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Immunogenic determinant for use in the diagnosis of Kaposi's sarcoma
Rapid method of determining clearance of prion protein
Apparatus and method for sample delivery
Gene transcription and ionizing radiation: methods and compositions
Master information carrier, method for producing the carrier, method and apparatus for writing infor...
Master information carrier, method for producing the carrier, method and apparatus for writing infor...
Photolithographically-patterned variable capacitor structures and method of making
Powder for capacitor, sintered body thereof, and capacitor using the same
Connection structure for display module and printed substrate, semiconductor device, display module,...
Optical disk having read-only and rewritable areas
X-ray system
Method and apparatus for retaining cooling apparatus and bus bar
Soybean variety 94B73
Soybean variety 92B38
Soybean variety 93B85
Soybean cultivar 919011
Pathogen- or elicitor-inducible transcription regulatory element from the tobacco 5-EPI-aristolochen...
Microcurrent therapy device components stack and conductive pad
Gastric stimulator apparatus and method for installing
Aromatic copolyester containing active ingredients
Aerated composition, process for its manufacture and its use
Therapeutic pad and a method for treatment of common illnesses
Natural substances based agent
Substances having antiobese and visceral fat-reducing functions and utilization thereof
Epidermis/dermis equivalents and aged skin equivalents shaped therefrom
Polyurethane film-forming dispersions in alcohol-water system
Object-oriented interface for portability to diverse operating systems or hardware platforms
Real time program language accelerator
Method and system for communicating advertising and entertainment content and gathering consumer inf...
Interactive television system and method for displaying a graphical user interface using insert pict...
System and method for grazing television channels from an electronic program guide
Information providing method which enables data communication costs to be reduced, and information p...
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging system with an ambient room light
Mouse pad calculator with wrist rest and radio
Fruit and vegetable cutting and squeezing device
Vacuum device to assist in the drawing of capillary blood samples
Screen printing light-emitting polymer patterned devices
Methods for resistance cladding and welding on hot crack susceptible materials
Scalable internet engine
Hand dishwashing liquid comprising an alkoxylated carboxylic acid ester
Protease variants and compositions
Oleaginous concentrates
Method for producing single nucleus detergent particles
Dynamic ordering of an electronic phonebook
System and method for implementation of an echo canceller
Automatic remote termination sensing and line powering scheme
Multimedia communication terminal
Wireless centrex call screen
Cordless telephone system and method having a plurality of display states and modes
System and method for least cost routing and managing multiple gatekeepers on a packet switched netw...
Multi-subtype FIV vaccines
Assay for detection of viral fusion inhibitors
Intermediates for making HIV-protease inhibitors and methods for making HIV-protease inhibitors
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Method and apparatus for controlling access to storage device
DSP with dual-mac processor and dual-mac coprocessor
Adaptive re-ordering of data packet filter rules
Disk drive using defect list to perform uninterrupted writing of non-relocated data blocks and cachi...
Methods and apparatus for providing transparent error correction for wireless Baudot communications
Method for visual programming with aid of animation
Providing collaborative installation management in a network-based supply chain environment
Analgesic regimen
Clutch disc
Wheel illumination device
Method and system for operating an engine having a turbocharger with at least two discrete positions...
Rollforming machine
Automated drive train for a motor vehicle and method of controlling a drive train
Apparatus for supporting automotive tires
Braking system including high-pressure source between master cylinder and brake cylinder
High resolution DNA detection methods and devices
Cleaning device with deeply reaching plasma and assisting electrodes
Low triggering N MOS transistor for ESD protection working under fully silicided process without sil...
Method and apparatus for generating high-density uniform plasma
Light aircraft fuselage and structural frame connectors
Autonomous system for the aerial refueling or decontamination of unmanned airborne vehicles
Method for transferring a load from an airborne rotorcraft to an elevated structure
Modular kites
Airplane crash barrier
Electrical standoff having a transmission structure and method of manufacture
Electronic flight kit and method
Cordless impact wrench
Portable impact wrench
Reading method of screw rotation angle of hand-held impact wrench, hand-vibration detection method, ...
Micro impact wrench
Air ratchet hanging device
Air ratchet wrench
Air ratchet hand tool with thermoplastic jacket
Air ratchet
Gaming device having an accumulated award selection bonus scheme
Drawing generation apparatus
Information retrieval by natural language querying
Product display kiosk
Device for reading an elongate magnetic data carrier
Methods for the control of contaminants following carbon dioxide cleaning of microelectronic structu...
Method and apparatus for superimposing additional information with image signal
First-order authentication system
Adaptive buffer management for voice over packet network
Feature-based audio content identification
Kluyveromyces as a host strain
Universal interactive advertising and payment system network for public access electronic commerce a...
Object graph editing context and methods of use
Majority schema in semi-structured data
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp with a copper-containing gas filling
Semiconductor light emitting device
Three-layered stacked magnetic spin polarization device with memory
Semiconductor device having ferroelectric capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
System and method for providing demographically targeted information
Polycarbonate oligomers and polymers for use in electrolytes
Method and device for ultrasound drug delivery
Method of administering a medicinal aerosol formulation
Method and apparatus for path planning
Shirt-shaped wall calendar
Predictive calendar
System and method for feeding e-mail with calendar data
Physical protector
Drive system for multiple axis robot arm
Parallel kinematics mechanism with a concentric spherical joint
Tape cutting mechanism for tape printing apparatus
Electroabsorption modulator, and fabricating method of the same
Electrostatic removing member having semiconductive zirconia sintered body
Voltage supplying device, and semiconductor device, electro-optical device and electronic instrument...
Facsimile apparatus
Semiconductor memory device having redundancy system
Highly efficient OLED device
Organic light-emitting diode having an interface layer between the hole-transporting layer and the l...
Display device with moving pixel members
Cathodo-/electro-luminescent device and method of fabricating a cathodo-/electro-luminescent device ...
Electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing same
Method for oxidizing hydrocarbons
Process for the reduction of carbon monoxide and carbonyl sulfide emissions
Managing an environment utilizing a portable data processing system
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Kipaqui`
Formation of protective coatings for color filters
Masking materials and method of use
Mobile teaching station
Mission certification quiz for fundraising campaign
Corneal vacuum centering guide and dissector
HLA class I A2 tumor associated antigen peptides and vaccine compositions
Automated banking machine system using internet address customer input
Sound absorbing structure
Shoelace cover
Liquid crystal display device
Tapered structures for generating a set of resonators with systematic resonant frequencies
Rosen type piezoelectric transformer with multiple output electrodes, and stabilizer for multiple li...
Lens-fitted photo film unit and manufacturing method therefor
Focused image tremble correcting device
Photometry device
Camera system and lens apparatus
Log storage management in a data processing system using key-pointing
Method and apparatus for identifying individual messages in a single compressed data packet
Vehicularly integrated cardiac care system
Inflammation-associated polynucleotides
Rapid prototyping process and apparatus
Wire rod for high-fatigue-strength steel wire, steel wire and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for post-tensioning steel strands in slab construction
Plug members for steel furnaces
Grain oriented electrical steel sheet with low iron loss and production method for same
Method for purifying contaminated groundwater using steel slag
Dental composite light curing system
Catalyst composition
Method, system, program, and data structure for pivoting columns in a database table
Method for producing transgenic plants with modified 5-aminolevulinic acid biosynthesis, method for ...
Virtual memory mapping using region-based page tables
Distribution of address-translation-purge requests to multiple processors
Processor in which register number translation is carried out
Non-invasive, miniature, breath monitoring apparatus
Stirling engine heating system
Endoscope assembly and surgical instrument for use therewith
Device for detection of imminent gas depletion of a liquified gas tank and gas lighter equipped with...
Method for effecting mass transfer
Variable volume filter or concentrator
Multiple tube steam dryer for moisture separator reheater
Single-pass, direct-fired generator for an absorption chiller
Battery module
Fast accelerating flow generator power supply
Modular sensor system for the industrial process measurement technique
System and method for controlling a self-heated gas sensor based on sensor impedance
Method for treating liquid materials
Method and apparatus for aircraft protection against missile threats
Electromagnetic sensor system
Cladding-assisted single-mode fiber coupler
Communications network and method of installing the same
Laser pigtail fiber with inherent attenuation characteristic
Method and system for generating a broadband spectral continuum and continuous wave-generating syste...
Optical architectures for microvolume laser-scanning cytometers
Portable system for detecting skin abnormalities based on characteristic autofluorescence
Method for the image optimization of an x-ray image
Image processing method, system and apparatus for forming an overview image of an elongated scene
Method and apparatus for flow cytometry
Method and apparatus for processing and playback of images at a display monitor
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance signal acquisition and magnetic resonance imaging appara...
Data processing device
Data storage system having plural fault domains
Signal accessory for a molded case circuit breaker
Cradle for a handset
Shower caddy
Round pump
Air vehicle having scissors wings
Testing method
Human-figure display system
Food composition in the form of a dry emulsion, preparation method and use thereof
Forming of quantum dots
Method and apparatus for image forming with multiple laser beams
Contactless handling of objects
1,2-bis(methyl(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)-phosphino)ethane, process the preparation thereof, transiti...
Lever-operated actuator drive unit and operating lever unit
Card holder
Method and system for suppressing ground clutter returns on an airborne weather radar
Method of treating asthma using soluble IL-9 receptor variants
Composite system and method for reinforcement of existing structures
Bleaching-active metal complexes
Image-forming apparatus for obtaining clean images
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling conveyor position
Mixtures of optical isomers of styralyl alcohol and organoleptic uses thereof
Dental cleaning formulation and manufacturing process
Flexible printed circuit board with reinforcing plate
Multicomponent superabsorbent gel particles
High power pulsed medium pressure CO2 laser
Printing system
LD/PD module
Mechanical beam steering for optical integrated circuits
Surface emitting type semiconductor laser
Car navigation system and storage medium
Leaching chamber endplate
Environmental remediation of dense organic contaminants using polyaphron treatments
Process for lining canals, ditches and pipes with a non-sagging polyurethane/geofabric composite
Recording medium loading device
Developing apparatus including first and second agitating members in which the first agitating membe...
Image forming apparatus for synthetic resin sheets
Navigation system, data server, traveling route establishing method and information providing method
Tetrahedral fabric bag for use in fabric care processes
Sulfur removal process
Method and apparatus for determining a minimum clock delay in a memory
Jack with elevatable platform
Fixing device having heat applying rotary body and pressure applying rotary body, and image forming ...
Multiple modality interface for imaging systems including remote services over a network
Electrocardiograph leads-off indicator
Apparatus and method for optical raster-scanning in a micromechanical system
Method and apparatus for maintaining airway patency
CDMA location
Passenger conveyor gap monitoring device
Voice messaging system with selected messages not left by a caller
Apparatus and method for monitoring magnetic audio systems
Method and device of object detectable and background removal, and storage media for storing program...
Methods and systems for managing information on wireless data devices
Method for converting relational data into a structured document
Heterocyclic carboxamides
Self configuring peer to peer inter process messaging system
Message buffer full handling in a CAN device that employs reconfigurable message buffers
Pipeline replay support for multi-cycle operations wherein all VLIW instructions are flushed upon de...
Method for selecting a locality name in a navigation system by voice input
Navigation device
Navigation method for computing a travel route considering parking place location and occupancy
Method and system for providing warnings to drivers of vehicles about slow-moving, fast-moving, or s...
Method to schedule a vehicle in real-time to transport freight and passengers
Navigation device
Bicycle locating system
Rail vision system
Automated sealant applicator
Homing head for a flying body
Arrangement for the synchronization of the radio transmission in a radiotelephone subscriber connect...
Child locating system
Locating system and method employing radio frequency tags
Process for selectively producing high octane naphtha
Ultrasonic method and system for shear wave parameter estimation
Method for analyzing profitability of freight load hauling operations
System and method for utilizing instruction attributes to detect data hazards
Steam driven pump
Management and optimization of load sharing between multiple compressor trains for controlling a mai...
Vented backplate impeller water heater blower and method of mixing dilution air
Electric submersible pump assembly with tube seal section
Compressor employing piston-ring check valves
Dice game
Draw poker game in which player makes additional wagers for replacement cards
Herbicidal compositions
Pyrimidinylbenzimidazole and triazinylbenzimidazole derivatives and agricultural/horticultural bacte...
Benzopyran derivative
Ethylene derivatives and pesticides containing said derivatives
Process for preparing quinolylacrylonitrile and intermediates therefor
4-oxybenzopyran derivative
System and method for concurrently modeling any element of a model
System of encoding and decoding speech signals
Dynamic lookup service in distributed system
Communication robot
Method and apparatus for automatically identifying and selectively altering segments of a television...
Method of operating a communication device with SIM cards
Adhesive composition
Protein supplemented confectionery compositions
Regulation of carbon assimilation
Method to isolate mutants and to clone the complementing gene
In-reactor process for making ethylene polymer nanocomposite materials
Method and system in a computer network for searching and linking web sites
Systems and methods for automatically managing work flow based on tracking job step completion statu...
Method and apparatus for a conference call mediation service
UV curable elastomer composition
Zero mercury air cell
Method for non-contact stress evaluation of wafer gate dielectric reliability
Activated clay particles having similar shapes, method for production thereof and use thereof
External electrode driven discharge lamp
Remote reservoir resistivity mapping
Method for separating and treating exhaust gas of carbon fiber
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device including treatment of gas used in...
Thermal insulating material and method of producing same
Method for producing a nitrogen oxide storage material and a storage material made with it
Processes of producing a titanium oxide-forming solution and a dispersion with crystalline titanium ...
Method for preparing hydrous zirconium oxide gels and spherules
Compact hairspray product consisting of hairspray concentrate, container and fine spray pump with pr...
Hair relaxer system and method therefor
Transparent water-silicon hair conditioning agent
Hair care compositions and method for depositing swollen polymer particles onto hair
Use of hydroperoxides as regulators in polymerizations
Manufacturing of a thin inorganic light emitting diode
Supercapacitor and a method of manufacturing such a supercapacitor
In-situ co-polymerization process for preparing in-organic filler-reinforced polymer-matrix composit...
Transparent conductive film, transparent conductive sheet and touchpanel
Ink jet recording method and apparatus
Aluminum pigment, process for its production and resin compositions containing the same
Optical fiber coating compositions
Water-based solder resist composition
Multicolor coating composition, coating film forming method and coated article
Direct-view-type display apparatus
Therapeutic azo-compounds for drug delivery
Polyesters containing (meth)acrylate end groups
Synthesis, characterization, and application of pyridylazo bioconjugates as diagnostic and therapeut...
Opening device for single use cameras
LDO regulator having an adaptive zero frequency circuit
Aluminium alloy containing magnesium and silicon
Light emitting diode device that emits white light
Thermally-assisted switching of magnetic memory elements
Ferroelectric capacitors for integrated circuit memory devices and methods of manufacturing same
Destruction of energetic materials
Replaceable donor sheet assembly with memory for use with a thermal printer
Supernucleophilic 4-substituted-pyridine catalysts, and processes useful for preparing same
Automated document processing system using full image scanning
Heterogeneously catalyzed process for cross coupling alkenyl halides with boronic acids
High speed embossing and adhesive printing process and apparatus
Compositions comprising nitrofurantoin and uva ursi
Dispenser with doses' counter
Modulated release particles for aerosol delivery
Key palette
Mobile chiropractic vehicle
Flexible synchronization framework for multimedia streams
Multimedia and scent storage medium and playback apparatus having electrostatic scent release
Technique for linking telephony and multimedia information
Data format for multimedia object storage, retrieval and transfer
System and method for selecting responses to user input in an automated interface program
Remote loop-back device
Apparatus, method and system for voice communication hand-off in a mobile packet data network enviro...
Method for transferring data
Web-based voice dialog interface
High order SINC filter
Operating system transfer of control and parameter manipulation using portals
Scalable IP edge router
Duplex label laminate
Marking device for sheet side edges in a rotary printing machine
Label, especially, for a package for a cosmetic product
Labels and labelled packages
Decorative foil
System and method for issuing electronic tickets
Laser range finder for large ranges of measurement with a special receiver
Extraction of zein protein from gluten meal
Merchandiser system and method for controlling the drying of previously baked goods
Thermal vaporizer, container for the thermal vaporizer and a thermal vaporizer assembly
System for linking a unique identifier to an instant game ticket
Putting skill game
Two-direction input device and operating device using combination of two-direction input device and ...
Picture processing device, picture processing method, and game device and storage medium using the s...
Remote timekeeping device and system for controlling sports clock
Computer readable medium, optical disk and information processing apparatus
Retaining device for personal vehicle with handlebars
Nuclear male sterile plants, method of producing same and methods to restore fertility
Transformation of hereditary material of plants
Acoustic sample introduction for mass spectrometric analysis
Image color registration sensor calibration
Duplex/simplex printer
Post slit decurler and sheet stacker device
Scanner having a variable object plane
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Hydrogen storage using carbon-metal hybrid compositions
Carbon fiber and copper support for physical vapor deposition target assembly and method of forming
Titanium materials
Product made of an AlCuMg alloy for aircraft structural elements
Aluminum alloy with intergranular corrosion resistance and methods of making and use
Process for producing hydrogen storage alloy and process for producing hydrogen storage alloy electr...
Low voltage, low power operational amplifier with rail to rail output
System and method for secure cryptographic communications
Verifying on-chip decoupling capacitance using transistor and capacitor surface area information
Memory architecture for parallel data access along any given dimension of an n-dimensional rectangul...
Locomotive rail conditioning system alignment verification
Integrated laser disc cleaning and repairing device
Lithographic printing plates for use with laser imaging apparatus
Methods for finishing microelectronic device packages
MEMS mirror arrays and external lens system in an optical switch
Roller cone for drill bit having improved resistance to fatigue cracking
Acoustic mirror materials for acoustic devices
Photo film support device and magnetic head securing method for the same
Internet expert system and method using free-form messaging in a dialogue format
Linear recliner assembly
Efficient internet service implementation for mesh satellite networks using centralized router serve...
Method of teaching through exposure to relevant perspective
Method of teaching through exposure to relevant perspective
Apparatus and method for delivering a treatment liquid and ozone to treat the surface of a workpiece
Apparatus and methods for controlling workpiece surface exposure to processing liquids during the fa...
Bone cutting guides for use in the implantation of prosthetic joint components
Method of cloning animals
Water flow heater
Gene encoding hyaluronan synthase
Photocurable hyaluronic acid derivative and process for producing the same, and photocured crosslink...
Computer-implemented universal financial management/translation system and method
Multiple-wavelength optical communication system with optical amplifiers
Optical amplifying unit and optical transmission system
System for optically performing position detection and data communication
Three-dimensional object identifying system
Method and apparatus for switching an optical beam in a semiconductor substrate
Launch port for pumping fiber lasers and amplifiers
Using internet and internet protocols to bypass PSTN, GSM map, and ANSI-41 networks for wireless tel...
Expert system utilizing a knowledge base and design of experiment (DOE) techniques
Method and system for distributing objects over a network
Data release to reduce latency in on-chip system bus
Integrated manual safety device for hammerless semiautomatic pistols
Method and system for extinguishing fire in an enclosed space
Apparatus for quick access to weaponry
Process for the synthesis and recovery of nitramines
Carbon-carbon clutch bearing engagement mechanism
Roller device for an image transferring device
Thrust bearing and method of fabricating a thrust bearing
Rolling bearing device
Rolling bearing
Liquid crystal display device
Laser wire stripper apparatus and method therefor
Method and apparatus for health and disease management combining patient data monitoring with wirele...
Minimal level sensitive timing abstraction model capable of being used in general static timing anal...
Oral compositions containing lotus
Spherical loudspeaker system
Pipelined memory controller
Secure flexible electronic submission acceptance system
Power supply of docking system and power failure safe docking system
Method and system for presenting item information using a portable data terminal
Power control system for AC electric arc furnace
Method and apparatus for controlling temperature uniformity of the burden in a direct reduction shaf...
Embossed cellulosic fibrous structure
Material having a substance protected by deformable standoffs and method of making
Machine dishwashing compositions containing cationic bleaching agents and water-soluble polymers inc...
Liquid automatic dishwashing detergent composition containing diacyl peroxides
Iron castings with compacted or spheroidal graphite produced by determining coefficients from coolin...
Deposition of titanium amides
Accurate GPS time estimate based on information from a wireless communications system
Production process of polymerized toner
Rubber member for use in electrophotographic apparatus and rubber member for separating paper sheets
Operator call-fielding scenario system
Reading a FIFO in dual clock domains
High-level synthesis method and storage medium storing the same
Method and apparatus for accelerating instruction fetching for a processor
Bar or wire product for use in cold forging and method for producing the same
Extendible drill support frame for mining apparatus and roof bolting equipment
WWW client server dynamic interactive system method
Detergent composition comprising salts of hydroxyalkyl ether carboxylic acids
Antagonists of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone and methods based thereon
System for consulting an electronic mail server
Three dimensional container representation
Transmitter-receiver, and method for controlling transmission power of the same
Probes for chondrogenesis
Cardiac assistance systems having multiple fluid plenums
Filamentous embolic device with expansile elements
Implantable valve system
Strictly alternating poly(alkylene oxide ether) copolymers
Process for controlling carbon monoxide concentration out of a preferential oxidation reactor during...
Uninterruptible power supplies using fuel cells
Un-reinforced thermoplastic coating
Polymer processing system and apparatus
Process of producing a 3D (Dimension) stereo flash bright color plastic sheet
Encapsulated lens retroreflective sheeting
Non-yellowing fast cure speed UV.backslash.visible curable liquid acrylic ester adhesives for glass ...
Ionomer/high density polyethylene blends with improved flow
Tire having sidewalls which comprise a vulcanized rubber composition
Powder metal valve guide
Paint system
Selected essential amino acid supplementation of dietary proteins to lower urinary urea and peak glu...
Preparation of polyolefin based thermoplastic elastomers
Composition for ionically conductive solid polymer, ionically conductive solid polyelectrolyte, bind...
Implantable substrates for the healing and protection of connecting tissue, preferably cartilage
Human kinase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Balloon dissecting instruments
Permanent magnet for electromagnetic device and method of making
Apparatus and method for controlled delivery of a gas
Distributed component testing in an enterprise computer system
Scalable proxy servers with plug-in filters
Method, system, and program for accessing a network namespace
System and method for state synchronization
LED light source with field-of-view-controlling optics
Illumination lamp having brightness and color control
Electronic starter for fluorescent lamps
Front lighting unit including metal layer on protective cover for concealing adhesive that attaches ...
Reflection lens support structure
Video signal coding systems and processes using adaptive quantization
Receiver and receiving-decoding method
Method and apparatus for connecting a television interphone monitor system to a concierge station ov...
Image recording/reproducing apparatus and its method
Stereoscopic picture obtaining device
Single-mode optical fiber having multiple cladding regions for dispersion compensation
Dispersion compensating fiber with reduced splice loss and methods for making same
Interposer and method for producing a light-guiding structure
Lightwave circuit assembly having low deformation balanced sandwich substrate
Planar optical waveguide with core barrier
Fiber-optic cable routing and bend limiting device
Image processing method and apparatus
Structural data presentation method
Image processing method and system
System and method for embedding a physical mailing address in an electronic mail address
Process and apparatus for detecting printed marks
Interpolating apparatus and method
Endoscope suitable for magnetic resonance imaging
Method and device for responding to the detection of ischemia in cardiac tissue
Measuring the trans-valvular bio-impedance in an active implantable medical device, in particular a ...
Laundry treatment granule and detergent composition containing laundry treatment granule
Composite fender
Floating support including a central cavity comprising a plurality of compartments
Multipurpose unit with multipurpose tower and method for tendering with a semisubmersible
Method and apparatus for drilling an offshore underwater well
Drive-on boat docking apparatus, method and kit for creating such apparatus
Vibration isolation support structure for a throttle body
Method for pre-processing of dried food
On-demand transfer case with integrated sprocket and bi-directional clutch assembly
Apparatus and method for identifying tires and apparatus and method for evaluating road surface cond...
Torque control system and torque control method for hybrid vehicle
Braking control system with object detection system interaction
Small engine vehicle including a generator
Method for making a puffed food starch product
Coffee concentrate
Cooked bean product having reduced solids content and improved viscosity
Phenolic acid esterases, coding sequences and methods
Auxiliary machine module and method of manufacturing the same
Remote surgery support system
Method and apparatus for visual servoing of a linear apparatus
Apparatus and method for delivering ablative laser energy and determining the volume of tumor mass d...
Method and apparatus for dual mode medical imaging system
Vegetable based animal chew and animal chew toy and method for making the same
Fishing rod holder device
Cow milk with enhanced nutritive and health values
N-acyl homoserine lactones for the treatment of cardiac tachyarrhythmias, ischaemic heart disease or...
Heterogenous and homogeneous mouse variants lacking sno gene
Non-human animal model for obesity and uses thereof
Paper capacitor
Use of cyclic enamines as light protection agents
System for enhancing a video presentation of a live event
Cysteine derivatives
Cosmetics sampling method and cosmetics sampler film
Device, kit and method for selecting personalized color cosmetics
Position manipulation in speech recognition
Water treatment using ozone and having a reduced likelihood of bromate formation from bromides found...
Shrinkable iridescent film
Flexible process for producing base stock and distillates by conversion-hydroisomerisation using a c...
Process for naphtha reforming
Process for producing C19 minus Fischer-Tropsch products having high olefinicity
Use of deaminatively-generated carbocation as polymerization initiators
Blade for bulldozer
Valance bracket for horizontal blinds
Apparatus, and associated method, for forming a signal for communication upon a fading channel
Hydroxyindoles, their use as inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 4 and processes for their preparation
Method for forming low dielectric constant damascene structure while employing carbon doped silicon ...
Adaptive, full-spectrum solar energy system
Convergent synthesis of multiporphyrin light-harvesting rods
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Isolator and a modem device using the isolator
Control apparatus and method for efficiently heating a fuel processor in a fuel cell system
Fuel cell with dual end plate humidifiers
Fuel cell with internal thermally integrated autothermal reformer
Control system for fuel cell
Sealing member for fuel cell
Low-staining adhesive sheets and method for removing resist material
Control device in a system and method for monitoring a controller
Functional genomics using zinc finger proteins
Method for converting natural gas to liquid hydrocarbons
Processes for making alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants and products thereof
Error propagation control method in decision feedback equalization and magnetic recording/reproducin...
Separation and identification of water and fat MR images at mid-field strength with reduced T2/T2* w...
Radio frequency toner fusing
Apparatus and method for determining cardiac output in a living subject
Tricyclic fused heterocycle compounds, process for preparing the same and use thereof
Image reading method and apparatus
Coiled pet toy
Toy track system
Card game toy for use in a battle game
Extruder for formable materials
Illumination system for balloons with thin film valves
Walking device
Gravity-powered toy vehicle with dynamic motion realism
Non real time traffic system for a navigator
Electronic commerce terminal connected to a vending machine operable as a telephone
Manual device for transferring a film from a backing strip to a substrate
Game board
Method for low cost water disinfection
Method and system for detecting and recovering from in trace data
Chemical supplementation of bone
Sulfonium salt compound and resist composition and pattern forming method using the same
Tire components containing functionalized polyolefins
Bromination process
Relevance clause for computed relevance messaging
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Lidding film for modified atmosphere packaging
Optical deflector apparatus and associated method
Optical bus
T2 contrast in magnetic resonance imaging with gradient echoes
Scoring based upon goals achieved and subjective elements
Simulating human intelligence in computers using natural language dialog
Ester compounds
Hyperpolarized helium-3 microbubble gas entrapment methods and associated products
1-imidazolyl substituted tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives as inhibitors of eytochrome P450RAI
System and method for monitoring the state of a plurality of machines connected via a computer netwo...
Photopolymerizable biodegradable hydrogels as tissue contacting materials and controlled-release car...
Vitamin D derivatives with cyclic substructures in the side chains, process and intermediate product...
Carrier for a radiotelephone
Pervasive voice handset system
Call redirection system
Increasing production in hydrocarbon conversion processes
Bismuth-213 generator and uses thereof
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Kitamb`
Floribunda rose plant named `Kra Bentig`
Geranium plant named `Duevicoral`
Verbena plant named `Baltublue`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Cayenne`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Zembla`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Managua`
Lithium ion secondary battery, cathode active material therefor and production thereof
Method and apparatus for determining the state of charge of a lithium-ion battery
Electrode lead to case and header, laser/electron beam welding
High temperature lithium oxyhalide electrochemical cell
Method of making separators for electrochemical cells comprising a microporous pseudo-boehmite layer
Process for the purification of methanide electrolytes
Positive-type planographic printing material
Laundry detergent and/or fabric care compositions comprising a modified transferase
Modulators of protein tyrosine phosphateses (PTPases)
Modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPases)
Nanotechnology for magnetic components
Nanotechnology for inks and dopants
Item holder
Portable and demountable lifting device
Plantar fascia tension device
Viral chimeras comprised of CAEV and HIV-1 genetic elements
3'-azido-2',3'-dideoxyuridine in an anti-HIV effectiveness test protocol
Piperidine derivatives useful as CCR5 antagonists
Method of using perimeter measurements to improve ploidy analysis in a tissue section
Automatic barcode printing supply price quote system and method
Demand aggregation through online buying group
System and process for managing data within an operational data store
Method and apparatus for providing account information
Body support device for a stand-up wheelchair and wheelchair for said device
Single shaft, dual cradle vacuum slot valve
Surface coating agents
Apparatus and method for treatment of an intervertebral disc
Bis-aromatic a,.beta.-unsaturated ketones
Apparatus and method for internally inducing a magnetic field in an aneurysm to embolize aneurysm wi...
Probe penetration detector and method of operation
Vacuum cleaner
Refuse container
Combined shopping cart/stroller
Housekeeping cart
Handle for a duct damper
Transmission output control device, and radio equipment including the same
Compressive spring sleeve for reducing disc slippage
Packaging of an optical fiber laser
File system image transfer
All optical narrow pulse generator and switch for dense time division multiplexing and code division...
System architecture for remote access and control of environmental management
Nipped rollers for centering images on sheet media
Method of performing content integrity analysis of a data stream
Stack and method for stacking folded supple sheets
Method and system for translingual translation of query and search and retrieval of multilingual inf...
Automatic object caller chain with declarative impersonation and transitive trust
Cyclic somatostatin analogs
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1449 daltons
Angiogenesis inhibiting thiadiazolyl pyridazine derivatives
Sorbitol dehydrogenase inhibitors
Compounds useful in the treatment of conditions mediated by peroxisome proliferator-activated recept...
Bicyclic enamide derivatives
Machining method and mist supplying apparatus
Methods for managing memory in a run-time environment including activation and deactivation of objec...
Apparatus and method for component role fulfillment based on environment context
Network unit with power saving mode inhibit based on interconnection relationship to neighboring nod...
Operating system upgrading
System and method for generating file updates for files stored on read-only media
Digital scroll condensing unit controller
Hydraulic driving device and system for a vehicle
Aqueous silica suspensions and their applications in compositions based on inorganic binder
Solid-state quantum dot devices and quantum computing using nanostructured logic gates
Whole cell and cell-debris polysaccharide
Information mart system and information mart browser
Active signal conditioning circuitry for well logging and monitoring while drilling nuclear magnetic...
Process for preparing rare earth activated alkaline earth metal fluorohalide stimulable phosphor par...
Method and device for coupling in/out a cylinder in a printing machine
Determining the presetting data for the cut register and/or color register (circumferential register...
Devices for cleaning a roller
Drive mechanism for a rotating component of a printing machine
Synthesis of epothilones
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto and analogues thereof
Electromagnetic display device
System and apparatus for single subpixel elimination with local error compensation in a high address...
Diversity receiving apparatus
Compounds and methods for the inhibition of the expression of VCAM-1
Adhesive compositions and methods of use thereof
Modified gellan gum composition process for preparation of same and use thereof
Coating composition
Sheet feeding apparatus and image reading apparatus
Easy-to-hold hand pump
Prosthetic foot having shock absorption
Composition and method for road-film removal
Elastic blocks and process for producing the same
Heterocyclylalkylpiperidine derivatives, their preparation and compositions containing them
Method and system for recognizing driving-dynamic states of a vehicle
Interactive artificial intelligence
Methods for external treatment of blood
Coffee grinder with chaff dispersion reducing apparatus and method
Derivatized microfibrillar polysaccharide
Composition containing alkylhydroxybenzoates
Liquid atomization methods and devices
Polythiophenes, block copolymers made therefrom, and methods of forming the same
Hollow microneedle patch
Optical film and liquid-crystal display device
System, method and biosensor apparatus for data communications with a personal data assistant
Photoresist monomers, polymers thereof and photoresist compositions containing the same
Promotor for functional characterization of G-protein coupled receptors in the yeast saccharomyces c...
Process for producing leukocyte-removing material and hydrophilized polyolefins
Mercaptoacetylamide derivatives, a process for their preparation and their use
Device and method for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Method and apparatus for controlling release of time sensitive information
Leachate and depollution pneumatic pump with sleeve valve
Collapsible blood filter with optimal braid geometry
Anti-islanding detection scheme for distributed power generation
Data address prediction structure and a method for operating the same
Free radical polymerization method for fluorinated copolymers
System and methods for manufacturing and using a mask
Preparation of 1,2-dichloroethane
Method of detecting fluid flow through a conduit
Methods for use in three-dimensional structural determination
Method for measuring flow rate of a continuous fluid flow
Spring mounted recuperator
Low-level lift
Apparatus and method for controlling the formation of an image with recovered and new toner
Method and system for synchronizing magnetic resonance image acquisition to the arrival of a signal-...
Automated pharmaceutical management and dispensing system
Body monitoring apparatus
Moving weapons platform simulation system and training method
Viscosity and mass sensor for the high-throughput synthesis, screening and characterization of combi...
Plants and cells transformed with a nucleic acid from Bacillus thuringiensis strain KB59A4-6 encodin...
Computer-controlled cremation repository and associated methodology
Process for manufacturing Simvastatin and novel intermediates thereof
Software for mapping potential distribution of a heart chamber
Expression of HIV polypeptides and production of virus-like particles
Cutlery dispensing base
Household dishwasher
Cleaning compositions containing plant cell wall degrading enzymes and their use in cleaning methods
Fatty acids, soaps, surfactant systems, and consumer products based thereon
Single mode optical fibre having a large cone photonic crystal
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Method of supercritical processing of a workpiece
Recording medium cartridge
Miniature robotic vehicles and methods of controlling same
Device and method for controlling motion of legged mobile robot, and motion unit generating method f...
Robot control system and method for introducing robot control software
Robot acoustic device and robot acoustic system
Providing global translations with address space numbers
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
Upsampling filter having one-bit multipliers for multiple spread-data streams
Dha-pharmaceutical agent conjugates to improve tissue selectivity
Sulfamoylheleroaryl pyrazole compounds as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Intermediate for the synthesis of amlodipine, a process for the preparation thereof and correspondin...
Methods of treating fibromyalgia
Self crosslinking polyurethanes and graft copolymers and based on polyurethane, for producing coatin...
Mercapto-substituted imidazolylporphyrin metal complex monomer, polymer having the same as a repeati...
Poly (vinylamine) - base superabsorbent gels and method of manufacturing the same
Polymer devices
High temperature circuit apparatus
Packaging micromechanical devices
Optical fiber gratings with index matched polymer coating for cladding mode suppression
Preparation of phosphonium salts
Robot for autonomous operation
Method and apparatus for a carrier frequency control in a wireless communication system
Holder for a radio telephone
Call routing in a radio system
Communication control method of controlling data flow from internet protocol network to mobile termi...
Location information system for a wireless communication device and method therefor
Re-synchronization method for a communication device
Exploring radio base station configurations
Developing apparatus, process cartridge, connecting method between developing frame and developer fr...
Image forming apparatus including first and second charge-applying devices disposed between develope...
Image formation apparatus and image formation system
Reticle chuck in exposure apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method using the same
Control apparatus for composite appliance
Flash eeprom management using ratio of used to unused sectors
Information processing apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
Process for removing an undesirable dissolved gas from a liquid
Methods and devices for removing species
Method and apparatus for removing foaming contaminants from hydrocarbon processing solvents
Vending access to the internet, business application software, e-commerce, and e-business in a hotel...
Surface acoustic wave device having a small acoustic velocity distribution and method of producing t...
Nanoparticle composites and nanocapsules for guest encapsulation and methods for synthesizing same
Nasal epidermal lifting mechanism
Plane wave rectangular waveguide high impedance wall structure and amplifier using such a structure
Gas detecting apparatus using laser absorption spectroscopy
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic circuit unit that is suitable for miniaturization and excellent in high frequency charact...
Excimer laser oscillation apparatus and method, excimer laser exposure apparatus, and laser tube
Method and apparatus for forming image
Computer cooling system
Reduction of lignin biosynthesis in transgenic plants
Accurate tissue injury assessment
Regulatory sequences useful for gene expression in plant embryo tissue
System and method for collecting data on product consumption
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33K81
Inbred corn line FR3383
Microemulsions for use as vehicles for administration of active compounds
Composition for the prevention of muscle fatique and skeletal muscle adaptation of strenuous exercis...
Use of ectoine or ectoine derivatives in cosmetic formulations
Chewable product including active ingredient
Composite material and process for increasing bioavailability and activity of a beneficial agent
Basic peptides and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Method for delivering ascorbic acid and acetone to the dermal layer of the skin
Apparatus for journaling during software deployment and method therefor
Method and system for installing software
System and method for virtual television program rating
Interactive television program guide system with operator showcase
Communicating video information in a network using universal resource locators
Combining television broadcast and personalized/interactive information
System and method for information filtering
Fusion bonding of cathether components
Onset layer for thin film disk with CoPtCrB alloy
Brushless spindle DC motor as an actuator to create radial force
Method and apparatus for maintaining clock accuracy at power down
Handheld wireless communication devices with antenna having parasitic element
Low profile dual-band conformal antenna
Technique of fabricating integrated circuits having interfaces compatible with different operating v...
Control method for a vehicle having an engine and an accessory device
Control device for the internal combustion engine and the automatic gearbox of a motor vehicle
No turn warning apparatus for a motor vehicle and method of projecting a no turn warning toward an o...
Method and system for controlling vehicle deceleration in an adaptive speed control system based on ...
Combination viral-based and gene-based therapy of tumors
Antisense modulation of protein phosphatase 2 catalytic subunit beta expression
Antisense modulation of PTP1B expression
Compact hub assembly
Automotive trim with clear top coat and method of making same
Wireless diagnostic system for characterizing a vehicle's exhaust emissions
Device and method for stabilizing a vehicle
Circuit system and method of configuring an interface of a control or regulating device
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for establishing a remote data link with a vehicle w...
Control of toroidal continuously variable transmission
Disposable absorbent article
Package for absorbent articles
Turbulent air cleaning method and apparatus for catheter assemblies
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Fibrous absorbent material and methods of making the same
Remote, wetness signaling system
Device for attachment of an engine onto an aircraft nacelle stub
Rotating cockpit door
Seat track mounted passenger interface
Passenger aircraft cabin window construction
Aerial refueling pod and constant tension line apparatus
Gapped trailing-edge control surface for an airfoil
Single fault impervious integrated control and monitoring system
Method of manufacturing a stepping motor
Plants synthesizing a modified starch, the generation of the plants, their use, and the modified sta...
Method and apparatus for receiving wireless transmissions using multiple-antenna arrays
System and method for adaptive drug delivery
Secondary cell and method for preparation thereof
Process for preparing ethylenediphosphonic acids
Green fluorescent protein fusions with random peptides
Extraction chamber for an automatic machine preparing hot drinks
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method of fixing functional film
Method for producing 1-substituted 5-hydroxpyrazoles
Molded fuel cell plates with seals
Electrical and mechanical coil system for dual and single action solenoids
Encapsulating seals for electrochemical cell stacks and methods of sealing electrochemical cell stac...
Method for catalytic polymerization of alpha-olefin monomers using an ultra-high activity non-metall...
Demodulator and communications system
Cable management arm with trough and breakaway feature
Crowbar circuit for low output voltage DC/DC converters
Method of improving the performance of a bus which is asynchronous-traffic intensive
Methods and apparatus for facilitating installation of imaging media cartridges in imaging apparatus
Synchronization using commitment
Distribution of physical file systems
Method and apparatus for forming image, and method for absorbing transcriptional material
Method of using spectral measures to distinguish among atrialfibrillation, atrial-flutter and other ...
Method of controlling the size of liposomes
Resuscitation device
Method and device for remote monitoring of LED lamps
Assignment and deassignment of CDMA second finger
Glass bulb for a cathode ray tube and cathode ray tube
Method of making a vehicle window with opaque layer
Device for cooling convex glass sheets
Intermediates, process for preparing macrolide antibiotic agent therefrom
Incorporation of additives into polymers
Methods of refolding proteins
Marine diesel cylinder lubrication
Protective composition and method for ovens
Staged hydrotreating method for naphtha desulfurization
Cu-Al/Ce-Al complex oxide combustion catalysts, their preparation and use
Modified textile and other materials and methods for their preparation
Process for the production of ultrafine powders of metal oxides
Fully silicide cascaded linked electrostatic discharge protection
Photochromic glass nanoparticles and methods of preparation
Circuit configuration with deactivatable scan path
Jewelry piece
Method and a device for re-transmitting data transfer packets
Game call holder and amplifying device
Two finger turkey call
Interactive toy fountain
Yo-yo having an active starburst tether engagement system
Method and device for causing a toy to simulate a condition, such as yawn or sleep
Variable valve actuator assembly having a secondary actuator
Variable valve timing controller
Internal combustion engine
Control system and method for an internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing device of internal combustion engine
Variable valve system
Apparatus and method for early intake valve closing
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing 1,3-diboretanyl ligands
Method and apparatus for a biometrically-secured self-service kiosk system for guaranteed product de...
Automated library kiosk
Digital copier kiosk
Kiosk for preparing portions of italian-style pasta
Method, apparatus and recording medium for image printing
Quality based image compression
Address resolution in ad-hoc networking
Automatic conversion system
Secure internet user state creation method and system with user supplied key and seeding
Method for assaying for early gene expression in neuroblasts
Regulation of fungal gene expression
Invertebrate vascular endothelial growth factor receptor
Polypeptide compositions for controlling cell death and disease resistance in plants
Portable telephone maraca which produces musical tones in synchronization of the swings and vibratio...
Data synchronizer for supplying music data coded synchronously with music dat codes differently defi...
Device and method for reducing piracy of digitized information
Background sound switching apparatus, background-sound switching method, readable recording medium w...
Mailbox for controlling storage subsystem reconfigurations
Information service system capable of providing desired information depending on user-memorable info...
Scalable information search and retrieval including use of special purpose searching resources
Active caching for multi-dimensional data sets in relational database management system
Quartz metal halide lamps with high lumen output
Short arc mercury lamp and lamp unit
Emergency-deceleration condition transducer, controlling circuit for emergency-deceleration conditio...
Display assembly including two superposed display devices
Apparatus system and method for N-way RAID controller having improved performance and fault toleranc...
Aromatic sulfonic acid demulsifier for crude oils
Chondroitin sulphate and chitosan compositions for treating rheumatic disorders
Composition especially in the form of emulsion, gel or aqueous solution, including a crosslinked pol...
Method for coloring hair with removable hair color
Cellulosic particles, spherical object comprising cross-linked polymer particles, and adsorbent for ...
Process for the preparation of an aqueous dispersion of an anionic polyurethane free of volatile ter...
Reference electrode having a microfluidic flowing liquid junction
Coated films with improved barrier properties
Process for forming color filter array
Method of driving a plasma display panel
Circuit for reading memory elements
Semiconductor device having definite size of input/output blocks and its designing method
Tightloop method of timing driven placement
Method for making large-scale ASIC using pre-engineered long distance routing structure
Method for modifying an integrated circuit
Nucleic acid labeling compounds
Systems and methods for detection of labeled materials
Methods of making nucleic acid or oligonucleotide arrays
Sense amplifier for a memory having at least two distinct resistance states
Uninterruptible power supply apparatus and method
System and method for detecting molecules using an active pixel sensor
Multi-value single electron memory using double-quantum dot and driving method thereof
Data exploration system and method
Toy vehicle adjustable suspension system
Process for the recovery and separation of plastics
Method for manufacturing olefinic thermoplastic elastomer composition
Information recording medium and reproducing apparatus therefor
Sealable cover for a package and package system for disk-form recording medium
Organosiloxane compositions
Fluorine-containing organic silicon compound, water repellent composition containing it, and surface...
Optical amplifying glass
Optical amplifier glass
Photosensitive material suitable for making waveguides and method of making waveguides utilizing thi...
Method for preparing hydrous iron oxide gels and spherules
Process for preparing artificial zeolite by a slurry reaction method
Inorganic gel-polymer electrolyte
Complex motion toothbrush
Anti-cellulite pantyhose
Coextruded, retortable multilayer film
Fault protection system for a respiratory conduit heater element
Apparatus and process ballistic aerosol marking
Method of optimally determining lossless joins
Interactive transaction card
Digital communications system
System and method for enabling multimedia production collaboration over a network
Multimedia box network
Immersive interface interactive multimedia software method and apparatus for networked computers