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Collision flypapering: a method for defining realistic behavior for simulated objects in computer an...
Sensor-driven adaptive counterpoise antenna system
Tracking system using miniaturized concealable communications module
Location finding system and method
Ballast with protection circuit for preventing inverter startup during an output ground-fault condit...
Exoskeleton for the human arm, in particular for space applications
Radioactive image apparatus and focus control method thereof
Intelligent system and 3D virtual object generator
Substrate processing apparatus
Process for fabricating tapered microstructured fiber system and resultant system
Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) derivatives and methods
Method of manufacturing a circuit board
Transflective liquid crystal display with adjusted dual-thickness liquid crystal layer and method of...
Sonic relay for the high frequency hearing impaired
Medical code system
System compensating for intensity variations in an illuminating light source in successive recording...
Optical system with 1.times.N interleaver and methods of making and using same
Controller-based transaction logging system for data recovery in a storage area network
Method and system allowing a single entity to manage memory comprising compressed and uncompressed d...
System and method to protect vital memory space from non-malicious writes in a multi domain system
System and method for checking bits in a buffer with multiple entries
System and method for efficiently blocking event signals associated with an operating system
Multiple coding method and apparatus, multiple decoding method and apparatus, and information transm...
Electronic call assistant
Multi channel filtering device and method
Self configuring multiple element portable electronic device
Polarization-independent, configurable optical multiplexer
Systems and methods for facilitating testing of pad receivers of integrated circuits
Synchronization lock detector and method
Method and device for scouring and cleaning rolled steel strip
PC steel stranded wire connection structure and construction method thereof
Decoration hanger for steel
Free-form surface generation from detected geometric continuity on common NURBS boundary curve
Laminate wall structure
Atrial and ventricular tachyarrhythmia detection system and method
Method for mask data verification and computer readable record medium recording the verification pro...
Image processor with integral image buffer
Method for retrieving image by using multiple features per image subregion
On the fly server for modifying data characteristics for client-server network applications
Correction of distortions in form processing
Modulation controlling circuit
Optical fiber and optical communication system including the same
Encoding apparatus
Reshaping freehand drawn lines and shapes in an electronic document
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Portable electronic device
Installation for improving a scanning range of scanner along an axial direction of a light source
Front illuminator for a liquid crystal display and method of making same
Decorative lights network
Vehicle lamp having light sources with LEDs arranged in two groups
Key management method
Apparatus and method for concealing data bursts in an analog scrambler using audio repetition
Hot melt pressure sensitive positioning adhesive (III)
Blends of fluorinated and acrylic elastomers
Moulding substances based on poly-C2-C6 -alkylene terephthalates
Hydrophobic polymer dispersion and process for the preparation thereof
Adhesive ethylene copolymer resin compositions and laminates using the same
Individualized anti-cancer antibodies
Human Pelota homolog
Urea substituted imidazoquinoline ethers
Compositions and methods for targeted enzymatic release of cell regulatory compounds
Wireline system for multiple direct push tool usage
External anastomosis operators and related systems for anastomosis
Matching network for a dual mode RF amplifier
Pre-formed bag dispenser and bags therefor
Wireless communications system
Human tumor necrosis factor--immunoglobulin(TNFR1-IgG1) chimera composition
Aerosolized active agent delivery
Methods for raising pre-adult anadromous fish
Client-server protocol support list for standard request-response protocols
Fabric care compositions comprising an organophilic clay and functionalized oil
Compositions and methods for using amine oxide monomeric unit-containing polymeric suds enhancers
Image display medium driving method and image display device
Snowboard boot with inflatable bladders
Device for axial stopping of a rotor, in particular an armature of an electric motor, for balancing ...
Motor and method of manufacturing the same
Surface treatment for ferrous components
Pivot bearing assembly
Ball bearing and bearing assembly
Bearings, races and components thereof having diamond and other superhard surfaces
Compaction system for particles in particle filled cavities of an article
Small-calibre deformation projectile and method for the manufacture thereof
Ammunition for a less-lethal projectile
Fin-stabilized ammunition
Appliance for protecting against the effects of explosive devices
Large-scale, fault-tolerant audio conferencing over a hybrid network
Method and apparatus for detecting ultrasonic surface displacements using post-collection optical am...
Method for image formation and intermediate transfer recording medium for use in the same
Video simulation system for calculating distance between characters and applying polygon to polygon ...
Light emitting device, display apparatus with an array of light emitting devices, and display appara...
Method and arrangement for obtaining image information relating to surface structures
Automated laser wavelength selection system and method
Optically driven therapeutic radiation source with voltage gradient control
Glitcher system and method for interfaced or linked architectures
Use of zinc hyaluronate against peptic ulcer
Transparent bar soap composition comprising glycerine derivative
Combination of acid protease enzymes and acidic buffers and uses thereof
Therapeutic, diagnostic, or hydrophilic coating for an intracorporeal medical device
Cross function block partitioning and placement of a circuit design onto reconfigurable logic device...
Absorbent structure in an absorbent article
Detection of patient's position and activity status using 3D accelerometer-based position sensor
Fire door components and fire doors comprising the components
System, method, and program for balancing cache space requirements with retrieval access time for la...
Crabapple tree named `Jarmin`
Multimode planar spectrographs for wavelength demultiplexing and methods of fabrication
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor apparatus and process for its fabrication
Compositions and methods for monitoring the phosphorylation of natural binding partners
Multisheet sandwich structures with throughholes
Laser discharge chamber passivation by plasma
Debugging methods for heap misuse
Broadband amplified spontaneous emission light source
Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
Broadcasting system, broadcast receiving hardware systems, and navigation terminal
Fuse circuit using capacitors as fuse elements
System and method for high speed integrated circuit device testing utilizing a lower speed test envi...
Semiconductor device with SRAM section including a plurality of memory cells
Non-uniform pre-charge erase array with relatively uniform output
Illuminated components for guiding maintenance and repair sequence
System for printing facsimile jobs with a property profile
System for resetting the video offset from dark photosensors in an image sensor array
Method and apparatus for specification, control and modulation of social primitives in animated char...
Shielded enclosure for testing wireless communication devices
Wall hanging bill and organizer calendar
Camera for use with personal digital assistants with high speed communication link
Machine readable coded frame for personal postage
Mast step
Machine for learning the golf swing
Game progression control method, computer-readable recording medium, and game apparatus
Immunopotentiating compositions
Composition for the topical treatment of rashes, dermatoses and lesions
Collapsible wet or dry submersible vehicle
Active semi-weathervaning anchoring system
Passing internal bus data external to a completed system
Wireless system combining arrangement and method thereof
Method and apparatus for estimating the location of a mobile terminal
Push-pull thermo-optic switch
Long lines
Clause-based relational queries
Inhaler for dispensing medications
Externally adjustable rifle telescope
Functionalized cubic liquid crystalline phase materials and methods for their preparation and use
Fuel cells system and method of controlling cells
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Liquid crystal flat panel display with enhanced backlight brightness and specially selected light so...
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus having rotatable gas injector and thin film deposition ...
Reconfiguring storage modes in a memory
Nitride semiconductor device
Method for producing electric sheets with a glass coating
High-pressure discharge lamp
Liquid crystal display
Thermoplastic resin composition
Recording material for electrophotocopy and image recording method
Process for producing aromatic liquid crystalline polyester and film thereof
Means and method for multiplexing sprays in an electrospray ionization source
Biomolecular labeling
Curable high refractive index compositions
Self assembled nano-devices using DNA
Methods of enhancing conductivity of a polymer-ceramic composite electrolyte
Vinylaromatic/1,3-diene copolymer stabilized with protective colloids as adhesives for porous substr...
Compositions comprising water soluble copolymer and cesium salt of a carboxylic acid
Multispectral monolithic infrared focal plane array detectors
Method and apparatus for power control
Method of forming optical images, mask for use in this method, method of manufacturing a device usin...
Polymerization method by dielectric heating of unsaturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acid ester...
Method for selecting terms from vocabularies in a category-based system
Processing system with separate general purpose execution unit and data string manipulation unit
Centralized logging of global reliability, availability, and serviceability (GRAS) services data for...
Note bending by neck pivoting
Fungicidal phenylimidate derivatives
Biomap characterization of biologically active agents
Growth differentiation factor receptors, agonists and antagonists thereof, and methods of using same
Personality generator for conversational systems
Recording device
Method of manipulating image data and a recording medium for recording a processing program thereof
Image processing apparatus, method and recording medium therefor
Jet ink composition for printing watermarks
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control apparatus of engine
Valve timing controller, valve timing control method and engine control unit for internal combustion...
Valve timing adjusting apparatus
Offset variable valve actuation mechanism
Method for controlling an electromagnetic valve drive by changing the current direction when supplyi...
Collection of events within a distributed object system
Odds accelerator for promotional type sweepstakes, games, and contests
Method for determining the viscosity of an operating liquid of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for activating a crash countermeasure
Navigation device
Grain based dairy beverage
Unsaturated lipid-enriched feedstock for ruminants
Device for cooling a dairy animal, such as a cow
Bobbin-winding device for a cheese-producing textile machine
Method and device for processing a multichannel signal for use with a headphone
Method and apparatus for measuring head-related transfer functions
Apparatus for controlling localization of a sound image
Acoustic display system and method for ultrasonic imaging
Multi-channel spatialization system for audio signals
Method of signal processing for maintaining directional hearing with hearing aids
Head related transfer function pseudo-stereophony
Radar apparatus capable of measuring a plurality of objects that are in close proximity
Accelerator actuated emergency braking system
System for controlling noise and temperature in a vehicle cab
Speed control for a utility vehicle
Method for evaluating objects in the path of a vehicle
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 1,4-dioxino[2,3-b]pyridine
Method and system for marine vessel tracking system
Produce texture data collecting apparatus and method
Power clamp mechanism
Digital correlation of test samples and the screening of interactions between the same
Method of manufacturing oxygenated fuel
Lithium secondary battery and battery device comprising same
Emissive display using organic electroluminescent devices
Electrocatalyst powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Write method and circuit for content addressable memory
Data acquisition system for a circuit breaker
Cordless phone back link for interactive television system
Fuel cell and method of manufacture thereof
Propylene polymers incorporating polyethylene macromers
Snap-in display frame
Rear projection apparatus
Iontophoresis, electroporation and combination patches for local drug delivery to body tissues
Therapeutic aqueous composition containing a hexahydro-5-pyrimidinamine compound and a polyalkoxylat...
Process for processing sucrose into glucose and fructose
Methods and systems for inspecting aircraft fuselage frames
Vascular access devices and systems
Methods of photoacoustic imaging
Easily expandable, nontrapping, flexible paper, microwave package
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Navigation system that takes into account dynamic road conditions
Squeegee device and system
One-transistor floating-body DRAM cell in bulk CMOS process with electrically isolated charge storag...
Sheet-shaped display, sphere-like resin body, and micro-capsule
Transfer press and apparatus for loading and unloading workpieces
Cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase
Nonaqueous solutions and suspensions of macromolecules for pulmonary delivery
Cool ice automatic footer text on HTML pages
Information processing structures
Method for emulsifying heat-sensitive silicones emulsion without grinding
Valve arrangement with expansion valve
Method and system for software control of hardware branch prediction mechanism in a data processor
Automobile activity screen
Woodworking dowel master jig
Bis-indolylquinone compounds
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
4.5-diaryloxazole compounds with prostaglandin I2 (PGI2) agonistic activity
2,6-Substituted chroman derivatives useful as beta-3 adrenoreceptor agonists
Bicyclic derivatives
Pyrazolopyrimidines as therapeutic agents
Sorbitol dehydrogenase inhibitors
Process for generating stabilized bromine compounds
Application program interface for transforming heterogeneous programs
Recording/reproducing apparatus using an IC memory
System and method for programming portable devices from a remote computer system
Pneumatic tube distribution system and method
Method and device for performing error correction on ECC data sectors
Electronic identification system
Method of injecting fluid into animals
Modular aircraft seat system
Induction heating and fixing device for fixing toner on a recording medium in an image forming appar...
Runtime object binding in scripting
Wireless battery charging system for existing hearing aids using a dynamic battery and a charging pr...
System and method for reducing synchronization overhead in multithreaded code
Hydrogen fluoride recovery process
1.5-Diethenylnaphthalene compounds and bifunctional primers for anionic polymerization prepared ther...
Colorimetric glycopolythiophene biosensors
Vehicle drive system and vehicle controlling method
Method of rating motor dysfunction by assessing speech prosody
Variable spare circuit group size and quantity having multiple active circuits
Insect repellents
Tokenless biometric electronic debit and credit transactions
Methods for the production of D-chiro-inositol and the use of D-chiro inositol obtained therefrom
Pulse oximeter and sensor optimized for low saturation
LED extrusion light engine and connector therefor
Low lipoxygenase 1 barley
Method for comparison of DNA base sequences
Remote system usage monitoring with flexible packaging of data
Television receiver
Bioresorbable hydrogel compositions for implantable prostheses
Minimizing profiling-related perturbation using periodic contextual information
Process for the polymerization of ethylene and interpolymers thereof
Excitation circuits for coriolis mass flowmeters
Receptacle for enclosing low-voltage electronic devices in a wall
Shaver handle
FC101 as a method of treatment for cancer
Luminescence spectral properties of CdS nanoparticles
Mailbox assembly having a bifurcated post
Center-fill absorbent article with a central rising member
Compounds and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Apparatus for radiation-induced graft polymerization treatment of fabric webs
Poly-phase filters in multicarrier communication systems
Subterranean fluid distribution and drainage system
Method and system for specifying and implementing automation of business processes
Multiple robotic workstation with multiple fixtures
Method and apparatus for improving fault classifications
System and method for item management via an electronic communication network
Fusing roller for an electrophotographic image forming apparatus having quick warm up time and unifo...
Loudspeaker with a front-mounted sealing element and method of manufacturing the same
Figure data input device
System and method for recording telephonic communications
Book microphone system
Vertically-alligned (VA) liquid crystal display device
Fabric coating containing energy absorbing phase change material and method of manufacturing same
Store buffer which forwards data based on index and optional way match
Non-invasive sensor having controllable temperature feature
Automatically scrolling handwritten input user interface for personal digital assistants and the lik...
Portable telephone set
Rotor blade anchor and tool for installing same
Method for electrokinetic delivery of medicaments
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S49`
Camera having a holding member for holding a device for measuring a lens-to-subject distance
Deionizers with energy recovery
Sample analysis system with fiber optics and related method
Diagnostics/prognostics using wireless links
Protocol for extended data transfer in scan-based industrial controller I/O system
Peach tree named `Burpeachsixteen`
Illuminated jewelery
Containment/exclusion barrier system with infuser adaptation to water intake system
Kickback training goal
Method for generating near-optimal sequencing of manufacturing tasks subject to user-given hard and ...
Apparatus and method for providing recruitment information
Nozzle assemblies for aerosol spray texturing devices
Inhalable dry powder aztreonam for treatment and prevention of pulmonary bacterial infections
Hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode, electrode producing method and alkali storage battery
Method, system, and program for providing access to objects in a document
Photosensitive composition comprising a vinyl copolymer and an o-naphthoquinone diazide compound
Radio control system and radio control method
Method of performing data mining tasks for generating decision tree and apparatus therefor
Mobile device and disk drive restricted from writing a data storage zone in a mobile environment
Label for labelling of preferably cylindrical containers
Unified parental locks
Computer apparatus, method and memory including license key
Multiwavelength modelocked lasers
Methods for enhanced aromatic extraction employing sulfone-sulfoxide compositions
Device location discovery by sound
Transmitting data from a host computer in a reduced power state by an isolation block that disconnec...
Film cartridge for a compact camera
Method and system for providing and transmitting alternative video data during interruptions in vide...
Mobile miniature X-ray source
Method for classifying AVO data using an interpreter-trained neural network
Programmable pain reduction device
System and method for dynamically limiting robot access to server data
Search user interface providing mechanism for manipulation of explicit and implicit criteria
Adaptive variable load limited for primary occupant safety restraint
Single-site catalysts for olefin polymerization
Data rewriting apparatus, control method, and recording medium
Multi-faceted jewelry link and chain
Managing information in an integrated development architecture framework
Method and apparatus for multimedia playback with title specific parameters
Circuit architectures and methods for A/D conversion
Recording material
Thermosensitive recording medium
CF sheets
Optical information memory medium and display recording method using the same
Symmetric inducting device for an integrated circuit having a ground shield
Semiconductor device with electrically coupled spiral inductors
MR thin film head with longitudinal-biasing multi-layers of antiferromagnetically-coupled high and l...
3-phenyl-3,7-diazabicyclo[3.3.1] nonane compounds, process for preparing them, pharmaceutical compos...
Method of control management of production line
Continuous casting method with soft reduction
Connecting structure for a flexible tube and a mouthpiece of a treatment tool used for an endoscope
Microdispersions of hydroxamated polymers
Coupling for medical cannulae
Redundant backup device
Automated configuration of computer accessories
Magnetic recording device, method of adjusting magnetic head, and magnetic recording medium
Tunnel valve sensor having a pinned layer structure with an iron oxide (Fe3O4) layer
Spin-dependent tunneling sensor with low resistance metal oxide tunnel barrier
Spin-valve magnetoresistive device having a layer for canceling a leakage magnetic field
Magnetic transducer with interlayer thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing thereof
Air bearing slider including side rail shallow recessed surfaces extending along trailing portions o...
Disk drive including conductive path between disk drive base and cover through fastener support
Disk drive employing sector-reconstruction-interleave sectors each storing redundancy data generated...
Mice comprising engrafted functional human hepatocytes
Reagents useful for detecting diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
Inhibition of glycolipid biosynthesis
Anti-HCV nucleoside derivatives
Enhanced replication of HCV RNA
Multi-rate variable duty cycle modem for use in an optical communication system
Fiber low profile network interface device
Radiation-curable optical glass fiber coating compositions, coated optical glass fibers, and optical...
Optical fiber and nonlinear optical fiber, optical amplifier and wavelength converter using the same...
Diffusion barriers for holey fibers
Optical fiber cable for use in a dispersion managed cable system
Optical transmission line including a connected part of optical fibers and connecting method
Tooth cleaning composition and applicator
Color tunable organic electroluminescent light source
Skeletal reconstruction cages
Optical recording medium and production method of the same
Method for the preparation of citalopram
N-phenpropylcyclopentyl-substituted glutaramide derivatives as inhibitors of neutral endopeptidase
Use of (+)-tramadol, O-demethyltramadol or (+)-O-demethyl-tramadol, O-desmethyl-N-mono-desmethyl-tra...
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Mobile communication system having multi-band antenna
Method and apparatus for global server load balancing
Video camera with separate on/off switch for light incorporated therein
Methods and devices for remediation and fermentation
Information retrieval apparatus and information retrieval method
Wireless roadway monitoring system
Memory unit, a method of assembling a memory unit, a method of reconfiguring a system, and a memory ...
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing alternative displays for networked devi...
Differential input A/D converter
Method for injection molding helical and straight gear
Toy car wash play set
Sound activated toy vehicle
Aggression-relieving stuffed doll
Animated display
Balloon weight with selectable ballast
Transportable play system, including a bag or a backpack, reversibly convertible into a play surface
Highly resistant granular starch
Process for producing pure guarseed flour
Process for producing carotenoid emulsion
Pet foods
Polypeptides having dipeptidyl aminopeptidase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Heat-insulating container and apparatus for producing the same
Soy milk compositions and methods of preparation
Infrasonic Helmholtz resonator
Nonlinear electroseismic exploration
Single chip device for voice communications
Cross-exit exhaust system
Use of autonomous moveable obstructions as seismic sources
Adjustable restriction muffler system for a combine
High fidelity insert earphones and methods of making same
Benzotriazoles anti-inflammatory compounds
Multiple portion tablet
Stereoisomers with high affinity for adrenergic receptors
Cardiac rhythm management system selecting A-V delay based on interval between atrial depolarization...
Apparatus and method for speculative prefetching after data cache misses
Voice messaging system using information from incoming telephone call to respond to a call
Methods for operation of semiconductor memory
Embolization device
Compounds for immunotherapy of prostate cancer and methods for their use
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Polypeptides comprising IL-6 ligand-binding receptor domains
TWIK-5 potassium channel polypeptides and uses therefor
Antivesicant compounds and methods of making and using thereof
Tylosin derivatives having antibacterial activity
Non-aqueous injectable formulation preparation with pH adjusted for extended release of somatotropin
Surface or underwater dive vehicle
Nasal mask
Fuzzy logic based emergency flight control with thrust vectoring capability
Surface mount probe point socket and system
Selecting compounds to reduce inflammation associated with Alzheimer's disease
Antagonists of the magnesium binding defect as therapeutic agents and methods for treatment of abnor...
Heterocyclic compounds and their use in medicine; process for their preparation and pharmaceutical c...
Electrochemical saccharide sensor
Nervonic acid derivatives, their preparation and use
Use of (+)mefloquine for the treatment of malaria
System and method for waveform processing
High-speed optical data links
Polymeric devices including optical waveguide laser and optical amplifier
System and method for optimizing the performance of multiple gain element laser
Tunable electro-absorption modulator and tunable laser
Automatic X-ray determination of solder joint and view Delta Z values from a laser mapped reference ...
Light adjustment device for oscillating laser cavity
Perfluorosulfonylmethide compounds; use thereof for carbon-carbon bond formation
Synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Fluorescence based oxygen sensor systems
53010, a human carboxylesterase family member and uses thereof
38692 and 21117, novel dual specificity phosphatase molecules and uses therefor
Reagents for oligonucleotide cleavage and deprotection
TaqMan.TM.-PCR for the detection of pathogenic E. coli strains
Measuring viral reverse transcriptase activity
Mid-level spray-arm assembly
Method and apparatus for securing a conduit box to a motor and motor incorporating same
Apparatus to detect setting of bits in a data structure
Hall effect position sensing in a powered parking brake system
Subaperture chemical mechanical polishing system
Grinding and polishing tool for diamond, method for polishing diamond, and polished diamond, single ...
Semiconductor device having a semiconductor ring laser with a circularly formed ridge optical wavegu...
Diode-pumped laser with funnel-coupled pump source
Protection of software again against unauthorized use
Self-propagating software objects and applications
Extensible compiler utilizing a plurality of question handlers
Equivalence class based synchronization optimization
Method and apparatus for generating code for array range check and method and apparatus for versioni...
Data referencing within a database graph
Apparatus and method for providing metadata for the creation of semi-deployed enterprise java beans
Sever-based method and apparatus for enabling client systems on a network to present results of soft...
System and method for run time generation of potential label positions
Retroreflective article having a binder layer containing an epoxy resin and a silicone crosslinked p...
Fiber processing agent, reinforcing fiber processed by the fiber processing agent and rubber product...
Chemical resistant adhesive composition
Core-crush resistant fabric and prepreg for fiber reinforced composite sandwich structures
Flame retarded epoxy resin composition
Multiple channel class D audio amplifier
Modulation scheme for filterless switching amplifiers
Class d amplifier with pulse width modulation and a very low power consumption
Power IQ modulation systems and methods
Optical switching system
Digital/analog converter circuit, level shift circuit, shift register utilizing level shift circuit,...
Method and apparatus for conditioning an analog signal
AC-to-DC converter
Apparatus and method for DC-to-DC power conversion
Synchronous DC-DC regulator with shoot-through prevention
Determination of leak and respiratory airflow
Sealed back pressure breathing device
Chromatography material and a process of manufacturing that material
Process and apparatus for producing inhalable medicaments
Electrochemical cell for removing contaminants from a wastewater stream
System and method to treat livestock waste
Contaminant adsorption and oxidation via the Fenton reaction
Method for the fractionation of molasses
Autoclavable annular chromatograph
Sleep disconnect safety override for direct human-computer neural interfaces for the control of comp...
Method of diagnosis of lyme disease
Fluorescence digital imaging microscopy system
Method and apparatus for microbiological disk recognition
Inbred corn line LH310
Soybean cultivar J604217
Soybean cultivar SJ743490
Soybean cultivar S10-T1
Testing system of voice-band data transmission interface on an exchange
Detoxification of solid freeform fabrication materials
Method and device for power supply in telecommunication systems
Monolithic electroactive polymers
Vibratory motors and methods of making and using same
Process for production of esters
All-solid-state electrochemical device and method of manufacturing
Reduction of metal oxides in an electrolytic cell
Method for forming a fluid seal between rotating and stationary members
Thermally enhanced lid for multichip modules
Liquid metal thermal interface for an electronic module
Apparatus and method for embedded fluid cooling in printed circuit boards
Tapered cold plate
Cooling device capable of reducing thickness of electronic apparatus
System for cooling a component in a computer system
Air-to-air atmospheric exchanger for condensing cooling tower effluent
System for discovering and maintaining geographic location information in a computer network to enab...
Wavelength selective optical add/drop multiplexer and method of manufacture
Total internal reflection optical switch and method of operating the same
Method and apparatus for selecting signal components from optical signals
In-package temporally modulated reference source for tunable optical filter system
Dot adjacency compensation in optical storage systems using ink dots
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Optical function module having removable optical function unit
Apparatus and method for electronically acquiring fingerprint image with low cost removable platen a...
Massive parallel method for decoding DNA and RNA
PNA probes, probe sets, methods and kits pertaining to the detection of microorganisms
Methods of screening for modulation of cell cycle
Process for preparing peptide nucleic acid probe using polymeric photoacid generator
Ratchet wrench with improved force distribution
Method and apparatus for optimizing downstream uniformity
Aircraft electrical power distribution network
Thermal protection structure
Aircraft kite
Integral energy source for store ejection
Mounting structure for attaching a payload, such as a warhead, to munitions
Multi-purpose aircraft cavity
Safety system for cockpit
Apparatus and a method for image processing
Shading correction method for shuttle scanning device
Video camera system
Image processing apparatus, method for processing and image and computer-readable recording medium f...
Method and apparatus for differential phase optical coherence tomography
Method for determining ion concentration and energy of shallow junction implants
Alignment of a rotatable polarizer with a sample
Cytological imaging system and method
Calibration of fluorescence resonance energy transfer in microscopy
Diffuse surface illumination apparatus and methods
Sensor system of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and measuring method thereof
Sprectroscopic and time-resolved optical methods and apparatus for imaging objects in turbed media
Method and apparatus for examining a tissue using the spectral wing emission therefrom induced by vi...
Radiosurgery methods that utilize stereotactic methods to precisely deliver high dosages of radiatio...
Current driving system of light emitting diode
Dual stage microvalve and method of use
Diagnostic tomographic laser imaging apparatus
Method and device for the noninvasive determination of hemoglobin and hematocrit
Production of aluminum alloy foils having high strength and good rollability
Carbon nanotubes with nitrogen content
Chemically assembled nano-scale circuit elements
Apparatus for and method of playing a dice game
Method of playing a poker game with card back hands
Method of playing game and gaming games with an additional payout indicator
Method of playing a table card game with an electronic multiplier bonus feature and apparatus for pl...
Automatic suspension control system for motor vehicles
Motor and turbo-molecular pump
System for collection of blood without damage
Power transmitting mechanism
Fluid pump with a motor housing and method for producing a motor housing
Subsea chemical injection pump
Fluid injection pump with internal air actuator valve
Pump chamber having at least one spacer for inhibiting the pumping of a gas
Microprocessor chip includes an addressable external communication port which connects to an externa...
System and method for optimization of shared data
Method and apparatus for manipulation of non-general purpose registers for use during computer boot-...
Method and system for testing millicode branch points
Instruction dependency scoreboard with a hierarchical structure
Efficient instruction cache coherency maintenance mechanism for scalable multiprocessor computer sys...
Malaria immunogenic composition
Radial flow gas phase reactor and method for reducing the nitrogen oxide content of a gas
Process for dimerizing light olefins to produce a fuel component
Catalyst based on a noble metal with low dispersion, and its use in converting hydrocarbon feeds
Production of olefin derivatives
NOx reduction compositions for use in FCC processes
Catalytic composition for the upgrading of hydrocarbons having boiling temperatures within the napht...
Method for controlling deposits in the fuel reformer of a fuel cell system
Download system for consumer electronic devices
Method for managing information on an information net
System and method for building a checksum
Cellular CDMA transmission system
Digital frequency correction
Searching local network addresses
Utility meter having primary and secondary communication circuits
Program guide application interface system
Flexible method of error protection in communications systems
Slotted mode decoder state metric initialization
Forward error correction scheme for CDMA data channels using universal turbo codes
Field availability monitoring
Method and system for communications connectivity failure diagnosis
Modified peptides as therapeutic agents
Method of preparing recombinant adeno-associated virus compositions
Immune reactivity to HER-2/neu protein for diagnosis and treatment of malignancies in which the HER-...
Recovery of isoflavones from soy molasses
Leach resistant oil based carrier for cosmetically and pharmaceutically active agents
Nuclease inhibitor cocktail
Poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives with proximal reactive groups
Hot metallization process
Method for making 2,6-xylenol
Methods of skin rejuvenation using high intensity focused ultrasound to form an ablated tissue area ...
System for monitoring health, wellness and fitness having a method and apparatus for improved measur...
Microcomputer, electronic equipment, and debugging system
System and method for measuring short distances
Method of and apparatus for dynamically GoeFencing movable vehicle and other equipment and the like
Method for providing vehicle navigation instructions
Vehicle control system and method for controlling a vehicle
Standardized container payload delivery and control system
Methods and apparatus for determining the time of arrival of a signal
Combination of a nonionic silicone surfactant and a nonionic surfactant in a solid block detergent
Aza-benzazolium containing cyanine dyes
Biological pesticide
Laundry detergent compositions comprising zwitterionic polyamines and mid-chain branched surfactants
Process for preparing fluid detergent compositions
Stable solid block metal protecting warewashing detergent composition
Lubricating oil compositions
Obtaining and using data associating annotating activities with portions of recordings
Multi-resolution support for video images
Three channel panning system
System and method for detecting subscriber loops
Cheap well-behaved affine transformation of bounding spheres
Tooth saturation for reduced electromagnetic harmonics
Water-soluble amide derivatives of polyene macrolides and preparation and uses thereof
Latency-based statistical multiplexing
Narrative electronic program guide with hyper-links
Optimizing host application presentation space recognition events through matching prioritization
Transmission system
Method for using glycol additives to texturally modify natural gum hydrogels
Method of coating a bioactive substance
Composition to alleviate pain and topical method of applying same
Pesticidal activity of functionalized alkenes
Method of use of a biphasic controlled release delivery system for high solubility pharmaceuticals a...
Self foaming cosmetic product
Methods for improved diagnosis and treatment of mycobacterial infections
Erythromyacin antibiotic product, use and formulation thereof
Metronidazole antibiotic product, use and formulation thereof
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Method of detoxifying the egg of puffer fish for creating healthy foodstuffs and the resulting produ...
Hair preparation for the treatment of dandruff
Compositions for enhancing the immune response
Oral itraconazole formulations and methods of making the same
Adaptive electric field modulation of neural systems
X-ray imaging system with active detector
Transgenic plants comprising polynucleotides encoding transcription factors that confer disease tole...
Method and apparatus for monitoring component latency drifts
Data shift register
Method and computer software code for providing security for a computer software program
Vehicle traveling control system
System for controlling electric power steering
System of informing procedures for adjusting control parameters of an electric power steering contro...
Device for transmitting optical data
Method for distance measurement for vehicles by measuring transit time of laser pulses
Vehicular wireless control apparatus and portable unit for the same
Method and arrangement for a controlling strategy for electronic components in a hybrid electric veh...
Power supply apparatus
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic head having track width defined by trench portions filled with magnetic shield material
Mounting structure of high-frequency wiring board
Field emision type cold cathode device, manufacturing method thereof and vacuum micro device
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Chip-on-board assemblies, carrier assemblies and carrier substrates using residual organic compounds...
Integrated assay device and methods of production and use
Method and apparatus for the photomodulation of living cells
Relaxin levels corrlelated to IVF/ET pregnancy success
FXIII detection for verifying serum sample and sample size and for detecting dilution
Diagnostic marker for neurological conditions
Article holders with sensors detecting a type of article held by the holder
Wafer transport apparatus
Artificial hand
Cooperative minimally invasive telesurgical system
Robotic manipulator
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing electronic and electromechanical elements and devices by thi...
Methods for promoting growth of bone using zvegf3
Surface acoustic wave device and method for making the same
Medical manipulator for use with an imaging device
System for utilizing rainwater collected at buildings
Inverted pyramidal barbecue apparatus
System for monitoring electrical circuit operation
Portable telephone system and communication control method for portable telephone set in a restricte...
Enhancing automatic noise reduction using negative output resistance
Order allocation to select from inventory locations stocking few units of inventory
Method for automatically delaying initialization of a protocol stack within a network interface
Communication control for multi-layer communications
Image forming apparatus with electrostatic potential-based developer correction
Image forming apparatus, communication controlling method and storage medium
Image processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Process for the purification of aromatic hydrocarbons and process for the preparation of high-purity...
Activator of CREM in Testis and its uses
Adaptive font sizes for network browsing
Method of connecting covered wires
Method of measuring an inner stress state of disk substrate
Electrically switchable polymer liquid crystal and polymer birefringent flake in fluid host systems ...
Piezoelectric transducer
Optical diffusing plate comprising birefringent film and side chain type liquid crystal polymer ther...
Electrochromic device having an electrically conductive seal
Method for manufacturing a magnetic disk
Alkali free glass, production method therefor, and flat display panel using the same
Glass panel
Method of making coated article including DLC inclusive layer over low-E coating
Heated glass panes, in particular for vehicles
Penetration flux
Ether and ester derivatives of the perborate icosahedron
Process for preparing organically-substituted polyoxometalates
Porous, sound-absorbing ceramic moldings and method for production thereof
Heat dissipating structure
Very high structure, highly absorptive hybrid silica and methods for making same
Data processing method and apparatus for supporting analysis/judgement
Method and system for presenting on-line "Yellow Pages" particularly in association with location da...
Conversational data mining
Workpiece unloading apparatus
System, method and article of manufacture for automated fit and size predictions
Recipe editor for editing and creating process recipes with parameter-level security for various kin...
Cellular telephone holder
Lipstick machine
System and method for interoperable multiple-standard modulation and code selectable Feher's GMSK, e...
Automated diagnostic tester for HID lamp luminaires
Controlled release microencapsulated NGF formulation
Distributed-memory multiprocessor system utilizing plural multiprocessors with virtual storage space
Legged mobile robot and method and apparatus for controlling the operation thereof
Device and method for carrying out maintenance work in a region of a plant delimited by a wall havin...
Fabrication of a fractally attributively delamination resistive composite structure
System and method for handling a failure reporting conversation
Data capture and analysis for embedded systems
Dynamic disk partition management
System and method for preventing replay attacks in wireless communication
Single photon generating apparatus
Seatbelt force sensor with overload protection
Architecture for presenting and managing information in an automated parking and storage facility
Vehicle wireless sensing and communication system
Capacitive sensing and data input device power management
Cutlery center
Knife handle
Knife stand
Document retrieval method and system and computer readable storage medium
Music file recording/reproducing module
Stabilized carvedilol injection solution
Method for melting curve analysis of repetitive PCR products
"One-device" system for testing constituents in fluids
Cervical screening system
Laser defined features for patterned laminates and electrodes
System and method for enhancing cardiac signal sensing by cardiac pacemakers through genetic treatme...
Sterilizable transfer or storage device for medicaments, drugs and vaccines
Supported group 8-10 transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
Blends of stretchable liquid crystal polymers with thermoplastics
Laminated optical film, method for producing the same film and liquid-crystal display device using t...
Thermoplastic sheet with scratch resistant surface and method of making same
Communications system for managing messages across a vehicle data bus
Method and apparatus for perioperative assessment of cardiovascular risk
Upgrading device and method of upgrading
Power management and control for a microcontroller
Fixation device for fixation of toner material
Fourier analysis method and apparatus calculating the Fourier factor Wn utilizing trigonometric rela...
Efficient data representation of teeth model
Apparatus and method for detecting, diagnosing, and handling deadlock errors
Physical incremental backup using snapshots
Method and apparatus for checking communicative connectivity between processor units of a distribute...
Hot docking drive wedge and port replicator
Hot-plug storage drive
Delay line filters using multiple in-line four-input couplers
Fume extraction apparatus and assembly
Servo-shutter mechanism for detecting defects in cans
Cover tape cutting system using a thermal energy source
Alternator tester with improved heat dissipation
Unequal error protection in multi-carrier transmission
Ethylene polymerization process
Information processing apparatus
Oxidant flow field for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Accurate and realistic corner characterization of standard cells
Matrix-type superconducting fault current limiter
Distal protection device and method
Cutting bit, cutting tool and method for machining, especially rotationally symmetrical work piece s...
III nitride epitaxial wafer and usage of the same
Solid-state fermenter and method for solid-state fermentation
Method of processing a semiconductor wafer in a reaction chamber with a rotating component
Measurement of accelerated whole blood clotting time
Linear motor, driving and control system thereof and manufacturing method thereof
Method for composite cell-based implants
Method of supporting maintenance of facility and system
Female physical condition managing apparatus
Toner container and image forming apparatus using the same
Optical wavelength filter
Optical switch
Wide band wireless multimedia communication system
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Method for securing sheet piles
Oil skimming apparatus
Buoyancy control systems for tubes
Erosion blanket installation device
Retaining wall block and drainage system
Pier system
Process and device for producing a pile in the earth
Wind resistant candle
Permeabilizing reagents to increase drug delivery and a method of local delivery
Use of cinnamic acid, or of at least one of its derivatives in a cosmetic composition
Wireless communication device having display panel
Dual-mode fiber optic telecommunications system and method
Precision fiber optic alignment and attachment apparatus
Compact fiber coupler and method of manufacturing the same
Optical gate device, manufacturing method for the device, and system including the device
Automated document processing system using full image scanning
Tunable laser operation with locally commensurate condition
Magneto-optical recording medium and recording and reproducing method and optical head designed for ...
Electrostatic chuck apparatus and method for efficiently dechucking a substrate therefrom
Method for energy extraction-I
Fuel cell powered electrical motor
Electrochemical capacitor
Optical path changing film and reflective liquid-crystal display device including same
Photon welding optical fiber with ultra violet (UV) and visible source
Method and system for single-sideband optical signal generation and transmission
Multichannel microscale system for high throughput preparative separation with comprehensive collect...
High-speed optical sub-assembly utilizing ceramic substrate, direct coupling and laser welding
Anode catalyst materials for use in fuel cells
Fuel cell with convoluted MEA
Catalyst for converting carbon dioxide to oxygenates and processes therefor and therewith
Cooling device for a fuel cell
Method of fabricating an assembly comprising an anode-supported electrolyte, and ceramic cell compri...
Process for complex shape formation using flexible graphite sheets
Metal complex having .beta.-diketonate, process for production thereof, photoelectric conversion ele...
Solar cell modules with improved backskin
Method for forming crack resistant planarizing layer within microelectronic fabrication
Method of manufacturing customized intraocular lenses
Collars for lens loops
Accommodating intraocular lens with suspension structure
Methods and systems for measuring local scattering and aberration properties of optical media
System, method and computer program product for programmable shading using pixel shaders
Multiple device bridge apparatus and method thereof
Begonia plant named `Star of David`
Raphiolepis indica plant named `Sopink`
Dahlia plant named `Balnovost`
Dahlia plant named `Balnovrese`
Petunia plant named `Sunbel-Apu`
Peach tree named `P.F. Lucky 13`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Grant`
Pressure sensitive adhesive, particularly for apolar surfaces
Method for preparing a supported catalyst system and its use in a polymerization process
Visual navigation utilizing web technology
Insulator band, wiring system, and kit
Bearing with multi-layered spacers
Shopping bag convertible to poster
Device for coupling an item of footware on an item of sports equipment
Self-propelled exercise device
System, method and article of manufacturing for authorizing the use of electronic content utilizing ...
Wear resistant resin composition
Remedies or preventives for liver diseases containing diaminotrifluoromethylpyridine derivatives
Graphitic nanofibers in electrochemical capacitors
Method for creating laser-induced color images within three-dimensional transparent media
Process for producing fluorinated aliphatic compounds
Nanocomposites of dendritic polymers
Particle having an attached halide group and methods of making the same
Method of forming a virtual three-dimensional radar display
Disinfecting composition based on H2O2, acids and metal ions
Color liquid crystal display having diffractive color separation microlenses
Method and apparatus for culling in a graphics processor with deferred shading
Method for transporting a sheet
Method for forming a printing plate in printing machines
Smoothing device for flat printing materials
Apparatus for storing, transporting and delivering roll-formed flat printing material for a machine ...
Machine for processing sheets having spring mounted throttled air nozzles
Apparatus for adjusting the position of a cylindrical image carrier relative to a scanning head and ...
Image-recording device for a printing form having macrooptics of the offner type
Parallel-processing, optical distance-measuring device
Sheet transport drum
Motor having stator with L-shaped salient poles
Linear inflatable press guide seal
Method for monitoring slide bearings, especially of a piston engine
Process for producing poly(alkylene oxide) in the presence of a phosphazenium salt or compound
Method and apparatus to initialize a memory with random numbers in a disc drive
Method for imaging a continuously moving object
High frequency deformable mirror device
Method and system for automatically segmenting and recognizing handwritten chinese characters
Microstructured RF flux return yoke for increased sensitivity in NMR experiments
Asymmetric tesseral shim coils for magnetic resonance
RF birdcage coil with reduced acoustic noise
Superconducting magnet and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
Data transfer system in multi-server medical imaging systems
Disc drive suspension having a moving coil or moving magnet microactuator
Triazole linked carbohydrates
Adaptive control for a cooling system
Refrigeration system and method for controlling defrost
Method for analyzing capacity of parallel processing systems
Method for producing a power semiconductor device with a stop zone
Game system, game device capable of being used in the game system, and computer-readable memory medi...
Soldering alloy
Cutting tip and manufacturing method thereof
Methods for inhibition and dissolution of amyloidoses by administration of compositions comprising 2...
Malonamic acids and derivatives thereof as thyroid receptor ligands
Pharmaceuticals for neurogenic pain
Carboxylic acid derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
Heat transfer in the acid catalyzed--effluent refrigerated alkylation process
Low sulfur, low emission blends of fischer-tropsch and conventional diesel fuels
Isomerization of ethylbenzene and xylenes
Display apparatus capable of on-screen display
Method for continuous fabrication of structured surface light guides
Turbocharger noise deflector
Pot cover having an elastic portion
Buffer manager for network switch port
Control system for mobile NOx SCR applications
Predictive balanced multiple description coder for data compression
Control system and method for a portable electronic printer
Method and apparatus for charging a self powered USB device at different charge rates according to t...
Washer supply device on a power nailer
Solenoid for electromagnetic valve
Computer having a plurality of plug-in cards
Star and crescent design
Plug and play modular mission payloads
Method and system for livestock data collection and management
System for sampling rate conversion in digital audio applications
Hubless docking station having USB ports
External memory engine selectable pipeline architecture
Data transmission utilizing pre-emptive acknowledgements with transaction-oriented protocols
Storage system with internal LAN
Framework for open directory operation extensibility
Active matrix substrate, method of manufacturing same, and flat-panel image sensor
Hook part
Adapter for an over the door hook
Bowl brush base
Bowl brush base
Suction shower basket
Suction corner basket
Garbage can
Garbage can
Painting container
Brush cleaning unit
Seat-mounted vacuum console
System and method for correlation of patient health information and implant device data
N-guanidinoalkylamides, their preparation, their use, and pharmaceutical preparations comprising the...
Kidney injury-related molecules
Hydrostatic axial piston machine with a control port, a cradle supported swashplate and a swashplate...
System and method for detection of an accessory device connection status
Enabling a home network reverse web server proxy
System for retrieving migratory data items, using URLs
Smooth end of auction on the internet
State models for monitoring process
Enterprise healthcare management system and method of using same
Real time media journaler with a timing event coordinator
Adaptable configuration interface for a programmable logic device
Tube and duct trim machine
Inhibition of nuclear import by backbone cyclic peptide analogs
Method for preparing a viral extract containing HIV-II RNA
Image forming assembly and method using a lamination apparatus
Crosslinkable creping adhesive formulations applied to a dryer surface or to a cellulosic fiber
Battery electrode and non-aqueous electrolyte battery equipped therewith
Electrode compositions having improved cycling behavior
Secondary battery having nonaqueous electrolyte solution
C10 heterosubstituted acetate taxanes
Erythroblast diagnostic flow-cytometry method and reagents
Organic expander for lead-acid storage batteries
Electrical conducting polymer, solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Process for direct electrowinning of copper
Method and makeup kit containing goniochromatic and monochromatic pigments
Toilet bar having simultaneous exfoliating and moisturizing properties
Lip care moisturizer
Radio communication apparatus with telephone number registering function through speech recognition
Digital gyrator
Method and apparatus for performing echo cancellation
Peptides recognized by melanoma-specific cytotoxic lymphocytes, and uses therefor
Pathogenic Tau mutations in transgenic mice
Electronic circuit construction, as for a wireless RF tag
Antibodies to cytokines in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Curing compound and method of curing halogenated polymers
Machine tool
High pressure side-by-side wellhead system
Method for controlling operation of kimchi storage device
Active RF tag with wake-up circuit to prolong battery life
Tackified polydiorganosiloxane polyurea segmented copolymers and a process for making same