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Methods for fabricating multi-component devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics
Method and apparatus for imaging a sample on a device
System and method for searching and processing databases comprising named annotated text strings
Method for fingerprinting utilizing an electronically addressable array
Computer-aided visualization and analysis system for sequence evaluation
Printing molecular library arrays
Methods for testing oligonucleotide arrays
Blade material for metallic band saw and metallic band saw made therefrom
Cast steel material for pressure vessels and method of making a pressure vessel by using same
Low temperature solder
Copper alloy having improved resistance to cracking due to localized stress
Dispersion strengthening by nanophase addition
Nickel-hydrogen secondary battery
High strength aluminum alloy
Height adjustable dog and cat feeding table with removable feeding containers
Golf glove
Protective headband
Cosmetic container
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and...
Hair clipping machine
Porphyromonas gingivalis arginine-specific proteinase coding sequences
Analogs of human basic fibroblast growth factor mutated at one or more of the positions glutamute 89...
Purified mammalian CTLA-8 antigens and related reagents
Method for cleaning items in particular filters, used during foodstuff production
Method of controlling browning reactions using noble gases
Process for producing shaped potato products
Rice composition for coating foods
Animal chew
Vented pouch arrangement and method
Expandable beverage infusion device
Treatment of type 1 diabetes
Reagent preparation containing magnetic particles in tablet form
Vasopermeability enhancing immunoconjugates
Azaftig, a proteoglycan for monitoring cachexia and for control of obesity
System and method for programming and executing long running transactions
Automatic categorization of bookmarks in a web browser
System and method for freeing shared resources in a computer system
Method and system for management of message attachments
Communication system for electronic messages
Ultrasonic systems and methods for fluid perfusion and flow rate measurement
Solid-state magnetic resonance imaging
Non-invasive glucose monitor
Nucleosides and oligonucleotides containing boron clusters
Method and device for predicting physiological values
Preparation of vinyl chloride polymer
Protective-colloid-stabilized polymer compositions
Bifunctional macromolecules and toner compositions therefrom
Sulfopolymers as emulsion stabilizers with improved coagulum level
Process for preparing polyolefin diblock copolymers involving borane chain transfer reaction in tran...
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer
Magnetic carrier, preparation thereof, and method of extraction of nucleic acid
Methods and compositions for obtaining mature dendritic cells
Method for purifying nucleic acids
Hepatitis C virus asialoglycoproteins
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of hepatic diseases
Enzymatic resolution of 1-amino-2-vinylcyclopropyl caboxylic acid methyl ester
Methods and apparatus for electrical microcurrent stimulation therapy
Anesthetic alleviation by sensory stimulation
Method and system for performing infrared study on a biological sample
Bicistronic DNA construct comprising X-myc transgene for use in production of transgenic animal mode...
Acridin derivatives
System and method for secured network access
Congestion control method and system in an exchange
System for direct suppressed ringing access of subscriber lines
System and method of provisioning subscribers in a messaging environment comprising two messaging sy...
Circular memory addressing option for audio messages
Method and apparatus for establishing communications from browser application
Liquid crystal flat panel display with enhanced backlight brightness and specially selected light so...
Wide viewing angle polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Display device and electronic watch using the device
Color liquid crystal display apparatus
Process for making active substrates for color displays
Organic light emitting diodes
Fiber-based flat panel display
Cathode ray tube with specifically shaped panel
Cathode ray tube having metal film with holes located on upper and side portions of phosphor areas
Color picture tube having a tension mask attached to a frame
Electric discharge lamp apparatus with insulating plug
Aqueous ink composition for ball-point pen
Endothelin receptor antagonists
Apparatus and method to reduce node toggling in semiconductor devices
Software enhanced error correction mechanism in a data communication system
Fault detection in a redundant power converter
Using query language for provider and subscriber registrations
Guzmania plant named `Alii`
Azalea plant named `Amulet`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Galaxy`
Miniature rose plant named `JACBunch`
Miniature rose plant named `Jacrybi`
Cytisus scoparius L plant named `MEI KING`
Variety of Cytisus scoparius L. plant named `MEI ROAD`
Colored particulates for ink jet inks
Cost based optimization of decision support queries using transient views
Computer user interface for graphical analysis of information using multiple attributes
System and method for distance measurement by inphase and quadrature signals in a radio system
Methods of fabricating true-time-delay continuous transverse stub array antennas
Nonlinear fiber amplifiers used for a 1430-1530nm low-loss window in optical fibers
Enhanced impulse radar system
Acousto-optic channelizer-based ultra-wideband signal processor
Ultra-wideband magnetic antenna
Ground penetrating radar with synthesized end-fire array
Open loop current control ballast low pressure mercury germicidal UV lamps
Method and apparatus for driving a discharge lamp with pulses that terminate prior to the discharge ...
Irrigation ditch liner
Method and apparatus for facilitating migration of fish past dams and other barriers in waterways
Automated air handling system for sports field
Downhole tractor
Portable support assembly for watercraft
Interactive on line code inspection process and tool
Parabolic horn antenna for wireless high-speed internet access
Remote monitoring system
Jack-plug socket
Personal mobile communication system
Optical system for transmitting a graphical image
Patient transport arrangement in an aircraft
Storage compartment and venting channel combination in an aircraft cabin
Structure for attaching a landing gear to an aircraft fuselage
Aircraft with a double-T tail assembly
Composite window transparent to electromagnetic radiation for use in supersonic and hypersonic targe...
Differential valve, specifically a cabin air discharge valve in an aircraft, and method for regulati...
Fuel flow control apparatus
Ice fishing lure transport
Composition for reducing malodor impression on inanimate surfaces
Process for preparing amorphous complex oxide precursors and products produced therefrom
Conversion process for carbonyl sulfide and/or hydrogen cyanide contained in mixed gas
Recovery of carbon dioxide from combustion exhaust gas
Zeolite-containing oxidation catalyst and method of use
Non-ferrous metal recovery method utilizing a melt sulphation reaction
Buoyant substructure for offshore platform
Gray glass composition
Method for fabricating a device on a substrate
Biodegradation of explosives
Multilayer attenuating phase-shift masks
Tool with tool body and protective layer system
Strength improved single polymer conjugate fiber webs
Passive electrical article, circuit articles thereof, and circuit articles comprising a passive elec...
Monitoring of gene expression by detecting hybridization to nucleic acid arrays using anti-heteronuc...
Medicinal aerosol formulation of ciclesonide and related compounds
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Program guide system for recording television programs
Methods and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging with RF coil sweeping
Spool configured storage barrel
Apparatus for and method of processing images
Method and apparatus for converting a high definition image to a relatively lower definition image u...
Method and apparatus for block classification and adaptive bit allocation
Method and system for color matching between digital display devices
Cap with interchangeable dispenser
One-piece dispensing system and method for making same
Doped amorphous and crystalline gallium oxides, alkaline earth gallates and doped zinc germanate pho...
Conjugated polymers containing heterospiro atoms and their use as electroluminescence materials
Method of strain engineering and impurity control in III-V nitride semiconductor films and optoelect...
Method for forming a magnetic layer of magnetic random access memory
Annealing of a crystalline perovskite ferroelectric cell
Semiconductor device and method for its manufacture
Single transistor cell, method for manufacturing the same, memory circuit composed of single transis...
Overlay welding alloy and engine valve overlayed therewith
Method of fabricating sub-micron metal lines
Process for making an alloy
Aluminum alloy useful for driveshaft assemblies and method of manufacturing extruded tube of such al...
Free-cutting aluminum alloy, processes for the production thereof and use thereof
Corrosion resisting steel and corrosion resisting oil well pipe having high corrosion resistance to ...
Composition and process for the reactive brazing of ceramic materials containing alumina
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and...
Hood for an automatic hair washer
Utility lighter
Lady bug lighter
Combined ashtray and cigarette box
Arm for lighting fixture
Light fixture element
Mouse interleukin-11 receptor
Method of cell surface activation and inhibition
Compounds for altering cell surface sialic acids and methods of use therefor
Proanthocyanidin-free barley food composition fortified with iron and methods of making and using
Enhancement of industrial enzymes
Elegant film coating system
Enzymatic dietary treatment for hydrolyzing BSA
Manufacturing method of fertilizer made from organic wastes
Durable briquettes for use in gas-fired barbecue grills
Method of treatment using recombinant human tissue plasminogen activator
Method for carrying out a homogeneous-immunoassay based on agglutination
Composition for introducing nucleic acid complexes into higher eucaryotic cells
Diagnostic assay for the modified nucleosides pseudouridine, 7-methyladenosine, or 1-methyladenosine
Method for the modulation of acid-sphingomyelinase-related apoptosis
Method of preparing an extract potent in anti-inflammation and anti-platelet aggregation from Zingib...
Herbal compositions and their use as anti-inflammatory agents for alleviation of arthritis and gout
Piezoelectric switch
Information exchange system
Method and apparatus for generating a musical score
Exercise game system
Reel apparatus for game machine
Apparatus and method for grinding and polishing spherical bodies
Game apparatus and related methods
Automatically maintaining applications in a computer system using a check-in time
Providing transaction undo without logging
Compile time variable size paging of constant pools
Method of providing persistence to object in C++ object oriented programming system
Acoustic sensor array for non-invasive detection of coronary artery disease
Magnetic resonance imaging of the distribution of a marker compound without obtaining spectral infor...
Therapeutic delivery using compounds self-assembled into high axial ratio microstructures
Method and apparatus for estimation and display of spectral broadening error margin for doppler time...
Technique for measuring a blood analyte by non-invasive spectrometry in living tissue
Dopamine transporter imaging agent
Detecting, localizing, and targeting internal sites in vivo using optical contrast agents
Dial plan mapper
Information transmitting apparatus
Method for managing states within activex controls simplifying CTI enabled application development
Robot arm with specimen sensing and edge gripping end effector
Fiber optic splice closure including end pivoting slack storage holder with adjustable rear wall and...
Dispersion-shifted fiber
Large effective area waveguide fiber
Fiber optic perimeter lighting system
Optical grating devices with adjustable chirp
Single-ended long period grating optical device
Color cathode ray tube having an improved shadow mask structure
Electron beam apparatus and image forming apparatus
Spark plug and method of manufacturing the same
Arc lamp
Electron emission element having semiconductor emitter with localized state, field emission type dis...
Method for manufacturing electrodes of electron gun for cathode ray tube and electrodes manufactured...
Hair styling gels
Self-warming hair conditioning compositions
Low surface tension cosmetic copolymers
Agent and method for permanent shaping of hair and method for the production of N-alkylmercaptoaceta...
Hair treatment compositions containing fluorinated acids and polymers
Process for the production of artificial leather
Abrasive polishing method, apparatus and composition
Aqueous, high viscosity nail varnish
Gel-breaker composition and a method for breaking a gel
Method of coating substrates comprising polyurethane
Fat-binding polymers
Phosphonomethylated polyvinylamines and preparation and use thereof
Automobile exterior components
Tunable nano-phase polymer dispersed liquid crystal filter
Municipal solid waste processing facility and commercial ethanol production process
Electrochromic devices
Non-porous membrane for MALDI-TOFMS
Highly functional base material and a method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for separating and purifying polynucleotides
Diisocyanates containing hydantoin groups and polyurethanes in which they are present
Functional groups-terminated vinyl polymers
Reactive hot melt adhesive
Surfactant for forming stable dispersions of rosin esters
Nacreous imaging material
Rosin/hydrocarbon resin size for paper
Collaborative server processing of content and meta-information with application to virus checking i...
Obtaining load target operand pre-fetch address from history table information upon incremented numb...
Method and system for storing data items to a storage device
Multiprocessor system bus with system controller explicitly updating snooper cache state information
Cache coherency protocol including an HR state
Reservation management in a non-uniform memory access (NUMA) data processing system
Dual sonic character acoustic panel and systems for use thereof
Apparatus for absorbing machinery sound
Stethoscope head
Systems and methods for performing real time seismic surveys
Audio system with partitioned input and output compartments
Laptop computer with loudspeaker(s)
Detachable integral aircraft tailcone and power assembly
Peach tree named `Sugar Time`
Process for the preparation of benzyl-metal compounds and process for the preparation of 4-phenyl-1-...
Ink jet inks containing emulsion polymer additives stabilized with structured polymers
Ink jet inks containing block copolymers of polyethylene oxide and polypropylene
Ink jet inks containing branched polymer dispersants and emulsion polymer additives
Composition for antistatic finish
Process for fiber recovery from bonded fiber webs
Peptidyl compounds and their therapeutic use
Optical fiber communication system with a distributed Raman amplifier and a remotely pumped er-doped...
Compact, ultra-wideband, antenna feed architecture comprising a multistage, multilevel network of co...
High performance vehicle radar system
Bathroom fixture using radar detector having leaky transmission line to control fluid flow
Retrofittable apparatus for converting a substantially planar surface into an electronic data captur...
Low cost-high resolution radar for commercial and industrial applications
Obstacle avoidance and crushing protection system for outriggers of a chassis
Method and apparatus for controlling the inlet duct leading to an auxiliary power unit
Dual-control scheme for improved missile maneuverability
Metal detector target identification using flash phase analysis
Adapter member for connecting extruders
Infant length and weight measuring apparatus
Data communication protocol for maximizing the performance of IP communication links
Oxide gas absorbing arrangement and method
Apparatus for in-situ reaction heating
Method for purifying a fluid
Silicon wafer for hydrogen heat treatment and method for manufacturing the same
Pourable aqueous boron-containing compositions and their preparation
Chlorinated hydrocarbon waste incinerator and valorization of chlorinated residuals process unit
Heterocyclic thioester and ketone hair growth compositions and uses
Regulated pressurized system and pressure regulator for use in an ambient fluid environment, and met...
System method and article of manufacture for detecting emotion in voice signals by utilizing statist...
Inhalation device
Pyrotechnical, aerosol-forming composition for extinguishing fires and process for its preparation
Polymer battery for internal light device
Transmission power restriction
Display facade
Light apparatus for illuminating a compact computer video screen
Dispenser cap
Container and closure with dispensing valve and separate releasable internal shipping seal
Organic electroluminescence device
System architecture for remote access and control of environmental management
Method of making a low resistance MTJ
Organometallic complex process for the preparation thereof and metal organic chemical vapor depositi...
Coulomb-blockade element and method of manufacturing the same
Atomic layer deposition with nitrate containing precursors
Table lamp
Light fixture
Pendent lighting fixture
Pendent lamp
Light fixture
Outdoor lighting fixture
Work light head lamp
Cell-free synthesis of polyketides
Attached tags for use in combinatorial chemistry synthesis
Method for specific substance and molecule detection
Plastic containers for quick freezing of fruit
Food pan and cover with interior hinged lid
Apparatus for supplying food dough
Rotisserie cooking apparatus
Food material decurling method
Glass dipping cabinet
Prolonged release of GM-CSF
Aggregates of spherical multivalent metal alginate microparticles and methods of making them
Oral pharmaceutical composition with delayed release of active ingredient for pantoprazole
Therapeutic effervescent compositions
Extended release formulation of venlafaxine hydrochloride
Compounds for cardiovascular treatment comprising multi-vitamin and anti-platelet aggregating agents...
Low oxygen content compostions of 1.alpha., 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol
System and method for incentive programs and award fulfillment
Self-cohering, continuous filament non-woven webs
Skin enhancement using laser light
Coherency maintenance in a multiprocessor system
Stack cache miss handling
Memory refreshing system
Low latency data path in a cross-bar switch providing dynamically prioritized bus arbitration
Specifying wrap register for storing memory address to store completion status of instruction to ext...
Sound muffling and heat-discharging case for computer storage device
Method and system for down-converting electromagnetic signals
Restraint for articles such as fishing poles
Control system for a marine vessel
Thermally activated microelectromechanical systems actuator
Attenuator element for use with an optical fiber adapter
Fiber tray insertion apparatus and method
Combination golf club with an insert and golf ball
Methods of measuring gene expression using wax-embedded tissue specimens
Respiratory humidification system
Temperature controlling device for aerosol drug delivery
Apparatus and method for performing and controlling encryption/decryption for data to be transmitted...
Membrane-augmented polypropylene manufacturing
Developing device, process cartridge and electrical contact part
Method for associating a film unit and a one-time use camera
Method of manufacturing polyelectrolyte from styrene polymers
Plastic recycling process and process for producing plastic materials
Concentrated liquid color developer composition for silver halide color photographic material and de...
Circuit member and circuit board
In-store wall
Bet withdrawal casino game and apparatus
Molded plastic cap for dispensing liquids
Dispensing structure which has a lid with a pressure-openable valve
Group III-V nitride laser devices with cladding layers to suppress defects such as cracking
Equipotential sense methods for resistive cross point memory cell arrays
Easy to remove hard mask layer for semiconductor device fabrication
Method of manufacturing coulamb blockade element using thermal oxidation
Radical-assisted sequential CVD
Mobile telecommunications network and method for implementing and identifying hierarchical overlappi...
Fog lamp for automobile
Strobe lights for an automobile acoustic amplifier
Tasseled light string fixture
Jellybean candle jar
Light emitting tile
Inflatable pool cover
Plant sorbitol biosynthetic enzymes
Inducing apoptosis in a mammalian cell by contacting with paraffin or agar
System and method for vent hood cleaning and comprehensive bioremediation of kitchen grease
System for preparing baked apples and other edible fruits and vegetables
Phenytoin sodium pharmaceutical compositions
Topical anesthetic patch
Transdermal delivery system
Transdermal, hormone-delivering therapeutic system
Glass fiber chemical delivery system
Keratinous protein material for wound healing applications and method
Fabricating graded index plastic optical fibers
Optical fiber preform cleaning method
Method for setting welding parameters for butt end joining optical fibers based on an offset
Alignment system for splicing of polarization-maintaining single mode optical fiber
Making mineral fibers including adjustment of the position of a stream of glass and a rotor
Jig for manufacturing long period grating filter and apparatus and method for manufacturing long per...
Splicing an optical fiber having twin cores
Etching a halide glass tube, removing the etchant, and forming an optical fiber
Method of purifying silica and depositing on an optical fiber preform
Method of controlling fluorine doping in soot preforms
Process for fabricating fluorine-doped sol-gel article
Method of manufacturing a silica powder and use of such a powder in making an optical fiber preform
Infrared transmitting optical fiber materials
Increasing a fluorine compound flow rate during a VAD process
Dispersion compensating fiber
Script Engine interface for multiple languages
Operation-partitioned off-loading of operations in a distributed environment
Tree-based reliable multicast system where sessions are established by repair nodes that authenticat...
Monoclonal antibody, cell line and immunoassay for ractopamine
Arbitrator for multiple processes sharing a port
Masked digital signatures
System wake-up based on joystick movement
Method for retrieving certificate information
Solid golf ball
Tethered fortune
Game puck with improved glider pin
Two player golf clubs and games playable with the same
Golf electronic scoring device
Polyester laminate film, metal plate laminated with this film and film-laminated metal container
Method of decoloring an image forming material formed on a paper sheet
Fatty acid esters composition of a polyglycerine, and uses thereof
Server/client architecture and method for multicasting on a computer network
Navigation system
Driving state-monitoring apparatus for automotive vehicles
Mammalian melanocortin receptors and uses
Methods for conversion of isoprene to prenyl alcohol and related compounds
Method and apparatus for stacking beams
Method and device for measuring parts
Firearms with target illuminators
Hand weapon holstering systems
Video projection apparatus and method of displaying a video image composed of pixels of a defined si...
Rounded sides alarm unit
Single side imaged postal form assembly
Optical recording medium
Absorbent article having improved comfort during use by improved fit even when loaded and improved r...
Ethylene polymers with .alpha.-olefins
Heterogeneous catalyst components for olefins polymerization, preparation process and use thereof
(Poly)alkylene glycol higher alkyl ether derivative composition and detergent, lubricant, and dermat...
Transesterified oils
Toy knitting machine
Automated flight data management system
Skeletal iron catalyst having improved attrition resistance and product selectivity in slurry-phase ...
Motor vehicle cruise control with selectively updated integral gain
Apparatus and method for an install system for third party applications
Method of magnetic resonance imaging of a sample with ex vivo polarization of an MR imaging agent
Electric circuit
Precisely defined microelectromechanical structures and associated fabrication methods
Client interface
Method of manufacturing a plastic card with a lenticular lens therein
Industrial apparatus to heat foodstuffs, particularly meat-products, by means of a radio frequency o...
Method and apparatus for detecting actual viewing or electronic advertisements
Process for C2 recovery
Method and apparatus for controlling the position of floating rig
Controlled transfer of information in computer networks
Photoactivatable nitrogen-containing bases based on .alpha.-amino ketones
Preparation of phosphorus-treated activated carbon composition
Securities trading system for consolidation of trading on multiple ECNS and electronic exchanges
Nucleotide sequence encoding a 52 kDa Ro/SSA autoantigen
Soybean cultivar 616159456
Plant arsenic transporters
Peroxidase gene sequences
Receptor-deficient mice and cell lines derived therefrom, and uses thereof
Monomethine cyanines rigidized by a two-carbon chain
Multimedia interface having a multimedia processor and a field programmable gate array
Dynamic mapping of broadcast resources
Information management system for personal health digitizers
Ammunition chambering mechanism for automatic firearms
Relating to pyrotechnic ammunition
Bullets for use in hitting targets at short range
Projectile with expanding members
Portable telepresent aiming system
Semiautomatic pocket gun and ammunition
Cloning and expression of a DNA sequence encoding a 41 kDa cryptosporidium parvum oocyst wall protei...
Fungicidal 7-oxy-and 7-thio-substituted-triazolopyrimidines
Therapeutic uses of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein dimer products
Preparation of non-aqueous, particulate-containing liquid detergent compositions with surfactant-str...
Dairy product and process for making
Cancer immunotherapy using autologous tumor cells combined with cells expressing a membrane cytokine
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibres comprising 2-chloro-6-methyl-3-aminophenol and an ox...
Bus interface buffer control in a microprocessor
Method and system for improving machine translation accuracy using translation memory
Automated system for generating natural language translations that are domain-specific, grammar rule...
Circuit breaker for low voltage alternating electric installation
Image processing system for enabling setting of operation mode from external computer
Augmented reality vision systems which derive image information from other vision systems
Portable emergency safety resuscitator
Aerosol spray texturing devices
Automated testing system with minimized dependency on specific test instruments
Method of installing software on and/or testing a computer system
Liquid dishwashing detergents having improved suds stability and duration
Composition for treating stains on laundry items and method of treatment
Alkaline liquid hard-surface cleaning composition containing a quaternary ammonium disinfectant and ...
Cleansing compositions containing water-soluble gel-forming nonionic surfactant
Dispersed amorphous silica as oil in water stabilizer for skin cleansing liquid composition
Method and apparatus for remote source code inclusion
Aggregate structure identification and its application to program analysis
Method and apparatus for supporting efficient programming in dynamic pointer-safe languages
Provably correct storage arrays
Method and apparatus for generating a database which is used for determining the design quality of n...
Method of on-chip interconnect design
Search engine using indexing method for storing and retrieving data
Electrochemical device
Novelty bath tub
Method and apparatus for testing a communications line in a data processing system
Portable information communication device
Plastic dosing pump for dispensing liquids from containers
Non-venting valve and dispensing package for fluid products and the like
Semiconductor device, its manufacturing method and substrate for manufacturing a semiconductor devic...
Magnetic random access memory array divided into a plurality of memory banks
Method for fabricating ferroelectric capacitor
Sub-nanoscale electronic systems and devices
Deposition of an oxide layer to facilitate photoresist rework on polygate layer
Multi-user flash ROM update
Substrate strips for use in integrated circuit packaging
Analog amplifier with monotonic transfer function
Low noise high PSRR band-gap with fast turn-on time
Bond pad sealing using wire bonding
Method for decreasing contact resistance of an electrode positioned inside a misaligned via for mult...
Method for forming an array of sidewall-contacted antifuses having diffused bit lines
Light sensitive chemical-mechanical polishing apparatus and method
Method for making hydrogen storage alloy powder and electrode comprising the alloy powder
Cobaltous oxide containing finely-dispersed metallic cobalt, methods of producing the same and use t...
Aluminum alloy for die-cast product having a high-toughness
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating conditions, disorders, or diseases involving ce...
Anti-TNF antibodies and peptides of human tumor necrosis factor
Stable fibrinogen solution
Resource management method and apparatus for maximizing multimedia performance of open systems
Robust digital watermarking
Web calendar architecture and uses thereof
Rewind interlock for APS camera
Aperture coded camera for three dimensional imaging
Compact camera having a flash unit and battery cover which rotate about a common axis
Camera incorporating a flash light illumination device
Optical apparatus
Optical instrument equipped with zoom lens
Image shake correcting device
Cremation urn lid
Nestable pallet
Handle for a golf pull-cart
Dish scrubber
Sponge mop wringer
Sponge mop head
Hydrogenation of hydrocarbons
Catalyst and process for purifying streams of materials
Process for eliminating polar compounds on an etherification unit
Method of inhibiting 5.alpha.-reductase with astaxanthin
Process for the desulfurization of a hydrocarbonaceoous oil
Tactile interface system for electronic data display system
Portable karaoke device
Golf swing training and correction system
Card game for learning the alphabet
Dietary supplemental method for fat and weight reduction
Method of dopaminergic and serotonergic neuron formation from neuroprogenitor cells
Kosher-meat based pet food products
Apparatus for the manufacture of glass preforms
Non-invasive turbulent blood flow imaging system
Robust accurate non-invasive analyte monitor
Spectral bio-imaging of the eye
cDNA clone HAPOI67 that encodes a human 7-transmembrane receptor
Nef-attachable protein, DNA encoding the protein and a monoclonal antibody against said protein
cDNA clone HNFDY20 that encodes a novel human 7-transmembrane receptor
Block chlorinated polyolefins for use as impact modifier enhancers for PVC or CPVC
Acetylenic aryl sulfonamide and phosphinic acid amide hydroxamic acid TACE inhibitors
Recombinant proteins with the immunoreactivity of hepatitis B virus e antigen (HBeAg), a process for...
Interactive newspaper
System for the delivery of audio recordings
Radio tranceiver for data communications
Echo cancelling process with improved phase control
Telephone shoulder rest and stand
Computer-assisted isolation and characterization of proteins
System for reducing data transmission between coprocessors in a video compression/decompression envi...
Abbreviating and compacting text to cope with display space constraint in computer software
Method and apparatus for displaying text based upon attributes found within the text
Standardized filtering control techniques
Browser for hierarchical structures
System and apparatus for dispensing coupons having selectively printed borders around preferred prod...
Voice command and control medical care system
Antibodies specific for soluble truncated integrins
Acyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Alkenyl- and alkynl-containing metalloprotease inhibitors
Agents for promoting bone formation
KUZ, a novel family of metalloproteases
Intermediates for tricyclic or tetracyclic taxanes
Aminoaryl oxazolidinone N-oxides
Alkylation of alcohols, amines, thiols and their derivatives by cyclic sulfate intermediates
Human papilloma virus inhibition by anti-sense oligonucleotides
PRP-like gene
Substituted indole compounds as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents
Method of driving a display device, and a display device
Deflection yoke
Four-nozzle plasma generator for forming an activated jet
Vacuum-surface flashover switch with cantilever conductors
Plasma display panel with spacers diagonally opposed to the electrode sets
Laterally structured high resolution multicolor organic electroluminescence display device
Organic electroluminescent devices with electron-injecting layer having aluminum and alkali halide
Turning-wave amplitude inversion
Synthesis of ZSM-5 and ZSM-11
Producing pipelineable bitumen
Frequency selective acoustic waveguide damping
Gyroscopic motion device
Floating water chair
Inflatable illuminating device
Elevated train track support device
Toy vehicle track board
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunny Yorobin`
Lantana camara plant named `Robpathal`
Persicaria plant named `Red Dragon`
Garlic plant named `Cindy`
Data mining using cyclic association rules
Method and apparatus for extending an on-line internet search beyond pre-referenced sources and retu...
Sort system for text retrieval
Histogram construction using adaptive random sampling with cross-validation for database systems
Offshore exploration or production operation
Method and transporter for installation or removal of a jacket for an offshore platform
Means and method for the installation of subsea cables
Ground water remediation control process
Low temperature heat-assisted evaporation impoundment
Soil remediation method
System for predicting year-2000 instruction failures
Multiple job entry points for document production control and reporting
Software processing apparatus writing software to a medium only if identification information in the...
Automated resource allocation and management system
Program execution environment specification method and a recording medium containing the method reco...
Methods and apparatus for collecting, storing, processing and using network traffic data
Dynamic JAVA.TM. class selection and download based on changeable attributes
Method and apparatus for forensic analysis of information stored in computer-readable media
Method and system for emulating web site traffic to identify web site usage patterns
Extended telephone services via telephone lines shared for standard telephony and internet access
Adaptive font sizes for network browsing
Flexible schemes for applying properties to information in a medium
Composite member having increased resistance to delamination and method of making same
Tensioned structural composite joint
Adaptive flow body
Device for assisting with retrimming an aircraft control
Apparatus for launching and deploying multiple satellites
Reinforcing carbon fiber material, laminate and detecting method
Method and system for producing prescription animal bedding from recycled paper waste products
Process for the recovery of chlorine from iron chlorides
Hydration of alkaline earth metal oxide to produce alkaline earth metal hydroxide
Method and device for processing a gas containing hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, comprising a ...
Crucible for growing macrocrystals
Carbon black and rubber products and methods of forming such products
Cam phaser having a torsional bias spring to offset retarding force of camshaft friction
Method for evaluating the march of pressure in a combustion chamber
Intake-air quantity control apparatus for internal combustion engine with variable valve timing syst...
Valve opening and closing mechanism in engines
Valve timing regulation device
Performance and entertainment device and method of using the same
Detachable swing
DECT/GSM external handover
Receiver and method for measuring the frequency difference between a turning frequency and a transmi...
Procedure for ensuring the operation of signalling channels in a V5 interface
Balanced filter structure utilizing bulk acoustic wave resonators having different areas
S type 2-substituted hydroxy-2-indolidinylbutyric ester compounds and process for preparation thereo...
1,3,8-triazaspiro[4.5]decanones with high affinity for opioid receptor subtypes
Substituted phenanthridinones and methods of use thereof
Sulfonylamino acid and sulfonylamino hydroxamic acid derivatives
Hair styling appliance with resiliently mounted pressure member
Dynamic bandwidth allocation
Method of installing software on and/or testing a computer system
Transmission system
Autonomous system for recognition of patterns formed by stored data during computer memory scrubbing
Method for storing computer status data given a malfunction that requires a subsequent restarting of...
Dynamic signature inspection-based network intrusion detection
Security model using restricted tokens
Method and system for quorum resource arbitration in a server cluster
Architecture for managing query friendly hierarchical values
Determining and disclosing the indentity of telephone caller
End-to-end network encoding architecture
Seat suspension for a vehicle
Method and system for welding railroad rails
Computer-readable recording medium storing photographic printer driver program
Light transmission tubes
Automation friendly security labels for specimen container
Advertising brochure and method for its use
Travel brochure having corresponding map and flip-up brochures
Information reproducing apparatus for reproducing video signals and program information which are re...
Material and method for printing high conductivity electrical conductors and other components on thi...
Transferring accumulated data from vehicles
Method of determining safety system deployment with crash velocity input
MEMS variable optical attenuator
Flexible silver halide packaging material
Computer-implemented method and apparatus for portfolio compression
Human immunoglobulin V.sub.H gene segments and DNA fragments containing the same
Diver protective guard
Automated mobility-classified-aerosol detector
Lead for use with lithium-ion secondary cell, lead ribbon, lithium-ion secondary cell and method of ...
Link Keno game
Non linear amplitude precorrection for HDTV transmitter
Measuring/dispensing device for granular or powder products
Valved dispensing system with priming liquid loss prevention
Semiconductor light emitting element, its manufacturing method and light emitting device
Differential sense amplifiers for resistive cross point memory cell arrays
Semiconductor device with logic rewriting and security protection function
Mop head
Containment member floor care apparatus
Inclinable mop heads mounted on a vertically adjustable stand for attachment to a transport
Vacuum cleaner
Electric washing machine
Electric washing machine
Watering device
Method for design and selection of efficacious antisense oligonucleotides
KIAA0551 polynucleotides and polypeptides use
KVLQT1--a long QT syndrome gene
Or-1, an orphan receptor belonging to the nuclear receptor family
Fusions of P-selectin ligand protein and polynucleotides encoding same
Pet food product and methods of product manufacture and distribution
Fat mixtures
Reduced calorie plastic fat composition
Anticholesterolemic edible oil
Fat emulsions
Self-whitening coffee and method of manufacture thereof
Isolated mammalian membrane protein genes; related reagents
Polysaccharide and dimethicone copolyol as emulsifier for cosmetic compositions
Enhanced skin penetration system for improved topical delivery of drugs
Molluscicide formulation
Drug composition
Method for the manufacture of optical components, and optical component
Solenoidal skin vibrator energized by complex electric waveforms
Synchronized fountain and method
Writing instrument with sound and illumination functions
Arrangement in a stand, especially a music stand
Earpiece without impulse and high frequency noise
System and method of power limiting call processing in telecommunications equipment
System for managing agent assignments background of the invention
Outbound switch pacing
Method and apparatus for detecting facsimile transmission
Communication apparatus capable of connecting to communication network providing calling line identi...
Voice recognition of telephone conversations
Flat-type display apparatus with front case to which grid frame with extended electrodes fixed there...
Image display apparatus with gettering substance provided electrically connected to wires
Image forming apparatus with spacer
Color cathode ray tube
Nanostructure, electron emitting device, carbon nanotube device, and method of producing the same
Electron emission device and display device using the same
Field emission displays having a light-blocking layer in the extraction grid
Method and apparatus for checksum verification with receive packet processing
System for changing the parity structure of a raid array
Error correction code system which inhibits the transfer of padded sectors
Method for verifying that a processor is executing instructions in a proper endian mode when the end...
Apparatus and method for self generating error simulation test data from production code
System and method for a storage-efficient parallel Chien Search
Programmable microcontroller architecture for disk drive system
Method and apparatus for omnibus wiring of virtual mapping table entries
Shadow commands to optimize sequencing of requests in a switch-based multi-processor system
Methods, systems and computer program products for differencing data communications using a message ...
Agent scheduling system and method having improved post-processing step
Deriving process models for workflow management systems from audit trails
Real-time surface traffic adviser
Method and system for providing instructions about tollways with a navigation system
Method and apparatus for providing a graphical user interface for creating and editing a mapping of ...
Method and system for organizing documents based upon annotations in context
Apparatus and method for designating information to be retrieved over a computer network
Low profile printer with open bottom paper path
Method for docking an autonomous mobile unit with the use of a light beam
Computationally efficient control allocation
Apparatus and method of distributing object handling
Robot control method and robot control system
Welding apparatus
Weld indexing method and system
Des and other cryptographic, processes with leak minimization for smartcards and other cryptosystems
Method of implementing a key recovery system
Wireless telephony with steganography
Method of and an apparatus for generating internal crypto-keys
Method for rescuing persons in an air emergency by means of an ejection seat
Gas or fluid de-organizers for moving objects
Emergency lighting
Convertible aircraft with tilting rotors
Axi-symmetric mixed compression inlet with variable geometry centerbody
Aircraft hinge
Human lactoferrin
Method to produce biotin
Porcine neural cells and their use in treatment of neurological deficits due to neurodegenerative di...
Factor 1X delivery method using bone marrow-derived cells
Data recording/reproducing apparatus, data recording/reproducing method applied to the apparatus, an...
Vector quantizer and vector quantization method
Dandy pan construction for reduced surface cracking
Multi-port LAN switch for a token-ring network
Method and apparatus for caching switched virtual circuits in an ATM network
Method and system for communicating between remote-controlled modules in automotive vehicles
Method of controlling printer information in a network environment
System for reducing disaster damage
Real-time alert mechanism for signaling change of system configuration
Tridymite-based processing for high purity quartz
Preparation of mesophasic polyborazylene mesophasic polyborazylene and use as a BN precursor
Use of ozone in process effluent abatement
Photocatalyst composite and process for producing the same
Process for the purification of gases
Simultaneous use of peroxygen and olefin compound in odor reduction
Flue gas scrubbing method and apparatus therefor
Kiosk touch pad
Kiosk with stacks of display rotators
Method and apparatus for visual sensing of humans for active public interfaces
Film drop-off apparatus and method
Laser marking process and products
Continuous process for manufacture of lactide polymers with controlled optical purity
Material for enhancing water tolerance of composite boards by a use of a melted triglyceride
Thermally-inhibited starch prepared with oligosaccharides
Methods for the construction of genealogical trees using Y chromosome polymorphisms
Integrated controlling system
Fully-coupled positioning process and system thereof
Vehicle system for travel guidance of intersections
Method and system for providing routing guidance
Method and system for providing data from a remotely located geographic database for use in navigati...
System and method for an advance notification system for monitoring and reporting proximity of a veh...
Device for controlling spin/driftout of vehicle compatibly with roll control
System and method for facilitating the purchase and sale of lottery tickets online
Web adjuster for infant products
Stroller and components thereof
Tray for a baby walker
Playyard canopy
Step stool
Crib frame
Facet tracking using wavelength variations and a dispersive element
Undercoating layer for imaging member
Liquid ink printhead including a programmable temperature sensing device
Apparatus and method for detecting small distance changes between opposed surfaces using giant magne...
Developing apparatus featuring a brush roller having both low and high resistance filaments
Methods for using a support backer board system for siding
Low emissivity products and methods for making same
Metal roof installation system
Earth magnetic-field augmenters
Insulated marine pipe apparatus and method of installation
Ventilating radiant barrier
Thermal foot cover
Floating robot
Full-color electrophotographic image formation method, color toners for use in the same, and color i...
Start controlling method for a passenger protection system, start controlling system for a passenger...
Controlling amount of ink pixels produced by microfluidic printing
Method and system for sequencing genomes
Medicated nasal dilator
Medicinal aerosol formulation
Solid electrolyte battery with charge accumulating portions surrounding a battery structure portion
Combined pool and poker gambling game
Digital data transmission apparatus
Measuring device for powder products
Sealed dispensing closure with a seal penetrator
Device for controlling the steering angle of a vehicle
Torque control strategy for management of creep and grade hold torque in a wheeled vehicle whose pow...
Driving force control system for automotive vehicle
Amorphous and polycrystalline growing method for gallium nitride based compound semiconductor
Write circuit for large MRAM arrays
Integrated memory having sense amplifiers disposed on opposite sides of a cell array
Detection of glucokinase-linked early-onset non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Apparatus and method for verifying a multi-component electronic design
Preburn-in dynamic random access memory module and preburn-in circuit board thereof
Methods for transport in molecular biological analysis and diagnostics
Computer-aided probability base calling for arrays of nucleic acid probes on chips
Chip-based species identification and phenotypic characterization of microorganisms
Advanced active electronic devices including collection electrodes for molecular biological analysis...
Radio telecommunication device and method of authenticating a user with a voice authentication token
Molecular sensing apparatus
Magnetoresistance-based method and apparatus for molecular detection
Method of fabricating bio-chip arrays
Sensors for electrically sensing binding events for supported molecular receptors
Method and system for performing a binding assay
Electric field amplified oligonucleotide ligase analysis
Call control method in base station of CDMA mobile radio communication system
Padded lacrosse glove
Welding mask
Fixing panel of nail clipper
Retractable nail file
Razor handle
Razor care system
Palm held liquid and lotion applicator
BPC-1: a secreted brain-specific protein expressed and secreted by prostate and bladder cancer cells
Human uroplakin II gene and methods for detecting and classifying bladder cancer via human uroplakin...
Carbohydrate or 2'-modified oligonucleotides having alternating internucleoside linkages
Beverage beans and methods for their manufacture and use
Beverage, combination of concentrates and method for producing a beverage
Method for producing an extruded cooked food product
Pepper seed polishing machine
Fried snack, fried snack dough and process for making the same
Beverage container and closure therefor which can serve as a coaster
5'-amino acid esters of ribavirin and the use of same to treat hepatitis C with interferon
Process for preparing of aqueous formulation for opthalmic use
Pharmaceutical formulations of nerve growth factor
Single morphic forms of metalloproteinase inhibitors
Insecticidal toxins and nucleic acid sequences coding therefor
Family of peptides known as xenoxins
Optical device and formation of optical waveguide using light-induced effect on refractive index
PVC polymerization with metered addition of emulsifiers
Process for production of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin
Build-up suppressor agents, compositions containing them and method of use in polymerization process...
Use of thermoplastic polymethylmethacrylate molding compositions
Two-stage seed swelling procedure for producing monodisperse PVC particles
Abrasion resistant hose
Process for forming a resinous coating from an autodepositing composition which includes internally ...
Colorimetric sensor employing polydiacetylene membrane
Compositions and methods for pace 4 and 4.1 gene and polypeptides in cells
Deploymerization method for nucleic acid detection of an amplified nucleic acid target
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Electrodes and electrode arrays for generating electroporation inducing electrical fields
Image quality based adaptive optimization of computer aided detection schemes
Method, system, and computer program product for visualizing a decision-tree classifier
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting with verification and name change service
Voice information service system and an operation method applied therein
Signaling method for invoking a test mode in a network interface unit
Portable fixture for simulating and testing payphones
Fault location toning method for submarine networks
Apparatus and method for reception and transmission of information using different protocols
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus having improved viewing characteristics
Reflective liquid crystal display device having bright light display and high contrast
Normally white mode twisted nematic liquid crystal display device having improved viewing angle char...
Electronic timepiece
IPS LCD having an organic conductive layer outside the subtrate
Display device and electronic timepiece
Biocompatible glass-metal through-ducts and their use
Scintillating substance and scintillating wave-guide element
Fiber optic cable assembly
Optical transmission element and method for reducing polarization-mode dispersion thereof
Branched optical waveguide and its method of use
Segmented cane mach-zehnder interferometer
High power and large bandwidth traveling-wave photodetector
Cold cathode field emission device and cold cathode field emission display
Self-standing spacer wall structures
EL assembly based on tertiary amines, Alq3 derivatives or mixtures soluble in alcohol and polymeric ...
Electric lamp and lighting system for said lamp
Shampoo compositions comprising a surfactant, an amino functionalized silicone, and a non-amino func...
Cosmetic compositions containing crosslinkable polymers
Silicone elastomer
Layered compositions with multi-charged onium ions as exchange cations, and their application to pre...
Cosmetic use of a rigid gel and cosmetic or dermatological compositions therefor
Hair conditioning formulation for mending split ends
Film-forming silicone composition and toiletry composition containing same
Stable aqueous polymer dispersions and a process for their preparation
Polymerization processes and products
Water-borne hybrid binder composition and use thereof
Photosensitive silver halide element with increased photosensitivity
Use of alcohols as additives for plaster and/or mortar
Process for producing a cationic polymer
Radio frequency data communications device
On-chip decoupling capacitor with bottom hardmask
Biodegradable compositions for the controlled release of encapsulated substances
Systemic and/or local (topical) application of tetracycline and/or tetracycline derivative(s) for tr...
Method for making silver-containing particles
Nebulized aerosols containing nanoparticle dispersions
Aqueous cleaning of paste residue
Process for manufacturing electronic circuits
Solar battery module
Rubber composition
Stabilized adhesive compositions containing highly soluble, photostable benzotriazole UV absorbers a...
Xyloglucan-specific alkaline xyloglucanase from bacillus
Dermatological patch and process for producing thereof
Process and product for making polyamides
Hydroxy-functional oligomers for high solids coatings
Polyimide film, a method for its manufacture and a polyimide film containing metal laminated plate
Treatment of aqueous aldehyde waste streams
Production of dihalomethanes containing fluorine and azeotropes of dihalomethanes containing chlorin...
Infrared shield for capacitors
Use of nitric oxide surface anneal to provide reaction barrier for deposition of tantalum pentoxide
Process of producing polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT)
Biodegradable polymeric composition
Process to produce ultrathin crystalline silicon nitride on Si(111) for advanced gate dielectrics
Color-developing agent, silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and image-forming method
Quinazoline derivatives as medicaments
Turmeric as an anti-irritant in compositions containing hydroxy acids or retinoids
Calanolide analogues and methods of their use
Pipelined two-cycle branch target address cache
Local stall control method and structure in a microprocessor
Central processing unit with integrated graphics functions
Kernel identification for space management in compressed memory systems
Multiprocessor system bus with combined snoop responses implicitly updating snooper LRU position
Method and system for avoiding livelocks due to colliding writebacks within a non-uniform memory acc...
Storage and safe delivery of hazardous specialty gases by acid/base reactions with ionic polymers
Reducing the memory footprint of a session duration semispace
Backup and restore for heterogeneous file server environment
Dynamic creation of workflows from deterministic models of real world processes
Integrated graphical user interface method and apparatus for mapping between objects and databases
Structured data management system and computer-readable recording medium storing structured data man...
Process for the rapid leaching of chalcopyrite in the absence of catalysts
System for converting light hydrocarbons to heavier hydrocarbons with separation of water into oxyge...
Composition and use of composition for the extraction of metal values
Propellant compositions with salts and complexes of lanthanide and rare earth elements
Method of reducing the iron content of steel slag
Call progress graphical user interface
Pediculocidal and veterinary compositions
Integrated hydraulic steering actuator
Image forming apparatus with developer collecting roller
Method of treating dry eye disease with nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists
Encapsulated MEMS band-pass filter for integrated circuits
System for correlating in a display stimuli and a test subject's response to the stimuli
Device for generating, recording and reproducing brain wave sound and fetal vital sound for a woman ...
Electroconvulsive therapy testing and training device
Quantitative magnetoencephalogram system and method
EEG based activation system
Methods and mechanisms for quick-placement electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes
Folded sagnac sensor array
Retinoid metabolizing protein
Buccal protector
Method of removing particulate solid or liquid aerosol from a gas
Protective coating for separators for electrochemical cells
Method and device for transmitting video data in radio communication system
Process for decoding and coding a compressed video data stream with reduced memory requirements
Communications system
Three dimensional board game
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and rec...
Current-induced magnetic switching device and memory including the same
Semiconductor memory device having redundancy circuit for relieving faulty memory cells
System and method for implementing terminal to terminal connections via a geosynchronous earth orbit...
Palm held lotion and liquid applicator
Mounting base for ceiling lamp
Interior illuminated lamp in the shape of a flamingo