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Polymerization processes and products and uses of the products
Hair cosmetic composition in the form of a water-in-silicone emulsion comprising at least one fixing...
Application of film forming technology to fragrance control release systems; and resultant fragrance...
Treating hair by targeting enzymes
Process for detecting impurities in liquid metal heat exchange fluid in high hydrogen permeation env...
Process for preparing styrenes
Cracked gas processing and conversion for propylene production
Premium synthetic lubricant base stock (Law734) having at least 95% noncyclic isoparaffins
Luminescent material coated with a protective layer
Firmware controlled drain-free circuit to allow backup battery installation at time of manufacture
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor laminated substrate, semiconductor crystal substrate and sem...
Synergistic biocidal activity if ternary complexes of negatively-charged biocides (component A), tra...
Advanced adsorbent for PSA
Disk drive with prefetch and writeback algorithm for sequential and nearly sequential input/output s...
System and method for digital data communication
Self-service terminal
Method for setting precious gems in jewelry through the use of screws and other stabilizing means
Dynamic IP addressing and quality of service assurance
Device for positioning nails in a tube of a nailer
Multiple string search method
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same having dielectric multi-layers on the pixel e...
Cord tilter with an elevated start gear ratio
Detergent compositions for the removal of complex organic or greasy soils
Sulphonated polyimides, membranes prepared with them, and a fuel cell device that includes these mem...
Methods for electrochemical synthesis of organoiodonium salts and derivatives
Ink composition
Electrochemical cell separators with high crystallinity binders
Configurable cache allowing cache-type and buffer-type access
Handwash monitoring system
Method and apparatus for routing and congestion control in multicast networks
Peptidic procollagen C-proteinase inhibitors
Method and apparatus for reducing the formation of spots in laser projection
Tub surround assembly clip
Spinal fusion implant
2-(Purin-9-yl)-tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol derivatives
Magnetoresistive effect sensor, thin-film magnetic head and thin-film wafer with the thin-film magne...
Suspended micromachined structure
Sprinkler head installation tool
Bare chip carrier utilizing a pressing member
System and method of user logon in combination with user authentication for network access
Variant of LAV viruses
Thickness or length polarized piezoelectric transformer
Dipole tunable reconfigurable reflector array
Dual spring exhaust valve linkage assembly
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Impact absorbing composites and their production
Energetic plasticizer, and explosive and propellant composition containing same
Trigger assembly for use in a firearm having a security apparatus
Reservoir monitoring through modified casing joint
Integrated circuit structures and methods employing a low modulus high elongation photodielectric
Particle beam processing apparatus
Gene combinations that alter the quality and functionality of soybean oil
Automatic sequencer/genotyper having extended spectral response
Apparatus for positioning work stations in a document printer/copier
Method for loading rows into a database table while enforcing constraints
Real-time power conservation and thermal management for electronic devices
Antagonists of follicle stimulating hormone activity
Certain heteroaryl substituted thiol inhibitors of endothelin-converting enzyme
Sulfonamide inhibitors of farnesyl-protein transferase
Method and apparatus for caching victimized branch predictions
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU4`
Photographic film container and loading method
Radiation curable coating for thermoplastic substrates
Cryptographic system with concealed work factor
Accelerated signature verification on an elliptic curve
Fe-Cr alloy having excellent initial rust resistance, workability and weldability
Cutting-free bronze alloys
Method and apparatus for providing lateral support to a post
Method and apparatus for automatic synthesis, placement and routing of complex structures
Method of diluting hydrogen gas exhausted from a fuel cell
Methods of using atomic layer deposition to deposit a high dielectric constant material on a substra...
Speed zone touchpad
Read/write architecture for MRAM
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device
Camera shutter with plural blades
Package for housing photosemiconductor element
Conveyor autoset layboy machine
Combination step and ramp apparatus for floating docks
Air current classifying separator
Method and apparatus for evaluating expressions with cancellation of requests for operands that are ...
Method and apparatus for internet cache content delivery via a data distribution system
Chewable pet shelter
Magnetic field sensing element and device having magnetoresistance element and integrated circuit fo...
Coil pipe trailer
Solid amine-cured anchoring adhesive
Structured boehmite pigment and method for making same
Composition and method for enhancing transport across gastrointestinal tract cell layers
Over-coated product including tableted center and medicament
Methods of minimizing scattering and improving tissue sampling in non-invasive testing and imaging
Hydroformylation process
Hierarchical indexing for accessing hierarchically organized information in a relational system
System and method for scan assisted self-test of integrated circuits
Analog/digital feedback circuitry for minimizing DC offset variations in an analog signal
Polymeric supported catalysts for olefin polymerization
Sign enclosure
Head drum assembly for tape recorder
Selectively reducing transistor channel length in a semiconductor device
Radiopaque compositions for visualization of medical devices
Method and apparatus for chemical and biochemical reactions using photo-generated reagents
Method for addressing the dynamic windows
Carbon monoxide and smoke detection apparatus
Method and kit for repairing a construction component
Aqueous suspension formulation of encapsulated pesticide
Concentric electrode DC arc systems and their use in processing waste materials
Electric double layer capacitor
High-quality switched analog video communications over unshielded twisted pair
Surface acoustic wave element, method for producing the same and surface acoustic wave device using ...
RF MEMS switch
Unvented heating appliance having system for reducing undesirable combustion products
Protective boot and sole structure
Manufacture of plain bearings
Positive lock for bearing subassembly and adjusting nut kit
Bearing arrangement for supporting a movable component, in particular the crankshaft of an internal ...
Guide rail assembly
Powertrain torque estimate
Method for just in-time delivery of instructions in a data processing system
1,2,5, thiadiazolidin-3-one 1,1-dioxide derivatives
Nemesia plant named `Pensug`
Process for the production of 2,2,6-trimethylcyclohexane-1,4-dione
Mirror control of micro-electro-mechanical optical cross connect switch
Method for inducing osteoblast differentiation of human extramedullary adipose tissue cells
Protective headguard
Device for emitting and/or receiving electromagnetic waves comprising a lens made of a shaped volume...
Coding and storing method for fuzzy logic rules and circuit architecture for processing such rules
Suspension aerosol formulations of pharmaceutical products
Capacitor fabrication methods and capacitor constructions
Mixed memory integration with NVRAM, dram and sram cell structures on same substrate
MRAM architecture using offset bits for increased write selectivity
Interior rearview mirror sound processing system
Planar color lamp with nanotube emitters and method for fabricating
Ecarin prothrombin protease and methods
Artificial retina device with stimulating and ground return electrodes disposed on opposite sides of...
Antisense modulation of tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 expression
Metal detector target identification using flash phase analysis
Jewelry setting
Microcontroller with configurable instruction set
Assembly for insertion of a draw line in a conduit
Livestock incubator
Two-shot molded plunger
Electro-optical device and method for driving the same
Global positioning system tag system
Non-invasive approach for assessing tumors in living animals
Phenol oxidizing enzymes
Active vibration isolating support device
Flexure limiter with snagging feature
Contourable polymer filled implant
Mold or wide cross section for the hot-top vertical continuous casting of metals
Method and apparatus for adaptive verification of circuit designs
Holding device for a substrate
Multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS) having an internal universal signal format
System for producing a quantized signal
Method and apparatus for a modified linear filter using texture data as phase angle
Ultra-thin piezoelectric resonator
Method for producing optically planar surfaces for micro-electromechanical system devices
Fuel injection diagnostic control device
Footwear retaining device with cam cleat longitudinal line retaining clip and rear clip for retainin...
Apparatus and method for recording, reproducing and displaying a video signal received by a signal r...
Method, system, and program for determining system configuration
Result forwarding cache
Nutritional preparation comprising ribose and medical use thereof
Geranium plant named `Guinost`
Porous materials
Disposable article having bodily waste isolation device
Diffractive selectively polarizing beam splitter and beam routing prisms produced thereby
Defective recombinant adenovirus lacking E1A coding sequence and comprising a heterologous nucleotid...
Control that enables/disables a user interface
Synchronous scrolling of time stamped log files
Patch antenna using non-conductive frame
Adaptive antenna system and method
Method and apparatus for parallel processing of fuzzy rules
Flexible barrier member useful in aerosol dispensers
Vocal valve with filter
Method and apparatus for separating plastic
Mixtures of organic silver salts in color photothermographic systems
Protecting groups useful in the synthesis of polysaccharides, natural products, and combinatorial li...
Performing automated testing using automatically generated logs
Superconducting damascene interconnected for integrated circuit
MRAM configuration
Voltage controlled oscillator with power amplifier
Methods and formulations for mediating adeno-associated virus (AAV) attachment and infection and met...
Generation of highly diverse library of expression vectors via homologous recombination in yeast
Tracking and managing failure-susceptible operations in a computer system
Identifying a group of words using modified query words obtained from successive suffix relationship...
Folding support for removable piers and similar structures
Hoist apparatus
Chuck with position detecting function
Method for steam flaking grain
Foot-operated control system for a multi-function
Source-level debugging of client dump image in a computer network
Systems and methods for modifying ice adhesion strength
Apparatus for tissue remodeling
Front cradle for a vehicle
Medical line securement device
Thermal fixing system for recording media of a printer or copier device that are printed on one or b...
Nucleic acids of a human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2)
Folding collapsible wheeled luggage
Method for utilizing virtual hardware descriptions to allow for multi-processor debugging in environ...
HIV infection inhibitors
Composition and method of imparting resistivity to HIV superinfection to cells
Plant variety of Lonicera.times.brownii named `Kristin's Gold`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Double Take`
Peach tree named `Burpeacheight`
Dahlia plant named `Balsas`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiewidiv`
Method of manufacturing pseudo-boehmite
Process for preparing olefin polymerization catalyst mixture
Method of sample introduction for supercritical fluid chromatography systems
Method and system for knowledge guided hyperintensity detection and volumetric measurement
Non-myeloablative tolerogenic treatment
Device for distributing television signals by cable
Indane derivatives for antipsychotic compositions
Infrared ATR glucose measurement system utilizing a single surface of skin
Corn pullulanase
Software for the display of chromatographic separation data
Shadow-effect cosmetic composition
Benzylidenecamphor-substituted silanes/organosiloxanes for use in photostabilizing sunscreen composi...
Bioadhesive nanoparticulate compositions having cationic surface stabilizers
Non-greasy make-up remover
Method for producing completely ceramic structures in the field of dentistry
Monitoring constituents of an animal organ using statistical correlation
Failure detection and isolation
Hydroxylapatite gel
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for determining the vertical speed of an aircraft
Virtual distributed home agent protocol
Polyacetal copolymer and method for producing the same
Processes for packaging perishable and other products
Utility lighter
Molecular computer
Dipeptide derivatives
Method for identifying active substances
Disposable absorbent articles with breathable fabric feel backsheet
System and method for constructing low complexity block coders
Sausage conveyor hook
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Polynucleotides related to pancreatic disease
Use of adipose tissue-derived stromal cells for chondrocyte differentiation and cartilage repair
Apparatus and process for plasma treatment of particulate matter
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules for activating dendritic cells
Optical flow meter capable of operating with a variable refractive index
Fuel cell system having a defrosting function
Apparatus for regulating humidity of process air in fuel cell system
Cell population containing non-fetal hemangioblasts and method for producing same
Preparing artificial organs by forming polylayers of different cell populations on a substrate
Implantable prosthetic devices coated with bioactive molecules
Ultrasonic liposuction device and method of using the same
Biodegradable terephthalate polyester-poly(Phosphite) compositions, articles, and methods of using t...
Cooling mechanism for an audio speaker
Speaker and speaker device
Method for attenuating thermal sensation when handling objects at non-body temperature
Ear plug and method of manufacturing an ear plug
Device for measuring a fill level of a liquid in a container
Granulation process
System and method of reporting a status of another system through an electronic price label system
Textile composite material
Nb-based silicide composite compositions
Tongue placed tactile output device
Pressure-distribution sensor for controlling multi-jointed nursing robot
Developer-carrying member having exposed surface containing graphite or molybdenum disulfide particl...
Automatic charting of obstructions for mission planning
Mobile communication device
Personal care articles
Lotion composition for treating tissue paper
Separating multi-phase personal wash composition in a transparent or translucent package
Integrated vent and fluid transfer fitment
Sculpin-type antifreeze polypeptides and nucleic acids
Method for extending the satiety of food by adding a nutritional composition designed to stimulate c...
Transglutaminase from oomycetes
Method for making a food product from the thigh of a bird or other animal and a food product resulti...
Deesterified pectins, processes for producing such pectins, and stabilized acidic liquid systems com...
Starch phosphate ester composition, process and method of use in food
Additive composition for use in special steel making
Iron-rich residue recyclable from the hydrometallurgical processing of flue dust
Advertising kiosk
Infant simulator
Method of examining posture of an electronic part
Monolithic 2D optical switch and method of fabrication
Device and method for creating and reproducing data-containing musical composition information
Volume adjustable manual pipette with quick set volume adjustment
Transflector, and a transflective display device
Shock-absorbing cushion with a multi-holed and/or grooved surface
Plant pest control
Electronic device having a configuration for connecting and removing an expansion module
Method and apparatus for profile score threshold setting and updating
Rollout cart lid
Trash receptacle holder
Paint brush holder
Paint tray with brush holder
Squeegee handle
Method and apparatus for parsing data
Motor and electric power steering device
Software execution contingent on home page setting
Method for operating a jukebox
Object-oriented communications framework system with support for multiple remote machine types
Insertion tool for use with trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Rice actin 2 promoter and intron and methods for use thereof
Forward error correction scheme for data channels using universal turbo codes
Nucleic acids encoding members of the human B lymphocyte activation antigen B7 family and methods of...
Image processing apparatus, image output device, and image processing system
Pyrotechnic compositions and uses therefore
Glucuronide repressors and uses thereof
Convergence technique for model-based optical and process correction
Robot feature tracking devices and methods
Antibacterial compositions
Leucanthemum plant named `Sunny Side Up`
Electromagnetic-wave shielding and light transmitting plate and display device
Apparatus and method for welding pipes together
Bowling center system
Multidirectional input device
Pocket-sized game scale and measuring device
Plating apparatus
Manipulating device for an entertainment system and an entertainment system having the same manipula...
Electronic equipment, auxiliary information display device, and portable game machine
Universal game engine for a game network and method therefor
Process for the preparation of d,I-menthol
Land vehicle communications system and process for providing information and coordinating vehicle ac...
Complex of human growth hormone and zinc and use
Compositions containing antimicrobials and urea for the treatment of dermatological disorders and me...
Method of controlling niacin concentration in lotion
Method for pattern generation with improved image quality
Dye mixtures, 1:2 cobalt complex formazan dyes and their use
Generator of neuron transfer function and its derivative
Method and system for interactively responding to instant messaging requests
Method and device for determining in an aerosol the concentration of a medium which is different fro...
Dry powder inhaler
Gun barrel rifling
Apparatus and methods for inband protocol correction in distributed object networking
Skin care compositions
Method for forming a breathable film
Production of cellulase in plastids of transgenic plants
Inbred corn plant 94INK1B and seeds thereof
Maize PR-1 gene promoters
Soybean cultivar 0120285
Method and system for reversible installation of software applications in a data processing system u...
Contextual based groundrule compensation method of mask data set generation
Methods and apparatus for performing slew dependent signal bounding for signal timing analysis
Process and system for maintaining 3 sigma process tolerance for parasitic extraction with on-the-fl...
System and method for data coverage analysis of a computer program
Lithium secondary battery
Lighted ball toy
Sequence generation using a constraint satisfaction problem formulation
Apparatus of storing URL transmitted via vertical blanking interval of television signal
Scenario editing apparatus for performing editing of multimedia using figure feature points
Engine control system for improved driveability
Resealable tamper indicating label flap including printer indicia
Amusement attraction with moveable floor
Sequential method for depositing a film by modulated ion-induced atomic layer deposition (MII-ALD)
CMOS boosting circuit utilizing ferroelectric capacitors
Magnetic random access memory having digit lines and bit lines with shape and induced anisotropy fer...
System permitting retail stores to place advertisements on roadside electronic billboard displays th...
Co-alkylation for gasoline RVP reduction
High speed output buffer
Distance-measuring apparatus and method for camera
Low temperature aluminum production
Method and apparatus for testing emissive cathodes
Cyanovirin conjugates and matrix-anchored cyanovirin and related compositions and methods of use
Endometriosis mouse model
TNF-a converting enzyme
Protocol and bit rate independent test system
Highly diverse library of yeast expression vectors
Method for 2D inversion of dual laterolog measurements
Method and apparatus for establishing a database used for correlating information gathered via SNMP
Controlled acceptance mail fraud detection system
Multilayer, transparent, biaxially oriented polyester film
Method for decreasing the frame error rate in data transmission in the form of data frames
Pinless articulated band
Toe ring pad
Virtual private data network session count limitation
Architecture for web-based on-line-off-line digital certificate authority
Cable bolt
Pneumatic tool with a reverse valve having an overdrive
Pressure switch
Housing for a computing device
Method and systems for asset management
System and corresponding method for providing redundant storage of a data file over a computer netwo...
Pregnancy and childbirth educational board game
Medical fluid injector
Method and apparatus for generating a stream cipher
Subfloor structure of an aircraft airframe
Abbe error correction system and method
Thermal printhead and method of making the same
System for direct placement of commercial advertising, public service announcements and other conten...
Automated court document docketing filing system
Integrated resource management system and method
Use of online analytical processing (OLAP) in a rules based decision management system
Luggage lock covering device
Method and apparatus for evolving configuration bitstreams
Floor mat and continuous process for the manufacture thereof
Acute testosterone administration
System and method for fault recovery for a two line bi-directional ring network
Magnetic resonance imaging system with an interventional instrument
Laminate RFID label and method of manufacture
Nucleic acids encoding a novel family of TGF-.beta. binding proteins from humans
Methods and compositions for restoring impaired cellular immune function
Method for alteration detection
Hydraulic circuit control device of construction machinery
Control apparatus of hybrid vehicle and control method thereof
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Control system for controlling a mobile robot via communications line
Generation control device of hybrid electric vehicle
Hepatitis C animal model
Process for freeze drying coffee extract
Patched genes and uses related thereto
Late addition of PUFA in infant formula preparation process
Streptococcus thermophilus strain, fermentation process using such strain and product obtained
Method for determining the location and orientation of a bone for computer-assisted orthopedic proce...
Apparatus for image-supported treatment of a work object
Deriving dimensions of a detail of an object
Method for obtaining trabecular index using trabecular pattern and method for estimating bone minera...
Method and apparatus for processing and playback of digital images at a display monitor
Detection of the shape of treatment devices
Anti-aging electromagnetic apparatus
Methods, arbiters, and computer program products that can improve the performance of a pipelined dua...
Small-sized coreless motor
Low temperature material bonding technique
Method for the co-deposition of silicon and nitrogen on stainless steel surface
Steel for welded structures and welding wire
Non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet having reduced magnetic anisotropy in high frequency region...
High-strength steel sheet having excellent formality and resistance to softening of the heat affecte...
Top lid for beverage cans with opener integrated sanitary cover
Apparatus for separating plastic bags from cans and/or bottles
Module for acquiring electroencephalograph signals from a patient
Two electrode heart rate monitor measuring power spectrum for use on road bikes
Multiple state morphology-based system detecting ventricular tachycardia and supraventricular tachyc...
Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
Text enhancement
Image processing system with automatic image cropping and skew correction
Apparatus and method of testing optical networks using router modules
V-shaped groove block for an optical fiber
Optical device having an optical component isolated from housing
High-power waveguide lasers
Fiber having optical interference function and use thereof
Dispersion and dispersion slope compensated fiber link
Negative dispersion single mode waveguide fiber
Image data recording method and frame image regenerating method
Apparatus and method using compressed codes for television program record scheduling
Universal remote including apparatus using compressed codes for video recorder control
Text data extraction system for interleaved video data streams
Audio and video reproducing apparatus having independent control of selected signals
Receiver to recover data encoded in a serial communication channel
Vehicle headlamp leveling device
Supplementary appliance for telescopic sights
Illumination structure for keyboards
Lighting device
Housing for fluorescent lamps retrofitted double ended sockets
Lamp socket and discharge lamp operating device
Conductive connecting structure of a pipe-type lamp
Managing networked directory services with auto field population
Method and apparatus for synchronizing the provision of data among geographically distributed databa...
Method and means for increasing performance of multiprocessor computer systems by reducing accesses ...
Information recording and reproducing apparatus for dubbing an audio-visual digital signal and auxil...
Method of treating atherosclerosis or restenosis using microtubule stabilizing agent
Composite arrays utilizing microspheres
Method and apparatus for an automated caller interaction system
Wet type image forming apparatus and information processing system using this apparatus
Subsea pig launcher
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Cleaning deposit devices that form microarrays and the like
Method for structured layout in a hardware description language
Single-level store computer incorporating process-local address translation data structures
Method and apparatus for enforcing memory reference dependencies through a load store unit
Input device
TCP/IP address protection mechanism in a clustered server environment
Hydrogenation of single ring aromatic diamines
System and method for performing remote requests with an on-line service network
Method and apparatus for applying a transparent skin to a model airplane
Ring light guide device for camera
Finder optical system
Ratcheting diopter adjustment device
Stereo camera
Centrifugal impulse piezoelectric electrical generator
Method for constructing an encapsulated MEMS band-pass filter for integrated circuits
Single-substrate-processing CVD method of forming film containing metal element
Image display device
Garment lining system characterized by localized performance properties
Fuzzy logic based vehicle collision avoidance warning device
Interactive system for investigating products on a network
Interface pallet system
Medical examination teaching system
Film image display system
Method and apparatus for determining desired quantities of comestibles for consumption
Cartridge ejecting control mechanism for toy revolver
Remote control model vehicle with audio output system
Apparatus for displaying a representation of a wheeled vehicle in various poses with respect to a pi...
Flying device which rotates as it travels through the air
Intelligent harvesting and navigation system and method
Method for coating and protecting a substrate
Apparatus and method for minimally invasive surgery using rotational cutting tool
Cornus alba plant named `Cream Cracker`
Removable paper module for an orthogonal inkjet printer
Allocating antenna-provided communications services
Motion prediction apparatus and method
Foldable bicycle computer
Compositions for increasing athletic performance in mammals
Interactive video system responsive to motion and voice command
Power transmission assembly
Air pump
Paging antenna and radiotelephones incorporating same
Credit information in a mobile phone
Method for retrieval of stored telephone numbers in a radio communication device
System and method for computerized status monitor and use in a telephone network
Phone line splitter assembly
Combined parallel adaptive equalizer/echo canceller
Apparatus for reducing noise in the jet engine
Device that will enable the decoration on a music box to sway front and back while it moves up and d...
Structures and methods to enhance copper metallization
Optical waveguides, optical circuits and method and apparatus for producing optical waveguides and o...
Semiconductor device having a fluorine-added carbon film as an inter-layer insulating film
Radiation detectors
Photocatalytic body and method for making same
Alumina-supported ruthenium catalyst
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method of growing silicon crystal in liquid phase and method of producing solar cell
Color electroluminescence display device
Organic thin film EL panel and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescence display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Layered organic-inorganic perovskites having metal-deficient inorganic frameworks
Nitride semiconductor and a method thereof, a nitride semiconductor device and a method thereof
Composite substrate, thin-film electroluminescent device using the substrate, and production process...
Electron transport material and light emitting diode that contains the electron transport material
Phospholipid complexes of proanthocyanidin A2 as antiatherosclerotic agents
Tooling adapter for allowing selected manipulation of a workpiece
Method for representing character, storage medium, image display device, and video game device
Method and apparatus for indicating battery charge status
Asynchronous bit-table calendar for ATM switch
Companion animal therapeutic treat
Aquifer remediation barrier for removal of inorganic contaminants
Collaborative document management system with customizable filing structures that are mutually intel...
Solvent weld cement composition in aerosol form
Resuscitator regulator with carbon dioxide detector
Solder, solder paste and soldering method
Stand-alone telecommunications security device
Data analysis method for clarification of perceptions
Multiple infrared missile jammer
Label system and method for label alignment and placement
Assays for identifying functional alterations in the p53 tumor suppressor
Integrated ferroelectric memory having plate lines selected by a column decoder
Magnetic random access memory having digit lines and bit lines with a ferromagnetic cladding layer
Method for selectively producing propylene by catalytically cracking an olefinic hydrocarbon feedsto...
Mobile document paging service
Communication system supporting simultaneous voice and multimedia communications and method of opera...
Plasma display panel unit
Methods and kits employing LAV antigens for the detection of HIV-1-specific antibodies
Immunoregulatory molecules for costimulatory signal transduction
TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme
Method and apparatus for high speed data capture utilizing bit-to-bit timing correction, and memory ...
Methods of screening open reading frames to determine whether they encode polypeptides with an abili...
Method for converting queries with logical operators into free text queries
Vocabulary and/or language model training
Apparatus and method for a virtual hashed page table
Scratchpad RAM memory accessible in parallel to a primary cache
Process and system for network and system management
Method, device and article of manufacture for efficient task scheduling in a multi-tasking preemptiv...
Computerized spreadsheet with auto-calculator
Computer-implemented program for financial planning and advice system
Direct driven robot
Gripper with enhanced opening range
Power assist apparatus and control method for same
System and method for controlling disclosure time of information
Method and device for controlling information signal recording
Conditional access
Multimedia channel management through PSTN signaling
Modified avidin and streptavidin and methods of use thereof
Monoclonal antibody which recognizes the oligosaccharide N-glycolylated-galactose-glucose sialic aci...
Metabolic intervention with GLP-1 or its biologically active analogues to improve the function of th...
Aqueous prolonged release formulation
Immunosuppressive structural definition of IL-10
Method for determining oncogenic activity of a substance
Combined therapy with a chemotherapeutic agent and an oncolytic virus for killing tumor cells in a s...
Plum tree named `Gulfrose`
System and method for rendering electronic images
Multi-frame output form that facilitates internet search and update in a hierarchical database
Steganographically encoding a first image in accordance with a second image
Formation and analysis of signals with common and transaction watermarks
Unified table for L2, L3, L4, switching and filtering
Value-bearing document with window
Health care kiosk with handicapped accessible seat
Reticulated cellulose producing acetobacter strains
Process for the purification of 1,3-propanediol from a fermentation medium
Coated abrasive tool and construction method
Jewelry box
Substrates for superconductors
Ni-Ti-Nb alloy processing method and articles formed from the alloy
Reverse micelles for delivery of nucleic acids
System and method for the manufacture of a universal reflective-transmissive display
Disk player for performing data reproduction recorded on a disk
Drive circuit for insulated gate type FETs
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Spectral bio-imaging of the eye
Reliable branch predictions for real-time applications
Network device management apparatus and method, and storage medium
Catalyst assembly for an exhaust gas system
Flash memory control method and apparatus processing system therewith
Method for improving breakdown voltage in magnetic tunnel junctions
Selective aromatics disproportionation process
System for securely transporting objects in a tamper-proof container, wherein at least one recipient...
Gaming machine with interlinked arrangements of puzzle elements
Volleyball video game system
Motor vehicle navigation system
Method for writing data into non-volatile memory in vehicle electronic unit
Destination input device in vehicle navigation system
Method and device for changing memory contents in a control unit, especially of a motor vehicle
Fully automated vehicle dispatching, monitoring and billing
Connecting element for sheet piles
Power tool and vibration isolator therefor
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Methods, systems and computer program products for automated movement of IP addresses within a clust...
Paper towel holder
Catheter for treating supraventricular tachyarrhythmias
Method and apparatus for treating auditory hallucinations
Cardiac rhythm management system with atrial shock timing optimization
Mapping and ablation catheter system
Mounting bracket for an electronic device
Thermal printer
Rotatable auxiliary wheel seat of a trunk
Diagnostic procedures in an integrated circuit device
Lead/sulphuric acid-accumulator, separator for lead/sulphuric acid accumulators and process to reduc...
Mold for bonding MRI pole piece tiles and method of making the mold
Method to determine TGF-.beta.
Methods for producing carotenoid compounds, and specialty oils in plant seeds
Specimen preview and inspection system
Methods and apparatus for monitoring a 1394 home network
Methods and apparatus for attaching a cantilevered beam to a building
Method and apparatus for displaying musical data in a three dimensional environment
Editing device with display of program ID code and images of the program
Sleeve molding
OB polypeptides, modified forms and derivatives
Strand pulling-off method and curved continuous casting plant for carrying out the method
Process for monitoring and controlling the quality of rolled products from hot-rolling processes
Overvoltage protection device including wafer of varistor material
Ligand antagonists for treatment of breast cancer
Powdery nasal compositions
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Method for drug delivery to the pulmonary system
Polarizing antenna for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Nuclear magnetic resonance pulse sequence for improving signal-to-noise ratio
Reflecting type liquid crystal display device
Side element of a shoe upper
Method and apparatus for reducing data return latency of a source synchronous data bus by detecting ...
Method and apparatus for reducing direct memory access transfers using smart coalescing
Dynamic friction measurement apparatus and method
Series-parallel battery array conversion
Hyaluronan receptor protein
Peptides containing an arginine mimetic for the treatment of bone metabolic disorders, their product...
Hydroxyeicosatetraenoate salts, compositions and methods of use in treating dry eye disorders
Prostaglandin derivatives for the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension
Mucin containing ophthalmic preparation
Modifier compounds
Controllable vortex generator
Method and system for software recovery
Flash configuration cache
Geranium plant named `Ravpil`
Recessed bond pad
Oil path structure
Device for changing the control timing of the gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine, ...
System for driving and controlling CAM for internal combustion engine
Secure one-way authentication communication system
Common interface for handling exception interface name with additional prefix and suffix for handlin...
Disposable treatment article having a responsive system
Gel-form pressure-sensitive adhesive, and adhesive material and adhesive medicinal preparation both ...
19-nor-cholane steroids as neurochemical initators of change in human hypothalamic function
Homogeneous liquid fragrancing composition based on volatile silicones
Cleaning wipe comprising alkanolamide and/or amine oxide
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on a detergent surfactant, a polyorganosiloxane and...
Malodor counteractant compositions and methods for preparing and using same
Silicone polymer insulation film on semiconductor substrate and method for forming the film
Method for the stereoselective production of grignard compounds and use thereof
System and method for patching an installed application program
System, method, and recording medium for drafting and preparing patent specifications
Creating and editing grammars for speech recognition graphically
PCMCIA compartment
Systems and methods for inserting wick drain material
Grip for pneumatic hand tool
Combination actuator with speed variable mechanism
System and method for accelerating web site access and processing utilizing a computer system incorp...
Activation path simulation equipment and activation path simulation method
Biocompatible implant for the timing of ovulation in mares
Non-staining topical iodine composition and method
Wood composite prepared with a B-stageable resin
Contaminated sediment excavator for subsurface sediment removal
Underwater diving buoyancy compensator jacket with quick-release valves which can be operated simult...
Configurable block for retaining wall
Masonry retainer wall system and method
Mine backfill
Advanced inorganic solid-chemical composition and methods for anaerobic bioremediation
Power injector and side loadable syringe support therefor for plunger pushrod type syringes
Medical syringe
Method and system for supporting multi-method dispatching in object-oriented programming
Automatic updating of test management system with test results entered into an electronic logbook
Hard disc drive verification tester
Computer apparatus and method for analyzing structural stability
Method and navigation system for display of sections of a digital map data base as well as an improv...
Method for controlling the assembly cycle of a frame assembling machine and machine for carrying out...
Method and device for evaluating assemblability and reverse assemblability
Guide device for wiring member and/or piping member and robot with guide device
Flight control system for a hybrid aircraft in the roll axis
Fibrous supported polymer encapsulated electrical component
Apparatus and method for visual construction simplification
Heart vase monument
Telescoping jack
Wheeled tool container
Wheelbarrow with selective auxiliary electric power assist
Shopping cart
Squared side door receptacle with flat ribbed top
Cosmetic composition comprising at least an amidoethercarboxylic acid surfactant and at least a cati...
Cosmetic composition containing solid organic particles coated with a cationic polymer
Processes of making north american ginseng fractions, products containing them, and use as immunomod...
Method of inhibiting HIV infection with CD44 and anti-CD44 antibodies
Method of manufacturing a soft hearing aid
Electrolyte for a lithium secondary battery
Anode material for lithium secondary battery, process for production thereof, and lithium secondary ...
Electrode tab for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of forming the same
Lithium secondary battery
Object oriented framework mechanism for multi-target source code processing
Cherry tree named `Glenred`
Euphorbia plant named `Jessie`
Petunia plant named `MP20`
Plum tree named `Crimson Glo`
Impatiens plant named `TiLip`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Regal Yonashville`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckahab`
Polyurethane dispersion in alcohol-water system
Use of hyperbranched polymers and dendrimers comprising a particular group as film-forming agent, fi...
Emollient compositions with polyethylene beads
Transparent scented solid cosmetic composition
Process for manufacturing a catalyst body for generating hydrogen and a catalyst body for generating...
Process for the regeneration of hydration catalyst for cyclic olefins
Keratinocyte derived interferon
Network link tester device configured to selectively and automatically couple to a network transmit ...
Method and device for suppressing stimulations in a subject undergoing a magnetic resonance scan
Combined OOK-FSK/PPM modulation and communication protocol scheme providing low cost, low power cons...
Death domain containing receptor-4
Prevention of neutrophil recruitment
Chewable product
Stabilized bioactive preparations and methods of use
Edible coating composition
Compounds and methods for inhibiting cancer metastasis
Process for producing hydroxyaromatic compound
System and method for testing computer software
Method for data storage organization
Medical diagnostic system management method and apparatus
Information services patterns in a netcentric environment
System and method for transferring attribute values between search queries in an information retriev...
Resistance based process control device diagnostics
Resin composition of polyepoxide and polyisocyanate, prepreg, and metallic foil laminate
Security for platform-independent device drivers
System and method for handling load and/or store operations in a superscalar microprocessor
Method and apparatus for providing VCR-like "trick mode" functions for viewing distributed video dat...
Symbol for automatically renaming symbols in files during the compiling of the files
Automatic rotation of digit location in devices used in passwords
Snapshot copy facility for a data storage system permitting continued host read/write access
Tonometric measuring head and measuring method
Inbred maize line PH3HH
Statistical deconvoluting of mixtures
Method and device for detecting dirt as present on articles, for example eggs
Fluidized polymer suspension of hydrophobically modified poly(acetal- or ketal-polyether) polyuretha...
Bulk animal feeds containing conjugated linoleic acid
Domestic fowl eggs having a high content of highly unsaturated fatty acid, their production process ...
Confectionery product made of protein and carbohydrate materials present in a relative weight ratio ...
Spinning reel spool
Dual-bearing reel spool-locking mechanism
System for use in displaying images of a body part
Method for measuring a conductive volume and device for implementing this method
Facial imaging in utero
Articulated apparatus for telemanipulator system
Surgical microscope
Endoscope shape detecting apparatus wherein form detecting processing is controlled according to con...
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for accessing electronic messages
Method and apparatus for interfacing isochronous communication systems
3,6-Di(3',5'-bis(fluoroalkyl) phenyl) pyromellitic dianhydride and method for the preparation thereo...
Oxazoline or oxazine acetoacetate aqueous coating compositions
Process of preparing curable compositions and compositions therefrom
Surfactant based gelling composition for wellbore service fluids
Selectively colorable polymerizable compositions
Halogenated supports and supported activators
Reaction of organic compounds over macroporous supported catalysts comprising boron oxide
Soft tissue augmentation material
Lightning protection for electrically conductive or insulating skin and core for honeycomb structure
Generalizing data streams to overcome differences in word length and byte order
Method of generating chemical compounds having desired properties
Airbag sensor system
Method and apparatus for data communication using a multi-number mobile telephone
Long-range, full-duplex, modulated-reflector cell phone for voice/data transmission
Aligning rectilinear images in 3D through projective registration and calibration
Methods and apparatuses for managing multiple direct memory access channels
Process for the preparation of polymers containing N-O terminal groups
Polymetallic catalysts, method of preparing and polymers produced thereby
System and method of constructing a photo album
Data processing unit with interface for sharing registers by a processor and a coprocessor
Abuse-tolerant metallic packaging materials for microwave cooking
On-demand microwave heating system and method
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Surface adhesion modifying compositions
Cartilage enhancing food supplements and methods of preparing the same
Cleaning of fruit, vegetables, and meats comprising alkyl-polyglycoside
Method and composition for improving the aftertaste of sucrose
Interactive shopping system with mobile apparatus
Writing instrument
Personal digital assistant with wireless telephone
Diamond cut
Partially demineralized cortical bone constructs
Refrigerant and heat transfer fluid additive
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Dipeptide derivatives
Ferritic steel sheet excellent at strain rate sensitivity of the flow stress, and automobile utilizi...
Electromagnetic steel sheet and process for producing the same
Method for producing a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet excellent in magnetic properties
Method for refining molten steel and apparatus therefor
Intake device of an automated redemption machine for returnable containers such as bottles, cans and...
Steel cable lock structure
Steel coil sidewall guard
Flushable fibrous structures
Medical instrument and method for use with computer-assisted image guided surgery
Co-extruded, multi-lumen medical lead
High frequency electro magnetic field treatment of abnormalities
Method and apparatus for judging recovery of physical condition in puerperium
Biopotential sensor electrode
Biopotential electrode sensory component
Neurocognitive ability EEG measurement method and system
System and method for digitally marking a file
Method and apparatus for transforming a part periphery to be cut from a patterned sheet material
Designing and making an article of manufacture
Signal processing apparatus
System and method for generating super-resolution-enhanced mosaic images
Device and method for variable attenuation of an optical channel
Pressure vessel assembly
Fiber optic connector
Fiber optic connector
Force equalizing filament clamp
Fiber optic closure with couplers and splice tray
Shield for fiber optic connectors and cables
Method and device for displaying animated navigation information
Warning device and method in multifunction electronic apparatus
Lens moving device
Technique for locating objects within an image
Hand pointing apparatus
Method and apparatus for image-based object detection and tracking
Jewellery illumination
Photoinduced molecular switches
Fiber optic Christmas tree
Illuminating apparatus using multiple light sources
Versatile power-efficient automobile signal lamp
Vehicle headlamp having multi-reflex optical system
Elliptical headlight for motor vehicle
Data control method, for embedding data control information, method for detecting data control infor...
Method in a cellular radio communications system
Controllable camera support and system
Object manipulator robot device
Refuelling robot
Low cost, high-strength robotic arm
Method and device for automated robot-cell calibration
Robot controller
Electronically controlled firearm
Pyro-acoustic generator for protecting submarines and surface ships
Blank cartridge for self loading guns
Maize L3 oleosin promoter
Secreted protein HPEAD48
Method for reducing hypertrophy and ischemia
Compositions and methods for treating papillomavirus-infected cells
Human aspartic proteases
Amplification of chromosomal DNA in situ
Mutations in the KCNE1 gene encoding human mink which cause arrhythmia susceptibility thereby establ...
Binary probe and clamp composition and methods for a target hybridization detection
Cystatin B mutants
Replica amplification of nucleic acid arrays
Nucleic acid amplification reaction station for disposable test devices
Compounds and methods for treatment and diagnosis of chlamydial infection
Soybean cultivar 010014
Automatic unit for preparing espresso coffee
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing meeting functions in an electronic c...
Cellular telephone billing management system
Methods and systems for commerce
System for prepayment of electronic content using removable media and for prevention of unauthorized...
Method and system for processing customized reward offers
Semiconductor device produced by dicing
Resinoid dicing blade including a dry lubricant
Lens of gradient dielectric constant and methods of production
Methods and systems for rendering line and point features for display
Golf ball covers containing high acid ionomers
Clear and printable polypropylene films
Method of rotational molding using a resin blend and the resulting molded objects
Production of semiochemical emitters having a controlled emission speed which are based on inorganic...
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer
Implantable cardiac stimulation device having autocapture/autothreshold capability
Apparatus and method for forming and packaging votive candles
Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite structural system for decks, docks, boardwalks, walkways, s...