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PCR amplification on microarrays of gel immobilized oligonucleotides
Ratchet wrench
Method for monitoring a semiconductor fabrication process for processing a substrate
Method and apparatus for fast detection of lesions
Method of determining the extent of blocking artifacts in a digital image
Method and device for determining fibre orientation in a paper sample
Integrated process for depositing layer of high-K dielectric with in-situ control of K value and thi...
Apparatus for characterization of microelectronic feature quality
Urea-formaldehyde resin binders containing styrene acrylates and acrylic copolymers
Gaming machine including security data collection device
Electronic second spin slot machine
Slot-type gaming machine with variable drop zone symbols
Card made of fluorescent material and card reader for use with the card
Ambulatory blood pump
Pump with electrodynamically supported impeller
Linear compressor with a plurality of support springs and a dual compression unit
Friction vacuum pump
Pneumatically operated oil pump
Positive displacement extrusion of viscous material
Add-on headstock mass device for a stringed instrument
Computer-aided design supporting system in which cells can be arranged independently
System and method for enabling selective execution of computer code
Method and apparatus for prefetching data into cache
Method for continuous production of polyisobutene
Method and device for catalytic cracking comprising reactors with descending and ascending flows
Hydrocarbon upgrading process
Cable preparation tool
Apparatus and method for testing snow removal equipment
Overbased detergent additives
Lubricating oil composition for outboard engines
Adjustable keyboard with adjusting and locking mechanism, and method of its use
Shock absorber with sealing ice scraper
Decorative rear bumper
Devices and methods for delivering a drug
System and method for automatically designing communications circuits
Method of localized placement manipulation without extra latency
Process for enhancing immune response in canines using a dietary composition including garlic
Method for treating fur or hair pigmentation of domestic carnivores
Compositions containing alpha-2-adrenergic agonist components
Modified carrier particles for use in dry powder inhalers
Sustained release formulations for growth hormone secretagogues
Transgenic plants with .gamma.-tocopherol methyltransferase
Method and apparatus for converting IEEE 1284 signals to or from IEEE 1394 signals
Semiconductor laser device and method for suppressing injection current
Thin-film magnetic head having a thin-film coil and method of manufacturing same
Probe structure and manufacturing method thereof
Sockets for "springed" semiconductor devices
Shape detection device and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-layered copper bond pad for an integrated circuit
Data processing apparatus and data recording apparatus
Method of treating waste liquid
System, method, and apparatus for adjusting packet transmission rates based on dynamic evaluation of...
Image forming apparatus including image bearing member rotatable at different peripheral velocities
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Image forming apparatus with demountable sheet conveyor unit in main body for receiving sheets from ...
Fault portion locating method for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Temperature range adjusted coated optical fibers
Write-once polymer memory with e-beam writing and reading
Valve seating with electrodes, especially for <<enamel-test>> type control device
Load support for a wing mirror
Reflection-type optical sensor
Electrical switch for use in garments
Integrated radiotelephone holster and audio appliance
Wearable article having a temperature change element
Fabric maintenance compositions comprising certain cationically charged fabric maintenance polymers
Portable accessory bag
Large area wireless CDMA system and method
Electronic dimming ballast for compact fluorescent lamps
Area coverage with an autonomous robot
Robot having offset rotary joints
Nine dimensional laser tracking system and method
Wafer holder
Photonic crystal waveguide
Apparatus for compacting and draining mixed waste in passenger transport vehicles
Plant folate biosynthetic genes
Process of making dual damascene structures using a sacrificial polymer
Resist compositions comprising silyl ketals and methods of use thereof
Multi-domain liquid crystal display having concave virtual bump structures
System for setting image intent using markup language structures
Option request protocol
Fixing apparatus for fixing toner images on recording media and image forming apparatus comprising t...
Optimal imaging of the peripheral vasculature with test bolus tracking
Adaptive off-track recovery
Resonance identification by commanding a spindle speed change
Device for driving object lens
Method and apparatus for testing microarchitectural features by using tests written in microcode
Speculative pre-fetching additional line on cache miss if no request pending in out-of-order process...
Bus system optimization
Call-processing system and method
Treating emesis in a mammal
Instruction scheduling system of a processor
Eyeglasses with diamond-shining effect
Flat pack optical device kit
3-[4-Substituted heterocyclyl)-pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene]-2- indolinone derivatives as kinase inhibitor...
Isoprenoid pathway inhibitors for stimulating bone growth
Method for applying a foamable movement obstruction agent to an absorbent member
Method of treating a textile
Disposable human waste management device with improved adhesive for skin attachment
Liquid crystal display device with orientation film having projecting edge portions and manufacturin...
Easy-to-wear footwear
Wear resistant member for electronic equipment, and bearing and spindle motor therewith
Idler roll bearing assembly
Lubrication system for a bearing
Optical device and control method thereof
Optical pumping injection cavity for optically pumped devices
Method and apparatus for generating and controlling spin propagation using one or more coherent ligh...
Holographic reflector and reflectiver liquid crystal display using it
Enhancement of vascular function by modulation of endogenous nitric oxide production or activity
Device for distributing liquid to a number of consumers, and drinks machine provided with a device o...
Capacitive pointing stick
Test carrier with molded interconnect for testing semiconductor components
Woodwind instrument with key mechanism perfectly closing holes
Absorbent structure having improved absorption properties
Rapid setting cementitious composition
System and method for dynamically allocating computer memory
Argyrantheum plant named `Balargluite`
Method for operating a telecommunications network with a personalized database
Speaker volume indicator for telephone handsets
Elbow silencer
Loudspeaker diaphragm and method of manufacture thereof
Cathode ray tube having a pigment on a panel front face
Ferro-electric capacitor and method of fabrication of the ferro-electric capacitor
Semiconductor memory including ferroelectric gate capacitor structure, and method of fabricating the...
Biosensor and its use to indicate the status of a product
Simultaneous function dynamic random access memory device technique
Data bus architecture for integrated circuit devices having embedded dynamic random access memory (D...
Electrostatic chuck
High frequency package, wiring board, and high frequency module having a cyclically varying transmis...
Signal amplification device with circuit maintaining potential of input side of current mirror circu...
End arm effector set-up
Marking engine and method to optimize tone levels in a digital output system
Quantization method for color document reproduction in a color printing system
Geometric configurations for photosites for reducing moire patterns
Printing system of ink jet printer and ink selecting method
Method and apparatus for measuring scanner registration
Foreground/background document processing with dataglyphs
Air-delivered monocoque submersible vehicle system
Design reel for gaming machine
Lap edge roofing sealant
Bitt with rotatable line-handling surface
Retractable multi-hulled watercraft
Hierarchical data network address resolution
System for providing calling party selection of destination when multiple telephones share the same ...
Graded-index lens microscopes
Customer self service subsystem for adaptive indexing of resource solutions and resource lookup
Disposable absorbent garment having improved appearance and sustained fit
Releasably attachable shades
Refusable personal monitoring device
Process for producing a high purity aromatic polycarboxylic acid
Polyolefin-based composite resin composition having high strength and low linear expansion
Magnetic random access memory with low writing current
Light-emitting diodes with loop and strip electrodes and with wide medial sections
Robust pierce gun having multiple transmitting and emitting section
Hollow carbon fiber and production method
Electro spinning of submicron diameter polymer filaments
Hair-conditioning agents
Method for metal loading of a multi-bed adsorbent system
Golf club head with dynamically movable center of mass
Tap water temperature measuring device
Automatic shut-off for flashlights
Process for the production of furfural from lignosulphonate waste liquor
System and method for storing and computing data and functions
Data processor utilizing set-associative cache memory for stream and non-stream memory addresses
Use of a dipeptide for stimulating repair processes
Herbicide compositions based on glyphosates and isoxazoles
Sinapoylglucose:malate sinapoyltransferase form malate conjugates from benozic acid glucosides
Methods of producing carotenoids by the expression of plant .epsilon.-cyclase genes
Generic SBE-FRET protocol
Soybean oil impregnation wood preservative process and products
Increasing blood flow to tissue with angiogenic material containing polymer and vascularizing compou...
Equalizing FIFO buffer with adaptive watermark
Method and apparatus for adding watermarks to images and/or video data streams
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image processing system and memory medium
High performance self balancing low cost network switching architecture based on distributed hierarc...
Method and apparatus for the authentication of encoded data
Rubber-acrylic adhesive formulation
Process for purifying an organic acid
Computer battery event managing method with option to compulsorily execute a low battery capacity op...
Interruption control circuit for use in an apparatus having a microcomputer
Internal combustion engine
Camshaft rearranging device
Engine valve timing controller
Variable valve drive mechanism for an internal combustion engine
Original Jake and the pancake game
Methods and apparatus for processing spatialized audio
Manikin positioning for acoustic measuring
Apparatus for creating 3D audio imaging over headphones using binaural synthesis
System and method for interactive approximation of a head transfer function
Acoustic point source
Method and apparatus for decorrelating audio signals
Method and apparatus for two channels of sound having directional cues
Method for optically transmitting signalling and control information in optical wavelength multiplex...
Discharge lamp device for reducing noise radiation and surge pulse current
Treatment of hepatitis C using hyperthermia
Methods for classifying samples and ascertaining previously unknown classes
Music distribution systems
Drug delivery systems and methods
Serine protease specific monoclonal antibodies and their use
Lead and leadset designs for providing medical telemetry antenna
Non-violation event filtering for a traffic light violation detection system
Coded/non-coded program audience measurement system
Sheet wrinkling suppression image forming apparatus and method
Laser adjustment mechanism
Apparatus and method for reducing ice formation in gas-driven motors
Power save control device and control method
Sensor pair for detecting changes within a human ear and producing a signal corresponding to thought...
Distributed database for analytical instruments
Pharmacokinetic-based drug design tool and method
Production of olefins
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Phase-shifted data acquisition system and method
Multi-kernel neural network concurrent learning, monitoring, and forecasting system
Method of treating diseased, injured or abnormal cartilage with hyaluronic acid and growth factors
Method and system for authentication and electronic signature
Method and apparatus for fuel cell protection
Thermally wavelength tunable laser having selectively activated gratings
Process control system with integrated safety control system
Fixing belt and fixing apparatus equipped with same
Nucleic acid molecule encoding human survival of motor neuron-interacting protein 1 (SIP1) deletion ...
Process for the solvent extraction of active compounds from chicory
Milk foaming structure adapted to a coffee maker
Method for controlling robot and robot controller using the method
Process for preparing perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic diimide in transparent pigment form
Method, system and program for specifying an electronic food menu with food preferences from a unive...
Methods of treating asthma with interleukin-9 receptor antibodies
Foldable toothbrush
Three- and two-dimensional images formed by suspended or transitory colorant in a volume
Bidentate phosphite and nickel catalyst compositions for hydrocyanation of monoolefins
Dextran derivatives, preparation and medicinal applications
Coverage-based test generation for microprocessor verification
Optically active linear polymer used as ligand in the preparation of metallic complexes designed for...
Electromagnetic flowmeter arrangement
Spindle device of machine tool
Identification of transcription factor within a cAMP-responsive transcriptional enhancer binding pro...
Use of (-) (3-trihalomethylphenoxy) (4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives for treatment of insulin ...
Method of treating ocular inflammatory and angiogenesis-related disorders of the posterior segment o...
Benzopyrancarboxylic acid derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and lipid disorders
Therapeutically active and selective heterocyclic compounds that are inhibitors of the enzyme DPP-IV
Indolylmaleimide derivatives
Benzimidazole vascular damaging agents
Method for sequencing reaction cleanup by constant differential pressure ultrafiltration
Customization of network documents
Reader to decode sound and play sound encoded in infra-red ink on photographs
Portable terminal with real-time database access, printing and display
Chuck for industrial robot
Filtering apparatus for filtering compressed air
Methods and apparatus for mechanically controlling adjustments of a chair
Built-in automatic customer identifier when connecting to a vendor website
Method for producing taurine-enriched milk
Device for rotational stabilization of bone segments
Canopy quick release device for parachutes
Radio telephone with initial delay before performing a predetermined function
Multiprocessor computer architecture with multiple operating system instances and software controlle...
Dimethicone copolyol cranberriate as a delivery system for natural antioxidants
Adsorbent having capability of decomposing organic halogen compounds and method for producing the sa...
Electronic power assisted steering system and method
Universal synchronization clock signal derived using single forward and reverse direction clock sign...
Methods using persephin and related growth factors
Non-peptide GnRH agents
Method and apparatus for the quantitative analysis of a liquid sample with surface enhanced spectros...
DNA encoding for a disease resistance gene from common bean and methods of use
Rotational canted-joint missile control system
Prepolymerization catalyst for use in gas phase polymerization of olefins and process for producing ...
Thermal transfer sheet, thermal transfer method and thermal transfer system
Methods and compositions involving polar monomers and multivalent cations
Methods and system for remote access to and payment for products delivered from automated apparatus
Method for down-regulating osteoprotegerin ligand activity
Electrical excitation of label substances at insulating film-coated conductors
Automated teller machine media cassette indicator
Neocartilage and methods of use
Structure comprising beam leads bonded with electrically conductive adhesive
Non-invasive cardiorespiratory monitor with synchronized bioimpedance sensing
Headwall for drain pipe
Socket for use with a micro-component in a light-emitting panel
Method and system for secure computer system transfer
System and method for remote management of equipment operating parameters
Superparamagnetic nanostructured materials
Loudspeaker drive unit
Building element for a toy building set
Music staging device apparatus, music staging game method, and readable storage medium
Liquid crystal display device having a semi-transmissive dielectric film
Block copolymer composition
Training line predictor for branch targets
Glucose monitoring instrument having network connectivity
Personal digital assistant for connecting with a communtcations module
Program conversion apparatus for eliminating unnecessary indications of dynamic memory allocation fr...
Fault tolerant data storage systems and methods of operating a fault tolerant data storage system
Avoiding gather and scatter when calling Fortran 77 code from Fortran 90 code
Tibial rotation guide
Anti-lumping compounds for use with expandable polystyrene beads
Office chair
Composition and method for decreasing upper respiratory airway resistance
Chrysanthemum plant named `Anastasia Yellow`
Sol-gel derived sorbents
Nucleic acid reading and analysis system
Feeder/programming/buffer control system and control method
Modular/re-configurable test platform
Enhancement of vascular function by modulation of endogenous nitric oxide production or activity
Energy conversion composition
Apple tree named `Irene`
Water skiing float, jacket attachment structure
Curable two-component mortar composition and its use
End-of-message handling and interrupt generation in a CAN module providing hardware assembly of mult...
Programmable graphics processor for use in a video game system or the like
Method of maximizing servicing capability of large numbers of I/O descriptors
Medicinal aerosol formulation
Copper sputtering target assembly and method of making same
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Bumper toy puck for use in games and marketing
Method and apparatus for interpreting information
System and method for selecting the transmission bandwidth of a data stream sent to a client based o...
Palm PC dockable phone
Methods and systems for real-time storyboarding with a web page and graphical user interface for aut...
Printing system to output a document combining image data with data that identifies a source of the ...
Apparatus for positioning a symbol display device onto a door element of a casing of a coin operated...
Integrated circuit configuration having at least two capacitors and method for manufacturing an inte...
Data storage system utilizing a non-volatile IC based memory for reduction of data retrieval time
Hybrid WDM-TDM optical communication and data link
Method for separation of p-xylene
Digital-input class-D amplifier
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Sheet-like display medium including switching layer, and display element and device utilizing the sa...
Petroleum resins and their production with BF3 catalyst
Persistent communication with changing environment
Method, system, program, and data structures for naming full backup versions of files and related de...
Production and inventory control system and computer program product for controlling production and ...
Process for making polyolefin compositions containing exfoliated clay
Method and network for propagating status information
Search engine to verify streaming audio sources
Semiconductor memory card
Method and apparatus system with first and second controller connected via uart chip for controlling...
IEEE 1394 cable connector with short circuit switch
Adhesive N, O-carboxymethylchitosan coatings which inhibit attachment of substrate-dependent cells a...
Intermediates for the synthesis of ether compounds
Resolution of the enantiomers of amlodipine
Process for preparing heterocyclo-alkylsulfonyl pyrazole derivatives
Antenna unit and radio base station therewith
Inbred maize seed and plant PSA104
Image forming apparatus with heat control for varying sheet thicknesses
Method, apparatus, and recording medium for image composition
Electrically controlled automated devices to control equipment and machinery with remote control and...
Methods and apparatus for estimating a bit error rate for a communication system
Autocorrection of MR projection images
Semiconductor memory device
High-voltage power breaker having an outlet flow channel
Production of olefins
Fuel cell apparatus
Interbody fusion device and method for restoration of normal spinal anatomy
Herbal chip
Process for producing polymer
3-heterocyclylpropanohydroxamic acid PCP inhibitors
Polypeptide expressed in the horny layer of epidermis and use thereof
Method of forming a semiconductor wafer having a crystalline layer thereon containing silicon, germa...
Synergistic combinations of phenolic antioxidants
Point of sale (POS) terminal security system
Method for dispensing S-adenosyl-methionine in a micro fine powdered form by inhalation
Fluid-dispensing and refilling system for a power toothbrush
Mounting support bracket for an advertising windup reel
Water based hydraulic fluid and hydraulic pressure device
DSP-5 dual-specificity phosphatase
G-CSF polypeptides and conjugates
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Metal components for picture tubes
Tube connection assembly with safety locking system for external filters for aquariums
Deployment system for inflatable structures
Radio telephone
Method, apparatus and program for delivery and display of information from dynamic and static data s...
Fishing rod holders with signaling device
Vitamin D analogues
N-(aryl)-2-arylethenesulfonamides and therapeutic uses thereof
Ionically formulated biomolecule microcarriers
Mre11 orthologue and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for branch trace message scheme
Method and apparatus for filtering packets using a dedicated processor
Continuous production method of propylene-based block copolymer
Corrosion inhibiting compositions
Human ena/VASP-like protein splice variant
Tunnel excavating machine
Process for removing iron-and rhodium-containing catalyst residues from hydrogenated nitrile rubber
Kernel-based crash-consistency coordinator
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibito...
Mechanical swinging doll
Liquid crystal display device having wide viewing angle and improved contrast ratio
Footwear package
Data managing method and apparatus, and recording medium
Vehicle rear body structure
Determination of the degree of common usage for elements of a data processing system
Multi-queue quality of service communication device
Medicament respiratory delivery device and method
Information processing apparatus and method and recording medium
Verbena plant named `Sunmaricos`
Parallax correction for close focus
Method and system for debugging hybrid source code
System and method for synthesizing music by scanning real or simulated vibrating object
Low volatility solvent-based method for forming thin film nanoporous aerogels on semiconductor subst...
Optical fiber transmission bypass device
Method to control plant pests, improve plant productivity and other purposes
Poinsettia plant named `Dueavant`
Submarine countermeasure propeller protector
Passive apparatus and method for reducing fluid induced stresses by introduction of energetic flow i...
Selection apparatus and method
System and method for creating real-time shadows of complex transparent objects
Apparatus, method and computer program product to produce or direct movements in synergic timed corr...
Method of the removal of the templating agent from synthetic zeolites
Method, system, and program for reverse index scanning
Stem configuration to reduce seal abrasion in metered dose aerosol valves
Optical data storage disk
Mailbox with transparent panels
Computer file system providing looped file structure for post-occurrence data collection of asynchro...
Methods and apparatus for securely transmitting and processing digital image data
System and method for allocating server output bandwidth
Solid polymer electrolytes
Toy with flexible light-transmitting elements
Information filtering method and apparatus for preferentially taking out information having a high n...
Control system for electric motor for driving electric vehicle
Smoke evacuation device
Data transmission by an alternating frequency analog signal
Integrated shopping list and coupon folder
Foldable swing with seat recline mechanism
Variant tax gene of bovine leukemia virus
Process for producing a capacitor configuration
Data transfer control device, semiconductor memory device and electronic information apparatus
Semiconductor light emitting device and method
System and method for data exchange in a vehicle multimedia system
Photographing system
Method of operating a positive tolerance CRT
Mobile packet communication system
System and method for point-of-sale check authorization
Chrysanthemum plant named `Anastasia Pink`
Shared reference station
Enterlink for providing a federated business to business system that interconnects applications of m...
Anti-pathogen system and methods of use thereof
Nutrient formulations for disease reduction
Code division multiple access cable modem
Extendable planar diversity antenna
LED lamp package for packaging an LED driver with an LED
Zoom lens
Toner container including foldable case and toner replenishing device using the same
Superconducting magnet apparatus in persistent mode
Fast suspend to disk
Process and device for making gratings in optical fibres
Organic electro-luminescence device
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same, and tablet comprising epoxy resin compositi...
.alpha.v.beta.3 integrin inhibitors
Proteoglycan compositions for treating arthritic inflammatory conditions
Aromatic aldehyde resins and their use as emulsion breakers
Ceramic heater and its manufacturing method, glow plug and ion current detecting device
Transmission channel allocation method and radio apparatus using the same
Composite abrasive material for oral compositions, and methods of making and using same
Banner sign display stand
Purifying process for phosphatidylserine
Delivery of a therapeutic agent in a formulation for reduced toxicity
System for improving reading and speaking
Fuel tank made of ferritic stainless steel
RF tag application system
Rotatable penetration depth adjusting arrangement
Fluid loading system
Optical switch
System, method and article of manufacture for fast mapping from a propertied document management sys...
Golf club fixture
Deletion system and method for removing temporary timer entries having a weight value of zero from a...
Metabolic calorimeter employing respiratory gas analysis
Solid matrix control of seed conditioning using selected cell cycle stages
Method and apparatus for processing a physiological signal
Method for reducing EMI and IR-drop in digital synchronous circuits
Ethylene polymers and method for producing the same
Method of using a multi-purpose flexible coating compound
Riser guide system
Water-borne paint composition having improved hiding and scrub-resistance
Structural monitoring sensor system
Dry granulation formulation for an HIV protease inhibitor
Movable mechanical doll
Tagging data files with application information
Monochrome liquid crystal display device utilizing a color filter for changing the spectrum of light...
Orthopedic slipper
Vehicle exhaust with length-equalizing muffler
Host I/O performance and availability of a storage array during rebuild by prioritizing I/O request
Incremental algorithms for optimal linebreaking in text layout
Method for automatic information transmission in an IP network
Begonia plant named `Bbpicotee`
Camera including stroboscopic unit
Method for trimming resin film
Tapered tubular optical waveguide probe for magnetic focusing immunosensors
Imaging technique for use with optical MEMS devices
Lipoxin A4 and its analogs for the treatment of dry eye
Begonia plant named `Bbsirius`
Merchant navy vessel comprising a hull that is provided for accommodating goods and/or people
Rigid jacket of an offshore platform having a quadrapod structure
Moisture-absorbing rubber-covered game ball
Keyboard guide
Process for producing lithium titanate and lithium ion battery and negative electrode therein
System and method for providing interactive dialogue and iterative search functions to find informat...
Valve for aerosol container
Dry powder for inhalation
Steel sheet excellent in ductility and strength stability after heat treatment
Mailbox with transparent panels
Method and system for encoding image and audio content
Screen-printing paste and screen-printing method of fabricating a gas diffusion electrode
Programmable toy and game
Apparatus for adjusting a height of control boxes
Aircraft passenger seat frame construction
Method and device for a accomodating samples on cryosubstrates
Methods of modifying feeding behavior using compounds with afinity for the human hypothalamic atypic...
Coin-discriminator voucher anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus
Bonusing apparatus and method for gaming system providing flexibility and interest
Process for isolating IgG and IgA
Thin film magnetic memory device having data read current tuning function
Forming indium nitride (InN) and indium gallium nitride (InGaN) quantum dots grown by metal-organic-...
Portable terminal and drive method for photographic optical system
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Semi-private internet kiosk
Risk reduction system
Phalaenopsis plant named `Isis`
Circuit synthesis time budgeting based upon wireload information
Method for monitoring internet dissemination of image, video, and/or audio files
Method and apparatus for preventing personal computer from being illegally used
Channel estimation unit, and CDMA receiver and CDMA transceiver with channel estimation unit
Circuit arrangement for operating a discharge lamp
Printing apparatus and image output control apparatus for processing image data using a dither patte...
Remote data mirroring system using local and remote write pending indicators
Dynamic attitude measurement method and apparatus
Mechanism for agitating the toner in the replenisher of an electrophotographic machine
NMR data acquisition with multiple interecho spacing
Reproducing apparatus for record disc
Patient programmer for implantable medical device with audio locator signal
Method and apparatus for designing a workstation
Optical device and method for multi-angle laser light scatter
Method for producing esters of .alpha., .beta.-unsaturated carboxylic acids
Passively pumped liquid feed fuel cell system
Fuel cell system and method for operating the fuel cell system
Preparation of propene
Aqueous pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, production method therefor and pressure-sensitive a...
Heterocyclic analgesic compounds and methods of use thereof
Oral hygiene powder composition and method
Flexible conductive plastic static control device
Process for producing coated bleach activator granules
Lithium secondary cell
Angle sensing system for a rolling radar array
Magnetic alphanumeric display system
Calcium independent cytosolic phospholipase A2/B enzymes
Oligosaccharide derivatives and process for producing the same
VLSI layout design jobs scheduling method
Educational process that produces deliverable document
Method for remediation of an environment contaminated with carbon tetrachloride
Method and system for automatically verbally responding to user inquiries about information
Automatic pet blanket
Flight refueling guide
Electrochromic materials, devices and process of making
Method and apparatus for managing user profiles including identifying users based on matched query t...
Removable holder
Sodium channel modulators
System and method for outputting a sample using a time stamp predicted at a receiving station couple...
Noninvasive characterization of a flowing multiphase fluid using ultrasonic interferometry
Polyribozyme capable of conferring on plants resistance to viruses and resistant plants producing th...
Optical probe with light fluctuation protection
Method and apparatus for making available data that was locked by a dead transaction before rolling ...
Machinable glass-ceramics
Microarray-based subtractive hybridzation
Rehabilitation of water supply pipes
Process for the preparation of low-bleeding cation exchangers
Modular latch and guide rail arrangement for use in fiber optic cable management systems
Maintaining a sliding view of server based data on a handheld personal computer
Walking toy figure
Vapor phase deposition system
Footwear upper
Method of defining and utilizing logical domains to partition and to reorganize physical domains
Device for noise configuration in a motor vehicle
Built-in-self-test circuit for RAMBUS direct RDRAM
Noise suppression circuit
Mandevilla plant named `Monrey`
Distance-measuring sensor, distance-measuring device and camera as well as distance-measuring method
Methods of preventing reduction of IrOx during PZT formation by metalorganic chemical vapor depositi...
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
MEMS optical switch actuator
Toxicity of boron compounds to certain arthropods
Verbena plant named `Sunvivare`
Method for attaching cable and cable holder
Apparatus, and associated method, for automatically notifying a mobile station of occurrence of a tr...
Stabilized red phosphorus material and a process for its preparation
Technique for detecting a subsuming temporal relationship of valid time data in a relational databas...
Nasal inhaler
Apparatus and methods for reducing lung volume
Media cassette for use in an automated banking machine
System and method for remote inbound vehicle inspection
On-demand transfer case
Method and system for providing manipulation restraining forces for a stick controller on an aircraf...
Metabolically engineered lactic acid bacteria and their use
Boundary line detecting method
Method for merchandising mouse pads
Water-soluble polyurethane having comb-shaped hydrophobic group and application thereof
MOSFET having a double gate
Magnetic memory using reverse magnetic field to improve half-select margin
Light-emitting semiconductor device using group III nitride compound
Co-oligomerization of 1-dodecene and 1-decene
High-pressure gas discharge lamp
Emergency call network and system with graphical user interface
Classification based content management system
System and method of assessing and rating vendor risk and pricing of technology delivery insurance
Network telephony
Microcomputer with re-initialization of DRAM or SRAM using non-volatile memory
Composite sound insulation system for room boundary surfaces
Method of producing cone diaphragm having color patterns
Electric riding mower with motor generator set and noise abatement
Communication apparatus and method of format adaptation therefor
Light source device of a dielectric barrier discharge lamp
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Lighting apparatus having low profile
Architecture for transport of multiple services in connectionless packet-based communication network...
Image forming apparatus with multiple developing device assemblies
Driving control device of vehicle
Dynamic cardiovascular monitor
Method for examining a living subject by non-invasive imaging employing a contrast agent
Damping of voltage-controlled brushless motors for electric power steering systems
Apparatus and method for providing error ordering information and error logging information
Method for restoring CMOS in a jumperless system
Hardware/software system for profiling instructions and selecting a trace using branch history infor...
Apparatus and method for shift register rate control of microprocessor instruction prefetches
System and method for clay typing using NMR-based porosity modeling
Content addressable memory having prioritization of unoccupied entries
Implantable medical device with variable incoming communication signal discrimination, and method fo...
Conductive structures
Fiber channel CRC for internal error checking on a switching platform
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Fuel cell electric power generation system
Open/close switch mechanism for use in an image forming apparatus
Optical fiber cable
Optical switch with a moveable optical component
Disc support plate and disc recording and/or reproducing device
Manufacturing method for an active matrix display including a capacitor formed from a short ring ele...
Driving scheme for liquid crystal display
Composition having low thermal resistivity and method for laying underground cables for carrying ele...
Treatment of oxidable gas generated from waste at a dumping area
Uses for medical devices having a lubricious, nitric oxide-releasing coating
Methods and devices for the long-term culture of hematopoietic progenitor cells
Arthroscopic irrigation solution and method for inhibition of pain and inflammation
Method for improved detection of carbon monoxide by infrared absorption spectroscopy
Thermoformable composite film and process to make
Processes for the preparation of 1,4-diaryl-2-fluoro-1,3-butadiene and 1,4-diaryl-2-fluoro 2 butene ...
Intermediate transfer member and image forming apparatus having the same
Potassium channel openers
Device for determining the influence of dispersion on a measurement
Fuel generator with diffusion ampoules for fuel cells
Procedure for purging a fuel cell system with inert gas made from organic fuel
Device for reforming educts containing hydrocarbons
Electro-optical device and electronic equipment
Semiconductor device with tapered gate and insulating film
Method for producing layered structures on a substrate, substrate and semiconductor components produ...
Chemical derivatization of single-wall carbon nanotubes to facilitate solvation thereof; and use of ...
Intraocular lens with surrounded lens zone
Accommodative intraocular lens system
High bandwidth-low latency memory controller
Modified method and apparatus for improved occlusion culling in graphics systems
Microgels and process for their preparation
Motorcycle audio system
Power control circuit for a bicycle electromotive unit
Control cable including a cable-guiding duct of porous PTFE
Thermoplastic elastomeric resin composition and a process for the preparation thereof
Apparatus for automated magnetic separation of materials in laboratory trays
Recumbent exercise apparatus with leg curl
Three layer seamless transfer component
Aminophosphonium compounds
Method of inserting z-axis reinforcing fibers into a composite laminate
Submicron dimensional calibration standards and methods of manufacture and use
Microelectronic interconnect material with adhesion promotion layer and fabrication method
Integrated circuit inductors
Pulsed laser deposition of transparent conducting thin films on flexible substrates
Antenna system, transceiver, electrical equipment, and computer terminal
Thiazolyl urea compounds and methods of uses
Hanger for a lever-type door handle and method of use
Device and method for inspecting and cutting strips of security documents
Rotary printing machine, having safety oriented access modules
Offset printing machine
Electrophotographic recording process control method and apparatus
Equipment for distributing flexible sheet-shaped objects
Electrorheological inker
Method and device for adjusting an air guide system in a sheet-fed printing machine
Copy-guiding device for flat copies in folders
Mechanism for at least regionally adjusting the curvature of airfoil wings
Modification of fluid flow about bodies and surfaces through virtual aero-shaping of airfoils with s...
Ring installation method and ring installation jig
Phosphorescent organic light emitting devices
Multimode multi-track optical recording system
Image forming system
Data communication apparatus capable of executing demonstration operation
Circuit arrangement for delivering power to coils
Synthesis of glycoconjugates of the lewis Y epitope and uses thereof
Nuclear targeted peptide nucleic acid oligomer
Method of providing persistent memory to a hand-held platform operating system on a computer system
Task distribution
VCT mechanism having a lock pin adapted to release at a pressure higher than the pressure required t...
Sequence of processes for olefin oligomerisation
Carbonylation process
Managing alpha values for video mixing operations
Development of normal offspring from oocytes injected with freeze-dried spermatozoa
Apparatus and methods for testing pain sensitivity
Substituted benzimidazole dosage forms and method of using same
Switching mode power supply
Sampled amplitude read channel employing pipelined reads to reduce the gap between sectors
Aircraft seat mounted passenger interface
Non-volatile memory
Shipping base pad
Counterjib part of a tower crane
Chemically stabilized organic emulsions
Method and apparatus for sealing cracks in roads
Bituminous emulsions
Method and apparatus for sealing cracks in roads
Skin sulfonated particles in matrices
Method and apparatus for cardiac defibrillation
Implantable apparatus for treating neurological disorders
High-side energy delivery through a single-quadrant thyristor triggered with a current-limiting swit...
Expandable diagnostic or therapeutic apparatus and system for introducing the same into the body
Secure cached subscription service
Methods of making and using annealable insulated metal-based powder particles
Walking aid stabilizing apparatus
Ether derivative additive in nonaqueous electrolyte of a lithium secondary battery
Alkaline storage battery and method for manufacturing the same
Metal complexes containing bridging heteroatom for olefin-polymerization-process
Water-soluble polymers and their use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions
Methods of making lithium metal cathode active materials
Electroplating bath control
Self-heating/self-cooling package
Lithium secondary battery, anode for lithium secondary battery, and method for manufacturing the ano...
Life extending battery adapter for multi-chemistry battery systems
Blackboard-centric layered software architecture
Topical composition comprising a functionally acylating cosmetic bonding agent
Anhydrous cosmetic compositions containing mushroom extract
Process for the epoxidation of olefins
Unit for the collection, cleaning and calibration of electrolysis pots used for aluminium production
Method for limiting the number of simultaneous call forwarding attempts in a cellular communication ...
Portable radio communication apparatus
Wireless telephone system with mobile instruments for outgoing calls
Transporting data transmission units of different sizes using segments of fixed sizes
Indolizine SPLA2inhibitors
Method for producing high purity xylylenediamine
Radiometric temperature measurement system
Method and system for ensuring reception of a communications signal
Optical device having optical wave guide produced in the presence of acoustic standing wave
Coated optical glass fiber
Optical switching system that uses movable microstructures to switch optical signals in three dimens...
Low loss optical switching system
Electronics testing circuit and method
Heat treated cereals and process of making
Method for the manufacture of rice-based food additive
Micro-particulate microbound diet for the culture of larval fish and crustaceans
Honeycomb-shallow box partition for beehives
Fishing reel rotor with one-way brake assembly
Guided tool change
Electroacoustic imaging methods and apparatus
Adhesive composition and methods for use in packaging applications
Isocyanate crosslinked waterborne coatings
Golf ball forming compositions comprising polyamide
Resin composition containing crystalline polyimide
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions
Pyrimidine derivatives as hardness stabilizers
Fibrillated foam article
Process for the polymerization of ethylene and interpolymers thereof
Infrared irradiation lamp for automobile
Compostable coated paper or paperboard, a method for manufacturing the same and products obtained th...
Process and apparatus for producing fiber product with high water-binding capacity and food product ...
Two-speed full-time transfer case with integrated planetary gearset and synchronized range shift
Two-speed transfer case with ball-ramp clutch and single motor activator/shift system
Active torque bias system and controls
Aquatic animal incubation device
Holding apparatus for a floating hose
Method of joining galvanized steel parts using lasers
Method of manufacturing a ferritic stainless steel plate
Method for making carbon-steel blind slats and products thereof
Hydrogen peroxide pickling scheme for stainless steel grades
Tear-off device for opening drink cans
Image search apparatus and method
Data retrieval method and apparatus
Method for manufacturing a pair of complementary masks
Inclination correction device and image reading apparatus therewith
Method of updating an addressee database in a mail sorting apparatus
Method for the automated joining of two-dimensional objects
Apparatus for housing fiber optic modules
Method and apparatus for anchoring optical fiber
Waveguide optical fiber for parametric amplification within S-band optical range
Motion detection using normal optical flow
Method and apparatus for capacity increase and enhanced communications performance in CATV networks
Light source mechanism for an imaging apparatus
Light-producing warning device for skateboard
Inflatable figure assembly
Vehicle headlight discharge lamp
Light emitting diode reflector
System and method for analyzing filesystems to detect intrusions
Base for ammunition intended to receive an electrical igniter squib
Composite card
Androgen receptor modulators and methods for use thereof
Reaction injection moldable compositions, methods for making same, and resultant golf articles
Polypropylene fibres
High modulus polyether sulfone compositions with improved impact
Solid polymer dispersions and method for their preparation
High solids hBN slurry, hBN paste, spherical hBN powder, and methods of making and using them
Optical fiber cable and a method of fabricating the cable
Negative strand RNA viral vector having autonomous replication capability
Nucleic acids encodings equine GM-CSF
Porous drug matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Topical compositions containing extracellular products of Pseudomonas lindbergii and Emu oil
Apparatus for growing cells in culture under shear stress and/or strain
Antibody compositions for preparing enriched mesenchymal progenitor preparations
Artificial cornea
Aliphatic polyester microfibers, microfibrillated articles and use thereof
Linearisation and modulation device
Boat landing apparatus
Structures of polymers made from single site catalysts
Method for making a multi-layer plastic container having a carbon-treated internal surface
Method of demetallizing a web in an etchant bath and web suitable therefor
Apparatus and method for transferring labels from a label magazine for in-mold labeling prior to blo...
Wet-skin treatment compositions
Method of removing wrinkles from fabric
Ultrasonic probe including pointing devices for remotely controlling functions of an associated imag...
Golf club with attached training wheel
Ligand and complex for catalytically bleaching a substrate
Golf ball
Aqueous dispersion of addition polymer particles
Photocuring resin compositions, photocuring sheets and molded article using the same, and processes ...
Method of making coated chewing gum products containing various antacids
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Increasing skin cell renewal with water-soluble Vitamin E
Combination tanning and antifungal topical system for treating tinea versicolor
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Intermediate transfer type image forming apparatus and method thereof
Automatic call making system and a mobile radio terminal
Polyacrylamide medium for the electrophoretic separation of biomolecules
Eyeglass temple holders for attaching to opposite sides of headwear
Fork lift truck with elastic bearing
Somatic cell gene therapy
Rate control strategies for speech and music coding
Liquid detergent compositions comprising quaternary nitrogen-containing and/or zwitterionic polymeri...
Structures useful as cleaning sheets
Method of applying nanoparticles
Image carrier and writing electrodes, method for manufacturing the same, and image forming apparatus...
Catalytic oxidation of alkanes to corresponding acids
Pigments treated with organosulfonic compounds
Method for carbonylation of lower alkyl alcohols using tungsten promoted group VIII catalyst
Solid pigment preparation for coloring seed/seed-dressing materials
Manufacture of cyclic ester oligomers
Metallic flake containing coating compositions having improved glamour
Method for producing holographic optical element comprising primary and complementary holograms and ...
Hydroxyl functional urethanes having a tertiary carbamate bond
Polyacetal resin composition and fragrance-emitting shaped article
Using read current transactions for improved performance in directory-based coherent I/O systems
System and method for providing forward progress and avoiding starvation and livelock in a multiproc...
Method and system for using a new bus identifier resulting from a bus topology change
Distributed framework for intertask communication between workstation applications
Direct message transfer between distributed processes
Ergonomic return springless manual air displacement pipette
Liquid-crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Footwear upper
Vehicle wheel mounting unit
Radial roller bearing, rotating apparatus using same and method of manufacturing the apparatus
Supporting roller set for tiltable support of a rotary drum
Wheel bearing device
Rolling guide apparatus
Hydrostatic bearing device
Stage device, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method and movement guidance method
Hand-held self defense device
Explosive device and method of using such a device
Air cannon
System and method for active control of recoil mechanism
Apparatus and method for measuring exit velocity of a gun round
Portable steam generating system
Universal Serial Bus datapump command interpreter
Large-scale, fault-tolerant audio conferencing in a purely packet-switched network
Optical interferometric modulator integrated with optical monitoring mechanism
Optical waveguide device and method of manufacturing the same
Echelle grating dense wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer
Optical memory apparatus and method
Flip-chip assembly for optically-pumped lasers
Ruggedized microchannel-cooled laser diode array with self-aligned microlens
Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents in combination with prostaglandin FP receptor agonists...
Method of treating dry eye disorders
Prolonged-action eye drop
Thermal recording system for post-heating a thermosensitive recording medium and method therefor
Sports ball with floating cover
Memory testing method and apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
Thin absorbent core made from folded absorbent laminate
Absorbent composite
Methods and apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Semiconductor processing apparatus having lift and tilt mechanism
Admission control of multiple adaptive and elastic applications
Leucanthemum plant named `Angel`
Golf ball comprising silicone materials
Method of manufacturing phenol by direct oxidation of benzene
Process for producing propylene oxide
Knowledge-based process for the development of materials
Process for producing propylene oxide
Silane containing polishing composition for CMP
Polyarylene compositions with enhanced modulus profiles
Method for manufacturing display panel having reduced wall thickness and display panel having reduce...
Electrooptic device, manufacturing method therefor with visual confirmation of compression bonding t...
Modulation circuit, image display using the same, and modulation method
Triphenylamine derivative and organic electroluminescence device comprising the same
Nutritional composition for the treatment of connective tissue
Communication control method and equipment for implementing the same
Semiconductor laser array and its manufacturing method, optical integrated unit and optical pickup
Synchronous dynamic random access memory
Semiconductor memory device having redundancy system
Packet-based integrated circuit dynamic random access memory device incorporating an on-chip row reg...
Ferroelectric storage device
Method of forming a forgery-preventive image and apparatus therefor
Electrically conductive member and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Print media supply identification for a copier or printer
System and method for conditioning a toner before development
Detection and verification of scanning attributes
Inbred maize line NP2073
Genetic transformation method for zoysiagrass
Cell insulation blanket with phase change material, and method of making
Process for the production of a coil made of a high temperature superconductor material, and a high-...
Multi-disciplinary educational tool
Backprinting image prints
System and methods for scheduling and tracking events across multiple time zones
Tennis stroke training apparatus
Casino gambling apparatus with person detection
Gaming terminal data repository and information distribution system
Electrical cable having indicating malfunction means therein
Process for production of sulfur compounds
Insect repellant compositions
Method of treating hair loss using sulfonyl thyromimetic compounds
Wearable folded map
Shipping envelope
Method and apparatus for detecting noise-like signal components
Cellular radio communication handover systems
System and method for an all digital communication system with a life line
Stable L-ascorbic acid composition
Treatment of skin with adenosine or adenosine analog
Cellulite reduction tool
Explosives disrupter
Antimicrobial quinolones, their compositions and uses
Stain removal pen with optimal application device
Synthetic porous crystalline MCM-71, its synthesis and use
Optical fiber with large effective area, low dispersion and low dispersion slope
Mode-selective facet layer for pump laser
Single parameter gain slope adjuster for an optical system
Fiber ring amplifiers and lasers
Method of producing paraffin wax for aqueous dispersion polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene and me...
Automated check processing system and method
Acoustic encapsulating system for hard drives
Process for treating by-product of polyarylene sulfide
Use of adaptive resonance theory to differentiate network device types (routers vs switches)
Organic compounds
Cloning and expression of a novel acetylcholine-gated ion channel receptor subunit
Inhibition of cellular proliferation by oligonucleotide binding to a chromosomal binding site for p5...
Protection against ischemia and reperfusion injury
Method and apparatus for making an integrated circuit using polarization properties of light
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor circuit system
Apparatus and method for signal skew characterization utilizing clock division
Method for generating expect data from a captured bit pattern, and memory device using same
Information recording sheet and method of manufacturing information recording sheet
Thermally sensitive recording medium
Process for azo coupling reaction using diazonium salt and coupler having releasing group, and recor...
Thermally developable materials with improved speed and contrast and methods of use
Heat-sensitive recording material
Method of forming image on card and apparatus therefor
Connecting devices for catheters, perfusion equipment and systems for perfusing or draining liquids ...
Cantilever push tab for an intravenous medical device
Corewire securement system
Orthogonal arterial catheter
Flushable hub
Method and system for administering a medication
Retractable catheter systems
Electrical igniter cap
Electrical igniter of a pyrotechnical gas generator
System for providing rapid warm-up of electrical resistance igniter
Electrical plug connection on a pyrotechnical gas generator provided with an electrical igniter
Electrical igniter for gas lighter
Ground connection monitoring for airbag electrical igniter circuit
Case base for large-caliber ammunition
Stress modulator ring and microgrooved base for an ammunition cartridge having a plastic case
Method and system for testing reliability attributes in disk drives
Disk cartridge data storage apparatus
Disk device
Magnetic head having magnetoresistance device and recording/reproducing apparatus incorporating the ...
Magnetic devices with a ferromagnetic layer having perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and an antiferr...
GMR coefficient enhancement of a spin valve structure
Magnetic head assembly with electrostatic discharge (ESD) shunt/pads seed layer
Synthetic free layer structure for MRAM devices
Material delivery system for clean room-like environments
Method for accessing data storage locations having addresses within a hidden logical address range
Disk drive using offset data sectors
Bi-directional decodable Reed-Solomon codes
Magnetic recording medium underlayer and method for obtaining a desired lattice parameter therefor
Sulfidization of sulfide ores for hydrometallurgical extraction of copper and other metals
Acidophile archaeal organism
Recovery of nickel and copper from sulphide concentrates by bioleaching
Method, device and use of said method for biological elimination of metal elements present in an ion...
Column reactor for testing and evaluating refractory ores
Composition and method for diagnosing auto-immune hepatitis