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Electronically tracked road-map system
2786, a novel human aminopeptidase
Electrochemical cell system
Solid electrolyte battery
Catalyst combination and a process for preparing linear, isotatic polymers
Interactive intelligent searching with executable suggestions
Automatic adjustment of velocity scale and pulse repetition frequency for doppler ultrasound spectro...
Thermally responsive recuperator housing
Two piece alignment head
Sliding-dome and split-top MRI radio frequency quadrature array coil system
Image forming apparatus
Data transmission/reception apparatus for use in a two-way digital broadcasting system
Method and apparatus for indexing of topics using foils
Integrated cardiac resuscitation system with ability to detect perfusion
Robust stain detection and quantification for histological specimens based on a physical model for s...
Antigenic structural peptide, antigenic and immunogenic compounds, and uses for detecting, preventin...
Reliability-enhanced apparatus operation for re-breathing and methods of effecting same
Electronic ballast with intermediate circuit regulation
Cellular communications system/method with uplink interference ceiling
Survival mask
Process for the capacitive object detection in the case of vehicles
Electronic apparatus including a device for preventing loss or theft
Graphics system configured to filter samples using a variable support filter
Marketing strategy support system for business customer sales and territory sales information
Map-based directory system
Process for the preparation of gabapentin
Reciprocating drive/pump system and reciprocating capillary viscometer utilizing same
Reassembled toner cartridge and method of manufacture
Automatic flush valve
Surface acoustic wave filter having plural propagation paths and a coupler
Artificial tooth root with anti-adherence of sordes and various germs, with acid resistance and its ...
Three-speed transfer case
Driving force control system for front-and-rear wheel drive vehicles
Method for automatically shutting down a machine during an operator's absence
Image processing system for estimating the energy transfer of an occupant into an airbag
Diagnosing brake problems from minor wheel slip variations
System and method for effectively implementing isochronous processor cache
Synchronization and resynchronization of loosely-coupled copy operations between a primary and a rem...
Serial command port method, circuit, and system including main and command clock generators to filte...
Method and apparatus for automatically installing and configuring software on a computer
Game of chance
Gambling games
Method for implementing scheduled return play at gaming machine networks
Methodology to optimize positioning of multi-detector gamma cameras utilizing tangential detector mo...
Method of carrying out an optimized fiber or paper manufacturing process
Failure diagnosis apparatus
Method and system for an in-vehicle computing architecture
Traffic information gathering via cellular phone networks for intelligent transportation systems
Method and system for exchanging routing data between end users
Split PPS/SPS architecture for military aircraft flying in civilian airspace
Position and heading error-correction method and apparatus for vehicle navigation systems
Protocol and mechanism for primary and mutter mode communication for asset tracking
Multimedia information and control system for automobiles
Dianthus plant named `Valda Kitty`
Interchangeable clasp
Method and system for communicating between supplier and customer devices
Dynamically managing the topology of a data network
Deflection yoke for braun tube
Video and audio multimedia pop-up documentation by performing selected functions on selected topics
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing instant photographic film units
Increasing the brightness of III-nitride light emitting devices
Multi-bit magnetic memory device
Method for forming vertical ferroelectric capacitor comprising forming ferroelectric material in gap...
Low energy method for changing the inclinations of orbiting satellites using weak stability boundari...
System for distributing road surface information, system for collecting and distributing vehicle inf...
Eye prosthesis
Secure hash-and-sign signatures
Ballistics conditioning
18 carat grey gold alloy, without nickel and without palladium, for jewellery
Tracheal catheter
For aerosol and pumpspray containers which can be locked into a non-operative position
Apparatus and method for retrieving vector format data from database in accordance with similarity w...
Method apparatus and presentation medium for avoiding a mismatch state in a 3-dimensional virtual sh...
Method to aid object detection in images by incorporating contextual information
Multicrystalline silicon having a low proportion of active grain borders
Method and apparatus for assessing a user athlete
Plasticized waterborne polyurethane dispersions and manufacturing process
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded articles
Silylene catalysis of olefin polymerization
Organic initiators and their use in the polymerization of unsaturated monomers
Fencing scoring apparatus and system
Golfing game with undulating surface
Rebound wall for ball sports
Portable beach basketball system
Absorption field reclamation and maintenance system
Delosperma plant named `Kelaidis`
Distributed optimization system and method
Miniature attitude sensing suite
Curable compositions of fluorinated amide compounds
Arm harness with a control panel for operating multiple electronic devices
Low cost hybrid video distribution system for aircraft in-flight entertainment systems
Personnel lift device with automatic ascent and descent control
Pool slide
Pinus nigra plant named `Marie Bregeon`
Method of intradermally injecting substances
Compact PCI backplane and method of data transfer across the compact PCI backplane
Method for operating a boundary scan cell design for high performance I/O cells
Non-rigid mounting of a foldable display
Method and article of manufacture to align and reinforce a driver's installation irrespective of dri...
Data storage system adapted to select an operational state with corresponding performance levels and...
Therapeutic slipper for retaining heat or cold and method of fabricating same
Wide angle projection lens and projection display device
Method and apparatus for generating a signal having at least one desired output frequency utilizing ...
Laser system by modulation of power and energy
Pom-pom puppet and method of cheering with pom-pom puppet
Determining link capacity utilization for HDLC encoded links
Method for preserving referential integrity within web sites
System and method for forecasting energy usage load
MIMD array of single bit processors for processing logic equations in strict sequential order
Method and system for chip design using remotely located resources
Endian-neutral loader for interpretive environment
Method and apparatus for downhole signal communication and measurement through a metal tubular
Advanced containment system
Delivery systems using preformed biodegradable polymer compositions and methods
Bifurcated intraluminal prostheses construction and methods
Isolated human dehydrogenase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human dehydrogenase pro...
Vertebrate tissue pattern-inducing proteins, and uses related thereto
File mapping system and related techniques
Transaction processing method and apparatus
Digital circuit design method using programming language
Day and night croquet and bocce
Modular self-diagnostic and test switch assembly for controlling inverter operations
Liquid crystal display apparatus with light guide panel having light-absorbing or light-storing laye...
Laser projection display system
Compound optical and electrical conductors, and connectors therefor
Method for measuring and analyzing digital video quality
Method and apparatus for providing additional information about a broadcast
Transmitting system and transmitting apparatus
Recording and reproducing apparatus and time calibration method of recording and reproducing apparat...
Apparatus, system, method and memory medium for data processing
Method for producing non-linear optical organic crystal film
Laser direct writing of planar lightwave circuits
Optical fiber for metropolitan and access network systems
Holey optical fibers
Application of silane-enhanced adhesion promoters for optical fibers and fiber ribbons
Sheathed optical fiber cutting method and apparatus
Methods and apparatuses for normalizing the intensity of an image
Transforming video images
Image processing using adjoining relationships between image parts
Method and apparatus for interpolating a digital image
Design rule generation system and recording medium recording program thereof
Method and apparatus for evaluating and correcting errors in integrated circuit chip designs
IR spectroscopic endoscope with inflatable balloon
Apparatus for processing body signals
Quantitative method and apparatus for measuring QT intervals from ambulatory electrocardiographic re...
Pulmonary vein arrhythmia diagnostic device and method for use
Single complex electrogram display having a sensing threshold for an implantable medical device
Bone material and collagen combination for repair of injured joints
Counterbalanced jewelry ring
Inflatable device and method for using the device
Catalyst compositions and processes for olefin polymers and copolymers
Propylene polymers for films
Tissue regenerative composition, method of making, and method of use thereof
Provisioning server enhancement
Living body function measurement method
Radiographic image diagnosis apparatus capable of displaying a projection image in a similar positio...
Fly fishing reel with a sealing member
Compound screening assays using a transgenic mouse model of human skin diseases
Mailbox post assembly
Knockout animals
Film forming apparatus and film forming method
Dietary supplement and method of using same
Device for shaping infarcted heart tissue and method of using the device
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Method for determining analyte concentration using periodic temperature modulation and phase detecti...
Card reader
Mammalian cytokine-like polypeptide-10
Method of sample introduction for chromatographic systems
Programmable multiple company credit card system
Pigmented vitamin C composition
Silicone compound and cosmetic materials containing the same
Method and apparatus for an integrated security system for electronic components
Methods, system and computer program products for mirrored file access through assuming a privileged...
Methods, devices and systems for electronic bill presentment and payment
Tax advantaged transaction structure (TATS) and method
Hierarchical relational definition system for defining an object and method therefor
Method and apparatus for mapping one catalog into another catalog
Football centering machine
Method of detecting life of image bearing member, image forming apparatus and cartridge
Soft landing assembly for a parachute
System and method for backing-up data stored on a portable audio player
Agitation devices and dispensing systems incorporating such agitation devices
Method for centralized animal identification and tracking
Distributed flow control system and method for GPRS networks based on leaky buckets
Local addressing of mobile units in a WLAN with multicast packet addressing
Browser-based arrangement for developing voice enabled web applications using extensible markup lang...
Assay system and novel labelled compounds for use therewith
Isobutene polymerization process
Process for producing low polymer of ethylene
Method and catalyst for producing olefins, in particular propylenes, by dehydrogenation
Cat cracker gas plant process for increased olefins recovery
Methods, systems, and computer program products for analyzing and presenting NMR lipoprotein-based r...
Compounds and compositions as protease inhibitors
Pharmaceutical or dietetic preparation for improvement of fertility and sperm quality
Bicyclic pyrrolyl amides as glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors
Use of oxandrolone in the treatment of burns an other wounds
Compounds having anticancer activity : process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions...
Non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters
Boring tool
Mathematical teaching apparatus
System and method for capacitance sensing of pavement density
Halogenation of protected phenols in meta position
Microdevices for high-throughput screening of biomolecules
One-step production of 1, 3-propanediol from ethylene oxide and syngas with a catalyst with a phosph...
Air-supplying structure for multi-cylinder engine
Method and apparatus for tracing remote ends of networking cables
Brush head for toothbrush
Detection of stroke events using diffuse optical tomagraphy
Flame resistant polymer composition
Process for the preparation of substituted phenylboronic acids
System and method for evaluating craftsmanship
Thermoplastic polymers with dispersed fluorocarbon additives
Coffee maker
Peroxidase-activating oral compositions
Methods and compositions for regulation of 5-.alpha.-reductase activity
Method and apparatus for nondestructive determination of polymer hydrolytic stability
Water-resistant cable
Circuit arrangement for supplying electric power to a network comprising a fuel cell and an accumula...
Automated method and system for the delineation of the chest wall in computed tomography scans for t...
Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
Method and apparatus for filling a multi-compartment container
Transistor level circuit simulator using hierarchical data
Microbial production of epoxides
Catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons
Medical diagnostic system service platform
Circuit design method and circuit design apparatus
Air compressor having thermal valve
Circuit test light
Model-based testing via combinatorial designs
Memory system and method of using same
End to end binding using imaging material and continuous sheet printing
Method and apparatus for improving patient compliance with prescriptions
Local anesthetic compounds and uses
Data processing methods and apparatus for supporting analysis/judgement
Load balancer in environment services patterns
Wireless medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment
Flea peritrophin nucleic acid molecules, proteins and uses thereof
Process for producing simvastatin
System and method for high-speed execution of graphics application programs including shading langua...
Synthetic antigens for the detection of antibodies to hepatitis C virus
Use of a 5HT2A and 5HT2A/C receptor antagonist for treating snoring and high resistance syndrome of ...
Narrow bandwidth oscillator-amplifier system
Radio communication method and radio communication system
.beta.2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Medicinal compositions with relieved bitterness
Peripherally active anti-hyperalgesic opiates
Counterflow column with a liquid distributor
Hand-held instruments that access interior body regions
Nanotechnology for electronic and opto-electronic devices
Acyclic nucleoside derivatives
Method of detecting and controlling in-situ faults in rapid thermal processing systems
Circular dispensing container
Meal kit packaging system
Method for thermal processing and acidification of pasta products
Method for culture of fungi including shiitake (Lentinus edodes)
Limulus test-positive plant glycolipid and method of stimulating the immunity system of an animal
LPS-containing analgesics and veterinary analgesics
Bin cap for mushroom culture
Bin for mushroom culture
Method for the stimulation of the immune system of an animal by use of limulus test-positive plant g...
Sewage and contamination remediation and materials for effecting same
Hydraulic press brake tool holder
Device for forming a hollow profile by means of internal high pressure forming
Method and pipe-bending device for manufacturing a pipe-offset for a connector
Mandrel insertion type metal forming of rack bar
Container seaming driving cam with load cells
Die for stay--on--tab
Preparation of hydrophilic pressure sensitive adhesives having optimized adhesive properties
Site-specific labeling of disulfide-containing targeting vectors
FADD-like anti-apoptotic molecules, methods of using the same, and compositions for and methods of m...
Polynucleotides encoding flavivirus and alphavirus multivalent antigenic polypeptides
Parallel intrusion detection sensors with load balancing for high speed networks
Method and arrangement for implementing convolutional decoding
Determining a path through a managed network
Personal computer having a master computer system and an internet computer system and monitoring a c...
Arrangement in a data communication system
Method and apparatus for a network-based mask defect printability analysis system
Method and apparatus for post-transaction pricing system
Automatic address distributing system
System and method for route optimization in a wireless internet protocol network
Road marking compound comprising linear tetrablock copolymers
Infrared radiation system with multiple IR radiators of different wavelength
Method and apparatus for improving resist pattern developing
Pixel cell for silicon LC light valve having enhanced storage capacitance
Container tracking system
Process for separating C2-C3 olefins from industrial gases
Led lamp
Write current compensation for temperature variations in memory arrays
RTCVD process and reactor for improved conformality and step-coverage
Toilet training article containing an effervescent agent
Computer-controlled home theater independent user-control
Audio/video signal distribution system for head mounted displays
Delta height bias and terrain floor generators for a ground proximity warning system
Traction control system
Multimedia stream incorporating interactive support for multiple types of subscriber terminals
Signal splitter for cable TV
Data compression through adaptive data size reduction
Method and system for genetic algorithm based power optimization for integrated circuit designs
Degradable animal chewing article possessing enhanced safety, durability and mouth-feel
Polymer compound, binder resin, composition for ion-conductive polymer electrolyte, and secondary ce...
Method and system for testing interconnected integrated circuits
Process window based optical proximity correction of lithographic images
Method and apparatus for dynamic generation of adapters
Method and system for supporting dynamic document content expressed in a component-level language
System and method using extended relocation types and operations in relocating operations
Checking of units and dimensional homogeneity of expressions in computer programs
Heavy metal phytoremediation
Soybean cultivar 925847
Plant cellulose synthase and promoter sequences
Methods for modulating the levels of organic sulfur compounds in plants by transforming with (P)APS ...
Transgenic plant expressing soybean glycinin
Deflection member having suspended portions and process for making same
Block cipher method
Automatic tracking system and method for distributable software
Hydrogen storage alloy for use in alkaline storage batteries and method for production thereof
Adapter for localized treatment through a tracheal tube and method for use thereof
Aerosol dispenser
Database management methods and equipment, and database management program storage media
Program providing medium and shared virtual space providing apparatus and method
System and method for control using quantum soft computing
Method and apparatus for screening combinatorial libraries for semiconducting properties
Method and system for an online talent business
Hierarchical encryption technique for dense wavelength division multiplexed systems using a waveleng...
Data encryption key management system
Technique for effectively managing processing loads in a communications arrangement
Process for data encapsulation in large scale legacy software
Quality of service (QoS) enhancement to multilink point-to-point protocol (PPP)
Host rejection filtering in a digital audio broadcasting system
Human controlled towable device for water surface and subsurface operation
Boat launching/retrieval/transport apparatus and method
Boat lift
Precast modular marine structure & method of construction
Device for attaching a flexible linear element to an inflatable tube of an inflatable craft
Treating open skin lesions using extract of sea buckthorn
Multi-ply resealable label
Protecting images with an image watermark
Framed calendar holder
Example bearing guide to the use of a set of products and method of using the same
Fluorescent ink compositions comprising functionalized fluorescent nanocrystals
Linear multichannel detection system for billing by spectrum convolution
Apparatus and method for collecting floating debris
Method for determining launch system velocity, acceleration and displacement certification parameter...
Rosa plant named `Chewpearl`
Device and method for contactlessly measuring speed on surfaces
Robot managing system, robot managing method, and information managing device
W/O emulsion bases
Operational monitoring for a converter
Automated bore planning method and apparatus for horizontal directional drilling
Cell designs for optical biosensors
Chip interconnect wiring structure with low dielectric constant insulator and methods for fabricatin...
Camera having oversized imager and method
Apple tree named `Co-op 33`
Configuration sizer for determining a plurality of price values and performance values for a plurali...
Composition and method for treating the effects of diseases and maladies
Self-extruded bushing assembly and method of making the same
Scaffold fixation device for use in articular cartilage repair
Designing integrated circuits to reduce electromigration effects
System for searching a data base for information associated with broadcast segments based upon broad...
Personal computer upgrade
Combination stylus and laser pointer
Method and apparatus for real-time estimation of physiological parameters
Combined brush wiper and holder for paint can
Paint can attachment with brush holding slot
Dust pan
Plow blade mount
Furniture slide
Escalator handrail entry
Dual view memorial marker
Automated DNA array image segmentation and analysis
Using an access key to protect and point to regions in windows for infiniband
ACD tier based routing
Display device having a mass production structure
Catalytic converter for automotive pollution control, and oxygen-storing complex oxide used therefor
Methods for range finding of open-ended assessments
Message and communication system in a network
Sensor and sensor system for liquid conductivity, temperature and depth
Electronic converter for converting an acoustic signal into a pseudo-digital signal, timepiece inclu...
Animated, foam filled toy figure
Luminous material for bathing scrubbers
Membrane support system
Age-hardenable copper alloy casting molds
Cholesterol lowering beverage
Cactus fruit drinks and food products
Edible fat-based discrete flavoring additive with anhydrous dextrose and optional fructose component
Lubricant qualified for contact with a composition suitable for human consumption including a food, ...
Thermoplastic compositions having high dimensional stability
Metal articles having a cured topcoat from an acrylate copolymer having a pendant glycidyl groups an...
Food safety administration system
Multi-layer deflection member and process for making same
Personal wash sunscreen compositions which deposit and lather well
Fabric cleaning article with texturing and/or a tackiness agent
Coated laundry and/or automatic dishwashing tablets having a chamfered edge for improved structural ...
Nonaqueous, particulate-containing liquid detergent compositions with surfactant-structured liquid p...
Process for making a free flowing detergent composition
Process for preparing ether-capped poly(oxyalkylated) alcohol surfactants
Blow molding method for superplastic material and system
System for controlling a vessel
Scaleable hash table for shared-memory multiprocessor system
System and method for implanting a cardiac wrap
Urea substituted imidazoquinolines
Feline immunoglobulin E molecules and compositions there of
High affinity, low molecular weight displacers for oligonucleotide purification
Direct gas-fired burner assembly
Propylene-based copolymer, process for producing the same and film comprising the same
Chuck assembly having a controlled vent
Error-correcting communication method for transmitting data packets in a network communication syste...
Aqueous surface treatment compositions
Apparatus for holding and metered dispensing of an active composition into a washing machine, a laun...
Indolizine derivatives, compositions comprising at least one coupler chosen from indolizine derivati...
Method of applying decoration on an article
Surfactant coated products and methods for their use in promoting plant growth and soil remediation
Cosmetic compositions containing an anionic hydroxyalkyl ether surfactant and a cationic polymer, an...
Method for producing crystalline alkali metal silicate granules and granular high density detergent
Liquid thickener for surfactant systems
Flying vehicle of inverse sustentation (FVIS)
Dog pack harness
Two-piece powdered metal suction fitting
Sterilization-protecting agent and sterilization method
Storage phosphor cassette having a corner element
Portable visual display device with removable cassette
Reinforced ceramic shell mold and method of making same
Method and apparatus for accessing vehicle systems
System for determining fuel usage within a jurisdiction
Method and system for recalibration of an electronic control module
Heat exchanger for SOx or NOx regeneration of catalyst
Apparatus for automatically adjusting optical axis of vehicle headlights
PcrA helicase
Catalyst composition with high efficiency for the production of light olefins
System for providing traffic information
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Resonant structure for spatial and spectral-spatial imaging of free radical spin probes using radiof...
Diagnostic system and method
Fundus camera
Input light coupler using a pattern of dielectric contrast distributed in at least two dimensions
Robot and method for bending orthodontic archwires and other medical devices
Combination tool for robot assisted assembly
Cleaning device
Robot arm mechanism
Group robot system, and sensing robot and base station used therefor
Nightlight with dynamic image effect
Tracheal pressure ventilation respiratory system
Multilayer optical disk and method of initializing the same
Infrared absorption filter
Method and device for producing energy or methanol
Evacuation of hydrogen and carbon monoxide from a hydrocarbonaceous feedstock
Method for producing gaseous hydrogen by chemical reaction of metals or metal hydrides subjected to ...
High molecular weight monovinylidene aromatic polymers with good processability
Kappa agonist compounds and pharmaceutical formulations thereof
Passive data collection system from a fleet of medical instruments and implantable devices
Human ABH
Lighting device
Apparatus and method for adaptive CDMA detection based on constrained minimum mean squared error cri...
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-3H-6,9-dioxa-1,3-diazacyclopenta[a]n...
Image formation apparatus
Optical apparatus, optical apparatus driving unit and camera system
Developing apparatus wherein seal-inflicted damage to an end edge of a developing roller is prevente...
Image forming apparatus having drive transmitting member
Method and device for communication on a network
Apparatus for pumping gas-containing fiber suspensions
Apparatus and method for supplying a process solution
Stacked packing with spacing features
Calcium-phosphate coated implant element
Voxel transfer circuit for accelerated volume rendering of a graphics image
Bulkhead for implantable infusion device
Generation of therapeutic microfoam
Controlled release lipoic acid
Process for the production of morphologically uniform microcapsules and microcapsules that are produ...
Electrolyte gels for maintaining hydration and rehydration
Method for treating a prosthesis having an apertured structure and associated devices
Use of a substance agonist of a receptor associated with a chlorine or potassium canal for treating ...
Short edge management in rule based OPC
Method of semiconductor wafer heating to prevent bowing
Electrodes for creating lesions in tissue regions at or near a sphincter
Gripping multi-level black matrix
Scuba tank caddy, having an optional gear drying rack and an optional portable shower, and its metho...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sweet Yostacy`
Method and processing fault on SCSI bus
Enhanced range/graceful degradation for digital wireless telephone system
Intelligent content delivery system based on user actions with client application data
High-strength cold rolled steel sheet and high-strength plated steel sheet possessing improved geoma...
GaN related compound semiconductor and process for producing the same
Manufacturing method of magnetic memory device
Apparatus and method for depositing thin film on wafer using atomic layer deposition
System and method for diagnosing jet engine conditions
Wide format thermal printer
Packaging method of lens-fitted photo film unit and packaging cover therefore
Underwater camera having viewports bearing on viewfinder tunnel of frame
Camera electronic system and method of assembling same
Gas injection system for treating a fuel cell stack assembly
Method and device for organizing and coordinating the combined use of liquid medications for continu...
Method and apparatus for automated design of chemical synthesis routes
Digital watermarking employing both frail and robust watermarks
Method of securing transmission of information utilizing time variant techniques with error detectin...
Dihydroxypropyl cysteine peptide and agent containing this peptide
Microelectromechanical systems device and method for fabricating same
Crib protein ZMSE1
Controlled release oral compositions comprising rivastigmine
Poinsettia plant named `Eckalba`
Absorbent article having a cover layer including a polymerized alkene
Ball glove with concave webbing
Loudspeaker enclosure
Aircraft catastrophic security system
Ergonomic remote control
Time-based optical servo system and method
System for distributed task execution
Dry-fire training pistol
Pistol caliber conversion assembly
Compact artillery
Ballistic protective plate
Process and device for determining roll angle
Bearing apparatus
Rolling bearing unit
Elastic bearing suspension for a shaft bearing
Rotating speed sensor unit and wheel bearing assembly carrying the same
Multidomain vertically aligned liquid crystal display device
3D array of integrated cells for the sampling and detection of air bound chemical and biological spe...
Apparatus and method for detecting a load decrease when driving piezoelectric elements
Freight rail wheelset handling and storage protection
Method and apparatus for routing traffic within a network utilizing linear optimization
Method for obtaining modulators of TNF receptor releasing enzyme
Wrinkle and malodour reducing composition
Arrangement and construction of crew protective device for automobile
Positive type photosensitive image-forming material for an infrared laser and a positive type photos...
Electrochemical gas sensors and methods for sensing electrochemical active gases in gas mixtures
Method of arranging particulates liquid crystal display, and anistropic conductive film
DTPA monoamides, pharmaceutical agents containing these compounds, their use and process for their p...
Purification of battery electrolytes by means of chemical adsorption
Battery storage case
Fuel processing system
High chloride silver halide elements containing pyrimidine compounds
Nanotechnology for biomedical products
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Binder containing vinyl alcohol polymer, slurry, electrode, and secondary battery with nonaqueous el...
Lever lock unit
Cassette changer
Device for a container
Method and system for automatically generating low level program commands as dependency graphs from ...
Plasma picture screen with red phosphor
Doctor roller apparatus
Day/night composite imaging member
Respiratory calorimeter
Interconnection of building panels using fiber reinforced plastic composite-material connector plate
Pawl control mechanism for a bicycle hub transmission
Exerciser with counter-reciprocating pedals
Absorbent article with improved liquid-handling ability
Charging/discharging control method for secondary battery
Operational condition recording apparatus and operating control system utilizing it
Osmotic delivery system having space efficient piston
Process for the preparation of superabsorbent polymers from polyacrylonitrile precipitation polymers
Transvaginal tube as an aid to laparoscopic surgery
Multiple engine information retrieval and visualization system
Transmitter and receiver, apparatus and method, all for delivery of information
System, apparatus, and method providing cache data mirroring to a data storage system
DNA fragment for stable expression of an exogenous gene in a plant
Knife blade
Knife blade
Knife handle
Cutting instruments
High-pressure discharge lamp and method for producing the same
CDMA receiver comprising a synchronous timing notifying section capable of reaching low consumption ...
Method for preventing or treating pain by administering an endothelin antagonist
Bio aerator
Waste water treatment method
Method for transporting and separating wet chips and delivering dried chips
Fast relief swapping of processors in a data processing system
Explosive detection system and sample collecting device
Emergency management system
Image display for displaying a reflection image and a luminous image
Motor drive camera
Highly conductive composite polysilicon gate for CMOS integrated circuits
Methods of using chemical libraries to search for new kinase inhibitors
Semiconductor device
Method for forming cell capacitor for high-integrated DRAMs
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell system
Inhalation device
Aerosol separator; and method
Image processing device
Automatic book page turner for imaging
Distributed feedback laser fabricated by lateral overgrowth of an active region
Line and curve detection using local information
Sheet pre-transfer device
Previns as specific inhibitors and therapeutic agents for Botulinum toxin B and Tetanus neurotoxins
Technique for correcting single-bit errors and detecting paired double-bit errors
Microactuator assembly having improved standoff configuration
Method for using and making a fiber array
Absorbent articles
Photometric apparatus for camera
Chrysanthemum plant named `Midas Time Gold`
System for remotely identifying and providing information of unknown software on remote network node...
Robot for handling workpieces in an automated processing system
Reactive combiner for active array radar system
Integral differential optical signal receiver
High-power external-cavity optically-pumped semiconductor lasers
Optical fibre grating and optical fiber transmission system using such optical fiber grating
Ceramic waferboard for integration of optical/optoelectronic/electronic components
Method and apparatus for improved noise attenuation in a dissipative internal combustion engine exha...
System and method for archiving and supplying documents using a central archive system
Shoe having a fabric outsole and manufacturing process thereof
System and method for chemical mechanical planarization
Low defect method for die singulation and for structural support for handling thin film devices
Piezoelectric ceramic transformer and driving method therefor
Disposable self-shielding unit dose syringe guard
Dynamic parity inversion for I/O interconnects
Apparatus for growing a silicon ingot
System for network-device management including collecting and storing of device attributes that chan...
Bulk drum lid with two bung openings
Closure having rotatable spout and axially movable stem
Ball retrieval device
Rope light structure
Method for the transmission and control of audio, video, and computer data over a single network fab...
Solid polymer dispersions and method for their preparation
Thermoplastic film for packaging
Thermoplastic elastomers and polymers derived from recycled rubber and plastics
Photosensitive silver conductor tape and composition thereof
Compositions for receptor/liposome mediated transfection and methods of using same
Watercraft with anticavitation control
Under floor air cooled housing system for aircraft passenger digital system entertainment boxes and ...
Poly(meth)acrylate plastisols and process for the production thereof
High density, miniaturized arrays and methods of manufacturing same
Oligomeric and polymeric telechelics
Peer link fault isolation
Apparatus for the generation of gas pressure for controlled fluid delivery
Dynamic power consumption control for a computer or other electronic apparatus
Loosely coupled mass storage computer cluster
Method for verifying and improving run-time of a memory test
Hierarchical layout method for integrated circuits
Direct-coupled multimode WDM optical data links with monolithically-integrated multiple-channel VCSE...
Dynamic routing for performance partitioning in a data processing network
Simulated activity of Protein A displayed by ligands attached to a cellulose bead surface
Two-piece cosmetic applicator
Anhydrous cosmetic makeup composition containing a fatty phase
Furniture slide
Plow blade mount
Lighting crank stand
9/11 illuminated memorial device
Techniques for time-based retention of a reusable resource
Hydrostatic sidestick coupling
Technique for recognizing telephone numbers and other spoken information embedded in voice messages ...
Process for combating the appearance of mist during the coating of flexible supports with a crosslin...
Data processing system and method including a logical volume manager for storing logical volume data
Phosphor and fluorescent display device
Magnetic card reader and magnetic data reproduction method, data demodulation method and demodulator...
Projectile guidance with accelerometers and a GPS receiver
Method and device for displaying a velocity vector of an aircraft
6-degree-of-freedom control apparatus for spacecraft
Device for sealing off an ink-guiding reservoir in a printing machine
Method for two-sided printing of a sheet of printing material, and a sheet-fed rotary printing press...
Method of starting up a printing machine
Method and device for in-register pre-positioning a printing plate
Device for holding sheets high
Flexible jogger for a signature feeder
Shelf-front assembly for labeling and retaining products
DRAM cell having a capacitor structure fabricated partially in a cavity and method for operating sam...
Container closure
Composition and method for decreasing upper respiratory airway resistance
Process and apparatus for positioning reinforcement strands prior to entering a forming die
Method of forming a GaInNAs layer
Fuel cell systems with controlled anode exhaust
Battery system
Preparation of 2-keto-L-gulonic esters
Fluid flow control for cool, efficient fuel cell operation
Polarizer constructions and display devices exhibiting unique color effects
Electromagnetic repulsion driven switch
Modulated light source
Method for balancing detector output to a desired level of balance at a frequency
Method for analyzing nonlinear restoring force characteristic with hysteresis of machine structure s...
Apparatus and method for document retrieval
Network platform for field devices
Method and system for error isolation during PCI bus configuration cycles
Multistep process for preparing polyolefins having high melt strength
Method and article of manufacture for isolating data within a computer program
Methods and arrangements for providing bi-directional control between data storage drives and automa...
Computer cache system with deferred invalidation
Transmitting data words
Value based image quality
Apparatus and method for IP and MAC address discovery at the process layer
Method and apparatus for communicating operational data for a system unit in a medical diagnostic sy...
Picture archiving and communication system
Laser beam emission control for electrophotographic device
System and associated method of integrating subscriber based traffic navigation and hospitality data...
Ultra-wide field of view concentric scanning sensor system with a piece-wise focal plane array
Optical depolarizer
Method and devices for time domain demultiplexing of serial fiber bragg grating sensor arrays
Method for rapid calibration of beverage dispensing machine
Centrifuge rotation indicator
Chemically sensitive sensor comprising arylene alkenylene oligomers
Short-arc high-pressure discharge lamp for digital projection technologies
Methods and apparatus for inter-frequency handoff in a wireless communication system
Transportation equipment window antireflection film, glass with antireflection film, laminated glass...
Grey glass composition including erbium
Chain-coupled polymeric alkoxide compounds having controlled viscosity
Absorbent article with high absorbency zone
Encapsulated display devices
Liquid crystal polymer disk drive suspension assembly and method of manufacture thereof
Internal members for mass transfer columns
Method and arrangement for compensating for frequency jitter in a laser radar system by utilizing do...
Cable preparation tool
Object location system
Locating system for molding machine clamp frame
Security system with a mobile telephone
System and method for determining the location of a mobile station in a wireless network
Navigation system and computer-readable information recorded medium in which navigation control prog...
Vehicle operation assist control system
Positioning error range setting apparatus, method, and navigation apparatus
GPS receiver with cross-track hold
Methods of paying winning bets
Tool-less entry landscape fixture
Decoupled capacitance calculator for orthogonal wiring patterns
Transformation of cotton plants
Soybean cultivar 010007
Soybean cultivar 940021
Prayer doll toy structure
Roller coaster toy
Controllable confetti launcher
Variable force solenoid with spool position feedback to control the position of a center mounted spo...
Control system for engine
Apparatus and method of valve timing control for internal combustion engine
Flat article holder
Multi price point on-line game and method of playing
Coupon and business card distribution system
System and method for managing online message board
Cathode coating dispersion
Dextrose-based lozenges and process for their manufacture
Polysaccharide material for direct compression
Non-pyruvylated xanthan in oil field applications utilizing high density calcium-based brines
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
System for monitoring broadcast audio content
Interrupt optimization using time between succeeding peripheral component events
Process for the preparation of vegetable oil-based polyols and electroinsulating casting compounds c...
Compositions and methods to reduce the complexity of transgene integration in the genome of a plant
Recombinant construct for enhancement of gene expression in plants
Soybean promoter expressed preferentially in pods
Cen gene and a method for delaying flowering
Recombinant preduodenal lipases and polypeptides derivatives produced by plants, processes for obtai...
Self-compensating radiation sensor with wide dynamic range
Synthetic catalytic free radical scavengers useful as antioxidants for prevention and therapy of dis...
Active topology discovery in active networks
System for maintaining a buffer pool
Iterative decoding for binary block codes
Method and apparatus for logic synthesis (word oriented netlist)
Portable browsing interface for information retrieval
Automatic low tire pressure detector
Orientation sensor
Multi-purpose position sensitive floor cleaning device
High intensity light sources
Optical system providing concurrent detection of a calibration signal and a test signal in an optica...
Query transformation and simplification for group by queries with rollup/grouping sets in relational...
Aromatics separation process and method of retrofitting existing equipment for same
Method of treating carbon or graphite to increase porosity and pore uniformity
Silica zeolite low-k dielectric thin films and methods for their production
Zirconium nitride and yttrium nitride solid solution composition
Method of making shaped activated carbon
Recombinant hair treatment compositions
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one catonic polymer and at least one nonionic associative ...
Vinyl aromatic-1,3-diene copolymers stabilized with protection colloids used for modifying materials...
Wear-resistant coating composition and method of producing a coating
Stabilized water-soluble polymer powders on the basis of polyoxy alkylene glycol carboxylates and me...
Thickeners based on vinyl alcohol copolymers
Aesthetic dental materials
Cosmetic or dermopharmaceutical composition in the form of beads and methods for preparing same
Asymmetric organocyclosiloxanes and their use for making organosilicon polymer low-k dielectric film
Stable electret polymeric articles
Amphiphilic core-shell latexes
Dispensable non-adhesive desiccated matrix system for insulating glass units
Adhesive tape particularly for packaging use
Printing sheet
Method of making wood composition boards resistant to water permeation
Lubricating compositions with good thermal stability and demulsibility properties
2-(2,6-disubstituted phenyl)-4-aryl-5-alkyl-1,3-oxazoline compounds
Modification of asphalt cement
Connecting socket and device for matching of a picture tube
Focus detection apparatus
Semiconductor light-emitting element
Resistive cross point memory cell arrays having a cross-couple latch sense amplifier
Pressure seal pocket business form production
Reducing vibration using QR decomposition and constrained optimization
Toy station
Electrolyte containing a crosslinked compound having ether linkages and a high-molecular compound
User authentication in a communications network
Cross of Pythagoras
Smart modular anesthesia respiratory system
Method and apparatus for cataloguing multimedia data using surveying data
Fat file system in palm OS computer
Automatic capturing of hyperlink specifications for multimedia documents
Personal swim craft with an underwater viewing area
Gather-stitcher machine and method for producing a header index for print materials of papers which ...
Calendar with self-help messaging based upon color preferences
Performing computer-based on-line commerce using an intelligent agent to put together a package of r...
Self instruction welding kit
Game apparatus and method for teaching favorable behavior patterns
Paper preparation supporting method
Multiple blade robot adjustment apparatus and associated method
Structure for absorbing positional displacement of an article clamped by robot arms
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Electronic mail-capable communications terminal device and electronic mail communications method
Semiconductor device having contact electrode to semiconductor substrate
Gate array cell generator using cadence relative object design
Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus using the same
Error correcting latch
Fe-Ni alloy for tension mask and tension mask using it and color crt
Aluminum alloy support body for a presensitized plate and method of producing the same
Composition of matter tailoring: system 1
Titanium having improved castability
Testing operation of a photonic switch
Immunochemical detection of an explosive substance in the gas phase through surface plasmon resonanc...
Metal oxide dielectric film
Thin film electronic device and circuit board mounting the same
Electroluminescent device and process for producing the same
Electrophoretic displays, display fluids for use therein, and methods of displaying images
Computer system and karaoke system
Photographic camera system
Plectranthus plant named `Plepalila`
Pigment extending composition and method of production thereof
IC chip planning method based on dynamic parallel genetic algorithm and speckle model
Pain treatment method and apparatus using heating wrap and analgesic cream
Method for producing sustained-release formulations
Cyclic and heterocyclic N-substituted .alpha.-iminohydroxamic and -carboxylic acids
Muffler for an engine
Technique for updating a content addressable memory
Portable wringer
Liquid crystal display device
System and method for determining optimal wireless communication service plans
Piezoelectric actuator
Telescopic mascot
Method and apparatus for spatial encoding using pseudo-fourier imaging
Method for the operation of a magnetic resonance apparatus
Mixing system for an active agent delivery device
Vaginal delivery of bisphosphonates
Polynucleotides isolated from skin cells
Protein formulations
Bicyclic signal transduction inhibitors, compositions containing them & uses thereof
Cystine knot protein and materials and methods for making it
Heuristic for identifying loads guaranteed to hit in processor cache
Excessive spin detection and avoidance for systems using a least recently used page replacement algo...
Method and apparatus for instruction sampling for performance monitoring and debug
Elastic adhesive wound dressing for control of bleeding and for dressing bleeding wounds
Continuous ditch excavator
Compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer and methods for their use
Preform and container with crystallized neck finish and method of making the same
Weatherable multilayer resinous articles and method for their preparation
Curable resin composition
Water soluble rapid prototyping support and mold material
Disposable absorbent articles maintaining low vapor phase moisture content
Single-piece spring-steel seat adjuster latch
Stainless steel airport light cannister apparatus and method
Distance golf ball-DDH steel distance
Fine ferrite-based structure steel production method
Addition of h-BN in stainless steel powder metallurgy
Process for the treatment of steel work gases
Setting for gemstone or other type of jewelry
Reversible ornamental jewelry article
Ink jet printer head
System for non-invasive measurement of glucose in humans
PON3 and uses thereof
Isolation and characterization of Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) protein complexes and HPS protein-...
Snapdragon plant named `Drayel`
Petunia plant named `Kakegawa S30`
Petunia plant named `Kakegawa S29`
Mixing devices for sample recovery from a USP induction port or a pre-separator
Feedback controlled magnetic resonance apparatus and method for operating same
Image processing method, system and apparatus for noise reduction in an image sequence representing ...
Lead system with main lead and transverse lead
Apparatus and method for providing simultaneous local and global addressing using software to distin...
Printed circuit board capacitor structure and method
Device for fixing a first part to a fixed second part
Methods and apparatus for a directory-less memory access protocol in a distributed shared memory com...
Simultaneous processing for error detection and P-parity ECC encoding
Grain-refined austenitic manganese steel casting having microadditions of vanadium and titanium and ...
Silicone composition for coating textile material substrates
Modified polysaccharide adjuvant-protein antigen conjugates, the preparation thereof and the use the...
Display controller, three dimensional display, and method of reducing crosstalk
Image forming apparatus and method
Communication terminal apparatus of determining a communication speed for line condition
Method for detecting inverted text images on a digital scanning device
Ultrasound speed measurement of temperature and pressure effects
Simple and inexpensive high-capacity output catch tray for document production machines
Bisphenol-phosphorus compound complex and thermally processed image recording material utilizing the...
Multi-mode display using an electronically controlled mirror
Heat-curable, thermally expandable moulded park
Digital recording system using variable recording rate
Electrochemical fuel depletion means for fuel cell generators
Impact resistant rechargeable battery cell with crumple zone
Testing method and apparatus assuring semiconductor device quality and reliability
Data processing device
Efficient instruction cache coherency maintenance mechanism for scalable multiprocessor computer sys...
Use of vehicle permissions to control individual operator parameters in a hierarchical traffic contr...
Efficient galois field multiplier structures for error-correction encoding and decoding
System and method for monitoring and controlling the glycemic state of a patient
Electronic drawing assist toy
Vitamin d solution holder and containers for transfusions
Opaque polymeric films and processes for making the same
Repositioning and displaying an object in a multiple monitor environment
Technique for watermarking an image and a resulting watermarked image
Solid-state memory device that emulates a known storage device
Method and system for managing data while sharing application programs
Mercury lamp of the short arc type and UV emission device
Soybean cultivar 0120279
Method of canceling interference components included in received signals of base station in mobile c...
Rearview mirror with display
High pressure gas exchanger
Treatment of congestive heart failure
Tunable inductor using microelectromechanical switches
Optical element with multilayer thin film and exposure apparatus with the element
Electronic device and manufacture thereof
Optical device and its manufacturing method
Modular architecture for high bandwidth computers
Ticket for instant lottery game and method of playing same
Method for overcoming faults in an ATM I/O module and lines connected thereto
Switch of straight sprinkling gun
Laundry detergent compositions comprising fabric enhancement polyamines
Laundry wash compositions
Liquid cleaning composition containing an effective biodegradable chelating agent
Detergent compositions
Liquid detergent compositions comprising polymeric suds enhancers
Seal pattern for liquid crystal display device and related method
Diagnosis of insulin-dependent diabetes
Cloning and expression of human islet glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantigen
Cloning and expression of human islet glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantigen
Modified glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD)
Dentition cleaning device and system
Uses for anti-malarial therapeutic agents
Carbonaceous material, polarizable electrode for electrical double-layer capacitor, and electrical d...
Method of remanufacturing process cartridge including additional seal mounting step
Operating device having an actuator with at least two adjustment degrees of freedom
Method and apparatus for continuous flow isoelectric focusing for purifying biological substances
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for a sequencer in a transform/lighting module capable ...
Computer controlled watercraft
Sun shield for vehicles
Acrylic resin composition, painted-film molded resin plate using the same, and coating member for so...
Hydroxyurea treatment for spinal muscular atrophy
Sealing apparatus
Method for producing C9-alcohols and method for the integrated production of C9-alcohols and C10-alc...
Photoresist monomers, polymers thereof and photoresist compositions using the same
Nanocomposite for fuel cell bipolar plate
Smooth buoyancy system for reducing vortex induced vibration in subsea systems
Survey flag positioning method and apparatus
Method of laying data cables and the like in underground pipes and pipe-cable combinations
Fender with step and/or projection
Medication compliance apparatus
Waveform generating device
Incoming call processing method, incoming call processing apparatus, and computer-readable recording...
Image forming method
Shipment transaction system and method
Web-based system for connecting buyers and sellers
Sensitive ground fault detection system for use in compensated electric power distribution networks
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of powdered material in envelopes
Data processing device
Image forming apparatus and method for improving image quality of double sided prints
Profile based method for deriving a temperature setpoint using a `delta` based on cross-indexing a r...
Body monitoring apparatus
Inbred Maize line 2044BT
Inspection lamp with interchangeable AC or DC power cords
Performance evaluation of multicarrier channels
CDMA cellular system and method of detecting spreading code in CDMA cellular system
Interchangeable carrying bag system
Method and apparatus for controlling a computing device with gestures
Apparatus and method for processing bank notes and other documents in an automated banking machine
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of teeth
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent emergency paging
Carbamide peroxide compositions for the treatment of dermatological disorders and methods for their ...
Printed-thermoplastic tamper-resistant package
Screening apparatus with dilution liquid supply means
Method of preparing and extruding a chemical agent using a kneader and chemical-agent extrusion assi...
Method and apparatus for adaptive energy control of hybrid electric vehicle propulsion
Bicycle battery charger and speedometer circuit
Permanent magnet degradation monitoring for hybrid and electric vehicles
Apparatus and method for active driveline damping with clunk control
Steering wheel torque-based detection of misalignment of a vehicle's steering system
Method and apparatus for maintaining a vehicle speed at a predetermined vehicle speed
Source controlled cache allocation
Block based design methodology
Design methodology for inserting RAM clock delays
Method and mechanism for speculatively executing threads of instructions
On-line testing of the programmable interconnect network in field programmable gate arrays
Preparation aroma system for dehydrated food product compositions
System and method for displaying advertisements
System and satellite payload architecture for interactive data distribution services
Reliable communication of data by supplementing a unidirectional communications protocol
Protocol and mechanism for centralized asset tracking communications
Use of mutter mode in asset tracking for gathering data from cargo sensors
GPS-based centralized tracking system with reduced energy consumption
Inbound messaging transmission device and system for railcar asset tracking using high frequency sig...
Reduction of time error in GPS localization without a highly accurate clock
Personnel and asset tracking method and apparatus
Associative management of multimedia assets and associated resources using multi-domain agent-based ...
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meibacus`
Information processing apparatus and method, information management apparatus and method, and inform...