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Pendent lamp
Laser light
Lighting fixture
Round-faced, u-based work lamp
Anti-PAH monoclonal antibodies and cell lines producing the same
Antibodies directed toward extracellular signal-related kinases
Receptor on the surface of activated t-cells: act-4
Materials and method for the detection and treatment of Wegener's granulomatosis
Growth inhibitor for leukemia cells comprising antisense oligonucleotide derivative to wilms tumor g...
Food product comprising masa flavored flour
Combination rawhide and formulated food pet chew
Corn extract contraceptive
Aqueous composition containing H2O2, acids and Ag, preparation method therefor and use thereof for d...
Apparatus and method for tablet fabrication
Method and apparatus for inactivation of biological contaminants using photosensitizers
Methods of aseptically transporting bulk quantities of sterile products
Cyclic peptide ligands that target urokinase plasminogen activator receptor
Solution for peritoneal dialysis
Lentivirus-based gene transfer vectors
Transgenic strains of Pseudomonas for biocontrol of plant root diseases
Mutants which produce a potentiator of Bacillus pesticidal activity
Induction furnaces for the synthesis of glasses
System and method for performing memory fetches for an ATM card
Contention handling for task requests to storage devices within a host system
System and method for loading commands to a bus, directly loading selective commands while queuing a...
Method for simplifying communication with chip cards
Event-driven communications interface for logically-partitioned computer
Stable gelled aqueous composition with a high electrolyte content
Switch system for preventing marine propeller injuries
Impact protection headguard
Color toner containing sublimation dyes for use in electrophotographic imaging devices
Golf ball with water immersion indicator
Network control center for satellite communication system
Photoinitiators and applications therefor
Grain growth inhibitor for superfine materials
Temperature sensitive polymers and water-dispersible products containing the polymers
Enhanced adhesion for LIGA microfabrication by using a buffer layer
Joined ceramic product
Amplification karyotyping
Tracheal gas insufflation bypass and phasic delivery system and method
Breath-activated metered-dose inhaler
Layered electrode for electrochemical cells
Game of chance using six dice
Method of producing a wavelength-converting casting composition
Device comprising a first and a second ferromagnetic layer separated by a non-magnetic spacer layer
Low cost mixed memory integration with FERAM
Frequency converter with improved linearity
Track light
Roof tile
Extruded plastic window shutter frame sill plate molding
Shutter hanging strip
Injection molded stake
Methods for inhibiting TGF-.beta. activity
Assay and reagent kit for evaluation of multi-drug resistance in cells
Method and apparatus for detecting an organism-originated substance
Optical assaying method and system having movable sensor with multiple sensing regions
Automated pretzel forming machine
Utilitarian combination utensil
Food containers with detachable and discardable sections
Portable batch pasteurizer
System and method of Chinese tea brewing
Portable cooler with accessory tray
Methods of enhancing vitality of plants trees and crops with stevia
Pesticides comprising benzophenanthridine alkaloids
Optical device and formation of optical waveguide using light-induced effect on refractive index
Distributed monitor timer service for use in a distributed computing environment
High performance, low power incrementer for dynamic circuits
Articulated robot
Adsorption process for paraxylene purifacation using Cs SSZ-25 adsorbent with benzene desorbent
Toner developing device for an image forming apparatus
Protective system for face and respiratory protection
Aechmea plant named `Harvey's Pride`
Method for more efficiently installing software components from a remote server source
Hydroelectric installation and method of constructing same
Iron-based catalyst for producing oligomers of conjugated dienes
System and method for authentication of network users with preprocessing
Mailbox mail delivery signal
Automatic software installation on heterogeneous networked computer systems
Haptic pointing devices
Separation of acid gases from gas mixtures
System and method for a debit card telecom service
Information signal recording/reproducing system, information signal recording device, information si...
Process for the production of a hermetic recloseable package of flexible material
Hetero-polysaccharide conjugate and methods of making and using the same
Camera having compact layout
Electron gun for cathode ray tube and method of assembling the same
Telematic device for a motor vehicle
Airport surface movement guidance and control system
High temperature protective coating
Method and apparatus for detecting rollover of an automotive vehicle
Multi-layer assembly and method for marking articles and resulting marked articles
Method and ticket for game of chance
Single sheet of paper for duplicating information entered on both surfaces thereof
Non-Julian calendar for aiding a child in determining daily intervals preceding a date of significan...
Label sheet for annular labels for compact disks
Optical discs, producing methods and production apparatus of the optical discs
Food portion tabulator and method of use
Devices for sensing changes in environments proximate the devices, devices for sensing termites, and...
Rice cultivar wells
Hoisting device
Umbilical constraint mechanism
Aircraft carriers and methods of operation thereof
Rotational jet-drive bow thruster for a marine propulsion system
Base-3 switched-line phase shifter using micro electro mechanical (MEMS) technology
Geographically adaptive portable broadcast receiver
Optical ferrule and method for installing fiber without adhesives
Telephone caller identification log with internet access
Detecting similarities in Java sources from bytecodes
Efficient scheduling of reading data from multiple storage mediums to satisfy multiple requests
System and method for performing I/O-efficient join processing
System for providing prioritized wireless communication service to wireless communication subscriber...
Method and apparatus of translating and executing native code in a virtual machine environment
Walk-through human/machine interface for industrial control
Transmission line reflectometer using frequency-modulated continuous wave
Striking practice device
Homogeneously surface-fluorinated metal oxide particulates, process for manufacturing the same, and ...
Method and arrangement for data processing in a mail shipping system having a postage meter machine ...
Automated verification and prevention of spoofing for biometric data
Rice cultivar M-402
Inbred corn line LH287
Insecticidal toxins from Photorhabdus luminescens and nucleic acid sequences coding therefor
Method for creating osmotic-pressure-tolerant plant
Methods and compositions for regulated transcription and expression of heterologous genes
Blackcurrant promoters and genes
High performance pipelined data path for a media processor
Slide apparatus and method
File system for non-volatile computer memory
Essential oil composition
Pantyhose under garment
18-substituted-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Anti-estrogenic steroids, and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Cosmetic and/or dermatological composition containing salicyclic acid derivative and its use
Multilayer molded article
Pharmaceutical, cosmetic or dermo-pharmaceutical patch for the delivery of several active compounds ...
Cosmetic raw material cosmetic product and method for manufacturing cosmetic products
Day and night weapon sights
Back-flash check for muzzleloaders
Forward angled grip for hand-held weapons and the like
Weapon tag
Non-lethal weapon firing a frangible, weighted paint ball
Simulated ammunition
Lipopolyamines, and the preparation and use thereof
Compositions and methods for treating hepatitis-C
Cosmetic or dermatological composition contacting at least one natural or recombinant spider silk or...
High performance slurry spray machine
Metering and dispensing particulate matter directly into bins
Method and apparatus for controlling an instruction pipeline in a data processing system
GART and PTES defined by configuration registers
System for sharing data buffers from a buffer pool
Method, server and telecommunications system for name translation on a conditional basis and/or to a...
Audio and video transcription system for manipulating real-time testimony
Method and apparatus for interactive source language expression recognition and alternative hypothes...
Determination of leak and respiratory airflow
Flange for a device for separating an oil aerosol from air
System for simultaneously executing any one of plurality of applications that must be executed using...
Process for making a low density detergent composition
Non-aqueous, speckle-containing liquid detergent compositions
Light-duty liquid or gel dishwashing detergent compositions comprising mid-chain branched surfactant...
Center filled confectionery
Low-pH, acid-containing personal care compositions which exhibit reduced sting
Cleansing articles for skin or hair
Absorbent article having flaps with step configuration and zones of extensibility
Statically linking an application process with a wrapper library
Mechanism for maintaining revisions of objects in flash memory
System and method for restructuring of logic circuitry
Structure for improved capacitance and inductance calculation
Application software add-on for enhanced internet based marketing
Technique and apparatus to measure cell voltages of a fuel cell stack using different ground referen...
Low attenuation optical waveguide
Monolithic coaxial device
Beam shaping optical system
Real-image finder optical system
Viewing optical instrument
Mask-free, single gun, color television systems
Toughened thermoplastic resins
SOx additive systems based upon use of multiple particle species
Process for Polycrystalline film silicon growth
Control system for providing hydrogen for use with fuel cells
Particles of cured fluorosilicone rubber and cosmetic preparation containing same
Method for the treatment of a methanol reforming catalyst
Film of titanium dioxide containing silicon dioxide and a method of forming the same
One-time use camera having breakable component and recycling method
Camera having label-stopped optical system
Optical module, method for manufacturing optical module and optical communication apparatus
Ink cartridge having waste ink absorbing function
Enhanced crosslinking terpolymer
Flourinated solid acids as catalysts for the preparation of hydrocarbon resins
Polypropylene/ethylene polymer fiber having improved bond performance and composition for making the...
Royalty collection method and system for use of copyrighted digital materials on the internet
Database search and display method and database search system
Method of recording information system events
Multi-layer tunneling device with a graded stoichiometry insulating layer
High speed internal voltage generator with reduced current draw
Programmable RISC-DSP architecture
Apparatus and method for reducing the power consumption of a microprocessor with multiple levels of ...
Voltage clamping circuits for limiting the voltage range of an input signal
Controlled slew rate driver
Low voltage differential signaling driver with pre-emphasis circuit
Tri-state bus amplifier-accelerator
Programmable high speed quiet I/O cell
Galvanizing of reactive steels
Tool steel composition
Seamless copper alloy tube for heat exchanger being excellent in 0.2% proof stress and fatigue stren...
Copper-containing Ni-Cr-Mo alloys
Fe based hard magnetic alloy having super-cooled liquid region
Process for producing immunoglobulins for intravenous administration and other immunoglobulin produc...
Hybridoma and anti-KC-4 humanized monoclonal antibody
Curable compositions with antimicrobial properties
Methods for embolizing blood vessels
Indexing of media content on a network
Integrated audiotext-internet personal ad services
Technique for effectively providing audio information in a vehicle
Fault monitoring and notification system for automated banking
Real-image finder and optical device having the same
Position control apparatus, focus adjustment apparatus and camera
Autofocus apparatus of a camera
Variable focal length lens unit
Dual lens camera
Image stabilizing device
Self-service terminal
Self service terminal
Paperboard pallet spacer
Housing and speed reducer for a trailer jack
Garbage can
Corner waste container
Alkylation process using membrane for recovery of halides
Process for olefin isomerization
Solid state proton and electron mediating membrane and use in catalytic membrane reactors
Alternated process for olefin metathesis
Oligomerization of olefins
Process for preparation of a catalytic microcomposite from a silicate and a highly fluorinated ion e...
Method and system for accessing multimedia data in an interactive format having reporting capabiliti...
Apparatus and method for performing timed basketball drills
Establishment for viewing image
Antibody teaching aid
Food cooking apparatus
Linear and cyclic sucrose reaction products, their preparation and their use
Hydrogenation catalyst particles
Biaxially oriented polypropylene film having more than one layer, its use, and process for its produ...
Gas flushing method
Production of corn dogs
Pinball machine with sloping playing field
Amusement game
Elongating apparatus and method for glass preform and furnace body for elongating apparatus
Intelligent system for noninvasive blood analyte prediction
Driver road hazard warning and illumination system
Methods to identify polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences which may be associated with physiologi...
Diagnostic method for detection of periodontitis or peri-implantitis
Rubber compositions, hose manufactured therefrom, and method of manufacturing hose
Method of receiving a facsimile message
Method, telecommunication system, and processor device
Arrangements and a method relating to an apparatus containing electrical circuitry
Handset cable reel
Structure of a communication line connecting box
Communication earpiece without impulse and high frequency noise
Plasma display panel driving system and method
Indicating instrument
Color electroluminescence display device
Vehicle lamps with glare control
Short arc lamp having heat transferring plate and specific connector structure between cathode and e...
Plasma display panel and a driving method thereof
Process for extraction of naphthenic acids from crudes
Selectively tuned vibration absorber
Speaker assembly
Disposable diaphragm stethoscope
Energy attenuation apparatus for a system conveying liquid under pressure and method of attenuating ...
Toy figure pair simulating combat
Projectile launching action toy having members capable of coordinated movement
Toy submarine with counter rotating propellers
Doll kit
Toy building set
Doll comb having apparatus for attaching ornaments
Interspecific tree named `Flavor Gold`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACzap`
Hybrid tea rose named `JACtrig`
Ilex plant named `Theo`
Phlox plant named `Goldmine`
Nandina plant named `Monum`
Apparatus and method of utilizing a database to correlate customer requests and suppliers capabiliti...
Method and apparatus for populating multiple data marts in a single aggregation process
Efficient groupby aggregation in tournament tree sort
Optical signal varying devices
Devices and methods for toilet ventilation using a radar sensor
Method for in situ soil decontamination and micro-emulsion suitable therefor
Reinforced retaining wall
Adhesion preventing method and support body extracting method
Apparatus and method for placing and engaging elongate workpieces
In situ reactive gate
Universal drain fitting
Method for controlling access to electronically provided services and system for implementing such m...
Digital information system, digital audio signal processor and signal converter
Customizable electronic invoice with optional security
Method and apparatus for reclaiming memory
Storage controller providing store-and-forward mechanism in distributed data storage system
Method of transferring heterogeneous data with meaningful interrelationships between incompatible co...
Monitoring a large parallel database through dynamic grouping and sequential sampling
Secure variable storage for internet applications
Distributed system and method for prefetching objects
Digital signaturing method and system for wrapping multiple files into a container for open network ...
Three-axis inertial attitude determination for spinning spacecraft
Method of automated thrust-based roll guidance limiting
Environmentally preferred fluids and fluid blends
Jumping toy vehicle
Latch with sensor
Silicon thermal control blanket
Fishing lure flasher
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing amine derivatives
Supported olefin polymerization catalysts
Direct injection variable valve timing engine control system and method
Valve driving apparatus provided in an internal combustion engine
Smoke generation system for model toy applications
Portable telephone
Method, and associated apparatus, for determining geographic positioning of a wireless communication...
Cellular radio system with improved characteristics in border areas
Method of providing telecommunications services
Transmitting and receiving method and radio system
Display and function key area of a handset
Nitrogen-containing tetracyclic compounds
Macrocyclic compounds as metalloprotease inhibitors
Use of melatonin for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia
Digital wireless home computer system
Software update manager
Cache optimization for programming loops
System and method for monitoring and analyzing the execution of computer programs
Communication system with multicarrier telephony transport
Method and system for resource management with independent real-time applications on a common set of...
Adaptive problem solving method and apparatus utilizing evolutionary computation techniques
Maintaining advance widths of existing characters that have been resolution enhanced
System for broadcasting to, and programming, a motor device in a protocol, device, and network indep...
Spatial and temporal filtering mechanism for digital motion video signals
Apparatus for handling packaged IC's
Polyols useful for preparing water blown rigid polyurethane foam
Asymmetric synthesis catalyzed by transition metal complexes with rigid chiral ligands
Continuous process for the manufacture of 3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexa-3-en-one(.beta.-isophorone)
Continuous process for the manufacture of 3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexa-3-en-1-one (B-isophorone)
Expression vectors encoding Escherichia coli OmpC as a cell surface anchoring motif
Epoxidation of olefins
Procedure for producing formyl imidazoles
Brake master cylinder and pedal feel emulator
Method and apparatus for providing an object oriented approach to a device independent graphics cont...
Clock control method and integrated circuit element manufactured by using same
Completely encapsulated top electrode of a ferroelectric capacitor using a lead-enhanced encapsulati...
Robot mounter for mounting core slider
Non-volatile memory apparatus including first and second address conversion tables stored in volatil...
Data recording method and device for optical memory card capable of stopping recording upon detectio...
System and method for controlling a vehicle occupant protection device
Corrosion resistant exoskeleton arm linkage assembly
Portable computer cooling method and computer holder
Wrapping device and methods
Detachable securement of an accessory device to a handheld computer
Adhesive tape
Security system protecting data with an encryption key
Video game apparatus outputting image and music and storage medium used therefor
Cashless computerized video game system and method
Wireless game control units
Cashless method for a gaming system
Computer network management of wide-area multi-player bingo game
Developing apparatus with alternating bias voltage
Polymer powders redispersible in aqueous solution
Transfer imaging system
Computer architecture for managing courseware in a shared use operating environment
Methods and systems for controlling olfactory stimuli
Water-based pressure sensitive adhesives having enhanced characteristics
Fluid emulsification systems and methods
Oil-in-water emulsion with improved stability
Transfer and fixing device for electrophotographic image forming apparatus with improved cleaning sy...
Process for synthesis of vinyl esters from butene oligomers
Use of chelatable phenols with metallocene- aluminoxane catalyst systems
Water plasticized high refractive index polymer for ophthalmic applications
Poly{1-(1-alkoxyalkoxy)-4-(1-methylethenyl)benzene} having narrow molecular weight distribution, its...
Method and system of printing postage indicia from an envelope design application
Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)
Pulmonary dosing system and method
Compressed gas propelled aerosol devices
Electrolytic composition with polymer base for electrochemical generator
Method and apparatus for testing a communications line in a data processing system
Image acquisition system
Nitride compound light emitting device and method for fabricating same
Passive solid-state magnetic field sensors and applications therefor
Capacitor with high-.epsilon. dielectric or ferroelectric material based on the fin stack principle ...
Digital cordless telephone set
Holder for flexible collection bags
Corner waste container with collar
Bucket cover
Window cleaning device
Mop head
Production of isopropyl aromatics by passing portions of transalkylation effluent to a multi-bed alk...
Process for the production of high octane number gasolines
Catalytic composition for the hydrogenation of olefinically unsaturated organic compounds
Vanadium-containing catalysts, process for manufacturing and use of the same
Method for preventing or retarding the formation of gas hydrates
Two-stroke motorcycle lubricant
Remote computer implemented methods for cognitive testing
Human origin of replication complex genes and uses thereof
Rat ob-receptors and nucleotides encoding them
Parasite astacin metalloendopeptidase nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Nucleic acid-protein fusion molecules and libraries
Proteins associated with apoptosis
Method for nucleic acid purification using iodine
Rapid prototyping and fabrication method for 3-D food objects
Method for rapidly making a 3-D food object
Ready to bake refrigerated sweet dough
Non-emulsion based, moisture containing fillings for dough products
Home yogurt/cheese making machine
Method and apparatus for continuously forming coated center-filled gum products
Pet food for maintaining normal bowel health
Porous composite materials
Method for reducing oxalate
Iodo-nonoxynol-9-derivatives and methods for their use
Matrix-free osteogenic devices, implants and methods of use thereof
Process for producing a thin film of a flouride
Information processing apparatus and method for reproducing an output audio signal from midi music p...
Music performance assisting system for teaching sequential use of fingers, method used therein and i...
Nonlinear processor for acoustic echo canceller with background noise preservation and long echo tai...
Optimized multilayer wiring housing
Method and system for establishing voice communications using a computer network
Optimization of agent transfers in call blending
Call center outbound/inbound balance system
Communication system with multiple SCP
Organic electroluminescent device with a high resistant inorganic electron injecting layer
Cold emission electrode method of manufacturing the same and display device using the same
Fluorescent lamp with specific protective film
Core for deflecting yoke
Closed electron drift plasma thruster adapted to high thermal loads
Technique for sharing parity over multiple single-error correcting code words
Apparatus and method for retrieval of circuit state information
Method and system for improved efficiency of parity calculation in RAID system
Managing defective media in a RAID system
Method and apparatus for switching an electronic system between an operating mode and stand-by mode
System for separately designating security requirements for methods invoked on a computer
Liriope gigantea plant named `Merton Jacobs`
Strawberry plant named `Schwartze`
Heuchera plant named `Silver Scrolls`
Sweet bay magnolia tree named `Jim Wilson`
Method and apparatus for efficient proximity searching
Method and system for database publishing
Query and retrieving semi-structured data from heterogeneous sources by translating structured queri...
System and method for interfacing index based and iterator based application programming interfaces
Reverse content indexing
Foundation wall construction having water impervious drain panels
Shellfish predator screen cleaner
Method of repairing cabled revetment blocks
Riser system for sub-sea wells and method of operation
Natural gas pipe storage facility
Fish habitat structure
Hydrophilic waterbar for diaphragm wall joints
Computer processing and programming method using autonomous data handlers
Very efficient technique for dynamically tracking locality of a reference
Method and apparatus for processing checks to reserve funds
Internet payment system using smart card
Anonymous trading system with improved quote input capabilities
Computer system and methods for allocation of the returns of a portfolio among a plurality of invest...
No-reset option in a batch billing system
System and methods for improved spreadsheet interface with user-familiar objects
Automatically generate and displaying metadata as supplemental information concurrently with the web...
Hyperlinked relational database visualization system
Process for internet ordering of industrial products
Web interface to a programmable controller
Wafer handling apparatus
Assembly for connecting a measuring tool to a measuring head moved by a measuring robot
Hopping robot
Apparatus and method for automatically realigning an end effector of an automated equipment to preve...
Aircraft de-icing system
Aircraft terminal/hangar facility
Combined damper and truck positioner for landing gear
Aircraft undercarriage lock mechanism
Drive system for a propeller driven transport aircraft
Topography-aided guidance system and process
Arrangement for the movement of production goods along a production line
Localized delivery of factors enhancing survival of transplanted cells
Methods and applications for efficient genetic suppressor elements
Protective overcoat for an imaging element comprising an enzyme-treated biopolymer
High oleic acid oil compositions and methods of making electrical insulation fluids and devices comp...
DNA coding for human cell surface antigen
Secure public digital watermark
Method and apparatus for secure measurement certification
Geographical position/image digital recording and display system
Rotation, scale, and translation resilient public watermarking for images using a log-polar fourier ...
Bridge providing communication between different implementations of object request brokers
Method and apparatus for inertial guidance for an automobile navigation system
Method for authorizing couplings between devices in a capability addressable network
System and method for determining a reference baseline of individual patient status for use in an au...
Intelligent valve actuator
Method for preparing spinel Li1+xMn2-xO4+y intercalation compounds
Removal of by-products in method for processing a gas containing hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide
Nanotube-based high energy material and method
Method and apparatus for removing high boiling point volatile organic compounds from an exhaust
Method of reducing NOx in a combustion flue gas
Single stage denitration
Composition for the recovery of lithium values from brine and process of making/using said compositi...
Biodegradable high oxidative stability oils
Compositions for use in the fabrication of circuit components and printed wire boards
Process for the separation and purification of lactic acid from a fermentation medium
Modified polysaccharides for aqueous foamable adhesives
Process for making a foamed polysaccharide aqueous-based adhesive
Data bus system for motor vehicles
Compact disc player with security system for selectively preventing ejection of a compact disc and r...
Vehicle navigation system with improved powerup performance
Vehicle navigation device
Distributed system and method for detecting traffic patterns
Device, method and storage medium for displaying penalty kick match cursors in a video soccer game
Electrochemical affinity assay
Determination of glycoprotein and glycosylated hemoglobin in blood
Cholesterol sensor containing electrodes, cholesterol dehydrogenase, nicotinamide adenine dinucleoti...
Pattern for absorbent sheet material
Paper product
Sheet material
Pattern for an embossed paper product
Wall covering
Continuous sheet material
Light-reflective wall covering
High speed fiber-optic switch
Electric power steering system with boost curve having portions defined by polynomial equations
Vehicle roll control
Vehicle height adjust control apparatus and method
Automatic following travel system
Power window apparatus
Construction including an implement for automatically milking animals
Process and apparatus for monitoring surface laser cleaning
Simplified method for cleaning silicon wafers after application of laser marks
Method of fabricating an electronic circuit device and apparatus for performing the method
Fixture with at least one trough and method of using the fixture in a plasma or ion beam
Method and device for cutting hollow glass articles by a laser beam
Lithographic printing members having secondary non-ablative layers for use with laser imaging appara...
Quality control plasma monitor for laser shock processing
Textured data storage disk having a brittle nonmetallic substrate
Method using laser shock peening to process airfoil weld repairs pertaining to blade cut and weld te...
Ink-jet printing method and an ink-jet printing head
Apparatus and method for controlling confinement media thickness in laser shock peening
Mounting assembly for an optical scanner
Apodizers for laser peening systems
Photographic clear display material with coextruded polyester
Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH)
Handy oxygen generator
Adjustable aerosol can holder attachment
Dispensing structure incorporating a valve-containing fitment for mounting to a container and a pack...
High dielectric graft copolymer
Multi-layered coaxial interconnect structure
Modular ventilated storage system
Break resistant ball bat
Floor receiving concrete block
Insulated door assembly with low thermal deflection
Partially restrained solid wood construction system
Frame for flat sifter and process for producing the same
Array of photovoltaic modules for an integrated solar power collector system
Mop head
Ambidextrous glove for dusting
Mop head
Laundry bin
Bag for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Vacuum cleaner
Layered catalyst composition and processes for preparing and using the composition
Vector for expression of heterologous protein and methods for extracting recombinant protein and for...
Functional characterization of the C-C chemokine-like molecules encoded by molluscum contagiosum vir...
Cardiac glycosides and their aglycone derivatives treat complications of diabetes
1-deoxy-d-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerases and method of use
Broad-spectrum insect resistant transgenic plants
SH3-containing protein, DNA and uses thereof
Composition comprising Panax pseudo ginseng and Eucommiae ulmoides
Breath freshening comestible product
Solid cosmetic composition and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for inhibiting the growth of fungi
Use of polymers containing vinylamine/vinylformamide for the treatment of food processing wastewater
Compounds that inhibit the binding of RAF-1 or 14-3-3 proteins to the beta chain of IL-2 receptor, a...
Treatment of Infertility
Method for the preparation of a viral vector by intermolecular homologous recombination
Engineered cytotoxic ribonclease
Manufacture of fluoride glass fibers with phosphate coatings
Method and system for processing outbound service calls via a network adjunct platform
Universal conference control manager
Unbundling device and method for connecting a competing local exchange carrier (CLEC) to the subscri...
Method of billing a value-added call
Selectable billing options for a single communications account
Communication server apparatus using frequency multiplexing and method
Liquid crystal display device operating in a vertically aligned mode
Laser projection apparatus with liquid-crystal light valves and scanning reading beam
Circularly polarizing reflective material having super broad-band reflection and transmission charac...
Color liquid crystal display
Optical Disc cd recording/reproducing apparatus recording/reproducing information to/from optical di...
Liquid crystal element with a layer of an oriental liquid crystal polymer, and optical element and p...
Method and apparatus for high-speed data transmission bus entrainment
Gaze-based secure keypad entry system
System for managing applied knowledge and workflow in multiple dimensions and contexts
Map display device and a recording medium
Antisense inhibition of tumor necrosis factor alpha converting enzyme (TACE) expression
Methods of using integrin modulators for treatment of inflammation
Heterocyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Cyclobutyl-aryloxyarylsulfonylamino hydroxamic acid derivatives
1,3-diheterocyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Bidentate metalloprotease inhibitors
1,5-heterocyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
(Gem-heterocyclodimethanamine-n,n')platinum complexes
Human galectin homolog
Retinyl ethers, derivatives and analogues and inhibition of breast carcinogenesis
Inhibiting proliferation of arterial smooth muscle cells
Radioenhanced camptothecin derivative cancer treatments
Isolation and structural elucidation of the human cancer cell growth inhibitory compound denominated...
Hybrid electricity and telecommunications distribution network
Multi-channel variable optical attenuator
On-chip single layer horizontal deflecting waveguide and damascene method of fabricating the same
Optical waveguide, acousto-optic deflector and manufacturing method thereof
Optical waveguide device with enhanced stability
Field emission cathode structure, method for production thereof, and flat panel display device using...
Lamp with IR reflectivity
Precision alignment and assembly of microlenses and microcolumns
Method and device for directing a fluid in motion
Chip-type electronic devices
Electronic device comprising a columnar discotic phase
Shielding coat membrane for discharge lamp and manufacturing process thereof
Hair styling compositions containing non-silicone and silicone grafted polymers and low level of a v...
Stain resistant composition for polyamide containing substrates
Image forming method and image forming material
Polymer dispersion containing dispersed particles, a dissolved polymer, and an amine
Method for providing track position and identification information for data storage devices
Self-assembly of nanocomposite materials
Methods of analyzing polymers using a spatial network of fluorophores and fluorescence resonance ene...
Tunable fiber Fabry-Perot surface-emitting lasers
Technique and process for the imaging and formation of various devices and surfaces
Fabrication of sub-micron etch-resistant metal/semiconductor structures using resistless electron be...
Paper or board treating composition of carboxylated surface size, polyacrylamide and crosslinker
Expansion temperature tolerant dry expandable sealant and baffle product
Method of controlled release and controlled release microstructures
Contact adhering method
Transgenic monocots plants with increased glycine-betaine content
Chiral diphenyldiphosphines and d-8 metal complexes thereof
Aminomethyl phenyl pyridine derivatives
Pradimicin compounds
Computer system having flash memory BIOS which can be accessed remotely while protected mode operati...
System for presetting a first or second remote boot protocol by a computer remotely receiving and st...
Partially executing a pending atomic instruction to unlock resources when cancellation of the instru...
Method and system for a result code for a single-instruction multiple-data predicate compare operati...
Logical drive migration for a raid adapter
System and method for identifying film rolls during development processing
Laser distance-measuring instrument for large measuring ranges
Processing apparatus for coating substrate with resist and developing exposed resist including inspe...
Preexposure method and device for photosensitive film
APS camera for ensuring the cassett indicator is in the parked position
Self-aligning wing
Combination water gun and self-propelled water toy
Liquid dispenser with an ornamental device
Toy gun with multiple discharge ports
Cap with a three-dimensional plush animal
Electronic brake controller and display
Method and apparatus for detecting a container proximate to a transportation vessel hold
Three-axis gravity switch
Hybrid device and a method of producing electrically active components by an assembly operation
Process and device for curing U/V printing inks
Real time communication of purchase requests
Process, system and computer readable medium for in-store printing of discount coupons and/or other ...
Device and method for project management
Quality assurance method for a machine and an operator
Method and apparatus for allowing or disrupting passage of power in electrical appliances
System and method for real-time insertion of data into a multi-dimensional database for network intr...
Mechanism for information extraction and traversal from an object base including a plurality of obje...
Telephone web browser arrangement and method
World wide web voice mail system
Voice mail on the internet
Imaging-infrared skewed-cone fuze
Process of making pins for connecting carbon electrodes
High-luminosity stress-luminescent material
Method of producing precipitated magnetites
Process for the treatment of effluent streams
NOx reduction compositions for use in FCC processes
Base metal recovery
Method for producing fertilizer grade DAP having an increased nitrogen concentration in a spray colu...
Cosmetic compositions comprising a film-forming polymer a citric acid ester and a plasticizing agent
Method of optimizing the filling of an editing medium with digital images of variable sizes, and wit...
Method and apparatus for providing on-demand electronic advertising
Mobile terminal and method for controlling network connection thereof
Calibration for wireless location system
Method and apparatus for determination of additives in metal plating baths
Aqueous quaternary ammonium hydroxide as a screening mask cleaner
Method for cleaning semiconductor device
Method of forming a sidewall spacer and a salicide blocking shape, using only one silicon nitride la...
Method and apparatus for cleaning photomask
Method and apparatus for cleaning low K dielectric and metal wafer surfaces
Semiconductor device and method for making the same
Article comprising an organic thin film transistor adapted for biasing to form a N-type or a P-type ...
Organic el display device having an improved image quality
Liquid crystal displays using organic insulating material and manufacturing methods thereof
Thin film transistors
Method and apparatus for driving an active matrix display panel
Thin film transistors
Growth technique for low noise high electron mobility transistors by metal organic vapor phase epita...
Method of fabricating a silicon solar cell
Method of manufacturing a compound semiconductor thin film on a substrate
Solar cell module having a specific front side covering material and a process for the production of...
Stacked organic photosensitive optoelectronic devices with an electrically parallel configuration
Solar cell module and reinforcing member for solar cell module
Process for producing solar-cell watch dial
Photoelectric conversion device and solar cell
Vehicle speed control with continuously variable braking torque
Thesaurus retrieval and synthesis system
Decurler roll setup and wear rate determination procedure
Hard cleaning blade for cleaning an imaging member
Developing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Red, infrared, and blue stacked laser diode array by water fusion
Image forming apparatus
Display with array and multiplexer on substrate and with attached digital-to-analog converter integr...
Photovoltaic building assembly with continuous insulation layer
Luminous composition and electroluminescent device comprising the same
Semiconductor light emitting device
Insulation blanket having an inner metal core air cell and adjoining outer insulation layers
Electroluminescent lamp
Method for packing perishable goods
Methods for using a foam condensation board system
Devices and methods for maintaining an alert state of consciousness through brain wave monitoring
Portable EEG electrode locator headgear
Apparatus for determining sleep staging
Wireless multiplexed brain wave monitoring system and method
Headset for EEG measurements
Responsive implantable system for the treatment of neurological disorders
Means and method for the treatment of neurological disorders
Tunable, mechanically induced long-period fiber grating with enhanced polarizing characteristics
Nucleic acid affinity columns
Channel-less separation of bioparticles on a bioelectronic chip by dielectrophoresis
System and methods for detection of labeled materials
Methods for determining nature of repeat units in DNA
Methods and compositions for amplifying detectable signals in specific binding assays
Method for detecting chemical interactions between naturally occurring bio-polymers which are non-id...
Integrated nucleic acid diagnostic device
Aqueous saline dispersions of water-soluble polymers containing an amphiphilic dispersant based on a...
Aqueous emulsion composition
1,2-bis-adducts of stable nitroxides with substituted ethylenes and stabilized compositions
Preparation of an aqueous polymer dispersion by the free radical aqueous emulsion polymerization met...
Magnetic recording medium
Method for producing polymers using micellar polymerization
Polymerization of vinyl chloride
Reporter gene system for use in cell-based assessment of inhibitors of the Hepatitis C virus proteas...
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain r...
Analytical methods and materials for nucleic acid detection
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Methods for stool sample preparation
Method and system for the computerized assessment of breast cancer risk
Method and apparatus for imaging through 3-dimensional tracking of protons
Non-invasive composition analysis
Efficient method for production of compound transgenic animals
Synthesis of methylthiophenyl hydroxyketones
Therapeutic compound--fatty acid conjugates
Image processing apparatus, method, and image processing system
Electrical devices having a polymer PTC array
Process for forming thin dielectric layers in semiconductor devices
Methods of fabrication of ceramic wafers
Processing of redundant fields in a moving picture to achieve synchronized system operation
Apparatus and method for interframe predictive video coding and decoding with capabilities to avoid ...
Repeat use data inserting apparatus and digital broadcast transmitting system
Dispensing structure with dispensing valve and barrier penetrator
Polymers containing spiro atoms and methods of using the same as electroluminescence materials
Processing chamber for atomic layer deposition processes
Method and apparatus for seismically retrofitting a household chimney
Connection for a lightweight steel frame system
Compression molding of synthetic wood material
Heavy stud shoe
Iodopropargylamine compounds, and industrial antimicrobial and antifungal agents, algicides, and ant...
Hockey puck for street and court play
System and method for distributing RF signals over power lines within a substantially closed environ...
Zace 1: a human metalloenzyme
Device for monitoring changes in analyte concentration
Intravascular oximetry catheter
Cholesterol sensor and method for producing the same
Tunable diode laser with fast digital line selection
Code node for a graphical programming system which invokes execution of textual code
Planar integrated circuit interconnect
Lithium secondary battery
Semiconductor light-emitting device
IL-6 mutein and DNA encoding thereto
Recombinant feline coronavirus S proteins
Method and device for causing the eye to focus on a near object
Body-mounted sensing system for stereotactic surgery
Method and device to compensate for polarization mode dispersion in an optical transmission link
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for video watermarking using perceptual masks
Cycloalkyl inhibitors of protein farnesyltransferase
Human LEA-motif developmental protein
Methods and materials for the treatment of prostatic carcinoma
Microtubule-associated protein
Internet-based video ordering system and method
Determining point of interaction device security properties and ensuring secure transactions in an o...
Apparatus and methods for automatically rerouting packets in the event of a link failure
System and method for monitoring and management of telecommunications equipment using enhanced inter...
System and method for providing broadband content to high-speed access subscribers
Automatic static to dynamic IP address and DNS address management for remote communications network ...
Audio- and graphics-based linking to internet
Cholesterol sensor
Optical cerebral oximeter
Modified glucose dehydrogenase
Optics alignment and calibration system
Frequency tunable resonant scanner with auxiliary arms
Method and apparatus for compiling transaction processing workflows
Solid support matrices with memories and combinatorial libraries therefrom
Electronic control module for an electric motor
Pesticidal composition
Industrial robot
Erasable image forming material
Motor mechanism for child's swing
Step stool
Light for an individual engaged in a sport activity
Process for producing hexabromocyclododecane
Viburnum dentatum plant named `October Glory`
Iron-based catalyst composition and process for producing syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene
Method for removing mercury and sulfur dioxide from gases
Microporous diffusion apparatus
Method and apparatus for distributing computer integrated telephony (CTI) scripts using extensible m...
Bridged metal complexes
Electrophotographic apparatus, image forming method, and process cartridge for developing an image w...
Data compression for indexed color image data
Interactive electrochemical displays
Game ball
Golf putter
Toy bowling game
Computer-controlled game system
Video game device and video game method
Tendon-inducing compositions
On-vehicle input and output apparatus
Internet assisted mail
Diesters of naphthalene dicarboxylic acid
Cis-isoambrettolide of high degree of isomer purity and use thereof
Solid dosage form with polymeric binder
Multi-fit suction irrigation hand piece
Device for deflection, use thereof, and a video system
Pattern generator for avoiding stitching errors
Self calibration circuit for determining an accurate zero compensation for a fluxgate compass
Damped spacer articles and disk drive assemblies containing damped spacer articles
Optical element
Electrochromic mirror and electrochromic devices
Organic electroluminescent device
Styrene monomer polymerization inhibition using substituted dihydroxyarenes and nitroxides
Process for preparing 2-amino malonic acid derivatives and 2-amino-1,3-propanediol derivatives, and ...
Transfer band
Durable security laminate with heat-shrinkable layer
Data carrier with an optically variable element
Composite form structure
Antistatic acrylic resin composition
Separation of acid gas from natural gas
Steerable inflatable towable vehicle
Tailorable elastomeric composite pneumatic fender system for absorbing high energy impact
Method of protecting coastal land from rise of surface of the sea
Double mooring bollard
Convertible seat and deck apparatus
Integrated circuit interface between a personal computer and an external device
Validating and parsing engine for system configuration and support command messages
Context sharing of similarities in context dependent word models
Method for controlling power for a communications system having multiple traffic channels per subscr...
Cellular call processor having concurrent instances of call models to support mixed media communicat...
Method and apparatus for modeling individual learning styles
Aqueous process for the preparation of linear quinacridones having a reduced particle size
Mesopore molecular sieve and process for the production thereof
System and method for storing and searching buy and sell information of a marketplace
Method and apparatus for finding a set of documents relevant to a focus set using citation analysis ...
Counting device and inhaler including a counting device
Detecting apparatus and detecting method of absorbed hydrogen amount in hydrogen absorbing tank
Self service terminal
Non-lethal shot-gun round
Reduced propellant ammunition cartridges
Remotely armed ammunition
Magnetic tag firearm safety enhancement system with grip switch
Feline Fc epsilon receptor alpha chain nucleic acid molecules
Use of R-(+)-.alpha.-lipoic acid, R-(-)-dihydrolipoic acid and metabolites in the form of the free a...
Heteroaromatic compounds
Indolo[2,1-B] quinazole-6,12-dione antimalarial compounds and methods of treating malaria therewith
Src family SH2 domain inhibitors
(+) naloxone and epinephrine combination therapy
Fungicidal 6-(2-halo-4-alkoxyphenyl)-triazolopyrimidines
Paged based memory address translation table update method and apparatus
Mechanism for selectively imposing interference order between page-table fetches and corresponding d...
Method and system for efficiently searching an encoded vector index
System and method for estimating accuracy of an automatic natural language translation
Automatic answering pick-up device
Farnesyl pyrophosphate analogs
Dinitrile intermediates for the synthesis of omapatrilat and methods for producing same
Delay fault testing with IEEE 1149.1
System and method for measuring and storing information pertaining to television viewer or user beha...
Method and apparatus for encrypted data stream transmission
Absorbent article having increased flexibility in use
Methods for regulating the condition of mammalian keratinous tissue
Antimicrobial wipes which provide improved residual benefit versus Gram positive bacteria
Modified polypeptides with high activity and reduced allergenicity
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor control
Hair conditioning shampoo compositions comprising primary anionic surfactant
Article for the delivery of foam products
Plant selectable marker and plant transformation method
Corn hybrid P724
Corn hybrid P725
Hybrid maize plant and seed 32Y52
Transgenic plants with divergent [ScaM4 or] SCaM5 gene to achieve multiple disease resistance
Soybean cultivar 500366
Soybean variety 92B24
Technique for creating remotely updatable programs for use in a client/server environment
Method and apparatus of indicating steps in a task which have been completed
Cost-sensitive SSA-based strength reduction algorithm for a machine with predication support and seg...
Instruction selection in a multi-platform environment
Method and apparatus for strategic compilation of source programs into two or more target languages
Debugging tool for linguistic applications
End to end walking print
Method for node ranking in a linked database
Hybrid polymeric electrolyte and non-aqueous electrochemical device comprising the same
System for physically mounting a multifunction user interface to a basic multifunction sensor to acc...
Method for mounting TCP film to display panel
Gas phase polymerization process
Olefin polymers with improved paintability
Inline solid state polymerization of PET flakes for manufacturing plastic strap by removing non-crys...
Environmentally friendly ink cleaning preparation
Sealant composition, article including same, and method of using same
Expandable three-dimensional display device
Scalable multimedia distribution method using client pull to retrieve objects in a client-specific m...
Method and system for controlling vehicle deceleration in an adaptive speed control system based on ...
Onboard attitude control using reaction wheels
Antirheumatic agents
Personal editing system
Combination emergency phone and personal audio device
Chicken embryo lethal orphan (CELO) virus GAM-1
Methods of forming smooth conductive layers for integrated circuit devices
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
MRAM having semiconductor device integrated therein
Semiconductor laser
Process for liquid-phase conversion with a moving-bed catalyst using a stripper-lift
Method and mechanism for providing a non-stop, fault-tolerant telecommunications system
10/100 mb clock recovery architecture for switches, repeaters and multi-physical layer ports
Low power consumption semiconductor ROM, EPROM, EEPROM and like circuit
Switched capacitor filter circuit having reduced offsets and allowing for offset compensation withou...
Reference buffer technique for high speed switched capacitor circuits
Switching DC-to-Dc converter having on-time signal generation circuit and method for generating sign...
Semiconductor device combining a MOSFET structure and a vertical-channel trench-substrate field effe...
Chip scale package and method for manufacture thereof
Pasted hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode for alkaline storage battery
Superalloys with improved weldability for high temperature applications
Aluminum alloy products with high resistance to pitting corrosion
Apparatus for recovering metal from dross
Process for producing hydrogen absorbing alloy powder and hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode
Process for preventing contamination of the aquatic environment with organisms from ballast water