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Fast infrared linear image optical instruments
Structures and components thereof having a desired surface characteristic together with methods and ...
Process monitoring system
Method for modifying canola seeds for use in ruminant feed
Liposomes containing particulate materials
Tea-derived feed additive and animal feed containing the same
Agent for protecting skin and hair moisture
Apparatus and process for automated payment for the attachment of advertising to a vehicle
Device for transmitting communications data of a computer via a communication network
System and method for detecting and displaying wind shear
Electric lamp with optical interference coating
Process for producing polyolefins
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition
Button structure for an electronic apparatus
Method and system for high-temperature waste treatment
Apparatus for monitoring the laying of an underwater pipeline
Variable tunable range MEMS capacitor
Verbena plant named `Spikena`
Passenger detection system
Method and apparatus for preserving data coherency in a double data rate SRAM
Merging materialized view pairs for database workload materialized view selection
Retardation film and method for producing the same, and liquid crystal display device
Method and system for controlling air/fuel level in two-bank exhaust system
Thin film resonators fabricated on membranes created by front side releasing
Compact image display system for eyeglasses or other head-borne frames
Navigation device with a three dimensional display
Structural joint for slabs in moldable material
Preparation of pools of nucleic acids based on representation in a sample
Expandable bone connector
Silicon structural support of linear microactuator
Method of controlling a turret winder
Functional polymer and organic electroluminescence element, optical memory, and hole transport eleme...
Method and apparatus for tracking signals
Materials and methods for making improved liposome compositions
Aminotetralins as 5-HT1D .alpha. Agonists
Process for the combined synthesis of betaine and choline chloride
Harmonic measuring method and a current injection device for harmonic measurement
Compositions for the prevention and treatment of verotoxin-induced disease
Vaccine and antitoxin for the treatment of C. difficile disease
Conditional purchase offer buyer agency system
Controlling mobile phone system user views from the world-wide web
Isolated p27 protein
Built-in resistor for cathode-ray tube
Methods of transforming a material to form an insulating material between components of an integrate...
Continuous composite coextrusion methods, apparatuses, and compositions
Devices and methods for optical detection of nucleic acid hybridization
Processes for forming styrenic polymers
Method and apparatus for converting capacitance to voltage
Method for analyzing biological substances in a conductive liquid medium
Geranium plant named `Fislet`
Wheel lift identification for an automotive vehicle
Dynamic mechanism to upgrade o state memory-consistent cache lines
Identifying indexes on materialized views for database workload
Skull mounted electrode lead securing assembly
Rolling cutter drill bits
Foil thrust bearing
Hydraulic dynamic bearing and spindle motor
Rolling bearing
Bearings, end washers and securing method
Fully self-aligning roller bearing
Oil retention in compressor slider block
Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Device and method for reducing emissions in catalytic converter exhaust systems
Diamond wafer, method of estimating a diamond wafer and diamond surface acoustic wave device
Method and apparatus for import, transform and export of data
Supplied air snorkeling device
Liquid ejection method
Methods and devices for measuring differential gene expression
Diagnostic assay for breast cancer susceptibility
Methods for detecting and enumerating Campylobacter jejuni in environmental samples and for identify...
Stent with radiopaque coating consisting of particles in a binder
Antiparallel pinned read sensor with improved magnetresistance
Absorbent interlabial device with substance thereon for maintaining the device in position
Check digit method and system for detection of transposition errors
Data converter
Method and apparatus for minimizing an amount of data communicated between devices and necessary to ...
Integrated multi-mode bandpass sigma-delta receiver subsystem with interference mitigation and metho...
Automatic adapt circuit for circumventing demodulator transients in radio receiver
Method and apparatus for controlling mobile access to a wireless communication system
Crystalline copolymers of propylene
Method and apparatus for performing spoken language translation
Rapid germination of orchid seeds from immature capsules
Twist bottom dispenser
Accumulator with low permeability flexible diaphragm
Process for melt blowing continuous lyocell fibers
Certain dinucleotides and their use as modulators of mucociliary clearance and ciliary beat frequenc...
Over-coated chewing gum formulations including tableted center
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Phenyl-protein transferase inhibitors
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Method for formulating spill resistant pharmaceutical compositions in semi-solid form
Over-coated chewing gum formulations
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Mammalian growth factor
Process for making aqueous betaine solutions
System and method for network address translation as an external service in the access server of a s...
Hair cosmetic composition
Use of histidine decarboxylase immunoreactivity to detect human cancer
Usage characteristic based software customization
Shampoo compositions and method
Content based method for product-peer filtering
SONET add/drop multiplexer with packet over SONET capability
Method for automatically scaling sampled representations of single-valued and multi-valued waveforms
Fluorescent luminous type display device
Method for producing a membrane used to operate fuel cells and electrolyzers
Inhalation apparatus
Methods for forming a short aggregate pier and a product formed from said methods
Fc receptor modulators and uses thereof
Method of manufacturing a capacitor with a bi-layer Ta2O5 capacitor dielectric in a semiconductor de...
Method for cleaning integrated circuit bonding pads
Electronic flash light-emission controlling method and apparatus and camera
Geranium plant named `Fissalm`
Occupant detecting system
Method and apparatus for managing data
Probe card, test method and test system for semiconductor wafers
Dynamic heuristic method for detecting computer viruses using decryption exploration and evaluation ...
Digital data processing system having a data bus and a control bus
Container basket
Optical system having a generalized torus optical corrector
Chiral molecular magnet and manufacturing method of the same
Method for producing optically active alcohols
Double substrate reflective spatial light modulator
Method and apparatus for stabilizing transient control in amplified optical networks
Method and apparatus for forming accurate optical clock patterns
Apparatus for reproducing information recorded on optical disc
Optoelectronic device encapsulant
Associative database model for electronic-based informational assemblies
"Systems and methods with identity verification by streamlined comparison and interpretation of fing...
Modified guidewire for left ventricular access lead
Brass catcher
Method and device for handling propellant charges of different sizes and charge strengths in artille...
Propellant for large-caliber ammunition
Projectile for the destruction of large explosive targets
Housing for surveillance camera
Removable cleat for footwear
Liquid crystal display device
Cylinder pressure based optimization control for compression ignition engines
Bi-stable snap over actuator
System and method for ensuring integrity throughout post-processing
Method for preparing titanium on silica catalysts with controlled distributions
Wireless tools for data manipulation and visualization
Methods for treatment of sickle cell anemia
Caspase inhibitors and the use thereof
Charging mechanism for cordless telephone and other electrical devices
Apparatus for transferring fluid between the seabed and a floating vessel
System and method of reducing motion-induced noise in the optical detection of an ultrasound signal ...
Method of producing artificial fossil coral
Methods of making blend compositions of an unmodified polyvinyl alcohol and metallocene polyolefin o...
Dark colored thermoplastic compositions, articles molded therefrom, and article preparation methods
Peel seal blend of 1-polybutylene, m-LLDPE and LDPE with high hot tack
Method for producing polymer mixtures comprised of amino nitriles and thermoplastic polymers
Polyester and process for preparing polyester
Semi-interpenetrating polymer network from epoxy monomer and olefin
Attachment for a dicing saw
Substrate dicing method
Workpiece cutting method for use with dicing machine
Microgels and process for their preparation
Storage system having read head utilizing GMR and AMr effects
Particles for oral delivery of peptides and proteins
Hybridoma cell line and monoclonal antibody for huntingtin protein
Retinoic acid agonists as preventive and therapeutic agents for nephritis
Adrenoleukodystrophy treatments and drug screening
Inhibitors of the EGF-receptor tyrosine kinase and methods for their use
Near infrared chemiluminescent acridinium compounds and uses thereof
Trigger stop
Electric gun
Metal consolidation process applicable to functionally gradient material (FGM) compositons of tungst...
Disk drive assembly with improved securing and releasing mechanism
Method for making fluid distribution materials
Detent latching, bi-directional strut with offset hinged inserts
Convoy of towed ocean going cargo vessels and method for shipping across an ocean
Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic aluminum boat hull with triangular flat pad
Coordinated trim tab control system for a marine vessel having port and starboard trim tabs
Processing olefin copolymers
Polyalkyl methacrylate plastisols with improved flow properties
High refractive index chemical composition and polymers and polymeric material derived therefrom
Polycarbonate compositions for data storage media
Partially aromatic polyamides and a process for making them
Synthesis of stable nitrile oxide compounds
Method for attaching a tag to a tea bag
Ventilated plastic bag
Intermediate server having control program for storing content accessed during browsing sessions and...
Ultrasonic imaging system utilizing a long-persistence contrast agent
Water treatment process
.beta.3-adrenergic receptor agonists
Method for enhancing feed efficiency in ruminants with an encapsulating choline composition
Memory device having a cyclically configured data memory and having plural data portals for outputti...
Methods to securely configure an FPGA to accept selected macros
Landscape barrier device with watering system
Mutations associated with iron disorders
Valve actuating mechanism
Control system for self-ignition type gasoline engine
Methods and systems for dynamic cost allocation through task auto assignment
Internet telephone system with dynamically varying codec
Apparatus and method for aligning and securing a drawer slide
Apparatus and method for performing membrane gas/liquid absorption at elevated pressure
Method for separating and isolating precious metals from non precious metals dissolved in solutions
Manufacture of electrical oil enriched with hydrofined gas oil for improved oxidation and electrical...
Cumene synthesis process using purified benzene and propylene feedstock streams
Selective aromatics transalkylation
Selective xylenes isomerization and ethylbenzene conversion
Manufacture of hydrogen bromide gas
Closed loop process for producing chlorine from hydrogen chloride
Modified stannic oxide--zirconium oxide complex sol and preparation method thereof
Oral composition containing cetylpyridinium chloride and guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride and me...
Process for forming abrasion-resistant antistatic layer with polyurethane for imaging element
Narrowing of poly (tetramethylene ether) glycol
Use of carbon nanotubes to calibrate conventional tips used in AFM
Method of forming articles including waveguides via capillary micromolding and microtransfer molding
Semicrystalline ferroelectric fluoropolymers and process for preparing same
Conducting polymer ultracapacitor
Abrasive article and method of grinding glass
Repulpable wet strength paper
Thermal transfer sheet, thermal transfer recording method, thermal transfer recording system, resona...
Fungicidal heterocyclic aromatic amides and their compositions, methods of use and preparation
Noble metal preparation and its use to produce noble metal decorations by direct and indirect printi...
Aqueous binder solutions and dispersions
Holographic object position and type sensing system and method
Methods and compositions for the manufacture of halogenated anthracyclines with increased antitumor ...
Optical waveguide display having embedded light source
Optical module, transmitter, receiver, optical switch, optical communication unit, add-and-drop mult...
Image forming method and apparatus
Electroluminescent plastic devices with an integral thin film solar cell
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer in the presence of a chelating agent
Feline calicivirus isolated from cat urine and vaccines thereof
Nucleic acid immunization using a virus-based infection/transfection system
Methods for the characterization and selection of RNA target motifs that bind compounds of pharmaceu...
Holographic light focusing device
Multi-wavelength cross-correlator for ultrashort radiation pulses
Methods of and apparatus for activating the muscle cells or nerves of the uterus or cervix
Computer implemented patient medication review system and process for the managed care, health care ...
Blurring correction apparatus and image taking apparatus having the same
Ferroelectric memory and method of reading out data from the ferroelectric memory
Spacecraft magnetic torquer feedback system
Device system for the autonomous generation of useful information
Collapsible reusable pinata
Video signal transmission method, superimposed information extraction method, video signal output de...
Diving regulator with valved mouthpiece
Collapsible bait tank for sealed bulkhead installation
Soybean cultivar 94408-803
Inbred corn plant 87ATD2 and seeds thereof
Semiconductor device and solar cell
Raster output scanner beam steering
Three-dimensional image photographing system
Systems and methods for template matching of multicolored images
Sheet transport device and an image-forming apparatus employing the sheet transport device
System for detecting tamper events and capturing the time of their occurrence
Optical routing element for use in fiber optic systems
Geranium plant named `Balfancori`
Radio wireline interface and method for secure communication
Methods and apparatus for efficiently transmitting interactive application data between a client and...
Network vaults
Method for emulating native object oriented foundation classes on a target object oriented programmi...
Computerized method and apparatus for designing wire bond diagrams and locating bond pads for a semi...
Sitting passenger detecting apparatus and sitting passenger detecting method
Radio communications system with adaptive polarization
Method of restricting the call of a moving subscriber in a switched radio telephone system according...
Instrument suspension system for preserving alignment
Method and apparatus for jitter analysis
Arbitration techniques for a high speed serial bus
Support and cushioning system for an article of footwear
Method and system for controlling engine
Method of polarizing piezoelectric body
Phenidate drug formulations having diminished abuse potential
Providing for data types of properties according to standard request-response protocols
Multimode operation of quadrature phased array MR coil systems
Uses for non-autologous mesenchymal stem cells
Yeast cells having mutations in stp22 and uses therefor
Inhibitors of intestinal apical membrane na/phoshate co-transportation
Glycine substitutes and precursors for treating a psychosis
Computer screen and keyboard dusting brush
Surface effect drilling craft for obtaining continuous core samples
Versatile rpL34 promoter elements and use thereof
Release sheet for use with multicomponent reactive urethane systems and method of manufacture
Cosmetic compositions containing silicone gel
Target-dependent reactions using structure-bridging oligonucleotides
Therapeutic calcium phosphate particles and methods of manufacture and use
Golf balls including low water activity fluid and methods for making same
Reverse-flow chamber purging during centrifugal separation
Sterilization indicator with chemically stabilized enzyme
Hybrid Fiber-Coax telecommunication system
Distance learning implementation
Magnetically enhanced composite materials and methods for making and using the same
Cyclopentadienyl/phosphinimine catalyst with one and only one activatable ligand
Method and apparatus for updating firmware
Online modifications of relations in multidimensional processing
Apparatus for obtaining the uniform distribution of a cohesionless substance contained within a bag
Multiple-piece corner post
Materials and methods for amplifying and enhanced transcribing of polynucleotides in plants and port...
Fluid separation system
Kits & systems for ultrasonic imaging
Alkaline pulp having low average degree of polymerization values and method of producing the same
Method and system for summarizing topics of documents browsed by a user
Space weather prediction system and method
Method of grid generation
Method and compositions for treating fibrous cellulosic materials
High frequency connector
Prevention and treatment of autoimmune disease with luminally administered polyclonal antibodies
Hypohidrotic ectodermal dyplasia genes and proteins
Continuous color tone infrared detected barcodes
Fold pattern
Process for purification of low grade sugar syrups using nanofiltration
Dye attach adhesives for use in microelectronic devices
Reagents for heat activated polymer crosslinking
Method for partitioning tasks into stateless elements
Message searching system and terminal
Network device and method of controlling flow of data arranged in frames in a data-based network
Method for embedding non-intrusive encoded data in printed matter
Method and system for a multi-tasking printer capable of printing and processing image data
Method for halftoning using interlocked threshold arrays or interlocked dot profiles
Standard database queries within standard request-response protocols
Connection concentrator for distributed object systems
Aster plant named `Pink Milka`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Light Pink`
Guzmania plant named `Soledo`
Double Impatiens plant named `Boddblwhi`
Enhanced insecticidal insect virus through the expression of heterologous proteins with early promot...
In vivo production and delivery of erythropoietin
Soy functional food ingredient
Use of a melanoma differentiation associated gene (mda-7) for inducing apoptosis of a tumor cell
Functional food ingredient
Dog collar
Pet leash
Golf cart
Handle for golf pull-cart
Trolley jack
Method of producing hydrogen peroxide and reaction promoters therefor
System for managing multimedia discs, tracks and files on a standalone computer
Pay per wash laundry system
Method and apparatus including system architecture for multimedia communications
System and apparatus for enhancing a network link
Framework for progressive hierarchial and adaptive delivery rich media presentations and associated ...
Hotkey for network service boot
Document information management system
Interoperable full-featured web-based and client-side e-mail system
System for parsing a packet for conformity with a predetermined protocol using mask and comparison v...
Method and system for storage and retrieval of multimedia objects
Content management system
Shortest path search system
Method and apparatus for redundant postage accounting data files
ECC block format for storage device
Antibodies to the death domain motifs of regulatory proteins
Topical application of antibodies for contraception and for prophylaxis against sexually transmitted...
Organic element with metallic cathode
Multimedia optical disk, reproduction apparatus and method for achieving variable scene development ...
Instant camera with improved processing liquid spreading device
Testing and burn-in of IC chips using radio frequency transmission
Process for the isomerization of 1-alkenes to internal alkenes and catalyst therefor
Sensing amplifier of nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
Method of manufacturing anti-falsification paper
Inbred sweet corn line 1874WS
Stellar attitude-control systems and methods with weighted measurement-noise covariance matrices
Network model for alarm correlation
Yo-yo having adjustable clutch
Polymer electrolyte batteries having improved electrode/electrolyte interface
Method and apparatus for the automated generation of programmable interconnect matrices
Cremation Urn Lid with Golf Emblem
Elimination of vapour anaesthetics from patients after surgical procedures
Method and system for suggesting related documents
Soil reinforcement method and apparatus
Method of transporting and disposing of an offshore platform jacket
Electronically-enabled encasement for a handheld computer
Interactive race car simulator system
Refreshable braille display system
Basic educational system
Rolling toy with motion recording and playback capability
Methods and systems for providing programmable computerized interactors
Chrysanthemum plant named `Halifax`
Scara type robot with counterbalanced arms
Tripod bearing device and a method of torsion compensation
Water lift mechanism with electrostatic pickup and method for transferring a workpiece
Method for handling a voltage drop in the control of a robot and for restarting a robot following a ...
Method for cell alignment and identification and calibration of robot tool
Display device and semiconductor device having laser annealed semiconductor elements
High-frequency module coupled via aperture in a ground plane
Method and structure for defining track width on a recording head
Disk storage device
DC motor control system and method
System and method for selectively presenting logical storage units to multiple host operating system...
System and method providing cache coherency and atomic memory operations in a multiprocessor compute...
Transcriptional inhibitor
Method of manufacturing aluminum alloy for flattening material and aluminum alloy flattening materia...
Nickel base superalloy single crystal articles with improved performance in air and hydrogen
Protective coarsening anneal for zirconium alloys
Alloy for corrosion-resistant coatings or surface coatings
Article comprising an optical cavity
Lens and associatable flow cell
Process for the manufacturing of oxide electrodes for ferroelectric capacitor
Quartz glass products and methods for making same
Polynucleotide separations on polymeric separation media
Preparation of metal alkoxides
Method of manufacturing phenol by direct oxidation of benzene
Processes for oxidative dehydrogenation
Nickel-alumina aerogel catalyst for carbon dioxide reforming of methane and the preparation method t...
Method and system for creating musical scores from musical recordings
Processional travel control apparatus
Auxiliary control with diagnostic capability
Automatic steering system for vehicle
Anti-lock brake control system having enhanced straightline braking efficiency
Headband for reversible mounting of headsets
Resource allocation mechanism in packet radio network
Portable telephone
Voice recording method for mobile communication apparatus
Method and system for routing calls to a wireless telecommunications services platform
Automatic transmission systems for humanly powered vehicles
Desoxycyclodepsipeptides and their use for combatting endoparasites
Modular motorized electric wheel hub assembly for bicycles and the like
Eyewear magnifying loupe
Method and device for determining the torque exerted on a rotating body which can be rotationally dr...
Method and apparatus for measuring power output and for measuring tension and vibrational frequency ...
Method of and system for measuring performance during an exercise activity, and an athletic shoe for...
Amusement apparatus and method
Waterslide bowl
Camera having operation member on rear cover thereof, variable picture size camera and picture size ...
Hemerocallis plant named `Dance Party`
Substituted heterocycles
Process for using non-volatile components under processing conditions for basecoat compositions cont...
Trisaryl-1,3,5-triazine ultraviolet light absorbers
Field programmable gate arrays
Power output unit, method of controlling the power output unit, and hybrid vehicle
Joint multiple program error concealment for digital audio broadcasting and other applications
Androgynous, reconfigurable closed loop feedback controlled low impact docking system with load sens...
Safety system for guidance control system
Method of producing toner by way of dispersion polymerization for use in developing latent electrost...
Liposome-entrapped topoisomerase inhibitors
Non-peptidyl inhibitors of a VLA-4 dependent cell binding useful in treating inflammatory, autoimmun...
Benzothiepin derivatives, process for the preparation of the same and uses thereof
Wound dressing device
Generic (database-independent) and dynamically-modifiable schema
Inertial switch for lighted footwear
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Control for engine under transitional condition
Surface acoustic wave resonator, surface acoustic wave filter, duplexer communications apparatus and...
Educational toy clock
Closed system access device
Method and system for removal of low order optical transmission modes to improve modal bandwidth in ...
Automatic data collection device that receives data output instruction from data consumer
Method and apparatus for enabling location-independent and location-transparent interaction between ...
Cache fencing for interpretive environments
Method, system and computer program product for iterative distributed problem solving
Detection of nucleic acid amplification reactions using bead arrays
Products for detecting nucleic acids
Follistatin-related protein zfsta2
Mounting member and flexible membrane dam
Balancing apparatus and method for high speed hard disk drive spindles
Seed plants exhibiting inducible early reproductive development and methods of making same
Multi-layer article with improved adhesion and method of making
Human histamine H3 gene variant-2
Shutter assembly for a disc cartridge
Lighted footrest for motorcycle
Line illuminating apparatus
Broad architectural illumination from expanded and remote light distribution optics of luminaires
Subwavelength optical microstructure light collimating films
Mushroom-shaped light guide
Editing system and method and distribution medium
Device, method, and medium for recording still picture and animation
Adaptive precorrection of signal combiners using passive hybrid junction sample cancellation
Apparatus and method for generating a time-multiplexed channel surfing signal at television head-end...
Process for producing planar waveguide structures as well as waveguide structure
Variable Depth/Stackable Optical Fiber Separator
Radius control rod
Optical fiber cable distribution shelf with pivotably mounted trays
Optical tray cover
Efficient light engine systems, components and methods of manufacture
Encoding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method and recording medium
Method for efficient rate control
Example-based image synthesis suitable for articulated figures
Conversion of error-diffused facsimile images to lower resolutions
Image processing method for an industrial visual sensor
Method and apparatus for reducing the color registration artifact of image capture devices
Connector assembly for fetal scalp electrode
Multi-electrode and needle injection device for diagnosis and treatment of muscle injury and pain
Apparatus for R-F ablation
System and method for concurrently requesting input/output and memory address space while maintainin...
Method of inhibiting non-dispersible paint skin formation inside paint cans of latex paints
Steel cords for reinforcement of rubber articles pneumatic tire process for producing steel cord and...
Fiber-reinforced composite wrapped steel liner
Process for the manufacture of carbon or low-alloy steel with improved machinability
Heat treatment method for producing boundary-layer hardened long products and flat products of unall...
Methods and products for analyzing polymers
Method and apparatus for laying tile
Method of recycling cocatalyst for olefin polymerization conducted with metallocene catalyst
Spherical linkage apparatus
Head fixation apparatus
Spinning reel with drag brake mechanism and clutch
Single bearing fishing reel and sounding mechanism
Microgranule for animal feeding
Protein component for dietetic food
Protein material for slow digestion and its use
Virtual network file server
Production of gamma linolenic acid by a .DELTA.6-desaturase
System for high rate cooling furnace for metal strips
Methods of imaging using osmotically stabilized microbubble preparations
Programmable address translation system
Advanced firmware boot sequence x86 computer system that maintains legacy hardware and software comp...
Secure enablement of a processing entity
System and method for controlling access to documents stored on an internal network
Method and apparatus for disabling a clock signal within a multithreaded processor
Method and system for low level testing of central electronics complex hardware using Test nano Kern...
Viscosity modifier for thermosetting resin composition
System, method and article of manufacture for mobile communication utilizing an interface support fr...
Functional magnetic resonance imaging capable of detecting the occurrence of neuronal events with hi...
Multibinding inhibitors of HMG-CoA reductase
Connector assembly for testing memory modules from the solder-side of a PC motherboard with forced h...
Method of mapping GDMO templates and ASN.1 defined types into C++ classes using an object-oriented p...
Radiation shielding device
Adding plug-in unit slots to a high capacity bus
Polyethylene blends and films
Indirect registration of elements of web-derived product
Method and system for inputting a weight to a browser in an internet-based shipping system
System and method for serializing Java objects in a tubular data stream
Optimized catalyst addition to enhance esterification catalyst performance
Computer-based method and system for ordering services
Antisense inhibition of integrin beta 4 binding protein expression
Interactive theater and feature presentation system
Process for selective reduction
Soft hearing aid
Rare earth doped optical glasses
Methods and compositions for polypeptides engineering
Optical disc for coordinating a variable reproduction of video images
Lens-fitted photo film unit and sprocket wheel for the same
Liquid crystal display assembly and method for reducing residual stresses
Catalyst based on molybdenum and its use in the isomerization of N-paraffins
Removable large area, low defect density films for led and laser diode growth
Cross point memory array including shared devices for blocking sneak path currents
Method and apparatus for communicating data with a transponder
ALD method to improve surface coverage
Subcutaneous cavity marking device and method
Apparatus and method for transparent USB-to-1394 bridging and video delivery between a host computer...
Mailing system having flexible printing of messages
Vehicle speed control system using wireless communications and method for controlling the same
Method and apparatus for implementing cyclic redundancy check calculation for data communications
Microcode scalable processor
Apparatus and method for communicating with a knowledge base
Classic automobile sound processor
Solid polymer alloy electrolyte in homogeneous state and having a monolayered structure
Configurable disablement of display objects in a browser
Digital signaturing method and system for re-creating specialized native files from single wrapped f...
Data-centric multi-level blocking
Relevance clause for computed relevance messaging
High-power firearm cartridge
Aluminum die-cast material for boats
Compounds for the treatment of obesity
Cosmetic and dermatological light protection formulations with a content of benzotriazole derivative...
Inorganic compound-coated pigments and cosmetics using the same
Ultraviolet radiation absorbing waxes useful in cosmetic compositions
Composition for reducing cell apoptosis containing avocado and soybean lipid unsaponifiables
Portable electrical apparatus with metal case having thermal insulation
Method for obtaining human skin DNA samples with an adhesive sheet
Use of estrogen antagonists and estrogen agonists in inhibiting pathological conditions
Two-piece smoking pipe vaporization chamber with directed heat intake
Aerosol separator; and method
Apparatus for the recombination of hydrogen in a gas mixture
Compounds for mass coloration of high temperature polymers
Branched cyclodextrin clathrate compound of hinokitiols and composition containing the same
Bicycloloactam compounds, use thereof and intermediates for preparing thereof
Universally functional biomedical electrode
Method of treating palmar hyperhydrosis by electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nervous chain
Method of treating facial blushing by electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nerve chain
Method for executing game and game device for implementing same
Game system and information storage medium
Optimum viewpoint automatically provided video game system
Impulse radio interactive wireless gaming system and method
Video game apparatus, method of computing amount of take-up of string in video game, and computer-re...
Pitcher protection net device in baseball practice
Rubber composition
Chrysanthemum plant named `Valentin`
Unified control of a work implement
Elevated neutral base for switches
Prints remaining indicating for camera with variable length print capability
Conductive polymer contrast agent compositions and uses therefor
Flexible circuit board
Geranium plant named `Balgalsusi`
Circuit and method for fast modular multiplication
Efficient synthetic routes for the preparation of rhinovirus protease inhibitors and key intermediat...
Error correction and concealment during data transmission
Processes and intermediates for preparing substituted chromanol derivatives
Method and apparatus for surgically preparing a tibia for implantation of a prosthetic implant compo...
Automated extraction of BIOS identification information for a computer system from any of a pluralit...
Random play control method and apparatus for disc player
Method and apparatus for employing network loadable debugging agents, capable of first failure suppo...
Parachute with active deployment
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Method for interactively creating an information database including preferred information elements, ...
Time-triggered portable data objects
Device for the chemical wet treatment of photographic material
Device for monitoring of physiological analytes
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having power reduction mechanism
Crystallization and structure determination of Staphylococcus aureus UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvylglucosam...
Set-associative cache memory having a built-in set prediction array
Pile guide for supporting a pile as it is driven into a substrate and the method of using the same
Web based system for managing request for proposal and responses
Portable safety mechanism with voice input and voice output
Map information display device for navigation apparatus
Methods for analysis and evaluation of the semantic content of a writing based on vector length
Mems variable optical delay lines
Low distortion ratio hydrophone
Toy for producing a concealed message and revealing a received concealed message
Process of using wet grain residue from ethanol production to feed livestock for methane production
Methods for stabilizing liquid nutritional products and products so stabilized
Fractionated vegetable oil
Foamed thermal insulating material and insulated structure
Polyoxypropylenepolyethylene vitamin E and preparation thereof
Programmable oven with menu selection
Food support for use in a microwave oven
Oral composition
Hair care compositions and method for depositing swollen polymer particles onto hair
Process for making a low density detergent composition by controlled agglomeration in a fluid bed dr...
Tablets, and process for making tablets
Cosmetic compositions containing substituted amine derivatives
Cosmetic compositions containing substituted iminodibenzyl or fluorene derivatives
Inhibition of HIV replication using a mutated transfer RNA primer
Method and system for specified loading of an operating system
Preservative compositions based on iodopropynl- and formaldehyde donor compounds
Selective reduction of video data using variable sampling rates based on importance within the image
System for the secure CD-ROM storage of data
Method and apparatus for applying toner release agent in an image forming apparatus
Land vehicle communications system and process for providing information and coordinating vehicle ac...
Treatments for nervous disorders
Pyrrolidine and pyrroline derivatives having effects on serotonin related systems
Method of treating anxiety disorders
Combined diffusion/osmotic pumping drug delivery system
Method of determining contact positions, calibration parameters, and reference frames for robot asse...
Method and apparatus for thermal processing of semiconductor substrates
Method for preventing consolidation of blast furnance granulated slag and consolidation preventing s...
Continuous casting mold with tungsten alloy plating and method of producing the same
Electrochromic rearview mirror incorporating a third surface metal reflector and a display/signal li...
Apparatus and method for replacing in-ground elevator cylinder casings
Electronic television program guide with remote product ordering
Data communication method and the use of the method in a system for remotely reading meters
Pumping plant
Attachment fixture for the front panel and grill of a speaker assembly
Mufflers for use with engine retarders; and methods
Direction adjusting arrangement for tweeter
Multi-speaker system
Electro-acoustic transducer
Earphone (surround sound) speaker
Electroacoustic transducer for a headrest loudspeaker
Method for creating thematic maps using segmentation of ternary diagrams
Gain control device in semiconductor optical amplifier using optical fiber grating
Semiconductor optical pulse compression waveguide
Direct-conversion tuner integrated circuit for direct broadcast satellite television
Device for linearizing transmitter amplifiers
Device and method for controlling output power of mobile communication terminal
Method and apparatus for managing peripheral devices in a medical imaging system
Process for manufacturing biomedical foams
Method for promoting regeneration of surface cartilage in a damage joint
Transplant encapsulation in a hydrogel matrix to obscure immune recognition
Monitoring, diagnostic, and reporting system and process
Aromatic compounds
Antigenomic oligodeoxynucleotides for treatment of infection by negative-stranded nonsegmented RNA v...
Compositions of .beta.-glucans and specific IGIV
Method of inhibiting formation of infectious microorganisms
P43 antigen for the immunodiagnosis of canine ehrlichiosis and uses thereof
Guanosine-rich oligonucleotide integrase inhibitors
Interactions between genotype and diet in swine that prevent E. coli associated intestinal disease
Media pipeline with multichannel video processing and playback
Computer generated paint stamp seaming compensation
Polymerization of alkylene oxides using metal cyanide catalysts and unsaturated initiator compounds
Melt-stable lactide polymer nonwoven fabric and process for manufacture thereof
Cash dispenser
Method and apparatus for detecting protection of audio and video signals
Denture adhesives with mixed salt copolymers of terpolymers
Circuit for setting computer system bus signals to predetermined states in low power mode
Individually addressable micro-electromagnetic unit array chips
Source of intense coherent high frequency radiation
Writing instrument
Disposable strip holder installation device and placement holding device and method for copiers, las...
Method for installing a hard drive into a computer and improved components therefor
Heterocyclic metal complexes and olefin polymerization process
Use of cationic copolymers of unsaturated acids and N-vinylimidazolium salts in cosmetic hair formul...
Method and apparatus for multiplexing separately-authored metadata for insertion into a video data s...
Method and apparatus for reducing drag in marine vessels
Anaesthetic bone cement
Systems and methods for continually updating and retrieving interactive video information
Method for encoding and decoding data according to a protocol specification
Method and system of electronically logging remote user dietary information, and generating and auto...
Fruit quality by inhibiting production of lipoxygenase in fruits
Scent cartridge
Portable heat generating device
Hair brush
Field emission display having reduced optical sensitivity and method
Implosion-resistant cathode ray tube envelope
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens systems
Automatic reconfiguration system for change in management servers having protocol destination addres...
Object-oriented apparatus and method for controlling accesses to objects in a distributed object env...
CDMA base station assisted soft handoff
Method and system for call signaling in telephone calls over a packet-switched network
Adaptive processor schedulor and method for reservation protocol message processing
Method to allow seamless service to mobile subscribers across various mobile switching centers suppo...
Multistream in-band on-channel systems
Boat dock bumper
Rub rail
Treatment of hyperproliferative disorders
Thermally actuated release mechanism
Method of and circuit arrangement for digitally transferring bit sequences in selective manner
Portable computing device
Hand held optical scanner rear face portion
Detection of non-firing printhead nozzles by optical scanning of a test pattern
Method and apparatus for printing zone print media edge detection
Media-type encoding and print mode selection
Cache organization--direct mapped cache
Method and apparatus for reducing oxides of nitrogen in the exhaust gas of an internal combustion en...
Semiconductor device and manufacture thereof
Discharge electrode, RF plasma generation apparatus using the same, and power supply method
Method and apparatus for providing separate primary color selection on an active matrix liquid cryst...
Composition based on alkyl polyglycosides and fatty alcohols, and its uses
Flex suspension assembly for disk drive
Post-foaming shaving gel including poly (ethylene oxide) and polyvinylpyrrolidone in a preferred ran...
Method, system, signal and software for sensing remote battery life based upon cursor characteristic...
Hydrocarbon vent hood
Respiratory aids
Method of making a dental prosthesis and curable system
Method and system for memory allocation in a multiprocessing environment
Micromechanical optical modulator having a reduced-mass composite membrane
Head-cleansing cap and method
Methods and apparatus for managing collections of objects
Field emission display having a multi-layered barrier structure
Low-EMI electronic apparatus, low-EMI circuit board, and method of manufacturing the low-EMI circuit...
Resin composition and laminate
Monitoring materials
Recirculation-enhanced subsurface reagent delivery system
Ammonia elimination liquid reagent
Gas assisted atomizing devices and methods of making gas-assisted atomizing devices
Dahlia plant named `Bretagne`
Method for synthesizing linear finite state machines
System and method for selecting photographic images using index prints
Linear guide for roller bearings
Spacer for liner motion apparatus and liner motion apparatus provided with spacer
Rod end bearing
Wearing ring for a cable guidance tube of a robot
Bearing with built-in encoder
Synthetic resin crown shaped retainer for ball bearing
Hybrid foil-magnetic bearing
Method of cleaning a semiconductor device processing chamber after a copper etch process
Method of making a printing apparatus
Self-associating low adhesion backsize material
Radar tank level indicating system for measurement of water content in shipboard tank involving iden...
Disk apparatus having magnetic head lifting device
Method for positioning with low geometrical dilution of position (GDOP)
Sphere or accumulator with membrane, such as for motor vehicle hydropneumatic suspension
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheets comprising the same
Doll bookmark
Method and apparatus for transferring data from the cache of one node to the cache of another node
Directory cache for indirectly addressed main memory
Tumor-associated antigen
Gaseous discharge panel and manufacturing method therefor
Lithium secondary battery
Method for growing crystals having impurities and crystals prepared thereby
Catalyzing cationic resin and blocked polyisocyanate with bismuth carboxylate
Mesoscopic non-magnetic semiconductor magnetoresistive sensors fabricated with island lithography
Marine pipelay system
Molded in place antenna assembly and method of making same
FGF Homologs
Microfluidic DNA sample preparation method and device
Bromeliad plant named `GUZ 226`
High performance universal multiplier circuit
Electric heating ribbon with multiple coating sections attached to ribbon
Method and system for digital signal transmission
Voice call processing methods
Firearm automatic locking system and method
Method of coating an inner surface of a weapon barrel
Mobile armored incinerator
Carrying case and a method of making thereof
Vortex flow sensor
Transesterification process using yttrium and samarium compound catalystis
Process for the preparation of .epsilon.-caprolactam
Phosphole and diphosphole ligands for catalysis
Bristle for a brush
Continuous process for producing poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
Fire resistant cellulosic materials
Polyolefin base display material with tone enhancing layer
Damascene process for MOSFET fabrication
Method for producing polyamides
Vapor phase carbonylation process using group 5 metal promoted iridium catalyst
Output couplers for lasers
Lithium ion battery and method for forming the same
Method and device for switching between different types of output signals of a position measuring sy...
Highly branched polyesters through one-step polymerization process
Magnetic disk drive
Computer system, program product and method for tracking asynchronous I/O with timeout support
Methods and/or systems for selecting data sets
Method of manufacturing double-chambered infusion bags by folding
Hot or cold beverage container holder
Vacuum-assisted, gravity-fed casting apparatus and method
Cheese package, film, bag and process for packaging a CO2 respiring foodstuff
Process for the purification of cyclopropanecarboxaldehyde
Method for preparing solid delivery system for encapsulated and non-encapsulated pharmaceuticals
Thienopyrimidine compounds, their production and use
Image forms and method for ameliorating male erectile dysfunction
Peroxide/essential oils containing mouthwash compositions and two-part mouthwash systems
Dosage forms containing thioctic acid or solid salts of thioctic acid with improved release and bioa...
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Wig foundation with contoured front hairline
System and method for providing bios-level user configuration of a computer system
Incremental redundancy radio link protocol
Method and apparatus providing mass storage access from systems using different meta-data formats
System and method of requesting and dispensing negotiable instruments via a portable hand-held dispe...
Transplatinum complexes as cytotoxic and anticancer agents
Plasma display panel including a component provided between front and back plates thereof
Process for lift-off of a layer from a substrate
Aqueous quaternary ammonium hydroxide as a screening mask cleaner
Air cleaning filter, process for preparing the same, and high-level cleaner
Semiconductor photo-detector, semiconductor photo-detection device, and production methods thereof
Dracaena plant named `White Jewel`
Apparatus and method for snow grooming a terrain park or ski area slopes
Preparation of 3-substituted-4-arylquinolin-2-one derivatives
Expandable chamber having combined occupant support and heating
Test carrier with molded interconnect for testing semiconductor components
Test system with mechanical alignment for semiconductor chip scale packages and dice
Techniques for selective activation of neurons in the brain, spinal cord parenchyma or peripheral ne...
Pass-transistor logic circuit and a method of designing thereof
Upgrading of snooper cache state mechanism for system bus with read/castout (RCO) address transactio...
System for the yaw control of an aircraft
Confocal measurement and diagnostic system
Semiconductor package configuration based on lead frame having recessed and shouldered portions for ...
Bilayer anti-reflective coating and etch hard mask
Polyadducts produced from nonlinear-optically active copolymers and polymerizable nonlinear-opticall...
Method and apparatus for designing a manufacturing process for sheet metal parts
Portion of a shoe
Commemorative sports display device
Flow blocking exhaust nozzle
Assisted drop-on-demand inkjet printer using deformable micro-acuator
Providing a network communication status description based on user characteristics
Firewall system and method
Microencapsulated lewis acid
Mold for producing partially expanded bodies with a PVC-based embryo cellular structure
Blended polyol ester lubricants for refrigerant heat transfer fluids
Modular solvent recovery device
Flash spinning polymethylpentene process and product
Additives for improving acid reactivity and method for controlling acid reactions
Amide-type polymer/silicone polymer blends and processes of making the same
1-alkoxy-polyallkyl-piperidine derivatives and their use as polymerization regulators
Personal cervical cell collector
Steroidal liposomes
Water soluble tri-substituted 1,2-dioxetane compounds having increased storage stability, synthetic ...
Human Papilloma Virus detection in a nucleic acid amplification process using general primers
Methods for discovery of vasoactive compounds for the nitric oxide-cyclic GMP signal pathway
Prostate cancer assays and related methods
Malodorant compositions, related non-lethal weapon systems, and methods of their use
Spin valve sensor having antiparallel (AP) pinned layer structure with low coercivity and high resis...
Media feeding system
Copolyester containing 4,4'-biphenyldicarboxylic acid, 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol and an ultraviolet ...
Antisense modulation of BTAK expression
Relating to organic compounds
Semiconductor die attachment method and apparatus
Concurrency control for transactions that update base tables of a materialized view using different ...
Machine for providing infusion bags with finger tab labels attached thereto by interconnecting threa...
Composite container having film label ply and method for manufacturing same
Effluent gas stream treatment system having utility for oxidation treatment of semiconductor manufac...
Microwavable hair curler
Variable timing poppet valve apparatus
Control device for a variable valve timing mechanism of an engine
Detectable marks in trim material
Method and arrangement for controlling a dynamic scale
Postscript to bitmap conversion of graphic image files
Acid component-removing agent, method for producing it and method for removing acid components
Process for removing heavy metals from a caustic fluid stream
Abatement of F2 using small particle fluidized bed
Process to produce commercial grade anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (AHF) and uranium oxide from the del...
Process for preparing a rare earth borate by reacting together at least one rare earth salt, boric a...
Ultrafine particle silicon dioxide and process for producing the same
Method for continuous production of (meth)acrylic alkyl esters
Nail enamel composition containing light reflecting material
Patterned article having alternating hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface regions
UV-light stabilization additive package for solar cell module and laminated glass applications
Naturally occurring enhancer of metal toxicants in molluscs
Printable release coatings and stamp constructions
Process for the production of malononitrile
Conductive, multilayer-structured resin particles and anisotropic conductive adhesives using the sam...
Thermal digital lithographic printing plate
Control method
4,1-benzoxazepines, their analogues, and their use as somatostatin agonists
Acute twist nematic (ATN) liquid crystal device for optical communication applications
Objective lens used with high density optical recording medium
Core catcher cooling by heat pipe
Method and system for splitting or combining optical signal
Method and kit for the detection of retroviral specific antibodies in seronegative individuals
Metal halide discharge lamp, lighting device for metal halide discharge lamp, and illuminating appar...
Top coating for synthetic leathers
1,2-dithiolane derivatives
Vibration resistant overhead electrical cable
Detector in ultrasonic holography
Miniature x-ray source
Radiotherapy stent
Apparatus for monitoring a system in which a fluid flows
Two-stage process for converting residua to gasoline blendstocks and light olefins
Timing analysis method for use in verification of operating speed of semiconductor integrated circui...
Hardwire logic device emulating any of two or more FPGAs
Patched-2 polypeptide
Nucleic acids encoding signal transduction inhibitors of allergic reactions
Propulsion system and method
Anesthesia induction chamber for small animals
Apparatus for lifting and supporting a foundation under tension and compression
Color image formation apparatus using a liquid developer and color image formation method using a li...
Waste bottle with overflow chamber
Electrophotographic development system with induction charged toner
Edge-reinforced seamed belts
Fault management system for a multifunctional printing machine
Ergonomic infant bath tub
Oral calcitonin pharmaceutical compositions and methods of making the same
Methods of forming insulating materials between conductive components and methods of forming insulat...
Redox reversible bipyridyl-osmium complex conjugates
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sirena`
Incremental garbage collection
Method and system for matching an incident to a route
Method and system for using dynamically generated code to perform record management layer functions ...
System, method and computer program product for a blending operation in a transform module of a comp...
Cockpit module assembly including air conditioner for vehicle
Smart antenna receiver using pilot signal in CDMA mobile communication system and signal receiving m...
Automatic call to page conversion in a radio communication system
Method and measurement configuration for measuring the characteristics of radio channels
Information communication terminal with charging management function
Terminal and authorization card for a subscriber, telecommunications network, and method for modifyi...
Supporting space-time dimensional program execution by selectively versioning memory updates
Satellite, satellite control method and satellite communication system
Image developing device using a toner as a developer
11-halo prostaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension
Peripherally acting anti-pruritic opiates
15-Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid-related compounds and methods of use
15-ketal postaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension
Compositions containing hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid derivatives and methods of use in treating dry ...
Phospholipids of hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid-like derivatives and methods of use
Polynucleotide compositions
Method for allocating lot priority by ranking lots as a function of budget queue time in a manufactu...
Remote control system for biped locomotion robot
Clog type shoe upper
Composition for forming conductive film method for preparing the same and display device employing c...
Fuel supply amount control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Piezoelectric transformer having increased voltage output
Vaginal moisture balanced tampon and process
Sultams: Solid phase and other synthesis of anti-HIV compounds and compositions
Magnetic resonance apparatus with actuators for counteracting multi-order vibrational modes
Controlled removal of biological membrane by pyrotechnic charge for transmembrane transport
Multiple instance single value identifiers environmental control communication method and system
Imageable seam intermediate transfer belt having toner particle-sized kerf gap
Method of treating neurodegenerative disorders
Antipsoriatic nail polish
Stable hydroalcoholic compositions
Multi-layer articles including UV-absorbing polymeric compositions
Make-up removing composition
Cleansing bar with high levels of liquid and particulate silica
Polyurethane adhesive, method for use in bonding, and use of mixture
Concentrated fixing solution and method for processing silver halide photographic material using the...
External preparation for skin
Method for forming color image using silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Wireless communication system, radio frequency communications system, wireless communications method...
Packaging system
Apparatus for forming the carton blank
Universal particle flux pressure converter
Functionalized cyclopentene-derived oligomer mixtures, their preparation and their use
Localized use of nitric oxide-adducts to prevent internal tissue damage
Mold for injection molding multilayer preforms
Thermal printhead load adjustment mechanism
Spin valve sensor having antiparallel (AP) pinned layer structure with high resistance and low coerc...
Treatment of skeletal disorders
Method and apparatus for facilitating group musical interaction over a network
Machine for making complete tea bags for infusion in a liquid in which the infusable product is cont...
Apparatus and method for preventing yarn tail breakage during yarn winding
Enhanced transport with a plastid membrane transport protein
Semipermeable venting closure
Effluent gas stream treatment system having utility for oxidation treatment of semiconductor manufac...
Shuttle apparatus for high-speed lacing of an article
Method for back tracing program execution
Determining a worst case switching factor for integrated circuit design
Electrically adjustable diffraction grating
MDG method for output signal generation
Statistically qualified neuro-analytic failure detection method and system
Method and system allowing a client computer to access a portable digital image capture unit over a ...
Force feedback provided in web pages
Control apparatus of occupant protection device
Method and system for an in-vehicle computer architecture
Braking device for an electrically-powered car that uses a load of an electrical motor as a braking ...
Vehicle deceleration control apparatus and control method thereof
Method for regulating speed and distance during passing maneuvers
Vehicle tracker, mileage-time monitor and calibrator
Child's feeding bowl
Pet lover's board game
Cosmetic or dermatological composition forming, on a keratin substrate, a film in cross-linked hybri...
Portable illuminated sign with changeable messages
Feed device for the glue melt tank of an adhesive dispenser
Lactic acid residue containing polymer composition and product having improved stability, and method...
Credit card billing system for identifying expenditures on a credit card account
Method and apparatus for down conversion of video data
Determination of characteristics of material
Chrysanthemum plant named `Virunga`
Nectarine tree named `Earlihoney`
Avocado tree named `Alpha Krome`
Strawberry plant `Whitney`