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Apparatus and method for shunting induced currents in an electrical lead
Contact for vacuum interrupter, and vacuum interrupter using same
Method and apparatus for maintaining compression of the active area in an electrochemical cell
High vinyl ether modified sinterable polytetrafluoroethylene
Antisense compositions and cancer-treatment methods
Method of controlling a swinging boom and apparatus for controlling the same
Connector scheme for use with handheld computers and accessory devices
Non-isotopic detection of osteoblastic activity in vivo using modified bisphosphonates
Method and apparatus for integrating the user interfaces of multiple applications into one applicati...
High linolenic acid flax
Printed-board supporting device, electric-component mounting system, and process of manufacturing pr...
Vibration isolation system
Device for improved slag retention in water cooled furnace elements
Calcium silicate insulating material containing blast furnace slag cement
Method for controlling transitions between operating modes of an engine for rapid heating of an emis...
Anisotropic conductive sheet and wafer inspection device
Smart connector patch panel
Liquid reservoir for nebulizer
Ferroelectric memory cell and methods for fabricating the same
Methods and apparatus for subterranean fluid separation and removal
Thin film forming apparatus, film supplier, film cassette, transport mechanism and transport method
Production of potable water and freshwater needs for human, animal and plants from hot and humid air
Cosmetic care or makeup composition for a keratin material comprising at least one photoprotective a...
Photodegradation-resistant electrodepositable coating compositions with improved throw power and pro...
Atmospheric water absorption and retrieval device
Self-adherent roofing membrane without the need for a removable release liner
Roof anchor method and apparatus
Digital measuring instrument having flexible measuring line
Method of determining the volume scattering function of ocean waters in the backward direction using...
Novel functionalized polymer for oligonucleotide purification
Particle detection method
Adsorbent for cytokine, method of adsorptive removal, and apparatus adsorptive removal
Waste processing system
Use of cerium salts to inhibit manganese deposition in water systems
Automated chemical application system and method
Installation for producing products using a fluid
Methods for the purification of contaminated waters
Method of reducing amount of peroxides, reducing fuel sediments and enhancing fuel system elastomer ...
Compositions for removing metal ions from aqueous process solutions and methods of use thereof
Flow-through fluidized filter tubes for water treatment
Anti-microbial and oxidative co-polymer
Separation system, components of a separation system and methods of making and using them
Method for the recovery of acids from hydrometallurgy process solutions
Device and device for treating aqueous liquids in human medical treatment
Devices, systems, and methods for reducing levels of pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory stimulato...
Method for treating reverse osmosis membranes with chlorine dioxide
Method of controlling a dialysis apparatus
Activated sludge process and apparatus with high biomass concentration using a downflow sludge blank...
Septic system remediation method and apparatus
Integrated closed loop system for industrial water purification
Used water treatment system for residences and the like
Filter element and filter apparatus for cross-flow filtration processes
Floral development genes
Control of plant flowering time by regulating the expression of phytochrome c
Nucleic acid compositions conferring herbicide resistance
Methods of producing nucleic acids coding for proteins have raffinose synthase activity
Nucleotide sequences of a new class of diverged delta-9 stearoyl-ACP desaturase genes
Genes which produce staygreen characteristics in maize and their uses
Rice glutelin gene promoters
Method of modifying genome in higher plant
Homeotic genes and proteins, and uses thereof
Perv screening method and use thereof
Methods of producing compounds from plant materials
Method for separating xylose from lignocelluloses rich in xylan, in particular wood
Polynucleotide intercalator interceptors and inhibitors
Novel human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Breast cancer-associated genes and uses thereof
Global suppressors of p53 mutations
Recombinant immunogens for the generation of antivenoms to the venom of scorpions of the genus Centr...
Identification of Histoplasma capsulatum using a PCR assay
Gastrokines and derived peptides including inhibitors
Human antibody molecules for IL-13
Antibodies that specifically bind to TR2
Detection and differentiation of specific strains of citrus tristeza virus
Nodavirus-like DNA expression vector and uses therefor
Process for the manufacture of carotenoids and biologically useful materials thereof
Methods and materials for detecting genetic material
Detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae and immunization against Streptococcus pneumoniae infection
Nucleic acid sequencing using charge-switch nucleotides
Recombinant MVA virus expressing dengue virus antigens, and the use thereof in vaccines
Method and apparatus for performing multiple processing steps on a sample in a single vessel
Preparation of DNA encoding factor XIIIA
DNA encoding novel D-aminoacylase and process for producing D-amino acid by using the same
Ricin vaccine and methods of making and using thereof
Method for cloning and expression of BsrGI restriction endonuclease and BsrGI methyltransferase in E...
Cytochrome c oxidase enzyme complex
Method and antibody for imaging lung cancer
Transfer server of a secure system for unattended remote file and message transfer
Communication device
Method for controlling an elevator utilizing a mobile telephone
Radio wave absorber and production method thereof
Electronic method and apparatus for detecting and reporting dislocation of heavy mining equipment
Tunable transmission line stub coupled to a fluid dielectric
Mobile radio communications device having a PLL that phase locks with two crystal oscillators
Apparatus and method including a memory device having multiple sets of memory banks with duplicated ...
Electrode-less discharge lamp lighting apparatus, bulb-shaped electrode-less fluorescent lamp, and d...
Short-time arc welding system and method
Weld gun equalizer
Defogger line forming device
Acylated insulin
Synthetic bioepitope compounds which can be used as standards in the biological assays of Troponin I
Methods of using oxidized fungal antigens in antibody testing
Automatic diagnostic apparatus
Development unit with restrictor for developing electrostatic latent images with improved density
Method and apparatus for logical detach for a hot-plug-in data bus
Pretrimming of tunable finite response (FIR) filter
Coaxial narrow angle dark field lighting
Architectures for evolving traditional service provider networks and methods of optimization therefo...
Optical pickup apparatus, recording/reproducing apparatus provided with the optical pickup apparatus...
Aberration-correcting window configurations
Dual-band lens
Method for evaluating image formation performance
Fixing mechanism for use in image forming apparatus
Developing liquid coating device, developing device including the same and image forming apparatus i...
Printer and printing method for obtaining a remaining printable distance on the rear end side of a p...
Inside rose liner for a door lock
Base assembly for a sunshade
Joint for connecting wrench with socket
Viewfinder optical system
Interlace overlap pixel design for high sensitivity CMOS image sensors
Arithmetic unit for correcting detection output in which corrected operation output is sensitive to ...
Image forming method and image forming material
Catalyst and method for producing polytetrahydrofurane
Apparatus for measuring shape of lens-frames
Multi-directional wiping elements and device using the same
Label holder for moist environments
Association between the acid phosphatase (ACP1) gene and Alzheimer's disease
Digital radio frequency tag
Method and apparatus for vertical voltage potential mapping
Thermally compensated current sensing of intrinsic power converter elements
Float switch with protective boot
System and device for reducing signal interference in patient monitoring systems
Polymeric urea-urethane rheology control agents and a process for their preparation
Water curable polyurethane compositions and uses thereof
Stabilizer mixtures for polyolefins
Motor control method for magnetic disk drive
Low invasive implantable cardiac prosthesis and method for helping improve operation of a heart valv...
Two stage light curable stent and delivery system
Bag sealing system and method
Handle accessory for vehicle
Instrument panel
Modular cast independent front suspension subframe
Vehicle support assembly
Front body structure for vehicle
Vehicle wheel transmission
Forklift with transverse travel system
Motorcycle having stationary belt tensioner
Method and apparatus for proportionally assisted propulsion
Front suspension with three ball joints for a vehicle
Mobility vehicle
Wheeled-tracked vehicle hybrid
Method and device for battery load sharing
Process for production of modified thermoplastic resin and modified thermoplastic resins
Polypropylene-based resin composition and injection molded article comprising the same
Stripping composition
Pyridazin-3-one derivatives, their use and intermediates for their production
Spin-on adhesive for temporary wafer coating and mounting to support wafer thinning and backside pro...
Product recovery from supercritical mixtures
Monitoring instrument
Reactor wall coating and processes
Method for sterilizing transformed cells
Transition metal compound, catalyst for addition polymerization, and process for producing addition ...
Catalyst component for addition polymerization, process for producing catalyst for addition polymeri...
Chemically amplified positive resist composition
Scalable MOS field effect transistor
Semiconductor device utilizing dummy features to form uniform sidewall structures
Ferroelectric liquid crystal devices using materials with a de Vries smectic A phase
Simultaneous recording of multispectral fluorescence signatures
Microfabricated cylindrical ion trap
Apparatus for preparing polyolefin products and methodology for using the same
Method and apparatus for determining power dissipation
Predicting performance of a set of video processing devices
ADSL loop qualification systems and methods
Method for handling incominc calls directed to a virtual communication service subscriber via a shar...
Active voice messaging
Telecommunications provider agent
Method, system and computer product for formulating a bi-directional color match
Method and apparatus for displaying full and selected dynamic data in a data processing system
Personal address updates using directory assistance data
Distributed text-to-speech synthesis between a telephone network and a telephone subscriber unit
System and method for storing and transferring information tokens in a low network communication
Voice storage device and incoming call answering system
Method and apparatus for tunable interferometer utilizing variable air density
Method and apparatus for finding a fault in a signal path on a printed circuit board
Production method of hexahydrofurofuranol derivative, intermediate therefor and production method th...
Limited play data storage media and method for limiting access to data thereon
In-line optical device with removable housing and method
Bent gate transistor modeling
Benzofused heterozryl amide derivatives of thienopyridines useful as therapeutic agents, pharmaceuti...
Apparatus for the diagnosis and therapy of neuro-muscular and other tissue disorders
Antenna for deployment from underwater location
Wetness monitoring system for tracking wetness events in diapers
Non-peptide tachykinin receptor antagonists
Input impedance arrangement for RF transponder
Knowledge acquisition in expert systems
Method of converting geospatial database into compressive database for multiple dimensional data sto...
Method for traversing quadtrees, octrees, and N-dimensional bi-trees
Fault detection system with real-time database
Method of implicit partitioning the storage space available on a storage medium
Method and system of synchronizing databases of a plurality of monitoring devices
Managing customizable settings in computer systems
Optical switch with connection verification
Method for more efficient electroporation
Complementing cell lines
Passivation of nerve agents by surface modified enzymes stabilized by non-covalent immobilization on...
Process for the enzymatic preparation of enantiomer-enriched .beta.-amino acids
Adjustable nasal dilator filter
Method and system for internet entrance security identification and IC card verification hardware de...
Integrated remote control unit for operating a television and a video game unit
Coupling mechanism for a two piece printer cartridge
Display attachment for sulky
Olefin polymerization catalyst component and catalyst system and polymerization process using such a...
High power AllnGaN based multi-chip light emitting diode
Method and apparatus for electro-optical disk memory
Platform based imaging system
Combined nanotechnology and sensor technologies for simultaneous diagnosis and treatment
Method of alignment for precision tools.
Silver comprising nanoparticles and related nanotechnology
Electronic circuit device, system, and method
Products comprising nano-precision engineered electronic components
Nanoscale coherent optical components
Application of Hebbian and anti-Hebbian learning to nanotechnology-based physical neural networks
Semiconductor and device nanotechnology and methods for their manufacture
Positioning and motion control by electrons, Ions, and neutrals in electric fields
Color pigments nanotechnology
Printing inks and reagents for nanoelectronics and consumer products
Method for measuring the microrelief of an object and optical characteristics of near-surface layer,...
Nanotechnology for agriculture, horticulture, and pet care
Linear variable differential transformers for high precision position measurements
Computation integration on demand
Method for providing nano-structures of uniform length
Physical neural network design incorporating nanotechnology
Apparatus and method for detecting microorganisms
DNA and RNA sequencing by nanoscale reading through programmable electrophoresis and nanoelectrode-g...
Multiwavelength pyrometer for measurement in hostile environments
Device for incorporation and release of biologically active agents
Implant material and process for using it
Device for incorporation and release of biologically active agents
Device for incorporation and release of biologically active agents
Implant material
Silicon-germanium-carbon compositions and processes thereof
Self-assembling multimeric nucleic acid constructs
Wet chemical etchants
Method and system for controlling presentation of information to a user based on the user's conditio...
System and method for identifying a food event, tracking the food product, and assessing risks and c...
Conflict detection and resolution in association with data allocation
Method of building predictive models on transactional data
Genetic manipulation method
Methods of affecting hypothalamic-related conditions
Electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nerve chain
Electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nerve chain
Amino-alkyl derivatives
Secreted salivary zsig63 polypeptide
Human cytokine receptor
Inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase
Methods and compositions for treating rheumatoid arthritis
Compounds useful as promoters of SMN2
Chroman derivatives
7,8-Bicycloalkyl-chroman derivatives
Method for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia
Methods to increase plasma HDL cholesterol levels and improve HDL functionality with probucol monoes...
Treatment of mitochondrial diseases
Carotenoid ether analogs or derivatives for the inhibition and amelioration of ischemic reperfusion ...
Pharmaceutical compositions including carotenoid ether analogs or derivatives for the inhibition and...
Compositions and methods for treating cellular response to injury and other proliferating cell disor...
Methods and compositions for the treatment of motor neuron injury and neuropathy
C-jun phosphorylation inhibitors
Dynamic nerve stimulation for treatment of disorders
Applications of vagal stimulation
Apparatus and methods for forming gastrointestinal tissue approximations
Patch-like infusion device
Patch-like infusion device
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus for body composition analysis
Endoluminal tool deployment system
Endoluminal tool deployment system
Aminoalkylamide substituted cyclohexyl derivatives
Azole compound and medicinal use thereof
Comprehensive pharmacologic therapy for treatment of obesity including cysteine
Thiazole derivatives as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Method of reducing the risk of oxidative stress
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods comprising combinations of 2-alkylidene-19-nor-vitamin D der...
Cellulose gypsum based substrate with increased water resistance and strength by surface application...
Composite building components
Cement compositions comprising strength-enhancing lost circulation materials and methods of cementin...
Poly(arylene ether)-polyolefin composition, method for the preparation thereof, and articles derived...
Brick additives and methods for using same
System and method for identification of false statements
Teaching Tie
Consequence based story block learning system
Laparoscopic and endoscopic trainer including a digital camera
Toilet training doll system and device
Colour coded system for writing
Literacy education system for students with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD)
System and method for training users with audible answers to spoken questions
Hand-writing practicing system
Toy for use with vertical surfaces
Mail sever security login identification system and method with IC card identification hardware devi...
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus, portable recording and reproducing apparatus, data transfer ...
Method and apparatus for recording/reproducing or producing a waveform using time position informati...
Method and apparatus to simulate rotational sound
Musical tone signal generation apparatus accommodated for multiple users playing music in ensemble
Musical tone-generating method
Ocarinas with an inner liner and an outer shell
Mute for stringed instrument
Game call device
Generic emulator of devices in a device communications protocol
Non-blocking concurrent queues with direct node access by threads
Sparse caching for streaming media
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Method and system for personal policy-controlled automated response to information transfer requests
Content and task-execution services provided through dialog-based interfaces
Application service provider model for manufacturers product specification data
Hash value computer of content of digital signals
Region-based memory management for object-oriented programs
Test generator for database management systems providing tight joins
Image retrieval based on relevance feedback
Automatic database statistics creation
Encrypted content data stracture package and generation thereof
User access to a unique data subset of a database
Consumer-based system and method for managing and paying electronic billing statements
Electronic bill presentment and payment system
Client portal
System and method for managing an advertising campaign on a network
System and method for devising a human interactive proof that determines whether a remote client is ...
Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
Apparatus and method for networking driver protocol enhancement
Three-dimensional model to facilitate user comprehension and management of information
Method, system, and program product for transaction management in a distributed content management a...
Method of real time collision detection between geometric models
System and method for performing predictable signature analysis
RF remote appliance control/monitoring network
Stereotactic apparatus and methods
Stored-media interface engine providing an abstract record of stored multimedia files within a multi...
Communication system and methodology for sending a designator for at least one of a set of time-divi...
Driver assist information transmitter, a driver assist information receiver, and a driver assist inf...
Method for coding and decoding multimedia data
Orientation preserving angular swivel joint
High resolution bathymetric sonar system and measuring method for measuring the physiognomy of the s...
Boat hull tunnel extension
Ultra fine dead sea mineral compound and method of manufacture
Pontoon stabilized aluminum water craft
Kayak with adjustable cockpit walls
Assembly for launching bodies from an underwater platform
Multipurpose tower for monohull
Twin hull personal watercraft
Pontoon with shell therefor
Bottom base for a soft water-spouting toy
Musical baby bottle
Points device for toy railway
Reusable paint grenade
Multi-layer three-dimensional display
Programmable AED-CPR training device
Bow tying learning device
Teaching cylinder instrument
System and method for generating personalized meal plans
Architectures for and methods of providing network-based software extensions
Method and apparatus implemented in a firewall for communicating information between programs employ...
Medical records data security system
Scheme for information delivery to mobile computers using cache servers
System and method for a display device using a priority messaging protocol
Scalable IP-based notification architecture for unified messaging
Base service architectures for netcentric computing systems
Portable high speed internet device with user fees
Workflow encapsulation in stateless environments
Method and system for automated document generation
Information use frequency prediction program, information use frequency prediction method, and infor...
Achieving buyer-seller anonymity for unsophisticated users under collusion amongst intermediaries
Secured purchasing system
System and method for use of distributed electronic wallets
System, method and computer program product for on-line real-time price comparison and adjustment wi...
Distributed network voting system
Method and system for procuring, storing and distributing remotely accessed data gathered by logging...
Shared address-data service for personal CE equipment
Voice processing system
System and method for efficiently accessing affiliated network addresses from a wireless device
Use of internet WEB technology for wireless internet access
Mixture model for motion lines in a virtual reality environment
Tilt-compensated laser rangefinder
Multi-layer nano-particle preparation and applications
Adhesive microstructure and method of forming same
Recovery of xylose
Measurement head for atomic force microscopy and other applications
Golf ball with non-ionomeric layer
Turf divot fixer and golf tee holder with cover
Putting practice kit and method
Golf club alignment aid
System and method for updating a geographic database using satellite imagery
System for accessing content by virtual remote control through mapping channel codes to network addr...
System and method for real-time, personalized, dynamic, interactive voice services for entertainment...
Juvenile swing apparatus having motorized drive assembly
Solo-operable seesaw
Amusement device
Method for playing a casino card game
Commission-free Pai Gow
Strategic board game
Game with accumulable tokens
Rotor torque anticipator
Cargo loading system
Apparatus and methods of attaching panels to support structures
Cockpit door of aircraft
Aircraft engine mounting
Protection device for a jet engine air intake structure
Aerodynamic stabilization of a projectile
System containing an anamorphic optical system with window, optical corrector, and sensor
Proactive optical trajectory following system
Laminated packaging material and method for producing the same
Continuous extrusion using dynamic shoe positioning
Differential time-to-threshold A/D conversion in digital imaging arrays
Interleaved digital correction for MASH delta-sigma ADC
Scaffold-organized clusters and electronic made using such clusters
Functionalized polymers for medical applications
Adaptive electric field modulation of neural systems
Heterocyclic derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Interprocess communication mechanism for heterogeneous computer processes
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Subexpression selection of expression represented in contiguous tokenized polish representation
Method and apparatus for obtaining an electrocardiograph
Image forming apparatus
Non-intrusive method of measuring engine operating parameters
Integrated circuit design layout compaction method
Method of controlling monoalkyl aromatic process
Display device
Method and apparatus for synchronization of row and column access operations
Power consumption controller for pressurized gas lights
Distal protection device and method
Metathesis polymerization adhesives and coatings
Valve structure for use in a pipe coupling and a pipe coupling comprising the valve structure
Interlocking masonry wall block
Anhydrous lactitol crystals, a product containing the same and a process for the preparation thereof...
Gasket for sealing a heating chamber of an electronic coffee maker
Method and system for maintaining connections between surfaces and objects in a graphics display sys...
Optical information recording medium
Defrosting agent and method for melting snow and ice
Carrier coupler for thyristor-based semiconductor device
Filament fastening system tag
Specific genetic modification of the activity of trehalose-6-phosphate synthase and expression in a ...
Polysaccharide aldehydes prepared by oxidation method and used as strength additives in papermaking
Selective separation of iron by treatment with an ion-exchanging resin comprising diphosphonic acid ...
Hand tool apparatus for orbital drilling
Digital signal processing apparatus and processing method, and digital signal reproduction/reception...
Antenna selection circuit for use in mobile computers
Gas operated contraction drive
Therapeutic agent for mastitis of livestock and method for treating mastitis using the same agent
Optical fiber wiring board
Firelog grate
Modification of nanotubes oxidation with peroxygen compounds
Vehicle tracking system
Method of staining target interphase chromosomal DNA
Oxime as perfuming ingredient
Acidic mammalian proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Methods and systems for analyzing complex biological systems
Shape memory alloy/shape memory polymer tools
Compounds for generating chemiluminescence with a peroxidase
Database commit control mechanism that provides more efficient memory utilization through considerat...
Polyurethane foams and method of manufacture thereof
Low-frequency sonar countermeasure
Cash dispensing automated banking machine and method
Coupled rangefinder/parallax 4.times.5 camera
Digital video recorder and method of operating the same
Biochemical sensor system with increased sensitivity by molecular amplification of signal
Multiple-setting portable dryer and circuit designs thereof
System and method for utilizing a hierarchical bitmap structure for locating a set of contiguous ord...
Solar thermal aerosol flow reaction process
Oxygen and inhalation medication delivery system
System, method and computer program product for guaranteeing electronic transactions
Ferroelectric memory cell array and device for operating the same
Display unit
Flat display panels and having a ventilation duct secured to a back substrate via a sealing member, ...
Start-up of a methanol-to-olefin process
Synthetic hydrocarbon fluid
Method and system for detecting cross linked files
Train corridor scheduling process
Phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate
Data management system and method for automatically propagating information to disparate information...
System for interfacing an application program with diverse databases
Event interface for a carrier manager system
Content usage control system, content usage apparatus, computer readable recording medium with progr...
Systems and methods for credit line monitoring
Method and apparatus for communicating with a card distribution center for selecting, ordering, and ...
Remote ordering system
Electronic shopping assistant and method of use
On-line method and apparatus for collecting demographic information about a user of a world-wide-web...
Method and system for recruiting personnel
Shipment tracking analysis and reporting system (STARS)
Selection of link and fall-through address using a bit in a branch address for the selection
Parallel distributed function translation lookaside buffer
Method, system, and computer program product for migrating data from one real page to another
System and method for a communication terminal to manage memory and maintain a current application v...
System and method for memory reclamation
Method for managing data stored primarily in a read-only memory
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for managing a reusable linear access storage medium
System and method for memory interleaving using cell map with entry grouping for higher-way interlea...
Microcontroller having an embedded non-volatile memory array with read protection for the array or p...
Shared memory
Eliminating unnecessary data pre-fetches in a multiprocessor computer system
Caching mechanism for a virtual heap
Cache-flushing engine for distributed shared memory multi-processor computer systems
Method and system for implementing variable sized extents
FIFO memory devices having multi-port cache and extended capacity memory devices therein with retran...
Distributed computer system including a virtual disk subsystem and method for providing a virtual lo...
System bus read data transfers with data ordering control bits
System and method for using anonymous tokens for efficient memory management
Content addressed memories
Cow bank
Portions of post mountable mail boxes
Trash can
Canine collar with handle
Dog bed
Protective face shield support
Protective face shield assembly
Protective face shield molded lens
Battery operated dental flosser
Electric nose hair shaver
Eyelash curler
Decorative plate
Lipstick shape motion lamp
Lighting fixture
Light fixture
Ceiling fan light fixture
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Terra-cotta construction element
Window sash frame extrusion
Nucleic acid detection kits
Fluorinated di-aryl urea compounds
Methods to modulate conditions mediated by the CXCR4 receptor
Death domain containing receptor 5 antibodies
Human hydrolytic enzymes
Methods for increasing polypeptide production
Scaffolded fusion polypeptides and compositions and methods for making the same
Hyaluronan-binding proteins and encoding genes
Analytical system based upon spore germination
In vitro process for selecting phage resistant to blood inactivation
Methods for selecting polynucleotides encoding T cell epitopes
Viruses comprising mutant ion channel protein
Non-toxic immune stimulating enterotoxin compositions
Liver stem cell
Remote IPSec security association management
Microporous diffusion apparatus
Method of depolluting soil polluted by hydrocarbons
Retaining wall block and drainage system
Apparatus and method of supporting a structure with a pier
Wood support piling with composite wrappings and method for reinforcing the same
Hard bodied high capacity catch basin filtration system
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with carbon dioxide sequestration
Rapid cook oven with dual flow fan assembly
One pop popcorn popper
Programmable slow-cooker appliance
Sealing gasket for closure and process for production of closure using the same
Product containing Lactobacillus reuteri strain ATTC PTA-4965 or PTA-4964 for inhibiting bacteria ca...
Nixtamalization process
Aromatized soluble creamer powder
Sugar-free pharmaceutical products
Method of packing and shipping pickles
Method of reducing or preventing Maillard reactions in potato with hexose oxidase
Process for the manufacture of probiotic cheese
Edible chewing gum and process for preparing
Oral vaccines
Food basting device
X-ray shielding structure for food inspection station
Spill-proof refrigerator shelf
Hermetic compressor casing
Honeycomb core acoustic unit with metallurgically secured deformable septum, and method of manufactu...
Electroacoustic transducer frame and method of making the same
Apparatus and method for detecting packet arrival time
Combine audio and ringing mode
Speech recognition system and method permitting user customization
Apparatus for removing echo from speech signals with variable rate
Computer-equipped mobility device and method of connecting to a network
Precision, low-power current-sense transmission channel for subscriber line interface circuit, progr...
Distributed production system for digitally encoding information
Telephone subscriber system
Business card presentation via mobile phone
System and method for DTMF detection using likelihood ratios
Method and an apparatus for adding a new member to an active group call in a group communication net...
System and method for announcing a message through a private branch exchange
Method and apparatus for solving number portability in origin
Network linkage type private branch exchange system and control method thereof
Telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for handling telecommunications connections
System and method for preserving caller privacy
Generic service component for voice processing services
Telephony network optimization method and system
Digital camera having a position sensor
Method for developing a photoresist pattern
Iris with integrated drive motor
HRPCa9 and HRPCa10 nucleic acids and polypeptides
Image acquisition apparatus
Optical input device for measuring finger movement
Inbred maize line PH890
Inbred maize line PH7BW
Genes for microsomal delta-12 fatty acid desaturases and related enzymes from plants
Mapping molecular interactions in plants with protein fragments complementation assays
Ammonium sulfate for neutralization of inhibitory effects
Polypeptide compositions formed using a coiled-coil template and methods of use
Glycopeptide disulfide and thioester derivatives
Production method of polyester containing epoxy group in side chain and production method of crossli...
Magnetic particles as solid phase for multiplex flow assays
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Antigens embedded in thermoplastic
Genes coding for tomato .beta.-galactosidase polypeptides
Proteomic analysis
System and method for parallel execution of data generation tasks
Modified vanadium compound, producing method thereof, redox flow battery electrolyte composite and r...
Synthesis of hexammine cobaltic salts
Porous molybdenum disilicide-based material prepared by self-propagating high temperature synthesis ...
Flue gas processing apparatus and desulfurization method
Reduction of N2O emissions
Method and apparatus for NOx and SO2 removal
Apparatus and methods for removing mercury from fluid streams
Bactericidal silicon dioxide doped with silver
Chemical manufacture of nanostructured materials
Method for the reformation of fuels, in particular heating oil
Method for removing ammonia from a gas comprising hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and water
Method for manufacturing single crystal ceramic powder, and single crystal ceramic powder, composite...
Preparation of magnetic metal-filled carbon nanocapsules
Laser diode collimating system
Multipass geometry and constructions for diode-pumped solid-state lasers and fiber lasers, and for o...
Laser diode chip with waveguide
Semiconductor laser element including optical waveguide layers which have gradually varying bandgaps...
Semiconductor laser and semiconductor laser module
Nitride semiconductor laser device and optical information reproduction apparatus using the same
Semiconductor laser diode
Solid-state laser
Techniques for biasing lasers
Information recording medium having parallel grooves with alternating convex-concave sections
Missile warning and protection system for aircraft platforms
Three-Dimensional optical memory with fluorescent photosensitive vitreous material read and written ...
Machine for performing machining operations on a workpiece and method of controlling same
Semiconductor laser device and optical pickup apparatus
Methods of verifying requirement for replacement of a main unit and of a component of image formatio...
Apparatus for lengthening the path of a light beam
Optical subassembly for optical communications
Hybrid chirped pulse amplification system
Transmission optical fiber
Laser refraction system
Removal of photoresist and photoresist residue from semiconductors using supercritical carbon dioxid...
PGC-1, a novel brown fat PPAR.gamma. coactivator
Methods for treating the cardia of the stomach
Pharmacological uses of azetidine derivatives
Antipsychotic sulfonamide-heterocycles, and methods of use thereof
Polymorphic forms of sertraline hydrochloride
Substituted cyclic compounds, preparation method and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Phenyl-substituted indoles and indazoles
Adenosine receptor ligands
Substituted cyclic amine metalloprotease inhibitors
LFA-1 antagonist compounds
Insulin receptor-related receptor binding protein
Combination shoehorn, shoe counter clip and sock applier
Raw material selection and analysis for the isolation of proteinase inhibitor II from whole potatoes
Easy access commode seat
Image-forming material and image formation method
Thermosensitive recording material
Antistat of onium salt and polyether polymer
Cartridge for containing recording medium
Disk case
Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and supplying medium
Servo writer
Data storage device
Magnetic tunnel effect type magnetic head, and method of producing same
CPP spin valve head with bias point control
Exchange coupling film capable of improving playback characteristics
Read head having high resistance soft magnetic flux guide layer for enhancing read sensor efficiency
Magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Side rail slider having improved fly height control
Recording and/or reproducing device comprising a coated tape guide
Write head with high moment film layer having tapered portion extending beyond write gap layer
Disk drive having a reinforcing arrangement against an external stress applied thereto
Magnetic media with readable topographical features in combination with a slider-mounted non-magneti...
Cartridge orientation apparatus for cartridge storage magazines and method
Control object positioning using jerk, current and time optimized control profiles
Method, system, and program for estimating coil resistance of a voice coil motor in a disk drive sys...
Enhanced MR offset with dynamic tuning range
Hybrid servopositioning systems
Efficient storage and error recovery of moving pictures experts group (MPEG) video streams in audio/...
Timing skew compensation technique for parallel data channels
Method and software for testing and performance monitoring
Circuit protection device with half cycle self test
Synthetic antigens for the detection of antibodies to hepatitis C virus
Method and system for mapping strings for comparison
Wasted toner storing apparatus of an image forming apparatus having a rotating dispersing member
Peak selection in multidimensional data
Apparatus and method for measuring of any imbalance of a motorcycle wheel
High free shrink, high modulus, low shrink tension film with elastic recovery
Process for preparing polyfluoroalkylithium compounds
Biomaterials containing hyaluronic acid derivatives in the form of three-dimensional structures free...
Molecularly imprinted polymeric sensor for the detection of explosives
Developing assembly, process cartridge and image-forming method
Surface finishing of paper or board
Areal electric conductor comprising a constriction
Bristle for a toothbrush, particularly for an electric toothbrush, and method for its manufacture
Card holder
Product comprising at least a no synthase inhibiting substance associated with at least a phospholip...
Finely divided polysaccharide derivatives
Hand winch handle with release feature that permits cable to wind off of winch drum without handle r...
Mounting system for clay target thrower and rifle/pistol rest
Confocal-reflection streak lidar apparatus with strip-shaped photocathode, for applications at a wid...
System, method, and program for implementing priority inheritance in an operating system
High purity olefinic naphthas for the production of ethylene and propylene
Hepp, a novel gene with a role in hematopoietic and neural development
Utilizing a high bandwidth communications channel for broadcasting network data during off-peak hour...
Process for the preparation of SBR rubbers with an improved processability and a lower rolling resis...
Method for preparing chelated catalyst for olefin polymerization
Small molecule inhibitors of secretion of proteins encoded by ARE-mRNAs
Tool for facilitating the connecting of a catheter or other tubular member onto a guide-wire without...
Web based email control center for monitoring and providing a sumary of the detected event informati...
Method and device for processing a received signal transmitting coded data
Bubble pack cushioned composite, method of making and article made therefrom
Integrity checking an executable module and associated protected service provider module
Mutatably transparent displays
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synt...
Insulators for high density circuits
Methods of positioning and/or orienting nanostructures
Optical fiber array assembly and method of making
Geranium plant named `Genlibwi`
System and method for unified registration information collection
Vacuum platen assembly for fluid-ejection device with one or more aerosol-collection recesses
Metadata driven system for effecting extensible data interchange based on universal modeling languag...
Secure remote servicing of a computer system over a computer network
Fluoropolymer resins containing ionic or ionizable groups and products containing the same
Secured document, system for manufacturing same and system for reading this document
Light emitting polymer composition, and organic electroluminescence device and production process th...
Method of fabricating a ferroelectric stacked memory cell
Resource access/return system
Nitride semiconductor device
Automated paperless order selection system
Providing optical elements over emissive displays
Data communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for identifying and tracking project trends
Reference control for optical measurement of nucleated red blood cells of a blood sample
Method and apparatus for preparing cell samples for intracellular antigen detection using flow cytom...
Method and system for transporting and storing multiple reagent packs and reagent packs used therein
Methods for detecting intracellular defensins in various leukocyte subpopulations
Differential determination of hemoglobins
Method for measurement of immature granulocytes
Methods and systems for detecting MHC class I and II binding peptides
Immobilization of biomolecules on substrates by attaching them to adsorbed bridging biomolecules
Streptococcus pyogenes DNase B leader peptide and methods for its use
Pipette tip box shucking method and apparatus
Photo-induced electron transfer fluorescent sensor molecules
Immobilization of unmodified biopolymers to acyl fluoride activated substrates
Novel complex of human kallikrein 2 (hK2) and protease inhibitor-6 (PI-6) in prostate tumor tissue a...
Method for removing amplification inhibitors from test samples
Antisense modulation of histone deacetylase 4 expression
Method of identifying inhibitors of Tie-2
CXCR3 antagonists
Dipeptide phenyl ethers
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Methods for treating autoimmune disorders, and reagents related thereto
Treatment of demyelinating conditions
N-alkylated diaminopropane derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Biological markers for diagnosing multiple sclerosis
Human KCNQ5 potassium channel, methods and compositions thereof
Gene expression profiling technology for treatment evaluation of multiple sclerosis
Sigma ligands for neuronal regeneration and functional recovery
Pyrrolopyrimidines as phosphodiesterase vII inhibitors
CCR5 antagonists useful for treating AIDS
Antagonists of MCP-1 function and methods of use thereof
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Substituted cycloalkylamine derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Para-amino benzoic acids as integrin antagonists
Lactams of alkylated acyclic diamine derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Synthetic peptides and dna sequences for treatment of multiple sclerosis
Phase mask for forming diffraction grating, and optical fiber and optical waveguide having diffracti...
Optical polarization beam combiner/splitter
Manufacturing method of color wheel, and color wheel fabricated thereby and incorporated in color wh...
Apparatus for detecting inaccuracy of machining of finished workpiece
Microscope drape lens protective cover assembly
Optical system and optical pickup apparatus therewith
Objective lens, coupling lens, light converging optical system, and optical pick-up apparatus
Single focus telescopic lens
Cam mechanism
Optical component thickness adjustment method and optical component
Color-simulating apparatus
System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
Structured light source
Imaging forming apparatus
Electric projection screen roller and balance rod assembly
Projection apparatus panel assembly
Highly integrated hybrid component for high power optical amplifier application
L-band optical amplifier based on thulium-doped silica fiber with cut-off
All band amplifier
Discrete amplification of an optical signal
Any-to-any all-optical wavelength converter
Modular mission payload control software
Narrowband signal processor
Pulse descriptor word collector
Zeus code tool a method for implementing same and storage medium storing computer readable instructi...
Rocket motor propellant temperature simulator
Triazole crosslinked polymers in recyclable energetic compositions and method of preparing the same
Reduced-oxygen breathing device
Conversion of waste into highly efficient fuel
Surf zone mine clearance and assault system
Small head-mounted compass system with optical display
Optical filters comprising solar blind dyes and UV-transparent substrates
Surfaces rendered self-cleaning by hydrophobic structures, and process for their production
Ceramic materials reinforced with single-wall carbon nanotubes as electrical conductors
Metal alloy fine particles and method for producing thereof
Telescoped multiwall nanotube and manufacture thereof
Nanomaterial processing system
Collapsible musical keyboard
Drum beater with controllable beating capability
Tremolo device for a stringed musical instrument
Guitar bridge for improved sound transfer
92 key piano
Interactive communication system for communicating video game and karaoke software
Recognition of command related items in object code
System and method for generating target language code utilizing an object oriented code generator
Methods and apparatus for implementing an application lifecycle design for applications
System and method for automatically setting applet latest version
Computer-based system for work processes that consist of interdependent decisions involving one or m...
Method of compiling schema mapping
Break determining circuit for a debugging support unit in a semiconductor integrated circuit
Debug annotations
Method of updating client's installed data in response to a user-triggered event
Method and system for seamless integration of preprocessing and postprocessing functions with an exi...
Method and apparatus for using a shared library mechanism to facilitate sharing of metadata
Method and apparatus for resuming execution of a failed computer program
Self-generating automatic code generator
Operation graph based event monitoring system
Monitoring center and service system of air conditioner
System and method for exporting a graphical program to a shared library
Treatment of demyelinating autoimmune disease with ordered peptides
Method to produce novel polyketides
Methods for treatment of multiple sclerosis using peptide analogues at position 91 of human myelin b...
Methods and compositions for the inhibition of cancer metastasis mediated by endothelial adhesion mo...
Non-resonant microwave imaging probe
Methods for treatment of multiple sclerosis using peptide analogues at position 91 of human myelin b...
Method to produce novel polyketides
Method of measuring a physical function using a composite function which includes the physical funct...
Immunomodulating compounds comprising d-isomers of amino acids
Methods and compositions for endothelial binding
Leukocyte homing modulation
Methods for treatment of multiple sclerosis using peptide analogues at position 91 of human myelin b...
Combined therapy of diterpenoid triepoxides and death domain receptor ligands for synergistic killin...
Multi-genes expression profile
Cell-free synthesis of polyketides
Method to produce novel polyketides
Using web services to access computational grids by non-members of the grid
Method for configuring a programmable logic controller
Type extensions to web services description language
Transcription and reporting system
Post-processed nanoscale powders and method for such post-processing
Ultrafine metal particle/polymer hybrid material
Dyeing textiles using nanoparticles
Diffractive optical position detector
Methods for producing composite nanoparticles
Nanotechnology for chemical radiation, and biotechnology sensors
Nanotechnology for electrochemical and energy devices
Nanotechnology for inks and dopants
Linear variable differential transformers for high precision position measurements
Electronic circuit device, system, and method
Nanoscale catalyst compositions from complex and non-stoichiometric compositions
Nanotechnology for photonic and optical components
Nanotechnology for electronic and opto-electronic devices
Nanotechnology for biomedical products
Noncontact sensitivity and compliance calibration method for cantilever-based instruments
Nanotechnology for electrical devices
Nanotechnology for magnetic components
Silicon-germanium-carbon compositions and processes thereof
Stylus for nanotechnology and method for manufacturing the same
Metal nanolaminate composite
Silicon-germanium-carbon compositions in selective etch processes
Near-field photolithographic masks and photolithography; nanoscale patterning techniques; apparatus ...
Method and apparatus for a large volume plasma processor that can utilize any feedstock material
Self-assembling multimeric nucleic acid constructs
Specific markers for diabetes
Illuminated milking parlor stalls and method
Microwave oven and method of controlling the same
Method of controlling microwave oven
Food steamer
Method and an apparatus for monitoring the cooking or roasting process of food
Mutant Lactobacillus bulgaricus strains free from .beta.-galactoside activity
Co-crystallized polyols and hydrogenated maltodextrin
Method and apparatus for separation of milk, colostrum, and whey
Single mold form fryer with enhanced product control
Method of preventing browning or darkening of fish and method of treating browned or darkened fish
Protein hydrolysates
Process for the preparation of a vegetable yogurt
Process for producing cheese
Comestible for preventing calcium oxalate urolithiasis in canine animals
Encapsulated long chain alcohols
Waste treating method
Speed cooking oven
Pet feeder
Method and apparatus for making commercial crustless sandwiches and the crustless sandwich made ther...
Rotisserie cooker
Mass flowmeter having a connecting element and a reinforcing element
Method for studying liquid and device for carrying out said method
Methods and apparatus for error detection and correction in an electronic shelf label system
Methods and apparatus for extraction and tracking of objects from multi-dimensional sequence data
Picture-encoding apparatus and picture-encoding method
Electronic timepiece, information processing device, method of displaying charged condition of secon...
Tristate electrochromic device
Apparatus and method for in-situ endpoint detection for chemical mechanical polishing operations
Spindle mounted telemetry system
Intelligent system for detecting multiple hazards and field marker therefor
Non-rigid card holder with alarm system
Method and apparatus for measuring photoelectric conversion characteristics
Organic light active devices and methods for fabricating the same
Refractory metal nitride barrier layer with gradient nitrogen concentration
Projection TV
Compound semiconductor multilayer structure and bipolar transistor using the same
Controlling threading dislocation densities in Ge on Si using graded GeSi layers and planarization
Semiconductor light-emitting device, method of manufacturing transparent conductor film and method o...
Device for detecting the angle of incidence of radiation on a radiation incidence surface
Photovoltaic roofing structure
Transparent, flame-retardant, thermoformable, UV-resistant film made from crystallizable thermoplast...
Method of fabricating vertical integrated circuits
Solution deposition of chalcogenide films
Encryption/decryption engine for multiple isochronous data streams
Transmitter, communication system, and communication method
Anamorphic prism, optical head and optical recording/reproduction device
Data recording apparatus, data recording method, and optical recording medium including psuedo-erasi...
Optical disk drive and recording and reproducing apparatus with magnetic clamping
Communication apparatus and communication method
Data processor and data processing method for compression encoding source data and multiplexing meta...
Method and apparatus of reconstructing audio/video/image data from higher moment data
Guest-host liquid crystal element with removable polarizer
Video signal processing device for displaying information image on display part
Image data processing method, image data processing apparatus and digital still camera
Image generation method and device used thereof
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Gain control circuit, and a radio communication apparatus using the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Fuel cell and method of operating the same
Nitride semiconductor wafer and method of processing nitride semiconductor wafer
Printer head chip and printer head
Address calculation of invariant references within a run-time environment
Method, apparatus and program storage device for enabling the reading of data from a named pipe whil...
Logical partitioning via hypervisor mediated address translation
Disk array system
Actuation of projector by system stored in mobile memory
Central processing unit (CPU) accessing an extended register set in an extended register mode
Address mapping mechanism for behavioral memory enablement within a data processing system
Central processing unit including address generation system and instruction fetch apparatus
System and method for managing memory compression transparent to an operating system
Flash with consistent latency for read operations
Memory system having point-to-point bus configuration
Information processing system with memory element performance-dependent memory control
Memory controller and method using read and write queues and an ordering queue for dispatching read ...
Memory controller with programmable configuration
Information processor, information processing method and information processing program and recordin...
Apparatus having durable storage
Fiber channel connection storage controller
Real-time shared disk system for computer clusters
Multi-ported memory
Method and apparatus for implementing command queue ordering with benefit determination of prefetch ...
History-based carry predictor for data cache address generation
Double entrance for use in an inflatable enclosure
Pneumatically actuated swing ride
Swing drive mechanism
Recreational ramp for wheeled vehicles and process for manufacturing same
Apparatus for an amusement ride and fall
Method and system for increasing player participation of a gaming device
Gaming device and method
Facial feature assembly
Water sinker toy
Seat for a suspended rope
Blackjack game with side wager on displayed cards
Game cards
Method for playing a card game
Single game variant of accumulation lotto
Universal structural element
Novelty hat
Consistency checking mechanism for configuration parameters in embedded systems
Method and system for generating management solutions
Method and system for risk control optimization
System, method and computer program product for a collaborative decision platform
Questionnaire analysis system
Back-propagation neural network with enhanced neuron characteristics
Enhanced computer performance forecasting system
Automatic confirmation of personal notifications
Method of context based adaptive binary arithmetic decoding with two part symbol decoding
Adipose-derived stem cells and lattices
Neural device for sensing temperature
Method of anonymous medical testing and providing the patient with the test results
Methods and products for expression of micro RNAs
Foam incorporating eutetic mixture
Materials and methods for the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, and ather...
4-(2-Methyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-quinolin-7-ylmethyl)-1,3-dihydro-imidazole-- 2-thione as specific alp...
Pharmaceutical compositions including carotenoid analogs or derivatives for the inhabition and ameli...
Melanin concentrating hormone antagonists