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Salt of (2R,3R,4R)-3,4-dihydroxy-2-hydroxymethylpyrrolidine
Method for treating depression
Method and compositions for inhibition of adaptor protein/tyrosine kinase interactions
4-haloalkyl-3-heterocyclylpyridines and 4-haloalkyl-5-heterocyclylpyrimidines, processes for their p...
Nucleoside analogues
Fungicidal mixtures
Method and apparatus for providing call detail records at subscriber premises
Transfer method of push-button signals
OC3 delivery unit; common controller for application modules
Voice communication system and voice communication method
Apparatus and method for securing facsimile transmissions
Pushbutton arrangement
Aircraft weight and center of gravity indicator
Liquid cleaning compositions and shampoos containing dianionic or alkoxylated dianionic surfactants
Method and apparatus for dynamically deoptimizing compiled activations
Single sign-on (SSO) mechanism having master key synchronization
Multimedia time warping system
Method and apparatus for computer aided building specification generation
Mobile display system
PCMCIA-based point of sale transaction system
Internet-based credit interchange system of converting purchase credit awards through credit exchang...
Voice operated interactive message display system for vehicles
GPS true course guidance correction system for correcting antenna offset error
Vehicle navigation system with pixel transmission to display
Vehicle brake control
Electronic transmission control system for automotive vehicle with continuously variable automatic t...
Two stage torque control method for a vehicle transmission
Methods and apparatus for controlling a video system with visually recognized props
Throw and catch ball game
Voice communication during a multi-player game
Three-dimensional image processing system having dynamically changing character polygon number
Non-rectangular and/or non-orthogonal arrangement of gambling elements in a gaming apparatus
Electronic instant ticket lottery system and method
Video game apparatus and image synthesizing method thereof
Dynamic network address updating
Remote commander and network connecting system
Reducing perceived latency in servicing user requests on low-bandwidth communication channels
Method of relaying digital video & audio data via a communication media
Forward error correction system for packet based data and real time media, using cross-wise parity c...
Automated information filtering and distribution system
Dynamic selection of network providers
Electrical apparatuses, termite sensing apparatuses, and methods of forming electrical apparatuses
Mammalian cell surface antigens: related reagents
Mycobacterium tuberculosis specific DNA fragment
Single-chain forms of the glycoprotein hormone quartet
Antimicrobial proteins
Method of producing water-insolubilized regenerated collagen fiber
Method for detection and prevention of human cytomegalovirus infection
Video control of speech recognition
Display apparatus
Dual helical antenna for variable beam width coverage
Manipulable beaded string
Method for facilitating transmucosal delivery of steroidal active agents
Reusable writing table
Process for obtaining butene-1
Process for the separation of isobutene from normal butenes
Catalytic system and process for dehydrogenating ethylbenzene to styrene
Method for preventing or retarding the formulation of gas hydrates
Bicyclic aldehyde and ketone odorants
Methods for forming amorphous ultra-high molecular weight polyalphaolefin drag reducing agents using...
Traction drive fluid
Simulated shattered glass novelty device and method of use
Parked vehicle protector
Pretzel stick snack item
Device to influence the driving performance of a remote-controlled model vehicle
Toy vehicle trackset having plural intersections
Balloon powered bubble blowing device
Hydrodynamic throwing disc
Inter-MSC handover in high-speed data transmission
Controlling operating states of a mobile station in a packet radio system
Mobile phone distribution system having programming and tracking
Reducing message traffic in intelligent network
Upstream access method in bidirectional telecommunication system
Optimization of mobile station battery charging with a two slot charger by sharing a charging period
Resonator structures
Thermal interface member
Insecticidal biphenylthiohydrazides
Substituted heterocylic compounds, method of preparing them and pharmaceutical compositions in which...
Isomer enriched conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Phenylimidazolidines containing nitrooxy or carbonyloxy groups
Derivatized biotin compounds and methods of use
Antisense modulation of zinc finger protein-217 expression
Method for creating and modifying similar and dissimilar databases for use in operator services conf...
Fast acquisition position reporting system
Combination cellular telephone and sound storage device and method of use
Personal communications system
Method and system for distribution of wireless signals for increased wireless coverage using power l...
Quick attachment and release mounting bracket for cellular telephone applications
Azalea plant named `First Place`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Golden Spotlight`
Verbena plant named `Balwilblu`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mariyo`
Begonia plant named `Chicago Fire`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Sweet Dreams`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yopatricia`
System for counting colonies of micro-organisms in petri dishes and other culture media
Inbred corn line LH293
Synthetic corn hybrid P129-WX
Hybrid maize plant and seed 37M34
Hybrid maize plant and seed 36M28
Soybean cultivar 03422820
Soybean cultivar 6163049318
Multi-probe MRI/MRT system
Noncontact article temperature measuring device for food
Sterilization of medical waste materials in an improved irradiating facility
Rubber stabilized with carnosic acid
Hollow vessel for heat sterilization
Products containing a dextran composition obtained from culturing Leuconostoc mesenteroidesssp. crem...
Maltohexaose and maltoheptaose-forming amylase, and its preparation and uses
Use of 5alpha-androstanediol or 5alpha-androstanedione to increase dihydrotestosterone levels in hum...
List building system
Multiple hair setting roller heating and facial steaming apparatus
Method for selecting hierarchical interactions in a hierarchical shapes processor
Method for updating secret shared data in a wireless communication system
Method and system for transparently failing over a computer name in a server cluster
System and method for managing power consumption in a computer system
Method and system for updating software with smaller patch files
Method and system for aggregating objects
Method, system, and computer program product for creating a raw data channel form an integrating com...
Method and apparatus for providing automatic layout capabilities for computer forms
System and method for sorting character strings containing accented and unaccented characters
Method for dynamically adjusting multimedia content of a web page by a server in accordance to netwo...
Authentication for secure devices with limited cryptography
Public interactive document
Token-operated apparatus for communal prepayment water management
Secure electronic software packaging using setup-external unlocking module
Method and system for processing and transmitting electronic auction information
Electronic price label including a plurality of separately addressable displays
System and method for authorizing electronic funds transfer at a point of sale
Peptide analogues
Gels including bioactive components
Polyglycerol partial esters of fatty acids and polyfunctional carboxylic acids, their preparation an...
Quinolinone glycoside, production process, and anti-allergic agent
Therapeutic uses of BPI protein products for human meningococcemia
Regulation of cytokine synthesis and release
Process for microencapsulating cells
Interactive educational display board
Training device preferably for improving a physician's performance in tympanocentesis medical proced...
Pressure ulcer wound care models, methods and kits
Selective ring opening process for producing diesel fuel with increased cetane number
Liquid mixture suitable as gasoline
Optical receiver with a control loop providing wide dynamic range
Aglyco products and methods of use
Portable phone cradle having a locking module for a vehicle
Echo canceller and method of controlling the same
Caller-identification receiving apparatus
Telephone with character keypad
Telephone with adaptive speed dial mechanism
Method and system for call tracing
Chrysanthemum plant named `Fall Delano`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Soft Heather`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Bright Stephanie`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sparkling Yolaurie`
Peach tree named `Corinthian Pink`
Hibiscus plant named `Plant No. 115`
Hibiscus plant named `Plant No. 179`
Functional sodium chloride compositions
Stabilized egg flavoring compositions
Readily-dispersible lipidic hop extract for imparting hoppy aroma and flavor to beer
Method for making a drink of individual portion
Cheese curd made using transglutaminase and a non-rennet protease
Reduced molecular weight native gellan gum
Pesticidal toxins and nucleotide sequences which encode these toxins
Strawberry endo-1,4-.beta.-glucanase genes and their uses
Transgenic organisms having tetracycline-regulated transcriptional regulatory systems
DNA molecules encoding a calcium-integrin binding protein
Dermatological patch
Laboratory system, method of controlling operation thereof, playback apparatus and method, film imag...
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising bradykinin antagonists for treating sensitive human ski...
Apparatus and method for self generating error simulation test data from production code
Method of flash programming or reading a ROM of a computer system independently of its operating sys...
Multimedia document retrieval by application of multimedia queries to a unified index of multimedia ...
Kiosk systems and methods for issuing a card storing electronic coupons, after receiving data about ...
Computerized manual mail distribution method and apparatus with feeder belt system
System for analyzing and improving pharmaceutical and other capital-intensive manufacturing processe...
N-dimensional material planning method and system with corresponding program therefor
Pay-per use for data-network-based public access services
Internet-audiotext electronic communications system with multimedia based matching
Methods of detecting non-small cell lung carcinoma and ovarian cancer
Methods of treatment of eye trauma and disorders
Methods for haplotyping Rfp-Y and B-F genes in chicken
Methods and means relating to retrotransposon and retroviral integration
Taste modified hard confectionery compositions containing functional ingredients
Herbal composition for promoting hormonal balance in women and methods of using same
Production and use of recombinant protein multimers with increased biological activity
Fungicidal 2,6,6'-trimethylbenzophenones
Use of 6,7-substituted 2-aminotetralines suitable for preparing a pharmaceutical composition for the...
Pharmaceutical composition containing bupropion hydrochloride and a stabilizer
Apparatus and method for deploying and updating services in a telephone network
ETSI intelligent network capability set 1 trigger detection points on a service switching point
Network-based caller speech muting
Programmable call processing system and method
Graphical call status presentation system
Service management access point
Carnation plant named `CFPC Selena`
Bermudagrass named `90NB-Kid`
Process for expanded pellet production
High protein cereal
Fully cooked, shelf stable or frozen noodles
Method of producing dietary fibrous bread
Ginkgo Bilboa flavonoid extract which is terpene-free and has a high flavonoid heteroside content
Food and beverage additive composition produced from saccharum officinarum leaves
Process of, and apparatus for, moulding confectionery
Antigen found on a small subset of human hematopoietic cells which binds to monoclonal antibody MG1
Antibodies for detecting p27 protein
Dietary supplement containing saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and nettle root
Method for manufacturing, apparatus and technique for applying solid antiseptic emulsions of wax com...
Memory controller supporting redundant synchronous memories
Apparatus and method for encrypted instructions
Technique for accessing an item of interest within a stored representation of data
Acidic composition of matter for use to destroy microorganisms
Synergistic antioxidant compositions in management of hemorrhoids and other ano-rectal inflammatory ...
Microbicidal formulations and methods to control microorganisms
Spherical pharmaceutical granules comprising microcrystalline cellulose and a process for their prod...
Non-spherical and non-platelet forms of pyrithione salts and methods of making same
.beta.-lactam granules free of organic solvents
Absorbable prophylactic composition for protection against ionizing or non-ionizing electromagnetic ...
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Substituted .beta.-amino acid inhibitors of methionine aminopeptidase-2
Carboxylic acids and acylsulfonamides, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatme...
N,N'-bis(2-hydroxybenzyl)ethylenediamine-N,N'-diacetic acid in iron chelating therapy
Use of creatine or creatine compounds for skin preservation
Use of creatine
Malodorant compositions
Mass calling event detection and control
Video caller identification systems and methods
Self-service checkout system utilizing portable communications terminal
Distributed splitter for data transmission over twisted wire pairs
Method and apparatus for telephone data network access
Apparatus and method for local intercept and service of long-distance calls
Bacteria-and fiber-containing composition for human gastrointestinal health
Thermal protection of hair keratin
System for parallel, remote administration of mirrored and alternate volume groups in a distributed ...
System with wait state registers
Metal complex photosensitizer and photovoltaic cell
Thermoelectric device for producing an electric current
Keyboard musical percussion instrument tone bar suspension
Chemical-sensitization resist composition
Bax-mediated apoptosis modulating reagents and methods
Thermoplastic olefin compositions
Use of a combination of silicone compounds as a coupling agent in silica-loaded elastomer compositio...
Hydraulic tensioner with pawl-style external rack
Throwing and hitting sports toy
Method and device for reducing semiconductor defects caused by wafer clamping
Apparatus and methods for chemical mechanical polishing with an advanceable polishing sheet
Method for blasting an inside surface of a cylinder
Control device for direct injection engine and an injection engine provided with a controller
Measuring and instructional ruler
Switched electrical pulse propagation sampler
Method and apparatus for biasing a CMOS active pixel sensor above the nominal voltage maximums for a...
Layout of active pixels having shared signal lines
Apparatus and method for measuring focusing characteristics of optical pickup and/or optical disc an...
Solid state RF generator for dielectric heating of food products
High frequency heating apparatus having a wave guide introducing microwaves into heating chamber
Multidirectional switch and complex type switch using the same
Method of measuring intracranial pressure
Photosonic diffusion wave-based tumor detector
Flush valve mounted beverage holder and associated method
Automatic retransmission with order of information changed
Method of channel allocation
Method and apparatus for providing access of messages to multiple recipients in cellular networks
Automatic volume control for a telephone ringer
Method of providing telecommunication services
Method and system for using a cellular phone as a network gateway in an automotive network
Smart charger
Jewelry setting
Jewelry setting
Diamond setting
Jewelry setting
Edge-mountable integrated circuit package and method of attaching the same to a printed wiring board
Oxide superconductive wire and process for manufacturing the same
Utility pole guy wire breakaway connector
Land electrode for a high voltage direct current transmission system
Structured exception-handling methods, apparatus, and computer program products
Method and apparatus for parallel Steiner tree routing
Configurable hardware system implementing Boolean Satisfiability and method thereof
Multithreading processor with thread predictor
Multiprocessor computer architecture incorporating a plurality of memory algorithm processors in the...
Apparatus and method for processing servlets
Internet based provision of information supplemental to that stored on compact discs
Physical exercise system having a virtual reality environment controlled by a user's movement
Hydrosilylation of 4-vinyl-1-cyclohexene
Method of fabricating an SOI wafer
Circuit wiring system circuit wiring method semi-conductor package and semi-conductor package substr...
Method and apparatus for aseptic growth or processing of biomass
Iron aluminide coating and method of applying an iron aluminide coating
Wear protection layer
Petunia plant named `Balrufpurp`
Regal pelargonium plant named `Symphony`
Verbena plant named `Shauna Ann`
Geranium plant named `Balgalpipn`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Balcelrost`
Azalea plant named `Spring Prom`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Balcelilae`
Data processing apparatus for executing synchronous instructions prior to executing asynchronous ins...
Scanning probe microscope suitable for observing the sidewalls of steps in a specimen and measuring ...
Non-contact autofocus height detector for lithography systems
Flexure assembly for a scanner
Optical encoders using non-patterned targets
Optical transducer
Methods and apparatus for mechanically enhancing the sensitivity of longitudinally loaded fiber opti...
Multiple patient monitoring system for proactive health management
Distribution of musical products by a web site vendor over the internet
Integrated spectrometer assembly and methods
Optimization of source code with embedded machine instructions
Radiant heater for infant warmers
Method for authenticating electronic documents on a computer network
Method and computer program product for scheduling network communication packets originating from di...
Platelet production promoting agent
Invaplex from gram negative bacteria, method of purification and methods of use
nusB polypeptides and polynucleotides and methods thereof
Porcine protein and uses thereof
Secretases related to alzheimer's dementia
Anti-flammatory carbohydrate binding-peptides
Compositions and methods for tolerization in immune complex-mediated disease progression
Object-based geographic information system (GIS)
Computer architecture and process of patient generation, evolution, and simulation for computer base...
Enhanced antiperspirant salts stabilized with calcium and concentrated aqueous solutions of such sal...
Wireless myoelectric control apparatus and methods
Optical dot image display
Building room structure
Method for separating sulfone from a hydrocarbon stream having a small concentration of sulfone
Method for the sub-sea separation of hydrocarbon liquids from water and gases
Lubricant oil composition
Catalyst with a base of modified MFI zeolite, and its use in the isomerization of a C8 aromatic cut
Efficient method using liquid water to regenerate oxygenate to olefin catalysts while increasing cat...
Selective adsorption process for resid upgrading (law815)
Hydrocarbon synthesis reactor employing vertical downcomer with gas disengaging means
Elevated wooden racetrack for go-karts and associated methods
Front cover for a telephone handset
Crystalline sodium phenytoin monohydrate
Recombinant polypeptide based on the primary sequence of the invariant chain with at least one prima...
BMP-4 products
Automatically configuring storage array including a plurality of media storage devices for storing a...
System and method for providing an adaptive dialog function choice model for various communication d...
Method and apparatus for automatic segregation and routing of signals of different origins by using ...
Text-to-speech e-mail reader with multi-modal reply processor
System, method, and apparatus for delayed call answering
Appliance with indicating device
Geranium plant named `Balgalsabe`
Azalea plant named `Promise`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcebchro`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Hot Salsa`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoeugene`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Balcebhopi`
Bermudagrass grass plant named `Addis`
Animal feed additives
Method of administering a milk substitute to critical care animals
Nutritional supplement for facilitating skeletal muscle adaptation to strenuous exercise and counter...
Method of stabilization of rice bran by acid treatment and composition of the same
Cola beverages comprising tastand additives from Saccharum officinarum leaves
Inbred corn line LH245
Matrix attachment regions
Soybean cultivar 73820748
Soybean cultivar 03422310
Soybean cultivar 73764382
DNA sequences for an arabidopsis amino acid transporter, plasmids, bacteria, yeasts and plants conta...
Receptor kinase, Bin1
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Audio signal processors
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Computer compiler optimizer for reducing computer resource consumption during dependence analysis af...
Method and apparatus for redirecting packets using encapsulation
Interactive exercise system and attachment module for same
Information management method and recording medium
Method and arrangement for the transmission of facsimile-encoded information between multimedia-capa...
Method and apparatus for facilitating computer network transactions
Method and system for confirmation and settlement for financial transactions matching
Financial services account manager system
System and method for home grocery shopping including item categorization for efficient delivery and...
Electronic commerce site with query interface
Computerized system for facilitating transactions between parties on the internet using e-mail
Product activity data collection system
Expert system for research, data collection and analysis
Weight verification device
Method of dynamically generating navigation route data
Vehicle traffic control apparatus
Time multiplexed global positioning system for control of traffic lights
Torque based driver demand interpretation with barometric pressure compensation
Apparatus for calculating deflection of central axis of an obstacle detecting apparatus mounted on a...
Three-dimensional image processing system with enhanced character control
Game system for displaying a predicted position to take a given action against an object
Folding corrugated bag tossing game
Gambling and lottery method and gambling automation for implementing the same
Progressive bonus ticket redemption arcade game
Interactive projectile-discharging toy
Method and apparatus for transcoding character sets between internet hosts and thin client devices o...
Web browser form enhancements
Targeted site specific antisense oligodeoxynucleotide delivery method
Human papilloma virus vaccine with disassembled and reassembled virus-like particles
Activating egg extracts and method of preparation
Enhanced activation of natural killer cells using an NK cell activator and hydrogen peroxide scaveng...
Strain of Bacillus pumilus for controlling plant diseases caused by fungi
Activation of pure prothrombin to thrombin with about 30% to about 40% sodium citrate
Removing endotoxin with an oxdizing agent from polyhydroxyalkanoates produced by fermentation
Tape measure
Peptides and peptidomimetics with structural similarity to human P53 that activate P53 function
Alkyl polyglycosides-based compositions and uses thereof, and preparation of stable emulsions with i...
Method for treating Meniere's disease
Method for the treatment of vaginal dryness and sexual dysfunction in women during or after the meno...
Proteins involved in the regulation of cell--cell adhesion and uses thereof
Portable telephone mounting base
Mirror mounted mobile telephone system
Portable telephone shoulder rest
Mobile telephone casing
Spring biased microphone sub-assemblies
Subband echo cancellation method for multichannel audio teleconference and echo canceller using the ...
Peach tree named `China Pearl`
Flexible partially cooked food composition
Acidified fruit and iced tea beverages incorporating high intensity sweetener blends
Process for preparing food dressings
Method and apparatus for brewing a fluid extract using an inclined filter pouch containing flavor ex...
Method for producing pizza
Method and means for controlling the variations in weight of extruded sausages
Pre-assembled sandwich bulk packaging and method of sale
Mutated hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase, DNA sequence and isolation of plants which contain such a...
Adenoviral mediated gene transfer into lymphocytes
Knockout mice and cells that lack p19INK4d and p27KIP1 activity and methods of use thereof
Knockout-transgenic mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy
Liquid phase parallel synthesis of chemical libraries
Probes for the diagnosis of infections caused by Streptococcus pyogenes
Health supplement
Impulse characteristic responsive missing object locator operable in noisy environments
Electrically heated tool for cutting hair
Method for a translation system that aggressively optimizes and preserves full synchronous exception...
Mounting structure for a pitching practice device
Inter-cooperating toys
Wireless intelligent vehicle speed control or monitoring system and method
System and method for personal multimedia communication over a packet switched network
System and method for providing standardized individual information
Reorder system for use with an electronic printing press
Will information management and disclosure system and method, and program storage medium thereof
Computerized manual mail distribution method and apparatus
Ambulatory recorder having synchronized communication between two processors
Methods for introducing nucleic acids into mammalian cells using imidazolium lipids
Purified hepatitis C virus envelope proteins for diagnostic and therapeutic use
Non-ligand polypeptide and liposome complexes as intracellular delivery vehicles
Medication for treatment of viral disease based on active agents of plant hypericum (St. John's Wort...
Tuberculocidal synergistic disinfectant compositions and methods of disinfecting
Nutritional supplement
Tablet unit and virtual experience method
Realistic doll head system and method therefor
Motion toy
Motion toy with articulated legs and head
Balloon and a method for manufacturing the balloon
Medicament for improvement of duration of muscle function or treatment of muscle disorders or diseas...
NPY5 receptor antagonists and methods for using same
Benzoylphenylurea insecticides and methods of using certain benzoylphenylureas to control ants
Method of treating alcoholism and complications resulting therefrom
Diphenylethylene compounds
Use of ubenimex and the pharmaceutical composition containing it for treating virus hepatitis
Treatment of hot flashes (flushing) using leucine alone or in combination with other branched chain ...
Call overflow system and method for overflowing telephone calls between telephonic switches
Telephone calling card system with abbreviated code destination number capability
Method and system to meter and control usage of telephone systems
Method and system for connecting a caller to a content provider
Mechanism for changing a modem's connection rate within a family of interoperable modems
Automatic message filing system
Applicators for health and beauty products
Data converter for enhancing resolution, method for converting data codes and keyboard musical instr...
Fatty acid esters as bioactive compounds
Bytecode program interpreter apparatus and method with pre-verification of a data type restrictions ...
Target for swinging a golf club
Secure electronic commerce employing integrated circuit cards
Method and apparatus for providing off-line secure communications
Network server supporting multiple instance of services to operate concurrently by having endpoint m...
Method and system for restoring the state of physical memory as the focus changes among application ...
Information retrieval utilizing semantic representation of text and based on constrained expansion o...
Interactive construction and refinement of 3D models from multiple panoramic images
Method and system for connecting to, browsing, and accessing computer network resources
Aroma sensory stimulation in multimedia and method for using
Active agent transport systems
Pharmaceutical compositions containing polymer derivative-bound anthracycline glycosides and a metho...
Extended release dosage form
Sustained release heterodisperse hydrogel systems-amorphous drugs
Sustained release matrix for high-dose insoluble drugs
Drug delivery system using galactoxyloglucan
Solid, rapidly disintegrating cetirizine formulations
Amino acid derivatives
Integrin antagonists
Oxy-vanadium (IV) complexes having spermicidal activity
Treatment of human prostate disease
HIV integrase inhibitors
Method, compositions and kits for increasing the oral bioavailability of pharmaceutical agents
System and method for data recording
Apparatus and methods for user identification to deny access or service to unauthorized users
Fiber optic based subscriber terminal
Network interface unit and module
Power feeding system using two-wire subscriber lines
Integrated communication system of voice and data
Data access server for PBX
Method of using infant's grasp impeding apparatus
Performance image information creating and reproducing apparatus and method
Cosmetic preparation with a peptide addition
Computer manufacturing with smart configuration methods
System for accessing multimedia mailboxes and messages over the internet and via telephone
Pharmaceutical formulation
Controlled-release composition
Process for encapsulation of caplets in a capsule and solid dosage forms obtainable by such process
Drug delivery compositions suitable for intravenous injection
Topical, therapeutic composition for external use and method of treatment
Methods and apparatus for improved administration of pharmaceutically active compounds
Pharmaceutical compositions for the sustained release of insoluble active principles
Nonsteroidal gestagens
Palatable elemental medical food
Method for treating pain
Branched alkyl pyrrolidine-3-carboxylic acids
Method of preventing or treating statin-induced toxic effects using L-carnitine or an alkanoyl L-car...
[(Indol-3-yl)-cycloalkyl]-3-substituted azetidines for the treatment of central nervous system disor...
Fungicidal mixtures
Automatic meter reading data communication system
Mains interface module
Fastening device for electronic equipment
Method for establishing exercise activities using recyclable materials and related structures
Auxiliary corrective eyeglasses for use with primary eyeglasses
Fluid composition in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion comprising an acrylic terpolymer and its u...
Method and apparatus for assembling array and datapath macros
Multimedia compression system with adaptive block sizes
Filamentous porous films and methods for producing the same
Enhanced spiral compositions
Solid foaming pulverulent composition to be hydrated for caring for or cleaning the skin
Cosmetic pan structures and molding methods
Method of improving the immune response and compositions therefor
Medicament carrier with agglomerated large medicament particles and related method of manufacture th...
Combination therapy for reducing the risks associated with cardio-and-cerebrovascular disease
Tricyclic pyrrole or pyrazole derivative
Melanogenesis inhibitor, skin cosmetic composition and bath preparation
Triazolyl disulphides
Oxyranyle-triazoline thiones and their use as microbicides
Fungicidal mixture
Use of 2-amino-6-trifluoromethoxybenzothiazole for the prevention or treatment of cerebellar dysfunc...
Pencils containing reclaimed rubber
Relocating unreliable disk sectors when encountering disk drive read errors with notification to use...
Coprocessor opcode division by data type
Decision-theoretic regulation for allocating computational resources among components of multimedia ...
Cellular basis of vascular-graft stenosis
Unsymmetrical complexing agents and targeting immunoreagents useful in therapeutic and diagnostic co...
Administration of ketamine to manage pain and to reduce drug dependency
Infant formula and methods of improving infant stool patterns
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Composition for treating skin conditions
Tablet giving rapid release of nicotine for transmucosal administration
Host device equipped with means for starting a process in response to detecting insertion of a stora...
Multimedia content delivery system and method
Apparatus for switching picture items of different types by suitable transition modes
Physical activity training device and method
Swim start training apparatus
Sequence learning toy
Membrane process for the recovery of halides from hydrocarbon-containing streams
Fluorine-modified perfluorinated ion-exchange microcomposite catalysts
Rubber process oil and production process thereof
Optically active phosphine derivative having at least two vinyl groups, polymer produced using the s...
Gelling system for hydrocarbon fluids
Trans-platinum compound, and diagnostic kit
Aircraft data management system
Bioluminescent novelty items
NBR pool for SIMA network
Method and apparatus for packet data call re-establishment in a telecommunications system
Method for indicating enciphering of data transmission between a mobile communication network and a ...
Antenna assembly, and associated method, having parasitic element for altering antenna pattern chara...
Heat transfer from active high drop regulator
Battery charger
Closure for tattoo-like fashion accessory
Triglyceride and composition comprising the same
Acyl derivatives of glycosyl-L-ascorbic acid
Benzofuroxan compound, method of preparation, pharmaceutical composition and method of treatment usi...
Fungicides for the control of take-all disease of plants
Nucleoside analogs
Automated and interactive telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for performing enterprise email management
System and method for extracting data from audio messages
Method for separation of data into narrowband and broadband time series components
System for detecting voice activity
Wireless telephone with an ergonomic grip or handle
Method and apparatus for network paging
Nectarine tree named `Ruby Bright`
Verbena plant named `Balwildaav`
Nectarine tree named `June Candy`
Begonia plant named `Atlanta Jazz`
Begonia plant named `New York Swirl`
Begonia plant named `Boston Cherries 'n Chocolate`
Begonia plant named `Seattle Twist`
Method and apparatus for managing the thermal activity of a microwave oven
Preferential heating of materials by use of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation
Sealed food container and method of ensuring delivery of the container in a heated state
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of contaminants from ion exchange resins
Transcription factor and method for regulation of seed development, quality and stress-tolerance
Sugarbeet storage-root-tissue-specific regulon
Gene trap vectors
Fluorescence dyes and their applications for whole-cell fluorescence screening assays for caspases, ...
Inbred corn plant 17DHD16 and seeds thereof
Synthetic corn hybrid P67
Method for managing environmental conditions of a distributed processor system
Integrated spectrometer assembly and methods
Method and apparatus for determining most recently used methods
Ultraviolet and or/ visible light curable inks with photoinitiators for game balls, golf balls and t...
System and method for using a second resource to store a data element from a first resource in a fir...
Computerized accounting system implemented in an object-oriented programming environment
Integrated circuit card, secure application module, system comprising a secure application module an...
Systems and methods for a user to access digital data provided by an on-line server over a data netw...
System for converting print instruction into image data or print data based on whether a rasterizati...
Relational database management system and method of operation
Integrated electronic scale, and a system and method which uses the scale automatically to compute p...
System and method for remote postage metering
Pharmaceutical antacid
Selective and non-invasive visualization or treatment of vasculature
Combinations and methods for promoting in vivo liver cell proliferation and enhancing in vivo liver-...
Method for treatment of inflammatory disease
Medicament comprising HGF gene
Method of using mouse model for evaluation of HIV vaccines
Method for gene therapy using nucleic acid loaded polymeric microparticles
Troponin I forms and use of the same
Compounds useful for the synthesis of dolastatin analogs
Compounds and methods and modulating tissue permeability
Stimulating the differentiation of preadipocytic cells and therapies based thereon
Treatment of inflammation with 2,4,6-trihydroxy-alpha-rho-methoxyphenylacetophenone, or its pharmace...
Therapeutic method with capsaicin and capasicin analogs
Emergency disablement of termination restrictions
Portable telephone
Spectrum-based adaptive canceller of acoustic echoes arising in hands-free audio
Upgradable customer bridge
Apparatus, method and system for personal telecommunication speed calling utilizing an affinity data...
Interactive electronic ordering for telecommunications products and services
Method and system for selectively performing call information query
Begonia plant named `Savannah Pink Parfait`
Alstroemeria plant named `Las Olas`
Begonia plant named `Omaha Beefsteak`
Begonia plant named `Tucson Bonfire`
Begonia plant named `San Diego Sunset`
Begonia plant named `Hilo Holiday`
Argyranthemum plant named `Summer Stars Pink`
Phosphatidylcholine compositions and methods for lowering intestinal absorption and plasma levels of...
Bright white film coatings and film coating compositions therefor
Fiber-water--water containing soluble fiber
Method for the preparation of a cream substitute
Edible laminated dough and edible lamination dispersion therefor
Glyphosate-tolerant 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthases
Neuronal MORT1 isoforms
DNA molecules encoding bacterial lysine 2,3-aminomutase
Parasitic nematode transglutaminase, nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
Phragmoplastin and methods of examining cell plate development
Trabecular meshwork induced glucocorticoid response (TIGR) fusion protein
Handheld patient programmer for implantable human tissue stimulator
Hair curling roller heating system with resistive heating plate and halogen bulb emitting heat and l...
Optimizing compiler for generating store instructions having memory hierarchy control bits
Construction paper for constructing a three-dimensional shape from a printable foldable surface
Data hiding method and data extraction method using statistical examination
Methodology for proper weighting of photolithography in the cost of semiconductor products
Method for mortgage and closed end loan portfolio management
Method for owning, managing, automatically replenishing, and invoicing inventory items
Electronic commerce with shopping list builder
Systems and methods wherein a buyer purchases a product at a first price and acquires the product fr...
Information providing system
Method and system of financial spreading and forecasting
Communications navigation system, and navigation base apparatus and vehicle navigation apparatus bot...
Operating vehicular processor-based systems
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling vehicular velocity
Vehicle parking brake system
Method and device for controlling a braking system in open loop
Vehicle state estimation method and vehicular auxiliary brake control apparatus using the method
Method for the manipulation-proof configuration of a vehicle control unit, and a control unit
Darts for the game of darts
Amusement apparatus for a shooting game with successive potential scoring emissions
Hand-held electronic game with rotatable display
Electronic gaming device and method for operating same
Wine region board and card game
Food selection system and method for animals
Identifying, processing and caching object fragments in a web environment
Method and apparatus for providing remote processing of a task over a network
Automated method of and apparatus for internet address management
Method and system for implementing an internet radio device for receiving and/or transmitting media ...
Apparatus and method for providing information about two-way computer communication services
Engine front cover
Multi-position variable camshaft timing system actuated by engine oil
Variable valve timing apparatus
Valve lifter for three-dimensional cam and variable valve operating apparatus using the same
Control system for internal combustion engine
Multi-cylinder diesel engine with variable valve actuation
Intake-air quantity control apparatus for internal combustion engine with variable valve timing syst...
Lesion-directed dry dosage forms of antibacterial agents for the treatment of acute mucosal infectio...
Methods of inhibiting binding and treating Ig-mediated responses with IL-13 receptor
Cell adhesion inhibitors
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor
Medium for preserving biological materials
Compositions for preserving haptenized tumor cells for use in vaccines
Gene deleted recombinant FeLV proviral DNA for production of vaccines against FeLV
Guanylhydrazones and their use to treat inflammatory conditions
Use of sulphonanilide derivatives to obtain a medicine for treating retrograde ejaculation or asperm...
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Cyclopentane 1-hydroxy alkyl or alkenyl-2-one or 2-hydroxy derivatives as therapeutic agents
Method of treating viral diseases
Compounds useful in the treatment of conditions mediated by peroxisome proliferator-activated recept...
Telephone directory information system with call placement capability
Telephony security system
Anti-stuffing device
Method of time-to-talk calculation
Transaction control application part (TCAP) call detail record generation in a communications networ...
Telemanagement system with modular features and database synchronization
System and method for recording and storing telephone call information
Raphiolepis indica plant named `Conynne`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kibarbu`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kizeg`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kilogia`
Begonia plant named `Maui Mist`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kiascia`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kicap`
Psyllium enriched baked snack foods
Process for producing hard caramels and tablets
Method for cutting and shaping food products
Method for forming a spherical dough body
Agent for improving water binding capacity of meat and method of making
Process for reducing the patulin concentration in fruit juices
Method of reconstituting meat from trims
Antisense oligonucleotide compositions targeted to angiotensin converting enzyme MRNA and methods of...
Enzyme granulate for washing and cleaning
Aircraft weight and center of gravity indicator
Music information transmitting apparatus, music information receiving apparatus, music information t...
Inhibition of hair growth
Apparatus and method for incrementally update static single assignment form for cloned variable name...
Method, system and program product for evaluating the business requirements of an enterprise for gen...
Strategic capability networks
Portable information terminal surrounding formulation of an optimum plan
Method for retrieving vehicular collateral
Polypeptides selectively reactive with antibodies against human immunodeficiency virus and vaccines ...
Procedures for the extraction and isolation of bacterial capsular polysaccharides for use as vaccine...
Immunization with plasmid encoding immunogenic proteins and intracellular targeting sequences
Mutant MHC class I molecules
Chlamydia trachomatis serotype D genes
Chimeric proteins comprising borrelia polypeptides and uses therefor
Decorin binding protein compositions and methods of use
System and method for communicating with and controlling toy accessories
Jumprope simulating doll
Finger attachment device for holding and controlling a yo-yo type toy
Dynamic collapsible rotating toy
Compounds for the treatment of estrogen-dependent illnesses and methods for making and using the sam...
External preparations for treating dermatoses
Anticholestatic effect of luteolin
Remedies for peripheral circulation disturbances
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibito...
Method for treating hyper-excited sensory nerve functions in humans
Telecommunications apparatus, system, and method with an enhanced signal transfer point
Picture codec and teleconference terminal equipment
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kiziz`
Begonia plant named `Miami Storm`
Rudbeckia plant named `Pot Of Gold`
Package having a dual-film lid comprising a gas-impermeable film and a delaminatable, gas-permeable ...
Puffed cereal cakes
Enhanced food products
Calcium enrichment composition and method for producing the same
Diabetic nutritionals and method of using
Stabilized food additive
Immunoassay that provides for both collection of saliva and assay of saliva for one or more analytes...
Microparticle enhanced light scattering agglutination assay
Liposome-enhanced immunoassay and test device
Method for in vitro evaluation of safety of injectable herbal extracts
Recombinant hepatitis C virus RNA replicase
Method for promoting mesenchymal stem and lineage-specific cell proliferation
Disease management system and method
Polyester product and process for producing the same
System and method for representing graphical font data and for converting the font data to font inst...
Method and system for embedded, automated, component-level control of computer systems and other com...
Encrypting file system and method
System and method for media status notification
Remote procedure call method
On-line dynamic file shrink facility
Directional navigation system in layout managers
Computer input device with inclination sensors
Methods for the early detection of HIV infection
Bioactive rice flour extract useful for treatment of haemophilus influenzae infections
Metal/thiol biocides
Indoloylguanidine derivatives
Formulations for hydrophobic pharmaceutical agents
Benzimidazoles having antithrombotic activity
Phenyl-triazole compounds for PDE-IV inhibition
Benzimidazole derivatives and pharmacologically acceptable salts thereof
Formulation of sulfonamides for treatment of endothelin-mediated disorders
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-heteroarylalk(en)yl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Compositions containing lipid compounds derived from sphingoid bases, their process of preparation
Method system and article of manufacture for debugging a computer program by encoding user specified...
Method for transferring sensitive information using initially unsecured communication
Skin treatment and methods
Water treatment process
Use of magnesium based products for the treatment or prophylaxis of autoimmune diseases
Bovine excretion extracts having anticancer and anti-inflammatory activity and process for preparing...
Liquid colostrum for dairy products
Use of complement inhibitors for the preparation of a pharmaceutical for the prophylaxis and therapy...
Encapsulation process and encapsulated products
Tricyclic compounds, their production and use
Imidazole derivatives as histamine receptor H3 (ANT) agonists
Furans, benzofurans, and thiophenes useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Pesticidal compositions
Memory card connector
Starchy cleaning and cosmetic care preparations
Adaptive method and system to minimize the effect of long table walks
Solid carriers for improved delivery of active ingredients in pharmaceutical compositions
Large intestinal delivery composite
Water-soluble folic acid compositions
Complexes to improve oral absorption of poorly absorbable antibiotics
Multi-tablet oxybutynin system for treating incontinence
Bioadhesive progressive hydration tablets and methods of making and using the same
Solid pharmaceutical preparation with improved buccal disintegrability and/or dissolubility
Method for treatment of light-injured retinal degeneration disease
3-(Pyrrolidin-3-yl)-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2(3H)-one derivatives and their use as 5-HT4 ligands
Inhibitors of farnesyl-protein transferase
Pyrrolidine modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Substituted isoquinoline derivatives and their use as anticonvulsants
Bicyclic compounds
Styling shampoo compositions with improved styling polymer deposition
System and method for detecting pass FETs
Production of somatic mosaicism in mammals using a recombinatorial substrate
Concentrated antibody preparation
Method for making monoclonal antibodies and cross-reactive antibodies obtainable by the method
Polypeptide having water channel activity and DNA sequence
Peptide specificity of anti-myelin basic protein and the administration of myelin basic protein pept...
Method of reducing an immune response to a recombinant virus
Interactive toy
Optical system and method for remotely manipulating interactive graphical elements on television scr...
Song accompaniment system
Intaglio three-dimensioned solid molded sculpture
Elastic swimming exercise device
Game unit controller with handlebars
Shooting video game machine and shooting result presentation method
Process for monomethyl acyclic hydrocarbon adsorptive separation
Method for producing ethylbenzene
Method for stabilizing a sex pheromone compound
Hydrate inhibition
Process for producing synthetic gasses
Punching aid
Open top swing
Excavator play set
System for transferring information from a base station to portable phones
Adaptive frequency planning in a cellular network
Method and apparatus for incoming call rejection
Procedure for subscriber addressing in a cascaded V5 interface
Antenna clip for electronic components
Metal-ligand complex catalyzed processes
Manufacturing process of metoprolol
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
4-alkenyl-and 4-alkynyloxindoles
Fungicides for the control of take-all disease of plants
Antiviral liponucleosides: treatment of hepatitis B
Telephone set, communications system, and method of setting security functions in telephone set
Methods and apparatus for providing information in response to telephonic requests
Voice information service networking system
Low power line selection circuit for a telephone
Switching system data inheritance method and system
Astilbe plant named `Lollypop`
Astilbe plant named `Vision In Red`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Delistar`
Astilbe plant named `Pink Lightning`
Maranta plant named `Beauty Kim`
Astilbe plant named `White Wings`
Astilbe plant named `Touch Of Pink`
Microwave oven with tray restraint
Method and apparatus for intelligent cooking process
Safety device for electric cooking apparatus
Small fast acting conveyor toaster oven
Method for using a vegetable biomass and a screw press to carry out said method
Recombinant hexose oxidase, a method of producing same and use of such enzyme
PCR primers for the rapid and specific detection of Salmonella typhimurium
Inbred corn line LH244
Inbred corn line LH279
Inbred corn plant 90DHQ2 and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar 829638
Soybean cultivar 6163048123
Soybean cultivar 820013
Soybean cultivar 61631202
Liquid transfer apparatus
Mirror mounting assembly for hair grooming and styling
Method for validating a signed program prior to execution time or an unsigned program at execution t...
Dynamically debugging user-defined functions and stored procedures
Paintball game field and method of play
Timer apparatus and computer
Selecting a cost-effective bandwidth for transmitting information to an end user in a computer netwo...
Electronic certification authentication method and system
Method for utilizing the postal service address as an object in an object oriented environment
Information access
Method, system and apparatus for authorizing access by a first user to a knowledge profile of a seco...
Systems and methods for the secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Method of personal financial planning
Brownfields investing
Methods for identifying inhibitors of fungal pathogenicity
Aerated composition, process for its manufacture and its use
Use of flavonoid and aromatic aldehydes as pesticides
Compositions and methods for alleviating impaired mental function, memory loss and reducing recovery...
Use of inhaled retinoids in the prevention of cancer
Chromium picolinate compositions
Delivery system for antimethanogenic agents
Multi-functional communication and aggregation platform
Methods for improving the effectiveness of toilet training
Talking facial display method and apparatus
Cosmetic application training system
Assessment of ischemic wound healing therapeutics
Sequences for targeting metastatic cells
Depsipeptides containing non-natural amino acids
System and method for delaying the ringing of a line
Method and system for providing a work-at-home telecommunication service
Personal user network (closed user network) PUN/CUN
Method and system for generating a billing record
Predictive bursty real-time traffic control for telecommunications switching systems
Communication device
Camptotheca lowreyana tree named `Katie`
Caryopteris plant named `First Choice`
Lycianthes plant named `Variegated Splash`
Gelsemium sempervirens Conrop
Nectarine tree named `Grand Candy`
Nectarine tree named `Grand Sweet`
Dahlia plant named `Lisa Pearl`
Propylene resin sheet for thermoforming and process for preparing it
Sensitive substance encapsulation
Particulate natural fruit product and method of making same
Process for producing sheetable potato dough from raw potato stock
Powdered sweetener composition for animal feed
Use of spray-dried and freeze-dried sugarcane leaf essence in improving taste of flavored calcium su...
Tomato gene B polynucleotides coding for lycopene cyclase
Promoters from chlorella virus genes providing for expression of genes in prokaryotic and eukaryotic...
Method of increasing growth and yield in plants
Pathogen-induced plant promoters
Soybean homolog of seed-specific transcription activator from Phaseolus vulgaris
Transgenic organisms having tetracycline-regulated transcriptional regulatory systems
Production of syringyl lignin in gymnosperms
Non-fibrous potassium titanate and method for producing the same
Tracking loop entry and exit points in a compiler
Method and system for transforming dynamic content for use on the internet
Self-illuminated hop scotch game
Method and apparatus for securing passwords and personal identification numbers
Method and apparatus for transporting multimedia information over heterogeneous wide area networks
Speech recognition system that restarts recognition operation when a new speech signal is entered us...
Vehicle navigation system and method
Mobile navigation system
Route guidance system
Vehicle longitudinal force control
Safety limiter for powered vehicles
Game or lottery with a reward validated and/or redeemed online
Slot machine game with randomly designated special symbols
Game system and storage device readable by computer
Single step network logon based on point to point protocol
System and method for transmitting a user's data packets concurrently over different telephone lines...