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Method for manufacturing an optical device with a defined total device stress
Apparatus and methods for adaptive digital video quantization
Method, system and storage medium for providing a cross connect user interface
Method for packet transmission with error detection codes
Methods for the propagation of lytic organisms
Synthesis of polyisoprene with neodymium catalyst
Emulsion particles as reinforcing fillers
Rubber composition with silica reinforcement obtained with an amino acid or amino acid-containing pr...
Method and apparatus for manufacturing endless reinforced rubber articles
Tire building drum having expandable center section and independently expandable bead lock assemblie...
Tire tread
Universal spacer for tire building drum
Bead curing finger mold
Tire with apex rubber blend and method of making same
Method for manufacturing tires on a flexible manufacturing system
Apparatus and method for measuring tire balance on a force variation machine
Method of assembly an annular antenna to a transponder
Electrically conductive timing belt
Golf ball
Method and apparatus for rubber extruding
Golf ball
Golf club shaft
Printing blanket
Electroactive polymer transducers and actuators
Rubber composition for the sidewall of a tire and a pneumatic using the same
Golf ball printing method
Low molecular weight hydrogenated nitrile rubber
Articulated reinforcement structure and footwear provided with such a structure
Ankle strengthening therapeutic device and method
Method for the production of fitted footwear
Loop latch
Footwear storage rack
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Lacing system for skates
Wrinkled-tab-and-connector method for releasably binding paired articles together
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear with speed threshold indicative luminous signal generator and circuitry therefor
Side element of a shoe upper
Key hole midsole
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Modular powder coating booth
Invalid link recovery
Electronics for a shock hardened data recorder
Deflection yoke
Method and system for selectively controlling graphical pointer movement based upon web page content
Inspection method using penetrant and dielectrometer
Laser based electron beam gun
Method and apparatus for use with an electron gun employing a thermionic source of electrons
Ultra-low frequency acoustic transducer
System and method for identifying potentially life harming mailpieces in an incoming mail stream
Highly conductive thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gap filler
Taxonomic identification of pathogenic microorganisms and their toxic proteins
Method for stabilizing irregular structures
Regulated antigen delivery system (RADS)
Belt of nails for nailers
Compact deployment and retrieval system for a towed decoy utilizing a single cable employing fiber o...
Nozzle for use with high pressure fluid cutting systems having arcuate sides
Family of multi-speed planetary transmission mechanisms having three planetary gearsets, three clutc...
Family of multi-speed transmissions with a stationary planetary member and input clutches
Photomask and integrated circuit manufactured by automatically correcting design rule violations in ...
Photomask and integrated circuit manufactured by automatically eliminating design rule violations du...
System and method for eliminating design rule violations during construction of a mask layout block
Aircraft synthesis and systems evaluation method for determining and evaluating electrical power gen...
Programmable coriolis flow meter electronics for outputting information over a single output port
Method, apparatus and computer program product for creating ream section from memory data based on r...
Apparatus and method for testing jet engine fuel manifold flow distribution
Method of detecting in-range engine sensor faults
System and method for treatment of mood and/or anxiety disorders by electrical brain stimulation and...
Implantable cardiac stimulation device with automatic evoked response sensing electrode configuratio...
Developing device
Thermally wavelength tunable laser having selectively activated gratings
Semiconductor laser, ray module using the same and ray communication system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, memory module, storage device and the method for repairing ...
Magnetic memory
Embedded ROM device using substrate leakage
Systems and methods for resynchronization and notification in response to network media events
Distributed conference bridge
Method for executing commands on multiple computers of a network
Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio recordings with digital still frame images
Speech recognition method and apparatus utilizing segment models
Cluster and pruning-based language model compression
Application programming interface and generalized network address translator for translation of tran...
System and method for media streaming
Monitoring electronic component holders
Method and apparatus for scheduling workpieces with compatible processing requirements
Gaming device having a competition bonus scheme
Gaming device having transformable wild symbols or cards with wild signal indicators
Gaming machine souvenir
Applanation tonometer
Method and system for forming RF reflective pathways
Method and apparatus for deploying and tracking computers
Super wide angle zoom strobe apparatus and zoom compact camera having zoom strobe device
Image processing and manipulation system
Electro-optical para-axial distance measuring system
Image pick-up apparatus capable of focus detection
Electrostatic microactuator having a movable piece between a pair of statical members
Light-quantity adjusting apparatus and optical apparatus
Shoe and mount assembly to hold camera or camcorder
Creating a geographic database for network devices
Low power low voltage differential signal receiver with improved skew and jitter performance
On-demand overlay routing for computer-based communication networks
Active voltage level bus switch (or pass gate) translator
Circuit for testing an integrated circuit
Enhancing the stability of electrical discharges
Generating a signature to add to a test packet to achieve a target check value
Very high-speed digital RF clipper/modulator
Distributing ATM cells to output ports based upon destination information using ATM switch core and ...
Address selection circuit and semiconductor memory device with synchronous and asynchronous address ...
Threshold screening using range reduction
Cooling computer systems
Motion control system and method utilizing spline interpolation
Method and digital hearing device for detecting and/or removing errors arising in the transmission a...
Planning system for convergent radiation treatment
Wireless telecommunications system with a CDMA, FDMA and TDMA multiple access component, especially ...
Method for making multipoint connections between a plurality of terminal equipment of an H.323 data ...
Protection against folding and displacement for a flexible printed circuit board in a contact-making...
Device for reducing the noise level of a component with moving parts and for cooling the same
Bus brace comb assembly
Reduced tensioning time for electronically controlled switch contactors
Radio transmitter/radio receiver unit comprising a tuneable antenna
Radio-frequency antenna for a magnetic resonance system
Gradient coil system with first and second transverse gradient coil axially offset on a common cylin...
Jump bar shunt structure for power components
Generator electrical conductors
Intermediate base for a semiconductor module and a semiconductor module using the intermediate base
Method for drilling holes in a substrate
Wear and erosion resistant alloys applied by cold spray technique
Segmented handheld medical ultrasound system and method
Product care label for textiles and method for producing it
System and method for compressing data in a PDA
System and method for tracking memory leaks
Resource locking and thread synchronization in a multiprocessor environment
Hypertext analyzing system and method
System and method for distributing images to mobile phones
Inter-application data transmitting system and method
Method and system for transferring data between server systems
System for indicating when a program has been selected from a program guide display
Method and apparatus for ordering data processing by multiple processing modules
Method, apparatus and computer program product for editing in a translation verification test proced...
Method and system for generating structured data from semi-structured data sources
Readable information production system and digital content delivery system
Molecular memory device
Methods of forming regions of differing composition over a substrate
Charged particle processing for forming pattern boundaries at a uniform thickness
Compounds and methods for regulating bacterial growth and pathogenesis
Work piece and method for producing and utilizing said work piece
Ceramic composite and manufacturing method thereof
Heat exchanger for high purity fluid handling systems
Soy protein-containing imitation dairy compositions and methods of making
System and method for making enhanced cheese
Cleansing compositions with milk protein and aromatherapy
On-chip ADC test for image sensors
Cardioprotective phosphonates and malonates
Biochemical analysis data producing method, biochemical analysis data producing apparatus and stimul...
Sensors employing nanoparticles and microcavities
Preparation of pure citalopram
Electro-optical device, driving circuit and driving method of electro-optical device, and electronic...
Metal chelate-labelled peptides
Membrane translocating peptide drug delivery system
Method for the transformation of plant cell plastids
MRI system and MR imaging method
Ratchet mechanism
Material handler with electronic load chart
Olefin polymerization process
Display device
Semiconductor memory device
Lipid-based nitric oxide donors
Apparatus and method for inhibiting analysis of a secure circuit
Retrofittable power supply
Electrical cable having a hardgrade-epr insulation
Optical film and liquid crystal display using the same
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Structure for warming cups in a coffee maker
Method and system for robot localization and confinement
Defibrillation electrode assembly including CPR pad
Aqueous compositions of UV-active agents, their production and use
Reinforced polyester resins having increased toughness and crack resistance
Use of GPE to protect glial cells or non-dopaminergic cells from death from neural injury or disease
Semiconductor device having electrodes containing at least copper nickel phosphorous and tin
Active catalysts for stereoselective ring-opening reactions
Mechanical contact connection
Content-based multimedia retrieval method
Method and system for allocating persistent private network addresses between private networks
Portable communication device
Vacuum generating device
Bookmark system and method within an intelligent network
Electrode separator for deer repellent device
Hydraulic remote for a medical fluid injector
Grip tip of gripper for parts having different shape in surface mount device
Dry penetrating recording device
Memory storage disk handling system having a servo-driven elevator pin
Cradle for a communication device
Method and apparatus for saving calibration parameters for a removable cartridge
Process for preparing partial hydrolysates of organometallic compounds or transition metal catalysts...
Electrostatic deposition of particles generated from rapid expansion of supercritical fluid solution...
Apparatus and method for transporting information about broadcast programs
Perfume compositions
Human Tbx20 gene and uses
Methods and apparatus for characterizing lesions in blood vessels and other body lumens
Method and program for evaluating molecular similarity
Business-to-employee messaging system
Object type system for a run-time environment using generated high-order language instructions for g...
Context-sensitive constraint driven uniquification and characterization of standard cells
Method for preparing polyether polyol copolymer
High bone mass gene of 1.1q13.3
Towards increased shelf life for cobalt(III) schiff base complexes
Media guide rail base
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Graft polyols prepared by a continuous process
Multi-chip package having improved heat spread characteristics and method for manufacturing the same
Multiple polarization combiner-splitter-isolator and method of manufacturing the same
Method for removing photoresist
System and method for efficient distribution of application services to a plurality of computing app...
Plasma display panel having uniform space between substrates
System and method for low overhead boundary checking of java arrays
Memory and instructions in computer architecture containing processor and coprocessor
Integrated structure layout and layout of interconnections for an instruction execution unit of an i...
Cannula system
Reactor alloy of syndiotactic polystyrene having high impact resistance
Back for a seating structure
Program guide with a current-time bar
Low dielectric constant shallow trench isolation
Heater for temperature control integrated in circuit board and method of manufacture
Efficient method for producing compositions enriched in anthocyanins
Converting ocean energy into electrical energy using bourdon tubes and cartesian divers
Advertising system for callers to busy data service providers
Generator for a windmill, stator module for use in such a generator and use of such a generator
Breath actuated dry powder inhaler
Delivery of antiemetics through an inhalation route
Aluminum alloy with good cuttability, method for producing a forged article, and forged article
Programme retrieval system and method, and storage in which programme retrieval program is stored
Semiconductor memory and writing method and reading method for the same
Small area magnetic memory devices
Liquid-crystal display device
Aromatics purification from petroleum streams
Cable-free medical detection and treatment system
Reliability of redundant sequential circuits by cross-coupling individual circuit output signals bet...
Method of manufacturing image-forming apparatus
Reactivation of aromatics alkylation catalysts
Object oriented information handling system including an extensible instance manager
Photomask designing method, a photomask designing apparatus, a computer readable storage medium, a p...
Fabrication method for a semiconductor device with dummy patterns
Process and device for in-situ decontamination of a EUV lithography device
Display and method of manufacture
Method for encapsulating intermediate conductive elements connecting a semiconductor die to a substr...
Electrical die contact structure and fabrication method
Semiconductor device using a multilayer wiring structure
Three-level unitary interconnect structure
Sample preparation apparatus and method
Method for integrating passives on-die utilizing under bump metal and related structure
Semiconductor package having vertically mounted passive devices under a chip and a fabricating metho...
Method and apparatus for accessing internal nodes of an integrated circuit using IC package substrat...
Photodiode having an active region shaped in a convex lens
Semiconductor device with structure restricting flow of unnecessary current therein
Stacked gate flash memory device and method of fabricating the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device having a capacitor comprising an electrode with an iridium oxide film as an oxy...
Magnetoresistive memory device assemblies
Heterojunction field effect transistor
Adjuvant for a vaccine composition
Pox virus comprising DNA sequences encoding CEA and B7 antigen
Method of forming floating structure of substrate and method of manufacturing floating structure gat...
Method and system for selectively distributing luminescence material precursors
Transparent high strength polyamide film
Stabilzation method of nano-sized emulsion using tocopheryl derivatives and external application for...
System for producing patterned deposition from compressed fluid in a partially opened deposition cha...
Method of fabricating nano-tube, method of manufacturing field-emission type cold cathode, and metho...
Multi-piece solid golf ball
System for measuring, substantially instantaneously, the distance and trajectory traveled by a body ...
Golf putter attachment
Method of golf putter fitting
Windmill kite
Integrated power and attitude control system and method
Boom deploy system
Preforms for acute structural edges
Low-profile brake-in-spool aircraft arresting systems
Fin-stabilized artillery shell
Optical assembly with a detector and a laser
Projectile guidance with accelerometers and a GPS receiver
Friction stir welding as a rivet replacement technology
Digital interconnect of entertainment equipment
Game device in which the character representation changes corresponding to the value of a multi-leve...
Battery module
Coherent optical communication receiver of satellite optical communication system
Narrow band transmitting-receiving telescope system
Laser diode apparatus provided with an aiming beam and injection method therefor
Modifying birefringence in optical fibers
Laser plumbing and leveling instrument which adjusting height of horizontal line
Rotatable laser window with spring-loaded bearing
Long-pulse pulse power system for gas discharge laser
Gas laser
Dedusting unit for a laser optical element of a gas laser and method for assembling
Semiconductor laser device for use in a semiconductor laser module and an optical amplifier
Semiconductor laser structure and method of manufacturing same
High power distributed feedback ridge waveguide laser
High power semiconductor laser diode
Semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device having improved output power characteristics
Quantum dot vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Infrared generation in semiconductor lasers
Diode laser module and application equipment
Wavelength locker and wavelength discriminating apparatus
Method for in vitro diagnosis of endometriosis
Method of determining the nucleotide sequence of oligonucleotides and DNA molecules
Electronic systems and component devices for macroscopic and microscopic molecular biological reacti...
Ejection head for aggressive liquids manufactured by anodic bonding
Low molecular weight polyhydroxyalkanoate molding compositions
Insulated electric power cable
Method and means for curving sausage links
Method for preparing laminate for packaging material and laminate for packaging material
Dual extrusion snap closed ceiling sign hanger
Method and apparatus for treating breathing gases
Method for increasing the wear-resistance of a work piece
Pigment mixture
Thermosensitive recording material
Heat sensitive recording material
Adaptively modifying a read caching algorithm based upon the detection of a vibration state within a...
Transparent code update in an automated data storage library
Copy protection apparatus and method
External disk drive compatible with a serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) standard includin...
Tunneling magnetoresistive sensor with spin polarized current injection
Magnetoresistance effect film and device
Current perpendicular-to-the-plane structure spin valve magnetoresistive head
CPP sensor with dual self-pinned AP pinned layer structures
Lubricated thread screw drive and method of manufacturing same
Counterbalance fastener for a disc drive stacked actuator
Connector for flexible printed circuit boards, head actuator provided with the same, and disk drive
Head suspension having different hardness contact surfaces for head slider control during shock
Disc cartridge
Method and apparatus for providing tape head assemblies having U-shaped support beams for very high ...
Disk drive including disk plate including head and/or arm limiter portions for modifying airflow adj...
Thin film magnetic head having a write gap layer
Dual cartridges storage array cell for data storage
Video recorder housing having main-and-auxiliary pivoting gate assembly
Adjusting seek current profile on the fly
Magnetic disk drive system
Method for improving genetic stability of foreign insert nucleotide sequence in recombinant poliovir...
Polymorphism analysis by nucleic and acid structure probing
Arrays of protein-capture agents and methods of use thereof
Game-program distribution system
Adaptive array antenna system and mobile telecommunications system using the same
Title rack lighting for jukebox
Broadcast data receiver and method of use thereof
Apparatus and method for transmitting call holding message in mobile communication terminal
Slide assembly for a communication unit
Optical communications systems with optical subsystem communications links
Speaker-phone base for a portable telephone
Protection circuit/method for subscriber telephone interface circuit
Splitter device for MDU/MTU environments
Subscriber line driver and termination
Method and apparatus for performing spectral processing in tone detection
System and method for backup network glare reduction
Graphical method and system for visualizing performance levels in time-varying environment
Switching system control method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for downloading a forwarding telephone number
Desktop telephony application program for a call center agent
Pressure washer having oilless high pressure pump
Video graphic interface device and method for portrait and landscape image display modes
Low dielectric constant shallow trench isolation
Compounds for treating fungal pathologies of the oral cavity
Discontinuous transmission (DTX) detection
Method of ranking messages generated in a computer system
Image display apparatus and method for operating the same and lamp unit for image display apparatus
Apparatus and method for reading and analyzing ECG images
Externally heated thick belt fuser
Normally conducting NMR resonators with macroscopically homogeneous distribution of the conducting m...
Impulse tool
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, method of manufacturing the device, and computer readable m...
Acyclic anionic six-electron-donor ancillary ligands
Filter assembly for intake air of fuel cell
Polymeric membrane electrochemical cell operating at temperatures above 100 c
Gas dome dielectric system for ULSI interconnects
Method for the production of acrolein or acrylic acid or the mixture thereof from propane
Pipe coupling
Eotaxin: an eosinophil chemoattractant
Calcium phosphopeptide complexes
Machine for American style coffee for use on aircraft
Quantum energy surgical device and method
Use of secretin-receptor ligands in treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF) and chronic obstructive pulmon...
Method for modeling an information capacity of a multiantenna wireless system
Reach arm for mail signal apparatus
Modified polysaccharides exhibiting altered biological recognition
Disintegratable cigarette filter
System and method for facilitating coverage feedback testcase generation reproducibility
Filter unit with thermoplastic overmold seal member
Separating apparatus and method of separating
Automated carrier-based pest control system
Ultrafast all-optical switch using carbon nanotube polymer composites
Compositions for inhibiting the aggregation pathway of .alpha.-synuclein
Local ring network and method for transmitting digital data in a local ring network
Cable routing and potential equalizing ring for magnetic resonance imaging coils
Guava (Psidium guajava) 13-hydroperoxide lyase and uses thereof
Use of state-change materials in reformable shapes, templates or tooling
Libraries of oligomers labeled with different tags
Preparing output XML based on selected programs and XML templates
Method for manufacturing ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Motor fluid absorbent pad
Photoluminescent semiconductor materials
Method and system using active signal processing for repeatable signal amplification in dynamic nois...
Process for making aluminum alloy sheet having excellent bendability
Process for the fluorination of boron hydrides
Method and device for adjusting one or more roll segments in a continuous casting installation for c...
Prescription paper for physicians
Forgery proof, indelibly marked label having contrast to aid visibility
Organic film vapor deposition method and a scintillator panel
Plasma display panel
Sound device mounting assembly
Extension of USB functionality through shadowing of a remote USB host controller
High power factor integrated controlled ferroresonant constant current source
Pyrimidine derivatives as selective inhibitors of COX-2
Gladiolus plant named `White Knight`
Formulation suitable for ink receptive coatings
Process for the modification of surface
Composition of eleven herbals for treating cancer
Ozonation of contaminated liquids under high pressure
Multifunctional allyl carbamates and coatings therefrom
Delivery of stimulants through an inhalation route
Method for making Ni-Si magnetron sputtering targets and targets made thereby
Media guide rail cap
Fluoropolymer resins containing ionic or ionizable groups and products containing the same
System and method for selective recording of information
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory control device
Memory cell sensing integrator
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for transmitting radio resource control message in asynchronous mobile communication system
Freeze-dried pantoprazole preparation and pantoprazole injection
Establishing a communicator across multiple processes in a multithreaded computing environment
System and method for dynamic selection of database application code execution on the internet with ...
Communications systems for aircraft
Audio-video conference system with parallel networks
Conference server for automatic x-way call port expansion feature
Telecommunications data conferencing platform having secure firewall wherein access is restricted to...
Conference communication system
Associating data connections with conference call telephone
Video system for use with video telephone and video conferencing
Orally active fraction of momordica charantia, active peptides thereof, and their use in the treatme...
Mammalian receptors for glucagon-like-peptide-1 (GLP-1), corresponding DNA and recombinant expressio...
Baccatin derivatives and a process for producing the same
Ordered two-phase dielectric film, and semiconductor device containing the same
Method of manufacture of colloidal rod particles as nanobar codes
Apparatus for driving an optical disc and method thereof
Method of verifying defect management area information of disc and test apparatus for performing the...
Method of verifying defect management area information of optical disc upon initialization without c...
Network encryption system
Bus system and execution scheduling method for access commands thereof
Neural network based decision processor and method
Image forming apparatus having structure for preventing noise and vibration of developing device
Optimizing the availability of a buffered industrial process
Electrophotographic printer
Time-lapse recording/reproducing system and method for recording/reproducing audio signal
Method of quantization in color space
Apparatus and method for transmitting sound
TDM bus synchronization circuit and protocol and method of operation
System and method in an ATM switch for dynamically routing data cells using quality of service data
Method and apparatus for controlling a read valid window of a synchronous memory device
Method and system for detecting frame slips in a digital communications channel
Cryptographic key management
Network connectable device and method for its installation and configuration
Multiple format secure voice apparatus for communication handsets
Encryption using fractal key
Accelerated finite field operations on an elliptic curve
Light source for open-path gas monitoring
Liquid crystal display apparatus and mobile terminal using same
Telemetry of diagnostic messages from a mobile asset to a remote station
Methods and apparatus for illumination of liquids
Method and system of single-antenna determination of position, time, and attitude of a moving object...
Dual eye motion detector assembly
Retaining structure of lamp for connecting wires
Curing light
Licence plate adapted for internal illumination
Cycle illumination system
Headlight, especially for a motor vehicle, and method for adjusting light radiated by the headlight
Separation device of a lamp holder and a fixing seat
Fluorescent downlight with optimized distribution
System, method and article of manufacturing for a runtime program analysis tool for a simulation eng...
Image display method and apparatus
Method and structure for detection and measurement of electrical and mechanical resonance associated...
Universal EUV in-band intensity detector
Position sensitive solid state detector with internal gain
Scintillator panel, radiation detector, and method of making scintillator panel
Method and apparatus for tracking a medical instrument based on image registration
Method and apparatus for semi-automatic aneurysm measurement and stent planning using volume image d...
Digital image display improvement system and method
Method for image reversal of implant resist using a single photolithography exposure and structures ...
Imaging apparatus, imaging system, control method of imaging apparatus, and storage medium with timi...
Halftone phase shifting photomask and blanks for halftone phase shifting photomask therefor and a me...
X-ray topographic system
Recording sheets for ink jet printing
Methods and apparatuses for substrate transporting, positioning, holding, and exposure processing, d...
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Lenticular lens system and method for use in producing images with clear-walled containers
Reflector, production method thereof, display element, and display device
Method and apparatus for positioning a device in a body
Image recording apparatus with means for shut off of electric power supply to first coil in accordan...
Method and system for processing multidimensional data
Optical apparatus, optical apparatus adjustment method, and storage medium recorded with a processin...
Liquid crystal display and method to manufacture the same
Liquid-crystal switching elements comprising a liquid-crystal layer which has extremely low optical ...
Apparatus for correction based upon detecting a camera shaking
Printing apparatus and printing method
Method for analyzing printer faults
Control circuit to allow the use of an unbuffered DIMM in a system with a registered-DIMM-only chips...
Systems and methods for diagnosing electronic systems
Intermittent stripper fingers and baffle for stripping copy media from a heated fuser roll
Image segmentation apparatus and method
Apparatus for sensing fluid in a pipe
Method and apparatus for using rotatable templates within look-up tables to enhance image reproducti...
Image analyzing apparatus defining regions of interest
Multi-slice X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Diffraction grating, optical pick-up, error signal detection device, and error signal detection meth...
Spectroscopy instrument using broadband modulation and statistical estimation techniques to account ...
Method and apparatus for dynamic equalization in wavelength division multiplexing
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding subband decompositions of signals
Rendering of photorealistic computer graphics images
Method of analyzing composition depth profile of solid surface layer
Resonant reflector for use with optoelectronic devices
Limiter optics
Semiconductor memory device with enhanced reliability
Method of amplifying optical signals using doped materials with extremely broad bandwidths
Apparatus and method for a microsphere whispering-gallery mode evanescent-wave sensor
Apparatus and methods relating to wavelength conditioning of illumination
Method and system for electronic message composition with relevant documents
System for selecting a keyframe to represent a video
Data management system and method
Control signal transmission timing control in radio communication system
Trench DMOS transistor having improved trench structure
Semiconductor bidirectional switching device and method
Trench capacitor and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Conductively doped strontium titanate barrier intermediate a silicon underlayer and an epitaxial met...
Rhodium-rich integrated circuit capacitor electrode
Pinned photodiode for a CMOS image sensor and fabricating method thereof
Integrated circuit base transistor structure and associated programmable cell library
Photodetector with three transistors
Hetero-junction bipolar transistor with gold out-diffusion barrier made from InP or InGaP
Semiconductor element
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof and semiconductor device manufacturing m...
Optoelectronic component with thermally conductive auxiliary carrier
Spreading the power dissipation in MOS transistors for improved ESD protection
Insulated gate semiconductor device for realizing low gate capacity and a low short-circuit current
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having first and second trenches with no control electrode formed in the second...
Field emission display device
Quality review method for optical components using a fast system performance characterization
Dehydrogenation process
Decreasing Br-reactive contaminants in aromatic streams
Polyvalent bifunctional catalyst and the process of realization of such a catalyst
Pipelined memory controller and method of controlling access to memory devices in a memory system
Optical variable attenuator and optical module
Low attenuation optical fiber
Lensed polarization maintaining fiber and its manufacturing method, and semiconductor laser module u...
Method and device for recording marks in an information layer of an optical record carrier
Memory system
Apparatus for detecting current direction in bridge circuits and method thereof
Method to increase carbon and boron doping concentrations in Si and SiGe films
Method for fabricating a nitrided silicon-oxide gate dielectric
Non-welded shape memory alloy rings produced from roll flattened wire
Method of silicon carbide monocrystalline boule growth
Fixing belt, and image heat fixing assembly
Dispersion map for slope compensating fibers
Method of making <200 nm wavelength fluoride crystal lithography/laser optical elements
Polarization insensitive tunable optical filters
Folded liquid-crystal variable optical attenuator
Two-wavelength confocal interferometer for measuring multiple surfaces
Liquid crystal display device, pixels repair method thereof, and drive method thereof
Liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing light reflecting film thereof
Electrostatic printing of functional toner materials for electronic manufacturing applications
Non-contacting ultrasonic transducer
Semiconductor device with light emitting elements and an adhesive layer holding color filters
Electrical connector, a cable sleeve, and a method for fabricating an electrical connection
Activated iododerivatives for the treatment of cancer and aids
Process for the manufacturing of organopolysiloxane compositions
Optical fiber, optical transmission line and dispersion compensating module
Apparatus for and method of monitoring wavelength multiplexed signal light as well as optical transm...
Optical switch
Raman amplifier, optical transmission system and optical fiber
Magnetic field generator and assembling method thereof
Connected construction of a high-frequency package and a wiring board
Flat shield cable
Shielded wire
Method for isomerizing halogenated aromatics
Method for producing 4-cyano-3-oxobutanoate and 4-ctano-3-hydroxybutanoate
Plastic lens
Method of making a polyimide in a low-boiling solvent
Anion exchanger and process for producing anion exchange membrane
Zeolite/alumina catalyst support compositions and method of making the same
Methods for producing optically active amino acids
Polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and management system of the same
Method and system for estimating ionospheric delay using a single frequency or dual frequency GPS si...
Fringe-field capacitor electrode for electrochemical device
High efficiency stepped impedance filter
Nanoscopic wire-based devices and arrays
Stabilized photoinitiators and applications thereof
Integrated circuit trenched features and method of producing same
Multilayer plastic composites and a method for the production thereof
Preparation of sterile stabilized nanodispersions
Method and apparatus of producing thin film of metal or metal compound
Method for making a light energized tissue adhesive
Composition for keeping away vermin
Analgesic composition and method
Compounds and methods for cancer therapy
Prevention of retinal injury and degeneration by specific factors
Oil-containing personal wash compositions or emulsions comprising particles of high refractive index...
Antibiotic inducible/repressible genetic construct for gene therapy or gene immunization
Method for diagnosing and distinguishing stroke and diagnostic devices for use therein
Powder particles with smooth surface for use in inhalation therapy
Active substance-containing multi-layer film of hydrophilic polymers crosslinked in situ
Sensate composition imparting initial sensation upon contact
Coated potassium chloride granules and tablets
Polish compositions and method of use
Convertible multi-position panel display system
Method and system for controlling program in information processing system
Method and system for visual programming using a relational diagram
Relaying input from a GUI view controllers to application mediators which created the view controlle...
Techniques for encoding information in computer code
System and method for evaluating the performance of a computer application
Citrus juice vesicle separation method and system
Pasteurization of food products
Bacteriocin-containing sorbic acid product as addition to feedstuffs in agricultural livestock reari...
Device for dispensing sandwiches
Cover sheet for rotisserie burners
Automated feeder
Automatic distributor of fish food for aquariums
Waste metal removal systems and methods
Low frequency transducer enclosure
Device for producing an overtone-rich sporty exhaust sound
Flat panel sound radiator with fire protective back box
Special call fee charging method
Method of making a temporary medical lead having biodegradable electrode mounting pad loaded with th...
Unimolecular polymeric micelles with an ionizable inner core
Reduction of adhesions using controlled delivery of active oxygen inhibitors
Partially dehydrated reaction product process for making same, and emulsion containing same
Bone anchor insertion device
Adding DSL services to a digital loop carrier system
Achromatic phase shift device and interferometer using achromatic phase shift device
Polymerizable preparations based on epoxides that contain silicon
Solid-state image pickup apparatus and fabricating method thereof
Silicone rubber adhesive composition and integrally molded article of silicone rubber and thermoplas...
Method for producing a porous silicon film
Physical layer and data link interface with reset/sync sharing
Method and apparatus for reduction of energy loss due to body diode conduction in synchronous rectif...
Process and catalyst for production of formaldehyde from dimethyl ether
Optical lithography
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic imaging
Thermal post-combustion device
Freezer door assembly
Sealed system multiple speed compressor and fan control
Fastening mechanism
System and method for information handling system heat sink retention
Air-applying device having a case with an air inlet port, a cooling unit having the air-applying dev...
Cooling device with air shower
Heat dissipation connector with USB port
Cooling unit for cooling heat generating component and electronic apparatus containing cooling unit
Card-cage with integrated control and shaping of flow resistance curve for multiple plenum chambers
Methods and systems of heat transfer for electronic enclosures
Method and apparatus for anti-microbial and related treatments
Air ventilation control system
Multiple impingement cooled structure
Heat exchanger with reduced fouling
Integrated heat dissipation apparatus
Heat exchanger assembly with enhanced heat transfer characteristics
High performance cooling device with heat spreader
Cooling futon
Compact heat exchanger for a compact cooling system
Microelectromechanical system package with environmental and interference shield
Functional device, method of manufacturing therefor and driver circuit
Analysis of MEMS mirror device using a laser for mirror removal
Method for multi-frequency bonding
Etch back of interconnect dielectrics
Thinned semiconductor wafer and die and corresponding method
Planar optical waveguides for optical panel having gradient refractive index core
Amplification of MEMS motion
Drive circuit for MEMS device and method of operation thereof
High-frequency AC drive for MEM devices
Modulator alignment for laser
Variable wavelength attenuator for spectral grooming and dynamic channel equalization using micromir...
Modularized probe card with compressible electrical connection device
Integrated circuit and method of forming the integrated circuit having a die with high Q inductors a...
Color filter for liquid crystal display and ink jet method for manufacturing the same
Calibrating deposition rates in selective deposition modeling
Surface plasmon polariton band gap structures
Electromechanical acoustic liner
Optical head and optical disk apparatus
Magneto-optical head having heat sink layer
Reading tape with transverse distortion
Self-light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Surface acoustic wave filter
SAW filter module capable of being easily miniaturized
Surface acoustic wave filter
Surface acoustic wave duplexer and communication apparatus
Longitudinally coupled resonator type surface acoustic wave filter and communication apparatus incor...
Contactor for semiconductor devices, a testing apparatus using such contactor, a testing method usin...
Methods of diagnosing breast cancer
Liquid jetting apparatus and method for driving the same
Ratchet wrench that may prevent jamming during operation
Method of monitoring the fabrication of thin film layers forming a DWDM filter
Wristwatch with measuring function
Signal processing method and pulse wave signal processing method
Module for a computer interface
Liquid separation and extraction
Magnetohydrodynamic fluidic system
Axial piston pump
Bearing mechanism and a pump
Method for connecting compressor with built-in electric motor and external wiring, connection device...
Structure of a base for a mini air compressor
Radial piston pump
Position sensor and compressor
Sludge pump with management system
Apparatus for controlling driving of reciprocating compressor and method thereof
Fan control system using a microcontroller
Surface pump assembly
Electric guitar circuit control and switching module
Stripping process with disproportionately distributed openings on baffles
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Master information carrier and method for manufacturing information recording medium using the same
Water-soluble polymer and its use
Post-added .alpha.-sulfofatty acid ester compositions and methods of making and using the same
Subtilase enzymes
Modular mold and die assembly
Automatic state savings in a graphics pipeline
Apparatus and method for characterizing grooved journals
Method and system for managing traffic in a packet network environment
Method and apparatus for multidomain data analysis
Apparatus and methods for silicon-on-insulator transistors in programmable logic devices
Synchronous buck converter with output current sensing
Wafer process critical dimension, alignment, and registration analysis simulation tool
System and method of exchanging information between software modules
Data processing for video special effects system
System and method for discovering host-based application assets for the development of business-cent...
Dynamic queue width system and method
Method and apparatus for improved heat controlled administration of pharmaceuticals
Wound treatment solution and method for using same
Omeprazole formulation
Cosmetic compositions
Synthetic DNA encoding an orange seapen-derived green fluorescent protein with codon preference of m...
Cell-permeable peptide inhibitors of the JNK signal transduction pathway
Polymeric hemoglobin mutants
Apparatus for improving concurrent behavior modeling with emulation
Method for producing simulation models and simulation system using simulation models
Air quality monitoring and space management system coupled to a private communications network
Method for optimizing electromagnetic interference and method for analyzing the electromagnetic inte...
Method and system for reducing cross-talk and avoiding bridged taps
Asynchronous data reception circuit of a serial data stream
Circuit, architecture and method for asynchronous clock domain switching
Vertical adaptive antenna array for a discrete multitone spread spectrum communications system
Random reordering system/method for use in ATM switching apparatus
Reentrant alignment features for optical components
Slider for an optical head with a terminal groove having an inclined bottom surface
Objective lens for optical recording medium and optical pickup device using it
Semiconductor integrated circuit and manufacturing method thereof
Conductive coil contact member
Hall-effect current detector
Semiconductor device
Leadless leadframe package substitute and stack package
Wiring-inclusive structure and forming method thereof
Semiconductor device and package including forming pyramid mount protruding through silicon substrat...
Packaging substrate for electronic elements and electronic device having packaged structure
Method of diagnosing cardiovascular disease and early atherosclerosis
Protein and monoclonal antibody specific thereto
Detection of arcing faults using bifurcated wiring system
Centrifugation pheresis method
Method and apparatus for treating an exhaust gas containing volatile organic compounds
Cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having control section for enabling/disabling tabbed sheet print mode settin...
Ordering a plurality of objects
Driving apparatus, light-amount regulating apparatus, and lens driving apparatus
Communication apparatus and its control method
Printing apparatus, print control method and printing system therefor and storage medium
Method and apparatus for supplying battery power to a timer circuit within a printer while the print...
Shared device control method and server-client system
Duplex image forming apparatus
Lens control apparatus, lens control method, and video camera having same
Signal processing apparatus
Vibration element and vibration wave driving apparatus
Ink, ink-jet recording method, ink-jet recording apparatus, and coloring material
Method of automatically focusing an optical beam on transparent or reflective thin film wafers or di...
Method and apparatus for welding synthetic resin member by high frequency or ultrasonic heating
Sealer with continuous motion ultrasonic zipper welding
Method of producing a brush having a bristle plate
Antiglare anticlouding device and automotive outer mirror
Potentiometer for motorized mirror
Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent low transmittance glass
Raw material composition for soda-lime glass
Method of ion beam milling a glass substrate prior to depositing a coating system thereon, and corre...
Glass panel and its manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing glass parts for connecting optical fibers, and glass parts for connecting op...
Plate glass shatter testing method, device, imaging method for glass testing and image signal proces...
Laminated glass sheet for windshield
Grey glass compositions of the silica-soda-lime type
Mother glass composition for graded index lens
Solar management coating system including protective DLC
Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent green glass
Electrodes for liquid crystal cells
Process for bend-shaping a glass plate and an apparatus for bend-shaping the glass plate
Insulating glass (IG) window unit including heat treatable coating with silicon-rich silicon nitride...
Curved glass sheet for vehicle window
Glass antenna for an automobile
Process for producing glass substrate for magnetic recording medium and glass substrate for magnetic...
Highly durable hydrophobic coatings and methods
Method of manufacturing windshield using ion beam milling of glass substrate(s)
Process for producing hydrophobic particulate inorganic oxides
Polymer electrolyte fuel-cell separator sealing rubber composition
Method of preparing a decorative laminated article
Make-up compositions containing phenylated silicone oils, which are resistant to transfer and migrat...
Process of making polymer articles
Mobile micro portal
Manufacturing method for polyester yarn excellent in yarn transferring, packaging and loosing with n...
Automatic installation and process for taking measurements and acquiring shapes
Shape processor
Graphics system having a super-sampled sample buffer and having single sample per pixel support
Mixed denier fluid management layers
Spandex compositions
Compositions for printable media
Nubuck-like artificial leather and a production process thereof
Smart antenna multiuser detector
Discharge lamp lighting device
Document size management method and data processing computer program
Systems and methods for landmark generation for visual simultaneous localization and mapping
Method for computing the intensity of specularly reflected light
Pressure applying device to fixing roller of image forming apparatus
Digital tracking servo system with multi-track seek
Data storage system having an optical processing flying head
Method and apparatus for positioning a movable element using a galvanometer actuator and pre-filteri...
Magnetic recording medium, its production method and magnetic recording apparatus
Adaptive heartbeats
System and method for detecting process and network failures in a distributed system having multiple...
Management of a device based on monitoring during an inactive state
Storing data in memory
IO speed and length programmable with bus population
Distributed and geographically dispersed quorum resource disks
Hierarchical language chunking translation table
Test outputs using an idle bus
Fuser sensor system and method with media detection
Address structure and methods for multiple arrays of data storage memory
Cubic memory array
Halftone imaging with reduced dot isolation
Print job capture subsystem with pass-through support
Magnetic resonance imaging using preparation scan for optimizing pulse sequence
Pneumatic hydraulic hand-held power unit
Semiconductor memory device allowing mounting of built-in self test circuit without addition of inte...
Fuel cell having interdigitated flow channels and water transport plates
Superconducting magnetic apparatus
High-voltage interface and driver control circuit
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Negative ion emitting method and apparatus therefor
Process for producing acrolein and acrylic acid
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition
Treatment liquid for cured unsaturated polyester resin and treatment method thereof
Single layer textile for manufacturing construction material
Method for manufacturing an electronic device
System for testing electronic devices
Thermally developable photosensitive material
Tray for conveying magnetic head for magnetic disk
Process for inline producing biaxially oriented releasing film
Process of making a roller
Osteosynthetic anchoring member
Disposable undergarment with elastically stretchable wings
Apparatus for supporting a water filter intake
Reinforcing member
Device for transferring a fluid between at least two floating supports
Apparatus for high-volume in situ soil remediation
Gate systems and methods for regulating tidal flows
Drainage structures
Method and tube for lining a high pressure pipe
Polynucleotide encoding neuromedin U receptor
Elastic substantially linear ethylene polymers
Flow field
Process for the preparation of cis-6-hexadecenoic acid
Pipe coupling socket
Layer manufacturing of a multi-material or multi-color 3-D object using electrostatic imaging and la...
Metal-carbon composite powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Process of forming catalyst nuclei on substrate, process of electroless-plating substrate, and modif...
Plasma processing method and photoelectric conversion device
Homopolymers containing stable elasticity inducing crosslinkers and ocular implants made therefrom
Eyesight correcting apparatus
System and method for non-contacting measurement of the eye
System for preparing hot beverages in automatic vending machines
PTFE-based polymers
CDMA transmitter and method generating combined high-rate and low-rate CDMA signals
Dental care instrument with pivoting track for detachable bristle bed
Integral post sleeve and sign
Devices for pressing a blanket on a cylinder
Carrying sleeve for printing and transfer forms and a process for production of such a carrying slee...
Offset printing machine
Intaglio printer
Device for decollating flat objects, preferably printing plates
Flexible tubular printing blanket
Device for registering the position of a rotor part in a transport system
Printing form and process for producing the printing form
Method and apparatus for determining dot-mark-forming position of semiconductor wafer
Bis-H-phosphinic acid derivatives as precursors to therapeutic bisphosphonates and uses thereof
Burst error correction on DVD data
Color imaging processing method with boundary detection and enhancement
Methods and devices to process graphics and/or video data
Methods and apparatus for converting color values
Apparatus and method for processing images, image reading and image forming apparatuses equipped wit...
System and method for displaying images using foveal video
Glycosyltransferases for biosynthesis of oligosaccharides, and genes encoding them
Feed box for breeding poultry
Synthetic wood composite material and method for molding
Orienting disk for improving mat formation in composite wood products
Device and method for supplying power to computer peripheral equipment using the bus system of the c...
Light beam splitter
Contoured electric fields and poling in polarization-independent waveguides
Magnetic read head having decode circuitry
Zoom optical system with a prescribed conjugate distance
Texture engine memory access synchronizer
System for generating a synthetic scene
Radar system having multi-platform, multi-frequency and multi-polarization features and related meth...
Single-piece molded module housing
Drawer face for a vertical file, a safe, or the like
Coin display holder for the fifty statehood quarters
Portable coin dispenser
9-11 Commemorative twin towers with mail box and flags
Container with inner liner
Portable motorcycle lift
Dual agitator nozzle for vacuum cleaner
Filter cup assembly for a vacuum cleaner
Hockey puck pet toy
Golf ball pet toy
Bird bath
Bird cage
Golf glove
Audio headband padset for protective helmet
Biceps protector of an elbow pad
Phthalimido arylpiperazines useful in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Polymers and polymerization processes
Microbiologically sound and stable solutions of gamma-hydroxybutyrate salt for the treatment of narc...
Antithrombotic amides
Benzofuran and dihydrobenzofuran derivatives useful as beta-3 adrenoreceptor agonists
Sensor material, sensor and detection method for bio-substance
Controlled morphologies in polymer drug for release of drugs from polymer films
Inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation administering a thymidine kinase gene
Drip retainer
Method for processing a stent processed with tools containing magnetizing components
Hemofiltration system
Method of manufacturing an implantable stent having improved mechanical properties
Rotary log singulator with staging cam surfaces
Aluminum or aluminum alloy-based lithium secondary battery
Electroionic water disinfection apparatus
Method of species exchange and an apparatus therefore
Production process for niobium powder
C7 carbonate substituted taxanes
Lithium oxyhalide cell with improved safety and voltage delay characteristics
Device and method for packaging and applying a substance
Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate based hydrolyzed collagen type II and method of making same
Point-of-sale body powder dispensing system
Implement for dispensing preparation
Integrated lipstick and lip pencil
Quinoline-4-carboxamide derivatives as NK-3 and NK-2 receptor antagonists
Dynamic communication path selection for data transmission between computers
Femtosecond optical surface imaging
Superconductor system with enhanced current carrying capability
VCSEL with heat-spreading layer
Master laser injection of broad area lasers
Optical information processor with monolithically integrated light emitting device, light receiving ...
Memory device with gallium nitride or gallium aluminum nitride gate
System for efficient coupling to photonic crystal waveguides
Three dimensional empirical mode decomposition analysis apparatus, method and article manufacture
Coding scheme and device with at least two parallel codifications and improved permutation, and corr...
Data processing apparatus
Mapping a logical address to a plurality on non-logical addresses
Shared memory array
File mode RAID subsystem
Method to prevent corruption of page tables during flash EEPROM programming
Distributing files across multiple, permissibly heterogeneous, storage devices
Method for purifying PrPres from a biological sample and applications
Automatic animal feeder
Identification of a smooth muscle cell (SMC) specific smooth muscle heavy chain (SM-MHC) promoter/en...
Adjustable candle holder
Milking system
Fish hook
Breakable link
Fish attractant dispenser
Large mesh commercial fishing netting and method of manufacture
Sound transmitting device for a fishing lure
Patient motion monitoring system for proton therapy
Colored radiation curable coating compositions for identifying telecommunications elements and telec...
Pyrrole compounds, polymers thereof and EL element using the same
Post-development treatment of patterned photoresist to promote cross-linking of polymer chains
Heat-absorbing layer system
Melt processable thermoplastic polymer composition
Method for preparing a concrete article having reinforcing fibers frayed at their ends