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Two step process for the conversion of iron oxide into iron carbide using gas recycle
Integrated steam methane reforming process for producing carbon monoxide
Doped, pyrogenically prepared oxides
Inhibition of pyrophoric iron sulfide activity
A4MeSb3O12 compounds for growth of epitaxial HTSC/perovskite oxide films for use in HTSC/perovskite ...
Catalytic partial oxidation with improved ignition system
Method and apparatus for measurement of microtome performance
Frequency controlled half-bridge inverter for variable loads
Mercury removal in utility wet scrubber using a chelating agent
Multiple manager to multiple server IP locking mechanism in a directory-enabled network
Method and apparatus for establishing and enhancing the creditworthiness of intellectual property
Film advancement assembly for a self-developing camera
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Internal cylinder intake-air quantity calculating apparatus and method for variable valve open/closu...
Device for adjusting the phase angle of a camshaft of an internal combustion engine
Toy figure with articulating joints
Combination timepiece and yo-yo
Gun having a curved barrel
Fluted gun barrel
Transforming growth factor-.beta. binding site
Anti-GPR-9-6 antibodies and methods of identifying agents which modulate GPR-9-6 function
Methods of identifying agents which regulate release of amyloid precursor protein
Electrophoretic coloring composition
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses ...
Disposable delivery device for endoluminal prostheses
Biopolymer-based optical element
Automated x-ray bone densitometer
Automotive windshield molding with adhesive and releasable film
Passive/non-invasive systemic and pulmonary blood pressure measurement
Sensing apparatus having a sensing bridge circuit and a temperature detecting bridge circuit for det...
Chemically crosslinked ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene for artificial human joints
Forming a composite panel
Multi-layer sputter deposition apparatus
Process for selective soldering
Bottle base
Container dome
Container sidewall having grips
Method and apparatus for increasing the temperature of a fuel cell
Process for preparing monodisperse, crosslinked bead polymers having thiourea groups and their use f...
Aluminum sliding bearing alloy
Reliable, modular, production quality narrow-band high rep rate ArF excimer laser
Antenna selection control circuitry
Signal band antireflection coating for pump facet in fiber amplifier system
Manufacture of titanium dioxide with recycle of waste metal chloride stream
Tetramethylpiperidyl-containing polysiloxane or polyamine/cyanuric cl/tetramethyl-4-piperidylamine s...
Layered tissue having improved functional properties
Processes for the production of hexafluoropropene and optionally other halogenated hydrocarbons cont...
Process for producing reactive silane oligomers
Flexible thermoplastic polyolefin compositions
Plant caffeic acid 3-0-methyltransferase homologs
High density sampling of differentially expressed prokaryotic mRNA
Cathodic electrodeposition coating compositions and process for using same
Process control method for vented polymerizers
Multilayer ceramic piezoelectric laminates with zinc oxide conductors
Apparatus for cleaning and drying substrates
Liquid crystal display device, and method for producing the same
Thermoplastic compositions of interpolymers of alpha-olefin monomers with one or more vinyl or vinyl...
Active protection device for the wall of a vehicle or a structure
Device for storing projectile balls and for feeding them to the projectile chamber of a hand weapon
Double magazine clamping device
Method and apparatus for diagnosing a pump system
Plant promoter activated by fungal infection
Cotton modification using ovary-tissue transcriptional factors
Tospovirus resistance in plants
Data structure partitioning to optimize cache utilization
Parachute assembly
Structures for supporting porous electrode elements
Interconnect and system for making temporary electrical connections to semiconductor components
Digital data storage subsystem including directory for efficiently providing formatting information ...
Airbag actuating arrangement
Verbena plant named `Balazpima`
Method for producing devices having piezoelectric films
Method for fabricating a thin-film transistor
Developer solution for acitinic ray sensitive resist
Method of polishing
Polishing fluid, polishing method, semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
Brush stroke palette feedback method for automatic digital "painting" effects
Horizontal reel barge
Hearing aid
Slot forming segments and slot changing spoilers
Artificial satellite with an orbit having a long staying time in a zenith direction, an orbit contro...
Aerosol dispensing container and method for manufacturing same
Anesthetic apparatus and method for operating same
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack
Method and apparatus for fuzzy logic control with automatic tuning
Decoding method and apparatus using bitstreams and a hierarchical structure
Inspection data analyzing system
Automatic adjustment processing for sensor devices
System and method for locating faulty elements in a telephonic distribution system
Method and apparatus to improve the color rendering of a solid state light source
Plasma display panel of separation drive type
Non-infectious, protease defective HIV particles and nucleic acid molecules encoding therefor
Risk determination and management using predictive modeling and transaction profiles for individual ...
Methods and articles for regenerating living tissue
Aqueous metallic ink composition
Zinc-ammonium phosphate fertilizers
Method and apparatus for securely holding a substrate during dicing
Monitoring system for dicing saws
Substrate dicing method
Method of dicing semiconductor wafer
System and method for dicing semiconductor components
Reticle having interlocking dicing regions containing monitor marks and exposure method and apparatu...
Method for reducing damage to wafer cutting blades during wafer dicing
Filled propylene polymer composition
Extrusion of a foamable melt consisting of mixed polyolefin and rubber copolymer
Multi-layer barrier film
Hot melt adhesive based on semicrystalline flexible polyolefins
Blends of .alpha.-olefin/vinylidene aromatic monomer or hindered aliphatic vinylidene interpolymers ...
Nylon 6/silicone blends
Shrink film and method of making the same
Process of producing vinyl chloride polymer by using condensation product of dimer of 2,3-dihydroxyn...
Magnetic recording medium and production method thereof
Rigid vinyl chloride resin composition
Polymerization of vinyl chloride with peroxide mixtures
Process for producing a polymer by polymerization of a monomer having an ethylenic double bond
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer, with iron chelates in coated vessel
Vinyl cyclohexanediol containing resin compositions
Materials for construction engineering based on recycled or newly made plastic materials, improved b...
Process to recycle shredder residue
Plastic surface cleaning using a KOH/alcohol solution
Sealing ring/sealing nut
Non-edible foraging matrix insert for subterranean termite control
Flooring containing microbeads
Cloud condensation nucleus spectrometer
Amine derivatives and skin preparations for external use containing the same
Bioadhesive antibacterial wound healing composition
Mesozeaxanthin formulations for treatment of retinal disorders
F2 laser with visible red and IR control
Map information providing method and system and terminal device used therein
Composition and method for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including aids
Surface-acoustic-wave device package and method for fabricating the same
Microwave regenerated diesel particular filter and method of making the same
Liquid crystal display device
Cyanoacrylate compositions comprising an indicator
Rolling bearing
Support device for elements protecting rotating shafts, in particular telescopic cardanic shafts
Roller bearing for bearing unit
Tapered roller bearings and gear shaft support devices
Rolling bearing unit with encoder
Air bearing, in particular for the shaft of a motor spindle
Linear guide device
Hand-held computer device having mirror with negative curvature and voice recognition
Vehicle impact detection apparatus and method
Miniature rose plant named `TUCkamy`
Mesoporous silica film from a solution containing a surfactant and methods of making same
Bistable paper white direct view display
Scavenger energy converter system its new applications and its control systems
Method of manufacturing a tunnel or shaft lining or pipeline
Silicon carbide epitaxial layers grown on substrates offcut towards <1100>
Metal matrix composite wires, cables, and method
Method for depositing a coating comprising pulsed plasma polymerization of a macrocycle
Aerosol spray texturing device with deformable outlet member
Pneumatic breath actuated inhaler
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and systems therefor
LED matrix display with intensity and color matching of the pixels
Plasma display panel with UV reflecting layers
Amine compounds, their production and use
Method and system for distributing and reconciling electronic promotions
Activity information accounting method and system
Method for detection of the antibiotic resistance spectrum of mycobacterium species
Electronic assembly with an electromagnetic radiation shielding cap
Simultaneous forward link beam forming and learning method for mobile high rate data traffic
Easy arm
Manipulation of virtual and live computer storage device partitions
Architecture for automated data analysis
Spread-spectrum continous-time analog correlator and method therefor
Parallel latch for high speed comparator using two modes of operation
Pressure activated switching device
Polyhedral organosilicon compound and method for producing the same
Pipe coupling
Disposable body warmer for use in footwear
Photonic integrated detector having a plurality of asymmetric waveguides
Control apparatus of hybrid vehicle for limiting or stopping output assist using motor in high-speed...
Variety of geranium plant named `Regal Ballet`
Method for internal molding and rapid drying of aerogel honeycomb catalyst monoliths
Method of intracellular binding target molecules
Three-dimensional display system: apparatus and method
Composition and method for the treatment of bladder cancer
Overhead storage system for a bimini frame
Boat landing apparatus
Hydraulic lift for small watercraft mounted to a boat transom
Boat maintenance
Admission control system and method for media-on-demand servers
Audible warning prior to losing cell call in progress
Enhanced wireless messaging notification system
Channel grouping system and method for a wireless communications system
System for organizing optical fibers
Map positioning system
Dry powder inhaler
Antimicrobial quinolones, their compositions and uses
Method for inhibiting the growth of cancers
Absorbent article comprising microporous film
Absorbent article having pleated flaps
High-speed electro-optic modulator
Polymerizable compositions based on difunctional monomers, resins and ophthalmic articles containing...
Lubricant and lubricating composition
Transparent conductive film and method of making the film
Method for increasing diene conversion in EPDM type polymerizations
Ethylene copolymer composition and uses thereof
Method for processing chlorine-containing organic compounds
Cyclopentaphenanthrenyl metal complexes and polymerization process
Flat panel solid state light source
Anodically-bonded elements for flat panel displays
Heterocyclic compounds
Pharmaceutical compositions of peptides having low solubility in physiological medium
Method for hot-isostatic pressing of parts
High texture factor
Process for producing grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet
Methods of treating and preventing attention deficit disorders
Targeted diagnostic/therapeutic agents having more than one different vectors
Portion of an electronic housing
Nucleic acids obtained from the envelope coding region of feline immunodeficiency virus molecular cl...
Tetrahedral plastic film bag for use in fabric care processes
Dishwashing machine sachet
Water-in-oil cosmetic compositions comprising willow bark extract
Device and method for cleaning and sanitizing a food reservoir
Soybean curd puree, and process and apparatus for preparing the same
Method and apparatus for stir-frying
Method for processing marine products
Process and apparatus for reduction of microorganisms in a conductive medium using low voltage pulse...
Process for producing aromatic compounds by supercritical water treatment
Food additives which affect conformationally altered proteins
Method for controlling harmful organisms in crops of useful plants
Appearance and positioning annotation text string and base text string specifying a rule that relate...
System and process for inter-domain planning analysis and optimization using model agents as partial...
Processing fluid spread system for a detachable electronic photographic printer and camera
Neural network based automatic limit prediction and avoidance system and method
Safer school module and assembly
Process for producing single-wall carbon nanotubes uniform in diameter and laser ablation apparatus ...
Supported single-site catalyst and olefin polymerization process
Method and apparatus for storing and printing digital images
Nestable mailbox
Apparatus and associated method, for operating on receive signals received at a receiver
3-heteroatom substituted and two carbon homologs of 15-HETE and methods of use
Method and apparatus for providing media-independent self-help modules within a multimedia communica...
Three dimension body movement device
Process for preparing higher oxo alcohols from olefin mixtures by two-stage hydroformylation
Acyl-ACP thioesterase nucleic acids from maize and methods of altering palmitic acid levels in trans...
Verbena plant named `Wynena`
Hair regrowth method and apparatus
Cross-platform program, system, and method having a global registry object for mapping registry func...
Method and apparatus for securely transmitting and authenticating biometric data over a network
Method and system for utilizing a psychographic questionnaire in a buyer-driven commerce system
Method for providing communication services over a computer network system
Multithreaded batch processing system
System for recipient control of E-mail message by sending complete version of message only with conf...
Materials and methods for making improved liposome compositions
Alkyl, alkenyl and alkynyl Chrysamine G derivatives for the antemortem diagnosis of Alzheimer's dise...
Fixed address analysis of sequence tags
Localization and therapy of non-prostatic endocrine cancer with agents directed against prostate spe...
Site reactivity probes for the environment
Bioresorbable ceramic composites
Traction motor drive system
Method for manufacturing carbon sheet
Solid electrolyte and method for producing it
Fuel cell operated welder
Alkaline storage battery hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode and method for producing the same
Operating system for a fuel cell power plant
Nucleic acid ligands
Nucleic acid ligands to integrins
Process for high-throughput DNA methylation analysis
Cell-cycle regulatory proteins, and uses related thereto
Detection and quantification of human herpes virus 7 by enzymic amplification
Ozone indicator and ozone detecting ink
Multiplexed molecular analysis apparatus and method
Protease inhibitors
Ignition means for a cathodic arc source
Method and apparatus for communication in a multi-processor computer system
Pressure sensitive adhesive for packaging photographic material
Method for treating AIDS and HIV infection using select peptides from the beta subunit of human chor...
Sulfonamide and sulfamide substituted imidazoquinolines
Process of expressing and isolating recombinant proteins and recombinant protein products from plant...
Polynucleotides encoding a novel pyrR homolog
HIV envelope polypeptides
Process for the preparation of aromatic carbonyl compounds from styrenes
Non-invasive monitoring of hemodynamic parameters using impedance cardiography
Hearing test apparatus and method having adaptive artifact rejection
Galactosidase modified submucosal tissue
Bioactive, degradable composite for tissue engineering
Enzyme-mediated modification of fibrin for tissue engineering
Diagnosis of edema
Method and apparatus for imaging instruments during interventional MRI using asymmetric spin echo se...
Receiver device and receiving channel setting method
Integrated antenna switch having amplifier
Motion detectors and occupancy sensors based in displacement detection
Semiconductor device including voltage down converter allowing tuning in short period of time and re...
Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
Suspension and braking assembly
Acoustic device
Receptacle for sound-damping accommodation of a unit which can be installed in a motor vehicle
Apparatus and methods for acoustic signaling in subterranean wells
Housing apparatus
Resilient well cement compositions and methods
Use of small molecule radioligands to discover inhibitors of amyloid-beta peptide production
Advanced active circuits and devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics
Java virtual machine hardware for RISC and CISC processors
Method of remote access and control of environmental conditions
Network device for supporting multiple redundancy schemes
Vector register addressing
Hybrid just-in-time compiler that consumes minimal resource
Noise-absorption structures and walls constituted thereby
Two stage reciprocating compressors and associated HVAC systems and methods
Acid catalyzed polymerization of aqueous epoxy resin emulsions and uses thereof
System and method for performing a three-dimensional virtual segmentation and examination
System for detecting skin-tone regions within an image
Microactuated disk drive suspension with heightened stroke sensitivity
Broadband communication karaoke
Marine engine
Flat panel display device and manufacturing method thereof
Sporting equipment binding apparatus
L-glutamic acid-producing bacterium and method for producing L-glutamic acid
Gaming machine payout controlling system and method
Method and apparatus for rapidly estimating the doppler-error and other receiver frequency errors of...
System and method for developing test cases using a test object library
Driving force control device for four-wheel drive vehicle
Capturing and identifying a complete and consistent set of checkpoint files
System and method for stabilizing the human spine with a bone plate
Insect resistant fertile transgenic corn plants
Organic polymers containing polyethylene or polystyrene polysiloxane diblock copolymers as melt proc...
System and method for automatically instantiating classes in a virtual machine
Antipicornaviral compounds, compositions containing them, and methods for their use
Focus detecting device and automatic focusing camera
Frequency tunable resonant scanner
Controller assembly having a base unit with a dockable processor unit
Chemically active filter material
Method for treatment in gene therapy and use of guanine derivative therefor
Gridded substrate transport spatula
Poinsettia plant named `Fisson Gold`
Process for producing blends of syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene and rubbery elastomers with an iron-b...
Missile support and alignment assembly
Boat fender bracket for a round piling
Liquid crystal device with composite layer of cured resin pillars and liquid crystal phase and metho...
Video game system with coprocessor providing high speed efficient 3D graphics and digital audio sign...
Video game system and method with enhanced three-dimensional character and background control
Electronic dice
Electronic gaming device offering a game of knowledge for enhanced payouts
Video numbers game
Method for adaptive training of short term memory and auditory/visual discrimination within a comput...
Tactical tennis
System for connotative analysis of discourse
Non-hazardous pest control
Edible composition containing zinc and linoleic acid
Carboxylic acids and carboxylic acid isosteres of N-heterocyclic compounds
Steroids as neurochemical stimulators of the VNO to alleviate pain
Order-changing microfluidic mixer
Triazinylaminostilbene compounds
Method and device for producing a powder aerosol and use thereof
Heat and moisture exchanger comprising hydrophilic nylon and methods of using same
Histidine containing nutriceutical
Cumulus cells as nuclear donors
Surface-decorated foam skin of cross-linked rubbery soft olefin resin
Retinyl carbonate derivatives, preparation process and uses
Tantalum sputtering target with fine grains and uniform texture and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for modifying memory accesses utilizing TLB entries
Multiprocessing system configured to perform efficient block copy operations
Invariant, Eigenvalue based, non-degenerate data structure characterization, storage and retrieval i...
Method for synchronizing network address translator (NAT) tables using the server cache synchronizat...
Method and apparatus for stitching scanned image segments together to form an oversized document
Wideband data converter with adaptive segment shuffling
Software inventory control system
Method for data preparation and watermark insertion
Sandbox with attachable cover
Parallel associative learning memory for a standalone hardwired recognition system
Velocity calculating device and hood raising system
Information communication system
Solder paste with a time-temperature indicator
Magnetic random access memory using a series tunnel element select mechanism
Luminescence detector with liquid-core waveguide
Methods for shipping freight
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Real-time multimedia visual programming system
Image intensifier tube
Method for detection of drug-induced mutations in the reverse transcriptase gene
Method of exciting photosensitive material
Method for characterization of the fine structure of protein binding sites
Process for the preparation of high activity carbon monoxide hydrogenation catalysts; the catalyst c...
Computer controlled display system using a graphical replay device to control playback of temporal d...
Aircraft engine mount
Compositions for dissolving metal sulfates
Grafted rubber-like silicone gel with enhanced oil compatibility and its synthetic process
Collapsible cart with a container
Personal communicator telephone system
Hydroformylation process
Modified full length promoters
Begonia plant named `Bacchus`
Preparation for improving hair growth, the skin structure and/or nail regeneration
Domain name system lookup allowing intelligent correction of searches and presentation of auxiliary ...
Injectable depot gel composition and method of preparing the composition
Fluorescent crayon
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
N-Hydroxy-2-(Alkyl, Aryl, or Heteroaryl, Sulfanyl, Sulfinyl or Sulfonyl)-3-Substituted Alkyl, Aryl o...
Microwave annealing
Thin non-protonic electrolytic film, immobilized liquid-film conductor, and polymer cell
Passive/non-invasive systemic and pulmonary blood pressure measurement
Genetically engineered mammals for use as organ donors
Magnetic material attracting/releasing pipette device and analyzer using pipette
Ventilated brake disc
Method and system for automatically harmonizing access to a software application program via differe...
System and method for ordering sample quantities over a network
Financial transaction system
Personal electronic settlement system, its terminal, and management apparatus
Automated methods and apparatus for programmed periodic replenishment of principal with annual adjus...
ESD-protected interface panel and associated methods
Power sub-frame for a system unit
Apparatus for controlling a remote controlled airplane
Transformable graphical regions
Dicaffeoylquinic acid for treating hepatitis B and the diseases associated with retrovirus, and the ...
Ether amines and derivatives
Surface acoustic wave motor and apparatus having the same
Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle exhaust
Liquid crystal display device and driving method therefor
Footwear with energy storing sole construction
Thermally isolated probe for biomedical apparatus and method of communicating energy there through
Method and apparatus for sorting and comparing linear configurations
Heteroatom-interrupted analogs of 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid and methods of use
Methods of treating microbial infection and therapeutic formulations therefor
Pharmaceutical compositions containing a fluoroquinolone antibiotic drug and xanthan gum
Method of promoting mucosal hydration with certain uridine, adenine and cytidine diphosphates and an...
Method of enhancing the survival of retinal neurons and treating ocular diseases using FGF-5
Antibiotics and methods of using the same
Toner particulates comprising an ethylene propylene wax
Electronic book with automated look-up of terms of within reference titles
Rack bushing for fluid power assisted rack and pinion steering gear assembly
Link component for aircraft engine mounting systems
Restoring checkpointed processes including adjusting environment variables of the processes
System for canceling speculatively fetched instructions following a branch mis-prediction in a micro...
Tire slip control device
Sterilizing and disinfecting compound
Aqueous ink composition for ball-point pen
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Ovation Purple`
Camera with vibration compensation device varying the compensating action in accordance with the foc...
System and method for a targeted payment system discount program
Bracket assembly, especially for use as a magnetic device in a monitoring device
Wheel chock for use in transporting a cycle on a vehicle
Mounting device for bicycle component
LED flashlight
Bicycle training wheel assembly
Wheel guard for two-wheeled vehicles
Conduit guide for bicycles
Use of distinctive ringing in a wireless communication system to inform a called party of an increas...
Portable terminal
Method of and system for providing services in a communications network
Method and apparatus for routing emergency services calls in an intelligent network
Convenience features in a method and system for providing enhanced caller identification
Roll over detection for an automotive vehicle
Apparatus and method for a pitch state estimator for a personal vehicle
Lightweight motorized wheelchair
One piece molded ski apparatus
Method and device for musical reference
Corrosion resistant lubricants, greases, and gels
High performance ceramic matrix composite
Optical sensors and multisensor arrays containing thin film electroluminescent devices
Film or coating deposition and powder formation
Barium strontium titanate (BST) thin films using boron
Remotely programmable matrices with memories
Lacquer composition
Diffraction anomaly sensor having grating coated with protective dielectric layer
Peptide binding the KLVFF-sequence of amyloid-.beta.
Steel for gear drive plate gear and method for producing the drive plate gear
Organ-specific targeting of cationic amphiphile / DNA complexes for gene therapy
Non-volatile semiconductor memory capable of storing one-bit data or multi-bit data
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having transistor logic and load circuits
Cyanine dye phosphoramidites
Parallel mechanism
Sanvitalia named `Santis 999-3`
Coin collecting card and information relating thereto
Signalling method and apparatus
Flexible barge
Machine used in connection with underground mining having an operator protective shield
Fluidic devices
Text influenced molecular indexing system and computer-implemented and/or computer-assisted method f...
Emergency apparatus for evacuating air from the body cavity
Generalized user identification and authentication system
Electrolytic apparatus, methods for purification of aqueous solutions and synthesis of chemicals
Yo-yo having improved tether tension control and adjustable mechanism
Fuzzy filtering method and associated fuzzy filter
Multiple mode wireless telephone
Label sheet
MTJ MRAM series-parallel architecture
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using group III nitride compound
Process for controlling the establishment and operation of paths of transmission (bearers) in a wire...
Camera with combined film advance/rewind mechanism
Color cathode ray tube having a low dynamic focus voltage
Method for inhibiting dental resorptive lesions
Vitamin D3 analogs
Imposition process and apparatus for variable imaging system
Method and apparatus for paging data and attributes including an atomic attribute for digital data p...
Disk drive control without identification fields
Accurate invalidation profiling for cost effective data speculation
Secure server utilizing separate protocol stacks
Integrated document development method
System and method of providing multiple level discounts on cross-marketed products and discounting a...
Method of accessing multiple services from multiple service providers
System for star catalog equalization to enhance attitude determination
Bag holder
Combined electric iron and base
Human enbryonic germ cell and methods of use
Mobile genetic elements as tools for genetic modification of L. delbrueckii or L. helveticus
Swamp cypress `Cascade Falls`
Geranium plant named `Fiscoral`
Lilac plant named `Bailbelle`
Telecommunication network with variable address learning, switching and routing
Apparatus and method of implementing fast internet real-time search technology (FIRST)
Method for monitoring advanced separation and/or ion exchange processes
Multiple watermarking techniques for documents and other data
Method for embedding and extracting digital data in images and video
Card security system
Functionalized molecular sieves
Electrodialysis of salts for producing acids and bases
Paper forms/documents
Global time calculator
Variable valve timing control system
Control device of an internal combustion engine
Process for producing lycopene and intermediate thereof
Plant retroelements
Vehicular run controlling apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Intelligent roaming in AGV application
Flexible vehicle antenna
Transvaginal anchor implantation device and method of use
High index/high abbe number composition
Dispersion aids for optical brighteners in polyolefins
Amorphous copolyester resin composition
Exterior supported self-expanding stent-graft
Ink composition for oil marking pen
Method and apparatus for electrostatically applying an edible coating to a food product item
Solvent dispersible interpenetrating polymer networks
IR code instrumentation
Method for producing a purified hemoglobin product
Maize DIMBOA biosynthesis genes
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate control
Intraocular lens and haptics made of a copolymer
Capping a printhead against a transfer roller
Effervescent dual component dentifrice having reduced sensory cues
Prolamine-plant polar lipid composition, its method of preparation and applications thereof
Oligosaccharide aldonic acids and their topical use
Ink-jet recording head, ink-jet apparatus, ink-jet recording method, recorded products obtained by e...
Compounds for treating skin conditions
Diaryl ethers and processes for their preparation and herbicidal and desiccant compositions containi...
Dentifrice gel/paste compositions
Personal cleansing compositions comprising mid-chain branched surfactants
Use of a substance P antagonist in a cosmetic composition, and the composition thus obtained
Face shade
Synchronization in a communications system with multicarrier telephony transport
Biological system for degrading nitroaromatics in water and soils
System and method for representing data and providing electronic non-repudiation in a negotiations s...
Method and apparatus for providing and processing installment plans at a terminal
Rapid method of analysis for correlation of asset return to future financial liabilities
Investment fund management method and system
Tracking of computer components allocated during configuration of computer systems and networks by a...
Online shopping system
Method and system for electronic distribution of product redemption coupons
Use of inhibitors of the KQTI channel and methods of controlling and treating diseases caused by hel...
Methods and compositions for multiplex amplification of nucleic acids
Disassociation of interacting molecules
Exploiting genomics in the search for new drugs
Systems, methods and computer program products for end-to-end software development process automatio...
Objects oriented programming system with objects for storing compressed data files and self-extracti...
Method and apparatus for dynamic selection of which bytecodes should be just in time compiled
Method and system for the identification and the suppression of executable objects
System, method and computer program product for event correlation in a distributed computing environ...
Web client-server system and method for incompatible page markup and presentation languages
Internet resource location system with identified and approved human guides assigned to specific top...
Method to control the axial position of slabs emerging from continuous casting and relative device
Method of solidifying steel-making slag and material produced by the method
Electric ARC low-shaft smelting furnace with a central tube with telescopic electrodes and a sliding...
Capacitor with dual electric layer
Thermomechanical processing of plasma sprayed intermetallic sheets
Agents that bind to and inhibit human cytochrome P450 1A2
Treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder
Country to country call intercept process
Electrode structure for reducing irritation to the skin
Sound effects affixing system and sound effects affixing method
Convertible child's toy
Technique for conducting a game over a communication network
Tethered practice apparatus for a ball game
Game system operable with backup data on different kinds of game machines
Method of playing game and gaming games with an additional payout indicator
Computer readable recording medium and program recorded with ball game program, and ball game proces...
Toy balloon or game ball
Remote psychological diagnosis and monitoring system
Image developing device with sealing members for preventing toner leakage
Image forming apparatus with residual toner detection and collection features
Tools for wireless network planning
Process for manufacture of in vivo stain composition
Plasticized polyvinyl chloride and interlayer thereof
Eyewear supported by a wearer's concha of an ear
Plastic lens composition and method for the production thereof
Adherent corrective lenses and eyeglasses embodying the same
High surface density covalent immobilization of oligonucleotide monolayers using a 1-(thiotrifluoroa...
Low warpage insulated panel design
Calcilytic compounds
Gene expression in bladder tumors
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Sustained release delivery system
Topical drug preparations
Protein purification
Formulations useful for modulating expression of exogenous genes in mammalian systems, and products ...
MRI apparatus
Superconducting control elements for RF antennas
Method of acquiring eddy currents that are caused by switched magnetic field gradients of a magnetic...
Method for monitoring growth disorder therapy
Fiducial marker
Magnetic field generating apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging system
Omniramic optical system having central coverage means which is associated with a camera, projector,...
Apparatus and method for on-line code only replacement of a running program using checkpoints
Trash can receptacle
Vacuum cleaner
Detergent tablet
Detergent tablet
Detergent tablet
System and method for utilizing a conditional split for aligning internal operation (IOPs) for dispa...
Method of operating a computer system by identifying source code computational elements in main memo...
Apparatus and method for enhancing data transfer rates using transfer control blocks
Three-way catalyst model for an engine air-to-fuel ratio control system
Direct injection engine system and method
Apparatus and method for engine crankshaft torque ripple control in a hybrid electric vehicle
Method and system for analyzing fault and snapshot operational parameter data for diagnostics of mac...
Efficient cyclic-bridged cyanine dyes
Method for automatically configuring devices including a network adapter without manual intervention...
.alpha.-and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethlamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Concentrated fabric softening composition
Hair styling composition
Automatic dishwashing compositions containing water soluble cationic surfactants
Liquid acidic limescale removal composition packaged in a spray-type dispenser
Snack food
Device containing and method of making a composition having an elevated freezing point and change of...
Interconvertible solid and liquid states of Olestra
Epoxydecenal isomers
Method and apparatus for molding dough
Concentration of liquid products
Method for treating and processing lupine seeds containing alkaloid, oil and protein
Method for extracting soybean proteins using an enzyme
Mobile radio system with control over radio wave output if a malfunction is detected
IC card-type radio communication device
Portable radio terminal device
Wearable computer
Satellite navigation receiver with map graphics and hypertext driven by a PDF database
Integrated control system for radio service areas of base stations in mobile communication system
Method of hydrogenating epoxidized C6--C12 cyclohydrocarbon compounds
Method of preparing a stable coating
Low molecular weight structured polymers
Aqueous coating compositions comprising metallic pigment
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gas
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image
Support for imaging material
Preparation of poly(trimethylene terephthalate) with low level of di(1,3-propylene glycol)
Process for perfluorocyclobutane purification
Phenol-induced proteins of Thauera aromatica
Draw textured poly(trimethylene terephthalate) yarn
Process for making hexamethylene diamine using ozone-treated adiponitrile that contains phosphorous ...
Process for preparing 6-aminocaproamide
Polyester composition and process therefor
Cryptographic system and methodology for creating and managing crypto policy on certificate servers
Method, apparatus and system for managing virtual memory with virtual-physical mapping
Background kill system bus transaction to optimize coherency transactions on a multiprocessor system...
Method and apparatus for transferring data in source-synchronous protocol and transferring signals i...
Memory based I/O decode arrangement, and system and method using the same
Increased speed initialization using dynamic slot allocation
Speaker system for television receiver with sound ducts and perforated panels
Pressurized device comprising an ultrafine foaming oil-in-water emulsion and use of this emulsion in...
Magnetically recordable photographic film, recording method and system therefor and camera-laborator...
Display control system for camera
Distance measuring equipment and camera
Magnetic head device including a playback head and a recording head maintaining contact with a film
Developing processing method and apparatus
Camera having a lens barrier
Camera having a data imprinting device
Instrument platform using modular components
Low voltage, high displacement microactuated disk drive suspension reference to related applications
Protection of microelectronic devices during packaging
Antibiotic TKR2999, process for the preparation thereof and microbe
Interactive digital phonetic captioning program
Dynamic configuration of edge forwarders to route servers in a distributed router system
Segmented write line architecture for writing magnetic random access memories
Integrated service tower
Simplified method of binary/thermometric encoding with an improved resolution
Edge reflection type surface acoustic wave device
Electrical equipment support for attachment to trunking
Method of stabilizing pump current in gas sensor
Mirror controlled display device
Absorbent garments with monolithic films having zoned breathability
Ink cartridge valve system
Slide bearing material
Needle roller bearing
Bearing assembly having an improved wear ring liner
Deflection compensation roll and process for supporting a roll jacket on a crosspiece of the deflect...
Micro-alloyed steel rolling bearings
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Rolling bearing with seals and method for attaching seals to a bearing
Corrosion protection system for anti-tank ammunition
Ammunition cartridge with electrically ignited propellant charge
Ammunition cartridge with electric propellant ignition
Method and apparatus for pressure wave suppression in small-charge blasting
Propellant compositions for gas generating apparatus
Conversion data representing a document to other formats for manipulation and display
Data acquistion image analysis image manipulation interface
Image heating apparatus and heater for heating image
Transparent functional membrane containing functional ultrafine particles, transparent functional fi...
Process and apparatus for printing and decorating by means of sublimable inks
Protective sheet for solar battery module, method of fabricating the same and solar battery module
Method for automatic screening of abnormalities
Double-meshing-type silent chain drive and sprocket used therein
Power transmitting silent chain apparatus
Biosensor, method of forming and use
Uninterrupted sub-loop water cooling system equipped with buffer tank
Semiconductor laser module
Communication terminal apparatus and a method
Electro-optically driven solid state relay system
Light absorbing coating with high absorption capacity
Coating method utilizing a polymer film and method of making metal-polymer laminates
Chemical mechanical polishing in-situ end point system
Optical filter
Method for electronic merchandise dispute resolution
Microdispersions for coating surgical devices
Prolonged-action eye drop
Process for producing a polymer by polymerization of a monomer having an ethylenic double bond
Polymeric coatings for controlled delivery of active agents
Method and apparatus for performing strong encryption or decryption data using special encryption fu...
Developing unit
Electric espresso machine
Combined coffee and espresso machine
Image communication apparatus server apparatus and capability exchanging method
Actuator for a drive mode shifting device
Cyanate ester composites for oxygen containment
Methods and apparatus for downloading data between an information processing device and an external ...
Safety transaction method
Stereo pulse oximeter
Program products for repositioning an input/output device without knowledge of current positioning o...
Method for designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Sterilized 5-aminolevulinic acid
Five-membered heterocycles having biphenylsulfonyl substitution, with sulfonylcyanamide side chain, ...
Method for the synthesis of quinoline derivatives
Reliable body fat measurement in self-service health parameter Measuring system
Human gene RecQ4 encoding helicase
Fluorogenic or fluorescent reporter molecules and their applications for whole-cell fluorescence scr...
Polymer filled spinal fusion cage
Process for purification of aspartame derivative
Apparatus for high deposition rate solder electroplating on a microelectronic workpiece
Seal configuration for use with a motor drive assembly in a microelectronic workpiece processing sys...
Process for etching thin-film layers of a workpiece used to form microelectric circuits or component...
Internet weight reduction system
Graphics pipeline including combiner stages
Process for slip casting textured tubular structures
Gateway for converting synchronous client/server protocols into asynchronous messaging protocols and...
Arrangement for improving availability of services in a communication system
Framework within a data processing system for manipulating program objects
Support for alternative names in a geographic database used with a navigation program and methods fo...
Method and apparatus for implementing type-safe heterogeneous property lists
Method and system for providing restricted write access to a storage medium
Storing and tracking multiple copies of data in data storage libraries
System and method for automatically generating browsable language grammars
Storing and tracking multiple copies of data in a data storage library system
Resource protection in a cluster environment
Information embedding method, information extracting method, information embedding apparatus, inform...
Metallic multilayer coating films formation process
Pyridyl-and pyrimidyl-heterocyclic compounds inhibiting oxido squalene-cyclase
Pharmaceutical composition containing zafirlukast
Dahlia plant named `Lorraine`
Multi-tiered wagering method and game
Apparatus and method for presenting navigation information based on instructions described in a scri...
System and method for communicating information relating to a network resource
Barbituric acid derivatives with antimetastatic and antitumor activity
Information terminal device and method for route guidance
Device and method to prevent grass buildup on lawnmower wheels
Vehicle load carrier and clamping mechanism
Bicycle disc brake
Caller's telephone number storage apparatus, a personal computer, and a caller's telephone number st...
System and method for pre-paid and pay-per-use internet services
Buffer for connection data
Automatic coin collection device for a payphone provided with no coin collection signal
Voice-data telephonic interface control system
Driver's arousal level estimating apparatus for vehicle and method of estimating arousal level
DC motor drive unit and motor-driven power steering control apparatus
Front and rear wheel load distribution control unit for coupled vehicle
Magnetic apparatus for detecting position of vehicle
Method and arrangement in a hybrid vehicle for improving battery state-of-charge control and minimiz...
Optical radar system
Muffler arrangements and methods
Optimum edges for speakers and musical instruments
Molded foam resin, process for forming the same and speaker diaphragm consisting of the same
Sound absorbing cementitious tile
Silencer assembly having single strand fiberglass acoustic pack material
Gas flow silencer
Method for decoupled thermo-catalytic pollution control
Multilayer luminaire device
Pockels cell and optical switch with pockels cell
Photovoltaic cell
Boroxine compositions
Precursor composition for metal oxide and preparation method therefor
Reclaimed rubber and process for reclaiming vulcanized rubber
Semiconductor display device correcting system and correcting method of semiconductor display device
Drive apparatus which detects spatial charge voltage on charge storage light-emitting device and con...
Semiconductor radiation emitter package
Method of fabricating a high reliable SOI substrate
Liquid crystal display device having integrated operating means
Oleds containing thermally stable glassy organic hole transporting materials
Thin film transistor, manufacturing method thereof, and circuit and liquid crystal display device us...
Method for improving performance of organic semiconductors in bottom electrode structure
Method of manufacturing a pellicle
Method to prevent degradation of low dielectric constant material in copper damascene interconnects
Method of pattern etching a low K dielectric layer
Substrate having repaired metallic pattern and method and device for repairing metallic pattern on s...
Composition and method for polishing in metal CMP
Semiconductor laser highpower amplifier system
Method and apparatus for detecting enzymatic activity using molecules that change electrophoretic mo...
Embossed tissue sheet
Filter material
Method for setting up and controlling confinement media flow in laser shock peening
Scalable optical cross-connect system and method transmitter/receiver protection
Lithographic printing plates for use with laser imaging apparatus
Laser-imageable printing members and methods for wet lithographic printing
Lithographic imaging with reduced power requirements
Method of cleaning quartz substrates using conductive solutions
Method and apparatus for editing an integrated circuit
Data storage system, storage medium and method of controlling a data storage system
Nine-phase transformer
Cast alloys
Powder material for powder plasma overlaying and powder plasma overlaying metal
Copper alloy sheet for electronic parts
Corrosion-resistant titanium alloy
Thermomechanical method for producing superalloys with increased strength and thermal stability
High-strength, high-ductility aluminum alloy
Folding boat
Floating structure for the transfer of cargo
Jet-propelled boat
Extendable trailer
Anchor system for the transfer of fluids
Marine anchor
Hull modification to minimize porpoising of a boat
Malononitrile-derivative anion salts, and their uses as ionic conducting materials
Methods for embolizing blood vessels
Acetamide and substituted acetamide-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses
Apparatus, systems and methods for constructing large numbers of travel fares
Therapeutic compositions containing glucosamine, collagen and a bioflavanol for repair and maintenan...
Lens barrier for a camera
Welding robot
Takeout apparatus for shuttle-type plastic blow moulding machines
Robot for production machine
Torch-angle setting device
Automatic bladed tool changer
Method and apparatus for depalletizing commodities
Robotics for transporting containers and objects within an automated analytical instrument and servi...
Framework-based cryptographic key recovery system
Method and system for broadcasting digital audio and video to an analog wireless device
Use of pseudocode to protect software from unauthorized use
Method and apparatus for limiting access to network elements
Authenticated key agreement protocol
Seat belt positioner
Infant carrier mounting system
Foldable stroller
Side-by-side stroller
Information processing system that processes portions of an application program using programmable l...
Apparatus and method for data capsule generation
System for controlling an external device connected through a peripheral device by providing a progr...
Stabilized fluorosilicone transfer members
Image forming apparatus capable of reducing color misregistration
Surface position and velocity measurement for photoreceptor belt
Bichromal beads having electrolytes therein
Method for the manufacture of amino group containing support matrices, support matrices prepared by ...
Oligonucleotides active against drug-resistant bacteria
Nucleosidic and non-nucleosidic folate conjugates
Method for detecting oligonucleotides using energy transfer dyes with long stoke shift
Ring band adjustment structure of crash helmet
Flexible polyurethane foams
Peach tree named `P.F. 20-007`
Communication system between training sensor and electrodes of a defibrillator
Method and system for providing information in response to questions
Software function adding method
Airborne audio flight information system
Computer-assisted curriculum
System and method for providing requested quality of service in a hybrid network
Computer user interface with non-salience de-emphasis
Wire binding machine
Method and system for applying cluster-based group multicast to content-based publish-subscribe syst...
Detection and deterrence of counterfeiting of two-sided documents
Encoded sheet material and sheet processing apparatus using encoded sheet material
Entertainment and education pack
Information storage medium and method for detecting forgeries
Peel back and re-sealable extended text label with detachment segment
Positionable indexing tab
Ultra-low molecular weight ethylene polymers
Microwave oven with temperature sensor assembly
Aqueous process for preparing aqueous weight carboxyl containing polymers
Shock sensor employing a spring coil for self-test
Super absorbent polymer composition
Use of alverine for reducing wrinkles
Precision guiding apparatus for laser marking system
Method and apparatus for accessing and interacting an internet web page using a telecommunications d...
Patch antenna with finite ground plane
Automatic speech/speaker recognition over digital wireless channels
Adjustable phase and delay shift element
Apparatus and method for grouping and prioritizing voice messages for convenient playback
Metal article coated with multilayer surface finish for porosity reduction
Complex containing biologically assimilable orthosilicic acid, which is under solid form, stable and...
T-cell selective interleukin-4 agonists
Hardenable mass with silane dendrimers
Controlled cleavage thin film separation process using a reusable substrate
Transparent beads and their production method
Reactive oxygen-assisted ion implantation into metals and products made therefrom
Nanostructure-based high energy capacity material
Paste compositions capable of setting into carbonated apatite
Stent cover
Ultraviolet-curable adhesive for bonding optical disks
Fluid delivery system
Method and apparatus for multimedia data interchange with pacing capability in a distributed data pr...
Processor coupled by visible register set to modular coprocessor including integrated multimedia uni...
On-screen display format reduces memory bandwidth for time-constrained on-screen display systems
Methods and arrangement in a communication system
Multimedia database creation and management utilizing an evaluation of file contents in the database...
Method and apparatus for storing multimedia packages
Removable hoist for aircraft
Attitude angle sensor correcting apparatus for an artificial satellite
Arithmetic processing method and system in a wide velocity range flight velocity vector measurement ...
Telescopic rod for opening a mobile cowl, in particular of an aircraft engine bay
Flight control apparatus for helicopters
Basket for suspension from overhead cables
Search and index hosting system
Aerosol formulation containing particulate formoterol, propellant and polar cosolvent
Powder inhaler
Method of treating benign forgetfulness
Implantable particles for urinary incontinence
Endoluminal prosthesis
Microwave applicator for therapeutic uses
Beta lactam compounds and their use as inhibitors of tryptase
Resolution of chiral amines
Process for pre-reforming of oxygen-containing gas
Precipitated silica
Negative electrode material for nonaqueous secondary battery
Lithium battery and method of producing positive electrode active material therefor
Potassium titanate fine particles
Microporous crystalline silico-alumino-phosphate composition, catalytic material comprising said com...
Lithium manganate, method of producing the same, and lithium cell produced by the method
Electric double layer capacitor and electrode therefor
Barrel having cam groove and helicoid
Adjusting apparatus of binocular telescope
Image signal reproduction device
Lubricant for refrigerators using ammonia refrigerant
High performance acrylate materials for optical interconnects
Apparatus and method for enhancing partitioning of different polymeric materials from a mixture by d...
Disposal cartridge with a recyclable toner-carrying roller
Centrifugal separation apparatus and method for separating fluid components
System for solving of a constraint-satisfaction problem and constructing of a system
Audiovisual reproduction system
System and method for spatial temporal-filtering for improving compressed digital video
Method and apparatus for separating/generating background and motion object planes
Multiplex storing apparatus for digital still camera
System and method for monitoring visible changes
Component of stem bromelain
Method of treating fibrotic conditions
Antimicrobial theta defensins and methods of using same
Capacitor for a semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Quantum effect device
Driving circuit of nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for driving the same
Method and apparatus for structural input/output matching for design verification
Method for validating communicated packets of data and for locating erroneous packets
Computer-readable recording medium storing a method of masking or modifying output events of bi-dire...
Chip testing system
Multi-channel remote diode temperature sensor
Information exchange system
Method of controlling reservation program by using settop box and the settop box
Panel-presentation-software creation method, computer-readable record medium recording a panel-prese...
Method and system for the segmentation of lung regions in lateral chest radiographs
Integrated high definition intensity multileaf collimator system which provides improved conformal r...
Aryl carboxylic acid and aryl tetrazole derivatives as IP receptor modulators
Derivatives of 2-(iminomethyl)amino-phenyl, their preparation, their use as medicaments and the phar...
Chemical synthesis of exochelins
Method of preparing phosphoramidites
Crossless retroviral vectors
Modified forms of Hepatitis C NS3 protease for facilitating inhibitor screening and structural studi...
Screen employing fluorescence anisotropy to identify compounds with affinity for nucleic acids
Copolymers of perfluorodioxoles
Copolymer grafted via radical polymerization in the presence of stable radicals, its preparation and...
Aqueous cosmetic compounds
Color cathode-ray tube apparatus
Indole derivatives with antiviral activity
Liquid crystal display device in which the light length, polarizing axis, and alignment direction ar...
Blockless fiber optic attenuators and attenuation systems employing dispersion tailored polymers
Device and method for attenuating a low-level light source over a very wide dynamic range
Waveguide element, waveguide branch or coupler element and waveguide intergrated circuit
Optical transmission system and optical transmitter and optical receiver used therefor
Apparatus and method for a liquid crystal display device having an electrically-conductive light-sha...
Thermal print head
Branch circuit and its designing method, waveguide-microstrip transition, and application to HF circ...
Copolymer latex for adhesive for rubber/metal adhesion and process for producing same