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DbpA compositions and methods of use
Method for expression of heterologous proteins in yeast
Genetic modification of primate hemopoietic repopulating stem cells
Detergent compositions containing and effervescent
Washing machine
Triple layer sponge
Trash can receptacle
Golf cart
Golf cart
Secretases related to Alzheimer's dementia
DNA encoding high affinity interleukin-4 muteins
Music teaching system and method
Displaying workstations requests in differentiating manner according to their respective priorities
Multi-language domain name service
Secure configuration of a digital certificate for a printer or other network device
POS terminal unit provided with customer approach notification function
Method and apparatus for collecting data and storage medium for data collection program
Creating and using an adaptable multiple-contact transaction object
Partitioned pseudo-random logic test for improved manufacturability of semiconductor chips
Resource group quorum scheme for highly scalable and highly available cluster system management
Method and apparatus for analyzing a storage network based on incomplete information from multiple r...
Repetitive interval timing
Processor having a trace access instruction to access on-chip trace memory
Development system with methods for assisting a user with inputting source code
Data processing apparatus for facilitating data selection and data processing in at television envir...
Processing multiple database transactions in the same process to reduce process overhead and redunda...
Methods and apparatus for generating query feedback based on co-occurrence patterns
Apparatus and method for transferring state data when performing on-line replacement of a running pr...
Multinuclear cationic platinum complexes with antitumor activity
Method for administering insulin to the brain
Inhibition of cataracts and other disorders
Soybean cultivar 9431836328642
Electron source and production thereof and image-forming apparatus and production thereof
Ultrasonic harmonic imaging system and method using waveform pre-distortion
Method for determining traffic priority order on network
Electronic flash light-emission controlling method and apparatus and camera
Computer human method and system for the control and management of an airport
Semiconductor device and manufacture method thereof, as well as light emitting semiconductor device
Analog functional module using magnetoresistive memory technology
Silicone functionalized eugenol esters
Luminescent compounds and methods of making and using same
Inbred maize line PH4TV
Aircraft flight mode selector system
Reconfigurable expert rule processing system
Electrochemical cells with cationic polymers and electroactive sulfur compounds
System for transferring content information and supplemental information relating thereto
Information distribution system
Lift-lower controls for a pallet truck
Particulate and aerosol remover
System and method for identifying the context of a statement made to a virtual robot
Process for preparing synthesis gas
Geogrid and civil engineering structure comprising such a geogrid
Sea wall and method of construction thereof
Magnetic recording medium
Online collaborative apprenticeship
Ring assembly for a pen
Time teaching globe
Diagnostic system and method for phonological awareness, phonological processing, and reading skill ...
Heuchera plant named `Strawberry Candy`
Continuous wire saw loop and method of manufacture thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor device using local self boost technique
Strain belonging to Exserohilum monoceras, and uses thereof
Process and plant for reforming hydrocarbonaceous feedstock
Halogen-free epoxy resin
Method for preparing N-substituted heterocyclic derivatives using a phase-transfer catalyst
Method for stabilization of liquid mercury
Steel compositions and methods of processing for producing cold-formed and carburized components wit...
Magnetic composite article and manufacturing method of the same and soft magnetic powder of Fe-Al-Si...
High strength cast aluminum-beryllium alloys containing magnesium
Porous silicon oxycarbide integrated circuit insulator
Optical sensor using an immunological reaction and a fluorescent marker
Method for hybrid inorganic/organic composite materials
Preparation of reinforced elastomer, elastomer composite, and tire having component thereof
Process for the preparation of .alpha.-methylene lactones
Semiconductor memory device and production method of the same
Process for selectively producing C3 olefins in a fluid catalytic cracking process
Halogen and perhalo-organo substituted N-phenyl (or biphenyl) maleimide
Method of making frangible spray dried agglomerated supports and olefin polymerization catalysts sup...
Method and apparatus for suppressing resonance
Induction system for watercraft engine
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Correction control for guidance control system
Method and system for optimizing operation of vehicle control systems based on the dynamics of the v...
Bracelet telephone device
Probabilistic use of wireless reserve channels for admission control
Sanitary cover for a telephone handset
Portable radio having retractable keys, wherein the keys retract within the housing upon movement of...
Method of making a rod guide with both high erodible wear volume and by-pass area
Evolutionary control of machine based on user's preference inferred from user's operation
Composition of diene rubber reinforced with a white filler, comprising a multi-functionalized polyor...
Method of recording trajectory data and sensor data for a manually-driven vehicle
Video game with bonusing or wild feature
Method of playing a multi-stage video wagering game
View finder device having compact structure
Table seedless grape plant named `Autumn Giant`
Heterocyclic compounds useful as pharmaceutical agents
Aromatic amine compounds that antagnoize the pain enhancing effects of prostaglandins
Azolobenzazepine derivatives and compositions and method of use thereof
Method and apparatus for quantum communication
Complementary DNAs
Electric vehicle photovoltaic charging system
Automatic status register
Process for increasing moisture permeability of leather, especially for seating in the automobile in...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for copy protection for various recording media
Vertebrae linking system
Anti-friction release device
Contact device for placement in direct apposition to the conjunctive of the eye
Process for forming a colored three-dimensional article
Gradation image thermal recording method
Color former mixture
Heat-sensitive recording material
Methods and apparatus for electrohydrodynamic ejection
Nucleic acid detection
Decolorable image forming material and decoloring method of the same
Rapid gelling biocompatible polymer composition
Secreted proteins and polynucleotides encoding them
High-concentration flowable anionic surfactant mixtures containing alkyl ether sulfates and alkyl su...
Pharmaceutical compositions containing TSG-6 for treating inflammatory diseases and cancer-related p...
Use of retinoid receptor antagonists in the treatment of cartilage and bone pathologies
Neurite outgrowth-promoting polypeptides containing fibronectin type III repeats and methods of use
T1 channel bank control and apparatus
Customer identification and marketing analysis systems
Curable resin composition, adhesive composition, bonded product, speaker and bonding method
Quadrature solutions for 3D capacitance extraction
Computer system and method for operating multiple operating systems in different partitions of the c...
Lepidopteran-resistent transgenic plants
Synthetic sand frontal training shoe
Method for forming a multi-domain alignment layer for a liquid crystal display device
Process and system for separation and recovery of perfluorocompound gases
Ductal orifice identification by characteristic electrical signal
Apparatus and method for manufacturing an intracutaneous microneedle array
Low power crystal oscillator having improved long term and short term stability
Structured occlusive dressing
System and method for antenna failure detection
Intranet scanning terminal system
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Fitness for duty testing device and method
Communications navigation system, and navigation base apparatus and navigation apparatus both used i...
Light distribution diffuser for exit signs and the like illuminated by LED arrays
Method and apparatus for "Just-in-Time" dynamic loading and unloading of computer software libraries
Lane following system for a vehicle
Method and equipment for extracting image features from image sequence
Clad material and method of manufacturing the material
Method for continuous smelting of solid metal products
Method for manufacturing forged wide sidewalls of a continuous casting mold
System for controlling access and distribution of digital property
Method for softlinking between documents in a vehicle diagnostic system
Method and system for notarizing digital signature data in a system employing cryptography based sec...
Method and apparatus for hair color characterization and treatment
Reinforced serpentine rope chain
Handset and method of operation thereof
Multicomponent pet food product and methods of making and using the same
Auxiliary frame of spool of spinning reel for fishing
Method and apparatus for controlling access to a product
Apparatus and method for communication between multiple browsers
Method for improving the assignment of circuit locations during fabrication
Aromatic alkylation process
System and method for asynchronously accessing a graphics system for graphics application evaluation...
Nonpenetrating electroporation device and method
Acetylenic sulfonamide thiol tace inhibitors
Maize aquaporins and uses thereof
Light source utilizing reflective cavity having sloped side surfaces
Dual band ultrasonic systems
Combination two player pinball machine and remote control therefor
Three dimensional model with three dimensional pointers and multimedia functions linked to the point...
Single-lens reflex view finder
Liquid crystal display fabrication process using a final rapid thermal anneal
Pseudo random number generator
Inhibition of asphaltene deposition in crude oil production systems
Hybrid WDM-TDM optical communication and data link
Single-chip audio system power reduction circuitry and methods
Integrated memory with at least two plate segments
MNOS-type memory using single electron transistor and driving method thereof
Method for locating an internal bleeding site in a human body
Blue-light emitting compound and display device adopting the same as color developing substance
Water slide with cushioning
Printing system for individually creating three-dimensional displays
Method and telecommunication system for supporting multimedia services via an interface and a corres...
Automated orbit compensation system and method
Brake control for vehicles, especially for rail vehicles and a method for controlling vehicle brakes
System for video, audio, and graphic presentation in tandem with video/audio play
Emulsion feed assembly and method
Method and system for inter-applet communication in a computer network
Secure messaging system overlay for a selective call signaling system
Method and system for recovering from a software failure
Tumor necrosis factor related receptor, TR6
Soy proteins and methods for their production
SMAD-interacting polypeptides and their use
Isolated DNA sequence which can serve as terminator region in a chimeric gene capable of being used ...
Determining an alignment estimation between two (fingerprint) images
Method and system for testing and debugging distributed software systems by using network emulation
Method and apparatus for a translation system that aggressively optimizes and preserves full synchro...
Oxidizing composition and uses for dyeing, permanently setting or bleaching keratin fibres
Compounds and methods for therapy of lung cancer
Cyclosporin formulation
Rapid release encapsulated bioactive agents for inducing or potentiating an immune response and meth...
Biodegradable targetable microparticle delivery system
Gun lock
Method of assembling substrates and electronic components
Massage and skin suction apparatus
System and method for improving the appearance of skin
Photostabilized sunscreen compositions comprising dibenzoylmethane compounds and benzylidenecamphor-...
Cosmetic composition for rejuvenation of skin without skin irritation
Fluorinated hydrocarbons, detergents, deterging method, polymer-containing fluids, and method of for...
Multilayer laminate formed from a substantially stretched non-molten wholly aromatic liquid crystall...
Airway device with provision for coupling to an introducer
Aerosol formulations for buccal and pulmonary application
System and method for forward custom marshaling event filters
Artificially intelligent natural language computational interface system for interfacing a human to ...
Ga-doped multi-crytsalline silicon, Ga-doped multi-crystalline silicon wafer and method for producin...
Oxidation process for preparing quinacridone pigments
Cosmetic compositions containing optical brighteners
Melanin inhibiting and cell growth activating compositions containing compounds having labdane struc...
N-(2-Mercaptoethyl)-1,3-thiazolidines and their use as odorants and flavorings
Synthesis of melanoquaternary compounds and their use as hair dyes and for skin treatment
Method for producing aromatic aldehydes
Wafer level contact sheet and method of assembly
Functionalized ethylene/vinyl or vinylidene aromatic interpolymers
Gas-gas-water treatment for groundwater and soil remediation
Virtual slalom course
Continuous addition of tin halides to solution SBR
Hibiscus plant named `Floru`
Automatic configuration options for multi-element robotic library configurations
Complexes of apolipoprotein E and ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) and methods of use
Method for an alarm event generator
Method and device for switching wavelength division multiplexed optical signals using micro-electrom...
Polysiloxane-containing polyurethane elastomeric compositions
Poly (mercaptopropylaryl) curatives
Apparatus and method for editing a music score based on an intermediate data set including note data...
Image photography apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, image photography and reproducing apparatu...
Rose plant named `Tanoronez`
Mobile wireless internet portable radio
Collaborative/adaptive search engine
Apparatus and methods for use of access tokens in an internet document management system
System and method for retrieval, saving and printing of using hyperlinks
Ad controller for use in implementing user-transparent network-distributed advertising and for inter...
Method for managing printed medium activated revenue sharing domain name system schemas
Method and apparatus for load sharing on a wide area network
Motion picture data encrypting method and computer system and motion picture data encoding/decoding ...
Imidazole derivatives having affinity for alpha2 receptors
Device for sensing an object or a person in the interior of a vehicle and method for operating such ...
Carrier and system for testing bumped semiconductor components
Method and apparatus for vertically scrambling and descrambling of video signals
Input device, game device, and method and recording medium for same
Electronic accessory for game machine
Portable net device
Golf ball and method of coating a golf ball with top coat containing an aromatic/aliphatic polyisocy...
Playing field with equipment for a football-like game
Motion display toy
Bow-hunters horn rattling apparatus
Keepsake confetti
Water tower assembly with variable water level
Music box with memory stick or other removable media to change content
Singing toy device and method
Disposable fabric-saturated sanitizer wipe(s) for food industry with sealed container packaging ther...
Method for stabilization of biological substances during drying and subsequent storage and compositi...
Thermoplastic mixtures containing dialdehyde starch and natural polymers
Composition having capability of removing risk factor during exercise
Spray drying of polymer-containing dispersions, water-in-oil emulsions and water-in-oil microemulsio...
Method for purifying lactide and lactide for food additives
Extraction of corn oil from flaked corn grain
Process for producing canthaxanthin
Reward enriched learning system and method II
Fixed subscriber unit
Inbred maize line PH2JR
Discreet shaped colored polymeric objects in a transparent or translucent matrix
Liquid crystal display device having intermediate alignment film in a region between adjacent pixels
Thin film electrostatic shield for inductive plasma processing
Online digital photography game system
Therapy-selection methods for implantable heart monitors
A-site- and/or B-site-modified PbZrTiO3 materials and (Pb, Sr, Ca, Ba, Mg) (Zr, Ti, Nb, Ta)O3 films ...
Fiber optic sensor system and method
Resonant tag
Apparatus for and method of providing an indication of the magnitude of a quantity
Gyroscope and method and apparatus for spinning same
Simulated dovetail testing
Catalyst compositions for the production of polyurethanes
Method and system of providing navigation services to cellular phone devices from a server
Multiple sprocket for a bicycle gear shifting mechanism
Chain switching device for bicycles
Hub for spoked wheels
Hybrid spring for bicycle derailleurs
Gearshift for bicycle gears
Click-stop gear shift for bicycles
Bulbous grip for rotatable bicycle gear shifter
Self alignment device for ball grid array devices
Innovated type of hazard alarm sign
System and method for automated identification, retrieval, and installation of multimedia software c...
Modular health care information management system utilizing reusable software objects
Portable electronic device
Apparatus and method to generate and access broadcast information
Home-network autoconfiguration
Method and system for measuring queue length and delay
System and method for providing random access to a multimedia object over a network
Software system generation
Byte code instrumentation
Method and system for anticipatory optimization of computer programs
Expedited object locking and unlocking
Miniature microphone component
Fireplace accessory
System for mitigating RF interference in a hearing aid
Prescription-controlled data collection system and method
Cathode ray tube with getter assembly
Image projecting device
Electric double layer capacitor
Circuit and method for modulating pulse width
Pattern reading apparatus
Amplifier system with a discrete Raman fiber amplifier module
Hydrogen-based ecosystem
Resealable pack
Methods and apparatus for enabling portable telephone handset to automatically go off-hook
Circuit simulation with improved circuit partitioning
Hardware efficient fast hadamard transform engine
Gap spar with ducking risers
Self adjusting boat cover support pole
Streptokinase mutants
Heat developable photosensitive material
Method and apparatus for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests
Reaction and technique development sled
Nonwoven fabric having both UV stability and flame retardancy
Method and system for door alert
Film carrier tape and laminated multi-chip semiconductor device incorporating the same and method th...
Nerium oleander plant-`Turner's 6-667`
Proportional load transfer valve for suspension control with 6.times.2 automatic traction control
System for bridging a system bus with multiple PCI buses
Multiplex sensor and method of use
Data/voice/fax compression multiplexer
Gaming machine payout transportsystem
Dichroic mirror
Consistent data storage in an object cache
Insecticidal protein fragments
Side element of a shoe upper
Method and apparatus for changing numeric values on a display device
Kiln universal oxygen enrichment
Multi-bank semiconductor memory device suitable for integration with logic
Methods of analysis/separation
Programmable configuration, level and output voltage range circuits and methods for signal processor...
Adaptor protein FRS2 and related products and methods
Communication system and method for determining the location of a transponder unit
Surface acoustic wave filter
Method for arming a security system
Electronic product with a function knob capable of receiving voice signal
Cold tandem rolling method and cold tandem rolling mill
Method and system for providing enhanced folder racks
Apparatus for signal isolation in a radio transmitter-receiver
Mobile communication device
Resin-coated carrier, two-component developer and image forming method
Electrostatic image-developing toner
Developing device
Polymer toner and method of production thereof
Toner development of electrostatically charged image
Hand-held programmable sign
Structural bracing connection system
Method for treating tension-type headache with inhibitors of nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase
Treatment of hiatial hernia
Method and composition for transdermal administration of pharmacologic agents
Triglyceride-free compositions and methods for improved delivery of hydrophobic therapeutic agents
Stabilized, acid-free formulation for sustained release of bupropion hydrochloride
Treatments using venlafaxine
Hair brush with movable bristles
Methods for caching cache tags
Non-contact non-invasive measuring method and apparatus
Utility-based multi-category quality-of-service negotiation in distributed systems
Universal two-piece label holder system for hooks
Bacillus thuringiensis isolates with broad spectrum activity
Method and apparatus for an autonomous cloud radar
Method of manufacturing resin coated aluminum alloy plates for drawn and ironed cans
Continuous casting mould
Loading system for electric arc furnaces
Methods and apparatus for performing image rendering and rasterization operations
Computer implemented empirical mode decomposition method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for ...
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp and display
Stryrene resin composition and process for producing the same
Encapsulated vacuum interrupter module removably mounted in a housing
Raman probe with spatial filter and semi-confocal lens
Charging device in which charging member is contactable with and separable from charged member
Structure for preventing frost heave damage to an underground structure and a method of installing t...
Fender system
Personal and household care compositions
Management of physiological and psychological state of an individual using images biometric analyzer
Geranium hybrid plant named `Pink Spice`
Parallel hybrid drive for a motor vehicle having a clutch which is integrated in the electrical mach...
Method of calling a mobile station in a mobile telephone system
Alterable scripting tool and method
Multiple store miss handling in a cache memory memory system
Automatic espresso and cappuccino machine
Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood glucose sensing
Methods and apparatus relating to the formulation and trading of investment contracts
Gaming machine payout dispensing system and method
Mirror for an ultraviolet laser and method
Sign holder for shelves with C-channels
Method and measurement configuration for measuring the characteristics of radio channels
Bearing spacer for in-line skate
Bearing assembly
Wheel bearing assembly with brake rotor
Rolling element and producing method
Sliding bearing and its production method
Bearing structures for a motor rotor
Composite paperboard containers of optimized axial strength construction
Polynucleotide compositions encoding broad-spectrum .delta.-endotoxins
Side element of a shoe upper
Rheology modification of interpolymers of alpha-olefins and vinylidene aromatic monomers
Filled polyethylene compositions
Thermoplastic elastomeric blends
Polymer compositions having improved elongation
Shrink film having balanced properties or improved toughness and methods of making the same
Nanoporous polymers crosslinked via cyclic structures
Processes for producing 1,6-hexanediols
Bioabsorbable blends and coating composition containing same
Processes for producing 1,6-hexanediols
Polyether phosphates
Processes for producing epsilon caprolactams
Solid acids as catalysts for the preparation of hydrocarbon resins
Process for preparing acrylic polymers in the presence of a radical initiator and a polymeric suspen...
Polymerization process with novel catalyst system
Star-shaped block copolymer and production process therefor
Process for the preparation and uses of derivatives of esters of .alpha.-methylene-.beta.-hydroxy ac...
Voltage generating circuit, and common electrode drive circuit signal line drive circuit and gray-sc...
Dental containment device
Method for manufacturing contoured and laminated materials
Vitamin D analogues
Service delivery using broadband
High resolution focused ultrasonic transducer, for LWD method of making and using same
Method and apparatus for privacy and authentication in wireless networks
Applicators for health and beauty products
Composition and method for producing an alloy steel and a product therefrom for structural applicati...
Process for the production of grain oriented electrical steel strip starting from thin slabs
System to plug the delta area of the roof of an electric arc furnace
System for delivering data content over a low bit rate transmission channel
Apparatus for regulating welding parameters during laser beam welding
Low energy method for changing the inclinations of orbiting satellites using weak stability boundari...
Safety glasses
Plastic lens and plastic lens manufacturing system
Water-repellent glass and process for preparing same
Sport eyeglasses having removable lenses
Circular saw
Dual lens X-ray protective eyewear
Superconductor structure with glass substrate and high-temperature superconductor deposited thereon,...
Apparatus and method of indirectly illuminating a sign
Instruction look-ahead system and hardware
System and method for virtual circuit backup in a communication network
Method and apparatus for sending an electronic mail message to a receiving party
Internet telephony directory server
Prevention of ovarian cancer by administration of progestin products
Fluorescent lamp extension tube amalgam holder
Method for determination of weights, suitable for elimination, of a neural network using a computer
Carbon monoxide filter layer
One-part dental compositions and methods for bleaching and desensitizing teeth
Method of fabricating transistor with silicon oxycarbide gate
Apparatus and method of a low pressure, two-step nucleation tungsten deposition
Optical microscope stage for scanning probe microscope
Composite pile with tapering lower portion and method for driving pile into granular soil
Offshore personnel transfer system
Resin composition with biodegradability and foamability
High strength, Bio-compatible tissue adhesive and methods for treating vigorously bleeding surfaces
Motors, and bearings therefor
Raspberry plant named `Josephine`
Radiator mounting arrangement for a work machine
Methods and apparatus for translating between telephone signaling protocols
Process and intermediates
Non-ionic plasticizer additives for wood pulps and absorbent cores
Method and apparatus for improved communication in a wellbore utilizing acoustic signals
Automatic loading device for photographic films, in developing machines
Fabrication of refractive index patterns in optical fibers having protective optical coatings
Method and system for measuring and adjusting pressure of tires
Digital magnetic system for magnetic surgery
Consolidated exterior sideview mirror assembly incorporating an in-mold film process
Variable voltage protection structures and method for making same
Multimedia search and indexing for automatic selection of scenes in a media by analyzing frequency r...
Information transmitting method, encoder/decoder of information transmitting system using the method...
Angled interlocked firing mechanism
Locking device
Deployable folded propeller assembly for aerial projectiles
Precursor-follow through explosively formed penetrator assembly
Sealable recovery vessel system and method for accessing valved containers
Propellent charge powder for barrel-type weapons
Apparatus for fiber impregnation
High pressure washout of chemical agents
Process and materials for aligning liquid crystals and liquid crystal optical elements
Process and materials for inducing pre-tilt in liquid crystals and liquid crystal displays
Propellant grain geometry for controlling ullage and increasing flame permeability
Liquid crystal optical storage medium with gray scale
Process and materials for inducing pre-tilt in liquid crystals and liquid crystal displays
Slipper sock moccasin and method of making same
Clip display method and display device therefor
Power tilt and trim system for outboard drive
Universal biocompatible coating platform for medical devices
Method, apparatus, system and firmware for secure transactions
Piezoelectric switch with audible feedback
Esters of aromatic polycarboxylic acids with 2-alkylalkan-1-ols
Wireless cellular communicator system and apparatus
Production of terephthalic acid
Melt crystallization purification of lactides
Hydroformylation of acyclic monoethylenically unsaturated compounds to corresponding terminal aldehy...
Vapor phase oxidation of acrolein to acrylic acid
Preparation of transition metal imine complexes
Annealed carbon soot field emitters and field emitter cathodes made therefrom
Conductive silicone rubber composition and low-resistance connector
Cosmetic compositions with agglomerated substrates
Barrier cream
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Cross-linked well treating fluids
Batch process for producing polyamides from aminonitriles
Method of Producing High Solids Coating Composition and Coatings Resulting Therefrom
Push-button switch with part to a wire rod exposed to an inside bottom of housing to form a contact ...
Modification of the shape/surface finish of battery grid wires to improve paste adhesion
Fluidized bed treatment of EAF dust
Transaction processing systems
LED traffic light and method manufacture and use thereof
Wet type electrophotography apparatus to evenly apply developing solution on a developing roller
Method for analyzing effectiveness of internal controls in a model of an accounting system
Method and apparatus for delivering electronic advocacy messages
Fax routing system and method of using standard fax machine and personal computer
Electron tube device mounted with a cold cathode and a method of impressing voltages on electrodes o...
Measuring angular rotation of an object
Unified audio/video interface for a digital video disk system
Controlling a physical Relationship between a display and a viewer of the display
Pattern recognition using generalized association rules
Membrane-electrode unit for polymer electrolyte fuel cells and processes for their preparation
Process for manufacture of a solution of dialkyl peroxydicarbonate
Self drilling roof bolt
Ship propulsion and steering systems
Antineoplastic conjugates of transferrin, albumin and polyethylene glycol
Resistor array devices including switch contacts operated by microelectromechanical actuators and me...
Polyimide precursor, polyimide and their use
Use of glass laminate as a substrate in semiconductor devices
Method for using a CVD organic barc as a hard mask during via etch
Method of low-K/copper dual damascene
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electro-optical device and method of driving the same
Radiation sensitive resin composition
Fabrication method of an organic electroluminescent devices
Method and apparatus for capacitive deionization and electrochemical purification and regeneration o...
Coleus plant named `Jan's Gold`
Method and apparatus for providing awareness-triggered push
Method of using electronic tickets containing privileges for improved security
Method and apparatus for dynamic link name negotiation
Apparatus for providing improved game port operation in a computer
Method and apparatus for dithering images in a digital display system
Method and apparatus for providing fifo buffer input to an input/output device used in a computer sy...
Architecture for providing input/output operations in a computer system
Delayed interrupts with a FIFO in an improved input/output architecture
Method for determining an initiation threshold value for an automatic braking process
Wireless telephony ring detection method for extended battery life
Satellite navigation system having redundant signal processing and matched filtering
Motor drive assembly for a semiconductor wafer processing system
Semiconductor plating bowl and method using anode shield
Methods and apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Gas intake assembly for a wafer processing system
Methods and apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Process architecture and manufacturing tool sets employing hard mask patterning for use in the manuf...
Just-in-time register renaming technique
Architecture for processing wide field-of view sun sensor signals for satellite applications
Catalyst comprising oxides of silicon, zinc and aluminium used for the preparation of LPG and high o...
Optical amplifying apparatus for detecting break point in optical transmission lines
Polarization insensitive semiconductor optical amplifier
Night vision monocular
Method and apparatus for chromatic dispersion compensation and dispersion slope compensation in wave...
Sensor device for determining the degree of wetting and/or soiling on window panes
Sign holder
Bacillus thuringiensis CryET33 and CryET34 compositions and uses thereof
Shoe sole structures
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Protective covering system for outboard motor
Biomaterials with hydrophilic surfaces
Flexible wound covering based on fibrin and process for its production
Method, apparatus, and system for transferring units of value
Multiple signal audible oscillation generator
Process for producing hinokitiol
Method and system for analyzing received signal strength
Method and system for optimized data transfers in a mixed 64-bit/32-bit PCI environment
System and method for selectively restricting access to memory for bus attached unit IDs
Method and arrangement for hierarchical control of multiple test access port control modules
Method for enhancing the salty-taste and/or delicious-taste of food products
Steel wire rod and process for producing steel for steel wire rod
Method and apparatus for high-speed continuous casting plants with a strand thickness reduction duri...
Device to cool and protect a cathode in an electric arc furnace
Antibodies specific for CD4-binding domain of HIV-1
Methods for performing client-hosted application sessions in distributed processing systems
Real-time three-dimensional weather display method and weathercast system
Multi-utility energy control system
Hand-held programmable sign with rotatable handle
Intelligent communications networks
Interactive talking dolls
Phase change coupling
System and method for valve timing
Method of increasing torque and/or reducing emissions by varying the timing of intake and/or exhaust...
Front-mounting cam phaser module
Enclosure chamber for a camshaft driving endless flexible member of an internal combustion engine
Wind advisory system
Curable casting compositions having a high refractive index and high impact resistance
Method for treating exhaust gas containing fluorine-containing interhalogen compound, and treating a...
Simultaneous collection of DNA and non-nucleic analytes
X-ray imaging system
Method for producing chitin or chitosan
Alternative fuel for use in a diesel engine-powered emergency generator for intermittent use in fixe...
Multi-carotenoid product
Process for synthesis at atmospheric distillate that comprises the use of Fischer-Tropsch technology
Carbonyl iron silicide powder
Process for producing high test hypochlorite and calcium chloride aqueous solution
Process for regenerating a carbon monoxide oxidation reactor
Process for making a co-impregnant catalyst carbon
Cosmetic and skin protective compositions
.alpha.-Oxygen-substituted cyclohexane propionitriles, perfumery uses thereof and processes for prep...
Polymerizable terminal group-containing polyorganosiloxane and production process for the same
Coated fertilizer granules
Aqueous lacquer containing a multicomponent aqueous dispersion
Color filter and method for manufacturing the same
Aqueous dispersions
Anionic water soluble polymer made by reverse phase emulsion polymerization
Low foaming paper surface sizing composition
High-TC superconducting ceramic oxide products and macroscopic and microscopic methods of making the...
Fibrous structures containing nanofibrils and other textile fibers
Permeable composite material, method for producing said composite material, and use of the same
Nano-grid micro reactor and methods
2-or 3-dimensional geometric structures
Liquid crystal display element and driving method thereof
Water-dispersed adhesive compositions
Coating compositions containing ethylene-acrylic acid copolymers with polyamide grafts as rheology m...
Primary alkanolamides
N-substituted-omega-(alkoxysilyl)alkylamines and process for production thereof
Method of preparing compact or cellular polyurethane elastomers and isocyanate prepolymers suitable ...
Coloring material composition
Communication system using a modem with a mode in which data receiving operation is shifted to contr...
.beta.-lactams, methods for the preparation of taxanes, and sidechain-bearing taxanes
Integrated optical circuit
Resonantly coupled waveguides using a taper
Writing Bragg gratings in optical waveguides
Directional coupler and method using polymer material
Microchannel plate having microchannels with funneled openings and method for manufacturing same
Fiber-optic cable tray having adjustable components
Transmissive optical polarizing filters designed to maximize a desired portion of a spectral output
Methods for treating HIV-infected patients by administering GM-CSF
Display and method for producing the same
Screening methods for compounds that inhibit or stimulate helicase enzyme activity
Method and apparatus to prevent signal pile-up
Method and apparatus for controlled contraction of collagen tissue
MR imaging of lesions and detection of malignant tumors
Image viewing apparatus
Normal and abnormal tissue identification system and method for medical images such as digital mammo...
Program rewriting apparatus
Information providing apparatus and method, display controlling apparatus and method, information pr...
Method and configuration for transferring programs
Heavy oil remover
Designing integrated circuit gate arrays using programmable logic device bitstreams
Pre-synthesis test point insertion
Scanning optical detection system
Stacked, reconfigurable system for electrophoretic transport of charged materials
Method for comparing copy number of nucleic acid sequences
Arrays of nucleic acid probes for analyzing biotransformation genes and methods of using the same
Method of manufacturing biological chips
MurC from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Nucleic acid encoding a lectin-derived progenitor cell preservation factor
DNA construct for immunization or gene therapy
Optical system with asymmetric optical corrector
Problem solving apparatus having learning function
Electroactive high storage capacity polyacetylene-co-polysulfur materials and electrolytic cells con...
Ventilator device
Process for producing colloidal borosilicates
Variable buoyancy buoy for mooring mobile offshore drilling units
Reinforced roof underlayment and method of making the same
Polynucleotides encoding choline monooxygenase and plants transformed therewith
Stress resistant plant in which cell death suppressing gene is introduced and method for producing t...
Inhibiting apoptosis in plants using a baculovirus p35 protease inhibitor gene
Method and apparatus for image forming
Dynamic, preventive, centralized printer resource management system and method
Efficient search for a gray-level pattern in an image using ranges of sums
Methods and apparatus for camera pen
Reprographic system operable for direct transfer of a developed image from an imaging member to a co...
Electrophotographic marking machine having an imageable seam intermediate transfer belt
Cleaning apparatus having multiple wiper blades
Treating retinal neuronal disorders by the application of insulin-like growth factors and analogs
Method and apparatus for wiring integrated circuits with multiple power buses based on performance
Multiple input shift register (MISR) signatures used on architected registers to detect interim func...
X-Y grid tree clock distribution network with tunable tree and grid networks
Methods and compositions for cellular and metabolic engineering
Apparatus for low flux photocatalytic pollution control
Geranium plant named `Rozanne`
Motorcycle transmission shifter mechanism
Speech controlled computer user interface
Translational braking device for a projectile during its trajectory
Method for coating wax or resin particles with metallic soap
Polynucleotides and polypeptides in pathogenic mycobacteria and their use as diagnostics, vaccines a...
Recombinase-mediated generation of adenoviral vectors
Thermally color-changing candles
Record material
Pearlescent cosmetic preparations containing dialkyl ethers, silicone compounds and emulsifier
Cholesterol ester clathrate, water-holding composition, hydrous compositions, cosmetics containing t...
Cosmetic compositions
Solid polysaccharide materials for use as wound dressings
Collagen-polysaccharide matrix for treatment of bone tumors
Techniques for forming optical electronic integrated circuits having interconnects in the form of se...
Electronic air dispensing and pressure balancing system for tires
Controller for an automatic motor vehicle transmission
Insecticidal protein fragments
Bus management card for use in a system for bus monitoring
Footwear storage rack
Color display device having filterless areas
Marine outboard electrical generator and assembly method
Integrated self-adjustable continuous time band pass filter based upon Gm cell with bipolar transist...
Lightweight radiation shield system
Network termination equipment
Crystal stack for coherent optical beam combination
Combined cosmetics compact and cellular radiotelephone
Secure communications in a wireless system
Magnetic drive and clutch assembly
Application for patent for nutriceutical chew toy
Method for manufacturing self-hardening steel wire, reinforcing wire and application to a flexible d...
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of formable steel
Method for operating a blast furnace
Power source circuit and its control for three-phase electric arc furnace to reduce flicker
Amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Method, computer program product, and system for client-side deterministic routing and URL lookup in...
Position tracking system
Integrated lung therapy method
Magnetic reasonance tomography apparatus and method in the form of a pulse sequence for operating sa...
Magnetic resonance projection imaging of dynamic subjects
Radiation seed implant method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance arteriography using contrast agents
Overhauser magnetic resonance imaging (ORMI) method comprising ex vivo polarization of a magnetic re...
Amphiphilic drug-oligomer conjugates with hydroyzable lipophile components and methods for making an...
Stable glassy state powder formulations
Method for removing N-terminal methionine
Antenna and antenna operation method for a cellular radio communications system
Display device and array
In-context launch wrapper (ICLW) module and method of automating integration of device management ap...
Automatic speed control device for vehicle
Device, method and system for selecting emergency vehicles
Positioning process and system thereof
Interactive symptomatic recording system and methods
Ball and ladder game
Method and device for managing computer network
Multiplex amplification and separation of nucleic acid sequences on a bioelectronic microchip using ...
Simplified subcooling or superheated indicator and method for air conditioning and other refrigerati...
Article packaging assembly
Printed document including bar code authentication system
Adaptive progress indicator
Stable suspension of hydrocolloids and superplasticizer
Symmetrically-secured electronic communication system
Copy protection apparatus and method
Method for downloading a web page to a client for efficient display on a television screen
Poinsettia plant named `Fisgala`
Miniature rose plant named `Ultimate Pleasure`
Geranium plant named `White Truffles`
Senecio genus plant named `Sunsenedibu`
Hair coloring compositions
Fluorescent nanocrystal-labeled microspheres for fluorescence analyses
Use of modified tethers in screening compound libraries
Agouti polypeptide compositions
Compositions and methods for cancer immunotherapy
Plant fatty acid hydroxylases
Anti-fibroblast growth factor-8 monoclonal antibody
Compounds and methods for modulating tissue permeability
Method and apparatus for securing communication utilizing a security processor
Method and system for extracting application protocol characteristics
System and method for evaluating the loading of a clock driver
On-line consumer credit data reporting system
Effective transmission of documents in hypertext markup language (HTML)
Method and apparatus for transferring data between process modules
Apparatus and method for improving superscalar processors
Accessing databases when viewing text on the web
Multi-element confidence matching system and the method therefor
System and method of generating associations
Hypoxathine compounds
Apparatus and method for reducing disc surface asperities to sub-microinch height
Discharge lamp with dielectrically impeded electrodes
Self-cohering, continuous filament non-woven webs
Low-power memory system with incorporated vector processing
Method for processing material comprising aluminum and plastic
Recombinant human anti-Lewis Y antibodies
Method of making a sealable web or sheet product
Apparatus and method for mapping an image to blocks to provide for robust error recovery in a lossy ...
Artificially synthesized gene for trypsin inhibitor
Automatic flat rate setting system for freight feeder aircraft and method of setting of engine flat ...
System and method for generating performance models of complex information technology systems
Panic button security alarm system
Fluorine-free barrier layer between conductor and insulator for degradation prevention
Design for test area optimization algorithm
Process and apparatus for mixing cohesive powders
Intelligent help system
Method of forming an insoluble phosphate mineral species
Magneto hydro dynamical tidal and ocean current converter
Intermediate transfer recording medium, method of forming print, and print
Device for impulse-pressing a web
Fluorinated solvent compositions containing hydrogen fluoride
One number LAN based calendar
Method and apparatus for improved contact and activity management and planning
Reusable window message medium
System and method for scoring test answer sheets having open-ended questions
Bracteantha plant named `Florabella Gold`
Steerable vertical to horizontal energy transducer for mobile robots
Power gripper
Lens barrier for a camera
Micro and ultrafilters with controlled pore sizes and pore size distribution and methods for making
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having extracting electrode
Drive method for FeRAM memory cell and drive device for the memory cell
Hardware assisted formatted data transfer system having a source storage controller and a formatting...
Treatment of bacterial infections
Reduction-melting process to form rare earth-transition metal alloys and the alloys
Spindle-shaped goethite particles, spindle-shaped hematite particles and magnetic spindle-shaped met...
Cylinder liner comprising a supereutectic aluminum/silicon alloy for sealing into a crankcase of a r...
Aluminum casting alloy
Titanium crystal and titanium
Bearing material
Method and apparatus for ablating high-density array of vias or indentation in surface of object
Nucleotides and analogs having photoremoveable protecting groups
Elastomeric EL lamp on apparel
Intersystem crossing agents for efficient utilization of excitons in organic light emitting devices
Thin-film transistor and semiconductor device using thin-film transistors with N and P impurities in...
Data processing method and device for use in display apparatus
Apparatus for reading fingerprint
Silica with low compaction under high energy irradiation
Molecularly-imprinted material made by template-directed synthesis
Particular silane compounds, luminescent device materials comprising said compounds, and luminescent...
X-ray imaging system
Discrete element light modulating microstructure devices
Reflector with a resistant surface
Method and apparatus for optical data storage and/or retrieval by selective alteration of a holograp...
Fabricating low K dielectric interconnect systems by using dummy structures to enhance process
Lightweight stethoscope with variable diaphragm and bell components
Integrated muffler-bumper system
V-lock segmented speaker gasket
Method and arrangement for sound-suppression in wheels
Occupant restraint system and method having smart process initiation control
Method and arrangement for controlling the speed of a vehicle
Vehicular velocity control apparatus to follow up preceding vehicle running ahead of vehicle
Method to determine charging information in a mobile telecommunications system and a mobile station
System and method for providing restrictions on mobile-originated calls
Voice activated web browser
Telecommunications switching system utilizing a channelized database access mechanism
Bicycle hub
Object clamp including clamp members and associated methods
Bicycle-type marine vessel
Color photographic element containing nitrogen heterocycle derivative and inhibitor releasing couple...
Resisting and pulling mechanism
Vehicle running control apparatus, vehicle running control method, and computer program product havi...
Deburring apparatus
Interactive entertainment attraction using telepresence vehicles
Streaming modules
System for dynamic determination of client communications capabilities
Guzmania plant named `Anton`
Stain-proofing agent for preventing adherence of stain and composition for paints
Method for initiating workflows in an automated organization management system
Portable 2-way wireless financial messaging unit
Ski vehicle brake and steering system
System and method for merging multiple audio streams
Software profiler which has the ability to display performance data on a computer screen
How to sign digital streams
Redundant clevis pin pair
Method and device for detecting motor vehicle tilt
System for conducting surveys in different languages over a network with survey voter registration
Endothelial NOS knockout mice and methods of use
S(-)-tolterodine in the treatment of urinary and gastrointestinal disorders
Sound-producing arrangement for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for element selection exhausting an entire array
Content addressable memory device
Methods for controlling insect pests with compositions containing Bacillus thuringiensis strains
Circuit and device to detect grounding problems in electrical soldering irons
Method of making a display device with electrode characteristics
Lab-hood vent system
Dual-chamber pacemaker with optimized PVARP following event that may disrupt AV synchrony
Diagnostic system for a distributed data access networked system
Inkjet printhead having an actuator shroud
Piezoelectric vibration damping for disk drives
System and method for simulation, modeling and scheduling of equipment maintenance and calibration i...
Multi-candela alarm unit
Film-back exchangeable camera
Method of making respective prints of recorded images within successive film frames or alternatively...
Automatic focus adjusting system capable of adjusting focus of moving subject
Camera having autofocusing function and self timer function
Wireless communication system with increased dynamic range
Hula hoop
Heat sink substrate consisting essentially of copper and molybdenum and method of manufacturing the ...
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of a steel strip
Integrated direct reduction iron system
Electric arc furnace for the production of steel and method of operating this furnace
Processing and use of carbide lime
Method and architecture for simplified communications with HID devices
Mobile communication system for predicting a transfer location of a mobile station
Wiring structure of wire and wiring method
Display apparatus
Secure system for remote management and wake-up commands
Biometric system and techniques suitable therefor
Heated roller and heated roller assembly
Methods for making dynamic filter assemblies
Adaptive windows for analysis-by-synthesis CELP-type speech coding
Supported olefin polymerization catalysts
Fail-safe access control chamber security system
Safety lure
Method and apparatus for making payments and delivering payment information
Dynamically selectable data compression techniques based on processing capacity
Methods of reliably allocating, de-allocating, re-allocating, and reclaiming objects in a symmetrica...
Reassignment of agents
Apparatuses and methods for programming parallel computers
7-aryl-6(Z)-heptatrienoic acid retinamides
Jacketed lamp bulb envelope
Individual calibration of blood glucose for supporting noninvasive self-monitoring blood glucose
Resizing images to improve network throughput
Waterproof housing for a device adapted to receive a removable sub-assembly
LDO regulator with thermal shutdown system and method
Method and apparatus for computing device with status display
Isomerization of paraffins
Integrated memory having memory cells and reference cells
Iodinated x-ray contrast media
Novelty candy holding device
Laser labels and their use
Apparatus and method for enlarging/reducing a video picture size
Autonomous landing guidance system
Vehicle control method and vehicle warning method
Real-time multimedia conferencing over an ATM network using an intelligent ATM cable modem and hybri...
Need based synchronization of computer system time clock to reduce loading on network server
Method and data structure for the computer-aided management of developments
Methods for designing pop-up cards, and cards produced thereby
Reactor for treating liquids using variable flow paths
Rechargeable hearing aid system
Linking of computers based on optical sensing of digital data
Method and system for overriding error correction
Method and apparatus for analyzing software in a language-independent manner
Detecting of model errors through simplification of model via state reachability analysis
Generation of diversity in combinatorial libraries
Translation enhancer element of the human amyloid precursor protein gene
Acylpyrroledicarboxylic acids and acylindoledicarboxylic acids and their derivatives as inhibitors o...
High-resolution reading and writing using beams and lenses rotating at equal or double speed
Method and system for hierarchical natural language understanding
System, program, and method for performing contextual software translations
Method for encoding/decoding digital data by using shuffling in digital video home system
Parasitic nematode transglutaminase proteins and uses thereof
Protective epitopes of adenyl cyclase-haemolysin (AC-Hly), their application to the treatment or to ...
Subunit respiratory syncytial virus vaccine preparation
Therapeutic treatment and prevention of infections with a bioactive materials encapsulated within a ...
High affinity DNA binding compounds as adjuvants in antisense technology
Method for the treatment of neurological or neuropsychiatric disorders
[(3-alkoxy-phenoxy)-ethyl]-dialkylamine derivatives and their use as local anaesthetics
Hydrogen storage alloy electrode and method for manufacturing the same
Respiratory calorimeter
Particulate medicament in an aerosol formulation with a propellant and co-propellant
Propogating updates efficiently in hierarchically structured data under a push model
Virtual reality, tissue-specific body model having user-variable tissue-specific attributes and a sy...
System and method for advanced interfaces for virtual environments
Carbon material for electric double layer capacitor, method of producing same, electric double layer...
Stabilizing polycarbonates
Cooling apparatus for cutaneous treatment employing a laser and method for operating same
Method and apparatus for recording three-dimensional distribution of light backscattering potential ...
Laser alignment system
Video projection system for projecting more than one picture
Fragrance materials
Carbapenem derivatives
Method of treating hypertension
(Meth) acrylic acid polymer and manufacturing method thereof
.alpha.-olefins and olefin polymers and processes therefor
Method and apparatus for the removal of harmful substances from various objects or materials
Virtual reality and telereality system
Baseball score card and method
Method, apparatus and gaming set for use in a progressive game
Gaming device and method for individual, head to head and tournament play
Gaming bonus apparatus and method with player interaction
Game communication with synchronization of soundtrack system
Tessellation set
Multi-media network-based communication system and method for training sports officials
Synthesis of 4-ketocyclopentene compounds
Remote modem control and diagnostic system and method
Method and plant for the treatment and stabilization of materials containing environmentally noxious...
Method and apparatus for detecting shallow water flow sands using converted shear waves
Display unit integral with touch panel bonded through an adhesive composition or an adhesive film an...
Eremochloa ophiuroides grass plant `ET-119`
PTT radio system
Data storage system with redundant media handling assemblies
Low impedance magnetic latch tripping scheme
Apparatus and method for performing presbyopia corrective surgery
Method and apparatus for servo data synchronization in a disc drive
Paper product
Embossment pattern for absorbent paper products
Embossed paper
Embossment pattern for absorbent paper products
Embossment pattern for absorbent paper products
Embossed paper
Radiation detection device
Fluidized bed low density granule
Method and composition for promoting and controlling growth of plants
Camera having a light-shieldable member for protecting a semiconductor element flip-chip-bonded on a...
Phalaenopsis plant named `Dorothy Applegate`
Communication device and method for electronic price label systems
MPEG2 moving picture encoding/decoding system
Therapeutic agents for respiratory diseases
Method and system for coordinating data and voice communications via customer contract channel chang...
Routable high-density interfaces for integrated circuit devices
Color-stabilized electrochromic devices
Bone graft delivery surgical instruments
Online debugging and tracing system and method
System and method for testing a clock signal