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Short-haul escape system and method
Diesel engine with supercharger
Oxidation of hydrocarbons using crystalline manganese (II/III) phosphate compositions
Method for preserving data through a processor softboot
Flat display device
Driving device for liquid crystal display element
Image information display device
Object oriented framework mechanism for customization of object oriented frameworks
System for reconfiguring an existing server process without ending and restarting
Expiring host selected scratch logical volumes in an automated data storage library
SCSI bus intelligent listening device and method
Method for providing kiosk functionality in a general purpose operating system
System and method for efficiently synchronizing cache and persistant data in an object oriented tran...
Method and an apparatus for providing cross product automated user assistance in the planning, confi...
MR local imaging coil operable as a receive only or a transmit/receive coil
Magnetic resonance tomography device having an operator control and monitoring device with a spatial...
Camptothecin derivatives
Process for manufacturing polyester
Electronic connection cover for a hydraulic component housing utilizing a sealed printed circuit boa...
System and method for dynamically aggregating objects
Interpreting functions utilizing a hybrid of virtual and native machine instructions
System and method for promoting viewer interaction in a television system
Platform intelligent installer
Stainless spheroidal carbide cast iron material
Pallet for shrinkwrapped packaging of block rubber
Tool device with reversible drill bit/screw bit
Variable optic attenuator
Photoselective absorbing filter and color display equipped with said filter
Method and structure for aligning optical elements
Projection exposure apparatus and method
Objective lens for pickup and light pickup apparatus
Lens apparatus
Step zoom lens camera
Simulation method of wiring temperature rise
D-proline derivatives
Pyrazole carboxamides useful for the treatment of obesity and other disorders
Compositions and treatment for diabetic complications
Tricyclic vasopressin agonists
Mitochondria protecting agents for treating mitochondria associated diseases
Process for the activation of an alkylaromatic isomerization catalyst by water
Production of a xylene isomer in three stages: separation, isomerization with a catalyst with an EUO...
Process for the alkylation of aromatic compounds
Process for the purification and production of a diolefin hydrocarbon stream
Homogeneous bed of catalyst and a process for transforming hydrocarbons into aromatic compounds usin...
Uniformly distributed induction of exceptions for testing computer software
Architecture for a video preamplifier with an on-screen display
Method for recovering and/or removing organic compounds from gas streams
Fractionation of resins using a static mixer and a liquid-liquid centrifuge
Method and apparatus for random stimulus generation
Method of controlling software applications specific to a group of users
Arbitration of state changes
Targeted advertising over global computer networks
Method of and arrangement for executing a data base query
Protected tool bushing for an impact hammer
Virtual-channel merging
Accessing network-based electronic information through scripted online interfaces using spoken input
Drug delivery mask for animals
Monitoring system for recording device
Sampled amplitude read channel employing a trellis sequence detector and a post processor for genera...
Automated category discovery for a terminological knowledge base
Artificial neural network with hardware training and hardware refresh
Method of and apparatus for identifying subsets of interrelated image objects from a set of image ob...
Method and apparatus for measuring voice grade of service in an IP network
Method and a device for measuring the distance of an object
Security information acquisition
Mechanic's creeper
Serving cart
Floor cleaner lower handle portion
Pool cleaner
Shoeshine machine
Sweat scraper and shedder for horses
Bird activity center
Catheter having a guide sleeve for displacing a pre-bent guidewire
Radiation therapy and real time imaging of a patient treatment region
Implantable enzyme-based monitoring systems adapted for long term use
Amino acid ester containing azole antifungals
Thermal printhead, heating resistor used for the same, and process of making heating resistor
Molecules designated B7L-1
Intermediates for making HIV-protease inhibitors and methods for making HIV-protease inhibitors
Processability of silica-reinforced rubber containing a monofunctional alkyl tin compound
HIV protease inhibitors
Methods for producing an immune response against HIV-1
Killer T cell receptor recognizing human immunodeficiency virus
HIV-1 group O antigens and uses thereof
Separator for nonaqueous electrolyte batteries, nonaqueous electrolyte battery using it, and method ...
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery
Pneumatic nebulizing interface to convert an analyte-containing fluid stream into an aerosol, method...
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Lithium rechargeable inorganic electrolyte cell
Electropolymerization modified carbon black and articles including tires having at least one compone...
Carbon based electrodes
Coatings and methods
Synthesis of magnesium diboride by magnesium vapor infiltration process (MVIP)
Telecommunication assembly
Wall mounted telephone
Portable terminal device
Multi-directional hand-free kit
Queue-based distinctive ringing in a call center system
Proxy database for element management system of telephone switching network
Multiline telephone including interacting call appearances
Mammalian chemokine reagents
Polymerizable unsaturated polyester resin composition
Fast cure film forming formulation
Substituted perhalogenated phthalocyanines
Printer or laminator with multi-threaded program architecture
Aminoaryl oxazolidinone N-oxides
Multi-tier method of developing localized calibration models for non-invasive blood analyte predicti...
System for measuring characteristic of scatterers using spaced receiver remote sensors
Enhanced video programming system and method for providing a distributed community network
Apparatus for and method of simulating turbulence
Sputter profile simulation method
Method for automaticallly remapping an HDL netlist to provide compatibility with pre-synthesis behav...
Circuits, systems, and methods for accounting for defective cells in a memory device
System and apparatus for administration of configuration information using a catalog server object t...
Check instruction and method
Method and apparatus for implementing execution predicates in a computer processing system
Cheese package, film, bag and process for packaging a CO2 respiring foodstuff
Process for the production of xylose from a paper-grade hardwood pulp
Transgenic rabbit that expresses a functional human lipoprotein (a)
Continuous process of dynamic high-pressure homogenization for the denaturation of proteins
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their prepar...
Method of making and apparatus to make a tampon applicator
Pet waste collection and disposal glove
Low signal correction for perfusion measurements
System for detecting the shape of an endoscope using source coils and sense coils
Composite container having detachable liner and method for making container
Management of user-definable databases
Full flow focus exposure matrix analysis and electrical testing for new product mask evaluation
Sulfonated substantially random interpolymers, blends therewith and articles made therefrom
Lyocell fibers having variability and process for making
Method of depositing a low K dielectric with organo silane
Method of depositing a low k dielectric with organo silane
Compression molding of synthetic wood material
Cellulosic microfibers
Pressure sensitive adhesives
Fiber-reinforced, porous, biodegradable implant device
Apparatus and method for data width reduction in automotive systems
Electronic control device for controlling autonomously controllable assemblies
Vehicle sensing system using biased severity measure
Adjusting mechanism of the guide rod of optical pick-up in an optical disk drive
Content addressable memory having cascaded sub-entry architecture
Location position system for relay assisted tracking
Welding control system
Methods for delivering agents using alternating current
Cornice duct system
Enzymes with improved phytase activity
Animal feed and method of making same
Method of using germinated brown rice
Infant formula with free amino acids and nucleotides
Stable soft frozen desserts
Data compression through motion and geometric relation estimation functions
Combination maraca-guiro musical instrument
Rotating play device capable of training wrist coordination
Stuffed toy whose weight can be freely set
Pendulum driven animated figurine
Bobbling head toy figurine with photo receiving chamber
Games and toys
Device for storing recording media
Torque distribution on four wheel drive vehicles
Method and arrangement in a hybrid vehicle for maximizing total torque output by minimizing differen...
Apparatus for obstacle traversion
Method and apparatus for controlling engine brake of vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling a transfer case which reacts to rate of change of throttle posi...
Marine engine winterizing system
Evacuation refuge
Pre-fabricated fireproof bulkhead with special interlocking joints for a ship
Proxy asset data processor
Regenerable biosensor using total internal reflection fluorescence with electrochemical control
Steel for steel excellent in workability and method of deoxidizing same
Process for forming a cleaning composition
Heart rate monitoring system with illuminated floor mat
Method of detecting cardiac interval signals in cardiologic devices
Method of noninvasively determining a patient's susceptibility to arrhythmia
Dynamic video communication evaluation equipment
Electronic level
Image scanning circuitry with row and column addressing for use in electronic cameras
Method and apparatus for performing geo-spatial registration
Method and system for image processing
Optical fiber array
Fiber splice tray
Glass composition and optical device made therefrom
High performance acrylate materials for optical interconnects
Optical body having modifiable light guiding properties
Electronic shopping system utilizing a program downloadable wireless videophone
Method and apparatus for synchronized play back of audio-video signals
Remote control system, video output apparatus, recording medium reproduction apparatus and remote co...
Data hiding and extraction methods
Data processing apparatus and method
Luminous Dial for timepiece
Decorative candle and oil lamp assembly
Candle with falling sections
Interior-mounted emergency vehicle signal device
Miniature LED flashlight
Compositions and methods of diagnosis and treatment using casein kinase I
Nitric oxide-releasing amidine- and enamine-derived diazeniumdiolates, compositions and uses thereof...
Methods for treating conditions modulated by lactosylceramide
Method for reducing coronary artery reactivity
Method and apparatus for portable product authentication
Pavement marker with improved daytime visibility and fluorescent durability
Liquid crystal display with at least one phase compensation element
Compositions for regeneration and repair of cartilage lesions
Financial consolidation and communication platform
Method and apparatus for scoring the likelihood of a desired performance result
System and method for household grocery management
Automated synchronous product pricing and advertising system
Key distribution method and system in secure broadcast communication
Transaction record storing device and transaction machine including same
Compositions containing optical diffusing pigments
Easy-to-clean matte acid resistant ground coat
Adhesive packaging tapes
Wrinkle-resistant adhesive construction
System and method for depositing granules in a frame pattern
Composition for coating shaped articles or elastomeric materials
Chemically modified proteins with a carbohydrate moiety
Recombinant p53 adenovirus methods and compositions
32142,21481,25964,21686, novel human dehydrogenase molecules and uses therefor
Human and drosophila inhibitors of apoptosis proteins (IAPs)
Apparatus and method for determining an approximation of the stroke volume and the cardiac output of...
Preparing porous hydrogel products
Osteoinductive ceramic materials
Die for manufacturing soap bars
Structures of polymers made from single site catalysts
System and method for determining oil, water and gas saturations for low-field gradient NMR logging ...
Cartridge loader and methods
Shaft furnace
Microwave processing using highly microwave absorbing powdered material layers
Method for producing vehicle wheels
Methods and device for in vitro detection and characterization of psychoactives using analysis of re...
Multi-bay bungee-cord acrobatic suspension & trampoline structure
Facility for playing
Multidirectional amusement device
Convertible swing/highchair
Row-forming marble board game
Cable guide in a shift lever for bicycle gears
Recording medium feed path for an image forming apparatus
Multi-flash photography system
Eyeglass retainer with fashion accessory having closure means to hold material of the accessory secu...
Purification of gases
Use of an internalizing transferrin receptor to image transgene expression
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Aortic stent-graft calibration and training model
Hard surface cleaners
Amine reaction compounds comprising one or more active ingredient
Rayon fabric with substantial shrink-resistant properties
Hand-held cleaning device and a cleaning system
Vector transfer system generating address error exception when vector to be transferred does not sta...
Link/transaction layer controller with integral microcontroller emulation
Hierarchical bus arbitration
Adaptive bus arbitration using history buffer
Noise abatement apparatus for appliance cabinet and method for reducing noise generated by an applia...
Active tuning of a torsional resonant structure
Point-to-point protocol encapsulation in ethernet frame
Catalyst exhaust system
Liquid crystal display device and a method of manufacture thereof, and a substrate and a method of m...
Automated monitoring of ESD (electro static discharge) of each of a plurality of operators in a prod...
Immobilized microbial consortium useful for rapid and reliable BOD estimation
Sensor for monitoring angular velocity
Spindle motor
Blower assembly with multi segmented support arrangement for split air conditioner
Oil annulus to circumferentially equalize oil feed to inner race of a bearing
Removable bearing
Aluminum thrust washer
Calibrated sliding bearing bushing and calibrating tool for producing the sliding bearing bushing
Synthesis for 4,10-dinitro-2,6,8,12-tetraoxa-4,10-diazatetracyclo[5. 5.0.05,903,11]-dodecane
Method of internally coating a weapon barrel by a plasma flame
Vacuum cleaning wheel and vacuum applicator
Barrel assembly with axially stacked projectiles
Firearm safety lock
Stepping motor having characteristics of an inertia damper
Semiconductor pressure sensor device having sensor chip covered with protective member
Thiamine biosynthetic enzymes
RANK1, an ankyrin-repeat containing peptide from rice associated with disease resistance
Expression of eukaryotic peptides in plant plastids
Method and apparatus for controlling operating speed of processor in computer
System and method for communicating telecommunication information between customer premises equipmen...
Packaging and assembly method for optical coupling
3D rendering
Radiation detector for an X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Device for optically scanning information tracks on a plane using two subbeams
Frequency modulation apparatus
Methods and systems for control and calibration of VCSEL-based optical transceivers
Device and method for the acquisition and automatic processing of data obtained from optical codes
Genetic method of identifying hemochromatosis
Therapy for human cancers using cisplatin and other drugs or genes encapsulated into liposomes
Attenuated dengue-2 virus vaccine
Baggage transportation method
Recording and playback apparatus and method, terminal device, transmitting/receiving method, and sto...
Middle region of a game racquet with separate head and handle portions
Central portion of a game racquet with separate head and handle portions
Process for preparing a dialkyl acetal of a C8 to C30 aldehyde
Tricyclic alkylhydroxamate derivatives
Cranial bone flap fixation clip
Reactor for processing a workpiece using sonic energy
System for evaluating and promoting development in persons with severe disabilities
Method and apparatus for separating processing for language-understanding from an application and it...
Irrigation positioning system
Slow hopping data transmitter
Radio communication terminal for optimizing transmission of messages to selective call transceivers ...
Information services provision in a telecommunications network
Methods and arrangements for transcoder selection and transcoding data within packet-switched commun...
Multi-speaker storytelling system
Apparatus, systems and methods for levitating and moving objects
Enchinacea supplement and method of manufacture
Programmable processing engine for efficiently processing transient data
System and method for monitoring informational resources
System and method for storing, retrieving, and analyzing characterization data
Method and system for backing up and restoring files stored in a single instance store
Method of producing a checkpoint which describes a box file and a method of generating a difference ...
Data processing method, recording medium, and data processing apparatus
Methods for the preparation of cell monolayers
Device for unlocking cartridge chamber lid of camera
Electromagnetic susceptor produced from a dielectric matrix material
Optical storage media and method for optical data storage via local changes in reflectivity of a for...
Carrier particles
Photoelectric conversion device
Process for producing article coated with water-repellent film article coated with water-repellent f...
High affinity human antibodies to tumor antigens
Quality control for laser peening
Methods for enhancing performance and data acquired from three-dimensional image systems
Routing balanced clock signals
System and method for tracing program execution within a superscalar processor
Method and a device for detecting the presence of personnel in underground mining
High strength zirconium alloys containing bismuth and niobium
Cylinder head and motor block castings
Free-machinable eutectic Al-Si alloy
Cathode material of electron beam device and preparation method thereof
Sputtering targets and method for the preparation thereof
Pharmaceutical suspension formulation comprising amoxycillin clavulanic acid and cellulose
Placement and routing for wafer scale memory
Technique for efficient logic power gating with data retention in integrated circuit devices
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Ceramic heater
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Robot with a retaining strip which can be placed on a gearbox for fixing control cams
Liquid electro-photographic device capable of performing operational sequence including cleaning
Image forming apparatus having alarm which indicates carrier solvent filter replacement or lack of s...
Document periscope
Systems and methods for mimicking an image forming or capture device control panel control element
Methods for enhancing plant transformation frequencies
Hybrid maize seed and plant RPG824
Fuel saving combustion engine insulation method and system
Wall member and method of construction thereof
Interspecific tree named: `Early Dapple`
Adaptive evaluation method and adaptive evaluation apparatus
Phonological awareness, phonological processing, and reading skill training system and method
Mechanical transmission module
Hand grippable combined keyboard and game controller system
Forked gimbal arm force feedback mechanism
Telephonic-interface game control system
Sports ball net assembly
Method of identifying game controllers in multi-player game
Gaming device having a multiple selection group bonus round
Fish throwing game
Apparatus for suspending microwave oven
Two-part structural adhesive having long working time
Prevention of ovarian cancer by administration of products that induce transforming growth factor-be...
Compositions containing corneocyte proteins
Light duty liquid cleaning compositions having improved preservative system
Oil degreaser with absorbent and method
Optical disk label and method
Stippled label sheet
Indexing system package and display system
Coupon booklet and method
Automated edge processing of financial transaction cards
Multiple computer generated multi-web moisture proof identification bracelets on a single form with ...
Multi-tube delivery system
Cross-traffic suppression in wavelength division multiplexed systems
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer arrangement for WDM signals having in-band and out-of-band signal ...
Method and system for correcting phase and amplitude imbalances of a quadrature modulated RF signal
Method of and apparatus for evaluation and mitigation of microsleep events
Monitoring and classification of the physical activity of a subject
Transmission bandwidth sharing system
External system interface method and system
Polypropylene film and multilayered polypropylene film
Use of plant extracts with an anti-radical-type action
Cellulite massage system with gel dispenser
Method for providing personalized cosmetics
Process for forming amido esters utilizing a spinning disc reactor
Wrinkle resistant composition
Process for forming an agglomerated particle
Laundry detergents comprising modified alkylbenzene sulfonates
O-substituted N,N-diacylhydroxylamine bleach activators and compositions employing the same
Bleach containing compositions for stain removal and methods of heat activation of the bleach
Method and apparatus for analysis of data from biomolecular arrays
Sensitive and selective chemical sensor with nanostructured surfaces
Plastid transformation of Brassica
Genes from chromatium vinosum for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoate
Corn silk gene and regulatory region
Nucleic acid molecules encoding enzymes having fructosyl polymerase activity
Polynucleotides encoding monocot 12-oxo-phytodienoate reductases and methods of use
Debugging multiple related processes simultaneously
Methodology to create integrated circuit designs by replication maintaining isomorphic input output ...
AC scan diagnostic method
Method and apparatus for run-time deconfiguration of a processor in a symmetrical multi-processing s...
Network-based remote diagnostic facility
Raid rebuild using most vulnerable data redundancy scheme first
Computer system including multiple clock sources and failover switching
System with enhanced display of digital video
Solid electrolyte capacitor and its manufacturing method
Method and system for electronic recycle inventory tracking
Waterproof type lens-equipped film unit and method of assembling the same
Optical devices using reflecting polarizing materials
Method of coating materials and materials formed thereby
Utilization of devulcanized EPDM membrane in the manufacture of EPDM membrane, flashing and roof acc...
Absorbent article having a hydrophilic lotionized bodyside liner
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
Toy figure with articulating joints
Method and apparatus for evolving a neural network
Automated vehicle shutdown sequence
Method and apparatus for creating and executing internet based lectures using public domain web page
Network synchronization method and non-break clock switching method in extended bus connection syste...
Vehicle hood operating system
Modular reaction wheel assembly to shield electronics on a satellite
Digital video receiver, a conditional access module and a method of transmitting data therebetween
Positioning and data integrating method and system thereof
Camera having liquid crystal display
Image revising camera and method
Image processing apparatus
Image information converting apparatus
Tank for holding drywall compound
Multiple holding device
Single holding device
Base for an upright extractor
Nozzle assembly of upright vacuum cleaner
Upright vacuum cleaner nozzle assembly
Image forming apparatus, system, and method having an anti-counterfeiting function
Method and system for determining native neurological dominant hemisphere
Semiconductor device with copper-filled via includes a copper-zinc/alloy film for reduced electromig...
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory without a separate cell plate line and method of manufacturing the ...
Magnetic random access memory using a non-linear memory element select mechanism
High efficiency light emitters with reduced polarization-induced charges
Process for production of higher linear internal olefins from butene
Voltage control oscillator with stable free run frequency using current clamping
Hereditary postprandial hypertriglyceridemic rabbit model
Lysozyme-analogous polypeptides with an anti-microbial effect, their production and use
Process for the production of a flavor or a fragrance formulation as well as an electronic data proc...
Fumonisin detoxification compositions and methods
Dienophile additives to polyvinylidene chloride copolymers
Camera projected viewfinder
Interactive training method for demonstrating and teaching occupational skills
Building panel
Cosmetic composition comprising an amide, and novel amides
Phthalamide lanthanide complexes for use as luminescent markers
Cores for technetium radiopharmaceuticals
Multivalent antigen-binding proteins
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor 7 subtypes
Soluble, degradable poly (ethylene glycol) derivatives for controllable release of bound molecules i...
"Living" free radical polymerization process
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for skin adhesion and first-aid adhesive plaster using the same
Visual heat sink for computers and method of use
Reflection-type color liquid crystal display device
Fiber aligning structure
Network interface system and method for dynamically switching between different physical layer devic...
Fluid heating apparatus
Structures and methods for aligning fibers
Clip that aligns a fiber optic cable with a laser diode within a fiber optic module
Microstrip line
Optical fiber with large effective core area and high chromatic dispersion
Apparatus for electroporation mediated delivery for drugs and genes
Apparatus and method for topography dependent signaling
Method and system to construct action coordination profiles
Photovoltaic element, process for the production thereof, method for removing a cover portion of a c...
Dual layer self-contained paper incorporating hollow spherical plastic pigment
Process of preparing a fluid rare earth alkoxylation catalyst
Photosensitive composition for lithographic printing plate and photosensitive lithographic printing ...
Electrodeionization apparatus and method
Formation of light-reflecting bar code on end disc of photographic film spool
Primary alkanolamides
Integrated passivation process, probe geometry and probing process
Composition and methods of paclitaxel for treating psoriasis
Method using sub-micron silicide structures formed by direct-write electron beam lithography for fab...
Method for manufacturing conductive adhesive for high frequency flip chip package applications
Thermal sensors prepared from nanostructureed powders
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
High density and fast persistent spectral holeburning in II-VI compounds for optical data storage
Two-component coating agent
Protective colloids
Water-soluble, sulfoalkyl-containing, hydrophobically modified cellulose ethers, process for prepari...
Aqueous self-crosslinking copolymer dispersions, a process for preparing them and their use in binde...
Separating, detecting or quantifying biological materials using magnetic cross-linked polyvinyl alco...
Photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Controlled-release dosage forms comprising zolpidem or a salt thereof
Computer accessible methods for establishing certifiable informed consent for a procedure
Signal analysis for navigated magnetic resonance imaging
C-aryl glucoside SGLT2 inhibitors and method
Bicyclic aromatic compounds
Antidiabetic agents based on aryl and heteroarylacetic acids
Heterocyclic derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases
Phenyl-oxo-tetrahydroquinolin-3-yl beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating neural or cardiovascular tissue dama...
Urotensin-II receptor antagonists
Chrysanthemum plant named `Anastasia`
Penstemon plant named `Sweet Grapes`
Maurandya plant named `Magic Dragon`
Lysimachia plant named `Walgoldalex`
Strawberry plant named `PS-2299`
Petunia plant named `Conglow`
Petunia plant named `Duesurcream`
Cosmetic composition for adding fullness to the lips and surrounding area
External compositions for skin comprising sphingoglycolipid
Rotary holder
Pesticidal compositions
Next alternative generating apparatus using simulated annealing and method thereof
Method and apparatus for calculating call charge rates in a mobile telecommunication system
Enediyne compounds and methods related thereto
Imagining agents for diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
Methods for managing scalp conditions
Hydroxydecenoic acid compounds for promoting desquamation/epidermal renewal of the skin and/or comba...
Portable heating/cooling and dispensing devices
Method for exchange of catalysts
Carbonaceous chars having reduced catalytic activity
Process for the synthesis of silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Carbide and oxycarbide based compositions, rigid porous structures including the same, methods of ma...
Ceramic slip composition and method for making the same
EUO zeolite comprising crystals and aggregates of crystals with specific granulometrys and its use a...
Hyperbranched compounds with a tetrafunctional central group and use of same
Process for producing t-butyl esters of bridged-ring polycarboxylic acids
Ferrocenyldiphosphine-ruthenium complexes and a hydrogenation process of exocyclic double bond of d-...
Co-hydroprocessing of Fischer-Tropsch products and crude oil fractions
Methods for optimizing fischer-tropsch synthesis hydrocarbons in the distillate fuel range
Co-hydroprocessing of fischer-tropsch products and natural gas well condensate
Glucamine compounds for treating hepatitis virus infections
Method for spectral balancing of near- and far-offset seismic data
Method of maintaining search results pages
Methods and apparatus for controlling digital communications switching equipment
Mobile computer system designed for wireless communication expansion
Apparatus for detecting direction of sound source and turning microphone toward sound source
Echo canceller having improved non-linear processor
Echo canceling method and apparatus in a communication device
System for and method of extending a PBX phone port to a remote phone device
Advanced call sequencing service
Gas discharge fluorescent device
High-pressure discharge lamp
Control of leachable mercury in fluorescent lamps
High pressure sodium discharge lamp
High-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp and lamp unit
Bending piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal switch
Electricity generator with counter-rotating collectors in a radial magnetic field
Anchor rod with surface areas and friction
Method for database address specification
Parallelized processing device for processing search keys based upon tree structure
System and method for dynamically associating keywords with domain-specific search engine queries
Method for linking on the internet with an advertising feature
System and methodology for join enumeration in a memory-constrained environment
User interface for interacting with online message board
Error control coding for transmission equipment protection
System and method for controlling access to a privilege-partitioned address space with a fixed set o...
Method and apparatus for indexing a cache
System and method for a log-based non-volatile write cache in a storage controller
System for updating a set of instantiated content providers based on changes in content provider dir...
Method and system for providing additional information to a subscriber based on a universal resource...
Reducing network traffic for remote file system accesses by keeping track of unallocated regions in ...
Robot, identifying environment determining method, and program thereof
Wafer alignment system and method
Long reach welding torch and method for selecting torch shape
Substrate transfer system
Pneumatic drilling end effector
Hydraulically actuated wafer clamp
Method of producing a microgripper
Self-regulated resource management of distributed computer resources
Dynamic radio link adaptation
Terminal and system for multimedia communications
Synchronized spatial-temporal browsing of images for assessment of content
Telecom karaoke system
Recording/reproduction system of music data, and music data storage medium
Music performance assistance apparatus for indicating how to perform chord and computer program ther...
Transgenic mouse expressing a polynucleotide encoding a human ataxin-2 polypeptide
Human ECT2 polypeptide
Synergistic compositions for lycopene and Vitamin E for the prevention of LDL oxidation
Macrolide antiinfective agents
Methods of using BCL-2 for the therapeutic treatment and prevention of diseases
Human myoblast cell lines and their uses
Apparatus and accompanying methods for implementing network servers for use in providing interstitia...
Sending to a central indexing site meta data or signatures from objects on a computer network
Web-based report functionality and layout for diagnostic imaging decision support
Centralized certificate management system for two-way interactive communication devices in data netw...
Fire detector with modulation index measurement
Integrated cursor control and scanner device
Digital watermark screening and detecting strategies
Managing prefetching from a data buffer
Subscription access system for use with an untrusted network
Management system and terminal apparatus to manage and control distribution and use of software and ...
System component charging and accounting system
Method, system, and apparatus for managing taxable events within a portfolio
Method and system for accumulating marginal discounts and applying an associated incentive upon achi...
Order-based material management system
Nuclear receptor for 1.alpha.,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 useful for selection of vitamin D3 ligands and ...
Interactive picture book with voice recording features and method of use
Systems and methods providing an interface for navigating dynamic text
Methods and apparatus for computer based training relating to devices
Method and apparatus for improving performance on multiple-choice exams
Method and apparatus for providing interactive karaoke entertainment
Solar control film
Duplex CD label laminate
Set for lamination of a print carrier with a protective element
System and method of controlling ignition timing in an engine with a variably operated intake valve
Control strategy for an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Unthrottled intake air control with partial delay for requested engine response performance
Device for varying valve timing of gas exchange valves in internal combustion engines, particularly ...
Deactivation hydraulic valve lifter
Variable valve operating system of internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Safing method for a vehicle occupant protection safety system
Method and system for independent axle control of a variable force damper system
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Autonomous moving apparatus having obstacle avoidance function
Toy stuffed animal having convertible configurations
Interactive toy
Body-mounted game caller apparatus and method
Line system for steering a kite
Electronic educational device
Pet cage scenery and toys made of molded paper pulp
Transceiver operation in radio system
Method and means for adjusting the timing of user-activity-dependent changes of operational state of...
Method and apparatus for portable digital entertainment system
Three dimensional mapping
Intelligent encoding method for wireless data communication and control
Navigation apparatus
Ball game
Height adjustable game machine
Online game of chance providing a multi-player extension of a single-player virtual scratch ticket g...
Gaming device having value selection bonus
Method and device for simulating the mass of motor vehicles placed on stationary test stands
Speedometer for a moving sportsman
Method and apparatus for determination and warning of potential violation of intersection traffic co...
System and method for updating, enhancing or refining a geographic database using feedback
Control apparatus for drive system
Running control device for a vehicle
Pictorial-display electrocardiographic interpretation system and method
Method and apparatus for verifying design data
Core inertial measurement unit
Use of purinergic receptor modulators and related reagents
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus using the fixing apparatus
Method for sheathing bales of plants and equipment for implementing same
Impact wrench
Process and catalyst for the production of .gamma.-butyrolactones
Magnetic composites exhibiting distinct flux properties due to gradient interfaces
Bidirectional data transfer path having increased bandwidth
System and method for integrating electrical power grid and related data from various proprietary ra...
Human Wnt7a polypeptides
Image forming apparatus, image transferring device and recording medium conveying method
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly...
Recording medium driving device with condensation sensor
Optical waveform shaper
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus and lighting appliance employing same
System and method for raising and supporting a building and connecting elongated piling sections
Movable water-protection apparatus
Containment/exclusion boom with bird deterrent
Subterranean storage vessel system
Device for sealing manhole covers to chimneys
Method for consolidation of sand formations using nanoparticles
Medical electrical lead with fiber core
Method for treating cardiac arrest
Apparatus for dispersing liquid in droplets
Method and device for purifying liquid polysiloxane material and its use
Selective clogging of failed fibers
Rotating falling film evaporator
Ultra-smooth dielectric members for liquid electrolyte fuel cells
Procedure for shutting down a fuel cell system having an anode exhaust recycle loop
Mono-and polyamides of perfluoroalkyl-substituted unsaturated acids
Method for producing 3-l-menthoxypropane-1,2-diol
Use of polyanionic and polyanionically-derivatised natural polysaccharides for inhibiting alkaline p...
Preformed multi-acid adducts useful for grafting polyolefin polymers
MRI-guided therapeutic unit and methods
Process for the preparation of perfluorocarboxylic acids
Semiconductive jacket for cable and cable jacketed therewith
Use of inhaled retinoids in the treatment of lung diseases
Antimicrobial composition comprising Leptospermum scoparium and Melaleuca alternifolia oils
Fused cycloheptane and fused azacycloheptane compounds and their methods of use
Pigment dispersion composition for color filter, production method thereof, and color filter for dis...
Process for preparing N-phosphonomethyl iminodiacetic acid
Homologous recombination for universal donor cells and chimeric mammalian hosts
Sinterable lithium disilicate glass ceramic
Layout structure for integrated circuit, method and system for generating layout for CMOS circuit
Method and system of data processing for designing a semiconductor device
Pesticide delivery system
Well(s) containing filtration devices
Point-of use water treatment system
Data synchronizer using a parallel handshaking pipeline wherein validity indicators generate and sen...
Method, system and product for modifying the dynamic range of encoded audio signals
Triphendioxazine pigments, intermediates, their method of making and uses thereof
Macrolide antibiotics and treatment and prophylaxis of pasteurellosis using the same
Signal recording apparatus, signal record medium and signal reproducing apparatus
High altitude platform control system
Electronic watch
Standards-integrated design software
Method and apparatus for efficient representation of variable length identifiers in a distributed ob...
Essential fungal genes and their use
Communication system for an instrumented orthopedic restraining device and method therefor
Predictive thermal control used with a vacuum enclosed coil assembly of a magnetic resonance imaging...
Draw-tight elastic cordage
High gain input stage for a radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder and method therefor
Molded bodies made from compositions having low degree of polymerization values
Anthranilate synthase gene and method of use thereof for conferring tryptophan overproduction
Apparatus and method for delivering feed rations along a feedbunk using a global positioning system
Gene transfer in poultry by introduction of embryo cells in ovo
Compounds and compositions for treating C1s-mediated diseases and conditions
Method and apparatus to estimate location and orientation of objects during magnetic resonance imagi...
Medical instrument holding apparatus
Posture detecting device and breathing function measuring device
Variable profile corner post
Thromboresistant materials incorporating pyrazinone protease inhibitors
Trace metal measuring method
Physiological measuring system comprising a garment and sensing apparatus incorporated in the garmen...
Method of determining the authenticity and the geographical origin of gemstones such as beryls
Chemical synthesis of water-soluble, chiral conducting-polymer complexes
Heat resistant steel
Precipitation hardenable stainless steel endodontic instruments and methods for manufacturing and us...
Multi-flex stainless steel roof drain hose
Insulated cementaceous building block
System and method for distinguishing electrical events originating in the atria from far-field elect...
Apparatus for determining degree of fatigue of human body
Bio-characteristic value measuring device with graphical display
Arrhythmia forecasting based on morphology changes in intracardiac electrograms
Automatic inference of models for statistical code compression
Multiple description lattice vector quantization
Image scanning device having image data correction function
Method for image characterization using color and texture statistics with embedded spatial informati...
Apparatus and method of obtaining a radiation image of an object
Image segmentation system
Processing protective plug insert for optical modules
Optical fiber distribution panel assembly
Element with extruded sheathing
Dispersion shifted optical fiber having triple clad
Vehicle signal light assembly
Control circuit for LED and corresponding operating method
Decorative lighting device
Illumination system adapted for surgical lighting
Method and apparatus for selectively viewing nets within a database editor tool
System and method for management of storage devices using labels
Enforcing uniform file-locking for diverse file-locking protocols
Microcode upgrade in data processing system
Data sharing method and system between information processing systems with variable length block for...
Source code translating method, recording medium containing source code translator program, and sour...
System and method for interactive EDI transactions
Collecting and predicting capacity information for composite network resource formed by combining po...
Method and apparatus for extending memory using a memory server
Cyclopentane-1,3-dione derivatives, herbicidal and pesticidal compositions containing them, methods ...
Diet and activity-monitoring device
Power and signal transmission using insulated conduit for permanent downhole installations
Suspended particle displays and materials for making the same
Process for injection of a gas with the aid of a nozzle
Steelmaking slag conditioner and method
Oxidation prevention method of metal in a melting vessel and apparatus
Method of fabricating soldering balls for semiconductor encapsulation
Method for removing dependent store-load pair from critical path
Method for timing analysis during automatic scheduling of operations in the high-level synthesis of ...
Channel interface and protocols for cache coherency in a scalable symmetric multiprocessor system
Information transmitting system for use in factory
Twist grip shift lever for bicycles
Synthesis of vicinal difluoro aromatics and intermediates thereof
XML-based representation of mobile process calculi
Substituted benzanilides as CCR5 receptors ligands, antiinflammatory agents and antiviral agents
Electroacoustic transducer
Apparatus for and method of processing an object to be processed
Mounting mechanism suitable for head mount display device and head mount display device using the sa...
Method for gauging a mold cavity for injection molding
Method and system for processing positioning signals in a geometric mode
Touchless fluid supply interface and apparatus
Data/voice/fax compression multiplexer
External keyboard for personal digital assistant
Methods and instruments for laparoscopic spinal surgery
Cyclic acetal compound, polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Method and apparatus for improving the effects of color burst modifications to a video signal
Easy access seat assembly with full memory
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synt...
Program executing system, relay device, manual controller, recording medium, program, and program ex...
System for machine reading and processing information from gaming chips
Entertainment device and system
Sol-gel process using porous mold
Replicable probe array
Integrated circuit design correction using fragment correspondence
Method and apparatus for calculating RMS value
Rubber composition
Electrodynamic transducer for underwater acoustics
Multiloop golf net assembly
Image forming apparatus having writing electrodes as a writing device
Photo catalyzer and discharge lamp having a photo catalytic layer
Process for the removal of nitrobenzenesulfonyl
Acetoacetic acid derivatives, process for their preparation and their use
Comb-shaped diol, water-soluble polyurethane, and application thereof
Inhaler for production of aroma- and/or active substance-containing vapors of plant materials and/or...
Pulmonary delivery in treating disorders of the central nervous system
Extraction of impurities from structures containing mercury, cadmium, zinc, or tellurium, and impuri...
Method and apparatus for extracting data from data sources on a network
Memory device with short read time
Nitride-based VCSEL or light emitting diode with p-n tunnel junction current injection
Position detecting apparatus with DSRC feature and its control method
Focusing screen for use in camera
Concentric holdown
Optical filter having two absorption maximums
Method for the preparation of novel sidechain-bearing taxanes and intermediates thereof
Method for separating and characterizing functions potentially present in a biological sample contai...
Hypermedia links that address traffic channels in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for the remote production of customized clothing
Vehicle parking control system
Optical transaction card system
System for providing reliable and effective disaster relief
Circumferential transillumination of anatomic junctions using light energy
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery including positive and negative electrodes
Welded structure and welding method for boss and bracket
Thermal management device and method of making such a device
Apparatus for consolidating manufacturing of computing devices
Multi-faceted method to repress reproduction of latent viruses in humans and animals
Rotary seal stopper
Storage container for analytical devices
Interference reduction by rheumatoid factors
Antigen-specific IgM detection
Recloseable biosensor
Inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
High metathesis activity ruthenium and osmium metal carbene complexes
Silicone oligomers with higher alkoxy groups
Additives for improving post exposure delay stability of photoresist
Purification of p-xylene using composite mixed matrix membranes
Solution casting process
Process for fabricating organic circuits
Optical film and method for producing same
Near infrared absorption filter
Cellulose ester film manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing a polysulfone resin film and a retardation film
Polymerizable mesogenic tolanes
LCD with groove structure to define liquid crystal regions
Disposable electronic chip device and process of manufacture
Bistable twisted nematic mode reflective liquid crystal display
Process for preparing optical fiber cladding solutions
Curable inter-polymer optical fiber cladding compositions
Ion implantation to tune tribo-charging properties of materials or hybrid scavengless development wi...
Variable design rule tool
Method for characterizing samples on the basis of intermediate statistical data
Topological global routing for automated IC package interconnect
Polyolefin production
Produce washing system utilizing multiple energy sources
Partitioning placement method using diagonal cutlines
Mechanically resonant nanostructures
Method and apparatus for ultra precise GPS-based mapping of seeds or vegetation during planting
Apparatus and method for protecting a heating tank assembly of a hot water dispenser
Cartridge for electronic devices
Method and system for humidification of a fuel
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for a vertex attribute buffer in a graphics processor
Silicone containing laminate adhesive
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a gap between photoreceptor and charger, and proc...
3-(1-hydroxy-pentylidene)-5-nitro-3H-benzofuran-2-one a process for the preparation thereof and the ...
Microwave and plasma-assisted modification of composite fiber surface topography
Aminoalkoxy carbazoles for the treatment of cns diseases
Therapeutic composition including plantain and aloe vera for treatment of arthritis and other afflic...
Magnetism detecting apparatus and magnetic material identifying apparatus using the same
Digital synthesizer, digital copier and magnification control unit
Image forming apparatus which enables easy to observe printing in a manner adaptable to a user's req...
Reversible image display medium and image display method
Document image reading device
Display device, display method, and storage medium containing display control program
Virtual memory system utilizing data compression implemented through a device
Appliance communications manager
System for accessing virtual smart cards for smart card application and data carrier
Application interface to a media server and a method of implementing the same
Barrel assembly of zoom camera
Method for reducing stimulated brillouin backscatter
Optical cross-connector
Data transmission equipment
Focusing multiple laser beams
Laser pulse slicer and dual wavelength converter for chemical sensing
Transportation method for a semiconductor device and transportation route selection method for a sem...
Wicking instrument for LASIK surgery
Wing of composite material and method of fabricating the same
Method for preparing nanoporous carbon materials and electric double-layer capacitors using them
Secure communication over a link
Drywall taping tool
Computer system and method for enhancing memory-to-memory copy transactions by utilizing multiple sy...
Aminoaryl oxazolidinone N-oxides
Cache miss saving for speculation load operation
Various length software breakpoint in a delay slot
Method and system for safe data dependency collapsing based on control-flow speculation
Data processing system having hashed architected processor facilities
Euphorbia interspecific hybrid plant
Iterative decoding of concatenated codes for recording systems
Benzotriazole UV absorbers having enhanced durability
Fluorescent polymeric articles having screening layer formed from U.V. light absorbing polymer
Micro plate with transparent base
Centrifugal separation method for separating fluid components
Marine docking device
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, charge control agent for use in the toner, and proc...
Method and device for continuous casting of metals
Method of treating psychological and metabolic disorders using IGF or IGF/IGFBP-3
Expression vectors for producing modified proteins
Agouti polynucleotide compositions and methods of use
Transcriptionally regulated G protein-coupled receptor G2A
Method for the correction of artifacts in magnetic resonance images
Magnetic resonance random trajectory collection method and apparatus
Magnetic field inhomogeneity measurement method and apparatus, phase correction method and apparatus...
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Camera capable of controlling a change of setting of data peculiar to a film to be imprinted on the ...
Capacitor charging apparatus and electronic flash and apparatus containing same
Precise positioning actuator actuator for precisely positioning thin-film magnetic head element and ...
Scanned imaging apparatus with switched feeds
Bundled map guide
Fabric coating containing energy absorbing phase change material and method of manufacturing same
Modular horn loudspeaker
Water soluble paclitaxel derivatives
Methods for identifying compounds that alter kinase activity
Compositions and methods for intraductal gene therapy
Drug preparations for treating sexual dysfunction
Molecular tags for organic solvent systems
Sports kites
Concatenated coding system for satellite communications
Antiviral methods using human rhinovirus receptor (ICAM-1)
Computer-based system for producing multi-color multilayer images on substrates using dry multi-colo...
Decorative synthetic stucco compositions
Cinnoline derivatives and use as medicine
Petunia plant named `Conblue`
Modular data storage system with expandable vertical lift mechanism
Machine sewing thread
Apparatus and methods for exercising using a skating motion
Shock absorber stopper for a bicycle
Method for determining control data for deploying restraint elements in a vehicle prior to a collisi...
Glass pane with functional film and process producing same
Array of ultrasound transducers
Capacitor, capacitor mounting structure, method for manufacturing same, semiconductor device, and me...
Ferroelectric memory device having improved ferroelectric characteristics
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory utilizing polarization of ferroelectric material
Method and device for measuring a substance concentration in a liquid
Drive circuit of capacitive load and integrated circuit for driving capacitive load
Organic light emitting device and method for mounting
Light-emitting device with organic layer doped with photoluminescent material
Light-emitting device and electric apparatus
Tryptase-like polypeptide ztryp1
Cutting metal alloy for shaping by electrical discharge machining methods
Activated feedstock
Activated feedstock
Semiconductor memory device having an echo signal generating circuit
Test circuit for testing semiconductor memory
Shared sense amplifier driver technique for dynamic random access memories exhibiting improved write...
Connection structure for overlapping dielectric waveguide lines
Technique for emulsifying highly saturated hydroisomerized fluids
Methods of detecting BRCA1 mutations
Optimization of change log handling
Personal communication and positioning system
Sanitary napkin with improved liquid retention capability
Inhaler for dispensing medication
Powder feeding device
Device and method of maintaining a secret code within an integrated circuit package
Flap actuator system
Non-volatile magnetic register
Method of making a III-nitride light-emitting device with increased light generating capability
Combination internal modem and PC card radio operable in multiple modes
Electron emission device with gap between electron emission electrode and substrate
Nucleic acid detection using degradation of a tagged sequence
Tiered hashing for data access
Approaches for determining actual physical topology of network based on gathered configuration infor...
System and method for testing telecommunication service installations
Method for implementing ciphered communication for single-hop terminal-to-terminal calls in a mobile...
Authorization of services in a conditional access system
Scrubbing brush for a floor cleaner
Vacuum cleaner with detachable blower
Waxing and polishing device
Waxing and polishing device
Hanging tray bird feeder
Pet carrier
Carrier particles for drug delivery and process for preparation
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compostions containing same, processes for their prepara...
Myocardial grafts and cellular compositions
Petunia plant named `KEIlavbu`
Argyranthemum plant named `Cobsing`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmgia`
Petunia plant named `Constraw`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmagif`
Petunia plant named `Conlilac`
Method and composition for washing poultry during processing
Articles of frozen confectionery containing inclusions, and manufacturing process
Process for preparing frozen potato or root vegetable strips
Tubing used for encasing food products and a method for manufacturing the tubing
Method for keeping roast coffee bean freshness
Process for improving the durability of, and/or stabilizing, microbially perishable products
Method and system for carrying out the disinfestation of products by means of the use of gas under a...
High-speed upstream modem communication
Method and system for automatic configuration of a gateway translation function
Mobile computer communication scheme supporting moving among networks of different address systems
Integrated interface for real time web based viewing of telecommunications network call traffic
Facsimile apparatus and facsimile system
Apparatus for sorting products
Scuba diving guidance organization operation system using information system
System and method for performing a three-dimensional examination with collapse correction
Apparatus and method for integrating light from multiple light sources
Method and apparatus for automating motion analysis
Photo album with built-in audio recorder
Pyroelectric intrusion detection in motor vehicles
Rotary air screen for a work machine
Hydrogen ventilation duct for fuel-cell-powered vehicle
Material-handling vehicle
Vehicular occupant motion analysis system