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Method for enhancing the flow of heavy crudes through subsea pipelines
Method and apparatus for processing free-format data
Apparatus and method for supporting actual effect information determination, and machine readable re...
Document data linking apparatus
System and method for automatic transmission of on-line analytical processing system report output
Device and method for communication location-specific messages
Case keyboard
Remotely updatable PDA
Portable computer having power saving provisions
Extension device for telephone
Handheld computer keyboard system
System for maintaining proper buffering within video play list
Method, system, and program for reordering a queue of input/output (I/O) commands into buckets defin...
Efficient data transfer mechanism for input/output devices
Method and device for mounting optical components
Chromatically-adjusted holographically illuminated image-providing display element
Process and composition for generation of acid
Viewfinder with diffractive optical element
Photographic products and processes
Method and apparatus for acquiring electronic and/or photographic images
Photographic element and method
Robust autonomous GPS time reference for space application
Ice protection system
Portable controller for an aircraft
Geostationary earth observation satellite incorporating multiple thruster liquid propellant apogee m...
Material assembly for an inflatable aerodynamic braking device for spacecraft deceleration and the l...
Radar interferometry device
Helicopter deicing and anti-icing system and method
Process for enriching a liquid with a gas and enriched product
Cooler insert for condiment dispensing containers
Food container
Packaging system for preserving perishable items
Packaging system for preserving perishable items
Spinning reel with tension roller for preventing fishing line twist
Filament connector
Fishing lure frame
Soft bait fish lure
Fishing lure
Signaling and support device for fishing
Tackle box
Fishing reel having side plates efficiently attachable to and detachable from frames of reel body
Double bearing reel
Fisherman's cooler
Dual action multi-line fish attractor
Partitioned storage tube for tip-ups and other ice fishing accessories
Fishing hook assembly and method
Spinning bait container
Fishing lure
Down-hole, production pump and circulation system
Method of baiting fish hooks, and baited fish hooks
Dual coil coin identifier
Method of detecting and classifying objects by means of radar
Metal detection device having improved support assembly
Method and apparatus for enhanced detecting the presence of magnetic substances in non-magnetic prod...
Portable stud detector for detecting wood, metal, and live wires
Method for high speed pulse pile-up rejection
Human appendage mounted metal detector
Energy absorbing B-pillar seat belt mounting arrangement
Gas generating compositions containing phase stabilized ammonium nitrate
Nonazide ammonium nitrate based gas generant compositions that burn at ambient pressure
Occupant type and position detection system
Water raft amusement ride including a device for spinning a circular water raft
Bi-directional, dual acting, electric safety lock
Vehicle headrest including integrated seat belt webbing guide
Anti-clog pump sprayer
Dispenser head
Composition for reducing malodor impression on inanimate surfaces
Counter-mounted viscous liquid dispenser having improved reservoir assembly
Discharge valve assembly for trigger sprayer
Nozzle cap for trigger sprayer
Trigger acutated pump sprayer
Process for the water vapor reforming of a hydrocarbon or a hydrocarbon derivative, reforming system...
Compositions and methods of treatment using peat derivatives
Sunscreen composition
Method of preparing a solution for titania film
Lithium manganese oxide spinel compound and method of preparing same
Method for producing spherical silica particles
Catalyst system for deodorization of a mixture of sulfur compounds and compounds such as aldehydes, ...
Enhanced-impact LLDPE with a shear modifiable network structure
Process for producing polyethylene film composition having broad molecular weight distribution and i...
Cloud point depressants for middle distillate fuels
Olefin polymerization process
Modified polysiloxane catalysts and a method of using the same
Cyclic oligomeric oxo- and imido- metal complexes as olefin polymerization catalysts
Polymerization-stable anionic ancillary ligand containing alkylimido catalysts and method of using t...
Antisense oligonucleotides for mitogen-activated protein kinases as therapy for cancer
Cancer treatment by expression of differentiation factor receptor
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Decreasing the intracellular level of .beta.-catenin by administering hydroxymatairesinol
N-linked urea or carbamate of heterocyclic thioester hair growth compositions and uses
Network-computer system build support system and support method
Method and system for establishing a security perimeter in computer networks
Method for building element manager for a computer network element using a visual element manager bu...
Electronically interactive location-based multimedia game system and method
Dosing pump for the supply of liquid or thick substances from containers
Method for making a dispensing closure with a finger well formed after molding of the dispensing clo...
Doped amorphous and crystalline gallium oxides alkaline earth gallates and doped zinc germanate phos...
Polymers comprising olig-p-phenylene units, a process for their preparation and their use
Method for manufacturing thin film using atomic layer deposition
Method of fabricating nitride crystal, mixture, liquid phase growth method, nitride crystal, nitride...
MTJ MRAM parallel-parallel architecture
Semiconductor device capacitor using a fill layer and a node on an inner surface of an opening
Single-electron solid state electronic device
Spatial asset management system that time-tags and combines captured speech data and captured locati...
Chopper-stabilized telescopic differential amplifier
Gain control signal generator that tracks operating variations due to variations in manufacturing pr...
Voltage stress testable embedded dual capacitor structure and process for its testing
RC calibration circuit with reduced power consumption and increased accuracy
Bipolar transistor compatible with CMOS utilizing tilted ion implanted base
Long channel MOS transistor that utilizes a schottky diode to increase the threshold voltage of the ...
Dual port memory control signals with synchronized read and write pointers
Nickel-Free stainless steel for biomedical applications
Method of reducing the formation of primary platelet-shaped beta-phase in iron containing alSi-alloy...
Ni-Fe alloy sputtering target for forming magnetic thin films, magnetic thin film, and method of man...
Solder, solder paste and soldering method
Rolling bearing
Spinner disc alloy
Skeletal iron catalyst and its preparation for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis processes
Multimedia managing and prioritized queuing system integrated with intelligent routing capability
Call completion of video telephone/teleconference call as packet voice call
System for use in multimedia editor for displaying only available media resources to facilitate sele...
Device and method for retaining a laser module in an orientation suitable for testing and shipping
Adaptor for connecting a chip card to a computer slot
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Frictional charging device
Cellular network traffic simulator (cents)
Display facade
Method for forming capacitor of semiconductor device using high temperature oxidation
Fiber optic illumination system having diffraction grating wavelength selector
System and method for programming a magnetoresistive memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit devices and a method of manufacturing the same
Single-electron device including therein nanocrystals
Method for manufacturing a dual-direction over-voltage and over-current IC protection device and its...
Transistor channel width and slew rate correction circuit and method
Method of packaging fuses
Embedded multi-layer ceramic capacitor in a low-temperature con-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrate
Method for enabling and servicing critical interrupts while running an interrupt based debug monitor
Ultra low voltage cascode current mirror
Opaque metallization to cover flip chip die surface for light sensitive semiconductor devices
Copper alloy and process for making same
Creep-resistant magnesium alloy die castings
Corrosion resistant magnesium compositions and applications thereof
Rare earth metal-nickel hydrogen storage alloy, a method for producing the same, and anode for nicke...
Niobium-containing zirconium alloy for nuclear fuel claddings
Synchronizer ring
Method for desiliconizing pig iron before refining it to steel
Filtering system based on pattern of usage
System and method for computer based test creation
Image capture system having virtual camera
Camera for mono and stereo photographs
Lens for a camera
Fireman's escape belt
Adapter pad for diving helmet
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and...
Lip balm container
Foot washing apparatus
Manicure hand support
Intermodal transportation simulation system
Method for remediation based on knowledge and/or functionality
System and methods for frame-based augmentative communication having a predefined nearest neighbor a...
Display apparatus
Musical note reading method and written exercises
Methods for the selective regulation of placental prostanoids and inhibition of labor using IGF-I
Assays and reagents for identifying anti-fungal agents, and uses related thereto
Apparatus and method for analyte detection
Device for determination of an analyte in a body fluid
Method and kit for detecting an analyte
One step allelic exchange in mycobacteria using in vitro generated conditional transducing phages
Method for modifying production of fruit ripening enzyme
Timing device
Food product breading machine
Food cooking apparatus
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for producing antibodies to hepatitis b virus and kits and m...
Pharmaceutical, cosmetic composition with base of microbial culture mixed with an essential oil and ...
Fungicidal compositions containing N-acetonylbenzamides
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Physical random number generator, method of generating physical random numbers and physical random n...
Silicon-containing organic fluoropolymers and use of the same
Process for recovering CF.sub.4 and C.sub.2 F.sub.6 from vent gases of an aluminum production cell
Molten salt bath circulation design for an electrolytic cell
Method for cleaning of aluminum oxide powders
Process for regulating the temperature of the bath of an electrolytic pot for the production of alum...
Method of producing aluminum
Method and apparatus for the production of silicium metal, silumin and aluminium metal
Electrolysis with a inert electrode containing a ferrite, copper and silver
System and method for producing externally rendered object
Dosing cap
Dispensing structure incorporating a valve-containing fitment for mounting to a container and a pack...
Organic electroluminescence device
Styryl polymer, production method and use thereof
Single transistor cell, method for manufacturing the same, memory circuit composed of single transis...
Apparatus for recording information system events
Interconnection network for connecting memory cells to sense amplifiers
Methods to cure the effects of hydrogen annealing on ferroelectric capacitors
Method of making nanometer Si islands for single electron transistors
Interface device for central processing unit or network terminal, keyboard, portable computer and ac...
Styrene resin composition and method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing styrene ...
Method of modifying electronics contained in a controller box of a pinball machine
Coding device, decoding device and IC circuit
Bill processor
Method and kit retrofitting a pinball machine
Coating composition for carbon-containing products and said coating
Process for recovering CF.sub.4 and C.sub.2 F.sub.6 from a gas
Carbon bodies resistant to deterioration by oxidizing gases
Device for separation of cast thimbles from anode bars
Cell for the electrolysis of alumina at low temperatures
Method for producing electrolytic-pot-cell grade alumina from aluminum sulphate
Ledge-free aluminum smelting cell
Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood analyte measurement with fluid compartment equilibration
Photonic molecular probe
Method for multi-spectral analysis of organic blood analytes in noninvasive infrared spectroscopy
Glucose monitoring apparatus and method using laser-induced emission spectroscopy
Method and apparatus for diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome
System and method for radiographic imaging of tissue
Non-infectious HIV transgene
Rotary drum filter
Offset kingpin for a rear steering axle on an agricultural combine
Air-circulating, shock-absorbing shoe structures
(R)-3-hydroxy-3-(2-phenylethyl)-hexanoic acid derivatives
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp, back-light emitting device with the cold cathode fluorescent lamp and...
Cathode ray tube having a reduced difference in light transmittances between a central region and a ...
Cathode ray tube with contoured envelope
Red emitting phosphor for cathode ray tube
Color cathode ray tube with face panel and shadow mask having curved surfaces that meet specified re...
Convergence assembly including a correction ring for a color cathode ray tube
Color cathode ray tube
Automated travel service management information system
Method and apparatus for interacting with a computer reservation system
Information system having a speech interface
Context-sensitive presentation of information to call-center agents
Wireless remote telemetry system
Self-service system for selling travel-related services or products
Secure authorization and control method and apparatus for a game delivery service
Plastic toughened plastics
Ultra-high strength, weldable, essentially boron-free steels with superior toughness
Process for removing a volatile component from natural gas
Sparse hyperbolic inversion of seismic data
Polypropylene copolymer alloys for soft nonwoven fabrics
Process components, containers, and pipes suitable for containing and transporting cryogenic tempera...
Pad for panel
Self-fitting hearing protection earplug with facile insertion mechanism
Low noise air blower unit for inflating thermal blankets
Gas guide element with sound-absorbent walls for blocking and damping noise spreading from it into m...
Track soundproofing arrangement
Disposable in-the-ear monitoring instrument using a flexible earmold and casing, and method of manuf...
Methods for measurement, analysis and assessment of ground structure
Camera having magnetic head and noise detector
Zoom lens apparatus
Accommodating apparatus and substrate processing system
Identification of lenticular material characteristics in lenticular printers
Optical apparatus for correcting focus based on temperature and humidity
Wide area time domain radar array
Vehicle radar system
Comb linear amplifier combiner (CLAC)
Time domain ultra-wide band rf-enhanced chemotherapy for cancer treatment
Radar devices for low power applications and bathroom fixtures
Dispenser for material on a roll
Method to remediate soil using a surfactant of a salt of an acrylamidoalkanesulfonic acid-amine reac...
Process for the recovery of oil
Multiphase production system suited for great water depths
Boat landing apparatus
Temporary silt guard for sewer inlet
Density-enhanced remediation of non-aqueous phase liquid contamination of subsurface environments
Visually oriented, easily navigable search facility
Managing results of federated searches across heterogeneous datastores with a federated collection o...
Query optimization through the use of multi-column statistics to avoid the problems of non-indexed c...
Determining the optimal number of tasks for building a database index
Transferring selected formatted documents over a computer network using interface script
System for collection dissemination and presentation of near real-time images of weather and runway ...
Enhanced cellular network architecture
Channel transfer with retrieve
Method and apparatus for inputting and recognizing characters in a PDA and transferring the recogniz...
Methods and apparatus for downloading data between an information processing device and an external ...
Laser enhanced personal data assistant
Method and apparatus for booting a portable computing device
Personal digital assistant with real time search capability
Personal digital assistant and associated computer host device bay structure
PCMCIA interface card for coupling input devices such as barcode scanning engines to personal digita...
Method and apparatus for a corba typecode data manipulator
Method and apparatus for managing data pushed asynchronously to a pervasive computing client
Data processing system and method for determining a physical location of a client computer system co...
Simplified camera mechanisms
Autofocus actuator device
Optical recording systems
Dual exposure photographic apparatus and method of operating same
Apparatus for coupling radiation beams into an optical waveguide
System and method for deriving an invertible relationship between color spaces where the intrinsic m...
Estimation of frequency dependence and grey-level dependence of noise in an image
Aircraft decompression protection panel
Method for retrieving a fixed-wing aircraft without a runway
Aircraft landing gear, equipped with a device for protection of a nearby fuel tank, and aircraft equ...
Propeller gearbox
Inlet vortex bustor and ice protector for auxiliary power units
High efficiency combination wing aircraft
Inflight aircraft visual monitoring apparatus
Fishing lures and methods of making fishing lures
Crank bait fishing lure
Mechanical clicking weight
Lighted fishing reel
Fisherman's release clip
Fishing rod and holder apparatus
Terminal tackle
Spinner bait having means for quickly interchanging blades thereof
Sporting apparatus suited for fishing and hunting
Aerodynamic weighted fishing bobber
Spin cast and flipping target pad
Bug master fishing lure
Fishing lure with firearm shell casing
Multi-functional fishing lure accessory
Fishing lure
Ice fishing hole heater
Dual-use fishing lure
Hand-held hidden object sensor for sensing a location of objects hidden behind a surface of an archi...
Method for formation of metal wiring
Truck traffic monitoring and warning systems and vehicle ramp advisory system
Biodegradable pesticide delivery system
Systems and processes for recycling glass fiber waste material into glass fiber product
Method and apparatus for collecting and removing recyclable containers from a redemption center for ...
Implantable cardiac stimulator with safe noise mode
Gas generant complex oxidizers
Safety restraint sensor system
Seat belt webbing guide
Nonazide gas generant compositions
Passenger inflatable restraint control apparatus
Harness for human wear
Passenger safety restraint apparatus
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor control
Passively mode-locked fiber lasers
Liquid dispensing pump
Method of using a composition for reducing malodor impression
High pressure manually-actuated spray pump
Lotions and gels with active ingredients in beads
Fluid pump dispenser
Method for reducing NOx with an activated catalyst
Absorbent composition for purifying gases which contain acidic components
Scavengers for use in reducing sulfide impurities
Heating of a storage trap
Method for effecting solvent extraction of metal ions using hydrocarbon soluble aminomethylene phosp...
Distributed injection catalytic partial oxidation process and apparatus for producing synthesis gas
Ferrate-based water disinfectant and method
Process for isomerizing linear olefins to isoolefins
Polymerization system with organosilicon compound
Rotational molding process for producing foamed articles
Catalyst system containing reaction product of liquid silicone and polyamine
Supported single-site catalyst and olefin polymerization process
Blended dyes and process for dyeing polypropylene fibers
Borabenzene based olefin polymerization catalysts containing a group 3-10 metal
Pharmaceutical compositions containing R-.alpha.-lipoic acid or S-.alpha.-lipoic acid as active ingr...
Cyclic amino acid derivatives as cell adhesion inhibitors
Substituted guanidine derivatives, process for production thereof, and pharmaceutical uses thereof
Absorbent keratin wound dressing
Secure computer system and method of providing secure access to a computer system including a stand ...
Distributed processing systems incorporating nodes having processing cells which execute scripts cau...
Distributed processing systems having self-advertising cells
Distributed processing systems including processing zones which subscribe and unsubscribe to mailing...
Distributed processing systems incorporating a plurality of cells which process information in respo...
System and method for porting a multithreaded program to a job model
Apparatus for generating controlled radiation for curing photosensitive resin
Method of treating cancer with a benzimidazole and a chemotherapeutic agent
Multiple layer wipe
Absorbent articles having a skin care composition disposed thereon that are at least partially assem...
Absorbent interlabial device
Method of providing side-to-side coverage with a tampon
Radio frequency (RF) transponder (Tag) with composite antenna
Aluminium electrowinning cell with sidewalls resistant to molten electrolyte
Optical couplers with multilayer fibers
Optical head device including an optically anisotropic diffraction grating and process for its produ...
Close-up attachment lens for a binocular
Film scanning device
Toy armoire
Three- point capacitor trackpoint
Dosing cap for dispensing liquids
Valved dispensing system with hydraulic hammer protection for the valve
Use of polymers containing isolated chromophores as electroluminescence materials
Luminescent compound for an electroluminescence display device
Hard disk drive with magnetoresistive head and perpendicular media
Information security method and apparatus
Magnetic random access memory using current through MTJ write mechanism
Integrated circuit memory device incorporating a non-volatile memory array and a relatively faster a...
Memory device with improved charge storage barrier structure
Dielectric-based anti-fuse cell with polysilicon contact plug and method for its manufacture
Method of wafer temperature measurement
High gain, current driven, high frequency amplifier
Switching DC-to-DC converter and conversion method with rotation of control signal channels relative...
Thermal coupler utilizing peltier and seebeck effects
Techniques for wafer level molding of underfill encapsulant
Photo-assisted post exposure bake for chemically amplified photoresist process
Energy absorbing member
Weldable, corrosion-resistant AIMG alloys, especially for manufacturing means of transportation
Advanced ultra-supercritical boiler tubing alloy
Steel ballistic shot and production method
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy
Pseudoelastic .beta. titanium alloy and uses therefor
Wear resistant ductile iron
Backwashable filtration system
Developing apparatus and developing nozzle
Camera frame assembly having standby battery station
Clipping mechanism
Finger retained razor
Hair dryer with a night light
Wall hung hair drier
Detergent tablet
Detergent tablet
Palm held lotion and liquid applicator
Process for manufacturing a personalized sticker
Skills building method and system
Jaw model
Method and device for training the tactile perception of a marksman, in particular a sport marksman
Reaction shooting target
Regeneration of both plant tissues and transgenic plant tissues using a new plant hormone, 5-bromoin...
Antisense inhibition of C/EBP beta expression
Antisense inhibition of cytohesin-2 expression
Automatic propelling feature for pinball games
Color filter manufacturing method and apparatus, color filter, color filter substrate, display devic...
Pachinko stand-alone and bonusing game
Mounting mechanism for a playfield of a pinball machine
Touchless input method and apparatus
Game machine with a hit expectation sound emitting function
Taste-masked pharmaceutical composition
Use of peg-derivatized lipids as surface stabilizers for nanoparticulate compositions
Two pellet controlled release formulation for water soluble drugs which contains an alkaline metal s...
Sachet formulations
Controlled-release garlic formulations
Method and apparatus for formulating microspheres and microcapsules
Apparatus and a method for treating particulate materials
Electrolytic magnesium production process
Electrolysis cell and method for metal production
Method for production of aluminum utilizing protected carbon-containing components
Hoist apparatus for positioning anode in smelting furnace
Anode assembly comprising an anode bar for the production of molten metal by electrolysis
Application of phosphates of aluminum to carbonaceous components of aluminum production cells
Method of reducing erosion of carbon-containing components of aluminum production cells
Ultrasonic harmonic imaging system and method
Method and device for tissue modulation
Ultrasonic harmonic imaging system and method
Methods of enhancing optical signals by mechanical manipulation in non-invasive testing
Combined puncture resistant and a ballistic resistant protective garment
Method of measuring concentration of luminescent materials in turbid media
Materials and methods for making improved micelle compositions
Cyclic sulfone containing retroviral protease inhibitors
Prophylaxis and therapy of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Substituted 5-biphenyl-3,4-dihydroxy-2(5H)-furanones and method of use therefor
Flourine-substituted biphenyl butyric acids and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metallopro...
Substituted quinolin-2 (1H) -ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
HIV-3 retrovirus and its use
Direct molecular cloning of foreign genes into poxviruses and methods for the preparation of recombi...
Base for compact fluorescent lamp
Cold cathode element
High efficiency light source utilizing co-generating sources
Electroluminescent devices having phenylanthracene-based polymers
Organic electroluminescent device
Plasma display device
Cathode structure for a palc panel
Multiple currency travel reservation information management system and method
System and method for subscriber interactivity in a television system
System for awarding credits to persons who book travel-related reservations
Refrigeration process for liquefaction of natural gas
Industrial oils of enhanced resistance to oxidation
Method for displacing pressurized liquefied gas from containers
Process for separating a multi-component pressurizied feed stream using distillation
Reliquefaction of pressurized boil-off from pressurized liquid natural gas
Methods, systems and computer program products for determining and visually representing a user's ov...
Method of obtaining improved geophysical information about earth formations
Removable baffle infrared suppressor
Dual cross-flow muffler
Gas impulse device and method of use thereof
Acoustical and structural microporous sheet
Air gap-insulated exhaust manifold
Antistatic viewfinder
Photo film support device and magnetic head securing method for the same
Camera and film cartridge display setting apparatus
Magnetic recording and regenerating unit for photographic film and camera
Lens mechanism having a first gear portion and a second gear portion
Short pulse microwave transceiver
System and method for intrusion detection using a time domain radar array
Optical amplifier and transmission system using the same
Tapered leaky wave ultrawide band microstrip antenna
Ultrafast time hopping CDMA and TDMA RF and optical communications: code-as-carrier, multichannel op...
Ultra wideband personal electromagnetic radiation monitor
Excitation method and ultra-wide bandwidth antenna for ground penetrating radar systems
Portable, modular, underwater burial/marine habitat
Portable pulling apparatus
Multi-ROV delivery system and method
Viscoelastic surfactant fluids and related methods of use
Method for reducing sludge within a river or the like
Process for insitu decontamination of ground water and soil
Honeycomb cell structure for fluid-solid reactor
Client apparatus, image display controlling method, shared virtual space providing apparatus and met...
Method of multicast file distribution and synchronization
Wireless remote synchronization of data between PC and PDA
Method for booting a personal digital assistant
System for communicating between a group of apparatuses
Modular stackable battery pack and accessories
Connection system
Method and apparatus for authenticating on-line transaction data
Portable information and transaction processing system and method utilizing biometric authorization ...
Method and apparatus for sharing a time quantum
Ink jet recording sheet
Photographic apparatus
Identification document
Two-level semiconductor laser driver
Self-developing camera
Folding camera
Laser diode with an ion-implanted region
Soundproof hangar for airplanes
Pseudo gyro with unmodeled disturbance torque estimation
Dual mode semi-active laser/laser radar seeker
Rocket trajectory estimating method, rocket future-position predicting method, rocket identifying me...
Aircraft display with potential thrust indicator
Aircraft seat track anchor fitting
Ovate loop for rotary-wing blades
High action fishing lure
Electronic fishing lure assembly
Fishing lures and methods of making fishing lures
Light reflecting fish exciter and attractant comprised of mica flakes
Fishing line container
Method and apparatus enabling remote release of hooks and hook assemblies to free fishing lures
Tubing made from resilient plastics and devices made therefrom
Fishing lure
Large arbor fly fishing reel
Carrier for ice fishing traps
Fishing spinning reel
Manufacture of polyolefin fishing line
Storage closet and rack apparatus
Lost-motion fishing lure
School of bait
Easy tie fish hook
Down-hole, production pump and circulation system
Fishing lure with a hollow transparent body for supporting live bait
Children's fishing game
Fishing lure
Extraction and scanning system
Automated device and method for stripping residual yarn from yarn tube
Configurable inductive proximity detector to detect ferrous or non-ferrous metal objects
Hammer having integral stud and mains sensor
Reverse vending machine
Vehicular safety restraints for pets
Airbag cushion folding process
Door security lock
Swing apparatus incorporating safety features
Airbag inflator employing gas generating compositions containing mica
Device for promtping use of vehicle seatbelts
Nonazide gas generating compositions
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor control
Sprayer shroud
Dispenser head for manual dispenser
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor and wrinkle control
Herbicidal composition and method
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor control
Cleaning/sanitizing methods, compositions, and/or articles for produce
Composition apparatus and method for flue gas conditioning
Process for producing cobalt metal powder from nickel-cobalt sulphides
Method for enriching raw salt
Diagnostic system for an emissions control on an engine
Catalyst for purification of exhaust gas from diesel engine
Methods for producing monodispersed particles of barium titanate
Production method of iron carbide
Single-site catalyst preparation
Polyethlene film composition having broad molecular weight distribution and improved bubble stabilit...
Supported polymerization catalyst component and system, Polymerization process using same for the pr...
Rotational molding compositions and process for producing foamed articles therefrom
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing benzothiazole
Azaborolinyl metal complexes as olefin polymerization catalysts
Process for gas phase polymerization of olefins
Diphenyl imidazoles as potassium channel modulators
Substituted biphenysulfonamide endothelin antagonists
Hydrazide compounds
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Soluble keratin peptide
Hospital-based integrated medical computer system for processing medical and patient information usi...
Method and system for correlating profile data dynamically generated from an optimized executable pr...
Evaluation of the design quality of network nodes
Predicting supplies required for completion of unattended print jobs
Glitchless clock switch circuit
Media access controller capable of connecting to a serial physical layer device and a media independ...
Address decoder and method for ITS accelerated stress testing
Data recording systems and methods for facilitating data recovery with emitter failure
Magnetic head and method for compensating for magnetic tape dimensional instability
Magnetic tape apparatus and method
Simplified method to print inherited pages in a page printer
Back-up power accessory for a computer
Fluid level sensing system and method having controlled surface pairs
Method and apparatus for controlling electromagnetic radiation emissions generated by electrical com...
Fabrication of a photoconductive or a cathoconductive device using lateral solid overgrowth method
Method and apparatus for binding print media
Ink jet printer pen vent facility
Print cartridge coupling and reservoir assembly for use in an inkjet printing system with an off-axi...
Micromachined ink feed channels for an inkjet printhead
High efficiency ink delivery printhead having improved thermal characteristics
Apparatus for aligning a flexible circuit on a ink jet printer carriage
Multiple pass color shift correction technique for an inkjet printer
Interactive television system and method for displaying web-like stills with hyperlinks
Intelligent method, apparatus and computer program product for automated refreshing of internet web ...
Method and system for generating materials for presentation on a non-frame capable web browser
Method and system for executing a guided parametric search
Internet capable browser dispenser architecture
Integrated control platform for injection molding system
Content provider for pull based intelligent caching system
System and method for securely accessing a database from a remote location
Method of preventing and treating symptoms of aging and neurodegenerative dysfunctions with relaxin
Compositions for regulating skin appearance
Temperature control for microscopy
Use of estrogen antagonists and estrogen agonists in inhibiting pathological conditions
Heat-shrinkable film with improved inter-ply adhesion
Biodegradable ether dry cleaning solvent
Mailbox housing and stand
Hydrogen absorbing alloy powder and method for producing hydrogen absorbing alloy powder
Rapid aiming telepresent system
Jump and recoil compensator for firearms
Disablement mechanism for a firearm
Frangible metal bullets, ammunition and method of making such articles
Lead-free bullet
Frangible shotshell
Composition and method for delivery of biologically-active factors
Control of kudzu with a fungal pathogen derived from Myrothecium verrucaria
Pharmaceutical composition having an endoproteolytic activity
Therapeutic composition comprising an antigen or an in vivo generator of a compound comprising an am...
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding cancer associated antigen, the antigen itself, and uses ther...
Methods of delaying development of HMFG-associated tumors using anti-idiotype antibody 11D10
Oxidizing composition and uses for treating keratin fibres
Security enhancement for untrusted executable code
High-speed address translation system
Hybrid NUMA/S-COMA system and method
Manipulation and coupling of object oriented components
Method and device for posting financial transactions in computerized accounting systems
Maintaining input device identity
Introspective editor system, program, and method for software translation
Gas supply apparatus and method for the supply of treatment gas to a person or to an animal
Subdividing apparatus for aerosol container
Adaptive, predictive progress indicator
Molded casket dish
Tension suction device
Frame member for cart
Garden cart
Golf cart
Method of desulfurization of hydrocarbons
Process for separating alkylaromatic hydrocarbons
Catalytic distillation process for the production of C8 alkanes
Process for the preparation of sulphonated distyryl-biphenyl compounds
Synthetic diesel fuel and process for its production
Apparatus for upgrading hydrocarbon feeds containing sulfur, metals, and asphaltenes
Mosaic collage
Virtual electronic pet and method for use therewith
Life support simulation system simulating human physiological parameters
Method and apparatus for calculating drug dosages and unit conversions and for teaching how to calcu...
Method of associating oral utterances meaningfully with word symbols seriatim in an audio-visual wor...
Process for teaching students multiple curriculum subjects through the use of a theatrical productio...
Architecture for autonomous agents in a simulator
Method and apparatus for a transparent network guest controller
Temperature self-regulating food delivery system
Multi-purpose cooking apparatus
Pulverulent sorbitol and its process of preparation
Wax esters enriched in .omega.-3 unsaturated fatty acids, their preparation and their use
Method for producing shaped and unshaped polyol masses
Protein sweetener
Use of long-wavelength electromagnetic radiation and photoprotective tumor localizing agents for dia...
Toxins active against pests
Interferon-gamma (IFN-.gamma.) inducing factor (IGIF, IL-18) and peptide fragment thereof
NMDA antagonist
Pheniramine-containing compositions and method for treating allergic responses
Method and apparatus for synchronizing function values in a multiple protocol system
Speech playback with prebuffered openings
Phone with ergonomic virtual image display
Cellular mobile telephone apparatus
Telephone housing with large capacity vault
Circuits and methods for improved network interface circuit protection
Differential line bridge for scaleable near-end speech cancellation for tip and ring tone signal det...
Solar powered magnetic support for display
Convertible musical instrument
Walking animal toy with controlling tether
Tambourine playing toy figure
Edible accessories for conventional toys
Rolling toy
Toy building set
Massage therapy chair
Method and apparatus for detecting actual viewing of electronic advertisements
Data access control apparatus for limiting data access in accordance with user attribute
Investment portfolio selection system and method
Intelligent system for dynamic resource management
System and method for facilitating interactive electronic communication through acknowledgment of po...
Method for scheduling holidays in distributed computer enterprise locales
Method and apparatus to identify flows in data systems
Representing a graphic image on a web page with a thumbnail-sized image
System and method for managing data privacy in a database management system
Maintaining very large indexes supporting efficient relational querying
System and method for integrating search results from heterogeneous information resources
Annunciating predictor entertainment device
Procedure for carrying out checking functions relating to safety management in a mobile communicatio...
Mobile station control states based on available power
System for transmitting status data, method for transmitting status data on a connection interface, ...
Method and arrangement for limiting paging load in a mobile communication system
Controlling handover in a mobile communication network
Method and an arrangement for attenuating noise in a space by generating antinoise
Procedure for setting up an emergency call in a wireless local loop
Holly plant named `Honey Maid`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Spokane`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Honey Yogilroy`
Nectarine tree named `Red Roy`
Azalea plant named `Jewel Box`
Shrub rose plant named `JACrulav`
Azalea plant named `Honesty`
Hair clip retention system for headpiece of cochlear implant system
IR transmitter with integral magnetic-stripe ATM type credit card reader and method therefor
Transport of payload information and control messages on multiple orthogonal carriers spread through...
Image transmission apparatus, image transmission system, and communication apparatus
Object-oriented operating system
Method and device enabling a fixed program to be developed
Method and apparatus for efficient error detection and correction in long byte strings using general...
Corrosion-resistant low-nickel austenitic stainless steel
Respiratory aid
Dry powder inhaler
Adaptive threshold control circuit and method within high speed receivers
Implementation for an object oriented run-time extensible item
Technique for processing data
Enhanced very high volt electrolyte
Modular and scalable system for signal and multimedia processing
Compile-time data dependency verification
Reproduction method and reproduction apparatus
Error detection for radio transmission including logically combined pseudo-random numbers and relate...
Selection and/or enhancement of resident microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract
Store fixture
Multidirectional input device
Weight and balance calculator for aircraft
Vehicle safety running system
Cryptographically secure pseudo random number generator
Pump made of plastic for dispensing products from containers
Fitment for a pouch opening
Method of manufacturing ternary compound thin films
Organic dispersion-type electroluminescence element having reflective insulating layer eliminating b...
Semiconductor laser
MRAM cam
Flash memory control method and apparatus processing system therewith
Logic or memory element based on n-stable phase-locking of single-electron tunneling oscillation, an...
Method for forming dielectric film of capacitor having different thicknesses partly
Enhanced method for adaptive equalization technique in mobile wireless systems
Aluminum-bismuth bearing alloy and methods for its continuous casting
Alloys and methods for their preparation
Low boron amorphous alloy and process for producing same
Magnetostrictive materials and method for improving AC characteristics in same
Dental and orthodontic articles of reactive metals
Method and apparatus for providing a hot docking interface for transmitting digital video data
Method for reliable real-time multimedia streaming
Camera and cartridge loading apparatus for camera
Film cartridge loader for camera
Apparatus adapted for film having magnetic recording part
Manual-wind camera
Method and apparatus for controlling exposure of camera
Multi-zone autofocus system for a still camera
Dual image coincidence type finder system
Snap-on wire brush wipe
Apron for retaining articles on a bucket
Mop head
Laundry bin
Vacuum cleaner dirt receptacle
Portion of a vacuum cleaner
Combined wet/dry vacuum cleaner
Soybean cultivar 02322680
Inbred broccoli line 194-6-2CMS
Methods for strawberry transformation using Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Nucleic acids encoding a plant enzyme involved in very long chain fatty acid synthesis
Rice gene resistant to blast disease
Dendritic nucleic acids exhibiting maximal self-assembly
Use of mesophase-stabilized compositions for delivery of cholesterol-reducing sterols and stanols in...
Food wrapping cloth
Yeast debris products
Method for providing green note compounds
Reduced-flatulence, legume-based snack foods
Method for steam-cooking shrimp at reduced temperatures to decrease yield loss
Aqueous tea extract concentrate stable at ambient temperature
Anti-microbial compound
Compounds with growth hormone releasing properties
Pesticidal compositions
Inhibitor of activation of .beta.-glucan recognition protein
Method of inhibiting the proliferation and causing the differentiation of cells with IGF-1 receptor ...
Method for preventing and treating hearing loss using a neurturin protein product
Lock-down bar release system for a pinball machine
Lens device and optical apparatus
Member-exclusive service system and method through internet
Electronic gaming system offering premium entertainment services for enhanced player retention
Method of replacing a playfield of a pinball machine
Method and system for adapting gaming devices to playing preferences
Cigarette end container
System and method for term localization differentiation using a resource bundle generator
Method and apparatus for analyzing data
Method and system for single sign on using configuration directives with respect to target types
Methods for verifying information during telemarketing operations
Framing codes for high-speed parallel data buses
Non-invasive localization of a light-emitting conjugate in a mammal
Method for measuring absolute saturation of time-varying and other hemoglobin compartments
Non-invasive method for detection, diagnosis or prediction of term or pre-term labor
Method and apparatus for noninvasive measurement of carotenoids and related chemical substances in b...
Delineation of individual human chromosomes in metaphase and interphase cells by in situ suppression...
Engineered proteins for analyte sensing
System and method for synchronizing a graphic image and a media event
Package design
Multiple user recording system
Delayed decision recording device
Start-up circuit for voltage regulator with current foldback
Alkylated resorcinol derivatives for the treatment of immune diseases
Method of using IL-11 for inflammation associated with acute pancreatitis
Method for treating HIV with chlorine dioxide and a phosphate compound
Apparatus and method for reducing disc surface asperities to sub-microinch height
Extended feedback circuit employing capacitive coupling and sampled data filters
Teleconferencing device having acoustic transducers positioned to improve acoustic echo return loss
Network number management system and switch
Method and apparatus for providing back-up, in-band signaling in a communications network
Call handling
Method and system for providing calling name identification requery
Method and system for coordinating and initiating cross-platform telephone conferences
Video display and image intensifier system
Auto-stereoscopic display device and system
Bindable electroluminescent display
High pressure mercury lamp with particular electrode structure and emission device for a high-pressu...
Monolithic seal for sapphire CMH lamp
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with electrode shield
Single-color stacked organic light emitting device
Electrochemical oxidation of sulfur compounds in naphtha using ionic liquids
Method and apparatus for developing an application that implements garbage collection efficiently by...
Efficient tracing of shorts in very large nets in hierarchical designs using breadth-first search wi...
Sound reproduction device
Loudspeaker system having a bass-reflex port
Apparatus and method for multi-conduit waterlift engine silencing
Noise suppression louver having horizontal and vertical slats
Panel-form loudspeaker
Motorcycle exhaust system
Method and system for combining three component seismic data
Ink composition capable of realizing print with improved fixation
Synthesis of 2-hydroxyarylaldehydes
Method and apparatus for sensing the orientation of a mechanical actuator
Article comprising an L-Band optical fiber amplifier
Chirped fiber grating beamformer for phased array antennas
Time-domain reflectometry user input device
System and method for position determination by impulse radio
Ultrasound imaging with optimal image quality in region of interest
Optical signal varying devices
System for alleviating DNAPL contamination in groundwater
Method of pre-stressing a tendon
Position penetrated anchor system
High pressure live service pipe renewal apparatus and method
Apparatus for deploying an underwater pipe string
Buoyant propulsion underwater trenching apparatus
Protective device
Recovery from failure of a data processor in a network server
Systems and methods for locking interactive objects
Mesh connected computed
Memory storage and retrieval with multiple hashing functions
Storage device and method for data sharing
Memory access controller
Network object request broker
Modular notebook and PDA computer systems for personal computing and wireless communications
Multi-positional handset for personal digital assistant
Personal digital assistant having a foldable keyboard component
Autonomously powered communications card modem having additional communications port for use as an e...
Capillary chromatography detector apparatus
Gripper with segmented arms
Electronic-component mounting system
Three dimensional spray coating method and simulation
Apparatus and method for reliably releasing wet, thin wafers
Adjustable counterbalance mechanism for a coordinate measurement machine
Position and/or force controlling apparatus using sliding mode decoupling control
Robot hand
Heat and radiation-sensitive imaging medium, and processes for use thereof
Retractable print medium tray for use in an optical printer
Single use camera employing single frame film assemblages and method thereof
Configurable, extensible, integrated profile generation and maintenance environment for facilitating...
Method for the manufacture of eye-covering articles bearing decorative reflection holograms
Self-developing film assemblage
Trisubstituted pyridine dyes
Cover-skin structure
Smart docking surface for space serviceable nano and micro satellites
Method for interfacing a pilot with the aerodynamic state of the surfaces of an aircraft and body in...
Method and system for estimation and correction of angle-of-attack and sideslip angle from accelerat...
Kite control and quick release system
Collapsible flying structures
Polyunsaturated fatty acid derivatives and their use
Light-duty liquid or gel dishwashing detergent compositions having controlled pH and desirable food ...
Detergent compositions
Cacnglike3 polynucleotides and expression systems
Specific binding reagent comprising a variable domain protein linked to a support or tracer
Printed and/or foil skirt and method of manufacture
Weedless fishing lure including adjustable tension mechanism
Leader attachment tool and method
Fishing lure
Bicycle fishing pole holder
Fishing lure container
Antibacklash brake with centrifugal operator
Reel for fishing
Skirt banding tool
Fishing lure
Method of making a fishing lure
Electronic firefly lure
Fishing lure and method of manufacture
Fishing lure
Septic tank sludge gauge
Forging press apparatus, controller of automation device used therefor and shut height controller
Tunable semiconductor laser system
Process for detecting plastic or elastomeric contaminants in food processing
Method of manufacturing surgical needles having blunt tips
Method of reducing noise in a barking plant and a barking drum, chipper and conveying line
Scaffold hatch system
Circular air bag made of two simultaneously woven fabrics
Circular air bag made of two simultaneously woven fabrics
Airbag fabric
Security and safety interlocks for a loader
Nonazide gas generating compositions with a built-in catalyst
Safety restraint apparatus
Spectrum yield management in a wireless communication system
Compressed image authentication and verification
Positioning stamps in images captured with an image capture unit
Digital watermarking system for making a digital watermark with few colors of input image
Security card comprising a thin glass layer
Sprayable cleaning gel
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor and wrinkle control
Manually operable pump for mixing and dispensing primary and secondary fluids
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor control
Manually-actuated high pressure spray pump
Rechargeable dispensers
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor control
Method for configuring peer-to-peer bus bridges in a computer system using shadow configuration regi...
Method for interconnecting components within a data processing system
Method and system for message dispatching in a home audio/video network
Data processing environment with methods providing contemporaneous synchronization of two or more cl...
Method and apparatus for assigning location estimates from a first transceiver to a second transceiv...
Baseband receiver apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for dynamic control of talk groups in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for in-situ solid state doping of CVD diamonds and diamonds so made
Process for the revamping of urea synthesis plants consisting of a stripper with ammonia
Active cathode material for a lithium rechargeable cell
Process for on-site production of ultra-high-purity hydrogen peroxide for the electronics industry
Increasing production in hydrocarbon conversion processes
Continuous production of silica-based microgels
Synthetic magnesium silicate
Process for preparing aspartic acid from ammonium aspartate, and continuous process for preparing po...
Immobilized maltogenic .alpha.-amylase and its use in the manufacture of a maltose-rich syrup
Process for producing high-purity potassium salts
Flexible magnetic inserts for binding into magazines or periodicals
Self-verifying security documents
Photo album organizer system
Book structure
Label with applied handle
Packaging system for clear bottled liquids
Carboxamide derivatives having aryl and thiazole rings
Human preproneurotensin/neuromedin N
Heterocyclic ester and amide hair growth compositions and uses
GPS vehicle collision avoidance warning and control system and method
System and method of reducing chronometric load
Method and system for providing a headway function to an adaptive speed control activation switch
Temperature dependent regenerative brake system for electric vehicle
Control system for automatic vehicle transmissions
Automatic engine stop and restart system for vehicle
Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of ionomer covered game ball
Game system, game data distribution machine, game machine, image display system, and computer-usable...
Virtual player gaming method
Hand held electronic game with sensors for realistic simulation
Type of instant scratch-off lottery games
Game apparatus and method for controlling timing for executive action by game character
Fun hunt yard game
Business processing system employing a notice board business system database and method of processin...
Pricing graph representation for sets of pricing solutions for travel planning system
Computer system and methods for management, and control of annuities and distribution of annuity pay...
Logging technique for transmission system
Water purification device
Method and apparatus for recording an electroencephalogram during transcranial magnetic stimulation
System for recording stimuli and a plurality of test subject's response to the stimuli
Integrated system for EEG monitoring and electrical stimulation with a multiplicity of electrodes
Medical signal monitoring and display
Process and apparatus for controlling the registration of converting operations with prints on a web
Breath alcohol test or measurement device
Driver alcohol ignition interlock
Dispensable alcohol breath analyzer system
Fish attracting or repelling device comprising diode array
Ergonomic hand, wrist and forearm supporter
Low-drag, high-speed ship
Human cardiac valve placement with marine mammal ventricular outflow (aortic or pulmonary) valve
Method for treating aquatic pests
Method for evaluating a fishing lure
Interference prediction apparatus for unmanned vehicle
Wavelength stabilized laser light source
Multimode fiber optic gyroscope
Rapid assembly and disassembly O-ring instrument mount for fiber optic gyroscopes
Open loop fiber optic gyroscope for measuring ultra-high rates of rotation
Inhalant medicator
Aerosol applicator apparatus and method for health and beauty products
Gallium doped lithium manganese oxide spinels (LiGaxMn2-xO4) as cathode material for lithium or lith...
Method and apparatus for performing neuroimaging
Stuffing machine
Media coprocessor with graphics video and audio tasks partitioned by time division multiplexing
Drive control for engagement and disengagement of axles of a vehicle
Vehicle impact severity identification device
Automatic steering system for vehicle
Vehicle security system for a vehicle having a data communications bus and related methods
Method of toroid write and read, memory cell and memory device for realizing the same
Ferroelectric voltage boost circuits
Semiconductor device and method for its manufacture