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Process for treating gas flows of polyolefin manufacturing
Extender assembly for core drill
Connector for use in packaging aerosol containers
Flow cell
Method for crystallizing carboxylic acid
Stem cell inhibitor
Polymerization of mono-and disaccharides using low levels of mineral acids
Substituted phosphinophenoxide-metal complexes for the polymerization of olefins
Laser apparatus for generating vacuum ultraviolet narrow-band laser beams
Golf ball with color flop marking
NRAGE nucleic acids and polypeptides and uses thereof
Musical toothpaste tube closure
Thiazolyl-acid amide derivatives useful as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Composite wood flooring
Dye compounds
Polarization light splitting film, backlight system and liquid crystal display having particular dif...
Robot arm mechanism
Device and method for controlling the closing and opening of an extraction chamber of a coffee maker
Method and device for semiconductor testing using electrically conductive adhesives
Moisture-curable adhesive suture strip
Diffusing adhesive layer, optical member and liquid-crystal display device
Transmission type projection screen assembly
Method for the continuous production of glutaraldehyde
Glare-resistant touch panel
Hybrid energy storage device charge equalization system and method
Method and apparatus for covering landfill
Methods and compact apparatus for covering landfill
Composite particles and methods for their application and implementation
Combined ballast and signalling device for a personal flotation device
Dock installation and removal apparatus and method
Device for connecting a submerged fluid-transporting line
Zoom lens and photographing apparatus using the same
Liquid immersion lens system and optical apparatus using the same
CPP spin-valve device
Information processing equipment
Image forming apparatus having controlled velocity image carrier and recording medium
Method and apparatus for manufacturing objects having optimized response characteristics
Automatic testing
Foam buttress for stapling apparatus
Low profile catheter for angioplasty and occlusion
Methods and apparatus for testing integrated circuits
Surface-mount type antennas and mobile communication terminals using the same
Electrode for use in a non-aqueous battery
High melting thermoplastic elastomeric alpha-olefin polymers (PRE/EPE effect) and catalysts therefor
Olefinic impact modifiers for compatible blends of polyphenylene ethers and linear polyester resins
Microencapsulation of biologically active material
Software installation verification tool
Algorithmic design of peptides for binding and/or modulation of the functions of receptors and/or ot...
Tap device of cable broadcasting system
Packing assembly and reciprocating plunger pump incorporating same
Method for conducting vehicle diagnostic analyses using distributed structure
Pneumatic motor and pneumatic hoist apparatus installed with the same
Joint imaging system utilizing magnetic resonance imaging and associated methods
Method for removing deposit from image substrate and image formation apparatus using the method
Multi-model computer database storage system with integrated rule engine
Bi-directional cerebral interface system
System and method for remote analysis of small engine vehicle emissions
Method and system for memory leak detection in an object-oriented environment during real-time trace...
System and method for improving accelerated graphics port systems
Disposable ECG chest electrode template with built-in defibrillation electrodes
Noise resistant electronic presence sensor
Methods for processing chemical compounds having reactive functional groups
Pyridine derivatives having fungicidal activity and processes to produce and use same
Process for encoding audio from an analog medium into a compressed digital format using attribute in...
Biosynthetic production of 7-[1',2',6',7',8',8a'(R)-hexahydro-2'(S),6'(R)-dimethyl-8'(S)-hydroxy-1' ...
Method of composing electronic mail in which mail expressions corresponding to a category attribute ...
Preparation of novel immobilized biocatalysts
Continuous intra-cranial pressure control
UV-VIS spectrophotometry
Soybean cultivar 010003
Radio communication system and method of operation
Use of growth hormone or analogues thereof for the treatment of mammals with familial hypercholester...
Phenylsulphonyl derivatives as 5-HT receptor ligands
Chlamydia pneumoniae polynucleotides and uses thereof
Process for isolating and preparing purified chitin deacetylase
Mixed-resistance structured packing
String weighted surface acoustic wave transducer
Compounds and methods for regulating bacterial growth and pathogenesis
Photobiomolecular metallic particles and films
Method of molding large thin parts from reinforced plastic material
Calcium phosphate composition and method of preparing same
Thiazoline acid derivatives
Smart car starter
Control apparatus for electric vehicle
Algorithm for computing vehicle's steering ratio under dynamic maneuver
Driving force control apparatus
Engine control system for improved driveability
Integration of rear wheel steering with vehicle stability enhancement system
Integrated queue assist and adaptive cruise control
Register change summary resource
Sequencer of synchronous actions in a processor system, and integrated circuit including such sequen...
Error injection apparatus and method
Automatic communication protocol test system with message/sequence edit function and test method usi...
Random message verification technique
Bit error rate tester using fast parallel generation of linear recurring sequences
Mechanism for enabling compliance with the IEEE standard 1149.1 for boundary-scan designs and tests
Computer-implemented method for generating a UML representation from JAVA source code
Multimedia coordination system
Roaming authorization system
Verifier to check intermediate language
Domestic appliance
Method for topographical patterning of materials
Scalable high-performance bouncing apparatus
Determining grade of service and mobile telephone system
Process for making low-density polyolefins
Metal oxide of porous structure, electrode structure, secondary battery, and methods for producing t...
Microphone/speaker-contained wireless remote control system for internet device and method for contr...
Method for monitoring a public water treatment system
System and methods for load testing a transactional server over a wide area network
Method of establishing an internet protocol network utilizing IP gateway that functions as either or...
Computer system for controlling a data transfer
Method and apparatus for the transfer of sensitive card data over an unsecure computer network
Predicting risk of serious gastrointestinal complications in patients taking nonsteroidal anti-infla...
Protocol for synchronizing parallel processors in a mobile communication system
System and method for delivery and updating of data transmitted to a mobile terminal
Parallel system and method for cyclic redundancy checking (CRC) generation
Mine support and method of forming the same
Method and apparatus for ranking Web page search results
Method for mapping seismic attributes using neural networks
Process for separating internal and alpha olefins from saturated compounds
Method and apparatus for providing active help to a user of a voice-enabled application
System for web content management based on server-side application
Method for ammonia removal from waste streams
CDMA frequency planning for fixed wireless application
System and method for design and fabrication of stamping dies for making precise die blanks
Methods for manipulating upper gastrointestinal transit, blood flow, and satiety, and for treating v...
Method and apparatus for controlling and maintaining a tower top low noise amplifier
5, 11-Dioxa-benzo[b]fluoren-10-one and 5-oxa-11-thia-benzo[b]fluoren-10-ones as estrogenic agents
Remote analysis system
Plant retroviral polynucleotides and methods for use thereof
Light emitting diode modules for illuminated signs
Variable volume hydropneumatic accumulator
Fibre channel upgrade path
Variety of geranium plant named `Pactomgimex`
Variety of geranium plant named `Pacwei`
Geranium plant named `Springtime`
African Violet plant named `Everlove`
Petunia plant named `Kercan`
Rose plant named `Roroone`
African violet plant named `EverPraise`
Method for recovery of original registry key file data
Compounds and methods for modulating cxcr3 function
3-(heteroarylamino)methylene-1,3-dihydro-2H-indol-2-ones as kinase inhibitors
N-arylsulfonyl aryl aza-bicyclic derivatives as potent cell adhesion inhibitors
Nitromethyl ketone compounds having aldose reduction inhibiting properties and methods for their use
Liquid formulation of metformin
Method of treating metabolic disorders especially diabetes, or a disease or condition associated wit...
Method and system for examining biological materials using low power CW excitation Raman spectroscop...
Extending the attributes of an application generated using a fourth generation programming tool
Therapeutic device and method for treating diseases of cardiac muscle
Programmable computerize enclosure module for accommodating SCSI devices and associated method of co...
Implantable responsive system for sensing and treating acute myocardial infarction and for treating ...
Incubator for biological cleaning of fluids
Microencapsulation process
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 1,4,5-trioxa-phenanthrene
Anode initiated surface flashover switch
Monolithic series/parallel led arrays formed on highly resistive substrates
Method of forming a recessed magnetic storage element
Process flow for sacrificial collar with polysilicon void
Objective lens and optical device
All fiber polarization mode dispersion compensator
Dispersion shifted optical waveguide fiber
Optical fiber with absorbing overclad glass layer
Optical fiber ribbon separation tool
Device for separating the particle-size spectrum of a polydisperse aerosol
Integrated optical component with photodetector for automated manufacturing platform
Insulation displacement connector with a wire ejection feature
Method and apparatus for adjusting pilot signal relative to input signal
Thin film transistors
Demultiplexing and clock-recovery circuit
Early fair drop buffer management method
Small watercraft having an improved structure of storage compartment
Hydraulic boat hoist
Co-linear tensioner and methods for assembling production and drilling risers using same
Flexible structure and method for controlling the quality of liquids
Method and system for retrieval of lost goods
Currency note comprising an integrated circuit
Mounting system for a portfolio
Self-adhesive label with pocket-forming slot
Security device with foil camouflaged magnetic regions and methods of making same
Method of screening TGF-.beta.-inhibiting substances
Acrylic copolymer membranes for biosensors
Thermally reflective layer-porous metal oxide film insulation composite
Hibiscus plant named `Dreamcatcher`
1,2-disubstituted 1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline compounds
Method and system for fault isolation for PCI bus errors
Combined espresso coffee and coffee grinding machine supported by columns
Exhaust muffler
Method and apparatus for update and acquisition of automotive vehicle specifications in automotive d...
Dive resistant buckle
Liquid crystal display device having improved-response-characteristic drivability
Surface acoustic wave filter with a passband formed by a longitudinally coupled filter and a resonat...
Combined gripper for a nuclear reactor
Peptides and other small molecules derived from regions of interacting proteins and uses thereof
Magnetically oriented tissue-equivalent and biopolymer tubes and rods
Acellular biological material chemically treated with genipin
Drug delivery compositions and medical devices containing block copolymer
Pre-fabricated corneal tissue lens method of corneal overlay to correct vision
Method for producing a stable polymerized hemoglobin blood-substitute
Viral variants and methods for detecting same
Papilloma viruses, agents for detecting them and for treating diseases caused by such viruses
Protein expression in baculovirus vector expression systems
Fusion protein delivery system and uses thereof
Method and device for controlling the number of ions in ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometers
Non-nucleotide containing enzymatic nucleic acid
Hydraulically controlled safety valve
Membrane keyboard switch mounting
Avian immunoglobulin-producing cell lines
Method and apparatus for capturing skin print images
Use of .gamma.-tocopherol and its oxidative metabolite LLU-.alpha. in the treatment of disease
Injection molding of transparent plastic with glitter
Process using a catalyst to dehydrogenate an alkyl aromatic compound
Water conserving urination system
Agent for inducing apoptosis
HIV integrase inhibitors
Macrophage derived chemokine (MDC) as an anti-viral agent for the treatment and prevention of lentiv...
Mechanized toilet seat lift for the elderly and/or disabled
Method of manufacturing a razor with multiple shaving aid elements
Lentiviral nucleic acids and uses thereof
Coil car structure
Silicon sliders with trapezoidal shape and drie process for fabrication
Out-of-plane thrust reverser sleeve lock
Multi-patient fluid dispensing
Front loading apparatus for insecting fluid into animals
Wrist worn leash retaining device
Communication of structured document content between 3270 logical units
Power tool and vibration isolator therefor
Compact high speed stacker
Sewing machine thread breakage detector
Fitted sheet hemmer
Fitted sheet hemmer
Fitted sheet hemmer
Method for the production of hydrolysis stabilized polyester monofilaments and use thereof
Process for producing desulfated polysaccharide, and desulfated heparin
MRI apparatus
Device for storing a gaseous medium in a storage container
Switchable gradient coil system formed by saddle coils
Controlling method of superconductor magnetic field application apparatus, and nuclear magnetic reso...
Coil for a magnetic resonance system
Method for shimming a magnet system of a MR tomography apparatus and MR tomography apparatus for the...
MR fluoroscopy method and apparatus
Oxygen-containing phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating sa...
Information panel attachable to vend machine spirals
Access control device for a motor vehicle and method for setting the sensitivity of an access contro...
Fabrication of photonic band gap materials using microtransfer molded templates
Composition of epoxy resin and reactive vinyl polymer produced by living radical polymerization
Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing same
Core wire with shapeable tip
Preparation of vinyl-containing macromers
Polymer particles, production and use thereof
Electrode introducer for a percutaneous electrical therapy system
Method and apparatus for avoiding array class creation in virtual machines
System for adjusting the track on motor vehicle wheels
Universal transmitter
Cardiac management device with capability of noise detection in automatic capture verification
Methods for monitoring cellular processing of .beta.-amyloid precursor protein
Drug conversion device
Robotic assembly process for plastic components
Semiconductor wafer processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for aligning a cassette
Controlling method and apparatus for positioning a robot
Robot-arm telemanipulating system presenting auditory information
Robot, identifying environment determining method, and program thereof
Ballast for gas discharge lamps with shutdown of the filament heating
Process for effecting mass transfer between a liquid phase and a gaseous phase
Mutant strains of Aspergillus terreus for producing 7-[1,2,6,7,8,8a(R)-hexa-hydro-2(S),6(R)-dimethyl...
Biocatalyst-immobilized electrode and method for treatment of water by use of the electrode
Acoustic wave device and process for forming the same
Neonatal patient ventilator circuit
High frequency, high efficiency quick restart lighting system
Multi-frequency pilot beacon for CDMA systems
Process for producing deacetylase from Vibrio cholerea IFO 15429
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Image recording/reproducing system, image recording apparatus, and image reproducing apparatus
Image heating apparatus with heating member facing image when formed on one side and backup member a...
System, apparatus and control method for monitoring system changes within a network configuration
Venturi reactor and scrubber with suckback prevention
Process for the purification of gases containing hydrogen sulphide
Separator for gases, liquids and solids from a well
Portable oil degasification apparatus
Stripping of contaminants from water
Operation process of a pumping-ejection apparatus and related apparatus
Compression-pumping system comprising an alternating compression section and its process
Device for regulating a flow rate in an air-liquid centrifuge separator
Apparatus for removing impurities in liquid
Process for degassing liquids
Method and system to remotely monitor a carbon adsorption process
Undulating membrane surface for evaporative processes
Inorganic shaped bodies and methods for their production and use
Method for controlling heat flows in a motor vehicle
Inductive sensor arrangement with field coils and sense coils, and methods for detecting ferrous obj...
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for displaying content in a multi-dimensional topic spa...
Amorphous metal alloy strip and method of making such strip
Magnetic random-access memory
Atomic layer deposition of capacitor dielectric
Model-free adaptive control for industrial processes
Degradable polyurethane resin
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Medicament dispensing device with a multimaterial diaphragm bounding a pneumatic force chamber
Aerosol charge adjusting apparatus employing a corona discharge
Fast clustering with sparse data
Foam cross-linked with metal salt and process for production
Montgomery reduction apparatus
Projection exposure method, projection exposure apparatus, and methods of manufacturing and opticall...
Ultrashort pulsed laser micromachining/submicromachining using an acoustooptic scanning device with ...
Method for making multisheet metal sandwich structure with throughholes
Embossed paper
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Pattern for fabrics and the like
Production of anti-self antibodies from antibody segment repertoires and displayed on phage
Hydrophilic polyurethane membranes for electrochemical glucose sensors
Consolidated amorphous carbon materials, their manufacture and use
Poinsettia plant named `Fislemon`
Mutant forms of Fas ligand and uses thereof
Transcripts encoding immunomodulatory polypeptides
Pad integrity improvement by replacing the constructive adhesive with ultrasonic compressions
Method and system for encoding data for high performance error control
Baseball glove with finger wrap
Photoprinter for cutting & developing various dimensioned prints from continuous strip light-sensiti...
Vehicle muffler system
Database management method of invoking a function retrieving index type definition, cataloging parti...
Method of controlling inverter power generation apparatus
System and method for identification of traffic lane positions
Button snap flap closure
Method of constructing insulated metal dome structure for a rocket motor
Hydrodynamic bearing unit
Dynamic pressure bearing device and method of manufacturing the same
Wiper bearing for a wiper device of a vehicle and for mounting a wiper bearing
Bearing assembly for a heat dissipation fan
Bell bearing and method of producing the same
Single row deep groove radial ball bearing
Compressor bearings
Method for supplying sterilization/deodorization gas and apparatus therefor
Liquid crystal display device having an improved video line driver circuit
Thin film electrostatic shield for inductive plasma processing
Method of aligning structures on opposite sides of a wafer
Piezoelectric resonator with electrode radius related to resonator thickness and vibration mode, and...
Method of supporting plant growth using polymer fibers as a soil substitute
Catalytic dehydroxylation of diols and polyols
Process for preparing 3,3',6,6'-tetraalkyl-2,2'-biphenols and 3,3',6,6'-tetraalkyl-5,5'-dihalo-2,2'-...
Vanadia-titania/metal-molybdate dual catalyst bed system and process using the same for methanol oxi...
Mos transistor with dual metal gate structure
Rapid non-destructive screening methods for polymeric coatings and materials
Ink jet printing method
Ink-jet recording material
Nuclear power plant
Cap with spectacles
Linings for sewers
Apparatus and method of bioelectrical impedance analysis of blood flow
Isolated human enzyme proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme proteins, and uses ther...
Vesicular monoamine transporter gene therapy in Parkinson's disease
C-CAM as an angiogenesis inhibitor
Power storage system using sodium-sulfur batteries
Electrochemical devices utilizing molten alkali metal electrode-reactant
Solvated electron lithium electrode for high energy density battery
Bonded hydrogen conducting solid electrolytes
High temperature storage battery
Method of preparing ceramic surfaces for wetting thereof by alkali metals
Battery containing solid protonically conducting electrolyte
Polymerization process of sulphonic monomers
Method for combining automated detections from medical images with observed detections of a human in...
Method for characterizing samples by determination of a function of at least one specific property o...
Hydropneumatic pulse interceptor
Woven and laid hybrid yarn structures of adjustable gas and/or liquid tightness, further processing ...
Triblock terpolymer, its use in medical products and process for its production
Hybrid wiggler
End tidal breath analyzer
Multilayer reverse osmosis membrane in which one layer is poly-meta-phenylene cyclohexane-1,3,5-tric...
Chicken-derived immunoglobulin-producing cell lines
Method and apparatus for fingerprint image processing
Contact dermatitis pharmaceutical preparation with anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory
Increasing production in hydrocarbon conversion processes
Drum-loading/unloading apparatus for electrostatographic printer/copier
Method and apparatus for water treatment
Tantalum and tantalum nitride powder mixtures for electrolytic capacitors substrates
O-glucosylated benzamide SGLT2 inhibitors and method
Di- and tri-heteroatom substituted indenyl metal complexes
Flat non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Method of anodically bonding elements for flat panel displays
Stabilized electrochemical cell active material
Anode for lithium-ion battery
Necktie knotter
Conversion between data representation formats
Magnetic recording apparatus with tunneling magnetoresistive element biased by current controller
Commercial aircraft low cost, lightweight floor design
Manufacture of prefilled syringes
Apparatus for injecting fluid into animals and disposable front loadable syringe therefor
Animal jaw support device
Method for input and output of structures for the Java language
Nailer magazine
Tanning leather
Purified Alteromonas macleodii polysaccharide and its uses
Screening methods for altering circadian rhythms and for human casein kinase I .delta. and/or .epsil...
Optical pickup device
Hazard marker
Method of measuring elevational mis-alignment of an automotive radar sensor
Dry powder dispersing apparatus and methods for their use
Catalyst support method and polymerization with supported catalysts
Electronic circuitry
RF/microwave tunable delay line
Wiring connection structure of laminated capacitor and decoupling capacitor, and wiring board
Light pipe, plane light source unit and liquid-crystal display device
Reflection type projection screen, production process thereof, and production apparatus thereof
Method for image regulation of color monitors in proof-viewing and an apparatus therefor
Process for making siloxane compositions
Fuel cell system having a fuel cell stack with integrated polarity reversal protection diode
Rhinoplasty bur
Fuel cell system
Flame retardant compositions
Method and apparatus of sustained sequential data transfer in a media drive
System and method for recovering energy from an air compressor
Method of forming tool with dual-material handle
Method for analysis of expired gas
Remote data facility prefetch
Methods of screening for .beta.-amyloid peptide production inhibitors
Drug delivery systems and methods
Use of coenzyme Q.sub.10 in combination with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor therapies
Knife handle
Sword blade
Cutlery basket for a dishwasher
Process for preparing intermediates for the synthesis of antifungal agents
Distributed digital film processing system and method
Distributed displacement sensor
Process for effecting oxidative dehydrodimerization
Conversion of a mixture of 3-methylpyridine and 3-methylpiperidine to 3-cyanopyridine
Process for oxidation of benzene to phenol precursor
Ammoxidation of methyl substituted heteroaromatics to make heteroaromatic nitriles
Production of glyoxylic acid with glycolate oxidase and catalase immobilized on oxirane acrylic bead...
Method and combination for treating sleep apnea using a cantilever mask attachment device
Signal strength measurement method and device
Use of heteroaryl substituted N-(indole-2-carbonyl-) amides for treatment of infection
N-acetyl-D-glucosamine deacetylase and a process for preparing the same
Automated odor modifier
Method and composition for the treatment of blackwater collection systems
Wafer-burn-in and test employing detachable cartridge
Travelling wave-type optical modulator
Electrophotographic apparatus and electrophotographic method featuring a photosensitive member havin...
Stitched write head design having a sunken shared pole
Optical pickup device
Glass-made lid for a cooking pan and the like and a method of manufacture thereof
Universal kitchen machine
Draughting apparatus
Extractable carriage for kitchen units
Rewinding machine for the formation of logs of wound paper which can be cut to form usable small rol...
Anti-tip hinge device and method
Paper dispenser
Precision metal locating apparatus
Computer system and method for providing an on-line mall
Storage apparatus having a virtual storage area
Method and apparatus providing for router redundancy of non internet protocols using the virtual rou...
Silver halide photographic emulsion and light-sensitive material containing the same, and image-form...
Method for the preparation of ceftiofur sodium
Ceramic metal halide lamp having medium aspect ratio
High frequency, high efficiency electronic lighting system with metal halide lamp
Carbon barrier controlled metal infiltration layer for enhanced oxidation protection
Method for catalytic conversion of carbon monoxide in a hydrogen-containing gas mixture with improve...
Zeolite SSZ-58 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Method for eliminating formamide from polymerizates containing n-vinyl formamide units
Hair aftertreatment preparations
Polyesters based on hydroxy fatty acids and lower hydroxy alkyl acids and uses thereof
Aqueous dispersions of crystalline polymers and uses
Use of finely divided dye-containing polymers PD as color-imparting constituent in cosmetic composit...
Resin for ink-jet printing ink
Device and method for applying a flowable medium onto a moving surface
Treatment method for making heat exchanger hydrophilic and heat exchanger treated to be hydrophilic
Process for producing thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Process for producing thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Chimpanzee erythropoietin (CHEPO) polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Transparent supermicrocellular polymer foams and method for their manufacture
Transparent supermicrocellular polymer foams from high Tg polymers and method for manufacture
Polypropylene series resin sheet
Thermal digital lithographic printing plate
Corrosion inhibitors
Conductive composition with excellent high-temperature storage stability and conductive roller obtai...
Process for producing metal-containing resin and composition thereof
Flexible flying disc
Temporary mounting means for multiple outlet strip
Power line transient surge suppressor
Closed loop induction type electrical wire preheater
Fluorescent lamp having transparent layer with low mercury consumption
Layout design method
Method for designing complex digital and integrated circuits as well as a circuit structure
Epitaxial growth substrate and a method for producing the same
Capillary array electrophoresis scanner
MRAM architecture and system
Method for forming integrated circuit capacitor and memory
Molecular detection apparatus
Bifurcated deposition process for depositing refractory metal layers employing atomic layer depositi...
Testis-specific gene
Genetic sequences encoding substrate-specific dihydroflavonol 4-reductase and uses therefor
Process for changing the concentration in an anesthesia apparatus
Modulated release particles for aerosol delivery
Audio signal manipulator system
Method for representing and comparing multimedia content
Multimedia search system
Variational inference engine for probabilistic graphical models
Piston assembly for reducing the temperature of a compressor cup seal
Color imager bar based spectrophotometer photodetector optical orientation
Rotation member driving device and image forming apparatus using the same
Weight promoting composition, method, and product
Integrated fiber devices based on Mach-Zehnder interferometers and evanescent optical coupling
Transcutaneous sensor insertion set
Blood hematocrit monitoring system
Thermal preactivation of gaseous precursor filled compositions
Dracaena plant named `0102RB`
Nutritional preparation comprising ribose and medical use thereof
Method and system for transmitting a position information
Radio communication system
Method for the comparison of electrical circuits
Household espresso coffee maker machine
Differential time domain spectroscopy method for measuring thin film dielectric properties
Frequency stabilizing equipment for optical communication light source
Thulium doped fiber pump for pumping Raman amplifiers
Optical amplifying unit and optical transmission system
Fiber optic cross connect with folding of light beams
Integrated optical device
Structure and method of absorbing and shielding sound
Apparatus and method for preventing a white-screen error in a liquid crystal display device
Information recording medium and its manufacturing method
MEMS based variable optical attenuator (MBVOA)
Prefetch queue
Apparatus and method to improve performance of reads from and writes to shared memory locations
Providing for the omission of root information from depth-related requests according to standard req...
Steam generator heated by liquid metal
Tanning booth having automated spray
Polish compositions for gloss enhancement, and method
Stable tooth whitening gels containing high percentages of hydrogen peroxide
Legume products
Flame retardant filters
Anti-fungal feed compositions containing natamycin
System and method for conveying air-filled packing cushions
Device for forming successive batches of articles comprising means of transferring the articles
Method and apparatus for making a plastic container and closure combination
Wide mouth blow molded plastic container, method of making same, and preform used therein
Pipeline crossing module
Apparatus and method of bioelectrical impedance analysis of blood flow
Concrete admixture packaging and batch feed system
Latent mercaptan as a heat stabilizer
Preparation of micron-size pharmaceutical particles by microfluidization
Preparation of rubber composition by organic solution mixing and articles thereof including tires
Toner, process for producing a toner, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Laser machining apparatus
Peroxide containing liquid laundry formulation
Corrosion inhibiting thermoplastic alloys
Polyimide film, method of manufacture, and metal interconnect board with polyimide film substrate
Method and device for protecting micro electromechanical system structures during dicing of a wafer
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Oncogene-induced apoptosis in drug-resistant cells
Xylanase from Trichoderma reesei , method for production thereof, and methods employing this enzyme
FEN-1 endonuclease, mixtures and cleavage methods
Projectile and weapon system providing variable lethality
Polymer having network structure
Manufacture of polyethylenes
Optical devices made from radiation curable fluorinated compositions
Method of processing silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Golf balls including rigid compositions and methods for making same
Systems and methods for providing video-on-demand services for broadcasting systems
Methods for improving learning or memory by vagus nerve stimulation
Hydropneumatic floating-piston accumulator
Chemically driven liquid delivery pumping device
Process of making and treating cellulose fibers or yarns with a polysiloxane
Method and apparatus for three dimensional modeling of an object
Method and apparatus for process modeling using a dynamical system
Diagnostics in a process control system
Multilayer membrane separator
Antivenoms and methods for making antivenoms
Removable implanted device
Scalable crossbar switch
Prodrugs for selective drug delivery
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease using rchd528 as ...
Automatic fishing apparatus
Vehicle mountable cable reel apparatus
Fishing reel support
Universal storage container for video cassettes
Automatic strip cutting machine
Plumb bob
Vehicle mountable cable reel apparatus
Process for producing an epoxidized polymer
Process for producing .alpha.-phenylethyl alcohol
Conforming air and foam support device
Method and apparatus for treating supraventricular tachyarrhythmias
Temperature-compensating thin-film capacitor and electronic device
Skin of an airplane door and method of making door with same
Cache with dynamic control of sub-block fetching
Determining whether a second hypertext document is included in a list of active document trails
Injection system, pump system for use therein and method of use of pumping system
Foot operated control system for a multi-function device
Animal confinement chute
Container for fertilization of human ovocytes in the absence of CO.sub.2 -enriched air
Curved tampon applicator and a process for forming the applicator and for assembling an absorbent ta...
Urinary catheterization drape and associated method
Portable squeeze chute apparatus and method
Leukaemia inhibitory factor from livestock species and use thereof to enhance implantation and devel...
Artificial insemination device for livestock such as, in particular, sows
Method and apparatus for sharing objects and object state between processes
Chuck for capping machine
Sulphur orthophosphate compositions, preparation and use
Biologically active phosphotriester-type compounds
RF matching network with distributed outputs
Configuration for introducing material webs into conveying paths of rotary printing machines
Multi-color printing press with common blanket cylinder
Web fanout control system
Optical waveguide structures
Surveillance radar scanning antenna requiring no rotary joint
Reaction brazing of tungsten or molybdenum body to carbonaceous support
Machine dishwashing detergent
Method and apparatus for using a conformable member in a frictional drive
Zinc/air cell
Composition for the treatment of halitosis
Stepped IOL insertion cartridge for inserting an intraocular lens in an eye
Accommodating, reduced ADD power multifocal intraocular lenses
Foldable iris fixated intraocular lenses
Method for making an accommodating intraocular lens
Biomedical moldings
Contact lens having improved dimensional stability
Microencapsulation and sustained release of oligonucleotides
Developing roller and method of producing the same
Pictorial image processing system
Method of screen gravure photoengraving
Method for the production of triethylene diamine making use of ethylene diamine
Control apparatus and method for vehicle having an idle stop function
Fluid treatment apparatus
Real-time distributed file system
Distributed file processing with context unit configured to judge the validity of the process result...
Hollow medical wires and methods of constructing same
Corrugated flow field plate assembly for a fuel cell
Method and system for implementing a user interface for performing physical design operations on an ...
Lithium secondary battery and active material for negative electrode in lithium secondary battery
High impact PVC/polycarbonate alloy compositions
Process for separation of sulfated glycosaminoglycans
Air compressor enclosure for an oil free air compressor
Method and apparatus for acquiring replacement products for a printing device or accessory
System for determining when a component in a printer should be replaced
Set up time adjust
Method and system for associating exposed radiographic films with proper patient information
Method and apparatus for enhancing and correcting digital images
Printed circuit board design support system, printed circuit board design method and storage medium ...
Image developing unit capable of easily and securely dispersing toner, and image forming apparatus
External storage device and method of accessing same
Methods and compositions for monitoring cellular processing of beta-amyloid precursor protein
Solid dose nanoparticulate compositions comprising a synergistic combination of a polymeric surface ...
Fungal strains and use thereof in antibiotic production
Immobilized biocatalysts and their preparation and use
Arrangement in connection with discharge lamp
Method for calculating the PN generator mask to obtain a desired shift of the PN code
Process for producing low defect density, ideal oxygen precipitating silicon
Camouflage material
Methods of conditioning an affinity resin after storage
Charge-transport structures
Semiconductor package
Erosion resistant pencil coil having external secondary winding and shield
Polymer chip PTC thermistor
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Semiconductor lasers
DNA encoding chitin deacetylase
Distillation column and method for promoting a uniform vapor flow
Valve timing regulation device for internal combustion engines
Electrically rotatable shaft
Coordinated valve timing and throttle control for controlling intake air
Blood pressure measurement system
System and method for customer recognition using wireless identification and visual data transmissio...
Telephone line use enablement of lottery participation
Method of detecting and managing RFID labels on items brought into a store by a customer
Watermarking methods for digital images and videos
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Performance monitoring and optimizing of controller parameters
Spread spectrum image steganography
Method and apparatus for packaging tamales
Protease variants and compositions
Capsid-modified recombinant adenovirus and methods of use
Bifunctional selectable fusion genes
4-trifluoromethyl-3-oxazolylpyridines, processes for their preparation, compositions comprising them...
Latent reactive blood compatible agents
Music stand
Intelligent basketball game assembly
Support system with radially rigid wire suspension
Notification system for multimedia messaging systems
Copy-guard system and information recording medium used in the same system
Device for relative displacement of two elements
Robot vehicle for hot-line job
Adapter card implementing a time-shared digital signal processor
Method and apparatus for record addressing in partitioned files
Data processing apparatus for facilitating data selection and data processing
Method and apparatus for exchanging data between transactional and non-transactional input/output sy...
Method and apparatus for facilitating wildcard searches within a relational database
Item name normalization
Method and system for improving concurrency through early release of unnecessary locks
Method and apparatus for fast searching of hand-held contacts lists
Device, notably for controlling a travelling-wave tube
Method of preserving wood with lanthanide derivatives lanthanide derivatives
Semiconductor laser, semiconductor light emitting device, and methods of manufacturing the same
Self-aligned magnetic clad write line and its method of formation
Method of forming iridium conductive electrode/barrier structure
SOI device with metal source/drain and method of fabrication
Method and system for analyzing and classifying electronic information
Soft foldable toy
Method for authorization check
Endotracheal tube with tip directional control and position preserving mechanism
Dry powder inhaler
Self-supporting and redetachable adhesive article
Bezel based input mechanism and user interface for a smart watch
Predictive temperature compensation for memory devices systems and method
Force controlling robot
Method and apparatus for grasping items
Welding machine manipulated by automated equipment
High frequency circuit integrated-type antenna component
Portable videophone unit
Liquid crystal display and projector using the same
Apparatus for controlling toner concentration in an electrophotographic device
Signal processing system and signal processing method for cutting tool with abrasion sensor
Automatic testing of redundant switching element and automatic switchover
Data redundancy methods and apparatus
Method and compositions for the control or eradication of Helicobacter pylori
High-temperature alloy and articles made therefrom
Antibodies for inhibiting blood coagulation and methods of use thereof
Stent assembly with sensor
Blood constituent measuring device and method
Method for manufacturing radioactive brachytherapy source material, brachytherapy source material an...
Performance instruction apparatus and method
Geranium plant named `Global Deep Lilac`
Data transfer in host expansion bridge
Method and apparatus for evaluating a circuit
Automatic machine for coffee beverage, in which the ground coffee is compressed in an infusion chamb...
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, image forming method and image forming apparatus us...
High strain point glasses
Methods of sealing an injection site
Method for coating an implantable device and system for performing the method
Pharmaceutical composition for ophthalmic use
Electro-dynamic phased array lens for controlling acoustic wave propagation
Method and system for rating patents and other intangible assets
Liquid crystal display device
Gas sensing element employable in an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
Tunable/variable passive microelectronic components
Thermosensitive printer
Diaphragm switching apparatus
Distance measuring apparatus and focusing device
Photometry device
Method of playing amusement game in a traveling vehicle
Training device for nuclear power plant operators
Magnetic resonance imaging method involving sub-sampling
Method and user interface for representing architectural plan diagrams
Grid sheath for medical instrument
Methods for laser treatment of soft tissue
Transvalvular impedence measurement
Methanotrophic carbon metabolism pathway genes and enzymes
Films with UV blocking characteristics
Photographic film base comprising a poly(ethylene terephthalate)-based material
Method and apparatus for remote sales of vended products
Glass block with internal capsule
Packaging container for the cold storage of liquid foods and a method of producing the packaging con...
Rapid tooling sintering method and compositions therefor
Extension holder for spray, caulk and paint devices
Compositions for treating keratinous materials containing a combination of a zwitterion polymer and ...
Synthetic promoters
Hydropneumatic suspension for motor vehicles
Device for amplifying the output of a driven machine
Cache chain structure to implement high bandwidth low latency cache memory subsystem
Memory system for multiple data types
Management of PCI read access to a central resource
Methods and apparatus for scalable instruction set architecture with dynamic compact instructions
Loosely coupled mass storage computer cluster
Disk array system and its control method
Triblock terpolymer, its use for surgical suture material and process for its production
Multilayer reverse osmosis membrane in which one layer is poly-meta-phenylene tetrahydrofuran-2,3,4,...
Compact low surface area dialyzer method and apparatus
Method of stimulating immune response
Cabinet housing for optical imaging of fingerprints
Method and apparatus for fast voxelization of volumetric models
QOS protection system
Growth differentiation factor promoter and uses therefor
Conservin compositions
Membrane separation for sulfur reduction
Process for dehydrogenation of alkyl aromatic compounds
Tortilla toaster-like warmer appliance
Watch with liquid crystal display panel
Flight apparatus
Automatic coil element selection in large MRI coil arrays
Medical drape with drain and method for deploying
Analgesic from snake venom
Asynchronous differential communication
Mounting for a construction shear
Magneto-elastically excitable tag having a reliable deactivatable amorphous alloy for use in a mecha...
Synthesis method for block polymers by controlled radical polymerization from dithioester compounds
Hematopoietic stem cell growth factor (SCGF)
Display computer with on-screen identifiers for multiple serial ports for avoiding physical mislabel...
Processor-memory bus architecture for supporting multiple processors
Method of merging three-dimensional shape data and method of representing three-dimensional shape da...
Vector method for color misregistration detection in image data
Apparatus for examining the degree of stain on printed matter
Method and apparatus for image processing for performing a color conversion
Method and apparatus that improves the technique by which a plurality of agents process information ...
Method and apparatus for calibrating write power
System and method for evaluating a tipping moment experienced by a movable press member
Display apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
System for preventing and remediating biofilms in dental equipment
Transceiver unit
Collapsible, disposable MDI spacer and method
Thermotherapy apparatus with retractable reclining surface
Heterocyclic compounds
Developer supply container and image forming apparatus capable of mounting the container thereon
.alpha.2-macroglobulin receptor as a receptor for CTGF
Method of using diketopiperazines and composition containing them
Pressure-sensitive cleaning sheet, image-forming material having cleaning part, and method of cleani...
Composition for forming lens, and Fresnel lens and transmission screen using said composition
Water-absorbing rubber composition
Making gravure plate with tint screen
Wicking strands for a polymer electrolyte membrane
Discharge unit for a high repetition rate excimer or molecular fluorine laser
Array of miniature radiation sources
Method for determining a position of a robot
Vending machine
Method and apparatus for limiting attitude drift during turns
Bone fixation device
Shaft for medical catheters
Process for the hydroformylation of olefins
Resin composition
Method and system for determining common failure modes for integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for producing uniform polymeric spheres
Electrode arrangement
Configuration and method for storing the test results obtained by a BIST circuit
Hinged housings for electronic devices
Method for segmenting medical images and detecting surface anomalies in anatomical structures
Processors with data typer and aligner selectively coupling data bits of data buses to adder and mul...
System and method for reconstruction of spectral curves using measurements from a color sensor and a...
Cardivascular support control system
Display device with coordinate input function
Method of making air gaps copper interconnect
Resist compositions and patterning process
Polyolefin materials having enhanced surface durability
Transgenic animals harboring APP allele having swedish mutation
Method for selecting compounds for treating ischemia-related cellular damage
Method for handling samples and diagnostic measuring device
Process for stabilizing the content of glycated protein of a sample on a matrix material
Fluorescence dyes and their use as fluorescence markers
Polyclonal libraries
Monoclonal antibodies against S100
Methods for identifying human cell lines useful for endogenous gene activation isolated human cell l...
Process for producing simvastatin and analogs thereof
Apparatus and method for the desulfurization of petroleum by bacteria
Method and apparatus for ventilation/oxygenation during guided insertion of an endotracheal tube
Wiring geometry for multiple integral lamps
Method and system for limiting data packet transmission within a digital mobile telephone communicat...
Note pad holder with integrated writing instrument
Artificial leather
Lining material
Apparatus and method for cooling a wearable electronic device
Antimicrobial vulcanized EPDM rubber articles
Reinforced polypropylene mirror assembly and process for making the same
Deacetylase genes for the production of phosphinothricin or phosphinothricyl-alanyl-alanine processe...
Method for the production of a polypropylene blend
Method for identification of plastic materials by optical measurements
One-time-use camera having closure and method for preparing one-time-use camera for recycling
Image-forming apparatus
Liquid distributor assembly for use in packed column
Methods of measuring tissue factor pathway inhibitor-3
Procedure for assay of liquids containing undissolved solids, semisolids or colloids
Therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof for the modulation of angiogenesis
Patched genes and uses related thereto
Semiautomatic control system and method for vehicles
System and method for controlling vehicle cruise speed
Navigation device for a land-bound vehicle
Method for identifying a place, and terminal and central unit therefor
Picostrain engineering data acquisition system
Lotto gaming apparatus and method
Music game machine with interactive second game device
Game system using communication network
Method and apparatus for multiple agent commitment tracking and notification
Method of manufacturing a guidewire with an extrusion jacket
Method and system for identifying consumer credit revolvers with neural network time series segmenta...
Method and apparatus for ensuring cache coherency for spawned dependent transactions in a multi-syst...
Bus diagnostic and control system and method
Method of preserving wood with lanthanide derivatives
Method for growing p-type III-V compound material utilizing HVPE techniques
Magnetoresistive device and magnetic component
Adjustable circuits for analog or multi-level memory
Seedless barrier layers in integrated circuits and a method of manufacture therefor
Covalent modification of abnormal prion protein
Methods and apparatus for finding semantic information, such as usage logs, similar to a query using...
Coin sorting and amusement device
Polyarylene copolymers and proton-conductive membrane
Reconfigurable universal trainable transmitter
Method for providing a low temperature curable gallium alloy for multichip module substrates
Humidifier for breathable gas apparatus
Insert molded aerosol generator and methods
System and method of refreshing and posting data between versions of a database table
Direct label transaminated DNA probe compositions for chromosome identification and methods for thei...
Micro-crystalline boehmites containing additives
Flexible coiled lasso toy
Radially adjustable lens mounting
Device for photorefractive cornea surgery in higher-order visual disorders
Method and apparatus for improving laser hole resolution
Apparatus and method for projecting a 3D image
Apparatus for process for measuring the thickness and out-of-roundness of elongate workpieces
Laser therapy assembly for muscular tissue revascularization
Method and an apparatus for determining the bending angle of a work piece to be bent
Photo-curable electrically conductive composition and plasma display panel having electrodes formed ...
Reduced crystallinity polyethylene oxide with intercalated clay
Process for the preparation of carboxylic acid benzyl esters
Multimedia and scent storage medium and playback apparatus
Golf "swing for accuracy" mat
Portable net device
Action-responsive basketball backboard
High performance low cost video game system with coprocessor providing high speed efficient 3D graph...
Image processing devices and methods
Game hunting video camera
Apparatus system and control box for same
Oral dosage self-emulsifying formulations of pyranone protease inhibitors
Highly time resolved impedance spectroscopy
Techniques to improve the performance of electrochemical sensors
Devices and procedures for in vitro calibration of pulse oximetry monitors
EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Voltage boosting circuit and method
Information processing system, enciphering/deciphering system, system LSI, and electronic apparatus
Active type EL display device capable of displaying digital video signal
Ferroelectric capacitor and method for fabricating the same
Flip FERAM cell and method to form same
Ferroelectric capacitor having a PZT layer with an excess of Pb
Device having two perovskite crystalline layers that shows hysteresis and piezoelectric behavior
Electric incandescent lamp
Material for light emitting device, light emitting device using thereof, and amine compound
Acid oxide with micro and mesoporous characteristics: ITQ-36
Automatic music clipping for super distribution
Apparatus and method for measuring weight of an occupying item of a seat
Power source control method for an electric vehicle
High current intensity fuse device
Method for controlling a vehicle provided with an electric power converter
Attitude sensing system for an automotive vehicle relative to the road
Lane keep control for vehicle
Service package application and a service activation manager for use with a service control point in...
Method and apparatus for selectively communicating in a wireless communication system based on varyi...
Fixed calling party pays charges
IC card and communication system using IC card
Device for retrieving dial data and method of retrieving dial data
Modulation of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) activity
Step for a water slide or the like
Multi-purpose teeterboard
Communications device having an interchangeable helmet user-interface
Electronic flash device
Geranium plant named `Elegance Pink Chiffon`
5-methanesulfonamido-1-indanones as an inhibitor of cyclooxygenase-2
High speed peripheral interconnect apparatus, method and system
Distributed static timing analysis
Machine for producing photographic color prints from both images captured on film and digitally enco...
Loudspeaker diaphragm
Apparatus and method for compact Haar transform
Display device using ambient light a lighting panel
Control of combustibles during firing
Flexible piezoelectric chuck and method of using the same
Toy liquid storage tank
Device for the continuous horizontal casting of profiled members, in particular of metal strips
Method and system for providing an event system infrastructure
Nuclear grade steels
Quenching heated metallic objects
Method and apparatus for evaluation of position location performance
Switching device for bicycle gear mechanisms
Circuit arrangement for carrying out light intensity measurements
Method of configuring FPGAS for dynamically reconfigurable computing
Method for laying pipes for fluid under high pressure
Home-based system and method for monitoring sleep state and assessing cardiorespiratory risk
Hypoxia-regulated genes
Multicast-enhanced update propagation in a weakly-consistant, replicated data storage system
Method for high yield reticle formation
Data processor with localized memory reclamation
Optical waveguide concentrator and illuminating device
Apparatus for and method of reducing or eliminating interference effects in a light tunnel illuminat...
Utility accessories and service hardware having luminosity for non-lighted and emergency conditions
Electrical cable connector
Integral housing for low profile fluorescent lamp
Pylon with internal lighting
Scanning electron microscope system and method of manufacturing an integrated circuit
Technique for classifying objects within an image
Position determination
Broadcast program reserve-recording apparatus using a remote transceiver
Shelf detection system for a fiber distribution frame
Cable management tie bar and brackets
Optical fiber distribution frame with connector modules
Apparatus and method for holding an optical fiber component during optical fiber alignment
MEMS see-saw array for dynamic gain equalization of DWDM systems
Detection probe for optical spectroscopy and spectrometry
Displaying ordered images based on a linearized data structure