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High speed angular contact ball bearing
Roller bearing cage
Method and apparatus for centering rotor assembly damper bearings
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Method of making rotatable rolls of plastic material
Can for a synthetic pump motor
Athletic shoe with an adjustable sizing system
Thin film transistor for a liquid crystal display device and a fabrication process thereof
Micromachined two dimensional array of piezoelectrically actuated flextensional transducers
Method and system for querying and executing commands of an application program
Multiple propagation wave parameter measuring method and apparatus and machine-readable recording me...
Snap in heat sink shielding lid
Airbag coatings providing improved thermal resistance
Method of installing or replacing underground pipe
Mold apparatus and kit for in situ tissue repair
Method and system for fabricating a high density magnetoresistive device
Use of mixtures of active substances, containing phytostenols and/or phytostenol esters and potentia...
Propylene polymers for fibers and fabrics
Linked list based least recently used arbiter
Method of and apparatus for performing line characterization in a non-idle mode in a subscriber line...
Technique for communicating digitally modulated signals over an amplitude-modulation frequency band
Water soluble copolymers
Nuclear magnetic resonance tool with active RF spoiler antenna
Efficient thong pantiliner with fold-over attachment means
Carrier handling apparatus for a module IC handler, and method therefor
Composite high frequency component and mobile communication apparatus incorporating the same
Device for pressure tapping and procedure for setting it on a fuselage panel of an aircraft
Apparatus and method for loading poultry into containers
Splitting and assigning power planes
Hydrostatic vehicle drive with control device and control device for hydrostatic drives
Synergistic pesticidal composition of pyrethroid and N-phenyl-pyrazole
Embryonic stem cells capable of differentiating into desired cell lines
Multi-layer surveying systems and methods with multi-layer incentives
Audio codec reselection for increased port density
Gas discharge lamp, in particular for motor-vehicle headlights
Fuzzy inference system or adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system, and intelligent agent for the dynam...
Provision of decision support for acute myocardial infarction
Zeolite ZSM-11 and a process for preparing zeolite ZSM-11 using a 3,5-dimethylpiperidinium templatin...
Quantum dot thermoelectric materials and devices
Planar dielectric integrated circuit
Method of chemical-vapor deposition of a material
Variety of geranium named `Sophia`
Method and apparatus for controlling plasma flow
Triangle geometry processing for surface modeling and cartesian grid generation
Firearm barrel lock
Feeder/delinker for gatling gun
Ammunition body, a method for inserting, and its use
Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time activity simulation
Perforated propellant and method of manufacturing same
Liquid crystal display device comprising a lamp cover having a curved contacted portion with liquid ...
Chamber liner for high temperature processing chamber
Pagewidth wide format printer
Piezoelectric device
Melt-processible semicrystalline block copolyimides
Process for isolation of dicarboxylic acids and hydroxycarboxlic acids
Dry-type high-voltage winding
Apparatus and process for spinning polymeric filaments
Methods for identifying herbicidal agents that inhibit D1 protease
Purified attapulgite clay
Composite materials and adhesion promoters for dental applications
Ram burster
Polymerization of olefins
Method and system for providing edge-junction TMR for high areal density magnetic recording
Production of polyisobutylene copolymers
Insulating adhesive for electronic parts, and lead frame and semiconductor device using the same
MRI method apparatus for imaging a field of view which is larger than a magnetic field
Apparatus for wrinkle removal
Acrylic acid-maleic acid copolymer (or its salt), its production process and use, and production pro...
Absorbent article with skin treatment means
Methods and devices for measuring total polar compounds in degrading oils
Oil field tool
Extracting oil and water from drill cuttings using RF energy
Additive for oil-based ink for a ball point pen and oil based ink for a ball point pen containing th...
Pyrazinones, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Polymer electrolyte membranes for use in fuel cells
Electrochemical cell activated with a nonaqueous electrolyte having a sulfate additive
Anionic infrared-ray absorbing agent, photosensitive composition and planographic printing plate pre...
Low impedance folded polymeric laminate rechargeable battery and method of making
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Electrolytes having improved low temperature performance
Solid electrolyte battery
Remote procedure call system and method for RPC mechanism independent client and server interfaces i...
Rear electrode structures for displays
Fin-stabilized projectile with improved aerodynamic performance
Apparatus for automatic application of compositions to the skin
Coherent carbide diffusion barrier for integrated circuit interconnects
Photomask method for making the same capacitor cell area near outmost cell arrays
Hydraulic valve arrangement with locking function
Pesticidal 1-polyarylpyrroles
Method for using computers to facilitate and control the creating of a plurality of functions
Site access via intervening control layer
System for recovering lost information in a data stream
Compact fluorescent lamp with built-in operating circuit
Method and apparatus for detail routing using obstacle carving around terminals
Input/output cell generator
Spare cells placement methodology
Method and apparatus for socket-based design with reusable-IP
Fuel cells stack
Respiratory circuit with in vivo sterilization
Choosing a multimedia presentation
Method and apparatus for finding a match entry using receive port number embedded in the port vector
Ceramic single-plate capacitor EEG electrode
Method of moving and detecting fluid in a microfluidic device
Method and apparatus for self-deploying rudder assembly
Canopy assembly for juvenile seat
Micromachined optical switching devices
Compositions for insulator and metal CMP and methods relating thereto
Water-soluble fluorescent nanocrystals
Method of making an electroconductive pattern on a support
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dinka`
System and method for logging transaction records in a computer system
Method and apparatus for representing host datastream screen image information using markup language...
Storage server system including ranking of data source
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for mapping physical memory in a virtual address system
Selective wireless paging receiver and radio frequency searching method therefor
Calculation method in a radio system for calculating the geometrical time difference between transmi...
Multi-service mobile station
Emulation circuit with a hold time algorithm, logic and analyzer and shadow memory
Flight control module merged into the integrated modular avionics
Amino alcohol derivatives, method of producing said derivatives and medicaments containing them
Dental paste-like porcelain
Electronically controlled optically-active device array for high-speed receiving and transmitting of...
Optical scanning apparatus
Method and apparatus for optical sectioning and imaging using time-gated parametric image amplificat...
Interface circuit and optical disk manufacturing system that uses same
Optical servo writing
Laser source with submicron aperture
Method for creating, modifying, and playing a custom playlist, saved as a virtual CD, to be played b...
Nonrecursive digital filter and method for calculating the coefficients of the filter
Custom ankle brace system
Liquid crystal display device
Ionizing sputtering method
Electrohydrodynamicly enhanced micro cooling system for integrated circuits
Laminated piezoelectric transformer
Efficient store machine in cache based microprocessor
Selective address translation in coherent memory replication
Reticulated foam structures
Chip electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
Method for casting molten metal
Modeling lightweight dough
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Skin care composition
Device and method for facilitating hemostasis of a biopsy tract
Movable self-elevating artificial work island with modular hull
Method and apparatus for operating system personalization during installation
Bird decoy support and movement device
Live bait keeper
Making polyolefin graft copolymers with low molecular weight side chains using a polymeric peroxide ...
Methods of preparation of gel products fortified with calcium
Polyester-polyamide blends with reduced gas permeability and low haze
Impact resistant protective multilayer film
Poly(neopentyl polyol) ester based coolants and improved additive package
Polyester molding composition
Speckle suppressed laser projection system using a multi-wavelength doppler shifted beam
Process of eliminating ridges formed during dicing of aerodynamic sliders, and sliders formed thereb...
Dicing tape and a method of dicing a semiconductor wafer
Production process for ethylenimine polymer aqueous solution
Self assembling monolayer compositions
Methods for the production of sulfurized diphenyloxides and compositions made therefrom
Combinations of PKC inhibitors and therapeutic agents for treating cancers
Inhibition of thrombin-induced platelet aggregation by creatine kinase inhibitors
Cartridge ejection mechanism for converted automatic pistol
Virtual private network for mobile subscribers
Cartridge orientation insertion detection for mass storage systems including finger detections of re...
Method for retarded anionic polymerization
Supercritical fluid pressure sensitive adhesive polymers and their preparation
Method of preparing thermoplastic random copolymer composition containing zinc oxide and aminosiloxa...
High precision grids for neutron, hard X-ray, and gamma-ray imaging systems
Method for simulating electrical characteristics of electronic device
Flavor delivery system
Geometric distortion correction in magnetic resonance imaging
Surgical instrument with a dissecting tip
Polyester resin intermediate compositions and preparation and uses thereof
Remote control monitoring device
Method of and apparatus for dynamically binding subobjects into objects to represent functions and c...
Touch panel device
Monolithic structure with redundant load paths
Electric aquarium cleaning apparatus
Trench shielding and shoring device
Riding floor scrubber
Sorbent composition and apparatus for removing oil or oily substances from water, and process of man...
Crystal oscillator and method of bonding IC chip useful for fabricating crystal oscillator
Rotary slide set for a hydraulic steering arrangement
Water-soluble block copolymers comprising a hydrophilic block and a hydrophobic block
Method and apparatus for treating osteochondral pathologies
Data input and retrieval apparatus
Storage controller conditioning host access to stored data according to security key stored in host-...
Tunable turkey call
Flying toy and method of making same
Valve timing adjusting apparatus of internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing system
Inventory determination for facilitating commercial transactions during diagnostic tests
Method and apparatus for synchronizing function values in a multiple protocol system
Method of providing caller identification for calls placed over an internet
Production of metal foams
Semidry removal of SO2 in circulating reactor
Luminescence assay using cyclical excitation wavelength sequence
Process for the production of enantiomerically pure or optically enriched sertraline-tetralone using...
Process for making and using titanium oxide particles
Reduction compositions and processes for making the same
Silicon oxide film, method of forming the silicon oxide film, and apparatus for depositing the silic...
Hair treatment composition and method
Process for preparing pulverulent polymers by drying aqueous polymer dispersions
Preparing aqueous polymer dispersions
Aqueous dispersions of particles of polymers with a glass transition temperature gradient
Method of reducing the content of residual monomers in aqueous polymer dispersions
Preparation of W/O emulsions
Die especially for stamping detergent bars
Method for applying a coating that acts as an electrolytic barrier and a cathodic corrosion preventi...
Processing product components
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, two-component developer and image-forming process
Hyperbranched amphiphilic polymeric additives and polymer compositions with increased surface energy
Increasing the self-polishing properties of antifouling paints
Method of fabricating microelectromechanical and microfluidic devices
Optical waveguide part, its manufacturing method, connection member, optical part, method for connec...
Dispersion compensating photonic crystal fiber
Machine for tooling small parts
Sensor-fusion navigator for automated guidance of off-road vehicles
Method of reducing axial beam focusing
Adhesive for battery, battery using the same and method of fabricating the same
Needle tip guard for hypodermic needles
Reticulocyte containing complete blood control
Miniature low-noise photodiode system
Light emitting diodes with spreading and improving light emitting area
Radio control device for model vehicle
Liquid electrolyte solution including a halogenated and aliphatic polyolefin dissolved therein and s...
Anaesthetic vaporizer
Integrated advanced control blocks in process control systems
Method of making a nickel hydroxide material
Microfluidic devices and methods for separation
Reinforced concrete panel and method of manufacture
Flying ski
Image processing method to reduce marking material coverage in printing processes
Encapsulated gyricon spheres
Image forming apparatus having a detachable cartridge and developer residual amount sensor
Dynamic duty cycle for increased latitude
Finding groups of people based on linguistically analyzable content of resources accessed
Network management system
Autologous fibrin sealant and method for making the same
Ferroelectric random access memory configurable output driver circuit
Radio receiver
Compositions and single-crystal articles of hafnium-modified and/or zirconium-modified nickel-base s...
High toughness plate alloy for aerospace applications
Method of forming a damascene structure using a sacrificial conductive layer
Miniature rose plant named `POULele`
Method and apparatus for updating cyclic redundancy check information for data storage
Redundant energy storage device having momentum wheels
Shared embedded microcontroller interface
Method for the manufacture of footwear having a reinforced upper
In-plane switching mode liquid cystal display device having common electrode on passivation layer
Method for measuring component of a gaseous emission
Flexible, modular, compact fiber optic switch
High ARC tracking-index poly(phenylene oxide)-liquid crystalline poly
Heliographic ink jet apparatus and imaging processes thereof
Coating process applying a suspension syrup with a combination of hydrogenated isomaltulose material...
Breathable films and method for making
Multinational doll with changeable faces
Transformer test control device
System and method for handling power state change requests initiated by peripheral devices
Purification and stabilization of peptide and protein pharmaceutical agents
Ion exchange chromatography of GLP-1, analogs and derivatives thereof
Laser assisted pharmaceutical delivery and fluid removal
Address dependent caching behavior within a data processing system having HSA (hashed storage archit...
Virtual register renamed instruction issue for execution upon virtual/physical rename buffer wrap ar...
Dyadic operations instruction processor with configurable functional blocks
Two modes for executing branch instructions of different lengths and use of branch control instructi...
Sunscreen compositions containing a dibenzoylmethane derivative
Moisturizing and long-wearing make-up composition
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Shampoo compositions
Use of certain fatty acid/amino acid soaps to enhance antimicrobial effectiveness of topically admin...
Apparatus for packaging goods
Method and system for manipulating an object located underwater
Methods and apparatus for efficient synchronous MIMD operations with iVLIW PE-to-PE communication
Techniques for maintaining fault tolerance for software programs in a clustered computer system
Method and apparatus for prioritizing and handling errors in a computer system
Process for making pre-gels for a cross-linked branched polyester
Compounds for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer and methods for their use
Synergistic composition of peracetic acid and amine oxide
Apparatus for display of memorabilia
Endoscopic linton procedure using balloon dissectors and retractors
Polymer blends with improved impact resistance
Playback data detecting device
Hydrophilic resin, absorbent article, and acrylic acid for polymerization
Electrochemical solid phase synthesis of polymers
Debug mechanism for data processing systems
Reaction of alkenes with epoxides, the products thereof and their use as fragrance compounds
Multiple gradient echo type projection reconstruction sequence for MRI especially for diffusion weig...
System and method for multi-coupling digital signals and a backplane data bus with multi-coupling of...
Isolated asgal lipopolysaccharides and use of same to inhibit innate immune response
Cleansing compositions
System for quantitative radiographic imaging
Pulse generator header lead introducer tool
Method and device for supply for heat
Steerable coronary sinus defibrillation lead
Power source element
Air heater or dryer apparatus, for use on aircraft
Repeater diversity system
Method for assessing significance of protein identification
Topically applied hoof treatment composition and concentrate
System for and method of sending network problem information along a communication path
Metal sheet piling
Wrist wallet with hook-to-mesh-fabric attaching means
Exposure apparatus, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and semiconductor manufacturing method
Tunable optical component
Optical wavelength-division-multiplexed cross-connect incorporating optically controlled optical swi...
Optomechanical matrix switches including collimator arrays
Apparatus and method for achieving a smooth spectral response optical filter
Soliton pulse transmission over long waveguide fiber lengths
Bridges and other layer-two devices for forwarding MAC frames
Refined magnesium material and method for producing the same
Heating system
Process for the preparation of shaped translucent lithium disilicate glass ceramic products
IDLE drive torque control for automated vehicle dry master clutch
Method and device for detecting cornering of a vehicle
Method for monitoring the air pressure of the tires of a motor vehicle
Navigation system and method of displaying a quasi-three-dimensional map information
Process and device for determining a vehicle's mass
Navigation system
Method of playing a video poker game with a multiple winning hand parlay wagering option
Item pick-up system
Method and apparatus for activity-based collaboration by a computer system equipped with a dynamics ...
Automatic generation of graphically-composed correspondence via a text email interface
Apparatus and method for saving session variables on the server side of an on-line data base managem...
System and method for measuring round trip times in a network using a TCP packet
Hydroperoxide lyase gene from maize and methods of use
Method of plant selection using glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase
Transcriptional inhibitor protein and the encoding DNA
Recording/reproducing method and device with supplementary data storage and output
Method and system for performing secure electronic digital streaming
Data recording method and apparatus, data record medium and data reproducing method and apparatus
Municipal bond apparatus, product and method
Computer-implemented method and system for producing a proposal for a construction project
Method for a memory organization by physical zones in a computerized or data processing machine or a...
Virtual address bypassing using local page mask
Automated method for testing cache
Method, system, and program for performing a join operation on a multi column table and satellite ta...
Method and apparatus using run length encoding to evaluate a database
Method of obtaining an electronically-stored financial document
Network management protocol for efficient retrieval operations
Method of calibrating the sample height in a sample analyzer
Method and apparatus for determination of carbon-halogen compounds and applications thereof
Methods and compositions for the treatment of keratoconus using protease inhibitors
Wireless cardiac pacing system with vascular electrode-stents
MRAM with midpoint generator reference and method for readout
Image formation apparatus, and a method of stopping the working of the image formation apparatus aft...
Controller and control method for satellite orbit-keeping maneuvers
Method and apparatus for transparent backtracking
Returning flying polygon
Gelled polymer electrolyte lithium secondary cell
Cryptosystems with elliptic curves chosen by users
Fluid velocity-sensitive trigger mechanism
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
Microfluidic system for measurement of total organic carbon
Landscaping tile
Flexible corrosion-inhibiting cover for a metallic object
Method and apparatus for client-server communication using a limited capability client over a low-sp...
Head-mounted display apparatus
Technology explorer model
Smart blocks
Safety helmet
Surgical devices comprising articulated members and methods for using the same
Biocidal compositions
System for determining and controlling the peak amplitude and phase of an oscillating member
Microelectromechanical optical cross-connect switches including mechanical actuators and methods of ...
Image bearing material, electrophotographic photoreceptor using the image bearing material, and imag...
Process for producing semiconductor thin film devices using group 14 element and high temperature ox...
Stacking of GaN or GaInN quantum dots on a silicon substrate, their preparation procedure electrolum...
Organic electroluminescent device
Display device having intergrated operating means
Water-dispersed polymer stabilizer
Sol-gel processing to form doped sol-gel monoliths inside hollow core optical fiber and sol-gel core...
Implantable medical device having a substantially flat battery
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Electro-mechanical transducer suitable for tactile display and article conveyance
Hybrid opto-electronic circuits and method of making
Antisense compositions for detecting and inhibiting telomerase reverse transcriptase
Disc recorded with audio, image, and operation image data from which sound and images can be reprodu...
Method for measuring the speed of a vehicle
Electric power steering controller and control method
System for determining the occupancy state of a seat in a vehicle and controlling a component based ...
Echo canceller for decreasing a deterioration factor of a speech quality
Adjustable telephone system and method
Sound volume controllable communication apparatus
Apparatus, method and system for providing variable termination patterns for multiple telecommunicat...
Communication parameter search apparatus and communication support apparatus using the same
Bicycle rim structure provided for a tubeless assembly and bicycle wheel
Bicycle front chainwheel assembly
Exercise therapy device
Apparatus and method for changing critical brain activity using light and sound
Product for a welded construction made of AlMgMn alloy having improved mechanical strength
Route controlled audio programming
Interactive artificial intelligence
Free game prizing method and apparatus for an electronic gaming terminal
Portable audio entertainment apparatus containing separately carried signal and sound producing port...
Removable vehicle entertainment system
Recreational apparatus
Levitation entertainment device
Recreation system with rain forest theme
3-dimensional visual system
Geranium plant named `Fisrored`
Therapeutic heterocycles
Decorative dye colorant for natural stone
Vanilloid receptor-2
System and method for providing user mobility services on a telephony network
Acyl CoA: cholesterol acyltransferase related nucleic acid sequences
Updating and reading data and parity blocks in a shared disk system
Tether for holding promotional materials
Positional data utilizing inter-vehicle communication method and traveling control apparatus
HTML integration utility for a program development environment
Methods and apparatus for local number portability in telecommunication systems
Mobile support device for a hose
Air compressor work table
Handle for a wheeled device
Material lifting harness
Mailbox support kit
Mailbox post assembly
Monovinylidene aromatic polymers with improved toughness and rigidity and a process for their prepar...
Liquid crystal display device
Method to make gas permeable shell for MEMS devices with controlled porosity
Device with acoustic waves guided in a fine piezoelectric material film bonded with a molecular bond...
Detecting device and camera with the detecting device
Strobe device of lens-fitted film unit and production method of the strobe device
Tandem color image forming device capable of forming high-quality color images
Balanced template tracker for tracking an object image sequence
Modular image query system
Method for image characterization using color and texture statistics with embedded spatial informati...
Image processing apparatus
System and method of finding near neighbors in large metric space databases
Apparatus for detecting fusion events upon electrostimulation of the heart
Method of noninvasively determining a patient's susceptibility to arrhythmia
Implantable cardioversion device with a self-adjusting threshold for therapy selection
MRI apparatus
Method and mechanism for virtualizing legacy sideband signals in a hub interface architecture
Retrofit for patient call system and method therefor
Method of and system for processing electronic document and recording medium for recording processin...
Document transfer systems
Digital coin tracing using trustee tokens
Multilayer circuit board
Camera which compensates for motion by setting the time at which a movable member begins moving and ...
Photometry device of a camera
Spinning top
DMT test method for determining ADSL capability of cables
Brake actuating system
Fuser release agent management system with driven supply reel
Continuous casting apparatus for molten metal
Dissolution stage for an environmental scanning electron microscope
Method and composition for reducing dust and erosion of earth surfaces
Polymorphisms in a diacylglycerol acyltransferase gene, and methods of use thereof
Lipid soluble steroid prodrugs
Method and apparatus for implementing an extensible authentication mechanism in a web application se...
Method for securing communication by selecting an encoding process using a first computer based upon...
Process for linear alpha olefins
Proposal of capacity tuning in the production process of storage disc drives
Process control configuration system for use with an AS-Interface device network
Highly available cluster message passing facility
Systems and methods for persistent and robust memory management
Polarization luminaire and projection display
Light diffusing film and use thereof
System for inspecting an apparatus of a printed circuit board
Three-dimensional information processing apparatus and method
Apparatus and method of generating compressed data
Device and method for converting two-dimensional video into three-dimensional video
Image compression and expansion device
Apparatus and method for detecting edition point of audio/video data stream
Dispersion compensating optical fiber
Optical fiber jumper cable bend limiter and housing therefor
Optical interconnection apparatus and method of fabricating same
Optical fiber hermetic termination connector
Optical fiber feedthrough assembly and method of making same
Sealed fiber-optic bundle feedthrough
Ultra-small optical probes, imaging optics, and methods for using same
Method for producing high silicon steel, and silicon steel
Method for manufacturing gravure-transfer-coated steel plate
Grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet
Hoisting drive for use in the iron and steel industry
Method of manufacturing a grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet
System for the measurement of electrical characteristics of geological formations from within steel ...
Reversibly, non-covalent bound surface coating
Production of .beta.-glucan-mannan preparations by autolysis of cells under certain pH, temperature ...
Antimicrobial agents for eucaryotic microorganisms and methods of growth suppression of eucaryotic m...
Combination regimens using progesterone receptor modulators
Process for producing vinyl alcohol polymer composition
Chitosan microflake and method of manufacturing the same
Cooking enhancing convection oven and method of enhancing the cooking in a convection oven
Sizable back-up shear plate for metal frame windows
Anionic polymerization process
Apparatus for light beam guided biopsy
Measurement of respiratory effort using a suprasternal sensor
Position tracking and imaging system for use in medical applications
Medical scanning system and related method of scanning
Non-invasive detection of endothelial dysfunction by blood flow measurement in opposed limbs using t...
Microencapsulated oil or fat product
Preparation of milk fat globule membranes in tablet or capsule form
Methods for assessing the role of calcineurin immunosuppression and neurotoxicity
MSH5 ablated mice and uses therefor
Method and apparatus for transmitting a digital information signal and vending system incorporating ...
Process control
Server system with scalable session timeout mechanism
Automatic telephone-line disconnect system
Functionally pre-stressed ribbon stack
Inflatable airfoil device
System and method for synchronizing one time pad encryption keys for secure communication and access...
Electrocardiograph control of fluid injection
Identification apparatus
Air-tight structure between a top cap and a body of a pneumatic tool
Self-locking clamp for engaging soil-reinforcing sheet in earth retaining wall and method
Hand held bar code reader and computer
Selective removal of nitrogen from natural gas by pressure swing adsorption
Method and apparatus for performing power routing in ASIC design
Amines useful in inhibiting gas hydrate formation
Thermal plasma process for recovering monomers and high value carbons from polymeric materials
Process wherein a hydrocarbon feedstock is contacted with a catalyst
Sequence of processes for olefin oligomerization
Composite material with a high proportion of intermetallic phases, preferably for friction bodies
Computerized education system for teaching patient care
Loop flushing circuit
Liquid de-inking compositions based on polyalkoxylated terpenic compounds and their use for de-inkin...
Communications system using bets
Olefin polymerization process for producing broad MWD polymers
Web-based entry of financial transaction information and subsequent download of such information
Method for controlled-amplitude prestack time migration of seismic data
Antisense modulation of helicase-moi expression
Variable imaging using an electronic press
KUZ, a novel family of metalloproteases
Access control system for a multimedia datastore
Camera with belt clip movable to ready an electronic device such as an electronic flash
Non-volatile latch with program strength verification
Radio data communication system and method for carrying out data communication through a radio chann...
Process for producing ethylene
Colorimeter and assay device
Magnetic random access memory
Memory system
Large animal model of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in an immunocompromised host
Camera with through-the-lens lighting
Induction heating pizza delivery systems
Multimedia delivery system
Remote monitoring and control of equipment over computer networks using a single web interfacing chi...
Computer platform alarm and control system
Rawhide animal chew and method for producing same
Structures and methods of manufacture for gas diffusion electrodes and electrode components
Optimization of printed wire circuitry on a single surface using a circle diameter
Packaging memory image files
Global registry object for mapping registry functions and registry equivalent functions across multi...
Spring canola (Brassica napus) variety "1709"
Inbred corn line 7RN401
Inbred corn line UBB3
Inbred corn plant 6077 and seeds thereof
Plants and seeds of corn variety I014738
Tandem repeat detection using pattern discovery
Verification protocol
Set top device for targeted electronic insertion of indicia into video
Service management
Simulated ammunition
Apparatus comprising furnaces, reactors or conduits used in applications requiring anti-coking prope...
Medicament respiratory delivery device
Piezo inhaler
Document matching using structural information
Robot device and method for controlling the same
Substituted phthalocyanine
Wireless system and method for evaluating quality of service
Method and system for support of overlapping IP addresses between an interworking function and a mob...
Conversion of international mobile station identity (IMSI) number
Methods and apparatus for mobile phone power management
System for maintaining the integrity of application data
Method for wide area network service location
Wired-or connection in differential transmission environment
Sol-gel process for fabricating germanium-doped silica article
Removable optical security film placed on printed surfaces and/or products containing such film
Security features
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Generating text in which the word sequence is reversed in alternating lines of text
Self-calibrating precision timing circuit and method for a laser range finder
Process for producing aromatic disulfides
Method and apparatus for non-invasively detecting, measuring, and recording electrocardiograms in co...
Method for treatment of aging or damage skin
Color-changing dental compositions
Bonus games for gaming machines with strategy options
Method, program product, and game system for blurring an image
System to provide game play for products
Weight holder attachable to golf club
Telephone tag entertainment
Tele-remote telephone and remote control device
Element comprised of a plurality of strips running in a horizontal and vertical manner, and a method...
Method and apparatus for controlling straight line travel of a tracked machine
Modified carbon black, process for producing the modified carbon black, rubber composition and pneum...
Operation line tracking device using sensor
Silicone polymer network compositions
Simplified method for cleaning silicon wafers after application of laser marks
Micro-alignment of optical components
Embossed tissue sheet
Galactopyranosides and their use
Low dielectric materials and methods of producing same
D-sorbitol dehydrogenase gene
Viewfinder for camera with adjustable diopter
5-membered heteroaryl substituted 1,4-dihydropyridine compounds as bradykinin antagonists
Computer system including a novel address translation mechanism
Method for producing expandable polystyrene particles
Fracture reduction clamp
Intelligent text-to-speech synthesis
Welding rod extending assembly for attachment with electrode holder
Apparatus and method for producing an electric shock to wake sleeping drivers
System and method for enhancing e-commerce using natural language interface for searching database
Designing compounds specifically inhibiting ribonucleic acid by binding to the minor groove
Vectorized table lookup
Caching dynamically allocated objects
Method and apparatus for optimizing electronic design
Multi-mode light-emitting device for underwater applications
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Microelectronic and microelectromechanical devices comprising carbon nanotube components, and method...
Tuner for cavity resonator
Musical adapter for baby bottles
Dishwashing detergent product having a ultraviolet light resistant bottle
Granular laundry detergent compositions comprising zwitterionic polyamines
Bleaching compositions
Skin care compositions containing combination of skin care actives
Foam materials and high internal phase emulsions made using oxidatively stable emulsifiers
Methods of making cross-bridged macropolycycles
System and method for classifying media items
Electric motion platform and a control system for controlling the same
Method for determining a peening element speed limit ratio when peening the internal surface of a ho...
Method and apparatus for monitoring software using encryption
Miniature wireless transcutaneous electrical neuro or muscular-stimulation unit
Method and system for message transfer session management
Virtual reality simulation-based training of telekinegenesis system for training sequential kinemati...
Method for treating pain
Treatment using venlafaxine
Seismic data acquisition and method for spatially filtering seismic data
Method for transferring a dummy wafer
Electrophoretic displays and systems for addressing such displays
Coin sorter
Porous titania, catalyst comprising the porous titania
Statistical process control integration systems and methods for monitoring manufacturing processes
Air inlet cowl for a jet engine equipped with de-icing means
Angiographic syringe and luer connector
Pet wireless doorbell device
Mechanism for achieving transparent network computing
Method and system for access control of a message queue
Dual layer acoustical ceiling tile having an improved sound absorption value
Acoustical panel having a calendered, flame-retardant paper backing and method of making the same
Durable porous article of manufacture and a process to create same
Device for catalytic exhaust gas purification
Marine muffler
Submucosa gel compositions
Microstamping activated polymer surfaces
Polymer grafting by polysaccharide synthases
Fuel cell system
Autothermal reformer
Fuel cell with low cathodic polarization and high power density
Fuel cell system
Liquidambar styraciflua AGAMOUS (LSAG) gene
Product and method to reduce stress induced immune suppression
Method of isolating a peptide which immunologically mimics microbial carbohydrates including group B...
P. gingivalis polynucleotides and uses thereof
Human gastric cancer antigen gene and gastric cancer antigen protein
Proteins involved in the synthesis and assembly of core lipopolysaccharide of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Recombinant human papillomavirus vaccine expressed in transgenic plants
Tetracycline repressor regulated mammalian cell transcription and viral replication switch
Broadcasting interactive applications
Method of producing rosemarinic acid
Reinforced matrices
Human G-coupled protein receptor kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
C11 oxymyl and hydroxylamino prostaglandins useful as FP agonists
Nucleosides comprising polydentate ligands
Dielectric films for narrow gap-fill applications
Bone mineralization proteins, DNA, vectors, expression systems
Ink follower piston for a ball-point pen, and a method of manufacturing the same
Wiring unit
User interface system based on sequentially read electronic tags
Aluminum complexes for olefin polymerization
Flame-resistant polycarbonate ABS molding materials
Interactive instruction scheduling and block ordering
Method and apparatus for flight data acquisition using an optimized multiple frequency waveform
Adjustable intervertebral implant
Mechanism for enabling compliance with the IEEE standard 1149.1 for boundary-scan designs and tests
Application-directed variable-granularity caching and consistency management
Lyocell fibers produced from kraft pulp having low average degree of polymerization values
Pyridyl alkane acid amides as cytostatics and immunosuppressives
Peptidoglycan recognition proteins
Cumulative error detecting code
Voice interactive web-based agent system responsive to a user location for prioritizing and formatti...
CTLA4-C.gamma.4 fusion proteins
Magnetic wheel sensor for vehicle navigation system
Human aminopeptidase
Process to control conversion of C4+ and heavier stream to lighter products in oxygenate conversion ...
Spray rose plant named `Delsprabla`
Chrysanthemum named `Plutores`
Spray rose plant named `Delsporg`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckaileen`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Goal`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dark Yodanville`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yodanville`
Method and apparatus for pre-allocation of system resources to facilitate garbage collection
Foldable wheeled carrying bag
Aminoadamantane derivatives as therapeutic agents
Silica-filled tire tread stocks having reduced hysteresis
Synthesis and antiviral activity of a series of pyrophosphate analogs
Hearing aid assembly
Inkjet printhead having thermal bend actuator with separate heater element
Low power consumption quick charge for wireless device
Rigid crankshaft cradle and actuator
System and method for generating an object structure at run time in an object-oriented programming l...
Cruciform parachute with arms attached
Reading encoded information subject to random and transient errors
Distance measuring device and method for determining a distance
Connector for engaging soil-reinforcing grid to an earth retaining wall and method for same
Method for determining blood glucose levels from a single surface of the skin
Multi-language domain name service
Extension of parsable structures
System and method for updating microcode stored in a non-volatile memory
N-(4-sulfonylaryl)Cyclylamine 2-hydroxyethylamines as beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Substituted imidazole neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
N-hydroxy-2-(alkyl, aryl, or heteroaryl sulfanyl, sulfinyl or sulfonyl)-3-substituted alkyl, aryl or...
Angiogenesis inhibitors
Fused 7-oxo-pyrimidinyl compounds, preparation, composition and use thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling the use of chemicals with expiration dates
Automatic locking depth guide for cutting tools and the like
Paint and coating compositions containing tantalum and/or niobium powders
Method and apparatus for analysis
Closed cavity hydraulic piston and method of making the same
System and method for dynamic correlation of events
Agent for eliminating heavy metals comprising a phosphate compound
Diheterocyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Urea nucleosides as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Electroluminescent device and apparatus
Molecular weight control of gas phase polymerized polybutadiene when using a rare earth catalyst
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Microfluidic devices and methods for optimizing reactions
Anti-protozoan methods and materials
Continuous production of silica via ion exchange
Compact floribunda rose variety `POULpeacy`
Method and system for filtering multicast packets in a peripheral component environment
Flash apparatus with one-time-use camera
Method for making shoes and the shoes obtained using said method
Liquid crystal display device and method of producing the same
CMOS/MEMS integrated ink jet print head with silicon based lateral flow nozzle architecture and meth...
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric ceramic composition, piezoelectric resonator, piezoelectric t...
Record for multidimensional databases
Fuel hose resin coupling
Emulsion-based processes for making microparticles
Boat lift apparatus
Combination therapy for treating glaucoma
Axial force attachment of load beams to actuators
Solenoid valve with a check valve
Power control method and apparatus therefor
Plant histidine biosynthetic enzymes
Method of regulating the female reproductive system through angiogenesis inhibitors
Arrangement for controlling network proxy device traffic on a transparently-bridged local area netwo...
Compositions and methods for relieving headache symptoms in aspirin-sensitive headache sufferers
Multi-layered mirror
Closed-loop spacecraft orbit control
Ear marks for livestock registration, printing method for ear mark, and identification method using ...
Controlling data transmissions from a computer
Shelf assembly
Semiconductor package having metal-pattern bonding and method of fabricating the same
Method of synthesizing a cycle redundancy code generator circuit using hardware description language
Scroll machine with continuous capacity modulation
Dual volume-ratio scroll machine
Scroll compressor discharge muffler
Discharge valve
Horizontal scroll compressor having an oil injection fitting
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Scroll compressor having a clearance for the oldham coupling
Electric motor with an upstream frequency converter
Method and circuit arrangement for operating an electromagnetically actuated mechanical brake of an ...
System and method for processing workpieces
Three-phase motor
Electromagnetically actuated brake
Adapter system
Electric motor and method for operating such a motor
Method for manufacturing a Coriolis flow meter assembly
System for calibrating a drive signal in a coriolis flowmeter to cause the driver to vibrate a condu...
Integrated current source feedback and current limiting element
Balance bar for a coriolis flowmeter
Low thermal stress case connect link for a straight tube Coriolis flowmeter
Circuit that reduces the numbers of components needed to transmit data from intrinsically safe to no...
Vibrating conduit process parameter sensors, operating methods and computer program products utilizi...
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Backpack with deployable armor
Multi-processing financial transaction processing system
Method and apparatus for networked wheel alignment communications and services
Epothilone analogs
Field emission display having an invisible spacer and method
Pulmonary drug delivery device
Method of depositing particles with an electrostatic chuck
Compartmented disposable plate with asymmetric rib geometry
Brazing structure and metallized structure
Integrated circuit configuration having at least one capacitor and method for producing the same
Ring finger protein zapop3
Abrasive silica compositions and dentifrice compositions prepared therefrom
Begonia plant named `Genie`
Software architecture for message processing in a distributed architecture computing system
Establishment of user home directories in a heterogeneous network environment
Optical device having modified transmission characteristics by localized thermal treatment
Method and apparatus for supporting rotor assembly bearings
Externally pressurized gas bearing spindle assembly
Rotary air bearing and process for manufacturing the same
Compressor bearings
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Rolling bearing
Footwear fastenings
Active matrix type liquid crystal display device and method of forming the same
Cowling arrangement for outboard motor
Microfabrication using germanium-based release masks
Apparatus and method for curing silicone rubber
Object identification and data communication during an object synchronization process
System for creating a computer model and measurement database of a wireless communication network
Chip type capacitor
Stackable, interlocking mounting supports for data storage actuator arm
Bone cement delivery apparatus and hand-held fluent material dispensing apparatus
Coherent x-ray scatter inspection system with sidescatter and energy-resolved detection
Frequency-doubling delay locked loop
Modification of lignin content and composition in plants
Benzamide derivatives as thrombin inhibitors
Tricyclic compounds and their use in medicine: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical comp...
System and method for transmitting data content in a computer network
Messaging system with application-defined states
Inflatable habitation volumes in space
Animal transporting system
Shelf assembly
BGA substrate via structure
Fault isolation for communication networks for isolating the source of faults comprising attacks, fa...
Methods and apparatus for delivering targeted information and advertising over the internet
Active matrix electroluminescent display device
Optical source and method
Vision-based method and apparatus for monitoring vehicular traffic events
Sealed fiber optic gyroscope assembly
Information processing apparatus and power saving apparatus
Methods of administering adenoviral vectors
Polishing fluid, polishing method, semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
Method for improving seed layer electroplating for semiconductor
Method and apparatus for predicting process characteristics of polyurethane pads
Method for fabricating an infrared-emitting light-emitting diode
Method for forming semiconductor device
Gas assisted method for applying resist stripper and gas-resist stripper combinations
Method and apparatus for reducing fixed charge in semiconductor device layers
Hibiscus plant named `Cool Wind`
Apparatus and method for superforwarding load operands in a microprocessor
Heat bondable biodegradable fiber
Absorbent structure that has a high degree of utilization
Manipulator positioning linkage for robotic surgery
Apparatus and method for measuring weight of an object in a seat
Method of and apparatus for improving data integrity in a disk drive system
Optical fiber grating and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for horizontally scaling computer video data for display on a television
Prediction and prevention of offset printing press problems
Ammunition box
Lead-free tin projectile
Shoe having an external chassis
Liquid crystal display device
Siphon inhibiting device for a marine cooling system
Securing an optical component onto a micro bench
Single c-axis PGO thin film on ZrO2 for non-volatile memory applications and methods of making the s...
Method and system for merging cells in a table and for adding an integrated header and a nested tabl...
Method and apparatus for a location sensitive database
Electrochemical capacitors
Expression vectors comprising multiple shear stress responsive elements (SSRE) and methods of use fo...
Collagen material and its production process
Actuator for data storage device
Seat reclining apparatus for vehicles
System and method for intelligent analysis probe
Constitutive and inducible promoters from coffee plants
Human carboxypeptidases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Method and apparatus for communication control of mobil computers in communication network systems u...
Bi-aromatic compounds linked via a heteroethynylene radical, and pharmaceutical and cosmetic composi...
Method for scheduling contexts based on statistics of memory system interactions in a computer syste...
Method and system for extending battery life by monitoring temperature during charging
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell, negative electrode therefor, and method of producing negativ...
Method of identifying a gas and associated apparatus
Method for drying and producing microporous particles and a drying device
Oxygen sensor and emission control system
Planographic printing original plate
Methods for applying small volumes of reagents
Battery arrangement for improved defibrillator safety
Cell and method of producing the same
Electrode, method or producing electrode, and cell comprising the electrode
Facilitating workload management by using a location forwarding capability
MCM--MLC technology
Pre-bias scheme for roll momentum unloads on pitch momentum bias/yaw reaction wheel spacecraft
Apparatus and method for collecting blood from an umbilical cord
Device and method for communication over a network
Apparatus for controlling system state based on unique identifiers
Ultralow dielectric constant material as an intralevel or interlevel dielectric in a semiconductor d...
Method and apparatus for recording and automated playback of personal agent greetings in a communica...
Apparatus to recover sulfur from concentrated acid gas into alkaline solution
Feed block for animals
High efficacy pulsed, dimmable high pressure cesium lamp
Hair treatment compositions
Method for precipitating microsuspension polymers
Process for preparing aqueous polymer dispersions
Water-soluble polymers and compositions thereof
Foam drive method
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Onium salts, photoacid generators for resist compositions, resist compositions, and patterning proce...
Carbon dioxide enhancement of inhalation therapy
Low-K dielectric constant CVD precursors formed of cyclic siloxanes having in-ring SI--O--C, and use...
Flame-resistant reinforced polycarbonate ABS moulding materials
Electrode for glow-discharge atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment
Printable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and sealing material containing same
Air management in cementitious mixtures having plasticizer and a clay-activity modifying agent
Wet-stick adhesives
Stress sensor based on periodically inserted color-changing tactile films to detect mishandling of f...
Device and method for production of visual sensations by optic nerve stimulation
Color cathode ray tube and color picture tube apparatus having the same
Oligonucleotides having site specific chiral phosphorothioate internucleoside linkages
Methods for treating viral infections
Recombinant MVA virus, and the use thereof
Impedimetric detection system and method of production thereof
Process for the preparation of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Podophyllotoxin dimer as DNA topoisomerase II inhibitors, and a process for the preparation therefor...
Estrogen agonists/antagonists
Method for making hydroxy-25-ene-vitamin D compounds
Scarecrow gene
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with sidewall metal layers
Ferroelectric thin film coated substrate, producing method thereof and capacitor structure element u...
Method and apparatus for implementing a low cost, intelligent controller for a switched reluctance m...
Ballistic aerosol marking process employing marking material comprising polyester resin and poly (3,...
Swollen gyricon displays and method of making same
Air bearing mechanism for flattening paper in a printing machine
Selective and non-invasive visualization or treatment of vasculature
Hermetically sealed microstructure package
Expressed ligand-vascular intercellular signalling molecule
Thin resist with transition metal hard mask for via etch application
View finder
Verbena plant named `Balwilapi`
Memory management device including a free block table and a conversion table with a free block addre...
Method and system for multiple network names of a single server
Thermal control within systems having multiple CPU performance states
Automatic gain control in a zero intermediate frequency radio device
Method of estimating interference level in a radio system
Method and arrangement for locating a mobile station
Portable electronic communication device with dual-band antenna system
Automated semiconductor immersion processing system
Modular semiconductor workpiece processing tool
Clock signal analysis device and clock signal analysis method
System and method for simulating disaster situations on peer to peer remote copy machines
Single gimbal multiple aperture antenna
Electrophotographic image forming method, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and processin...
Skin cosmetic compositions containing dextran or maltodextrin and a weak carboxylic acid
Heteroatom-interrupted analogs of 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid and methods of use
Method of treating acne
Operator/circuit interface with integrated display screen
Optical pickup
Optical autofocus for use with microtiter plates
System and method for imprinting and reading a sound message on a greeting card
Method and apparatus for optical beam steering based on a chirped distributed bragg reflector
Arrayed waveguide grating
Double-meshing type silent chain and sprocket for meshing with the chain along outer circumference t...
Handling multiple delayed write transactions simultaneously through a bridge
High-speed continuous conveying system
Normally closed liquid crystal display device using spacers coated with material having liquid cryst...
Portable exhaust fan for removing airborne hazardous materials
Method, product, and apparatus for processing reusable information
Fiber-coupled, high-speed, angled-dual-axis optical coherence scanning microscopes
Ultrasonic motor and electronic apparatus equipped with ultrasonic motor
Data collection and restoration for homogeneous or heterogeneous process migration
System and methodology for messaging server-based management and enforcement of crypto policies
System resource arbitration mechanism for a host bridge
Pre-decode conditional command generation for reduced SDRAM cycle latency
Script character processing method for compression encoding and smoothing of ink strokes
Vehicular component control systems and methods
Metallic microstructure springs and method of making same
Pressure-sensitive adhesives having microstructured surfaces
Snap-on, screw-off cap and container neck
Hot-fillable and retortable flat paneled jar
Collapsible bag, aerosol container incorporating same and method of assembling aerosol container
Lid with a slidable dispensing spout
Light weight and fast drying warp weaving fabric capable of uniflow absorbing and dispersing perspir...
Process for the treatment of a cracking gas from the cracking of 1,2-dichloroethane
Device for mixing stock suspensions
Texture and stabilizer composition
Hose construction containing ternary blend of polymers
Pin for connecting carbon electrodes and process therefor
Aqueous based solvent free cleaner compositions containing two nonionic surfactants
Enhanced SPF sunscreen (sprayable) formulations comprising interpolymers of PVP/dimethiconylacrylate...
Pichia methanolica glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 2 promoter and terminator
Method of inducing angiogenesis in nonis chemic skeletal muscle
Synthetic peptides, antibodies against them and their use
Digital imaging system for assays in well plates, gels and blots
Penetrating projectile for bomb disablement
Shock wave generator including high speed gas valve
Magnetic head linear actuator assembly for a magnetic data storage drive
Clear candle construction
High-melting polyamide composition for electronic applications
PVC mixture and method for its production
Phenylethynyl containing reactive additives
Linked peptide nucleic acids
System and method for defining and creating surrogate addresses for township and range quarter secti...