling a cardiac parameter, in particular an intracardiac impedance, in an active impl...
Multiple processing system
Copy protection control system
Method for organizing map data
Iris pickup apparatus
Illumination system for scrolling color recycling
Method and apparatus for correcting the gray levels of images of a digital infrared camera
Fiber optic wall mount cabinet
Connector terminus springs
Excessive length treatment and cartridge for optical fibers used in electric equipment
Sheath bonding arrangement for fiber optic cable splices
Fiber termination block with angled slide
Fiber for compensating chromatic dispersion of a monomode fiber in band S
Method and interface for incorporating program information into an electronic message
Method and apparatus for automatic image capture
Variable bitrate video coding method and corresponding video coder
Heat dissipation device for enhanced power light emitting diodes
Lens support structure
Liquid crystal display, backlight unit, and fluorescent tube for backlight unit
Backlit keyboard
Led warning signal light and movable support
Method for completing incomplete recording on an optical disk
Integrated management application
Storage system making possible data synchronization confirmation at time of asynchronous remote copy
Mechanism for managing an object cache
Clustering for data compression
Method and apparatus for caching objects in a disparate management environment
IP network access for portable devices
Method and system for delivering data from a server object to a client object using a non-proprietar...
Low cost interference reduction system for GPS receivers
Three part high moisture barrier for packages
Packaging container
Yarn by extruding polyamide fibers and sulfonated polyester concentrate
Covered self-expanding vascular occlusion device
Transaction card with attached auxiliary member
Oxygen-scavenging compositions and articles
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising recombinant troponin subunits
whmD, an essential cell division gene from mycobacteria
Method for attaching semiconductor components to a substrate using local UV curing of dicing tape
Solvent inkjet ink receptive films
Thermally stable polyetheramines
Lubricious catheter shaft
High tensile strength polethylene terephthalate film and process
Acrylate blends and laminates using acrylate blends
Chlorinated vinyl chloride-based resin and molded articles
Extendible p-trap dishwasher waste port
Fencing system
Deck covering system
RVP-1 variant differentially expressed in Crohn's disease
Catalytic antibodies and a method of producing same
Reversible aqueous pH sensitive lipidizing reagents, compositions and methods of use
DNA sequences, vectors, and fusion polypeptides for secretion of polypeptides in filamentous fungi
High efficiency external counterpulsation apparatus and method for controlling same
Gas conversion using synthesis gas produced hydrogen for catalyst rejuvenation and hydrocarbon conve...
Fuel cell method of operation
Method and apparatus for cold temperature operation of fuel cells utilizing hydrides having differen...
Unitary sliding vane compressor-expander and electrical generation system
Method of producing synthesis gas from a regeneration of spent cracking catalyst
Use of fibroblast growth factor 2 for expansion of chondrocytes and tissue engineering
Plastic container with stacking recesses
Bulk container support frame
Bottle base
Wrapping method and wrapping apparatus
Metrology device with programmable smart card
Multicomponent biodegradable bioadhesive controlled release system for oral care products
Artificial sensibility
Drive mechanism for medical instrument
Cyclic salen-metal compounds: reactive oxygen species scavengers useful as antioxidants in the treat...
Electroactive polymer animated devices
Resorcinol derivatives
Pressure sensitive adhesives
Keratinocyte derived protease
Method of developing a color negative element intended for scanning
Adhesive compositions containing graft copolymers
Recording sheets for ink jet printing
Mousse forming hair treatment composition
Compositions containing Boswellia extracts
3-Methoxybenzyl thiourea derivatives and improved lipid compositions containing same
Microscale mass spectrometric chemical-gas sensor
Apparatus for the direct production of scale-free thin metal strip
Rapid-melt semi-solid compositions, methods of making same and methods of using same
Means for comparing sent data on the transmission side of a network in a highly reliable distributed...
Computer system with operating system functions distributed among plural microcontrollers for managi...
Method for automatically classifying traffic with enhanced hierarchy in a packet communications netw...
Method and system for scheduling measurement of site performance over the internet
Multipurpose console
Rotationally symmetric oxide superconducting wire and solenoid coil or magnetic field generator inco...
Integrated rider control system for handlebar steered vehicles
Integrated twist grip shifter
Cleaning method of toner image carrying body, cleaning device of the toner image carrying body and i...
Method for sanitizing a food processing environment
Therapeutic use of the SMR1 protein, the SMR1 maturation products, specifically the QHNPR pentapepti...
Photocleavable agents and conjugates for the detection and isolation of biomolecules
Method for magnetic resonance imaging of the lung
One-body horizontal continuous casting apparatus and methods of deoxidation, and refining of phospho...
Equipment for recording a patient's state of health
Performance improvement of internet protocols over wireless connections
Method and system for an INUSE field resource management scheme
Glitch protection and detection for strobed data
Multi-node data processing system and method of queue management in which a queued operation is spec...
Panel-shaped loudspeaker
Apparatus and method for determining buffered steiner trees for complex circuits
Film pre-winding mechanism for 35 mm film format still cameras
Single-lens reflex camera having a focusing detection sensor capable of calibrating, and a viewfinde...
Camera, an image inputting apparatus, a portable terminal device, and a method of transforming the c...
Image-input device
Method and apparatus for performing biological reactions on a substrate surface
Speaker device
VOA with a movable focusing mirror
Three-dimensional image processing apparatus
Optical switching element and image display device
Flashless rubber floor mat and method
Ceramic ball for bearing and ceramic ball bearing using the same
Wheel bearing assembly
Silver-containing copper alloys for journal bearings
Thrust bearing
Air bearing between a first and second object
Linear actuator with protective guide chassis enclosing the lead screw
Support plate for a holster
Safety holster for preventing access to a firearm by unauthorized users
Automatic firearm with a bolt assembly that moves between a closed position and an open position
Radiopharmaceutical pig and transportation apparatus
System and method for image detection and qualification
Short coaxial transmission line and method for use thereof
Electronics system for use with projectile firing devices
Stator assembly for an electromechanical machine
Methods and systems for controlling network gatekeeper message processing
Method and apparatus for converting data into different ordinal types
Optically pumped direct extraction electron spin filter system and method of use
Passively modelocked harmonic-generating laser
Optical circulators using beam angle turners
X-ray shearing interferometer
Low power optically coupled serial data link
Epothilone compounds and methods for making and using the same
Use of sterolsulfates as active substances for producing means to inhibit serin proteases
Implantable neuromuscular stimulator for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Optical tomography of small moving objects using time delay and integration imaging
Digital filter for fluid scale
Sanitary article having multi-layered absorbent member
Multicomponent superabsorbent gel particles
Modular socket for a ball joint prosthesis
Regenerative fuel cell learning kit
Game with sounds and systems for its implementation
Hand held, hand operated, mechanical, rosary prayer sequence symbol prompter
Interactive computer system for creating three-dimensional image information and for converting two-...
Mobile equipment and networks providing selection between USIM/SIM dependent features
Group radio communication system and method using interconnected radio sub-networks
Apparatus and method to reduce the reuse factor for adaptive-dynamic channel assignment systems
Method of assigning service channel
Method and apparatus for compression compatible video scrambling
Method of delivering formatted documents over a communications network
Data network accelerated access system
Method and apparatus for generating a multimedia document
Method of retrieving schemas for interpreting documents in an electronic commerce system
Business focused interface for engaging applications that solve mathematical problems
Fuel cells incorporating nanotubes in fuel feed
Optical element
Field emission displays having reduced threshold and operating voltages and methods of producing the...
Ferroelastic lead germanate thin film and deposition method
Heat treatment apparatus and method
Comparator, display apparatus using comparator for driving system, and driving method for comparator
Display device and driving method therefor
Double-metal background driven displays
Sealing structure for display device
Field emission electron source
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and process for production thereof
UV curable overlays for laser shock processing
Method of mirror layout of multi-level optical switch
Lining material for glass melting furnaces, glass melting furnaces, process for producing glass prod...
Anisotropic rare earth-based permanent magnet material
Method of driving liquid crystal display device
Semiconductor light emitting device
Miniaturized blood centrifuge having side mounted motor with belt drive
System and methods for scheduling manufacturing resources
Sound quality regulation apparatus
Liquid crystal display device with orientation control window
Method for establishing session key agreement
Loose sleeve pressure member
Method and arrangement for providing alignment indicia in a printed image
Methods and systems for encoding command signals in a video signal with a video recorder
Antialiazed high-resolution frame buffer architecture
Surface emitting laser and surface emitting laser array
Managing poorly compressible images in a resource limited system
User interface for a browser based image storage and processing system
Wireless, radio-frequency communications using a handheld computer
3D transformation matrix compression and decompression
Body motion detecting system with correction for tilt of accelerometers and remote measurement of bo...
Game apparatus
Analog input device to input multi directional signals
Fishing game system and input device therefor
Method for the compensating of geometric images and an arrangement for carrying out the method
Control of parasitic laser oscillations in solid-state lasers by frustrating total internal reflecti...
High density pixel array and laser micro-milling method for fabricating array
Method for producing an artificial ocular lense
Article having optical effects
Card with removable stickers
Duplex label pocket
Resealable label flap including tamper evident tab
Game piece and system and method of use
Process for manufacturing molded circuit board
Distributed network application management system
Testing system for circuit board self-test
Uniform configuration controller for replicated component systems
Method and apparatus for distributing audiovisual content
Single button MP3 player
Dynamic replacement technique in a shared cache
Clear, two-phase, foam-forming aerosol hair care product
Tracheostomy safety device
Network search engine and navigation tool and method of determining search results in accordance wit...
Snap-on-EMI-shield-retention system for use with electronic devices
Image display medium and image display device using the image display medium
Recycled rubber processing and performance enhancement
Autostereoscopic display
Non-staining polymer composite product
Method of treating cancer using tetraethyl thiuram disulfide
Method of incorporating knowledge into a knowledge base system
CD33-like protein
Method for producing silicon nanoparticles
MHCD and microfluidic apparatus and method
Multibit magnetic memory element
Multiplex amplification and separation of nucleic acid sequences on a bioelectronic microchip using ...
Polymorphism detection
Six-to-one signal/power ratio bump and trace pattern for flip chip design
Semiconductor apparatus including bypass capacitor having structure for making automatic design easy...
Joint structure
Azo pyridone colorants
Thermosetting adhesive composition and adhered structure
Aqueous adhesive compositions useful as bottle labeling adhesives
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition
Crease resistant imaging element with coated paper base
High voltage integrated Miller capacitor feedback circuit
Image storage medium and method of manufacturing the same
Breakers of advanced glycation endproducts
Semiconductor structure for use with high-frequency signals
Engine power boost control system
Automatic calibration of speed signal scaling
Functionalized polymers of .alpha.-amino acids and the method of preparation thereof
Process for preparing a "universal support" and the reagents used for generating such support
Inorganic-organic hybrid polymers composed of nano-particles on the surface using dendrimers and man...
Methods of post-polymerization extruder injection in condensation polymer production
Ketolide antibacterials
Method, mobile station, basestation and mobile communications system for performing handoff independ...
Counterfeit money detector with front hood
Open center recoil starter
Device and method for determining a spatial position of an object
Pipelined carry-lookahead generation for a fast incrementer
Protocol for communication with dynamic memory
Apparatus and method for analyzing chemical system data
System, process, apparatus and program for controlling special lot carrying in semiconductor carryin...
Document printing method
Method and apparatus for securing computer firmware wherein unlocking of nonvolatile memory is prohi...
Computer instruction compression
Cylinder identifying system for internal combustion engine
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation to produce nitrogen and/or sulfur containing formatio...
Self-contained cool-down system for a video projector
Color filter image array optoelectronic microelectronic fabrication with a planarizing layer formed ...
Capacity estimation method, degradation estimation method and degradation estimation apparatus for l...
Methods for improving polymeric materials for use in solar cell applications
Image processing apparatus capable of precise color correction with reduced memory capacity
Information management system capable of connecting facsimile machines which are incompatible with n...
Method and system for image printing capable of properly performing a form overlay
Keyboard unit having pop-up key-tops and electronic apparatus incorporating the keyboard unit
Hair care compositions
Process for producing laminated sheets or films and moldings having UV-stability and thermal aging r...
Sensor cable
Purification of oligonucleotides
Stable glassy state powder formulations
Binding superabsorbent polymers to substrates
Contact planarization using nanoporous silica materials
Method for treating coating formulations
Process for preparing protective-colloid-stabilized vinylaromatic-1,3-diene copolymers
Agglomerated particles of finely divided polymers which are water-soluble or capable of swelling in ...
Transparent static dissipative coating compositions
Volume-imparting hair treatment product for strengthening the hair shaft
Antibacterial aqueous ophthalmic formulations containing ofloxacin and use of chitosan for solubiliz...
Method and apparatus for acquiring offset checkshot survey data using tube-wave conversion
Method and device for detecting mercury
Adsorption powder for removing mercury from high temperature, high moisture gas streams
Digital printer or copier machine and processes for fixing a toner image
Selectively tuned ultraviolet optical filters and methods of use thereof
Display assembly including two superposed display devices
Project data management system and method
Computer software framework and method for accessing data from one or more datastores for use by one...
Method for comparing system states at different points in time
Multilevel cache system and method having a merged tag array to store tags for multiple data arrays
Microprocessor having improved memory management unit and cache memory
Artificial tree with decorative lamps
Playing card system for teaching musical notation
Accessory mount for an extendable shaft
Musical presentation and storage box
Process for treating oils containing antioxidant compounds
Enzyme-containing granules and process for the production thereof
Agrochemical composition
Information embedding method, apparatus and recording medium
Network linking method using information embedded in data objects that have inherent noise
Food ingredient
Vinyl silane compounds containing epoxy functionality
Depilatory paint thickener comprising an anylopectin starch
System and method for performing assertion-based analysis of circuit designs
Three-dimensional memory array and method for storing data bits and ECC bits therein
Method of generating an 8-VSB modulated signal
Apparatus and method for controlling internal combustion engine
Apparatus for relative angular adjustment of a crankshaft of a combustion engine with respect to a d...
Cylinder deactivation apparatus with vapor purge
Ergonomic hybrid transit access corridor particularly for town and urban centers
Testing method for components with reception capabilities
Programmable electronic pedal simulator
Method and device for controlling a motor vehicle brake system
Hydraulic brake system
Method and device for controlling a brake system
Brake system control method employing yaw rate and ship angle control
Method and apparatus for controlling a braking system of a vehicle
Chassis control system
Automobile distance warning and alarm system
Metal tubing coated with multiple layers of polymeric materials
Fluid system service apparatus and method
Transmission shift control
Method and apparatus for providing a consistent transmission load variable
Wheel support bearing assembly and anti-skid brake device using the same
Methods and systems for selecting block sizes for use with disk arrays
Methods and systems for mirrored disk arrays
Peptide agonists of GLP-1 activity
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Method of treating industrial wastewater
Apparatus for removing fines from oil tanks
Treatment of disorders relating to the serotonergic system
Arrangement for coupling hearing implant
Portable, folding receptacle or box wallet form made from a plastic material
Decorative layer structure and use thereof
Embossing foil, in particular a hot embossing foil, preferably for the production of motor vehicle l...
Embossing foil
Ink ribbon for a printer, typewriter or the like
Method and apparatus for decorating articles having a conical peripheral surface portion
Mobile communication system with shared time slots and frequency channels
Operating device for at least one electric lamp with a control input, and an operating method for el...
Manual input device with force feedback function and vehicle-mounted equipment controller using same
Light delivery systems and applications thereof
Fixing apparatus including toner releasing agent applying device and image forming apparatus includi...
Catalyst for polymerization of olefin and the method of polymerization of olefin using the same
Fuel cell electrode catalyst solution and production method therefor
Light pipe, surface light source device and reflection type liquid-crystal display device
Ink-receptive fibrous material for advertisement
High-temperature strength and heat-resistant composite material "refsic"
Methods and compositions for treating pulmonary disorders using optically pure (R,R) formoterol
Method of forming plastic tubes with oriented labeling
Hanging sign and method
Display device having a display window, a phosphor pattern and a color filter pattern between the di...
Data processing system and method for providing a networked printer's physical location
Application presentation synchronizer
System and method for computer-based notifications of real-world events using digital images
Dynamic object persistence
Method and system for managing object types for objects defined externally to the system
Dynamic behavior-based access control system and method
System for implanting a cross-linked polysaccharide fiber and methods of forming and inserting the f...
Process for manufacturing polyester
Closed cavity piston and method of making the same
High resolution DNA detection methods and devices
ESD parasitic bipolar transistors with high resistivity regions in the collector
Hybrid expansible chamber engine with internal combustion and pneumatic modes
Automotive wheel
Water-repellent and soil-resistant finish for textiles
Video poker system and method
Gaming machine with player selected events
Game of chance
Power system for an implantable heart pump
Press-on insulator dish
Air compression device
Water supply system
Spa filter system
Control system for a vacuum pump used for removing liquid and a method of controlling said pump
Small pump device and sphygmomanometer using the pump device
Profile driven code motion and scheduling
Mapping destination logical register to physical register storing immediate or renamed source regist...
Meta-address architecture for parallel, dynamically reconfigurable computing
Downloading programs to control a device
Information grouping configuration for use with diverse display devices
Method for displaying instructional material during a learning session
System and method for efficient instruction prefetching based on loop periods
Process for making aromatic hydrocarbons using an acid treated zeolite
Process for the preparation of anionic clay
Synthesis of layers, coatings or films using electrostatic fields
Gas separation using organic-vapor-resistant membranes and PSA
Pharmaceutical compositions of O-desmethyl-N-mono-desmethyl-tramadol
Wireless personal communication apparatus in the form of a necklace
Tripeptide amides that block viral infectivity and methods of use thereof
Tricyclic compounds useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
HIV capsid assembly-associated compositions and method
Method for simultaneous detection of HIV antigens and HIV antibodies
Dedicated echo canceler for a workstation
Antenna structure in an expansion card for an electronic device
Communication device with dial function using optical character recognition, and method
Dating system
Automated access by mobile device to automated telephone information services
Apparatus and method for automatically prioritizing telephone dialing strings
Exchangeable radiotelephone covers
Unmanned offshore platform and method of performing maintenance work thereon
Boating lift
Method and apparatus for monitoring computer system objects to improve system reliability
Lubricating oil composition for automatic transmission
Antibacterial property imparting glass composition
Initiation of full mammalian oocyte activation by multiple sperm components
Methods of refolding proteins
Server integrated system and methods for processing precomputed views
Fault emulation testing of programmable logic devices
Configuration of channel-to-controller interface in a disc drive
Read/write channel
Method and system for image rendering including polymorphic image data in a graphical user interface
High performance low cost video game system with coprocessor providing high speed efficient 3D graph...
Touchscreen having multiple parallel connections to each electrode in a series resistor chain on the...
Extender for transmitting an enhanced signal between a computer system and a computer monitor
Method and an arrangement for integrated radio telecommunication via a CATV network
Video pedestal network
Method and apparatus for selecting a version of an entertainment program based on user preferences
Method and system for representing a high-level programming language data structure in a mark-up lan...
Method and apparatus for creating a software patch by comparing object files
Particle flow control
Gel dressing
Compositions for disinfecting wastes
Models of chronic and acute inflammatory diseases
Topical capsaicin preparation
Methods and compositions to improve germ cell and embryo survival and function
Uses for cellulose-containing aggregates
Stabilized polyvinylpyrrolidone formulation
Hydrogel-isolated cochleate formulations, process of preparation and their use for the delivery of b...
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the water-in-oil type
Grip strength with tactile feedback for robotic surgery
Method for localizing electrical activity in the body
Device and method for classification of tissue
Method for the production of calendic acid, a fatty acid containing delta-8,10,12 conjugated double ...
Endoglucanase gene promoter upregulated by the root-knot nematode
Transgenic mouse expressing human tau gene
Modified MSP-1 nucleic acid sequences and methods for increasing MRNA levels and protein expression ...
Asynchronous controller generation method
System and method for performing timing analysis, including error diagnosis, signal tracking and clo...
Method and apparatus for providing optimized access to circuits for debug, programming, and test
Block based design methodology
Fault tolerant high availability meter
Method and system for embedded, automated, component-level control of computer systems and other com...
Object-based security system
Vehicle back-up aid system
Inter-vehicle distance control apparatus and a recording medium for the same
Systems and methods for controlling a vehicle-occupant protecting apparatus
Device and method for setting steering characteristics of electric power steering
Electric power steering apparatus
Head control
Wheel lift identification for an automotive vehicle
Heating system for potable water and relatively small areas
Misalignment tolerant techniques for dual damascene fabrication
System, apparatus and method for the recording and projection of images in substantially 3-dimension...
Electronic packaging device with insertable leads and method of manufacturing
Dual damascene structure with carbon containing SiO2 dielectric layers
Chip package capable of reducing moisture penetration
Contact integration article
Multilevel copper interconnects for ultra large scale integration
Tumor necrosis factor receptor releasing enzyme
Ricin-like toxin variants for treatment of cancer, viral or parasitic infections
Hepatitis C assay utilizing recombinant antigens
Intramolecularly-quenched near infrared flourescent probes
Water-decomposable absorbent article
Robot for expressing moods
Method and system for using a buffer to track robotic movement
Anti-scatter grid, method, and apparatus for forming same
Tactile sensor
Gripper mechanism
Plate member carrier
Control and guiding device for manually operating a handling unit, and modular construction kit for ...
Nanoparticle dispersed structure and laminate thereof
Method for determining a flexible pipe structure
File management system and its method and storage medium
Data processing apparatus, image recording apparatus, method of controlling data processing apparatu...
Developing apparatus using toner with conductive particles
Toner supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Electric contact member and developing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image-form...
RXR modulators with improved pharmacologic profile
Photonic molecular probe
.beta.2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Vehicle interior rearview mirror assembly including an accessory-containing housing
Exterior rearview mirror
Automated customized remote ordering and manufacturing process
Two-way parent-child paging system
Treatment for wart and related disorders
Compositions and methods for controlling pests
Consumer product compositions comprising photosensitive materials as photobleaches or photodisinfect...
Decorative glittered articles and method of making same
Array-antenna radio communication apparatus
Method of cutting off circuit under overcurrent, circuit cutting-off device under overcurrent, and m...
Method and system for facilitating electronic circuit and chip design using remotely located resourc...
Method and system for controlling cooperative object-transporting robot
Method of calibrating a wafer edge gripping end effector
Microphone unit and sound source direction identification system
Admittance enhancement in force feedback of dynamic systems
Method and apparatus for degating molded parts from a runner
Robot hand for high load work
Apparatus and method for improving throughput in a cluster tool for semiconductor wafer processing
Receiver-driven layered error correction multicast over heterogeneous packet networks
Adaptive control of streaming data in a graph
Method and apparatus for updating data in nonvolatile memory
Credit-based methods and systems for controlling data flow between a sender and a receiver with redu...
Client system having error page analysis and replacement capabilities
System and method for suppressing conducted emissions by a cryptographic device
Method and system for establishing collection of hostable applications
Pneumatically controlled multifunction medical ventilator
Microstructured multimode fiber
System and method for organizing search criteria match results
Recording/reproducing device and recording/reproducing method
Continuous manufacture of silicone copolymers via static mixing plug flow reactors
Nanoparticulate dispersions comprising a synergistic combination of a polymeric surface stabilizer a...
Photosensitive polymer and chemically amplified photoresist composition containing the same
Palladium (II) catalyzed polymerization of norbornene and acrylates
Catalyst composition and method of polymerization
Image-receiving film for printing and heat transfer
Color shutter and color image display apparatus
Voice-activated control for electrical device
Methods and apparatus for audio-visual speech detection and recognition
Internet-based method for determining a vehicle's fuel efficiency
Method of spectroscopically determining a volatile organic compound in a gas given off by a mammal
Radiation unit for a fixation device
Code verification by tree reconstruction
Clock distribution circuitry to different nodes on integrated circuit with clock coupling circuitry ...
Method and apparatus for managing power in an electronic device
System for preventing power save mode during a pre-set condition while tracking patterns of use in o...
Mirroring agent accessible to remote host computers, and accessing remote data-storage devices, via ...
Surprise hot bay swapping of IDE/ATAPI devices
Method and apparatus for mapping system calibration
Methods for transacting electronic commerce
Automated tissue assay using standardized chemicals and packages
Catalysts for exothermic reactions on a fixed bed
Conductive polyphenylene ether-polyamide blend
Olefin recovery in a polyolefin production process
Matrix element voltage sensing for precharge
Method for minimizing clock skew for an integrated circuit
Method of identifying all minimum-cost cutsets in a network
Real time bank-centric universal payment system
Fish-shaped grip for nail brush
On-line method and apparatus for collecting demographic information about a user of a world-wide-web...
Image forming apparatus including endless belt with reduced heat loss
Optical switch
Electret capacitor microphone
Damper and head suspension having the same
Thermal transfer facsimile apparatus
Measuring system of transmission characteristics
Diving jacket
Block with multifaceted bottom surface
Pile apparatus and construction process of placing concrete pile in ground
Method and an installation for collecting from and detecting a fresh water spring at sea
Buoyancy compensator for scuba divers
Underwater pipe laying method and apparatus
Sealing assembly for tunnel construction sections
Distributed real time catalog-based annotation and documentation system for cardiology procedures
Substituted benzoxazole compounds
Nitrosated and nitrosylated nonsteroidal antiinflammatory compounds, compositions and methods of use
Medicinal composition and method of using it
Methods and compositions for modulating ACE-2 activity
Process and apparatus for supplying electric energy to the wiring of a motor vehicle
Communication cable having polypropylene copolymer jacketing material
Piperadinyl-substituted pyridylalkane, alkene and alkine carboxamides
Battery and method of making the same
Membrane electrode assembly providing interconnection of reactant gas flowpaths in undulate layer fu...
Fuel cell separator and fuel cell of solid polymer type
Ionic perfluorovinyl compounds and their uses as components of ionic conductors of the polymer type,...
Apparatus for furnishing a reaction mixture for a reforming catalyst of a fuel cell assembly, and me...
High capacity calcium lithium based hydrogen storage material and method of making the same
Gas diffusion electrode, solid polymer electrolyte membrane, process for the production thereof and ...
Semiconductor device having thin film transistors
Vapor-phase processing method and apparatus therefor
Anonymous electronic card for generating personal coupons useful in commercial and security transact...
Process for producing a photovoltaic element
Method of processing polyacrylonitrile
Foldable lens delivery system
System, method and article of manufacture for shadow mapping
Method and apparatus for determining oxygen saturation of blood in body organs
Self-cleaning metering device
Chemically adsorbed film and method of manufacturing the same
Charger and image formation apparatus using the charger
Stabilizer composition
Food serving set for roasting oven
Thermoplastic resin composition
Benzocyclobutenone-containing monomers
Selective aromatics transalkylation
Coating composition comprising a bicyclo- or spiro-orthoester functional compound
Method to produce a porous oxygen-silicon layer
GPS compound eye attitude and navigation sensor and method
Method and system for imaging and modeling a three dimensional structure
Carboxylic acid substituted heterocycles, derivatives thereof and methods of use
Electrical switch identification plate with replaceable insert members
Photoconductive elements having a polymeric barrier layer
Apparatus for synchronizing transfers of sheet material
Signature register for a signature reversing device
Device for braking sheets
Type font
Type font
Type font
Oxidation resistant insulating sandwich tiles
Passive cooler comprising dual elliptically-based cones
Process for de-icing an air intake cowling of a reaction motor and device for practicing the same
Windows with a lens for an aircraft door
Collapsible airship batten assembly
Aircraft supplemental air heater
System driving the displaceable fairing of a turbojet-engine thrust reverser
Press residual life monitor
Device and method for molding optical components
Method for inhibiting corrosion using certain phosphorus and sulfur-free compounds
Simultaneous processing for error detection and P-parity and Q-parity ECC encoding
High resolution optical stepper
Image processor
Image compression of background and text tiles
Multi-channel RF cable trap for magnetic resonance apparatus
Rounded-conductor NMR RF resonators
Biplanar homogeneous field electromagnets and method for making same
Method for the production of small spherical particles containing at least one water-insoluble linea...
Therapeutic uses for nitric oxide inhibitors
Process for alkoxylation with a boron-containing catalyst
Universal input to DC output conversion circuitry
Translation consistency checking for modified target instructions by comparing to original copy
Motion simulator
Lead and lead alloys with enhanced creep and/or intergranular corrosion resistance, especially for l...
Machine tool guide
Pyrazole compositions useful as inhibitors of ERK
Glucocorticoid receptor antagonists for treatment of diabetes
Use of a RAR-.gamma.-specific agonist ligand for increasing the rate of apoptosis
Catalyst of mixed fluorosulfonic acids
Diterpene derivatives and anti-inflammatory analgesic agents comprising the same
Hydrogen/hydrocarbon separation process, including PSA and membranes
Method and apparatus for preprinted forms completion
Method and apparatus for providing information in video transitions
Water treatment dispensers
Method and apparatus for generating query responses in a computer-based document retrieval system
Hand-held bar code reader with single printed circuit board
Solenoid valve with magnetometric sensors
System and method for semaphore and atomic operation management in a multiprocessor
Side-monitoring apparatus for motor vehicle
Lymphocyte-derived antimicrobial protein (LDAP) and methods of isolating and producing and using the...
Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite bonded to wood
Adaptive interaction using an adaptive agent-oriented software architecture
Real estate computer network
Medical screening apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for improved inspection and classification of attributes of a workpiece
Method of frequency domain seismic attribute generation
Tamper resistant software encoding
High speed signal processing smart card
Device for monitoring of physiological analytes
Structural regularity extraction and floorplanning in datapath circuits using vectors
Coin sorting bank
Coin display case
Mailbox with transparent panels
Mailbox with transparent panels
Grave caddy
Nozzle for vacuum cleaner
Method for grafting lignin, polymerizates produced according to the method and the utilization there...
Coating compositions having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods related there...
Compositions including ether-capped poly(oxyalkylated) alcohol surfactants
Friction reducing coating for engineering works, and sheet pile, steel tubular pipe and construction...
Method for reducing pest damage to corn by treating transgenic corn seeds with pesticide
Silver halide photographic emulsion, producing method of the same, and silver halide photographic ma...
Method and apparatus for generating controlled torques on objects particularly objects inside a livi...
Step-up transformer
Intrabody navigation system for medical applications
Arylsubstituted piperazines useful in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Diflunisal esters and related compounds
Armrest apparatus
Method for the production of .rho.-Hydroxybenzoate in species of pseudomonas and agrobacterium
Polymer-electrolyte lithium secondary battery
Freestanding microporous separator including a gel-forming polymer
Vaporization and pressurization of liquid in a porous material
Manufacturing method of a multilayered printed circuit board having an opening made by a laser, and ...
Bisarylamines as potassium channel openers
Sensor for detecting the instantaneous concentrations of a plurality of gas constituents in a gas
Method of using a small volume in vitro analyte sensor with diffusible or non-leachable redox mediat...
Automatic battery charger with voltage controlled charging and ripple voltage test
Multi-processor system for selecting a processor which has successfully written it's ID into write-o...
Petunia plant named `Kakegawa S58`
Verbena plant named `Esca Burg Two`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU8`
Strawberry plant named `NB-1`
Verbena plant named `Lan Rose`
Pentunia plant named `Kakegawa S37`
Verbena plant named `Esca Red`
Sebum removing method
Tertiary amide terminated polyamides in cosmetics
Multifunctional computer interactive play system
Process for enhancing the sulfur capture capability of an alkaline earth material
Emulsions containing crosslinked and non-crosslinked silicone polyethers
Toy bubblemaking solution
Tokenless electronic transaction system
Polynucleotides encoding fibroblast growth factor 15
Resistive element diagnostics for process devices
Method for unique determination of FET equivalent circuit model parameters
Method and apparatus for utilizing an audibly coded signal to conduct commerce over the internet
System and method for fault handling and recovery in a multi-processing system having hardware resou...
Method and apparatus that reports multiple status events with a single monitor
Method for analyzing biological elements
Compounds and their use
Long lasting insulinotropic peptides
Skimmed milk powder substitute
Diaper dermatitis preventative medication and a method for making and using same
External patient contouring
Systems and methods for continuously accumulating research information via a computer network
Electrical nerve stimulation based on channel specific sampling sequences
High availability computing system
Fibers made of cycloolefin copolymers
Lighted handle
Compositions including reduced malto-oligosaccharide preserving agents
Essentially fiber-free cellulose ether with improved water retention, method for the production and ...
Polymeric food spoilage sensor
Festooned laminated candy and methods for making same
Hydrocolloid confectionery
Cushioning device
Web-enabled medication dispenser
Portable digital assistant
Toy vehicle grain loader accessory
Amusement device with flexible rubberized pop up figure
Infant activity center
Device and method for securing movable sections of wind indicator devices and kites
Rotating holographic toy
Toy figure with different volume levels
Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of calicivirus infection in humans
Oil recovery system
Propelling and driving system for boats
Boat ramp
Semi-submergence type hydrofoil craft
Jewelry apparatus
Methods of refolding proteins
Self oscillating mixer
Method for compressing a data structure representing a layout of a VLSI device
Opto-coupling device structure and method therefor
Structure and method of fabrication for an optical switch
Method and apparatus for facilitating an estimation of a carrier frequency error in a receiver of a ...
Simple encoding/decoding technique for code position modulation
Transformation controlled nitride precipitation hardening heat treatable steel
Steel washer integral with nut/cap assembly
Method of making a steel crossbeam which crossbeam forms a component of a bumper for motor vehicles,...
Stereolithography resin for rapid prototyping of ceramics and metals
Adaptive method and apparatus for forecasting and controlling neurological disturbances under a mult...
Apparatus for processing physiological signals
Determining three-dimensional orientation of objects
Method for calibrating the initial position and the orientation of one or several mobile cameras
Incorporation of contextual information in object identification
Multi-level selection methods and apparatus using context identification for embedded data graphical...
Optical fiber separation and regrouping device
Holding assembly for cross-connected optical fibers between plural fiber ribbons
Bending an optical fiber into a backplane
Fiber optic cables management and measurement apparatus
Optical component mounting bracket
Microarray fabrication techniques and apparatus
Optical waveguide
Decoding apparatus, coding apparatus, and transmission system employing two intra-frame error concea...
Image processing
Image data output apparatus and image data output program storage medium
Motion vector detection method and apparatus
Interlocking mounting package having separatable chassis for use in multiscreen projection displays
Microscope with electronic image sensor
Waveguide assembly for laterally-directed illumination in a vehicle lighting system
Flow cytometer and ultraviolet light disinfecting systems
Liquid crystal display module, liquid crystal display device employing the same, and assembly method...
Decorative lamp
Ornamental display lamp assembly
Decorative holiday ornament
Uniform small cell foams and a continuous process for making same
Absorbent sheet material having cut-resistant particles and methods for making the same
Three part high moisture barrier for packages
Flexible storage bag with audible closure indicator
Uniform small cell foams and a continuous process for making same
Uniform small cell foams and a continuous process for making same
Molded laminate
Co-administration of a prostaglandin and an androgenic agent in the treatment of female sexual dysfu...
Human kinase and polynucleotides encoding the same
Process of making bioengineered collagen fibrils
Method and apparatus for providing and maintaining a user-interactive portal system accessible via i...
Methods and devices enabling displays of electronic devices based on separation thereof
Auto-norming process and system
System and method for online/offline uninterrupted updating of rooms in collaboration space
Method for processing variable service data structures and display texts in a processing module and ...
Release coating formulation providing low adhesion release surfaces for pressure sensitive adhesives
Acid based micro-emulsions
Composition and films thereof
Stabilization of magnetorheological fluid suspensions using a mixture of organoclays
Decorative candle and process for making same
Graphic processor and data processing system
Golf ball compositions and method of making same
Method of finishing sheet metal goods
Method for elastifying and extending polymers with PVC-homo-and copolymers or with EVA-copolymers in...
Adherence gene from Helicobacter pylori and polypeptide coded thereby
Tumor necrosis factor peptide binding antibodies
Neuraminidase inhibitors
Compounds and methods for inhibiting cancer metastasis
Method of predicting mechanical properties of decayed wood
Biodegradable polyhydric alcohol esters
Flushable disposable polymeric products
Engineered muscle
Flexible intra-ocular lens of variable focus
Plastic container having a carbon-treated internal surface
Method and a system for filling goods in bags from a coherent series of bag members
Methods of calibrating pressure and temperature transducers and associated apparatus
Nickel metal-hydride cell
Aluminum alloy and article cast therefrom
Aluminum alloy thin film target material and method for forming thin film using the same
Magnetic material having a high saturation magnetic flux density and a low coercive force
Fractional variation to improve bulk metallic glass forming capability
Microcavity-based optical channel router
Method and apparatus for testing a process in a computer system
System and method for memory management using fixed-size blocks
Apparatus and method for object-oriented memory system
High conductivity aluminum fin alloy
Method of manufacturing a transparent object and an object obtained with method
Sideshow attraction
Compressed fluid propelled amusement racing vehicle capable of moving human occupant driver/rider
Modular optimizer with foreign module learning feature for optimization of component placement machi...
Upgradeable voltage regulator modules
Emission spectrometer having a charge coupled device detector
Activated peptides and conjugates
Naphthyl compounds, intermediates, compositions, and methods of use
Dispersible macromolecule compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging method with a decay time function of sub-sampled acquisition data
Magnetic resonance imaging using hyperpolarized noble gases
Method and apparatus for mounting a heater thermostat and temperature sensitive fuse
Alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants
Shampoo compositions
Zinc citrate beads in oral compositions
Solid composition
Automated-guided vehicle system and method for controlling the same
Mobile telephone system capable of coping with a variety of mobile radio telephone systems by a sing...
Communique system for cellular communication networks
Apparatus and system for providing route guidance information and a communication terminal thereof
Radio communication device and corresponding method for setting up a communication
Chemical mechanical polishing method useful for copper substrates
Laser thermal-transfer film
Ductile ceramic composite electrolyte
Cosmetic compositions containing fluorescent minerals
Nanocrystalline heterojunction materials
Hydrogenation of 3,4-tetrahydrofurandiol to tetrahydrofuran
Scorpion toxins
Photoresists, polymers and processes for microlithography
Wholly aromatic synthetic fiber produced by liquid-crystal spinning, process for producing the same,...
Abrasion resistant coatings
Method and system for transparent time-based selective software rejuvenation
Marine engine silencer
Method and device for detecting hybridization reaction
Tilt mirror fabry-perot filter system, fabrication process therefor, and method of operation thereof
Method and system for computer based training
Porous articles and method for the manufacture thereof
Method for fabricating large scale liquid crystal display device
Nanometric TiO2-catalyzed production of polyamides
Rolling bearing
Well pump gear box hydrodynamic washer
Bearing for rolling stands with crossing rolls
Rolling bearing
Efficient bearing
Bearing performance enhancement utilizing sleeve/hub radial surfaces
Motion guide device
Method and apparatus for penetrating hard materials using a energetic slurry
Cap for a multi-component ammunition projectile and method
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using
Light weight weapon operating system and cartridge feed
Gun ejection port lock
Brush roll cleaning unit and image formation apparatus using it
Board-to-board electrical coupling with conductive band
Fast compression and transmission of seismic data
Solid immersion lenses for focusing collimated light in the near-field region
Light mixing rod comprising an inlet area and an outlet area and use of such a light mixing rod in a...
Wide range tunable optical filter
X-ray phase-contrast medical micro-imaging methods
Tunable modelocked ultrafast laser
Targeted drug delivery with a hyaluronan ligand
Compositions and methods for enhancing drug delivery across and into epithelial tissues
Compositions and methods of use of ligands that bind components of the blood coagulation/clotting pa...
Cryopreserving somatic cells with an arabinogalactan containing cryopreservation medium
Staphylococcus aureus polynucleotides and sequences
Detection of group a Streptococcus
High pressure neon arc lamp
Device for inserting and removing a bone nail
Methods and apparatus for controlling an amount of a chemical constituent of an electrochemical bath
Apparatus and method for processing the surface of a workpiece with ozone
Flicker and frequency doubling in virtual reality
Method and apparatus for video tag signal recovery using various techniques to regenerate and re-rec...
Transparent, impact-resistant polystyrene on a styrene-butadiene block copolymer basis
Operating system and data protection
Managing a snapshot volume or one or more checkpoint volumes with multiple point-in-time images in a...
Adhesion promoting agent and coating compositions for polymeric substrates
Camera auto-focus mechanism
Composition for early and profuse sporulation in fungi and a method thereof
System for electronic barter, trading and redeeming points accumulated in frequent use reward progra...
Methods for modulation and inhibition of telomerase
Low-loss magnetic powder core, and switching power supply, active filter, filter, and amplifying dev...
Antistatic optical pellicle
Orientated gel molding method of polyolefin-based resin composition and molded article obtainable by...
Tapered lensed fiber for focusing and condenser applications
Reticle exposure matrix
Method for automated placement of articles onto a support
WDM transmitter or receiver including an array waveguide grating and active optical elements
Semiconductor memory and burn-in method for the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor device system
Read channel generating absolute value servo signal
Prevention of noise being superposed on video signal in image pickup apparatus
Method and apparatus for effecting handoff between different cellular communications systems
Multi-carrier watermarks using carrier signals modulated with auxiliary messages
Radio data transmission apparatus
Authorization firmware for conducting transactions with an electronic transaction system and methods...
Low force lateral photoreceptor or intermediate transfer belt tracking correction system
Systems and methods for registering scanned documents
Detection and elimination of scanning artifacts
Dual mode document scanner with variable platen level transition
Radiation curable ink jet ink compositions
Device and method for golf training
Method and system for producing engine sounds of a simulated vehicle
Method and system for response to onset of stroke
Snowboard teaching device