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Diels-adler adducts of epoxybutene and epoxybutene derivatives
Process for the preparation of an oxirane, aziridine or cyclopropane
Process of removing contaminants from an olefin stream using extractive distillation
Light-emitting dendrimers and devices
Process for sulfur removal from hydrocarbon liquids
Over-center power clamp toggle mechanism
Thrust controllable actuator
Disk drive enclosure
Bit search device and bit search method
Method and system for load balancing and management
Arrangement for portable pumping unit
X-ray film cassette transport
System and method for compensating for motion artifacts in a strong magnetic field
Electronic watermarking method, digital information distribution system using such method, and stora...
Airplane evacuation system and method therefor
Air circuit breaker
Fibre channel data storage system having improved rear-end I/O adapted hub
Process for purification of styrenic polymer
Genes encoding proteins that interact with the tub protein
Exhaust gas collection system for supercritical fluid chromatography
Electro-medical device for use with biologics
Apparatus and method of maintaining timely topology data within a link state routing network
Method for rotatably securing headpiece to the human body
Fragrance compounds
Portable fingerprint scanning apparatus for identification verification
Hot lamination method for a hybrid radio frequency optical memory card converting sheets into a web ...
Method of passive immunization of mammals using avian antibody
Methods and reagents for modulating apoptosis
Multilayer enzyme electrode membrane
Apparatus and method of biometric identification or verification of individuals using optical spectr...
Cellulase preparation comprising an endoglucanase enzyme
Accumulator having a bladder to be filled with liquid
Plants with modified growth
Image reading apparatus including divided backing plate
Vaccines for the protection of cattle from psoroptic scabies
Corrugated cardboard plates, method of and apparatus for making the same
Method for the sequential precipitation of casein and calcium phosphate from a milk source
Process for incorporating whey protein into cheese
Transgenic swine & swine cells having human HLA genes
Protective apparel for domestic animal
Apparatus and method for registration of images to physical space using a weighted combination of po...
Method of MRI image reconstruction from partially acquired data in two or more dimensions using a mu...
Breast stabilizer with instrument guide
Positioner for medical devices such as biopsy needles
Multi-ply composite container with regions of weakened strength and method for manufacturing same
Method for adding scan controllability and observability to domino CMOS with low area and delay over...
Broadcast enhancement trigger addressed to multiple uniquely addressed information resources
Method of preparing a tissue sealant-treated biomedical material
Submarine countermeasure vehicle with folding propeller
System and method for variable dosage medicine delivery
Microwave cooking tray and sleeve assembly
Foil edge control for microwave heating
Microwave defrosting under reduced pressure
Toaster chassis assembly with improved food support and safety mechanism
Non-hydrogenated canola oil for food applications
Method for manufacturing calcium salts of highly unsaturated fatty acids
Flux cored wire for arc-welding of austenitic stainless steel
Coated article with polymeric basecoat having the appearance of stainless steel
Hot dip Galvanized steel plate excellent in balance of strength and ductility and in adhesiveness be...
Method of producing cold rolled steel strip
Cu precipitation strengthened steel
Low iron loss and low noise grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and a method for producing the sam...
Device and method for cleaning all-steel sawtooth arrangements of a swift
Glyoxylic compound comprising one or more active ingredient
Electrode disconnect system and method for medical signal monitoring system
Method for the in-vivo non-invasive measurement of a biological parameter
Localization of anomalies in tissue and guidance of invasive tools based on impedance imaging
Evaluating disease progression using magnetic resonance imaging
Real time sampling system and method for measuring an interrupted surface
Method for evaluating structural strength of cancellous bone using X-ray image
Automated determination and display of the physical location of a failed cell in an array of memory ...
Automatic rotation of images for printing
Method of estimating precision of apparatus
Video image stabilization and registration
Light-emitting fiber, and method for making same
Optical system for varying the beam width using non-imaging optics
Variable optical attenuator
Apparatus and method for manufacturing an optical fiber ribbon
Fiber management frame for closure
Dispersive optical waveguide array
Optical amplifying glass fiber
High-precision panoramic imaging system
Image forming apparatus and method for calibrating the same
Method for analyzing the content of a video signal
Phase estimation in carrier recovery of phase-modulated signals such as QAM signals
Source coder and its coding method
Light extraction from LEDs with light pipes
Direct-light-type planar light source apparatus and liquid crystal display device
Display assembly
Synchronous multiple serial-lamps sets
Discharge lamp, light source and projecting display unit
Vehicle headlight control using imaging sensor identifying objects by geometric configuration
Coin display cabinet
Hydrogels and methods for their production
Cotton plants with improved cotton fiber characteristics and method for producing cotton fibers from...
Two-dimensional printed code for storing biometric information and integrated off-line apparatus for...
Tribo-addressed and tribo-suppressed electric paper
Apparatus and method for buffer library selection for use in buffer insertion
Testcase selection by the exclusion of disapproved, non-tested and defect testcases
Digital information library and delivery system with logic for generating files targeting a playback...
Global positioning system roadside integrated precision positioning system
Contact connections
Illumination display system and method for creating decorative light images
Frontal impact characterization apparatus for a motor vehicle restraint system
Method of integrating MEMS device with low-resistivity silicon substrates
Configuration system for networked training modules and associated methods
Display device with plasma display panel
High temperature olefin polymerization process
Apparatus and method for implementing a decoder for convolutionally encoded symbols
Method and apparatus for controlling the transmission of cells across a network
Film magazine for feeding film developing machines and device for preparing said magazine
Handheld personal data assistant (PDA) with a medical device and method of using the same
Endosteal tibial ligament fixation with adjustable tensioning
Multiple data item scoring system and method
Attention-focusing device and method of use
Method and system for simulating travel
Smell test device
Method and apparatus for determining the provenance of a data carrying disc
Apparatus and method for programmable built-in self-test and self-repair of embedded memory
Inflatable wedge for diving onto a water slide
Gaming device with signified symbols
High efficiency insulation for improving thermal efficiency of bubble optical switch
Method for measuring glucose
Architecture for distributed control of actuator and sensor arrays
Formation method and device for curved plates
Auditory feedback control through user detection
Game machine with extendible play criteria and information storage medium
Use in computer games of voronoi diagrams for partitioning a gamespace for analysis
Cashless method for a gaming system using player information
Slot machine with award multiplier display
Airline-based video game and communications system
Portable multi-activity outdoor recreation apparatus
Method and apparatus for constructing a self-adapting smart transmission device to control informati...
Controlling protein levels in eucaryotic organisms
Method for producing polyesters with a reduced content of free acetaldehyde
Thermoplastic resin composition
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Foundry binder systems containing an alkyl resorcinol and their use
Procedure for controlling a complex dynamic process
Selective real image obstruction in a virtual reality display apparatus and method
Personal inhaler carrier
Anti-infection formulation and delivery method
Methodology for predicting and/or diagnosing disease
Delivery system for pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic ingredients
Discontinuous films from skin care compositions
System for applying gold to the face skin tissues
Process for producing spherical biocompatible ceramic particles
Noninvasive devices, methods, and systems for shrinking of tissues
System for and method of applying pressure to human body
Copper alloy for use in electric and electronic parts
Sight apparatus for guns and archery bows
Electronic figurines
Reinforced book bound with imaging material
Operating method for an integrated memory having writeable memory cells and corresponding integrated...
Dynamic column block selection
Gyro apparatus and gyroscope with multiple interfering laser beams affecting an electrical signal fl...
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit
Film scanning device provided in automatic developing apparatus
Method of converting Hall-Heroult cells to inert anode cells for aluminum production
Operator for correlated predicates in a query
Arrangement for managing notification preferences for notification delivery messages in an IP-based ...
System, method, and adapter card for remote console emulation including remote control of a peripher...
System and method for automated management of a distribution facility
Stabilized spinel battery cathode material and methods
System and method for secure electronic commerce transaction
Automated auction protocol processor
Freight information management method and freight management system using electronic tags
Advertisement selection system supporting discretionary target market characteristics
Method and apparatus for designing and analyzing information systems using multi-layer mathematical ...
Mycobacterium fol A gene that encodes for the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase
Method for providing master-slave heat-swapping apparatus and mechanism on a mono-ATA bus
Method for manufacturing lithium-manganese oxide powders for use in lithium secondary battery
Flexible graphite sheet and method of producing the same
Microporous and mesoporous silicoaluminate solid, process for preparation, use as a catalyst and for...
Method for increasing the lifetime of stretford solution
Air treatment unit
System and method for integration of high quality video multi-casting service with an interactive co...
Topiramate sodium trihydrate
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
User interface for selecting functions in an electronic hardware
Display system for wireless pager
Method and apparatus for reducing electromagnetic radiation emission
Dynamic work zone safety system and method
Movie film security system utilizing infrared patterns
Robust, efficient, location-related measurement
Lamp-voltage threshold detector
Facilitating communications port sharing
Synchronization manager for standardized synchronization of separate programs
Methods for performing client-hosted application sessions in distributed processing systems
Thread interruption with minimal resource usage using an asynchronous procedure call
Robust modification of persistent objects while preserving formatting and other attributes
Client side bulk updates on the world wide web
Adaptive inverse control of pressure based ventilation
Continuous process for ethanol production from lignocellulosic materials without mechanical agitatio...
Cube indices for relational database management systems
Process to simvastatin ester
Mouse scroll input apparatus
Clinical research workstation
Data cache system
Method of estimating an eccentric position of an acceleration sensor and acceleration generating app...
Image forming apparatus with second power source for charge elimination means
Air ratchet
Arrangement for controlling an angularly movable member
Dynamic pulse width programming of programmable logic devices
Compositions utilizing an exocellular polysaccharide isolated from Zoogloea ramigera
Polyindanes as processing aid for engineering thermoplastics
Battery separator with copper-containing inorganic salt
Cell flow apparatus and method for real-time measurements of patient cellular responses
Guide wire device for removing solid objects from body canals
Starter device for fuel cell system
Plasma display panel having cell barriers of phosphor containing material
Microporous film
Sulfonated perfluorocyclobutane ion-conducting membranes
Appliance with refuelable and rechargeable metal-air fuel cell battery power supply unit integrated ...
High fuel utilization in a fuel cell
Crystallization of constrained polymers
Method and apparatus for cancellation of multiple access interference in a code division multiple ac...
Seeding parenchymal cells into compression resistant porous scaffold after vascularizing in vivo
Non-toxic antimicrobial compositions and methods of use
Non-A, non-B, non-C, non-D, non-E hepatitis reagents and methods for their use
Permanent-magnet motor-generator with voltage stabilizer
Container for an inhalation anesthetic
Process for producing glucomannan gel particles
Poly (phosphonoarylacetylene) and chiral sensor comprising the same
Write strategy and timing
CD-RW OPC algorithm to minimize statistical fluctuations in power level
Printing method and apparatus having multiple raster image processors
Method, system, and program for accessing data in different environments
Method and apparatus for network latency performance measurement
System and method for managing files in a distributed system using prioritization
On-demand generation, packaging, and delivery of archive files
Delegating instance management functions to underlying resource managers
Concept decomposition using clustering
Method for purifying aliphatic aminonitriles
Pneumatic power cutting tool
Timing recovery circuit in QAM modems
Night safety pet illumination marker
X-ray film cassette with flexible grid bonded to prestressed cover
Molding and packaging articles substantially free from contaminants
Limiting delays associated with the generation of encryption stream ciphers
Cargo handling system for aircraft compartments
Charging device for applying AC voltage of a frequency to charged body and image forming apparatus i...
Connector system for use with handheld computers and accessory devices
Handling contiguous memory references in a multi-queue system
Process for separating ethylbenzene and styrene by distillation
Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
Nucleotide and protein sequences of lats genes and methods based thereon
1,3-Oxathianes as perfuming and flavoring ingredients
Cabinet for optical imaging of fingerprints
Cellulosic membrane for blood dialysis
Aminosiloxanes with 4-amino-3,3-dialkylbutyl groups
Constraint-based language configuration files for updating and verifying system constraints
Double prefix overrides to provide 16-bit operand size in a 32/64 operating mode
Data processing circuit, microcomputer, and electronic equipment
System and method for employing a global bit for page sharing in a linear-addressed cache
Watering apparatus having automatic feed
Methods for altering mass and fertility in plants
Iontophoretic delivery patch
Method and apparatus for distributed test pattern decompression
Metallocene and constrained geometry catalyst systems employing agglomerated metal oxide/clay suppor...
Jamb assembly
Viscosity stable concentrated liquid fabric softener compositions
Human transferase proteins
Autogenic-feedback training exercise (AFTE) method and system
Foundation and soil irrigation system utilizing wicking materials
Formulated composition
SF, a novel family of taste receptors
Growth hormone secretagogues
Topical and transdermal administration of peptidyl drugs using hydroxide releasing agents as permeat...
3-Desoxy-vitamin D3 analog esters
Encapsulating particles with coatings that conform to size and shape of the particles
Microcoil device for local wide field-of-view and large gain magnetic resonance imaging
MRI-based temperature mapping with error compensation
Calibration method for use with sensitivity encoding MRI acquisition
Device for converting waste nuclear energy to electricity
Artificial proteoglycans
Bubble making device with a variable size collapsible loop
Multi-tone warning sounder
Multiple parallel source scanning device
Composite footwear upper and method of manufacturing a composite footwear upper
Methods, cache memories, systems and computer program products for storing transient, normal, and lo...
Speaker system
Automated fixed income trading
Thermally-responsive record material
Espresso coffee machine supported by four columns
Method for verifying and representing hardware by decomposition and partitioning
Power management for a peripheral component interconnect environment with auxiliary power
Method for treatment of enveloped viruses using jojoba oil esters
Aqueous coating compositions with phosphonic acid based compounds
Electronic flash controlling device
Telephone switching system and method
Method for identifying a call in a telecommunications system
Sanitary phone cover
Telephone subscriber line module
MOS transistors substitute circuit having a transformer/data interface function, particularly for IS...
Methods and apparatus for improving echo suppression in bi-directional communications systems
Getter, air tight chamber and image forming apparatus having getter, and manufacturing method of get...
Optical films having matt property, films having a high transmittance, polarizing plates and liquid ...
Polarizer with protective film consisting of one cellulose acetate film having particular parameters
Display device with color filters used as electrodes and method for manufacturing the same
Antifouling coating composition
Optical switch having mirrors arranged to accommodate freedom of movement
Synchronous circuit of FM multiplex broadcasting receiver
Laser output control in optical disk recording/reproducing device
Disk storage device
Disk changer device having a transport and a disk chucking mechanism seperately and selectively oper...
Sense amplifier configuration for a 1T/1C ferroelectric memory
Distributed element filter
Semiconductive ceramics and supporting member made of the same for supporting magnetic disk substrat...
Robotic manipulator
Bilingual doll
Early warning real-time security system
Glossy electrophotographic media comprising an opaque coated substrate
Adhesive tape strip
Schema for identification of solid form drugs
Device for holding writing implements
Method and apparatus for prediction of system reliability
Aerosol generator and methods of making and using an aerosol generator
Content screening with end-to-end encryption prior to reaching a destination
Method of fabricating an electrolytic cell employing a solid polymer electrolyte
Toy with light pattern
Method and apparatus for multiple tiered matching of natural language queries to positions in a text...
Method and article of manufacture to effect an oxygen deficient fuel cell
Document holder
Magnetic semiconductor memory apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
P-n heterojunction-based structures utilizing HVPE grown III-V compound layers
Cellular telephone, personal digital assistant, and pager unit with capability of short range radio ...
System and method for latent film recovery in electronic film development
Table stand for books or sheet music
TLB using region ID prevalidation
Parallel CRC generation circuit for generating a CRC code
Method for diagnosing bridging faults in integrated circuits
Inter-row configurability of content addressable memory
Wireless multi-site networking using signaling and voice-over-IP
System and method for collaborative batch aggregation and scheduling
Machine-tool milling center
Silicone elastomer system having biocide properties useful in particular for making impressions in d...
Nano-emulsion of 5-aminolevulinic acid
Nucleic acid molecules which encode proteins having fructosyl transferase activity and methods for p...
Detergents containing a builder and a delayed released enzyme
Maturation of dendritic cells with immune response modifying compounds
Permanent amniocytic cell line, its production and use for the production of gene transfer vectors
Protease variants and compositions
System, method, and apparatus for managing multiple data providers
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction informat...
Methods for detecting alteration of audio
Network switching architecture with multiple table synchronization, and forwarding of both IP and IP...
Audio monitoring using steganographic information
Thermal transfer printer
Database management apparatus and query operation therefor, including processing plural database ope...
Automatic text classification system
Device, system and method for labeling three-dimensional objects
Lottery ticket play action game
Reverse eccentric double parallel pressure seal business form
Method of calculating a valve timing command for an engine
Control device for engine provided with electromagnetic driven intake valves
Pre- and postharvest inhibition of remobilisation of storage compounds
Method and device for determining a value representing the speed of a vehicle
Vehicle navigation having branch road guidance
Method and system for electronically determining dynamic traffic information
Integrated payload sensor
Multi-resolution trend metric for shape comparison and applications thereof
Use of fucane for regulating the reconstruction of connective tissue
Compositions and methods for tooth treatment
Feed distributor for a liquid distributor of a distillation column
Low-E matchable coated articles and methods of making same
Vacuum IG window unit with edge seal at least partially diffused at temper and completed via microwa...
Tempered glass sheet for vehicle and vehicle window
Glass substrate for magnetic disk and method for manufacturing
Prospecting technique
Carbon monoxide hydrogenation (JSS-0004)
Precarbonisation of a hydrotreatment catalyst
CDMA forward link power control
Lamp driving topology
Method for molding fiber reinforced composite container
Respiratory gas sensor
Reactor for carrying out biological reactions by means of biocatalysts
Hydrogenation process for the formation of 3,4-dihydro HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Drug reconstitution and injection device
pH dependent membrane diffusion
Implantable blood flow monitoring system
Information processing apparatus, controlling method and program medium
Maintaining information variety in an information receiving system
Electrodynamic transfer system
Data storage device with quick and quiet modes
Integrated circuit having tap cells and a method for positioning tap cells in an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for translation lookaside buffers to access a common hardware page walker
Method and apparatus for prioritizing the order in which checks are performed on a node in an integr...
Method and apparatus for modifying a printing process in response to environmental conditions within...
Methods and apparatus for indicating low toner in a color laser imaging device
Portable jump-starting battery pack with charge monitoring system
Falling object protective apparatus for an industrial vehicle
Percutaneous electrical therapy system providing electrode axial support
Method for calibrating a radiation detection system
Acid decrystallization of aminopolysaccharides and derivatives thereof
Impact modifier for thermoplastic resin having good heat discoloration resistance and heat deteriora...
Fuel containment and recycling system
Exchange catheter and method of use
Injection apparatus and method of using same
Fuel cell module
Process for producing 2,2,4,4-tetra-substituted 1,3,5-cyclohexanetriones
Video printer device
Cyclic and bicyclic diamino histamine-3 receptor antagonists
Ocular tissue regeneration inducer
Durable flexible attachment components for accommodating intraocular lens
Intraocular lens
Intraocular lens implanter
Multifocal ophthalmic lens with reduced halo size
Zinc/air cell
Packaging having self-contained heater
Aerosols containing annealed particulate salbutamol and tetrafluoroethane
Diversity receiver with joint signal processing
Products comprising an isothiocyanate preservative system and methods of their use
Dual integrated gauge system for simultaneous visual display of at least two associated parameters
Sheet separating device
Device for transferring sheets
Method for operating a printing machine
Apparatus for guiding a print carrier and printing unit in a rotary printing machine having the appa...
Delivery for a sheet processing machine, particularly for a sheet-fed printing machine
Method of producing a joint
Rotating solar concentrator
Crewed on-orbit, returnable, and reusable space vehicle
Device for separation of a plurality of axially arranged satellites
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device with phosphorous and boron ion implantation, and by ann...
Potato-based fabricated snacks made from continuously sheeted doughs and methods for controlling the...
Composition comprising a copolymer at least two charged blocks and type of opposite charge
Circuit pattern design method, circuit pattern design system, and recording medium
Method of manufacturing composite wood flooring
Drain bag support assembly
Aseptic connector and fluid delivery system using such an aseptic connector
Security system for portable computer, and the like
Branch history guided instruction/data prefetching
Method and apparatus for implementing a highly efficient, robust modified files list (MFL) for a sto...
System for alternately directing optical energy through multiple optical modulation channels
Systems, methods and computer program products for reducing effective key length of ciphers using on...
Acoustic treated thrust reverser bullnose fairing assembly
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser
Method for creating network services by transforming an XML runtime model in response to an iterativ...
Surface configuration of a vehicle and toy
Refuse container lid
Refuse container shelf
Refuse container body
Compounds having antihypertensive, cardioprotective anti-ischemic and antilipolytic properties
Methods and compositions for treating male erectile dysfunction
Heat treatment container
Dehydrocyclization of unsaturated hydrocarbons to aromatic products
Cassette storage container
Video cassette storage container
Video cassette storage container
Video cassette storage container
Method and apparatus for dispensing coiled materials
Electric fishing reel
Method and apparatus for dispensing flexible coiled materials from pallets
Leban/Gordon surgical hand driver
Artificial T helper cell epitopes as immune stimulators for synthetic peptide immunogens including i...
Asymmetric balloon for endotracheal tube
Electrolysis method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for analyzing a layout using an instance-based representation
Activity sensing interface between a computer and an input peripheral
Dynamic memory processor
Method and apparatus for connecting finite element meshes and performing simulations therewith
System and method for rapid telepositioning
Triazine derivatives and their use
Polymers for use in optical devices
Method of producing a vinyl acetate polymer and its saponification product
Thermosetting ethylene/alpha-olefin composition and safety glass interlayer film made from the compo...
Highly versatile thermoplastic nucleators
Method of making washable, dryable elastic articles
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Flexible, halogen-free, radio-frequency sealable films
Direct recycle fractionation method using a swing column
Method of coating a substrate using a thermosetting basecoat composition and a thermoplastic top coa...
Solid electrolyte
Hydrogen selenide treatment of electrolytes
Galvanic element having a porous solid-electrolyte sinter framework containing the cathode material
Etched beta"-alumina ceramic electrolyte
Electrochemical cell utilizing molten alkali metal electrode-reactant
Cells having cathodes derived from alkali salts of chromium dichalcogenides
High temperature solid state storage cell
Toy water device
Panelling and supports for interconnected toy blocks
Doll having face stencil and stamp applied features
Antifouling paint
Mounting and retrieval system for wakeboards and the like
Flowline termination buoy with counterweight for a single point mooring and fluid transfer system
Antimicrobial compositions for hard surfaces
Methods and compositions for production of floral scent compounds
Infrared matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometric analysis of macromolecules
Regulation of apoptosis and in vitro model for studies thereof
Method of modifying the release profile of sustained release compositions
Zero oxygen permeation plastic bottle for beer and other applications
Weatherable block copolyestercarbonates and blends containing them, and method
Electrochemical test strip cards that include an integral dessicant
Photographic film base comprising a poly(ethylene terephthalate)-based material
Low cost disposable needleless injector system for variable and fixed dose applications
Human lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase
Method for preserving a hemoglobin blood substitute
Selective suspension drain closure apparatus
Tamper-evident package
Nuclear energy plant with collecting container for melting core masses
System controller with Integrated low latency memory using non-cacheable memory physically distinct ...
Method for controlling concurrent cache replace and return across an asynchronous interface
Method and system for controlling internal busses to prevent bus contention during internal scan tes...
Apparatus and method for providing downloadable code for use in communicating with a device in a dis...
Integrated tunable surface acoustic wave with quantum well structure technology and systems provided...
Critically aligned optical MEMS dies for large packaged substrate arrays and method of manufacture
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Skates to roll on the road or sliding on the ice
Reciprocating piston compressor having improved noise attenuation
Integrated semiconductor memory device
High-isolation dense wavelength division multiplexer utilizing birefringent plates and a non-linear ...
Spatial optical modulating device
Wavelength-dependent optical signal processing using an angle-to-offset module
Optical wavelength add/drop multiplexer for dual signal transmission rates
Measuring cell
Backside contamination inspection device
Automatic machine for dispensing black coffee, white coffee, and the like
Method and apparatus for jump control in a pipelined processor
Reactor for processing a microelectronic workpiece
DC compensation system for a wireless communication device configured in a zero intermediate frequen...
DC offset correction scheme for wireless receivers
Dynamically varying linearity system for an RF front-end of a communication device
Method for identifying new anti-picornaviral compounds
System and method for reusing a classed method in object oriented programming
Mechanical power switching apparatus and camera
Stacked fill structures for support of dielectric layers
Glucose sensor measurement
Optical fiber evanescent field excited fluorosensor and method of manufacture
Single sided laser shock peening
Laser shock peening with an explosive coating
Quality control plasma monitor for laser shock processing
Processing tip treatment bars in a gas turbine engine
Alloyed donor roll coating
Tensioning and detensioning assembly
Image formation apparatus and method for controlling a paper stop position
Method and apparatus for generating a condensed version of a video sequence including desired afford...
Image reader
System for transporting and storing live fish, components thereof and methods based thereon
Blanket insulation with reflective sheet and air space
Information recording medium and information reproducing apparatus
Keyboard with detachably attached unit having multimedia key function
Technique for providing information and control responsive to a request in a vehicle
Method and apparatus for creating, editing, and displaying works containing presentation metric comp...
Technique for effectively communicating information concerning vehicle service providers to a user
Aerosol delivery apparatus with positive expiratory pressure capacity
Method and system for use and maintenance of a knowledge base system
Semiconductor memory device with reduced power consumption and with reduced test time
Method for growing p-n heterojunction-based structures utilizing HVPE techniques
Substrate processing apparatus
Microwave-powered ultraviolet rotating lamp, and process of use thereof
Curable resin composition and novel latent curing agent
Curing type water base resin composition
Rubber compositions
Siloxan polymer film on semiconductor substrate
Composite low flow impedance voltage guard for electronic assemblies
Diffractive optical element and optical system having the same
Reflective guest-host liquid-crystal display device
Pressure sensor with transducer mounted on a metal base
Hydrogenation process for the formation of 3,5-dihydro HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Dynamic programmable logic array that can be reprogrammed and a method of use
Waveforms for selective stimulation of central nervous system neurons
Coupled electrochromic compounds with photostable dication oxidation states
Method and apparatus for selecting image data to skip when encoding digital video
Image reading apparatus capable of detecting glossiness of image surface
Centralized management unit receiving data from management unit of different communication methods
Recording apparatus and information processing system including the same
Color image processor
Image processing method and apparatus with correcting image data features
Methods and compositions for arraying nucleic acids onto a solid support
Ceramic particulate reinforced orthopedic implants
Oxygen scavenging polymer blends and emulsion-based methods for preparing same
Nutrient clusters for food products and methods of preparation
Set retarders for foamed cements
Polyethylene connectors
Composition of epoxy polymer, thermoplastic polymer, rubber particles and curing agent
Method for measuring spectral absorption in a body and device therefor
Four contact identification defibrillator electrode system
Soybean cultivar 0127562
Soybean cultivar 920011
Method for producing structured, self-organized molecular monolayers of individual molecular species...
Structure of thin-film lithium microbatteries
Perparation of improved ZnS:Mn phosphors
Portable hydration system
Process for producing vinylamine-vinyl alcohol copolymer and use of the copolymer
Compositions and methods for treating hair and skin using aqueous delivery systems
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising silicon-containing polycondensates
Dental alginate impression material composition
Method for treating photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Method of adsorbing metals and organic compounds from vaporous streams
Method for removal of vapor phase contaminants from a gas stream by in-situ activation of carbon-bas...
Device for checking and calibrating high precision inclinometric sensors
Network access device and telecommunications signaling
Method for producing aqueous dispersions of (co)polymers, dispersions obtained using said method, re...
.alpha.-glucuronidases of aspergillus, production thereof and their uses
Soft error detection for digital signal processors
Method and system for automated technical support for computers
System for measuring delay of digital signal using clock generator and delay unit wherein a set of d...
Phased array antenna and method of manufacturing the same
Packaged microelectronic die assemblies and methods of manufacture
Stack of multilayer modules with heat-focusing metal layer
Thin-film magnetic head including two stacked pole portion layers of equal widths, and method of man...
Methods for removing grit and grease from water
Liquid dispenser for distilling column, and corresponding distilling column
Process for the treatment of organic gas components
Apparatus and method for wet filtering machine exhaust
System and method for removing contaminating gases from water
Apparatus and method for separating gas and solids from well fluids
Separator element for a centrifugal separator
Method for topology analysis in the verification of neighbor and target lists in a CDMA network
Administration of CPAP treatment pressure in presence of apnea
Microbubble generator for the transfer of oxygen to microbial inocula and microbubble generator immo...
Folding tool with scissors
Carving set case
Sword blade
Knife handle
Knife handle
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Rad3 orthologues and uses thereof
Fermentation process and microorganism for producing aconitic acid
Portable remote patient telemonitoring system using a memory card or smart card
Displaying lightning strikes
Enterprise management system and method which includes semantically correct summarization
Method for monitoring a mixture
Electrophotographic image forming device having projections on a surface of an intermediate transfer...
Metal door and method of production
Cyclic redundancy checking of a field programmable gate array having a SRAM memory architecture
Method of high throughput haze screening of material
Processes for managing keratinous material using glycosaminoglycan and cationic polymer combinations
Polycarbonate resin composition with acrylic impact modifiers
Method of homo- or co-polymerization of .alpha.-olefin
Medical wire introducer and balloon protective sheath
Integrated SOFC
Process for preparing N-substituted hydroxylamines and salts thereof
Plasma display panel and method of forming fluorescent screen thereof
Inhibitors of G protein-mediated signaling, methods of making them, and uses thereof
Organic solar cell or light-emitting diode
Trans beta substituted chlorins and methods of making and using the same
Photovoltaic devices and compositions for use therein
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing an electrophotographic photosensitive member including multiple liquid clean...
Method for producing superconducting oxide compounds
Surface-bound, double-stranded DNA protein arrays
Method and device for traffic sign recognition and navigation
Frequency detector
Bicycle hub with generator and antilock functions
Heterocycle carboxamides as antiviral agents
Energy storage device used in locomotion machine
Carbon-reinforced thermoplastic resin composition and articles made from same
Inhalation device
Method of generating space-time codes for generalized layered space-time architectures
Hanging sign and support
Printing cylinder having plate securing device including plate leg fastening elements and a roller b...
Printing unit
Nine-cylinder satellite printing unit
Soybean 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphae synthase and DNA encoding thereof
Branch preparation
Twin lobe impact mechanism
Disk drive enclosure
Treat dispensing toy
Cassette film transport
Front loading medical injector and syringe for use therewith
Apparatus for operating double vector and encrypting system including the same
Offset limiter for reducing potential of disk damage during unload sequence in load/unload disk driv...
Bitumen and filled resin emulsion for road surfacing emulsion
Composition for reducing evaporation at sites both on land and open water
Dry fertilizer compositions and method for making the same
Use of .alpha.2-adrenergic receptor agonists and adrenergic inhibitors in reducing defoliation
Method and apparatus for manufacturing painted or varnished parts out of molded plastics material
Twin-layer thermoplastic packaging and a process for its manufacture
Acidic hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions which include silicone quarternary ammoni...
Artificial tanning compositions comprising flavylium salts
Light-emitting diodes with hetero-PN-junction
Device for supporting ducts
Method for producing a pressurized package for a film packed battery
Negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte rechargeable batteries
Electrodes for secondary cells, process for their production, and secondary cells having such electr...
Batteries using molten salt electrolyte
Multi-thread processing
Detergent pack
Stick type cosmetic material feeding container
Process for converting butadiene to styrene or ethylbenzene or both using catalysts containing molyb...
Cycloheptenols and their derivatives, methods of making thereof, and utilization thereof as fragranc...
Compositions and methods of treatment of sympathetically maintained pain
System of self-service terminals and method of distributing software to a plurality of self-service ...
Mold for forming asymmetric balloon
Quinazoline derivatives as alpha-1 adrenergic antagonists
Multilayer membrane useful as synthetic skin
Process for enhancing the whiteness, brightness and chromaticity of fillers and pigments
Substrate interior pressure control method
Sub-exterior weatherproofing flashing panel for utility pipes
Detergent tablet with high mechanical and dissolution characteristics
Interbody spinal fusion implants with multi-lock for locking opposed screws
Methods for detection and treatment of neural cancers
Non-invasive monitoring of hemodynamic parameters using impedance cardiography
Flow permeable port embankment
Navigation system
Method for preparing heterocyclic-carboxylic acids
Device for removing heat of decomposition in a steam power plant heated by nuclear energy
Sulphonamide derivatives as prodrugs of aspartyl protease inhibitors
Nanoscale piezoelectric generation system using carbon nanotube
Systems and methods for the transport of fluids through a biological barrier and production techniqu...
Flexible liquid crystal display device with improved mechanical ability
Athletic shoe construction
Speed sensor with a seal
Dosing unit and a method of continuous introduction of liquid solution samples into a system
Suspension thrust bearing with retaining means
Bearing guided ferrofluid seal and seal carrier
Damper assembly for a rotating shaft and methods for dampening shaft vibrations
Linear guide assembly
Linear guide way
Power indicating setter system for inductively-fuzed munitions
Scandium containing aluminum alloy firearm
Compact government model handgun
Database transaction with locking in two phases and multiple versions of objects
Beam converter
Plug-in GMT fuse block
Chip scale packaging on CTE matched printed wiring boards
Method and apparatus for an energy efficient operation of multiple processors in a memory
Method and apparatus for viewing the effect of changes to an index for a database table on an optimi...
Active dipole inlet using drone cone speaker driver
Professional espresso coffee maker for bar-room use
Error counting mechanism
Method for preparing a radiation therapy plan
Moisture sensing apparatus
Expandable chamber having combined occupant support and heating
Medical equipment controller
Treated disposable articles for reducing skin breakdown
Method and apparatus for accessing variable sized blocks of data
Topical zinc compositions and methods of use
Gladiolus plant named `Alexandra The Great`
Desiccant composition
Means for measuring a characteristic in a sample fluid
Detection systems and methods for predicting the dissolution curve of a drug from a pharmaceutical d...
Circuit breaker having programmable amplifier
Use of flavone 8-acetic acid in vascular and cardiovascular interventions and acute coronary syndrom...
Method for altering AC-3 data streams using minimum computation
Method and apparatus for geographically limiting service in a conditional access system
Preparation of polymer particles
Unit for adjusting humidification
Image forming apparatus
Fastening parts suitable for recycling
Non-absorptive electro-optical glazing structure employing composite infrared reflective polarizing ...
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Method for producing aliphatic polyester
Method and apparatus for identifying items of information from a multi-user information system
Film composition
Method for manufacturing a capacitor
Chip carrier with magnetic shielding
Holographic, laser-induced fabrication of indium nitride quantum wires and quantum dots
Aluminium-magnesium alloy plate or extrusion
Method for forming a non-photosensitive pixel-defining layer on an OLED panel
Liquid water content measurement apparatus and method
Compositions containing addition polymers prepared using crosslinkable protective colloids
Controlled free radical emulsion and water-based polymerizations and seeded methodologies
Photoneutralization of pH sensitive aqueous polymeric dispersions and methods for using same
Silane-containing polymer dispersions for tile cements
Hydrophilic coating and substrates coated therewith having enhanced durability and lubricity
Trapping of graphic image files
Data analysis in distributed data processing system
Information processing terminal and advertising system using the information processing unit
Detector apparatus and method
Multiple downcomer fractionation trays with liquid distribution devices on ends of downcomers
Process and means for separation of a well production stream
Gas separator having a low rotating mass
Method and apparatus for mixing gas with liquid
Three-phase rotary separator
Tapered flow gas separation system
Blower for an air/water separator in a paper-making machine
Air separator
Speech processing apparatus and method
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus comprising communication means for communicating with a memory
Conversion of wavelet coded formats depending on input and output buffer capacities
Upstream channel overload detection circuit and base station apparatus
Compositions and methods for the inhibition of MUC-5 mucin gene expression
Two-dimensional photonic crystal slab waveguide
Filter material in the form of flexible leaves or sheets and a method of producing such material
Ribavirin-interferon alfa combination therapy for eradicating detectable HCV-RNA in patients having ...
Transcription and gene expression regulators
Process for the conversion of cellulose to glucose
Needle and method for delivery of fluids
Cardiac support device and method
Intermediate transfer member motion control via surface wheel feedback
NMR apparatus and method utilizing pulsed static magnetic fields
Coil over plug adapter
Methods of making plate-fin heat exchangers
Method for checking the functioning of memory cells of an integrated semiconductor memory
Catalyst for producing an ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHWMP) and method for producing a...
Distal protection device and method
Suction stabilized epicardial ablation devices
Rear-projection screen
Composition and method for whitening teeth
Backlit display apparatus
MRI apparatus with gradient control conversion unit
Multi-dimensional spatial NMR excitation
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging method and device
Synthetic glycosulfopeptides and methods of synthesis thereof
Aqueous silicone dispersion
Internally channeled glass envelope with molded edge for affixing attachments
Control of robotic systems
Position detecting device and takeout apparatus with position detecting device
Robot and control method for controlling the robot's motions
Robot, identifying environment determining method, and program thereof
Multi-joint type industrial robot
Mapping sensor system for detecting postions of flat objects
Pill dispensing system
Process for the microbial detoxification of toxic streams
Electrocardiogram electrode patch
Estimating permeability without determinating a distribution of relaxation times
Four sensor system for wheel alignment
Air ratchet tool handle
Method and apparatus for testing a non-volatile memory array having a low number of output pins
Aspiration system and method
Method for racemate splitting of 2-hydroxypropionic acids
Apparatus and method for simultaneously topping and applying a precision application of sucker contr...
Laser pet toy
Cassette film transport
Combined handle and display for a medical injector
Separation system for a booster payload fairing
Light filter using glass ceramics
Method and apparatus for automatically selecting a rule
Water-decomposable fibrous sheet containing water-insoluble carboxymethyl cellulose
Wound dressings and materials suitable for use therein
Paint can carrier
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Rapid single-cycle assay for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 drug resistance
Metallic wall framing, method and apparatus for producing same
Preparation of ABS molding materials
Identification of polycystic kidney disease gene, diagnostics and treatment
Endotracheal tube with asymmetric balloon
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and ...
Electrolysis method
Multi-tier method of classifying sample spectra for non-invasive blood analyte prediction
Oil mist separating element
Process and device for joining by punching and riveting
Flexible heart valve
Methods for identifying compounds for motion sickness, vertigo and other disorders related to balanc...
Polypeptides that bind interleukin-18 (IL-18)
Method and apparatus for noninvasively determining hematocrit
Fuel cell system fluid recovery
Fuel cell stack rejuvenation
Structures having coated indentations
Method and apparatus for selectively targeting specific cells within a cell population
Permanent and semi-permanent groyne structures and method for shoreline and land mass reclamation
Immediate release eplerenone compositions
Nuclear energy installation having a gas-cooled reactor core
After shave composition containing aluminum chlorohydrate
Piezoelectric ceramic compact and piezoelectric ceramic device using the same
Two-stage valve suitable as high-flow high-pressure microvalve
Pattern formation method using reflow enhancement layer and method for manufacturing reflective type...
Layered arch support and method of manufacture
Peptides blocking vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-mediated angiogenesis, polynucleotides e...
Syndet bar soap having an acidifying agent
Immunodiagnostics using particle delivery methods
Method for etching a micropatterned microdepot prosthesis
Espresso coffee machine
Method and device for detecting rate
Process for using a measuring cell assembly for glucose determination
Method and apparatus for detection of a controlled substance
Destruction of the epithelium of an exocrine gland in the prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of ...
Mouldable photographic material
Systems and methods for printing characters using a template
Service brokering system for intelligent telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for modulating digital data
Handing off a wireless terminal in a wireless telecommunications system
Control architecture using a multi-layer embedded signal status protocol
Method and system for stabilized random early detection using packet sampling
Erbium doped fibers for extended L-band amplification
Fiber optic Sagnac interferometer with spatial filter
Reduced minimum configuration fiber optic current sensor
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Virtual reality interface for show control
Tracking system for providing position information
Steering control device for radio-controlled model helicopter
Efficient high latitude service area satellite mobile broadcasting systems
Aircraft docking system and method with automatic checking of apron and detection of fog or snow
Systems and methods for modifying ice adhesion strength
Release agent and method for producing same
Flight control module with integrated spoiler actuator control electronics
Attribute signature schema and method of use in a directory service
Inhaler for dispensing medications
Medicament dispensing device and method for the use thereof
Current transformer with direct current tolerance
Holder for cremation ashes
Method and system for interactively capturing organizing and presenting information generated from t...
Method of and system for controlling internet access
Absorbent article having channel
Process for making geminal bisphosphonates
Flowable nondigestible oil and process for making
Method for cutting and sealing an absorbent member
Method of material property modification with ultrasonic energy
System and method for cleaning and/or treating vehicles and the surfaces of other objects
Process of cleaning carpets and the like
Self-describing components within a software catalog
Method, system and program products for operationally backing out components of a cluster through em...
Method and apparatus for employing cognitive compares in compare statement sequences
Method of simultaneously displaying schematic and timing data
Method and apparatus to analyze simulation and test coverage
Multimedia content description framework
Electric energy storage device and method for manufacturing the same
Yo-yo having a centered disc supported by an arm
Kaolin clay pigments, their preparation and use
Method and system for creating and sending handwritten or handdrawn messages
System and method for sending live video on the internet
Method for playing multimedia applications
Vehicle dynamics control system and vehicle having the vehicle dynamics control system
Pharmacophore models for, methods of screening for, and identification of the cytochrome P-450 inhib...
Microwave oven with food search and localized heating
Program guide system with browsing display
Image input apparatus such as digital cordless telephone having radio communication function for com...
Imaging device for digital photography
Tag and label comprising same
Method of displaying information to a user in multiple windows
Aminoalkyl trialkyl silyl cellulose and a method for coating surfaces
LED display panel having a memory cell for each pixel element
Memory device and method for dynamic bit inversion
Reducing the variation of far-field radiation patterns of flipchip light emitting diodes
Process for producing high vinylidene polyisobutylene
Radio telecommunication terminal
EEPROM memory cell array embedded on core CMOS
Photographic camera having lens movement control with pivotable grip surfaces and adjacent shutter r...
Integrated multimedia input/output port connector assembly
Lateral truss anchor
High-pressure discharge lamp having seal with external antenna
Alkyl aromatic aldehydes
Process for the preparation of a dilithiated initiator and anionic polymerization process
Enhanced anaerobic treatment zones in groundwater
Method and apparatus for enabling internet access with DVD bitstream content
Technique for compressing digital certificates for use in smart cards
Universal methods and apparatus for determining prices and rewards within retail transactions
Surface configuration of a vehicle and toy
Housekeeping cart
Hood portion of a floor care appliance
Agitator auger flighting
Agitator auger barrel
Front panel of a laundry pedestal
Reusable components for customization of wizard-based applications
Systems and methods for storing, delivering, and managing messages
System, apparatus and method for automatic address updating of outgoing and incoming user messages i...
Multiple multicasting of multimedia streams
Reactive agent and process for decomposing fluorine compounds and use thereof
Method for making late transition metal catalysts for olefin polymerization
Mobile telephone position system
Distributed system to intelligently establish sessions between anonymous users over various networks
Process for producing flavored cheese without curing
Dough especially for baked goods and method for making
Granular material test milling processes
Metal working fluids
Method and apparatus for archiving in and retrieving images from a digital image library
Heak sink chip package
Nanoscale catalyst compositions from complex and non-stoichiometric compositions
Spinal bone implant
Random packing element
Metallic ink composition for wick type writing instruments
Methods and products relating to 16-HETE analogs
Process for the preparation of alkyl 4[2-(phthalimido)ethoxy]-acetoacetate
Method for producing 5-aryloxymethyl-2-oxazolidinones
Structure arrangement, in particular for a security element
Process and apparatus for transferring prints from a support on to a substrate
Method for making a decorative film with hot melt adhesive layer
Method of producing printing or embossing cylinders having a three-dimensional patterned surface
Process for the production of a stamping foil
Decorative film with hot melt adhesive layer
Bayesian-update based location prediction method for CDMA systems
System for automatically resetting an oil condition alarm light after an oil change
Nasal gas delivery apparatus and a nasal vestibular airway
Apparatus for the cultivation of immobilized micro-organisms
Activation of HCV-specific T cells
Method for translating conditional expressions from a non-verilog hardware description language to v...
Process for the manufacture of 1.alpha.-hydroxydehydroepiandrosterone
Karaoke system
Transformed cells useful for the control of pests
Phosphinylmethyl and phosphorylmethyl succinic and glutauric acid analogs as .beta.-secretase inhibi...
Transgenic mice over-expressing receptor for advanced glycation endproduct (RAGE) and mutant APP in ...
Method and apparatus for hemodynamic assessment including fiducial point detection
Monitoring system
Program guide system with flip and browse advertisements
Electrical system for weight loss and laparoscopic implanation thereof
Image forming device having a cleaning member for removing toner in variable amounts from an image b...
Method and apparatus of MR data acquisition using ensemble sampling
System and method for distributed computer automotive service equipment
Pump having a bleeding valve
Error detection circuit applicable to a disk reproduction apparatus
Method for enhancing the contrast for a transmission electron microscope
Polycarbonate resin composition with dienic impact modifiers
Gelatinous compositions formed from hydroxyaluminoxane, solid compositions formed therefrom, and the...
Warning method and apparatus
Stabilized vanadium electrolyte solutions for all-vanadium redox cells and batteries
Method and structure for reducing noise effects in content addressable memories