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Communication system for allowing the communication to be switched to a television telephone during ...
Magnetic head device with constant head floating height
Poly(ether-thioether), poly(ether-sulfoxide) and poly(ether-sulfone) nucleic acids
Connecting element for the frictional connection of components
Photoacoustic spectroscopy apparatus and method
Uplift spring assembly to compensate for hull deflection at main bearing of a mooring turret
Multi-function antenna system for radio communication device
Display for a portable device
Eyeglass interface system
Surface acoustic wave device and method of manufacturing the same
Exhaust gas recirculation system for a turbocharged engine
Display device having pass-through function for picture signal
Cooler inventory management system
Modular fuel tank assembly, vehicle mounting arrangement and method for installation
High resolution current sensing apparatus
Submarine power storage system
Water-absorbing resin and manufacturing method
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Method for preparing metal cyanide catalysts using silane-functional ligands
Fluid comprising cellulose nanofibrils and its use for oil mining
Electron beam apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Negative pressure air bearing slider
Alkaline battery separator and process for producing the same
Composite positive electrode material and method for making same
Non-sintered nickel electrode for a secondary electro-chemical cell having an alkaline electrolyte
Storage cell in which an electrode has an edge reinforced by a metal strip
Non-Aqueous electrolyte secondary batteries
Electrochemical cell having venting cover
Fuel cell
Metered material dispenser
Apparatus for covering a textile dye tube
Yarn support with means for anchoring a yarn end
Abrading blade
System and method for storing electronic contact information into an electronic address book
Flood resistant building structure
Diazo compound and heat-sensitive recording material
Ferroelectric ceramic material with strong piezoelectric properties and a process of preparing the s...
Color image forming apparatus
Self-calibrating video digital to analog converter
5-ary receiver utilizing common mode insensitive differential offset comparator
Laser scanner for controlling the optical scanning of bar codes
Control system for a direct injection engine of spark ignition type
Golf cart location display device
Footwear upper portion
Method and apparatus for automatically laying, cutting and removing material on and from a continuou...
Protocol for transferring modified-unsolicited state during data intervention
Memory control apparatus and method for digital signal processor (DSP) having pipeline structure
Trailer maneuvering jack with a compact drive wheel
Optical sensor unit and procedure for the ultrasensitive detection of chemical or biochemical analyt...
Print engine including an air pump
Antitussive compositions
Vortex shedding strake wraps for submerged pilings and pipes
Stabilization/power system for windsurfing and other flotation boards
Antenna array having reduced sensitivity to frequency-shift effects
Multi-mode/multi-rate fixed wireless communication system
Method to pre-qualify copper loops for ADSL service
Holographic storage medium having enhanced temperature operating range and method of manufacturing t...
High performance mechanism to support O state horizontal cache-to-cache transfers
Method and system for communication in which a castout operation is cancelled in response to snoop r...
Curable composition
Solvent composition
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Electric double layer capacitor
Flat signaling lamp with dielectrically impeded discharge
6,7-asymmetrically disubstituted quinoxalinecarboxylic acid derivatives, addition salts thereof, and...
Method and apparatus for performing pre-allocation of memory to avoid triggering garbage collection ...
Method and an apparatus to control copying from a data providing device to a data receiving device
Cosmetic composition
Vitamin D receptor ablated mice
Methods and compositions for enhancing palatability of pet food
Small animal rearing apparatus
Cover for animal enclosures such as aquariums
Litter for animals and method for producing such litter
Bird feeder with removable feed tray
Feeding pan for automatic feed dispensers for poultry in general
Movable arm locator for stereotactic surgery
Optically coupled frameless stereotactic space probe
Enhanced visualization of in-vivo breast biopsy location for medical documentation
Neuro-navigation system
Imaging device and method
Detection head for an apparatus for detecting very small breast anomalies
Tubular composite containers having folded unsupported film liners
Apparatus for covering a textile dye tube
Radially compressible cop for the winding of yarn
Low silhouette power steering fluid reservoir
Statistical combining of cell expression profiles
Risc processor using register codes for expanded instruction set
Bioabsorbable, layered composite material for guided bone tissue regeneration
System for the stabilization of an object mounted on a moving platform
Multidimensional parity protection system
Method for retarded anionic polymerization
Method of polymerizing deionized bis-.beta.-hydroxyethyl terephthalate
Electronic control unit for an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle and method for adjusting a ...
Transcriptional regulatory region
Ink jet station assembly
Utility lighter
Biomolecular synthesis of quantum dot composites
Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture for analyzing memory use
Reactive dye compounds
Device for detecting pericardial effusion
Method and apparatus for sensing and processing biopotentials
Method and apparatus for evaluating myoelectric signals and identifying artifact
Method of removing signal interference from sampled data and apparatus for effecting the same
Methods for diagnosing and treating conditions associated with abnormal vasculature using fluorescen...
Media-independent document security method and apparatus
Interactive verification of OCRed characters
Method of reconstruction of tridimensional scenes and corresponding reconstruction device and decodi...
Uniform convolution algorithm for frequency decomposition of image regions
Image coding and decoding apparatus, method of image coding and decoding, and recording medium for r...
Linear beam irradiator having a varying cross-sectional size
Hermetically sealed connectors and feed-throughs for fiber optic cables and method for effecting her...
Multi-purpose communications cabinet
Fiber optic buffer tube storage device with integrated bend limiter feature
Optical harness with optical connector and cross-connect method
Removably coated optical fibre
Fiber Bragg grating with cladding mode suppression
Nonlinear video editing system
Electronic camera, method for detecting obstruction to electronic flash and method for correcting ex...
Motion picture enhancing system
Coding an intra-frame upon detecting a scene change in a video sequence
Laser imaging system with progressive multi-beam scan architecture
Television signal receiving tuner capable of receiving FM broadcasting signals without being affecte...
Decision directed phase detector
Method and apparatus for accommodating primary content audio and secondary content remaining audio c...
Projection type liquid crystal display device
Device for preventing detection of a traffic violation
Lighting control device
Xenon ceramic lamp with integrated compound reflectors
Efficient fiberoptic directional lighting system
Method for managing failed storage media
Container for a deceased person or animal
Hydrogels containing triblock copolymers, and preparation and use thereof
Ice seeding apparatus for cryopreservation systems
Soybean cultivar M714376
Method and device for improving surfaces
Computer operating system installation
Nucleic acid encoding delta-9 desaturase
Sheet piling-supported modular wall system
Method and apparatus for estimating load bearing capacity of piles
RG polynucleotides for conferring powdery mildew resistance in plants
Method for attaching a micromechanical sensor in a housing and sensor assembly
Gels and multilayer surface structures from boronic acid containing polymers
Method and system for training dynamic nonlinear adaptive filters which have embedded memory
Mixer with high order intermodulation suppression and robust conversion gain
Reception circuit
RF front-end with multistage stepdown filtering architecture
Binary to binary-encoded-ternary (BET) decoder using reordered logic
Integrated memory having a differential sense amplifier
Current sense amplifier circuit
Glass breakage detector
Sound enhancing speaking cabinet for a removable speaker assembly
Submarine bow dome acoustic sensor assembly
Self-cleaning cerumen guard for a hearing device
Exhaust silencer for an internal combustion engine and the method of operation
Methods of determining resistivity of a formation through which a cased borehole passes
Method and apparatus for authenticating participants in electronic commerce
Remediation material and remediation process for sediments
Class BI and CI scavenger receptors
System and method for securing a program's execution in a network environment
Self-contained and secured access to remote servers
Vertically and horizontally threaded processor with multidimensional storage for storing thread data
Computer software for converting a general purpose computer network into an interactive communicatio...
Shared internet storage resource, user interface system, and method
Method and system for automatically caching dynamic content based on a cacheability determination
Radio-frequency and microwave-assisted processing of materials
Electrostatic holding apparatus having insulating layer with enables easy attachment and detachment ...
Aluminum alloy composition and method of manufacture
One pot process for the preparation of 1-[2-dimethylamino-(4-methoxyphenyl)-ethyl]cyclohexanol
Method and apparatus for automating the creation of service activation requests
Communication system for distributing such message as advertisement to user of terminal equipment
Handling of signaling information within a telecommunications system
On-site generation of ultra-high-purity buffered-HF and ammonium fluoride
File system level access source control of resources within standard request-response protocols
Tricyclic heteroaromatics and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Shampoo compositions
Oral care compositions comprising chlorite and methods
Method of reducing staining of stannous in dentifrice compositions
Autophobic hair spray composition comprising film forming resin, propellant, and autophobic hair spr...
Shaped skin attachment means for a faecal collector
Cultured plant cell gums for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications
Induction-based heated delivery container system
Appliance switching mechanism and method
Absorbent inserts, method of producing them and their use
Liquid beverage concentrate
Wind sock with dihedral wings
Surface acoustic wave filter and multistage surface acoustic wave filter
Engine combustion controller
Picture image selecting and display device
Portion of a footwear sole
Apparatus for controlling run of a car, and car using the apparatus
Cool ice icons
Steering device for vehicles
Method and apparatus providing an interface between an aircraft and a precision-guided missile
System and method for displaying advertisements with played data
Unitary data structure systems, methods, and computer program products, for global conflict determin...
Cover for plate for mandibular osteosynthesis
3-alkoxybenzylamine derivatives and their use as medicines for treating schizophrenia
Interrupt optimization using varying quantity threshold
Isolation and expression of DNA sequence encoding the five subunits of Bordetella pertussis toxin
Conditional access and copy protection scheme for MPEG encoded video data
Anthurium Plant Named `Purple Plum`
Method and apparatus for forming single-exposure synthesized images
Thermally adjustable optical fiber grating device with packaging for enhanced performance
Cytokine suppressive anti-inflammatory drug binding protein
Microelectromechanical devices having brake assemblies therein to control movement of optical shutte...
System and method for on-line hall sensor programming
Denture adhesive compositions
Process and device for mounting a sub-assembly comprising at least one coating product spray, on a m...
Parking device for cycles
Double Impatiens Plant Named `Boddblorg`
Soft polymer gel
Dual electric motor stern drive with forward thruster control
Variable-conductance sensor
Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of ionomer covered golf ball
Baseball pitching aid
Interactive gaming machine and method with customized game screen presentation
Board game for guessing information about a topic area
Stamp collecting board game
Collapsible, game card holding means
Handled, microwave popcorn service apparatus
Method and composition for waterproofing
Methods and compositions for topical treatment of damaged tissue using reactive oxygen metabolite pr...
Antimicrobial prevention and treatment of human immunedeficiency virus and other infectious diseases
Cleansing composition
Piece-form calcium formate
Faraday rotator and magneto-optical element using the same
Method and system for providing data to a user based on a user's query
Aqueous lacquer packaged in an aerosol device and including at least one silicone graft polymer for ...
Anaesthetic machine
Biodegradable ether dry cleaning solvent
Tissue remodeling apparatus containing cooling fluid
Sanitary pad
Absorbent article with high stiffness
Spinning and exploding projectile
Translation look-aside buffer for storing region configuration bits and method of operation
Selective address translation in coherent memory replication
Method and system for unambiguously inputting multi-byte characters into a computer from a braille i...
Telecommunication device with centralized processing, redundancy protection, and on-demand insertion...
Inhibitors of interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme
Turbo code symbol interleaver
Multi-level secure computer with token-based access control
System and method for associating an extensible set of data with documents downloaded by a web crawl...
Photoelectric conversion device and photoelectric cell
Roll-up halfpipe for miniature toy skateboard
Systems and methods for preventing transmission of compromised data in a computer network
Method and system for log-in-based video and multimedia calls
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling vehicular velocity of vehicle
Composite hanger and label incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for receiving an input by an entertainment device
Antibodies with increased binding affinity
Bit line landing pad and borderless contact on bit line stud with etch stop layer and manufacturing ...
Ferromagnetic tunnel junction random access memory, spin valve random access memory, single ferromag...
Method for producing aromatic compound
Vehicle navigation system with route updating feature
Switched capacitor filter circuit having reduced offsets and providing offset compensation when used...
Battery check system for use in cameras
System and method for multicasting multimedia content
Junction-based field emission structure for field emission display
Cooler chest with ice-surrounded food compartment
.alpha.-crystal of cyclopentenone
Aortic-specific enhancer sequence and uses thereof
Device for delivery of multiple liquid sample streams to a mass spectrometer
Seed treatment formulations containing phytobland systems
Information stream management push-pull based server for gathering and distributing articles and mes...
System and method for resource allocation and planning
Tunable semiconductor laser system
Method for producing computer-controlled services
Object-oriented operating system
Field programmable gate array with program encryption
Furniture foot assembly
Benzoheterocyclic distamycin derivatives, process for preparing them, and their use as antitumor and...
Method and apparatus for constructing a pre-scheduled instruction cache
Preparation of allylic copolymers of broad molecular weight distributions
Automatic paper feeding system
Method for densifying aluminum and iron briquettes and adding to steel
Method for controlling the tension between roll stands of mill trains for steel bars, wire or profil...
Reproducing apparatus capable of generating clock signal synchronized in phase with reproduced data
Surgical connector systems and methods of use
Soybean cultivar M713612
Radiation-curable compositions and cured articles
Compiler optimization through combining of memory operations
Micro-electro-opto-mechanical inertial sensor
Check transaction processing, database building and marketing method and system utilizing automatic ...
Internet billing method
Collective business system
Measurement apportionment system
Pavement marking composition
System and method of heat extraction from an integrated circuit die
Interactive vehicle control system
Kitchen ventilator with internal damper
Finger puppet with a transparent window and tummy cavity
Microactuator and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for controlling an internal combustion engine with a mechanically driven superc...
Liquid crystal display device
Portion of a footwear sole
Medical equipment controller
Method and system for controlling recovery downtime
Method and analgesic preparations for sustained and extended corneal analgesia with subanesthetic co...
Methods for detection and evaluation of bladder cancer
Effervescent drug delivery system for oral administration
Method of treatment for premature rupture of membranes in pregnancy (PROM)
Solubilized cosmetic composition with a pharmaceutical or cosmetic agent, a methacrylate copolymer a...
Reactive compatibilization of polymeric components such as siloxane polymers with toner resins
Multiplexing of clients and applications among multiple servers
Vibroisolating device for absorbing vibration of radiator
Aircraft auxiliary air intake with ram and flush opening door
Information server for kernel and passive mode systems
Methods for restricting access of network devices to subscription services in a data-over-cable syst...
Power steering apparatus
Compositions of highly-purified natural mixtures of type I interferon derived from leukocytes and me...
Cipher mixer with random number generator
3-phenyl-furan-(5H)-2-one and dihydrofuran-2-one derivatives as antibacterial agents
Strawberry plant named `Cal Giant 4`
Dual film exposure, electronic exposure camera with film rewrite function
Emulsions of peroxyesters
Display having at least one hand, in particular for timepieces
Display techniques for three-dimensional virtual reality
Process for the preparation of 5-methoxy-4-(methylthioalkyl) 1, 3-bis(phenylmethyl)-2-imidazolidone
Matte powder coating
Composition and method for road-film removal
Consolidated amorphous carbon materials, their manufacture and use
Rear derailleur of a bicycle
Voice announcement management system
Method of handling registration data and telephone apparatus for the same
Telephone whose setting details can be changed, and telephone capable of changing settings of called...
System and method for automatic area code updating
Variable angle mechanism for desktop telephone
Power supply for telecommunications device
Method for robust estimation of road bank angle
Seat belt usage indicating device
Electrical power assisted steering systems
Multimedia PC keyboard extended with music control keys
Loudspeakers with panel-form acoustic radiating elements
Cathode ray tube having high and low refractive index films on the outer face of the glass panel the...
Integrated circuit dielectric and method
Ferroelectric capacitor with means to prevent deterioration
Reduced degradation of metal oxide ceramic due to diffusion of a mobile specie therefrom
Manganese-rich quaternary metal oxide materials as cathodes for lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer ...
Electrospraying for mass fabrication of chips and libraries
Surface-micromachined out-of-plane tunable optical filters
Alloy of AuZn AuCu or ZnCu
Soft magnetic alloy
High permeability metal glassy alloy for high frequencies
Stable complexes of poorly soluble compounds in ionic polymers
Semiconductor light emitting element
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Jig for producing pellicle and method for producing pellicle using the same
Lens shutter camera
Headguard-protective sports headband
Double Impatiens Plant Named `Boddblros`
System for measuring and analyzing cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation (CPR) parameters for use with and ...
Digital echo circuit
Rapid automatized naming method and apparatus
Method of manufacturing for CMOS image sensor
Book-shaped device for holding a cuisine-specific collection of herbs and spices and business method...
Cable deployment system and method of using same
Method and apparatus for operating domain name servers
Respiratory humidification system
Composite gas distribution structure for fuel cell
Magnetic steering assembly for a toy vehicle
Control surface for an aircraft
Automated method and system for performing antiviral drug susceptibility and resistance testing
Method of making integrated label products
Interferon-gamma-binding molecules for treating septic shock, cachexia, immune diseases and skin dis...
MRAM write apparatus and method
Ring laser gyro with an injected third beam
Process for isomerizing and dehydrogenating using a catalyst activated by sulfurization and passivat...
Camera body using interchangeable lens
Low-complexity, low-delay, scalable and embedded speech and audio coding with adaptive frame loss co...
Deflection yoke with geometry distortion correction
Method of treating HIV infection with transdermal gel containing mammalian liver extract
.beta.-lactams, methods for the preparation of taxanes, and sidechain-bearing taxanes
Method and mechanism for database statement optimization
System test metacontroller
Loading balancing across servers in a computer network
Multi-processor system for database management
Vehicle navigation system and method
Front end navigator tool for automatically retrieving referenced URL links on distributed files for ...
System and method for prioritizing communications messages
Isolated 55 to 72 kDa protein which binds to prion proteins
Conjugated peptide nucleic acids having enhanced cellular uptake
Combined utility cart and bag
Dusting mitt
Bone shaped pet product
Pentagonal pet product
Rectangular shaped pet product
Artemisia judaica fractionation method
Method of treating cancer with a tumor cell line having modified cytokine expression
Double Impatiens Plant Named `Boddblpas`
Double Impatiens Plant Named `Boddblpin`
Mint plant named `Kosi`
Pelargonium graveolens plant named `Narmada`
Method and system for managing access to data through data transformation
Retroreflective sheeting containing a validation image and methods of making the same
Process for the preparation of a mixture of glucosylmannitol and glucosylsorbitol by the hydrogenati...
Underfill encapsulants prepared from allylated amide compounds
Underfill encapsulants prepared from allylated amide compounds
Package encapsulant compositions for use in electronic devices
Apparatus and method for interfacing a computer network to a facsimile machine
Lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) directory server cache mechanism and method
Hanger label
Methods of folding outserts
Coin-discriminator voucher anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus
Adhesive transaction receipts
Printed publication having integrated bookmarks and method of manufacturing same
Concurrent programming apparatus and method for electronic devices
Method and device for acquiring usage data of application
Method for selecting active code traces for translation in a caching dynamic translator
Method and apparatus for establishing proper gas flow for unloading materials
Methods for treating ovarian cancer, poly (phosphoester) compositions, and biodegradable articles fo...
Selective oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes or ketones
Thermosettable adhesive
Interaction between cyclin D1 and steroid receptor coactivators and users thereof in assays
Human prostate-associated protease
Method of homogenizing magnetic fields
Antenna system for the reception of magnetic resonance signals
Gradient coil system for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
MRI reconstruction using scan-specific partial echo and partial NEX data acquisitions and a network
Rapid high-accuracy magnetic resonance imaging
Targeted polymerized liposome diagnostic and treatment agents
Direct lever overhead valve system
Method and system for operating valves of a camless internal combustion engine
Game table with table body overlaid on and connected with table frame
Speed change controller and control method of infinite speed ratio continuously variable transmissio...
Navigation system having a plurality of displays
Engine control with programmable automatic starting
Rigid plastic dye tube
Abrading blade
Shingle with integral gutter screen
Disk cartridge and adapter
Fruit-specific and ripening-regulation expansin gene to control fruit texture and softening
Hot-fillable wide-mouth grip jar
Head-mounted picture display device
Navigation system and method for calculating a guide route
Microelectromechanical systems actuttor using a time-varying magnetic field
Persistent storage managers for configuring client/server environments
Swinging structure for a mechanical animal
Composite piezoelectric component and chip-type composite piezoelectric component
Method for regenerating an activated carbon filter loaded with hydrocarbons
Reflective type liquid crystal display device
Portion of a footwear sole
Method and apparatus for isochronous data transport over an asynchronous bus
Code swapping techniques for a modem implemented on a digital signal processor
Optical fiber switch
Optically pumped intensifying agent, in particular a solid intensifying agent
Multi-dimensionally oriented magnetic field information storage system
Extremely high resolution foveated display
Data scanning and conversion system for photographic image reproduction
Liquid crystal beam polarizer and method for manufacturing thereof
Stereospecific isomerisation of allylamines with the aid of immobilized phosphorated chiral ligands
Actuator system for aerospace controls and functions
Methods and apparatus for increasing the efficiency of a higher level cache by selectively performin...
Micro-environment reactor for processing a workpiece
Semiconductor processing workpiece position sensing
Method and system for autonomously allocating a frequency hopping traffic channel in a private radio...
Paging of mobile station in a cellular radio system
Cellular telephone with simultaneous radio and cellular communications
Mobile communications system and method utilizing impulse radio
Vehicle having a turbine engine and a flywheel powered by liquid nitrogen
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
System and methods for controlling automatic scrolling of information on a display or screen
Method and apparatus for asynchronous version advancement in a three version database
Mobile telephone and method for registering and using special symbols as a password in same
Gypsophila plant named `Dangypflash`
Photographic camera equipped with magnetic recording head and magnetic reproducing head
Method of forming intermediate structures in porous substrates in which electrical and optical micro...
TIE ligand homologue antibody
Head to flexure interconnection for disc drive microactuator
Dynamically inserting a function into an application executable at runtime
Heterogeneous system enclosure services connection
Wheel cap
Toner dispensing apparatus employing a traveling wave transport grid
Wireless interaction with memory associated with a replaceable module for office equipment
Method of using a security system for replaceable cartridges for printing machines
Memory-saving printer driver
System and apparatus for single subpixel elimination with local error compensation in an high addres...
Color printer color control system with automatic spectrophotometer calibration system
Direct digital synthesis pixel clock generator
Tow line connector
Method for making a catalyst composition
Apparatus for acoustically determining position of an endotracheal tube
Fuel cell with fluid distribution layer having intergral sealing capability
Reconfigurable toy cycle
Semiconductor device having ultra-sharp P-N junction and method of manufacturing the same
Red-deficiency-compensating phosphor LED
Production of a gas hydrate slurry using a fluidized bed heat exchanger
Camera having selective information recording facility
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the prostate
Methods for detection of a target nucleic acid using a probe comprising secondary structure
Method and a device for reducing an electric field produced by a cathode ray tube in its surrounding...
Aryl phosphate derivatives of d4T having anti-HIV activity
Liquid crystal display panel for using in a timepiece comprising reflective polarizers and absorptio...
Wavelength dependent phase delay device
Multiple laser wavelength stabilization
Optical add-drop multiplexer having an interferometer structure
Thermo-optic switch having fast rise-time
.beta.-lactams, methods for the preparation of taxanes, and sidechain-bearing taxanes
Tactile and visual hearing aids utilizing sonogram pattern
Ink jet printing compositions containing ester-terminated dimer acid-based oligo (ester/amide)
Thermoplastic blends with improved adhesion and thermal stability
Transfer sheet for adhesive layer and use thereof
Partially crosslinked microspheres
Stage having controlled variable resistance load circuit for use in voltage controlled ring oscillat...
Process for the preparation of a polyamide nanocomposite composition
Silicon containing multi-arm star polymers
Process for the preparation of water blocking tapes and their use in cable manufacture
Method of styling hair with hair spray compositions containing carboxylated polyurethane resins
System for the ion exchange purification of hydroxylamine
Method for making molecular sieves and novel molecular sieve compositions
Preparation of zeolite-bound FAU structure type zeolite and use thereof
Processes for reacting gaseous reactants containing solid particles
Thermal fluid blends containing 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro (1-phenylethyl)naphthalene
Method and apparatus for total energy fuel conversion systems
Mercury removal in petroleum crude using H2S/C
NU-85 zeolite catalyst and a process for improving the pour point of feeds containing paraffins
Chlorofluorohydrocarbon and process thereto
Pharmaceutical preparations of glutathione and methods of administration thereof
Combined supported liquid membrane/strip dispersion process for the removal and recovery of metals
Item dispensing system
Toy motorcycle configurable as a hovercycle
Integrally moulded plastic landscape edging strip and spikes
Three closure dispensing cap for a container
Apparatus for covering a textile dye tube
Apparatus for making product wrappers from heat-sealable paper
Hydrolysis-stable and polymerizable acrylophosphonic acid monoesters
Hydrogenated block copolymers and optical media discs produced therefrom
Phenylethynyl containing reactive additives
Use of saccharin for stabilizing thermoplastic, aromatic polycarbonates
Sulfonylimide compounds
Method for reducing dissipation rate of fluid ejected into boundary layer
Articulated boat top assembly
Drone vessel for an ROV
Vibration and drag reduction system for fluid-submersed hulls
Recording defect substitution method for a disc-shaped recording medium, and a recording and reprodu...
Image producing apparatus enabling a user to evaluate an intermediate image
OB polypeptides and modified forms as modulators of body weight
Extended dynamic range assays
Cancer detection probes
Methods for identifying herbicidal agents that inhibit D1 protease
Process for the preparation of pentaacetyl-.beta.-D-glucopyranose
Painting apparatus and method
Composition for preventing frost damage to plants
Fertilizer dispensing method
Epoxy vinyl ester and urethane vinyl ester derived from low and high MW glycols
Modified polyesters
Biological digestion of animal carcasses
Methods of making blend compositions of an unmodified poly vinyl alcohol and a thermoplastic elastom...
Hollow porous ceramic carrier for embedding in patient for sustained medicament release and method o...
Method for producing flexible PVC
Manhole restraining system for venting out explosive gases in a manhole
Method and apparatus for activating weather warning devices
Packaging and interconnection of contact structure
Portion of a computer input device
2-Substituted-4-substituted-1,3-dioxolanes and use thereof
Ferroelectric element and process for producing the same
Injection pressure controlling method of gasoline direct injection engine
Portion of a footwear sole
Crystallization of 2,4,6,8,10,12-hexanitro-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazatetracyclo[5. 5.0.05,903,11]-dodecan...
Poly(butadiene)poly(lactone) thermoplastic block polymers, methods of making, and uncured high energ...
Epoxy resin low electronic impedance high molecular polymer
Above ground storage tank for holding combustible material and supporting equipment thereon
Method and structure for heatspreader attachment in high thermal performance IC packages
Acrylic and propionic acid compounds, intermediates, processes, compositions, and method
System for noncontacting of electrical energy or electrical signals
Lens-fitted film unit
Landing gear
Intermediates for the synthesis of epothilones and methods for their preparation
Antisense human fucosyltransferase sequences and methods of use thereof
Emergency stopping system for child's powered recreational vehicle
Access control/crypto system
Apple tree `Kotaro`
Camera capable of designating number of prints
Pixel structure of an organic light-emitting diode display device
Anti reflective coating polymers and the preparation method thereof
Integration of silicon-rich material in the self-aligned via approach of dual damascene interconnect...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing substrate of the same
Integrated optic waveguide immunosensor
Low cost polarization twist space-fed E-scan planar phased array antenna
Temporary storage barge
Multifunction integrated optics chip having improved polarization extinction ratio
Reduced minimum configuration interferometric fiber optic gyroscope with simplified signal processin...
Formulation and devices for monitoring the efficacy of the delivery of aerosols
Mist evaporation system for fuel cell hydration
Optical semiconductor device having active layer and carrier recombination layer different from each...
Metal injection molding
Method and system for visual addressing
Security module for monitoring security in an electronic system and method
Methods and kits for removing, treating, or preventing lice with driable pediculostatic agents
Axially-compressible coil carrier
Device for positioning products in succession and spaced equally apart on a conveyor belt
Distributed stress wave analysis system
Brake warning method and system
Preparation of polyoxymethylene dialkane ethers, by catalytic conversion of formaldehyde formed by d...
Method for producing amines
Fixing device of a disk driver
Bone hemi-lumbar interbody spinal implant having an asymmetrical leading end and method of installat...
Polypropylene resin composition and use thereof
Chewing gum product including a hydrophilic gum base and method of producing
GPS navigation system using neural networks
Control particles for cell counting and instrument linearity
Test circuit on flexible membrane with adhesive
Ink jet recording head
Plasma treatment equipment
Portion of a footwear sole
Method and system for turbine clearance measurement analysis
Multiple pole, shaded pole subfractional-horsepower induction motor
System for fixing and guiding a bearing on a frame
Dual load path spherical bearing and a method of coupling along a dual load path
Thrust dynamic pressure bearing with varying depth grooves
Steering apparatus for four-wheeled vehicle
Retaining method for spherical bearing
Document hold-down device and method for holding down document
Circuit arrangement and method of maintaining cache coherence utilizing snoop response collection lo...
High speed built-in self-test circuit for DRAMS
Scooter type motorcycle
Calibrachoa plant named `Liricashower Blush White`
Electrochemical and photochemical electrodes and their use
Embossed paper
Microelectromechanical switch with braking algorithm
Fluid conditioning system
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Low density structures having radar absorbing characteristics
Ground stake
Organometallic compound mixtures in chemical vapor deposition
Methods of providing an interlevel dielectric layer intermediate different elevation conductive meta...
Method and apparatus for producing group-III nitrides
Electric field directed construction of diodes using free-standing three-dimensional components
Method of producing superplastic alloys and superplastic alloys produced by the method
Method for practicing a feedback controlled laser induced surface modification
Apparatus and method for reducing carbon monoxide concentration and catalyst for selectively oxidizi...
Organic light-emitting diode with terbium complex
Polling remote fueling sites for product level information through the internet
Method and apparatus for detecting changes to a collection of objects
Hair analysis method
System and method for distinguishing a device failure from an inter-device communication failure
Stacking device for packaging machines to form groups of products arranged side to side and to inser...
Order tracking signal sampling process
Fixing apparatus of data storing device
Soft tissue closure systems
Dendritic macromolecules for metal-ligand catalyzed processes
Process for producing coated solid dosage forms
Strain release contact system for integrated circuits
Devices for treating circadian rhythm disorders using LED's
Ink jet head and ink jet printer
Intake air quantity calculating apparatus for an internal combustion engine with a variable valve ti...
Process cartridge having guide projections and image forming apparatus using same
System for determining whether a subsequent transaction may be allowed or must be allowed or must no...
Safety device for diagnostic terminals in distributed computer networks
Method and apparatus for accessing a plurality of communication networks
Motorcycle provided with a steering hub
Peach tree named `Spring Treat`
Corneum puncture needle
Fiber installation method and apparatus
Transparent conductive laminate and electroluminescence light-emitting element using same
Camptothecin derivatives
Initiating a Telecommunications call to a party based on an identifying signal wirelessly transmitte...
Gas-impermeable elastic membrane and hydropnematic accumulator equipped with this measure
Automatic adjusting for lightening a machine working unit: method, device and machine
Method for feeding and directing reaction gas and solids into a smelting furnace and a multiadjustab...
Method for inducing electroanesthesia using high frequency, high intensity transcutaneous electrical...
Seismic cable module clamp system
Laminated hard magnet in MR sensor
Biocidal locks
Optical member with layer having a coating geometry and composition that enhance cleaning properties
Apparatus for checking for defect of serial communication devices and method thereof
Human sodium dependent phosphate transporter (IPT-1)
Fifty-four homologue (ffh) from streptococcus pneumoniae
Elisa serodiagnosis of pig pleuropneumoniae serotype 2
Gas separation devices
Controlled delivery compositions and processes for treating organisms in a column of water on land
Method and apparatus for remapping read only memory locations
System and method for synchronizing time across a computer cluster
Non-stalling circular counterflow pipeline processor with reorder buffer
Mechanism for power efficient processing in a pipeline processor
Remotely programmable matrices with memories
Quarter holder and display device suggestive of a U.S. flag
Plastic based composite and its use
First run installer
Database minimizing by wireless input of location related information
Brazing sheet and method of making same
Fast blooming surfactants for use in fluid transport webs
Method for applying fragrance to a dryer sheet
Analytical test device for imuno assays and methods of using same
Method of preparing coated low-fat and fat free-snack food
Suspension for adding a controlled amount of ingredient to a food product
High efficacy, low residue antiperspirant stick compositions
Method of cleaning fabrics using bleaching compounds comprising substituted benzoyl caprolactam blea...
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Corticotropin releasing factor receptor 2 deficient mice and uses thereof
Polyolefin stretch film
Method and apparatus for cutting high viscosity liquid material
In-vessel composting process and apparatus
Diverticulitis-sparing nut-based snack products and method of making
Use of nanoscale sterols and sterol esters
Acoustic board
Soybean cultivar LRR969242
Apparatus for examining posture of an electronic part
Study planner system and method
Free floating shield and semiconductor processing system
Ergonomic return springless manual air displacement pipette
Portable liquid crystal display device
Fine fiber composite web laminates
Developmental learning machine and method
Log based data architecture for a transactional message queuing system
Inbred corn plant 01HF13 and seeds thereof
Decorative mailbox
Container for a deceased person or animal
Combined trophy and trophy stand urn
Mobile display stand
Garbage can
Trash can receptacle
Non-invasive sensor capable of determining optical parameters in a sample having multiple layers
Method and protocol for distributed network address translation
Towing apparatus
Helicopter tail boom with venting for alleviation and control of tail boom aerodynamic loads and met...
Cooperative system for measuring electronic media
Object oriented apparatus and method for testing object oriented software
Data download technique into installed memory
Method and apparatus for spinal fixation
Pyrazoline derivatives, their preparation and application as medicaments
Network fault prediction and proactive maintenance system
Method and apparatus that processes a video signal to generate a random number generator seed
Method of automatically generating new test programs for mixed-signal integrated circuit based on re...
Photochromic naphthopyrans
Riser moving and guiding using shuttle plates
Uncompensated electromagnetic wave resistivity tool for bed boundary detection and invasion profilin...
Control channel security for realm specific internet protocol
Mine roof support crib having only two or three planes, and method
High precision vision guided positioning device
Semi-automatic shifting system
System and method for modeling simulcast delay spread and optimizing launch delays
Partial combustion of hydrogen sulphide
Device for storing, transporting and displaying miniature figures
Nucleic acid molecules encoding starch phosphorylase from maize
Lamp electronic ballast with a piezoelectric cooling fan
Methods and apparatus for shallow trench isolation
Athletic shoe
Light-transmitting building construction element
Strawberry plant named `Ventura`
Head movement feature in camera employing film with magnetic memory portion
Enhanced telephone service system with secure system and method for E-mail address registration
Wide area paging system having automatic service area log-in
Latching mechanisms for rotatable and/or translatable members on portable communication devices
Method for automatically assisting unaided voice communication
Signal processing circuit and method for increasing speech intelligibility
Method for optimizing stability of a line interface circuit in a telecommunications network
Minimum interruption cycle time threshold for reserve call center agents
Method and apparatus for eliminating nuisance signals in multi-party calls
Fischer-tropsch processes using xerogel and aerogel catalysts by destabilizing aqueous colloids
Vending machine for the production of customized photos and artcards including a set of instructions...
High-speed milling machine with rotary table
Olanzapine-N-oxide compositions and methods
Light pinpointing device for a robot
Personal protection device
Petunia plant named `White Spice`
Alkenyl-co-maleimide/diene rubber copolymers and applications
Apparatus for soccer training
Interactive gaming server and online community forum
Techniques and apparatus for entertainment sites, amusement parks and other information and/or enter...
Video game apparatus having direction pointing marks and player object displayed on game screen
Computer game and procedure of aligning objects in a field and applications of the procedure
Karaoke apparatus
Method of conducting simultaneous gameplay using stackable game pieces
Cosmetic composition containing siloxane-based polyamides as thickening agents
Method and apparatus for retrieving lost golf balls
Electronic circuit
Fibrous articles having odor adsorbtion ability and method of making same
Fuel composition for gasoline powered vehicle and method
Process for stripping polymer dispersions
Method and apparatus for adhering linerless repositionable sheets onto articles
Business form
Apparatus and method for improved patch for business forms with integrated cards
File folder and method
Envelope having non-adhesive applied label
Stabilized composition containing halopropynyl compounds
Rail mounted chair assembly for boats
Telescoping and rolling cover assembly for a barge
Immobilization system for watercraft
Method and apparatus for testing event driven software
Multiple-local area networks interconnected by a switch
Method and apparatus for sharing asymmetric information and services in simultaneously viewed docume...
Technique for effectively maintaining materialized views in a data warehouse
Selectivity estimation in spatial databases
System level hardware simulator and its automation
Process for the preparation of 5-perfluoroalkyl substituted benzotriazole UV absorbers
Perovskite-type metal oxide compounds
Database system with methodology providing improved cost estimates for query strategies
CRC-free medicinal aerosol formulations of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (134A) with polar adjuvant
Nasal support device for animals and method
Process for heat treating bullets comprising two or more metals or alloys, and bullets made by the m...
Memory address translation in a data processing system
GPS guidance system for use with circular cultivated agricultural fields
Substituted ureas as cell adhesion inhibitors
Method of forming DRAM cell arrangement
Software update notification
Method for copy protecting a record carrier, copy protected record carrier and means for detecting a...
Integrated long absorbent article having stepped panty fastening adhesive
Sanitary napkin
Inbred corn line ZS02234
Method for transforming plants
Inbred corn plant 4SCQ3 and seeds thereof
Inbred maize line NP2213
Active debugging environment for debugging mixed-language scripting code
Automatic generation of one dimensional data compaction commands for electron beam lithography
Method and apparatus for implementing error correction coding (ECC) in a dynamic random access memor...
Method and apparatus for testing differential signals
User-defined search template for extracting information from documents
Phenyl boron-based compounds as anion receptors for non-aqueous battery electrolytes
Educational music instrument for children
Multi-user system for creating and maintaining a medical-decision-making knowledge base
Digital signaturing method and system for re-creating specialized native files out of a container im...
Digital library system
Method and device for forming a deployment criterion for a restraint system
Method for managing communication modes for an aircraft
Dual film image and electronic image capture camera with self-timer
Apparatus and method for presenting apparent motion visual displays
Chimeric mammals with human hematopoietic cells
Single transistor cell, method for manufacturing the same, memory circuit composed of single transis...
Process for chromatographic separation of a C5-C8 feed or an intermediate feed into three effluents,...
Method and arrangement for controlling the operation of mobile communication equipment in a power-of...
Apparatus and method for initializing a universal serial bus device
Camera capable of detecting an abnormality
Method and apparatus for compiling audio/video information from remote sites into a final video prog...
Corner moulding and improved corner construction
Plasma display panel
Macrocyclic lactones, compositions, and methods of use
Method for dynamic presentation of the contents topically rich capsule overviews corresponding to th...
Caustic extraction of mercaptans (LAW966)
Apparatus and method for the remote production of customized clothing
Millimeter wave imaging apparatus
Modulation detection method and apparatus
Substituted 2-arylimino heterocycles and compositions containing them, for use as progesterone recep...
Computer-based method and system for aiding transactions
Portable device and method for accessing data key actuated devices
Path correction for lane change analysis
Engine control system for hybrid vehicle
Construction machinery
Vehicle having an intake passageway and an exhaust passageway
Bicycle's power train
Remote control of backup media in a secondary storage subsystem through access to a primary storage ...
Performance optimization and system bus duty cycle reduction by I/O bridge partial cache line write
Method and apparatus for supporting and cleaning a polishing pad for chemical-mechanical planarizati...
Negative pressure pump
Gas-impermeable elastic membrane and hydropneumatic accumulator equipped with this membrane
Transgenic model for heart failure
Apparatus and method for animal testing and training
Egg-laying tank for home aquarium with egg protection arrangement
Method of making three-dimensional laminated structures
Process for manufacturing rubber-reinforced vinyl-aromatic polymers
Loop attachment to apertured device
System, method and article of manufacture for an emotion detection system improving emotion recognit...
Process for the preparation of an olefin polymer using metallocenes containing specifically substitu...
Poly (aminoorganofunctionaldisiloxanes)
Compliant tissue sealants
Method and apparatus for playing an MPEG data file backward
Correction tape having dye migration blocking properties
Decorative gemstone
Bone morphogenetic proteins and their use in bone growth
Foams containing functionalized metal oxide nanoparticles and methods of making same
Bone stimulating factor
Oxidation and corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel including molybdenum
Four stage pipeline processing for a microcontroller
Detergent compositions
Insulated concrete wall
Method for collecting data pertinent to predictors of heart arrhythmias using an animal test subject
System for the creation of patient specific templates for epileptiform activity detection
Optical imaging of deep anatomic structures
Reduced field-of-view method for cine magnetic resonance imaging
Systems and methods for guiding movable electrode elements within multiple-electrodes structures
Living body inspecting apparatus and noninvasive blood analyzer using the same
Apparatus for and method of processing image and information recording medium
Accelerated signal encoding and reconstruction using pixon method
System and apparatus for single subpixel elimination with local error compensation in an high addres...
Method for non-uniform quantization in a resolution hierarchy by transmission of break points of a n...
Method and apparatus for image compression
Bushing for securing the position of the protective jacket of a jacketed fiber
Modular layered splice holder
Panel for managing jumper storage
Method and apparatus for joining underwater cable
MMI thermo-optic coupler
Optical communication device and slip ring unit for an electronic component-mounting apparatus
Optical switch
Method and apparatus of image processing, and data storage media
Method and apparatus for providing image and video coding with iterative post-processing using a var...
Method for simultaneously controlling multiple devices using a single communication channel
Video processing system with real time program duration compression and expansion
Integrated visor for a notebook computer
Universally positionable climate controlled light enclosure
Illumination method and device
Illuminating device for a display
Decorative internally-lighted and position-sustaining ribbon
Vehicle light assembly including a diffuser surface structure
Grape-type light bulb strings
Resource management in a clustered computer system
Method and system for secure network policy implementation
System optimization apparatus employing load prediction
Media access in a media library
Digital broadcasting system, digital broadcasting apparatus, and receiver apparatus for digital broa...
Biodegradable polyestreramide and a process of preparing
Liquid and solid tissue mimicking material for ultrasound phantoms and method of making the same
Device for fitting an oil pipe stiffening sleeve on a support structure
Human N-type calcium channel isoform
System and method for lexing and parsing program annotations
Copy protection of digital images transmitted over networks
Method for making cards and cards obtained by this method
Luminescent container with quick-charging power source
Lens barrel
Camera with means for superimposing images on exposures
Camera having a data imprinting device
External flash control system
Fracture resistant superabsorbent polymers
Piezoelectric transformer
Microchannel laminated mass exchanger and method of making
EL display device and driving method thereof
Clothes dryer attachment for drying footwear
Method and system for using dynamically generated code to perform index record retrieval in certain ...
Network and communication access systems
Rotary landing gear assembly
Reducing branch prediction interference of opposite well behaved branches sharing history entry by s...
Swimming simulation system
Toy knife
Mechanism for animated character
Magnetic coupling device on a toy vehicle
Steganography using dynamic codes
System for management of building automation systems through an HTML client program
System and method for remote communication of traffic monitoring device data
Positioning system using packet radio to determine position and to obtain information relative to a ...
Kentucky bluegrass designated `Ba81-227`
Bungee pole
Fatigue monitoring device and method
Fiber reinforced molded products and processes
Bicycle hub for disc brake
Lightweight bicycle fork
Occupant propelled land vehicle
Combination bottle hook and wrench
Music event timing and delivery in a non-realtime environment
Spacer for image-forming apparatus
Semiconductor isolation region bounded by a trench and covered with an oxide to improve planarizatio...
Unsaturated siloxy compounds
Method for fabricating capacitor and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Process for producing electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic photoreceptor and image...
Organic electroluminescent device with improved hole injecting structure
Organic electroluminescence element having an insulating bulkhead having an overhang portion
Synthesis of cyclooctatetraene derivatives and their use as electron transporters in organic light e...
Method of fabrication of a torsional micro-mechanical mirror system
Aluminum alloy
Magnesium desulfurization agent
Pharmaceutical compositions containing tobramycin and xanthan gum
Tape guide mechanism for regulating tape level without contact with main surface of tape in tape rec...
Quadrature demodulation circuit with a pseudo locked state detection system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Cleaning sheet for cleaning bill identification unit
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and data programming method
Solid activated carbon, process for manufacturing the same and electric double layer capacitor using...
Two screws double-stroke and screw differential-motion mechanism applied in standard mechanical inte...
Guzmania plant named `Copito`
Piering device having a threaded shaft and helical plate
Method for producing barium titanate powder
Method and device for classification using iterative information retrieval techniques
Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material
Hyperbaric chamber accessories
Method for producing polymer electrolyte membrane and fuel cell
Method, apparatus and storage medium configured to analyze predictive accuracy of a trained neural n...
Self-adhering ice protector
Ketoaldonic acids having formed stereogenic centers of R configuration: methods and compositions
Range basket caddy
Methods for obtaining enhanced spectroscopic information from living tissue, noninvasive assessment ...
Microwave field emitter array limiter
Tubular bag-type packing
Composition and method for topically treating Peyronie's Disease, Dupuytren's hand contracture, Ledd...
Liposomal prodrugs comprising derivatives of camptothecin and methods of treating cancer using these...
Method and system for using associative metadata
Program-listing appendix
Method and data processing system for detecting patterns in SQL to allow optimized use of multi-colu...
Method and apparatus, using attribute set harmonization and default attribute values, for matching e...
Apparatus and method to determine a longest prefix match in a content addressable memory
Interconnection routing system
Caching of distributed dynamic SQL statements in a multiple node RDBMS
Call waiting feature for a telephone line connected to the internet
Method for inline variables management in a hypermedia display language
Medical imaging system with integrated service interface
Access rights authentication apparatus
System and server for providing customized web information based on attributes of the requestor
Method and system for composing electronic music and generating graphical information
Method and system using a computer for creating music
Method for stimulating CTLs with peptides
Pain relief preparation for use while bathing
Treatment of diabetes with synthetic beta cells
Plant steroid 5.alpha.-reductase, det2
Corn fiber for the production of advanced chemicals and materials: separation of monosaccharides and...
Host cells and methods of producing proteins