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Trench isolation processes using polysilicon-assisted fill
Receiver and method of recovering data from radio signals
Tamper evident closures
Light control type LED lighting equipment
Methods and computer system for combinatorial analysis of lighting phosphors
Band-limited gradient waveforms
Stabilization of a magnetic field of a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnet arrangement comprising an actively shielded superconducting magnet coil system and an additio...
Apparatus for effecting heat transfer from power semiconductors
High purity polysaccharide containing a hydrophobic group and process for producing it
I-Sce I induced gene replacement and gene conversion in embryonic stem cells
Aqueous surfactant compositions of monoalkyl phosphate ester salts and amphoteric surfactants
Dual loop coriolis effect mass flowmeter
Multiphase flow measurement system
Data acquisition system and method
Drill insert geometry having chip splitting groove
Spiro[isobenzofuran-1,4'-piperidin]-3-ones and 3H-spiroisobenzofuran-1,4'-piperidines
Pyrazole-thiazole compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing them
1 .alpha.-hydroxy-2-methylene-19-nor-pregnacalciferol and its uses
OBG3 globular head and uses thereof for decreasing body mass
Matrix metalloprotease
Aquaporin-8 variant
Use of CNTF (ciliary neurotrophic factor) receptor activators for the treatment of obesity
Data clustering using error-tolerant frequent item sets
Introspective editor system, program, and method for software translation using a facade class
Multiple chuck resecting tool
Rotary clamp having an adjustable pre-stop
Method and apparatus for tolerating power outages of variable duration in a multi-processor system
Analog temperature measurement apparatus and method
Molded forms for use in gardening and animal husbandry
Injectors and injector consoles
Syringe, injector and injector system
Audio with hidden in-band digital data
Emergency parachute
Optical disk, reproduction apparatus, and reproduction method
Web user interface session and sharing of session environment information
Methods of implementing a single shaft, dual cradle vacuum slot valve
Concentrated or dilutable solutions or dispersions, preparation method and uses
Iontophoretic transdermal delivery device
Compositions and methods for preventing transepithelial transmission of HIV
Extract of nerium species, pharmaceutical composition thereof and methods for preparation thereof
Fluoro-alcohol phase modifiers and process for cesium solvent extraction
Caspase inhibitors for the treatment and prevention of chemotherapy and radiation therapy induced ce...
Process for the catalytic gas phase dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons using toothed-wheel shaped parti...
Motion control system for vehicle
Synthesis of clasto-lactacystin .beta.-lactone and analogs thereof
Method and apparatus for determining the data rate of a received signal in a variable data rate orth...
Anemone plant named `Party Dress`
Plectranthus plant named `Sumcol 01`
African Violet plant named `EverHarmony`
Origanum plant named `Zorba Red`
New Guinea Impatiens named `Duepetblue`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duepetpich`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckakeem`
Diphenyl-piperidine derivative
Voltage supply including bilateral attenuator
49 human secreted proteins
Schizochytrium PKS genes
Multiplex sensor and method of use
Recycling of dyed cellulosic waste
Stent mounting assembly and a method of using the same to coat a stent
Integrated display and yoke mechanism
Production of multimodal polyethylene
Catalysts for thermoplastic elastomeric olefin polymers
Apparatus and method for stacking cards for a computer
Spark plug
Hand device for transferring a film from a backing strip to a substrate, with a return lock
Method of treating malignancy associated hypercalcemia using active vitamin D analogues
Methods for synthesis of amino-tetrahydroisoquinoline-sulfonamide hydroxamic acids
Degradable plastics possessing a microbe-inhibiting quality
Very large scale immobilized polymer synthesis
Protein-induced tissue morphogenesis
Method for production of acrylate polymer with liquid diluent
Methods of diagnosing cancer, compositions, and methods of screening for cancer modulators
Compositions and methods for modifying toxic effects of proteinaceous compounds
Human serine protease and serpin polypeptides
Short amphipathic peptides with activity against bacteria and intracellular pathogens
Insertional mutations in mycobacteria
Methods for generating high titer helper-free preparations of released recombinant AAV vectors
Thienylsulphonylamino(thio)carbonyl compounds
Impedance cardiograph apparatus and method
Biocompatible crosslinked polymers
Polymer composite compositions
Apparatus and method for ligament fixation
Extracorporeal fluid circuit and related methods
Method for fabricating and assembling a floating offshore structure
Network-based service for recipient-initiated automatic repair of IP multicast sessions
Opto-electronic oscillators having optical resonators
Colonic motor dysfunction remedies comprising aminothiazole derivatives as active ingredients
Method and device for authentication
Thermionic energy converters
Hetero-substituted metalloprotease inhibitors
Spirocyclic-6,7-dihydro-5H-pyrazolo[1,2-a]pyrazol-1-ones which control inflammatory cytokines
Laundry detergent compositions comprising fabric enhancement polyamines
Bleaching composition containing chromotropic compound
Cleaning products comprising improved alkylarylsulfonate surfactants prepared via vinylidene olefins...
Amine reaction compounds comprising one or more active ingredient
Oral skin improving agent, skin improving method, and food composition for improving skin
Biomass containing Thraustochytriales microflora
Heat-shrinkable multilayer film
Production of isoflavone enriched fractions from soy protein extracts
Method of producing frozen blanched green agricultural product
Offset apex spider
Radio-controlled toy train
Flared wave-guide projector
Method and system for automated on-chip material and structural certification of MEMS devices
Method and apparatus to create and induce a self-created hypnosis
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Non-irritating antimicrobial coatings and process for preparing same
Automatic apparatus for the preparation of expresso coffee
Steam generating device for heating and/or frothing liquids
Information processing device and method
Method for designing large standard-cell base integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for removing an acetabular cup
Method and apparatus for scrambling and descrambling of video signal with edge fill
Welding assembly with nestable conductive ends
System and method for notifying customers of film development
Compounds active at a novel site on receptor-operated calcium channels useful for treatment of neuro...
Manufactured articles in silicon oxide and/or other mixed metallic oxides and process for their prep...
Sensor for components of a liquid mixture
Elastic surface-wave device
Bicycle handlebar with arm and head support
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, toner container containing the toner, and image for...
Boom system and its use to attenuate underwater sound or shock wave transmission
System for coordinating communication between a terminal requesting connection with another terminal...
System and method for distributed caching of objects using a publish and subscribe paradigm
Extensible user interface for a distributed messaging framework in a computer network
Method and system for identifying one or more objects
Apparatus for suppression of vortex induced vibration without aquatic fouling and methods of install...
Magnetic repulsion system to prevent collisions
Apparatus for offshore production of hydrocarbon fluids
Telescoping spar platform and method of using same
Chain tensioning arrangement for turret moored vessel
Marine steering system having dual hydraulic and electronic output
Indium plated package for an optical component and process therefore
Fiber-optic cable routing and management system and components
Mode converter and method
Method and apparatus for determining loss parameters for optical cross-connects
Modular three-dimensional optical switch
Traffic monitor for detecting trunk traffic congestion in a telephone switching network
Apparatus and method for finding location of a mobile unit
System for and method of processing data, and apparatus and method of sending and receiving data
Medicinal aerosol formulation
Superalloy weld composition and repaired turbine engine component
Process for evaluating chemical and biological assays
Soybean cultivar 0120287
Soybean cultivar 0120284
Soybean variety 93B72
Cotton expansin promoter sequence
Method and apparatus for inserting data prefetch operations using data flow analysis
Small memory footprint system and method for separating applications within a single virtual machine
Method, apparatus, and program for multiple clock domain partitioning through retiming
Method for detecting lack of synchronism in VLSI designs during high level simulation
System for improving circuit simulations by utilizing a simplified circuit model based on effective ...
Invention to allow hierarchical logical-to-physical checking on chips
System and method for determining revenue from an intermediary derived from servicing data requests
Ionically conducting molecule, ionic conductor and process for producing the same
Dielectric layer including silicalite crystals and binder and method for producing same for microele...
Fine carbon fiber and method for producing the same
Silica gel for stabilization treatment of beer, a method of manufacturing the silica gel and a metho...
Method of preparing zeolite single crystals
Porous alumina fabrication procedures
Production of carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide and carbon
Optical cables with flexible strength sections
Dual fiber collimator
Wavelength compensation in a WSXC using off-voltage control
Room temperature curable silicone rubber composition
Polytetrafluoroethylene agglomerated product and its molded product
Lithium aluminosilicate ceramic
Non-aqueous electrolytic salt and non-aqueous electrolytic secondary battery in which it is used
Rhythmic motion driver
Saved Web page security system and method
Gaming device with traveling reel symbols
Block architecture option circuit for nonvalatile semiconductor memory devices
Narrow contact design for magnetic random access memory (MRAM) arrays
Optical disc format exhibiting robust error correction coding
Autothermal process for the production of olefins
Front side coating for bump devices
Exposure timing alignment for color specific exposure times
Method and apparatus for the production of aluminium
High intensity discharge lamp with only one electrode
Multi-donor catalyst system for the polymerization of olefins
Integrated inventory management system
Seat belt tension sensor, methods of integration and attachment
System and method for configuring and administering multiple instances of web servers
Investor relations event scheduling system and method
Unattendant data center environment protection, control, and management system
Vehicle diagnosis system
Registration for mobile nodes in wireless internet protocols
Continuous recovery of polymer from a slurry loop reactor
Efficient magnitude spectrum approximation
Adjustable length necklace and bracelet
Method of data collection for fisheries management
Quick-setting gel mix
Vehicle control method and vehicle warning method
Method and a device for evaluating sensor signals from a seat mat in a vehicle seat
System and method incorporating feedforward for motor vehicle chassis control
Observer-corrector control system for systems with unmodeled dynamics
Road-shape recognition system
Method and apparatus for torque control of a machine
Method for packaging industrial, in particular radioactive, waste in apatite ceramics
Method for the infeed of a fluid into an apparatus
Method for the preparation of citalopram or S-citalopram
Device and method for performing frame sync using sync channel in mobile communication system
Systems and methods for non-coplanar calibration of a scanning system
Biocatalytic reactors for gel-like and other types of immobilized biocatalysts
Method and apparatus for treating hemodynamic disfunction
Motorized machine electrical system arc detection apparatus and methods
Method, apparatus and medium for image communication
System and method for management of an automatic OLAP report broadcast system
Simultaneous computation of multiple complex number multiplication products
System and method for applying sequential low energy defibrillation pulses
Sleeved rollers for use in a fusing station employing an externally heated fuser roller
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Microscope slide having culture media and method for use
Thermoplastic resin compositions
Process for the preparation of surfactant alcohols and surfactant alcohol ethers, the prepared produ...
Fuel cell with variable porosity gas distribution layers
Guidewire inflation system
Technique for centrally tracking transactions in an electronic billing system
Method and apparatus for electronic collection, translation, grouping and delivery of wage assignmen...
Technique for practically measuring cycle-by-cycle repeatable system behavior
Pulse type activating system for power supply
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively performing development
Automated calling system with database updating
Electrical power supply suitable in particular for DC plasma processing
Miniature, unmanned remotely guided vehicles for locating an object with a beacon
Modular suspended manipulator
System and method for electrochemical stabilization of soil and the strengthened soil structure resu...
Self-connecting, reinforced retaining wall and masonry units therefor
Soil nail apparatus
Stress cracking-resistant cycloolefin copolymer composition
Identification article with pattern-form fresnel hologram, fabrication thereof, and verification the...
Multilayered resin plate and process for producing the same
Menthol derivatives and process for preparing the same
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge with delayed rotation of photosensitive member
Preparation of diketopyrrolopyrrole pigments
Method for treatment of bacterial infections with once or twice-weekly administered rifalazil
Pulmonary administration of granulocyte colony stimulating factor
Spread illuminating apparatus including frame with two sections stepped
Emulsifiable composition for the control of insects
Swashplate position assist mechanism
Process for producing 9,10-diphenylanthracene
Method of producing biaryls
Molecular averaging of light and heavy hydrocarbons
Low-voltage, low-power bandgap reference circuit with bootstrap current
Pneumatic tool and vibration isolator therefor
Automatic SCSI termination readjustment
Heating and pumping device for liquids, in particular for water of aquariums
Patient infusion system for use with MRI
Steganographic system with changing operations
Parachute assembly for a miniature aircraft
Data storage medium, and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
Use of steam eductor to supply oxygen for oxidative reheating in dehydrogenation of C.sub.3 + hydroc...
Processes for synthesis and purification of nondigestible fats
17-Halogenated 19-nor steroids, preparation process and intermediates, use as medicaments and the ph...
Monolithic ceramic capacitor with barium titinate dielectric curie point optimized for active implan...
Peptide useful as a ligand
Portable hyperpolarized gas monitoring systems, computer program products, and related methods using...
Covered roll and a method for making the same
Parachute landing velocity attenuator
Method, system and apparatus for evaluating hemodynamic parameters
Flexible lighting segment
Animals with insufficient expression of uridine phosphorylase
Transgenic non-human mammals with an oncogenic mutant of Raf-1 gene
Neurological disease model
Food product with a fibrous texture obtained from whey proteins
Shock absorbing harness system
Methods and apparatus for scanning electromagnetically-induced thermoacoustic tomography
Method and system for guiding a diagnostic or therapeutic instrument towards a target region inside ...
Apparatus and method for lesion feature identification and characterization
Method and arrangement for determining where to position fixation means
Repositioner for head, neck, and body
System for viewing multiple data streams simultaneously
Method and system to merge volume groups on a UNIX-based computer system
Altitude simulation method and system
Apparatus and method for examining the shape of gemstones
Steel sheet for tension mask, making method thereof and tension mask
White enamel for aluminized or galvanized steel
Method and device for producing coated metal strands, especially steel strips
Steel wire and method of producing the same and pneumatic tire using the same
High flux density grain-oriented electrical steel sheet excellent in high magnetic field core loss p...
Surface-treated steel sheet coated with chromate film for fuel tanks and method of fabricating the s...
Method for denitriding molten steel during its production
Electrode for muscle stimulation
Defibrillating cardiac constraint
Body fat measuring instrument
Method and apparatus diagnosis and treatment of arrhythias
Image sensing device capable of outputting image signals by blocks and processing circuit which proc...
Optical image scanner with internal measurement of point-spread function and compensation for optica...
Method for determining reproducibly if visual features of objects are known to a person
Pixel interpolating device capable of preventing noise generation
Sampling and reconstruction of RF signals
Techniques to improve binary joint transform correlator, particularly for fingerprint recognition
Fiber-optic cable trough, low-profile PCB mount
Fiber optic projection device
Optical amplifying medium component and optical fiber amplifier having the same
Optical interconnection apparatus and process for fabrication of the same
Integrated optic device manufacture by cyclically annealed proton exchange process
Television audience monitoring system and method employing display of cable converter box
Method and apparatus for distributing a globally accurate knowledge of time and frequency to a plura...
Array lens, lighting optical system, optical unit and imaging apparatus
Traffic signal head with multiple LED illumination sources
Illumination system for one-dimensional spatial light modulators employing multiple light sources
Fiber tip fluid output device
Tri-spectrum aircraft landing light
Spectrum filter wheel
Game rosary
Non-invasive method and device for collecting measurements representing body activity and determinin...
Method and device for laying an underground duct made of a plastic material
Digital hydraulic well control system
Beaded rear projection screen with tunable gain
Microwatt thermoelectric generator
Fixing device for heat pressure fixing a record medium and method thereof
Key activated toy vehicle
Saw filter using a carbon nanotube and method for manufacturing the same
Method and system for manufacturing a computer system with the assistance of a wireless information ...
Reflection liquid crystal display device
Golf bag with club separator
Device for loading, pressing, feeding and disposing of the ground coffee in automatic espresso coffe...
Method and device for verification of VLSI designs
Radio receiver for information dissemenation using subcarrier
Audio/video signal redistribution system
Interconnecting inflatable play structure
In-flight entertainment LCD monitor housing multi-purpose latch
Strain of bacillus for controlling plant diseases and corn rootworm
Portable device for infusing insulin on the basis of glycemic measurements
Robot apparatus and method of controlling the posture thereof
Headwear useful as animal shelter
Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of ionomer covered game ball
Two stage attachment means for lid and base container of stands for tetherball games
Electronic equipment and television game machine having heat radiation structure
System and method for enhanced online transactions using shopping games
Dedicated wireless digital video disc (DVD) controller for video game consoles
Dedicated wireless digital video disc (dvd) controller for video game consoles
Molecular compounds containing novel carboxylic acid derivatives as the constituent compound
Method for isomersing allyl acohols
Morphine-6-glucuronide synthesis
Process for the preparation of isolongifolanol
Water-soluble fiber and a method for manufacture thereof
Cap for mounting on aerosol container
Nasal air passage device
Inhibitor of replicative senescence of human keratinocytes containing retinoic acid as active ingred...
Topical composition comprising a three membered cyclic compound-based cosmetic bonding agent
Skin care product containing retinoids and phytoestrogens in a dual compartment package
Extrudable aluminum alloys
Sabot for a bullet
Lithium secondary battery
Fencing sword
Artificial neural network and fuzzy logic based boiler tube leak detection systems
System and method for autonomous correction of star tracker high spatial frequency (HSF) error
Multivalent macrolide antibiotics
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Magnetic memory device and magnetic substrate
Camera casing and recycling method therefor
Multimedia emergency services
Reflector high-pressure discharge lamp unit
Method, system, and program for displaying added text to an electronic media file
Internet service delivery via server pushed personalized advertising dashboard
ATM video advertising
Data processing system and method for authentication of devices external to a secure network utilizi...
Process for inhibiting gel formation of hydrated detergent tablets containing nonionic surfactant et...
Skin refining composition and applicator
Cellulase detergent matrix
Method of solubilization and naturation of somatotropins
Solid alkylbenzene sulfonates and cleaning compositions having enhanced water hardness tolerance
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to pseudomonas aeruginosa for diagnostics and therape...
Peptides comprising repetitive units of amino acids and DNA sequences encoding the same
Nucleotide sequence of Escherichia coli pathogenicity islands
Recombinantly produced spider silk
Functional recombinantly prepared synthetic protein polymer
Functional recombinantly prepared synthetic protein polymer
Molluscan ligament polypeptides and genes encoding them
Block based design methodology
Emulation suspension mode with stop mode extension
System and method for communicating with an integrated circuit
Asynchronous low power mode bus controller circuit and method of low power mode operation
Method and apparatus for automatically detecting whether a memory unit location is unpopulated or po...
Composite shaped bodies and methods for their production and use
Distillation method and distillation apparatus
Apparatus for controlling web tension
Exterior rearview mirror for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Electronic behavior modification reminder system and method
Retractable microphone/speaker lead for a belt clip attachment device for a mobile phone or the like
Method and system for physical motion analysis
Cargo inspection apparatus and process
Non-woven fabric, and sheet and artificial leather produced from the same
Method and system for using low data rate vocorder packets to multiplex signaling packets into a CDM...
Method and system for repairing corrupt files and recovering data
Time-based dynamic user interface elements
Method for interfacing to ultra-high resolution output devices
Method, system, and computer program product for providing illumination in computer graphics shading...
Treating allergic and inflammatory conditions
Process for reacting substrates with biocatalysts in a 2-phase liquid system
Method and apparatus for providing a bioinformatics database
Wafer scale integration and remoted subsystems using opto-electronic transceivers
Fixing belt and fuser
Imaging system, computer, program product and method for detecting changes in rates of water diffusi...
Method for polymerizing conjugated diolefins (dienes) with catalysts based on vanadium compounds in ...
Rear projection screen
Spiral wound type separation membrane element
Cyclopeptide derivatives
Method of treating or preventing microbial infections with loperamide
Self-mating reclosable mechanical fastener and binding strap
Additives for inhibiting gas hydrate formation
Reduced weight artificial dielectric antennas and method for providing the same
Protease conjugates having sterically protected clip sites
Collapsible support frame for a sign
Method and apparatus for enforcing DVD parental control across an enterprise
Video coding and video decoding apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Display control apparatus
Ambidextrous computer mouse
Acceleration of the rate of digestion of a protein
Synergistic fungicidal composition comprising a compound analogous to strobilurin
Method for flushing the casing of a hydraulic motor
Safety trigger for nailer
Method of controlling a data processing system
Artificial reef unit and method of forming the same
Syringe, injector and injector system
Burn through resistant systems for transportation, especially aircraft
Employing management policies to manage instances of objects
Device for installing and/or removing a steerable propulsion pod for a ship
Dehydrogenation catalyst and process for its preparation
Apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughput purification
Mammalian CX3C chemokine
System and method for verifying the contents of a mass storage device before granting access to comp...
Method and apparatus for promoting play on a network of gaming devices
Poker dice casino game method of play
Electronic security key for enabling electronic coin acceptors and the like
Plants transformed with a nucleic acid encoding the hypersensitive response associated protein amphi...
EPDM rocket motor insulation
Reflective liquid crystal display device including a retardation film of two uniaxial films
Liquid crystal display
Liquid display
Retardation film and optical device employing it
System and method for providing recommendations based on multi-modal user clusters
Microarray detector and synthesizer
Impact modified polyphenylene compositions
Sulfur-containing cathode
Oligonucleotide sequences complementary to thioredoxin or thioredoxin reductase genes and methods of...
Metalloporphyrins and their uses as imageable tumor-targeting agents for radiation therapy
Antimicrobial particles of silver and barium sulfate or zinc oxide
Apparatus and method for attenuating tube waves in a borehole
System and method for providing television services
Orientationally adjustable marking syringe
Resin composition and resin sheet
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Compounds and methods for treatment and diagnosis of chlamydial infection
System and method of impedance cardiography monitoring
Infiltration control system and method
Patterned absorbent article for wound dressing
Multiple satellite repeater management system using frame error rate for diversity selection
Thienyl substituted acylguanidines as inhibitors of bone resorption and vitronectin receptor antagon...
Compositions and methods for altering an acetyl-CoA metabolic pathway of a plant
Gene therapy by secretory gland expression
Osteoclast secreted chemokine and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for conducting nuclear magnetic resonance experiments on a member of the body o...
Microwatt thermoelectric generator
Hood and trunk lid lifting mechanism for model car
Die layout for SAW devices and associated methods
Scanning III-V compound light emitters integrated with Si-based actuators
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Flex sole
Method and system for in-place modifications in a database
Automotive road wheel and attaching structure of the same
Thermally-responsive record material
Device to be particularly fitted onto color photocopying machines for obtaining reproductions also f...
Method for performing electrical rules checks on digital circuits with mutually exclusive signals
Copy protection for hybrid digital video tape recording and unprotected source material
Antitussive/antihistaminic compositions
Zantedeschia plant named `Red Desire`
Photometry device with light and colorimetric sensors
Insecticide resistance assay
Notebook computer-telephone
Dial communication system of a steering wheel of an automobile
Programmable automatic prefix dialer for wireless
Telecommunications service control point with digit collection logic
Announcing advertisements to users of a telecommunications system
Method for forming an opening in a semiconductor device substrate
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory and operation method thereof
Hydroformylation reactions
Titania photocatalyst and its preparing method
Electrochemical sensor capable of determining hydrogen peroxide concentration and analyzer using the...
Adipocyte-specific protein homologs
Material for a stretched mask for color picture tube
Image processing device
Surface acoustic wave device having plural ground conductor films in the housing cavity
Base cell layout permitting rapid layout with minimum clock line capacitance on CMOS standard-cell a...
High frequency semiconductor device housing package and mounting structure for mounting the same
Boride-based substrate for growing semiconducting layers thereon and a semiconductor device using th...
Method of manufacturing tandem thin-film solar cell
Image-forming method and transfer sheet film therefor as well as image-forming apparatus
Program executing method, system and program processing unit for robot
Biped mobile robot
Device for compensating the weight of a robot arm
Remote computer-implemented methods for cognitive and perceptual testing
Language teaching system
System and method of correlating learning materials with educational objectives
Drug abuse prevention computer game
Promotional note holding apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatic synthesis controllers
Cache management system using hashing
Aerosol separator; and method
Method and computer software product for controlling an expiratory valve in a ventilator
Distance piece
Method and apparatus for efficiently recovering from a failure in a database that includes unlogged ...
Apparatus and method for reducing transmission bandwidth and storage requirements in a cryptographic...
Video game control adapter apparatus
Computer implemented method of implementing, maintaining, and updating a brand architecture system
Vehicle passenger seat
Semiconductor device and method for the manufacture thereof
Method and apparatus for sensing resistance values of memory cells
Method of manufacturing high performance semiconductor device with reduced lattice defects in the ac...
Method for determining the co-ordinates of a satellite
Camera provided with tremble detecting function
Induction sealed high pressure lamp bulb
Efficient and effective distributed information management
System and method for implementing hash-based load-balancing query processing in a multiprocessor da...
Interactive automated response system
Shared computation of user-defined metrics in an on-line analytic processing system
Task scheduling and message passing
Method and configuration for error masking
Wide area multi-service broadband network
Location enhanced information delivery system
Method for calculating distance using piece-wise linear interpolation
Method, apparatus and system for recognizing actions
Navigation method using needle indicating display
Apparatus for efficient dispatch and selection of information in law enforcement applications
Information provision system, current-position-measurement system, and method therefor
Destination input method in navigation system and navigation system
Block-based communication in a communication services patterns environment
Breathing film
Process for producing, methods and compositions of glucuronoxylomannan as nutriceutical agent from h...
Dietary supplements containing dehydrated cactus fruit juice and ginseng berry juice
Patch for beautification
Method to enhance innate immunity defense mechanisms by treatment with plant-derived alkaloids
Fibre channel data storage system fail-over mechanism
Combined fluorescence and reflectance spectroscopy
Universal splitter for splitting ribbon fiber and buffer tubes
Inter-bay fiber management assembly
Protector system for fiber optic system components in subsurface applications
Microstructured optical fiber
Large screen fiber optic display with high fiber density and method for its rapid assembly
Apparatus and method for emulating an I/O instruction for the correct processor and for servicing so...
System and method for determining the decoupling capacitors for power distribution systems with a fr...
Method of reducing disturbs in non-volatile memory
Low energy source front projection screen for large screen pictorial displays
Programmable logarithmic gain adjustment for open-loop amplifiers
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunny Yomarilyn`
Authenticated communication procedure for network computers
Data transmission system
Receiving an information resource from the internet if it is not received from a broadcast channel
System and method for scheduling on-demand broadcasts for heterogeneous workloads
Interactive entertainment network system and method for customizing operation thereof according to v...
System and method for improving the manageability and usability of a Java environment
Building a custom software environment including pre-loaded classes
Method and computer program product for global minimization of sign-extension and zero-extension ope...
Film-coated tablet for improved upper gastrointestinal tract safety
Simple tablet compression using gelatin
Multiphase stick preparation
Topical and transdermal administration of peptidyl drugs with hydroxide-releasing agents as skin per...
Hemorrhoidal compositions and method of use
Method of identifying and treating invasive carcinomas
Enzymatic polymerization of anilines or phenols around a template
Dihydroxy open-acid and salts of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Method of administration of paclitaxel-plasma protein formulation
Targeted polymerized liposome diagnostic and treatment agents
Combination of acid protease enzymes and acidic buffers and uses thereof
Immuno-modulating effects of chemokines in DNA vaccination
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
Sustained release delivery systems for solutes
Microneedle apparatus used for marking skin and for dispensing semi-permanent subcutaneous makeup
Method for making a puffed food starch product
Broadband light source system and method and light source combiner
Tactile, visual, and array controllers for real-time control of music signal processing, mixing, vid...
Soybean cultivar B0592
Soybean cultivar 010005
Soybean cultivar 010009
Nucleic acids encoding plant inhibitors of apoptosis and transgenic cells and plants expressing them
Systolic Reed-Solomon decoder
Integrated multiple services switch testing system
Information recording method apparatus and storage medium for recording information length and file ...
Bridging a host bus to an external bus using a host-bus-to-processor protocol translator
System for extending length of a connection to a USB peripheral
Method and system for enhancing communications efficiency in data communications networks
Providing an integrated service assurance environment for a network
Vehicle travel safety device
Method for determining the position of a vehicle in relation to a container crane
Method for controlling an automatic gearbox involving determination of a transverse acceleration val...
Rear-wheel steering angle control device
Method for determining the absolute angular position of the steering wheel of motor vehicle
Control unit for electric power steering apparatus
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Heat sink securing means
Method for assaying human thymidylate synthase and assay kit
4-aminobutanoic acid derivatives and drugs containing these derivatives as the active ingredient
Substituted cyclic amine metalloprotease inhibitors
Native TNF receptor releasing enzyme
Assay for modulators of metallo-enzyme activity
Macrocyclic chelants for metallopharmaceuticals
Nucleic acid molecules encoding alternansucrase
Deflectable catheter with modifiable handle
Image forming apparatus and toner container therefor
Driving mechanism of optical device
Figure of merit in optical recording structures
Low-noise towed acoustic linear antenna
Over-voltage protection for electronic circuits
Pressure equalizing photovoltaic assembly and method
System for changing the tooling carried by a robot
Robot system
Method for producing calcium phosphate powder
Nanotechnology for electrochemical and energy devices
Plasticized soft tissue grafts, and methods of making and using same
Surface acoustic wave ladder filter having at least one resonator with electrode finger pairs in inv...
Control system for using memory on cartridges to overcome tape drive problems
Apparatus for separation media by centrifugal force
Integrated anaerobic digester system
Liquid distributor for separation columns
Oil and gas production with downhole separation and reinjection of gas
Gas/liquid mixer with degasifier
Subsurface integrated production systems
Anaerobic digestion system and process
Air separator system
Low pressure radon stripper for wells
Apparatus and process for pumping and separating a mixture of gas and liquid
Apparatus for cleaning a hydraulic fluid
Selective removal and recovery of sulfur dioxide from effluent gases using organic phosphorous solve...
Device for separating gas bubbles from fluids, in particular blood
Separator and method for separating components of pressurized drilling fluid returns
Water management device for gas chromatography sample concentration
Data processing method and apparatus
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for highly efficient representation and compression of images
Image processing apparatus and method therefor, and storage medium
Communications system and method of controlling same
Data input system
Communicating apparatus
Slurry hydrocarbon synthesis with external hydroisomerization in downcomer reactor loop
Method and circuit module package for automated switch actuator insertion
Drug delivery device
Shielded electronics package structure with enhanced mechanical reliability
Precision composite article
Multi-layer neutral density sheet having a plurality of light-modulating layers with memory properti...
Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals
Electrically resistive PTC devices containing conductive polymers
Surface mounted low profile inductor
Salts of zopolrestat
(-)-1-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane, compositions thereof, and uses as a dopamine-r...
Adjusting a softness region
Producing glossy images on a matte laser printer
Incineration system for refuse-derived fuels, coal and petroleum coke, or chlorinated hydrocarbons
Antihypertensive compound from Caesalpinia brasiliensis
Oxidant injection control
Silicon wafer and epitaxial silicon wafer utilizing same
Carbon fiber bundle
Automatic mattress selection system
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Security system with proximity sensing for an electronic device
Systems and methods for preparing and transmitting digital motion video
Emergency signaling device
Locking mechanism for use with one-time access code
Handbag with drawstring closure
Wireless local loop system enabling FAX service and method of performing FAX data service
Method and apparatus for graphically inserting waypoints for a flight management system
Spacecraft power acquisition procedure and method for wing-deployed configuration
Method for generating surface plasma
Aircraft structure element made of an Al-Cu-Mg alloy
Inflatable satellite design
Autonomous orbit transfer vehicle
Modular spacecraft structure
Fusing roller assembly having working fluid and heater coil for quick heating and low power consumpt...
Solid carriers for improved delivery of hydrophobic active ingredients in pharmaceutical composition...
Substrate transfer apparatus, substrate processing apparatus and holding table
Device for mechanically rough machining and/or finish machining cast parts
Method for growing plants accommodated in containers on a bearer provided at a first, low level in a...
Arithmethic processing device, inter-object communication method, and robot
Communication device and communication method network system and robot apparatus
Wafer clamping mechanism
Recording tape cartridge
Apparatus and method for use in molding a composite structure
Endotracheal tube having a beveled tip and orientation indicator
Fluid-permeable fibre matrix and a method of producing said matrix
Knife blade
Bleach compositions containing metal bleach catalyst, and bleach activators and/or organic percarbox...
Knife handle
Knife handle
Handle for a folding tool
Knife blade
Nucleic acid amplification method: ramification-extension amplification method (RAM)
Feature extraction and normalization algorithms for high-density oligonucleotide gene expression arr...
Management method of automatic vending machine and automatic vending machine
Toxins active against pests
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and ...
Chemoselective ligation
Offset autonomous input/output controller with time slots allocation
Medical diagnostic ultrasound instrument with ECG module, authorization mechanism and methods of use
Method and apparatus for obtaining a scalar value directly from a vector register
Intelligent power tool
Bar-code-driven data acquisition and management system
Method and apparatus for recording an electroencephalogram during transcranial magnetic stimulation
Introducing reduced dataset information into a primary image dataset
Electric-mechanical-acoustic converter and method for producing the same
Image space compensation scheme for reducing artifacts
Passively mode-locked fiber lasers
Head actuator with head support excitation shield
High speed device emulation computer system tester
Warmswap of failed memory modules and data reconstruction in a mirrored writeback cache system
Apparatus and method that empirically measures capacity of multiple servers and forwards relative we...
Method for acquiring FMAC rounding parameters
Computer data storage system with parallelization migration plan generator
Efficient, real-time management of storage resources
Spectral color control method
Method, system and computer program product for non-linear mapping of multi-dimensional data
Interchangeable pistol grip handles for pneumatic tools and seals therefor
Integrated circuit with layout matched high speed lines
Alumoxane-enhanced, supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts, methods of making same, processes of using sa...
Broad color gamut display
Fuel cell separator production system and method, and fuel cell separator
Virtual network adapter
Electric power system protective control system, method of controlling electric power system protect...
Virtual wells for use in high throughput screening assays
Method and apparatus for treating saphenous vein graft lesions
Preparation of polymer foam having gelled sol coating for intervertebral disc reformation
Delayed secure data retrieval
Method and apparatus for securing a list of passwords and personal identification numbers
Optical instrument, gas replacement method and cleaning method of optical instrument, exposure appar...
Disk clamping mechanism
Polyethylene pipe method
Process for treating waters, soils, sediments and/or silts
Jet head device for sinking pilings
Foundation system for tension leg platforms
Process for the solvent extraction for the radiolysis and dehalogenation of halogenated organic comp...
Wave energy dissipater and beach renourishing system
Connector intended for use with tension leg platform
Process for the preparation of resin-bound cyclic peptides
Manufacturing method and article produced by the method
Diaminofluorescein derivatives
Method for screening compounds for the treatment of neoplasia
Composition and methods for tissue preservation
Cannula guard and cannula for a syringe
Touch panel with high operability in low temperature environments
Dendrimer compounds, method for the production thereof, use thereof as catalysts
Rear projection screen
Transparent laminate and plasma display panel filter utilizing same
Antibody that specifically binds to the cadherin-5 cell adhesion recognition sequence
Solvent resistant photosensitive compositions
Imaging using spatial frequency filtering and masking
IL-17 homologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Telescopic intraocular lens
Contact lens having improved dimensional stability
Lens molds with protective coatings for production of contact lenses and other ophthalmic products
Device and method for inserting a biocompatible material into the corneal stroma
Process for producing long chain N-acyl acidic amino acid
Methods and apparatuses for measuring an extent of a group of objects within an image
Method and system for three-dimensional virtual reality space sharing and for information transmissi...
Wearable life support apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for linking arm exercise motion to leg exercise motion
Gear-change system including a sensor device for detecting the operation of a gear change for bicycl...
Fastener devices, such as lock-pins
Convertible orientation bicycle lamp
Speaker device
Polymeric phosphinic acids and salts thereof
Method and apparatus for anticipating rapid temperature fluctuations within an enclosed heated cavit...
Crosslinked conducting polymer composite materials and method of making same
Combinations of chlorpromazine and pentamidine for the treatment of neoplastic disorders
Reactive decontamination formulation
Ball-arranging substrate for forming bump, ball-arranging head, ball-arranging device, and ball-arra...
High frequency apparatus
Anode screen for a phosphor display with a plurality of pixel regions defining phosphor layer holes
Solder process and solder alloy therefor
Method for forming interconnects on semiconductor substrates and structures formed
Under bump metalization pad and solder bump connections
Multi-part lead frame with dissimilar materials
Adaptable evaporative element for a humidifier
Alkynyl-substituted propionic acid derivatives, their preparation and use
Vehicle exterior mirror system with signal light
Arrangement for cleaning the mirror element of an outside rear view mirror
Laminated glazings
Method for cleaning glass substrate
Double sided needled fiber glass mat for high flow thermoplastic composite
LED lamp with a fault-indicating impedance-changing circuit
Use of a processor identification for authentication
Method and apparatus for ventilation / oxygenation during guided insertion of an endotracheal tube
Method for process monitoring, control, and adjustment
Modification of media with common attributes on a digital nonlinear editing system
Image recording apparatus having electrically conductive members for preventing charge migration
DSL auto baud
Method and apparatus for measuring and designing electric circuit based on two-port network thereof,...
Glycosaminoglycan and cationic polymer combinations
Process for controlling the MWD of a broad or bimodal resin in a single reactor
Refuelable and rechargeable metal-air fuel cell battery power supply unit for integration into an ap...
No-flow reworkable epoxy underfills for flip-chip applications
Method for producing phthalic anhylic anhydride according to specifications
Color original evaluating method
Process for the removal of resist material
Sustained-release nalmefene preparations and method
Photovoltaic generators with light cascade and varying electromagnetic flux
Process for forming layers on substrates
Functional device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
Oxygen therapy apparatus
Wireless field test simulator
License plate frame and method and apparatus for making the same
Stand of printing unit
Electrostatic image developing method and apparatus using a drum photoconductor and hard magnetic ca...
Light sensor for sheet products
System and method for increased sheet timing operation window for registration
Delivery for a machine for processing sheet-like printing materials, in particular, a printing machi...
Inking unit of a printing machine, and associated method
Type font
Elastic flat tread
Printout bin job identification and display
Networked appliance for recording, storing and serving digital images
Image forming method
Image processing apparatus for generating a single image of an object using overlapping partial imag...
Image forming apparatus capable of controlling timing for a plurality of laser beams to write an ima...
Method of modifying printer driver output
Light and shade inspecting apparatus and light and shade inspecting method
Method of driving liquid crystal display device
Dual-timer process control system
Integration of structured document content with legacy 3270 applications
Information sharing system for personal electronic time management systems
Method and apparatus for client sided backup and redundancy
Split type magnetic resonance imaging magnet
Synthetic glycosulfopeptides and methods of synthesis thereof
Electroactive materials for stimulation of biological activity of stem cells
Dental materials based on polysiloxanes
Intermediates for the preparation of 2-imidazolin-5-ones
Hydraulic motor with shift transmission
Apparatus and method for program optimizing
Early exit transformations for software pipelining
Method for repeater management
Reading aid
Color fiber-based plasma display
Laptop accessory
Reconfigurable multi-spindle apparatus
Antibody specific for H4-1BB
Agent for lowering endothelin levels
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Conformationally rigid bicyclic and adamantane derivatives useful as .alpha.2-adrenergic blocking ag...
Bis(benzimidazole) derivatives serving as potassium blocking agents
Composition for acetylene production and method for treating lime slurry by-product from acetylene p...
Methods of solidifying low-boiling-point hydrocarbon and handling the same, and regeneration thereof
Process for conversion of hydrocarbons on a catalyst with controlled acidity
Method and device for cleaning the atmosphere
Apparatus and method for vehicle emissions control
Method and apparatus for flue gas desulfurization
Multilingual patent information search system
Scanning system with adjustable optical characteristics
Ratchet wrench
Diaphragm-type process pump for transferring various fluids by moving a diaphragm with compressed ai...
Resource harvesting in scalable, fault tolerant, single system image clusters
Mail box flag
Method and apparatus for problem diagnosis and solution
Milk lacking .beta.-casein A1
Method for bonding composite wood products
Use of synthetic fibers in a glueline to increase resistance to sag in wood and wood composite struc...
Adapter and syringe for front-loading medical fluid injector
Magnetic resonance imaging receiver/transmitter coils
Airport surface operation advisory system
Multi-body modular repeater system and articulated housing for use therewith
Pre-crash assessment of crash severity for road vehicles
Voice-data telephonic interface control system
Two-mirror figure "8" ring resonantor
Apparatus and method for authenticating the dispatch and contents of documents
Mailbox door assembly
Cross charm
Prayer wish creation and storage box
Hand truck side rail
Eyeglass cleaner
Protein HLQDR48
Combinations of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors and bile acid sequestering agents for ...
Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
Image processing method and x-ray apparatus having image processing means for extracting a thread-li...
Synchronization cradle for a handheld computer
Pneumatic shock-absorber
Object oriented technology analysis and design supporting method
Method, system and a computer program product for producing an offer document
System and method generating postal/carrier rates using encoded information
Trading system
Network communication service with an improved subscriber model using digital certificates
Optoelectronic component for data transmission
Method of preparing intermediates useful in synthesis of retroviral protease inhibitors
Alkenyldiarylmethane non-nucleoside HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Bis-sulfonamide hydroxyethyl-amino retroviral protease inhibitors
Fluidized reaction of synthetic silicates
Nanotechnology for chemical radiation, and biotechnology sensors
Lithium batteries
Lithium secondary battery
Lithium secondary battery and method of manufacturing the lithium secondary battery
Fuel cell type reactor and method for producing a chemical compound by using the same
Flame and stress crack resistant polycarbonate molding compositions
Apparatus for integrated water deionization, electrolytic hydrogen production, and electrochemical p...
Humidity sensor and method for making
Potassium channel inhibitors
Lithium battery, polymer electrolyte, electrolyte material, di(meth)acrylic ester, and di(meth)acryl...
Carbonaceous electrode material for secondary battery
Positive active material for lithium secondary batteries and method of preparing the same
Impatiens plant named `HGI-1048-2`
Impatiens plant named `HGI-1043-2`
Euonymus plant named `Heespierrolino`
Magnolia plant named `STRgra`
Petunia plant named `Keidopuel`
Nectarine tree named `Larry's Red`
Plectranthus plant named `Nicolleta`
Capillary sweet spot imaging for improving the tracking accuracy and SNR of noninvasive blood analys...
Radical scavenger
Method for providing dibenzoylmethane derivatives with light stability
Nestable cosmetic package assembly
Methyl alkylation of toluene using basic zeolite catalysts
Switchable clutch
Methods and systems for updating a land use and land cover map using postal records
Private branch mobile communication system and method
Method of providing a personal communications service, call routing method, and service control poin...
Method and system for remote call forwarding of telephone calls from an IP connection
Wireless communication device and a control means
Microphone holder
Telephone and its holder
Synthetic jet fuel and process for its production
Device for diffusing aromas
Systems and methods for wirelessly projecting power using multiple in-phase current loops
Gaming device having separately changeable value and modifier bonus scheme
Device for processing phase information of acoustic signal and method thereof
Component type adaptation in a transducer assembly
Apparatus and method for monitoring skin conductance and method for controlling a warning signal
Process for the production of uncoated technical fabrics with low air permeability
Loosely coupled mass storage computer cluster
Method for deadlock-free configuration of dataflow processors and modules with a two- or multidimens...
Method and apparatus for using latency time as a run-to-run control parameter
Method and apparatus connecting between a fiber channel and a cache memory
Method and apparatus for storage unit replacement according to array priority
Data storage method and data storage for averaging workload in a redundant storage configuration
Compositions for use in well construction, repair and/or abandonment
Method and apparatus for performing biological reactions on a substrate surface
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Nucleotide sequences encoding enzymes that alter the carbohydrate concentration and composition in p...
Methods and apparatus for performing pattern discovery and generation with respect to data sequences
Fruit and vegetable processing method
Macchiato coffee concentrate system
Pourable dessert liquid product
Method for surface treating animal tissue
Targeted replacement of an immunoglobulin gene without endogenous and selectable residual sequences ...
Food composition containing a monoglyceride memomorphic phase
Device for detecting or following the position of a bone
System and method for detecting electrode-tissue contact
Plastic articles comprising biodegradable PHA copolymers
Aqueous (meth)acrylate polymer dispersion
Electromagnetic interference shield for electronic devices
Method for producing ethylene homopolymerizates and ethylene copolymerizates of a lower mass density
32140, a novel human aldehyde dehydrogenase and uses therefor
Ionization radiation imageable photopolymer compositions
Hard tissue repairing materials and the process for producing the same
Enzyme-mediated polymerization methods and products
Method of preparation of ethylene copolymers suitable for manufacturing films and pipes
Grout compositions for construction of subterranean barriers
Top-heat oven with selective browning
Kitchen stove for preparing food, and an oven for preparing food
Garbage disposing device
Portable food warming system
Method for producing ethanol with frequent input of yeast
Razor head with an anti-friction element having a sole fixed to the razor head by welding
PDA instrument/process calibrator
Handheld whirling and balancing device
Bowling ball
Brake assembly for a toy vehicle
Toy figure
Aerial pump toy
Toy figurine
Video enhanced guided toy vehicles
Localized acidic underwater surface cleaning apparatus
Jet-propulsive watercraft and cruising speed calculating device for watercraft
Ducted vehicles particularly useful as VTOL aircraft
Triggering mechanism for disconnecting a riser from a riser connector
Combined boat-trailer apparatus
Electrically powered element and a battery therefor
Coatings and soaks for medical prosthetic devices comprising taurinamide derivatives and carboxylic ...
Steel-clad cathode for electrolytic refining of copper
Ladder anode for cathodic protection of steel reinforcement in atmospherically exposed concrete
Process and alloy for decorative galvanizing of steel
Nitrided steel sliding member having improved wear resistance and fatigue strength
Electrical steel with improved magnetic properties in the rolling direction
Method for applying hardfacing material to a steel bodied bit and bit formed by such method
Austenitic stainless steel strips having good weldability as cast
Skin imaging and analysis systems and methods
Medical implant with piezoelectric material in contact with body tissue
Medical therapy apparatus and sensor for acquiring molecular-genetic information for the apparatus
Implantable medical device responsive to heart rate variability analysis
Implantable medical device responsive to heart rate variability analysis