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Androgenic 7-substituted 11-halogen steroids
Pharmaceutical compositions including carotenoid ester analogs or derivatives for the inhibition and...
Use of sulfated glycosaminoglycans for establishing effective labor in women
Materials and methods for inhibiting the development of epilepsy
Compositions of sunflower trypsin inhibitors
Methods and assays for detecting and quantifying the human p53 inducible gene protein
Packaging systems for human recombinant adenovirus to be used in gene therapy
Adzymes and uses thereof
Vesicle associated proteins
Human prostaglandin EP1 receptor variants and methods of using same
Method for the immunohistological detection of fibrogenesis in histological tissue sections using an...
Display of biological data to maximize human perception and apprehension
System and method of improving customer health, reducing income tax by charitable gift, and providin...
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator for appetite control
Methods and devices for soft tissue securement
Apparatus and methods for forming and securing gastrointestinal tissue folds
Gastric band introduction device
Bariatric sleeve
Optical biological information measuring apparatus, optical biological information measuring method,...
Single use endoscopic imaging system
Incontinence therapy
Tricyclic compounds protein kinase inhibitors for enhancing the efficacy of anti-neoplastic agents a...
Use of (-)(3-trihalomethylphenoxy)(4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives for treatment of insulin re...
Novel pharmaceuticals
Pharmacologically active novel dauer pheromone compound for controlling aging and stress and method ...
Modulators of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors (ppar)
PPAR compounds
Ester compound and medicinal use thereof
Hydronopol substituted benzimidazolone and quinazolinone derivatives as agonists on human ORL1 recep...
Xanthine phosphodiesterase V inhibitors
Protruding planter block for retaining wall
Floor care machine with replaceable floor care element
Method and system for dynamic proxy classes
Method and system for extendable class-based shared data-types
Apparatus and method for maintaining object associations in an object oriented environment
Timing verifier for MOS devices and related method
Transferring properties between computer objects
Quality control in data transfer and storage apparatus
Method and apparatus for managing replicated and migration capable session state for a Java platform
Method and apparatus for providing error isolation in a multi-domain computer system
Image display method, image display system, host device, image display device and display interface
System and method for directing access from a framebuffer to a virtual framebuffer when the framebuf...
Session-state manager
Method and apparatus for authentication and payment for devices participating in Jini communities
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for achieving interoperability between cryptographic...
Branch prediction apparatus and process for restoring replaced branch history for use in future bran...
Methods and apparatus for controlling speculative execution of instructions based on a multiaccess m...
Pteridine compounds for the treatment of psoriasis
Recombinant infectious laryngotracheitis virus and uses thereof
Cyclic sulfone containing retroviral protease inhibitors
Pyrazole-derived kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
Sulfonyl heteroaryl triazoles as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Combination therapy for treatment of FIV infection
Methods for cell mobilization using in vivo treatment with hyaluronan (HA)
3'-prodrugs of 2'-deoxy-.beta.-L-nucleosides
Compositions and methods for in vivo delivery of polynucleotide-based therapeutics
Method for treating cytokine mediated hepatic injury
Therapeutic chemokine receptor antagonists
Multivalent compounds for crosslinking receptors and uses thereof
Methods for identifying RNA binding compounds
Methods and compositions for efficient gene transfer using transcomplementary vectors
Mammalian secreted group III phospholipase A2
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing p...
Prophylactic and therapeutic immunization against protozoan infection and disease
Nucleic acid detection assays
Recyclable catalysts methods of making and using the same
Leaching chamber with inward flaring sidewall perforations
Faceted end cap for leaching chamber
Filtering screen support construction and methods
Method for reducing harmful organisms in currents of water
Photo-chemical remediation of Cu-CMP waste
Method and a device for detecting an accumulation of sand in a separator vessel
Removal of phosphate from water
Horizontal reaction chamber comprised of nested, concentric tubes for use in water purification
Method and apparatus for separating oil and debris from water run-off
Polymeric fiber rods for separation applications
Purification process
Purification of ammonium metallate solutions
Membrane devices with controlled transmembrane pressure and method of use
Resist recovery method
Method for biological purification of water using a carrier material
Dialyzers for blood treatment and processes for production thereof
Papermaking strainer
Water purification cartridge
Simple faucet water-filtering device
Shower head with water purification function
Filter for phase separation
Promoters functional in plant plastids
NOR gene compositions and methods for use thereof
Selective plant growth using d-amino acids
RIN gene compositions and methods for use thereof
Plant-derived resistance gene
Farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase proteins, nucleic acids and promoter regions therefor
Cell cycle polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Hydrocolloids and process therefor
Plasmodium falciparum antigens and their vaccine and diagnostic applications
Probes for chondrogenesis
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding a human and mouse g protein-coupled receptor-gpr54: encoded...
Flea synaptic vesicle nucleic acid molecules, proteins and uses thereof
TM leveling methods
Chloral-free DCA in oligonucleotide synthesis
Agents that bind to and inhibit human cytochrome P450 2C8, 2C9, 2C18 and 2C19
Gangliosides with a modified acyl function
Modulation of aminopeptidase N expression
RNA interference mediated inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor and vascular endothelial ...
Synthetic human papilloma virus genes
Glucopyranosyloxybenzylbenzene derivatives, medicinal compositions containing the same and intermedi...
Antimicrobial peptides and methods of use
Control of sporocyte or meiocyte formation in plants
Self-cross-linked alkyl cellulose and processes for producing the same
Process for producing nitrosonium ions
Method for purifying 5' -protected thymidines and novel derivatives thereof
Heterocyclic compounds and their use in the detection of nucleic acids
Functionalized polynucleotide compound, optionally marked and method for detecting a target nucleic ...
Reagent for the isolation of RNA
Compositions and methods for the improved diagnosis and treatment of germ cell tumors
Immunization of dairy cattle with chimeric GapC protein against streptococcus infection
DNA polymerase III holoenzyme
Prolyl tripeptidyl peptidases nucleic acid of Porphyromonas gingivalis
Reagent for labelling nucleic acids
Heterologous polypeptide of the TNF family
Polymers for delivering nitric oxide in vivo
Method and device for the continuous, single-step production of a homogeneous solution of cellulose ...
Antithrombotic compound
Use of water-soluble .beta.-(1,3) glucans as agents for producing therapeutic skin treatment agents
Uridine derivatives as antibiotics
Isoprenoid production
Olefin isomerization process
Upflow oligomerization reaction process
Production of higher olefins
Adsorbent for removing sulfur compounds from fuel gases and removal method
Process for enhancing the value of hydrocabonaceous natural recources
Process for adsorptive desulfurization of light oil distillates
Process for endothermic conversion of hydrocarbons, its uses, and a unit for carrying out the proces...
Liquid phase process for C8 alkylaromatic isomerization
Mineral gear oils and transmission fluids
Selective disproportionation catalyst and process
Methylene bridged metallocenes as olefin-polymerization catalyst components
Propylene production
Silica-filled elastomeric compounds
High temperature viscosifying and fluid loss controlling additives for well cements, well cement com...
Increasing evaporation of a process water pond
Reduced manufacturing cost of gypsum board
Panel and related wall structure
Recessed electrical outlet assembly
Sealing composition
Slurry mixer outlet
Archiving and viewing sports events via Internet
Nutritional assistant for kiosk
System and method for partitioning airtime for distribution and display of content
Method and apparatus for bulk food marking and tracking with supplier rating system
Method and apparatus for bulk food marking and tracking
Moldings of flurorubbers and process for their production
Hot melt adhesive composition
Method and system for coordinating use of objects using wireless communications
Gene encoding glutathione synthetase from Candida utilis
Nucleotide sequences which code for the MetD gene
Gene of enzyme reactivating dna damaged by ultraviolet light using visible light
Moisture vapor barrier laminate
Antifogging compositions and methods for using the same
Highly refined cellulosic materials combined with hydrocolloids
Rawhide biscuit and method for making the same
Method for manufacturing boiled ground beef vacuum packed in pouch-type bag
Process for production of raw cured products
Method for reducing acrylamide formation in thermally processed foods
Reduced complexity voice activity detector
Vehicle navigation system
Mobile communication terminal and data transmission method
Power control apparatus of a foldable portable mobile terminal
Coding assisting equipment, decoding assisting equipment, radio transmitter, and radio receiver
Method for subscriber availability in a radio communications system
System for protecting AMPS data using CDPD channel
Auto sensing home base station for mobile telephone with remote answering capabilites
Method for establishing a radio coverage map
Mobile communication system using loss cables as transmission elements
Method and system for radio wave propagation characteristics estimation and ray spatial resolution c...
Method for supporting multi-call when interworking between UTRAN and synchronous core network in IMT...
Radio communication system for vehicle
Cascading-synchronous mixer and method of operation
Radio frequency amplifier with improved intermodulation performance
Communication apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Intermediate frequency planning in radio transmitters and receivers
Architecture of mobile communication systems network and method for transmitting packet data using t...
Mobile communications
Fall protection apparatus and method
Mobile communication handset with adaptive antenna array
Aluminum-silicon carbide semiconductor substrate and method for producing the same
Catalytic hydrogen storage composite material and fuel cell employing same
Gamma radiation source
Sputtering target material
Aluminum bearing-alloy
Device with anti-counterfeiting diffractive structure
Magnetic thin film interference device or pigment and method of making it, printing ink or coating c...
Blank and method for making coupon cards
Mobile phone
Portable information terminal
Electrical transceiver module with alternate peripheral device connector
Portable electronic equipment
One-piece speaker assembly
High-voltage protection circuitry in a data access arrangement
Device for detecting telephone line seizure
Method for transmitting information between a switching center and a communications terminal
Method and apparatus for demonstrating telecommunications products
Apparatus, method and system for intelligent tandeming of incoming calls to application nodes in tel...
Public information terminal
Call-routing mechanism for automatically performing number substitution in an integrated access devi...
System and method for privacy management
Internet-enabled conferencing system and method accommodating PSTN and IP traffic
Generic service component for message formatting
Service providing method for electronic device, customer center, and user system
Methods and apparatus for maintaining queues
System and method for managing CDR information
Method and system for customer-specific field testing in a wireless communication system
System and method for automated tele-work service
Methods for simulation of biological and/or chemical reaction pathway, biomolecules and nano-molecul...
Method and system for adaptive caching in a network management framework using skeleton caches
System and method of providing electronic access to one or more documents
Document display apparatus and method for displaying documents
Integrated data and real-time metadata capture system and method
Interactive on-line diagnostics for printing
Performance evaluation through benchmarking using an on-line questionnaire based system and method
Security access method and apparatus
Network photograph service system
Method and system for cache coherence in DSM multiprocessor system without growth of the sharing vec...
Bulk import in a directory server
System and method for unloading namespace devices
Device and method for filtering added information
Method of capturing a physically consistent mirrored snapshot of an online database
System and method for dynamically adjusting data values in response to remote user input
Method and apparatus to facilitate transactional consistency for references in object-relational dat...
Methods and apparatus for extracting capacitances exerted on diagonal interconnect lines in an integ...
Method and system for database management for data mining
System and method for host based storage virtualization
Network system and method for providing voice information to participants in a chat session set at a...
Longest best match search
Shared shopping basket management system
Aircraft data transmission system for wireless communication of data between the aircraft and ground...
Foldable alphanumeric keypad for mobile phones
Use of land-based unit to provide delivery path optimization to wireless mobile unit
Methods and systems for improving a user's visual perception over a communications network
Voice over IP method for developing interactive voice response system
Method and apparatus for transfer of real time signals over packet networks
Information processing terminal and content data acquiring system using the same
Internet based telephone apparatus
Transmission control protocol handoff notification system and method
System and method for secure provisioning and configuration of a transaction processing device
Apparatus and method for computer telephone integration in packet switched telephone networks
Network-based integrated device identification and ordering system
Intelligent network with an internet call waiting function
Video on demand methods and systems
Live presentation searching
Source code annotation language
Recognizer of digital signal content
Testing distributed services by using multiple boots to timeshare a single computer
Systems and methods for improving the x86 architecture for processor virtualization, and software sy...
Supporting point-to-point intracluster communications between replicated cluster nodes
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
System and method of synchronizing objects between two devices
Wireless database environment for a small device
Representing database permissions as associations in computer schema
System and methods for the automatic transmission of new, high affinity media
Ubiquitous search framework
Speech-related event notification system
Accessing audio processing components in an audio generation system
LPC-harmonic vocoder with superframe structure
Audio segmentation and classification
Method and apparatus for identifying semantic structures from text
System and method for translating from a source language to at least one target language utilizing a...
Model and method for computing performance bounds in multi-hop wireless networks
System and method providing improved head motion estimations for animation
System, method and computer program product for mediating notes and note sub-notes linked or otherwi...
Multimedia inspection database system (MIDaS) for dynamic run-time data evaluation
Master/slave electroactive polymer systems
System and method for computer-assisted manual and automatic logging of time-based media
Fuzzy database retrieval
Keyboard with integrally shaped buttons and multimedia control
Modular computer applications with expandable capabilities
Method of playing an outdoor bulls-eye target golf game
Multi-system gaming terminal communication device
Gaming device having multiple selection large award bonus scheme
Media dispenser for vending machines
Animal decoy and method for making same
Crawler driving device and game device
System and method for tracking game of chance proceeds
Method and apparatus for an educational game and dynamic message entry and display
Method of providing an individualized online behavior modification program using medical aids
Naval virtual target range system
Lung simulator
Shot calculator for billiards
System and method for deploying a graphical program to a PDA device
Coupling structure of signal converting apparatus
Loudspeakers systems and components thereof
Sound insulation for outboard motors
Method and apparatus for mounting an acoustic transducer
Swiveling sound-gathering ear guard for masks and helmets
Electronic camera with battery capability consideration
Rangefinder for obtaining information from a three-dimensional object
Fixing device for fixing an autofocus module to a mirror box of an SLR camera
Fuel cell power supply device
Hospital bed wheel linkage apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Controller for electric power steering system
Driving apparatus for speed changing and steering of a vehicle
Electrically assisted bicycle
Speed limiting for a balancing transporter
Fender structure for an all terrain vehicle
Deck mounted air cleaner assembly for vehicle
Fuel cell electric vehicle and a fuel cell system box
Electric vehicle with electric-free driving system
Track assembly for an all-terrain vehicle
Integrated heat exchanger
Lawn mower having selectively drivable wheels
Controller for motor power steering system
Electric power steering system
Audible warning for vehicle safety systems
Drive control apparatus for vehicle
Methods of operating a series hybrid vehicle
Method and device for stabilizing a vehicle
Launching a web site using a portable scanner
Method of relating information systems
Method and apparatus for indentifying related searches in a database search system
Transaction payment system
Patient information management method and system employing the same
Method and apparatus for establishing usage rights for digital content to be created in the future
System and method for facilitating aggregate shopping
Universal contract exchange
Method and system for analyzing and comparing financial investments
Methods and systems for purchasing and inventory of paper and extended media products
Electronic commerce bridge system
Method and apparatus for generating a coupon
Merchandising magic tricks, mechanical or action/motion puzzles
System and method for handling alternate information on electronic price labels
Scheduling the presentation of messages to users
Restaurant directory and marketing system
Data acquisition apparatus and method
Automated airline baggage transportation system
Fluid loading system
Attachment apparatus for injected-molded frameless canopies
Form factored compliant metallic transition element for attaching a ceramic element to a metallic el...
Modular overhead stowage bin systems and associated methods
Covering element for the interior of a vehicle, particularly an aircraft
Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles
Superman air motor
Method and system for processing pulse signals within an inertial navigation system
System and method for auto-focusing an image
Technique for removing blurring from a captured image
Image resolution improvement using a color mosaic sensor
Image recording apparatus
Television tuner intermediate-frequency circuit that hardly suffers disturbance of adjacent channel
FM-broadcast-receivable television tuner for preventing adjacent-channel interference
Apparatus and method for protecting a memory sharing signal control lines with other circuitry
Image sensing apparatus for microscope
Control of scanning velocity modulation
Menu display apparatus
Video signal conversion device and video signal conversion method
Arrangement of ink in a low-cost disposable camera
Imaging device and control method thereof
Image-forming optical system
Output control method and apparatus, and storage medium
Exhaust-gas purification catalyst to be used close to the engine and process for its production
Catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons to hydrogen and high-value carbon
Method for producing lithium-transition metal mixtures
Resin preconditioning methods using carbon dioxide and methods for purifying hydrogen peroxide
Polysulfide measurement methods using colormetric techniques
Sulfur dioxide plant
Chemically modifying single wall carbon nanotubes to facilitate dispersal in solvents
Process for the production of hydrogen
Catalyst and process for oxidation and removal of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from combustion gases
Carbon nanotube-nanocrystal heterostructures and methods of making the same
Methods for detecting and extracting gold
Large scale synthesis of germanium selenide glass and germanium selenide glass compounds
Preparation of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen
Portions of a post for supporting mail boxes
Portions of a post supported mail box
Mailbox door
Grave marker with flag holder
Chain link conveyor structure
Stamped pattern on a storage cabinet
Stamped pattern on a modular cabinet door
Dolly for transporting a plow
Hose cart
Cleaning head
Electric washing machine with clothes dryer
Mounting bracket
Combined self-contained water fountain and aquarium
Fire extinguisher housing and stand
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic container
Lotion applicator
Scalloped cigarette packet
Light fixture ballast
Gait pattern generating device for legged mobile robot
Linear slide gripper
Method and system for security mobility between different cellular systems
Method and apparatus for elliptic curve cryptography and recording medium therefore
Methods and apparatus for enhanced CMEA including a CMEA iteration preceded and followed by transfor...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
Method and apparatus for providing commercial broadcasting service in cellular mobile communication ...
Hardware-based encryption/decryption employing cycle stealing
Processing apparatus, program, or system of secret information
Method and apparatus for detecting a stationary dither code
Classifying cells based on information contained in cell images
Soybean cultivar 926877
Method for producing polylactic acid and corresponding device
Maltogenic alpha-amylase variants
Aziridine compounds and methods of making and using them
Process for removing systematic error and outlier data and for estimating random error in chemical a...
Methods of facilitating vascular growth
Antisense to c-myc for treatment of polycystic kidney disease
Combination of a cyclic hexapeptide with antifungal drugs for treatment of fungal pathogens
Multipoint grouting method and apparatus therefor
Soil-nail apparatus and method for constructing soil reinforced earthen retaining walls
Reinforced soil arch
Trim operating lever device for personal watercraft
Towing light for boat motor
Multistage paper holding roller device
Kayak or canoe including a coaming having at least one support bridge
Boat with wake control
Expandable multi-hull boat
Flexible ocean-going vessels with surface conforming hulls
Deck structure for a personal watercraft
Process for the production of virus-inactivated human gammaglobulin G
Prevention of diabetes and prolongation of the honeymoon phase of diabetes by administration of GnRH...
Cell adhesion inhibitors
Use of macrolides in pest control
Monocyte-specific particulate delivery vehicle
Method of preparing cow brain homogenate
Non-toxic disinfectant containing a isopropyl alcohol and sesame oil composition with lemon oil and ...
Inhibitor and preservative formulation
Compositions and methods for the treatment of primary and metastatic neoplastic diseases using arsen...
Crystal structure
Method of intracellular sustained-release of drug and preparations
Process for the preparation of iopamidol
Parenteral dosage forms comprising a suspension of tramadol salt and diclofenac salt
Spathiphyllum plant named `Junior`
Floribunda rose plant named `KORsuflabe`
Angelonia plant named `Cart Depink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Vamp Time Bronze`
Lavender plant named `Paris Blue`
Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI48`
Verbena plant named `Wesverlav`
Helleborus plant named `HGC Merlin`
Verbena plant named `Rap Purey Two`
Mandarin hybrid tree named `TDE3`
Ilex hybrid variety named Xia Yen
Method and device for performing handover using location information
Image enhancement method
Method and apparatus for remotely assembling a physical system
Method for creating a computer model and measurement database of a wireless communication network
Method for creating a maintenance algorithm
Graphical symbology for depicting traffic position, navigation uncertainty, and data quality on airc...
Method for automatic riser gate removal compensating for variance in casting
Method of identifying workstations that performed work on a workpiece
Method for estimating TDOA and FDOA in a wireless location system
Methods of and system for portable cellular phone voice communication and positional location data c...
Bookmarking voice messages
Systems and methods for decoding of partially corrupted reversible variable length code (RVLC) intra...
Method and apparatus for obtaining spatial information and measuring the dielectric constant of an o...
Detector of non-authorized materials in a zone having protected access
Magnetic resonance imaging using direct, continuous real-time imaging for motion compensation
Method and magnetic resonance tomography apparatus for spatially resolved measurement of the B1 fiel...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method wherein streak artifacts are minimized in modular k-...
Mri gradient coils with reduced neural stimulation
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and central frequency estimating method
Method of producing an mri image with gradient delay compensation
Generator for generating time-variable magnetic fields and magnetic resonance device
Magnetic resonance device
Magnetic resonance coil modules
Method of and apparatus for nuclear quadrupole resonance testing a sample
Permanent magnet assembly with movable permanent body for main magnetic field adjustable
Multiple ring polefaceless permanent magnet and method of making
Nuclear magnetic resonance measuring apparatus
Open magenetic resonance imaging (mri) magnet system
Location sensitive display device, system, and method of providing animation sequences
Magnetoresistive device and electronic device
Thin film transistor for supplying power to element to be driven
Image display
Flat thermionic emission screen and with integrated anode control device
Electron-emitting device, electron source using the same, and image forming apparatus using the same
Organic electroluminescent display device
Organic electroluminescent device having host material layer intermixed with luminescent material
Light emitting device driving by alternating current in which light emission is always obtained
Field-effect organic transistor
Illuminated switch element
Stereolithographic methods for forming a protective layer on a semiconductor device substrate and su...
White light-emitting device with improved doping
Photoactive lanthanide complexes with phosphine oxides, phosphine oxide-sulfides, pyridine N-oxides,...
Display apparatus using luminance modulation elements
Field emission cathode structure using perforated gate
Display panel and display device
Light emitting device
Organic electro luminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
EL device, EL display, EL illumination apparatus, liquid crystal apparatus using the EL illumination...
Organic light emitting diode display structure
Method and composition for the treatment of cancer
Nanocomposite microresonators
Method of decorating a substrate by application of gold nanoparticles
Preparations for topical administration of substances having antiandrogenic activity
Enhancement of color on surfaces
Hard top produced by method for vacuum pressure forming reinforced plastic articles
Triplexer and multilayered structure thereof
Method and apparatus for generating white component and controlling the brightness in display device...
Quantization method for iterative decoder in communication system
Turntable apparatus for disk drive
Method for processing signal in communications system having plurality antennas
Automated approach to constraint generation in IC design
Semiconductor laser device
Apparatus and method for generating block code in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for multiprotocol switching and routing
Apparatus and method for generating sub-codes to a turbo-encoder
Branch predictor suitable for multi-processing microprocessor
Reframer and loss of frame (LOF) check apparatus for digital hierarchy signal
Disc crack detection method and method of controlling speed of disc drive using the same
System for cell-based screening
Lean pre-mix low NOx burner
Normalization of inductive vehicle detector outputs
Navigation system
Electronic device and case for thereof
Rotary knob structure
Electronic intelligent turn signal control system
Smart license tag system
Double-face LED device for an electronic instrument
Discharge lamp with discharge tube fixture arrangement and method for manufacturing the same
Light diffusing composites
Illumination system for an electronic device
Fiber optic light panel assemblies and method of manufacture
Illumination device for simulation of neon lighting
Lighting device of the elliptical type for an automobile
Illumination device
Lighting arrangement for the ignition lock of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling content display by the cursor motion
Electronic document processing system and electronic document processors
Channeled wavefield transformer
Printing wiring board and method of producing the same and capacitor to be contained in printed wiri...
Method for producing a composite electrode for electrochemical components, and a composite electrode
Display device and process for production thereof
Method of estimating elastic and compositional parameters from seismic and echo-acoustic data
Cholesteric liquid crystal optical bodies and methods of manufacture and use
Cardio therapeutic heart sack
Semi-transmissible reflector, semi-transmission type polarizer and liquid-crystal display device usi...
Mammography method and apparatus
Photosensitive material and laser marking method
Medical broad band electromagnetic holographic imaging
Recording apparatus and recording method
Device and method for cleaning and for regenerating an image carrier during electrographic printing ...
Method of producing latent images on an electrostatic plate
Digitizer pen
Keyboard type input device and portable information processor
Organic light-emitting panel and manufacturing method thereof
Fuser apparatus having cleaning web spooling prevention
Image transmitting system, image transmitting method and storage medium
Xerographic printing system with magnetic seal between development and transfer
Large-area individually addressable multi-beam x-ray system and method of forming same
Method for depth-matching using computerized tomography
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
X-ray CT apparatus
Dynamic memory allocation between inbound and outbound buffers in a protocol handler
Scatter correction methods and apparatus
Flexible source wire for localized internal irradiation of tissue
Narrow spectral bandwidth tunable pulsed solid-state laser system
Method of fabricating active layers in a laser utilizing InP-based active regions
Integrated circuit device and method for applying different types of signals to internal circuit via...
Nitrogen containing metal powder, production process therefor, and porous sintered body and solid el...
Magnetic head, and the magnetic read-write devices, and the magnetic memory with magnetic sensors
Laser absorption spectral diffraction type gas detector and method for gas detection using laser abs...
Collimating plate, lighting apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
Architecture for real-time texture look up's for volume rendering
Method for characterizing samples
Automatic process for sample selection during multivariate calibration
Magnetically shielded conductor
Raman probe having a small diameter immersion tip
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
NMR probe having an inner quadrature detection coil combined with a spiral wound outer coil for irra...
Method and system for accelerated imaging using parallel MRI
Image sensor module and method for manufacturing the same
Thin film capacitor and method for fabricating the same
Method of calibrating and using a semiconductor processing system
Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display panel using a gray tone mask
Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display with a novel structure of thin film transistor sub...
Capacitance type dynamic quantity sensor device
Substrate provided with an alignment mark, method of designing a mask, computer program, mask for ex...
Packaged microelectronic devices and methods of forming same
Method of improving adhesion of cap oxide to nanoporous silica for integrated circuit fabrication
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Wiring protection element for laser deleted tungsten fuse
Integrable DC/AC voltage transformer/isolator and ultra-large-scale circuit incorporating the same
Package-ready light-sensitive integrated circuit and method for its preparation
Stiction alleviation using passivation layer patterning
Semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
UV-programmable P-type mask ROM
Method of forming a metal-insulator-metal capacitor structure in a copper damascene process sequence
Polymer sacrificial light absorbing structure and method
Mouse cytokine receptor
Nematode fatty acid desaturase-like sequences
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Method of detecting cardiac hypertrophy through probe hybridization and gene expression analysis
Formulation containing amphipathic weak base and/or amphipathic cation and multiple drug resistance ...
Messaging system for delivering data in the form of portable message formats between message clients
Software-defined wireless communication device
Integrated cable and cellular network
Layout of wireless communication circuit on a printed circuit board
Power inserter configuration for wireless modems
Instant messaging using a wireless interface
Apparatus and method for power ramp up of wireless modem transmitter
Digital wireless telephone system for downloading software to a digital telephone using wireless dat...
Clustering in wireless ad hoc networks
In-vehicle wireless local area network
Method and system for mobile station point-to-point protocol context transfer
Wireless local area network system, fault recovery method, and recording medium stored therein a com...
Wireless display system operable in power saving operation mode and control method for controlling t...
Wideband shorted tapered strip antenna
Electronic media distribution system with media purchase interface
Unit designing apparatus and method
Motion vector detection with local motion estimator
Block-writable content addressable memory device
Method and apparatus for identifying content addressable memory device results for multiple requesti...
Predictive caching and highlighting of web pages
Affinity analysis method and article of manufacture
Indexing method and apparatus
Ordering of database search results based on user feedback
Method and system for parsing navigation information
Method and apparatus for routing a set of nets
Method and system for retrieving documents with spoken queries
Polymer nano-strings
Post thermal treatment methods of forming high dielectric layers in integrated circuit devices
Composite metal product of carbon nano material and low melting point metal and method of producing ...
Repeater with digital channelizer
Wireless communication system having adaptive threshold for timing deviation measurement and method
Electronic floor display
Field addressable rewritable media
Long chain hindered amines and compositions stabilized therewith
Multiple polymeric additive systems: compositions, processes, and products thereof
Isothiazole carboxylic acid amides and the application thereof in order to protect plants
Use of riboflavin and flavin derivatives as chitinase inhibitors
Arylsulfonamide ethers, and methods of use thereof
Heat-sensitive recording material
High throughput screening for novel Bioactivities
Molecular memory cell
Photoresponsive devices
Non-volatile memory device and matrix display panel using the same
Method of fabrication of electronic devices using microfluidic channels
Dense SRAM cells with selective SOI
Device for measuring parameters of an electronic device
Memory cell, wafer, semiconductor component with memory cell having insulation collars and method fo...
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices
Use of amorphous aluminum oxide on a capacitor sidewall for use as a hydrogen barrier
Charge transfer apparatus
Hetero-bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device
Complimentary bipolar transistor
Isolation structure configurations for modifying stresses in semiconductor devices
Aspherical microstructure, and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for forming a capacitive structure including single crystal silicon
Colors only process to reduce package yield loss
Nitride semiconductor device and a process of manufacturing the same
Mount for semiconductor light emitting device
Shoes including heel cushion
Coated golf ball
Golf putter head
Golf club head
Golf putter grip and method of use
Adjustable golf club
Laser putting device
Wood-type golf club head
Rapidly cleavable sumo fusion protein expression system for difficult to express proteins
Ubiquitin conjugating enzymes
Methods of treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Propagation and/or derivation of embryonic stem cells
Methods for treating neurological injuries and disorders
Compositions and methods for production of disulfide bond containing proteins in host cells
Tissue collection apparatus
Video graphics system that includes custom memory and supports anti-aliasing and method therefor
Vehicle control system utilizing gps data
Method of coupling a laser signal to an optical carrier
Embedded sensor, method for producing, and temperature/strain fiber optic sensing system
Semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Current confinement structure for vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Organic vertical cavity lasing device having organic active region
Optical semiconductor device
Light source comprising laser diode module
Semiconductor laser device, semiconductor laser module, and optical fiber amplifier
Systems and methods of operating an incoherently beam combined laser
Optical disk apparatus and method for adjusting optical disk appparatus laser power
Optically assisted magnetic recording device, optically assisted magnetic recording head and magneti...
Optical sensor for distance measurement
Interferometric alignment system for use in vacuum-based lithographic apparatus
Monitoring activity of a user in locomotion on foot
Imprint identification system
Electric heating/warming fabric articles
Hydrogenated polymer and process for producing the same
Use of vegetative material as a filler in composite materials
Variable resistance cell
Method and apparatus for training athletes
Orthopedic shoe appliance and method
Shoe with removable vamp
Side entry footwear
Thong-type shoe having a heel and a layered sole
Footwear for feet beautification
Self draining shoe
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Neutron detector utilizing sol-gel absorber and activation disk
Seismic data acquisition and processing method
Reactive multilayer foil with conductive and nonconductive final products
Concealed object detection
Apparatus and process for film deposition
Non-lethal personal deterrent device
Modular powder application system
Electroluminescence phosphor multilayer thin film and electroluminescence element
Multi-color, multi-focal plane optical detector
Swirl gun for powder particles
Automatic air-assisted manifold mounted gun
Retainer for holding a gun in a case
Ammunition container
Creating an underbalance condition in a wellbore
Compressed gas-powered gun simulating the recoil of a conventional firearm
Resonant combustion chamber and recycler for linear motors
Black liquor gun
Web store events
Pattern recognition training method and apparatus using inserted noise followed by noise reduction
Hooking of replacement and augmented API functions
Method for providing feedback on windows, messages and dialog boxes
Method for locking user input elements for a small computer device by ignoring input signals if a lo...
Attribute reporting over a PS/2 protocol
System and method for statically checking source code
Performance markers to measure benchmark timing of features in a program
Application programming interface for changing the visual style
Gel-swellable layers on fibers, fiber ribbons and buffer tubes
Method of producing a composite high-voltage insulator, high-voltage insulator and plastic material ...
Process aid for melt processable polymers
Mixture of grafted polyamide-block and flexible polyolefin copolymers
Polyphenylene ether compositions with improved die lip buildup performance
Process to purge polymer or plastic melt guiding parts of film extrusion systems
Apparatus for extruding unvulcanized rubber
Oscillating guide cage
Resinates from monomer
Water based ink capable of decolorizing or discoloring and a process for the production of the same
Method of producing a branched carbon nanotube for use with an atomic force microscope
Method for forming silicon film with changing grain size by thermal process
11-O-methylgeldanamycin compounds
Peptide compounds derived from a shifted ORF of the iCE gene
Process for the production of particular polymers
Method and system for the in situ synthesis of a combinatorial library of supported catalyst materia...
Microfluidic devices comprising biochannels
Monoclonal antibodies and complementarity-determining regions binding to Ebola glycoprotein
Multi-layer golf ball
Methods and apparata for precisely dispensing microvolumes of fluids
Method and apparatus for tracking a user's interaction with a resource supplied by a server computer
Method of transforming software language constructs to functional hardware equivalents
Method for ensuring operation during node failures and network partitions in a clustered message pas...
Integrated JSP and command cache for web applications with dynamic content
Chipset supporting multiple CPU's and layout method thereof
Alignment method and apparatus therefor
Order-receiving/manufacturing system for oscillators, control method therefor, business center serve...
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Fast flexible filter processor based architecture for a network device
Network device with a distributed switch fabric timing system
Method and system for fabrication of integrated tunable/switchable passive microwave and millimeter ...
Production apparatus for producing a crystal
Lottery ticket validation system
Routing with signal modifiers in a measurement system
Prioritized-routing for an ad-hoc, peer-to-peer, mobile radio access system
System and method for optimizing bluetooth transmissions to overcome signal interference
Apparatus for detecting peaks of wavelength-division-multiplexed light, and apparatus for controllin...
Consistent sampling for network traffic measurement
Hybrid semiconductor-magnetic device and method of operation
Method and apparatus for measuring the three-dimensional shape of an object using a moire equipment
Graphics memory system for volumeric displays
Device for controlling and/or monitoring external technical processes
Hardware independent mapping of multiple sensor configurations for classification of persons
Method for implementing a call-back service in a mobile radio network
Method for common source and channel coding
Automated stator insulation flaw inspection tool and method of operation
Transmission arrangement for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Circuit arrangement for measuring the current consumption of a transistor-controlled load
Welding tongs
Low cost combined air cleaner and resonator assembly
Receive circuit for ultrasound imaging
Gas turbine blade
Modular X-ray diagnostic appliance
Dual seal EGR tube assembly
Fuel injector mounting arrangement
Device for measuring the axle load of a motor vehicle
Method for operating a gas and steam turbine system and a corresponding system
Food processor attachment
Method for detecting rotational speed
Tuneable fiber optic sensor
Method of forming a semiconductor component
Method for determining characteristics of substrate employing fluid geometries
Process for growing tissue in a biocompatible macroporous polymer scaffold and products therefrom
Non-dispersive mid-infrared sensor for vaporized hydrogen peroxide
Truncated Flk-1 receptor protein, methods of use and a recombinant vector containing a nucleotide en...
Polymethylmethacrylate augmented with carbon nanotubes
Spiral heat exchangers
Downflow condenser
Bottom fixation type integrated circuit chip cooling structure
Cooling apparatus boiling and condensing refrigerant with a refrigerant vapor passage having a large...
Heat sink with intermediate fan element
Cooling apparatus
Active heat sink for high power microprocessors
Method and apparatus for individually cooling components of electronic systems
Cooling device for electronic unit
Conditions for fluid separations in microchannels, capillary-driven fluid separations, and laminated...
Control system for, and a method of, heating an operator station of a work machine
Air conditioning housing for an air conditioner of an automobile
Energy efficient control method for a manually regulated vehicle heating and air conditioning system
Cooling system for protective vest
Thermal interface material
Method of manufacturing heat exchanger
Heat exchanger flow-through tube supports
Heat transfer apparatus
Orthoses for joint rehabilitation
Closure with gas-barrier liner and package incorporating same
Heat-sensitive recording material and process for production of the same
Rapid exchange fluid jet thrombectomy device and method
Hard drive carrier
Magnetoresistive sensor with antiparallel coupled lead/sensor overlap region
Bilayer shared pole extension for reduced thermal pole tip protrusion
Giant magnetoresistance sensor with stitched longitudinal bias stacks and its fabrication process
Magnetoresistive transducer having stronger longitudinal bias field
GMR spin valve structure using heusler alloy
Method of making a solid state inductor
Magnetic disk cartridge
Magnetic recording head including background magnetic field generator
Perpendicular magnetic recording head
Data storage device with spindle motor
Disk drive having a reinforcing arrangement against an external stress applied thereto
Monolithically constituted gasket assembly with cover and hard disk drive unit
Disk drive including an airflow diverter element radially between spindle motor axis of rotation and...
Rotary disk type storage device
Tape cartridge docking apparatus for read/write recording assemblies and method therefor
Disk drive and method of detecting servo address mark in the same
Detecting head landings on a data zone of a data storage disc
Integrated electrostatic slider fly height control
Method and apparatus for recovery of metals with hydrocarbon-utilizing bacteria
Imidazoline compounds
Compounds that modulate PPAR activity and methods for their preparation
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Lipase inhibiting polymers
Glucopyranosyloxybenzylbenzene derivatives and medicinal compositions containing the same
Testing compliance of a device with a bus protocol
Systems and methods for making noninvasive physiological assessments
Method for deconvolution of impedance spectra
Isobutylene-based elastomer blends
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion processes
Burner employing cooled flue gas recirculation
Modification of lubricant properties in an operating all loss lubricating system
Method to quantitatively analyze conjugated dienes in hydrocarbon feeds and products as an indicator...
Burner system employing flue gas recirculation
Identification bracelet
Process and device for feeding dispersible solid fuels into the calcinator of a cement clinker produ...
Accelerated commutation for passive clamp isolated boost converters
Electronic ballast system for emergency lighting applications
Power converter
Method and apparatus for converting power
Apparatus for generating brain wave-inducing signals and network system including the same
Apparatus and methods for dynamic bandwidth allocation
Method and apparatus for tuning digital hearing aids
Microphone for hearing aid and communications applications having switchable polar and frequency res...
Device for cooling electric or electronic devices
One-way ratchet wrench
Ratchet wrench with nut-gripping clip
Method and circuit arrangement for enhancing the contrast of an image
Input/output interface for computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system
Method of image color correction
Method for expedient synthesis of [18F]-labeled .alpha.-trifluoromethyl ketones
Optical resonance analysis system
Medical scanning system and related method of scanning
Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood constituent monitoring
Durable finishes for textiles
Reciprocating compressor
Reciprocating compressor
Micropumps with passive check valves
Turbocharger with reduced coking
Pump system using a control fluid to drive a switching valve mechanism for an actuating fluid
Compressor having independently driven members
Compressors having cylinder liners extending beyond the cylinder bores
Hydraulic pump and motor
Method for controlling an electric pump
Vacuum pump
Hybrid compressor device
Air conditioning system with two compressors and method for operating the same
Compressor and refrigerant system device using the same
Stand alone plasma vacuum pump
Evaporable getter device with metallic nets
Very thin fan motor with attached heat sink
Pump having a port for drawing air or fluid
Liquid discharger and apparatus including the liquid discharger
Travelling volume pump chamber surface arrangement
Radial piston pump for producing high fuel pressure, as well as method for operating an internal com...
Humanized antibodies
Seamless sensory system
Map data production system for providing map data including road grade data
Car navigation system
Vehicle positioning apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for providing on-demand access of stored content at a receiver in a digital bro...
Method and apparatus for high-accuracy position location using search mode ranging techniques
System and method for location-finding using communication signals
Method and apparatus to locate a device in a dwelling or other enclosed space
Method and apparatus for synchronizing device information
Computer based system, computer program product and method for managing geographically distributed a...
Proteases from gram positive organisms
Modulating angiogenesis
Method for assessing the risk of peptic ulcer, comprising the steps of determining quantitatively th...
Water cleaning process
Method and a system for separating a mixture
Waste water treating method, waste water treating apparatus, and waste water treating system
Methods and apparatus for oil demulsification and separation of oil and suspended solids from produc...
Filter cartridge with structurally and adhesively attached outer sleeve and method of assembly
Systems and methods for on line finishing of cellular blood products like platelets harvested for th...
Structured packing plate and element and method of fabricating same
Devices and methods for estimating a series of symbols
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having detachable process cartridge
Image forming apparatus capable of executing image forming jobs having priority levels
Image forming apparatus and sheet setting control method
Color image forming apparatus and image quality control system
Digital format compression and decompression in which information representing a physical quantity i...
Signal processing device for processing video signal information by using memory
Semiconductor exposure apparatus, control method therefor, and semiconductor device manufacturing me...
Illumination optical system, exposure method and apparatus using the same
Exposure method, plane alignment method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase and gene encoding the same enzyme
Dry toner, toner production process, image forming method and process cartridge
Histone deacetylase-8 proteins, nuclei acids, and methods for use
Apparatus and method for frictional stirring weld
Printer with automatic density adjusting function and density adjusting method of printer
Data-collecting system and robot apparatus
Gait generation device for legged mobile robot
Robotic physical distribution tracking system
Rezeroing a robot accessor of an automated data storage library
Soccer and fighting robot, and driving and operating device of the robot
Apparatus for actuating a well tool and method for use of same
Milking apparatus and holder for receiving teat cups
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Distribution equipment for robot
Method for driving multiple-module mechanisms by a single motor and redundant modular robots produce...
Robot system
Remote-controlled robot and robot self-position identification method
Surveillance system and surveillance robot
Object detector, object detecting method and robot
Method and system for robot localization and confinement
Leg device for leg type movable robot, and method of controlling leg type movable robot
Visual assistance guide system for disrupter placement and method of use
Magnetic tape cartridge
Method and apparatus for decoding spread spectrum signal for CDMA
Method for sevicing facsimile using wireless local loop system
System for code division multi-access communication
Adaptive orthogonal channel noise source
Method employed by a remote terminal for spread spectrum CDMA subtractive interference cancellation
Apparatus and method for generating periodic beacon signals for use in CDMA base station
Delay and channel estimation for multi-carrier CDMA system
Method and system for reducing synchronization time in a CDMA wireless communication system
Current reduction by receiver linearity adjustment in a communication device
Methods and devices for asynchronous operation of a CDMA mobile communication system
Fourier-transform based linear equalization for CDMA downlink
Method for correcting measurement error, method of determining quality of electronic component, and ...
Method for the treatment of bacterial eye infections
Methods of producing carbon-13 labeled biomass
Pump for low flow rates
Preparation and use of EXO-2-fluoroalkyl(bicyclo[2.2.1] hept-5-enes)
Optical signal receiver and method with decision threshold adjustment based on a relative percentage...
Forced air warming unit
Method for applying variable electro-muscle stimulation and system therefor
Circuit interrupter trip unit
Compact particle sensor
Fluorescent ballast with fiber optic and IR control
Method and apparatus for injection molding
General-purpose medical instrumentation
Transmission controller and a method of use
Method for managing the control system of a seat with pre-programmed positions and seat therefor
Ignition timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Adaptable modification of cylinder deactivation threshold
Valve operating apparatus of internal combustion engines
Printing press
Piotless nozzle
Device for detecting the presence of a crop flow in a harvesting machine
System for setting image characteristics using embedded camera tag information
Satellite and ground system for detection and forecasting of earthquakes
Transformer over-current protection with RMS sensing and voltage fold-back
Method and apparatus for data reproduction
Optical waveguides and method of fabrication thereof
Microchannel plate having microchannels with deep funneled and/or step funneled openings and method ...
Grating-based wavelength selective switch
Optical filtering module and optical devices using such optical filtering module
Device for transmitting an optical wave in a structure provided with an optical fiber and method for...