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Method and apparatus for an automatic brake intervention control and control device
Control system and method for a hybrid electric vehicle
Method and apparatus for a fuel cell propulsion system
Drift sensor for land vehicles
Unmanned vehicle running system
Method and apparatus for controlling drive slip
Access method through radio mobile communication system
System and method for the recording and processing of information in a wireless communication device
Infrastructure for developing application-independent language modules for language-independent appl...
System and method for providing expense reports to wireless service subscribers
Powder injection molding and infiltration process
Resilient cushion and method of manufacture
Bicycle with power assisting function
Modulation control type of AC machine
Brake signal sensor device
Display techniques for three dimensional virtual reality
Method apparatus for promoting play on a network of gaming devices
Method and composition for promoting and controlling growth of plants
Data management and order delivery system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoclaudia`
Coating composition and method for application thereof
Thermosetting compositions containing epoxy-functional polymers prepared using atom transfer radical...
Thermosetting compositions containing hydroxyl-functional polymers prepared using atom transfer radi...
Laying out a paragraph by defining all the characters as a single text run by substituting, and then...
Style specifications for systematically creating card-based hypermedia manuals
Dynamic system configuration using an object-based client-server system
Attribute inheritance schema for network switches
Method and system for providing guidance about alternative routes with a navigation system
Dynamic symbolic links for computer file systems
Distributing database differences corresponding to database change events made to a database table l...
Gateway for dynamically providing web site status information
System and method for identification and streamlined access to online services
Bonding layer in a semiconductor device
System for remote internet consulting, servicing and repair
Fine particulate synthetic chalcoalumite compounds, process for their production, and heat insulator...
Micro-environment chamber and system for rinsing and drying a semiconductor workpiece
Robots for microelectronic workpiece handling
Copper alloy electroplating bath for microelectronic applications
Semiconductor processing using vapor mixtures
Process for the preparation of S(.omega.-aminoalkylamino) alkyl aryl sulfide dihydrochlorides
Absorbable rivet/pin applier for use in surgical procedures
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
Miniature radiation source with flexible probe and laser driven thermionic emitter
Electrical apparatus medical treatment using EMG envelope signal
Device and method for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Implant device for electrostimulation and/or monitoring of endo-abdominal cavity tissue
Incremental simulation using previous simulation results and knowledge of changes to simulation mode...
Game racket with elongated slot in yoke portion
Integrated routing/mapping information
Power sphere deployment method
Method and device for detecting motor vehicle tilt
Method and apparatus for magnetic induction heating using radio frequency identification of object t...
Device for instantaneously producing steam
Detection of biological molecules using chemical amplification and optical sensors
Method of endoscopic mucosal resection using mucopolysaccharide and local injection preparation
Agar gel bead composition and method
Growth-promoting agent
Biohybrid articular surface replacement
Topical scar treatments using alkanolamines
15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid analogs with enhanced metabolic stability and methods of their use i...
Optical sensor having dielectric film stack
Loss equalization by means of port interconnectivity in a multistage optical switch
Optical amplifier, optical transmission equipment, optical transmission system, and method thereof
Optical fiber having an expanded mode field diameter and method of expanding the mode field diameter...
Channel-switched cross-connect
Image forming apparatus and method
Printing apparatus
Methods and systems for electronically accepting and exchanging an online gift
Ablation system
Method and device for determination of concentration
Cardiac lead with minimized inside diameter of sleeve
Noise detection system and method for use in an implantable medical device
Cable drag chain
Elevating system control method and apparatus synchronizing plural elevating devices
Data security system for a database having multiple encryption levels applicable on a data element v...
Method of and system for modeling and analyzing business improvement programs
Combined physical and immunotherapy for cancer
Method for the manufacture of a multi-part projectile for gun ammunition and product produced thereb...
Ammunition reloader press wad cutter
Removing an explosive substance for reprocessing
Gun attachment
Semi-automatic pistol barrel with precision barrel muzzle bushings and method
Air current operated projectile fuze
Safety element particularly for a fuze of a substantially non-spinning projectile
Shaped-charge projectile and weapon system for launching such a projectile
Projectile receiver for duct pipe testing
Protective multilayer armor construction
High range resolution radar through non-uniform sampling
Motor vehicle differential bearing pre-load mechanism
Linear rolling bearing element
Annular bearing with diffuser and inlet flow guide
Roller bearing and a method of producing the same
Corrosion-resistant bearing and method for making same
Non-lubricated rolling element ball bearing
Ball bearing mounting member
Dispensing cap for a container
Synthetic DNA sequences having enhanced insecticidal activity in maize
Avoiding tag compares during writes in multi-level cache hierarchy
Liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for elimination of TEOS/ozone silicon oxide surface sensitivity
Cockpit display having 3D flight path error symbology
Remote installation and removal tool for video surveillance camera assembly
Liquid crystal device and process for production thereof
High-precision-resolution image acquisition apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for selectively retrieving information from a source computer using a terrestri...
Apparatus for controlling internetwork communications
Noise reduction in cable return paths
Information supplying device that can store multiple types of information and supplies composite inf...
Implantable connector
Fabricating and using a micromachined magnetostatic relay or switch
Monolithic ceramic electronic component and method for making the same
Soybean variety 90A07
Secrecy cover for key pad matrix
Internet search system for retrieving selected results from a previous search
System and method for detecting storage nodes that are susceptible to charge sharing
Method for resource control in parallel environments using program organization and run-time support
Application-independent generator to generate a database transaction manager in heterogeneous inform...
Method and apparatus for modifying instruction operations in a processor
Rocket pop
Method of selecting an item to match a person's skin tone
Speaker system and a method for improving sound quality thereof
Method of constructing an object remotely across a computer network
Client-based application availability
Method and apparatus for filtering junk email
Recoverable methods and systems for processing input/output requests including virtual memory addres...
Apparatus and method for topography dependent signaling
Fault tolerant computer system
Object reconstruction on object oriented data storage device
Acrylic block copolymer pigment dispersants containing heterocyclic groups
Copolyether composition and processes therefor and therewith
Plant alpha-glucosidase II homologs
Method to embed passive components
Inlet design for handling bulk textile fiber
Dissolution inhibition resists for microlithography
Flash spinning process and flash spinning solution with azeotropes
Shadow mask with porous insulating layer and heavy metal layer
Toner and developer for magnetic brush development system
Multilayer protective coating for integrated circuits and multichip modules and method of applying s...
Interpolymer compositions for use in sound management
Method for improving the stability of polymers
Process and apparatus for preparing saturated carboxylic acids having one to four carbon atoms
Method and apparatus for directional radio communication
Traffic hot spot locating method
Wireless communications approach
Method of controlling call routing and a communication terminal
Portable radio unit and antenna gain switching method thereof
RF therapeutic cancer apparatus and method
Method for acoustically controlling an electronic device, in particular a mobile station in a mobile...
Method of producing a clamshell shaped meatball
Fibrous food product and method and device for its production
Method for producing arachidonic acid
Reversing advanced glycosylation cross-links using heterocyclic-substituted thiazolium compounds
Soy isoflavone concentrate process and product
Double layered cooking apparatus
Microwavable container for food products and method of fabricating same
Detergent tablet
Disposable cartridge for use in a hand-held electrostatic sprayer apparatus
Adhesive element with a suction cup
Absorbent article having improved integrity and acquisition
Paper products having wet strength from aldehyde-functionalized cellulosic fibers and polymers
Oral liquid mucoadhesive compounds
Branched surfactant manufacture
Hearing aid with audible alarm
Method and apparatus for analyzing nucleic acid sequences
Hybrid modeling and control of disc engines
Air flow measurement apparatus
System and method for optimizing the allocation of a resource
Binary tree with override nodes for representing a time-varying function in an enterprise model
Program checking method, program checking apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for reco...
Method for caching virtual memory paging and disk input/output requests
Memory architecture for a computer system
Golf cart
Cart for a computer station
Wheelbarrow lower holder
Crane cab
Paper currency machine
Commemorative quarter display
Method and system for protecting operations of trusted internal networks
Etched z-axis gradient coils for magnetic resonance
RF coil, RF magnetic field generating apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
Multi-channel balun for magnetic resonance apparatus
Method for diagnosing neurological, neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases by magnetic resonance...
System and method for treating select tissue in a living being
MRI coil and MRI apparatus
Equivalent circuit of inductance element, method of analyzing circuit constants, simulator, and reco...
Method for treating hypercalcemia
Gum pad for delivery of medication to mucosal tissues
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Cytoprotective effect of polycyclic phenolic compounds
Method for the production of polyadducts of alkylene oxides with a liquid in gas dispersion reactor
Composite ophthalmic lens remolding system for forming a lens therein
Reverse link soft hand off method
Image developing device with sealing members for preventing toner leakage
Apparatus and method for semi-automated generation and application of language conformity tests
Game racket frame with wooden cover layer
Counter for game machine
Virtual golf game
Treasure hunt game utilizing GPS equipped wireless communications devices
Image generation apparatus, image generation method, game machine using the method, and medium
Transmission/reception system and receiver
Music game device with automatic setting, method for controlling the same, and storage medium theref...
Musical playback apparatus and method which stores music and performance property data and utilizes ...
Fixing-unit roller making use of composite material, process for its production, and fixing assembly...
Gaming device with signified reel symbols
Playground equipment
Method and apparatus in a space study
Containerless sheet flow water ride
Open top infant swing
Water park play apparatus
Amusement device
Methods and systems for assessing biological materials using optical and spectroscopic detection tec...
Treatment of depression and anxiety with fluoxetine and an NK-1 receptor antagonist
Method for calibration of a robot inspection system
Radioactive-ray image tube having input member formed of a clad material
Pulverized coal injecting apparatus
Mold wall of a continuous casting mold
System and method for executing platform-independent code on a co-processor
Administering permissions associated with a security zone in a computer system security model
System and method for authentication of network users and issuing a digital certificate
Executable for requesting a linguistic service
Method and apparatus for determining most recently used method
Method and apparatus automatic service of JIT compiler generated errors
Automated code replication during application development
Automatically detecting a connection into a computer system standardized connector for disabling a f...
System including functionally separated regions in electrophoretic system
Method and apparatus for generating a control signal
Financial products having a demand-based, adjustable return, and trading exchange therefor
Electronic money processing method having a transaction fee collecting function and an electronic mo...
Method and arrangement for data processing in a shipping system with a postage meter machine, includ...
System, method and article of manufacture for increasing the user value of recommendations
Method of identifying multilingual text for DOS
Abstracting cooked variables from raw variables
Method and apparatus for controlling client access to documents
Optical bus system and signal processor
Optical recording method and optical recording apparatus
Anti-counterfeit detection method
Printer fuser heater controller with power factor correction
Apparatus and methods for print cartridge protection
Firm interlock between shaft and bore
Data storage apparatus and method allocating sets of data
Method and system for providing alternate routes with a navigation system
System for computer recovery using removable high capacity media
Mobile communications system
Layered subsystem architecture for a flight management system
Method for representing variable information by combination of liquid crystal displays of different ...
Process for viewing a positive motion picture film scene image with integral audio soundtrack
Automated system for measurement of an optical property
Optical isolator using multiple core fibers
Reeder compensator
Doubly curved optical device with graded atomic planes
Web service
System and method for analyzing web-server log files
Robot policies for monitoring availability and response of network performance as seen from user per...
Method and apparatus for transmitting and displaying information between a remote network and a loca...
Path planning, terrain avoidance and situation awareness system for general aviation
Antimicrobial combinations of a sorbate preservative natamycin and a dialkyl dicarbonate useful in t...
Antimicrobial combinations of a sorbate preservative, natamycin and a dialkyl dicarbonate useful in ...
Foodstuff preservation
Natamycin recovery
Natamycin and chemical preservatives in foods and method of making
Antifungal complexes and method of making
Direct action anti-mycotic
Process for the manufacture of an electrode for a solid polymer fuel cell
.alpha.,.beta.,.beta.-trifluorostyrene-based composite membranes
Control process for impregnating porous parts and apparatus therefor
Fuel cell electric power generation system
Method and composition for making foamed polyethylene material
Merchandise display with interlocking panels
Dispensing systems
Displayable produce container and method for making the same
Fan filter
Lower portion of a container
Soil remediation by permanganate oxidation
Electromagnetic lifting device
Method and apparatus for controlling available capabilities of a device
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Securities and commodities trading system
Method for selectively storing redundant copies of virtual volume data on physical data storage cart...
Xylofuranosly-containing nucleoside phosphoramidites and polynucleotides
Chemokine receptor antagonists
Lamp device and a method of regulating the lamp intensity
Non-volatile magnetic circuit
Portable computer with detachable display module
Method for using satellite state vector prediction to provide satellite sensor automatic scan inhibi...
Method for optimizing a set of fuzzy rules using a computer
Remotely controlled skateboard having motion-responsive doll riding thereon
Carbon materials for negative electrode of secondary battery and manufacturing process
Statistical pattern recognition
Rare earth oxide fluoride nanoparticles and hydrothermal method for forming nanoparticles
Apparatus and methods for sequencing nucleic acids in microfluidic systems
Thruster pig apparatus for injecting tubing down pipelines
Object support means for walls and method of use
Supplemental protective pad for a sports helmet
Container for transporting precision substrates
Method of depositing thin film of metal oxide by magnetron sputtering apparatus
Delayed start oscillator circuit
Method and apparatus for rendering 3-D surfaces from 2-D filtered silhouettes
Method and apparatus for dynamic signal modification on a parallel bus
Electronic volume control circuit with controlled output characteristic
Methods for treating or preventing viral infections and associated diseases
Electrostatic microresonant power conversion
Biosensor for detection of small molecule analytes
Aerogel-coated sheet
Alarm sensor multiplexing
Assembly language translator
Method of and apparatus for controlling supply of power to a peripheral device in a computer system
Early detection and tracking system for hazardous airborne substances
Power circuit, liquid crystal display device, and electronic equipment
Thermal transfer recording medium and thermal transfer recording method
Control of crude refining by a method to predict lubricant base stock's ultimate lubricant preforman...
Use of nanoscale sterols and sterol esters
Cooked rice for low temperature distribution
Modified rapid expansion methods ("modified-REM") for in vitro propagation of T lymphocytes
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising fluorinated co-polymers
Technique for ranking records of a database
Destination controlled remote DMA engine
System for post-driving and pre-driving bus agents on a terminated data bus
High-throughput interconnect having pipelined and non-pipelined bus transaction modes
Video display device
Individual cylinder fuel control method
Method and apparatus for increasing the low frequency dynamic range of a system for measuring physio...
Utilization of image tiling effects in photographs
Surface acoustic wave device using a leaky surface acoustic wave with an optimized cut angle of a pi...
Lens shutter camera having viewing line detector
Electronic flash device for photographic camera
System of elements for the composition of static or dynamic constructions
Method for inhibition of retroviral replication
Method, system and program products for browsing fully-associative collections of items
Gas filled microspheres as magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents
Open view quadrature birdcage coil
Apparatus for inductively coupling a nuclear magnetic resonance signal into a reception antenna, and...
Transportable intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Apparatus, methods, and devices for magnetic resonance imaging controlled by the position of a movea...
Hepatocytes transduced with a retroviral vector comprising splice sites
Sample presentation apparatus for mass spectrometry
Methods of use for osetoprotegerin binding protein receptors
Parathyroid hormone analogues for the treatment of osteoporosis
26,27-Homologated-20-EPI-2alkyl-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Method for estimating spatial parameters of transmission channels by estimating a spatial covariance...
Railroad crossing traffic warning system apparatus and method therefore
Method and apparatus for synchronizing distributed computer systems
Floating pool seal assembly with leak limiting annular support structure
Periodic and non-periodic tilings and building blocks from prismatic nodes
Brinzolamide and brimonidine for treating glaucoma
Free-machining aluminum alloy and method of use
Thick alznmgcu alloy products with improved properties
Ultra low carbon bainitic weathering steel
Antisense inhibition of glycogen synthase kinase 3 alpha expression
Liquid cleaning compositions containing a methyl ethoxylated ester
Therapeutic methods employing disulfide derivatives of dithiocarbonates and compositions useful ther...
Water absorbent keratin and gel formed therefrom
Pilyethoxylated retinamide derivatives and process for preparing the same
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Method, apparatus, and composition for automatically coating the human body
Skin care composition
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body: fogging technology
System for automatically coating the human body
Sunscreen composition
Urethane surfactants and their use in personal care formulations
Treatment of hyperproliferative skin disorders with C18 to C20 aliphatic alcohols
Cosmetic compositions
Applicator for applying and distributing substances to target surfaces
End modified thermal responsive hydrogels
Curable composition for coatings, coated articles and resin composition for coatings
Method of restoring a tooth
Striped dentifrice stable to color bleeding
Process for preparing protein-bound melanin and/or peptide bound melanin, and products thereof
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Techniques and equipment for assessing the structural integrity of subterranean tower anchor rods
Lamp assembly with diffraction grating reflector
Radio frequency data communications device
Method of providing travel time
Vehicle navigation apparatus providing both automatic guidance and guidance information in response ...
Collision avoidance system utilizing machine vision taillight tracking
Safety running system for vehicle
Shared vehicle deployment and reallocation using predicted and current demand location and transit d...
Safety running system for vehicle
Arcade game
System for tracking and automatically communicating printer failures and usage profile aspects
Atrichia mouse
Method of playing a game testing communicative skills
Method and system for computerized authoring, learning, and evaluation
Article placing table with an erasable writing device
Bacterial strains for the production of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Package encapsulant compositions for use in electronic devices
Power and telecommunications access vending machine
Gaming machines having secondary display for providing video content
Trusted third party data structure for electronic funds transfer and bill presentment
Method and apparatus for data backup and restoration in a portable data device
Technique for implementing browser-initiated user-transparent advertising and for interstitially dis...
Method for arbitrating multiple memory access requests in a unified memory architecture via a non un...
Generation and execution of scripts for enabling cost-effective access to network resources
Method and system for connecting communication devices utilizing connection information obtained fro...
Data and access protection system for computers
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Hilmoc`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACladin`
Lantana plant named `Katie`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACpinap`
Antifungal polypeptide from alfalfa and methods for controlling plant pathogenic fungi
Regulated apoptosis
Induction of angiogenesis in heart muscle by a DNA sequence encoding an angiogenic protein
Constitutive disease resistance(CDR1) gene and methods of use thereof
DNA cytokine vaccines and use of same for protective immunity against multiple sclerosis
Genetic control of acetylation and pyruvylation of xanthan based polysaccharide polymers
Methods for the production of chicken monoclonial antibodies
Process for the recovery of potassium bitartrate and other products from tamarind pulp
Slipper with musical and rhythmic stimulation
Guitar player's finger exerciser and method
Multimedia search apparatus and method for searching multimedia content using speaker detection by a...
Method and apparatus for establishing a secure connection over a one-way data path
Internal network node with dedicated firewall
Skew pantograph robotic apparatus
Apparatus for reducing vibration inputs to a device and/or for micropositioning
Method for certifying delivery of secure electronic transactions
System for distributing load over multiple servers at an internet site
Method and apparatus for formatting data in a storage device
Biometric authentication system with encrypted models
Encoder and a method of encoding for partial response channels
Forward error corrector
Method and apparatus for managing real-time marketing triggers on a content menu
Data descriptions in a database system
System and method for computing running and moving sequence functions in a database system
Method and apparatus for assigning keywords to media objects
Methods and systems for performing short integer chen IDCT algorithm with fused multiply/add
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto and analogues thereof
Adhesive composition for surgical use
Genetic suppressor elements against human immunodeficiency virus
Driver circuit for organic electroluminescent display
Interaction modalities for multimedia delivery and presentation using nodes
Camera featuring a single drive source and a plurality of selectable drive transmission mechanisms
Filled superglassy membrane
Nitride-compound semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for reading memory cells of a resistive cross point array
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device with column redundancy circuit and method for relieving fail...
Bis-amido polybiguanides and the use thereof to disinfect contact lenses and preserve pharmaceutical...
Motion vector generation by temporal interpolation
Argument of perigee correction with longitude control for inclined, eccentric, geosynchronous satell...
Data synchronizing method for radio multi-terminal communications system
Method for predicting the therapeutic outcome of a treatment
Method of generating dual track sounds for an electronic toy
Solid polymer electrolyte compositions
Method and system for entry of encrypted and non-encrypted information on a touch screen
Image operation processing apparatus storing discrete data efficiently in a memory and operating met...
System for ensuring the accuracy of file structures in a source-to-source computer program translato...
Rotation and translation measurement with phase sensitive detection
Contact type prober automatic alignment
Multi-component composite coating composition and coated substrate
Oil-in-water emulsion of organopolysiloxane and method for the preparation thereof
Chimeric somatostatin containing protein and encoding DNA, plasmids of expression, method for prepar...
Borrelia burgdorferi bacterin
Muzzle loader with smokeless powder capability
System for simulating shooting sports
Weldable anti-corrosive aluminum-magnesium alloy containing a high amount of magnesium, especially f...
Valve for aerosol container
System for retrieving compiling and loading management information in a digital data network
Method, computer program product, and system for the automated analysis of lesions in magnetic reson...
Microfluidic devices and systems incorporating integrated optical elements
Drill or milling head
Method and device for resonance enhancement, in particular for tunable frequency conversion of laser...
Laser material processing system with multiple laser sources apparatus and method
Laser system for generating a reference plane
Oxymetazoline HCI and/or chlorpheniramine maleate nasal spray compositions
Monolithic polymer composition having a releasing material
Charged particle beam apparatus and method for operating the same
Sulfated phosphatidylinositols, their preparation and use of the same
Topical moisturizing composition and method
System and method for networking video games
Portable color display game machine and storage medium for the same
Method of and system for conducting a hunting tournament or contest utilizing passive transponder id...
Geotextile fabric
Loropetalum plant named `Hindwarf`
Ring band adjustment structure of crash helmet
Legged mobile robot
Methods for increasing the muscle mass of a human with materials derived from citrus varieties
Apparatus and methods for multi-analyte homogeneous fluoro-immunoassays
Electroluminescent assemblies using azomethine-metal complexes
Methods for fabricating a multiple modular assembly
Ordered poly(arylene-vinylene) terpolymers, method for the production and the use thereof as electro...
Organic opto-electronic devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit and fabrication method thereof
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus using the same having two absorptive polarizers, a re...
Liquid crystal display panel
Method of polishing using multi-oxidizer slurry
Thermal detector with bolometric effect amplification
Ferroelectric element and process for producing the same
Optical system
Temperature compensated integrated planar bragg grating, and method of formation
Electrode containing a polymeric binder material, method of formation thereof and electrochemical ce...
Multi-purpose entertainer stand
Tabbed nozzle for jet noise suppression
Structure of snorkel duct for rough ground running vehicle
Method for analyzing the driveability of motor vehicles
Device for controlling vehicle turn behavior by engine torque control with feedback of vehicle speed
Method and control system for setting a presettable vehicle desired speed
Method and system for controlling vehicle speed based on vehicle yaw rate and yaw acceleration
Line-compensating codec
Spectral optimization and joint signaling techniques with multi-line separation for communication in...
Telephone keypad guard
Toggle joint combination for extending a receptacle of automobile cigarette lighter and application ...
LCD support frame
Methods and system for transferring calls within trunked digital radio communications systems
Vehicle positioning using three metrics
Protective cover for intravenous lines and other elongated members
Remotely removable covering and support
Voice alert system for use on bicycles and the like
Bottle rocket launcher
Free flight installation to artificial production of levitating wind
Motion simulator for a video game
Amusement ride for vertical movement of passengers
Camera with film winder retractable to facilitate film loading
Anthurium plant named `Lola`
Methods for analyzing LTC4 synthase polymorphisms and diagnostic use
Electrophotographic photoconductor and aromatic polycarbonate resin for use therein
Method and apparatus for detecting actual viewing of electronic advertisements and transmitting the ...
Use of electronic shopping carts to generate personal recommendations
Magnetic field sensor
Control of multiple equivalent functional units for power reduction
Integrated emergency power and environmental control system
Vehicle control system
Wireless communication device with markup language based man-machine interface
Borehole logging tool with anchoring mechanism
Static queue and index queue for storing values identifying static queue locations
Presenting supplemental information for material currently and previously broadcast by a radio stati...
Device for treating heel pain
Liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for monitoring heart rate
Method and system for reducing arterial restenosis in the presence of an intravascular stent
Mechanically oscillated projection display
Fixing an anti-theft label on an object using a heat-shrinkable envelope
Bubble generating assembly
Bis-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Version testing in database mining
Method of combining several signals, and base station
Integrated rider-controlled support unit for handlebar-steered vehicles
Derailleur link
Information processing system and recording media
Method and an improved wick roller for controlling the distribution of fuser oil on a fuser surface
Building systems with non-regular polyhedra based on subdivisions of zonohedra
Continuous casting method, and device therefor
Inline database for receiver types in object-oriented systems
Concurrent serial interconnect for integrating functional blocks in an integrated circuit device
Multiprocessor scaleable system and method for allocating memory from a heap
Process for transparently enforcing protection domains and access control as well as auditing operat...
Method of run-time tracking of object references in Java programs
Real time processor optimized for executing JAVA programs
Hearing system with middle ear transducer mount
Devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics including waveguides
Process for reuse of vulcanized rubber
Method and apparatus for forming an electrical connection
Kitchen workplate with integrated cooking field
Method of welding workpieces and apparatus for carrying it out
Table-top cooking appliance
Method for making permeable film
Method and apparatus for collecting and providing viewer feedback to a broadcast
Apparatus and method for generating skeleton-based dynamic picture images as well as medium storing ...
Transfection, storage and transfer of male germ cells for generation of transgenic species and genet...
Apparatus, and associated method, for selecting retransmission of packet data
Public key cryptography based security system to facilitate secure roaming of users
Protecting catalytic activity of a SAPO molecular sieve
Luminescent protein stains an their method of use
Method of preparing charged particle beam drawing data and recording medium on which program thereof...
Drug mitochondrial targeting agents
Nucleic acid-based methods for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2)
Grid electrodes for a display device
Method and apparatus for measuring visual sensitivity and optical properties of components of the ey...
Game machine informing small hit prize
Focusing device
Input stage for constant gm amplifier circuit and method
System and method for automatically reminding a user of a receiver that a broadcast is on a data str...
Method for separating solids from hydrocarbon slurries
Compound semiconductor light emitter and a method for manufacturing the same
Reference signal generation for magnetic random access memory devices
Circuit for driving nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
25-hydroxyvitamin D3 24-hydroylase transgenic rats
System and method for content-based television program selection
Method and apparatus for achieving sole means navigation from global navigation satelite systems
Observer for transfer case fault detection in a four-wheel drive system
System, method and article of manufacture for location-based filtering for shopping agent in the phy...
Planning system and planning method
Fortune telling toy
Thermopolymerizable composition and use thereof
Computer system and computer implemented method for synchronization of simultaneous web views
Method and system for determining critical area for circuit layouts
Method and system for clustering instructions within executable code for compression
System and method for optimization of inter-module procedure calls
Plants with modified stamen cells
Soybean variety 90B73
Inbred maize line NP2138
Inbred maize line PH4PV
Inbred maize line PH5D6
Rice cultivar calhikari-201
Method and architecture to provide a secured remote access to private resources
Patch source list management
Pulmonary delivery of NO group-containing compound in gas form to treat respiratory, cardiac and blo...
C-17/21 OH 20-ketosteroid solution aerosol products with enhanced chemical stability
Method and apparatus for accessing multidimensional data
System and method for maintaining output continuity of PID controllers in response to changes in con...
Environmentally benign Group II and Group IV or V spin-on precursor materials
Nonylated diphenylamines
Saxs video object generation engine
Optical fiber having negative dispersion and low slope in the Erbium amplifier region
Coated fiber strands having one or more heterogeneous regions and methods of making the same
Automatic code gapping (ACG) for wireless systems
Fast quantum mechanical algorithms
Virtual single-cycle execution in pipelined processors
Linker method and cache structure for minimizing worst-case-execution-time
Apparatus for minimizing air infiltration in the production of fused silica glass
Accelerated method for increasing the photosensitivity of a glassy material
M-shaped boat hull
Collapsible canoe
Boat manufactured from formable aluminum
Boat structure including iridescent particles
Keel mounted turret
Ozone producing apparatus
Wallet card package
Multiple play keno games
Methods for detecting fraudulent instruments
Information handler and project manager
Laminate structure
Dot matrix hologram for hiding a moire pattern
Distributed mobile biometric identification system with a centralized server and mobile workstations
Bond magnet and manufacturing method thereof, and actuator therewith
Method of making hydroxy end-terminated linear siloxanes
Method and apparatus for inspecting a submerged structure
Titanium fiber and method of producing the same
Magnolia virginiana named `Mattie Mae Smith`
Ring band adjustment structure of crash helmet
Control system for adjusting a reaction force acting on a working end of a robot
Bioresorbable hydrogel compositions for implantable prostheses
Man machine interface for an A-C motor bypass
Method and apparatus for low loss via geometrical optimization in free-space micro-machined optical ...
Modified ligands of calcium-dependent binding proteins
Process for sulphurizing catalysts by reduction followed by sulphurization
Camera with multi-function cartridge-positioning door-opening spring
Sagittaria australis `Benni`
Image marking with error correction
Combination of zinc ions and vitamin C and method of making
Video, data and telephony gateway
Integrated circuit device package and heat dissipation device
Process for making optically active alpha-amino ketones and selected novel optically active alpha-am...
Multi-axial bone anchor system
System and method for utilizing checksums to recover data
Method and apparatus for tempo and downbeat detection and alteration of rhythm in a musical segment
Method and apparatus for determining a maximum number of live registers
Low observable aircraft fastener treatment
Automotive radar detecting lane mark and frontal obstacle
Audio/video from internet direct to compact disc through web browser
Systems, methods and computer program products for monitoring credit risks in electronic trading sys...
Control system for controlling continuously variable transmission
Frost and ice scraper
Garbage can lid
Golf cart
Golf cart
Combination grips and horn buttons for a pallet truck
Mailbox insert
Dynamic modification of multimedia content
Pre-fetching of pages prior to a hard page fault sequence
System for automatic synchronization of common file between portable computer and host computer via ...
Heterocyclic compounds with antibacterial and antimycotic properties
Silane-grafted materials for solid and foam applications
Liquid crystal display device having active & passive cell wherein a heater is disposed inside the p...
Exhaust probe
Score counter for billiards game
Implantable lead functional status monitor and method
Measuring the characteristics of oscillating motion
Ultrasound-signal radiating device
Busbars for electrically powered cells
Sound emitting dispenser
Catalytic converter for a muffler of a small engine
Methods of screening and preparing a composition using DNA encoding a hypothalamic atypical neuropep...
Amphiphilic compounds with at least two hydrophilic and at least two hydrophobic groups based on di-...
Substituted aryl compounds useful as modulators of acetylcholine receptors
Aliphatically unsaturated hydroxy benzoates and preservative compositions thereof
Absorption of formaldehyde in closed, gastight packs
Induction heating, temperature self-regulating
Aquaculture feeding monitor
Mouse cardiac muscle cell line, HL-1
Pro-fragrance linear acetals and ketals
Liquid bleaching composition with improved safety to fabrics and colors
Fabric softening compositions
Disposable absorbent article for topical adhesive attachment to the skin of a wearer
Masterbatch composition
Sanitary napkin comprising three dimensionally shaped tube of absorbent material
Methods of making HIV-protease inhibitors and intermediates for making HIV-protease inhibitors
Interactive entertainment and information system using television set-top box
Data transfer interface having protocol conversion device and upper, lower, middle machines: with mi...
Triethylenediamine production using phosphate catalysts
Method and system for automated optimization of antenna positioning in 3-D
Toner and image forming method
System tour generator
Practical mix-based election scheme
Iontophoretic drug delivery apparatus
Methods and system for geographically selecting data modems for data sessions over a wireless channe...
Image reproducing method and image generating and reproducing method
Multipurpose offshore modular platform
Benzylamine derivatives which are useful in treating psychiatric disorders
Wire drawing die with non-cylindrical interface configuration for reducing stresses
Mask pellicle remove tool
Aluminum welding process and composition for use in same
High speed continuous casting device and relative method
Apparatus and method for controlling contrast enhanced imaging procedures
Ground watering spray system for backhoe machines
Perfumes comprising 3-alkylcycloalkanols
Optimization engine for flight assignment, scheduling and routing of aircraft in response to irregul...
Method and apparatus for real-time secure file deletion
Use of hexahydrolupulones as antibacterial and anticancer agents
AC-discharge type plasma display panel and method for driving the same
Application of Raman spectroscopy to identification and sorting of post-consumer plastics for recycl...
Apparatus and method for a turn around stage having reduced power consumption, Class AB behavior, lo...
Device for preventing unauthorized recycling of lens-fitted photo film unit
Toner container and toner replenishing mechanism
Toner carrier and image forming apparatus
Device for excavating and redepositing earth
Synchronizing multiple steering inputs to marine rudder/steering actuators
Bacillus species for reducing fusarium head blight in cereals
Up-converting reporters for biological and other assays
Aechmea plant named `Inca`
Snowmobile with adjustable width front suspension
Method and apparatus for creating modifiable and combinable speech objects for acquiring information...
Carrier for land grid array connectors
Power saving methods for programmable logic arrays
Data processing apparatus for chromatograph
Matrix-type display device capable of being repaired in pixel unit
End-slotted flexible metal hose
Container with collapsible pouch for cleaning or sterilization
Piezoelectric motor
Portion of a keyboard
Structured data management system and computer-readable method for storing structured data managemen...
Thermal connector for joining mobile electronic devices to docking stations
Non-convex and convex tiling kits and building blocks from prismatic nodes
Compositions and methods for identifying signaling pathway agonists and antagonists
Cosmetic composition containing a neuropeptide Y receptor antagonist
Method and apparatus for managing real estate brokerage referrals
Mobile voice verification system
Human nucleolin-like protein
Electrical discharge tube having trigger wires
Method for controlling process events using neural network
Method of forming materials between conductive electrical components, and insulating materials
Dilute cleaning composition and method for using same
Bipolar transistor having a low doped drift layer of crystalline SiC
Method of installing foundation for tension leg platform
Monohull having stern stabilizers for a high speed ship
Inorganic-organic composite foam and process for the production thereof
Viable contaminant particle free adenoviruses, their prepartion and use
Method using photo-induced and thermal bending of MEMS sensors
Adhesive silicone elastomer film, and covering method and bonding method making use of the same
Strawberry plant named `Biscayne`
Power steering apparatus
Multilayer ceramic substrate with anchored pad
Method, system, and apparatus to improve instruction pre-fetching on computer systems
Frame-based heroic data recovery
Method for sharing and executing inaccessible dynamic processes for replica consistency among a plur...
Implantable electronic unit
Biocompatible stent with radiopaque markers
Heart stimulator determining cardiac output, by measuring the systolic pressure, for controlling the...
Index managing unit, index updating method, index managing method, computer-readable recording mediu...
Parallel/pipeline VLSI architecture for a low-delay CELP coder/decoder
Rolling-contact cylindrical element
Roller guide apparatus
Bearing metal positioning structure in a split connecting rod
Bearing construction for drive shaft
End cap for bearing assembly
Adjustable bearing spacer
Thrust ball bearing and open-type scroll compressor
Portion of a shoe upper
Liquid crystal display device
Pipe joint and seal
Gastric remaining preparation, swollen molding, and production process
Lithography chuck having piezoelectric elements, and method
User friendly remote system interface
Heat radiation system for electric circuitry
Tubular drill mast
Apparatus for encapsulating substances in small spherical particles formed from an encapsulating flu...
Method for connecting terminals to a host computer and a host computer therefor
Propynyl or dienyl biaromatic compounds
Medical log apparatus and method
Systems and methods for providing an improved exercise device with motivational programming
OCT-3 polypeptides
Ceramic lamp
Method of forming a (200)-oriented platinum layer
Image display device
Technique for depth of field viewing of images using an aspherical lens
Method and apparatus for a high-speed multimedia content switch with compressed internet protocol he...
Method for training and/or testing a neural network with missing and/or incomplete data
Electrochemical conversion of anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas using a membrane-electrode as...
Aerosol treatment device for respiratory ailments
Millimeter-wave zoom antenna for guilding beamrider hypervelocity missile
Anchor and method of uncoupling for such anchor
Streptococcus gordonii strains resistant to fluorodeoxyuridine
Method of fabricating deflection aperture array for electron beam exposure apparatus, wet etching me...
Yfil pseudouridine synthase
Method and apparatus for generating controlled mixture of organic vapor and inert gas
Adhesive tape for electronic parts
Continuous electrodeionization apparatus and method
Camera having picture size switching function and/or to data projecting function
Photinia plant named `Colwillow`
Wheelchair fender and method of mounting wheelchair fender
System and method for managing transmission of electronic data between trading partners
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of using pelarogonium sp. as hyperaccumulators for remediating contaminated soil
Health watch
Yaw steering momentum system
Data transfer with JTAG controller using index register to specipy one of several control/status reg...
System for removing selected unwanted frequenices in accordance with altered settings in a user inte...
Nucleoside analogues
Maize aquaporins and uses thereof
Adhesive bonding method and device
Device for cooling gun barrels of firearms
Self-destruct fuze for munitions
Power-packed arrowhead
Multi-port paintball projector
Adjustable length, modular storage device
Paintball guns
Device for assembling and disassembling gas rifle and gas tank to and from each other
Projectile retrieval system
Sports training device
Apparatus and method for pressing powders
Landmass fly-around boundary generation
Vacuum debulking table for thermoplastic materials
Side element of a shoe upper
Liquid crystal display device with light quantity control portion
Developing apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for the quantitative analysis of a liquid sample with surface enhanced spectros...
Piezoelectric actuator and valve assembly with thermal expansion compensation
Process for the preparation of alpha-oxoaldehydes
Blocky chlorinated polyolefins, process for making and use as impact modifier compatibilizer for PVC...
System and method for remote printing using incremental font subsetting
Method of sending and receiving information and system using such method
Image forming apparatus
Advanced surgical suite for trauma casualties (AZTEC)
Method and device for filling casting molds with casting resin
Solvent annealing process for forming a thin semiconductor film with advantageous properties
Braid cutter-sealer implement and method
Valve timing adjusting device
Multi-position variable cam timing system having a vane-mounted locking-piston device
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Lock mechanism for valve timing regulation device
Valve timing control device
Desmodromic cam driven variable valve timing mechanism
Combustion control apparatus for internal combustion engine
EPG data collection and delivery system and EPG data collection and delivery device therein
Method and apparatus for providing subscription-on-demand services, dependent services and contingen...
Method and apparatus for providing subscription-on-demand services for an interactive information di...
Telecasting service for providing video programs on demand with an interactive interface for facilit...
Video and audio signal editing and transmitting apparatus and method of same
Customer information network
Television remote commander with data reception capability
Method and apparatus for using photoemission to determine the endpoint of an etch process
Process for dehydration of berries
Photoactivation of proteins for conjugation purposes
Optical system having retro-reflectors
Pectic substance as a growth factor stabilizer
Formation of a stable wax slurry from a Fischer-Tropsch reactor effluent
Process for isomerizing aromatic compounds containing eight carbon atoms
Synthesis of cyclopropaneacetylene using a catalytic decarboxylation reaction
Method for the removal of carbon dioxide from a process gas
Method for forming silica by combustion of liquid reactants using oxygen
Production of nitrous oxide
Integrated steam methane reforming process for producing carbon monoxide and hydrogen
Pigment concentrates containing dimerdiolalkoxylate additives, and methods of preparing same
Cleansing compositions comprising water-soluble surfactant and water-insoluble oil
Solid cosmetic composition free of fillers, containing low amounts of gelling agents
Colorant and method for producing temporary hair colors
Cementing compositions and the application of such compositions to cementing oil or analogous wells
Fluorescent monomers and polymers containing same for use in industrial water systems
Surface coatings
Magnetic recording medium
Polymeric materials and their use
Powder coating of epoxy-acrylic resin, polycarboxylic acid, crosslinked particles and liquid resin
High frequency inductive lamp and power oscillator
Method of deposition of thin films of amorphous and crystalline microstructures based on ultrafast p...
Fuel cell and power chip technology
Methods and compositions for determining the sequence of nucleic acid molecules
Packaging material for photographic photosensitive material
Synthesis of styrene-isoprene rubber
Two-component type developer and image forming method
Propylene-ethylene block copolymer, resin composition, and blow-molded article
Surface active agent containing fluorine and coating compositions using the same
Method for recrystallizing diacetal in polyolefin resin
Information retrieval and display systems
Breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) and the DNA which encodes it
System and method for measuring stress during processing of an optical fiber
Fiber mini-bend light guide
Segmented complex fiber gratings
Optical waveguide component and a method of producing the same
Fiber interconnection assembly
D-mannitol derivatives as HIV aspartyl protease inhibitors
Escape light instrument
Vinyl chloride fibers and process for preparing the same
Methods for production of the oxidized glutathione composite with cis-diamminedichloroplatinum and p...
Combinations of hepatitis c virus (HCV) antigens for use in immunoassays for anti-HCV antibodies
Simulataneous detection, identification and differentiation of eubacterial taxa using a hybridizatio...
Recombinant inactive core streptavidin mutants
Methods for the preparation of biphenyl isoxazole sulfonamides
Tissue specific promoters and transgenic mouse for the screening of pharmaceuticals
Searching and serving bookmark sets based on client specific information
Electroactive pore
Camera with retractable flash assembly
Ruthenium metathesis catalyst and method for producing olefin reaction product by metathesis reactio...
Semiconductor memory having cell including transistor and ferroelectric capacitor
Apparatus and method for converting two-dimensional image sequence into three-dimensional image usin...
Optical system with zernike-shaped corrector
Automated forms publishing system and method using a rule-based expert system to dynamically generat...
Macroporous flow field assembly
Communication control method
Fuzzy control apparatus for jet loom
Precipitated calcium carbonate particles from basic calcium carbonate
Composite masonry block
Coupling system for subsea pipelines and method for establishing such system
Soybean cultivar 9431836328643
Inbred maize line PH50P
Inbred maize line PH8V0
High speed inverter and registration servo
Printhead assembly with ink monitoring system
Reduction of spot misplacement through electrostatic focusing of uncharged drops
Ink jet printing process
Immersion coating system
Toner compositions
Intelligent cache management mechanism
Room temperature curable silane terminated and stable waterborne polyurethane dispersions which cont...
Methods for fabricating an array for use in multiplexed biochemical analysis
Method for forming a semiconductor device
Viewfinder optical system of a single-lens reflex camera
Prunus rootstock named `Nickels`
Cryptographic system with methods for user-controlled message recovery
Computer system, program product and method of creating aliases and accessing storage locations in a...
Method and system for accessing application log messages appearing in a web-based user interface in ...
Hollow drive shaft with integrated vibration absorber
Method and apparatus for monitoring, controlling and configuring local communication devices
Converter socket terminal
Terminal unit, position display method, information providing system, and information providing meth...
Method and home base station for setting up connections for a mobile station using an organization c...
Mobile communication system with improved antenna arrangement
Device and method for treating infection using standing radio frequency waves
Non-corrosive cleaning method for use in the manufacture of microelectronic device
Bi-directional momentum bias spacecraft attitude control
Compositions of optically pure (-) norcisapride
Method for producing an optically active acyloin
Monolithic millimeter-wave beam-steering antenna
Optical image reading device
Semiconductor device with aligned oxide apertures and contact to an intervening layer
Multi-mode memory addressing using variable-length
Chain guide
Abort of DRAM read ahead when PCI read multiple has ended
Side element of a shoe upper
Reflecting plate, reflection type liquid crystal display device and processes for manufacturing same
Medicated wrap
Coating materials for liquid lightguides
Piezoelectric device and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for developing multiprocessor cache control protocols using atomic probe comman...
Apparatus and method for maintaining cache coherency in a memory system
Non-preemptive memory locking mechanism in a shared resource system
Means for allowing two or more network interface controller cards to appear as one card to an operat...
System and method for server control of client cache
Biodegradable contrast media for MR imaging
Prescan calibration of spatially dependent data errors in single echo sequences
Modular gradient system for MRI system
Double-resonance MRI coil
Magnetic field generator for MRI, packing member for the same, and method for packing the same
Magnetic resonance imaging head coil
Device and method to homogenize a magnetic field
Murine interferon-.alpha.
Method for increasing the electrotransport flux of polypeptides
Sulfonamide derivatives as inhibitors of bone resorption and as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Method of treatment using certain growth-hormone secret agogues
Calcium receptor-active molecules
Distributed frequency relay
Tri-roll decurler
8-[(2-hydroxy-4-methoxy benzoyl) amino]-octanoic acid compositions for delivering active agents
Vehicle guidance system and method therefor
Method and device for diagnosis for vehicle
Ultrasound transducer temperature compensation methods, apparatus and programs
Method and system for determining a vehicle mass
Mobile interactive workstation
Methods of progressive jackpot gaming
Networked credit adjust meter for electronic gaming
Trusted workstation in a networked client/server computing system
Method and system for automatically generating advisory information for pharmacy patients along with...
Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds
Method and apparatus for reducing artifacts in echo planar imaging
Cordless dryer safety interlock system
Starch products having hot or cold water dispersibility and hot or cold swelling viscosity
DNA-based steganography
Receive processing for dedicated bandwidth data communication switch backplane
System, method, and product for information embedding using an ensemble of non-intersecting embeddin...
Method and apparatus for sorting and acquiring image data for documents
Yucca recurvifolia plant named `Hinvargas`
Verbena plant named `Tort White`
Verbena plant named `Tort Peachy`
Carnation plant named `Cantare`
Cocoa components, edible products having enriched polyphenol content, methods of making same and med...
High fidelity detection of nucleic acid differences by ligase detection reaction
Assays for measuring nucleic acid binding proteins and enzyme activities