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Shared web page caching at browsers for an intranet
Vehicle control method
Rolling element phaser
Variable valve timing mechanism for engine
Variable valve timing with actuator locking for internal combustion engine
Apparatus for angular adjustment of camshafts relative to crankshafts in combustion engines
Internal combustion engine with valve rest mechanisms
Four-cycle internal combustion engine and valve timing control method thereof
Composition for external application containing a .beta.-1,6-branched-.beta.-1,3-glucan
Conjugates targeted to the interleukin-2 receptor
Insecticidal toxins from the parasitic wasp bracon hebeter
Pharmaceutical preparations
Method of sidewall capping for degradation-free damascene trenches of low dielectric constant dielec...
Human papillomavirus vaccine formulations
Hybrid adenovirus-AAV virus and methods of use thereof
Combination progestin oral contraceptive regimen
Beta-carotene therapy of individuals having abnormal immunological and serological indices, and indi...
Method of using lachrymatory agents for moisturizing the eyes
Telephone note-taking device
System and method for data recording and playback
System and method for integrating call record information
Method for recording a digitized audio signal, and telephone answering machine
Telephone call/voice processing system
Telephone network having dual gateway interconnection architecture for handling emergency services
Wireless butt set
Automatic composition apparatus and method, and storage medium
Fragrance sampler insert
Determining a communication schedule between processors
Method and arrangement for detecting a watermark using statistical characteristics of the informatio...
Method for manufacturing an implant consisting of a carrier material containing medically active age...
Neuronal progenitor cells and uses thereof
Modified small RNA viruses
Tetracycline repressor regulated mammalian cell transcription and viral replication switch
Method of determining volume dependent hypertension via reduction in phosphorylation
Gene sequence and method for distinguishing cordyceps sinensis
Hand manipulable device
Programmable toy
Building element for set of toy building blocks
Hollow breakable object having a breakable dye absorptive coating
Skateboard-bicycle combination
Aliphatic propargylamines as cellular rescue agents
Oxime derivatives, hydrazone derivatives and use thereof
Tri-and tetra-substituted guanidines and their use as excitatory amino acid antagonists
Fungicidal carboxamides
Branched chain fatty acids, their derivatives and use in the treatment of central nervous system dis...
Pharmaceutical mixture comprising a combination of a profen and other active compounds
Para-substituted phenylene derivatives
Network interface unit
Alarm system using local data channel
Method of shaping a spherical body
Antimicrobial activity of hops extract against Clostridium botulinum, Clostridium difficile and Heli...
Refining of vegetable oil
Dairy product and method
Use of structurally expanded cellulose to enhance the softness and retard staling of baked products
Stable preservation method of powdered soft drink preparation and powdered soft drink preparation
Harness attachment for a guitar
Hair cosmetic composition
Workflow object compiler with user interrogated information incorporated into skeleton of source cod...
Server verification of requesting clients
System and method for batching data between transport and link layers in a protocol stack
Optimized query tree
System and method for performing database queries using a stack machine
Programmable shelf tag and method for changing and updating shelf tag information
System and method for completing advertising time slot transactions
Automated interactive classified ad system for the internet
Integrated inventory management system
Method and apparatus for detecting fraud
Communication apparatus
System, method and article of manufacture for exchanging software and configuration data over a mult...
Method for determining the prognosis of a patient with a neurological disease
Oxidative stabilization of collagen containing materials
Pesticidal composition
Composition and method for reducing the risk of carcinogenesis
Method of treating or preventing septic shock by administering a MEK inhibitor
Inflammatory cell inhibitors
Carbamate-based cationic lipids
Phenylethylamine derivatives
Patterned chocolate coatings, methods, and apparatus for preparing same
Patterned chocolate coatings, methods, and apparatus for preparing same
Preparation of coated confectionery
Process for preparing fruit of the plant of Solanaceae capsicum
Apparatus and methods for making multiple, complexly patterned extrudates
Microwavable package
Apparatus for turning over individual boards assembled as a stack, preferably for leafing the progra...
Process for decreasing the degradation of the color of oxidation dyed keratin fibers
Method and system for secure communications
Information offering system for providing a lottery on a network
Method of preparing active substances from nacre, products obtained which can be used in particular ...
Liquid/powder acid concentrate for dialysate and a method of making the same
Drug preparations for treating sexual dysfunction
Hydrogels containing absorbable polyoxaamides
Preparations of non-steroidal analgesics
Polycationic polymers
Sustained release dosage form unit having latex coating and method of making the same
5,6-0-alkylidene glucono-1(4)-lactones and derivatives, processes for their preparation and uses the...
Benzothiophenes, benzofurans, and indoles useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hypergly...
Treatment of migraine by administration of .alpha.-lipoic acid or derivatives thereof
Seco precursors of cyclopropylindolines and their use as prodrugs
Immunophilin ligands
Food packaging enclosing removable prize
Cellulose-hydrate-based food casings impregnated with liquid smoke and process for producing
Chocolate or compound coating with unique texture
Plated meal with individually frozen ingredients and method of thawing and heating
Use of Xanthomonas liquid carbohydrate fermentation product in foods
Method for producing enzyme-modified cheese flavorings
Structure of a pencil sharpener
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising benzotriazole, bisresorcinyltriazine and benzoazoly...
System and method for improving logic synthesis in logic circuits
Apparatus and method for securing documents posted from a web resource
Moth and insect repellant
Water insoluble polymer based sustained release formulation
Programmed release ambroxol--HCl dosage forms
Preparation of aqueous clear solution dosage forms with bile acids
Pharmaceutical capsule compositions containing loratadine and psuedoephedrine
Ibuprofen-containing softgels
Glucoside paucilamellar vesicles
Inhibitors of gap junction communication
Activating C1- secretion
Therapeutic agent for intractable vasculitis
Treatment of alzheimer's disease employing inhibitors of cathepsin D
Methods for treatment of sickle cell anemia
Dough product and method for improving bread quality
Method for producing a savory flavor base
Feed composition for broilers and method for breeding broilers
Stable, optically clear compositions
Compositions and methods of treatment of neoplastic diseases and hypercholesterolemia with citrus li...
Method for treatment of fluent products
Oxidizing composition and uses for dyeing, permanently setting or bleaching keratin fibres
Method and system for detecting errors within complementary logic circuits
Wound dressing gel
Oxyiminoalkanoic acid derivatives with hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity
Therapeutic biaryl derivatives
Pharmaceutical composition
Hydroxyindoles, their use as inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 4 and process for their preparation
Polycyclic 2- aminothiazole systems, processes for their preparation and pharmaceuticals comprising ...
Apparatus and method for assembling a plastic container for food products
Use of spray-dried and freeze-dried sugarcane leaf essence
Method of making supersaturated oxygenated liquid
Integrally-formed container
Convection oven with circulated air filtration means
Single and double sided ingredient holding system
Apparatus for applying hair highlights
System and method for testing a microprocessor with an onboard test vector generator
System and method for incorporating image data into electronic mail documents
Object-based digital signatures
Method for determining oxygen concentration
Electrical apparatuses, methods of forming electrical apparatuses, and termite sensing methods
Composite dressing with separable components
Pharmaceutical composition containing acid addition salt of basic drug
Trifluoromethyl ketone analogs as selective cPLA2 inhibitors
Pharmaceutical suspension comprising nevirapine hemihydrate
MPROT12 polynucleotides and methods thereof
System for and method of summarizing etymological information
Method of distribution of digitized materials and control of scoring for open-ended assessments
Device for the input and read-out of data
Sports training system and sports video game
Doll with integrated book feature in doll cavity
Teaching device for science experiments
System and method for automated testing of writing skill
Stabilization of the reagent dimethyl titanocene
Method for producing low bromine number fraction
Process for selective hydrogenation of unsaturated compounds
Method of obtaining liquid fuels from polyolefine wastes
Functional fluid with low Brookfield Viscosity
Process for the preparation of six-membered ring carbocycles
Portable electronic device, entertainment system and method of operating the same
Screen-to-stage and stage-to-screen seamless transition theater
Automated swinging device
Amusement attraction with man-made tornado
Controlling a telecommunication service and a terminal
Wireless communication device with automatic destination telephone number validity checking
Mobile station using synchronization word order information for improved channel acquisition
Mixer using four quadrant multiplier with reactive feedback elements
Thymol derivatives having anti-tumor activity, and anti-cancer agent comprising the same
Pharmaceutical compounds comprising polyamines substituted with electron-affinic groups and method o...
Cordless telephone with corded operability
Method and apparatus for providing a cell traffic supervision alarm
Dialing method in wireless local loop terminal
Microphone connecting device for flip type portable telephone
Method and device for segmenting hand gestures
Integrated telecommunication collaboration system
Sanitizing device for a telephone handset
Method and apparatus for measuring and analyzing physiological signals for active or passive control...
Microwave heating rings and lids with water reservoir, cup holders and snaps
Disposable, microwaveable containers having suitable food contact compatible olfactory properties an...
Composition for suppressing withdrawal symptoms and craving for alcohol in alcoholics and preventing...
Anti-first-pass effect compounds and citrus extract
Methods and compositions for enhancing palatability of pet food
Preparation of shelf stable blueberries and moist shelf stable blueberry product
Sauce aid
Deodar cedar tree named `CDMTF1`
Hibiscus plant named `Golden Wind`
Begonia plant named `Albuquerque Midnight Sky`
Hibiscus plant named `Hoosiers`
Double impatiens plant named `Coral Duet`
Peach tree `Golden Princess`
Mimulus plant named `Jelly Bean Yellow`
Method of searching database of three-dimensional protein structures
Nucleic acid molecules coding for debranching enzymes from potato
Process for producing transgenic inulin-generating plants
Nucleic acid molecules coding for debranching enzymes from maize
Chimeric genes for transforming plant cells using viral promoters
Methods for producing genetically modified plants, genetically modified plants, plant materials and ...
Gene expression
Body-sensible swinging and vibrating apparatus
Use of oxazolidinone derivatives as anti-penetrating agents in a cosmetic and/or dermatological comp...
Method and system for assembling software components
Method for identifying and obtaining computer software from a network computer using a tag
Method of judging hits and computer-readable storage medium storing game data
Specifying security protocols and policy constraints in distributed systems
System for managing regulated entities
Secured signal modification and verification with privacy control
Method and apparatus for compliance checking in a trust management system
Time management workflow software
Context-based and user-profile driven information retrieval
Computing system for operating report production facilities
System for identifying the user of postal equipment
Rollover test sled
Machine fault monitoring apparatus and method
Travel safety system for vehicle
Method and device for navigation support of a vehicle driver
Process for transmitting route information which defines a proposed route for a vehicle in a road ne...
Vehicle navigation system with road link re-costing
Method and device for controlling operation of a vehicle
Three-dimensional game machine and information storage medium
Game device using a moving light and reflective paddle
Secure multi-site progressive jackpot system for live card games
Method and apparatus for controlling the cost of playing an electronic gaming device
Gaming machine with unified image on multiple video displays
Game machine
Automatic creation of hyperlinks
Internet system for producing electronic reward cards
Facsimile network
Method and apparatus for organizing and processing information using a digital computer
Two-way communications between a remote control unit and one or more devices in an audio/visual envi...
Variable phase coupling
Variable phase mechanism
Intake valve lift control system
Cam advancing and retarding mechanism
Valve operating control system for internal combustion engine
Phase changing device
Variable phase coupling
Pesticidal composition
Method for inhibiting from feeding, cockroaches
Preparation of a pulmonary surfactant for instillation and oral application
Stabilized concentrates of water unstable AZA compounds and o/w miniemulsions thereof
Histidine derivatives, preparation, process, and their use as free antiradical agents
Product and method reduce stress induced immune suppression
Area weapons effect simulation system and method
Benzimidzolyl neuropeptide Y receptor antagonists
Synthesis of intermediate compounds for 4-adyl-5-pyrimidine imidazole substituted derivatives
Peptoid and nonpeptoid containing alpha-keto oxadiazoles as serine protease inhibitors
Method of inhibiting angiogenesis
System and method for identifying a data record associated with a transferred telephone call
Device rack
Pivotable earpiece assembly
Power supply adapter circuit
Method and apparatus for cancelling echo originating from a mobile terminal
IIR filter of adaptive balance circuit for long tail echo cancellation
Telephone with network-type sorting
Dracaena plant named `Janet Craig Gomezii`
Variety of petunia named `Trumpet Purple`
Mimulus plant named `Jelly Bean Apricot`
Mimulus plant named `Jelly Bean White`
Nectarine tree named `Diamond June`
Begonia plant named `Houston Fiesta`
Process for preparing pretzel chips
Method and device for producing edible wafer rolls
Method for production of edible, thin molded structures which are at least partially or completely d...
Process for recovery of corn coarse fiber (pericarp)
Morinda citrifolia dietary fiber and method
Method for non-fry cooking and its uses
Method of making plate-like frozen raw hamburger-like matter packaged by film
Sustained release hair growth composition
Method and apparatus for debugging of optimized machine code, using hidden breakpoints
Rattling percussion instrument
Name service for multinode system segmented into I/O and compute nodes, generating guid at I/O node ...
Navigation system and navigation data processing method
Method of assigning electronic shelf labels to price lookup file items
Medical consultation management system
Overall equipment effectiveness on-line categories system and method
Authorization and access control of software object residing in set-top terminals
System and method for providing a card transaction authorization fraud warning
Stable biocidal compositions
Salicylic acid derivatives and their use in cosmetic or dermatological compositions
Antimutagenic compositions for treatment and prevention of photodamage to skin
Gene delivery by secretory gland expression
Protection against traumatic brain injury
Cosmetic preparations containing vertebrate proteins and having antibacterial, antimycotical and ant...
Gaming system employing successively transmitted infra-red signals
Yo-yo having radially anchored cushions, and a string gap with a narrower innermost gap
Game call with volume control
Table horse racing
Floating cooler
Inhibition of angiogenesis
Method for combating harmful fungi
Dialkyl ureas as calcitonin mimetics
Alph-methylbenzyl-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses containing a phenylenediamine gro...
Use of aminoadamantane compounds as immunoregulators
Methods for processing operator service system calls
Method and system for conveying supervision information
Method and apparatus for setting programmable features of an appliance
Loop loss measurement and reporting mechanism for digital data services telephone channel equipment
Network communications link
User selectable overlap and enbloc dialing of ISDN line
Computer-telephony integration employing an intelligent keyboard and method for same
Methods for producing fermented food from soymilk refuse
Method and apparatus for the production of thin films
Facilities for detailed software performance analysis in a multithreaded processor
Image forming apparatus and method capable of properly performing staple and punch operations
System, method and computer program product for allowing access to enterprise resources using biomet...
Access and storage of secure group communication cryptographic keys
Method and system for automatically causing editable text to substantially occupy a text frame
Method and system for file system management using a flash-erasable, programmable, read-only memory
Method and system for purging tombstones for deleted data items in a replicated database
Network search access construct for accessing web-based search services
Multimedia terminal device
2,2-difluoro 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid analogs and methods of use
2-and 2,5-substituted phenylketoenols
Methods and compositions comprising R-ibuprofen
GABA and L-glutamic acid analogs for antiseizure treatment
Wireless communications platform
Hair and skin conditioning compositions
Methods, systems, and computer program products for storing, loading, analyzing, and sharing referen...
Packet-switched multiple-access network system with distributed fair priority queuing
Integrated automotive service system and method
Automobile acquisition financing method and data processing system therefor
Automated process for retailing to a vehicle occupant
Particle trajectory analysis system and method for vehicle design
System and method for warning of dangerous driving conditions
Communicatory navigation system
Process for controlling an automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for interfacing multiple peripheral devices to a host computer
Method of manufacturing multi-layer game ball
Game ball
Computer programmable interactive toy for a shooting game
Video game system and video game memory medium
Slot machine game with dynamic payline
Slot machine game-hidden object
Systems and methods for linking television viewers with advertisers and broadcasters
Run time object layout model with object type that differs from the derived object type in the class...
Electronic ticketing, authentication and/or authorization security system for internet applications
System and method for creating an internet-accessible working replica of a home computer on a host s...
Web sales channel conflict resolution system
Web information vault
Scheduled data Transmission system, scheduled data transmission method, and transmission server
Apparatus and method for diagnosing of a hydraulic variable valve timing mechanism
Lost motion full authority valve actuation system
Control system for internal combustion engine
Valve movement control system of an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Variable-valve-actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine
Device for adjusting the phase angle of a camshaft of an internal combustion engine
Water amusement system and method
Information handling for interactive apparatus
Method of using an entertainment placement product having storage pocket
Motion picture theater interactive gaming system
Programmable entertainment system having back-channel capabilities
Serial data transfer device
Method and apparatus for determining the speed and location of a vehicle
Sport monitoring apparatus for determining loft time, speed, power absorbed and other factors such a...
Method and apparatus for an automatic vehicle location, collision notification and synthetic voice
Navigation apparatus for a vehicle
Position based personal digital assistant
Game ball and method of using game ball
Electronic game licensing apparatus and method
Method and system for playing games on a network
Interactive television system and remote control unit
Video game system with data transmitting/receiving controller
Method and apparatus for securing electronic games
Gaming machine having note hopper/dispenser
Method and system for securing, managing or optimizing a personal computer
System and method for IP network address translation and IP filtering with dynamic address resolutio...
Onion routing network for securely moving data through communication networks
Control in an intelligent network
Method for blocking all unwanted e-mail (SPAM) using a header-based password
Component transaction server for developing and deploying transaction- intensive business applicatio...
Computer auction system
Control system for internal combustion engine
Control valve strategy for vane-type variable camshaft timing system
Phase change mechanism
Oil passage for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Adjusting cylinder of a camshaft adjusting device acted upon by a separate oil supply unit
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for efficient software updating
Posting trot and canter simulator for horseback riders
Dry interactive play structure having recirculating play media
Remote-controlled toy trash truck
Multi-voiced turkey call and improved sounder board arrangement to simulate young turkey calls
Shape transformable stuffed animals
Doll stand
Toy figure with removable suction cup
Communicating toy
Construction system
Method and apparatus for the selection of traffic information for a motor vehicle
Telephone docking station for personal digital assistant
Audio diaphragm mounting arrangements in radio telephone handsets
Cellular radio system and a base station
Dynamic allocation of radio capacity in TDMA system
Method for transmitting two parallel channels using code division and an apparatus realizing the met...
DC power adapter system
Inflatable catheter for selective organ heating and cooling and method of using the same
Exhaust flow diffuser for a steam turbine
Fluoropolymer coated vortex flowmeter
Oval faceted jewelry rope chain
Jewelry setting
Phenylacetic acid derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as pesticides and fungici...
Hydroxymandelic acid amides of phenolic amines
Contrast media for angiography
Thio-substituted pentanedioic acid derivatives
Pyrazolopyridylpyridazinone derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Ryegrass pollen allergen
Method of manufacturing compositions with high ganglioside content
Random access information retrieval utilizing user-defined labels
Information routing
System and method for measuring power and bit error rate on the up-link and down-link simultaneously
Method for common usage of mobile switching center (MSC)
Encryption and authentication methods and apparatus for securing telephone communications
Chrysanthemum plant named `Contact`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Aspire`
Live oak tree named `SDLN`
Nemesia plant named `Hubbird`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Direct`
Petunia plant named `Cobink`
Nectarine tree named `Prima Diamond 19`
Hybrid maize plant and seed 36G12
Inbred corn line 8849
Soybean cultivar 04622810
Soybean cultivator 409620T
Soybean cultivar 03422410
Soybean cultivar 73845641
Gymnosperm nucleic acid molecules encoding sesquiterpene synthases and methods of use
Active symbolic self design method and apparatus
Food thermalization device and method
Tapered block copolymers of monovinylarenes and conjugated dienes
Tapered block copolymers of monovinylarenes and conjugated dienes
Anti-stress composition
Vitamin compatible micronutrient supplement
Microorganism culture material containing a water-soluble polymer layer and a porous matrix layer
Process for pentane disproportionation
Fuel oil compositions
Simulated countercurrent moving bed chromatographic reactor and method for use thereof
Methods for using phosphine ligands in compositions for suzuki cross-coupling reactions
Process, including membrane separation, for separating hydrogen from hydrocarbons
Base stock lube oil manufacturing process
Process for isolating cyclopentane and/or cyclopentene
Methods and kits for removing, treating, or preventing lice with driable pediculostatic agents
Decoder for a software-implemented end-to-end scalable video delivery system
Navigation system and method for viewing a 3D data landscape
Method for cruise control for a motor vehicle
Tunable pass filter cable television control
Addressable CATV end-user payment collection management system
Method and system for custom computer software installation using rule-based installation engine and...
Methods, systems and computer program products for secure firmware updates
Visualization in a modular software system
Apparatus and methods for inband protocol correction in distributed object networking
Method and apparatus for displaying information and information recording medium having information ...
Computer for encapsulating legacy data transport protocol for IEEE 1394 serial bus
Indexing and searching across multiple sorted arrays
Index tuner for given workload
Method and apparatus for secure group communications
System and method of displaying times corresponding to events on a calendar
Coherent visibility sorting and occlusion cycle detection for dynamic aggregate geometry
User interface for switching between application modes
Portable music stand
Physical rename register for efficiently storing floating point, integer, condition code, and multim...
System and method for using a relational database to enable the dynamic configuration of an applicat...
Skills database management system and method
Computer-implemented value management tool for an asset intensive manufacturer
Method for tracking software lineage
Apparatus and method for managing and possessing electronic money, management and possession medium ...
Facilitating electronic commerce through two-tiered electronic markets and auctions
Valve timing control device for use in an internal combustion engine
Method of checking the operability of the variable valve control in an internal combustion engine
Control device for internal combustion engine
Control system and control method for diesel engine
Device for changing the relative rotational position of a shaft to the drive wheel
Device for adjusting the relative rotational background of camshafts
Camshaft drive device for an internal combustion engine
Doll with video control
Adjustable wheel for toy vehicles
Controlling device of music bell in the pearl box
Scented jet ink and printed articles therefrom
Reversible doll toy
Twisting animated figure
Holding device for a telephone unit
Network arrangement
Utilizing the contents of a message
Precision-controlled logarithmic amplifier
Cordless headset
Mobile radiotelephone apparatus
Desktop charger
Computer monitoring device
Method for requesting a date with a driver of a vehicle spotted, via the license plate number of the...
Method for optimizing mechanical strength of a casting using microstructure predictions
Safety running system for vehicle
Travel safety system for vehicle
Navigation system and method and storage medium in which navigation programs are stored
Vehicle navigation system and recording medium
Soft tip game dart
Golf calculator
Billiards cue stroke guidance aid
Method of carrying out communication between different game devices, a game system played by using t...
Game machine and storage medium therefor
Game machine, image processing method for use with the game machine, and recording medium
Advertising game
Automatic selecting and downloading device drivers from a server system to a client system that incl...
Method and system for providing automated updating and upgrading of antivirus applications using a c...
Method for discovering and registering agents in a distributed network
System and method for network element management in a Telecommunications network
System and method for delivery of video data over a computer network
Method and apparatus to monitor and locate an electronic device using a secured intelligent agent
System and method for monitoring web pages by comparing generated abstracts
Transmission of comfort noise parameters during discontinuous transmission
Data communication and radio system
Adaptive removal of disturbance in TDMA acoustic peripheral devices
Finger assignment in a CDMA rake receiver
Doppler direction finder and method of location using doppler direction finder
Use of high-molecular polyester moulding materials
Diamond cut
Silicone solvents for antiperspirant salts
Hydantoin derivatives
T cell epitopes of the major allergens from dermatophagoides (house dust mite)
Down-regulation resistant C3 convertase
Compositions useful as fibrin sealants
Recombinant cytokine designated LERK-6
Voice browser for interactive services and methods thereof
Foldable portable telephone set with automatic off-hook function
Radio communications device and method with API between user application program and telephony progr...
Method and apparatus for reduction of unwanted feedback
Telecommunications cross-connect assembly with combined connector/transformer
System and method for near-end talker detection by spectrum analysis
Communications device including an improved CPE alerting signal (CAS) detection system
Process for alkylation of isoparaffin with olefin
Method of removing mercury in liquid hydrocarbon
Multi-phase alkylation-transalkylation process
Metallocene compounds and their use in catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Phosphine ligands metal complexes and compositions thereof for cross-coupling reactions
Fischer-tropsch wax and crude oil mixtures having a high wax content
Fluidized catalytic cracking process
xHeucherella plant named `Viking Ship`
Anthurium plant named `Atwenty`
Scaevola plant named `White Champ`
Sutera plant named `Novasnow`
Spiraea plant named `Golden Elf`
Peach tree named `Star Light`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoreno`
Blood sugar measuring device
Cooking apparatus capable of determining weight of food on turn table and method of detecting weight...
Method for inhibiting the formation of volatile aldehydes including their related compounds and/or t...
Thickened hard surface cleaner
Fungal lactate dehydrogenase gene and constructs for the expression thereof
Isoalloxazine derivatives to neutralize biological contaminants
Multilayer laminate formed from a substantially stretched non-molten wholly aromatic liquid crystall...
Hybrid maize plant & seed32G80
Transgenic seedless fruit comprising AGL or GH3 promoter operably linked to isopentenyl transferase ...
Soybean cultivar 02222450
DNA sequence of a gene of hydroxy-phenyl pyruvate dioxygenase and production of plants containing a ...
Isolation and characterization of gene encoding maize heat shock protein
Transformation of wheat with the cyanamide hydratase gene
Ovary-tissue transcriptional factors
Methods for inducing proliferation in auditory receptor epithelium
Method and apparatus for using audio level to make a multimedia conference dormant
Ornament for placement
Traction control apparatus and method for vehicles
Software re-engineering system
Portable electronic device having a travel mode for use when demonstrating operability of the device...
Information security analysis system
Authenticating images from digital cameras
Electronic shopping method, electronic shopping system and document authenticating method relating t...
Operational state switching apparatus and method for network computers
System and method for retrieving tape statistical data
Method and system for improving the layout of a program image using clustering
Browser and publisher for multimedia object storage, retrieval and transfer
Systems and methods for migration and recall of data from local and remote storage
System and method for managing locations of software components via a source list
Method and system for data entry of handwritten symbols
Document object having a print interface for programmatic automation by a using program
General purpose recognition e-circuits capable of translation-tolerant recognition, scene segmentati...
Method and apparatus for updating checksums of data structures
Automated process guidance system and method using knowledge management system
Method and apparatus for placing automated service calls for postage meter and base
Systems and methods for protecting private information
Tokenless biometric electronic debit and credit transactions
Method of accessing data using approximate data structures by relaxing the operations that define sa...
System and method for automated identification, remediation, and verification of computer program co...
Method for randomly combining images with annotations
Integrated database system
Method and apparatus to automatically test and modify a searchable knowledge base
System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network...
Valve operating system having full authority lost motion
Compression self-igniting gasoline engine
Appliance for modifying the timing of gas-exchange valves of an internal combustion engine, in parti...
Valve operating control system for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for varying a rotational or angular phase between two rotational shafts
Method for regulating the operation of an adjusting device
Camshaft phase controlling device
Modular coin handling and sorting apparatus
Joint structure for shoulder of synthetic-resin-made doll
Candy dispenser having an oscillating portion and producing simulated laughing sounds
Pillow case with pocket for child's article
Toy building with associated fittings
Package containing a shrunken body
Radio phone composable of separate modules
Method for identifying a fast speed mobile station, and a base station
Device for radio communication
Procedure for providing a pstm-mapping in a telecommunication system
Signal offset elimination
Cordless modem system having multiple base and remote stations which are interusable and secure
Method for channel allocation utilizing power restrictions
Covalently coupled troponin complexes
IL-13 Receptor chain
Peptide antagonists of CGRP-receptor superfamily and methods of use
Modified HGP-30 peptides, conjugates, compositions and methods of use
Hair styling shampoos containing low Tg latex polymer particles
Compositions based on alkyl polyglycosides and fatty alcohols, useful especially for preparing stabl...
Salal extracts having antimicrobial properties
Conferencing with a calling party
Method and combination for providing telephone calling and postal communications
Bidding for telecommunications traffic with request for service
Method, server and communications node for setting up fee-optimized communications connections
Process for making connections and accounting for connections in telecommunication systems
Splitterless modem with integrated off-hook detector
Methods and apparatus for automatic call routing including disambiguating routing decisions
Dried product and a drying process
Composition and its use as a food supplement or for lowering lipids in serum
Reduced calorie fat mimetics with an average number of oxyalkylene groups per molecule of no more th...
Green tea extract subjected to cation exchange treatment and nanofiltration to improve clarity and c...
Composition of nixtamilized maize dough for the production of maize pancakes
Process for the manufacture of a composite consumable product by double extrusion
Method for producing consumable items
Process for the preparation of spherically shaped microcomposites
Basic catalyst based on titanates, zirconates and hafnates
Ethylene-alpha-olefin polymers, processes and uses
Polymerization inhibition of isoprene
Method for preparing a carbonized resin DNA immunoadsorbent
System for alternately merging at least four fluids and its application in a separation process in a...
Process for converting hydrocarbons by treatment in a distillation zone comprising withdrawing a sta...
Ilex hybrid plant named `Conot`
Ilex hybrid plant named `Conty`
Trichilia dregeana plant named `M1`
Peach Tree `Sprinter`
Dimorphotheca plant named `Purple Blush`
`UF2000` peach tree
Scaevola plant named `Blue Shamrock`
Transgenic non-human mammal comprising a rabbit WAP promoter, uses thereof, and a DNA construct comp...
Process for the preparation of a tertiary perester
Purification of biologically active peptides from milk
Chemokine receptor 88-C
Personal care articles
Cross platform installer-with the ability to create platform independent variables of specific opera...
Landscape edging system having block attachment member
Receiving apparatus and data rewriting method
Method and apparatus for using system traces to characterize workloads in a data storage system
Gateway system and associated method
Method and system in a computer-based system for providing access to services associated with differ...
System and method for automatic transmission of personalized OLAP report output
System and method for controlling delivery of content over a communications network
Method and system for sharing applications between computer systems
System and method for facilitating generation and editing of event handlers
Menu for a graphical electronic display
Automated removal of narrow, elongated distortions from a digital image
Apparatus and method for automatically positioning a cursor on a control
Music box comb structure for playing duets
Method for calculation of a reduced interest mortgage payment plan
Stock option control and exercise system
Transfer system and method for transferring amounts in different local currencies between a pluralit...
Method and apparatus for efficient handling of product return transactions
On-line marketing system and method
Programmable shelf tag system
Visual presentation technique for data mining software
Picture search device and recording medium readable for the same
Performing operations on objects in a database system in a response to a request that specifies refe...
User-defined search using index exploitation
Bitmap segmentation
Upgrading of subscriber connection
Gain control for low noise amplifier
Circuit arrangement for adjusting the impedance of a differential active component
Desktop charger with wall stand
Compounds and methods for treating mitochondria-associated diseases
Use of (.alpha.-aminomethyl-3,4-dichlorobenzyl) thioacetamide derivatives for inhibiting dopamine re...
Use of valproic acid analog for the treatment and prevention of migraine and affective illness
Phorbol derivatives having antivirus activity
Farnesyl-protein transferase inhibitors
Method for treating and preventing mycobacterium infections
Combination therapy employing ileal bile acid transport inhibiting benzothiepines and HMG Co-A reduc...
Telephone annunciator
System and method for delivering voice messages to voice mail systems
Reliable, unattended, automated testing system and method for complex telecommunication systems
System and method for enhancing a communication link
Time delay based solution of a telecommunication route
Information communication apparatus
Field service system for analog current analysis of digitally controlled power devices
Simulated countercurrent moving bed chromatographic reactor and method for use thereof
Gas phase catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons to carboxylic acids and dehydrogenated products
Zeolites and processes for their manufacture
Process for producing polypropylene from C3 olefins selectively produced in a fluid catalytic cracki...
Hydrocarbon upgrading process
Method for reforming organics into shorter-chain unsaturated organic compounds
Preparation of alcohol-containing gasoline
Nectarine tree named `Honey Royale`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Choice`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yokey West`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Dueimriorni`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Actual`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Green Bay`
Phlox plant named `Nihon Kaki Variegated`
Sheeter wire apparatus
Method for continuously and quantitatively supplying bread dough
Noncarbonated beverage products with improved microbial stability and processes for preparing
Method for making grape leaves with meat
Method and device for preserving food products
Pastry dough or cake decorating device
Pastry dough or cake decorating device
EPH receptor ligands, and uses related thereto
.alpha.-conotoxin peptides
Escherichia coli csrA gene, protein encoded thereby, and methods of use thereof
10, 11-difluoromethylenedioxycamptothecin compounds with topoisomerase I inhibition
Promoters of neural regeneration
Method for treating B19 parvovirus infections
Cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositions comprising .beta.-adrenergic agonists/substance P antagonists
Method and apparatus for integer arithmetic
Method and apparatus for backing up data before updating the data and for restoring from the backups
Property based mechanism for flexibility supporting front-end and back-end components having differe...
Method and system for persisting beans as container-managed fields
Method and system for printing individualized calendars
Infusion pump with an electronically loadable drug library and a user interface for loading the libr...
System and method for developing and selecting a customized wellness plan
Instant response broadcast board system and method
Product sales enhancing internet game system
System and method for performing lottery ticket transactions utilizing point-of-sale terminals
Method and apparatus for maintaining multi-instance database management systems with hierarchical in...
Secondary index search
Method and apparatus for optimizing state transition table used for event-driven software
Method and apparatus for identifying names in ambient computer data
Histogram synthesis modeler for a database query optimizer
Scalable system for expectation maximization clustering of large databases
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
Treatment of urinary incontinence by administration of .alpha.1L-adrenoceptor agonists
Method for preventing or treating erectile dysfunction by administering an endothelin antagonist
Thiourea and benzamide compounds, compositions and methods of treating or preventing inflammatory di...
Nicotine beverage
Dry blend pharmaceutical formulations
Benzylidene-1,3-dihydro-indol-2-one derivatives a receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors, particularly ...
Speakerphone and microphone case for the same
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having improved double-talk detection
Echo controlling apparatus of video conferencing system and control method using the same
Telephony system command scheduler and precedent processor
Method for communicating between a service switching exchange of a telecommunication network and ser...
Filling compound
Process for producing polypropylene from C3 olefins selectively produced by a two stage fluid cataly...
Grandiflora rose plant named `KORbeteilich`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Factor`
Asteriscus plant named `Compact Gold Coin`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Class`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yokodiak`
Shrub rose plant named `JACstand`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dark Pink Yoblush`
Multi-layer toaster product and method for making same
Method for producing printed confectionery products
Composition and method for inducing satiety
Plant sterol-emulsifier complexes
Device for producing feed stuff or organic fertilizer from edible waste material through low tempera...
Pipe joint and a gasket therefor
Trash container door opening apparatus
Methods for treating vascular disorders using activated protein C
Variant EGIII-like cellulase compositions
Assay for detecting damage to the central nervous system
Microparticles attached to nanoparticles labeled with flourescent dye
Synthetic compounds and compositions with enhanced cell binding
Methods for treating hypercoagulable states or acquired protein C deficiency
Expression of urokinase plasminogen activator inhibitors
Attaching agents to tissue with transglutaminase and a transglutaminase substrate
Efficient routing of conductors between datapaths
Printed book augmented with associated electronic data
Collaborative recommendations using item-to-item similarity mappings
Benefits tracking and correlation system for use with third-party enabling organizations
Methods and apparatus for electronically storing and retrieving value information on a portable card
Method and apparatus for providing choices for a facility
Method and apparatus for funds and credit line transfers
Mail-order shopping system, and DVD and adapter both for use in the mail-order shopping system
Text structure analysis method and text structure analysis device
Hybrid hash join process
Method and apparatus for cross-linguistic database retrieval
Object oriented query model and process for complex heterogeneous database queries
Storage mapping and partitioning among multiple host processors in the presence of login state chang...
Apparatus and method of implementing fast internet real-time search technology (first)
Web interface and method for accessing directory information
Integrin receptor antagonists
Compounds possessing neuronal activity
Substituted aromatic compounds for treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections
Methods and compositions for treating allergic disorders and other disorders using norastemizole in ...
Taxane derivatives
Urea derivatives useful as platelet aggregation inhibitors
Substituted aryl hydroxamic acids as metalloproteinase inhibitors
Extended number portability database services
Method and apparatus for controlling characteristics of distributed telephone sets from a central te...
Telecommunication device
Apparatus and method for detecting focused overload
Consolidated billing system and method for use in telephony networks
Method for customizing and managing information in a voice mail system to facilitate call handling
Outgoing message selection based on caller identification and time/date constraints
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mascota`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoduluth`
Apple tree `Joburn`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Rose Delano`
Interspecific tree named `Flavorfall`
Regal pelargonium plant named `Fascination`
Hibiscus plant named `Audrey Mari`
Canister with detachable premium for containing a particulate-type product
Portable self-contained mobile vending unit
Disposable heating unit for food containers
Fish cage
Portable cat litter case and travel kit
Convection steamer
Close tolerance food slicing apparatus, blade and method
Melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor and uses
Diagnostic method for atherosclerosis
Reagents and methods for the screening of compounds useful in the treatment of neurological diseases
Recombinant keratinocytes
Vectors encoding a modified low affinity nerve growth factor receptor
Adeno-associated virus vector and cis-acting regulatory and promoter elements capable of expressing ...
Tissue specific transgene expression
Cosmetic composition for the nails and hair
Split I/O circuit for performance optimization of digital circuits
Apparatus and methods for identifying homophones among words in a speech recognition system
Data carrier system
Cardiac pacemaker lead with dual pitch fixation apparatus
Configurable arrhythmia analysis algorithm with security interface
Health care instrument containing oxidation-reduction potential measuring function
Telephone handset especially for use in a vehicle
Internet television program guide system with embedded real-time data
Risk adjustment tools for analyzing patient electronic discharge records
Parking space detection
System and method for synchronizing one time pad encryption keys for secure communication and access...
Customizable user interface for a mailing apparatus
Apparatus for weighing moving postal matter
Method and apparatus for secure distribution of authentication credentials to roaming users
Method and apparatus for conducting crypto-ignition processes between thin client devices and server...
Database system for management of arrays
Method for partitioning multi-dimensional data sets into rectangular partitions
Front-end proxy for transparently increasing web server functionality
Method and system for mastering locks in a multiple server database system
Data mining apparatus for discovering association rules existing between attributes of data
Method and computer program product for implementing skip key processing for database grouping queri...
Sprite-based video coding system with automatic segmentation integrated into coding and sprite build...
Modular digital assistant
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving passenger service system and telephone signals o...
Detailed information database management system
Ornamental liquid container producing dynamic views
Exoskeletal platform for controlling multi-directional avatar kinetics in a virtual environment
Remote controlled slot machines
Diffusing screen with matte region
Radio telephone
Personal mobile communications device having multiple units
Power control method and cellular radio system
Method for adjusting transmit power during call set-up, and a cellular radio system
Method for channel allocation
Video data encoder and decoder
Dual band antenna for a handset
Jewelry setting
Diamond cut
1H-imidazo[4,5-d]pyridazin-7-ones, 3H-imidazo-[4,5-c]pyridin-4-ones and corresponding thiones as cor...
Optical fiber having dye-labeled cytochrome C' immobilized on a fiber tip
Method and apparatus for creating a virtual microscope slide
Transgenic pathogen-resistant plant
Suppression of the IgE-dependent allergic response by benzimidazole analogs
Self-assembled taxo-diterpenoid nanostructures
Cocaine derivative, protein conjugate thereof, monoclonal antibody producing cell line, method for p...
Multi-services communications device
Method for creating and modifying similar and dissimilar databases for use in private branch exchang...
Hand-free handset for use with a cellular telephone in an automobile
Method for making call reservation using portable unit in facsimile apparatus
Automatic call distribution based on physical location of wireless terminals
Electrical connection for telephone with hinged cover
Process for separating linear alpha olefins from a crude stream containing saturated hydrocarbons, i...
Cat cracker gas plant process for increased olefins recovery
Fischer-tropsch activity for non-promoted cobalt-on-alumina catalysts
Process for thermal pyrolysis of a feedstock that contains ethane
Preparation of propene
Process for isomerizing and dehydrogenating aromatic compounds containing eight carbon atoms with di...
Process for the purification of a diolefin hydrocarbon stream
Anthurium plant named `Atwentyone`
Poinsettia plant named `Sole Mio`
Peach tree `Moon Light`
Poinsettia plant named `Winred`
Double impatiens plant named `Cameo Pink`
Angelonia plant named `Balangdeum`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Kalypso`
Versatile surface heating cartridge for cooking appliance
Article alignment device
Production of materials rich in conjugated isomers of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid residues
L-ascorbic acid-2-phosphoric acid potassium crystal and method for producing the same
Use of organosulfur compounds for effecting a bathocromic shift in the UV/vis absorption bands of ca...
Fish collagen and method of producing same
Use of polyalkylkene oxide-containing graft copolymers as solubilizers
Soybean cultivar 01022550
Nucleic acid molecules encoding 5'-phosphoribosyl-5-aminoimidazole (AIR) synthetase
Enhancer elements for increased translation in plant plastids