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Power system stabilization system and method employing a rechargeable battery system
Aspiration method
Fiber optic needle probes for optical coherence tomography imaging
Method and apparatus for communicating between an ambulatory medical device and a control device via...
Compositions comprising a substituted benzimidazole useful for treating immunomediated inflammatory ...
Transdermal active drug delivery system and method
Processes for the preparation polyolefin resins using supported ionic catalysts
Single resonant band, tunable optical fiber wavelength filter based on long-period fiber grating
Lenticular lens sheet, rear projection type screen, and method of manufacturing lenticular lens shee...
Rear-projection screen
Microporous film
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Acinetobacter baumannii for diagnostics and therap...
Thin lance and test sensor having same
Fragrance-containing gel for delivering fragrance from structured liquid detergent compositions
Terpolymer of maleic acid, maleic anhydride and alkylvinylether
Screw press coffee brewing apparatus
Storage system, particularly with automatic insertion and retrieval
Cartridge having developer supply opening and image forming apparatus usable therewith
Conditioning of organic pigments
Vaccine compositions for mucosal delivery
Multi-user detection for antenna array receivers
Method and tools for oral hygiene
Cushion material and cushion label
Method for separating and purifying carboxylic acid derived from the direct oxidation of a hydrocarb...
Process for producing a lubricant coated laquered wire used for forming the stator winding of an ele...
Skin-irritating game machine
Mold steel
Spectacles lens boring jig positioning device
Methods for treatment of diabetes using peptide analogues of insulin
Amine derivative compounds
Methods and compounds for inhibiting amyloid deposits
Substituted imidazole compounds
Aryl-N-cyanoguanidines and methods related thereto
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Glucopyranoside, process for isolation thereof, pharmaceutical composition containing same and use t...
Materials and methods for the purification of polyelectrolytes, particularly nucleic acids
Polymer for optical compensatory films for display panels
Synthesis of narrow lube cuts from Fischer-Tropsch products
Air conditioning and thermal storage systems using clathrate hydrate slurry
Suppression of methanation activity by a water gas shift reaction catalyst
Method for preparation of catalytic material for selective oxidation and catalyst members thereof
Bubble trap
Method and apparatus for disinfecting drainage
Method and system for injecting external content into computer network interactive sessions
Staples adjusting device for a magazine of a power stapler
Automatic aligning pressing apparatus
Instruction execution mechanism
High-resolution optical encoder with phased-array photodetectors
Portable electronic multi-sensory animal containment and tracking device
Method and apparatus for taking tomographic X-rays
Front loading medical injector and syringe for use therewith
Fixing belt and image heating and fixing apparatus
System and method for visual application development without programming
Disc holder
Content authorization system over networks including searching and reporting for unauthorized conten...
Supplier management process with dynamically updated mapping
System for, and method of, using the internet system to provide for the transmission of a facsimile ...
Method and system for differential index bidding in online auctions
Computer-implemented method for performance measurement consistent with an investment strategy
Method and formulating an investment strategy for real estate investment
Oxazolidinone combinatorial libraries, compositions and methods of preparation
Assigning protein functions by comparative genome analysis protein phylogenetic profiles
Testing frequency hopping devices
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance arteriography using contrast agents
Apparatus for measuring cardiac output
RFID passive repeater system and apparatus
Diagnostic methods using antibodies to Neutrokine-alpha
Method for testing a device under test including the interference of two beams
Formed shape made of regenerated cellulose and process for its production
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Soybean cultivar 010013
Gene search vector and gene search method
In vivo electroporation method for early stage embryo of chickens
Perlecan transgenic animals and methods of identifying compounds for the treatment of amyloidoses
Self-contained system for sustained viral replication
Edible fat blends
Prosthesis and method of making
Model-based registration of cardiac CTA and MR acquisitions
Resin composition and manufacturing method therefor
Method for carrying out radical ethylene high-pressure polymerization while preventing undesired pol...
Nutritional supplement for increased energy and stamina
Partially purified cocoa extracts containing cocoa polyphenols
Cook-in package with tight appearance
Carrier release sheet for styrene molding process and process and system
Canola meal having reduced glucosinolates
Fluidic impedances in microfluidic system
Optical imaging device
Probe for localized tissue spectroscopy
Thin film electrodes for sensing cardiac depolarization signals
Dynamic bandwidth monitor and adjuster for remote communications with a medical device
Method and memory means for storing cardiac rhythm information
Method and apparatus for the serial comparison of electrocardiograms
Method and system for increasing storage capacity in a digital image capture device
Method and system using a hand-gesture responsive device for collecting data for a geographic databa...
Method and system of auxiliary illumination for enhancing a scene during a multimedia presentation
Image downsampling using redundant pixel removal
High quality digital scaling using image tags
Image reading apparatus and image formation system
Polished polymide substrate
Formation of a surface on an optical component
Optical fibers prepared with a primary coating composition including a monomer with a pendant hydrox...
Optical wavelength filtering apparatus with depressed-index claddings
Object with radially-varying properties and apparatus and method of preparing the same
Light fiber and a method for producing the same
Small diameter diffuse reflectance probe
Luminaire incorporating arc tube preheater
Vehicle lights defroster device
Luminaire based on the light emission of light-emitting diodes
Trapped LED CHMSL with living hinge
Elliptical headlights for motor vehicles
Vehicle lamp
Fault tolerant database for picture archiving and communication systems
Local hosting of digital certificate services
Copolyesters and fibrous materials formed therefrom
Isolated human transporter proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human transporter proteins, and...
Protease inhibitors
Cotton plants with improved cotton fiber characteristics and method for producing cotton fibers from...
Driving pipe and method for the construction of an essentially horizontal pipeline
Well logging method and apparatus for determining the nuclear magnetic resonance longitudinal magnet...
Post-deployment monitoring of server performance
Method of and apparatus for providing multi-level security access to system
Systems, methods and computer program products for assigning, generating and delivering content to i...
Mechanically tunable diaphragm using nickel titanium memory metal
Cellular telephone using pseudolites for determining location
Nuclear energy plant with improved device for removing after-heat and emergency heat
Remote multiplexed diagnostic circuitry and a method of detecting faults in sequentially driven load...
Multivariate statistical model-based system for monitoring the operation of a continuous caster and ...
Process for removal of carbon dioxide for use in producing direct reduced iron
Processing electric arc furnace dust through a basic oxygen furnace
Device for in particular acoustically uncoupled mounting
Electronic flash device
High resolution fault-tolerant fiber-optical beam control modules
Data collection via a wireless communication system
Avionic computer software interpreter
Method of producing a segmented lens and a screen for a color display device
Delivering non-default items in association with search results
System and method for dynamic clock generation
Method and apparatus for generating a 3D region from a surrounding imagery
Coffee maker
Cut and paste pen for pervasive computing devices
Vertebral bone distraction instruments
Electrochromic glass component
Peripheral device power management circuit and method for selecting between main and auxiliary power...
Dracaena plant named `DR9901ART`
Sports memorabilia article and display method
Rapid-winding winch for amusement ride
Infant swing and method of using the same
Water amusement system and method
Gaming device with a metronome system for interfacing sound recordings
Gaming device with traveling reel symbols
Glucose sensor with gel-immobilized glucose oxidase and gluconolactonase
Method for preventing or treating elevated blood lipid level-related diseases by administering rutin...
Low attention recording unit for use by vigorously active recorder
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomarjorie`
Fieldbus message queuing method and apparatus
Power supply unit for a portable game machine
Graphical control of a time-based set-up feature for a video game
Object modeling for computer simulation and animation
Haptic feedback for directional control pads
Method for controlling character based electronic game development
Game in which telephone signals act as semaphores signaling game moves
Lead frame, manufacturing method of a lead frame, semiconductor device, assembling method of a semic...
Use of aqueous wax dispersions as consistency providers
Catechin multimers as therapeutic drug delivery agents
Hair-growing agent
Optical modulation device
Laser robot for workpiece machining and method for workpiece machining with a laser robot
Resonator mirror with a saturable absorber
Projection apparatus using L-shaped dichroic prism set having a cubically glass block juxtaposed to ...
Laser head
Method for material machining by way of laser
Package of novel three dimensional structures useful as cleaning sheets
Method and apparatus utilizing computational intelligence to diagnose neurological disorders
System for placing a subject into virtual reality
Nasal breathing apparatus and methods
Aluminum-titanium alloy with high specular reflectivity, reflecting coatings comprising same and mir...
Unauthorized user prevention device and method
Reprogrammable subscriber terminal
Digital imaging system for assays in well plates, gels and blots
Article comprising IR-reflective multi-well plates
Soybean cultivar 0120310
Soybean cultivar 240200
Soybean cultivar 0120286
Polymer electrolyte and rechargeable cell comprising the same
Moveable and sectional block toy
Fuzzy expert system for interpretable rule extraction from neural networks
Apparatus and method for controlling a four-wheel drive vehicle
Precipitation of proteins from organic solutions
Method for forming a tantalum oxide capacitor
Method of manufacturing an oxide epitaxially strained lattice film
Semiconductor device having dummy cells and semiconductor device having dummy cells for redundancy
Optical devices
Class based bandwidth scheduling for CDMA air interfaces
Driving device and camera
Combined vertical filter for graphic displays
AC type plasma display panel for back light of liquid crystal display device
Braking torque regulator for a vehicle, method for regulating a braking torque and circuit for a bra...
Arrangement for post preparation of an injection compound
System and method for analyzing simultaneous switching noise
Compressing memory management in a device
Resume storage and retrieval system
Optical sensing system for detecting welds and defects in metal
System and method for generating and executing insurance policies for gambling losses
Method and apparatus for directing a game with user-selected elements
Method for casino game
Method and apparatus for expiration of prepaid slot machine plays
Passive biometric customer identification and tracking system
Apportionment of casino game bonus pay out
Method and apparatus for performing a read next highest priority match instruction in a content addr...
Synchronous interface for a nonvolatile memory
Emulation suspension mode handling multiple stops and starts
Managing a resource used by a plurality of nodes
Transferring a resource between caches of different nodes
Method and device for traction control (TCS) of a motor vehicle as a function of radius of curve and...
Apparatus for controlling run of a car, and car using the apparatus
Four-wheel steering algorithm with functional and diagnostic states and modes
Steering assist apparatus
Apparatus for mixing a liquid and dry powdered components
Biological filtration apparatus
Data sharing and linkage for IP telephony set-top boxes
Composition comprising a tramadol material and an anticonvulsant drug
Light assembly for external rearview mirror of vehicles
Automobile door mirror
System for creating customized patterns for apparel
Smart garment system, method and apparatus involved for integrating electronic devices into garments
Location tracking of individuals in physical spaces
Topological and motion measuring tool
Purse organizer
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Immobilized biocatalysts
Belt-drive-control circuit and electrophotographic device
Antineoplastic agent
Method and system of color coding components of central venous and pulmonary artery wedge pressure w...
Method for determining joint stiffness degradation
Fixing apparatus for fixing polymerized toner by hard roller
Time-resolved spectroscopic apparatus and method using streak camera
MR imaging on ASL technique
Multi-use lead-acid power pack for use with a cordless power hand tool and other loads
Power adjustment size indicator for a door closer
Advanced bit fail map compression with fail signature analysis
System and method for visually representing the contents of a multiple data object cluster
Olefinic impact modifiers for compatible blends of polyphenylene ethers and linear polyester resins
Method for highly exothermic epoxidation reactions
Unitized barrier and flow control device for electrochemical reactors
25312, a novel human agmatinase-like homolog
Distal end device for an implantable electrical conductor and an electrical conductor equipped with ...
Electronic switching device for a universal serial bus interface
Customer support system
Image forming apparatus having a removable roller unit
Image forming apparatus with transfer voltage control for transferring toner patterns
Frictional coupler and stiffener for strengthening a section of piling
Well riser lateral restraint and installation system for offshore platform
Partial helical strake for vortex-induced-vibrationsuppression
Method and apparatus for treating landfills
Dual phase cooling apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Process for the catalytic hydrogenation of liquid fatty acid methyl esters
Fuel design for high power density forced circulation boiling water reactor
Oxygenator wedge configuration
Outside perfusion type blood oxygenator
Fiber bundle and method for producing the same
Pressure relief valve for membrane oxygenator
Control device for fuel cell powered vehicle
Thermoplastic resin composition and shaped articles thereof
Thermoplastic resin and method using heterocyclic amine catalyst
Process for the preparation of polycarbonate and/or polyarylate block copolymers with poly(aryl ethe...
Process for the preparation of polycarbonate and/or polyarylate block copolymers with poly(aryl ethe...
Two stage catalytic production of high molecular weight polyhalobisphenol polycarbonates
Composition and process for polymerizing aromatic cyclic carbonate oligomers admixed with carbon mat...
High impact strength, flame retardant polycarbonate composition
Cross-linkable polycarbonate elastomers, a process for their preparation and use for packaging medic...
Rear projection screen
Pipe coupling
Fuel-cell system with a pivotable stack installation assembly
Freeze tolerant fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell hot zone pressure regulator
Catalyst and method for selectively oxidizing carbon monoxide in hydrogen-containing gas and solid p...
Fuel cell system
Liquid fuel compositions for electrochemical fuel cells
Integrated solid oxide fuel cell mechanization and method of using for transportation industry appli...
Comixture of dextran sulfate/escin for treating skin redness/edema and/or sensitive skin
Image forming apparatus
Method for forming micropattern of resist
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Apparatus and methods for indicating respiratory phases to improve speech/breathing synchronization
Base station having a set of phased array antennas
Fluid abrasive suspension for use in dentifrices
Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase type three (TIMP-3) composition and methods
Credit card pocket mirror and miniature billboard
Benzamidine derivatives
Filter and muffler for a vacuum pump
Process for the recovery of phosphate from phosphate rock
Method of initializing an image reading device
Sheet-through type document reader
Image processor, image forming apparatus, image forming system comprising these apparatuses, compute...
Coordinate input apparatus and the recording medium thereof
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for driving the same
Isolating client application requests for device services through an object-oriented service stack s...
Systems, methods and computer program products for assigning, generating and delivering content to i...
Method for producing oligosaccharide, and novel oligosaccharide and pharmaceutical composition conta...
Identification and cloning of a new subfamily of sulfatases and functional embryonic techniques for ...
Silicon composition for coating substrates in supple material, in particular textile
Method and apparatus for creating clearance between two points
Turning control device for a virtual stationary bike
High strength steel plate having improved workability and plating adhesion and process for producing...
Power hand tool with rotatable handle
Speaker cabinet
Electronic device for veterinary patients
Injector control
Medical injector
Spacecraft power/sun aquistion algorithm using slit sun sensors
Carrier-grade SNMP interface for fault monitoring
Gun for firing electrically-ignitable cartridges containing electronic components
Polymers in cosmetics and personal care products
Composite powder, cosmetic and paint with the composite powder blended therein
Cosmetic compositions
Shade evident cosmetic package
Dehydrogenation catalyst and process
Multi-well bone culture device for use in assessment of bone cell activity
Converting a pump for use in supercritical fluid chromatography
Electrical stimulator and method of use
Magnetic field shielding and detecting device and method thereof
Method for measuring cardiac output
Dry granulation of pharmaceutical formulation comprising mexiletine
Covered roll and a method for making the same
Method and apparatus for testing an integrated circuit using an on-chip logic analyzer unit
Pipe coupling assembly, system and method
Soybean cultivar 921021
Method and apparatus for predicting the presence of an abnormal level of one or more proteins in the...
Apparatus for encoding and decoding data according to a protocol specification
Olefin polymerization catalyst, method for producing the same and method for producing olefinic poly...
Integral pneumatic dispenser and method for controlling same
Steel material of high fatigue strength and a process for manufacturing the same
Coated steel sheet having excellent corrosion resistance and method for producing the same
Electrical steel sheet suitable for compact iron core and manufacturing method therefor
Strain-induced type martensitic steel having high hardness and having high fatigue strength
Steel sheet for heat shrink band and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus for separating and supplying cylindrical cans and method therefore
Particular agents
Arrays with modified oligonucleotide and polynucleotide compositions
High efficiency external counterpulsation apparatus and method for controlling same
Self-mode-locking quantum cascade laser
Portable irrigation pipe installation and removal system
Stable hypoxia inducible factor-1.alpha. and method of use
Toner for development of electrostatic image
Transmission of data over a radio frequency channel
Nuclear energy plant with closed working gas circuit
Vasodilator cannabinoid analogs
Method and apparatus for shaving
Mechanism for adjusting an angle of a mirror incorporated in an optical device, and a parallax corre...
Method for indicating free space size of storage medium
Flash control device
Micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) mirror device and methods for fabricating the same
Electrically heatable catalytic converter
Display device
Snowmobile construction
Speaker cabinet
Hair-growing agent
Cosmetic and dermatological formulations comprising flavonoids
Histidine derivatives, preparation process, and their use as free antiradical agents
Glycosaminoglycan-antithrombin III/heparin cofactor II conjugates
Espresso coffee machine
Method for channel routing, and apparatus
Method and apparatus for scrambling and descrambling
Herbal composition and method for combating inflammation
Pelargonium plant named `Sarah Don`
Combinations of ileal bile acid transport inhibitors and bile acid sequestering agents for cardiovas...
Distinguishing test types through spectral analysis
Wrist mobile information device
Mobile communication system
Back cover for a mobile phone
Edge mounted trap bag
Pyroelectric device on a monocrystalline semiconductor substrate and process for fabricating same
Process for preparing monoisopropylamine
Coated conductor thick film precursor
Process for making an adsorbent
Process for the preparation of a catalyst or catalyst precursor
Process for producing inorganic porous material in a capillary
Chemical vapor deposition process for fabricating layered superlattice materials
Liquid crystal display with light shielding film
Liquid crystal display device including a stack of plurality of resin film and method for fabricatin...
Liquid crystal display
Information recording method and information reproducing method, recording medium for use in the met...
Driving method for electro-optical device, image processing circuit, electro-optical device, and ele...
Multi-colored organic EL device with protective layer
Thin metal-oxide layer as stable electron-injecting electrode for light emitting diodes
Vivo refillable glucose sensor
Distributed automation system
Material formulation for galvanizing equipment submerged in molten aluminum and aluminum/zinc melts
Refractory metal silicide alloy sputter targets, use and manufacture thereof
Anaesthetic formulation comprising an NMDA-antagoinst and an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist
Integrated data input sorting and timing circuit for double data rate (DDR) dynamic random access me...
Photoelectric conversion device
Electrostatic latent image developer
Laminated capillary array assembly
Reverse apparatus for air impact wrench
Probe for touch sensing
Personal protection device
Apple tree named `Co-op 29`
Method of eliminating and a laminate which eliminates aesthetically unacceptable hues visible throug...
Support system for cubicles
Data center for providing subscriber access to data maintained on an enterprise network
Electronic tag position detection using radio broadcast
Extending application behavior through active properties attached to a document in a document manage...
Nonwovens from polytrimethylene terephthalate based staple fibers
Auxiliary keel system for marine crafts powered by jet propulsion systems
System and a process for specifying a location on a network
Method for making an aerosol housing with threaded neck
Dry powder medicament inhalator having an inhalation-activated flow diverting means for triggering d...
Thermopolymerizable composition for battery use
Method and apparatus for teaching children about fluid piping systems
Method and apparatus for scalable probabilistic clustering using decision trees
Method for reproducing images or text on a metalized holographic 2D, 3D bright colored film
Antibodies to viral encoded semaphorin protein receptor polypeptides
Apparatus for growing thin films
Method for high aspect ratio gap fill using sequential HDP-CVD
Consolidation method of junction contact etch for below 150 nanometer deep trench-based DRAM devices
Semiconductor device and method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Cellular radio network
Applying prealloyed powders as conducting members to arc tubes
Method and apparatus for obtaining an identifier for a logical unit of data in a database
Search query autocompletion
Method of processing queries in a database system, and database system and software product for impl...
Fast flexible search engine for longest prefix match
Scalable computing system for presenting customized aggregation of information
Method and apparatus for parsing event logs to determine tool operability
System and apparatus for generating a unique identity for a computer-based product
Strengthened public key protocol
Receptor activator of NF-.kappa.B
Compositions containing therapeutically active components having enhanced solubility
Jewelry cleaner with interchangeable-use covers
Bird feeder
Pattern for sheet glass
Hair processing accelerator
Hair coloring device
Screwdriver safety lighter
Oval decorative reflector for vehicle light with multiple LED's
Maize chitinases and their use in enhancing disease resistance in crop plants
Differentiation of human embryonic germ cells
Nucleotide sequences coding for the cls gene
Dominant selectable marker for gene transformation and disruption in yeasts
Antibodies specific for native PrPSc
Enzyme feed additive and animal feed including it
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duesweetblu`
New kiwi plant entitled `Hortgem Tahi`
African violet plant named `EverGrace`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duepetmand`
Method and apparatus for watermarking with no perceptible trace
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Method and apparatus to detect watermark that are resistant to arbitrary deformations
Spatio-temporal channel for images employing a watermark and its complement
Method of extracting digital watermark information and method of judging bit value of digital waterm...
Methods for negative atmospheric pressure removal of arsenic and other metals
Methods of producing substantially anatase-free titanium dioxide with silicon halide addition
System and method for digital color dye film processing
Bar code processing method for a network kiosk
Highly functional polymer latex
Bacterial strains for the production of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Use of stabilized starches in low VOC, polyacrylic acid-containing hair cosmetic compositions
Paper prepared from aldehyde modified cellulose pulp
Machine feedable envelope
Role and war game playing system
Method and apparatus for onboard locomotive fuel usage indicator
Method for determining conflicting paths between mobile airborne vehicles and associated system and ...
Integrated inertial VMS navigation with inertial odometer correction
GPS traveling control systems and the method of the same
Method and apparatus for personalizing static and temporal location based services
Biscyclopropanecarboxamide compounds and pharmaceutical use thereof
Anti-carious candies and confections
Packing unit
Method for treating depression
Electrode material for electrochemical capacitor, electrochemical capacitor comprising the same, and...
Process for controlling the passivation of aluminum chloride formed in the chlorination of titanium-...
Method for preparing hydrazine hydrate
Group IIA containing mesoporous materials
Apparatus for incorporating multiple data rates in an orthogonal direct sequence code division multi...
Two-wire controlled switching
Fluidized bed reactor for biological purification of effluent
Identification and characterization of a CURLY phenotype (CUR) in plants
Apparatus and method for identification of selected clinical yeast
Method, kit and apparatus comprising magnetic glass particles for the isolation of biomolecules
Cell for electrochemical anaylsis of a sample
Method for the 5'-cap-dependent amplification of cDNAs
Electrode array and skin attachment system for noninvasive nerve location and imaging device
Apparatus and method for holding and positioning an arterial pulse pressure sensor
Photoresist compositions with cyclic olefin polymers and hydrophobic non-steroidal multi-alicyclic a...
Copolymers of norbornene and functional norbornene monomers
Thermoplastic dicyclopentadiene-base open-ring polymers, hydrogenated derivatives thereof, and proce...
Apparatus and method for determining wind profiles and for predicting clear air turbulence
ECG gated ultrasonic image compounding
Projection moire method and apparatus for dynamic measuring of thermal induced warpage
Vented skive assembly for a fuser station in an image-forming machine
Determining endpoint in etching processes using real-time principal components analysis of optical e...
Apparatus and method for performing speculative cache directory tag updates
Memory controller with temperature sensors
Computer method and apparatus for division and square root operations using signed digit
Method and apparatus for evaluating processors for architectural compliance
Dichroic polarizer and method for making the same
Method and system for conducting wheel alignment
Active feedback apparatus and air driven diaphragm pumps incorporating same
System and method of generating dynamic word line from the content addressable memory (CAM) "hit/mis...
Method for utilizing an exocellular polysaccharide isolated from zoogloea ramigera
Thermoplastic resins and polyamides compatibilized with polyamide-polyester block copolymers
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Method and system for maintaining element abstracts of an integrated circuit netlist using a master ...
Polypeptides for the detection of microtubule depolymerization inhibitors
Vascular filter for controlled release
Polyurethane and so forth containing joints
Preparation of polyetherols
Rear-projection screen
Soil formulation for resisting erosion
Anterior chamber phakic lens
Surgical cassette and consumables for combined ophthalmic surgical procedure
Topical composition for burn healing
Fusions of scaffold proteins with random peptide libraries
Process for separation and removal of iron ions from basic zinc solution
Automatic pointing antennae system
Position indicator assembly for nuts and or bolts
Monitoring apparatus for the sheet feed to a sheet-processing machine, and method of monitoring the ...
Device and method for transferring a sheet
Apparatus for decelerating and shingling signatures
Method of controlling the quantity of ink in a printing machine
Printing press dampener using straight streams and method of dampening a printing press
Type font
Process for driving a workpiece transport system for a press arrangement
Recovery of electroluminescsent phosphor from encapsulated material
Production of cyclic alternan tetrasaccharides from oligosaccharide substrates
Cross-linkable adhesive silicone composition and use of said composition for bonding various substra...
Method of controlling resonances in internal combustion engine having variable cam timing
Pet toilet and method of cleaning same
Reciprocating tool having a piston retainer
Method of and apparatus for closing the end of a paillette
Artificial insemination apparatus
Culture collection instrument and sealed swab holder therefor
Animal sling
Flexible coated article and method of making same
Artificial insemination apparatus
Methods for cryopreservation and transfer of bovine embryos
Aquarium pump backup system
Gate assembly for the opening of an x-ray apparatus for receiving an x-ray cassette
Injector head for a medical injector
Generating join queries using tensor representations
Multi-user video hard disk recorder
X-ray compton scattering density measurement at a point within an object
Data transmission/reception system and data reception device
Orbit transfer vehicle with support services
Data storage medium, and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
Method, apparatus, and product for leasing of group membership in a distributed system
Method and system for increasing a pacer function of an implantable medical device disposed within a...
Method and system for treatment of tachycardia and fibrillation
Cardiac disease treatment and device
Systems and methods for drug dispensing
Catalyst and process for oxidatively dehydrogenating a lower-alkyl-substituted ethylbenzene
Combined storage and shipping case for video cassettes or the like
End cap for cloth reel
Apparatus for applying an end cap to a cloth board reel
Storage and shipping container
End cap for cloth reel
Assessment of bone cell activity
Communication controller configurability for optimal resource usage
Method for incremental field-of-view-MR imaging
Resonant transformer push-pull transistor oscillator
Methods of inhibiting physiological conditions associated with an excess of neuropeptide Y
Electromagnetic mode conversion in photonic crystal multimode waveguides
Pictorial digital image processing incorporating image and output device modifications
Carboxymethylated guar galactomannan as a sizing agent
Hybrid winter oilseed rape and methods for producing same
System and method for searching databases employing user profiles
High activity carbenium-activated polymerization catalysts
Stackable display bins with removable pivotal doors
Solid electrolytes strengthened by metal dispersions
Electrochemical storage cell
Etched beta"-alumina ceramic electrolyte
Laundry treatment for fabrics
Variable capacitance coupling antenna
Process for forming a multilayer, coinjected article
Methods of making low spin golf ball utilizing a mantle and a cellular or liquid core
Absorbent articles with absorbent free-flowing particles and methods for producing the same
Method and apparatus for noninvasively determining hematocrit
Covering block for decreasing wave forces
Multi-layer container and preform and process for obtaining same
Neck finish for a container
Tear-off cushions of loose fill packing material, and machine and method for making the same
Method for bill-posting and system adapted for said method
Container body portion
Ether/ester dispersants
Tocotrienol-containing powder, a process for preparing it and a tablet comprising compressed said po...
Hair relaxer compositions utilizing complexing agent activators
Compositions and methods for treating hyperpigmentation
Metal alloy sulfate electroplating baths
Medical composition and uses thereof
Stable hydroalcoholic compositions
Nanoemulsions comprising at least one amphiphilic lipid, at least one oil, and at least one polyethy...
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotides with modified bases and methods of use thereof
Transdermal or transmucosal drug delivery device
Bioadhesive compositions and methods for topical administration of active agents
Microscope for MRI and support stand for MRI
Gradient coil apparatus and method of micro-imaging
Power generation system
Scalable storage system with unique client assignment to storage server partitions
Cyclic amine compounds as CCR5 antagonists
Front end system having multiple decoding modes
Exchange connectable to LAN
Powdered base material treated with organic silicon compounds and their method for producing
Piezoelectric device for injector, method for producing the same, and injector
Micro-structures and methods for their manufacture
System and method for pausing and resuming move/copy operations
Method and apparatus for measuring seismic energy imparted to the earth
Optical multiplexing/demultiplexing device with variable branching ratio and optical coupler with va...
Fiber optic displacement sensor
Method, systems and apparatus for providing true time delayed signals using optical inputs
High loss modulation acousto-optic Q-switch for high power multimode laser
Optical apparatus and method having predetermined group velocity dispersion
System for transmitting optical data
Saddle for cycles, motor cycles and the like
Method and apparatus for timing driven resynthesis
Methods and systems for providing group calls with reduced setup times
Radio communication system and method and mobile communication terminal device
Method of maintaining mobile terminal synchronization during idle communication periods
Simultaneous processing of multiple signals by an adaptive antenna
Method and apparatus for low cost audio scrambling and descrambling
Method and apparatus for execution of an application during computer pre-boot operation and post-boo...
Neutralizing high affinity human monoclonal antibodies specific to RSV F-protein and methods for the...
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duesweetpi`
Room temperature vulcanizable silicone compositions with improved adhesion to acrylic
Blood glucose monitoring system
Materials and methods for the control of tephritidae fruit flies
Method and apparatus for analyzing image data to use multiple transforms for enhanced image data tra...
Method for providing integrated packet services over a shared-media network
System for enabling a printing apparatus to operate at multiple selectable speeds
Image formation apparatus
Safety helmet
Hump boat
Aerosol colorant charging system and method
Control system for fuel cell
Facilitating agent apparatus and agent system equipped with the same
Production of cotton fiber with improved fiber characteristics
Nucleotide sequences encoding anthranilate synthase
Oxidative stress resistance gene
Fully integrated process for MIM capacitors using atomic layer deposition
Structure and method of measuring electrical characteristics of a molecule
Electrochemical-based molecular detection apparatus and method
Bio-molecule analyzer with detector array and filter device
Binding assay methods
Method for making a ferroelectric semiconductor device and a layered structure
Automated electrophoresis system and method
Molecular detection apparatus and method using optical waveguide detection
Semiconductor memory device
Diode connected to a magnetic tunnel junction and self aligned with a metallic conductor and method ...
Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor substrate
Logic dividing method, logic dividing system and recording medium for storing logic dividing program
Method and system for implementing a graphical user interface for defining and linking multiple atta...
Method of designing a layout of an LSI chip, and a computer product
Photocathode and electron tube
Conjugated diene-based rubber and method of producing the same, oil extended rubber and rubber compo...
Olefin polymer and thermoplastic resin composition
Resin composition
Liquid isoprene-butadiene rubber
Light-colored rosin esters and adhesive compositions
Method for preparation and use of preservative-free immunoassay reagents
Liquid potting composition
Electron emission element having resistance layer of particular particles
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Dry etching method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Carbon molecular sieves and methods for making the same
Post metalization chem-mech polishing dielectric etch
Process for preparing carbon-black-filled rubber powders based on aqueous polymer-latex emulsions
Coating composition for producing electrically conductive coatings
High drug load immediate and modified release oral dosage formulations and processes for their manuf...
Methods for completing wells in unconsolidated subterranean zones
Super water-absorbent composite and method for preparation thereof
Emergency fuel
Variable focus indirect lighting fixture
Image display device
Sampler for eliminating particle-related artifacts for flue gas measurement
Method and apparatus for storing and using chipset built-in self-test signatures
Miniclient for internet appliance
Detection of network topology changes affecting trail routing consistency
Method for enabling rapid modification of a display controlled by a computer program
Variable valve mechanism of internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Method of reducing emissions in the exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine
Engine valve characteristic controller
Rotary phase controller, and valve timing controller of internal combustion engine
Torque control method and system in an engine with a fully variable intake valve
Pet toy
Grapvine named Kat.E.Lin
Grapevine, "Melody", NY 65.444.4
Grapevine-St. Pepin
Portable laser layout instrument
Omni directional antenna with multiple polarizations
Circuitry for a low internal voltage
Electrostatic discharges and transient signals monitoring system and method
Derivatives of polyene macrolides and preparation and use thereof
Utilizing electrical performance data to predict CD variations across stepper field
Coil-less lead system
Methods and compositions for disrupting the epithelial barrier function
Transdermal administration of steroid drugs using hydroxide-releasing agents as permeation enhancers
Biodegradable porous polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering prepared from an effervescent mixture ...
Transdermal administration of androgenic drugs hydroxide-releasing agents as permeation enhancers
Transdermal administration of oxybutynin using hydroxide-releasing agents as permeation enhancers
Method to prevent the formation and enhance the breakdown of bezoars in animals and humans
Chlamydia-free cell lines and animals
Desmethylselegiline enantiomers and their use to treat drug withdrawal symptoms
Blackhead removing sheet and method for producing blackhead removing sheet
Attractants of beneficial insects
Microencapsulated 3-piperidinyl-substituted 1,2-benzisoxazoles and 1,2-benzisothiazoles
Method for the treatment of urinary incontinence
Regulated release preparations
Implantable cardiac stimulator with electrode-tissue interface characterization
Image acquisition with depth enhancement
Implant, method of making same and use of the implant for the treatment of bone defects
Stand alone water purifier
Process for conducting liquid/liquid multiphase reactions in a tubular reactor having static mixing ...
Combined packing-tray in a vapor-liquid contacting tower and a process for effecting operation with ...
Arrangement in a circulation lubrication system
Solution feeding apparatus and method of feeding solution
Method and apparatus for aerating
Multi-well computerized control of fluid pumping
Three phase cyclonic separator
Helical separator
Deaerating apparatus, deaerating method, and treatment apparatus
Hydrophobic-oleophobic fluoropolymer compositions
Continuous flow downhole gas separator for processing cavity pumps
Froth separation apparatus
Chemical reagent package and method of operation effective at removing a wide range of odors
Separating arrangement and method for counteracting foam formation
Data transfer circuit and a recording apparatus and method using a predetermined offset for calculat...
Processing system and apparatus for performing an inquiry process in accordance with a type of share...
Information search apparatus and method, and storage medium
Inertial/audio unit and construction
In-line gas ionizer and method
CDMA multiple carrier paging channel optimization
Noise canceling electroluminescent lamp driver
Fault tolerant virtual VMEbus backplane design
3-hydroxycarboxylic acid production and use in branched polymers
Reacting materials
Tool for preparing and treating food and method for personalizing said tool
Knife blade
Sword blade
Knife blade
Method and apparatus for designing a clock distributing circuit, and computer readable storage mediu...
Device for the exact centering of an NMR sample tube
Test lead head
Pneumatic tool
Multi-function peripheral storage device buffer system
Thermoplastic resins and polyamides compatibilized with polyamide-polyarylate block copolymers
Hollow medical wires and methods of constructing same
Soft electrical heater with continuous temperature sensing
Heteroaryl amidines, methylamidines and guanidines, and the use thereof as protease inhibitors
Coated cloth with printed pattern
Lenticular lens screen
Compounds and methods for modulating apoptosis
Electrically tunable device and a method relating thereto
Multi-layer polymer electrolyte-membrane, electrochemical apparatus and process for the preparation ...
Hydrogen purification devices, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Method for operating a hydrogen generating apparatus
Methods for amplifying nucleic acid sequences
Catalyst precursor compound and olefin polymerization process using same
Methods and apparatus for controlling piezoelectric vibration
Multi-frequency band inverted-F antennas with coupled branches and wireless communicators incorporat...
Portable sign stand having frangible post
Inking method and apparatus
Device for cleaning a roller
Device for fixing a flexible plate on a printing cylinder
Method for the production of spherical microparticles consisting totally or partly of at least one w...
Ratchet wrench head
Crustacean larva raising method and apparatus
Angiographic injector
Injection system and pumping system for use therein
Switchable electrochromic devices for use in aircraft transparency windows
Optical information storage device and optical head
Server manager
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method for the manufacture thereof
Benzo (4,5) imidazo (2,1-a) isoindol-11-ones
Morpholinones as light stabilizers
Oil based compositions and method for temporarily sealing subterranean zones
Golf ball with multi-layer cover
Method of dyeing or printing polyamide-containing materials
Reactive dyes, a process for their preparation and their use
Dye mixtures, 1:2 cobalt complex formazan dyes and their use
Reactive dyes, processes for the preparation thereof and the use thereof
Targeting fixture for a grid template
Battery separator for Li-Ion and/or Li-Ion polymer battery
Tire having tread with colored sidewall in connection with a plurality of colored tread grooves
Aquarium thermostat
System for purifying styrene monomer feedstock using ethylbenzene dehydrogenation waste gas
Sintering process for producing thin films of calcium phosphate entities
Apparatus and method for super critical fluid extraction
Network adapter with large frame transfer emulation
Dual phase input multiplier
Bisarylimidazolyl fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitors
Wafer support having a dustproof covering film
Cellulose membranes comprising cotton fibers and method of manufacturing them
Implantable infusion pump
Conductive polymer materials and methods for their manufacture and use
Bleaching composition
Apparatus and method for producing resin
Absorbent structures of chemically treated cellulose fibers
Plasma processes for depositing low dielectric constant films
Insulated jackets for hot and cold piping systems and for hot and cold air ducting systems and metho...
Method and an apparatus for stimulating/ modulating biochemical processes using pulsed electromagnet...
Compositions and methods for apoptotic chemosurgery
System for delivering insulin
Random sampling with phase measurement
Method and apparatus for providing a communication service to a communication unit in a wireless com...
Method for site-based priority in a communication system
Advanced air time management
System and method providing improved FM carrier squelch system
Frequency generation circuit and method of operating a tranceiver
Method for producing aromatic beads
Polymer leaflet designs for medical devices
Non-cognate hybridization system (NCHS)
Wafer dicing blade consisting of multiple layers
Food dicing machine with adjustable stripper
Low spin golf ball having a dual core configuration
Composition for and method of cutting internal threads on the surface of a hole in a workpiece
Firefighter garment outer shell fabric utilizing stock dyed melamine fiber and ring-spun yarn for ma...
Wear resistant coating for piston rings
Four piece golf ball
Tire having tread with colored groove configuration
Device-system and method for monitoring multiple physiological parameters (MMPP) continuously and si...
Cable bolt with a yielding fixture and method of forming the same
Thermal paper with security features
Enterprise management system and method which indicates chaotic behavior in system resource usage fo...
Light stable one-shot urethane-urea elastomers
One-piece lens and frame assembly
Method for preparing heterocyclic-carboxylic acids
Microwatt thermoelectric generator
Treatment of AIDS-associated non-Hodgkin's lymphoma by gallium nitrate
Direct write all-glass photomask blanks
Preparation of composite high-K dielectrics
Foamed polypropylene sheet having improved appearance and a foamable polypropylene composition there...
Optical recording medium and method of manufacturing the optical recording medium
Polyether ester elastomer comprising polytrimethylene ether ester soft segment and tetramethylene es...
Titanium chelates and processes therefor
Bi-modal ionomers
Mar-resistant oligomeric-based coatings
Polymerization of olefins
Laser apparatus for subsurface cutaneous treatment
Piezoelectric resonator utilizing bending vibrations and ladder-type filter including the same
Single-use therapeutic substance delivery device with infusion rate control
High contrast polarizing optics for a color electro-optic display device
Support assembly for a motor shaft of a centrifugal submersible pump
Clutch release bearing
Device for lubricating a rolling bearing
Spindle motor
Design of rolling bearings
Linear handling unit
Method of coating an internal surface of a weapon barrel
Bullet, bullet jacket and methods of making
Manual safety for linear striker fired semi-automatic or automatic pistols
Self-diagnosis system in an automatic transmission
High reliability high voltage device housing system
Method and system for correcting for curvature in determining the trajectory of a projectile
Method and article for managing references to external objects in a runtime environment
Gas flow generator and apparatus for using the same
Coffee machine casing
Baseball catcher's foot and toe guard
Heel portion of an athletic shoe outsole
Apparatus and method for adjunct (add-on) treatment of coma and traumatic brain injury with neuromod...
Eddy current inspection probe
Delta dicarbonyl compounds and methods for using the same
Process for the preparation of N-(substituted phenyl)-3-alkyl-,aryl- and heteroarylsulfonyl-2-hydrox...
Method and apparatus for encrypting and decrypting time domain signals
Scheduler which discovers non-speculative nature of an instruction after issuing and reissues the in...
Methods and compositions for treating infection using optically pure (S)-lomefloxacin
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yohelga`
Metallic sulphide catalysts, processes for synthesising said catalysts and use thereof
Glucose sensor
Detection device and method
Bottle valve
System and method for towing a shellfish dredge
Overboard rescue system
Method of fabricating a wing of composite material
Apparatus and method to measure and implement aircraft seat spacing
Vertical/short take-off and landing aircraft
Vertical take-off and landing, aerodynamically self-sustained horizontal flight hybrid aircraft
Aerosol-forming porous membrane with certain pore structure
Chassis for mounting component units of an electric switch cabinet for elevators and escalators
Multipass cavity for illumination and excitation of moving objects
Method and apparatus for identification of plastic materials by optical measurements
Electrolytic suppressor and separate eluent generator combination
Data classifier output interpretation
Code multiplexing/reading apparatus for preventing outputting an erroneous code
Character string extraction apparatus and pattern extraction apparatus
Methods and apparatus for decoding and displaying high definition and standard definition digital vi...
Fast search method for motion estimation
Method for fabricating capacitor containing zirconium oxide dielectric layer
Semiconductor device with copper wiring connected to storage capacitor
Method for manufacturing light-emitting device using a group III nitride compound semiconductor
Repository protection by URL expiration
Methods for delivering a drug to a patient while restricting access to the drug by patients for whom...
Automatic digital information and content scheduling and barkering system
Eddy current loss measuring sensor, thickness measuring system, thickness measuring method, and reco...
Product using Zn-Al alloy solder
Semiconductor device having a bump electrode
Probe card and method of testing wafer having a plurality of semiconductor devices
Parallel plane substrate
Rod lens array
Glazing panel
Vacuum degassing apparatus for molten glass
Method and arrangement for controlling activation of restraining devices in a motor vehicle
Achromatic retarder array for polarization imaging
Occupant sensor
Base stabilization system
Non-rectilinear sensor arrays for tracking an image
Reactor provided with fluidized chamber
Dual damascene structure employing nitrogenated silicon carbide and non-nitrogenated silicon carbide...
Apparatus for removing medical adhesive devices from skin
Process for transformation of mature trees of Eucalyptus plants
Vascular sealing device with microwave antenna
Shiitake mushroom plant named `HS607`
Food supplement/herbal composition for health enhancement
Reducing nematode infestation with fungi treated oil having nematicidal activity
Liberating intracellular matter from biological material
Composition having nematicidal activity
Semiconductor chip package with cooling arrangement
Hydrocolloid foam medical dressings and method of making the same
Biodegradable bioadhesive controlled release system of nano-particles for oral care products
Method and apparatus for linking and/or patterning self-assembled objects
Bone graft material incorporating demineralized bone matrix and lipids
Method and apparatus for regulating interval of seedlings
Saddle structure for reactive distillation
Resorcinolic compounds
Bismuth compounds for the treatment and prevention of mucositis
Process and intermediates
Forward link inter-generation soft handoff between 2G and 3G CDMA systems
Soybean cultivar 70171758
Exposure device
Polymeric system for drug delivery and solute separation
Information transmission system, information transmission method, robot, information recording mediu...
Micro capsule type robot
Luminescence detection workstation
Integrated system for tool front-end workpiece handling
Simulation device
Simulation system
Preventing airway mucus production by administration of EGF-R antagonists
Resolution of glycidyl esters to high enantiomeric excess
Methods of enhancing activity of vaccines and vaccine compositions
Integrated circuit card with identity authentication table and authorization tables defining access ...
Process for the preparation of substituted trans-cinnamaldehyde, a natural yellow dye, from phenylpr...
Solid dose delivery vehicle and methods of making same
System and method for enhancing cardiac signal sensing by cardiac pacemakers through genetic treatme...
Flight control system
Disposable electro-cardiogram transmitter device and electrode node placement facilitator
Portable processing system with always on, always connected capability
Digital optical transmitter with improved noise power ratio
Eliciting analgesia by transcranial electrical stimulation
Hybrid thermal transfer roller brush wax applicator for rub-off reduction
Method and apparatus for probe localization in brain matter
Video signal transmission apparatus and video signal transmission method
Remote semiconductor microscopy
Video cataloger system with hyperlinked output
Needle electrodes for mediated delivery of drugs and genes
Polyacid/polyalkylene oxide foams and gels and methods for their delivery
Polyphenylene ether resin blends having improved ultraviolet light stability
Conversion of refinery C5 paraffins into C4 and C6 paraffins
Luminescent display and method of making
Use of static noise analysis for integrated circuits fabricated in a silicon-on-insulator process te...
Generating a data request graphical user interface for use in an electronic supply chain value asses...
Distal protection device
Method and system for providing tamper-resistant executable software
Method for improving lung delivery of pharmaceutical aerosols
Fluorogenic compounds and uses therefor
Method for treatment of external secretion disorders
Positively charged non-natural amino acids, methods of making and using thereof in peptides
Chemically modified hemoglobin for burn shock resuscitation
Androgen-regulated gene expressed in prostate tissue
Transformed cells useful for the control of pests
Methods of identifying a compound which modulates the non-transcriptional non-map-kinase induced eff...
Process for preparing cyclic monomers
Mutated 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase, gene coding for said protein and transformed pl...
Transmission type projection screen
Production method of anisotropic conductive film and anisotropic conductive film produced by this me...
Methods and chemical preparations for time-limited marking of biopsy sites
Genetically modified plant cells and plants with an increased activity of an amylosucrase protein an...
Display device for beverage pitcher or coffee machine
Method and apparatus for teaching robot station location
Endarterectomy apparatus and method
Devices and methods for simultaneous measurement of transmission of vapors through a plurality of sh...
Process for preparing 4-substituted 2-alkylbiphenyls and 2-alkoxylbiphenyls
Induction driven power supply for circuits accompanying portable heated items
Process for the production of isopropenyl methyl ether
Method of preparing a hybrid of polyvinylimidazole and silica
Synthesis and use of non-halogenated aromatic compounds as flame retardants for polymer-containing m...
Nitrogen-rich barrier layer and structures formed
Method for fabricating a SiC film and a method for fabricating a SiC multi-layered film structure