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Surface acoustic wave filter, duplexer and communications device with specific series resonator mult...
Wedge-shaped molding for a frame of an image projection screen
Microcomputer and microprocessor having flash memory operable from single external power supply
High speed magnetic modulator voltage and temperature timing compensation circuit
Remote control with a detachable insert
Use of oxamate derivatives as depigmenting agents
Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch
Actuator using piezoelectric element and head-positioning mechanism using the actuator
Soybean variety 92B63
Packaged toy
Musical tone control apparatus and sensing device for electronic musical instrument
Ceramic metal matrix diaphragm for loudspeakers
Methods for shared data management in a pervasive computing environment
Determining copyright information based on overlapping information between portions of two documents
Invocation architecture for generally concurrent process resolution
Method and system for identifying and obtaining computer software from a remote computer
Ordering for pipelined read transfers
Method for securing communications in a pre-boot environment
Process for preparing a nourishing compositions for animals
Method for decontaminating yeast
Stain removing compositions containing particular isolated and pure proteolytic enzymes
Method for the prevention and treatment of cachexia and anorexia
Use of 5-aminosalicylates as antimicrobial agents
N-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester and its derivatives for appetite enhancement
Microwave oven food receptacle
Absorbent article with multiple zone structural elastic-like film web extensible waist feature
Lipsticks compositions containing association structures
Beverage products having superior vitamin stability
Spraying devices
Low foaming automatic dishwashing compositions
Three-in-one composition for dishwashing machines
Detergent compositions containing selected mid-chain branched surfactants
Acetylenic .beta.-sulfonamido and phosphinic acid amide hydroxamic acid TACE inhibitors
Method for creating and maintaining user data
Determinism in a multiprocessor computer system and monitor and processor therefor
Nuclear magnetic resonance logging with azimuthal resolution using gradient coils
NMR of thin layers using a meanderline surface coil
MRI apparatus with a mechanically integrated eddy current shield in the gradient system
Receive coil and magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
System and method for treating select tissue in a living being
Surface modified polymer beads
SH3-containing proteins
Method for providing cell growth
Enhanced circulation effector composition and method
Methylenebisphosphonic acid derivatives
Retinoid antagonists and use thereof
SH2 domain-containing peptides
Method for cutting Y bevels
Eyeglass retainer with fashion accessory having closure means to hold material of the accessory secu...
Multiple reactor containment building
Polymerized toner
Image forming method and image forming apparatus using specific developer composition
Toner for electrophotography and manufacturing method thereof
Developing unit and developing roll contained therein
Charging device and image forming apparatus
Bicycle shifter grip with sharktooth design
Bicycle handle shifter grip
Bicycle handle shifter grip
Control cable preload and sealing apparatus and system
Bicycle handle shifter grip
Nubbed grip for rotatable bicycle gear shifter
Rotary handlebar-mountable gearshift actuator for bicycles
Method for executing knock-away stacked-block game, game machine using the method, and recording med...
Conditional lottery system
Video game apparatus and method with enhanced virtual camera control
Controller for game machine
Game machine
Image creating apparatus, image creating method, and computer-readable recording medium containing i...
Sound effects controller
Random tie rhythm pattern method and apparatus
Iontophoresis electrode
Viral marketing for voice-accessible information service
Computer system with environmental detection
Ordered message reception in a distributed data processing system
Signal processing apparatus
Method of implementing a geometry per wedge (GPW) based headerless solution in a disk drive formatte...
Targeted ultrasound contrast agents
Clear oil-containing pharmaceutical compositions
Nonwoven sheet and film containing water absorbent keratin
Alteration of circadian rhythmicity with a tachykinin antagonist
Arylpiperidine and aryl-1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyidine amide derivates
Method and structure of z-connected laminated substrate for high density electronic packaging
Cooled roof for electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces
Using unpredictable information to minimize leakage from smartcards and other cryptosystems
Security through the use of tokens and automatically downloaded applets
Whole program path profiling
Method and system for identifying instrumentation targets in computer programs related to logical tr...
Method and apparatus for finding bugs related to garbage collection in a virtual machine
Generating a compiled language program for an interpretive runtime environment
Loudspeaker with cooling adapter
Method of manipulating a gas bubble in a microfluidic device
Target analyte sensors utilizing Microspheres
Four-party credit/debit payment protocol
Online computer services including help desk, anti-virus and/or application service features
Postage printing system having variable subsidies for printing of third party messages
Metering of internet content using a control
Apparatus and method for electronic document certification and verification
Distributed object system and service supply method therein
Method, programmed medium and system for customizing pre-loaded software
Method to remediate soil using a surfactant of an alkenylsuccinic anhydride or acid reacted an amine...
Method and apparatus for a unit locked against use until unlocked and/or activated on a selected net...
Reinforcement member retaining system
Manufacture of brake pads
Displacement sensing apparatus
Patty loader and method
Settlement of aggregated electronic transactions over a network
Design of novel highly efficient HIV based packaging systems for gene therapy
Vertical spark gap for microelectric circuits
Compound semiconductor light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Capacitor formed with Pt electrodes having a 3D cup-like shape with roughened inner and outer surfac...
Serial data transfer device
Image forming apparatus
Stereo image display apparatus
Spoke light recapture in sequential color imaging systems
Reception of modulated carriers having asymmetrical sidebands
Preparation of crosslinked solid polymer electrolyte
Breath-activated metered-dose inhaler
Passive aerosol sampler and methods
Helicopter in-flight rotor tracking system, method, and smart actuator therefor
Alignment of multicomponent microfabricated structures
Waste processing system and related methods
Bioavailable oral dosage form of cefuroxime axetil
Near field magneto-optical head having read and write pinhole apertures
Sheet of bath tissue
Microcapillary-based flow-through immunosensor and displacement immunoassay using the same
Method of producing samples of semiconductor substrate with quantified amount of contamination
Post plasma ashing wafer cleaning formulation
Resist stripping composition and process for stripping resist
Constant current driver with auto-clamped pre-charge function
Grease composition
Linden tree named `Harvest Gold`
Transgenic mouse models for human bladder cancer
Recharge circuitry for multi-site stimulation of body tissue
Absorbent article with an improved, wet-formed absorbent
High performance elastic composite materials made from high molecular weight thermoplastic triblock ...
Processor having vector processing capability and method for executing a vector instruction in a pro...
Athletic shoe
High temperature airfoil
Method and system for communicating tags of data access target and castout victim in a single data t...
Commercial product routing system with video vending capability
Two-tiered authorization and authentication for a cable data delivery system
Common light source for testing optical circuits
Advertisement auction system
Method and system for distributing objects over a network
Firearm having an intelligent controller
Method and apparatus for flyrock control in small charge blasting
Low profile socket for backpack
Toy rocket launcher
Thread delivery device and thread brake
Investment board game and method of playing same
Liquid crystal display device
Internal combustion engine having combustion heater
Power consumption reduction in medical devices employing multiple supply voltages and clock frequenc...
Lead locking device and method
Piezoelectric actuator, piezoelectric actuator driving method and computer readable storage medium s...
Color blending system for foundation makeup compositions
Process for the continuous purification of crude .epsilon.-caprolactam
Gas phase catalyzed reactions
Molecular weight controlled polymers by photopolymerization
Lumazine synthase and riboflavin synthase
Sucrose phosphate synthase
Rapid fabric forming for penetration resistant fabric
LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Colloidal polishing of fused silica
Mass production of dental restorations by solid free-form fabrication methods
Cheese-like dairy gels
Bridged silicone oligomers and curable compositions containing same
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a gas distribution plate in a process reacto...
Automatic logging of application program launches
Branch prediction and target instruction control for processor
Wrap around shock absorber for disc drives
Chromium polynicotinate compositions and uses thereof for absorption of essential metals
Stable natamycin suspensions
Natamycin recovery
Fermentation process for producing natamycin with additional carbon and nitrogen
Beverage preservation
Tea beverage preservation and method of making
Method for managing data integrity faults in a re-writeable memory
Method for making a multi-layer blow molded container
System for blow-molding, filling and capping containers
Container with sound chip
One-piece dairy closure
Apparatus for holding down bottles in a high pressure wash
Backfilling underground voids
Head gasket with a check valve
Tire air-pressure abnormality alarming device and method thereof
Method and apparatus for measuring cardiac output
System and method for measuring weight of deposit on boiler superheaters
Use of polyalcohols as polymer stabilizers
Fresh or salt water pool
Automatic bird feeder and waterer
Reinforced thermoplastic composite systems
Underwater lighting system
Disperant system for making polyvinyl chloride which produces low color chlorinated polyvinyl chlori...
Low individual color thermoplastic molding material
Power generation system and method of construction
Tobacco product and a method of making thereof
High performance filters based on inorganic fibers and inorganic fiber whiskers
Method for smoothing appearance of an ink jet print
Electrostatic toner receptor layer of rubber modified thermoplastic
Blowing agent, polyolefin foam, and process for producing polyolefin foam
Sheets, films, fibers foams or latices prepared from blends of substantially random interpolymers
Matte surface film with improved cuttability
Ethylene polymer fiber made from ethylene polymer blends
Dicing machine with improved cutting squareness
System and method for dicing semiconductor components
Wafer-dicing process
Method for reducing damage to wafer cutting blades during wafer dicing
Semiconductor device manufacturing method for grinding and dicing a wafer from a back side of the wa...
Methods of dicing semiconductor wafer into chips, and structure of groove formed in dicing area
Cathode assembly and method of reactivation
Enhanced membrane electrode devices useful for electrodeposition coating
Self-humidifying fuel cell
Gravity-flow water filtration device
Assessment of ion availability in heterogeneous media using ion-exchange membranes
Method and apparatus for distributing water in an array of fuel cell stacks
Process for biological removal of sulphide
Process for removal of dissolved hydrogen sulfide and reduction of sewage BOD in sewer or other wast...
Biological wastewater treatment system
Method for purifying carbon-containing pollution and denitrifying waste water in oxygenic medium
Means and process for nitrate removal
Polishing slurry
Method and system for purification of waste water
Apparatus for fabricating an orientation layer on LCD panels
Milk jug with froth-forming device for making "cappuccino"and the like
Aryl (sulfide, sulfoxide and sulfone) derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingred...
Hemostatic puncture closure system and method of use
Braided composite prosthesis
Human citrate synthase homolog
Image receptor surface and method of making the same
Process for transmitting route information which concerns a route of a vehicle in a road network bet...
Method for establishing coverage area and accuracy of a wide-area differential global positioning sy...
Multi-line poker video gaming apparatus and method
Portable color display game machine and storage medium for the same
Game machine to permit players to choose other players to play against
Method and arrangement for controlling subscriber registrations in a mobile communication system
Telephone and module having a pin for providing temperature information and generating a silent alar...
Air-driven hopping toy
Toy airship alternately configurable as a hydrofoil craft
Combination spinning top and yo-yo
Business form or mailer with carbonless imaging
Self-laminating integrated card and method
Bookbinding structure and method
4-phenyl-4-oxo-butanoic acid derivatives with kynurenine-3-hydroxylase inhibiting activity
Conductive ink composition
Method for producing oxidized starch
Starch granulation
Degradation control of environmentally degradable disposable materials
Personal finance organizer
Software enlarged tag register and method thereof for noting the completion of a DMA transfer within...
Sensor for analyte detection
System for synchronizing multiple computers with a common timing reference
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Ovation Orange Swirls`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Red Peppermint`
Geranium plant named `Fisrocky Dark Red`
Mandevilla plant named `Red Velvet`
Riboflavin production
Production of vanillin
Formation of brassica napus F1 hybrid seeds which exhibit a highly elevated oleic acid content and a...
Providing multimedia conferencing services over a wide area network interconnecting nonguaranteed qu...
Cipher core in a content protection system
Method and system for identifying critical faults in machines
Method for configuring circuits over a data communications link
System and method for performing secure credit card purchases
Cool ice state management
Computing system for implementing a shared cache
Method and apparatus for producing sequenced queries
Method and apparatus for supplying mercury to arc tube for discharge lamp
Process for the recovery of mercury from a gaseous mixture
Heterostructure thermionic coolers
Electrical contact breaker switch, integrated electrical contact breaker switch, and electrical cont...
Diene compound and process for producing the same
Dolastatin peptides
Manufacture of high purity benzene and para-rich xylenes by combining aromatization and selective di...
C8 alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon isomerization process
Process for making sodium carbonate decahydrate from sodium carbonate/bicarbonate liquors
Recovery of chlorine dioxide from gas streams
Ca(OH)2 particles
Vanadate cathode active material and method of making same
High di(alkyl fatty ester) quaternary ammonium compounds in fabric softening and personal care compo...
Fragrance releasing non-volatile polymeric siloxanes
Hair conditioning compositions comprising a quaternary ammonium compound
Method of producing aqueous dispersions as a base for hot sealing adhesives
Preparation of water-soluble cross-linked cationic polymers
Oral pulsed dose drug delivery system
Polybenzoxazine nanocomposites of clay and method for making same
Conducting polymer transition metal hybrid materials and sensors
Wearable data processing system and apparel
Nanoscale conductive connectors and method for making same
Supra-molecular alkylalumoxanes
Fly fishing line and method for manufacturing of same
Coated granular fertilizer and method for producing same
Phase change ink carrier compositions containing polyanhydride/amine adducts
Induction of pharmacological stress with adenosine receptor agonists
Thermoplastic/thermoset hybrid foams and methods for making same
Heteromorphic polymer compositions
Solar cell module
Linking of computers using information steganographically embedded in data objects
Beclin-related nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
Optical switching arrangement
Compression-molded three-dimensional tapered universal waveguide couplers
Tapered fiber laser
Low dispersion slope negative dispersion optical fiber
Thin film coater and coating method
Synthetic HIV-2 gag and env oligopeptides reactive with HIV-2 specific antibodies
Reflector for an ultraviolet lamp system
Acellular red blood cell substitute
Antibody 97A6
Agents that bind to and inhibit human cytochrome P450 2A6
Annexin derivative with endogenous chelation sites
Chimera antigen peptide
Viral specific requirements for self-priming RNA replication of hepatitis C virus replicase
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Method for improving the spatial resolution of a compton camera
Portable tissue spectroscopy apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for training a neural network to detect objects in an image
Internet advertising via bookmark set based on client specific information
Self-removing email verified or designated as such by a message distributor for the convenience of a...
Installation of application software through a network from a source computer system on to a target ...
Synthesis method of chemical industrial raw material and high-octane fuel, and high-octane fuel comp...
Integrated circuit layout design
Method and system for creating and validating low level description of electronic design
Register transfer level power optimization with emphasis on glitch analysis and reduction
Processor having real-time execution control for debug functions without a debug monitor
Growth of GaN on Si substrate using GaSe buffer layer
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
Single nucleotide detection using degradation of a fluorescent sequence
Sulfotransferase for HNK-1 glycan
PhoH homolog
Mouse EDG1
Enhancer-increased gene expression in plants
Retinoblastoma protein-interacting zinc finger proteins
Planar patterns with superimposed diffraction gratings
Object image search using sub-models
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for determining the vertical speed of an aircraft
Integrated database and data-mining system
Plush toy having ear and foot movement
Modified lithium vanadium oxide electrode materials and products
Risk management for public key management infrastructure using digital certificates
Inhalation device
Aerosol dispensing system with on-board wiper dispenser
Apparatus and method for efficiently partitioning a weighted array
System and method for managing the alteration of garments
Synthetic biomaterial compound of calcium phosphate phases particularly adapted for supporting bone ...
Integrated microfluidic element
Method of producing stackable concrete blocks
Method and apparatus of displaying a calendar
Inflatable calendar
Instructional management system
Method and materials for teaching the phonetic code and repairing self esteem
Training and testing human judgment of advertising materials
Christian learning tool
Cold cathode lamp lampholder with mains switching
Method of diagnosing, tracking, and treating depression
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yovicki`
Polyblend polymeric composite and microcapsule toners, and a process for producing the same
High performance UV and heat crosslinked or chain extended polymers
Background noise removal for a low-cost digital color copier
Method and apparatus for segmenting a composite image into mixed raster content planes
Image forming apparatus, paper bundling apparatus, and paper bundling method using image forming app...
Electronic information utilization promotion system
Self-contained document management based on document properties
Child car seat
Mechanical gripper for wafer handling robots
Modular articulated robot structure
Robot with multi-joint arms movable in horizontal plane
Optical array chip packages with passive alignment features
Method of treating or inhibiting colonic polyps
Laser processing of a thin film
Compositions and methods for treating sexual dysfunctions
Hybrid riser and method for sub-sea transportation of petroleum products with the device
Sealing device for use in subsea wells
Reversing control for trolling motor propulsion system
Dual electric motor marine propulsion system
Bracket connecting outdrive to steering and/or tie bar
Heat-dissipating apparatus for an integrated circuit device
Thin ribbon of rare earth-based permanent magnet alloy
Electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent high-frequency magnetic properties
Magnesium-based casting alloys having improved elevated temperature performance
Nonevaporable getter
High-strength spring steel
Metal hydride alkaline storage cell
Fabrication of a total internal reflection optical switch with vertical fluid fill-holes
Highly luminescent color-selective nano-crystalline materials
Organic electroluminescent device comprising a squarylium compound
Polymerizable biaryls, method for the production and use thereof
Non-volatile memory and semiconductor device
Display module with reduced power consumption
Intersubband light source with separate electron injector and reflector/extractor
Specific vinylsilane compound, organic luminous element containing the same, and method for producin...
Nonvolatile ferroelectric capacitor and nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Ceramic composite wiring structures for semiconductor devices and method of manufacture
Electrochromic assembly based on poly(3,4-ethylene-dioxythiophene) derivatives with a counterelectro...
Ultra-small capacitor array
Adhesive-free lens-attached optical fibers to optical waveguide packaging system
Watertight apparatus capable of being immersed and including an acoustic transducer
Speaker system for personal computers
Air intake means with water separator
Acoustic panels and the like
Head-worn hearing aid with suppression of oscillations affecting the amplifier and transmission stag...
Cruise control indicator
Intelligent system for regulating the speed of an electric motorcycle
Telephone handset with enhanced handset/handsfree receiving and alerting audio quality
Cradle for a handset
Microphone sanitizer and holster
Calling party number provisioning
Speech recognition enrollment for non-readers and displayless devices
Connection structure for a head tube and a handle securing rod of a bicycle
Display techniques for three dimensional virtual reality
Continuously variable transmission
Evolutionary controlling system
Evolutionary controlling system with behavioral simulation
Method and apparatus for the non-invasive detection of medical conditions by monitoring peripheral a...
Toy jewel trader: jangle
Apparatus for detecting the illumination of a player-operated gaming machine button
Word puzzles and games
Electronic amusement device
Inflatable recreational device
Indoor bicycles for physical exercise
Applet server that provides applets in various forms
Variety of geranium named `Global Sangria`
Pad encryption method and software
Methods, systems and computer program products for management of configurable application programs o...
File server system using file system storage, data movers, and an exchange of meta data among data m...
Computer network remote data mirroring system
Replicated resource management system for managing resources in a distributed application and mainta...
Method and system for detecting and coalescing free areas during garbage collection
Automated development system for developing applications that interface with both distributed compon...
Condom lubricants with zinc salts as anti-viral additives
Circuit and method for deferring the binding of render states to primitives in a graphics system
Activation control apparatus of occupant safety
Intelligent selection of multicast filtering modes for switch ports
Mobile station location determination using radio signal timing values
Power control in sensitive environments for private wireless systems
Detection of the presence of a convertible top using compass electronics
Method and apparatus for collecting, processing and distributing differential global positioning sys...
Odd-transform fast convolution
Robots for microelectronic workpiece handling
Wafer container cleaning system
Cathode current control system for a wafer electroplating apparatus
Lift and rotate assembly for use in a workpiece processing station and a method of attaching the sam...
Electroplating reactor including back-side electrical contact apparatus
Using a reduced cell library for preliminary synthesis to evaluate design
System and method for dispatching groups of instructions using pipelined register renaming
Lift multiplying device for aircraft
Road surface condition estimating apparatus and variation reduction processing apparatus
Digital disk recording and reproduction apparatus
Shampoo compositions
Thermoplastic mixture containing 1,4-.alpha.-D-polyglucane, method for making the same and use there...
Method of making crosslinked polymer matrices in tissue treatment applications
Display and camera device for videophone and videophone apparatus
Image processing method and apparatus
Real-time analog creation of holographic fourier transform matched filters
Robust variable-bit-rate optical channel overhead
CW far-UV laser system with two active resonators
Channel-switched tunable laser for DWDM communications
Speaker apparatus
Division of memory into non-binary sized cache and non-cache areas
Chain guide
Process and device for computing a fourier transform having a "pipelined" architecture
Apparatus and method for connecting a computer to a docking station via a cable
Read lock miss control and queue management
Method and apparatus for increasing the data rate over a parallel port
Swimming flipper with interchangeable blade
Liquid crystal display device, production method thereof and mobile telephone
Air flow and EGR flow estimation
Implantable cardiac stimulation device having T-wave discrimination of fusion events during autocapt...
Electrical connector for cardiac devices
Method of and probe for subsurface exploration
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) -type devices having latch release and output mechanisms
Piezoelectric transducer for incorporation into a module
Photographic film with recorded information, method of acquiring the information recorded on photogr...
Data erasure control system for camera
Autostereoscopic imaging apparatus and method using a parallax scanning lens aperture
Camera having a sheath which is incorporated into the camera body without being distorted
Photochromatic toy
Tone hole pad for a wind instrument and method of adjusting touch
Management interworking unit and a method for producing such a unit
Method and apparatus providing an improved PCI bus system
System and method to test internal PCI agents
Fast system and method for computing modulated lapped transforms
Indazole vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Propylene-based polymer, method for its production, composition thereof, catalyst component for poly...
Method and apparatus for producing diffusion weighted MR images
Modular MRI gradient amplifier using unipolar PWM drive
MRI with superconducting coil
Deriving a cross-sectional distribution from an object data set
Method for transdermal administration of GP IIb/IIIa antagonist
Biodegradable terephthalate polyester-poly (phosphate) polymers, compositions, articles, and methods...
Implantable biocompatible immunoisolatory vehicle for the delivery of selected therapeutic products
Protein recovery
Combination therapy for osteoporosis
Methods for determining the identification and position of and monitoring objects in a vehicle
Music box device
Music creation
Slide rule musical scale teaching device
Apparatus and method for practicing a musical instrument using categorized practice pieces of music
Passive platform for holding optical components
Continuous casting facility and process for producing rectangular thin slabs
Method and apparatus for recording actual time used by a service which makes requests for data
Method and system for providing interactive electronic catalog for product and constraint informatio...
System, method, and computer program product for providing relational patterns between entities
Method for measurement of skin histology
Emulsion and composition comprising a fluorohydrocarbon compound and a method for preparing such an ...
Alkylene oxide polymer compositions
Cosmetic compositions containing pyrazolin-4,5-diones, novel pyrazolin-4,5-diones, preparation metho...
Aqueous polish compositions containing acid-amine latexes
Reactive compounds to fibrous webs
Dental bleaching compositions containing sucralose
Interactive virtual image store window
Sheet material dispensing apparatus and method
Chitosan-containing liquid compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Methods for treating immunomediated inflammatory disorders
FPGA customizable to accept selected macros
Evolvable propulsion module
Device for controlling vehicle turn behavior with discrimination of drive direction
Personalizing access to the internet via an access network and an internet service provider using an...
Apparatus and method for loading objects from a primary memory hash index
Floating single master operation
System, method and article of manufacture for security management in a development architecture fram...
Message content protection and conditional disclosure
Image forming apparatus
Methodology for distinguishing the cost of products in a multiple part number, multiple technology, ...
System and method for rules-driven multi-phase network vulnerability assessment
Method of preparation of crosslinked blends of amorphous and crystalline polymers
Mass spectrometric detection of polypeptides
Method for determining an optimized data organization
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a 103 gene product and uses therefor
Color display device
Materials and methods for making improved micelle compositions
Amusement apparatus utilizing multiple balls
Casket and method of manufacture
Light measuring device and camera
Process for maintaining a semiconductor substrate layer deposition equipment chamber in a preconditi...
Method, communication system, phone, and radio transmitter utilizing nonsystematically shortened cod...
Process for isomerizing linear olefins to isoolefins
Photocatalyst excitation apparatus
Write-once thin-film memory
Image-forming apparatus unit and image-forming apparatus
Reduction of skin irritation during electrotransport delivery
Method of and apparatus for multi-modal information presentation to computer users with dyslexia, re...
Automated on-line information service and directory, particularly for the world wide web
Method and apparatus for selecting an image mode for television receivers
Method for identifying in a pre-established catalogue stars detected by a star sensor
Automatic cruising control apparatus
System and method for allowing family members to access TV contents and program media recorder over ...
Sequential subset catalog search engine
Toy structure of luminous doll type
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Method and system for securing confidential data in a computer network
Synthesis of arrays and records
Just in time compiler technique
Method and apparatus to selectively control processing of a method in a java virtual machine
Manufacture of software distribution media packages from components resident on a remote server sour...
Soybean variety 95B95
Soybean variety 92B37
Soybean variety 97B62
Soybean variety 93B08
Inbred corn plant GF6150 and seeds thereof
Consumer safe fitment for connecting a reservoir to a dispensing appliance
Applicator for applying and distributing substances to target surfaces
Secure gateway having user identification and password authentication
Method of synchronizing independently distributed software and database schema
Apparatus for translating a voltage
Diagnostic FSK receiver for decoding EAS and same with user definable translations
Telecommunications network architecture for transporting fax, voice and data via an ATM switch inclu...
Helical scanner with variably oriented scan axis
Enhanced network communication
Methods for operating logical cache memory storing logical and physical address information
Method and apparatus for address paging emulation
Induction of an anti-tumor immunity by redirecting tumor cells against antigen-presenting cells
HLA-restricted hepatitis B virus CTL epitopes
Fast-acting analgesic
Dietetic food composition and dietetic method using such composition
2-indanmethanol derivatives and their use in perfumery
Network-linked laser target firearm training system
Aperture gun sights
Hydrogen absorbing alloy powder, process for producing same, and alkaline secondary battery
Endotracheal tube with tip directional control and position preserving mechanism
Aerosol generating device
Data object identification and removal system
Self-testable spacecraft for self-testing analog functions
Carbon-carbon composite material made from densified carbon foam
Gamma quinacridone pigment
Water fast ink jet print using aqueous ink jet ink
Methods to treat gastrointestinal lesions and to reduce drug-induced gastrointestinal or renal toxic...
Electronic camera with microfluidic printer that prints scented images
Therapeutic compositions
Benzopyranyl guanidine derivatives, process for preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions...
Organosilicon water repellent compositions
Interactive golf driving range facility
Baseball pitching target
Portable abdominal exercising mat
Method for processing variable speed scenes for computer games
Image generating system and information storage medium capable of changing viewpoint or line-of sigh...
Data transmission system and game system using the same
Port router
Communication cable having reduced jacket shrinkage
Nucleotide sequences of maize and soybean .beta.-Ketoacyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Synthase II and their...
Method for analyzing friction reduction effects of bubbles in friction-reducing ship
Magnet roller, process for producing same and developing unit using same
Osteospermum plant named `Dondo`
Heat deflection and retaining apparatus
Speed controller for a self-traveling vehicle
Complex and emulsified composition
Terminal block supported printed circuit cards for compact programmable logic controller
Apparatus and method for a mobile computer architecture and input/output management system
Current limiter device with an electrically conductive composite material and method of manufacturin...
Heating apparatus
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Bright Pink`
DES cipher processor for full duplex interleaving encryption/decryption service
Corrosion-protected tension member of steel
Process and system for managing run-time adaptation for general purpose distributed adaptive applica...
Printed circuit board and semiconductor device using the same
Combined polystyrene and polyurethane vacuum insulating panel and the use thereof for producing insu...
Substituted cycloheptenes, their preparation and use
Intraoral distractor for callus distraction in the lower jaw
Organicware applications for computer systems
Method and apparatus for saving device state while a computer system is in sleep mode
Device, system and method for data access control
Method and apparatus for optimizing execution of Java programs
Burn through resistant systems for transportation, especially aircraft
Apparatus for controlling run of a car, and car using the apparatus
Browsers for focused access of data
Coffee machine assembly
Electric vacuum cleaner
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Ironing organizer
Blade disposal apparatus
Solar powered golf caddy
Bent frame
Means for testing dynamic integrated circuits
Defect management method for a magnetic recording medium
Flexible magnetic insole
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating thereof
Fuel control system with purge gas modeling and integration
Interactive learning center
Implantable medical device having an improved electronic assembly for increasing packaging density a...
Methods of determining protein activity levels using gene expression profiles
Method and system for delivery of individualized training to call center agents
Micro-zero insertion force socket
Measurement of printed circuit-to-conductive substrate contact resistance
Soybean variety 93B46
Toy vehicular electromagnetic guidance apparatus
Apparatus and method of measuring human extremities using peripheral illumination techniques
Passenger vehicles incorporating loudspeakers comprising panel-form acoustic radiating elements
Compositions containing thymol and carvacrol and methods of treating gastrointestinal infections wit...
Low fat spread
Method for producing pelletized fuzzy cottonseed
Soy milk compositions and methods of preparation
Method for concentrating .beta.-glucan
Amino acid chelates from lipoproteins
Module for producing hot humid air for a proofing or holding operation
Packed food pasteurizing device and pasteurizing method
Detergent composition comprising two cellulase components, with and without a cellulose-binding doma...
Method for activation of bleaches
Benefit agent compositions comprising mixtures of .alpha.-hydroxy esters
Personal care articles
Method and composition for enhancing the activity of an enzyme
Floor cleaners which provide improved burnish response
Concentrated, stable fabric softening composition
Human protein kinases hYAK3-2
Method, computer program product, and data structure for publishing a data object over a store and f...
System, method and program for debugging external programs in client/server-based relational databas...
Hybrid picocell communication system
PSA process for removal of bulk carbon dioxide from a wet high-temperature gas
Apparatus and methods for assigning spectral and non-spectral resource charges in wireless communica...
Electric generator for bicycles
Slotted brake housing
Bicycle crank arm with multiple chain wheels
Device for shifting bicycle gears
Cable end-piece
Modified license key entry for pre-installation of software
Electrical neuromuscular stimulator for measuring muscle responses to electrical stimulation pulses
Method for creating and modifing similar and dissimilar databases for use in intelligent network con...
Conjugates of dithiocarbamate disulfides with pharmacologically active agents and uses therefor
Use of sulfamate derivatives for treating impulse control disorders
Treatment of disorders secondary to organic impairments
Magnetic steel sheet having excellent magnetic properties and method of producing the same
Chip package with molded underfill
Method and apparatus for reducing contamination in a wafer loadlock of a semiconductor wafer process...
Billet continuous casting machine and casting method
Electrophoretic displays using nanoparticles
Sub sea and sub surface tubing and conductors
Method and apparatus for providing subsidiary data synchronous to primary content data
Antifungal composition
Foodstuff preservation
Method of preserving tea containing beverages
Natamycin-containing streptomyces biomass and its use in animal feed
Process for natamycin recovery
Methods for reducing mortality rates in poultry
Antifungal complexes
High data rate acoustic telemetry system
Container sidewall
Threaded drum
System of closure for a pot presenting a non-circular neck
Container with metered dispensing construction
Product dispensing system and method
Method and apparatus for setting up a box erecting machine
Multi-layer plastic preform for blow molding
Method for installing tubular members axially into the earth
Apparatus for converting oil shale or tar sands to oil
Thermo-mechanical cracking and hydrogenation
Oil shale fluidized bed
Method of making a shale oil modifier
Method of and apparatus for efficiently combusting oil shale
Process and apparatus for converting oil shale or tar sands to oil
Process and apparatus for converting oil shale or tar sands to oil
Testing in an RF communication system
Apparatus and method for reducing oscillator frequency pulling during AM modulation
Method of measuring the speed of a memory unit in an integrated circuit
Generating cartilage in a mammal using fibroblasts transfected with a vector encoding TGF-.beta.-1
Medium and matrix for long-term proliferation of cells
System and method for refining liposuctioned adipose tissue
Bioresorbable copolymers
Solid electrolyte fuel cell power generating system
Vehicle having a driving internal-combustion engine and having a fuel cell system for the power supp...
Fuel cell apparatus
Device for converting energy using fuel cells with integrated hydrogen gas production
Apparatus and methods of bioelectrical impedance analysis of blood flow
Impact method and the device used in standard penetration test
Support apparatus with stress measuring capability
Heap leaching of nickel containing ore
Herbicidal sulfonylureas, their preparation and use
Strengthening compositions and treatments for lignocellulosic materials
Compositions based on lignin derivatives
Strengthening compositions and treatments for lignocellulosic materials
Process for pretreating wood chips for pulping
Multi-stage bleaching process having a final stabilized peroxide stage
Methods for the reduction of bleeding of lignosulfonates from lignosulfonate-treated substrates
Cloning of chicken anemia virus DNA
Nucleotide sequence of the nucleocapsid gene of oropouche virus
Recombinant virus vectors
Bovine adenovirus type 3 genome and vector systems derived therefrom
Driving lane tracking system
Method for taking into account supplementary traffic information in an onboard travel control system
Method for interference current and state monitoring in rail vehicles
Pitch angle calculating device for vehicle
Diagnosis apparatus for self-propelled vehicle
Method and apparatus for multicast routing in a network
Network surveillance
Wind turbine with a wind velocity measurement system
Variable performance toys
Floating eyeball pad
Sound generator for a child's cycle
Graphics enhanced multipurpose bandanna and ball
Variable performance valve train having three-dimensional cam
Device for setting the movement behavior of gas-exchange valves of an internal combustion engine
Valve operating system for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device for an internal combustion engine
Method of modifying motorcycle engine cam drive
Fuel pump control system for an internal combustion engine
Stratified exhaust gas recirculation strategy for internal combustion engine
Method of feeding dry catalyst to a polymerization reactor
Digital copy control method, digital recording medium, digital recording medium producing apparatus,...
Tunable semiconductor laser system
System and method for redirecting network traffic to provide secure communication
Method and apparatus for accessing internet service in a mobile communication network
Administration of networked peripherals using particular file system
Hop plant named `YCR Accession No. 14`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Zesty Yojean`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Bold Yofelicia`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocarrie`
Weigela plant named `Elvera`
Cap-independent multicistronic retroviral vectors
Method of controlling L-Dopa production and of treating dopamine deficiency
Wound healing
Solvent exchange process
System and method for enforcing politeness while scheduling downloads in a web crawler
Method and apparatus for using an information model to organize an information repository into a hie...
Method and apparatus for preventing topic drift in queries in hyperlinked environments
Method for multiple task searching
Database search, retrieval, and classification with sequentially applied search algorithms
Web search function to search information from a specific location
Xenon arc lamp
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Single ballast for powering high intensity discharge lamps
Method and apparatus for coupling light and producing magnified images using an asymmetrical ellipso...
Oxygen sensitive resistance material
Method and apparatus for retrofitting gas discharge lamp ballast for use with gas discharge lamp hav...
Process for making aromatic aldehydes using ionic liquids
Methods of production and use of liquid formulations of plasma proteins
Derivative of bicyclo [2.2.1] heptane, method for its production, and fluid for traction drive
Traction drive fluid
Paraffin-isomerization catalyst and process
Method and apparatus using parameterized vectors for converting interface definition language-define...
Lactic acid processing; methods; arrangements; and, product
Method of modifying weather
Aqueous paint composition
Process for the production of water-absorbing compositions
Crosslinkable protective colloids for use in the polymerization of unsaturated monomers
Waterborne silicone adhesives, sealants and coatings
Polymer/liquid dispersion, composite film and method for producing same
Free-form fabricaton using multi-photon excitation
Phase change thermal control materials, method and apparatus
Solid adhesive material which peels off smoothly
Phase change ink compositions
Strengthened, light weight wallboard and method and apparatus for making the same
Package comprising low application temperature hot melt adhesive comprising ethylene .alpha.-olefin
Process for producing modified phenolic resin
Method and apparatus to reduce memory read latency
KUZ, a novel family of metalloproteases
Serial imager for birefringent detector acoustic imaging systems
Document feeding apparatus
Glass substrate and two-stage molding method therefor
Liquid crystal display device
Reflective film
Treatment and prevention of HIV infection by administration of derivatives of human chorionic gonado...
Color picture tube
Process for preparing thermoplastic molding compositions
Process for producing a polymer by polymerization of a monomer having an ethylenic double bond
Single molecule analysis target-mediated ligation of bipartite primers
Genetically engineered attenuated double-stranded RNA viruses
Methods for attaching substances to surfaces
Method of X-ray protection during diagnostic CT imaging
Computer-assisted diagnosis method and system for automatically determining diagnostic saliency of d...
Catheter based surgery
Optical imaging using time gated scattered light
System for resolving channel selection in a multi-channel convergence system
Method of managing the operation of a plant for the production of aluminium by igneous electrolysis ...
Engineered wood member
Image blur prevention apparatus including device for varying sampling period for sampling an operati...
Serial IRQ slave controller with auto-synchronization
Method of removing contaminants from petroleum distillates
Interface for compiling project variations in electronic design environments
Method of supporting arrangement of semiconductor integrated circuit
Timing-insensitive glitch-free logic system and method
Ohmic contact to semiconductor devices and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and circuit for driving the same
Polymerase extension at 3' terminus of PNA-DNA chimera
Sub-nanoscale electronic devices and processes
Memory cell and method for programming thereof
Candida albicans gene (CSA1) encoding a mycelial surface antigen, and uses thereof
Promoter for neuropeptide FF and use thereof for therapy and diagnostics
Apparatus and method for controlling brightness in a monitor screen
Demodulating digital video broadcast signals
Projection type color liquid crystal display apparatus capable of enhancing optical utilization effi...
Remote conference system using multicast transmission for performing echo cancellation
System and method of scanning, viewing and writing information on a magnetic layer of photosensitive...
Apparatus and method for improved parental control of television use
Device for putting an integrated circuit into operation
Confections that "swim" in a carbonated beverage
Method for constructing a resilient surface
Glass-fibre reinforced absorbent separator
Process for preparing fine-particle polysaccharide derivatives
Production of optically active ketone
Electrostatic method of separating particulate materials
Optimizing the generation of visible light produced by mercury arc vapor and fluorescent lamps
Process for producing aromatic polycarbonate
Light source apparatus using electric lamp as light source
Method of measuring a large current using a glass fiber current sensor
Thermal tuning of optical amplifiers and use of same in wavelength division multiplexed systems
Thermally compensated variable optical attenuator with displacement mechanism
Camera having film winding apparatus
Treatment of fly ASH/APC residues including lead salt recovery
Gallium and/or indium separation and concentration method
Compositions for abatement of volatile organic compounds and apparatus and methods using the same
Magnetic material and production method thereof
Control of morphology of mesoporous aluminosilicate or pure-silica molecular sieves by effect of alc...
Synthesis of SAPO-44
Surface pattern for a soft, flexible disposable wipe
Miniature piezoelectric translators for optical applications
Method and apparatus for converting between logical and physical memory space in a raid system
Establishing and terminating connections in a mixed protocol network
Wavelength selective optical switch
Color gamut extension of an ink composition
Acoustically effective bituminous mass for hot application, method for the production thereof, and b...
Contrast medium for near infrared diagnosis
Generation of human cytotoxic T-cells specific for carcinoma self-associated antigens and uses there...
Raising blood sugar level in hypoglycemic mammals by administering inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidas...
Suksdorfin analogs, compositions thereof, and methods for making and using thereof
Tumescent solution
Structure for connecting automotive interior trim skin portions
Seating unit with novel pivot mounts and method of assembly
Penetration enhancing and irritation reducing systems
Nasal dilator
Valve for aerosol container
Adhesively bonded joints in carbon fibre composite structures
Ice detector configuration for improved ice detection at near freezing conditions
Solar wing thermal shock compensation using solar wing position actuator
Equatorial-normal body-stabilized spacecraft and control method for inclined orbit operation
Method and apparatus for generating a stable leading-edge lifting-vortex controller
Method for manufacture of composite aircraft control surfaces
Keyboard and method for switching key code with a single modifier key
Audio/video storage and retrieval for multimedia workstations
Web-based video-editing method and system using a high-performance multimedia software library
System and method for data streaming and synchronization in multimedia groupware applications
Ruggedized structure for fiber optic gyroscope
Advance notification system and method utilizing a distinctive telephone ring
Boron nitride and process for preparing the same
Anesthesia monitoring system based on electroencephalographic signals
Method for designing integrated circuit device based on maximum load capacity
Method of high throughput pressure casting
Membrane electrode assembly
Fuel additive formulation and method of using same
Rechargeable lithium battery
Method for manufacturing low stress metallic interconnect lines for use in integrated circuits
Pesticidal sprays
Method for treating skin
Cosmetic or dermatological compositions of polyurethane and/or polyurea block polycondensation produ...
Polyamide oligomers
IBD-associated microbial nucleic acid molecules
Stacks of optical fiber ribbons closely bound by respective buffer encasements, associated methods, ...
Portal bend limiter/strain reliever for fiber optic closure exit portal
Fiber optic tray cover
Conference telephone utilizing base and handset transducers
Monitoring data of a selected call in a wireless telecommunication system
Constrained shortest path routing method
Reliable distributed processing system
Projection lithography photomasks and methods of making
Method for measuring transmittance of optical members for ultraviolent use, synthetic silica glass, ...
Diamond or diamond like carbon coated chemical sensors and a method of making same
Marine propulsion apparatus with a heat shield to protect its seals
Method and apparatus for power link detection with implantable medical devices
Single pass defibrillation/pacing lead with passively attached electrode for pacing and sensing
Low-stress disc drive microactuator cradle
Cytoplasmic-genetic male sterile soybean and method for producing hybrid soybean
Hula hoop with rotary balls
Furling sail system
Hull shape of personal watercraft
Inflatable deflector
Water wing for airplane floats
Low profile lift for watercraft
Amphibious robot mine locator
Method of using levocetirizine and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same for inducing slee...
Preparation of arylphosphines
Method of sensitizing microbial cells to antimicrobial compound
Fatty acid derivatives and their use as surfactants in detergents and cleaners
Process for producing nitrile
Semicondonductor device and a process for the production thereof
Broad MWD, compositionally uniform ethylene interpolymer compositions, process for making the same a...
Segmental retaining wall system
Manufacture of conjugated diene polymers by using an iron-based catalyst composition
Integrated dual-laminate identification card in a form and method of making the card
Security document with a security component and method for the production thereof
Prismatic printing
Irreversible display with temporary imaging stage
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Article to be worn on the tip of a finger as a stylus
Method and apparatus for implementing time-based data flow control and network implementation thereo...
Character display controlling device, display controlling method, and recording medium
Method for design of substances that enhance memory and improve the quality of life
Systems and methods providing tactile guidance using sensory supplementation
Method of and apparatus for processing data transmitted through a communication line
Verbena plant named `Salmena`
Insulated stock material and containers and methods of making the same
Enhancing inorganic carbon fixation by photosynthetic organisms
Maize synthetic population PH9K0
Leafy cotyledon1 genes and their uses
Synthetic corn hybrid P68
Polypeptides having choline oxidase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
System and method for using noisy collaborative filtering to rank and present items
Interactive system providing language information for communication between users of different langu...
Cross-lingual retrieval system and method that utilizes stored pair data in a vector space model to ...
Related sentence retrieval system having a plurality of cross-lingual retrieving units that pairs si...
Method for creating a geometric hash tree in a document processing system
Adjustable car seat base
Method and system for address determination
Cryptographic accelerator
Secure watermark method and apparatus for digital signals
Cryptographic methods for demonstrating satisfiable formulas from propositional logic
Data receiving-processing apparatus and method, and broadcasting method
Parallelly-gripping chuck
Clamp for handling stacked loads of different sizes
Storage and retrieval system with automated order make up
Robot device
Lens shutter camera
Ink jet recording apparatus and method of controlling the same based on cartridge absence time perio...
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Control drive circuit and control drive method
Optical disk recording/reproduction apparatus for recording/reproducing information to/from optical ...
Semiconductor memory system comprising synchronous DRAM and controller thereof
Method of treating a tumor
Perfluorinated amide salts and their uses as ionic conducting materials
High resolution crosslinkable photoresist composition, compatable with high base concentration aqueo...
Method for tagging and screening molecules
Alpha-amidating enzyme compositions and processes for their production and use
Quenched thin ribbon of rare earth/iron/boron-based magnet alloy
High strength zirconium alloys containing bismuth
Ti-V-A1 based superelasticity alloy and process for preparation thereof
Lead-free solder alloy
Oxide-bondable solder
Clustertool system software using plasma immersion ion implantation
Method and apparatus for cleaning low K dielectric and metal wafer surfaces
Semiconductor device and a process for forming a protective insulating layer thereof
Methods for reducing a dielectric constant of a dielectric film and for forming a low dielectric con...
Microporous amorphous mixed metal oxides for form-selective catalysis
Biodegradable and thermosensitive polyphosphazenes and their preparation method
Anode substrate for display device and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor memory device and various systems mounting them
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with consolidated electrode tabs and c...
Passenger vehicles incorporating loudspeakers comprising panel-form acoustic radiating elements
Mammalian telomerase
Pressure-sensitive switch, its method of calibration and use in a hydrophone array
Aluminum drive shaft