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Method for inhibiting fibrogenesis
Method for producing a quality assured biological sample and composition containing the same
Dietary supplements beneficial for the gastrointestinal system
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Method and device for determining a regularity
Value-added electronic messaging services and transparent implementation thereof using intermediate ...
Correspondent-centric management email system uses message-correspondent relationship data table for...
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor integrated circuit dev...
Memory cell array divided into a plurality of subarrays arranged in matrix form
Medicinal implant and device and method for loading and delivering implants containing drugs and cel...
Compositions and methods for treating bone deficit conditions
Methods and compositions for poly-.beta.-1-4-N-acetylglucosamine cell therapy system
Method for controlling molecular weight of polyhydroxyalkanote constituted on units containing resid...
Amphipathic aldehydes and their uses as adjuvants and immunoeffectors
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising TGF-beta
Implantable article
Bone fixation system with radially extendable anchor
Guidance system
Electrical test probe wedge tip
Control system for vertical take off and land (VTOL) aircraft
Method to improve optical parametric oscillator beam quality
Use of GLP-1 analogs and derivative adminstered peripherally in regulation of obesity
Thin wall package for use within a reusable cartridge
Bypass valve
Polymeric foam reservoirs for an electrotransport delivery device
Compounds and methods of use to treat infectious diseases
Synthesis of (+/-)-2-((dimethylamino)methyl)-1-(aryl)cyclohexanols
Stereospecific enrichment of heterocyclic enantiomers
Crystal modification C of 8-cyano-1-cyclopropyl-7-(1S,6S-2,8-diazabicyclo-[4.3. 0]nonan-8-yl)-6-fluo...
Neuropeptide Y antagonists
Oligospirostanoside, pharmaceutical composition containing novel oligospirostanoside and method for ...
Liquid electrophotographic printer and printing method
Optical repeater using two mode-locked laser diodes for regenerating output pulses of same wavelengt...
Apparatus for and methods of sensing evanescent events in a fluid field
Multiple data manipulation algorithms for text quality enhancement
Single laser transmitter for Q-switched and mode-locked vibration operation
Surface emitting laser diodes with enhanced higher order spatial modes and/or filamentation
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
Silicon-based blocking agents suitable for fluorous phase synthesis
In-situ methods for analyzing target sequences using linear beacons
Atropisomers of asymmetric xanthene fluorescent dyes and methods of DNA sequencing and fragment anal...
Internally referenced competitive assays
Tanning preparation for the skin
Method of preparing a sensor array
Plant treatment material and method
Modular subsea control system
Method and apparatus for providing high contrast imaging
Bangle watch bracelet
Decorative band
Finger ring
Reminder bracelet
Method and air separator for classifying charging material reduced in size
Bi-directional short pulse ring laser
Sealed exhaust chemical oxygen-iodine laser system
Gas laser with cooled coaxial electrode tubes
Preionization arrangement for gas laser
Device and method for providing security for a computer software program
Method and apparatus for transmitting video and graphics in a compressed form
Multi-tiered incremental software updating
Method and apparatus for efficient interface method dispatch
Loop allocation for optimizing compilers
System and method for determining program complexity
Method and system for periodic trace sampling for real-time generation of segments of call stack tre...
High performance computing system for distributed applications over a computer
Secure execution of program code
Linear ignition fuze with shaped sheath
Multi-layered sealant
Conductive epoxy resin compositions, anisotropically conductive adhesive films and electrical connec...
Polyimide hybrid adhesives
Photo-polymerizable compositions and articles made therefrom
Epoxy/thermoplastic photocurable adhesive composition
Hot-melt adhesive composition, heat-bonding film adhesive and adhering method using hot-melt adhesiv...
Film-type adhesive for electronic components, and electronic components bonded therewith
Heat sealable coated textile fabric for inflatable vehicle restraint systems and method for producin...
Luminescent electroconductive adhesive
Two part epoxide adhesive with improved strength
Curable episulfide systems having enhanced adhesion to metal
PWM converting circuit, D/A converter and PWM converting method with improved resolution
Circuit and method of direct duty cycle current sharing
Electronic siren
Power booster amplifier
ZVS/ZVT resonant choke with voltage clamp winding
Synchronous rectifier self gate drive for zero voltage switching power conversion circuits
Emergency power supply
Power transmitting apparatus with a torque converter
Transit-time difference type ultrasonic flowmeter
Digital/analog converter with programmable gain
Current mode DC/DC regulator having function for detecting input and output of current and voltage
Gas flow device
Determining suitable ventilator settings for patients with alveolar hypoventilation during sleep
Monitoring fluid flow in a pressure support system
Apparatus and method for providing a breathing gas employing a bi-level flow generator with an AC sy...
Cleaning system for UV disinfection module/reactor
Method and apparatus for protein manipulation
Methods for screening compound libraries
Article and method for producing extremely small pore inorganic membranes
Method of cyanide salt production
Method for producing autologous platelet-rich plasma
Water treatment method for reducing levels of Cr+6
Method and apparatus for optical media access protection in a passive optical network
Seal arrangement
Gas lubricated barrier seal
Secondary seal with mechanical gas seal
Temperature-controlled torquetransmitting; magnet coupling system
Pressure responsive primary ring geometry for a non-contacting mechanical end face seal
Non-contacting mechanical face seal
Carbon composite mateiral for tribological applications
Enhanced biologically based chronotropic biosensing
Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases
Induction of resistance to virus diseases by transformation of plants with a plant virus replicase g...
Transgenic mouse expressing the human cyclooxygenase-2 gene and neuronal cell cultures derived there...
Recovery of minor components and refining of vegetable oils and fats
Database system including computer code for predictive cellular bioinformatics
Portable hearing-related analysis system
Fixing unit and image forming apparatus
Optical device utilizing optical waveguides and mechanical light-switches
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting element
Electric water heater with pulsed electronic control and detection
Methanol-decomposing catalyst and methanol-decomposing apparatus comprising same
Self-healing flexible photonic composites for light sources
Metal-air fuel cell battery systems having mechanism for extending the path length of metal-fuel tap...
Electrical resistance reduction method for thermosetting conductive epoxy contacts in integrated lea...
Method for detecting heat exchanger tube failures and their location when using input/loss performan...
Integrated circuit chip cooling structure with vertical mounting through holes
Heat dissipation device
Piezoelectric actuated jet impingement cooling
Fan-securing device for use with a heat transfer device
Cooling unit having a heat-receiving section and a cooling fan, and electronic apparatus incorporati...
Fin heat sink and airflow tube assembly employing annular airflows, and methods of fabrication there...
Processing method for motion measurement
Multifunctional mobile appliance
Method for identifying faults in a branched optical network
Apparatus and method for directing optical signals using a movable optical switching element
Optical switch for reciprocal traffic
Method and apparatus for switching an optical beam
Time slot tunable all-optical packet data demultiplexer
Steering wheel torque based detection of misalignment of a vehicle steering system
System and method of automatically determining the onsets and ends of cardiac events and far-field s...
Apparatus for the automatic performance of diagnostic and/or therapeutic actions in body cavites
Tunable filter
Compliant push/pull connector microstructure
Reversible optical circulator utilizing a bi-morphic piezoelectric apparatus
Methods of diagnosing breast cancer, compositions, and methods of screening for breast cancer modula...
Methods of reducing .beta.-amyloid polypeptides
Assay device processing instrument
Method and apparatus for reading fluorescence
Method for forming molecular layers having high density of primary amine group on solid supports
Ratchet wrench
Integrated process tool monitoring system for semiconductor fabrication
Flight control system
Target designation system
Method and control arrangement for adjusting a flap that is pivotally supported in a rotor blade of ...
Device for a space vessel
Asonic aerospike engine
Virtual reaction wheel array
Color parametric and composite maps for CT perfusion
Digital processing apparatus for variable image-size enlargement with high-frequency bandwidth synth...
Locally adapted histogram equalization
Ultrasonic image processing method and system for displaying a composite image sequence of an artery...
Broadband spectroscopic rotating compensator ellipsometer
Surface plasmon resonance enzyme sensor
Coupling elements for surface plasmon resonance sensors
Method and device for the spectral analysis of light
Method for accessing the left atrium of the heart by locating the fossa ovalis
Hybrid optical delivery system for photoplethysmography
Wettable and erosion/oxidation-resistant carbon-composite materials
Electronic amusement device and method for propagating a performance adjustment signal
Method and apparatus for issuing coupons for a gaming machine
Gaming machines with bonusing
Casino bonus game using player strategy
Apparatus for treating fluids
Sealed compressor housing with noise reduction features
Piston pump
Fan blower assembly with one-piece air diffuser and bayonet-style end cap
Oil-free air compressor
Gerotor pump having an eccentric ring housing with an integral pressure chamber
Easy install musical instrument string system
Method, apparatus, and product for optimizing compiler with rotating register assignment to modulo s...
Method and apparatus for directly booting a RAID volume as the primary operating system memory
Method for reducing coherent misses in shared-memory multiprocessors utilizing lock-binding prefetch...
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Reaction process in hybrid reactor for propylene ammoxidation
Regeneration of hydrogen sulfide sorbents
Layered oligomerization catalyst system
Device for injecting a hydrocarbon charge
Method of treating colonic adenomas
System and method for linking video, services and applications in an interactive television system
Scriptor and interpreter
Creating an electronic dictionary using source dictionary entry keys
Dynamic content database for multiple document genres
Recording/reproduction device, semiconductor memory, and memory card using the semiconductor memory
Heteroarylcarboxamide compounds active against protein tyrosine kinase related disorders
Two-color differential display as a method for detecting regulated genes
Rnase P polypeptides, polynucleotides, and methods using their mechanisms of action
Human galactosyltranferases
Aqueous colloidal dispersions of sulfonated polyurethane ureas and products
Stabilization and acoustic activation of polymeric micelles for drug delivery
Herbal chemical composition for the treatment of cancer
Trioxane derivatives
Method and device for finding a parked vehicle
System and method for interfacing mobile units using a cellphone
System and method for compressing data
Method of optimizing traffic content
Skid steer vehicle having anti-rolling system
Data organization and management system and method
Detergent composition and method for removing soil
Lubricating oil compositions
Elastomeric hat blocking form
Solid-shaped detergent
Device and method for generating a liquid detergent concentrate from a solid detergent and a method ...
Lubricating oil composition
Method and apparatus for the detection of foreign materials in moving textile materials
Computer assisted radiotherapy dosimeter system and a method therefor
Optical link with reduced four-wave mixing
Method of creating a photonic via using fiber optic
Optical device and a making method thereof
Optical fiber winding tool
Multi-level waveguide
Providing fault coverage of interconnect in an FPGA
High power, high luminous flux light emitting diode and method of making same
Lactuca sativa cultivar, `Thermo Cos`, exhibiting resistance to lettuce drop (Sclerotinia minor) and...
Lactuca sativa cultivar exhibiting resistance to lettuce drop (Sclerotinia minor) and tipburn
Dental impression material utilizing ruthenium metathesis catalyst
Digital broadcast receiving system in information processor
Interactive system and method for generating metadata for programming events
Orally administrable compositions comprising cation cross-linked polysaccharide and a polymer digest...
Cosmetic formulation
Physical vapor deposition of radiopaque markings on a graft
Stent coating device
Prophylactic therapeutic and industrial antioxidant compositions enhanced with stabilized atomic hyd...
Herbal formulation
Method for improving morbid dermatitis by inhibiting activity of a plasminogen activator in the skin
Cosmetic composition for stressed skin under extreme conditions
Whole-body optical imaging of gene expression and uses thereof
Skin friendly antiperspirant composition and method of making
Fully implantable neurostimulator for cavernous nerve stimulation as a therapy for erectile dysfunct...
Signal processing apparatus
Method for combining automated detections from medical images with observed detections of a human in...
Dynamic evaluation logic system and method
Method and system for bit error structure measurements of data transmission channels
Independent remote computer maintenance device
Exception handling with reduced overhead in a multithreaded multiprocessing system
Method, system, and program for expanding the storage space in an array of storage units
System and method for populating cache servers with popular media contents
System for controlling an anti-lock braking system for motor vehicles having all-wheel drive
Method for the restraint of a vehicle occupant
Control system and method for controlling vehicle-occupant protecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for preserving calibration data in a vehicle seat occupant detection system
Distance measuring device for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for determining a sampling plan based on process and equipment fingerprinting
Method of manufacturing spatial light modulator and electronic device employing it
Magnetics impedance element having a thin film magnetics core
Electron-source array and manufacturing method thereof as well as driving method for electron-source...
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having active element connected to an electrode metal pad via a barrier metal l...
Human aggrecanase and nucleic acid compositions encoding the same
Assay to indicate the presence of non-fertilizable ova
Diagnostic assay for endometriosis
Annexin proteins and autoantibodies as serum markers for cancer
Radio frequency (RF) heating system
Robot apparatus and behavior deciding method
Parallel kinematics mechanism with a concentric spherical joint
Process for manipulating components, a microtool for implementing the process, and a process for man...
Single solution bonding formulation
Surface-modified semiconductive and metallic nanoparticles having enhanced dispersibility in aqueous...
Prevention of loss and restoration of bone mass by certain prostaglandin agonists
Intelligent sociable computer systems
Flotation method
Devices and method for chemical reactive filtration
Method and system for reducing the viscosity of crude oil employing engine exhaust gas
High-speed memory controller for pipelining memory read transactions
DMA controller which optimizes transfer rate of data and method therefor
Developing apparatus featuring first and second developing systems
Camera to which external strobe device is detachably attachable
Variable power lens barrel and camera
Image processing apparatus and method for processing images with different scalabilites
Image processing method and apparatus, and storage medium
Slurry hydrocarbon synthesis with isomerization zone in external lift reactor loop
Finned heat sinks
Process for joining metals
Force sensing apparatus
Thermal compensation for optical apparatus
Electric heating cloth and method
Micro-electro mechanical system
Distribution strip for absorbent products
Disposable absorbent articles comprising microporous polymer films with registered graphics
Method for production of diaminodiphenylmethanes
Temperature insensitive fiber-optic torque and strain sensor
Method for determining no gas
Process for preparing 1,4-dihydropyridine compounds
Process for the preparation of 1-benzyl-4(5,6-dimethoxy-1-indanon)-2-yl) methyl piperidine hydrochlo...
Rearview mirror constructed for efficient assembly
Mirror-based audio system for vehicle
Vehicle mirror system with vehicle heading sensor assembly
Rearview mirror assembly with information display
Exterior rear view mirror integral warning light
Modified silicon-based UV absorbers useful in crosslinkable polysiloxane coatings via sol-gel polyme...
Vitreous filler for plastic materials and resins and method for obtaining same
Laser processing method to a glass substrate and an optical diffraction element obtained thereby, an...
Polishing formulations for SiO2-based substrates
Loom beams
Pigment dispersions containing dispersants prepared by controlled radical polymerization having hydr...
Lightweight heat-insulating building material having frost resistance
Flux-cored wire for gas shielded arc welding
Dispersions of alumina hydrate
Titania-coated honeycomb catalyst matrix for UV-photocatalytic oxidation of organic pollutants, and ...
Carbon tips with expanded bases grown with simultaneous application of carbon source and etchant gas...
Photolithographic method and UV transmitting fluoride crystals with minimized spatial dispersion
Optical member made of silica glass, method for manufacturing silica glass, and reduction projection...
Solvent extraction
Transmitter architecture having a secondary phase-error correction loop including an amplitude recon...
Agent status viewing system and method
Method, system and program for conditionally controlling electronic devices
Universal interface for implantable medical device data management
Watermarked business cards and methods
System for communicating with electronic equipment
Handbag or the like with covered, transparent wall
Sectored array antenna CDMA system for improved softer handoff
Imidazol-4-ylmehanols and their use as inhibitors of steroid C17-20 lyase
Ballast safety circuit
Process control using three dimensional reconstruction metrology
Robotic scrub nurse
Movable robot
Method and system for remote control of mobile robot
Method and system for controlling drive of a robot
Liquid handling robot for well plates
Equipment which can be used by an industrial robot for gripping workpieces or assemblies being proce...
Equipment which can be used by an industrial robot for gripping workpieces or assemblies being proce...
System and method for populating forms with previously used data values
System and methods for spacing, storing and recognizing electronic representations of handwriting, p...
System and method for emulating the operation of a translation look-aside buffer
System and method for managing a serial port
Single mode dispersion compensating optical fiber
Automotive vehicle control system
Data input device
Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
Integrated occupant protection system
Sensor system for buried waste containment sites
Vent plug for environmentally controlled housing for gas monitoring system
Hand tool handle
Dual folding saw
Dual folding saw
Cutlery spoon
Cutlery carousel
Cutlery carousel
Apparatus and method for measuring surface shape
Process of lactonization in the preparation of statins
E-marker device with cord and plug attachment
Containment cuvette for PCR and method of use
Antigen-specific IgG detection
Meter and method of using the meter for determining the concentration of a component of a fluid
Aspirating and mixing of liquids within a probe tip
Methods of identifying agents that affect cleavage of amyloid-.beta. precursor protein
Blends and alloys of polycyclic polymers
Random microembossed receptor media
White, biaxially oriented polyester film with cycloolefin copolymer (COC), process for producing the...
Method for recognition of signal errors
Apparatus and method for establishing a data communication interface to control and configure an ele...
Method of optimizing design of an HVAC air-handling assembly for a climate control system
Test needle for pattern adapter of circuit board tester
Electric clamp
Redundant system for assembly of electronic components to substrates
Continuous positive displacement metering valve
Air manifold
Plastic clip construction
Flexible multi-section MRI radio frequency array coil
Method and apparatus for processing a high priority resource request in a system using a set of shar...
Contact arrangement for vacuum interrupter and vacuum interrupter using the contact arrangement
Continuous neat polymerization and ambient grinding methods of polyolefin drag reducing agents
Apparatus and method for forming a battery in an integrated circuit
Laser processing device and organic electroluminescent display panel using the same
Cross-linked sulphonated polymers and their preparation process
Generation of refined switching windows in static timing analysis
Electrical fault protection system
Technique to regulate an efficiency of a fuel cell system
Foamable coupling for lamp assembly and methods for using the coupling
Socket of pipe coupling for charging hydrogen
Upper lid of a coffee maker
Preparation of trans-thiazineindigo pigments
Microwavable food storage container
Method for image generation by magnetic resonance
Electric toothbrush
Point of purchase label construction
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus for internal combustion engines
Stenciling phosphor layers on light emitting diodes
Initiator system comprising an onium borate and a cyclic group containing photoinitiator
Method and scroll compressor for compressing a compressible medium
Skill mapping method and apparatus
Lead-free solder alloy powder paste use in PCB production
Portable device
Substituted N-( indole-2-carbonyl-) amides and derivatives as glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors
Process for preparing acarbose with high purity
N-[2-hydroxy-3-(1-piperidinyl)propoxy]pyridine-1-oxide-3-carboximidoyl chloride and its use in the t...
Succinate derivative compounds useful as cysteine protease inhibitors
Cyclic amine derivatives and use thereof
Tetrahydropyrimidone inhibitors of fatty acid binding protein and method
Method of decomposing organic halide
Bar code reader with an integrated scanning component module mountable on printed circuit board
Protection of software using a challenge-response protocol embedded in the software
Method of treating HIV infection by combined use of a cytotoxic agent and a non-nucleoside reverse t...
Method and apparatus for calculating correction value for thermal displacement in machine tool
Contrast delivery syringe with internal hydrophilic surface treatment for the prevention of bubble a...
System for encrypting broadcast programs in the presence of compromised receiver devices
Recording medium, playback apparatus and recording/playback apparatus thereof
Automatic design of VLIW processors
Electrostatic discharge countermeasure for docking cradles with exposed pins that connect to an acti...
Process for cleaning polymeric fouling from equipment
Pump as a pressure source for supercritical fluid chromatography involving pressure regulators and a...
Parallel turbo coder implementation
Dry bakery products and a process for their preparation
Products comprising corn oil and corn meal obtained from high oil corn
Hyperpolarized gas transport and storage devices and associated transport and storage methods using ...
Flexible pressure vessel, apparatus and method for making same
Method for determining average solution properties of macromolecules by the injection method
Natural and synthetic supplements to engineered annulus and disc tissues
Method of manufacturing ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer
Process for preparation of polyolefin/inorganic component nanocomposite by in-situ polymerization
Composite structures with fracture-tough matrix and methods for designing and producing the structur...
Sub-exterior electrical box waterproofing system
Electrochemical sensor using intercalative, redox-active moieties
Unattended delivery receptacle
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing convulsions or seizures
Methods and compositions controlling pests
Continuous, non-invasive technique for measuring blood pressure using impedance plethysmography
Method for stabilizing and reducing permeability of geologic or waste materials
Electrical fuse element
Process for preparing piperazinepentaneamide HIV protease inhibitors
Alloy for thin positive grid for lead acid batteries and method for manufacture of grid
Method for detecting a roller failure
Self propelled walking toy
User interface educational database system for monitoring proficiency, performance and evaluation of...
Vehicle-installed head-up display device
Personal electronic device notification system
Method and apparatus for rapidly estimating the doppler-error and other receiver frequency errors of...
Method and apparatus for interleaving an incoming stream of data blocks
Monitor network with advanced intelligent network (AIN) for electronic surveillance
Handheld mailing system
Method for reducing design effect of wearout mechanisms on signal skew in integrated circuit design
Medical tensioning system
Process for producing reclaimed expandable polystyrene resin particle
Antipicornaviral compounds, compositions containing them, and methods for their use
Verbena plant named `Kieversil`
Device for opening cover
Alstroemeria plant named `Sophie`
Drilling apparatus and method for single pass bolting
System and method for automatic voice message processing
Method for production of porous cross-linked polymer material
Method and apparatus for providing shared data to a requesting client
Inhaler for powdered medicaments
Insulin delivery enhanced by coached breathing
Method and apparatus for monitoring traffic in a network
Toy gun and glow in the dark projectile
Remote control apparatus and method of transmitting data to a host device
Combined marine entertainment system and depth sounder
Ferroelectric memory cell for VLSI RAM
Integrated semiconductor memory having memory cells in a plurality of memory cell arrays and method ...
Optical recording medium and recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus employing the optical...
Multi-room entertainment system with in-room media player
Controlled release microbiocide for porous surfaces
Color display tube with improved shadow mask
Optical fiber encoded with data signal
Conjugated diene rubber gel, rubber compositions containing the same and process for production of c...
Process for making wear-resistant coatings
Bleaching compositions
Aqueous developer for lithographic printing plates
Energy activated electrographic printing process
Embedded metal nanocrystals
Photoelectric conversion device and method of production thereof
Powder coating of epoxy-acrylic resin, polycarboxylic acid and crosslinked resin particles
Polyurethane foams having improved heat sag and a process for their production
Materials and method of making same for low ignition propensity products
Method of coating a shaped mineral article
Hydrophilic curable ethoxylated silicones
Formulations including hydrolyzed jojoba protein
Anti-dandruff and conditioning shampoos containing certain cationic polymers
Coloring agent comprising transition metals
Targeted delivery of active/bioactive and perfuming compositions
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising (meth)acrylic copolymers of four or more monomers
Zeolite ITQ-10
Fluid-membrane separation
Membrane process for separating sulfur compounds from FCC light naphtha
Methods for optimizing fischer-tropsch synthesis of hydrocarbons in the distillate fuel and/or lube ...
Biological electrode
System and method for providing user-configured telephone service in a data network telephony system
Validating a transaction with user voice authentication using wireless communications
Mobile phone system with host processor coordination and internal mobile phone accounting capabiliti...
Tariff determination in mobile telecommunications networks
Answer detection for IP based telephones using passive detection
Voice notification for a battery alarm in a network interface unit
Mobile handset with browser application to be used to recognize textual presentation
Low-wattage fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lamp and amalgam assembly therefor
Process for the removal of impurities from gas streams
Adsorbent compositions
Bromine biocide removal
Low-pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamp
System and method for the automatic recognition of relevant terms by mining link annotations
System and method of automatic discovery of terms in a document that are relevant to a given target ...
Method and apparatus for score normalization for information retrieval applications
Readership information delivery system for electronically distributed investment research
Method and apparatus for measuring congestion in a partitioned region
Efficiently navigating a workbook linked to a database
Method of design for testability, test sequence generation method and semiconductor integrated circu...
Electronic file management system
Method and apparatus for generating object-oriented world wide web pages
Method and apparatus for classifying equipment in asset management database
Broadcast reception device and contract management device using common master key in conditional acc...
Integrated circuit and smart card comprising such a circuit
Authentication method and system employing secret functions in finite Abelian group
Sender driven certification enrollment system
Halo hanger
Barrel cover
Faceted cleaner blade for conveyor belts
Electric vacuum cleaner
Steam sprayer
Rescue system for rescuing occupants from a high structure
Cheese ripening process
Biological production of stable glutamine, poly-glutamine derivatives in transgenic organisms and th...
Fiber receptor-independent system for the propagation of adenoviral vectors
Dried blood factor composition comprising trehalose
Holly plant named `Hachfee`
Miniature rose plant named `POULra015`
Holly plant named `Heckenstar`
Verbena plant named `Sunmariro`
Composition and article for reduced food adhesion
Method of producing fractions containing a high concentration of milk basic cystatin and decompositi...
Composition suitable for preparing an oil in water emulsion
Meat emulsion product
Hopped malt beverage having enhanced light stability
Fall protection lanyard apparatus
Automatic negotiation of an internet protocol address for a network connected device
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmitting medium
Surfing friendly multicasting arrangement
Method and system for publishing an electronic file attached to an electronic mail message
Systems and methods for matching participants to a conversation
Method of extracting digital watermark information and method of judging bit value of digital waterm...
Types-based, lossy data embedding
Method and apparatus for facilitating scalability during automated data processing
Method and apparatus for quality of service translation
Method and system for identifying data locations associated with real world observations
Image processing system and image processing method
Web site management in a world wide web communication network through reassignment of the server com...
Method and system for implementing a preferred parts plan over a communications network
Method of providing access to photographic images over a computer network
Authorizing the production of visual images from digital images
Polyethylene blends
Plants, seeds and oils having an elevated total monounsaturated fatty acid content
Adhesives for thermally shrinkable films or labels
Highly flexible starch-based films
Method for the fractionation of molasses
Membrane filtration for thickening and starch washing in corn wet milling
Admixtures for mineral binders based on hydrogenated disaccharide, admixture-containing mineral bind...
Corrugating adhesive
Cabinet of electronic device for housing electronic components and electronic device having the cabi...
Haptic interaction with video and image data
Sensory monitor with embedded messaging element
Concentric control system for exercise apparatuses and method thereof
Pull-tab manufacturing and distribution system and method
Presentation devices with indexed holders
Microparticle taggant systems
Transparent hologram seal
Method for assessing the phase angle of a camshaft of an internal combustion engine, in particular f...
System and method for selecting a camshaft in an engine having dual camshafts
Method of gradual stopping control of an internal combustion engine
Method and system of improving engine braking by variable valve actuation
VCT lock pin having a tortuous path providing a hydraulic delay
Method and apparatus for exhaust gas posttreatment in internal combustion engines
System and method for controlling dual camshafts in a variable cam timing engine
Interactive toy teapot
Toy railway liquid transfer facility
Bodyslammers toy racing vehicles
Three wheeled wireless controlled toy stunt vehicle
Doll and tubular clothing
Method for providing time using a multiple-clock model and a clock system using such a model
Pulmonaria plant named `Pink Haze`
Stackable landscape edging and methods of manufacturing and using same
System and method for managing return channel bandwidth in a two-way satellite system
Hierarchical RAID system including multiple RAIDs and method for controlling RAID system
Systems and methods to ensure that a threshold game result is possible
Mobile communications apparatus adapted for executing computer game programs
Game system and program
Method of automatic continuous calibration for an electric compass
Wavelet compression of gravity correction data
Method of shortening a working and setting time of a calcium phosphate cement (CPC) paste
Longitudinally coupled surface acoustic wave filter with linearly weighted reflectors
Correlator co-processor for CDMA RAKE receiver operations
Protection circuit for a fluorescent lamp
Robot remote controlling apparatus and robot apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Searching and filtering content streams using contour transformations
Implantable cardiac coronary sinus lead having a defibrillation electrode of split configuration and...
Ultrasound driven devices for accelerated transfer of substances across porous boundaries
Gas diffusion electrode with nanosized pores and method for making same
Multiprocessor system
Image recording apparatus and method with improved image transfer characteristics
Data communication apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a fixing device
Method and apparatus for safely operating radiation generators in while-drilling and while-tripping ...
Electronic apparatus using fuel cell assembly
Reagent for GPT assay
Diacylhydrazine derivatives
Effervescent granules and methods for their preparation
Delivery system for oral care compositions comprising organosiloxane resins using a removable backin...
Device for making mocha coffee
Production method for semiconductor crystal
Contrast media injection apparatus
Cyclic sugar ketones as catalysts for peroxygen compounds
Method of manufacturing articles utilizing a composite material having a high density of small parti...
Tongue cleaner inside toothbrush handle
Foldable display container and method for assembling the same
Stratified scavenging two-cycle engine with catalyst
Light source using a yellow-to-red-emitting phosphor
Use of tin derivatives as latent polycondensation catalysts, and premix containing them
System and method for insertion of prefetch instructions by a compiler
Co-based magnetic alloy and magnetic members made of the same
Broadcast reception device and contract management device using common master key in conditional acc...
Light weight and high strength fuselage
Lens sheet and producing method therefor
Container and lid assembly
Determination of approaching instruction starvation of threads based on a plurality of conditions
Cationic lipids
Network stack layer interface
Pancreas-derived plasminogen activator inhibitor
Stable salts of S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe) and the process for their preparation
Alkaline storage battery with group of spiral electrodes
Method for using and making a fiber array
Subterranean drainage device
Process for preparing monodisperse ion exchangers having chelating functional groups and the use the...
Information Search System for enabling a user of a user terminal to search a data source
Electrophoretic display device
Vehicle with on-board dieters' weight progress indentifying and control system and method
Mechanism for extending properties of virtual memory pages by a TLB
Heteroaryl phenyl pyrazole compounds as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Curcuma plant named `Laddawan`
Dual image viewfinder for camera
Laminated electric double layer capacitor module
Monoclonal antibody against estrogen stimulated leucine aminopeptidase
Configurable object for industrial control and monitoring networks
Biphenyl derivatives substituted with an aromatic or heteroaromatic radical, and pharmaceutical and ...
Protective cover for an inflatable towable vehicle
Automatically adjustable caisson clamp
Method and apparatus for analyzing an image to detect and identify patterns
Aerosol apparatus for health, hygienic and grooming needs
Method for administration of active substances to the olfactory region
Lead-free solder material having good wettability
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Method and apparatus for improving the safety of inflatable attractions and other inflatable devices
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having capacitor and via contact
System and method for enabling chip level erasing and writing for magnetic random access memory devi...
Follow-up monitoring method and system for implantable medical devices
Exposure control drive apparatus
Induction coil core, illumination unit using the same, and polycrystalline ferrite
Methods and systems for retrieval and digitization of records
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, program, program recording medium, embedded data,...
Method and system for improving voice quality in cordless communications
Nicotinamide biaryl derivatives useful as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Complex type correlator in CDMA system and initial synchronization acquiring method using the same
Apparatus and method for reading image, and computer-readable storage medium storing image processin...
System and method for setting a read/write offset and for recovering from data read errors
Object-oriented software development support apparatus and development support method
Fixing device and method for transfusing toner
Method and system for NMR using adiabatic RF pulses producing spatially quadratic phase
On chip programmable data pattern generator for semiconductor memories
Bis-phosphinimine catalyst
Method of cutting expanded graphite sheet material
Method of mobile telecommunications
Vehicular running control apparatus
Optical switch
Double strip mixing grid for nuclear reactor fuel assemblies
Apparatus for recovering decision-directed carrier
Load transfer unit and method for removing off-shore platform from substructure
Jack-up platform comprising a deck structure and a single supporting column, and method for installi...
Portable flotation platform for shallow bodies of water
Nitrosated and nitrosylated cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Treatment of tension-type headaches with NMDA receptor antagonists
Polydithicarbamate-containing non-targeting marcomolecules and the use thereof for therapeutic and d...
Apparatus and method for detecting and identifying infectious agents
Scanning-beam X-ray imaging system
Automated deposit processing system and method
Estimation, transmission, receipt, and presentation of vehicle specific environmental conditions and...
Electrode catalyst and electrochemical devices using the same
Bipolar plates for fuel cell and fuel cell comprising same
Preparation of polyethylene waxes
High throughput mechanical property testing of materials libraries using a piezoelectric
Gas specie electron-jump chemical energy converter
Supported metal membrane, a process for its preparation and use
Cell structure of liquid crystal device
Apparatus for protecting the edge geometry of an intraocular lens during glass bead polishing proces...
System, method and computer program product for performing a scissor operation in a graphics process...
Graphics system and method for processing multiple independent execution threads
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for boustrophedonic rasterization
Apparatus, method and product for treating teeth
Processing device for coffee beans
Polymer and process for producing polymer
DSP-11 dual-specificity phosphatase
Casting tool and method of producing a component
Inhalation device
Calculating spatial weights in a radio communications system
Safety toothpaste containers
Substituted pyridone compounds and methods of use
Display board system
Apparatus and method for planning and controlling production sequences
Delivery for a machine processing flat printing materials
Roller lock for releasably fastening a roller in a printing machine
Printing machine and atmospheric changing device therefor
Inking unit, particularly for an offset printing machine, having hard/hard smoothing roller configur...
Mechanism for actuating the throw-off of cylinders using eccentric boxes
Device for varying a cylinder's effective diameter
Refrigerator damper apparatus and refrigerator
Positive lock for infinite adjustable stroke mechanism
Flame-proof polyester molding compositions comprising hydrotalcite, red phosphorus and melamine cyan...
Method and system for organizing document information in a non-directed arrangement of documents
Method and apparatus for implementing a streaming two-dimensional digital image segmentation
RF coil system for an MR apparatus
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging system
Organic sol and solid compound based on cerium oxide and an amphiphilic compound and method for prep...
Semi-transparent graphic window for a real imaging system
Extendible and retractable lead
Method and system for collecting and retrieving time-series, real-time and non-real-time data
Control of merchant application by system monitor in virtual contact center
Wireless digital data transmission from a passive transceiver
Transmission security for wireless communications
Method of processing beam, laser irradiation apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor de...
Method for seamless networking support for mobile devices using serial communications
Toothbrush stand
Rendering of diagnostic imaging data on a three-dimensional map
Method and system for gradual cardiac training using an implantable medical device
Collapsible boat transport system
Method for the development of an HIV vaccine
Method for producing a nucleotide sequence construct with optimized codons for an HIV genetic vaccin...
Dielectric composition having increased homogeneity and insulation resistance, method of preparing t...
Implantable medical device with dual cell power source
Method for producing electrode for lithium secondary battery
C10 ester substituted taxanes
Adenosine receptor antagonists and methods of making and using the same
Method and system to provide material removal and planarization employing a reactive pad
Method and deregulated enzyme for threonine production
Method and apparatus for storage and retrieval of very large databases using a direct pipe
Transfer-free topical composition comprising a fluorinated silicone compound and its use
Compositions for metabolic protection and repair of lips
Highly light-scattering pigment mixture
Data transmission between connected modules wherein each module separately and directly communicatio...
Computer input device with individually positionable and programmable switches
Method for producing 2-Hydroxy-4-Methylthiobutanoic Acid
Method and apparatus for optical to electrical to optical conversion in an optical cross-connect swi...
Method for generating transition delay fault test patterns
Logic circuit design method and cell library for use therewith
Programmable multi-level track layout method and system for optimizing ECC redundancy in data storag...
Testing of policy prior to deployment in a policy-based network management system
Detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 1
Flat plate flaking device
Process for manufacturing a fermented food product using cell extracts
Single-stack tool rack
Method and apparatus for the automatic recognition of pneumothorax
Systems and methods for variable control of power dissipation in a pipelined processor
Process for the preparation of oligonucleotide compounds
Fluoropolymers and methods of applying fluoropolymers in molding processes
Coating composition comprising at least three components, it preparation and use
Chemically treated fillers and polymeric compositions containing same
Concrete and process to make same
Protective device for hoofed animals
Gem identification viewer
Gemstone marking system with a focus sensing unit for sensing relative disposition between a marking...
Process for placing one faceted stone inside a larger faceted stone to form a single jewelry stone
Free-cutting steel
Method of direct iron-making / steel-making via gas or coal-based direct reduction and apparatus
Process for producing welded steel pipes with a high degree of strength, ductility and deformability
Surface treated steel product prepared by tin-based plating or aluminum-based plating
Zinc phosphate-treated galvanized steel sheet excellent in corrosion resistance and color tone
Methods and systems for generating a quality enhancement project report
Accelerometer-based heart sound detection for autocapture
Method for the express diagnosis of the physiological condition of a biological object and device fo...
Medical testing telemetry system
Image data converting system and a storage medium thereof
Method and apparatus for trending and predicting the health of a component
Color image capturing system with antialiazing
Digital multifunctional apparatus and data terminal apparatus connected therewith
Interconnecting circuit boards using free space optics
Methods for forming separately optimized waveguide structures in optical materials
Rare earth doped optical waveguide and laser with optimal bending curves
Image processor
Simultaneous registration of multiple image fragments
Using time resolved light emission from VLSI circuit devices for navigation on complex systems
Intelligent electrical switching device
Fault tolerant led display design
Vehicle head light or auxiliary light assembly
Light-emitting diode with a structured surface
High-voltage lampholder with quick-connect contacts
Light string composed of light emitting diodes
Vehicular tracking device
Gloss coating on permeable surface imaging support
Substituted 5-aryl-2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2H-benzotriazole UV absorbers, compositions stabilized therew...
Modulated plasma glow discharge treatments for making superhydrophobic substrates
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Process for producing ethylene-.alpha.-olefin interpolymer films
Adhesive composition primarily intended for use in medical applications
Process for making multiphase polymeric film having a lamellar structure with controlled permeabilit...
Dendritic polyetherketone and heat-resistant blend of PVC with the same
Golf ball with high coefficient of restitution
Foamable vinyl chloride resin composition
Method of manufacturing flexible transparent polyvinyl chloride film without facial flow marks and p...
Abrasion-resistant two-material hinge pin in a modular plastic conveyor belt
TADG-15: an extracellular serine protease overexpressed in carcinomas
Method of forming regular array of microscopic structures on a substrate
Modular drainage channels
Rotary plastic blow molding system having in-mold labeling
Rotary in-mold labeling
Composition for treatment of infections of humans and animals
Method and apparatus for measurement and automatic control of acid concentration
Use of a NK-1 receptor antagonist and an antidepressant and/or an anti-anxiety agent for treatment o...
Swing assembly with a seat back adjustable between a horizontal position and an inclined position
Inflatable water slide
Suspended seat
Apparatus and method for cleaning residual toner from an image bearing member
Nonmagnetic one component developer and developing method
Eyeglass frame
Wet adhesion monomer and derived copolymers for latex paints
Gas flow muffling device
Clamping article and method
Method of tuning acoustical absorption in a vehicle interior
Exhaust pipe and muffler for motorcycle that does not heat discolor
Spiral acoustic waveguide electroacoustical transducing system
Unified memory system architecture including cache and directly addressable static random access mem...
Multi-tiered memory bank having different data buffer sizes with a programmable bank select
Method and apparatus for executing a program using primary, secondary and tertiary memories
Methods and apparatus for brokering transactions
Devices and methods for treating ischemia by creating a fibrin plug
Polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer containing in molecule unit with vinylphenyl structure in its side ch...
Human protein kinases and uses therefor
Vacuum operated cleaning accessory with roller brush
Optical coupling system
Method and system for minimizing transmission of optional parameters in an intelligent network envir...
Method of fabricating a fire detector
Automatic call director first in first out accessory
Combination low capacitance probe tip and socket for a measurement probe
Hydratable form of keratin for use as a soil amendment
Atovaquone pharmaceutical compositions
Scripture bracelet
Wristwatch band
Multiple element bangle bracelet
Round diamond bangle
Remote incremental program verification using API definitions
Firewall port switching
Caching pattern and method for caching in an object-oriented programming environment
Methods, systems and computer program products for management of preferences in a heterogeneous comp...
System for precluding repetitive accessing of Web pages in a sequence of linked Web pages accessed f...
Coated abrasive article
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
Curable compositions
Epoxy/acrylic terpolymer self-fixturing adhesive
Adhesive composition and precursor thereof
Aromatic cyanate ester silane coupling agents
Wear-resistant transportation surface marking method and materials
Protection of a plated through hole from chemical attack
Photosensitive resin composition, multilayer printed wiring board and process for production thereof
Adhesive sheet for noise and shock absorption, and saw blade making use of it, and manufacturing met...
Composition of epoxy resins and curing agent capable of being coarsened
Method for utilizing sulfuric acid/peroxide liquid mixture
Active acoustic piping
Filtration of pulp mill liquids
Filtration and purification method for aqueous acids
High bandwidth network and storage card
Tandem seal arrangement for mechanical face seals
Lip seal for a rotary shaft
Mechanical seal containing a sealing face with grooved regions which generate hydrodynamic lift betw...
Non-contacting, gap-type seal having a ring with a patterned seal face
Air injection tube and a method for air injection
Split mechanical face seal
Seal ring design
Tunable antenna for wireless communication terminals
Automatic stir-fry machine
Method for driving a fuel cell vehicle and fuel cell vehicle
Low energy and non-heat transferring crust breaking system
X-ray source provided with a liquid metal target
Electronic timepiece
Microcomponent including a capacitive component
Article comprising a casimir force modulator and methods therefor
Photonic mems and structures
Nanoscale vibrometric measurement apparatus and method
Wide field scanning laser obstacle awareness system
Multiband phased array antenna utilizing a unit cell
Resonator frequency correction by modifying support structures
Laser wavelength control unit with piezoelectric driver
Network telephone communication
Optical filter and optical device provided with this optical filter
Reversible ratchet-type wrench
Vehicle with bumper and deformation element
Fuel injection system with structurally biased relief valve
High pressure fuel pump
Scroll compressor with oil reservoir associated with motor protector
Centrifugal pump performance degradation detection
Pump utilizing dissimilar materials to compensate for temperature change
Short reverse rotation of scroll compressor at startup
Guitar pick holder
Lipolytic enzyme
Method for cleaning industrial pipe systems
Detergent feeding mechanism for a cleaning device
Method and system for channel masking in a communication network
Grating light valve with encapsulated dampening gas
Extracting a time-sequence of slides from video
Broadband antenna assembly of matching circuitry and ground plane conductive radiating element
Method and system for information transfer and replication between spatially distinct points via eng...
Method and apparatus for use of reacted hydrogen peroxide compounds in industrial process waters
Method of production of transgenic plants, wholly performed in the To generation, from meristems
Immunotoxins comprising ribosome-inactivating proteins
Information recording device and a method of recording information by setting the recording area bas...
Method of detecting termination of a bus transfer operation
Snapshot arbiter mechanism
Processing channel subsystem pending I/O work queues based on priorities
Method for allocating priorities to plurality of DMA engines for processing data packets based on bu...
Method and apparatus for organizing, storing and evaluating access control lists
Vehicular anti-theft system with brake line valve
Combined vehicle window control and child safety locking device
Forward carrier assembly for tandem axle
Transfer case for hybrid vehicle
Vehicles having parts connected with a sealing spring fastener comprising a closed cavity
Fixing control method and apparatus
Method of chemical recycling of polyethylene terephthalate waste
Process for producing perfluoro(vinyl ether) sulfonic acid derivative
Methods of preparing amino acid taxane derivatives and polymer conjugates containing the same
Vinylcyclohexane-based polymers
Contact lens
Degradable, amorphous, fluorochemical acrylate polymers
Apparatus for coupling multiple data sources onto a printed document
Graphics system having a super-sampled sample buffer and having single sample per pixel support
Mobile plant proximity detection and warning system
Wireless directed inventory system
Thermal imaging camera
Method and system for terminal communication
Point of use lighting controller
Autonomous multi-platform robot system
Automated chemical synthesis device
Apparatus and methods for parallel processing of multiple reaction mixtures
Automated processing system
Planarization system with multiple polishing pads
Press forming system for glass
Semiconductor laser element having excellent light confinement effect and method for producing the s...
Machining control system
Method and system for altering defects in a digital image
High availability platform with fast recovery from failure by reducing non-response time-outs
Method for allowing distributed high performance coherent memory with full error containment
Isochronous transfer mode on a universal serial bus with error correction algorithms
Method and apparatus for generating timeouts to a system based counting intervals supplied by a shar...
NMR data acquisition with multiple interecho spacing
Data storage medium with certification data
Method of monitoring microbe in water
Cache management using a buffer for invalidation requests
Process for producing oxirane compound
Method for treating hypocalcemia
Variable density fourier velocity encoding MR imaging
Articles with odor control
Bleach catalysts and formulations containing them
Cosmetic adhesive strip
Communication module having power supply requirement identification
MFENCE and LFENCE micro-architectural implementation method and system
Method and apparatus for developing multiprocessor cache control protocols using an external acknowl...
Method of detecting a source strobe event using change detection
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Frame for a sport article
Linear blind broaching machine
Rolling bearing cage
Constant velocity joint assembly with retention member
Retainer for rolling bearing
Bearing housing with measurement device
Edge welded sliding bearing
Sleeve bearing assembly system and method
Self-contained round having ring airfoil projectile and launcher therefor
Revolver cylinder configured to accommodate blanks and method for simulating firearm operation
In-system programmable flash memory device with trigger circuit for generating limited duration prog...
Method for magnetic transfer
Device for the optical transmission of signals
Planar waveguide amplifier
Method of producing a high quality, high resolution image from a sequence of low quality, low resolu...
Luminous intensity distribution control device and display having the same
Color image bar based spectrophotometer photodetector optical orientation
Flowable preparations of the W/O emulsion type with an increased water content
15-fluoro prostaglandins as ocular hypotensives
Methods and compositions to induce antitumor response
Adenoviral vectors for enhanced gene expression
Color changing composition and coloring polymeric articles made therefrom
Measurement system and method